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Father Christmas

Father Christmas is the name used in many English-speaking countries for a figure associated with Christmas.

Greg Lake Santa Claus Easter Bunny Patrick McLoughlin North Pole Kris Kringle Sports Direct

Go on a magical journey through the Royal Albert Hall with Father Christmas and follow the clues all the way to San…
Scottish National Party unveil letter to Father Christmas via
Checking the flight path for Jultomten, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Pere Noel, Weinachtsman & Santa Claus. Pe…
one of the most popular Susan Boyle songs on spotify. love it!. I Believe in Father Christmas by Susan Bo…
Santa Claus is also known as St. Nickolas, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost and Kris Kringle. Click below for...
The secret life of Father Christmas: chats about poo and requests for a sibling | Anonymous
Thanks for bringing Father Christmas down our road this evening
Had a visit from Kansas & Missouri State Highway Patrol and Father Christmas!
The modern Santa Claus or Father Christmas was invented in 1862 by a German-American artist called Thomas Nast
LAST FEW DAYS  to order your personalised letter from Father Christmas or Santa Claus.  via
Visit Wakefield Museum this Saturday and meet Father Christmas in his Victorian home.
Father Christmas far from being fake news | Brief letters - Exile to the north | Father ... - -
On an old-fashioned steam train, going to see Father Christmas.
Another great pop star dies Greg Lake 69, my favourite Xmas record of all time I believe in Father Christmas, so many pop star…
Mr. Mahama, what do you have to say to the U.S. saying that their money isn't Father Christmas? What have you done again?
'I BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTMAS' by Greg Lake...Once you start hearing this know it's nearly Xmas!! :) -
If I'm lucky and my father will cooperate then I might have my first own car on Wednesday 😊😊😊😊 my Christmas present 🎁
Took Riley to see Father Christmas for the first time... He wouldn't go to him 😂 xxx
RIP Greg Lake King Crimson/ELP/Asia and still one of the best Xmas songs I Believe in Father Christmas
Heartbreaking note found inside balloon from grieving boy who hoped it would reach his father in heaven
we didn't take our 1yo in, she's very fearful of strangers and I didn't think Father Christmas needed a screaming toddler 😝
Are you insured against Father Christmas? Read what you should be covered against!
Those who Believe in Father Christmas know towering legacy
Did anybody spot Father Christmas dropping in to earlier?.
Greeley police have stopped the grinches who tried to steal Christmas.
RIP Greg Lake. I believe in father Christmas... I wish for you all a peaceful advent . and .
wow What a time of year for Greg Lake to leave us. I believe in father Christmas. R.I.P Greg.
and father Christmas will be bringing it
A Father Christmas being towed by a Nissan micra has just drove past my house
"I Believe in Father filmed live at htt…
"I believe in Father Christmas" is one of the loveliest ever Xmas records. RIP Greg Lake.
I believe in Father Christmas Grieg lake god bless rest in peace
Dear Father Christmas. Please travel three months into the future and bring me back a Nintendo Switch. I have been good.…
. no Greg Lake on this version, but I believe Fripp provides more presence than Father Christmas.
went to our local one stop coupon in hand. They have never heard of the Father Christmas book offer
Don't forget that Santa is making a special trip to the Aubrey on the 18th! Make sure you book your place soon to meet Father Christmas 🎅🏼🎄
Boy's heartbreaking note to his dead father lands in garden in balloon via My son does this💔
2016 the writer of best Christmas song ever ⚡ Greg Lake, writer of 'I Believe In Father Christmas' has died, age 69.
Old Father Christmas: forerunner of Santa, insisted on boisterous merriment and good cheer.
Christmas fun for everyone ! Father Christmas here on Sat 10/17th,12-2pm or join our Interactive Nativity Wed 14th htt…
Father Christmas visited R with replies to their letters.
One of our volunteers, is looking for Father Christmas to pay a visit to a poorly little girl. If u can help plz DM us.…
I have gotten to the point where I am now asking my coworkers what I should get my own father for Christmas.
Send you warm, Father Christmas hugs, Amber. Getting my Santa belly in time for the 24th... ;-) xx
I believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake - Ian Anderson this needs to be xmas no:1
R.I.P. Greg. I Believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake in HD via
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
On Christmas Eve, the children and mother are in bed, the father sees Santa in his house, laughs at him, then Santa leaves
If Pete Dougherty is clean I'm father Christmas, wasted 15mins of my life watching that!
My cousin 'I Believe In Father Christmas' - single by who died yesterday. May he rest in…
because I couldn't think of a better gift to give my father for Christmas!
Why was there some nonce down my road dressed as Father Christmas and sat on a mobile sleigh asking for money. Someone come get their dad
Another one stepped into music heaven... . Unforgettable will be this song. Greg Lake - I believe in Father Christmas.
All preparation is underway. The ladies have been in since 4.45am getting everything ready. Please save me a Father Ch…
Greg Lake RIP. I did believe in Father Christmas and The Common Man. There's a fanfare for you at the gates as you enter heaven.
Greg Lake wrote a lovely letter to the in 2005 about his hit I Believe in Father Christmas
So true..ELP, King Crimson and that wonderful I believe in Father Christmas song.
Thank you for "Father Christmas". RIP Greg Lake. My heart is broken💔
sad to hear of the death of Greg Lake today - a man who believed in Father Christmas
When Greg Lake wrote to the Guardian about 'I Believe in Father Christmas'
Patrick McLoughlin tongued your mum while dressed as Father Christmas
Vuyo Mere says are like Father Christmas with the amount of points they are giving away.
Patrick McLoughlin deep throated an ostrich while dressed as Father Christmas
Do you remember your first visit to Father Christmas? My mum said I wouldn't stop crying!
Come and join us at the Christmas Fayre tomorrow. Mass at 10am then Fayre 11am - 1:30pm. Father Christmas will be ther…
Parents outraged after school play casts doubt on Santa Claus The OTHER side of the story
Father Christmas has just been in the street. It is officially Christmas x x
my elves being naughty with Father Christmas
Are you sure that's the real Father Christmas... I'm sure he was at
" Father Christmas, give us your money we got no time for your silly toys " God save
I'll be getting ready for tonight's gig at the ship soon! Better have a shave, I'm starting to look like Father Christmas!…
My 5 yo daughter is writing to Father Christmas to ask for a tattoo.
Friday feeling! Who's going to be posting their letters to Father Christmas this weekend?
If you are visiting Father Christmas in-store don't forget to share your pictures with the hashtags and
A little OT, but my favorite Rock Christmas song is Father Christmas by the Kinks
The lights on Dunstables Christmas are being lit tonight and tomorrow Father Christmas will be here! It can't get...
The library is a collection site for the Christmas Father and for Santa Paws. Please remember that any donations...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Countdown to Christmas (2). Just a quick request for support to on behalf of "Father Christmas" and the re…
Last year you gave us koko for Christmas , this year it's too much money . God bless you father christmas 🎅🏽.
'I believe in Father Christmas. I believe in Angels. And I believe in bonfire night.'
English people call Santa "Father Christmas" and it's the most adorable thing ever
Can I just tell you that as well as a new grown-up novel next year there will also be a third Christmas book called Father C…
This is frame world art gallery your step father has purchased a framed print for you! Merry Christmas from David Looney
I use both Santa and Father Christmas, mostly the latter.
I'm 20 next week & yes I will still put out a mince pie, a carrot and an apple juice for Father Christmas and Rudolph 🙂 probs why I'm single
We also have Father Christmas grotto, penalty shoot outs, bouncy castle, mulled wine, and our Xmas surprise presents corner.
Father Christmas... is there someone who makes a set of lights that will last longer than one season?!
Sh Father Christmas is at Every Sunday to Christmas 2 - 3pm gifts for the children *** *** *** 🎅. https:…
Christmas is officially ON in tonight... and would it really be Christmas without as Fat…
Tenterden Lions is taking Father Christmas to the Co-Op at Cranbrook 2nd/3rd December. Come along and see him. https:/…
So who is coming to write a letter to Father Christmas and post it in our North Pole post box tomorrow?
Father Christmas arrives tomorrow into the enchanted forest. He will be at Ransoms form 12 O clock (Noon) - and...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Father Christmas will be popping in tomorrow to check if we've been naughty or nice. Spot him between 12 - 5pm
Proud father ! 200 Mini-Mays being signed and dispatched as promised on tour - ready for Christmas stockings. This batch le…
Not too late to join in the fun at Late Night Extravaganza. Shops are open, Father Christmas and Festive Fun…
Find out when Father Christmas will be visiting YOU! - Get Hampshire
It creeps me out that a large amount of Christmas songs talk about sexy Santa and the other half are slowly realizing S…
No. I am not drunk & I haven't taken anything, but Father Christmas has just gone past my house and waved to me. 🎅🎅🎅🎅
Tegg's Nose has had a visitor! He's loves the hot chocolate & can't wait to come back later this month https:…
Father Christmas and his Elves are ready for the lantern parade
My father has been working hard lately can see him wearing down kinda hard to watch bouta take him to see the Eagles play around Christmas
Ed Westwick sitting on Father Christmas' knee is the level of excitement I am aiming for this Christmas 🎅🏼❤️
"God was the Father of [fleshly tabernacle, & Mary, a mortal woman, was His mother." - Ezra Taft Benson
Men of 2016 have nothing to complain about. How did my father and grandfather pick out Christmas gifts without the assistance of Pinterest!?
ooh lovely, for the Father Christmas thing, do you have to book?
Look who came to visit the children at our PTA Christmas Fayre this evening...It's only Father Christmas!
Come along to our Fair on Sun 4th Dec, 11am-3pm. Father Christmas, stalls and mulled wine. A fun day for all t…
Father Christmas has arrived at Irby! Hurrah! Thanks to Friends of Irby Library for warmth, coffee and luscious refreshments
umm, clearly haven't seen my father in law dancing at Christmas 😉
Thank you to for their outstanding customer service this morning - sending our letters to Father Christmas
Join us from 10am tomorrow for a day dedicated to London's finest food producers & a visit from Father Christmas himself!…
Visit Father Christmas in his Park Mall grotto on Saturday 3rd December 11am - 4pm
glad Jack enjoyed! I don't know how Father Christmas finds the time to visit us every year - what a treat! 🎅🎅
Writing our letters to Father Christmas t
I wanna be father Christmas this Dec but nimeshindwa santa vaa nini. 😕
Don't forget our Xmas Fayre tomorrow, Sat 3rd December, free entry, lots of stalls for those xmas gifts, hot food and…
Father Christmas was at the school fete tonight. He left, in full dress, in a Nissan Micra. Times have changed.
Look out for Father Christmas in Maple Drive/Highfield Road area from 6pm tonight
Father Christmas has arrived for the Christmas fayre !!
All set up at Thornton Le Dale village hall, hope to see you all, Father Christmas will be here at 2pm and...
Took Cadley Daniel Xavier Walker and Saskia to see Father Christmas today at the school Christmas market!! The...
Only one more sleep until Father Christmas arrives at Morden Hall Park! Book your visit (10…
The REAL will be coming to this Saturday! Check out the opening times
. Not as happy as you do with Father Christmas 😅😅
How to get a free letter from Father Christmas.
Today's Newsflash: Dynasty on wheels​, ‘Father Christmas’ gives gift cards to dads, AT&T donates to HEF & more
Politics aside, he was also made an awesome Father Christmas.
I'm working in Father Christmas but he did already buy me a g7x and I'm now officially self employed so I might be pushing it!
Woodmice are excited!We have been looking at what we would like from Father Christmas
Then there's me dancing like a 60 year old single father at an office Christmas party
Ok real talk how can I hear Father Christmas in town all the way in portswood why is he so loud
My father has to have Ham on Christmas.
Visit Father Christmas at West Dean Gardens this December, receive a small gift & join in the activities. h…
Letter from Father Christmas by the latest signing to Video by myself & https:/…
Collector Leo Grindon would make a great Father Christmas!
I love Mistletoe, Northern Lights, Father Christmas, and my new favorite Never mind the Ballistics! So soothing!
Back this weekend, stalls, activities and even Father Christmas! . . Free…
🌟Exciting to see my robin & Father Christmas cards featured on this offer for cards on
Let's imagine Father Christmas(Santa) was Ugandan.What would be his home town?
Bring the kids to see Father arrive at Yarnton Nurseries by Vintage Motorcycle SAT 26 Nov
When I was younger my mum told me that birds watch me & tell Father Christmas if I've been naughty or nice & that's a lil cra…
*** I need clothes and my "father" told me he'll get me clothes for Christmas but dude I don't want it as a Christmas present I need it rn
I think this is the exact reason Father Christmas always gave me branded notebooks and diaries in my stocking growi…
dat women no try ooo. She no no say her husband no get money by she marry.abi d X na Father Christmas. ?
Throughout the Mahone Bay Father Christmas festival, fill out your WISH LIST – valued over $1500 - with a chance... https:/…
bill gates would lot better to bump into as he loves giving his money away he should be a real father Christmas
Purchase membership before 19th December & receive a free visit to Father Christmas for each child on the membership https…
Come and meet Father Christmas, in his Grotto, West THIS SATURDAY .PLUS Craft Fair to find that perfe…
My little boy meeting Father Christmas for the first time
A German Town has sacked Father Christmas for his alleged Far Right Views, harking back to Nazi Germany?
This is a link to a new video of my letter from Father Christmas piece. Big thanks to for making it. https…
There are only 3 more sleeps until Father Christmas visits Hoyland Library. Children from Jump Primary School...
Had some wonderful small folk helping in the Toy Factory today! Father Christmas will be so happy with all the toys…
It's here! Letter from Father Christmas by our latest signing . Video by & https:/…
Not long to go now until our Christmas Experience! We're busy preparing to welcome Father Christmas to Bewl Water!
He would come to our Christmas Party, now I know it was my neighbors father, amazing
Father Christmas is coming to Elys! Come along to meet him in his Grotto from this Thursday
Jump aboard Chorley’s Santa Express to meet Father Christmas at Astley Hall – check out Chorley this Christmas. https:…
Looks like Father Christmas has come early to Matthew's OLD LODGE in Woodstock! :)
Storytelling with Father Christmas! Bring your kids! Every Monday and Thursday starting on the 1st of December.
Bad Santa: German town sacks Father Christmas over alleged far-right support
Come join Deeside Rotary and Father Christmas every weekend at Broughton Retail Park from 26th Nov till Christmas
John Lewis showing kids everywhere that Father Christmas isn't real is such a 2016 thing to do
I did not realise Postman Pat was real! I knew James Bond and Father Christmas are.
😂 What a cheeky chappy! He'd be lucky if Father Christmas comes around this year being so mean to mommy! Good luck guys
I wanna put up a Christmas tree rn and put milk and cookies out for Father Christmas x
Eric Pickles sucked off a zebra while dressed as Father Christmas
Like kids sending Xmas lists to 'Father Christmas, North Pole', you only need 'Prof Francis Pryor, Fenland Wizard'
Christmas is taken very seriously in this household. I believe in Father Christmas, and there
'I’m not Father Christmas': Mike Ashley’s hearing in quotes: Sports Direct founder and executive deputy chair...
Sports Direct's Mike Ashley admits he's no 'Father Christmas' in comical and tense MPs clash
Father Christmas reanimates three murdered and salted boys (as meat during famine) in Scottish National Gallery.
Ever wondered what Father Christmas does during summer? He drives to Tod Carnival in his vintage sports car
Whoever got hot under the collar for Father Christmas? Nobody. You're sick, Nick. Take your beard and your bag and go back to the North Pole
I had him on about par with Lord Lucan and Father Christmas.
Patrick McLoughlin teabagged an unspecified number of hamsters while dressed as Father Christmas
please do. I'll tell this child's parents to get Father Christmas to invoice you the £ of a new teddy bear this xmas :-).
It's wonderful. I write what they say about their art - 1 child said she can't wait to show Father Christmas!
Of course Father Christmas makes the journey every year!
Gus Hiddink is what Father Christmas would look like after a shave.
it would be more appropriate to wear a Father Christmas outfit than white to a wedding...!
"I was born like a Christmas ham and then my father left"
na me b mumu abi? China has suddenly turned to father Christmas? They forget that people do think b4 they react...
We wrote letters to Father Christmas today.
To atheists, Christ is no more real than Father Christmas
they are to be pitied, probably still believe in Father Christmas!
Steven gets a dad mug from Leo on his birthday, Christmas, and Father's Day, every year.
Santa came from British figure of Father Christmas, Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, and St. Nicholas, a Greek bishop
Bad at a lot of things...but being a father isn't one of them. No regrets. 🙏🏽
My father is finally putting the christmas lights down. You're 4 months late buddy.
I've actually got a shot glass. We have a set of four my father in law got us for Christmas. They have Magic the Gathering symbols.
My hotel room has a Father Christmas trap!
So I've just been told that Sir Tom Jones is White. I can't quite compute this. It's like finding out that Father Christmas was not real.
Why o batla go nna father Christmas Nakho
Lovely day with father at Wembley for his Christmas present watching Saracens v Harlequins…
Marvin Gaye was murdered by his father using a pistol he gave his father for Christmas
I will be very surprised if this goes... £22 for a 2013 (yep 2013!) Christmas Radio Times
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I think I believe in Father Christmas and the Loch Ness monster more than Bob Brierley.
Rachel tells detectives her and her mother devised the plan to kill her father over Christmas.
When the Arctic becomes ice free what will become of Superman's home and Father Christmas' workshop?
Aston Villa mudala -42 goal difference. Father Christmas of the 2015-16 Season.
Re-sharing a post from the past Father Christmas at the Lyric Hammersmith
"They're like the father, the son, & the Holy Spirit, different but the same!" -on Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, & Father Christmas
Half time entertainment from mini juniors & a guy dressed as Father Christmas, with elf, celebrating the life of a friend who died recently
Can you send him a list, like Father Christmas? I'm not so fussed about sweet stuff, I'd rather have a roast Easter dinner!
Christmas is so happy. Easter week is so sad. I know His Father resurrected Him. But I'm still traumatized. I can't get over it in three days.
I'm not just Father Christmas... turns out, I'm the Easter Bunny too! (As well as a big bird)
Christmas? Mothers Day? Easter? Father's Day? Justin if you say yes I may pass out! 😩😂
Isn't Christmas the day when Father Christmas died for our sins?
Ya'll really argue on here no matter what holiday it is lmao. Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving .. Even Father's Day 😭😂
And, like Father Christmas last year, the Easter bunnies will be arriving late at Averley
so easter eggs and father christmas are not mainly aimed at younger followers to make it more enjoyable for them then? Wolly
I've got some bamboo socks - they've been gifts from Father Christmas in recent years - very soft and comfy!
I've just seen Father Christmas in the background whilst watching
Babar and Father Christmas by jean de brunhoff-dragonfly books-pbk
Like Christmas & New Year, people should be double paid if they have to work Easter Day, bank holidays or on Mother's or Father's Day.
RATIONED? What the *** DF! To be fair I still have my Lindt Father Christmas, I might share that with my friends today.
Happy easter! Hope father Christmas came over night ;)
the Money is meant for Publicity and Logistics... not Money to be Squandered and Be Use Like Father-Christmas During Campaign!!!
they're all retarded as each other. All of them have as much credibility as Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny.
My father died on Christmas Day 2014 & today Easter Sunday would've been his 93rd Birthday...Happy Birthday Dad.
Father Christmas is going on strike fed up with extended hours and weekend work 🎅
that's great but I still finishing my doggy Father Christmas, behind as missed wks when ill Maggy x
. I bet you stand outside primary schools with a FATHER CHRISTMAS ISNT REAL placard.
When did the expectation of the Easter Bunny become that of Father Christmas? I'm not giving in to this one
No body is talking about its not fair ooo... But una go remember Father Christmas?
Father Christmas vs Jesus Christ is the only super hero film I'd pay money to see.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
what about Father Christmas? Tell me he's real, the thought of an old man emptying his sack everywhere is a bit of a turn on 😜😂
Today Jesus, the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and a leprechaun had brunch AND SO EASTER SUNDAY WAS BORN
Father Christmas I will insist on till he's 21. Easter Bunny? Meh.
it's a hard job 😂😂 I wouldn't like to be father Christmas 😂😂
Finding out the truth about love and how it's a cliché is like finding out that father Christmas doesn't exist...
Ha-oh yes. I wonder what the Easter Bunny has against 'f'? Maybe it's to stop Father Christmas joining in!
My father was gone, I felt so alone it was a cold Christmas.
Fond memories of Roy Kinnear dressed as Father Christmas advertising Easter turkeys
my family is Christian, except for my father, but I'm an atheist. I celebrate Christmas with my family mainly because they're Christian.
First Father Christmas and his non existent sleigh, now this???. I can't take much more
I always wondered what happened to Father Christmas in the off season.
You'll be able to find Father in Ascot, England, at Lapland UK for years to come.
Father Christmas Doll: Cream with Rhinestones and Vintage Cream Rabbit Fur ( One of a Kind Handmade
I am glad my primary school memories are of making Father Christmas out of a toilet roll and playing marbles in the playg…
Forget Christmas being the best holiday. The greatest gift ever was given to us on Easter, eternal life with our father
Between being Father Christmas the tooth fairy and an Easter Bunny, I have started asking... but why do we lie to our kids?😟
Just like God, Father Christmas, Jesus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy exist in the mind of believers.
Awesome father and daughter time in Bass Pro, Christmas in March.
Prior to, or about 1880's, Santa Claus was Father Christmas, or the Spirit of Christmas, and wore green, NOT red.
He denounced priestcraft, he had then they were still and cried Stephen, waiting for Christmas his father's voice, a
“Santa is real though. Father Christmas is his secret identity. Like Clark Kent and Superman.”
Delighted that now has a permanent home in We can be proud to be the home of Father Christmas.
I am going to do a Batman Vs Superman type book with Father Christmas vs the Easter Bunny.
OMG that just reminded me of this one time my cousin told his African father we had squirrel for Christmas dinner.
Being set-apart for our Holy Father does not include participating or keeping man days: Easter, Christmas, and New Year's.
I don't even want to think about Christmas & Father's Day may be the death of me
God is no more real than Father Christmas IMHO
Oliver Letwin gave a *** to a badger while dressed as Father Christmas
Greg Clark gave a *** to a puppy while dressed as Father Christmas
Found loads of pics & vids on my camera from the school Christmas concert, & having tea with Father Christmas. Adorable
Very sad to hear this. Aside from Father Jack for anyone who hasn't heard Frank Kelly Christmas Countdown pls listen...hysterical!
RIP Frank Kelly and let's not forget his 12 Days of Christmas...
Prayer Bingo for FHE or Sunbeam lesson 4 (I Can ... -
Father Ted was one of my favourite shows, I still love the Christmas one loads.
Even Father Christmas Santa Carzola, can give the Gunners a cup as a Christmas present.
Woe, Frank Kelly. In our house, before Father Jack there was the Christmas Countdown single. Dear Nola...
RIP Frank Kelly. As well as Father Jack, his increasingly despairing 12 Days of Christmas was a favourite of ours.
Sad to hear Frank Kelly aka Father Jack and 'singer' of the irreverent 12 Days of Christmas has passed away.
2016 continues to rob us of real talent. His version of 'The 12 days of Christmas' is comedy gold. . RIP Father Jack
day 18. Nala's not really sure if that is Father Christmas. 🎅
Sad to see this one.. Love Father Ted. Christmas Countdown by is fabulous.
And those who think that not to worry, Gordhan's next Budget speech will be Father Christmas taking his gloves off really are dangerous.
The Father Ted Christmas special is the benchmark for all Christmas specials.
We called him Father Christmas instead of Santa Claus
Sorry to hear news, Father Jack, Christmas Countdown and Wanderley Wagon RIP Frank thanks for the memories
Sad news about Frank Kelly great in Father Ted and the twelve days of Christmas song RIP Frank
RIP Frank Kelly. Massive part of my childhood as Father Jack, but I'll keep listening to this gem every Christmas:.
Feck, *** Drink... You made me laugh so much as Father Jack and your 12 Days of Christmas is the best thing ever.
This kind of writing is right up my street... It's beautiful. 'I wondered if I was encountering my father’s soul,... h…
Sad to hear of the death of Frank Kelly. I was at the filming of the Christmas episode of Father Ted in 1996.
RIP Frank Kelly. Father Jack and The 12 days of Christmas will never be the same again.
deduct the three seasons of Father Ted and he's up one Christmas episode
Devastated! Comedy genius - his '12 days of Christmas' is brilliant. Oh, and Father Jack too
Girls be careful because no man is a father Christmas. Avoid life and play fool on guys. Lesson to girls
Whats fat and jolly and runs on eight wheels? Father Christmas on roller skates! :-D
that's like telling a 5 year old there is no Father Christmas 😥
he he at Christmas I asked if Father Christmas was real they said "yes "
Volunteer arrested for 'stealing money' from Christmas cards sent to maimed eight-year-old girl:
Look at you, beaming away like you're Father Christmas!
Father Christmas win a saucepan in a competition. Now thats what you call pot luck! wow
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I took this picture of Father Christmas opposing Trident yesterday.
Dangling Father Christmas from the house opposite has finally been taken down. He was there last week. I wonder how many bodies they found?
Father Christmas has nothing on the man. He has been sharing money and forgetting to send our own share
And you'll say you went to school o?! Cuz Dangote is now Father Christmas abi?
Getting bared from the raz is up there with finding out Father Christmas isn't real
What did the brazillian father ask for for christmas from his wife?
it was like meeting Father Christmas.
she disappears like the father Christmas on boxing day
By this time last year Father Dasuki was still in his christmas mode. . Suggested title for books on that period: The Longest Christmas.
Keepsake Ornament Father Christmas 1st in the Series He Carries a Scroll With the Message " Act Gently
not to mention how many don't stay more than a half hour during the holidays like Christmas & Mother's/Father's day
It's like Dasuki started this father Christmas business way before 2015 elections. He funded too.
At least my contact with my father's family will go from only on Christmas to Never Again!!!
on telling of CUBAN Christmas at WH, his father DIGGING A PITON THE LAWN TO COOK A PIG! Cuban tradition! How about America?
Donald Trump New Year Kellyanne Conway Ivanka Trump Christmas Day North Carolina White House Deutsche Bank Star Wars Jennifer Lawrence Islamic State Franca Sozzani Rogue One Alan Pardew Middle East Crystal Palace Theresa May West Bank Las Vegas Security Council Christmas Eve Premier League Angelina Jolie Tim Cook Sean Spicer Merry Christmas Chris Pratt Boxing Day Mark Zuckerberg Hillary Clinton Super Mario Run Daily News Sam Allardyce Justin Bieber Wonderful Life Brad Pitt Anthony Bourdain Bay Area Katy Perry Electoral College John Kasich Jim Watson Flinders Street Affordable Care Act Mutual Fund Long Island West African Tom Hanks Scarlett Johansson North Korea Hidden Figures Pope Francis President Putin Monica Seles Bill Belichick Charlie Puth Covent Garden Silicon Valley Angela Merkel James Franco Harrison Ford Italian Vogue George North Amanda Abbington Emmanuel Eboue Real Estate Greenwich Village George Karl North Pole Odell Beckham Jr Grayson Allen Donnie Darko Edward Snowden Wall Street Chris Jones Andre Leon Talley Carolina Herrera Santa Claus Mayor Rahm Emanuel Cook County Kirk Cousins Father Christmas Joe Biden Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Missouri State Mormon Tabernacle Choir County Sheriff Lee Baca Bob Dylan Consumer Reports Eric Trump International Space Station Prince Philip Philadelphia Eagles New Zealand Craig Sager Vogue Italia Tom Arnold Carmelo Anthony Celebrity Big Brother

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