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Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is a city and a municipal board in Agra district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Fatehpur Sikri, that Mughal Emperor Akbar established as his capital and is now a World Heritage site, was once a... h…
Located in Fatehpur Sikri, this five storey palace was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar for relaxation purpose
you can't miss to visit . Fatehpur Sikri founded by Akbar the powerful Mughal emperor
Fatehpur Sikri is the wonderful antique city by Agra was prepared by Akbar, who was the famous Mughal Emperor.
Try visiting Fatehpur Sikri near Agra and feel the holiness of Salim Chisti's Dargah and the royalty of Emperor Akbar's era
Fatehpur Sikri is a city in the Agra,India.The city was founded in 1569 by the Mughal Emperor Akbar.
Founded in 1569, Fatehpur Sikri was abandoned by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1585 almost after its completion as the...
7 within 200 KMs from my home: Taj Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Fatehpur Sikri, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humay…
. Sir, it's very disappointed when we go to our MP (Babulal, fatehpur sikri) he says you have given your vote to modi not me.
'Buland darwaza in fatehpur sikri ! . This is the highest gateway in the world😱 ! . Or the "Gate…
This is the mosque at Fatehpur Sikri. It was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century…
As always of was damned good on the Indus - Fatehpur Sikri, Red Fort and Taj - with
- sir this sekri is tape product from Fatehpur Sikri lost his brains
Buland Darwaza is the highest gateway in the world and is an example of Mughal architecture. Fatehpur sikri
Was overflowing with gratitude for the opportunity to visit the shrine of Salim in Fatehpur Sikri
The Buland Darwaza, the highest gateway in the world - Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Campaigned for BJP candidates in Bisauli, Etah, Fatehabad and Fatehpur Sikri assembly constituencies in UP today- https:/…
Today at Fatehpur sikri ... at behind place donate place of body…
at fatehpur sikri,toilet charges rs 5 at market gulistan. Public tot hijacked by mafia
That was today five years ago at Fatehpur Sikri!
Spanish group enjoyed our services at Hotel Goverdhan, Fatehpur Sikri: via
Birbal's could not possibly reside in the haremas guides tell u in Fatehpur Sikri
All this talk of Birbal's house in Fatehpur Sikri is rubbish. That was one of first structure built & Akbar lived in it. Then part of harem
Whether Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort or Red Fort no adult male could reside in the harem. Emperors only went in. Eunuchs guarded it .
My friend Prof Ali Nadeem Rezavi has written a definitive book on Fatehpur Sikri detailing all its buildings & plans
Birbal's house at Fatehpur Sikri, near Agra, India. Birbal (born as Mahesh Das) was the most important among Akbar'…
374 Muslim, dalit weavers launch in UP
Have you been to Fatehpur Sikhri? Some amazing architecture there as well. Otherworldly.…
Here is a Christmas meditation on Christianity & Islam, inspired by a visit to Fatehpur Sikri. Happy Christmas!.
Built during the 2nd half of the 16th cen by Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri was the capital of the Mughal Empire for only so…
Agra has three World Heritage Sites! Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.
Beautiful mughal-art of my ancestor Saleem Chishti & Akbar-e-Azam at our ancestorial home Fatehpur Sikri India
.So read this Marxian piece in Frontline "Tales from Fatehpur Sikri" & get ready for "Secular" dist…
.This was discovered by ASI.. This is an old news 15 year back... . . Again wo…
Visiting the Fatehpur Sikri. Built by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1571 in honor of the famous Sufi…
Katrina Kaif visited the holy shrine of Salim Chishti in Fatehpur Sikri to pray for the success of her film
♦Good morning — traveling to New Delhi, India from Fatehpur Sikri
if you may allow me to correct, Fatehpur Sikri is in Uttar Pradesh- a state in Northern India.
From gazing at the Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri to shopping away in the Mughal Bazaar, and tickling your taste buds...
Agra Fort itself is worth a day. Then, Fatehpur Sikri
Do you know how many Jaali patterns are there in Salim Chishti dargah - count in the collage
Day 6: Fatehpur Sikri. The blonde girls and their Indian (make)…
Day 6: Fatehpur Sikri, the capital of the Mughal Empire build in 16…
Unearth the Length and Breadth of Fatehpur Sikri . & Architecture
Fatehpur Sikri man arrested for having sex with body pulled out of grave
Agra: A man was arrested in Fatehpur Sikri near Agra on Sunday over suspicions that he had sex with a woman’s ...
Fatehpur Sikri: Exploring the Royal Court via i_mutsuddi
Woman's body dug out of grave at Fatehpur Sikri, 'raped'
Is there any place in INDIA where women's are safe ? SAD Reality !
Woman’s body dug out of grave at Fatehpur Sikri, ‘raped’
City of Red Sandstone Fatehpur Sikri that in turn stands on ruins of ancient cities
Now this agra's fatehpur sikri case its really disgusting,shameless.
Remember fate of Akbar's Fatehpur Sikri. No water forced the inhabitants to abandon it. Bangaloreans take care.
An intriguing piece of Architecture Panch Mahal at Fatehpur Sikri https…
The Unsparing Indian:. How came back from Hanoi and felt like he was in Fatehpur Sikri. Must
Foundations of Indian Secularism - Decapitated Jaina statue in the wall of Akbar's Fatehpur Sikri...
Don't forget to destroy the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, the Red Forts and all the other Islamic tourist attractions :))
Agra tour packages provide you the best choice to visit fatehpur Sikri along with Taj Mahal in a lux
On the banks of Yamuna, Taj Mahal in the far distance, clicked from the Fatehpur Sikri. @ Fatehpur…
yes, do not worry about grand in Agra, thou shall not be disappointed. And if there for a while, Fatehpur Sikri is a must!
look next is Taj Mahal thn nxt Fatehpur sikri thn aware of all these propaga
Fatehpur Sikri. World Heritage Sites in India you must see
Throwback to the time when I was in Fatehpur Sikri. How can man build things so grand when at the same time he is c…
A5 Fatehpur Sikri was a stunning accidental find:
Fatehpur Sikri is our new featured place
So many wishes at the dargah Sikri. Don't know which is mine!
pond water in Fatehpur Sikri become toxic leaving hundreds of turtles dead.
-. Q1: Who built the mausoleum of Jahangir and where?. ShahJahan at Agra. Noor Jehan at Lahore. ShahJahan at Delhi. Noor Jehan at Fatehpur Sikri
Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri are places that best define Sufi art. Register now.
1. British era Taj chandelier is 6 feet & four foot wide.It was during his visit to Agra & Fatehpur Sikri in 1905, Lord Curzon who had great
Fatehpur Sikri, India. Ancient red sandstone ghost town that must be seen in Rajasthan. Historic, incredible place. http:…
Check out my pictures from Sikandra, Fatehpur-Sikri and the Taj. On tour in Inja.
Photo: inside looking out or outside looking in (at Fatehpur Sikri)
Just 40 km west from the Taj Mahal is Fatehpur Sikri, one of 32 World Heritage Sites.
India. Fatehpur Sikri. Ancient red sandstone city. Historic ghost town that must be seen in Rajasthan. Incredible.
Jama Mosque (1571) in Fatehpur Sikri, former capital of the Mughal Empire, in Uttara Pradesh, India.
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Experience the lost city Fatehpur Sikri tour in Agra Same Day Tours. For more information:
We tried to get the audio tour at Fatehpur Sikri, but the office was closed. Sunday Holiday, presumably.
T1 to CSIA, after 4 exhausting days in Agra. Loved the visits to Taj, Fatehpur Sikri and Sikandra.
all the little kids at Fatehpur Sikri are calling my bearded friends "Ali Baba"
Will Hyderabad go the Fatehpur Sikri way? Hydrogeologists are worried
Yes most Muslim Kings were born in India. Jehangir born in Fatehpur Sikri. You jokers need to read
Fatehpur sikri and Agra Fort...The building are so amzing..India is too hot at this moment ..i manage…
Just kidding I myself have seen many on my way to Fatehpur Sikri
No, that's Fatehpur Sikri. The Red Fort, Delhi, doesn't have brackets, carving, or eaves like that.
If you to visit Fatehpur Sikri--built by Emperor Akbar to honor the saint Salim Chishti
Set de fotos: priyaprakash: Spent a peaceful evening at the royal city of Fatehpur Sikri (the city of...
traveling to Fatehpur Sikri from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station
My tour guide today for Fatehpur Sikri. This kid was very charming and helpful
Planning a trip to Fatehpur Sikri? Here is a complete guide with pics, details about timings, location, etc
Fatehpur Sikri or 'the City of Victory' is a fortified city in Agra, Uttar Pradesh and was built by Akbar.
Spend your vacation in Jaipur – “The Pink City” exploring the beauty of Fatehpur Sikri, the aesthetic ambience of...
Installing statues of Akbar's nine gems a distortion of history: Historians: Historians have slammed Agra Deve...
Historians flay statue plan at Fatehpur Sikri: The Agra Development Authority’s move to install statues of the…
So far: Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri) and Jaipur. Jodhpur today, leaving for Pushkar, after visit to the blue city/old city
What is needed in Fatehpur Sikri: via
over 'Navratnas' installation in heritage site at
Fatehpur Sikri, the short-lived capital of the Mughal Empire was an Indo-Islamic masterpiece.
Will end up like Fatehpur Sikri, epitome of perfection finally abandoned due to
Fatehpur Sikri was founded in1569 by the Mughal emperorAkbar&served as the capital of the Mughal Empire from1571-1585
Which one of the following structures was constructed by Emperor Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri ?
Building built by Akbar are : Agra Fort (1565), Lahore Palace(1572), Fatehpur Sikri, Bulan Darwaza and Allahabad fort (1583).
Fatehpur Sikri from late 1800s during the British Raj in
5 years on the road now! Read our newest update about: Fatehpur Sikri to Jaipur, a pologame, dengue in Delhi and our annual 'holiday' in Holland on 2globetrotters - ga met ons mee op wereldreis. Written in the dutch language - change to english by the button 'selecteer taal'
CELEBRATION OF WORLD HERITAGE WEEK (19 - 25 NOVEMBER 2014) ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA AURANGABAD CIRCLE, BIBI-KA-MAQBARA The UNESCO observes World Heritage Day (18th April) and the ASI, in addition also observes World Heritage Week from 19th -25th November each year. This week long celebrations are aimed at spreading the message of cultural awareness as well as cleanliness. The ASI will also carry out Swachchha Bharat Swatchchha Samrak Campaign on its protected monuments by involving schools children and public. In India, at present there are 23 Cultural Properties (Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Group of Monuments at Fatehpur Sikri, Great Living Chola Temples, Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram, Group of Monuments at Pattadakal, Churches and Convents, Goa; Group of Monuments at Hampi, Khajuraho group of Monuments, Elephanta Caves, Buddhist Monument at Sanchi, Mahabodhi temple complex at Bodh Gaya, Sun Temple at Konarak, Humayun's Tomb, Qutb Minar and its Monument, Red Fort in Delh ...
Agra's YPF Peace Riders' rally started at 11 AM from Anand Puram Colony, Agra & ended at Fatehpur Sikri at 6 PM.
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A young girl prays after tying a string inside Fatehpur Sikri. Each knot is one wish.
2-Day Private Tour of Agra including Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort from Delhi! Jetzt buchen:
sure. Coming post is likely about Sikri
then Red Fort,Sikanderabad Fatehpur Sikri etc.No misuse of those that fetch money and rest hubs for 1/n
it belongs to Indians including Muslims. It handed over to wakaf it will be a mess like Fatehpur Sikri mazaar.
me too :), was much delighted at Fatehpur Sikri, unaware of mammoth tragedy
Sikri is so enchantingly btyful tht I personally like it mor thn Pic of http:…
Lady in the light of the doors. . Jama Masjid at Fatehpur Sikri, capital of the Mughal Empire from…
I love this, Taj Mahal on the left and Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri on the right. One influences the other.
Private Tour - Agra, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri Day Trip from Boek nu:
As i enter the courtyard of Jama Mosque of Fatehpur Sikri, my attention is drawn to an old man who is sitting in...
Must have taken books to Agra and then to Fatehpur Sikri, before being stolen by Brits
The Emperor Akbar ( 1542-1605 ) The architect of modern India was the great Mughal Emperor Akbar who gave equal respect to people of all communities and appointed them to the highest offices on their merits irrespective of their religion, caste, etc. The Emperor Akbar held discussions with scholars of all religions and gave respect not only to Muslim scholars, but also to Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs, etc. Those who came to his court were given respect and the Emperor heard their views, sometimes alone, and sometimes in the Ibadatkhana (Hall of Worship) in Fatehpur Sikri, where people of all religions assembled and discussed their views in a tolerant spirit. The Emperor declared his policy of Suleh-e-Kul, which means universal toleration of all religions and communities. He abolished Jeziya in 1564 and the pilgrim tax in 1563 on Hindus and permitted his Hindu wife to continue to practise her own religion even after their marriage. This is evident from the Jodha Bai Palace in Fatehpur Sikri which is b ...
In this episode of Bliss we take you to Agra. With its earliest reference in the Indian epic Mahabharata,Agra still tells its tales of glorious history through majestic forts,palaces and traditions. The Mughal love for architecture comes alive with beautiful monuments like Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and ofcourse the Taj Mahal,which is now the a wonder of the world. The centre of art,commerce and learning in the Mughal era still blooms as a cultural heritage in India,lying beside the river Yamuna. Today will showcase all these magnificent places to on Bliss, so be glued to the television set at 5 pm (IST17:00)
Had a wonderful meeting with people of Fatehpur Sikri
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i think this is been happening since years now, saw something written on walls in Sikri ..when I was just 7 years old.
Seems is enjoying her road trip. For more pics, click here: .
Fatehpur Sikri in Agra has Sanskrit inscriptions on the walls all over the palace.
i was in Fatehpur Sikri, making a documentary with kk muhammed on Akbar's Ibadat Khana and first chapel he built.
100+ y.o. Daak Bungalow, built by Lord Curzon at Fatehpur Sikri. Our stay in this Bungalow was memorable.
it was very upsetting to see that state of Fatehpur Sikri when I visited last year :/
Note Taj Mahal isn't it the most beautiful imo. Taj is like Aishwariya. Too plastic, OTT. Fatehpur Sikri is like Chitrangada. Gorgeous.
Day III - Detail carvings of red sandstone at Fatehpur Sikri, India. Amazing. 🙌
. Fatehpur Sikri was Akbar's capital for only some 10 years.
Fatehpur sikri was Akbar's capital for some year...
The of Aug 30th 1569 . Sikri was named after the Chisti
I've been to Fatehpur Sikri at least half a dozen times. Never fails! Hampi is on the bucket list.
Salim Chishti's tomb at Fatehpur Sikri. He's said to have blessed Akbar & Prince Jehangir was born. http…
Modeling at Fatehpur Sikri (Agra/India) April 2014. My face color match the red sandstones 😋. I had fun 😁
let me reach fatehpur sikri. Will share pics and update
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Heading to Fatehpur Sikri for research on Ibadatkhana with legendary Sh. KK Muhammed, who discovered Akbar's church & Ibadatkhana.
Supreme Court comes to the rescue of heritage properties in Fatehpur Sikri: After Agra’s Taj Mahal, world heri...
After 10 long days the team have finally reached Agra, via the beautiful imperial Palace at Fatehpur Sikri, on to the Taj Mahal!
Mashaallah, Taj Mahal view from Fatehpur Sikri - Agra. Hopelly someday i wanna be there aamiin [pic] —
Birth of male heirs & win over Gujarat motivated Akbar to build a new capital city-Fatehpur Sikri. Abandoned later due to water shortage.
Yes then Delhi as base go to Ajmer and Agra . Give Agra and Fatehpur Sikri atleast 3 days.
ancient india was a leader in this field. The iron pillar at fatehpur sikri bears testimony.
Majestic cobra greets us in Fatehpur Sikri, India. Pardon my shaky camera shooting skills.
Majestic cobra greets us as we enter Fatehpur Sikri!
Sweet Moments of our recent visit to Vrindavan, Mathura, Sikandra, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri during 15-16 August 2014
from 15th century wall painting of Ganesha at Fatehpur Sikri ,Agra... Now almost ruined!
View of the courtyard from the temple in Fatehpur Sikri.
Today in history. 1569. Prince Salim Mirza was born in the house of Sheikh Salim Chisti at Fatehpur Sikri. Eldest son of Emperor Akbar
Mr. David, recently visited Korai, via Fatehpur Sikri, and distributed gifts to the Korai villagers. He gave each...
Fatehpur Sikri is around 37 km from It stands on a rocky hill (3 km long and 1 km wide) overlooking the town.
SSC CLASH.1 1. The Rowlatt Act was passed to- (a) Bring about agarian reforms (b) Curtail the nationalist and revalutionary activities (c) Have a favour able balance of trade (d) Put second world war criminal on trial 2. Which one among the following was the major demand of the Bardoli satyagraha (1928) organized under the leadership of Saradar Vallabhabhai Patel? (a) Land to the Tiller (b) Increase in the rates of labour ways (c) Rollback of newly enhanced revenue rate (d) Supply of agricultural inputs to the farmers at subsidised rate 3. Which one of the following is not a world Heritage Site? (a) Agra Fort (b) Fatehpur Sikri (c)Taj Mahal (d) Tomb of Akbar 4. The Archaeological Survey of India was established during the period of- (a) Lord Curzon (b) Lord Wellesley (c) Lord William Bentinck (d) Warren Hastings 5. Evidence of an advenced water management system has been found at- (a) Alamgirpur (b) Dhoulavira (c) Kalibangan (d) Latjal 6. The largest number of the Mantras in Rigveda belongs to- (a) Agni ( ...
Not anymore to the extent they used to previously. People took money from Amar Singh but voted for BJP in Fatehpur Sikri.
I respect honest psephology but wud still go by Punter wisdom. Satta Bazar sure of BJP win in Agra and Fatehpur Sikri
No. Question Answer 01 Alexander invaded India in 326 BC 02 The Mauryan Empire was established in 322 BC 03 The First Mughal Emperor of India was Babur 04 Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan 05 Lala Lajpat Rai was also known as Lion of Punjab 06 Chandragupta II was also known as Vikramaditya 07 The city of Fatehpur Sikri was built by Akbar 08 The Red Fort in Delhi was built by Shahjahan 09 Battle of Panipat was faught in 1761 AD 10 The first President of India was Dr.Rajendra Prasad 11 "Swaraj is my birthright!" was said by Bal Gangadhar Tilak 12 The capital of Mysore during the rule of Tipu Sultan was Srirangapatnam 13 Battle of Plassey was fought in 1757 AD 14 The first Governor-General of Bengal under the East India Company was Warren Hastings 15 Ashoka was born in 269 BC 16 Permanent settlement in Bengal was introduced by Lord Cornwallis 17 The last Governor-General of India was C.Raja Gopalachari 18 The first session of the Indian National Congress was held at Bombay (Mumbai) 19 Quit India Movement ...
Nishanta, my son standing in front of Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri
Nice pic. You going to Fatehpur Sikri as well?
ground reports of booth capturing in mulayam sigh strng hld. Admin was invlvd. In fatehpur sikri, bogus votn rprtd.
Fatehpur Sikri, India Built by Emperor Akbar to be the most beautiful city in the world, it was widely thought this goal was achieved - until people realised the city lacked access to water. It was abandoned as the capital of the Mughal Empire after just 10 years and is today a perfectly preserved 16th-century town.
Agra's betting bazaar places AAP at third place: After months of high voltage election campaign, peace has descended here and the talk in the betting bazaar hints at the Aam Aadmi Party emerging a close third, denting the poll prospects of strong contenders. Candidates have now returned to their homes with family members, while poll analysts are busy with tabulating forecasts on poll results. But the Agra satta bazaar has been abuzz with activity since Thursday evening. Aam Aadmi Party candidate Ravindra Singh told IANS: "The sattebazis have placed our party in the third position, after the BJP and the Congress." He said the party has fielded over 400 candidates, many of whom are capable of cutting down a few thousand votes of their rivals. "The Aam Aadmi cannot win a single seat by itself, but yes surely its candidates in the final analysis would be accused of spoiling the party of many strong candidates," said poll pundit Paras Nath Choudhary. The polling percentage in the Braj Prant region of Mathura, ...
Elections 2014 | Uttar Pradesh | Nitiksh Srivastava Siddharth Misra Hathras, Mathura, Agra, Farrukhabad, Etah, Akbarpur, Kannauj to BJP. Firozabad neck-to-neck. Mainpuri, Etawa and Hardoi to SP. Fatehpur Sikri to BSP. 6-7/12 for the BJP in this phase. Total till now - 20-22 out of 33 seats in UP. 60% strike-rate for BJP. All set to cross 40!?
Turnout till 5 pm in Agra was 56.3 per cent; Fatehpur Sikri was 56.16 per cent
Fate of candidate Fatehpur Sikri Lakshmi Choudhary n Agra candidate Ravindra Singh decided today
Voter turnout by 3 pm in Agra was 51.12%; Fatehpur Sikri 50.07%
Mathura, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, which I toured, vote today. Both BSP & BJP fear booth capturing by SP in Bah, Kheragarh of Fatehpur Sikri.
We all have came back to Jhansi from Mathura, Brindavan, Agra & Fatehpur Sikri tour.
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Fatehpur Sikri. Old red sandstone city is a historic ghost town that can be seen in Rajasthan, India. Incredible.
Fatehpur Sikri is a magnificent city found by the Mughal Emperor Akbar.
Steps taken by AAP and these steps can not be taken by modi New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) recently dropped five candidates, including three in Uttar Pradesh, after negative internal reports. So far, 15 candidates have been withdrawn by the party. Candidates for Robertsganj, Fatehpur Sikri and Ambedkar Nagar in UP were asked to withdraw their candidature when senior party leaders realized that they were not campaigning effectively, while a Bihar candidate was dropped from the poll race after it was found that he had a case of kidnapping against him that he had not declared. Similarly, bowing to public perception, an Odisha candidate was asked to withdraw when it came to light that there were 28 criminal cases pending against him including one of murder. While the UP candidates will be replaced, the constituencies of Karakat in Bihar and Kandamal in Odisha will remain vacant as the last date of nomination has passed. The names of Ram Dhyan Bharti from Robertsganj, Kramveer Chakravarti from Ambedkar N ...
The RLD announced Amar Singh as its candidate for Lok Sabha election from Fatehpur Sikri, while Jaya Prada would be contesting from Bijnor constituency.
Farmers of Fatehpur Sikri want they should get some compensation on lone from bank,,,
Are you willing to see some of the best cultural monuments of India which are architecturally elegant? If yes then you might go to see Agra which is a historic and ancient town of India found on the banks of the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh province. Agra is throughout the world mentioned for its beautiful buildings essentially for mughal establishments such as Taj Mahal (the Representation of Love & Romance), Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri which all are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These cultural heritage sites are traveled to by a large gathering of domestic and foreign guests every year.   The primary fascination to see on Agra organized tours in India is definitely the Taj Mahal – which is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also recognized as one of the most gorgeous and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum monument built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the loving remembrance of his most beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is India’s star attraction and ...
return to the hotel. Next day morning Fatehpur Sikri and then wapas to see the Taj Mahal again. Koi Taj ke pas cheap cheap sa (2)
Fatehpur Sikri ... a wish came true visiting the fort a Dargah made by Akbar for Jodha bai in love.
We, at Korai Village are 38 kms from just 8 kms before Emperor Akbar the Great's Fatehpur Sikri (pic) htt…
Amar Singh’s last ditch attempt Is Amar Singh more sinned against than sinning? He is yet again back to his old game of dropping teasers about skeletons in other people’s cupboards. May be the itch for limelight still doesn’t give in. Aditi Phadnis Amar Singh’s compulsion to play a knight in shining armour appears to have triumphed over better judgment. Having been turned away from the Congress, he has done a deal with Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal, which is part of the Congress alliance. So while he’s not in the Congress, he’s still a part of its seat-sharing agreement. He will contest Fatehpur Sikri. He’s gone through all these contortions, he says a trifle wearily, for the sake of his loyal friend Jaya Prada, the only other party associate he has left, who will contest Bijnor. Amar Singh says has seen it all, the highs and lows. His life flashed by him when he was on a ventilator fighting for life in Dubai, in Singapore after his kidney transplant, in jail. His health is a bit better, ...
Taj Mahal is outstandingly beautiful marble building, built by Mughal King Shah Jahan in the memory of her late wife MumTaj Mahal in 16th Century. The love and emotion Emperor Shah Jahan had for his beloved wife Mumtaj can be felt here and it motivates others too. Taj Mahal is located in Agra, which is well connected by all the major cities of North India by train and by road as well. The city of architectural wonders and sees the spellbinding Taj Mahal. This beautiful marble monument, located on a bank of the Yamuna River in Agra India. We welcome you to see the architectural beauty of Agra with us to make it more comfortable and unforgettable. Besides, there are many other significant monuments in Agra such as Fatehpur Sikri - an abandoned city, Agra Fort and Sikandara. Fatehpur Sikri is 40 km away from Agra. Taj Mahal is closed on Friday.     Duration: Days of Run: Every day except Friday Places to Visit: Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri (By Air-conditioned Car) -: DELHI - AGRA (210 kms. 4 hrs. 3 ...
Varanasi Tour Varanasi Tour Packege Duration : 19 Nights / 20 Days Destinations Covered : Delhi - Shekhawati-Bikaner - Osian - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Ranakpur - Udaipur- Pushkar - Jaipur- Fatehpur Sikri - Agra- Khajuraho - Varanasi Day 1 - Arrive Delhi You arrive in Delhi by international flight. After a traditional 'Swagat' (Welcome) our representatives would assist you at the airport and to our hotel for check in and overnight stay. Day 2 - Delhi Breakfast at the Hotel. Rest of the morning at leisure. You will be taken on a guided tour of Delhi, beginning with a morning sightseeing trip to Old Delhi and followed by visits to the 1648 Red Fort, India's largest mosque - Jama Masjid and Gandhi Memorial at Raj Ghat. Afternoon tour includes visit to India Gate, President's House, Humayun's Tomb, and Lotus Temple. Overnight stay at hotel. Day 3 - Delhi - Shekhawati In the morning we visit "Qutub Minar" which is 71 meter high and consists of five stories. In 1199 AD work began on this t ...
Royal Rajasthan tour With Agra ( Taj Mahal ) Places Covered :Delhi- Mandawa - Bikaner - Jaisalmer- Jodhpur- Udaipur - Pushkar- Jaipur- Agra Duration : 14 nights / 15 days DAY 1 - Arrive Delhi Delhi Airport pick up by car after that drop at hotel and over night stay hotel DAY 2 - Delhi After Breakfast go to full day Delhi City tour By Air Condition Car, old and New Delhi covering, Red Fort, Father of the nation Symmetry (Rajghat), India Gate, Father of the nation Museum, INational Museum, Qutab Minar, Lodhi Garden, President & Parliament, etc. Evening at leisure and overnight stay at hotel. DAY 3 - Delhi to Mandawa After breakfast we drive to Delhi to mandawa By A/c car, the capital of the Shekawati region of the Rajasthan and world famous site for old havelies and fresco art. Enjoy the Village walk and see How the Earthen Potteries are made by Indian Potters . DAY 4 - Mandawa to Bikaner After Breakfast Drive to Manada to Bikaner By Air condition car. Upon arrival assited check in at hotel , Visit Karni Ma ...
A good news. The iconic Taj Mahal is among 30 Indian monuments which can now be "visited" online with a 360-degree panoramic view, thanks to a novel initiative. Google and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) today jointly launched 360-degree panoramic imagery of 30 out of 100 "nationally-important monuments" including Red Fort, Humayun's Tomb, Jantar Mantar and Qutub Minar among others, viewable to one-third of the world's population. "This is one of the most exciting things that Google has done. Imagine the iconic Taj Mahal, now being accessible to not just over 20 crore Indians on the web but about one-third of the world population, without even having to go there," Managing Director of Google India, Rajan Anandan told PTI. Union Minister of Culture Chandresh Kumari Katoch launched the project at an event organised at the historic Safdarjung Tomb here. "Today, we are going to bring our heritage to the doorstep of every person... This project has brought our culture, our heritage, history closer to the ...
Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahal & several Indian monuments are now on offer as 360-degree panoramas on Google Streetview.
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Duration:14 Nights / 15 Days Destinations Covered:Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Varanasi - Bodhgaya - Vaishali - Kushinagar - Lumbini - Kapilvastu - Sravasti - Balrampur - Lucknow Day 01 – Arrive Delhi On arrival you will be received by our representative and transferred to hotel where we will be holding the rooms on ready occupancy basis. Overnight at hotel. Day 02 – Delhi – Jaipur Morning commence drive to Jaipur. Upon arrival, check in into hotel. Evening free time to enjoy the city atmosphere which by many means is fabulous. Overnight at hotel. Day 03 – Jaipur The day is to be started with the Elephant ride at Amer Fort, followed by the city tour covering - Hawa Mahal, Royal Observatory, City Palace, Nawab Sahab Ki Haveli and Johari Bazar etc. Overnight at hotel. Day 04 – Jaipur – Agra Today we will drive to Agra en-route visiting the old deserted town of Mughal Dynasty i.e. Fatehpur Sikri. On arrival, check in into hotel. Afternoon city tour covering Taj Mahal, Red Fort ...
Google, ASI start virtual tour of 30 Indian monuments New Delhi: Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Google on Thursday announced availability of virtual tours for 30 Indian monuments. They said that from today web users across the world will be able to explore monuments like Taj Mahal, Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort and Agra Fort on Google Maps and the Google Cultural Institute in 360-degree view in their internet browser. The 30 monuments are part of a total 100 monuments that Google would photograph and map in India. The project was launched last year. "Today, this partnership with Google makes it possible for billions of people across the world to see and explore our magnificent heritage, to take a walk at the Rock Cut Jain Temple, to marvel at the Nagarjuna Konda Buddhist Stupas and to relive history in Fatehpur Sikri. With the release of these new panoramic images, we aim to create a dynamic, immersive online experience by which people within India and around the world can understand and engage more ...
Hire Gurgaon to Fatehpur Sikri taxi online. Find fares,distance and Time on Road
Now that I have seen fatehpur sikri I am allowed to say... Taj Mahal is so freakin' over rated!!!
Q44. To commemorate his conquest of the Ranthambhor fort and Khandesh in Gujarat, which Mughal ruler built Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri ? A] Babur B] Akbar C] Jahangir D] Shahjahan Find answers and description @
Enjoying at fatehpur sikri saleem chisti dargah...
Golden Triangle Tour 5 Nights/6 Days Itinerary: Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Delhi Limited Offer: Innova Rs. :- 19215/- for 6 person = 308.766 US DoLLER Indigo Rs. :- 16275/- for 3 person = 261.52 US DOLLER If you are planning to visit India for the first time, a tour of the famous Golden Triangle is a great idea - covering Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Golden Triangle Tour is the most popular tourist circuit in India. This incredible Golden Triangle tour itinerary comprises the three famous cities of India - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur famed for its grandeur, glory and history. Extention Tours Day 1: Arrival in Delhi A Yatra representative will meet you at a location convenient to you in Delhi and transfer you in an air-conditioned vehicle to your hotel of stay. Check-in at your pre-booked hotel In the afternoon, you will be taken on a half-day city tour of Delhi, accompanied by an English-speaking guide. Visit the historical sites of the city such as Qutab Minar, India Gate (War Memorial), a drive past Rashtrapati Bha ...
Playing a grey character of Haider in Zee TV’s popular show Qubool Hai, Mohit talks about the motive of Haider’s consummation with Humaira. It seems that love is blooming between Haider and Humaira these days in Four Lions’ popular show Qubool Hai on Zee TV as the two were seen consummating in the recent episode of the show. But there is some interesting twist in store for the viewers. We were quite inquisitive to know more about the same and hence contacted Mohit who tell us, “I think the story needed it because of the revenge track as Haider is trying to take revenge from Mamu (Tej Sapru). That’s why the consummation scene had to be included and Haider had to do it. Right now it has happened just for revenge but later on may be Creatives will do something about it and then the love track might also happen. I really don’t know what’s going to be the next step of Haider because it all depends on the creative team. I get to know about the upcoming episode track on every single day.” So, has ...
Jahangir was the eldest surviving son of Mughal Emperor Akbar and was declared successor to his father from an early age. Impatient for power, however, he revolted in 1599 while Akbar was engaged in the Deccan. Jahangir was defeated, but ultimately succeeded his father as Emperor in 1605 due to the immense support and efforts of his step-mothers, Empress Ruqaiya Sultan Begum and Salima Sultan Begum, both of whom wielded great influence over Akbar and favoured Jahangir as his successor.[1] The first year of Jahangir's reign saw a rebellion organized by his eldest son Khusrau Mirza. The rebellion was soon put down; Khusrau was brought before his father in chains. After subduing and executing nearly 2000 members of the rebellion, Jahangir blinded his renegade son. Jahangir built on his father's foundations of excellent administration, and his reign was characterized by political stability, a strong economy and impressive cultural achievements. The imperial frontiers continued to move forward—in Bengal, Mew ...
Vikram Verma ( IAS aspirant 2014 ) Vikram Verma Questions Answers 1. Among the following, which Mughal Emperor introduced the policy of Sulh-i-kul? (a) Babar (b) Humayun (c) Akbar (d) Shahjahan Answers: (c) 2. Among the following, who is given the credit of carrying Jainism in South India? (a) Sudharmana (b) Indrabhuti (c) Bhadrabahu (d) Sthulabhadra Answers: (c) 3. Amongst the following, who cooperated with Raja Ram Mohan Roy in the implementation of his educational programmes? (a) Dwarkanath Tagore (b) David Hare (c) Henri Derozio (d) William Jones Answers: (b) 4. Consider the following statement : 1. Jainism in ancient India condemned the varna system. 2. Jain religious literature was written in Ardhamgadhi. 3. Mahavira admitted women into the order of his follows. Which if these statement is/are correct? (a) all of the above (b) 2 and 3 (c) 1 and 3 (d) only 3 Answers: (b) 5. During the Mughal period, which one of the following trades were the first to come to India? (a) Portuguese (b) Dutch (c) Danish ...
SALEM INSTITUTE OF BANKING GUJARAT – States of India Capital : Gandhinagar Geographical Feature: Coastal state (Largest coastline in India) Present Chief Minister : Narendra Modi Present Governor : Kamala Beniwal Main language : Gujarati (with dialects like Kathiawari, Kutcchi, etc. Gujarat is a coastal state Gujarat is Western-most state of India and is the northern-most state which touches the Arabian Sea Guhar Moti situated in the Kutchh region is believed to be western most point of India Narayan Sarovar is also described as one of the western-most physical entities of India Gujarat has the longest coastline among all Indian states Two gulfs or bays are formed by Gujarat’s distinctive physical shape Northern gulf of Gujarat is known as Gulf of Kachchh (or Kutchh) Southern gulf is known as Gulf of Cambay (or Gulf of Khambhat) The Great Rann of Kachchh is one of the most distinctive identities of Gujarat, which mainly comprises of extensive marshy land International boundary of Gujarat touches *** . ...
The door leads to an underground tunnel which ends at Agra Fort (reportedly). Fatehpur Sikri.
DownloadHotel Reservations In Hong Kong CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAIL Hotel Reservations In Hong Kong 5 Benefits to Picking out Exceptional Holidays In excess of Package Breaks Good quality is a little something we all would like from a getaway, but it is not always located. When picking out exclusively created luxurious holidays from a focused luxury holiday break agent, quality is a simple part of the expertise. This write-up appears at 5 pros of selecting unique vacations more than bundle breaks Hotel Reservations In Hong Kong Which Gardens to Stop by in London Inspite of its name as a bustling metropolis, London is house to a large array of stunning gardens. If you are planning a remain in the cash this summer time, exploring a single or two of these is an excellent way to devote your time. So, which are the ideal to go to? The Excellent Indian Getaway and Pilgrimage India is home to 1 of the ideal holiday getaway places in the world. The range that the region features with regard to culture, style and la ...
Searching for Flights Cheap Lanzarote 2014 - Cheap Lanzarote Historic and Cultural Highlights of the Haute Savoie When you are off on your future snowboarding holiday getaway you could possibly like to imagine about the cultural qualifications of your vacation resort. La Tania is an illustration of the sort of centre that rewards an exploration of the area's history and culture. Flights Cheap Lanzarote. Visiting a Deal Company in China: To start with Time Visitors' Impressions I have the option and privilege of bringing shoppers to China pretty much every single trip I make. Quite a few of these readers are making their to start with journey to China or if they have visited previously they might only have found a factory and a resort. Agra Journey Guide - Visit The Most Visited Place In India When the phrase Agra is talked about, the up coming word that arrives to our mind is Taj Mahal. But Agra is not popular for Taj Mahal by yourself. It has absolutely 3 UNESCO Environment Heritage internet sites namely ...
Akbar's folly There are many legends as to why the beautiful city of Fatehpur Sikri lies deserted. This is one of them. There are many legends about Akbar, the emperor. This is one such. Emperor Akbar wanted a son. He went to visit the sage, Salim Chisti. The wise man told Akbar that he would soon have a son. A year later, the queen had a son whom Akbar named Salim. Akbar was so happy that he decided to build a city in honour of Chisti. He built a beautiful fortified city near the village of Sikri, and called it Fatehpur. You can see the city even today. It lies not far from Agra. The villagers of Sikri were happy to have the protection of the emperor. Each of Akbar's queens had a palace. Many villagers went to the city to work in these palaces. There lived in Sikri a dancer named Zarina. She longed to work in the palace like her friends, but her father wouldn't hear of it. Then one day, the emperor threw a grand party for some visitors. He called his musician Tansen to play for him. "I must have dancers, ...
Buland Darwaza (High gate/ Doorway). View from inside the Jama Masjid. Fatehpur Sikri.
Ibaadat Khana which was constructed by Akbar at fatehpur Sikri was basically for the purpose of _? (A) Discuss matters related to propagation of Islam (B) Discuss matters related to expansion of Din-i-Ilahi (C) Discuss matters related to all religions
View of the Jama Masjid from the King's gate, Fatehpur Sikri.
Qubool Hai 17th February 2014 Written Episode. Part 1. Haider and Humaira are touring in Fatehpur Sikri. Haider...
Raj Babbar,Congress Firozabad MP, has expressed his desire for a ticket from Fatehpur Sikri.
u'll not sikandra (the great Akbar's mazaar) ..found max peace at fatehpur sikri n mehrauli
Qubool Hai | Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Qubool Hai brought splendor to the show with outdoor shoot at Agra...
Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri must be seen. For car rentals, hotel ur staying at is a good option.
Heritage Beckons You to Fatehpur Sikri: Explore India's heritage hinterland seeping exuberantly with old world...
Thank you unique_india for choosing my pic of Fatehpur Sikri!
Do you know the world heritage Fatehpur Sikri is a pre-historic site where stone age tools and paintings of that time were discovered?
“My India Itinerary - Sounds lovely! Do visit the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.
8. Akbar moved his capital from Fatehpur Sikri to Delhi in 1586. But Akbar moved his capital to Lahore in 1587, and thereafter to Agra.
Fog. Agra,Fatehpur Sikri bound. Driver Ji is a fan of Udit Narayan "Best Of '90s" and Yo Yo Honey Singh. This will be interesting!
Namaste. I have just had the most amazing time in India. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. A train journey on the Shatabdi express and two safari drives at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. The highlights have got to be the magnificent Taj Mahal and the impressive Amber Fort. It was a busy trip including five UNESCO World Heritage Sites so I hit the ground running. It was fantastic to learn about ancient empires, dynasties, sultans and great Mughals. Some of the places visited were Jama Masjid, Agra Fort, the Ghost City of Fatehpur Sikri, City Palace of Jaipur including Jantar Mantar the largest observatory in the world, Hawa Mahal the Palace of the Winds, Qutub Minar and the final resting place of Mahatma Gandhi. I feel privileged to have seen these fantastic places and met some lovely people along this journey.
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Coming back to delhi After visit Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Awsm Pkace :)
Almost all d picnics nd tours r over fr Jaipur, Pushkar, Ajmer, Fatehpur sikri, Prem temple, Vaishno devi temple, Akshay patra.. only one day trip is remaining nd dat's fr Delhi...!! It'LL B in frst week of d cmng month.!! :)
Same Day Agra Tour The tour is covering on of the well-known city of Agra in just one day. This trip consists of a visit to all the famous tourist places in Agra like Agra Fort , Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri. Your splendid trip starts in the morning from Hotel, and will take you at all the major attractions in Agra. In the evening you can also go for a small shopping *** local sightseeing section which you can utilized for buying of Handicrafts and leather items. Best way to enjoy Agra holiday in one day is by Train Shatabdi Express. If you are going to Agra by Train then barely it will take only 2 hour from Delhi to Agra. 0500 Hrs: Pick up from Home /Hotel Our driver will pick up you from your resident /hotel and transfer you to railway station. 06:00 Hrs.: Shatabdi train departs from New Delhi. You will take your breakfast in train.. 09:00 Hrs: Arrive in Agra Pick up from the Agra Cantt and direct drive to your respective Hotel for Check in and later we will you introduce you to the guide for Agra sightse ...
Fatehpur Sikri bears exceptional testimony to the Mughal civilization at the end of the 16th C
1. East India Company arrived in India at the time was ruled by the king in India? - Jahangir 2. East India Company to do business in India, which was in the year - 1615 3. India East India Company made its first business center in what position? - Surat 4. Who was the battle of Plassey Middle - East India Company and the Nawab of Bengal 5. Sthanantrit capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi, which was the year - 1911 6. India's first Governor-General's name? - William Bentinck 7. Tipu Sultan was the East India Company conquered in what year? - 1792 8. Rani of Jhansi war with the Englishman was in what year? - 1858 9. Who was the founder of Hot Party in Congress - Bal Gangadhar Tilak 10. To gain independence from the British, "Azad Hind Fauj" was established Kinhonne - Chandrashekhar Azad 11.Humayu on the Sher Shah conquered in what year? - 1540 14. Who was the Second Battle of Panipat - Akbar and Hemu 15. The war between Akbar and Maharana Pratap is known by what name? - Turmeric Valley War 16. P ...
visited FatehPur Sikri , UP and Agra Fort today in a short trip.. best part is that for the first time i drove my Car for more than 300 kms in a day.
Description : Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Delhi Duration:11 Nights / 12 Days Day 01 : Delhi Welcome to IndiaÂ’s capital city! Upon arrival you are welcomed with a traditional Indian greeting before being escorted to your hotel. Day 02 : Delhi Enjoy your first morning in New Delhi, before your afternoon tour along Rajpath to view the Parliament House, the President's House and India Gate. Landmarks you will visit include HumayunÂ’s Tomb, Qutab Minar and Birla Temple. Day 03 : Delhi-Mandawa (280 Km / 06 Hrs) Today you will explore Old Delhi and the historic sites of Red Fort, Raj Ghat, Ashoka Pillar and the mile long Chandni Chowk bazaar. Later, depart for Agra, en route visiting the tomb of Emperor Akbar in Sikandra. Day 4 - Agra / Fatehpur Sikri / Jaipur Watch the morning sunrise over the great Taj Mahal, a true testament to love, followed by a visit to the exquisite 16th century Agra Fort. On the drive to Jaipur, you will visit the city of Fatehpur Sikri, once the cap ...
It could nearly be an English stately home! The beautiful ancient city of Fatehpur Sikri...
A vibrant pool of green forms abstract shapes at Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, India.
Encephalitis claims four lives in Fatehpur Sikri
Welcome of all Arts lover….. I am much exited to share this post for sculpture lovers who wait of amazing sculpture and cache image of this art for our memory. In India, Lots of historical place where you can visit and take superb unforgettable moment images in your Camera. As The Taj Mahal, Hampi, Khajuraho Temples, Ajanta and Ellora Caves and Fatehpur Sikri
Back to Delhi this afternoon, via Fatehpur Sikri. Abu Dhabi tomorrow.
Incredible North India with Himalaya Symbol of Love ** Taj Mahal** Duration – 10 Night 11 Days Destination Cover-:– Agra –FathePur Sikri- New DelhiOld Delhi-Shimla–Manali -Kullu- Chandigarh Day – 1 Date 13th Feb 2014 (Thursday) On Arrival at Agra Railway station, meet & assistance by our company representative, Followed by transfer check in your hotel , warm welcome with Garland, and check in your room. Get Fresh-N-Up . Enjoy your breakfast , our company representative will introduce to you, your day tour guide ,and proceed of Agra sightseeing. Agra is famous as the home for one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Taj Mahal. The architectural splendor of the mausoleums, the fort and the palaces in Agra is a vivid reminder of the opulence of the legendary Mughal Empire. Agra was their capital for nearly hundred years from 1564. Agra is known for its superb inlay work on marble & soapstone by artisans who are hereditary craft persons. Visit the Taj Mahal the inimitable poem in white marble. ...
DIWALI SPECIAL PACKAGES FOR GOLDEN TRIANGLE 8 DAYS // 7 NIGHTS TRAVEL PLAN :- DELHI – ALWAR – JAIPUR – PUSHKAR – AGRA – DELHI DAY 01: DELHI Welcome to India, You will be received by Rajasthan Destination Tour representative at international airport, he will be waiting for you, by holding you play card in his hand. He will assist you to check in your hotel. In the Hotel you will have a brief description of your tour and the representative will hand over your documents regarding the tour, Overnight in Hotel. DAY 02: DELHI After breakfast take sightseeing tour of historic city visiting Old Delhi visiting the majestic Red Fort, a marvel in red sandstone, Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India, both built by emperor Shah Jahan of Taj Mahal fame, Rajghat - memorial of Mahatma Gandhi & a Rickshaw ride past through the silver street in Chandani Chowk, the city tour continues covering New Delhi, visiting Rashtrapati Bhawan, one-time imperial residence of the British viceroys; the India Gate, a memoria ...
Delhi New Delhi, home to an exquisite array of ancient, crumbling Mughal monuments and leafy gardens, is now sprouting ultra-chic 21st-century galleries, boutiques and restaurants, and is hosting some of the region’s biggest sporting events. Many of India’s top artists, fashion designers and musicians are purposefully injecting a ‘cool’ factor into the city’s heart, while luxury hotels are setting new standards (and prices) here, too. Zip around in the convenient Metro and discover the new (and old) treasures of the National Capital Region, especially Gurgaon. This is truly the time for a new, New Delhi. MONUMENTS Qutb Minar It took three generations to build the towering Qutb Minar. Work on the triumphal minaret began in 1193 when Qutb-ud-din Aibak, the first Muslim ruler of Delhi, decided to make a tower that would rival the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan. His successor continued his work and in 1368, the five-tiered structure was finally completed during the reign of Firuz Shah Tughluq. The su ...
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The city of Fatehpur Sikri was built by which mughal emperor.???
OK what have we been up to? Dasada gave us wild *** camel carts and time out; Modhera and Patan offered glimpses of the glorious Solanki past. Ahmedabad was too short; Udaipur - well we watched the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - how good is that? We floated in the lakes, climbed the heights of Khumbulgard, received blessings at Ranakpur, ate Indian food in a restaurant called Casa Manola where the manager spoke Spanish with an Indian accent and the mountainous landscape echoed Mallorca and you have to excuse me for being confused about my location in time and space! We have been to Fatehpur Sikri in the morning light and the Taj Mahal at sunset, we have been log jammed in Delhi's traffic and polluted air, we have warded off beggars and shunned the constant whispering lure of ' Madam you like Pashmina', we have been in the thick of humanity and eaten wonderful food - altogether we are in good shape. Tomorrow we fly to Lucknow for a taste of Awadhi culture. Stay tuned in. ...
Duration: 02 Nights / 03 Days Places Covered : Delhi- Agra- Mathura- Vrindavan Taj Mahal Tour The Delhi Agra Mathura Vrindavan tour has lots to offer for those who want to explore the best of historical, spiritual and religious significance of India.Delhi Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tours is exclusively designed for the international travelers to get the best travel solutions. The tour packages are customized to meet your requirements, and you will get plenty of options to explore instantly. Mathura and Vrindavan are the cities which hold lots of significance to the life of Lord Krishna. These places make this tour very famous in the tourist circuit and give its visitors an experience of lifetime. Day 01 / Delhi-Mathura-Vrindavan Tour by Road Arrive Delhi, Meet assist at the airport & transfer to hotel.Our representative will give you warm welcome at airport and you will be taken to hotel destination to relax and get free from travel lethargy. Enjoy the rich Delhi Style special breakfast, before leaving for br ...
3rd emperor of Mughal dynasty Jalaluddin Mohd. Akbar died today 408 years ago at Fatehpur Sikri:-)
There was a boy named Mahesh Das. When he grew up as a fine young man, he took all his savings, along with the Ring of Seal of the Emperor Akbar, which he received from the Emperor himself some time ago, bade his mother farewell, and set out to the new capital of India - Fatehpur Sikri. He was very much enchanted with the pomp and show of the new capital. He escaped the crowd and headed towards the red walls of the
Back after an exhilarating 3500 km long drive which started on Tuesday and ended today which took me to Fatehpur Sikri , Ajmer sharif to Pushkar and Agra finally culminating in Benares . Tested my endurance too !! For company there was Bach to Rashid khan to arr to Purbayan and u name it. Lastly Kudos to German engineering and thanks to my co passengers Indra and Sidhu who did not utter one word of protest despite the killing schedule. Cheers and goodnight to all.
Unnao gold hunt - The hunt for one of the most precious metals on earth.
Chhattrie marking the site of the Empress Jodh Bai's Tomb, Agra The Chhattri is situated close to Khawaja-k-Sarai on Malpura Fatehpur Sikri road. Jodh Bai (different from Jodha Bai, the popular queen of Akbar) was the Rajput queen of Jahangir and mother of Shah Jahan. Her name was Balmati and Jagat Gusaini was her title. She died in A.D. 1619. Shah Jahan built a tomb of her was built at the centre of a walled garden with a tower at each corner and a gateway in the middle of each arm. The entire mausoleum was blown up in A.D. 1832 for building the barracks. A Chhattri was erected on the spot where the tomb of Jodh Bai once existed. The Chhattri stands on a square terraced platform supported by four pillars. At the centre of the platform a modern label tomb of Jodhbai, wife of emperor Jahangir and mother of emperor Shah Jahan who died in AH 1028 (AD 1618). The pavilion was erected by Sir Bijay Chand Mehtab, Maharaj of Burdwan in A.D. 1918. picture right now is not present but i'll upload it as soon as i wil ...
Tomorrow we head for Fatehpur Sikri and after that for a tour around Rajasthan. Have had many recommendations for...
visited Fatehpur Sikri, still awkwardness prevails..
I've closed enough windows to know you can never look back. @ Fatehpur Sikri
- 'Fatehpur Sikri was once the residence of Emperor …………'
B.C 2500-1800Indus valley civilization. 599Birth of Mahavir; Nirvana in 523. B.C. 563Birth of Gautam Buddha; Nirvana in 483 B.C. 327-26Alexander's invasion of India and the opening of land route between India and Europe. 269-232Ashoka's reign. 261Battle of Kalinga. 57Beginning of Vikrama era. 30Satvahana dynasty in Deooan. Pandyan empire in for south. 326Alexander defeated Poras in the Battle of Hydaspas 261Ashoka defeated Kalinga in the Kalinga War A.D 78Beginning of Saka era. 320Beginning of Gupta era. 360Samudragupta conquers the whole of N. India and much of the Deccan. 380-413Rule of Chandragupta Vikramaditya, age of Kalidasa, renewal of induism. 606-647Rule of Harshavardhana. 629-645Hieun Tsang's visit in India. 622Beginning of Hijra era. 712Arab invasion of Sind by Mohd. bin Qasim. 1001-27Repeated attacks of Mehmud Ghazni. 1025Sacking of Somnath temple by Mehmud. 1191First battle of Tarain in which Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohd. Ghori. 1192Second battle of Tarain in which Mohd. Ghori defeated Pr ...
India – Short & Sweet!! For someone for the west, India provides an authentic adventure - stimulating, absorbing, daunting, sometimes moving and shocking. Here is one of the world's great dramas; an ancient, vast and crowded land committed to the most formidably challenging exercise in mass democracy. It is a spectacle in which hope, pride, paradox and uncertainty mingle and struggle. It is conducted on the whole, and to India's credit in the open. The lasting memories of the land are hospitality, kindness, good humor and generosity. Here is a society of over a 1000 million people, growing by a million a month, divided and united by language, caste, religion and regional loyalties. It has often been described as a functioning anarchy; and it is in many ways an amiable one, of marvelous fluidity and tolerance. Indeed, the true Indian motif is not the Tajmahal, the elephant or the patient peasant behind the ox drawn plough. It is the crowd, the ocean of faces in the land of multitudes, endlessly stirring, ...
We stopped at Fatehpur sikri while coming back to Mumbai for around 2 hrs. Great place to visit. This gate is having a great histroy in itself. This is the biggest gate in India. Good place to visit.
Just back from Fatehpur Sikri and gudwara guru ja taal Agra
The French traveller Bernier who saw Statues of the Rajput Heroes Jaimal and Fateh Singh (Fatta) installed at the gateway of palace at Fatehpur SIkri, observes: "These two large elephants mounted by the two Rajput Heroes, have an air of grandeur and inspire me with respect which I cannot describe."
Had a good trip to the Taj, complete with our train literally breaking in two. Not even kidding. It was entertaining! The Taj was majestic, the Red Fort, well, rather red and big, and Fatehpur Sikri- rather a blur due to time constraints. So glad we had a guide to give us all kinds of interesting details and shepherd us along!
Chief characteristics of Muslim education under Mughal Rule:- (1) Patronage of the rulers: The rulers helped in the spread of education. They built educational institutions and universities. They endowed them with the funds. Big landlord also provided financial help for the spread of education. The rulers patronized the men of learning. (2) No state control: The rules neither claim any authority over the educational institutions nor interfered with their management. (3) Religion dominated education: In the words of S.N. MUKERJI, “The whole educational system was saturated with the religious ideals which influenced the aim, the contents of study, and even the daily life of the pupils.” The pupils acquired knowledge as a religious obligation. (4) Countryside as the centre of education: By and large, educational institutions flourished in the countryside. (5) Provision of various discipline: Through education was primarily religion- oriented, it included the study of many intellectual activities like mat ...
Next disclosure of Sobhan Sarkar: 2000 tonnes of onions buried under fatehpur sikri... :D
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How about an adventure to India? From $1959 leaving Vancouver -24Feb PRICE INCLUDES: Return airfare from selected gateways listed to Delhi including taxes, 7 nights’ first class hotels, Breakfast daily, one lunch and one dinner, small group touring as stated in itinerary including, Delhi city tour, rickshaw ride and elephant ride to Amber Fort in Jaipur, camel safari in Vanaashrya, and Taj Mahal visit in Agra, roun-trip Airport transfers, English Speaking Local Guides, Entrance fees according to the program. Here are the tour details:- Itinerary Day 1 Depart North America Depart from your gateway city for your flight to Delhi. Day 2 Arrive Delhi Welcome to Delhi, India’s capital and a major gateway to the country. Contemporary Delhi is a bustling metropolis which successfully combines the ancient with the modern. Upon arrival you will be met and transferred from the airport to your hotel. Remainder of the day is at your leisure. Duration 2 Nights Accommodation The Suryaa Day 3 Delhi Today’s touring ...
me at Jaipur,fatehpur sikri n Tajmahal.
Royal Rajasthan Tour with UMANGINDIAVIEW Duration: 12 Nights / 13 Days Location: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur- Mandawa-Bikaner- Jaisalmer-Khuri- Jodhpur-Ranakpur-Udaipur- Delhi. Day 01: ARRIVAL and sight seeing of Delhi Received by our representative at the New Delhi airport and transfer to hotel. After breakfast, your guided tour will take you to explore the treasures of Delhi City. You will be fascinated by the famous monuments of the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid, and Qutub Minar. The vast lawns and green gardens around Rajghat and the India Gate will certainly tranquilize your weary eyes. The brilliance of the Mughal Gardens, in the premises of Rashtrapati Bhavan will leaves you spell bind. You are also taken to the magnificent Lotus Temple as well as the Birla Mandir. Evening enjoy the Folk and Tribal dances of India at Parsi Anjuman Hall. Day 02: Delhi-Mathura-Agra Drive to agra through the indian country side,enroute visit temple of Mathura,Mathura is very famous for birth place of hindu god Krishna.Upon arrival ...
Off to Jaipur in morning via Fatehpur Sikri & Abhaneri Village.what a country!
Indian architecture is another significant area that represents the diversity of Indian culture. One can find notable monuments like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Fatehpur Sikri and Red Fort depicting the Mughal architecture. Mumbai’s Nariman Point is famous for its Art Deco buildings. South India boasts of several Hindu temples like Chennakesava Temple, Hoysaleswara Temple, Kesava Temple, Brihadeeswara Temple, the Sun Temple, Konark Temple, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and the Buddha Stupa.
Unnao gold hunt leads to digging for precious metal elsewhere = The Unnao gold hunt has led to illegal digging at forts and temples rumoured to have hidden treasures in Uttar Pradesh. Shobhan Sarkar, the seer who had "dreamt" about 1,000 tonne gold buried under Unnao's Daundia Khera fort, had said the precious metal was hidden in Fatehpur's Adampur area as well. As the news spread, some people dug up the platform of an ancient Shiva temple near the Ganga's main ghat in Fatehpur. Reports said about two dozen places in ruins have been dug up. It was also rumoured that the diggers had fled with some gold. Residents claimed Mahant Mohandas, who lives near the temple, was held at gunpoint during digging forcing authorities to cordon off the temple. Fatehpur district magistrate Abhay Kumar said security personnel have been deployed to prevent a repeat of such activity. Sarkar's disciple, Om Ji, had claimed "no less than 2,500 tonne of gold is hidden in the ruins in Adampur village". He sa ...
Started from Ajmer.. on da way to Fatehpur sikri..
President House (Rashtrapati Bhawan), City Palace, Udaipur, Panch Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Magical Device (Jantar Mantar)... If you are in Delhi NCR then you must visit all these beautiful places...In Delhi and nearby.just go for it and Know a better way...
5Q Which beautiful and imposing mosque is located in the middle of the sea? a) Fatehpur Sikri b) Lal Quila c) Char Minar d) Haji Ali Dargah
"There are world famous architecturual pieces in India. Take this quiz about some of them. Good luck!" 1. In which place in India can we find cave temples of three faiths? Delhi Madurai Agra Ellora 2. In which Indian state is the Dilwara Temple located? Assam Gujarat Rajasthan Maharashtra 3. Which Muslim saint lived in the place where Fatehpur Sikri was built? Muhammed Bin Tughlaq Ali Malik Salim Chisti Sheikh Jainulabdeen Shah Badar 4. In the middle of which lake is the Golden Temple located? Shanth Sarovar Uri Lake Golden Lake Amrit Sarovar 5. In which state is the 'Hawa Mahal' located? Gujarat Jammu and Kashmir Maharashtra Rajasthan 6. Under which Indian emperor's reign was the Jama Masjid in Delhi built? Aurangzeb Jehangir Shah Jahan Akbar 7. In which Indian state is the Sun Temple of Konark located? Tamil Nadu Assam West Bengal Orissa 8. Where is the world's largest panoramic sculptural relief located? Mahabalipuram Pondicherry Kanchipuram Madurai 9. What are the gateways to the Buddhist Stupas calle ...
Battle of Panipat 1526 • The Battle of Panipat was fought between the invading forces of Babur and the Lodi Empire, which took place on 21 April 1526 in North India. • It marked the beginning of the Mughal Empire. This was one of the earliest battles involving gunpowder firearms and field artillery. • In 1526, the Mughal forces of Babur, the Timurid ruler of Kabulistan, defeated the much larger ruling army of Ibrahim Lodi,Sultan of Delhi. Battle of Khanwa • Battle of Khanwa was fought between the armies of Rana Sanga (ruler of Mewar) and Babar (Mughal). • Rana Sanga was betrayed by one of his allies, the King of Malwa, resulting into victory of Babar. • The Battle was fought near the village of Khanwa, about 60 km west of Agra on March 17, 1527. • Babur's grandson Akbar, established the city and fort of Fatehpur Sikri in honor of his grandfather's victory in this battle. Sher Shah SuriSher Shah Suri , birth name Farid Khan, also known as Sher Khan, "The tiger King") was the founder of t ...
Sikarwars are a clan of Rajputs found in Rajasthan, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. Their clan name Sikarwar is derived from Sikar district of Rajasthan. They ruled over Sikar for a number of generations. Sikarwars established Vijaipur Sikri in A.D 823, during the time of Rana Bhatribhat of Chitor. Babur changed the name to 'Fatehpur Sikri' after the 'Battle of Kanhua'in 1527 AD. It was the Sikarwar cavalry that had attacked Babur's ‘Advance Column’ that was moving from Sikri village to Kanhua. The surprise attack was led by Rao Dham Dev Sikarwar. He was the ruler of Sikri of the period and a friend of Rana Sanga. It arrears to have been launched from a cover offered by the Sikri ridge. The cavalry seems to have come out of Tehri Gate that opens towards Kanhua. It demoralized the Mughals so much that they suffered a serious loss of morale for over a fortnight. Sikarwar Rajputs, are the co-lineage progeny of Emperor Kanak Sen of V.S-191 vintage. (For Kanak Sen kindly refer to Colonel Tod ‘Annals & the Anti ...
Travel to Agra - City of the Taj Mahal The beautiful Taj Mahal is the best-known monument in the city of Agra, but there's a lot more that this historic city has in store for travellers. The Mughal dynasty ruled from Agra and endowed it with many fine buildings and monuments such as Agra Fort, which contains grand halls and palaces and the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, a precursor to the Taj Mahal. Because of Agra's location in the heart of North India, a trip to Agra can be combined with travel to many other North Indian destinations. The tomb of Akbar is in Sikandra near Agra, the deserted Mughal city of Fatehpur Sikri and the holy city of Mathura are also nearby. Apart from sightseeing there are markets, which offer fine marble ware and various handcrafted artifacts, such as carpets, brassware and leather items, created by traditional craftsmen. Enjoy travelling back to Mughal times while exploring the attractions of Agra and its surroundings on an Incredible India Travel experience. The Taj Mahal A poet o ...
A weekend trip to Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Mathura. My first travelog! Comments and advices are welcome.
Memories make music at Fatehpur Sikri It’s hard to find a ghost town as beautiful as Fatehpur Sikri. Emperor Akbar seems to have left a piece of him in its red walls
Golden Temple in Amritsar was clean inside and outside. So is Taj Mahal. Why Jama Masjid in Fatehpur Sikri has garbage inside and outside?
On way to Fatehpur Sikri from Agra. Beautiful Sunday morning in Agra.
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