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Father John Misty

Joshua Tillman (born May 3, 1981) is an American folk singer, guitarist and songwriter.

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Father John Misty is a collective hallucination brought about by mid-thirties Pitchfork writers’ terror at their youth bei…
I'm going to Father John Misty at O2 Apollo Manchester in ...
If you're looking for a song to cover, Pure Comedy by Father John Misty would be my choice. 👍
For one writer, Father John Misty's 'Pure Comedy' falls short on a political, philosophical, and musical level:
This essay was a labor of love, so if you're really into Father John Misty, check my critique of 'Pure Comedy':
sitting in my room alone listening to Father John Misty and drinking coffee. and surprisingly yes, i am single
good shout on the Father John Misty record this lads! Happy anniversary to 'Bullet Head' too ❤️
Tickets for Father John Misty's Summer + Fall dates are available now! Catch him at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium 9/25 >>…
Father John Misty is a Buzzfeed Morrissey and I can't listen to Pure Comedy for that reason.
He's been listening to a lot of Father John Misty
Father John Misty is who Morrissey thinks he is
I feel like a supergroup of Father John Misty, St. Vincent, and Lorde is just a given. Kanye can join, too.
Starting to get exhausted by Father John Misty
only seemingly corny artist I like is Father John Misty word to
So far the new Father John Misty is absurdly good.
Father John misty's new album is great.
downloaded Father John Misty album now just waiting K Dot to drop so I can spend the weekend jamming out
Gonna put on Father John Misty’s while I fall asleep. Lets see if its as good as his last album
At long last, stream new album Pure Comedy
Catching up on some SNL and Father John Misty is the ultimate hack. . Bonus: When I couldn't take it anymore, slight N Lights off back patio
Father John Misty just released the best album of the year
fav this if u want me to DM u a video of me eating a corn dog and listening to father john misty
At least there's new Father John Misty to tide me over
Hype for Kendrick, Joey, father John Misty, grizzly bear, queens of the Stone Age,
.on 2016 election: "Looks like World War III is going to be a real hoot":
Holy cow new father john misty the year has been saved ignorantboyz and sadboyz collide
I wonder if there will be any press for the father john misty record
but Father John Misty dropped an album tho.
Kendrick and father john misty albums drop tomorrow. What a world.
Some NYU white boys got mad at me when I revealed the new Father John Misty got leaked WEEKS ago.
Bada$$ & Father John Misty is good enough for me. Actually a little glad Dot didn't drop today.
Welp at least kendricks album was announced and its only a week away. Joey bada$$ and father john misty's new albums will tide me over.
"Entertainment is really about forgetting about your life, and art is about remembering your life." - Father John Misty
Pure Comedy is one of the first great post-Trump albums.
Father John Misty is so sexy i want to like his music, but it's so bad 😔
"Father John Misty’s new album, Pure Comedy, is out now. Listen below. This is Tillman’s first..." …
I'm deathly allergic to straight men who refer to themselves as daddy as well as men who refer to themselves as father john mi…
new Kendrick and Father John Misty in the same 24 hour period 🙏🏼😭
My two favorite performers interacting with one another? Dreams, man. When Father John Misty Met Patton Oswalt
Not sure if I should listen to future islands or father john misty first
I spent my birthday listening to the new Aimee Mann and Father John Misty albums at work. Barely anyone came in. It was quite nice.
Colbert vs. Fallon can be solved by their musical guests this week. Colbert: Father John Misty, Joey Bada$$. Fallon: Flo Rida, Pitbull.
ICYMI: returns to on August 18 with headliner Father John Misty. Click here for details:
Kendrick, Joey, Father John Misty dropping on the same day. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Father John Misty soundchecking in the gorgeous Rio Cinema in Dalston last night
That is one beautiful spread in Paste Quarterly you can read all 6,000 words right here: https:…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Last night with my old buddy Father John Misty in Dalston.
Saw someone refer to Father John Misty as Papa John Murphy this morning and now that's all I want to think about.
I'm very upset that I won't be seeing father John misty or the pastels tomorrow
I just learned that Father John Misty isn't the Pokémon gym leader's dad
I bet the guy running these focus groups in the Chevy ads is REALLY into Father John Misty.
Hipster alive! Father John Misty has lost the beard! At the Rio Cinema last night
they're now playing father john misty I FEEL V UNEASY
Father John Misty is my hero and idol
Inside Rio Cinema in Dalston last night before Father John Misty
Pure Comedy by Father John Misty * I think I discovered my new favorite troubadour. ♫
If I wasn't at Father John Misty @ Rio last night I'd be getting proper FOMO about Gorillaz. Looked incredible
Father John Misty was on LSD during this interview. Find out what he told us
father john misty and temples in Glasgow this weekend and I ! Am ! Not !
The beautiful Rio Cinema in Dalston for Father John Misty last night
It's like Elton John and Pink Floyd had a love child. . Pure Comedy by Father John Misty ♫
That Father John Misty bloke can't hold a candle in the wind to Elton John
Alt j, PSB, Portugal the man, Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes and now this. Basically all within a month. What a treat.
The next couple of months should provide plenty of summer playlist material
I got a ticket to see Father John Misty for 30 bucks so I had to take it, always welcome to join dude
Father John Misty turned down an audition for the second season of Stran.. Related Articles:
12:31am Ballad of the Dying Man by Father John Misty from Pure Comedy
Father John Misty, Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, my soul is actually incredibly full with all this amazing pieces of art that ke…
Best pathos line. Father John Misty on How did you get that photo? (Photo contains pained rapture on knees during song)
Father John Misty can do no wrong writing wise, man.
hello I just acknowledged father John misty and I am NOT OKAY
Gorillaz finally announce a new album and Father John Misty opens up about microdosing LSD for depression:
Praying Gaga brings Father John Misty and Florence Welch out during her Coachella set
Sturgil Simpson, Queens of the stone age, Father John Misty. Ese es un muy buen line up de bandas.
Father John Misty has shared an amazing 'Pure Comedy' unboxing video set to lounge music. Because of course:…
I wrote this about Father John Misty and I think it's pretty good, though not as good as his great new album.
I like Father John Misty cos he sounds just like Dewey Cox.
the Little Dragon, Laura Marling & Father John Misty songs are all good for different reasons
I dug Father John Misty on SNL but whatever that thing he did with his feet/body... not dancing. Somewhere, James Brown's shaking his head.
never heard of "Father John Misty" until tonight and can honestly say it was my first and last.
So glad that Father John Misty did Pure Comedy on refreshing to hear as a songwriter
Father John Misty killed it tonight, idc what anyone says
Interesting music featured on SNL tonight...
Father John Misty, faux-k singer, is doing something weird on TV again.
My best bit is to tell ppl "I dont get it" re father john misty & then as they take an excited breath to explain say "just…
Father John Misty Father John Misty is no priest. But the indie rocker—AKA Joshua Til...
Father John Misty was a particularly weak act that seemed pointless and endless.
Father John Misty is on tonight, also his version of "Trump's Private Pilot" is great
Father John Misty Well would you EXPLAIN it to us instead of ridiculing? I'm not the only American cat in the dark here.
Father John Misty looks like someone Marnie (from would fall head over heels for.
Father John Misty is experiencing in SNL what Lana Del Rey did in 2012 because people are not aware of his artistry and his music
nbcsnl: A big thanks to octaviaspencer and Father John Misty! Goodnight!
nbcsnl: 👏👏👏 Another great performance from Father John Misty!
I thought my homepage changed to The Onion when I saw this headline-"Father John Misty Sings About VR Sex With Taylor Swift in…
Father John Misty was awesome on SNL. Too bad the majority of people won't appreciate it.
We are all Father John Misty in this gif
A live look in at Father John Misty on
I don't know who Father John Misty is but his lyrics sound like a slam poet who can't get anyone to go to his college bar po…
Is this Father John Misty character for real?
Also watch passionate performance of "Pure Comedy" on
Not used to Father John Misty not having a beard.
Father John Misty kills every performance he does and put his heart and soul into his music. He's truly an amazing artis…
Hear the studio version of new song “Total Entertainment Forever":
While the jokes fly on here about Father John Misty, you do know he wrote for Beyonce right? Lol
Father John misty's gettin a little too black mirror for my personal taste
Father John Misty takes the stage tomorrow night!
I want father john misty and florence to collab
A big thanks to and Father John Misty! Goodnight!
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. John Misty …
2 great songs tonight on by Father John Misty. Yes he's real. No, it's not a skit. U either get it or u don't.
2 years ago today, Father John Misty played in someone's living room for us and it was pretty sweet (and funny).
Father John Misty's new album Pure Comedy will be out April 7th. Listen here:
Before he plays check out Father John Misty's brand new track that references VR sex with Taylor Swift
I can't be the only one who thinks this Father John Misty dude on is terrible
The laity is not ready for Father John Misty.
Will someone please explain Father John Misty to me because I don't understand what's happening .
I spoke too soon. Father John Misty was cool though.
wow love the new Father John Misty album so good
This is me watching Father John Misty on
Father John Misty looks like the love child of Tim Robbins and Jeff Foxworthy
What the heck was that? Father John Misty is a cross between Rupert Holmes, Seals and Crofts, and a turd.
Pure Comedy, new track from Father John Misty xx.
Father John Misty rates the Red Hot Chili Peppers, marriage and smartphones
As I'm perpetually late to all the parties, If anyone has a spare +1 to Father John Misty at the Rio in Dalston you'd instantly be my new BF
UPDATE: Signed to Bella Union, supporting Father John Misty on Spring tour.
Standby tickets for this week's show with and Father John Misty will be given out Saturday at 7am!
The fact that I am not every publications' go to girl when Father John Misty debuts his mustache is honestly so insulting
Someone pay me real money for my trash take on Father John Misty's mustache already
Welp. Father John Misty shaved his beard off, so now I can't get rid of mine for awhile
I'm way too excited to lose myself in a virtual world. I think this is what Father John Misty was singing about.
I miss Father John Misty every single day
📹 Octavia Spencer and Father John Misty are here this weekend… and it’s ON!
"In my first grade music class my teacher said I sounded like a bleating lamb and everyday it's a struggle to carry that." Father John Misty
Octavia Spencer and Father John Misty agree that 'it's on!' for their appearance
.and Father John Misty are in 8H this weekend!
I finally listened to this Father John Misty dude and he sounds right like Robbie Williams lol
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Back seat Baptists and French press hedonists, Father John Misty's coming for you |
Any chance of pre-ordering Father John Misty, Julia Holter and Goldfrapp please? Hope it's not too early!
Father John Misty is coming out with a new album!
WHY GOD WHY must you make the beautiful LOSER edition of Father John Misty's new album a whole $38?!?
Can we stage an indie version of this with Father John Misty and Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold?…
Colin Meloy is probably in my top 5 song writers now along side Father John Misty and Robin Pecknold and Ben Gibbard and Ben Folds
Josh Tillman/Father John Misty talks tirades, comedy & making his next record in episodes 9 & 10 of
Listen to Father John Misty - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Sub Pop on
put Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty on heather will love me for it
For your daily dose of cringe, here’s Radcliffe and Maconie interviewing Father John Misty.
10 greatest ever songs about America, inc Father John Misty and James Brown
On radiohhh_com BLUE "Strange Encounter" by Father John Misty from 'I Love You Honeybear'
If Bruce Springsteen wrote one-star Yelp reviews of America instead of songs, he'd be Father John Misty
♫Chateau Lobby (in C for Two Virgins) by Father John Misty, Josh Tillman, Jonathan Wilson, from with LiveLyrics ®
tolar is now listening to The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apt. by Father John Misty
Fans of Father John Misty, Robert Ellis,Parker Millsapt this is probly up yr alley: Aaron Lee Tasjan, 'Silver Tears'
Kevin Parker, Father John Misty, Josh Homme and Beck all star on Lady Gaga's new album 'Joanne' - what a dream team! https…
I might go to Father John Misty at Gramercy Theatre in New York, NY - Oct 8
Loved Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty on
With Father John Misty working on his album, a great few days in LA. Photo Credit: Grant James
The Father John Misty stolen crystal saga is fascinating
Mac demarco, King krule, Kurt vile, the growlers, car seat headrest, and father John misty are the perfect late night eno musicJust so yakno
Father John Misty deserves all my love
I'm a little white girl who listens to Father John Misty
If you don't like Father John Misty your probably a nincompoop
If you ever feel like having an existential crisis AND falling in love... Listen to Father John Misty's 'I Love You, Honeybear'
father john misty was the best concert I've ever been to and I can't wait to experience that all over again I'm so happy
Playlist at dinner is pretty solid. Kurt Vile and Father John Misty
Father John Misty released a new song "Real Love Baby" and it gives us all the feels: .
me: I should pack some more. my brain: or maybe u should just lie on the floor and blast father john misty and not do anything
because their satire is someone else's brilliant idea. This is why Father John Misty won't play bored in the USA god DAMMIT
I want to go to the Father John Misty show but I also don't want to get pseudo-molested by all the white girls on E.
I need a ting that lives in Lower east side,that wears vintage Chanel and new season Gucci and enjoys Father John Misty and do…
there's no father John misty, why so Mr. President?
Where's the girl that will watch full concerts of Father John Misty repeatedly with me
JUST ANNOUNCED: Father John Misty will be playing on 8/26 at Tix on sale 8/12 at noon.
100% they listen to Father John Misty together
.played an opinion splitting set at Mountford Hall was there:
Discover new music this week on from Adia Victoria, Avalanches, Blind Pilot, Father John Misty, and our favorite band... mo…
Going to see Father John Misty twice in one weekend. God bless
My dream is to walk into a bookstore where Father John Misty is NOT playing
Father John Misty and Mac Demarco has been played in this bar. I love Chicago
The bass tone on new Father John Misty is stellar. Miss my Gibson.
"It's an automatic entry in 2016's best songs." - on 'A 1000 Times'
I'm going to Father John Misty at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA - Aug 26
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I really want to go to see father John misty
Singing along to Father John Misty in the car on capital public radio rn and my mom doesn't even understand
Father John Misty dresses like a rice farmer
Father John Misty issues statement about XPN Fest incident
Fed up Father John Misty preaches to XPN Fest: "Entertainment is stupid"
Here's a clip from our latest cover of Father John Misty's Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings. Let us know what you...
Father John Misty hangs around in Workmans 3 times a week smoking Golden Virginia and chatting up 18 year olds
Woooah i didnt know Father John Misty was the voice of Arnold
4th set: a gorgeous cover of Born in the USA by & plus Gordon Lightfoot and Father John Misty!
Father John Misty makes me feel like an animated show on HBO guest directed by Wes Anderson
Father John Misty embodies the Duality of Man (he looks like Jesus Christ and Charles Manson at the same time)
Wanna sing your girl father John misty songs then eat her butt
"Hey Fred, I like your hair". "oh thanks, i don't like it yet, but thanks". "No, really, it's good, very Father John Mis…
Mad how similar the drummer from Fleet Foxes and the front man of father john misty look
Also I feel like I look like father John misty here
Update your maps at Navteq
Father John Misty on the radio hon the parish
father John misty is a lyrical genius 💡
Newly obsessed with Father John Misty thanks to Joe 🙏🏼😩
Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty sings my name, so beat that
Father John Misty showed up too. It was lit
Tame Impala, Father John Misty, Foals, Radiohead and Hot Chip on the same day u r the greatest
Please don't put me in a father john misty album when I go
They're playing Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty at Think this morning. Yes.
Great time Port Lands. Father John Misty headlines a great Saturday lineup.
I added a video to a playlist The angry river-The hat ft. father John Misty (with lyrics)
If you want to meet Father John Misty, just move to Silverlake. There are like 4,000 of him.
I listened to Father John Misty exclusively for 4 weeks after discovering him
mMmmm I'm a cool guy. I'll find my tears at the bottle of a red wine bottle-listening to father john misty by 17:00
who will buy me father john misty leggings RT
switching between Kodak Black, Drake and Father John Misty while we getting hit with the turbulence warning
I'm going to Father John Misty at Randall's Island in New York, NY - Jun 3
Late night thoughts : Not sure if I'd rather have Alex Turner, Father John Misty, Chris Martin or Mayer serenade me to sleep really.
Father John Misty brings 'I Love You, Honeybear' to the telly.
Watch a great Father John Misty performance of 'I Love you honey bear'.
wasn't Father John Misty was it ? Cos that happened to me last week. Dreadful stuff.
Father John Misty is a genius, and Prius Commercial Demo 1 immolates/emulates all that terrible stampy car ad music.
Gonna wear my Team Bella shirt to see Father John Misty, hope he's a fan
Father John Misty like Andrew Lloyd Webber's idea of rock n roll
Waiting for Father John Misty to come onstage at Colston Hall, Bristol. Just what's needed after a busy day marking!
Starbucks is playing a cover of White Winter Hymnal sung in that soulful affectation that Father John Misty hates that white girls put on
For one night only John Collins is just the second handsomest man in Glasgow as Father John Misty leaves the 02 Academy
Yes. Night booked at the Chateau Marmont, dreamt of that for a while. Hopefully bump into Father John Misty, John Belushi or somebody.
Fear Fun by Father John Misty . check this out
Gabriel Kahane is like if Josh Ritter let out his inner Father John Misty. So I loved it.
Father John Misty was straight up a religious experience thank u so much
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Review: Father John Misty, down on his knees to please at the Fillmore via
My new wet dream: Bey releasing an album with Jack White and Father John Misty
Jack White + writing credits from Animal Collective and Father John Misty alright alright Beyonce you have my attention
I wonder how indie hating pop people feel about AnCo, James Blake, Father John Misty and Ezra Koenig being on the new Beyoncé album
Father John Misty came and casually sat down at the bar tonight and it made me think I should check out Father John Misty.
The dude on this comedy bang bang episode was also in a father John misty music video and also looks like me 10 years from now small world
Father John Misty and llana del Rey made a music video and I'm dying because Father John Misty and llana del Rey and father John Misty and l
everyone: ezra wrote on Hold Up !. me: father. john. misty. wrote. on. hold. up. too. father joh
the Father John Misty concert was good tho -- nice to not be miserable for an hour or two
If you fancy yourself a hipster but weren't at the Father John Misty show in Philly tonight, you need to recheck your status card.
Yo at the Father John Misty show where can a girl score some nitrous
So Kendrick, James Blake, Panda Bear, Father John Misty, Ezra Koenig all worked on the Beyoncé album? ***
I'm crying Ezra Koenig and father John misty both wrote for this Beyoncé album
Whoa Father John Misty worked on the album too?
And that little passionate kiss with Father John Misty in the background is what's holding me together
I scoured the credits of Beyonce's from Kendrick Lamar + James Blake to Father John Misty + Diplo:
Confirmed: Seattle is the whitest city ever. Airport is blasting Father John Misty.
If the race war goes down and I'm at a Father John Misty show, I'm already fudged.
also I made THI trAcklist before I heard the song I Love You, Honeybear by father John misty which is Very Antony & Cleo so
The new Beyoncé lists Ezra Koenig, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective, Father John Misty as songwriters; is indie.…
i am also LOVING that 'hold up' was written with father john misty and from vampire weekend. tysm 4 ur existence,
Father John Misty was great tonight. I have nothing else to say. I'm extremely tired.
Finally home, time to take my bra and pants off, put Father John Misty on spin and get drunk.
I'm not a Beyoncé fan, but she sold me at Ezra Koenig and Father John Misty.
"Diplo, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, Emilie Haynie, and Father John Misty have writing credit on "Hold Up" as well." in…
This was a comment about Father John Misty.
Father John Misty was incredible! One of the best shows I've been to in a while…
Father John Misty also contributed to Beyoncé's new album Lemonade:
There's a track in B's new album with writing credits of Diplo, Ezra Koenig, Father John Misty, MNEK, Soulja Boy and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Father John Misty, Diplo, Ezra Koenig, and Beyoncé all made a song together with a Soulja Boy sample what is 2016
Remember that one time Beyoncé sampled Father John Misty and Animal Collective on the same album that was coproduced by
Father John Misty writing credits on the new Beyoncé album
UM but Ezra Koenig & Father John Misty have writing credits on "Hold Up" ?!?!?
Do any of you like Father John Misty? Would you like to see him at the Roundhouse on 19th May? I was going with my sister but she's working
Father John Misty is still angry at Ryan Adams + Taylor Swift
My love for Father John Misty has almost reached my love for Scott and Seth Avett honestly
I can think of 3 legitimately funny songwriters. Morrissey, Stuart Murdoch, and Father John Misty. I'm probably missing some, but not many
always dug Father John Misty's music, but at his show tonight in large part to your high praise of his live shows. AWESOME.
so who's gonna be the Father John Misty to my Honeybear
Book tickets to Father John Misty in 3 taps!
.views on seeing Father John Misty last night:
Father John Misty covers Rihanna and Patti Smith at concert in Santa Ana
Elbows on the stage! Up close with the amazing Father John Misty, great gig at the Orpheum tonight.
the more I think about it the more I realize Father John Misty is every ridiculous date story I've had combined into one person
Father John Misty gave a brilliant performance tonight at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC!! We had a blast! 👍👍😊
What a set by Father John Misty at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre!
Now that was a show. Wow. Father John Misty at the Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC. 2016-04-05
**goes to Father John Misty concert and ends up having a conversation with Tobias Jesso Jr**
After what may have been one of the worst opening acts I've ever seen, Father John Misty did not disappoint me at all
just wanna be floating on cloud 9 w/ Father John Misty tonight
if you get the chance to see Father John Misty, do it. Josh Tillman is the coolest!!!
Neon Indian in a week, Father John Misty in two weeks, and Swans in July I'm so hype
"I Love You, Honeybear" from Father John Misty wont ever get old. Such a beautiful album with brilliant songwriting and c…
The couple directly in front of me at the Father John Misty show are going at it like teens in heat. I can't decide if it's gross or sweet.
More from Father John Misty at the Orpheum in Vancouver.
Father John Misty at the sold out Orpheum in Vancouver.
Phew! Dodged the large headed person in front of me lottery at the Father John Misty show...
Every Father John Misty concert is like a Father John Misty lookalike contest
If anyone is looking to come to Father John Misty tonight let me know right meow. My friend has an extra ticket. 45 dollars.
How many other people at this The Used concert are also going to Father John Misty tomorrow night?
Laying in the sun; listening to Father John Misty. . I honestly haven't felt this happy in such a long time.
Father John Misty gives me some sort of feeling that I can't describe and I love it.
get for Father John Misty in on monday, apr 25
Iron & Wine now ("Upward Over the Mountain"); Elliott Smith, Okkervil River, Joanna Newsom, and Father John Misty coming up this hour!
Hoping there'll still be some Father John Misty tickets left when I get paid. A Saturday night at the Sage. Back of the net! ✌
Got cheap tickets to see Father John Misty, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Rihanna next month, all in Montreal. Stubhub is pretty awesome.
I don't listen to much Father John Misty, but man, I really dig this song. Having Aubrey Plaza in the video doesn't hurt.
ideal husband by father john misty is the exact type of song that should've been on the Gone Girl Soundtrack .
Why do I not listen to father John misty every night?
I'm in a Father John Misty phase again pls enjoy this pic from Lolla
If you're looking for new music to listen to I highly suggest checking out Father John Misty
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