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Amir Khan reveals the real reason for not divorcing Faryal. . Amir Khan, has finally revealed why he didn't sp…
I'm A Celebrity's Amir Khan FINALLY reveals the reason he called off divorce from pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom ...…
Amir Khan reveals the REAL reason for calling off divorce with Faryal Makhdoom!
Amir Khan has finally revealed to 'The Sun' why he didn't split from wife Faryal Makhdoom, despite months of public…
Amir Khan reveals why he called off divorce with Faryal Makhdoom
Lots of customers requesting for here. Missing Amir Khan on the show though! Faryal Makhdoom Khan…
After that incredibly high profile split, Amir Khan reckons has made his marriage to Faryal Makhdoom stro…
He said 'Islam' wouldn't let him leave her when she was pregnant
Amir Khan reveals why he isn't divorcing wife
Amir Khan has admitted that jungle life may have saved his high-profile marriage to Faryal Makhdoom
It was recently reported that the I'm A Celeb star went to the jungle to 'escape the drama' of their break-up... 🤔🤔…
Amir Khan reveals why marriage to Faryal Makhdoom will ‘last forever’ after detailing divorce plans
Amir Khan opens up about why he isn't splitting from his wife
I'm A Celeb's Amir Khan says show saved marriage and vows to win boxing crown once more
Amir Khan reveals I'm A Celebrity saved his shattered marriage to pregnant Faryal Makhdoom - as he vows to dominate…
Amir Khan reveals the real reason he isn't divorcing wife Faryal Makhdoom.
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I'm creasing so bad at Amir Khan and faryal makhdoom's Snapchat stories 😂 both sound like a pair of 17 year olds who broke…
Amir Khan vows to stay with wife Faryal Makhdoom 'forever' after
Faryal Makhdoom reveals real reason why she meeting Amir in Australia . https:…
'He's doing really well - he's overcoming his fears' says she's hoping there's a brighter future ahead wi…
Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom is "not so sure" about the boxer's chances of winning I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Ou…
I’m A Celebrity’s Amir Khan voted off – but pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom isn’t there to gr…
Amir Khan has been voted off I'm A Celebrity... but wife Faryal Makhdoom wasn't there to meet him:…
Sign that Amir Khan has forgiven his dad for branding Faryal Makhdoom 'evil'
Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom defends him amid Iain Lee bullying accusations and reveals their marriage is back…
I added a video to a playlist Beauty Of Faryal Makhdoom | Beauty Of World
Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom reveals why she's not in Australia supporting boxer on I'm A Celeb…
Amir Khan admits he made mistakes with Faryal Makhdoom
Indeed, we're all a big happy family ❤🙏🏼😘
Amir Khan FINALLY speaks out about public feud with pregnant wife Faryal
Amir Khan regrets feuding with wife Faryal Makhdoom and publicly accusing her of cheating on him with Anthony Joshu…
Amir Khan's wife has revealed ALL on latest pregnancy
T : 😎🙉🤗 : Make-up free Faryal Makhdoom demonstrates hair rep…
There's so much you DON'T know about the star's wife
New post (Amir Khan wife pregnant: Faryal Makhdoom baby details) has been published on urbannews -…
I wanna look like Faryal Makhdoom Khan she’s so goals
She's been VERY successful in her own right
Who is Faryal Makhdoom? Amir Khan's wife revealed as the boxer enters I'm A Celeb jungle an…
Faryal Makhdoom shares secret to luscious hair – showing no sign of missing I'm A Celeb's A…
A complete timeline of Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom's love-hate relationship
They had a VERY extravagant wedding
Yeah, the real one is too busy chatting to Faryal Makhdoom ready for when Amir hits the jungle.
It's been a REALLY tough time for the pair
The REAL reason Amir Khan is going into
😎🙉🤗 : Make-up free Faryal Makhdoom demonstrates hair repair…
Make-up free Faryal Makhdoom demonstrates hair repair product
Faryal Makhdoom goes make-up free in Instagram clip after reuniting with husband Amir Khan
Selena Gomez went back to Justin Bieber. The Weeknd has started checking out his former ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid Sal…
Amir Khan to spill marriage details in jungle?
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are back together and that's it, we can't keep up
Amir Khan is back with pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom weeks after accusing her of cheating…
Faryal Makhdoom is on the edge of divorce still she has returned to her profession of modeling and had done her...
- Faryal Makhdoom breaks her silence, EXCLUSIVE: Breaking her silence for the fi...
Faryal Makhdoom hints at reunion with estranged husband Amir Khan
Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan Reunites after a Short Period of Separation
Amir Khan brands mum-of-two 'sick' for revealing nude pic requests
Faryal Makhdoom Khan hints she's back with Boxer Amir Khan. 🤔
Faryal Makhdoom hints she has reconciled with Amir Khan after sharing cute family photo .
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom hints at reconciliation with Amir Khan via
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom congratulated by fans as they reunite for family snap
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom does bridal shoot weeks after bitter split from Amir Khan
New post (Are Faryal Makhdoom and Aamir Khan back again?!) has been published on People Magazine Pakistan -
'Soul mate': Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan spark rumours after posting family picture | Daily Star. Shared from
Faryal Makhdoom: “The best apology is changed behaviour”. Didn’t Amir have a Brazilian bird in his cab a few days ago 🙈
Are Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom back together? See sweet new family photo
Hilarious . It's an old photo poor journalism.
Faryal Makhdoom Khan. in embellished dress by Nazz Collection. SHOP =
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom teases reunion with Amir Khan with family photo on Instagram -
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom drops a huge hint she’s back with Amir Khan
Such a sad looking child. 2 jerk parents! Misery - should be outlawed. Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom hints at reconcilia…
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom reunites with Amir Khan for cute family photo via
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom hints she's back with Amir Khan in happy family Instagram snap
Faryal Makhdoom reunites with Amir Khan and their daughter in family photo: ‘We’re doing…
Aamir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are like a bad indian soap. Nobody really wants to watch it but still can't totally avoid it.
‘So happy’ Fans go wild as Faryal Makhdoom posts family picture with Amir Khan
Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan headed towards a reconciliation?
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'We're going to be doing this all over again': Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom hints at surprise reconciliation with estr…
Faryal Makhdoom shocks fans with shorter hair on Instagram
Faryal Makhdoom in a couple of years.
Faryal Talpur, Nisar Khuro and other PPP leaders offer condolence with Makhdoom Jamil-u-Zaman on his mother's death
Adi Faryal Talpur offering Fateha with Makhdoom Jameel Zaman on sad demise of his mother. May Almighty bless the de…
Faryal Makhdoom, you show everything to whole world, including ur boobs, thighs, bags, baby scan, and…
ARE YOU ALL READY? Faryal Makhdoom’s new collection available in stores now!
ICYMI: : Faryal Makhdoom is back to hustlin as she opens up…
Faryal Makhdoom opens up about the struggle of motherhood after Amir Khan split
Broken-hearted Faryal Makhdoom has spoken of how she's dealing with her pregnancy, looking after three-year-old...
Faryal Makhdoom reveals struggle of motherhood while her 'heart was breaking' over Amir Khan
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom divorce: The story so far - Sunday Mercury
Faryal Makhdoom announces she is back with Boxer Amir Khan
Amir Khan has sensationally rejected the pleas of Faryal Makhdoom to save their relationship. Badre Logon Ki Bari Batain Bhai
Amir Khan has announced he will divorce pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom, despite her pleas for.
Why does faryal makhdoom look like Jessica Rabbit
Faryal Makhdoom looks like MJ. Kamilla looks like Kuntashian more than her actual sisters do!
He told her to issue a public apology- it was all his idea!
Faryal Makhdoom deletes pleading apology as Amir Khan insists he WON'T call off their divorce: via
Amir Khan announces he WILL divorce pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom despite her pleas: via
Amir Khan facing knockout divorce bill as pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom is set for 50/50 split of his £30mil fortune
Very religious islamic faryal makhdoom takes bikini👙 as a gift from her so called brother and best friend…
09 Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom makes desperate bid to save her Marriage - VIDEO->
deletes apology after British boxer rejects reunion.
Faryal Makhdoom has taken down her pleas for forgiveness after estranged husband Amir Khan threw her apology back...
Amir Khan to divorce Faryal Makhdoom despite apology
Be more afraid if she looks up to Faryal Makhdoom 😂
Pregnant deletes apology to confirms
Amir Khan to divorce Faryal Makhdoom despite apology via
The latest twist in Amir's love split and Lewis Hamilton's music career steps up a gear - today's Bizarre in https:…
Hamilton Collection
Amir Khan and faryal makhdoom married life has more twists and turns than any low line indian soap.
Latest twist in Faryal Makhdoom-Khan/ Amir Khan split drama shows narcissism at it's best.  via Yep
Embattled wife of British boxer, Faryal Makhdoom deletes apology message to husband and family -…
Faryal Makhdoom apologises to Amir Khan's family in last bid to save their marriage
Amir Khan has the final word in spat with Faryal Makhdoom
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom goes back on apology to Amir Khan sending a clear message
I feel like this should be known to the world but I am so team faryal makhdoom
I really hope faryal makhdoom does get divorced and takes all his money and full custody and marries a real man.
Amir Khan confirms he is divorcing wife Faryal Makhdoom after she hints at reconciliation:
Amir Khan REJECTS Faryal Makhdoom's pleas to save relationship and confirms they WILL divorce
'Divorce still on': Amir Khan 'cons' humiliated Faryal Makhdoom into announcing reconciliation.
How cares more abt protecting his family's honour than his own wife. Typical paindoo in other words
Well done Public humilation of tarts like is always entertaining.
The couple and both parents of each side should keep egos aside, not only to save couple, but their children as well
Boxer Amir Khan confirms he is divorcing pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom
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Faryal Makhdoom deletes apology to Amir Khan after being rejected by boxer -
'My unborn child doesn't deserve a broken home': Faryal Makhdoom announces she is BACK with husband Amir Khan
Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom shares first picture of unborn child as she prepares to -
Amir Khan's wife, Faryal Makhdoom is absolutely disgusted after the boxer's cheating s*x tape filmed just weeks...
Amir Khan's wife says their has been destroyed - who keeps only one copy of such an important document?! 🤔
These past few weeks I been feeling bad for Faryal Makhdoom but she really needs to stop posting heartbroken quotes if she's faking half
Boxer Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom turn to Muslim holy man Pir Saqib Shami to save marriage - VIDEO->…
Faryal Makhdoom is pregnant?! . If the kid comes out dark skinned & with an afro, I swear this'll be the best star…
Here's how much Amir Khan faces losing to pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom in bitter divorce .
Amir Khan’s pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom could get HALF of his £25m fortune in divorce
Faryal Makhdoom to raise Amir Khan's baby 'without his support...'
Boxer Amir Khan may face divorce bill of up to £15m in split from Faryal Makhdoom
After split with and news, sources claim she wants to raise the baby alone:…
Faryal Makhdoom announced that she's expecting a baby and people are replying with "who's the dad lol? 😂". Have some shame, y…
Amir Khan’s spouse Faryal Makhdoom to obtain HALF of his fortune
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom takes savage swipe at husband Amir Khan after revealing plans to raise unborn baby alone…
THIS is how much Faryal Makhdoom could get from her bitter divorce from husband Amir Khan.
Amir Khan’s pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom set to get HALF of boxer's huge £25 million fortune in bitter divorce…
Amir Khan faces £12MILLION divorce bill over break up with Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan faces knockout divorce bill with pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom set for HALF of his £30million fortune – a…
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom set for '50/50 split' of husband Amir Khan’s £30million fortune in divorce
Divorce expert forecasts Amir Khan will lose £12m and custody of daughter :
Faryal Makhdoom to squeeze £12 MILLION out of Amir Khan in divorce bill
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom branded "childish" after awkwardly cropping Amir Khan out of her ...
Amir Khan 'could lose HALF of his £25m fortune' in divorce from pregnant ex Faryal Makhdoom
How Amir Khan’s modest Muslim wife transformed from demure to vamp: Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom posts defiant message vowing to 'move on'
Grim-faced Amir Khan returns to UK for first time since splitting from wife Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan’s estranged wife Faryal Makhdoom taunts him with pic of their daughter
Amir Khan CONFIRMS split from wife: Boxer speaks out on THOSE Anthony Joshua claims - Daily Star :
Faryal makhdoom and Amir Khan acting so childish ffs they both stupid asf 🖕🏼
Faryal Makhdoom’s dramatic transformation from demure to diva
This story is what money buys get out there and drag him. Sleepness night with prossies more like..
Faryal Makhdoom was actually pretty at some point. *** what went wrong?
Amir Khan HACKED amid 'split' from wife Faryal as she DELETES explosive posts? - :
How Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom wed in one of N.Y most famous hotels in front of the great...: qua
Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom returns to Instagram with a selfie after claiming boxer ‘never mentioned’ divorce
Great response to my blog on attitudes towards women during marriage breakups in South Asian communities-thank you!☺️
Great piece by on marriage break up of Amir Khan & Farhal Makhdoom!
Amir Khan/Faryal Makhdoom conflict is an example of why these things should be dealt privately, and not on social media. It's shameful ☺
Another twist in & story, Model who romped with Amir Khan says she warned her.
Faryal Makhdoom to Amir Khan:. "Do you see what I done, came with a brown guy, left with a black one!" 👨🏽👨🏿
Amir Khan reveals plans to get back in training after split with wife
I can't Sleep at night after breakup from Faryal Makhdoom Said Amir Khan Boxer || News point: via
tells Instagram followers to 'hold your head high' in latest post | Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan says he is 'gutted' about split from wife Faryal Makhdoom and has not slept since their public ...…
Faryal Makhdoom 'tried to backtrack on fued' with Khan. via
Amir Khan says he is "gutted" about break-up with wife Faryal and has been struggling to -
When you are rich and confuse where to spend all the money. faryal makhdoom
Another post from also deleted, mysteriously displayed the Arabic word for 'patience'. Despite
Nice piece by in the aftermath of the Amir Khan marriage breakup
Who is Anthony Joshua? Boxing champ accused of relationship with Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom ~…
Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom 'to divorce' as he claims she cheated on him
Tyson Fury weighs in on the Amir Khan, Makhdoom and Anthony Joshua drama | Faryal
Family feuds, business fall-outs and bailing on his beloved Bolton – everything Amir Khan
Faryal Makhdoom ‘tried to backtrack Amir Khan split for the sake of their child' via
Faryal Makhdoom tells Instagram followers to ‘hold your head high’ in post
Tyson Fury weighs in on Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom and Anthony Joshua drama Tyson Fury has w...…
Faryal Makhdoom Faryal Makhdoom has returned to Instagram with her first post since...
Here's the lowdown on Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom - after boxer confirms they've SPLIT PESADO
Amir Khan reveals he is ‘GUTTED’ about break-up with wife and struggling to sleep.
I don't care whatever happens between Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom. Actually, that's their *** life, they've full right to take decision.
Amir Khan insists he and Faryal Makhdoom HAVEN'T been hacked and confirms they are splitting up: 'Everything I...
Amir Khan revealed the truth about his marriage
Who needs the Kardashians when you've got Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom.
Lingerie model who romped with Amir Khan behind his pregnant wife's back claims…
Join 7 people right now at "Amir Khan Cheating Allegations: Full Story & Must-See Details"
Anthony Joshua responds to Amir Khan's claims over wife Faryal: 'It wasn't me'..
Muslim women deserve dignity,not via text! .
Amir Khan's family PREDICTED bitter love split just months ago and are 'relieved' boxer has ended it with ...…
All the things Amir Khan 'gave up' for his wife Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom shares cryptic 'arrogance' message from the Quran after 'trying to make up ...…
People saying " Me ludo me gems use ni karta" is just like Faryal Makhdoom saying " Me make up ni karti"
Amir Khan's family predicted bitter love split just months ago
Awareness Program by Faryal Makhdoom:. Don't marry a Men who has less than the size of a Paper Pen.
NEWS 24H | Amir Khan’s family 'slam faryal makhdoom after their split' - but she blames them for me: via
Faryal Makhdoom is a perfect example of money and fame not bringing you happiness. Shame she lost herself in it all, now she…
I feel sorry for Faryal Makhdoom, the amount of hate she gets from asian guys and girls is awful
Amir Khan's wife has undergone quite a transformation
removed Faryal Makhdoom from snapchat, i added her for drama not to see her promote body lotions.
Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom is virtually recognisable from the time the pair got engaged…
Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom looks completely unrecognisable in photos from the early days of their relationship
Amir Khan CONFIRMS split from Faryal Makhdoom in candid Snapchat clip as he rubbishes 'hack' claims: ...…
Faryal Makhdoom posts this pic of a baby and she gets this comment 😭 girl can't catch a break, she gets hate for NO reason.…
Faryal Makhdoom Khan's transformation still makes me a little upset sometimes
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom's relationship drama is the brown version of Rob and Chyna's drama 🤣
faryal makhdoom used to be very pretty at one time tbh, I loved her. Ab to iska moo sarkari school k wiper jesa hogya hai.
Amir Khan splits from wife amid claims 'she cheated with Anthony Joshua'
Amir Khan has accused his wife of having an affair with Anthony Joshua in explosive rant
Amir 'King' Khan announces split with wife Faryal Makhdoom
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Some Western media: "Hijab is bad!" Same media: "But her lifestyle is too Western and immodest. Let's shame her." 🤔
Amir Khan has CONFIRMES his split from Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan and Faryal makhdoom are basically the *** version of the rob and chyna drama 😂
in the world Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom be like Imran Khan and Jemima...
Boxer Aamir Khan part ways with wife Faryal Makhdoom
Faryal Makhdoom just creeps me out she looks like an alien
No offense but *** did Faryal Makhdoom do to her face lol
Amir Khan CONFIRMS split with wife Faryal Makhdoom in THIS candid video ‘It’s all true’ - WATCH IT HERE .
British boxer brings rift with wife in the open.
Faryal makhdoom was actually very pretty before all those surgeries
. This shouldn't be happening. This shouldn't be public. . May Allah bless all the couples. . Faryal Makhdoom
& Faryal Makhdoom are the desi Kardashians.
Among all this & Faryal Makhdoom drama I feel so bad for their daughter Lamaisah..
After Ayesha Gulalai comes Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom - to make sure you never have a moment of boredom on good old T…
Nobody knew Faryal Makhdoom before she got married to Amir.
Amir and Faryal Makhdoom are as desi a version as it gets of the Kardashians.
Amir Khan boxer announces divorcing his wife Faryal Makhdoom,relations with another boxer
Amir Khan announces divorcing wife Faryal Makhdoom, accuses her of cheating with Anthony Joshua
So Faryal Makhdoom cheated on Amir Khan with another boxer. Lol what a *** bag
Amir Khan confirms split with Faryal Makhdoom after claiming she cheated... qua
Boxer Amir Khan confirms split from wife Faryal Makhdoom in Snapchat video
Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan need to learn how to handle a divorce from Imran Khan & Jemima Khan. Not every estrangement…
Faryal Makhdoom was nothing before Amir Khan came into her life...Sure you were rich but you only achieved this "celeb" stat…
No wonder Faryal Makhdoom is big fan of keeping up with Kardashians.
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are both immature. Why not just discuss your issues on the phone, not social media.
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are a living example on why you should never marry someone who comes from a complete different…
Faryal Makhdoom Amir Khan has split from wife Faryal Makhdoom and accused her of cheati...
Who does Faryal Makhdoom's makeup tho it's so on point
Amir Khan's career is dead plus he a cheat, Faryal Makhdoom is 30% plastic, point of the matter is they don't represent us 😴🇵🇰
Faryal Makhdoom was so pretty before she got all that surgery ☹️
Live scenes in Anthony Joshua's house when he's banging Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom
JUST IN: Insiders at PTI confirm that Kaptaan is trying to get hold of Faryal Makhdoom's BlackBerry PIN
Confirmed: Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom; both are together and haven't parted ways. They're still into the bond...
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are like the Rob and Chyna of Pakistan 😂😂😂
you're telling me Faryal Makhdoom's account was hacked but not Amir Khan's
Me trying to understand Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom story.
Anthony Joshua hits back at Amir Khan's accusations he cheated with Faryal Makhdoom with hilarious response
So the current on faryal makhdoom's snapchat
So it's true! Amir Khan makes it perfectly clear on SC that he and Faryal Makhdoom have split.
In a world of Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan be Like Imran Khan and Jemima Khan
Everyone: "Neymars transfer is the most unreal transfer i've ever seen". Faryal Makhdoom: "Hold my shisha pipe"
Amir Khan accuses wife Faryal Makhdoom of Anthony Joshua affair: Boxers embroiled in scandal as Khan announces ...
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have Split Up! - WDW is sad to announce the split of Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoo...
World's biggest drama orchestrators Faryal Makhdoom. They shall not be given such massive attention for which they are dying
Faryal Makhdoom is just Ayesha Gulalai, who went abroad for higher studies.
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I'm not inspired from ayesha gulalai I'm inspired from faryal makhdoom's case ,my name is majeed chi…
Amir Khan and faryal makhdoom are an embarrassment.. Both as bad as each other😂
Faryal makhdoom snapchat is going off! Amir Khan you naughty boy
Hope She is Right at lease for the Sake of their Daughter Lamisha they need to unite together.
Faryal Makhdoom is a weirdo. She Snapchatted her & Amir's accounts are hacked, & when he posted a vid saying it was true, now shes ranting!
This Faryal Makhdoom v Amir Khan fight has moved to Snapchat...
What's the difference between Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom?. One is made out of glass. The other, plastic.
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom just became the Rob and Chyna of Pakistanis 😂
Faryal makhdoom literally disgusts me; idc about what she wears or does to her face cont...
British Boxer Amir Khan and his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, are spilling all the tea right now.
This Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom situation is a pakistani version of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna lmao ngl
Tbh Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan are goals, of course Attention seeking goals.
Amir Khan says his account was not hacked and it is real whereas Faryal Makhdoom says both of their accounts got hacked. Wh…
Lool both Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom need to grow up. You're both messed up 😂😂
Three people whose social media privileges should be revoked immediately: Faryal Makhdoom, Amir Khan, and Naeem-ul-Haque
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When Amir Khan sees Faryal Makhdoom without make up.
Faryal Makhdoom's snapchat 'back in London back on my grind' grind? Doing what? Not seeing ur kid for months straight & planni…
The Amir Khan - Faryal Makhdoom war has moved over to Snapchat now 😂😂😂
Faryal Makhdoom speaks bout her heartthrob Ranveer and mentions Deepika :) (tfs
Updates | "Ever since I saw Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani, I’ve fallen in love with him"- Faryal Makhdoom…
Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom posts Snapchat video in wake of sex tape leak – The Sun
Faryal makhdoom is in need of a stylist 😫
I regret the day i followed faryal makhdoom on snapchat
Aseefa and Bakhtawar Bhutto meets Boxer Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom in dubai
Seems like Faryal Makhdoom must be getting loads of freebies from Adidas 🙄😊😌
So this girl is comapring her bhabhi with faryal makhdoom,UGH!☻
Momina Mustehsan and Faryal Makhdoom at Mike Tyson's academy launch gala in Dubai
Faryal Makhdoom what you have done to Yourself
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