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Fat Joe

Joseph Antonio Cartagena (born August 19, 1970), better known by his stage name Fat Joe, is an American rapper, CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, and member of musical groups D.I.T.C.

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TBH with you . All of my favorite rap songs are from 2002 & 2003 ***. Like, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Jennif…
i know Nicki Minaj is just seeing red. from Remy Ma to Fat Joe, Lil Kim, Charlemagne, Eve, BET, Wendy Williams, Ebro, Jo…
Anyone remember when Khaled got Akon, Rick Ross, Birdman, Lil Wayne, and Fat Joe all on one track??💥
Now playing Angel (Clean) by Dirty Money ft Fat Joe and Rick Ross To tune in visit Buy it
I wanna slap Fat Joe upside his marble head and see if he falls over. Big *** bowling ball on his body. Wow.
Fat Joe had the exact same reasoning in an interview with Remy Ma after 2 decades of saying “N*gga” with Big Pun &…
Jennifer Lopez - Feelin' So Good ft. Fat Joe, Big Pun via Night with the Hispanic Flava Holla!!
Sometimes I forgot Fat Joe is a legend. That man made it so cool to be a fat man. God now we’re stuck with Fat nick these…
Fat Joe- Collected five planes worth of goods to Puerto Rico. Mark Cuban- Gave his plane to send goods to Puerto Rico. P…
I love Fat Joe with his white self 😩
Fat Joe brought up Amadou Diallo and "racist" policing practices while growing up. "Have love for…
Lmao no! It's a love story with Jada Pinkett Smith and Allen Payne. I need to see Fat Joe die tho lol.
Fat Joe always talking about nobody can "come back" from Shether like Nicki doesn't have a Top 10 hit while Remy is opening…
Fat Joe - King Of N.Y. (ft. Buju Banton). Still listen to this track in 2017. Great Album
I remember almost all of my friends had the Fat Joe - Represent vinyl
Fat Joe produced candy shop, Scott Storch gave the track to 50 cent.
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Thank you to everybody who showed love EPMD, Ice T, Kool Herc, Slick Rick, Flavor Flav, Fat Joe,…
DMX, Eve, Swizz Beatz, The Lox, Drag-On & Fat Joe will be touring this fall for Ruff Ryder's 20th anniversary 🔥
Just announced: DMX, Eve, Swizz Beatz, The Lox, Drag-On and Fat Joe at Royal Farms Arena on Sept. 21. Tickets go on sale 10 a.m. Friday.
"And when Black Thought joined J.Period, Scott Storch, Mobb Deep and Fat Joe for a set, the festival pivoted into a…
This was taken before Black Thought brought out Scott Storch, Fat Joe and Mobb…
Krs-One, Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, Fat Joe, Smif-N-Wessun & the Damaja. - AVI on Global HipHop FM the home of
on Fat Joe - Love You To Pieces ft Bryson Tiller or
What happened to the legends of music like Sean Paul and Fat Joe? Seems like those guys disappeared
Just checked out Fat Joe & Remy Ma's Heartbreak video...Remy looks amazing
Which started the exodus to independent labels like Koch, which people like Jim Jones, Fat Joe and Joe Budden struggled to bring along...
I don't know how I feel about Fat Joe snitching on Anthony Mason. I felt like that was America's greatest secret.
I'll have to change Kenny Parker to Fat Joe and The's a tie for that spot. My apologize in the blunder. Respect!
Y'all let Fat Joe say *** Y'all let CO Rick Ross steal Freeway Rick Ross's identity. Y'all let Tupac claim the West Coast. Let me go on.
Some chicks I know are the beginning intro of Lean Back by Fat Joe before he says owwwu. Dun Dun Dun Dun Dunn.
so when you say you got a "lien" on my property you mean like Fat Joe and Terror Squad or
My music genre so wide I'll listen to Fetty Wap, move on to Robbie Williams to go to Elvis Presley to a bit of Metallica to Fat Joe like??
Ricky Rozay drops off a new remix to his track "Buy Back The Block" featuring Nipsey Hussle, E-40, Fat Joe & Slim T…
Lox, Fat Joe, Jim Jones I get it but come on
Fat Joe was on the Rickey smiley morning show i love him...oh its gonna be a good day!!!
Fat Joe , Ruben Diaz Bronx president and Vic from The Hut Live on FaceTime: via
Jay used to have beef with Jim Jones and Fat Joe. Sit the rap convos out kid.
Papoose will go at anybody. He went at Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big Sean, Trinidad James, Fat Joe, Kanye West, and even shaded Jay Z lol.
lasvegasweekly "Bon Jovi, J.Lo, Fat Joe and more big shows this week.
Lamont Peterson gonna get knocked the *** out leaning back like Fat Joe on those *** ropes. *** smh
Don't tell rapper Fat Joe that the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game was just an exhibition.
Don't know which duo to watch. Justin Jackson and Kennedy Meeks or Fat Joe and DJ Khaled?
Remy is Fat Joe protege and that's all she will ever be . She can't even make a lane for herself .
Remy Ma addresses alleged Nicki Minaj disses on with Fat Joe
i will be wearing my timbs to work on Friday in honor of Fat Joe & Remy Ma's joint album. my 2002 self would be so proud. deadass.
Friday about to be lit! Future dropping his new project and Remy Ma and Fat Joe 🔥🔥🔥
Hey, New Orleans! Win suite tickets to the game on 2/19. Celebrate as VIPs w/Fat Joe & Remy Ma!!
Fat Joe and Remy Ma album boutta be fuego, Big Sean album too
Yes for Stephanie Mills being featured on Remy Ma & Fat Joe's album.
Fat Joe on Radio Merseyside now. Tune in for a laugh.
I really have to watch the Unsung on Fat Joe cus I reallh ain't know the Terror Squad was big like that
it would be the Fat Joe, Diamond D, Prodigy, Guilty Simpson, Conway & MOP Appreciation episode. y'all don't want t…
Fat Joe donates 20 computers to his old Bronx elementary school.
The latest Hillary Clinton sighting wasn't in the woods, but mingling with Fat Joe and Ralph Lauren in New York
SWV, Fat Joe, Jon B., Lenny Williams, Case, Dave Hollister After 7, and James Brown will be featured on the tenth seaso…
I aint fat joe but snap ya fingas and Lean Back
Gotta play some Papoose or some Fat Joe this morning b4 I go 2 my job interview. What are u gonna play first?
Not that long ago you could have asked the same question about a $5 cup of Joe.
Remy Ma and Fat Joe got another hit and she dissed nicki lls
have to agree with all of the above. Planning permission for student flats is easy (dirty) money for fat Joe!
Chads everywhere will be energized by Spencer's ruthless bullying of a fat SJW at A&M. Owning someone like that is beyon…
Would love for her and Ja to have the same success Fat Joe and Remy have right now, they just need the right formula.
BX *** ain't been relevant since Fat Joe was leaning back foh...
Fat Joe ft. Ashanti — What's Luv?. ❝Whats love? It should be about us, it should be about trust babe.❞
there's no space in town for me because fat joe wants to bring in more student accommodation? I have every right to complain
on DJ Kay Slay - Dont Do It ft Fat Joe French Montana RicoLove or
One bad meal won't make you fat just like one good meal won't make you skinny.
Please. Don't/Can't believe anything they say. All lies. Keep an eye on that fat little schmuck
Yesterday I saw a guy and a girl whining to Fat Joe's 'Lean Back' ...A song that already comes with choreography
: Fat Joe and Remy Ma feat French Montana - All The Way on
2017's Unsung lineup is good. SWV, Fat Joe, Jon B., James Brown and more. That's a good season.
I make it rain on dem girls (I made that Fat Joe lyric social media appropriate) 😂
These Huskies uniforms are straight fire! Mugsy Bogues, and Fat Joe all in the house for a wild Saturday in the 🔥🔥🔥
We've got Fat Joe and Mugsy Bogues in the building tonight at
.oh no, its this little place called Fat Joe's
Fat Joe's new sneaker store is going to be "like a museum that no ones ever done before".
I’m tired of Fat Joe. I want Remy by herself.
Fat Joe and Remy Ma - All The Way Up on - Download and rate the FREE app for apple and android!
I shot ya remix, where she had the illest verse on a track that featured Prodigy, Fat Joe, LL and Keith Murray
John leguizamo and Fat Joe.dope movie
Big Pun was an illegal immigrant that loved capital punishment. I would’ve built that wall and have Fat Joe pay for…
Mix - Jennifer Lopez - Feelin' so Good ft. Fat Joe, Big Pun: este tema me gusta mucho 😊😊😊
Fat Joe flashin the burner in the cut with Big L
That Pat Ewing punch line by Fat Joe in All The Way Up was so elementary lmao
All the way in or all the way up like Fat Joe?
I liked a video from Fat Joe backstage Interview at Howard University's Homecoming!
"Lean Back" by Fat Joe comes on during Ortiz BP. By my count, he hit five homers, four of which were absolute bombs, during the song.
When did Billy Corgan, Pitbull, and Fat Joe become the same person?
Playing now on - "Beg No Friends feat. Chill Will, Fat Joe & Grand Puba by Strickly Roots
Me: Why am I in *** . Jesus: Shoulda did like Fat Joe and never spoke about the Rucker
Fat Joe didn't know B.I.G. revelation was secret
My chat with the great Fat Joe about the Knicks and his Anthony Mason/Biggie revelation:
Fat Joe had no idea his Anthony Mason, Notorious B.I.G. revelation was a secret
'Fat Joe', 30 x 20" acrylic on canvas with resin finish by Antonio Russo
Love was the air at the 2016 BET Awards! Remy Ma & Papoose, Fat Joe & Lorena, Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys, Eva...
French Montana & Fat Joe get the to their feet with wild performance
BTS for. The Response to All The Way Up Verse was never heard by Fat Joe or Remy…
Session @ Cheesman Park, Colorado - All the way up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana: via
Im bout to flush ya white Fat Joe lookin *** u Q ball in da corner pocket head biotch u need to get smoked stupid🔫🔫
I liked a video from Pee Wee Kirkland on Being Mentioned by The Clipse, Fat Joe, Ja Rule in
Na bruh its been 4 years since he's released a decent verse/album. This made up so much for the Fat Joe remix. That was weak
Six shots in that spin spin like Fat Joe make him Lean Back
"John Blaze (feat. Nas, Big Punisher, Jadikiss and Raekwon)" by Fat Joe in
"Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz) [feat. Big Punisher, Cuban Link and Triple Seis]" by Fat Joe in
It's a Bronx thing,with Fat Joe right in the Bronx on Fordham Rd yesterday.He support the movement...
Fat Joe performing at Floyd Mayweather Jr daughter sweet 16 day party.
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Fat Joe so trash even a exclusive jay z verse still won't make me listen to one of his records
Jay Z sampling lines from a Gang Starr Featuring Nice & Smooth song in a song that features Remy Ma and Fat Joe, what year we livin in?
I found this 'Fat Joe x Remy Ma x Jay Z - Al...' in the DJ Funk Flex App
I'll clown you forever if I find out you downloaded the Funk Flex app to hear this Fat Joe remix
Thought this was common knowledge, but glad Fat Joe confirmed Anthony Mason was the Knick in "I Got A Story To Tell"
A NEW STORY TO TELL: Fat Joe regrets outing Anthony Mason as the Knick robbed in Biggie song https…
Fat Joe sat on celebrity row at MSG many times. Not sure if the Knicks comped him. Don't matter. What he said about Anthony…
Fat Joe has some more to say about Anthony Mason and Notorious B.I.G.
This new Fat Joe & Bryson Tiller about to be a hit...
Who is the Knick at the center of Biggie's 'I Got A Story To Tell'? Fat Joe says Anthony Mason.
So, we're not gonna act like Bryson Tiller's first big feature was on a Fat Joe song? 🤔🤔
Fat Joe says Biggie's 'I Got a Story to Tell' was about Anthony Mason
I wouldn't be surprised if Fat Joe speaking on Anthony Mason restarts a feud with G-Unit. Tony Yayo might feel some way about it.
Love You To Pieces by Fat Joe feat. Bryson Tiller Download the app now!
Yo' Fat Joe got a track featuring Bryson Tiller!
Did y'all know that that Fat Joe's "What's Luv" was a Tupac sample?
Cain's walk up song needs to be 'Lean Back' by Fat Joe. Amirite?
Fat Joe came to my job & I wasn't there. I'll trade my Ty Dolla Sign, Jose Canseco, and Kahwhi Leonard moments for Fat Joe I swear.
if you do that make sure you put Lil John & Fat Joe nem song "Play No Games" on it
MonsterMuffin20 is now listening to Get Your Grind On (feat. Big Pun, Fat Joe, Freeway) by The Notorious B.I.G.
Billy Corgan has morphed into Fat Joe. What a plot twist.
Billy Corgan out here looking like Fat Joe
When did Billy Corgan turn into Fat Joe's understudy?
Why does Billy Corgan suddenly look like an unkempt Fat Joe?
Phat Joe vs Fat joe Fat Joe still around"
When learning how to Lean Back from Fat Joe starts paying off
Fat Joe & Remy Ma have the song of the summer
Is Jay Z about to hop on Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "All the Way Up" remix?
the irony of Trump and the GOP hosting a fundraiser at a club that's got Big Daddy Kane & Rakim there tn and Desiigner & Fat Joe on the 16th
The female on Fat Joe's 'Cocababy' is super amazing!. How comes she ain't famous. Same as the shawty on 'Lost' by Gorilla Zoe ft. Lil Wayne
Yo, NORE and Fat Joe telling stories about DMX spitting a verse in the studio and going to sleep in the booth is PRICELESS
If you did not have a chance to listen to our interview with Hip Hop leagend Fat Joe and ESPN Ian Begley here it...
Listen to Fat Joe - Make It Rain Remix Ft. T.I. And Rick Ross, Weezy. by Kristofer Prophet on
if it pisses you off that the Make it Rain Remix by Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne, TI, Rick Ross, R. Kelly, and Birdman isn't…
Great time we had talking with ESPN Ian Begley and Hip Hop legend Fat Joe talking Knicks, Carmelo Anthony and...
We takin over with T.I., Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman and Weezy is still 🔥. All were in the prime and one of Weezys best verses.
Joe Cole? I do hope fat boy doesn't stroll about our midfield today , just getting fit for a MLS move
Eyes so heavy feels like big bun n fat joe sitting on them
pap should ask Fat Joe what its like
Just skip to Fat Joe's part then listen till the end ni66a I'm from New YAWK
im grateful for this Fat Joe And Remy Ma joint.
Click here to watch the movie: Curvy nurse shows off her body before getting surrounded wi… http…
Dad can u pls get really fat so I can have all your nice clothes please
If you haven't heard all the way up by fat joe, reconsider.
I was all the way UP with friends and heard Fat Joe live…
All the way up with Fat Joe at Dream Club
You ever feel you're always at war? Like Fat Joe talked about fighting wars with your heart? Yeah. I feel that.
Was a good time friday night at Dream club special heard Fat Joe…
I do not expect fat joe in jacket to understand this out there, ok.
Pockets looking fat,,good looks joe😂
see you later on glos rd fat boy. Enjoy the beamback
This Fat Joe ft Remy Ma and French Montana song All The Way Up is fire well to me
This record with Fat Joe. Remy and French is fire 🔥🔥
That new Fat Joe and Remy is a million fire emojis hot.
Terror Squad - Take Me Home ft. Remy, Fat Joe, Dre, Armageddon on my Terror Squad ish this am
Fat Joe has a top 10 Juan Epstein, top 10 interview and probably top 5 interview. Just one of those guys! Crack!!
DMX, Nas, Mobb Deep, JAY Z, GUnit, WuTang Clan, B.I.G, KRS-One, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes off the top of my head
he brought out Alesia Cara, G EAZY, Juicy J & some dude that looked like Fat Joe 😂
Fat Joe gets me goin, nothin like a throwback after a long day.
He's a actual DJ from Miami l...Fat Joe and Big Pun put him on. . He's Terror Squad Royalty
Break the search parties up by label, like you wouldn't want to see Fat Joe driving around a Terror Squad car trying to find treasure?
Listen to Lean Back by Terror Squad, Fat Joe & Remy on
Fat Joe compared Dj Khaled to Quincy jones and Big Pun tried to punch a bruce banner hole through his coffin
Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Big Boi, Fabolous, Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Ray J and Fat Joe are the only guests to appear on the LA / NY seasons of
Yo who is this smooth talking 50lbs lighter Fat Joe on Love & Hip Hop? 😭😭
I liked a video Fabolous brings out Meth & Red, Lil Kim, Fat Joe, Remy Ma and more at Summer Jam
Fat Joe & Remy Ma in the studio with Fred The Godson
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - Nic Dante - Spotlight (w/ Fat Joe) - - - click to tunein >
Fat Joe in Def Jam fight for New York. it was a wrap after the crack attack.
My boy David Givens, Hip Hop Legend Rob Base, and me chilling in Chicago at Fat Joe and Rob Base Concert
I love listening to Fat Joe cuz he's always talking about Rucker Park and saying "the Rucka" I'm like *** yeah that's me
I'm listening to It's Whateva feat Fat Joe by Jae Millz using
Jadakiss done killed Ja Rule and Fat Joe on New York then went and humbled Guru on Rite Where You Stand lol. Original legend killer 😢
Remember Big Pun & Fat Joe coming to Greensboro at coliseum RIP Big Pun
Dear friends and artists, . did you know that Fat Joe had the chance to sign Eminem in Terror Squad
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you ever see the video with Fat Joe talking about how he was running from Roy Jones Jr?
I use to see growing up Fat Joe, krs , peter gunz etc
Big Pun, Nas, Fat Joe, Raekwon, Mack 10 & Jadakiss. On the set of 'John Blaze' video shoot, 1998.
Another would be... FAT JOE. Latino rapper Fat Joe (aka Fat Joe da Gangsta, Joey Crack, and his real name, Joe...
Irv Gotti, Fat Joe, Ashanti, Ja Rule.. That whole lil clique was the bizness!
Fat Joe featuring Lil Wayne make it rain 👍👍
Frank Martin quoting Fat Joe on Thursday and he's friends with Luther Campbell and Pitbull. Gotta like that guy!
Well I've discovered that my neighbor likes to sample Fat Joe songs and freestyle rap over them. Exhilarating.
There's a rapper named Fat Joe, and I'm not even ashamed because he's a great rapper, he's my bro from another ***
See what Patoranking was caught doing with Fat Joe in New York (With Pictures): -
Like the time I once saw somebody post What's Luv by Fat Joe and Ashanti talking bout "this is real music".
That Dab dance has saved my life. First urban dance move I've been able to do since Fat Joe's Lean Back maneuver
This movie on TV right now stars Q-Tip, Fat Joe, Mary J. Blige, and Elvis Costello. So basically it's a cast of mainly musicians.
Slim Jesus Slim Shady Fat nick Fat Joe can't anyone be an average weight these days
Fat Joe ft. Chris Brown - another round, baadae by Amos and Josh, sugar by maroon 5, good kisser by usher. Wink!
Go listen to Jay Z or Fat Joe cause this the South
, I want to write a Fat Joe and J Lo
Celebrities: Celebrity Birthday: Jennifer Lopez hangs out with Fat Joe and French Montana - Celebrities - Puls...
Check out my new cover of Ace Hood ft. Trey Songz-Ride/Fat Joe ft. Chris Brown- Another Round! .
Zendaya, Leo DiCaprio, and Beyonce round up our must-see photos of the day
Joe has a fat weed plant just growing in his front yard and I kinda think that's badass
Fat joe pockets lean like a recliner
Because I clearly didn't have enough reasons to adore Joe Wright's fat, beautiful brain before now. and
Now I'm not funny since I'm calling you fat
"Gotta keep one eye open like bushwick bill "- Fat Joe
"Traded my gangster hat to some gangsta rap only to find out that no gangstas rap"- Fat Joe
One of the few artists I have yet to DJ for nor see perform. Fat Joe x The District x Knick Knack in Scottsdale!
Am I about to shoot Fat Joe in the year 2015
What's with all the drug references on the radio today. First jay z now fat Joe..
Fat Joe got 12 albums . Big Pun got 2 . Biggie got 2. Jay Electronica got 0. This the world we live in... Yall gotta accept it
Everybody be tryna play with Troy Ave... Son got Camron, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Fab, Jadakiss, Jeezy, Ross, Diddy, T.I. & Mase on his album
In a few days hopefully I'll be the owner of one of the pink "Terror Squad" Air Forces that Fat Joe wore in the Lean Back music video
Fat Joe had a nice diss that summer against 50
Try the "Fat Joe" game. You random an article and count the clicks/links you need to get to Fat's super funny :D
Listen to Holla At Me (feat. Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall & Rick Ross) by DJ Khaled on
Glasses. I should wear mine more often. I thought this movie starred Christopher Meloni and Fat Joe. Turns out that was Hank Schrader.
Lol oh with that i was referring to Vanilla Ice, Fat Joe and friends.
Big smo is a really bad version of Rick Ross and Fat Joe combined
you dont know how much you mean to me.. ♫ Hold You Down (Featuring Fat Joe) by Jennifer Lopez featuring Fat Joe —
Jennifer Lopez shoots video in New York with Fat Joe
I dont know how it happened but i went from non-stop Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, etc to Ja Rule/ Mike Jones/ Fat Joe, etc.
Enjoying the Dwayne Carter I used to love so much.Fat Joe ft Lil Wayne -Make it rain
Looks like Kruger had a little Fat Joe inspiration.
Also...let's hope his peeps are stand-up guys. . Because didn't Pun's widow say Fat Joe didn't look out the way he should've?. Just saying.
I have Big Pun days and I have Fat Joe days. We all do.
there are plenty of stories of Big Pun getting eating ENTIRE BUCKETS of KFC within minutes ask NORE or Fat Joe
4. LL Cool J "I Shot Ya" (featuring Keith Murray, Fat Joe, Prodigy & Foxy Brown). Same beat but the features take this record over the top
LL Cool J ft. Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown "I Shot Ya" Live! I can't find so we going live.
for Fat Joe is relevant . Fav for Fat Joe was never relevant
Pistol like Fat Joe it'll make you Lean Back
Palmer Place Fest/ Palmer Fest/ and Juicy J this weekend. Please pray for Fat Joe and the big cats
Most Def gotta be 50. I can think of 10 off the top of my head. Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Jimmy Lovine, Rick Ross, Game, etc...
Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and Paul Wall aren't even fat anymore who can I trust in this world
Fat Joe is the most rage inducing character to fight in Def Jam: FFNY sdasasf
I need to cop Def Jam fight for NY. I used to beat Fat Joe's *** just because I could . GOOD TIMES.
Now playing on the beat94.5fm Myblockradio - Fat Joe - Ballin (w/ Wiz Khalifa & Teyana Taylor) - tune in @
I feel like if 04 Fat Joe were to trip and fall, the stock market would crash and the world would be sent into a frenzy
On whoo kid's show he kept saying Ross, Wayne, and Fat Joe were the cocaine cowboys group. LOL
This show is nuts!. Snoop, Dre, Puff, 2 Chains, T.I., Busta, ASAP, Montana and more coming!. Standing next to Fat Joe :)
"I know these streets like Fred Sanford knows junk" lol Fat Joe cold man
Fat Joe was the whackest *** I'm DITC and in Terror Squad. Both Terror Sqauds.
As I study my lines, review dance steps, and learn my songs, I can't help but remember my first production in the first grade. The hours of preparation, running lines, blocking. And when it all came together, in the gym of my elementary school, I proudly stood wearing my fathers flannel shirt stuffed with a pillow. And when my moment came, I stepped into my hola-hoop place marker, and loudly declared "Fat Joe!!" and stepped back out. My moment in the spot light done. Who would have guessed that 'fat joe' would have brought me so far.
The Elephant in The Room by Fat Joe (CD) 2008: Format: CD | Performer: Fat Joe | Released by Virgin Records in 2008
Fabolous with Fat Joe and Lil Durk Concert at Mohegan Sun Arena - Dec 20 . More Info:
List of rappers I boycotted years ago: Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, 3 6 mafia. There are other rappers I've never tried to listen to. 95% of rappers spew toxic bs into these streets and a lot of people saying RIP Mike Brown support this toxic crap. Let's take a real stand my people.
Fat Joe dissed Joey Badass and New Era gtfoh Joe hasn't been good since Lord Finesse was writing his lyrics
Fat Joe and Jarule - Sat., December 13 - 9pm Resorts World Casino New York City Get your tickets today at
Fat Joe out here getting his Jimmy Swaggart on
Walking into the Garden with Fat Joe. This *** got curved at the entrance and had to go buy a regular ticket.lmao
"the FatBoys" 2015 reunion tour. Original members Fat Joe, Heavy D & Missy Elliot have all confirmed to be on board. ht…
James Taylor coined "make it rain" circa 1976. Do you think Fat Joe was talking about raining sunshine + love too? .
R&B Jennifer Lopez cozies up to French Montana in new Fat Joe music video - New York
Father: I wish I cld make it rain. Son: Listen to Fat Joe. Hehe. - Sales Consultant
Fat Joe, Ashanti, and Ja Rule just drop tracks
Fat Joe Net Worth: Joseph Antonio Cartagena, often called Fat Joe, is a rapper and Chief Executive Officer of ...
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Harlem, NY, Sept 29, 1998, 17 E. 126th St., famed photographer Gordon Parks shot the cover image for XXL’s December ’98 issue, “The Greatest Day In Hip-Hop History.” The cover paid homage to Art Kane’s iconic jazz portrait “A Great Day in Harlem.” Similar to the original, Park’s version brought in a surplus of rap legends and up-and-comers to pose in front of three brownstones in Harlem. All regions and ages were represented, as everyone from Rakim, Fab 5 Freddy, Kool Herc and Debbie Harry (Blondie) to Da Brat, Wyclef, Jermaine Dupri, Luke, E-40, Fat Joe, and Shyheim, among others, were present. The cover ranks as a huge milestone in hip-hop history, a pure example of MCs from all over the U.S. putting aside their egos to come together to pay homage to the culture’s pioneers and acknowledging the passing of the torch, as a New Golden Age of hip-hop began. Well, I’m here to say that today we are entering another Golden Age. Most sources define a golden age as “a time period when some ...
Uk what gets me when Fat Joe screams "drop the f**king mic" in What's Luv? Which is the literal song title
I am listening to Stressin Feat. Jennifer Lopez (New 2014) by Fat Joe on KING DOME RADIO via
99.9% sure my upstairs neighbor is doing Fat Joe karaoke by himself smfh it's Wednesday night in the hood, ppl get shot for less
RAPPER Remy Ma DISCUSSES PRISON, Nicki Minaj & RETURN TO RAP GAME It’s been six years since Terror Squad's Remy Ma went away. The Bronx rapper, who’s “nine days and a wake up” from being released from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, called into Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 on Monday. Despite her time behind bars, she’s still the same Rem. “I can’t say that I was one of those people that went to prison and I had this dramatic life change and I had this newfound outtake on life,” she said. “In a lot of ways, I’m the same.” While locked up, she received her associates degree in sociology, married Papoose, and had plenty of time to reflect. “I grew up a lot and I look at things a lot differently,” said the 34-year-old protégée of Big Pun. One of her “epiphanies” was reconciling with her fellow Terror Squad member Fat Joe. She called him up and they shared laughs while reflecting on the past. “It was a really, really dope conversation,” she said. She can’t ...
A fat cup of joe is needed ☕️ bump the adverse effects. Caffeine makes me sleepy . Feels right to drink coffee at the moment
I wonder did fat *** joe hit her books all thru her bit cause I sho didn't see no free remy campaign
Im so Perry homes i remember fat Joe the police that used to be at Ikes all the time he'll tell you when the folks coming and who remember officer Primrose he tried to lock his own mama up lol we had some characters on patrol fr !
Were you at our Season Closing Party featuring Fat Joe? This American Rapper from New York put on an unforgettable performance at Cavalli Club on June 25th!
Fat Joe and Ashanti performing Whats Luv. All material property of the owner.
For U Mr Preston on ur fat BBC salary, but for the average Joe it's far from over. Stop repeating the Corporate Mantra! Real News!
People who's bellies are too fat to fit in there shirt make me wanna vom, nobody wants to see that
I swear I thought about this Fat Joe Line yesterday. Your *** Mase no try.😂
Fat joe lost some weight they call him average joe now😭😂
I'm eating and then knocking out bc fat
Get rid of belly-fat/unwanted weight all within just 2 weeks for good!
Ever made fun of a fat girl for no reason? — I usually make fun of fat girls who wear the wrong clothes, not for...
If you're gonna wear yoga pants: 1. Have an *** 2. Don't be fat. 3. Wear a thong. Thanks.
Lmao Kevin Hart was in the Fat Joe - Lean Back video
Gon call me fat when you the main one talking about food 😂
First of all,R.I.P.blues-rock guitarist Johnny Winter,Tony award winning actress Elaine Stritch,Emmy award winning movie & TV actor James Garner & 103 year old jazz musician Lionel Ferbos,PLUS the victim of Malaysian Airlines flight 17.I HATE when these so-called news reporters claim'This is what the whole world's talking about',OR 'This report has all of us glued to our seats',good grief.The BIGGEST lie thrown in my face so far this year:'Greg,tou are good for any woman',my way home from the laundromat this white dude coming out of the Waffle House behind the bus stop goes,'Yo,what up Fat Joe!'Uh,its bad enough I feel like the fattest,ugliest man walking the earth 99.9%of the time,but this $&sure made my day, *** Eminem wannabee!!Its the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing,there was a block party held recently in Brooklyn to celebrate it featuring Dave Chappelle,Mos Def & Chuck D,I wonder if Radio Rahiem(Bill Nunn) & Tina(Rosie Perez)were there,be a man,Mookie!Its also been 25 years since ...
Ghostface Killah and Fat Joe both got much better at mc'ing quite early their recorded history
Can't believe Fat Joe was in the World Series softball game
I would still take Fat Joe over José Molina in a foot race.
Fat Joe went first to third which I'm pretty sure Jose Molina hasn't done in about five or six years.
Fat Joe is the Jose Molina of this game
No worries just went from a clickhole of old Ja Rule/Ashanti/Fat Joe videos to a livestream of Prairie Home Companion 💯
I hate when fat celebrities get skinny. Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Fat Joe, Big Boi, & Rick Ross is gettin there. Is' up to DJ Mustard & Khaled
Fat Joe talking about when Roy Jones ran up on him was one of the funniest stories ever man lol
Watch perform her biggest hits and bring out Ja Rule and Fat Joe at her Bronx concert
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Last night at Orchard Beach Jennifer Lopez made her return and put on a free show. Lopez was joined by Ja Rule, French Montana & Fat Joe for "Aint It Funny", "I Luh Ya Papi" & "Lean Back".
Khloe Kardashian poses backstage after Jennifer Lopez’s first ever hometown concert to launch State Farm Neighborhood Sessions on Wednesday (June 4) in the Bronx, New York. The 29-year-old reality television personality, who was joined by her beau French Montana, was joined backstage by TI, Fat Joe,
They ran to to my cousin, asked for his autograph then we all started laughing and told the white girls that he wasn't Fat Joe and...
The fact the jlo, , and Fat Joe are in Don Coqui right now 😭
So we were eating at this restaurant and these white girls walked by our table and said "omg look it's Fat Joe! Let's get his autograph!"
Fat Joe - That White on Urab3AT-FM Intl. home of Underground Rap b3ATS.
I had to pave my way as close to Back stage as I could for you FBF and look La Lopez brought out the stars! Khloe Kardashian, JaRule, Fat Joe, French Montana, Gotti And of course her Manager Benny Medina!
2 years ago, Joe Cross was, in his own words, fat, sick & nearly dead. In order to save his own life, he decided...
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