Fat Sam & Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone is a 1976 British musical film, very loosely based on events in Chicago from the early 1920s to 1931 in the Prohibition era, specifically the exploits of gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran, as dramatized in cinema. 4.0/5

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Considering you look like a nazi Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone you're not really in position to critique looks.
I would like to introduce a new one to the tune of Bugsy Malone's Fat Sam's grandslam, speakeasy etc. Please do lyrics.
To all my Palace chums. Bugsy Malone - Fat Sam's Grand Slam (HD) via
Bugsy Malone - Fat Sam's Grand Slam (HD). Now being sung in the board room at selhurst park
Fat Sam's Grand Slam - Off of out of off of in Bugsy Malone and that.
So You Wanna Be A Boxer is a such a classic. I used to really want to be Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone
Isn't that ball boy actually Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone? He might have threatened SA with custard gun
I was picked to be Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone cos no one else "fit the role", I collapsed
Can't wait for the final performance of Bugsy Malone tonight, have you got your ticket? See you in Fat Sam's Speakeasy!
Bugsy Malone encouraging diversity with a black Fat Sam casting. A black guy as a kingpin gangster; that's racist!
Bugsy Malone on the palladium brings back memories of playing Fat Sam at school!
Epsom students Jenson Steele and Sam Allison playing the lead roles of Fat Sam and Tallulah in the new Bugsy Malone!
Listening to Fat Sam's Grand Slam on repeat is an occupational hazard. Prepping for auditions tonight. Bugsy Malone is 1 of my favourites...
did Fat Sam not try to develop that in Bugsy Malone?
i'm not surprised you like Bugsy Malone you do a passible impression of Fat Sam!
. Well done cast/crew of Bugsy Malone. 3 more shows. Why not come and join Fat Sam & Dandy Dan?
"This is getting ridiculous!" Said in my best Fat Sam, Bugsy Malone voice. Cue: Piano.
John Cassisi as Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone is completely brilliant. That's my main gangster reference point.
Pack your splurge guns and head to for ShowCo's production of Bugsy Malone, tomorow night (or we'll tell Fat Sam)
The ultimate movie - Bugsy Malone! Who remembers this? Always wanted to work at Fat Sam's!
Is the real ending of Bugsy Malone that everyone dies in the Fat Sam's Grandslam shoot out & they're all friendly now because they're dead?
Gonna pop on Bugsy Malone. Get some dress ideas from Fat Sam.
Holy cow! The greatest Jodie FosterScott Baio all-children gangster-themed musical is on right now locally in Boston. Oh, "Bugsy Malone" (1976) - you had me at "Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy"!
Jimmy Hill's nephew played Fat Sam in my school production of Bugsy Malone.
How long after watching Bugsy Malone does "Fat Sam's..." leave your head?! Need new tune to fill my head for bike commute
much like 'Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy' from Bugsy Malone. But more crooked
you look like Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone there pal lol. Italian stallion!
Kids who get bullied in real life become Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone on YouTube comments
and James Franco is the least threatening gangster since Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone. Should have used splurge guns.
Shows my football knowledge when by 'Fat Sam' i thought you were talking about Bugsy Malone...
Watching Eastenders. What has Max Branning's new bird got on her head? She reckons she is Bugsy Malone, more like Fat Sam!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Anybody who is anybody could walk right through that door at Fat Sam's Grand Slam, speak easy!! God I love Bugsy Malone!!
Fat Sam outta Bugsy Malone reminds me of that Cockney football agent monster, monster or whatever idiotic name he had..
Dandy Dan from Bugsy Malone committed suicide and Fat Sam is now a builder, wow.
Two boys and a girl... Tallulah, Bugsy Malone (Bugsy for short) and Fat Sam
Bugsy Malone - Fat Sam's Grand Slam. Nothing to do with Oliver, I just love this.
I saw 'Fat Sam' and immediately thought that you were talking about the Bugsy Malone character. I'm guessing you're not...
Re Alan Parker BAFTA Fellowship: I hope instead of a clip reel they just show Fat Sam's Grand Slam from Bugsy Malone.
Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone now works for Sotheby's Realty in NYC
Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone in the film reminds me of Dobner! - separated at birth
I think they should re make Bugsy Malone, I should be Fat Sam
I love Bugsy Malone omg. Brings back memories of my Fat Sam's Grand Slam dancer days.
knows the whole song and dance to Fat Sam's Grand Slam from Bugsy Malone and just performed it!
Can't watch Bugsy Malone without being reminded of having to get on stage in a red dress singing Fat Sam's Grand Slam omg.
Just wondered if I lived in a Bugsy Malone world I'd totally be Fat Sam.
In Year Six I was Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone, a role I won due to my acting skills and not my physical appearance, so I am told
"Someone once said if it was raining brains, Roxy Robinson wouldn't even get wet." Fat Sam, Bugsy Malone.
Grab your tickets SOON for Bugsy Malone they are selling fast! The director and his team have worked tremendously hard to bring you what will be an amazing night as you become part of Fat Sam's Grand Slam. Dress up as Gangsters and Mols and win some FAB prizes! RAFFLES THEATRE CLUB, Ruthin Road Wrexham November 8th to 10th.
"Ok everybody, its ok. Just a little excitement in here that's all!" Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone
Who was it I was talking to about the song "Fat Sam's Grand Slam speakeasy" being from Bugsy Malone?
Guys guys guys. I'm playing Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone omG, is now my wife ok.
Very happy Niall as he is going to be in Fat Sam's Gang for Youngstars production of Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone... Fat Sam's Grand Slam lets go wham bam thank u mam like they do in Dagnam, my name is Talula and I'm good with a hoover I'm a dirt devil n like to bathe in manure, I went to houndstretcher was put onto the rack n now I'm a bit taller but I'm still unable to eat this dogs dinner... Phony u don't have to be homie go n see Talula she can blow your toupee away.
Fat Sam's Grand Slam speakeasy (not) . . . Bugsy Malone movie. Why not Follow a real team - Leeds Utd or Hull City
yeah goo just finished show it was Bugsy Malone and I played Fat Sam how are u
Future Cinema is delighted to announce the first cinematic takeover of a festival ever, featuring Bugsy Malone and La Haine with Asian Dub Foundation. Come o...
Yr 6 production of Bugsy Malone was brill and was a fab Fat Sam! :)
Bugsy Malone for the next two nights may as well be Fat Sam no treadmill for me ok
Have opted for Fat Sam's from Bugsy Malone for the Friday theme tune :D
Fabulous night watching my talented and brilliant son Thomas aka Fat Sam, in Bugsy Malone. You were brilliant x
I was in the schools production of Bugsy Malone where I played Fat Sam, and I was Zeke in my Musical Theatre BTEC show of HSM
Fat Sam's Grand Slam - it's Bugsy Malone at Goldsmiths Community Centre. Book your tickets now!
In this weeks photo fun I met Fat Sam and the gang, when I dropped into a youth theatre production of Bugsy Malone
they are some of the beat nicknames ever...Fat Sam, Knuckles, Dandy Dan, Bronx Charlie and Bugsy Malone!!
yep.I did act with Chiewitel Ejiofor in a production of Bugsy Malone. He played Fat Sam, I was background gangster
Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra performing live a series of 39 shows of "Bugsy Malone". Future cinema produced a series of 39 shows at the Troxy london in f...
Actually, no!! Bugsy Malone! I was in Fat Sam's gang and was also in the chorus!
you name it, I've done it!!! I brought the house down as Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone - made front page Barry & ***
I have a spare ticket for Bugsy Malone tomorrow - does anyone want it? Come dance and drink gin at Fat Sam's Grand Slam speakeasy
Parked midway between the Kit Kat Club from 'Cabaret' and a jollier, ruddier Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy from 'Bugsy Malone', Burlesque and Blues is one of the best things you can do on a Wednesday night in London. Remotegoat reviews are meant to be about performance, but it's impossible to overlook the delicious cocktails whipped up by the friendliest of bar staff, the restaurant-quality food (pink and perfect rack of lamb, delicious fish) and the whole seductive atmosphere which on a windy and wet Wednesday welcomed everything from youngish couples on date night, to a team outing which could have been an episode from 'The IT Crowd'. About the time your main course is served, the music starts with Pete Saunders' powerful attack on the ivories, literally driving the rhythms along Route 66, and his own 'Don't Say You Love Me' where stamping every beat on the floor is perhaps unnecessary when you're accompanied by a talented drummer like Jonathan Lee. But the music really builds the mood up to the entran ...
hearing that you did a rather mean portrayal of Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone back in your youthful school days!
That reminded me of Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone. xD
This made me laugh. People are replying to our Bugsy Malone party (invite from Fat Sam) starting "Dear Sam.". Brilliant.
Fat Sam fan reviews production of Bugsy Malone, live at The Troxy
Fat Sam's Grand Slam from the film Bugsy Malone? is boss!
Gid's playing Fat Sam's Grand Slam from Bugsy Malone on 6music. This is why no other radio station compares.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
we got Bugsy Malone at Fat Sam's right now. If we change the menu, we'll let you know
I got excited because Fat Sam is trending and I thought Bugsy Malone was on :(
Hugely entertaining afternoon with Fat Sam & Bugsy Malone (you would have loved! :-/)
Realised today that the new lovable news character George Galloway is played by Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone all grown up
Fat Sam loves havin' you all so much, he's just extended Bugsy Malone's run. Come take a look
run a club like Fat Sam's in Bugsy Malone with dancing,music and a secret area behind sliding doors with a gaming room
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