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Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is a fictional superhero team appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Joe Sinnott Silver Surfer Jack Kirby Reed Richards Josh Trank Jonathan Hickman Ben Grimm Doctor Doom Johnny Storm Mads Mikkelsen Marvel Studios Chris Evans Stan Lee Sue Storm Miles Teller Ioan Gruffudd John Byrne Michael B Jordan

Not even Noah Hawley can get me excited for a Doctor Doom film. I just want Fox to give the Fantastic Four rights back…
Doctor Doom movie pitch:. Fantastic Four: House of M. Just do that.
Noah Hawley developing movie about 'Fantastic Four' villain Doctor Doom for Fox
Ok, last comic book related question, Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch on Fantastic Four, good, bad or great?
I really want him to direct either a Fantastic Four,GAURDIANS of the Galaxy, S…
Fantastic Four's Ioan Gruffudd will play the title role in new crime drama Harrow to be filmed in
Concept: Robert Rodriguez & Danny Trejo for a Lobo movie OR Robert Rodriguez for an all-ages Fantastic Four movie
Another example of Marvel reducing the Fantastic Four's importance in the Marvel landscape.
All this talk of Fantastic Four runs is making me want to get my Marvel Unlimited subscription back and read Byrne's FF run.
Re: Fantastic Four. I reckon Fox are waiting on the success of Sony's (un)holy Spider-Man alliance with Marvel Studios pans out first
The 'Fantastic Four' actor has been charged.
I'm resigned that Jonathan Hickman gave us, more than likely, the LAST great Fantastic Four story.
"You know, the fearsome foursome?!" My father trying to think of the name of Fantastic Four. 😂
I bet most Reed haters don't read Fantastic Four. Especially the ones by Mark Waid, or Jonathan Hickman.
... the long story. If you read Grant Morrison's Batman or Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four runs, for example, there are beats at the end..
Happy Birthday to the 1/4 of iconic Chris fellas, the captain, 1/4 of Fantastic Four and undercover cop in Street Kings. Happy 36th 😍   10% Off
Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four. Big lovable guy who just wants to help others but ends up having to clobber jackasses too often.
When he was 16 years old, George R.R. Martin wrote Stan Lee a letter praising the latest issues of "The Avengers" and "Fantastic Four."
Uncle Ben is still dead, Pete is still unmarried, Wolverine is still dead and Fantastic Four are gone. So…
I'd rate him closer to Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four
Can Marvel use Doom? Isn't he linked in as a part of the Fantastic Four property and, therefo…
I heard someone make a prediction with Marvel: Legacy with Miracleman. Check this, Miracleman and the Fantastic Four: The Miraculous Five.
So is Bill O'Reilly the real reason the X-men and Fantastic Four aren't in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? (From…
Michael B Jordan. He is the lead in Fantastic Four and also a lead character in the upcoming Black Panth…
Chris Evans played in Fantastic Four and MCU. Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds played in 3 separate universes himself, et…
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). Chris Evans as Johnny Storm
Fantastic Four: 1961 Jack Kirby. Just one issue and then the next for a hundred and two months
I'm watching the second half of the mid-2000s Fantastic Four movie. Chris Evans's Johnny Storm is pretty good, actually.
John Byrne used a UPS truck to camouflage the Fantastic Four when traveling back in time in NYC.
Fantastic day ROCKing Math with our spring contest winner, Mr. IPock, and his four 8th grade classes at James Madis…
TIL: Mads is in a Rihanna music video . Also TIL: u can show nudity on YouTube
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Haven't plugged in my ancient folder on my development process to Fantastic Four​ creators Stan Lee and this side-effect
Me gustó un video de Mads Mikkelsen Walked Out of an Audition for Fantastic Four - IGN News
I don't know why I thought Simon Kinberg directed Fantastic Four 2015. He didn't direct it. He wrote the movie with other people.
Mads Mikkelsen auditioned for Fantastic Four, but walked out in the middle of it
Mads Mikkelsen walked out of Fantastic Four audition -
Videos: 'Fantastic Beasts' deleted scenes with Runespoor, four stars with Demiguise in Dept. store online now
Mads Mikkelsen reportedly walked out of 'Fantastic Four' audition.
no one cares, but I'm watching 2005's fantastic four. It's better than 2015, but that's not saying much
Rogue One star, Mads Mikkelsen, walked out of his Fantastic Four audition. What happened:
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Hannibal has taught Mads Mikkelsen how to kill somebody. We blame htt…
Mads Mikkelsen walked out of his audition to play Mr. Fantastic in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. I don't blame him.
ANYONE. She can play ANYONE. She can play all of the Fantastic Four AND Namor I don't even care.
I don't think chartered surveyors will cut it. Maybe the Fantastic Four?
Roy Thomas, George Perez, and Joe Sinnott present Fantastic Four - Titans Two, on this week's episode:…
Fantastic Four, Issue 47, Page 1 - pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Joe Sinnott
I saw this in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Where's Jessica Alba?
Day 30. Fantastic Four (2015). Freakin' awful. I don't think they can make an FF movie that is worse than Silver Surfer, yet they did.
Ioan Gruffudd, not "Gruffuld" LOL can't believe this is the same actor who portrayed such a goofy Reed Richards in "Fantastic Four"
I'm watching Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. Seeing Chris as Johnny is always so funny 😂 love him 🔥
Love this! We're so blessed with amazing coaches at FSS! ~ Frontenac's Fantastic Four | The Kingston Whig-Standard
I'm watching James Corden and he's got both Jessica Alba and Kate Mara on... they both played Sue Storm in Fantastic Four movies... awkward
*** i think is time I'd read some Fantastic Four comicbooks. Especially for Jonathan Hickman.
My favorite Fantastic Four stories are the Jonathan Hickman run, The Four in Planetary and The Incredibles
"Joni Savage, and I wanted to just talk with a Superhero. Ben Grimm, member of the Fantastic Four,"
Roy Thomas, Rich Bucker and Joe Sinnott close out our 2016, as we cover Fantastic Four on this week's show:…
Shoutout To Your Ex who you saw Iron Man 2 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer with instead of me.
Holly Bush was the best one yet, really fantastic but could have done with three or four of them
Four comp losses in a row, and internet is crapping out. FANTASTIC NIGHT. Time for some arcade
Fantastic Four 20--CGC 3.0--Origin and 1st app. of Molecule Man
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The first hour of Rogue One was fantastic. The last four hours seemed to drag on a bit.
You gotta love that Fantastic Four shirt casually hanging in there! 😂
Second half just started and we have four more fantastic acts coming up!! .
Congrats to the 2016 Basketball Tournament Champs the Fantastic Four and That Guy!!
Finally watching the roger Corman fantastic four all the way through. Perfect bag of trash
They'd already started it with Josh Trank, but dumped him after the disaster Fantastic Four reboot was
Very professional performance across the pitch today...Carrick playing in his tuxedo again...effortless in front of back four.…
Fantastic combo of words and clip. His facial expression even has four stages
Green Lantern and Fantastic Four done disservice by movies. Hulk was in that category until Avengers.
Thought I'd give the new Fantastic Four movie a shot despite the critics. Holy *** is that a terrible movie! Don't waste your time!
Mark Noble is our Marquee striker. Evidence of this is his two fantastic goals in the space of just four days .dg
I may be a disappointment, but at least I'm not a Fantastic Four movie.
This guy right here is part of my Fantastic Four blessing of Extraordinary Connections!! If he…
"Much like the Fantastic Four, you cannot beat me" . YOU FRICK
Fantastic Mr. Fox Four Beasts and Where to Find Them: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Fantastic four year vertical of Bourbon County Stout.
This is how I engage with my social media community :)
I really have an exam in four hours that I haven't figured out how to study for yet. Fantastic.
Albiol: “I lived four fantastic years at Real Madrid, it’s the dream for any footballer." [AS]. Albiol: "In the...
Credit to everyone today, kept going to the last despite not being at their best. Sacko a constant threat and the back four fantastic
That’s a fantastic three points, just what we needed. Two winnable home games to come and a top four that are a major threat
Last night I dreamt I was the water girl at the Fantastic Four filming, & they all drank my tear because of how the movie was turning out
Can't be there tonight, first time in four years. Have a fantastic Birthday and gig.
The fantastic has ended its four-year run on a high note. Our series finale review:
A fantastic read, made even better with four of our horses listed as 'highest money earners' from the sire statisti…
Okay, as promised some pics from Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four Artist's Edition, starting with the cover. https:…
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The newer Fantastic Four was okay... This snow on and off is helping me catch up on a lot of movies.
I was tired af, but then Fantastic Four came on & woke me up lmaoo
The Fantastic Four is made up of thexe characters: Rock Guy, Hot Johnny, See-Through Lady, agd Mr. Amazeballs.
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Remember, Walter Simonson knew this 26 years ago when he wrote Fantastic Four
So I was reading, a few weeks ago, about the most recent Fantastic Four movie. You know, the Josh Trank one that...
Grant Morrison's X-Men manifesto should be required reading at least once a year. (& Mark Waid's Fantastic Four manifesto, for that matter)
sext: what do u think Josh Trank is up to? do u think his cut of Fantastic Four was any better?
If the Fantastic Four movie didn't flop, Michael B. Jordan would still be tied down to that franchise instead of Black Panther.
4 of 5 stars to Fantastic Four, Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman
Did you ever read Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run? Also known as one of the best superhero runs of modern times.
Fantastic Four is a great example of why gagging Black Bolt is effectively redundant. We explain why:
WOW: An original Fantastic Four splash by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott! Properly bonkers!
📷 the cover to Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comics Magazine by Keith Giffen and Bruce Timm
You look like Doctor Doom from the Fantastic Four movie I think.
Fantastic Four cupcakes in honor of Joe Sinnott's 90th birthday at
Please get back the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four. We need proper Doctor Doom and Apocalypse on the screen.
We asked the Fantastic Four to get their questions in for tonight's Friday Night Live... 😂😂😂😂
Agatha Harkness, a powerful with and nanny to Franklin Richards, debuted in Fantastic Four (October 28, 1969).
Flash forward to a Fantastic Four comic in the 60s that had a Patsy cameo that caught the eye of Marvel writer Steve Englehart
Actor that played Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic in the 2 'Fantastic Four' films around 2005 is Ioan Gruffudd. 😊
📷 travisellisor: the cover to Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott
📷 The cover to Fantastic Four # 60 by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott. I love this classic Kirby Sinnott...
📷 The cover to Fantastic Four # 88 by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.  ...
One of Marvel's few theatrical mistakes: The X-Men series and Fantastic Four | I think Sony's original Toby Maguire Spider-Man was just fine
📷 page 20 from Fantastic Four (1998) by Salvador Larroca, Art Thibert, Liquid!, Chris Claremont and...
Miles Teller and Kate Mara are willing to do a Fantastic Four sequel...but we aren't!
He'd be a great Reed Richards when Marvel Studios gets Fantastic Four back. ;-)
smashes the Avengers, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and more in these classic tales:
📷 Fantastic Four page 11 – Only Jack Kirby (with Joe Sinnott) could make this outfit look awesome...
And now I've got to play second fiddle to the guy who ruined the Fantastic Four.
Remember bringing the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four together was a SELLING POINT for Marvel?
Fan Cast: ALICE EVE for Sue Storm in an MCU Fantastic Four film.
That rumor of the Fantastic Four being in MCU sounds really fake. I don't believe it until Kevin Feige confirms they are at SDCC.
📷 page 4 from Fantastic Four (1996) by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Joe Chiodo, Brandon Choi and Richard...
Joe Morton always sounds like Fantastic Four's Reed Richards to me. Always waiting for him to start stretching.
📷 The first page to Fantastic Four # 80 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.  Reed, Ben, and Johnny...
Give Marvel some room to do Fantastic Four, while Fox keeps the X-Men going. That's all I need
I just seen Indiana Jones, Danny McBride, Brock Lesnar, and the Thing from Fantastic Four! 😃😃😃😃
Positives about Fantastic Four (2015) . •Pretty solid first half. •science fiction vibe you don't see often in superheroes . •Franklin Richards
I think it could happen as part of a deal for a joint Marvel Studios-FOX Fantastic Four film.
yes, Fox has the mutants, which Deadpool sorta is, and the Fantastic Four. Sony has made a deal with Marvel Studios to share
- "Victor Von Doom, the Latverian monarch, kidnapped Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four today..."
I'd call the only team equipped to deal with Victor von Doom and that is the Fantastic Four.
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer > Guardians of the Galaxy. inb4 people unfollow me ;~;
Fact: 9 years ago today I had a private screening of Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer with only Simon Webbe from Blue for company.
Dear Fox:. Don't give the right to Fantastic Four to marvel, give them to Matthew Vaughn, Brian Singer, or Tim Miller. Thanks . Nolan
I always loved as a kid reading 'Spider-Man,' and the 'Fantastic Four'...
Fantastic Four sequel is still a possibility according to producer Simon Kinberg:
The teleport that Reed Richards creates in the new Fantastic Four was powered by a bunch of Nintendo 64s, so there's that.
X-Men is a rip off of Doom Patrol, is a rip off of Fantastic Four, is a rip off of Challengers of the Unkn…
As long as Fox doesn't expect me to put up with a Fantastic Four crossover I'm super down with their Xpool cinematic universe.
Last year, after Twentieth Century Fox's "Fantastic Four" flopped and Disney's "Avengers: Age of Ultron"...
Jason Aaron's 3 parter that was a Secret Invasion storyline, Flags of Our Fathers (T'Chaka), Doomwar, and the Fantastic Four
*Simon Kinberg wants to make a sequel to Fantastic Four*. *Ryan Coogler hires Michael B. Jordan for a role in Black Pant…
because I asked Devin Faraci why he liked the Fantastic Four more than Batman Begins.
I guess we're watching the original Fantastic Four for family movie night tonight and I'm totally ok with that.
In the 2015 Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm's rock skin has the texture of a chicken tender
You ever think about how often the other Fantastic Four members call Ben Grimm "Thing"? That's messed up, man.
I've been wrong before. I thought the Fantastic Four were out of gas until I read James Robinson's astonishing run.
What I don't understand about Fantastic Four is why Ben Grimm can't turn back to human form ... or maybe he can and doesn't know how to ...
Fantastic Four, starring Buster Keaton and Jon Voight. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Ride. Budget: $100m
Still haven't seen the new Fantastic Four flick, but the Marco Beltrami score is great.
Fantastic Four by & Jack Kirby. Published 50 years ago this month.
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.How did you feel about Michael B. Jordan(playing the human touch in the latest Fantastic Four movie?
- outside of SHIELD and the Avengers. "You're Sue, aren't you?" He asked "Sue Storm? From the Fantastic Four?"
I have a pitch on how to save the Fantastic Four franchise. Want to write it?
24th...really the only recent superhero/franchise movie to actually lose the studio $ was Fantastic Four.
I could see Joel Ortiz as Ben Grimm in Fantastic Four
In 1994's Fantastic Four movie, young Susan Storm is played by Buffy/Angel Alum Mercedes McNabb.
Tony Keen: Byrne's Fantastic Four, Simonson's Thor & Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans were the comix of the eighties for me
Fantastic four sucked with little to zero relation to comic or story... What else is there to say?
Sooners make it to the Final Four AND Ben Rector concert. It's been a fantastic day❤️
Fantastic Four, all three of them, were much worse. This one could have used some more sunshine though.
I agree. Those and Fantastic Four is my idea of a bad movie
Seriously though his visit is fantastic timing, we'll both be distracted from the fact that neither of our teams are in the Final Four
im putting that stretching dude from the fantastic four at C. Hulk is my bruiser off the bench
A big thank you to our four seniors on their fantastic and inspirational careers! You will all be missed!
Four Fantastic people to check your Entrepreneur Journey -
Batman vs superman got me just as upset as Fantastic four 😑
Fantastic Four reasons to get yourself a new ride. Visit and follow us on…
Everyone knows Fantastic Four was trash. If anything deserved below 50% by Rotten Tomatoes, it's that movie
Fantastic Four:. Chris Evans on fire. Flexi-man and invisi-woman. I'm a rock with feet. Some surfer is gonna destroy the world
We don't know that...Marvel could have Fantastic Four for all we know.
Worse editing than Fantastic Four. Maybe it was all just a dream sequence. Maybe I'm in one now.
Even in his down years four seasons ago; he was building this team. He's a fantastic coach.
when I think of a bad movie I think of the last fantastic four that came wasn't that bad
So Moses called in the The Human Torch of the Fantastic Four...
this pic you are as real Easter fantastic four!!:) My best wishes to all Evanchos! HAPPY EASTER!!!
*** that had to go out getting screwed like that.. *** of a season and *** of a fantastic four years. The team won't be the same
"The Fantastic Four? They're losers. They never made a good movie. The Thing? What kind of name is that? He's just a hater."
Thank you so much and for four fantastic years. Love you both.
Honestly fantastic to see Nova get to the Final Four. Plenty of good squads labeled as early tournament chokers. Well done.
Nova-Oklahoma is going to be a fantastic Final Four game. Buddy. Arch.
Happy Birthday and congrats on a fantastic senior year and a Final Four birth 💙🚨
Tomorrows game should be pretty straight forward, making for a fantastic final four
A beautiful night for fantastic poetry, food, drinks, and friends on the Coronado patio. Thank you, Four...
What a fantastic game. Villanova earned this Final Four appearance. Took down the giant in Kansas.
Basically saying we know this movie is not Fantastic Four level. Thank goodness. Oh my gosh I'm gonna have so much fun.
So the only real problem with the latest fantastic four movie is there is way to much angst
Wolverine origins all the fantastic four movies, batman and robin
Finally mustered up the courage to watch the Fantastic Four remake.
When We destroyed Argentina in the Confederations Cup! In 2005 with the fantastic four. Kakà "killed" Messi that day.
Listen to & discuss Fan4stic in this episode of Friday Night Movies!
late on this but the first hour of Fantastic Four (2015) is EXCELLENT
Still nothing is bad as that Fantastic Four crap I wasted $ on last summer. Ugghh
you're right, it's underrated, definitely worse than Fantastic Four (2015)
Did they make new fantastic four just to make old one look better ?
To bad you would rather have elastic arm from fantastic four
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It is taking a *** long time to get to the main timeline. I'm pretty sure this isn't Fantastic Four: The High School Years
I'm actually glad Marvel is retiring X-Men, Fantastic Four and all associated properties. I was getting tired of the retconning via sorcery.
Green Lantern was way worse. The Fantastic Four movies. Can't think of more examples.
One of the screenwriters of 2015's Fantastic Four ☺️
The fantastic four hurdle crew!! wins the girls 100 hurdles relay running a time of 1:10.01 way…
No is over& all I want is season four. It was bloody fantastic. This is the best show
the 2015 Fantastic Four was one Fkd up movie too, never in my life will I ever waste my bandwidth like that on crap
I have Kansas to beat them in the final four. But they've been fantastic alright.
now that movie looks horrible. Maybe not Fantastic Four horrible, but pretty bad.
Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Have a Fa…
Top 5 best comic movies: Dark Knight, Avengers, Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Roger Corman's Fantastic Four.
Breaktime!. Now watching: Fantastic Four. Hmm, Chris Evans as Human Torch or as Captain America?
Great of Swiss BelHotel International 'Fantastic Four: Stay in a Deluxe Room for IDR 584,000
I will never watch Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dark Knight Rises, Fantastic Four (2015), or BvS DoJ again of my own volition.
// *Pulls a Reed Richard from the 2nd Fantastic Four movie* GET ME TO A HOSPITAL
Stan Lee opens up about his favorite cameos and the issues with Fantastic Four's Doom.
kind of like how the studios are screwing up Spider Man and the Fantastic Four but Marvel can't do much about it.
Fantastic Four was surreal. I still can't believe that movie exists and I saw it.
Hopefully not the guy from Fantastic Four. . I always thought Jonathan Taylor Thomas looked like a young Harrison
Is it racist that I thought Nick Cannon was in Fantastic Four? Knew he was too old but to me he looks like Michael B. Jordan.
Mike Wieringo and now, Paul Ryan were two artists who I am still fond of from their work on Fantastic Four. :( cc
Johnny Storm, The Human Torch. "In other words, gang... ...look out, world, the Fantastic Four are back!"
The main issue that I have with the Fantastic Four is that Mister Fantastic would obviously be the ladies man of the group.
If this is "whitewashing" then a black Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four and talk of Idris Alba as James Bond would be "blackwashing"
Your Stan Lee story was amazing. Also sad to remember what Fantastic Four was and what it's become in the movies
Little to do until then, so: time watch “Josh Trank's” Fantastic Four...or “Fan4stic,” as I've heard it called by more than 2 people, now.
Jared Leto is gross let's cancel suicide squad and give Josh Trank another shot at Fantastic Four.
The next Fantastic Four movie will retcon Josh Trank's to have been the meanest-every Yancy Street Gang prank
Good part about no Fantastic Four in Lego Avengers? No Mister Fantastic means we get the stretchy Ms. Marvel instead. ^_^
"Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, the hot one in the Fantastic Four, your future boyfriend. Take your pick."
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Pixels, Fantastic Four, Jupiter Ascending and more battle for Worst Movie of 2015
Once Studios get the rights back, I would like to see Fantastic Four emojis.
Also, when Marvel do finally get the Fantastic Four bacl: Brad Bird to direct it, Clooney for Reed Richards.
Why the Fantastic Four was the Great American Novel [or] Sue's fight to save her family ➤ https…
Jonathan Hickman's Marvel run is possibly the dopest thing I've ever read. Period. From the Fantastic Four, to...
I can't think of what instrument Ben Grimm would play in a rock band AU of Fantastic Four. I feel like this has been covered somewhere tho
petition for or to upload their fight to YouTube under the title Fantastic Four: Civil War
Here's a crop of rejected Fantastic Four posters far superior to the movie
Secret Wars wasn't even really a Fantastic Four event. It was a Reed Richards and Dr Doom one.
Alison Haislip - Alison as Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four in a Nerdist short:
The new Fantastic Four came in for me tonight, I can't wait to see how bad Kate Mara's wig is/ogle Michael B. Jordan
I love me some Susan Storm. Watching Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer on Ch4.
Marvel destroyed my image of the Silver Surfer in that trainwreck of a movie with the Fantastic Four..lets not talk about Galactus(a cloud)
Gerry Conway and John Buscema present Fantastic Four covered on this week's episode:
Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman - Volume 6 Jonathan Hickman - 43% off
Guilty secret: I actually really like the old Fantastic Four movie with Chris Evans as Johnny Storm. I think it actually gets the FF.
Happy Birthday to The co-writer of the X-Men, Spider-Man, Ironman, the Hulk, Thor, and the Fantastic Four, Stan Lee!
📷 traincat: the many aprons of Johnny Storm  (Hickman’s FF and Fraction’s Fantastic Four
Going to take a good guess and say the 2020 Marvel Movies will be... -Spider-Man 2. -Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. -Fantastic Four (Reboot)
Was that really Mike Hussey or Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four?
Man, the Fantastic Four blu ray snuck into stores quietly.
📷 Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino’s rendition of the Fantastic Four.  I love how Pacheco draws Ben Grimm...
Bhai, proven toh Josh Trank bhi tha. Chronicle was so good. And then he made Fantastic Four. Ugh.
Director Josh Trank says this version is not as good as the one he would have released. 497. Fantastic Four
If ever gets back the rights to Fantastic Four, Christoph Waltz should play Doctor Doom.
Fantastic Four page 1 by Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott sold for:
I added a video to a playlist Fantastic Four Issue 165 Reviewed! Kevin's Commentary on Comics Ep 80
A personal favourite from my shop fantastic collection of oven to tableware large bowls
You were so right about that new Rocky movie actor being in the new remake of Fantastic Four!! 👍🏼
We have had to go back to 2008-2009 to check that it was always the same: projects invariably FAIL! Reasons are alwa…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Minions was just mediocre to me, and I didn't bother with Fantastic Four.
'Fantastic Four' movie news: actor Michael B. Jordan talks about lessons he ... - Ecumenical News
Four projects and three finals. This week is gonna be fantastic.
The Fantastic Four is made up of these characters:kRock Guy, Hot tohnny, See-Through Lady, and Mr. Amazeballs.
FANTASTIC FOUR splash, SANDMAN, BIG NEMO sketch from in my ebay sales today!
Fantastic four with two man's me golu bhai
"... we are stronger together than we are apart." - Dr. Storm (Fantastic Four)
'CREED' is doing strong at the Box Office with a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score. Michael B. Jordan deserves that after 'Fanta…
I just entered to win Fantastic Four on blu-ray from
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer by Ioan Gruffudd -
Reboot of Fantastic Four makes the Invisible Woman collateral damage. Sue Storm is an after thought and not part of the team. This ***
Marvel needs to get Fantastic Four back and cast Mads Mikkelsen as Doom. Also, Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborn.
Keep me cryogenically frozen. Kindly wake me up when Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four get to be in Civil War.
Fantastic Four, IronMan, Avengers, D.P.7 artist PAUL RYAN will be at
I heard that Fox's Fantastic Four sequel has been removed from Fox's schedule. THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR THE MCU
Kylo Ren is what Fox tried to turn Dr. Doom into when they ruined Fantastic Four.
Nice try, Marvel, but my Fantastic Four is pancake batter, JLo movies, Miles Teller's face scars and crippling anxiety.
Visual representation of Fox trying to fix the Fantastic Four franchise.
LOL at Stacey King for calling out Michael B Jordan for being in the "worst movie he has ever seen", Fantastic Four.
Twentieth Century Fox executive: So, Marvel, you want the rights to Fantastic Four back? on that.
But it's cool. Josh Trank will get hired again even after blowing Fantastic Four and she can keep doing docs and TV because.
This hot mess is still feeding me popcorn. Fantastic Four failure hurts 21st Century Fox first quarter
Peter Parker owns the Baxter Building and keeps the statue of the Fantastic Four in the lobby. There is a very subtle meta happening there
They have stickers of the cartoon Fantastic Four except for Mr. Fantastic, he makes the F4, I mean his name is Fantastic!
Fantastic Four is so bad that I wouldn't put the Michael B Jordan/Human Torch race controversy past producers trying to generate interest.
Fantastic Four - Battleground: Baxter Building, featuring a huge shake-up for the FF, on this week's show:
Sue Richards vs Reed Richards. The line is drawn, a choice is made. Find out more as we cover Fantastic Four
This is how the Fantastic Four reboot was summoned into our world
Tried to watch the new Fantastic Four with an open mind. Didn't help — such a train wreck. So glad Josh Trank is off Star Wars.
Custom Secret Wars Dr. Doom Inspired Ring to help defeat the Fantastic Four. by (185.00 USD)
"Fantastic Four", vol. 1, (October ... Story by Marv Wolfman, pencils by John Byrne and…
Not saying it'd work, but if Marvel ever does get the film rights back to Fantastic Four, I would like see Jason Bateman as Reed Richards.
The late Jack Kirby, creator of Captain America and co-creator of the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Hulk, would have been 96 today.
Like you gotta be insane to say Fantastic Four was better than First Class and Days of Future Past like ***
Watching S2 of Earths Mightiest Heroes with Fantastic Four and The Avengers and dreaming about what could have been if not for lawyers.
Oh boy. The Senior Citizen's are about to go all Fantastic Four on Doctor Doom.
no offense the only person they casted good for Fantastic Four was Miles Teller
I'll look it up after work, I want to say Mark Gruenwald (sp?) in a Fantastic Four issue...
How a Kevin Nowlan drawing of She-Hulk inspired an entire issue of John Byrne's Fantastic Four run - at
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