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Far Rockaway

Far Rockaway is a neighborhood on the Rockaway Peninsula in the New York City borough of Queens in the United States.

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Few areas of nyc are neglected as diligently as Far Rockaway. It’s sad..
the next A train that passes jay street better be a far Rockaway train! Been waiting more then 20 minutes!
What’s new! Why was proper maintenance not done to ensure this does not happen! Every Monday this month…
Hello waiting a while where is the far Rockaway train getting to jay street?
hello when is the next far Rockaway train getting to jay street
Yes, Far Rockaway bound A trains will stop at Howard Beach-JFK. ^JG
The Autonomous Military People's Republic of Far Rockaway condemns all Western Aggression against…
Many thanks to for supporting the Autonomous Military People's Republic of Far Rockaway. North Kor…
I think simmons forsure is gonna be healthy. all of this as no disrespect to KP, by far one of the best young dudes doing it
Last 2 seasons but it seems to have caught up he just looks way more comfortable out there this season so far
...before getting would be Joe Budden killing 5 *** near the Far Rockaway LIRR station B/C they got projects there & then...
Just had an epiphany moment: In a land far Far Rockaway. ( Disclosure - This only works if you live in )
Especially, Brooklyn and Far Rockaway churches that treats a church like a social membership club. An Apostle did...
the Far rockaway A train should never go Local. We have a long commute as is.
.Sandy Recovery team announce progress at Redfern Houses, Far Rockaway
Looking back on some of our Hurricane Sandy content five years after the storm.
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I was in far rockaway this summer. I know it takes long time to rebuild especially other disasters happ…
I liked a video Far Rockaway bound R68A A Train from 14th St to Canal St
C LINE, sorry. Far Rockaway side. Towards front of the train.
"Buyers are cognizant of the storm, but it’s likely just 'in the mid-front of their mind.'”
Pleasant surprise end to my day. Also first time I’ve been in far rockaway @ Rockaway Brewing…
I still rep Queens to the fullest... far rockaway! 💪🏾
FAR ROCKAWAY, Queens — A man allegedly forced a 14-year-old girl into his car, took her to his apartment and then...
Far Rockaway. in morn ascendant light,. city housing projects, start of beach day,. have nots with a waterfront view.
Any subs in Nassau or Far rockaway Queens looking to do a cashmeets today? DM me 15$ to discuss
Far Rockaway's $126M revitalization is close to being approved
How many times can Kerry get harrassed by dirty men while minding my business in Far Rockaway? I hate coming home smh.
Nephew grew up in da projects in far rockaway, moms passed cpl yrs ago, did NJ youth challenge, joined the air for…
Compare health ratings for restaurants in Far Rockaway before you eat 20171028
I truly hate living in FAR rockaway
.A Latin dance party with live music at Beach 20th Street Pedestrian Plaza in Far Rockaway on Aug. 26.…
Bronx teen drowns at Far Rockaway Beach known for dangerous currents, NYPD says:
Teen drowns at Far Rockaway Beach known for dangerous rip currents:
Had a ball shooting Kemar for the campaign yesterday on Far Rockaway Beach.
Beer, tacos AND records at the beach? Sold! (@ Rockaway Brewing Co. in Far Rockaway, NY)
This is my Bad Boy kitty. What'd ya expect he was born in Far Rockaway! 😼. Naughty Cat!
Repass will take place at the Beach 41st Cornerstone Community Center . 426 Beach 40th Street. Far Rockaway, NY 11691…
About to take this ride to far rockaway 😩
4:42PM from Penn due Far Rockaway at 5:40PM is 13 minutes late due to congestion caused by a weather-related track condition in Hicksville.
Rainy days like this I be glad to not be in Far Rockaway
This *** weather yo! Feels like it's about to be a tsunami in Far Rockaway 😤😤😤😤
"Far Rockaway is where New York deposits residents it doesn’t know what to do with." Hmm
that Far Rockaway comment too, ugh.
A unique backsplash can make a tame space wild 🌊 @ Far Rockaway, New York
Modern design and functionality come together in this small Queens kitchen. @ Far Rockaway, New…
In ny being half black gets you treated full black. I never got any issues saying *** in far Rockaway
Will do! i think far rockaway has a 90s event on sunday's too (don't quote me lmao)
It's that time again. Project Window will be hosting its 5th annual "Queens of Far Rockaway" prom dress giveaway... http…
Whales off Far Rockaway? Coral living thousands of years? Enjoyed the new film: Ocean Frontiers III Nite!
Next on We have the next biggest thing coming out of Far Rockaway.
I don't even like the beach and I for *** sure ain't going to one in far rockaway, that's disgusting
Too far down. Rockaway ferry launches but do east end residents care?
Visit machine at Papa Food Market in Far Operated by Find more:…
*** always got something to say about Far Rockaway until they wanna throw a beach party. headass
URGENT! FOSTER NEEDED!!! . Three kittens living outdoors in Far Rockaway. Friendly and playful. Finder cannot... https:…
Police are looking for 2 suspects after a person was slashed at a Far Rockaway subway station
Regrets, there is a Far Rockaway bound train approaching 14 St, en-route. ^JG
3:36PM from Atlantic Terminal due Far Rockaway at 4:33PM is operating 19 minutes late due to an earlier equipment problem at Laurelton.
Hey can you explain why the 3:59 Far Rockaway train due at Rosedale at 4:16 is stuck at Laurelton right now ?
Each and every Friday in it's Happy hour Far Rockaway Shoreditch food 🍲 till 10pm then party late...
Marking structural columns at roof level in buildings in Far Rockaway NY
A new user ronnieronnie from Far Rockaway, New York joined Not4Dating
From the bowels of Far Rockaway to the beautiful rolling hills of Franklin Lakes. . From having no love to having...
It suppose to be 22" today. Wow. We still working. Far Rockaway tonight. @ Bronx, New York.…
Can you recommend anyone for this Sr. Substance Abuse Counselor (Far Rockaway, Queens) -…
" This is the 11:55 to Far Rockaway , the time is 12:05 we'll be moving shortly." Thanks LIRR . Not holding my connection is next .
Who the dope rappers in Far Rockaway? No old ***
to help. Police are searching for the parent/guardian of this 5-year-old girl found alone in Far Rockaway.
I'm hosting another town hall tonight at 5:30pm at St. Mary's Star of the Sea Parish in Far Rockaway. I'll see you there!
She has an appointment in Central Park South but we live in Far Rockaway so duh, no one is driving to the city.
Elderly man dies after falling in Far Rockaway Parking lot during snowstorm, police say:
Elderly man dies in Far Rockaway after falling during snowstorm, NYPD says:
The 1:22PM train from Atlantic due Far Rockaway at 2:15PM is delayed at East New York due to a train ahead assisting a disabled train.
more than anything BDB's streetcar proposal reveals intricacy of real estate market are coalescing in East Harlem and Far Rockaway
Far Rockaway and East NY the most notorious hoods in the city
Once I took LIRR and confused East Rockaway for Far Rockaway. Ended up in the *** end of Middle-of-Nowheresville.
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far rockaway bound A train to Far Rockaway? I'm stuck at Rockaway Blvd
Is there an A train shuttle from Rockaway Blvd to Far Rockaway?
'All nationalities welcome'. Thats very nice of you Far Rockaway. @ Beach 14 Supermarket
I really like this area of Far Rockaway that my mother lives in. It just feels easy, breezy with things to explore, the beach & nice complex
I had no idea you were in Far Rockaway. I figured y'all would make treks to the beach frequently lol
(Man dies after being punched during Far Rockaway, Queens, robbery: A 57-year-old man died in Q...
This brings back so many memories ..Robert Moses State Park. Took the long way home from Far Rockaway, Queens
And love be written on running water . . . Lawrence Ferlinghetti. (b. 24 Mar. 1919). A Far Rockaway of the Heart
New music video from Far Rockaway unsigned artist "Looney"
Question from the Midwest: What is a Far Rockaway?
We want to celebrate you and your new baby! Come to our NYC Children’s Cabinet baby shower Saturday in Far Rockaway.
The 1:36PM train from Far Rockaway due Atlantic Terminal at 2:33PM is operating 10 minutes late due to congestion in Jamaica.
I'm off to entertain the nice folks at New Horizon Counseling Center in. Far Rockaway, NY. Happy Wednesday everbody!
I remember I got into a fight with some Zulu Nation *** in Far Rockaway... They lost and called the cops on me...
$91 million will be spent to revitalize Far Rockaway!! For the full article go to…
The conductor of this Far Rockaway bound A train is a wonderful human
I took a half a xan in a Sprite b4 that show last night and woke up on the A train at far rockaway. 🙃
Next half marathon is this Saturday in Far Rockaway.
funny u look like a teacher in my old FAR ROCK h.s her name was MS.VANN is she your sister cuz u knw Rockaway is small lol
10:05 from Atl Term due Far Rockaway at 11:02AM is 10 min late after being delayed to accommodate customers from a late-arriving connection.
Downtown Far Rockaway on the move! Come out and help us shape the future of it!
EZ Kosher is now in Far Rockaway and Five Towns. Order from Frankel's Kosher Market. New Customers get $25 off...
I have seen about 3 different HACK games so I am not claiming expert, but I think this kid might be on the f…
today's Train hint: get to the far Rockaway trains there and back.
S/B A train sign says going to far rockaway, conducter says lefferts Blvd. come on now
We're Read about our latest opening here: SAT Teacher - Far Rockaway, NY - NY
The 1:05PM train from Atl Term due Far Rockaway 2:02PM is being delayed at Locust Manor due to a customer in need of medical assistance.
as in a few streets away or you're in Staten Island and the meeting is in Far Rockaway?
Far Rockaway leaves low claimers in the dust via
A racehorse named Far Rockaway, now living on a farm:. “Clearly this horse had no interest in running races anymore”.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Far Rockaway leaves low claimers in the dust
FAR ROCKAWAY: City revokes RFP for foster care group: See this story at By Patrick…
you got the Jewish vote in NY, winning Boro Park, doing amazing in Flatbush, Queens, Far Rockaway, Crown Heights!.
won Boro Park, Far Rockaway, Crown Heights, and South Williamsburg, basically all the moral neighborhoods.
New York: Ted Cruz came in first yesterday in Boro Park (57%) and did very well in Flatbush, Crown Heights, Far Rockaway and Queens.
The majority of Boro Park, Far Rockaway, and South Williamsburg voted for Ted Cruz! I'm so proud!.
The Hasidic community. Also why Borough Park and Far Rockaway are Cruz districts.
Fascinating tiny pockets of Cruz support in South Williamsburg and Borough Park. (Also, Far Rockaway.)
Live in Far Rockaway? Make sure to vote this week for which project you want in District 31!
Far Rockaway please follow the link!
The 8:25PM train from Far Rockaway due Atlantic Terminal at 9:22PM is being delayed west of Gibson due to a fallen tree across the tracks.
The reason we do what we do. To leave a legacy for the Next Generation or the way this article sums it up...
A New York City principal records raps and makes music videos wish his students as a way [
I just love the take over of the Mott Ave-Far Rockaway station for all that.
Far Rockaway principal uses music to his students to "believe in the impossible" .
Come out to Far Rockaway Library 2night to decide how to spend $1 million! Don't forget to say hi to
some random piece of Kentucky in the middle of Far Rockaway
"...part of the work is really believing in the impossible." Far Rockaway principal uses art to motivate - .
ATTENTION FAR ROCKAWAY RESIDENTS - We have some exciting upcoming events just for you. CALL MY OFFICE NOW to RSVP...
littt I need to make a trip to far rockaway
We are very excited that partner received by Congrats
Shout out to partner for being named Principal of the Week!
Far Rockaway is kinda the West Bank of 5 Towns. Children of Brooklyn Orthodox took over 5 Towns, now starting to settle Rockaway
Learn more about the great stuff happening in Far Rockaway in our upcoming issue in an article by Pick...
Learn more about Far Rockaway in our next issue with an article from photo by
Commuters took their horse drawn carriages to Far Rockaway Station to begin their commute to NYC in 1912.
Far Rockaway principal looks to bring pride back through art and music:
Take the "A"train(the far rockaway)to aquaduct let u in the place easy
Far Rockaway Principal Looks to Bring Pride Back Through Art and Music: Principal Shawn Rux of MS 53 released…
The air bnb in Williamsburg was too expensive, the one in Rockaway was too far away, this one was just right
Thanks to Queens DA Brown & Det. MacDonald for bringing the message of Love & Forgiveness to Far Rockaway students. https:/…
Coming back to far rockaway is bitter sweet. Where it all started.
Yeah, no reason to focus on Muslims neighborhoods more than on Boro Park and Far Rockaway
Far Rockaway looks so unsafe at nights
NOW: Rav Feiner opens JCCRP Legislative Breakfast at White Shul in Far Rockaway, with divar Torah on leadership.
The 8:22AM train from Atlantic Terminal due Far Rockaway at 9:15AM is being held prior to departure due to equipment trouble.
7 January 2016: 13-59 Davies Road, Far Rockaway, Queens / one family attached or semi-detached / one family home / $645,000 / 1 units
So this morning there were no A trains between Far Rockaway and Howard Beach, with no alternative given but 'guess you'll be late!'
beach 9th in Far Rockaway is a main artery & is paved like a 3rf world country. Any $ in the piggy bank to make it drivable?
I was raised in Far Rockaway, but I wasn't born in st. Johns lol
I was born in Far Rockaway, Queens. I've moved to Tampa a few times, but I always end up back in NY. Family, friends & New York is Home!
WATCH - The majestic fishing ship that beached in Far Rockaway, from a drone:
WATCH: Drone Captures Majestic Beauty of Ship Beached in Rockaway: The Carolina Queen III ran aground in Far…
Don't forget to buy your tickets for this weekend! .
Cleared: Construction on Both directions from Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue Station to 207th Street-Inwood Station   10% Off
Daniel Traver: Daniel Traver died Feb. 21. Born in Far Rockaway, he was a lifelong resident of Rockaway. Traver was…
If you ask me, Rockaway's going a little too to far keep out non-locals...
A dramatic rescue operation in Far Rockaway. And the Coast Guard crew sent to save the fishermen on this vessel-...
Boat gets stuck in Far Rockaway, Coast Guard boat capsizes trying to rescue passengers -
Fishing boat Carolina Queen still stuck in waters off Beach 59th Far Rockaway. Crew rescued
Rising to the Challenge:Far Rockaway home elevations are one of the many ways we continue to
US Coastguard Boat Capsized In Far Rockaway Waters-NY:. Trying to perform a rescue. What sort of vessel do they have to capsize so easily?
Coast Guard vessel capsizes trying to rescue fishing crew from this boat:.
Can you recommend anyone for this College Prep (HS Math & Verbal Skills) Instructor - Far Rockaway -
Coast Guard tries to save stranded fishing crew in capsizes via
Was it the Zchus of Torah? It happened at the beachfront across Seagirt Blvd in front of... https:/…
Coast Guard vessel capsizes trying to rescue stranded fishing crew in 12-foot waves:
Home lifting in Far Rockaway this morning.
To this day I am still fascinated that there is a place actually called Far Rockaway. Far. Rockaway. Dope name.
FAR ROCKAWAY: A US Coast Guard boat overturned while it was rescuing a fishing boat that called for help. The 5 crew members swam to shore.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Coast Guard vessel overturned trying to rescue this fishing boat that ran aground off Far Rockaway NY. https:…
The scene in my town this AM - U.S. Coast Guard boat overturns while rescuing fishing vessel in Far Rockaway
Photo: Fishing boat runs aground in Far Rockaway, NY -
Roads are flooded in Far Rockaway. Beach Channel Drive, Parts of Seagirt Blvd. Rockaway Fwy is impassible ate points
Senate Leader John Flanagan addressing the Darchei Torah Annual dinner tonight in Far Rockaway.
Kevin Brown, of Far Rockaway, found dead in Nassau County Jail cell | News 12 Long Island via
all I got to say is I'm the biggest fan of yours coke boys riot squad you are a Far Rockaway boy forever fly high
Remembering the late Harold Ramis on his birthday. . Illustration by Vlad Rodriguez @ Far Rockaway
MAZAL TOV: To our esteemed camp director Rabbi Deutch on the engagement of his daughter to chosson Zelman from Far Rockaway!
Birth of mazel tov to shmuel and miriam iann on the birth of another princess [Far Rockaway, NY, USA] on 10/08/2015
Mazal Tov to Shmuel and Miriam Iann (Far Rockaway) on the birth of a baby girl -
Mazal tov! Yosef Grumet is engaged to Tova Selevan from far rockaway. (the vort was held tonight)
Afterschool Program Staff needed (Far Rockaway): We are looking for motivated teachers and group workers ...
Police arrest local man identified as Earl Scott for Far Rockaway bank robbery, say he might have done others. See
The 5:53PM train from Far Rockaway due Penn at 6:47PM is operating 11 minutes late due to congestion at Valley Stream.
aimlessly walking around Far Rockaway by myself like a true free spirit.
Mattie Eddy, a Far Rockaway homeowner for 40 yrs. had her home rebuilt under LISC NYC’s Home Repair Program.
Far Rockaway woman moved back after Hurricane Sandy thanks to &
New York City high schools used to take home economics seriously. This photo of Far Rockaway High School ... -
Thank you funders! Glad we're able to be part of this impactful program that assisted so many Sandy Victims
8:54AM train from Far Rock due Atlantic Terminal 9:50AM is being held prior to departure in Far Rockaway Station due to equipment trouble.
This is your LAST CHANCE To place your ad in the Five Towns – Far Rockaway Magnet. CALL TODAY! 1888-666-1812
Members from BSSP, FSSP, WSPU & LCSW Shomrim are heading to Lcsw enroute to the search in far rockaway.
A Sandy victim from Far Rockaway is finally back in her house. The cost of construction came from charities:
Lcsw enroute to the search in far rockaway
Hey if you made the 6:27pm train to Far Rockaway a few cars longer it would make a ton of people happy.
*** honestly forgot that I use to bring them to far rockaway with me to chill wit some of my friends lol
Small item to send to Far Rockaway / Five Towns
Here's in Far Rockaway today - Dedicating home gutted in sandy rebuilt w $. more
Bank robber hits Far Rockaway branch, the second bank hit in two weeks. For story, see
Tickets for our Haunted Halloween party are now on sale: .
this *** had me on Beach 9th st in far rockaway talking about he live on the outskirts of long island i'm done
First lady Chirlane McCray visits with Far Rockaway woman whose Sandy damaged home was repaired by the Mayor's Fund.
We are honored to be working with in Far Rockaway, Queens, as we approach the 3-year anniv.
My Far Rockaway *** is wilding in them pjs I feel stranded when I'm out there
In Mac DeMarco's Backyard . out in Far Rockaway, Queens. New photographs on
Thank u for supporting Sandy recovery efforts in Far Rockaway today!
Like yeah you could take the 10:10 train to Far Rockaway and then transfer...
.joined in Far Rockaway to announce 501 Sandy damaged homes repaired by the Mayor's Fund.
.touring house in Far Rockaway that was renovated through neighborhood revitalization program after
Please join us in Far Rockaway with Ready Rockaway and St John's Hospital for our Queens Partnership Series.
Elderly man falls to death from 12th-floor Far Rockaway balcony...
Mistake on the NYCT train. Somebody forget to change the E to an A at Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York.
Queens is great! Probably best borough. Far Rockaway and Flushing is pretty unbeatable.
Queens, NY. Far Rockaway, right next to the ocean.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
First time I bought weed was '79 or so in Far Rockaway, Queens. Went down an alley, knocked on a door & asked for Granny.
OUTAGE: An elevator @ Far Rockaway - Mott Ave (Corner of Mott Avenue and Beach 22nd Street (Inside station house)) is out of service.
building homes in Far Rockaway today for a Hurricane Sandy relief organization 🔨💪🏻 .
Week long vacation capped w/serving at First Presbyterian of Far Rockaway this morning = awesome. But i sure do wish for 1 more vacay week
Following prior suspension, Far Rockaway bound A Train service has been restored in Queens. Expect residual delays.
Enjoy your shoot at Rockaway Beach Queens! By the way, Far Rockaway is 5+ miles away.
lola Far Rockaway, Beach Channel Dr. - slo:motion has added a photo to the pool: Queens, New York
FAR ROCKAWAY: Two die in fire at Far Rockaway home: NYPD...
an effort at community policing in NYC's Far Rockaway neighborhood:
2 dead in fire in Far Rockaway, Queens. FDNY: House was packed w/clutter
2 dead in fire in Far Rockaway area of Queens, NY - ABC7NY
Mumps outbreak in Queens neighborhood: Three cases of the mumps have broken out in Far Rockaway.
2 dead in fire in Far Rockaway, Queens
New approaches to community policing in Far Rockaway, via
2 Bodies Found After Fire in a Debris-Filled Home in Far Rockaway: The home belonged to a reclusive woman, an ...
A one alarm fire claims lives of 2 people in Far Rockaway. FDNY said clutter and debris made it difficult to reach victims .
Fyaworks has a show on 08/21/2015 at 08:00 PM @ The Rockaway Beach Boar... in Far Rockaway, NY
Heading to Fort Tilden / Jacob Riis today! Been to Far Rockaway Beaches like ~8 times this summer. Go beach or go home.
maybe Far Rockaway or pass LaGuardia 😱 just don't cross the bridge to the Bronx. No thanks.
sicilian at John's in Elmhurst is fantastic. New Park. Gino's in Far Rockaway has grt slices
Trying on these hats at this little stand in Far Rockaway. @ Rockaway Park –…
Far Rockaway got some nice houses out here by the beach..
We just listed the property at 323 Beach 39th St, Far Rockaway, NY 11691. 3 Bedrooms and 2 baths asking...
Having to go to far rockaway got me sick right now. I really don't miss living in queens.
Crazy fun shoot day with teens in Far Rockaway recovering from Sandy!
One under in Far Rockaway for stealing a bike. Because it was etched it was returned to owner thanks to RNSP Shomrim
if Far Rockaway is a playground, the players are wayward spirits who influence the atmosphere in an unsavory way.
in the afternoon? im going to far rockaway with Zack
Listen to F.Y.F Trippy Gang. They Wit Them Ops at Far Rockaway, NY by Poneaka Yungvado on
Two greenmarkets run by local teens opening Saturday in Far Rockaway and Ridgewood:
Focus group: we need to leverage existing repositories & resources to inform Far Rockaway seniors of what's available in their communities.
Olga Shynder: together, we can make a difference e.g. creating a senior umbrella network of Far Rockaway.
Hosting an event in Far Rockaway next Friday. Looking for to donate refreshments & take part in this amazing event!
Thanks for sponsoring our study & collaborating to serve Far Rockaway public housing communities.
Camille Becerra's Rockaway Beach residency is underway at The Summer Shift. Run, don't walk
Last time it was fog AND he was feeling "sluggish" Here is the excuse generator.
Good morning Linda? I have a question? Can you come out and do a weather here in Far Rockaway?
Sweep of Far Rockaway street gang shows extent of wiretapping in borough
Tall Juan in Far Rockaway. talljuanzaballa See you soon New York 🇺🇸
By the way, I was mineola and raised in far rockaway queens, but I lived Uniondale until I was 11, we moved to Atlanta.
RIP to my man Troy smith, who was buried in Elizabeth , nj today. great ceremony in far rockaway today, we'll miss you, boy!!!
The sun is out, I want some. It's not hard not far to reach, we can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach
Interested in this job? ADMISSIONS MARKETER - Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan in Far Rockaway, NY
Hablash — feeling hot at Beach 116st Far Rockaway
-Regrets. You can take the Q52-Ltd or Q53-Ltd buses in Far Rockaway to Woodhaven Blvd on the J for service into Manhattan. ^JP
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Hi. Customers can take the Q52 or Q53 buses from Far Rockaway to Woodhaven Blvd J train(A at Rockaway Blvd Manh-bound is closed)
A train service is *SUSPENDED* btwn Rockaway Blvd and Far Rockaway in b/d due to an incident at Howard Beach
b/d, no train service b/t Rockaway Blvd & Far Rockaway due to a NYPD investigation of a customer injury at Howard Beach.
My colleagues with Rock Safe Streets have 3 more slots for summer employment in Far Rockaway for youth 18 to 24. Inbox me.
selling my 2000 Mitsubishi Galant. The one with the bullet-hole in the roof, because Far Rockaway. Anybody interested?
- I'm at *** RISS Beach in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY (@ Jacob Riis Park in Rockaway Park, NY)
"The Tidings Brought to Mary at Far Rockaway", Tennessee Williams, oil & pencil on canvas board, 1975
Mayor Bill de Blasio is having a press conference, Boardwalk and Beach 94th Street, Rockaway Beach, Far Rockaway at 2:30pm.
hey Resorts World isn't in Far Rockaway -- it's in South Ozone Park.
Why is it called Far Rockaway? To distinguish it from "Near Rockaway" which is now known as East Rockaway.
Tyeakia Designs her self is having a Hard time trying to reach Far Rockaway Taxi Please come
OFF MARKET FAR ROCKAWAY-QUEENS-NY REHAB FOR SALE:. Sellig off one of our properties ASAP. Address is 14-20 McBride...
Happy bday to my lil cuz thalia and love ♥♥♥♥ @ Far Rockaway, New York
The wind in far rockaway is different..
it is brutally cold out here in Far Rockaway, Queens. Jamaica Bay on one side and Beach on the other = stay inside!! Br
real feel outside in Far Rockaway, Queens 4 blocks from the ocean OMG.
FAR ROCKAWAY: Dollar van rivalry ends in one death: See this story at By Sadef Ali Kully…
Dollar Van Driver Charged with Killing Rival: A Far Rockaway man last Thursday night was ordered held without bail…
Far Rockaway is always obnoxiously cold. 😖
Why is there never adequate A train service to Far Rockaway/Rockaway Park,
Living in far rockaway has become more of a blow lately
Seriously though how is it still this crowded does everyone work in far rockaway now
The Toby Tobias Ensemble has a show on 01/31/2015 at 08:30 PM @ Thai Rock in Far Rockaway, NY...
look at that big wheel tire. That's all that matters. Far Rockaway, 1971
these Picts are from Brooklyn and far rockaway sent me these..
A 2005 Honda Pilot was just scanned near Far Rockaway, NY 11692
We will be holding hours around the corner from the Far Rockaway Center at office, 1931 Mott Avenue, from 9-5 on Wed and Thurs.
The Far Rockaway Build it Back Center at the Queens Library will be closed next week during library renovations. It will reopen on 2/9.
"Coming soon Marina waterfront restaurant" smh wat is even happening to far rockaway? But that's cool doe
Locals scratch their heads over plan for nine-story hotel in Far Rockaway. For story, see
OUTAGE: An elevator serving Street To Platform @ Far Rockaway - Mott Ave is out of service.
Plan for nine-story hotel in Far Rockaway has local officials curious and wary
Join Block on 1/29 from 5-7 pm at 21-07 Mott Ave in Far Rockaway. Visit for more info.
Growing Moving company based in Far Rockaway area seeking a worker. Candidate must be hard-working and able to li…
New video is a must watch from Far Rockaway artist NAI 1 - Hate Me (Dir. By Kapomob Films):
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