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Fashion Police

Fashion police comically refers to individuals belonging to an imaginary police force that ensures people dress according to good taste or fashion.

Melissa Rivers Giuliana Rancic Kelly Osbourne Margaret Cho Brad Goreski Joan Rivers Kathy Griffin Amber Rose Tyler Breeze Guiliana Rancic

U have no idea wat my fam keeps in the fridge. There should be a gadget police just like there's fashion police. My…
Hello fashion police? Have you actually seen Michal Portillo if not I'd like to report him
Someone get the fashion police on the case. Baron Corbin's career is missing.
Seal Beach police seek public’s help in finding suspects in beach robbery
any white guy in chinos and a white polo will do. If your wrong you can just shout 'fashion police' and leg it.
I realy hope this Uso victory means a feud and future title run for the Fashion Police.
No. AOP will squash the fashion police first.
Hopefully the heels winning mean the fashion police is next up
Honestly, what other option do you have on Smackdown tag teams wise? Fashion Police? Maybe... but that's it
Impressed that The Usos won back the at Do they feud with the Fashion Police next?
If breezango/fashion police are getting their push, it has to be against a heel team.
Fashion Police need to be going after those belts now...
I would rather have fashion police win the belt instead of them
Today I said goodbye to not only my sister but to my best friend my partner in crime and my personal fashion police…
I hated it at first, but now I think this Fashion Police gimmick is the best thing to happen to Breeze and Fandango. :)
I can't wait for the Fashion Police to return. Very underutilized. Their promos have been nothing short of awesome.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
If The Fashion Police get a segment on the main show over two championships, then SummerSlam is truly H.
This little fella has been captured by the fashion police at - help us find his owners to sort
In, arguably, true fashion, the man who just gave the Nazi salute is being escorted away by bike police. https:…
As of right now summerslam has no hardys, Miz , charlotte Becky or fashion are they filling 6 hours?
This is the time to call the Fashion Police. Perhaps France would like to intervene.
Next up on Viking fashion: Viking fashion police.
Hey guys, what is the phone number for the fashion police? Amazon just notified me ordered crocs. She has gon…
Hey are you getting that Fashion Police shirt in soon?
Cops call for fashion police back-up on robbery suspect wearing jorts - the Irish News
You order it online or fashion it yourself at home. Cheap plastic, probably. Not quite up to actual…
Told my dad I want a CLE police shirt to wear as a fashion statement & he goes "I know ur gonna wear it around drunk & embarrass me" LOL tru
Laguna Beach police ramping up for rally, counter protest on Sunday
In email, fashion world boss tells Mayor Emanuel to police dog poo offenders
Can summer ray join the fashion police??
The Los Angeles 1920s police/detective ensemble needs to be brought back to the mainstream. Male fashion at its elegant best
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Huntington Beach police union asks for Chief Robert Handy’s removal after no confidence vote
If you consider some one to be a Nazi , report him to police, let the law ta…
This guy wears jorts and robs Walgreens stores. Contact us or the fashion police if you can identify.
Kpop fans they arent just fans, they r paparazzi, fashion police, radio, live broadcaster. I mean this in a good way. Txful for them 🙏🏼
Listening to the soccer fashion police
Call the 'fashion police' on this 'jorts-wearing bandit': cops - New York Post
Yeah, I was hoping she'd be joining Fandango and Tyler Breeze in their Fashion Police ar…
El Generico and Kevin Steen are the mystery assailants of the Fashion Police.
"That dress is so white it still insists La La Land won the Oscar." Margaret Cho on Fashion Police +++
Win likes best dress..Viola Davis Thank you FB Fashion Police..
I liked a video from Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne & Kris Jenner
Bella Hadid's nipple-flashing frock praised by Fashion Police star: 'We need to sex it up'.
They should've let Giuliana Rancic take over Fashion Police.
I need Giuliana Rancic's dress on the Fashion Police in my life!
Giuliana Rancic is back on Fashion Police... didn't realize she was doing the show again. Love NeNe!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Fashion Police is back!. The 2017 Golden Globes aired last night and now Fashion Police co-hosts Giuliana Rancic,...
THE 🚨FASHION POLICE🚨take down again but he didn't even wear the outfit this week…
aww bless her .. I'll call the fashion police helicopter to stand down 🙄
Montana police gearing up for possible white supremacist march
I didn't realize we had the fashion police on the thread, my humblest apologies. Let's see you then.
Court rules dogs can be shot if they bark when police enter home
I would call fashion police but I'm not a snitch...
gale is wearing a Hawaiian shirt but he's not from Hawaii I'm calling the fashion police RIGHT NOW
Am I taking my poncho with me tonight? . Yes. Will I ever regret taking it anywhere? . No . Can I be stopped?. Not unless you the fashion police
Hope the fashion police doesn't stop me on the way to maccies drive thru - I'm acc wearing the most uncoordinated outfit of 2016 no lie
Wearing 4 colours. Someone call the fashion police
not a fan of the fashion police gmk. Why not have them be the classic handsome, arrogant heels? Makes no sense.
I love Fashion Police . I don't think I'd get a ticket in this.
Big fan of Breezango, although I enjoyed them more before the fashion police gimmick.
ICYMI: Who's got the best and worst Holiday/Season 2 costumes in EventHubs fashion police is back!…
A serious question. Would you be willing to accept the fashion police breaking up for Tyler Breeze to be pushed?
Police trying to locate missing Halifax youth
I love the fashion police breezy is such a hot policeman and it's soo funny watching ever…
.Wear it or be arrested by the religious police or have acid thrown in your face.
Don't cave in to the PC police. Remember in any fashion you choose can get bent
KING: Chilling details emerge after Texas police shoot black man
. Wow that's some tie.. It's almost as big as his whole shirt!. Someone call the fashion police 😄. THEY look lovely tho. Memories 👍
Glad to see the fashion police are still working over the festive period!
. One for the fashion police. Looks more like Walmart
Just take a look at the titles - "TEXTBOOK MURDER" or "FASHION POLICE" or "THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE". You can't get more pure than that.
+ fashion police of the group. . I sat down on the bench by my window and looked out. The suns rays shining in, kissing my pale skin. It +
Believe me,officials hate being the fashion police. Players, just tuck it in. Unroll those shorts. I…
Police Say University of Michigan Student Lied About a Man Threatening to Set Her Hijab on Fire
news Indian police seize 150 pigeons for ‘espionage’ in occupied Kashmir
I'm calling on fashion police to probe buhari for this kind of fashion and DSS to arrest the…
Chicago cop says he's been threatened, terribly mistreated for reporting police misconduct:
Denver police ask for help finding suspect in fatal motel-shooting of 23-year-old woman
Trust me I feel like I am the fashion police in this place sometimes
Kerby Jean-Raymond paying homage to victims of police brutality & in his collection @ fashion week https:/…
Nicki being praised on fashion police
news In the nick of time: Police rescue 24 from clutches of organ smugglers
news Rising crime: Police registered 62 cases of murder in capital this year
Police up surveillance against Peeping Toms among Kyoto’s camera-toting tourists: Police are ramping up their……
Why am I watching old Fashion Police videos on YouTube lmao Joan Rivers was so hilarious bro
Fashion Police: Divas’ ghastly gowns are good for a laugh
Yo uniform police - care to comment on GBs fashion statement today? ;)
They were usually on the right side of universal laws, philosophically, but the wrong side when facing the fashion police. 🚔🕵🚔
Making sure fashion Police don't ticket me ! Pic
The Inspector General of Fashion Police has issued out a new directive.
Someone call the fashion police on the Packers.
Never cross the fashion police or the thought police.
I'm FAR from the fashion police but those uniforms are terrible...
This is the fashion police! Ό▽O Put your hands where I can see them! ヽ▽O
Y'all wanna be the fashion police so bad but y'all can't dress either.__.
news Freewill marriage: Police take runaway couple into custody
Y'all aren't scared of the fashion police neh
With my Gee and fashion police.always complaining about my trousers akumagideon
Little did you know that our lil Leon was also a part of the Raccoon City FASHION POLICE!
And the bullet-hole-ridden hoodie as fashion, solidarity gesture, and provocation to police is pretty deep too.
Olympic Runner Tyson *** s Daughter, 15, Shot and Killed in Kentucky: Police: Olympic sprinter Tyson *** is mourn...
No man has the right to wear those pants. There has to be a law he's breaking. Where are the fashion police?
Midstate police receive training on building relationships with minority
A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a on a beach at , in 1957…
I love my Mickey Mouse sweater so much I don't really give a frack for what the fashion police has to say because it's Mickey Mouse. 😎
Oh no the Fashion Police have decided on what ppl should wear to improve…
Emily Ratajkowski looks like she just rolled out of bed in this dress:
stop fashion police! 😂 can I take you shopping please because you obviously have a good fashion sense.
The only threat oor Jeremy is is to fashion and under the the of being attested by the style police. They slept with
Not to be mean but she should have been arrested by the fashion police.
"Brave and sad and thrilling and painful and raw and so magical". - Tony Tripoli - Fashion Police. "Very Funny,...
'The armed wing of the fashion police'. Read on the t-shirt:
I'm not going to play fashion police, but, personally, I like a little more between me and an airplane seat.
Fashion police (I could not do it without laughing 😂😂)
Your Daily Rachel. On her way to report me to the Fashion Police for a flagrant White Socks With Sloggers...
43. Misprgramas favoritos son: Keeping up with the Kardashins, Fashion Police, Rich kids of Beberly Hills,…
Fashion Police is back on duty! The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry joined co-hosts Melissa Rivers, Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski, along
I don't know why Melissa insists on being the lead host on Fashion Police
- Melissa Rivers looks like a train wreck! How can you be on Fashion Police and look that hideous?
They hated Cate Blanchet's Givenchy gown on Fashion Police. I think it's a work of art 😱
Do you think it was a coincidence that Melissa Rivers had purple hair Fashion Police?
Electronic Device Insurance
Watching the Fashion Police interview on Lorraine. Melissa Rivers' face is pulled so tight, I could skate on it.
What we can learn from Guiliana Rancic's "Fashion Police" faux pas
Melissa Rivers looking extra tight on Fashion Police
Melissa Rivers will never be what her mom was on Fashion Police. So no.
Kelly Osbourne's Feud with Giuliana Rancic & 'Fashion Police' to Blame for Unemployment?
Finally decide to dress decent and all of a sudden think you the Lieutenant of the fashion police. ⚰
Set DVR now for Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, E! News & Fashion Police on Mon Jan 11
ALL the time...I didn't get a job on E! Fashion police but now I'm living in London on an amazing show!
my top Annie joke of 2015: getting called out by the "fashion" police for wearing all black.
I'm surprised the fashion police haven't been after you ;)
apparently o. When there's food to eat, booze to drink and smallies to toast na fashion police I go dey do?
Many girls even go to weddings to seize bae, so they shouldn't look elegant cos the bride has low self esteem & has become fashion police?😕
Lol don't concentrate on your wedding. Go and be doing fashion police
Our Motorclothes fashion Police are ready to help you make good choices this year!
Our Harwood Heights Police participated in a good old fashion game of basketball for a very good cause!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
He should be arrested by the fashion police for that outfit. He looks like a *** probably a fan
Cultural and Fashion police with a hint of Patriotism to promote india and Sindh globally
Fashion ones! He's always getting his collar felt by the style police! It's the crocheted tanktops!
Do fashion police do house calls... That's what we need in 2016 the number called before
Anyone got a number for the fashion police? Looking at a life sentence here...
Back off fashion police! Priyanka Chopra is killing her airport style game!
Vai ter fashion police do golden globes ❤
Fact. That is a bad and also unethical outfit. Call fashion police AND PETA.
news Family claims wrongful death in DHA police encounter
Family claims wrongful death in DHA police encounter
by karinahavsa, Fashion police on the slopes - more at
Kuya kev: ew how's that girl wearing high waisted shorts w/ no *** Someone call fashion police. Cause it's going back to back 😭😂
I've been overseeing the sale of tickets to (wherever u r).. no fashion police nor fat shamers boarded the flight.
Also, the fashion police would like a word.
Lahore gang-rape survivor attempts suicide after ‘pressure from police, prosecution’
Update your maps at Navteq
Khadezha said she don't got no pictures on her page cause she think the fashion police ppl gone talk abt her 😭😭😭
Hope you get it back Louise. He really should be arrested by the Fashion Police too.
Han Solo Fashion Police. Christmas break is over ladies.
Amber Rose and Giuliana Rancic talking about Harry on the 'Fashion Police' AMA's special
The biggest injustice in Making A Murderer is that everybody involved in the case escaped without being apprehended by t…
1DBreakUpdates: Amber Rose and Guiliana talking about Harry's outfit on the fashion police One Direc… https:/…
Comedienne Margaret Cho is the new co-host of Fashion Police
Actress and comedian Margaret Cho replaces Joan Rivers on Fashion Police
Only in LA will you see a sidewalk fashion photoshoot happening right next to someone being detained by police.
I left the house in leggings and a hoodie and my mom goes "you're going out... like that..." Like chill on me fashion police
for always being in style 🌼 and 👎🏼 at the fashion police they have no clue. One Direction
I guess police officers just carry tasers for fashion these days
Fashion police should also be notified.
: In true British fashion the Police arrest ( not kill ) a man who was stabbing people at
Unironically considering the possibility of dummy firearms as fashion accessories
All purpose parts banner
maybe just a little bit. Oo and thanks for being the fashion police with me 💅🏽
you di3 if e come shada and dressing fight p3, you dey around. Sorry oo fashion police
you really should be on Fashion Police!
The fashion police are here at the John's Landing store!! But don't worry, they're off duty.
Claire needs to be more wary of the French fashion police . Brutal 🚓🕶🚨
This fashion police host Idia or whatever,is always annoying and argues rubbish,bring back the old host annoying
Fashion police, need more units in Knightsbridge... Arab boys on Xmas holidays
read that wrong cause at mv I swear they hire fashion police they have the strictest dress code
Overheard at Target: "They don't need to match. There's no fashion police for 2 year olds." Clearly this man hasn't see Toddlers and Tiaras.
Find out which celebrity guests will be joining us for the return on Monday:. ht…
The Fashion Police is looking for me - way too many colors on by...
Have you no shame, did you not see the fashion police taking notes and fozzies. Yellow wellies my god
Pick/dissect/analyze Sioux falls SD Police Department to death is karma I been told. Is accountability in worse fashion. FYI SD Governor
I'm the fashion police of the videogame industry.
vile bigot. Wanted by the fashion police now
Tartan on tartan.. Oh dear some one call the fashion police 🙈
"we should be on fashion police for who wore this outfit better" . -old woman at target that I twinned with
I need fashion police back!!! Even if it's just me and my sisters judging people
Lol I don't know about this naija fashion police crew but DENOLA GREY slays. End of story.
Designer plays Eric Garner police video at New York fashion week show.
I just wanna know why guys are so concerned with what girls wear 😑 😒 who died and made you fashion police
I'm no fashion police. I'm all for learning how to acclimate your style to your character. BUT idk *** ppl be having on sometimes 😕🤔
Pensioner, 73, tries to snort cocaine in front of baffled police officer during traffic stop
the fashion police department welcome your choice of Attire
I added a video to a playlist Fashion Police
maybe there should be 'bike police' in place. Like fashion police but for bikes that are falling apart ;)
Police hunt for driver after woman pedestrian killed in rush hour hit and run crash
Wouldn't we love to ask some people, "what were you thinking wearing that to work?" Fashion police needed NOW!
You and the fashion police have a lot to answer for.
was playing syndicate yesterday and I saw a carriage run over an enemy and in typical asscreed fashion the police blamed me and attacked me
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Chicago police reports differ from video of teen’s shooting
Police reports contrast video in police shooting of teen
I kind of wish people did the same thing to guys who sagged but of course no one bothers to police men's fashion decisions
911: what's your emergency?. me: Aoba's jacket . 911: Jfc that IS awful!. WE'LL SEND IN THE FASHION POLICE RIGHT AWAY!
My hotel bathroom is TARDIS like. Such tiny doors that open in a police box fashion, but bigger on the inside.
Okay but I'd love it if the judges for Fashion Police was Ross Matthews, Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio, and Alaska as Anna Wintour
Coming up on Boxed In with Fifi this week is actress, author and host of Fashion Police on E! Melissa Rivers. Tune in from 5pm.
I like to call myself a follower of women's fashion.The Police like to call it stalking.
Six of my jokes made it into Fashion Police this week, making me six times funnier than last week. SCORE!
Police say boy who disappeared is victim of hit-and-run
Mufc christmas party, call the fashion police.
Call the Fashion Police.I don't own a black cosy or cable knit in my wardrobe: Criminal! 👮🏼 🚓 👮🏼 🚓 👮🏼 🚓 👮🏼
Fashion Police for a day. But they say I look like Shondell Washington giteewww
Muslim fashion photo shoot visited by police b/c they thought the clothes = "Islamic flags.". htt…
Welcome to our third-annual Hideous Holiday Sweater Run. We're in for a day filled with fun, fitness and openly defying the fashion police.
"My style?" He sighed, "Oh, I'm sorry. I never realised you were a member of the fashion police."
Video - Rap Musician Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose are guests of Fashion Police
When is done w/him, we're poz the Fashion Police want a word w/him
"Did you seriously call us here to play Fashion Police"? >>>>>.
*Fashion Police does NOT like this*. Here are 7 Worst Dressed Contestants We’ve Ever Seen On Indian Reality...
When's that fashion police video coming? I'm gonna jam up social media with it
Fashion Police: You Are Sure To Fall In Prem With Sonam’s Latest Avatar-The fashionista is here again, to woo an
Standing alongside her Fashion Police co-star and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski and Community actor Joel McHale, the daughter of Joan
Man who is ready for winter chill is accused by police. Balaclava now a fashion crime? Work tools also? Tsk tsk
dear fashion police, we need an intervention STAT.
Louisiana officers charged with murder in shooting of boy, 6: The child was in a vehicle with his father when ...
Someone link me to MMA stream time to be fashion police
Fashion shoot for a Muslim women's label is 'swarmed' by police via
So the Fashion Police missed him again!
Said I need a haircut/shave. If not the fashion police of the Islamic regime of Iran, it's the drunk *** of London.. Cavemen everywhere
Activity so that the electoral for the best entwine fashion kitchen police: zvAxGWdb
Middle of the night elfin construction, fairy quality control, and the tree fashion police.
Hey Loves,. . About to watch the finished Fashion Police Ep. 1 and probably have a little lunch with people
Getting my gear ready for tomorrow races. Judging Fashions on the Field. Stay tuned... The fashion Police is out...
Playing fashion police in uptown, tonight.Like OMG what is she wearing!!! 😂😂
My sister acts or thinks she is the "FASHION POLICE" like chilll .
Ana Veciana-Suarez: Let the fashion police loose on all the candidates
Were Jackson to play fashion police, he would likely recommend jeans, and A LOT of flannel.
Attractive sweaters are marred by a hideous font. Where are the fashion police when we need them?
Tracking Shake Shack's growth; the Fashion Police found Mario Batali; more a.m. intel
"Ma'am where were u when u found out about Kelly Osborne leaving Fashion Police?" "How long did it take news to reach Dominican Republic?"
E! says that Melissa Rivers will be a co-host of Fashion Police (with Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski) when it returns on Aug. 31.
Fashion Police, Spanked Jen. Got Katie Holmes from behind (not many can say that!).
Being that you are a part of the Fashion Police, I just wanted to know your thoughts on the Kanye West Clothing line?
They have Melissa Rivers on Fashion Police 😩😩😩 That first joke was terrible
Was doing Fashion Police your biggest professional regret? How did you feel about Melissa Rivers' comments about you?
Melissa Rivers you are ruining Fashion Police with that Nene..Not that that Chow chick is any better. come on now! Kimora Lee please?
"Showing your belly to the public is so 1999" said Melissa Rivers in Fashion Police // ch 712
Melissa Rivers taking over Fashion Police is the best decision.
Joan Rivers best bits from. Fashion Police are just genius. Bobby Warans you must get the box set I haven't...
Fashion designer does a show devoted to police brutality (the shoes made me want to tear up)
The studio produces a ton of Sunday programming AND provides asylum to those fleeing the Fashion Police
Fashion Police host Melissa Rivers goes on patrol in all bl... |
should I get this I need advice pls help me fashion police
Eric Garner police video screened during NYFW catwalk show:
Live from Skylight at Moynihan Station: The Fashion Police are talking trends.
A version of Les Mis where Kim Davis is doggedly pursued for years by the Fashion Police.
Fashion Police host Melissa Rivers goes on patrol at New York Fashion Week.
There goes the scarf. Don't mind beinf caught by Fashion Police.
The Fashion police are in full effect making sure God approves of your dress code. Whether you agree with the...
'Gunshots sounded as the models walked.' Kerby Jean-Raymond's police brutality fashion fb
Fashion Week show moves crowd with police brutality focus
Don't let the Fashion Police read this, they will *** sure try to stop you ;)
This is what fashion week should be about
Kelly Osbourne will never return to Fashion Police
Sorry to all you fashion police lovers out there but the show is scripted SUS
"New York Fashion Week show spotlights police brutality" We’re there when u need us
Wow! I can't believe I am on the set of Fashion Police Live! This is AMAZING! One Day I will be a…
Thought you was going to church to receive the word of God not be the fashion police
The political message is deeply personal: Before the age of 18, Jean-Raymond said, he was stopped and frisked 12...
Upcycled old police uniforms paraded in style in an Eco fashion show with and
On Fashion Police her is job to take the worst offenders against style to task.
Fashion police: Alabama town to ban saggy pants and too-short shorts after councilman ‘prayed about this’ http:…
Accidental pattern clash! I can hear the fashion police readying their bazooka 👮👚
"Madison Beer, looking stunning while working the carpet at the E! Fashion Police [...]" Megan Lanoux via Instagram
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The 'Fashion Police' only wants a 'hot' Johnny Depp back (VIDEO) - Malay Mail Online
Solange Knowles jumps in to defend Zendaya against the Fashion Police hair-bashing: …
Over it! Kelly Osbourne praises first episode of the new 'Fashion Police'
Lupita Nyong'o named E! Fashion Police best dressed at Golden Globes. Her 1st Hollywood red carpet appearance and she's cro…
Getting slagged off by Guiliana Rancic on Fashion Police definitely was a blessing!
Fashion Police at ODEL . Spotted this fashionista, Asst. Brand Manager at ODEL Nav rocks this all…
Margaret Cho tells me what her refreshing take will be on Fashion Police. Thank you,
Kelly Osbourne quits Fashion Police bc Giuliana was racist and the next thing that comes out of her mouth is racist. ht…
Kelly Osbourne left "Fashion Police" bc she disapproved of co-host's racially-charged comment. Then she does this: htt…
Working the red carpet! Interviewing Host Brad Goreski from Fashion Police!
Melissa Rivers new host "Fashion Police". after Kathy Griffin has a meltdown on set. Literally. The hot lights melted her down into a puddle
Melissa Rivers to Take Over as Host of Fashion Police. Just weeks after memorably declaring that Kathy Griffin...
Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa to take her place on Fashion Police. Why they went for K.Griffin is beyond me. .
Melissa Rivers rescues Fashion Police as she agrees to co-host
Melissa Rivers co-hosts Fashion Police after Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin quit
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Melissa Rivers & Kathy Griffin haven't spoken since the last taping of Fashion Police. Kathy trashed Joan's legacy. It all makes sense now.
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