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Fanboy is the title of a six issue comic book miniseries by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragonés which was published by DC Comics in 1999.

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you should just stop pretending to know comics and these characters, it's obvious your a DC fanboy.
fanboy gave us a look back at the one they call the Dark Titan!
You're welcome. I love comics, too. 😆
well obviously Matt. Don't you know? If you don't like the DCEU you're either stupid, don't read comics, or a MCU fanboy!1!1!1!!1
Being white doesn't give someone exclusive rights to have superheroes and comics. This are things everyone can enjoy
It seems like there should be enough to go around for everyone. Don't you like it that comics are becoming more popular?
Liking comics has nothing to do with politics or religion. People want heroes that they can relate to, nothing more.
she is using comics to push a subtle form of non sana cleansing. She is not a fan per se of marvel before her arrival. she lied.
She’s not out to get anyone. She’s a dreamer just like any of us who love comics. END
enough. I just ask you to try to see this from her perspective. See how much she loves these comics and Marvel. 27/
lover. She loves these comics, characters, and this country just as much as you or me. So, to say she is an invading 20/
buy comics of strong female superheroes, whether they are solo or part of a team. So, I didn’t read much 9/
America is extremely diverse, and the people now reading comics are just as diverse. People want role models and heroes 6/
women were supposed to be domestic and not do things like read comics. Some people considered that immature. A lot of 3/
Those decisions aren’t made exclusively by her. A lot of that is driven by the overall comics market and the era 1/
Thanks to famed comic writer for taking time to talk Comics & signing Ion comics for son, a in making
says the clown whose a Fanboy..where do u live ur mom's basement and read batman comics? do some work lil boy
I liked a video from RayJr's Midtown Monthly Comics 10-22-2016
So a moslme lady that has problems with americans who has every white guy character removed from marvel comics is a hero 2 you
Got these beauty's in today, order these from KRS comics, it's the Tyler Kirkham exclusive.
You're a sorry excuse for an American/a person. The heroes in comics would call you a villain. Begone, hatemonger
Super fanboy nitpick but they seriously need a better explanation on why they're naming him Mon-El if it's not like what was in the comics
I liked a video from Comic book haul & Entry vid for Hurc Collects Comics.
Fanboy Comics - Fanboy Comics Touches Down at the LV-426 ‘Alien’ Art Show at...
Act Now!! Penguins vs. Possums' PVP Minis are only $5 in the Fanboy Comics Online Store!
I liked a video from Weekly Comics Pull | Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
he had no comic experience. He was working with daytime tv & was a huge fanboy of comics
You won't regret it! The best comic book around! Look out world. Shutter's coming for you!
Deadpool, movie anti-hero yang dinantikan fanboy Marvel Comics. . Plot movie straight to the…
What to do at Fanboy Comics has some suggestions!
How much do I love The X-Files? So much so that Fanboy Comics let me write a letter about it! Check it out.
Love is in the air at Fanboy Comics! It's the Return of FBC's Love Letters to Geekdom Series! First up: A Love...
‘Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird – Advance Comic Book Review by Fanboy Comics Contributor Phillip...
Happy birthday to an expert on the DC Comics Universe & fellow fanboy -
Fanboy Rampage: What If A Janitor Created Deadpool?: Said everything I have to say about it.Not going into an ...
First drawing in my new Fanboy Comic Sketchbook!
Fanboy Comics - ‘Kickstarter for the Independent Creator:’ Book Review via
Support the Independents at Emerald Knights Comics and Games with Fanboy Comics and More from Noon-5pm TODAY!!!
Photoset: why-i-love-comics: Hawkeye - “The U in Funeral” (2013) written by Matt Fraction art by David...
Just looked at cover for 1...Wiccan & Hulkling back! Cue fanboy squeal!!!
Iconic comic book covers get a small and mighty Lego tribute
I think it's some comics fanboy authoring that "article". [shakes head]
Ep. The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review - Covering the week of 6/22/15, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top ...
Fanboy Comics - Join Fanboy Comics at SDCC 2015 for Comics, Coverage, Exclusives, and More!
Interested in meeting 'Fearworms' creator Robert Payne Cabeen (minus the clowns)? Visit Fanboy Comics' Table at...
Fanboy mentalities are too entrenched and destructive. Big Two comics should just destroy that base and be done with them.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Is this the future of Marvel Comics? More than 40 new covers reportedly leak
Oh hey, info about the new Spider-Man comics, bet that annoyed some fans. *goes to look* yes, the fanboy hate nourishes me.
Expand your DC Comics Bombshells collection with this Mera statue, available now.
that is SUCH an Image comics fanboy thing to say ;)
see, I’m a Hickman fanboy, so I’ve been all in on Secret Wars. I just need some time away from new comics in general right now
Photoset: why-i-love-comics: All-New X-Men written by Brian Michael Bendis art by Stuart Immonen, Wade...
▲ Andrew P. Weston: Fanboy Comics Review of The IX. Simplicity in the m...
Friends' new podcast FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR has a lot of positive stuff to say about MAD MAX.
ICYMI: My blog review this morning of some friends' new comic-book podcast THE FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR.
Check out my review of the new comics podcast THE FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR here: It's awesome.
There's a new comics podcast, the FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR. Check out review here:
Check out review of new comics podcast FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR. It's awesome.
Review of new podcast FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR with and Check it out!
New FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR podcast has lots of discussion of Image projects, incl. yours.
Image features prominently in new FANBOY AND GEEK GIRL POWER HOUR podcast. Enjoy!
Corey is so in the comics shop..b4 I knew what was lol
But what if was as big a comics fanboy as ..? ;)
Photo: why-i-love-comics: Grayson - “Nemesis” (2015) written by Tom King art by Mikel Janin & Jeromy Cox
Calling all fans! I'm interviewing Michael Douglas today- what should I ask him?
In the LA area? Stop by Dark Delicacies for your copy of 'Fearworms: Selected Poems' from Fanboy Comics!
While supplies last, we will again be giving away spooky Watcher eyeballs in celebration of the release of Original Sin the penultimate chapter to the celebrated tale. We also have some great variants this week as well, so check them out! From DC we have the new Batman issue by Scott Snyder, fresh from the end of the Zero Year story line. What will happen next to the Caped Crusader? Find out at Fanboy Comics! THIS WEEKS HOT NEW RELEASES Abe Sapien All New X-Men Archer and Armstrong Armor Hunters Avengers Undercover Avengers World Batgirl Batman Batman Eternal Birds of Prey Captain America Captain Marvel Constantine Crossed Badlands Dark Ages Deadpool Deadpool Dracula's Gauntlet Death Vigil Fantastic Four FBP Genius Ghost Ghosted Godzilla Cataclysm Green Lantern Corps Harley Quinn Hulk Inhuman Justice League United Kevin Keller Lady Zorro Legenderry Maxx Maxximized My Little Pony New Suicide Squad Nightcrawler Original Sin Princess Ugg Rachel Rising Red City Red Sonja Rise of the Magi Sex Criminals Shutt . ...
The shores of planet Earth extended millions of miles into the endless ocean of SPACE! And somewhere in that distant approach, a strange voyager flounders far from its comic trade routes... The Fanboy Comics Weekly Newsletter! WEEKLY SPECIALS *Volume One Graphic Novels 30% off *Back Issues in the boxes with no price sticker reduced to $1.00 each! All specials exclude new release item and all other discounts. HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Fanboy Comics will be closed on Friday, July 4th in celebration of Independence Day! We will be open standard hours on Saturday July 5th. There will be no delay on new releases because of the holiday. BATMAN WEEK Tuesday July 22 through Monday July 28th come celebrate the Dark Knights 75th Anniversary at Fanboy Comics and the Giant ( All throughout Batman week you can register to win $750 in Batman door prizes! We will also be having massive Batman and Batman Family specials and sales all week long! BATMAN'S 75th BIRTHDAY PARTY Wednesday July 23rd starting at 10 AM the first 75 pe ...
It's New Comic Book day! We hope that you'll enjoy this free preview of 'The Arcs' from Fanboy Comics!
It's New Comic Book Day! Why not enjoy this free preview of 'Penguins vs. Possums: Volume One' from Fanboy Comics!
Pineapple-Shaped Lamps will be presenting Star Wars: Use the Farce A Live Sketch Comedy Show this Wednesday May 14th at TheatreNOW in downtown Wilmington. Doors open at 7:30 PM and the show starts at 8 PM. Tickets will be $3. TheatreNOW is located at 19 South 10th Street, Wilmington NC 28401. We at Fanboy Comics will be on hand giving away some free comic books and t-shirts, as well as registering people to win some cool door prizes! Come for an evening of whimsy, stay for the Pineapples.
I consider myself to be a DC fanboy and I don't really read Marvel comics, but I'll always have a soft spot for Spiderman
ComiXology launches new read-only app following Amazon acquisition
I'm so sorry for not posting updates guys! Finals are coming. I am going to be Black Cat Friday and Saturday for Fanboy Comics in Wilmington. I'll be at the Spider-Man Premier and their Free Comic Book Day! Come say hey~ and I love high fives and fist bumps. I'll have more updates when I can! I miss chatting with everyone. I wish the best week for all of you!
If you believe that everyone has a right to enjoy - *** or straight, fanboy or fangirl - you should follow
Free Comic Book Day is next Saturday! Saturday May 3rd is the 15th annual Free Comic Book Day and we at Fanboy Comics plan to make it the best yet! This year we will be giving away over $2000 in door prizes to the people in line, there will be a free early bird breakfast supplied by Chick-Fil-A of Mayfaire (while supplies last), $500 in Fanboy Comics Gift Certificates, over 50 movie passes, and of course over 20 different FCBD books to choose from! This year the theme for Free Comic Book Day is local creators! All our guests are comic artists and writers from Wilmington. Specials guests include Tom Fleming, Brandon Blanks, and Mike Pigford! A painter and illustrator Tom Fleming ( hads done lots of covers for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and more! North Carolina native Danny Miller ( will be on hand as well. Danny is well know for his AMC Walking Dead poster work as well as other spooky things. Brandon Blanks ( B3 Comics ) is the writer and artist of the locally set zombie comic ...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I am an unashamed fanboy, it's in the name, comes with working in comics retail. We are prevayers of modern myth and help shape imagination
The costume clad Booth Babes (will be on hand for Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 3rd! Come out and get your picture taken with lots of your favorite costumed heroes and villains. Wear your own costume and be put into a special drawing to win some Fanboy Comics gift certificates and other prizes. The Booth Babes will also at the Regal Mayfaire Cinema 16 that Friday to help us celebrate the release of the new Spider-man film!
This goes for comics. For video games. For any field ripe with the stink of fanboy funk.
When Fanboy Comics is not providing you with the latest in geek news and entertainment, the FBC staff hopes to offer our readers a myriad of opportuni...
Fanboy Comics: Fanboy Comics Interviews Robert J. Peterson, Author of ‘The Odds’: The following is an intervie...
Gang, the crew at Fanboy Comics were good enough to interview me about my novel THE ODDS and Books!.
Going to celebrate Free Comics Book Day at Brave New World, signing with Fanboy Comics!
Ready to go for C2E2 Creature booth number 100!
Fanboy on Asselin case: An editor has nothing to do with creative part; comics are 95% for bros. (Also "devincive")
GI Joe had the UNTRUE pedantic fanboy stereotype. Also, the con was way too media & comics centric, & none of the authors were real. ;)
Checkout our titles at DriveThru Comics, just 99 cents!
Movies opening Apr 25: The Wilmington filmed “The Crow” will have special screening courtesy of Fanboy Comics ...
Missed WonderCon? The PVP Creative Team will be at Emerald Knights Comics and Games Tonight!
and talk about Fanboy news involving movies, TV, Comics and more! Download here
Guess who will be at Free Comic Book Day with us on May3rd? Fanboy Comics, that's who! Check it out:...
Fanboy Comics is hosting a whole variety of things in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Hellboy! Hellboy Day is Saturday March 22nd from 11 AM til 7 PM. Fanboy Comics will be celebrating 20 years of Hellboy. We will be giving away a free Hellboy anniversary sampler, and seven free Dark Horse and tons of door prizes too! Hellboy Night is Saturday March 22nd at the Giant. Join us in celebrating twenty years of Hellboy with a screening of Hellboy I, Hellboy II, and Amazing Screw-On Head movies! Find out more on our event page!
Preview and download the podcast Fanboy Comics Network on iTunes. Read episode descriptions and customer reviews.
You&invited to join Fanboy Comics for a graphic novel signing on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Brave New World Comics...
Join Fanboy Comics and the creative team behind 'The Arcs' for a Graphic Novel Signing at Brave New World Comics!
Covering the week of 1/20/14, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.In the premi...
playing playing Captain America is so satisfying.
Fanboy Comics (FBC) is proud to announce that its flagship podcast, The Fanboy Scoop - Week in Review, will return for its fourth season on Monday, Ja...
Was a HUGE Image comics fanboy back in the day (even sent off for Issue Excited to see!
There needs to be an Edward R. Murrow of comic book news. Someone to take all the absurd industry and fanboy crap to task.
INDIE FRIENDLY REVIEW SITES?? Looking for recommendations for comic review sites that are indie friendly (and by "friendly" I just mean accepting the book for review, regardless of what the review says). In the interest of being a full participant in this conversation, I've had luck with Spandexless, Broken Frontier, Fellowship of the Geeks, Geek Smash, The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks, Geeks of Doom, Fanboy Comics, Comic Spectrum, The Outhousers, CHUD and even Ain't It Cool News. Thanks!
Unleash The Fanboy EXCLUSIVE: Creator/writer Mark Roslan talks BubbleGun and ASPEN COMICS! Check out the...
Got this today. The Green Arrow fanboy in me wanted to start reading the comics.
Fanboy Comics' podcast to return for Season 4 with ‘Serenity’ artist Georges Jeanty and ‘Buffy’ alum Camden Toy on Monday, January 27, 2014.
Fanboy Comics is all things geek! Founded in 2010 by Barbra and Bryant Dillon and Sam Rhodes, Fanboy...
Thank you to The Comic Bug for hosting the creators of Fanboy Comics' latest graphic novel, 'The Arcs,' last night at their shop!
Friend of Fanboy Planet tackles the next round of -- with
Ultimate Fanboy Comics is having a special shipping offer! Domestic orders of $30 or more are shipped for free! Click the red Back Issue tab on our page to get started! Feel free to hit that "like" button too! Happy Collecting!
essays on comics by a Jewish fanboy includes "Harlan & The Tchotchkes" and "Yom Kippur Greetings"
Fanboy Comics is always looking for subscribers, so if you are buying books even on a semi-regular basis it is certainly something to consider. Save a little money and you don't have to worry about anything selling out as your book with be safe in your cubby hole. All month long if you add a book to you subscription (including starting a new one) you will be entered to win 20 Volume One Graphic Novels as part of our Try Something New specials! THIS WEEKS HOT NEW RELEASES All New Invaders All New X-Factor All New X-Men Animal Man Avengers Avengers World Batman Batman 66 Batman and Two Face Battlestar Galactica Batwoman Birds of Prey Black Widow Bubblegun Cable and X-Force Captain America Captain Midnight Cataclysm X-Men Chew Conan the Barbarian Crossed Badlands Dead Body Road Deadly Class Doc Savage Elfquest Final Quest Eternal Warrior FF Green Lantern New Guardians Harley Quinn Hawkeye Indestructible Hulk Iron Man Judge Dredd Justice League Krampus Legend of Red Sonja Lil Bionic Kids Marvel Knights X-M .. ...
Fanboy Comics’ Podcast to Return for Season 4 with ‘Serenity’ Artist Georges Jeanty and
So.Been interviewed by about collecting comics.Hopefully she wasn't too bored by my fanboy blatherings :-D
There is passion behind these joys.
Looking for "something" special for your Valentine? Why not get them a copy of Something Animal from Fanboy Comics!
The Arcs is available online at the Fanboy Comics Online Store and makes a perfect gift for your Valentine!
(Yes, Fanboy. Moffat retconing big chunks of the classic series is EXACTLY the same as RTD ignoring The 7th Doctor Comics)
Don't forget to stop by The Comic Bug on Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. to meet the creators of The Arcs!
I was a big fan of Dredd comics back then, much bigger than I am now. Possibly my first fanboy rage.
Anonymous asked: May 6, 2016 Man of Steel 2 vs. Doctor Strange fanboy war. what you gonna see first?
I write it, you read it. Fanboy Comics - Where the Buffalo Roam: A Review of 3 Buffalo Games Titles
Welcome to The PREVIEWS Party Podcast! Covering the July 2013 issue of PREVIEWS magazine from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., Fanboy Comics' panel examines the upcoming comics, graphic novels, and other merchandise that will be available in stores nationwide and explains the importance of pre-ord...
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Halloween came early at Fanboy Comics in Wilmington for Free Comic Book Day this week...
Love is in the air at Fanboy Comics! In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the FBC Staff and Contributors decided to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, a few members of the Fanboy Comics crew will be sharing their very personal "Love L...
At the Paley Center premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, the Fanboy Comics crew talks with writer Bob Goodman about the pressures of adapting Frank Miller's classic work, 'The Dark Knight Returns,' finding the balance between making it his own and remaining faithful, and the adjustme...
Collecting the hit Special Ops thriller that Fanboy Comics calls "a realistic story about the teams that protect us, without us ever knowing it." Follow Team Omaha from Uzbekistan to Somalia to Minneapolis on their globe-trotting, high-octane, and high-tech execution of WARFARE WITHOUT WARNING! C...
The voice of Yoda and Miss Piggy, Frank Oz, talks to the Fanboy Comics crew about becoming a legend, being a part of a character that has become immortal. Ch...
Fanboy Comics has an advance review of The ACTIVITY out this Wednesday from Image Comics, Inc.
Thanks to Barbra, Sam, and the rest of the gang at Fanboy Comics for having me on the show this week! It was a blast!
Fanboy Comics' Barbra Dillon laughs it up with Cobra Commander at Emerald Knights' Hollywood & Heroes Charity Event.
Hundreds of comic book lovers made their way to Fanboy Comics in Wilmington to get their hands on some free ink for Free Comic Book Day. But, two people decided to use the occasion to tie the knot.
Special thanks to Fanboy Comics for their feature with James Arnold Taylor...
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