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Father God

God the Father is a paternal title given to God in many monotheistic religions, particularly patriarchal, Abrahamic ones.

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GREAT MISSION today!! So glad I was able to make it out. Thank you to everyone that helped to make this mission such a blessing!! So many people made dishes so we could give a holiday dinner, came and volunteered or supported us financially. Thank you Father God for these individuals (listed below are a few but there are many more)!! Gregory Manns Joshua Mourning Sr. Shantrell Griffin Rahgin Taelor PrincessEbonē Sherell Carmen Taylor Thomas Taylor Greg Smith Ellen Carson PastorChris Brooks Colleen D Turrell Elijah Jamison Jessie Young Paul Scott Elexiea Stokes MzKeisha L Porter Maurice Miller Jr Chantae Zachery Daniel Williams Alicia Jones Wanda Manns-White
Good fantastic morning Father God in heaven above. I see You have blessed rome new york with snow thank You so much for this beautiful blessing Father God. You are such a loving compassionate God. Father God in heaven above please reach down from heaven and lay Your beautiful hand of protection on those who have to drive on the roads or walk today and give them safe traveling mercies please Father God and bring them back to their homes safe and sound and to God God Almighty be all glory and praise. I am sure that are other areas You blessed with snow or whatever weather You blessed them with please Father God keep them safe as well so that You will be blessed because of all the wonderful things You have done and will do not that You have to. God You dont have to do a single thing just be who You are GOD. THANK YOU GOD.
Our morning prayer for you.Father God, we pray for our friends and partners today and ask that they be...
Day 246 PRAYERS of PRAISE/ADORATION Your name will be great, O Lord Almighty, among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun. In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to Your name, because Your name will be great among the nations. MALACHI 1:11 Father God, You have exalted Jesus to the highest place, giving Him the name that is above every name, and at the name of Jesus every knee will bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to Your glory. PHILIPPIANS 2:9-11 We praise thee, O God; we acknowledge thee to be the Lord. All the earth doth worship thee, the Father everlasting. . . . The holy Church throughout all the world doth acknowledge thee, the Father of an infinite majesty, thine adorable, true, and only Son, also the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Thou art the King of glory, O Christ. Thou art the everlasting Son of the Father. When thou tookest upon thee to deliver man, thou didst humble thyself to be born of a ...
Father God, I bind Scott Stapp right now to your will, I also bind his mind to the mind of Jesus Christ, I loose all demonic bondages off him in the authority of Jesus Christ, Father I ask for your tender mercies to engulf him and heal his wounded soul, Father I rebuke any attacks that coming at Scott in Jesus name.amen
Kathryn E. May : Sananda: We Have Your Back - KEEP GOING! 12 December 2014 wish to continue the conversation with all of you after our historic radio program last night. Archangel Michael and I followed up an amazing program on Ascension training with what we think of as our "Call to Action." I hope all of you reading this will listen to it, so that you can hear the love and commitment in our voices, and understand deeply how important these days really are. As our Kathryn has described on the show, we in the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides, Mother/Father God and Prime Creator have joined with you to begin a focused and powerful surge of clearing and stabilizing of the energies around the Earth. We have debated long and carefully in the Councils to guarantee that we have not transgressed the contract we had with all of you not to usurp your free will, no matter what. Unfortunately, that original contract did not take into account that this would give the dark ones an advantage, since they are . ...
Lord, help me to do my tasks accordingly. Keep my heart strong Father God. Everything in my new job is new (cont)
Father God just too much for me at once. SU LOST SWAC😩 BILL CASSIDY WON😩, now Chris & Kae😩😩😩!
Father God in the name of your son - the spiritual hustler Christ - I pray that you give DIVINE penmanship to finish the book
You know you're drunk when instead of drunk dialling you pray the prayer "Father God, please make love to me"
Father God, protect me from those who mean me no good.
Father God, give a touchdown or two. Amen.
Father God,. I thank You for giving me the gifts, talents and abilities to enjoy life and accomplish Your will.
"I am the way the truth and the life no man can come to Father God unless it is through me,' Jesus sa…
Father God, sorry late prayer hour. :) but I still managed to say my prayers. Did a lot at work as I dropped by the store to check thanksgiving sale. Once a year lng po Father God for my children. I hope you'll understand? :) and Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus. thank you Holy Spirit for taking me home safely and for not taking that long to purchase. Was 3rd on line from the 2 employees of the store themselves who gave me the go! :) This was not only a good day for me, but for the families around me, at home and at work who spent thanksgiving together! :) Thanking you always!
Father God,. Please be with me, you are my hope. I have faith in you. With you I can cope. Pleas...
Kathryn and Father God: The Revolution to Restore Our Light Kathryn: I have learned much in the past few weeks since I garnered my resignation to the Company of Heaven. My insistence on full disclosure about what our reality is, and what they are going to do to help us brought a flood of new information, and an even greater closeness and trust between me and my beloved friends in higher dimensions. I do not regret the adamant tone of my letter to them, but I understand now that they did not lie to us, but they did overestimate what we would be capable of accomplishing within the dark energy fields on Terra. This applied especially to the boots on the ground who are supposed to be doing the work to release the RV/GCR. We will not discuss or predict what will occur in that arena, but we will pray for a positive outcome for all. I have learned several things which are now a permanent part of my own consciousness. The first is that we require a new concept of how God works with us while we are here. I am ...
Today is three weeks since I have quit smoking. Those of you who know me know I have quit a lot ... Lol. What makes this time different I gave my life to Our Heavenly Father. The difference is I've been trying to live better, more God like which has worked for me but when I begged for forgiveness and for Father God to cleanse me physically, spiritually, so I can give My Life back to my Creator (Again those of you who know me and the immediate things that have been going in in my life know it's been a challenge least to say.) But I realize this morning I always go back to smoking when I get overwhelmed with life's unwanted surprises of stress and negativity. With Gods great mercy and grace I have had absolutely no desire to smoke !
Y'all saw Nate's back? All that muscular chocolate. Father God.
Heavenly Father, we come to You seeking the direction of Your Holy Spirit. We honor You this morning with the firstfruit of our praise with our lips and hearts Father God. You said if any man lack wisdom let him ask and You would give it unto them liberally. We are seeking Your infinite wisdom today Lord. Help us to see ourselves through Your eyes and know that we were created in Your image and in Your likeness. Forgive us of any sins or iniquities Father and allow Your grace and mercy to reign upon us. We ask that You strengthen those who have illnesses in the name of Jesus. You are the healer of every manner of sickness and disease Father, we bind up and destroy the spirit of infirmities called ebola, all cancers, AIDS, muscular disorders, neurological disorder and defects, and we uproot them NOW in the mighty name of Jesus. We bind and break all evil spirits and infirmities afflicting the excretory, reproductive, digestive, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, endocrine, circulatory, and nervous systems of ...
Just Trust God’s Goodness And Pray In The Spirit By Pastor Joseph Prince 1 Corinthians 14:14 For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful. God has given us a powerful prayer gift — praying in tongues, which is not limited by distance, time or head knowledge. When you pray in tongues, you could be praying for your future or even a loved one overseas. You won’t know what you are praying unless God tells you. This is because your “understanding is unfruitful” — your mind is not involved. “But Pastor Prince, I must know what I am praying!” Sometimes, it is better not to know what you are praying. In 1993, I had a long season of praying in the Spirit. If I had known then everything that I was praying in tongues, I would have freaked out! For example, I would have been afraid if I had known that the Holy Spirit was saying, “Father God, in the year 2002, anoint Joseph Prince to preach six messages every week to more than 10,000 people.” That has come to pass. ...
Abba, Father God,The Hope You have given Me is a Strong and Trustworthy Anchor for My Life,Fill Me with All Joy and Peace as I Trust in You
Thank you Lord for today, Father God. 💕 Take time praying and reading His words guys.
Tuesday Night Prayer: Our Soldiers... Father in Heaven, we have many dedicated to protecting this country. Many who have passed on and lived through those times. They all signed a blank check...ready, willing and able to defend this Nation under you Father God. There are many opinions of what they "do" but we all know the truth. This country without our men and women in uniform is like a house with no foundation. Without them and their family support we as citizens would have nothing. I ask Father that your blessings pour apon those who serve and their family's. Be with them everyday, that nothing can harm them. Most of all Father God I wanna say THANK YOU for the United States Armed Forces. There are alot of vets that struggle, Father give them the blessings, the comfort and the strength to overcome anything that comes their way. Father I ask your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In your Son Jesus Christs name I pray...Amen. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCE ...
Thank you, Father God, for answering the prayers of your people and granting victory in the midterm elections! Thank you for being gracious to us and allowing a space of time to regain the conscience of America through both prayer and the political process. We don’t trust man to fix the system, but we know that you work in the affairs of men to bring about your will. You are a God of government and systems as well as a God of the supernatural. Give us wisdom as we work with our elected officials to steer America to a healthy and prosperous place for your glory. Grant us a heart of repentance for the sins of this land, and grant us understanding of the times that we are in. Show us how to pray for our leaders. May we not take this political victory for granted, but instead, rise to the occasion and boldly stand for truth and freedom as never before. Cover us with your presence, lead us by your Spirit, and strengthen us for the battles ahead. In the name of your Son, Jesus, I pray. Amen.
Father God hold Bill Keller in your healing arms to give her strength love support during his gain of a special...
thank you Father God for another day ^_^. daily devotion + coffee ^_^ simply perfect.
"Father God, train us to prioritize Your presence in our lives and our circumstances." -Donald Bell
9-2-2014: THE HEART OF A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD! Most of the Christian do not know, nor do they understand the Heart of God's true Prophets! The Prophet of God is usually one of loneliness and a feel of abandonment by the Church, and their fellow Christians! The following should explain more of a Prophets Heart! God called, chosen and anointed Prophets have the same Heart. The Heart of The Heavenly Father will be in every true Prophet of God! Jesus said in. John, 5:19 " The Son can do nothing of Himself but what He seeth The Father do, for what things soever He doeth. these also The Son doeth." The word Prophet means " THE ONE WHO SPEAKS FORTH". A Prophet is one whom God calls to speak out for Him! The only way a true Prophet can speak out for God, is to have the Heart of our Father God! What does it mean it mean to have the HEART Of THE FATHER? First to be a father one must have a child. Having a child causes one to be a parent. Parenting brings about about most if not all of the emotional experiences one c ...
Father God please guard the patients I work with minds b/c the enemy it trying to corrupt them & destroy them. I’m exhausted. Blessed Night☺
Good morning, Father God . . . As we pray through the New Testament, we come to 1 Timothy 3:14-4:16. The apostle Paul encourages Timothy, whom he’s left in Ephesus, to live a godly life, advance the Gospel, and raise up others who will do the same. At the same time, he warns his young protégé that some will fall away from the faith. Guard against this, Paul says. “Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come” (4:7-8). Paul urges Timothy—and all who seek to live lives that honor You, Father God—to live according to, command, and teach these things. Like Timothy, please help me to set an example for fellow believers in these five essential areas: “in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (4:12). Paul’s closing challenge to Timothy rings true for me today: Keep a close watch on yourself and ...
Father God never take your Spirit from me. If there is anything I may have done displeasing unto your eyes please forgive me and have mercy on me for things knowingly and unknowingly. God you are my creator who created the Heavens and the Earth I come before you this morning to ask that you continue to anoint me to walk into your schools and change the atmosphere and the hearts of your children. Lord allow me to be a blessing to every child they call me for whom is in trouble and tangled up with the spirit of confusing God. Allow me to carry your Holy Spirit that rescue them out of the hands of the devil and give them peace and a light to follow in this dark and forsaken world. Lord I know I am not worthy of such a calling but grateful as you have allowed me to try to protect your children in the streets and now have allowed me the authority to enter every school in the City of Canton. I am humbled and yet honored for such an opportunity as this. Father I need your guidance and directions to do ea ...
The Trinity have me nicknames...Father God: my little dove. Jesus: Sweet Treat. Holy Spirit: Wonder Woman
Lindsey Rose Givens "On the Move" is working! We took the couple the Catholic Church called you about. They were doing a cross country bicycle tour all the from PA! Anyway they are now well fed, showered, and cleaning up the camper to live in! They are going to actively be seeking work this week. Steve is a welder and has oilfield experience. Ashley is a sweet chatterbox and we will enjoy her at one of the restaurants or retail stores! We will be hunting some interview and job appropriate clothing for them both. What is really neat: Culy Hawkins and Steve have been visiting about building Culy's motorcycle. Those 2 might be having some fun! It just amazes me how God works! This couple was an absolute joy to me this weekend. I want to say thank you again to our amazing church family, body of Christ, and community for providing us a fully accessible home for Culy that we can share with others! Thank you Father God for the mighty blessings. Lead us, guide us and use us! Amen!
Father God , please open the spiritual eyes and ears of the Roman Catholic church who always insult you everytime they claim RCC man made doctrines are to be followed than obeying what you and the Lord Jesus Christ said . Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing and talking about , that instead of obeying what Jesus said which is the bases of Jesus' judgement on the last day , they prefer to obey what man created things to follow . Take away their spiritual blindness and deafness to the Truth . Do not allow them to perish or die without Jesus in their life / of being Born again ( In spirit) for eternal damnation is an unending suffering in the lake of fire . Help them to get serious about their salvation which we can only be found through JESUS ALONE ( Acts 4:12 ) We ask all of these Father In Jesus mighty name ... Amen !!
Father God, help us to find our identity in you, and not in the things we do.
Father God, thank You for the power You provide in working together. Show us how to always pull together in tasks...
I declare that I will express joy regardless of my circumstances. I will rejoice in the Lord today because He has made this day for me! Father God, I pray that I will be an encouragement to everyone that I meet. Give me divine appointments with people who need a cheerful countenance or a friendly face. I am Yours and I pray that You would use me. Amen. Better a dry crust eaten in peace than a house filled with feasting—and conflict. A wise servant will rule over the master’s disgraceful son and will share the inheritance of the master’s children. Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but the LORD tests the heart. Wrongdoers eagerly listen to gossip; liars pay close attention to slander. Those who mock the poor insult their Maker; those who rejoice at the misfortune of others will be punished. Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children. Eloquent words are not fitting for a fool; even less are lies fitting for a ruler. A bribe is like a lucky charm; w ...
Today I am very disturbed, after seeing photos of a pastor from Canada who is visiting remote villages in India on a "crusade" to bring Jesus to the poor. "Crusade" is the term he uses. It is not my terminology. It is prominently the title of his articles. In describing the rationale for his crusade he says these village people have multitudes of gods but those gods desire sacrifices, and they create fear and uncertainty. He says, these poor villagers have to deal with the "curse of reincarnation". They are to be pitied because they don't have the concept of a loving Father God who meets them "where they are" without desiring such sacrifices. The pastor is truly moved by their poverty and prays for the salvation of these people. In the evening an event is organised with loudspeakers. The entire village turns out for this tamasha - Christian prayers set to Indian tunes, and of course, a feast (there will be very poor attendance otherwise). In one of the villages, they find a new convert, a poor woman with ...
The "concept of a loving Father God is interwoven into a love story between two deeply hurting and broken people..." http:/…
Father God as I lay down and close my eyes. I say have mercy on my country Liberia. . Daddy God please have mercy. .. Father we are tired daddy. Heavenly Father I stand in the gap for my country Liberia oh God help us jehovah, we need ur anointing at this time baba. our nation is too small and poor Papa God, so we say have mercy oh lord. Daddy God I'm over seeing for my country tonite Papa. Here is my pray in jesus name Amen.
Father Lord! I Thank You this morning as I Arise and Shine with Glow of Your anointing that You bestows upon Your child! Heavenly Father, I Thank You that through Faith in Jesus Christ, You have shared Your nature and Your Spirit with me. I am grateful for the measure of Faith imparted to me as a believer. I make the decision today to walk in that Faith - to put it to work on the situation around me, I commit myself to operate in mountain moving faith, for I know that it is impossible to please You without it. Father Lord, as I plant a seed of faith and water it with Your word, I expect it to grow and overcome the mountains in my life and in the lives of those for whom I intercede. Father Lord, Thank you as I do this nothing shall be impossible to me, Father God, I Thank You and Praise You because You're hearing my prayers and I also believe in my heart it shall be so. In Jesus Name of Nazareth! I pray, Amen and Amen... Morning Precious Saints...
Love this weather. So energizing! Called Consulate and emailed all morning no response so called NY they said our guy was on leave gave me another number called and left message and got an email thT they would call this afternoon. Well guess what at 5:15 I put my walking shoes on and headed out to burn off some steam. Walked to Jean and met her and Erin and Lucy and Sam and we all walked downtown to see the boats and it was sunset and peaceful and beautiful and once again I was gently reminded how Good our Father God is . All the time! Then as we wLked back I saw the big bright moon nestled between two palms at Central Park and after I left jean and everyone and continued to my condo the marsh was a wash in the setting sun. Just at dusk and the egrets were in the trees like white cotton balls. We sure are blessed to get to live here! God is alwYs good all the time and His time is never late only perfect...
Father God, please protect your servant qnd bless him w/ much joy, peace, and good health.amen
Father God, give President Obama the desire in his heart to seek Your will, not "the Dreams Of His Father"
Make this your daily prayer:. Father God,. Barricade the road that goes Nowhere grace me with your clear revelation. Psalm119:29 MSG
Father God n the name of Let the words of my mouth&the meditation of my heart b acceptable n thy sight ,my God,Lord,King&Redeemer!
Need caffeine? Read the promises of Father God... They will get you going!
your fathers is the third swaggiest dad I've ever seen after Father God and Bill Cosby
Father God, Almighty and powerful is your name! Glorious and marvelous are thy works in all the Earth!
Don't go and say things bout my Father God is my friend (I love him) He loves us wether or not we know it And he'll forgive all our sins Ah yeah! And all he asks of us, Is we give each other love Love your mother Love your father Love your brother Love your sister "God is love" by Marvin Gaye. Not sure if that's the name but yeah
Father God give our troops the wisdom and knowledge to win this war against book haram.Amen
Father God, I make mention before You the Nation of Papua New Guinea. I pray that You would reveal Yourself to that nation and its leaders. I declare your wisdom and peace upon the leaders of that nation. May they be stirred up to seek Your face on how to serve the people of their country. I declare the blood of Jesus and Your protection upon Your churches and the missionaries over there in Papua New Guinea. I declare a mighty move of Your Spirit in that nation, I declare Your wisdom and courage upon Your people as they go out and be a witness for Jesus. Many many people come into Your Kingdom, in JESUS Name
As we all REMEMBER 9-11 thirteen years later and the thousands of LOVED Ones who left this physical realm and are now with their LOVING Father God, let’s ALSO REMEMBER the CRIMINAL reasons 9-11 happened in the first place: (1) The Pathetic Homeland Security. (2) The GREEDY, EVIL DESIRE for Sweet Money (Vice president *** Cheney's Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on the Iraq War!!! (3) The oil-man, President Bush, Jr.’s GREEDY EVIL DESIRE for Iraq Oil money. That did not work out due to the insurgency and later agreements with the Iraqi government. (“The love of money [the uncontrollable Lust and Greed for Sweet money no matter who it hurts or kills] is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)) (4) The RACIST, BULLY DESIRE of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to show off America’s impotent fire power by invading a sovereign non-white country, and (5) The IGNORANCE, GULLIBILITY, and racist Superiority thinking of the American public in believing the LIE that there was a Saddam Hussein/Al Qaeda c . ...
Barry teaching a great message tonight from the gospel of John. Father God loves us, just as much as He loves...
Father God send abundance to Led By Faith Ministries, FFMI Church. Send laborers into your harvest, and let not...
Thank you family and friends for your prayers and love to us after hearing of the sudden shocking death of Talani's dad. She had just talked with him 2 days prior and he said how well he was doing and gave a good report of all going on in His life. We praised God with Him for all God had done for him, and Jim and Talani said their I love you's to each other, not knowing it would be for the last time. The last 2 days we spent hours talking about his life and looking at photos and videos of our time with him. It is impossible to adequately memorialize someones entire life on this earth. Our emotions seem different every few hours from shock to tears to reality that life will now be different, to comforting others in one of those stages. We travel tomorrow, and ask for your prayers the next several days. Everyone processes grief differently, so please pray for all who will attend from many locations. God is giving us what we need each day, and we are so thankful for an awesome Father God who cares fo ...
FOR OUR BROTHER'S SAKE- When you have complaint against a brother, how dare you bring him before pagan judges instead of bringing him before the brethren of the Church.?-- 1 Corinthians 6: 1- REFLECTION-It is better to keep relationships than to be in the right...Father God, we beg for Your mercy each time we allow our passion and self -centeredness to cloud our judgment.St. Peter Claver , priest , pray for us
Hi Family. I'm sure you guys are having a good weekend. I'm glad to inform you all that my 3rd studio album is ready and we are releasing it on the 5th of October in Sheraton hotel Abuja. I'm very grateful to Father God for the awesome inspiration we enjoyed while recording the album. My gratitude goes to all the producers and engineers that worked with me on this project, Mista Seth, Tklex, Magic Adams, Morgan Azi, Chris Tover, VC Perez, Sleekamo, God bless you guys. Details of the release coming to you soon.
Goodnight my friend ,I pray Father give you a sweet peaceful sleep, protect my family and friends Father God .. I pray the blood of our Savoir be on your doorpost, I decree Psalm 91 over you .angles be on high alert over you...your family and friends ... Gods banner over us is Love he will see us through to the end ...Thank you that you go before us Father ,your behind us all around us ...invade our atmosphere
If you believe it is imperative we repent and turn back to God, please take a moment and pray for our nation, then 'share' and invite others to do the same. Father God, forgive our sins, and be merciful to the United States of America. In Jesus' Name.
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Photo: thank you Father God for all the blessings! 
Father God had me to repeat after Him that I was the Living Proof and the Living Evidence. Wow!
Father God, we thank you for the night, and for the pleasant morning, for rest and food and loving care, and all...
As a Father God speaks to His children and guides them in ALL the choices they make, marriage inclusive..
Father God, I adore and appreciate Your divine providence. I thank You for Your divine care. Enrich my heart w/ diligence and patience. Amen
Father God, I know that everyone around me has their own journey and are maybe not as close to You, but they can get there!
Dear Prayer Warriors--Tonight My very special intention is a young man who has become very dear to me, Edward. Edward has endured a vicious battle with chemical dependency. While some sit in judgement claiming, "It is a choice," we know how drugs and alcohol can bind people's minds and bodies. Tonight, Edward is headed to a rehab center in Canton N.C. . Heavenly Father, I can only imagine the pain You have suffered watching Your son, Edward, struggle so much with chemical dependency. I ask, Father God, that You place directly in Edward's path, a rehab counselor who will speak words that You place in his mouth, words that will break through those chains and give Edward a fresh and hopeful start. Lord, I ask that Edward may feel the prayers of all Prayer Warriors who have held him up in prayer and closely in our hearts and that he may feel Your presence with him as those chains are stretching and then snapping. Precious Lord, I also pray for Edward's parents who have never forsaken the son You entrusted to ...
Hebrews 8:11 “And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and man his brother, saying, know the Lord God Jehovah: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.” Guide us Father God.
Father God, thank you for salvation over my children Stephen N Heather Wilson and April Wilson, my grandchildren. Give them the minds and hearts of CHRIST. Keep your ANGELS encamped around them.This is my daily PRAYER. Thank you in advance.
I still remember vividly the first days after Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and how that changed my life. I distinctly recall riding on the bus to Northridge from West Hollywood to help restore an old Model A as a side job, and trying to rationalize what had happened. My whole world was figuratively turned upside down because everything I had come to understand as a person, was incomplete and misguided. Above all the questions and confusion in my mind, the most prominent and sobering sense was my new awareness of Jesus' presence with me in a spiritual sense. This new discernment of the perfection and holiness of Jesus Christ and the Father God was riveting to such an extent that I was afraid to go on sinning and living the way I had done before. That is God's expectation for all who come to Him through Jesus Christ, ie, to stop enjoying the filth of the mainstream society which leads to emptiness and spiritual death, and also to become like Jesus Christ by being obedient to the Father God's will. A ...
TRUE CONCEPTION OF GOD SIN Consciousness has given us a wrong picture of God and a wrong picture of the New Creation. It has made us see God as a holy, just, austere, and unapproachable Being who is ever on the alert to discover sin in us and condemn us. That conception has made us afraid and caused us to shrink from Him. The conception is wrong: He is a Father God. John 14.23 says that He will make His home with us. "If a man love me, he will keep my word: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him." John 16:27, "For the Father himself loveth you." John 17:23, "That the world may know that thou didst send me, and lovedst them, even as thou lovedst me." This is a complete repudiation of the modern theological view of the Father God. When we know Him as a loving, tender Father who longs for our fellowship and longs to live with us, the whole picture is changed. Relationship teaching has never been given its place. We have never thought of ourselves as the very sons ...
Gotta be to work before 4:00 in the morning and put in 13-14 long azz hours Father God give me the strength
Heavenly Father as I lay my head to rest I claim your blood covering over my dwelling. Father God speak to me with joy unspeakable joy.
Father God, I lift his burdens too you Lord.Please heal and guide him. I am thankful that you brought him back too me. Help us grow stronger
Father God i plead the blood of Jesus over our children as they start school today and I plead the blood over every superintended assistant superintendent principal assistant principal's faculty support team janitors police officers security guards bus drivers substitute teachers teachers aides coaches and cover every parent grandparent legal guardian foster parents with the blood of Jesus and put us all in our right minds. I decree and I declare that no attacks on our schools or our children I come against bullying and favoritism in Jesus name.
They're shrinking. My Jehovah Rapha truly heals. Thank you Father God! 🙏
GDM, Today is, "TRUE GOD TUESDAY" MY PRAYER FOR TODAY: Father God, thank you for this very day. Thank you for just bein so true in all revelations. It was your will to let all things happen, even when allowing me to wake up with this praise...HALLELUJAH! Father I must thank you for the members of "I'M A CHILD OF GOD". I just wanna ask for the continuance of your protection against all things that are not of the Holy Spirit. Again,&Again I just wanna thank you for all that you have done, and all thats gonna be done. Yes I know you are the ONE & ONLY TRUE GOD. So for that I say AMEN!!
Father God in the name of Jesus guide the Dr.'s hands and protect Ethan. With God all things R possible!
Thank you lord fa another 24... Forgive me for thou sins & may the blessings never end; Father God keep me humble, keep me sane!!
Prayer Warriors... Please Shake The Halls Of Heaven with your prayers for my step-sister, Thea Ware!! Early tomorrow/Monday morning she is going into the hospital to have open heart surgery. Father God, I humbly ask that Your Ever- Loving Presence be with Thea while she's having this major procedure done and that You be Present during her recovery. I ask that You guide the hands of every surgeon and medical assistant that'll be in that operating room, so that everything that needs to be done, Will Be Done With Perfection. Father my step- mom Valarie A. Jefferson, myself and many others, love Thea dearly!!! We know without any doubt, that there is No Problem, Situation or Circumstance that is greater than YOU!!! All our hope and trust is in You Father God that You will bless Thea with a Successful and Healing surgery. Father God I praise Your Holy Name!!! In Your Son and my Lord & Savior's Jesus Christ name, I humbly thank You for hearing and answering my prayers...AMEN
Father God in the Name of Jesus, as you did Hannah, Noah and the thief on the cross, Lord Remember Me..For your...
A Prayer for America to stand alongside Israel – 4min47sec Father God as a nation America has not persecuted the Jewish People and has been supportive of Israel thereby we have received your blessings. Egyptians boast about Egypt’s glorious past during the time of the Pharaohs but they do not mention that Pharaoh enslaved God’s chosen people and thereby turning Egypt into a backward nation. Rome once ruled the world but the Jewish People were mistreated and now look at Rome. In addition Babylon, Greece, Persia and others have sent armies to capture Jerusalem, but each empire has crumbled. Germany launched an inquisition murdering 6 million Jews but our God destroyed Hitler and his dreams. Russia was the enemy of Israel and look at her today. Father before World War One, Great Britain claimed the sun never set on the British Empire, but when Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948 Britain opposed this new Jewish State and backed the Arabs disarming the Jews. Britain now is no longer a Great Empire in ...
Even the Bible speaks about those who we call "friend" Psalm 41:9 Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me. I am truly grateful for my Heavenly Father teaching, pruning, purging, chastening ME!!! Thank you Father God!!!
JACK AND PAULA NEED OUR PRAYERS: Father God we ask that You would enable Jack to live his life to the fullest...
Live life with boldness under the protective wings of the Almighty when you know how much He loves you as Father God! Join Joseph Prince in this must-hear message...
Today, we pray for the rejected. Lord Jesus, today we pray for those of us who feel rejected. Father God,...
Father God!!!. You make all things new and we've made a choice to follow You forward. MOVING FORWARD - Ricardo Sanchez
Father God please hold Linda Rose Smith Murphy in your healing arms give her strength/love/support during her...
This simple thinking people,Jesus alone rose from d dead so He have d power to do that so He alone is Lord,Father God nd Holy Sprit!! Wat u see is wat u get(answer who s d real nd one nd only God,Lord nd Savior!!!
Father God please hold R Elaine Smith's little angel in your healing hands to give her strength/healing/love and...
Father God we love You!!!. We will praise You from the rising of the Sun. EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH - Darlène Zschech
God is so good and Wise..I am thankful to Him because he set me out from darkness. As I read the Epistle of Peter...I realized that this Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ is very deligent in giving us warning and reminder that may we not twist our mind and led to our own destruction espcially to the writtings of the Apostle Paul that full of logic and the untaught and unstable people twist to their own destruction. But since I have known the truth from the beginning then no matter what they will say to me...I am so happy to be one of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Thank you Father God, Thank you Jesus for your abundance Grace and Mercy to a sinner like me. Here are the reminders that Peter leave to us before his departure. 2 Peter 2:1-2 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructiv ...
Father God Forgive us for KILLING BABIES before they are born! They may have been one of your prophets or one of your preachers, or teachers, or evangelists or Apostles! Life begins at conception! it is a gift from You our Heavenly Father. Open the eyes of the hearts of the Dr.'s that abort these precious lives. Open the eyes of the mothers that go in to Kill their babies. Open the eyes of Congress & our President. Father God put people in the lives of our government that are born-again blood bought Holy Ghost filled Fire Baptized men & women of God that will preach the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them that they will hear the true Word of God and receive it unto salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior! in Jesus name we pray for revival in America that will shake up Washington DC and cause the false doctrines that are being taught and believed there and the lies that are being told to stop and that they will know the truth and the truth will set them free! Let Jesus Christ become the L ...
Who has the power to create souls ? Father God and his friends, the authors. Ok. Maybe literal souls are two different things.
Father God, I, too, pray this prayer for anyone reading this.
this show, to see just how badly Humanity is dummied down by all their Elite Poisonings in everything, go ahead research is needed now. SHAME! on the Childish! Bullies. We the People from God, beg God for his Guidance!. It's needed now. Thank you Father God. Welch 5 hrs "The times require that every one should speak out boldly: ...every man should do his duty, in Arts, as well as in Arms, or in the Senate". Standing up for yourself and your beliefs. Telling the truth despite everything. Tests of integrity, firmness, and commitment. Doing the right thing even though it hurts. Facing the envy or enmity of others. Proving yourself against rivals and competitors. Finding the courage to resist organized, institutional, or governmental oppression. In the creative process When one, has to awaken people out of their non awakened dummy down state of their mind body and soul, in many of poisonings state of being, right now, because of what bad Demon's membership to Satan is doing to the world, in their new world or ...
Almost evrybody is talking abt Sabasaba, wat is it all about wen I know Papa God tells me not to worry or be anxious of anything but in everything to give thanks. If Raila's or Kalonzo's or wetangula's sons CANNOT be park, who am I as a son of Father God, a Heavenly Ambassador, a king and a Priest to go and yell as a fool to the politicians.
If someone asks about your educational background, proclaim boldly that: Church is my college. Heaven is my university. Father God is my counselor. Jesus is my principal. Holy Spirit is my teacher. Angels are my classmates. Bible is my syllabus. Temptations are my exams. Overcoming satan is my hobby. Winning souls for God is my assignment. Receiving eternity is my degree. Praise and Worship is my slogan to college. *If you are a child of God*. Type "AMEN" and hit "LIKE"
A Prayer For Wisdom In A World Gone Mad “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5 [NKJV] “If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it.” James 1:5 [MESSAGE] “Father God and Lord of All Wisdom and Understanding, of all Knowledge and Truth, You alone are truly Wise and You alone are Truth and the Giver of all Righteousness. Lord, today our nation, our cities, our communities, our homes, and our individual hearts and minds need Your intervention. Things are spiraling out of control at an alarming rate. We see it and yet many of us feel helpless to stop it. The wisdom of men has failed time and time again. People of good will and those of evil purpose seem to be sinning in an ever-widening circle of madness. So we desperately and earnestly turn to You, to Your Word to give us clarity, understand ...
Proverb 22:6 ¶ Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We have a crisis of fathering in this country. A hundred years ago Teddy Roosevelt said, "What we need in our public officials is not genius, not even brilliancy, so much as the exercise of the ordinary, rather commonplace qualities of honesty, courage, and common sense -- the qualities that make a man a good husband, a good father, a good neighbor." Our crisis in good fathering is ultimately more serious than any economic or political crisis. Very few people have been fathered in spirit and soul. We need to receive from Father God his reparenting us as true sons and daughters. The good news is that God wants to be our Father. Jesus came to show us His Father and ours. CHILD TRAINING. Following is a survey of the Bible's teaching on this subject: What makes a good parent? (1 ...
"People use every excuse not to go to church! This is just about the best one I've seen! I love the excuse, but sorry, it's NOT valid! Our pastor yesterday, Kip Brockway talked about this yesterday! What an amazing service! God is a jealous God and HE will not share your heart with anyone! Put HIM first in all things... especially relationships, where because they are loving people tend to think they can put their mate, kids, parents, family and friends before (in front of) God! How this grieves Father God's heart! Yes, we want to share our passion for God and HIS only Son Jesus with others/ that special someone, but never give your "first love" of your personal relationship with Jesus to anyone... and not to your "intimate" one. Sharing that together, should be twice the love . If you do give that "first love" away by not putting and keeping Jesus first in your heart, God through life experiences/ and or people knows how to get you in step... usually with lots of pain... Sometimes from your choices and m ...
Father God I left up my family to you right now Lord.. I ask you Lord to take control of this situation. Father God you know the heaviness that is weighing on our hearts today. Jesus I ask you to give us the peace that passes all understanding. Be with my cousin right now and the blood of Jesus cover him from His head down to the bottom of the soul of his feet. Father God I know you are a just God and we also know when the enemy attacks a family like this that your are in the mist of it and everything is going to work out according to your plan .. We thank you Jesus In advance and we ask you to let revealable hit this family to the oldest family member to the youngest. In Jesus name amen
Father God – please bless all of the future generations in our family with a strong faith in you. In Jesus name I pray – Amen.
Father God taught me and showed me along time ago and brought a lot of this in His divine order. That's why the enemy knows where we
Greetings and Goodmorning Abba, Father God, Thank You for this a new day to start a Fresh; Lifting uP those who have and continues to Labor for peace As We celebrate this DAY; please bless, protect and guide Our Families, Lovedones, my Church☛and Pastors of Shepherd Of The Hills Campuses, Our Bible Study Groups and Others. Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness to blessed and loved Us and give Us eternal comfort in good hope by Your grace and mercy, comfort and strengthen ALL Your children‘s heart in every good work and word as We share, witness and disciple; through Your Word to those living in darkness. Dearest Father in Heaven: Humbly We come all Your Intercessors, standing together with Prayer Warriors and Prayer Partners, uplifting uP those who are feeling poorly, I do not know of their sufferings and Needs but You Lord know. My prayer Abba, Father; I ask You to put Your loving arms around them and soothe, comfort and heal their hurt according to Your will. Hold Us close to Your heart Lord and make ...
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THE POWER OF PRAYER Today is a special day, I could see the power of prayer. About three months ago I was baptized in and name of the father son and Holy Spirit .. I thought that things would be better but it was when they came more testing and escasees were times I got confused, I was alone without a shepherd, the program widows and huerfanos and the program froze baby food, donations were scarce, but we've asked God to the doors .. I have been in constant prayer and saw no response or change. with accounts payable and 200 widows and 320 children without eating .. my heart broke and I felt more and more called to prayer because my belief is that God has power, but today when I cried to God and asked her father to Father God give me the opportunity to serve on the project, and then the phone rang not want to answer because I was focused, but I said it was my brother David Sgro, I automatically knew it was what I asked God and my heart sped up and I believed more in God and gradually felt a relief, the wor ...
I love to see my team winning! from my namesake & business partner in Cali: "Time ... I just checked one of my credit card accounts to make a payment and I am so happy to say that with my next It Works commission check I will be able to pay the whole balance off!!! That just leaves me with two remaining revolving credit balances to pay off and at the pace I 'm on they will be paid off my the end of the year, or sooner even because my Business is booming, team is growing and commission checks are increasing month by month!!! Thank you Father God for bringing me this opportunity and for allowing me to grow and prosper and for providing me with the Faith and Strength to see it through. I am so happy for all of my customers and my business partners who are allowing these products and this opportunity to bless them!!!"
Father God, thank you that you love us and that you speak to us. Thank you that we can hear your voice if we will humble ourselves and listen. Father we know that there will be false prophets in the end times and that even true prophets err in their human nature. Help us to habitually weigh everything we hear and read against what you have already spoken, that we may continually walk in truth. In Jesus’ name, amen! visit
Father God, I pray that you'll give me clarity on those in the Body of Christ who use daily in their lives. Is it right?
Father God please keep your angels around my Grandma please I cnt think straight and i dnt wanna see her in the hospital!!
Father God can calm the storms in your life.
Thank you Father God for the life of bra Eddie Makhosonke Zondi may he Rest in Peace...
like AT & T when last tear they tried to play a fast one on Dad, and I called them up and "voiced" my concerns, next thing I know I have the office of the President of AT&T on my message machine. So the next time some bank, or some insurance company or some bill collector wants to..well I will put it like this, you better hope my Dad is around for another 5 years to protect you from the fury I want to unleash on you for overcharging him, my Mom and countless other people, and Father God,father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth his one and only son is the only thing that holds me back, and my Dad insisting on squaring with you bankers fair and square, even though I know for a fact banks over charged people, levied high interest rates when they were not needed, and all you have to do is come down off your mountain of money and help makes everyone's lives better by providing people with all they need so they dont want anything from anyone else. abundance of food, clean living, quit with population control and con ...
Books and ideas are the most effective weapons against intolerance and ignorance.” Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President United States Wow was President Johnson on to something with this statement. What's most exciting is that Father God has given us 66 books to war against ignorance and yet there remains ignorant people. The Bible has been proven to provide us instruction to handle every experience imaginable. Gods desire remains that we live a prosperous life, fully experiencing the promises outlined in His word. Learn from The Book and make the decision to war against ignorance. Living in victory
Father God we worship You!. We call upon Your Holy Name in Spirit and in Truth. My Help -The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Father God, I wanna THANK YOU for Your faithfulness in my life. Thank You for DIRECTING AND ORDERING MY STEPS. I know that You will give me double for my trouble as I KEEP MY HEART AND MIND STAYED ON YOU IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME. AMEN AND PRAISE GOD!!!
Whoa! I wanna take a moment to give thanks & praise. 1st to our Father God for the direction u give us. We don't always follow, but we can't say we didn't know better. 2nd, I thank my beautiful children Jasmine Lewis Brandon Primus & SharVegas Moore for reaching our & touching my heart 2dA. I love u all, so very much. Be it baseball, basketball, books or just being u,, i'm SO very proud of u ALL. my nephew Julian Primus my Big Bruh Frank Lucas yallz luv & support 2dA wuz MAJOR! Next, my FB friends, lifelong friends, family, admirers & associates,,, I thank u 4 da shouts, post, calls, texts & comments. Finally, I thank ALL the men I know & admire 4 jobs well done. Especially my brother, who has been all the dad i've Ever had. Admire u da most, luv u 2 death x2. My mom, who kept her promise from 1980: "imma luv u lyk a mama & beat u lyk a daddy". Finally, to every single mom, who did it after a split or if he bailed on u out da gate: thanks for teaching sports, pushing education, teaching girls 2 B ladies & ...
Glory to the Amazing Almighty Creator of the Universe, your Father God; make His day, worship Him, praise Him, bless Him this Father's Day.
To Papa with Love, I have three wonderful words for you: Papa you are Strong ~ You are the strong pillar of this house. Even your body's weak your mind is so powerful... Papa you are Brave ~ As you should, coz I know Father God created MAN to be like that. You are our Mighty Thor! And braver enough to fight each day to be with us... Papa you are my KING!! ~ I might not have my prince now but I will always be a PRINCESS coz I have you... Thank you for everything! We love you dearly papa...♥♥♥ Happy Father's Day and to all Fathers out there!!!
My heart cried when I saw the news after we where stranded on the mountain of Bacolod when typhoon yolanda (haiyan) hits Philippines last November 8, 2013. Immediate response is prayer. I (we) pray to help the victims in a HOLISTIC approach. I thank our Father God for this great oppurtunity to be able to help the typhoon victims...
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Father God we declare let Your perfect will be done in our lives!!!. I'll Say Yes - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Just thinking about the awesome Word of God at our church this morning at Life in Christ Cathedral of Faith in the city of Chester Pa When three of our leaders can come as a tag team and deliver empowering words of wisdom in one accord...this I know blessed the heart of the Father God and the people. I also want to say thank you to my sister and brother in law and your family: Ministers Kelly and Martin Turner for surprising us with your attendance. FBF if you are ever in Chester PA please come and visit, you will not regret it.
Father God we always will forever more worship & pray to You YAHWEH for confidence & Guidance & love Hallelujah Amen.
Right now in the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the Son of the Living God, I beseech you Lord on behalf of myself as well as all of my Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters all across this Nation and Globe even. Lord you know what lies within the inner recesses of our heart, you know what is grieving and troubling us, you know what strategic steps need to be taken in order for us to come forth. For Lord, you are the Author and Finisher of our Faith, you are our Alpha and Omega, Our Bright Morning Star, Our Anchor, Our Deliverer, Our Healer, Our Shalom and it is in you that we live, move and have our being! Lord I thank you for providing us with that secret place, a place in you where there is nothing missing and nothing broken. In you Lord, your promises are yes and amen. Father God we thank you for that good and expected end. HS we welcome you and we adjure you to hoover over us, to come and sup with us. We come against anything in your name Jesus that is an anti-thesis of what you have ordained. In our mid ...
Morning Prayer: “Father God, you are my strength. When I feel weakest, that’s when You are strongest in me.” (Isaiah 12:2)
THANK YOU: Last weekend my wife Margaret and I enjoyed lovely fellowship with Leila Nord of Jachin Boaz Ministries, and her husband Ronald. God gave us a weekend overflowing with blessings, care of these precious people. We even got to enjoy worship together at Gateway Baptist Church. Brothers and sisters who know God, who are filled with the Holy Spirit, yet are so natural and comfortable, are extremely rare. Thank you God. The blessings you pour into our lives from your kids like Leila and Ron, far exceed our expectations. Thank you Leila and Ronald. God bless each of you. Thank you Father God for testifying to Leila about the truth of your words in your prophecies, and for calling her to lift up and send out The Valentine Prophecies. Blessings! David Dellit
I want to thank pastor Robert Martino and Pastor Rose Martino and pastor Kevin Varnell and pastor Bob Hasse and pastor Greg V Hurd and pastor Kieran Karen Sue Hurd and Dr. Fidelis Ossom I want to thank y'all for your hard work and helping me to achieve something I never thought I could and my class mates for all your encouraging words.. All so thank my Father God for pushing me ..
Today's Miracle Ride prayer. Please join with us and share with your family and friends. Lord, our Father God, please bless each and every Riley Hospital kid and family member. Bless every Riley doctor, nurse, caregiver, employee and volunteer. Lord, bless every Miracle Rider this year and past. Bless every sponsor and donor. Lord we know it's by your providence that we come together today in an act of love, caring and sharing. It's no accident of space and time. Lord we praise your name for the abundant love you bless us with hearts willing to ride and give. Keep us safe as we ride for the kids of Riley. Keep the medical miracles happening at Riley Hospital. In the name of Jesus our Savior. Amen
IN THE PHYSICAL, Let's take the military for instance. If a soilder is in trouble he seeks his sargent and if it isn't resolved he seeks his corporal and still if the problem isn't solved he seeks a higher chain of command UNTIL it is solved, DONE! SO therefore as in the Spiritual so shall it be! When we r in trouble, or called to intercede, WE SEEK PRAYER. I PRAY to u Father God to USE the Holy Spirit to EMPOWER the ANGELS that are assigned to these Men of God, Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones lives wher any Angels are wounded in whatsoever way to make them stronger to fight any princes and that we ask u Lord to INCREASE The ANGELS in MORE numbers to each man of God to assist in the warfare in the heavenly realms regarding the lives of these Kingdom Men as they sleep so when they wake up they will be just as ur WORD says we r to be like, Bold and couageous! LORD release empowering warring Holy Angels and Increase the number of Angels in this hour to with stand every prince of darkness t ...
Father God in heaven I Ty for caring for my Mother in the hospital. Only u have our days in ur hand and I Ty for being there for her in her need of ur healing hand and being her and my comforter. Only u know what our future holds and I pray for u to heal my mother for you are the great physician. Ty Almighty God in ur name I pray Amen.
Father God you are so cool and awesome! Genesis 14:19 states Your " the Most High God" , Jehovah Elyon, which means also " most LOVED God".friends we need to love God more than anything else in our life, then He can fulfill His promise in ver 20 where He is the possessor of heaven & earth, and hath delivered us from all our enemies! Elyon - most loved God!
AFFIRMATION OF THE FATHER GOD • This week we will be talking about the affirmation of the Father God. In this generation many young men and young ladies do not have a present father figure. Sometimes even if the father is in the house or present he is internal and does not engage in relationship with his children. As children, teens, young adults, and older adults we need the affirming words of a father. Many of our teens are struggling because the young men do not know how to be a man because no one has effectively shown them how, and many of our young ladies need some one to tell them they are beautiful and they end up letting that person be the wrong young man. We need the affirmation of the Father God. • Daniel 10:10-11 “Then behold a hand touched me and set me trembling on my hands and knees. He said to me, O Daniel, man of high esteem, understand the words that I am about to tell you and stand upright, for I have now been sent to you. And when he had spoken this word this to me, I stood ...
GOD we bring PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN before you. Lead and Guide Him in the way that he should go. Give him Divine Wisdom in his decision making for our country and the world. Order his steps that he will not go ahead of you or lag behind where you want him to be, but he will hearken unto your voice and your will for the purpose you have ordained for his life in this tenure of time. Envelope him in Your Grace and Your Mercy oh God. Put a hedge of protection around him with your holy angels and their fiery swords. I plead the Blood of Jesus the Christ over his life and that of his family from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet that no weapon formed against them shall prosper and that every tongue that rises against them shall be condemned. Make his enemies his footstool Father God. Give him your favor. Meet him at his point of need mind, body, soul and spirit. Bless Him with a double portion of Your Sweet Holy Spirit that leads us unto all truth and understanding and tells us of things ...
Activist Politicians Needed-2 Tommy Green – Mobile Beacon City Editor This is the second and last article on “Activist Politicians Needed.” If we observe the politicalscene across America, the Republicans are trying to reverse the gains made since the 1950s. Whenever there was a reduction in rights, it has always been African Americans who felt the most pain. Father God, I am praying that the burden bears spines become stronger for the hard slog ahead. Black people must read, understand, and remember history. We need freedom fighters representing Black people today, and they need a social and historical consciousness. I have been reflecting on how I have been guilty of ascribing worth to someone because they are educated and speak the King’s English. During the debate over Richey Incognito (Miami Dolphins) calling Jonathan Martin, his teammate, the “N” word, Mike Wilborn, ESPN’s Sport Commentator was supporting using the “N” word. I thought that he was more enlightened than that. ...
GODS NAMES AND MEANINGS : 1. ELOHIM - Gods 1st name revealed (Trinity - God the Father God the Son God the Holispirit this is one person perfoming different duties. 2. YAWH - I am [self existence one] Name given to moses when he asked what name shall he give to the Israelites when they asked what his name was. 3. ADONAI - The Lord is master ( descibes the Lordship of God over us. Steward, Overseer) 4. JEHOVAH JIREH - The Lord will provide ( specifically speaking about salvation and Jesus the son was made the perfect lamb unto the sinners to catapult them unto righteousness. 5. EL SHADDIA - The Almighty God (EL is part of Gods name and when addung SHADDAI you literally saying God Almighty or the God of the mountains, Mountains always refer to the nations in the bible, this express th omnipotence of God and in Psalm 91 the name is used) 6. JEHOVAH SHALOM - The Lord is Peace. 7. JEHOVAH ROHI - The Lord is my sheperd (If you are not saved therefore the Lord is not your shepherd, Jesus knows his sheep and know ...
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Good Morning Everyone! Today our prayer will be focused around" Being Grateful"! Our scripture will be coming from 1Thessolonians 5:18 Let us pray: Father God, we come before You this morning with thanksgiving in our hearts! We rejoice in Your presence and fall on faces before You, because You are Holy! As we recover from Memorial Day weekend, I pray we fed off of Your Word as much as we fed off of BBQ oh God! You are the Only reason for All seasons! We praise You Jesus! We thank You for watching over us throughout the night and for breathing life into this morning oh God! We thank You for our families, loved ones and friends... So many emotions run through us as we read Your Word and meditate on it’s true meaning oh God! We are sinners saved by grace! Had we not been, the price for our sins would be to high to pay oh God! But through You Jesus, we have the victory! We surrender ALL of who we are to You Lord! We withhold nothing from You Dear God! We know there is power in Your name! Ephesians 2:8 says ...
Lying in bed this morning trying to pray for the son of my friends who is facing a 3rd battle against cancer, he's only 9 yrs old you know. What do I pray, how do I pray for a child facing such a battle as a cancerous brain tumor ??? And I realized for the 1st time in my life, perhaps, what scripture means when it says in Romans 8:26, the Holy Spirit helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. So I do pray for Austin with thanksgiving that God Himself who searches our hearts, who searches my heart, knows the mind of the Spirit, and He makes intercession for us, for Austin, according to the will of God. So as best we can, as Austin faces a 2nd surgery tomorrow, I ask each of you to join me in prayer for Austin Scott and for Austin's mom, Leigh Anne and Austin's dad, Marty, as Austin bravely battles against stage 4 glioblastoma. Thank You so very much. And thank you Father God for the S ...
Father God, I come to u humble and ask that u make my mother a less crazy your name I pray
I decree God's word that says "He takes pleasure in the prosperity of his saints -Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the things you have in store for your people. II Chronicles- The Lord is able to give much more than this. Delight thyself in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine Heart. For the Lord is my Shepherd I shall want for nothing. If this your decree Type Jireh. Because Father God promised to be Jehovah Jireh (our mighty provider)!
wish I was able to just share so easily, Father God help me today to be a witness to You and about you, in Jesus name I pray
Father God, we pray for salvations in South Korea!
Shabbat Shalom. Good morning my beloved brothers and sisters. May this weekend bring great blessings to you. Let's pray Father God, we adore You. Let our worship to You shatter the enemies plans! Let our praise to You cause the demons to flee! Let our love for You fill the heavens and earth that You will be blessed and pleased with Your people. Today we are thankful for the "Known Soldier" Jesus Christ. He came by Your will to battle, defeat, and complete victory for us. That sin would no longer be able to reign over us and that we would not be slaves to Satan by the devices he entangled us in. I thank You Heavenly Father for sending Your only begotten Son, the Ultimate Warrior, to save a wretch like me. We pray for all those that are spiritually lost without You. We pray that this weekend, memorial day weekend, that their eyes would be opened and that they could see the Soldier that should be rightly memorialized above all! Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Lord we pray with thanksgiving for the freedoms ...
God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit! What the he.. Nigerian Government doing about THIS!!? Fellows did u see THIS??? ;(
Praying for good results for Mike's "Pop" MRI testing today. Lord God, we place Mike within your hands during this MRI this morning. Father God, we offer Mike to you for a Healing, for we know that through you ALL things are possible. Lord, we pray that you let Pop feel your presence as you guide the medical professionals as they administer to Mikes needs. We pray that Mike's cancer is stablized. Jesus we adore you, we glorify you and we THANK YOU for your Glory. In Jesus's name, Amen Tony Covine, Maria Le, Gretchen Covine
IN PRAYER FOR MY SONS... Father God please keep my sons safe from all hurt, harm and danger, in the Precious Name of Jesus. Amen
Praying for all my old *** *** bi-sexual and transgender friends/acquaintances in *** bowling and softball leagues in Nashville, New York, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, St. Louis, New Orleans, Birmingham Alabama, Jackson Mississippi, Charlotte and Raleigh Durham N.C. Kansas City. D.C. Houston, Dallas, Austin, Portland, Seattle, Los Angles San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Louisville Ky., Paducah Ky., Madison Wisconsin, Chicago, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Columbus and Cincinnati , Ohio, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Denver, Phoenix, Richmond Virginia, Philadelphia and Pittsburg Pennsylvania, Boston, Hartford Connecticut, Baltimore Maryland, Annapolis Maryland, Bangor Maine, Providence Rhode Island. Yahweh Father God draw all the LGBT folk to Jesus Lord. Jesus reveal Yourself to them and let them recognize You. Hoy Spirit you are the Spirit of Truth, visit them with the Truth. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life and no one come to the Father but by Him. Deliver and INNER heal them from lying, seducing ...
Thank you Father God for this day. This day has been a bless but yet a sad day for the Howell family. We said our final farewell to my husband father on today. We're going to really miss Mr. Robert Earl Howell but we know we'll are going to leave this place that we call home one day. Just want to Thank our Fb family and our many many friends for your outpouring thoughts and prayers and also a special thank you to Rev. Ecclesiastes and Sis. Christina Goodwin for a Uplifting Heart touching Beautiful Resolution. Each of you touch our hearts in so many ways. We Love each of you and May God everlasting blessing be up on you all. Again thank you.!!
Rise and Smile, for as the sun rises..I release a simple sign. Thank you Father God for this day you gave to me.
Everytime science shows me something, i see the power of Abba-Father God.
If you want to receive the Holy Spirit you can simply ASK in plain English. Example; "Father God, I ASK you in JESUS' name to fill
domain names
Father God forgive me and all Nations in the world. Forgive us O' Lord. I stand in the gap Jehovah, the Holy One.
Reminds Us of Jacob Zuma PAKSO & WIFE Pakso: sweetheart, am goin for 3 days church conference. Wife: ok darling, but let commit your journey into God's hands in prayer.Father God grant my husband a save journey. Pakso: Amen! Wife: don't let his manhood erect if he tries to commit adultery. Pakso: silent. Wife: don't let him return safely if he manages to have ANY extra marital affairs with other ladies. Pakso: sweating. Wife: infact, Holy Spirit kill him if he dares commit. Pakso: o! shut the F**K up! it's ok, am not goin anymore coz the Holy Spirit just told me that the conference has been cancelled!!! Amen
Father God, thank you for connecting me to bishop David oyedepo
Father God thank You for all You have done for us so far this year. We know that You are good all the time, but this year we have seen new levels of Your Greatness and Goodness! Lord every time that we needed You, You were there for us ready to jump in and assist. Lord You are so good that every need that arose this year You Provided, You made a Way out of no way! Lord when the circumstances we faced were overwhelming and too much for us to handle You stepped in and fought for us! You are our Champion! Lord many of us this year have endured painful, uncomfortable, and even irritating situations that were beyond what is normal, and yet You comforted us. You send a Word our way, or a person to listen, and Your Holy Spirit to soothe every ache in our hearts. Steven Snubb Armstrong Bigg Luc
Father God thank you that you are so faithful and true. At times we do not deserve anything from you. But because of the sacrifice you made at calvary we are free. Today Lord we pray for our nation, the government and in particular David Cameron and the people in high office , that they will make the right decisions , pray for men and women of God who are in parliament that they will have a voice for the Christian belief. We built our laws on a Godly foundation. We need you Lord at the heart of nation once again. In our Schools, university's , with local authorities and in all our society. For our church leaders : father lead them and guide them by your Holy Spirit and protect their families. Father I ask that you will be Lord to those who are mourning right now. For the families of the miners in Turkey . Father they need to have answers and peace but only you can bring that. Father for unrest in several countries around the world only you are the answer. For the the young ladies of Nigeria. You L ...
Ss&Gg: the King James Version translators of english bible scarcely dared to interpret the word "ABBA", it actually means Daddy, so we come as children our own dear Father God. Come with simple faith!!
To have to hear sadness in my sons voice, after he attended his 14 year old friend funeral, my heart lord Jesus how do you explain. To murder a child that way,with no regards is too much. Father God i pray for healing, and faith.. Prayers to the JACKSON FAMILY...
Dang...I enjoy writing for Trendsetters To Trendsetters/Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine so much that I forgot I'm a LYRICIST/songwriter!!! I just finished lyrics for a song in about 45 minutes!! Thank you Father God for the my gift!! NOW I JUST NEED A 'SHOW STOPPER' ARRANGEMENT!!!
Part two of the haunting of the Woods Hotel.all the ghost seem to have come out and ran off all the evil ones who was trying to hurt the guest. So if you are not too afraid come on by and meet your passed on celebrity stars they are all here from Redd Foxx to Whitney Houston now some of them are upset because they left too soon.but are waiting to see you sadly the children can't be seen because their spirit has gone to the Father God in heaven. As of now the woods hotel is open for business see ya there.La La Shawn Mills Saved by grace Davis Jquinn Woods Jane Harmon.Jeanie Jeanie Cummins Patricia Webster Dell Bell Donnie Crosby Darnell Futrell
Blessed to see another Tuesday. Thank you Father God truly grateful to God for Pst Joseph PRINCE...his revltn of Father God's unconditional Love & Grace has truly delivered many of us from forever indebted to yu Pst Prince!!
.Thank you Jesus,I am very blessed,2 of my favorite girls made me breakfast in bed!! My awesome sons made sure I had a dozen roses and a beautiful gardinia plant,which I love!! I got to see my 2 God sons Isaac and Ross, my precious Bella boo and my beautiful sister and God son Ross and Issa,my granddaughter and Melissa brought a beautiful card and gifts too!!! .Father God ,THANK YOU! I am beyond blessed with the most awesome family...which is the most precious gift of all,my beautiful loving and kind children and precious parents I love my mom so much I pray you continue to bless each of my children,all of my family members and loved ones with continuous health,Your continued protection and Your provision for each one of their lives...I pray Lord that we would all come to know you more and serve you always.and that we would each be the child of God you created us to be,and that we would always be a blessing to others,so others will know You more as well!! Thank you Jesus amen.
Today I became a member of Living Water Fellowship. I am committed and ready to serve this local church body. Thank You Pastor John Wilcox Jr. and Charita Hoenick Wilcox for a wonderful Mother's Day. And thank you Father God for planting me where I am needed the most.
"Father God bless me,,,let the blessings come my way flowing like the great river nile".Amen
Night Watch Prayer for Hammy! Father God thank You for Your Healing Hands on Abraham Elijah Scrivner! Great is Your faithfulness Oh God! As Your presence surrounds him tonight, permeate every fiber of his being for Your glory! Give him dreams and visions to seal his faith and confidence of Who You are and Your power in his life. Praise You Lord for Your Resurrection power invading Hammy and his entire family. Every assignment of the devil is cancelled in Jesus name and God's original assignment is released and fulfilled! Be glorified Oh God! Be magnified! Thank You for the victory. I declare LIFE and declare that every spirit of death is defeated and cancelled in Jesus mighty name - it is OVER for you devil! Take you hands off of Abraham Elijah Scrivner, NOW!! Keep rising Hammy! God is for you! Bless You Jesus for every chain in broken! AMEN!!
Why is it that I'm still up at 4 a.m in the morning on Holy Ghost fire thank you Father God for everything that you're done and everything that you're going to do in Jesus mighty name Amen!!!:-)
Father God, thank You for Your unmerited favor. Inspire our hearts with gladness &true holiness. Enable us to worship You only . forevermore🌎
Father God , I just ask you to keep blessing me .
True worship that moves the heart of Father God requires my caring for the people God loves. Then our singing and shouts of praise has true meaning. Then our prayers are not empty and carry weight!
A Prayer For Knowledge, Wisdom And Understanding As We Study and Apply God’s Holy Living Word Lord Your Word declares that eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, the things which You prepared for us who love You. So, we offer up our heartfelt thanksgiving for revealing them unto us by Your Spirit… as we study Your Holy Living Word and apply it to our daily life! And Your Apostle James declares that if any of us was deficient in wisdom, all we have to do is ask of our loving and giving Father God, Who gives to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding… and it will be given him in full overflowing abundance! And that’s because, we need the wisdom of revelation to create the paradigm mind shift that changes our understanding and delivers the victory over the lies of the devil in whatever we are warring against as we pull down every stronghold and take every thought captive that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and make i ...
Father God, I humbly surrendered my situation and circumstances to you. You said ‘come unto me all you that are heavy laden and you will give me rest. Take my burden, take my pain. Take away my suffering and give me rest in all areas of life. Turn my lamentation to laughter, my pain and pressure to pleasure. Make me a candidate of today’s miracles. Lord in obedience to your word, grant me open heavens, and send rain on my land in season to bless all the work of my hands. Cause me to lend to many nations and borrow from none for I ask in Jesus name. Amen"
Father God, would you replace all internal insecurity in our children with ETERNAL SECURITY. Show us how to co-labor with You in this. Amen
Good morning Father God. Thank you for waking me up on such a glorious spring morning! Thank you for blessing me, my family and friends with another day in your Grace. Please give comfort to Jesse Muzikk Pbx) Taylor, a son of my heart who just lost his grandmother, the light of his life. Continue to comfort Derich's Nana Danielle Smith who is still mourning her great love Charley Corey and has now lost her sister's husband. Please bring comfort to my grandson's brother Jeffrey who knew his grandfather as the rock in his life. Comfort me Lord God for I am still suffering the loss of my father not long ago, the rock in my life. Father God give strength to everyone who has lost someone or has a loved one very I'll at this time, I woke up with this heavy on my heart, To my sweetie Elvera Hitson Sharpe, I love you with all my heart and my prayers fly to Germany to you, mom & Rosie. To my sweet sister in Christ Cheryl Allenson Hayman and her siblings Donna, Becky & Aaron who lost their brother Glenn.May God ble ...
Christ & His bride sit at t right hand of Father God among His holy noble royal heavenly eternal 1s at t heaven's court w/ fullness light...
Allah may have told you to kidnap school girls and shoot innocent people at a market, but Abba, Father God told us to go Old Testament with the Red, White, and Blue all over you.
Father God i just wanna say thank u Lord for all that u do for ur Kingdom Men of God namely Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones, for leading them to Preach ur Word and giving them the strength to do so in Jesus Name Amen
Thankful for my Father God and Savior Christ Jesus. Holy Spirt flowing.
"You better not be more worried about mother nature than you are about Father God." -Tony Evans http:/…
Psalm 51v1 Have mercy on me, O God,according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Father God, as with King David may we too know that our approval with You rests not on our own performance but with Your saving mercy. We pray for forgiveness, for help with our problems, for protection from those who wish us harm, and for glory to You our God for Your great and mighty works. We boast not as we are mere mortal sinners saved by the grace of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Father God i thank u 4this day i wanna praise u a name b couse u a r jehova jire in my life bles friends family ad workmate .heal my coutry kenya forgive us our sins as we forgive the al shabab in jesus name i pray amen
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Pastor Gray. Midnight is the darkest hour of the night. We all go through midnight. The attacks come right before your greatest breakthrough. You are not the only one going through midnight, someone else is going through midnight too, but they cannot be delivered out of midnight until you come will take them out and testify of how God delivered will be used in their deliverance. So, you are going through it to get someone else out! Midnight is the beginning of morning! C'mon, let's declare: My time is now! I have favor! The praise I give God will break the foundation of evil! God is well able to bring me from the darkness of midnight into the brightness of the noonday sun! No matter what happened, Spring is here...Summer is coming...and then comes the Harvest! Father God, I receive Your Promise in Jesus Name! Amen! Have a blessed week Child of God...Your Father God loves y-o-u!
No religion, tradition, or misguided loyalty to man can replace true relationship with Father God. Get to know Him for yourself.
~~ For God so loved the world. Yes God loves the whole world and everything in it. Why? Because He made the world and each one of us to come to know Him personally, to love Him and to serve Him, and to be happy with Him in this world and the next. Receive His love by receiving Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son as Your Risen Savior who paid for your sins. He is eternal life in this world and the next. Let Jesus love you! Father God i can't even walk without you holding my hand.♥♥♥♥
Father God.. thank you for all your kindness and mercy,.. I ask nothing for myself because of my understanding from which I came.. I pray Lord of all that is true, that you be raised up b4 all and in front of everything an everyone so all can see the power of your Might an the mercy in your love to all of us unworthy sinners. .we are not worthy to receive you Father I only ask that you fill my place with the ones I love...ur humble servant. .Jason Davis. ..
Our opening prayer for the RTLO Community Event; "Father God, we come before You recognizing we have no power to stand before You and no right to ask anything of You except through Your Son, Jesus Christ. But because of Jesus we now are able to come with boldness before Your throne and even in boldness we come with trembling. Far too long we have sat silently while millions of Your precious ones have been dismembered, maimed, and killed all in the name of choice. O God, forgive us. Tonight I ask that Your Spirit would be in this place. I pray that each person here would know the lengths, the depths, and the heigths of Your great love for them. May we recognize the awesome privilege of the freedom You have given to those who call on Your name, but not overlook the responsibility that comes with that freedom. Help us, Lord, to see abortion as You see it. As the blood of one cried out to You, how much more must the blood of millions cry out? But let us not be overcome with evil, but help us to overcome evil ...
Praise God for this time of the night, i chatted with my cousin Tologa Kiribati from NZ a few minutes ago and now with cousin Puleia Kofe Payne from Aussie and @ the same time chatting with my angel my sweetie little pie from seattle, Sita Tavae, God... you're an AWESOME GOD... Thank you Father for all your ways that we don't know.. but only You Lord that has the key for all... Glory to you.. now n always.. Amen. Father God. please keep them safe from trouble n bless them as You bless us here in American Samoa. Bless our Tuvaluan./Samoana fams all around the globe and the whole wide world. I Love U Father... Amen.
Good Morning Everyone! Praise God 2Day! As we learn to walk with our Father God through Holy Spirit (who lives on...
Good morning Father God, good morning Jesus , good morning Holy Spirit. Amen. . Rise and Shine! :)))
Was up sick half the night with a stomach flu and felt like poo this morning. Had to have surgery on my big toe, and didn't work today ( I feel bad when I miss work, I feel guilty others have to pick up my slack). I am feeling better, but the feeling is coming back into my toe and I am in pain. Took some ibuprofen and waiting for it kick in. But all in all I am THANKFUL for all Father God is doing and continues to do in my life, my family and friends lives as well.
Prayer for they day. Father God be with the drug addicts still lost in their addiction. But most of all be with the family of the addicts. What the addicts don't realise is its the loved ones that hurt most. The ones that know but can't change our do anything about it. As I sit here today and watch my family, and friends, go to jail one by one I watch the hurt on on their mom's, dads, sisters, brothers,kids, niece, nefews, aunt's, uncles faces and its sad... I lift up the family right now. Give them peace give them LOVE.. and show them that no matter what u will be right by there side carrying them when they feel the weight of the world... I love u Father send someone to show the ones in jail ur way Amen
Father God, we ask that our congregations will be FILLED with visitors, so hearts will be healed & experience Your love.
Father God we thank You!!!. For redeeming our lives. For restoring us back to You. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS - Charlotte Church
Pastor Randy and Rev. Dochie Tesiorna of Mount Olives Christian Ministries Assemblies of God...we will reli reli reli reli reli mizz you ..amping mo dd2 pastora.. may our Father God bless you more and more, give u gud health always and give u more days in our life.. we will miz u..from RUSCO MOTORS Lapu2 branch...
HI, friends. Check this out! I sent Iris Global Ministries, which was found by Dr. Heidi Baker and roland Baker an e-mail, asking if the staff at Iris could help me with my research on healing and disabilities by answering some questions for me. I just got a response from them, and I want to share it with you! Dear David, It has been good to talk with you on the phone, and I pray you are doing well. Your heart to see Jesus heal people is beautiful, and I pray that you would find the heart of God more and more on your journey. Thank you for caring for those in need and having such a passion to be used by Father God to see healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation happen! I love what you said in your email: "I always believe that it is my job to love and it is God's job to heal." That is so true and such a good reminder. I have done my best to answer your questions and give you what I do know. 1. Yes, I have seen Heidi Baker pray for those who are sick and disabled but not too many times. She is always graci ...
Father God, Lord Jesus Yes. I will represent you from Palaces to Prisons, Podium to Pulpit, as Pauper or President.
Reverend Sarah Garner posted a status "Prayers!. Father God, what a marvelous plan You have for Your children...
Thank you LORD for life & light which you have given me! Father God thank you! i thank you for the message of the hr preached by your son, "Malachi 4:5~6, Rev 10:7 & Amos 3:7-Prophet William Marrion Branham"i didnt choose t! but u choose me before the foundation of the world! i believe this is from you Lord! i do point everystand of me in the bible! now your letter(bible) to me is simple & straight 4ward! u av revelead all the mestries in the bible! i thank you! bless the bride whereever she z! in Jesus mighty & sovereign God i pray! amen!!!
Father God we thanku 4 anotha great Monday.4 allowing us another chance .wht n awesome easter u blessed us with.we thanku 4 all the smiles all the lil kids had on their faces.but most of all we thanku 4 being God our father our creator our healer n our protector.Peace n Blessings 2 all.
MANNY PACQUIAO knows the art of war. Sun Tzu says: “All warfare is based on deception.” Let’s unbundle this: appear inactive when mustering courage and an attack. Make the opponent believe we’re far away when we are near. Be wary of Satan’s deception. He might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Believe mightily in the One Shepherd whose address is One Heaven, Jesus Christ, Father God and the Holy Spirit into One.
Father God, help me to follow and uphold your statues in everything I do. Amen.
Father God we thanku4 allowing us 2 c anotha great easter Sunday.4 the resurection of ur Son Jesus.4 anotha chance n oppurtunity to giv u the honor n glory u deserve.4 without u none of this wud b possible.u r the most high the creator of all things heaven n earth .peace n blessings 2 all.
Father God the streets of Oakland really really really need and shield its protection around these teenagers and kids and adults too much shooting gotta stop I've been at Highland Hospital all day my little cousin just got shot today and the result of that he good it a blessing that he still alive still has his life father God please figure out something for us to do as a community to stop violence as I'm sitting outside of the hospital I see 3 of my nephews friends come in the hospital what gun shot wounds it's just so sad we need to do something or as a community as parents grandparents lord hear our prayers amen love y'all stay safe stay prayed up and Happy Easter
The Reason for the Earth If the Earth is the reason for the stellar heavens, what is the reason for the Earth? Before the Morning Stars sang their first anthem to the heart of the lonely Father God, before the foundations of the Earth were laid, before the first rays of light ever passed through the dark expanse, the heart of the great Creator God had a yearning, deep, mighty, eternal. It was the primordial passion for children. The Father heart of the Creator God longed for sons and daughters. This yearning passion took form, and God planned a universe for His Man, and in the heart of that universe He purposed a Home. There is no time with God. Time belongs to day and night, to sun and moon. The Omnipotent God was not hampered by days, nor nights, nor years. When Love laid the foundations of this mighty universe, He planned, He purposed it all to be the Home of His Man. It was to be Man's birthplace, Man's Garden of Delight, Man's University where he would learn to know his Father God. Love took plenty o ...
Father God, we thank You for loving us so much that You gave us Your Son!
Friday how blessed we are Christ savior you Father God for loving…
Dear Cross Roads Prayer Warrior Friends, One of our Own Pam Harris Smith is in need of our Prayers...She found out yesterday that she has cancer & she is going to OU Medical Center Thursday to see a doctor there & will know more than on the treatment plan...Father God, we lift Pam up to you for a Total & Complete Healing of this cancer...we thank you in advance Father God for your Healing Power and we ask that you lead the doctors to know the best plan for Pam and may her healing be Total, Complete & Expedient...we Give you all of the glory Dear Heavenly Father...We ask all of this in your Most Precious Sons Name, Jesus Christ...Amen & Amen...Pam will keep us updated on her condition and we will Pray for and Expect nothing short of a Miraculous Healing...God Bless!
Good morning ...Good Friday today ... a fresh blanket of snow blessings from Father God ... everyday is a new beginning ...but the Easter Season brings us new life ... Eggs represent new life ... also the Lil bunnies and chicks ...newly born ... Jesus died for us on Good Friday ...and He rose up to heaven on Easter ... I am always excited about Easter Christmas ...Jesus being the reason for the season... prayers to everyone once again ... Enjoy your days off ppl , enjoy the snow ... it is going soon...Spring is here !!! ... Have patience ... and wait ... We will be blessed ..Hiyhiy ..
Happy Good Friday, FB friends and Family. Thank you Father God, I am up VERY early, on my way to church to get my praise on, at Greater Mt. Canaan Baptist Church. Have a blessed day FB.
Jesus intended for Holy Spirit in the born-again, new-creation Christian to be just as or greater than Holy Spirit was in Jesus 2000 years ago. Jesus intended His body to operate as Jesus did in the authority and love of Father God, and not in weak and beggarly whining, or the rebuke of 1 Cor 11:30. Here is 1 Cor 11:30 in expanded form: For the reason of not taking Communion properly, many of you are financially, physically and mentally weak, sickly and a number sleep in early deaths and retaining hard hearts towards God. If you or your family are living anything close to this 1 Cor 11:30 statement, it is not the will of God for you. and God wants you healed of it. That is why we provide the teaching and resources at Covenant Peace
Father God bless me with your Holy Spirit as I speak about your 4th word "My God My God Why Have Thou forsaken Me" may the words of my own sufferings glorify your name
Father God almighty i want to use dis medium to thankfully thank u for helping me nd my hubby escape de Nyanya bomblast, Father Lord i am greatfully greatful to U alone be Glory, Honour nd Adoration AMEN
Day-start Jesus Prayer (APRIL 16, 2014) A morning prayer you may say to the Lord Jesus for His guidance in your life. RETURN “Our Father God Almighty, Lord, I thank You for waking me another day. Lord Jesus, I praise You and bless Your gracious name. Lord Jesus, I pray for return. I pray for return of people’s minds, hearts, lives, and commitment to You. I ask that You move greatly and swiftly to stir hearts and convict minds and shake up lives so they can see that time and this world and all that’s in it is quickly passing away. Show them how temporary things have temporary timespans so they can realize the need to live for You, the only thing that’s going to count and last for eternity. Return Your people, Your creation, to You, Father God. Please let Your will alone be done, Father God Almighty. I ask this in Lord Jesus’ holy name. Hallelujah. Amen.”
Just back from NCH my Teeto :( seeing him in the back of that ambulance broke my heart a billion I am so thankful he is better he is home and here right by my side along with hubs Father God thank you and I ask to please protect my angels protect us all thank thank thank you :')
Gandang umaga mga kapatid! Such a beautiful morning, let us start this brand new day thanking the Lord for His Awesome provision and His mighty works... Pag-aralan natin ang aklat ng 1kings 10-14... Manalangin tayo, Hallelujah, Father God, You are Awesome, the greatest and most powerful God among all gods.. Thank you, Lord for all the grace and blessings that you keep pouring upon your children's lives.Thank you for the guidance, the comfort, the strength that's coming from your words alone.. Lord, we seek your wisdom and instruction instead of silver, knowledge than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her ( prov.8:10-11) We know, Lord, the wisdom and the wealth and grace that you endowed upon King Solomon, its the greatest and nothing compares...just as we Lord,there's no greater gift we could ever have than having our lives serving you, and that we seek as well the wisdom that's coming from you alone not the wisdom of the world that might contami ...
Great new tonight,Lord I thank you. My sister was interacting with her grandson tonight . Trying to get out of bed and moving her left foot . Thank you Father God. Her healing is still progressing , because of you father God and those that are still praying for her. I believe you are healing her back 100%.
April 15th HIS CHOSEN TREASURES Matthew 13:44, "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field." MATTHEW 13:44-50 The interpretation of this parable is this: the field is the world, the man buying the treasure is God, the treasure is the true believers in Christ. The price that was paid was the very life of Jesus on the cross. Jesus saw, through His foreknowledge, a remnant of people who would receive Him as Lord, and "for the joy that was set before him," He endured the cross (Heb. 12:2) and purchased us unto Himself with His own blood (Acts 20:28). He purchased the whole world, but not everyone will receive what He did. Therefore, the Church is hidden (scattered among the world) today. Father God had the plan of salvation worked out before He even created the world. Most of us would not have created the world and mankind if we had known the heartache and terrible ...
Please join us for the Faith Christian Center Good Friday Conference; your presence and those of your family and friends will be highly appreciated. This will be your Divine Appointment with Father God and you will truly be blessed
Father God i been betray fell like they beat me like a slave WE LIVING IN OUR LAST DAYS PRAY HE MAKE COLD HEARTED
Passover starts at sunset. Today, if you put the Hebrew calendar with the calendar we use, is the actual day Jesus was crucified. I feel total awe for today, it's an incredible day. Jesus died, willingly, purposefully and agonizingly for our sins today. They took His body off the cross before sunset. It's also the day that the children of Israel were protected by the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. It's a day to think about. Father God, Abba, Thank You for Your Son Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah. Thank You for moving into reality Your plan of redemption. Thank You for the life Yeshua/Jesus lived, thank You for His dependence on You. Thank You that He showed us Your Love. Thank You that He said just before He died "Forgive them for they know not what they do." Thank You that Yeshua/Jesus on the cross told the thief that today he would be with Him in eternity. Your love and grace amaze me. Bring these truths to Your people in Israel today when they 'celebrate' with their Passover meal. Under th ...
Father God thank you for this day. I'm not a prosecutor or judge but looking at Oscar Pistorious' account of the event which occurred at his residence on the 14 Feb 2013, which led his beautiful model and tv actor girlfriend (Late Reeva Steenkamp) dead, I'd simply and honestly say he killed her out of jealousy other than self denfence from a suspected intruder. If an intruder was in the home alone with Ms Steenkamp at the time, why didn't she run to him for protection when he was shouting that the intruder get out... Or possibly why didn't she hide and call the police? When she entered that bathroom, she entered with fear and didn't have her phone, that's why the cops wasn't call, I supposed.
Great day ppl, also peace & blessings to all. Praise the All (Mother God, Father God & The Son). Love life & love all things manifested through various aspects of life.
This just happened today. I normally take a family home after Sunday morning worship services. As I am dropped the family off and I about to get in my car. Elijah, who is 5 years say, "Mr West I want to pray for you", I said ok and I get on my knees. Then Elijah's sister Taylor(She is almost 4 or she would say she is almost 24 lol) stood beside Elijah. Elijah tells Taylor as they laid their hands on my bald head said, "We are going to pray for Mr. West" Here is how the prayer went "Father God send your angels over Mr. West, He is powerful and anointed and he drives good in Jesus name. Mr West be careful." Out of the mouth of babes.
Christianity without the Holy Spirit is frustration. He is the one that draws pple to Christ.He lives in u... Hv u acknowledge his presence in ur lyf? Holy Spirit is the third person in the trinity. We hv God the Father God the Son which is in heaven y d Holy Spirit is wit us.It's d lyf of God in us. He is our helper, he teaches us all tins. JON 14:26, ROM 8:26-27. In all aspect u need d Holy Spirit 2 guide u 4 without him u can do notin. Embrace him 2dy... God bless u more!
Good morning friends and family today is a very special day .why because God woke us up . First and foremost. 2 today we celebrate the day JESUS ENTERED Jerusalem . People laid down palm to cover his walking path. This was the beginning of his journey to the Cross. 3 my son kavon will be going with me im so excited. That he wants to know about Jesus ..For he to must understand that Jesus is the beginning and the end .Without Jesus's Father God their is no other way into Heaven. .I will pray for all my sisters and brothers and their family . Have a blessed day .A family that prays together stays together
Father God am asking for ur divine guidance to help me to get through this phase. Give me the strength to overcome all these obstacles that are in my life! Sigh
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Father God almighty, we have come 2gether as ur family in the name that is above all others, first n foremost we gv u thanks 4 the gift of life. Thank u father 4 blessing us 2day. We wouldn't have finished ths day without u. Thank u 4 sustaining us. 4 watching over us n most of all.. Ur grace O'Lord. N ur unfailling love. M u continue wth ur divine guidance as we share n meditate on ur WORD. In Jesus'name Amen. Hv a Hppy sunday
Father God, equip POTUS to act according to Your will and to make choices pleasing to you. Hebrews 13:20-21
Yes ma'am. New beginnings for us All. Father God, Bless my sister Jess, with double blessings. Thank you Holy Spirit.
Father God i come this day thanking you for life, health, strength, for being so mercifull to us, thank you for waking us with a sound mind, i do know Lord i can never thank you enough, cause you have been so good to us, God i ask you to Bless my enemies, friends, family, churches all over this land and country. I come to you today with a gratitude of thanksgiving, not needing or wanting anything, just to say Thank You Lord, for your love and kindness you have shown toward us, your such an awesome God. TOUCH the hearts and minds of those that don't know you in the pardon of there sins, save those that are to mean and evil to except your love. BLESS THE MEN AND WEMON OF GOD, WHO ARE PROCLAIMING YOUR, GOSPEL, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMAN .
"There are three extremely important things you need to do to draw people to God. Forget yourself, and think only of the glory of your Father God. Subject your will filially to the Will of Heaven, as Jesus Christ taught you. Follow with docility the lights of the Holy Spirit." Furrow, St. Josemaria Escrivá
Father God, this morning, hear me as I call out to You. Whether my problems are huge or small, I find that I need Your help to get me through it all. Pull me up into Your loving arms, and surround me in Your love of mercy and grace. In Jesus Name, Amen!
Got lots of cuddles from my sweet little Avery. Posting for a better tomorrow. f Father God watch over her and heal what needs to be healed. I hate setting her like that I can only imagine Tiffany Story place. Give Tiffany strength and faith. Amen. Love you lop hang in there. Everything is going to be a o k!
Prayers are needed for tonight guys! We are starting our Friday night light across the street from teen challenge!!! Fisher of men should be the theme!!! That's what god calls us to do, I am speaking tonight giving a little of my testimony and talking about forgiveness!!! Which God through the blood of Jesus washes us clean! A new creature when we repent and ask for his forgiveness!!! His forgiveness is so overwhelmingly huge that we will not understand it till you get to talk, worship and praise him in heaven. But its not till we accept His forgiveness, truly accept it! That we can then began to forgive ourselves nailing our sins to the cross and letting Jesus Christ blood wash is clean! Its then that we can start to move forward in Christ and let him shape us and make us usable for his will!!! That his will be done in and through us!!! This is what I want Father God!!! Let your words tonight be yours not mine, let your light shine through me tonight that people see your love, Mercy and grace pour out ab ...
GM FB today God has Blessed me to see another Year. I'm Happy That I Have Life And Alive. Thank you Father God.
Father God, I ask that you make a way out of no way for anyone who is struggling. Especially the ones who have been wounded.
Father God, before I sleep I pray to you, my soul you keep. I pray for the day, you give me a Bae, forever & ever.. Ame…
Well, on the other hand I am so blessed with monetary blessings. Thanking our Father God for this.
Wow, what a week it's been already! Tax season coming to an abrupt end is always a time for me to get a wee-bit anxious, but praying the Good Lord gets us through another one... Praying tonight for friends who had close calls in car accidents, at least they are okay...material stuff can be replaced, but our bodies and our beings cannot! Drive safely out there, folks, I know I now have one eye in my rearview mirror every time I come to a stop sign/light or turning left off the highway...praying for all those who are hurting physically, as well spiritually and emotionally. Father God, you are the Master Physician, and just a touch from Jesus healed so many. Reach down touch and heal those who are in need, Lord. Give them relief from pain in their body, soul, and heart. Thank you Jesus, amen
Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from The Lord Jesus Christ. (The Voice) (Psalm 22:4)(Old Testament Prophesy) My God, My God, why have you turned your back on me? Your ears are deaf to my groans. (New Testament Fulfilled) Matthew 27:46 Pray: Father God, in dark and desperate moments, I have felt alone, abandoned, and forsaken. In my despair, I cried out to You for comfort and You have heard my cries. Thank You for making our relationship possible through the abandonment, death and resurrection of your Son. Praise Your name, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I trust You, and I am living in Your day, not mine. Take my life and consecrate it to Your will today. Amen Pray without ceasing. God Bless You
First off.all praise and thanks to my Lord and Saviour Jesus,and my Creator and Father God. Without you,I would not be here with family and loved ones. I thank thee with all that I am. Second.I pray that my son,Sailor B. Kinchen, is doing well...happy and safe, and taking care of his moms. I miss him SO much that im hallucinating about him. I woke up out of a dream TALKING to him. Daddy love you "BUCK"! Also I would like to wish a beautiful you lady a happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARLECIA I hope you have a good day, and be safe.
✈️On the trip to Waco, I said, " I am available the entire trip to help You Yahweh, Father God with anything." "Lord, Father God, give me a fresh filling of Holy Spirit. Control my eyes, ears, lips, senses, mind, emotions, and will. ... Thank you Jesus! Give me a clear vision of Your desires. Amen. I sat next to Victoria, a precious 91 year old, who lived in Fort Myers, FL..for 28 years. I noticed hearing aids and sensed apprehension over being uprooted out of her private home to assisted living, states away. Her family wanted her closer to them. We talked back and forth. She was pleasant and warm. I asked if I could pray for her hearing and apprehension. She eagerly said, "Yes I need it! Boy God loves her so much. She was touched emotionally. I asked if her hearing was better. She stated "My Severe neck pain is gone! I can turn my head from side to side." She still had her hearing aids in her ears not sure about her hearing... I released God's peace and shalom over her. She said, "I receive that ...
Hello and good evening brothers&sisters.I wanted to share how I surrendered and came to Christ.I was saved early march of 2012 I was never brought up in a christian home,all I knew was traditional native American ways.when I was a kid I went to church off and on with kids from the neighborhood. But never really understood christianity. Or why Jesus died on the cross.About a little over 4 yrs now I became very sick. I was an alcoholic and drug user I was highly addicted I was a very selfish person my heart held hate,anger,and in forgiveness.I blamed everybody I hated the world.well that day in Jan 2010 I was admitted into the hospital in Oklahoma, they did all kinds of test and broke the news to me I was not given a chance to live without a liver transplant I just remember at that very moment I broke down in tears that's when I began talking to Father God asking him to spare my life but knew I didn't deserve it but I kept on praying and staring at the ceiling constantly I went to New Mexico that's where mb ...
Top Of The Morning * Making Saturday 5 course buffet breakfast with my FAMS, my mija is at practice, Sunday competition for our drill team beauties 2"morrow B-) Life is God thankful thankful thankful owe it ALL to u Father God
For your is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever through Jesus Christ our LORD who lives and reigns with you my Father God and
Father God in Your Word it says ask in Your name and it will be given to me so Father I ask for an Avalanche of healing to fall down right now! You love healing people God so we have our arms wide open receiving your healing! In Jesus name!
Arived home safe.Thank You, Father God for My safe trip to and from Lubbock. And Thank You for helping Me to make My Mothers Birthday a Birthday to remember.She looked verh Beautiful today and I think She nerver stopped Smiling..Mission Accomplished! !!!♥
CNN Headlines...North & South Korean exchange fire...North Korea threatens nuclear other words crazy man with nuclear weapons and a military army is playing a sadistic game of battleship because the rest of the world is giving him the silent treatment.the world is falling apart at the seams because some fool invented the gun and another fool invented nuclear weapons so we can effectively destroy ourselves.Father God please help us to realize that you are calling us to love eachother and that if we understood that militarys and guns wouldnt exist...meanwhile...planes are 'disappearing' and someone is twerking somewhere state of things
Morning prayer: Father God thank you for the Holy Spirit who makes intercession for me and others even now and forevermore because we really don't know what to ask for, it just sound good. But you know the heart, thank you.
Morning Prayer, Monday, March 31, 2014 - BE PATIENT WITH ME Father God, help me to learn to be patient and pray for those who are still struggling to find their way. Amen Ephesians 2:1-6
Morning Prayer Teacher, they said, We know you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren't swayed by men, because you pay no attention to who they are.Matthew 22:16 Father God, today, how easy it will be for me to allow those around me to define me and make me who they think I should be. Help me to not get caught up in the opinion of others, but more what You think. Amen
Another Day closer in our walk with God! Another Day closer to reuniting with our loved ones. Yes we are mourning the absence of Seth,Kobe,Xander,Katrina & Jimmy,we are also experiencing great joy that we have only received from our Most Holy father. After suffering and praising God's Perfect Plan,the major realization that we are given More than we as humans can not take .because this is the time when my Father God has taken over and makes all things possible to face and experience through his grace
In this life, we all have times of suffering, no one is exempt. One of my best friends of over 30 years is going thru one such trial right now. Her mother passed away ..the only parent she has known . My heart aches for her and her daughters and well sometimes there is just nothing to say but I love you and I am here for you. It is during these trials that we fall on our knees and cry out to the Lord not really knowing what to say or the pain is so great that we can only sob in anguish to our Father God. Romans 6:26 says that "the spirit helps us in our weakness. We do nit know what we ought to pray for , but the Spirit himself interceeds for us with groans that words can not express. " How Great is our God that He loves us so much that He interceeds for us when we are too weak. God is faithful and He will never leave us alone. We sing a song in church called "Never Once" by Matt Redman. I hope that if you are facing a trial today that you know that our Lord is always with us. I hope that you will be able ...
R.I.P ta da female dat got shot n killed 2day n Avondale.dis is sad is this what being a black female all about fighting n murders please pray for peace n Cincinnati heal this city Father God shine ur light upon our black youth men and women
I thank God for my grandson Charles He is in Sao Paulo Brazil right now Working Teaching and judging. I am so proud of him Father God is with him To protect him. He is Great worker Wonderful father And a loving Grandson. He has made His life Work for him. God will never leave him Don't forsake him. He will protect him Wherever he goes
Through love & patience of a loving husband & the grace of our Father God, I have been blessed to conquer GREATNESS! All my fears & failures have been surrendered!!! Through them & with them I can move mountains!!!
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