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Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Rafiq Zakaria (Konkani/Hindi: फ़रीद राफ़िक़ ज़कारिया, Urdu: ; born January 20, 1964) is an Indian-American journalist and author.

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sees opportunity in America's declines (Gazette)
"The situation in Syria is quite different from Libya"- Fareed Zakaria -
CNNs Fareed Zakaria agrees with that analysis! But then that has been the theme since the elect…
Fareed Zakaria: China sees opportunity in America's decline
Quote by: Fareed Zakaria "What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and……
Fareed Zakaria, of CNN, is so ignorant of Islam – that he does not know that he is IGNORANT: just like most...
Per Fareed Zakaria - under Trump we've seen a decline in America's moral authority/strength in the world. He's right.
Column: rise turbocharged by decline. via
1/ Fareed Zakaria's debate between partisan economists about tax cuts shows weakness, disservice in TV news about controversy.
Lynda, good evening. Why were you unable to get Erin McLaughlin's report from Barcelona? Up next is Fareed Zakaria GPS ???
Bill Browder explains the Magnitski Act on Fareed Zakaria Gps (10/29/2017) via
Michael Ignatief on Fareed Zakaria - excellent on Catalonia - smart guy-especially in US.
fareed zakaria this guy is still selling a bill of goods, lowering taxes for the ultra wealthy will NOT bring money back home, more will go
"The crisis over Catalan secession...and Bill Browder explains why Putin put him on Interpol's wanted list... for...
Did anyone catch Fareed Zakaria’s opening segment on China’s emergence as a world power superior to the US? He spoke truth.
Fareed Zakaria's attack on America today is repugnant. No Fareed, MAGA will not demote America's world stature, it will enhance our power.
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did you just say Fareed Zakaria GPS starts right meow? I doubt it, but that would have been awesome.
Sunday’s.cuddles with pup, Coffee, Fareed Zakaria GPS and NFL PreGame. What’s you fav…
Wonder if CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s GPS has anything to do with Fusion GPS 😂
Fareed Zakaria Trump first POTUS in recent times not to own a pet. Not surprising since he has many "pet" sheep in GOP following blindly!
Fareed Zakaria just pointed out that James Polk was the last president who didn't have a pet while in the White...
As always, Fareed Zakaria had another great show on CNN's GPS
Despite (more likely because of) his political and academic career, appearing on Fareed Zakaria is probably the mos…
fareed zakaria Trump DOES have a pet, Fareed--Mike Pence, his poodle.
I just saw Equitorial Guinea 🇬🇳 advertise itself on CNN International Fareed Zakaria
CNN Fareed Zakaria did fawning interview with Bill Browder about Magnitsky Act without asking why Browder renounced his US citizenship
Good God Fareed Zakaria is interviewing fake Canadian Michael Ignatief about how awful Catalonia voting to separate…
Fareed Zakaria is crazy, we have multiple identities, I am Khumalo, of Nguni, they called themselves palm race once, there is zero conflict
Kudos to Kevin Hassett for clearly, and temperately, putting Fareed Zakaria and various libtoid economists down and supporting the tax plan.
Fareed Zakaria, this morning..."China is confident and composed as U.S. descends into chaos"
(In case you're wondering: Aziz Ansari, Aasif Mandvi, and Fareed Zakaria are all from Muslim families from India, n…
. Mr. Kim, as a Brazilian, may I suggest you to accept Fareed Zakaria's self invitation to interview you? You can only look good.
Fareed Zakaria called for the death of all white woman and CNN said nothing .
Fareed Zakaria answers your questions about North Korea | STATE Magazine
Fareed Zakaria To White People: You are Dying and Trump Can't Save You. . This is about saving the US from barbarians!
7 questions about North Korea: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria answers your questions about the nuclear threat
Fareed Zakari on the truly scary thing about the Trump presidency: via
Fareed Zakaria: 'Julius Caesar' in Central Park 'brilliantly interpreted for the Trump era' | Fox News
Fareed Zakaria answers your questions about | STATE Magazine
Fareed Zakaria answers your questions about NorthKorea | STATE Magazine
Fareed Zakaria on whether Kim Jong Un is crazy. (Spoiler alert: no)
Do the same 'guidelines' apply for CNN when one of their own ***
Great show Bill, it's as if you taught Fareed Zakaria how to tell a joke! Loved the guests and the comedy!
Fareed Zakaria imagines an interview with Kim Jong Un
I’m an eternal optimist about America. But here's what worries me: I discuss in my Q&A with http…
Fareed Zakaria and Christiane Amanpour need to get hitched. Looks like a match made in heaven
has a crazy and dumb hypothesis on Trump presidency
Fareed Zakaria on breaking norms and the Trump presidency via
Unbelievable! Fareed Zakaria wrote this? My God, miracles happen, now I believe! 👏
Fareed Zakaria on the decline of liberal democratic culture via
Fareed Zakaria on most important lesson of Trump presidency Dems need 2get more aggressive at defending these norms
.“If this becomes the new norm, then we’re starting to look like Latin America 40 years ago.”
The US will stay democratic, but is becoming less liberal - (respect for the rule of law & basic freedoms)
I love your Friday Funnies. Fareed Zakaria "Very smart take".
Fareed Zakaria on the most important lesson of the Trump presidency via
Worth the 15 minutes of your day to read this article:.
Why Putin is the world’s most powerful man. Fareed Zakaria: To understand Vladimir Putin, you have to understand...
Fareed Zakaria slams Trump: guiding mantra not art of the deal but of the bluff (VIDEO) via
CNN's Fareed Zakaria spent a minute on our Fake News study. Squint and you can almost see us https…
Great watch. Fareed Zakaria: Trump has mishandled North Korea via
Bill Maher and Fareed Zakaria SUDDENLY admit that the alt-right is 100% correct about immigration.
"Maher told CNN's Fareed Zakaria he hoped the market would still crash,". Yeah cause only republicans have 401K's at work.🙄
Fareed Zakaria Fareed your segment with Blll Mahernot politicians DTrump's wanting to become Dictator
I liked a video Fareed Zakaria: Trump has mishandled North Korea
Trump has been making ominous threats his whole life | Fareed Zakaria
Watching on CNN w/Fareed Zakaria, need to say THANK YOU for messages loud & clear re millenials, colleges & smartphone addiction.
. Can you imagine what would've happened had been
My dad refers to as "my friend Fareed Zakaria." He loves his show so much!!! I do think they would really get along
"The main points of the New Testament are be nice to poor people and be suspicious of rich people." ~ Fareed Zakaria
“Trump often threatens to sue news organizations, but the last time that he did this was in 1984, more than 30 years ago.” Fareed Zakaria
.You left out Fareed Zakaria who encouraged CNN viewers to watch the assassination play n Central Park ca…
Zeynep Tufekci, Timothy Snyder, David Frum, Sarah Haider, Graeme Wood, Fareed Zakaria... and then Mike Cernovich. Which is out of place?
Putin to Fareed Zakaria : Your juggling w/ what I said. Your journo side is prevailing over your analyst side.
Read Fareed Zakaria's piece today. Although scary, I respect him. War for 10+ yrs? Hope not. Not sure WH + DoD are on the right path.
The United States is stumbling into another decade of war: By Fareed Zakaria Thursday, June 22, 2017 While we have…
Fareed spoke for all of us in this one. One of the very best moments in recent broadcast journalism:
Political polarization is ripping America apart, says
LOL, that was a homage to CNN's Fareed Zakaria famous eloquence on the subject 
Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria only people who believe it's fair and balanced.
Wolf blitzer, jake tapper and fareed Zakaria ONLY- the rest are bozos
'Conservative voices and views are being SILENCED entirely' - Fareed Zakaria bashes libs
It's the new narrative.Slam Saudi Arabia, say little about Iran. Have you seen Fareed Zakaria talk about it?
Fareed Zakaria seethes w/anger of USA, a country that has given him much! He hates US,…
Fareed Zakaria of advocates Jihadi rape of White Women. is real.
The internet is forever, can anyone prove Zakaria actually wrote this? It's believable but we should demand proof.
First a CNN employee holds up Trumps bloody severed head,now one calls a play about his assassination a MASTERPIECE! h…
Fareed Zakaria is trying to shed light on the new divide as the most urgent crisis America is facing
Fareed Zakaria says identity politics is ripping America apart
CNN host Fareed Zakaria endorses play which features the mock assassination of President Trump.
CNN host Fareed Zakaria celebrates the mock death of President Trump in a play. Knows the death is Trum…
.on President Trump so far: "Do not confuse motion with progress...he's hardly done anything"
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CNN is Reza Aslan . CNN is Kathy Griffin. CNN is Donna Brazile. CNN is Fareed Zakaria . CNN is Van Jones . CNN is Anti…
and there sponsors ! Let them know how we feel about Fareed Zakaria !!!
And, Zakaria is wrong. Just because I believe in your right to speak, doesn't mean I have to stand there & listen.
Talk to about respect and Trust! Get a brain! Fareed Zakaria: Lib's think they're tolerant, but they're not.
Must watch: on the role Saudi Arabia plays in spreading the radical ideology that fuels terrorism
Zakaria: Liberals think they're tolerant, but they're not! . makes so much sense; please watch!!
"CNN's brown token. But he's just trying to survive in a white man's world, poor Zakaria (by the way, he's not...
'Liberals think they are tolerant but often they aren't' says...Fareed Zakaria? - Hot Air Hot Air
Even Fareed had a wonderful point on this topic.
Liberals think they're tolerant, but they're not, says
. Dear its not ideas have problem with, its
Zakaria: Liberals think they're tolerant, but they're not.
Fareed Zakaria argues "Liberals think they are tolerant, but often, they... via
Fareed Zakaria calls out liberals for lack of tolerance, freedom of speech on U.S. campuses
For 5 decades, Saudi Arabia has "spread a narrow, puritanical and intolerant version of Islam," says featured in NBC s Science of Love
Fareed Zakaria: Liberals think they're tolerant, but they're not "listening to contrary views w…
Zakaria: Liberals think they're tolerant, but they're not
"Liberals think they are tolerant, but often, they aren't," argues
FYI Chrystia Freeland is coming up on Fareed Zakaria. 🇨🇦
I have basically given up on the Sunday shows, except for Fareed Zakaria's.
I added a video to a playlist CNN Fareed Zakaria Appears on Profanity-Laced Don Lemon Show
Friends, what was Fareed Zakaria's approach to interventionism? Libya, Iraq, etc.?. I saw him congratulating Prez Trump on the…
For every guy who uses the word 'fake', th…
"Who Are We" by Sam Huntington goes into this a bit - it almost predicts the rise of Trump in 2008 - a…
I watched this. Niall Ferguson - one of my favorite brainiacs - did well. Fareed Zakaria was clueless on...
Outstanding column by Fareed Zakaria - The education of incompetent President Trump (and us)
Fareed's Zakaria: Trump is a B.S. artist via ."so-called" President!…
A video about CNN: Fareed Zakaria challenges Glenn Beck's Muslim claim
The was between Fareed Zakaria and Niall Ferguson? Christ. I'd rather listen to two drunks yell at each other across the street.
Munk Debate on the Future of Geopolitics with Fareed Zakaria and Niall Ferguson. @ Roy Thomson Hall
Clash of the Titans, Niall Ferguson vs. Fareed Zakaria on the Q of Is the liberal international order over:
Never understood why Fareed Zakaria is held up as some sort of sage. Guess conventional Republican…
If only Rachel could interview Putin. If Fareed Zakaria could, why not Rachel?
Excellent; like Fareed Zakaria, Bret Stephens a shill for the energy industry
My view from the at Roy Thompson Hall - ready to hear from Niall Ferguson and Fareed Zakaria on Liberal…
At the Munk Debate. Be it resolved the liberal international order is over. Fareed Zakaria vs Niall Ferguson. Love…
Fareed Zakaria's campaign summary was awesome! LOL
I want to like Fareed Zakaria, seems like a nice guy; but I think he is supporting the bad guys. Status quo, economic disparity.
1/'The Post-American World' is a book written by Fareed Zakaria
The plural of anecdote is not data says Fareed Zakaria evidence says the world is better place today
I've often said that Fareed Zakaria is the smartest person on television. This dude is making a huge mistake...
Who knew that the liberal international was created by Mackenzie King when he met FDR. So says Fareed Zakaria at the Munk Debates.
"Fareed Zakaria and Steven Pinker are making the same mistake: the 'everything is awesome' mistake"
Fareed Zakaria: "the international liberal order is inevitable, because the alternative is unthinkable." This old chestnut, hey?
Niall Ferguson & Fareed Zakaria, in a one-on-one showdown on the big geopolitical debate of our era.
Fareed Zakaria: "The number of promises unfulfilled in President Trump’s first 100 days in office is staggering"
Fareed Zakaria is a fight for the wars in Africa during Apartheid.
Going see Munk Debate with Goo Time Charrie Joke on him! Just find out no monks debate! Just pragiarist roser Fareed Zakaria.
Turkey is "now leading the trend away from genuine liberty," says
Mississippi is my favorite. So blunt, so global. It's like the Fareed Zakaria…
It took Trump 💯 days to transfer power to war minded Deep State NeoCons. CNN so ecstatic,Fareed Zakaria now embedded w/Isis for war coverage
Fareed was nailed for serial plagiarism three years ago:
Really looking forward to Van Jones and/or Fareed Zakaria saying "this is the moment when Trump un-became President." Pick a day, any day.
Science is awesome! But Fareed Zakaria has lost all credibility.
“If you want to create great science…all of that is embedded in a political system."
That's goodbye to Fareed Zakaria, whom I have respected. One by one the talking heads suck up to the power.…
Oh, thank God! Last night I thought I was going nuts, listening to Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams & Fareed Zakaria talk about /1
He wants to please Joe Scarborough, Fareed Zakaria, Charles Krauthammer and Alex Jones simultaneously
Fareed Zakaria says missile attack shows Donald Trump "became President of the United States"
Zakaria: Trump is degrading the presidency
Breast Cancer Awareness
50 glorious seconds of Fareed Zakaria using the right term & its derivatives to describe the President, and his way…
hey tucker go watch Fareed Zakaria's "Putin the most powerful man in the world"explains why Putin hate HC
.Fareed Zakaria goes on a swearing jag while talking about President Trump! WATCH…
Fareed Zakaria on Pres. To Merkel on wiretapping: 'We Have Something in ... via
LOL. Fareed, If Trump was a BSer u guys wouldn't have to keep inventing lies to smear him. You could show it w facts. https:…
...and why has Fareed Zakaria not been fired from CNN?
Why? When BSing has gotten him so far in life!
Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections: via
Thank goodness for Fareed Zakaria and his thoughtful (not hateful) analysis of Trump's presidency. Sycophants don't help us.
Fareed Zakaria: 'The beginning of a power transfer from US to China' under Trump (VIDEO)
When not spewing profanity and lies about Trump is busy as most prolific plagiarist of our time!
Fareed Zakaria: Trump 'indifferent to things that are true or false'
Fareed's Zakaria said this on TV, so it must be true--just like Fox and Wiretapping. via
CNN’s resident Islamofascist, Fareed Zakaria, doesn’t get fired for having a potty mouth several times on live TV https…
Human rights activist Nadia Murad, with her lawyer Amal Clooney, tells her story to
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
.predicts a "handover of power from the US to China"
Be In The Know, provide by CNN's Fareed Zakaria and the Global Public Square team, compiled by Global Briefing...
Fareed Zakaria: Forget the jobs, enjoy the Trump circus (Gazette) - Charleston Gazette-Mail
Everyone should read Fareed Zakaria's OPED in today's Washington Post horse Presidency.
See YouTube of CNN's Muslim anchor & Clinton Foundation donor Fareed Zakaria - Briefed by Putin on WW3 - US voters left in dark.
"Another one of my favorite examples of a journalist getting it wrong on an epic scale was Fareed Zakaria’s 2009...
For what it's worth, I think Fareed Zakaria is the most thoughtful journalist out there. I never miss his GPS program. Smar…
Fareed Zakaria details the anatomy of a freak show.
Fareed Zakaria's take on Trump's presidency, comparatively, so far.
Fareed Zakaria had him pegged months before the election; he's a BS artist. His brain doesn't connect correctly to…
Never fall asleep with CNN on when you're sick or you will wake up after a fever dream about Fareed Zakaria.
Fareed Zakaria gives his take on President Trump's executive order.
All you need to know: they still publish Zakaria, distinguished plagiarist.
Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump's circuslike first month in office
"The Romans said the way to keep people happy was to give em 'bread & circus.' So far, all we have got is the circus." Fareed Zakaria/Wapo
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Do you mean Fareed Zakaria? Yeah, he's another bute as the Boss would say.
Trump is putting on a great circus, but what about his promises?: By Fareed Zakaria Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 Let’s…
Why do you celebrate a know Muslim racist? Do you hate white people too? .
CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Trump today: "What we just witnessed is the breakdown of the National Security process. Pres wa…
he could have also mentioned Fareed Zakaria, Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper
Currently watching on YouTube on The Legacy of Barack Obama hosted by Fareed Zakaria
Fareed Zakaria, on CNN just now: if this were Hillary Clinton, "it would be called treason."
Fareed Zakaria looks like a creepy Bruno Mars - Jordanism
"YOU are Irresponsible" Fareed Zakaria HIT Donald Trump on CNN vía
Yep, half of them were hoping 4 appointments & sinecures. Fareed Zakaria hasn't been the same.
Fareed Zakaria interviews me on this podcast:
complained to CNN's Fareed Zakaria about the network's political coverage. "You guys are playing his game, you are his oxygen
CNN-Anderson cooper,jim Sciuto,Jim Acosta ,Fareed Zakaria,Dr Sanjay Gupta,team CNN you r all good
If a senator calls me up and asks me what should we do in Iraq, I...
sigh? Fox has the super bowl. I'm sure you'd be elated if Fareed Zakaria was interviewing Obama.
Fareed Zakaria is a mystery. All we build that
Oh, and Fareed Zakaria, another CNN paid plagiarist.
Fareed Zakaria is deep & fair. Go beyond the title. Bet you did not read it!
Did everyone see the Comedy show the other day ? CNN's Fareed Zakaria interviews Valerie Jarrett, and she says : OB…
Fareed Zakaria, as a host on CNN, is known to misquote Putin as well as misrepresent Russia's intentions to the world. At the St Petersburg
.in all of your stories about Monica Crowley you neglect to mention Fareed Zakaria and his serial p…
It's hypocritical how excitedly went after Monica Crowley but Fareed Zakaria,guilty of plagiarism, still works for CNN.
Monica Crowley won't join Trump team after accusations of plagiarism...yet plagiarist Fareed Zakaria remains on CNN
That's nothing. Fareed Zakaria is a notorious plagiarizer & CNN lets him go to White House & interview Obama. No issue!
Crowley destroyed by you. In other news Fareed Zakaria, who is a serial plagiarizer, keeps his show and is your top int'l affairs guy.
Trump's World View and the World's Trump View, The Rise of Illiberal Democracy in the U.S.?,... (
Everyone must view Fareed Zakaria's talk on illiberal democracies + dangers they present. Someone would need 2 tran…
Fareed Zakaria, famous face in CNN wrote this in his blog !
Trump takes plagiarism more seriously than CNN. Fareed Zakaria still has a job at CNN.
Shame her name is not is happy employing plagiarists, just not white ones.…
Van Jones is pretty good and I want to start watching Fareed Zakaria. Otherwise, I avoid CNN like the plague.
CNN Fareed Zakaria Guilty of Plagiarism and they GIVE HIM HIS OWN SHOW--Crowley showed class
.where was the equivalent CNN headline for Fareed Zakaria's plagiarism? O right, CNN brushed it off as…
.Will CNN give Crowley her own show now? Serial plagiarism worked wonders for Far…
.. OK - is Fareed Zakaria going to lose his position too?
She could always work for CNN. Maybe co-host with Fareed Zakaria.
Hey there's always hope-maybe she can get her own show on CNN like serial plagiarizer Fareed Zakaria or become VP like Joe Biden!
How about CNN? Fareed Zakaria still has a show despite documented plagiarism.
.Maybe she can replace Fareed Zakaria? I'm tired of listening to that 3rd world piece of trash lecture Americans.…
Huh! Joe Biden did the same but went on to become the Vice President. Fareed Zakaria too, he now works at Clinton…
.*Journalists* Nina Totenberg & Fareed Zakaria exhibited patterns of plagiarism. What have your investigations revealed?
look I don't want you to reciprocate with 'Fareed Zakaria GPS' for 30 minutes please, thanks
crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Trump and election via
Thank you, Fareed Zakaria, for writing my Christmas list for me.
Why is it that the most sensible views on Trump have come from Muslims??? For e.g. Asra Nomani and Fareed Zakaria.
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When u r failing, there's a very powerful incentive 2put ideology aside &just do what seems 2work. Fareed Zakaria
I liked a video Sam Harris discusses with Fareed Zakaria about his latest comments on Islam being
Christopher Hitchens - [2009] - On GPS with Fareed Zakaria discussing
The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai, the biggest fa...
Bootlicker to power, nothing more, like Fareed Zakaria.
When you're failing, there's a very powerful incentive to put ideology aside and just do what seems to work. - Fareed Zakaria
Brought to you by Huma Abedin, Fareed Zakaria, and Salman Rushdie (Author of Satanic Verses) Atte…
Prescient from 1997: Fareed Zakaria on The Rise of Illiberal Democracy via
Fareed Zakaria: Trump is a cancer on American democracy -
Fareed Zakaria is Muslim, Who would have guessed !. . .
The roles of meritocracy and racism in creating a Trump presidency. Less than a week after the election, Fareed
In a very weak economy, when you say 'cut government spending,' w...
I can't wait to see & listen to Fareed Zakaria post election. He made himself an an enemy to Trump
This is satire and not true. The website this 1st sowed up is a spoof website.
Fareed Zakaria was editor of Foreign Affairs -- the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations.
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. Similar to England's end of empire. Fareed Zakaria wrote of this: Post American World. Well worth reading. :)
The GOP is history. What about the country?. The Republican Party, as we knew it, is dying, writes Fareed Zakari
have you seen Fareed Zakaria's 2015 interview with Michael Flynn?
Fareed Zakaria's influence makes CNN omit Pakistan in list of Trump problems... by via
Isn't it great having people named Fareed Zakaria tell Americans how they should act?
Congrats to Fareed Zakaria & Brian Greene for being on the Celebrity Forum Speaker Series! Tix to see Brian Greene▸…
From 2013: Fareed Zakaria on whether the United States is in a crisis of democracy.
That's what he has been working for: "The Post American World" book by the rat faced islamist Fareed Zakaria. It wa…
Hey Americans, if you need help deciding in November, go watch Bill Maher's interview with Fareed Zakaria
As much as I disagree and loathe Maher's views on Muslims, his interview with Fareed Zakaria - CNN (10/16/2016)
Trump's not going to just go away — Bill Maher Interview with Fareed Zakaria
Thank you Fareed Zakaria and Bill Maher, for an interesting interview.
Book Review: Fareed Zakaria explains America no longer alone as superpower: Fareed Zakaria is a TV talk show who…
Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN was one of his best shows today with an editorial that destroys Trump then doesn't stop. Worth wa…
Fareed had a rare interview with recently - here is an English translation
These two belong in Jail with Hillary. Fareed Zakaria is a personal Clinton Foundation donor in addition to CNN
A very good interview of by in his . Fareed Zakaria questioned Maher as to how...
Fareed Zakaria: The world is 'freaking out' over the US election via
on Fareed Zakaria's GPS this morning: "they will vote for a vegetarian before they vote for an athiest"
This is Fareed Zakaria's on being an important test of what it means to be an American.…
Fareed Zakaria about Bill Maher: "one of the most astute political observers of our time" Huge fan of them both!
Bill Maher is a complete liar and is talking complete nonsense on Fareed Zakaria's show; can Fareed save what little respect he has?
One positive thing about stumbling onto is Fareed Zakaria interview of It is FANTASTIC! Great insight into Crazy Trump.
Is Fareed Zakaria being paid by the Clinton campaign? His journalistic integrity has completely been sold!!
CNN scabrous, Bombay dishwasher Fareed Zakaria spews anti-Trump lies, and will be one of the first to be permanentl…
asks if he'll run for president on Fareed Zakaria GPS. I hope so!
- Bill Maher and Fareed Zakaria talk Trump v Hillary.
Things happening around the world are affecting you and me.
Fareed Zakaria hits the nail on the head in this article.
Fareed Zakaria - The GOP is history. What about the country?
Fareed Zakaria on CNN this AM, his opening review of Trump and the RNC was so accurate and well stated plus great interview wi…
Fair does not mean equivalency Watch Bill Maher WITH FAREED ZAKARIA
I'm largely in favor of financial reform.
.called Trump Hitler and incited the fire bombing
Watch break down the anatomy of and their supporters h…
This should make you feel a LOT better, Maher on Fareed Zakaria's show
Mark Levin educates CNN host Fareed Zakaria on the Constitution
LOL Renzi was in Fareed Zakaria GPS all compassionate about Muslim refugees
After reading some Colin Powell emails, I've learned that he respects the opinion of Fareed Zakaria. Read/watch FZ.
Fareed Zakaria Is Confused on Trade and the TPP The Center for Economic and Policy Research via
Excellent interview: talks foreign policy before speaking in via
People need freedom, but most important freedom they need is a freedom of expression. (Fareed Zakaria)
Fareed Zakaria on the preeminence of identity politics
One last question w/ "Aside from Middle East, what's going on in world?"
the Rest started few decades back. Fareed Zakaria, The Post American World
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. 1.Fareed Zakaria has always embraced his Muslim identity. He has been vocal in stating that he is not an
What happens in the media is the cult of personality. The brands who have been forced to cut
Nobody urgently *** off the Powers That Be like Fareed Zakaria. His latest in the Washington Post is middlebrow perfection.
If there is one lesson for U.S. foreign policy from the past 10 years, it is surely that m
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