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Fanny Chmelar

Fanny Chmelar (born October 31, 1985 in Weilheim in Oberbayern) is an alpine skier from Germany. She competed for Germany at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Bradley Walsh Misty Hyman

Chibnall if you're listening. you need to make sure Bradley Walsh says "Fanny Chmelar" at least once in a Doctor Wh…
Never forget when 'Fanny Chmelar' came up on 😂
Lmao haven't you seen the fanny chmelar clip from t... — rude
Don't forget to add Fanny Chmelar as a lurking figure in the background.
My mates on holiday with Bradley Walsh and he won't go up to him and say Fanny Chmelar
Can't be having Bradley Walsh as a Doctor Who companion. They'll be fighting Daleks and all I'll be thinkin is "Fanny Chmelar".
Bradley Walsh finally apologises to Fanny Chmelar on - but still can't stop laughing
Bradley Walsh finally apologises to Fanny Chmelar for that episode of The Chase
I will never tire of Bradley Walsh talking about Fanny Chmelar
just been watching your fanny chmelar clip on YouTube - haven't laughed like that in a long time
just had the most enjoyable evening with Fanny Chmelar.
my personal favourite is Fanny Chmelar 😂😂😂😂
sorry, not as funny as Fanny Chmelar
German Alpine skiers don't come any better named than Fanny Chmelar. Just ask Bradley Walsh...!
"Fanny Chmelar" perhaps? Bradley Walsh *trying* to remain professional regarding a question on her
aren't we all a bit of a Fanny Chmelar?
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Which of the Aussies is the Fanny Chmelar?
Random fact: A person called Fanny Chmelar plays for Germany in skiing.
oooh. Do you watch the Chase? It had a question about a German skier and her name was Fanny Chmelar it was funny!!
the chase itv1 Bradley Walsh cant stop laughing during the Fanny Chmelar... via
oh god, I'm watching outtakes now, I just had to start with Fanny Chmelar and beaver fever
It'll Be Alright on the Night ITV3. I've PMSL seeing Bradley Walsh wet himself laughing on The Chase outtake with a Fanny Chmelar question.
Bradley Walsh laughing at Fanny Chmelar will never get old.
Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh.: Priceless and fumny
Bradley Walsh having a Fanny Chmelar moment on there.
Don't snigger,it's Fanny Chmelar's birthday today! The now famous German athlete is 29.
looks like Bradley Walsh has had ANOTHER Fanny Chmelar on
another Fanny Chmelar moment for Bradley eh?
It's hilarious when he just cracks up. Fanny Chmelar has to be the funniest one
Don't laugh , it really is Fanny Chmelar's birthday today! The infamous German athlete is 29.
neither is better than Rod Fanny or Fanny Chmelar I'm afraid!
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both beaten hands down by the Olympic skier fanny chmelar
or indeed the skier Fanny Chmelar...
have you forgotten Fanny Chmelar the alpine skier
surely the Germany alpine skier Fanny Chmelar trumps both of those
no come on you all lose it's definitely the well known alpine skier Fanny Chmelar!!!
Fanny Chmelar surely outdoes both of those?
and what about the German alpine skier Fanny Chmelar ?
No Gary, both are beaten by skier Fanny Chmelar.
Fanny Chmelar is not one to be sniffed at either
Husband is currently trying to convince me that there was a German Olympian called Fanny Chmelar... yeah ok Gareth!
This always cracks me up. Fanny Chmelar on The Chase. Bradley's face is a picture.
The Chase "Fanny Chmelar" question on 'It'll be alright on the night', Bradley Walsh's laughing fits 😂
Fanny Chmelar is the one for James, im out of the picture goodbye
This had me howling . The Chase...Fanny Chmelar funny:
Bradley Walsh trying to say Fanny Chmelar on The Chase is one of the great TV moments
Brilliant... Thanks mam and dad for my name. Bradley Walsh The Chase - Fanny Chmelar
Perhaps you should get Fanny Chmelar and her family on your new show. ;-)
I swear, remember the 'Fanny Chmelar' thing on 'The Chase' where Bradley Walsh' couldn't breathe? Yeah, that.
Talking about quiz shows..this clip of The Chase is hilarious! Xx. Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh.:
Need a GOOD laugh? You've got to watch this. It cracks me up every time that I do - Fanny Chmelar.
I actually had tears running down my face. Other people laughing uncontrollably sets me off. The Chase Fanny Chmelar
there is a German skier by the name of Fanny Chmelar
crazy name of the century. German skier Fanny Chmelar
Haven't watched that Fanny Chmelar clip in ages. has reminded me about it. Makes me cry laughing
That's the best chase since the one when Bradley Walsh kept on laughing at the name Fanny Chmelar
On ITV's "The Chase", presenter Bradley Walsh loses the plot after he asks a funny question about German skier Fanny Chmelar.
Watching Bradley Walsh having his 'Fanny Chmelar' meltdown. It is rather funny.
Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh.: via this cracks me up XD
Bradley Walsh's reaction to Fanny Chmelar kills me everytime
love Bradley Walsh laughing at Fanny Chmelar lol
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Bradley Walsh giggles at 'Fanny Chmelar' ( Smeller ) - very funny (ITV The Chase - Oct 2011) watch this!x http…
Can't handle Bradley Walsh & his question about Fanny Chmelar on the chase 😂
The Bradley Walsh and Fanny Chmelar video gets funnier every time I see it.
I liked a video Bradley Walsh cracks up at Fanny Chmelar
It's guaranteed giggles on Saturday Kitchen this week with Bradley Walsh as the guest and Paul Rankin and Nigel Haworth joining James in the kitchen. We love Bradley in Law and Order and his uncontrollable laughter on The Chase (who could forget 'the Fanny Chmelar incident'?!). Did you know he started off as a Jet Engineer?! See you at 10 tomorrow! TJ
I have so much love for Bradley Walsh and his Fanny Chmelar moment on The Chase, hilarious.
Just been watching Bradley Walsh on the Jonathon Ross show,they showed a clip of Bradley ,"corpsing" on The Chase when he had to read a name in one of the questions and he totally lost it laughing at the name, Then Jonathan asked him to read out some more real names of various people and Bradley was laughing again as he read out the names.I like Bradley Walsh in his part of presenter, as an actor in Coronation street, and in the show Law and Order.btw the name he had to read out was of a German sports person named Fanny Chmelar !!
Bradley Walsh and the Fanny Chmelar question on The Chase gets me every time
heard of some pretty bad names. Top 5: 5. Misty Hyman (Swimmer) 4. *** Trickle (Racer) 3. *** Silly (Runner) 2. Rusty Kuntz (Baseball Player) But has got to be Fanny Chmelar (German Skier)
who Katie Hopkins or the infamous Fanny Chmelar
You need to see Bradley Walsh dealing with Fanny Chmelar on the Chase.
Bradley Walsh giggles at 'Fanny Chmelar' - at the dr this clip comes on tv - straight faces all around huh??
Bradley Walsh cracks up at Fanny Chmelar via
Bradley Walsh cracks up at Fanny Chmelar lmao
The Chase - Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar - Very Funny via I would advise you view this
I can't look at Bradley Walsh without thinking "Fanny Chmelar"
Remember when Bradley Walsh cried with laughter at Fanny Chmelar? That's what happens to me every time I watch this:
Fanny Chmelar! Bradley Walsh on The Chase just can't control himself...
Bradley Walsh The Chase - Fanny Chmelar - Very Funny: via a must watch you will be weak laughing
Bradley Walsh can't stop laughing at Fanny Chmelar question!
This is even better than the classic Fanny Chmelar incident. Bradley Walsh, what a hero.
This is a must watch people. so funny. man cant stop laughing during the Fanny Chmelar question via
Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh. so immature but so funny xx
Makes us urinate everywhere. Bradley Walsh and Fanny Chmelar.
Smells on here. Like Fanny Chmelar. Look her up.
Which is the funniest name you've ever heard? — Fanny Chmelar
Why would you name your child 'fanny chmelar' 😂😐😂
In what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany?
Which is the funniest name you've ever heard? — Chmelar...
I was watching The Chase with my mum earlier and there was another classic 'Fanny Chmelar' moment.
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The Fanny Chmelar clip of The Chase will never get old
I'm still doing the fanny chmelar laugh!
Quite frankly I feel like Bradley Walsh when he learnt of a German alpine skier called Fanny Chmelar. That's how I feel about Man Utd.
Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh. Watch this so funny!!
The Chase - Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar - Very Funny I love that this reminds me of you
Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh. show host Bradley Walsh cracks up with a question about Fanny Chmelar.
if you dont laugh at this then i dont know what to do! Bradley Walsh The Chase - Fanny Chmelar - Very Funny
Fanny Chmelar is a real person. ha ha .
in what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany in?? A; swimming B; showjumping or C; skiing
Watching Bradley Walsh talk about his crack up on tv about Fanny Chmelar.. Too *** funny
Bradley Walsh on the Chase with the question about Fanny Chmelar
Bradley Walsh cant stop laughing at Fanny Chmelar
type in 'fanny chmelar' into YouTube, omg am buckilt
“😂 this literally makes me die. She looks like a Fanny Chmelar. 😂😂😂
I liked a video The Chase Fanny Chmelar incident
In which sport dose Fanny chmelar compete for Germany
How am I only finding out that this person exists? Her name is FANNY CHMELAR. NO JOKE.
The Chase...Fanny Chmelar funny this is the funniest thing I've seen for a long time!!!
I can't believe someone is actually called Fanny Chmelar..
chmelar goes skiing. — Omf I saw it live on TV I died omf
Watching vids of crack up at fanny chmelar & *** tingeler on the chase never fails to make me laugh & never grows old!
Fanny Chmelar is all over the gaff tonight
The Chase...Fanny Chmelar funny a must see folks
"What sport is Fanny Chmelar involved in?" One of the funniest things I've seen in a very long time!
Hilarious clip of Bradley Walsh on The Chase - Fanny Chmelar laugh.
YouTube it mate... It's dynamite, fanny chmelar...
Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh.: via theres nothing funnier when people try hold their laughter in!!
Cant help but laugh at this really? Bradley Walsh giggles at 'Fanny Chmelar' ( Smeller) via
Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh. this is are kind of funny!!
best chase ever was the Fanny Chmelar (pronounced Smeller) incident lmfao, Bradley Walsh was pissin too.
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Bradley Walsh laughing at Fanny Chmelar is ridiculously funny!
I assume Bradley Walsh was chosen to narrate the Fanny Cradock show on More4 due to the hilarious 'Fanny Chmelar' clip
meet my favorite German alpine skier, Fanny Chmelar...
I liked an video Bradley Walsh The Chase - Fanny Chmelar - Very Funny
Ifyou need a good laugh watch Bradley Walsh on The Chase (youtube) ref a question about. Wait for it. Fanny Chmelar. HILARIOUS
How do you manage to keep a straight face when Bradley loses it? The Fanny Chmelar one is fantastic!!
A woman being called Fanny Chmelar will never stop being funny
Fanny Chmelar vs Bradley Walsh. Makes me laugh every time!
could be worse, you could be called Fanny Chmelar
jsut laughed so hard at a video I knocked my phone into a cup of tea.. *** you fanny chmelar!!
, what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete in for Germany?
I thought you guys might enjoy this clip about Fanny Chmelar:
To all my fanny chmelar's out there :p
omfg omfg wah then my daughter can be called Fanny Chmelar Hull
There's a skier called Fanny Chmelar! :-) look up Utube Bradley Walsh - so funny!
Fanny Bouvet, still not as funny a name as Fanny Chmelar.
today I've learnt that fanny chmelar is someones actual name
Don't forget the legend of winter sports, German alpine skier Fanny Chmelar :)
My brother's just informed me about a famous skier called Fanny Chmelar.
I wonder if Fanny Chmelar will make an appearance in tonight's show jumping event
I raise your fanny Babou and introduce you to former german Olympian fanny chmelar
Nope, Fanny Innis! But I do laugh whenever Fanny Chmelar pops up!
Check out the gameshow host absolutely lose it when a question comes up about a sportsman named 'Fanny Chmelar' - the contestants keep their cool, but the host just loses it. Hilarious. (And what the *** is up with the set by the way, is the female contestant in a giant iPad or something?!)
It's a pity the German, Fanny Chmelar, isn't competing in the Olympic diving event.
have you checked out the names in the Olympics? Are there any Fanny Chmelar's out there?
the Fanny Chmelar clip of Bradley Walsh losing it from The Chase is what makes my life
Bradley Walsh cracking up to the name 'Fanny Chmelar'
Bradley Walsh reaction to the name Fanny Chmelar it comedy gold!!
Just seen the 'Fanny Chmelar' question on the chase, I was laughing almost as much as Bradley Walsh at how much Bradley Walsh was laughing!!
imagine having a name like Fanny Chmelar
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Watching and the name 'Fanny Chmelar' has to be fake!
As if there was an olympian called fanny chmelar
there is a skier called Fanny Chmelar lmao how unfortunate
Funniest name ever on The Chase last night on ITV 1 AT 5 O clock,a German sports personality called FANNY CHMELAR,Bradley Walsh presenter was helpless could not do anything for laughing what a name.
Fanny chmelar, a german skier. What an unfortunate name
Think you'll find fanny chmelar is my fiancee name and is also a German skieers name, so I am deeply offended and will be making a complaint
hello, can I get a big happy birthday shoutout to my fiancee fanny chmelar!
Mwuaha I was quite pleased with my previous one! Woah thanks... You are Fanny Chmelar :)
Bradley Walsh cracks up when he has to ask a question about Fanny Smeller sorry Fanny Scmelar.
LMFAOO!! on the chase theres a question with the name 'fanny chmelar' lmaoo cant stop laughing im actually crying :L
Lmao, *** !! by the way Mark, yur names almost as bad as dis German athlete Fanny Chmelar.
The Chase...Fanny Chmelar funny this made me pmsl so much:) Lol!
That Fanny Chmelar clip from The Chase never gets old LOL
Mum was greeting trying to tell me the question that was on the chaser about ' Fanny Chmelar'
Got to LOVE Bradley Walsh creasing at the name "Fanny Chmelar" pronounced "Fanny Smeller" ahhaaahah
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how can you not find Fanny Chmelar funny? What is wrong with you?! Tears were streaming, I was a bit like Bradley Walsh!
Well The Chase was amazing earlier today and and I are still laughing at Bradley Walsh and Fanny Chmelar
So funny how my grandad was watching a programme and the name in the show was 'Fanny Chmelar' pronounced 'Fanny Smeller' 
I added a video to a playlist The Chase...Fanny Chmelar funny
Bradley Walsh desperately trying not to laugh at one of the names in the question and failing miserably. Even the chaser,Anne Heggarty, who is supposed to be...
Bradley cracks up over the name Fanny Chmelar.
The Chase...Fanny Chmelar funny via
Actually a German skier called Fanny Chmelar, funny that
world's most unfortunate name: Fanny Chmelar
Omg fanny chmelar!! Gets me every time lol. Love how it's a real person
In case you missed it earlier or just wanted to watch again, here's the Fanny Chmelar question!
Fanny Chmelar gets me everytime I see it! :L
Mum has just found the video of Bradley Walsh laughing at Fanny Chmelar and thinks its hilarious.
As if there's a german woman called fanny chmelar, I am actually in tears
The German skier Fanny Chmelar has to have the funniest name ever!
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Watching "The Chase" and Bradley Walsh couldn't stop laughing at a question about Fanny Chmelar :)) Immaturity never leaves you X
I love how Fanny Chmelar is trending! The single most funny episode of The Chase ever! Bradley Walsh makes me cry laughing every time
Just watched the funniest episode of 'The Chase' ever. Lol Bradley has cracked. Fanny Chmelar
Watching Bradley Walsh and The Governess laughing at the name "Fanny Chmelar" on is hilarious
They just played the Fanny Chmelar episode from this evening. Bradley Walsh's reaction is hilarious, never gets old
Bradley Walsh was pissing himself over the name 'Fanny Chmelar' lol so funny
Bradley Walsh tryong very hard not to *** homself at the name Fanny Chmelar
Oh, the Fanny Chmelar episode of The Chase is on? I remember that. Bradley Walsh's reaction was absolute gold.
Waiting for the chase on ITV+1 I have just got to see Bradley Walsh laughing at the Fanny Chmelar question.
Read was a real q on the what sport does fanny chmelar compete for germany?
Fanny chmelar.hilarious even tho its a repeat!
Omg this is hilarious "Fanny Chmelar!" Bradley Walsh cracking up on the Chase!
I know have posted before but it just had me crying laughing again!Bradley Walsh - Fanny Chmelar laugh.: via
Crying with laughter after thought 'Fanny Chmelar' on The Chase was called tuppy feeler
I may be wrong but is this the Fanny Chmelar question?!xx
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What's up with Fanny??? Fanny Chmelar those Brits spend their time making fun of you. Lawsuit!
fanny Chmelar.. Pronunced smeller, yes Simons is called this ..
Fanny Chmelar... this is a real person.
Fanny Chmelar. Bless her, she's an athlete.
Fanny Chmelar. Real person and all that.
fanny chmelar, got to go with that one. Reminds me of
Fanny Chmelar! Remember seeing this on the chase once lolol
Fanny Chmelar!??? Funniest thing on telly all Christmas
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