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Family Reunion

A family reunion is an occasion when many members of an extended family get together.

Tyler Perry Class Reunion Cicely Tyson

Madea's Family Reunion is here lol "Tyler Perry's family reunion is here"
Lmao! Niggaz gotta be loyal and stop calling it Tyler Perry's family reunion cuz its Madea's Family Reunion plz
I have been challenged by C Lynn Wilkins to say three positive things a day for five days. So here goes! 1. I am a better person today because of Southern Hospitality. I was in East Tennessee earlier today and last week. It seems like everyone speaks or greets each other. I miss that already... 2. Currently, the Sun has set and my Son is sitting in the dark around a bonfire in my neighbor's backyard. He is sharing ghost stories to a small gathering of friends and adults. The scene is priceless, and I am blessed with neighbors who are like family. 3. My East Tennessee Relatives didn't give up on their dream of having the best Family Reunion ever despite monumental loss, setbacks, and extreme challenges. They sacrificed themselves so that other family and friends could have once in a life time wonderful memories! I am thankful that my cousins revealed to me the true meaning of life.
Today, July 11th, we celebrate the 50th birthday of Cassandra "Cassi" Davis (July 11, 1964); an African-American actress. She is best known for her role as Ella Payne on Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Davis has done extensive work with director and writer Tyler Perry, and has played many roles in his various productions. She also has appeared in several stage plays. Born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Davis' acting career began in 1988 with her role in the Spike Lee film School Daze. Her early television credits include appearances on Living Single, Married... with Children, Kenan & Kel, Boycott, and The PJ's. She established her acting career by appearing in Tyler Perry productions such as Madea's Family Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, Daddy's Little Girls, and Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Davis attended Spelman College in Atlanta and majored in music. She left the college one credit short of graduation, because she was not allowed to perform religious music during her senior recital. Davis returned to Spel ...
News: Buffalo Bill is Coming to Jamestown - Buffalo Bill Cody’s Family Reunion for 2014 is coming to Jamestown...
She need to go ahead and get on these young folk like Cicely Tyson did in Madea's Family Reunion
Call me a sadist but the scene where the bad guy in Madea's Family Reunion get the hot gritz.. Makes me wana burn my bra! :)
It's Family Reunion time! Call us today to book yours at Best Western Branson Inn & Conference Center, next to Silver Dollar City. (417) 338-2141 or (800) 868-6625
Glad I got to go to the Family Reunion today. Hate I don't get to come more often. Elevation Church with Pastor Steven Furtick in the morning. I know y'all are jealous lol!
.honors what would have been Ralph Waite's 86th b'day on Sun w/ "A Walton's Family Reunion" 2:30pm (ET)
There is a lot going on tonight! We have a wedding today! Congratulations to the New Bride and Groom about to Tie the knot here at The Four Seasons Island Resort! We have a Family Reunion! What a wonderful family they are and they are having a blast! We also have our Annual Sock Hop with our Wonderful Host Sherman Brad Linton Of Mane Event Karaoke! Always a great turnout! And in the Lounge we have Mark Young In the HOUSE! With his Acoustic sounds of the 70's, 80's 90's and Today! He has a request list you can pick your own songs! Also, Do not forget about our new Menu, We have rave reviews on all the dishes that our chef prepares fresh everyday. So, don't miss out on all the fun! Hope to see you on the Island Tonight! Your Hosts, Lloyd and Michelle Richman!
My momma ain't liked Blair Underwood ever since he slapped the isht outta that girl in Madea's Family Reunion
Hey Kenny. How ya like that new style guitar that Gene Watson designed ? He gave his first one to Jimmy Capps on Family Reunion. It also has an optional tail piece assessorie to project an acoustical guitar sound .
So fascinated by the increasingly interesting opportunities presenting themselves in my Life. :) In EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE!!! When you ask for Abundance in all things, don't stand in your own way! Yesterday an opportunity to buy a house, today an opportunity to be the EXCLUSIVE Spiritual Advisor for an upcoming event in an incredibly renowned spiritual center for a holistic expo in August. Although I had to pass the event up in lieu of a Family Reunion. Family comes first. Instead of feeling regret, I felt honored to have been approached for such a position. The fact that I put family first, when faced with such a chance, only seemed to impress the owner. I'll be kept in mind for other events. I realize i'm so proud of myself for getting my priorities in order. Life is incredible. I'm truly blessed!
Family Reunion: u and a bunch of relatives u barely know awkwardly hang once every 5 years. Fam Reunion: you and ur *** go…
Family Reunion today .. Aka try to get dinner before everything's gone.
The most annoying Tyler Perry movie has to be Madea's Family Reunion
Madea's Family Reunion is a 2006 comedy-drama film adaptation of the stage production of the same name written by Tyler Perry and sequel to Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It was written and directed by Perry, who also played several characters, including Madea. It was released on February 24, 2006, nea...
Country Music Hall of Fame® member, the legendary Jean Shepard has had quite a story to tell about her life and career, but never had the right opportunity. Understanding its potential historic significance, Gus Arrendale, President of Springer Mountain Farms Chicken and Larry Black, Executive Producer of "Country’s Family Reunion" put their heads together to help her publish and distribute her long-awaited autobiography.
Branch's Family Reunion picnic June 28th Forest Hill park want to see all of you there!
Anyone interested in doing a Family Reunion this summer? Not a big giant expensive event, but maybe a picnic in Belmont Park, everybody bring your own?
Playin trivia at Family Reunion named our team the bearcats... And we're winning.
I remember the words of her poem from her scene in Tyler Perry's Movie: Madea's Family Reunion!. That scene always stood out!. RIP Maya Angelou!.
The most precious asset that one can behold is "FAMILY" Good Morning Hannah family and friends, Hope everyone had an enjoyable and blessed holiday .Just a reminder that our reunion is approaching fast. Our last meeting before the reunion is June 14th at Patty's and hosted by Patsy, Charva and Rodney. Remember the reunion fee is 50.00 for 18 and over. Any comments or suggestions, bring them to the meeting. If you're in another state call and let us know. "What is a Family Reunion" It seem as if a lot of us have forgotten. If so, please view Tyler Perry's movie Madae's Family Reunion and listen to Cicely Tyson. "I Love My Family"
This is an odd recollection considering her vast body of work, but my most vivid memory of Maya Angelou is her appearance in Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion. I simply loved the sound of her voice; may it now add its richness to the great Cloud of Witnesses that surrounds us.
The 2014 McVeay Family Reunion has been scheduled for June 21st at 12:00. We will have it at the Elks Lodge on Krebs Ave in Pascagoula. I am asking everyone to bring a covered dish or a dessert and a drink, I need volunteers to bring plates, napkins, watermelons, etc. The pool will be open so bring your bathing suits and lets have FUN! On a side note, the Elks bar will be open but as usual this will be an alcohol free event. (You can wait till later to party with the Cousins, lol) More info to follow. Billy
I took a wrong turn headed to the Family Reunion & I stopped to get Gas. I saw a school mates mom who told me they had Airlifted her Niece to the Hospital who had blacked out! I said let's pray now we did. She had a blood clot on her brain according to the Cat scan & wasn't responsive. But she called me tonight to tell me that she is Watching the Game tonight and responsive!! Glooorryy!!!
I wanna plan a Family Reunion for my family and close family friends at either kings island the beach water park or coney island.. Its been so long since da whole family got together to have some fun.. Only time we link up is wen der is a death in da family.. I wanna see everybody happy and living.. I don't wanna plan until I know fa sure yal go come.. So once I know yal go come we can start planning.. If I forgot to tag somebody tag em..
Family Reunion ?? (Where it could possibly be my last time seeing some of my family) Or missions trip ?? ...
Got a Family Reunion, Class Reunion or Graduation Party coming up? We have a "Photo Booth" that has been known...
Busy day making more pinatas and then a 4pm graduation party meeting and after that a Family Reunion party meeting two big gigs and where is time for me lol Party Loco needs to open soon so I can Hire People Power ! :)
YES! IT IS HAPPENING! May 18, 2014 Hello Family! The countdown begins for our Family Reunion! We’re so excited!!! In just a few weeks, we will gather for a time of celebration and reconnection. We have 73 family members registered to attend the family reunion! This is an amazing response! We are so looking forward to this time together. The Batts-Newell-Parham Family Reunion will be held July 4 – July 6, 2014, and will feature: · Friday, July 4, 2014: A “Welcome Social” will be held at our Reunion Hotel, the Holiday Inn Petersburg North – Fort Lee, where you will receive your Reunion Welcome Packet and details of the weekend. · Saturday, July 5, 2014: During the day, enjoy optional fun events on your own: visit historic sites in and around Petersburg, participate in various recreational activities, see some family history. During the evening, enjoy a Family Celebration, featuring entertainment (sign up now for the talent/fashion show; enjoy remembrances, a 50-50 raffle, other exciting ...
"When your uncle brings his wife's niece to the family reunion and you're literally there like
Family reunion next weekend ... okay turn up
"I have relatives I know nothing of ! Ha" me everytime there's a family reunion
First family reunion without papa. Gone be sad. This weekend gone be serious
We at KARMA Restaurant Berlin specialize in catering events of all sizes. Whether it's a small family reunion, a...
Family reunion in August can't wait 😂❗️
nøname is like the mysterious cool friend that your cousin brings to family reunion and you want to be friends with her
'Family Reunion' and 'Aliens Exist' will be my funeral songs
Do you have a family reunion or church retreat planned soon? Why not choose America's largest rental cabin? Big...
Worst day of my life. Won tickets. Fireworks&Dollar Dogs. Out of town for family reunion.
Looking forward to our Family Reunion this Friday hosted by comedian
Yall seen that Chevy commercial with the Black family riding to their family reunion? Straight coonery.
family is coming in from Ohio so obviously I'm coming over for a family reunion too. 💁
Ready to head to yet again to help w/ retreat, next a Class Reunion, then holy land w/& his family.
I was at a family reunion last Saturday.. And I met this dude.. He appeared to be of my age group, so I started a conversation with him. In the conversation, I picked up that we share interests like getting stoned, listening to music all day, reading, etc.. So in the middle of a mini kush session, this *** told me his name was Itumeleng Mokhethi and asked for mine. Lol, like.. How? How do we share a province, a name, a surname, a clan name, bloodline, etc jwalo feela? Jwalo? Lol,ntseksa kgolwe.
Jay Z gonna be at the family reunion like
At any family function (i.e. wedding, funeral, reunion, etc), the electric slide will be played.
Family Reunion last summer in Charlotte NC ☀️😍 teemarie_
ohhh shxt now get that money cuz!!! Might b coming to visit n July cuz that's da family reunion
It's a family reunion in The Originals, only without Kol. Whoop whoop.
Look a family reunion, his mum, his dad and his weird brother LOL LOL LOL
On 5/12/09, my Birthday, I received 4 Divine Revelations at 12 noon to be ready to go to Colorado for a Divine Family Reunion!
I do have it! Great pix!. I met the Jacksons last July, hoping to see them at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion …
Yeah, Esther is Klaus’ mum. Hm, I see a not so happy family reunion in season 2.
My ability to correctly answer my mom while not paying attention on the phone should be on my resume or I just said yes to a family reunion?
At the family reunion, who we introducing, who we introducing
Building a Hyper Loop to get me out of this family reunion.
My uncle just followed me. Tf do you think this is a family reunion??
yeah, I definitely requested the wrong weekend off for my family reunion. who knew Memorial Day was next weekend?
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I have a chance to be an extra in Mall Cop 2 but there's also my family reunion this weekend. Asdfghjk
Looking forward to our family reunion Saturday :)
Jay-Z gonna be at the next family reunion like...
Jay-Z is gonna be at the next family reunion like...
family reunion I'll be back late Saturday night
chill man I didn't know your family reunion pics was on google
It's a Wrap. This year's BO family reunion is over. Loved seeing everyone. Now, lets Take it to the Streets and make some BoMoments.
Family reunion/get together this weekend need to get Block party on the go right after Stampede get a permit for street and alcohol
Y'all having a good laugh at that Idaho debate but when I see it I think "family reunion"
Gonna be weird watching my cousin graduate tomorrow, But its def gonna be like a family reunion in Lg, Gonna be nice to see all my family.
Genesis 47 = Divine Reunion of Joseph with his family = Divine Reunion of me with my Wife Susan and my family!
Jay-Z's gonna be at the next family reunion like..
Auntie said its a big *** family reunion on the 26th she want her nephews to bome
My mum talking about going to a family reunion is making me want to commit
Amoralists' Family Reunion this Fri at CakeShop w/ & Marek and the Boss Chops ht…
Beautiful family reunion in the hallway today with and her parents 😍👪
Blanton's family reunion is Saturday July 21st let's have a big turn out everyone please go I would love to see ya all!
Attention Attention..I will be putting together a Knapp /white/Family reunion. My children your children your niece and your nephew your cousin your brothers your sisters please please get in touch with me inbox me your address and your phone number. It will be on St Louis Missouri I need help on date.2015
We have facilities to rent for your special occasion. Wedding, graduation, family reunion? Give us a call at 725-1585
If you go to Ingles in Hull for a Family reunion.
Making the decision to take over the Family Reunion was nobody but God. My mom made the same decision over 20 years ago and now it's my turn to step up and be the woman she knows I can be. I thank God for the rest of my family because this year will be our year to bring old traditions back.
Our family reunion starts in two weeks in Phoenix. So excited. Can't wait to see the family. :-) think I will enter in the baked beans contest. The peach cobbler I will leave that to my mom. Lol Does your family have annual or bi-annual reunions??
Russell Family Reunion Update: The location has been changed for the picnic from Lake Contrary to Elwood Community Center. We found out that our possum cookin' was not gonna be allowed in MO so we had to switch to KS. :)
We're excited for the summer! Weddings, family reunions, and parties galore! Let us take care of you and your guests! Call us now at 850.402.9400 to take advantage of our Memorial Day Weekend promo! 10% off your entire stay!
Thinking about making the family reunion this year for the first time in prolly over 20 years (if I've ever been lol). Who going??
Family reunion in Des Moines, Iowa. And, waiting coming friday to have lots of joys with Nisha chhori and Shreeram jwai. Happy moments.
Ah Thursday! Don't "work" till tonight. But cooking most of the day to prepare for Carol's family reunion, cuz I ❤ to cook!
Hey let me know if y'all can make it to Dad's next Sunday around 2 pm for Ryleigh's birthday bash/a little family reunion/Memorial gathering. We would love to see all our wondermous family and friends! :-) I also wanted an idea of a head count for children and adults.
Somebody should plan a Brynjulfson family reunion.
Opened my eyes this morning and thanked God for blessing me to make 32 years. Thank yall for the G Day wishes! I'm up early smokin somethin louder than a black family reunion! Good morning beautiful souls!
Update your maps at Navteq
Yesterday I finally had a taste of the left over Benachin for lunch. " Dat also go bone" Desmond Scott can Mrs Scott repeat it again whenever we are having business or for the family reunion we might be having this summer?
Off to Manila... then going to Bicol for family reunion...
FB fam please, please, please keep my family(Ramsey, Davis and Davidson) in your prayers as my Daddy's Brother Uncle Howard aka Unc Kitty passed away last nite. We know that he's in Heaven because he was a child of God. What a family reunion in Heaven last nite as my Dad, grandma Naomi, Unc Frankie, Unc Bumps , Aunt Doll and Grandaddy were there to welcome him home. Please keep me in prayer as well as my doctor reports were not favorable. I had a meltdown and cried and then finding out that my uncle had passed, really took a toll on me. So I'm claiming my healing and I will fight this. The Doctors will know what steps to take after I've completed the MRI and CT Scan.
You were just here a few months ago, now you're gone i will always remember our family reunion at the end of January thats when we spent the most time Rest in prison, unk Rest in peace Bae 1/31-now Gone to soon, dem taxes doe
So much on my mind right now. Not the way I wanted to have a family reunion. The end is so very near.
Well, it's official; barring any glitches, I will be moving to Mexico July 6th. I'm also looking forward to our Horn family reunion in Colorado at the end of June, but before any of this happens I need to get my house on the market and find a great home for my two wonderful cats! Praying ALL goes smoothly as these days fly by.
Heading to NYC for Surtex, the big design show that feels like a family reunion with the best artists and manufacturers around... I'll be in booth Do come see me !
Family Reunion (sa side nila ni mama) at the same time Fiesta man sila ni lola sa Taloc!
A favourite photo of my mother Marion. I took it at a family reunion on the May long weekend in 1982. (I also did the film and the print in the darkroom I had at the time.) She was 62 at the time, and it feels odd to know that I am older now than she was then. :)
Hey folks, just wanted to make sure everyone knows that the Allen Family Reunion will be held at Jimmy and Beverly's house again this year, and the date is Saturday, June 14th. I know I've spoken to a few folks about it (Star, Alan, Felina, Ricky ), but forgot who else I let know. Jimmy and Beverly are furnishing the meat, not sure about anything else, we are all to bring side dishes and desserts. Hope to see you all there! Oh yes, don't forget swimsuits!
It's Reunion planning time again for The Greene Family. Last year was our first reunion in honor of our beloved Arquilla Greene. As you all know our theme last year was the rainbow, which signified our covenant to God and to the late beloved Arquilla Greene promising that we will remain strong and stay together as a family. Please save the date Saturday July 26,2014 as we host our second annual Greene's Family Reunion. We are calling on everyone because we are FAMILY. I would like everyone to join in on the fun this year so family please help me spread the news and keep a lookout for further updates.
NEW YORK MEET UP - Hey, I'm attending a family reunion in Freeport, Long Island NY on Friday evening. I'm thinking of holding a meet up around 9pm that night. If you're down, I'll comment below about where to meet me.
I guess this family reunion is gonna be suspended cuz we cant find a hall...
James Jr wanted to say hello to a few of his cousins who just recently joined the family also. We in wildwood love you all dearly and I say it's time for a Ct family reunion familia...
Do you have a special event this summer? Family reunion, fundraiser, big family vacation? We can help with custom T-shirts to make your event really special. Come and see us today!
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It's hot, let's make this ticket giveaway easy. If you want to see foot-stompin' Americana group Spirit Family Reunion for free tomorrow night in Charlottesville, be the first person to comment on this post with "I want tickets!" and we'll give you a pair!
Looking at family reunion ideas and came across this 😂😂😂😂 LMAO! Can you fill in the _ # It's A DOUCETthing
We are so excited to announce that GWCA/CAN with be hosting a Family Reunion. All of our past, current, and future families are invited to attend. We will have events taking place Friday June 20th a
Family Reunion with class of 07! "Guys, I'll be in Boston from May 22-28 😘"
Thursday, May 29at 8:00pm - 10:00pm in EDT (347) 838-8639 Press 1 to speak to host or guest. Our Special Guest: D'atra Hicks With Her New Project: "FINALLY MY TIME!" Tyler Perry's hit stage play:"Madea's Family Reunion" The Broadway Play "Momma I Want To Sing!" Our Roundtable Discussion: Should pastors and praise & worship Leaders receive a salary or an "Love Offering for his/her services?" Tune in via INTERNET RADIO ( and have yourself the time of your life. Or take it up a notch and dial in to speak to the host and our guest. The hottest new show available today! 8PM (Eastern) 7PM (Central) 6PM (Mountain) 5PM (Pacific) Dial (347) 838-8639 limited number of lines available. Click on the link below p
-Screaming from Selu to Monroe , Happy 23rd Birthday to my big nose cousin Jasmine D. Hampton . lol , you know what that mean now cuhh . (Family Reunion).! But I hope you enjoy your day & I love you .!
Would you like to have your 2015 Family Reunion in the Historic Town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee? For...
Who wants to cruise? I can help you throw a wonderful themed cruise! How about a Family Reunion by Sea, Book Club Cruise, Motorcycle Club Cruise, Singles Ministry Cruise, Sisters Cruise, BFF Cruise, Music Lovers Cruise, Craft Lovers Cruise, Art Lovers Cruise, Couples Cruise... The list goes on and on. If your group can book at least 16 cabins, you get to go for FREE! Contact me today!
REUNION UPDATE: Family Reunion is the weekend of August 1-3 with the dinner/dance on Saturday August 2. Location: Monterey Hill Restaurant, 3700 West Ramona Blvd., Monterey Park, CA 91754 Time: 6 pm Cost per person: $35/adults; $20/children (under 12) Please send checks/payment to: Felipe Huante, 16203 E. Grovecenter Street, Covina, CA 91722 We have hired a DJ and Mariachis (not the HUANTE's) We need a count and payment as soon as possible. You also need to tell us if you'd like the CHICKEN/PASTA/SALMON dish. Hope to see many of you !
I'm that Guy from the show (Madea's Family Reunion) you knw tha Bus Driver (Boris Kodjoe).Yea that's Me.The Nice Guy, The Guy who always finish Last, The guy that wouldn't Hurt You, The Guy that will always Love You, The Guy that will always be there.Yea That Me :D :) ;)
Just got home from a Family Reunion in Nueva Ecija. WHAT IS EXHAUSTED 😲
Family Reunion flyers will be in the mail soon, looking forward to seeing everyone the weekend of Labor Day!!! If anyone has had an address change fb me so I can get it in the mail to you... Love my family!!!
Ok it's May the 9th and our Family Reunion is 2 months away I have booked 5 rooms so far and other family members has booked their own stay, I'm encouraging our Baltimore side of the family to get on board and come meet our cuzns from ALL over bc as I said before I'm so sick of hearing the same conversation at every FUNERAL "WE NEED TO START DOING FAMILY THINGS AND STOP ONLY COMING TOGETHER AT FUNERALS" its really sad it feels like pulling teeth trying to get our Family to participate in something GOOD, I'm not fussing I'm just keeping it REAL bc you ALL can go any and everywhere with friends and do things with outsiders but when given the opportunity to do FAMILY things I don't hear a word from some of you and it's a shame before God, loving my family God blessed me in...Smiles
Let me tell ya Why Al Sharpton IS a Rat!.. A RAT is a person..any Person who is CAUGHT doing wrong.. And It Does not matter how major or minor the wrong avoid the consequence of being caught offers to give information or even agree to be used as a tool to prove the guilt of someone else who otherwise would remain innocent ... In almost every society... Unless it is a society of RATS and CRAWFISH... This behavior Is dishonorable.. The earliest lessons learned by children in my day was...Nobody Likes a Tattle Tale!!.. I had a cousin .. Who will remain unnamed (so that we may have a peaceful Family Reunion) who was throwing rocks at Grannies Chickens many years ago with about 4 or 5 of us Kids..When (he or she ) heard grandma coming ..instead of warning us of eminent discovery they ran to tell granny what the rest of us Had been doing... The wise old woman knew that the only way such details could have been given by (he or she ) was that they has to have been directly guess what... Granny ...
Memories of Family Reunion... Boy scout camp in Elko Nevada
Well today took a turn from yesterday! Work was smooth (for once ) got done at a descent time,had the boys help,Mr got off work early,make dinner ~roast beef w /meatballs on french bread and baked beans. Then me,mr,lil man and his 2 friends came over and we all 5 watched Madea's Family Reunion. Lol. Now they playing game and mama's baking punkin cookies! Good day. :)
Dear Family: My mother looked into a wonderful place for our Family Reunion on Sunday 8/17. It's called Platzl Brauhaus located near Bear Mountain. We have 5 months to save for this event. This venue has parks and a pool and all the cooking will be done for us. The day will begin at 10:00am and end at 6:00pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served as well as ice cream from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. I am uploading the flyer sent to us. I have added the tax and gratuity to the prices. If you agree to have the event here please in box my mother and send a $20 check to my mom's address. We will need over 50 people to book this venue. $50.00 per adult $20 per child. please read the flyer and see all that you get, it also includes all the soda, iced tea and beer you can drink.
Been meaning to write this for a while... Thank you to my wonderful sisters! You guys put together a Family Reunion at the drop of a hat for me just because my job happened to route me thru Atlanta. And it became an unplanned family meeting that REALLY addressed some familial issues. And a big shout out to Scotty and Lewis for acting as informal mediators/facilitators. Especially Scotty.since he does so under the threat of bodily harm ! ; ). And an honorable mention to MY BABY Maria.who came by after a marathon work shift just to see her Uncle Darryl and walked into her Aunt Denise in all her glory.We may be miles apart but you guys are my heart.and I love every person in that house SO much for being there for me. God bless all of you.
Ya know. I was just sitting Here thinking about A Family Reunion. With the family we do have left :( & getting a really really big picture frame & doing a collage of pictures that i take there .
If you haven't seen Family Reunion, get down to this Saturday 3/22!
The Carmi League of Arts will be selling refreshments during intermission at this weekend's Carmi-White County Junior/Senior High School production of "Virgil's Family Reunion." The production will be presented in the school auditorium at 7:30 p.m. March 21 and 22 and at 2:30 p.m. March 23. The proceeds from the sales will be donated to the school's drama department.
Family Reunion is cancelled due to lack of registration. Have already cancelled the venue. Please stand by for plans for Sharon & Wayne's 50th Anniversary party for August.
I'm coming Home, I'm coming Home, TELL the world, I'm coming HOME Perry, Griffin, Tiller & Bradford 2014 Family Reunion will be HELD in Swainsboro, Georgia! DATES: June 21, 22, 23, 2014 Tell the family YOU are taking it BACK HOME.
I still watch Madea's Family Reunion and Diary of a Mad Black Woman every single time they come on. Lol idc.
Party, Family Reunion, Charity Event. It don't matter have host your event. x
"Great is Thy Faithfulness" is my favorite hymn of all time and I'm so excited to share my version with you! I am so proud to have been part of Country's Family Reunion's "God Bless America Again" along with friends like Bill Anderson, Official Dailey & Vincent, Mark Wills, Linda Davis, Jeannie Seely, Joey and Rory, Lee Greenwood and many more! Feel free to share :)
Last time in the Faith Missionary Baptist Church pulpit until after Tonight: "A Family Reunion" Genesis 5
Hi Family!! I included the info about the Family Reunion in the events folder, but it may be too lengthy to read. So I will post this information and repost it. Those of you who may have parents or family members new or unfamiliar to fb, please tell them the information. Although I am sent out letters, they ae getting the info a lot slower than we are. Potts Family Reunion July 4 - July 6, 2014 Pawhuska, Oklahoma Cost: $50 per couple $100 family of three or more (Inbox me for address to mail proceeds) We need the proceeds in by April 15, 2014 to RSVP your attendance. Remember this is a holiday weekend so it is important to make your reservations for rooms early!! I found out that the Black Gold Motel is NOT accepting reservations because they are undergoing renovations. Our Cousin Peggy Rowell have reserved some rooms in the Hampton Inn in Bartlesville (918) 333-4051. CALL TODAY!! Ask for the Potts Family discount to reduce the cost of the room. I also have information for a Bed and Breakfast ...
My people ... My people. Drafting a letter to Corporate as soon as I get home (with a Courtesy Copy to Mark Kurien ... Franchise Owner for this store). Last time I felt compelled to write such letter ... The "big Guys" at Radisson Hotel reimbursed the McCullough Family Reunion (DC 2012) THREE Thousand bucks. Yea. Not about the $ ... It's the principle.
I started packing too early for our national convention (called Family Reunion) Usually I only give myself an hour. So now I'll spend all evening asking, "what'd I forget to pack?" What's the one thing you always forget to pack when traveling?
Stop by the AmeriSpec booth @ Family Reunion. We'll have a fun,exciting booth with flash drives,stylus pens and more!
Joe made us some "sweet tarts" we need to write a sequel to Family Reunion
Lets talk about that special trip to celebrate your Birthday, Anniversary, Family Reunion, Honeymoon, Graduation, or "Just Because"! Make 2014 one to remember with your bags packed! Email me: your name, cell destination, dates of travel, & how many people to lbluefortme help plan your family or Class Reunion, your birthday getaway, or that just for fun trip! Even if you just want to travel alone! Essence Festival, Cabin Packages, Disney/Universal Packages, Las Vegas Packages, Free Wedding Packages in the Caribbean, Hawaii Packages, Ski Resort Packages, Caribbean Packages, Cruises & All Inclusive Cruises, *** & *** Cruises or Resort a year, go someplace you've never been before- Dalai Lama
Ms . D'Atra Hicks grace us with her beautiful voice .She played in Tyler Perry plays What Done in the Dark and also Madea's Family Reunion. I was honor to hear her sing in person. She is very friendly. Here what you guys missed. Hope you enjoy. Met somebody famous .
Tyler Perry movies always make me cry. Finished watching Madea's Family Reunion and now
The Eulogio B. Plopino clan will be having its Family Reunion on May 18, 2014 at San Pascual Daet Camarines Norte as per info of Manoy Nelson. Host for this year's reunion is the Juan A. Plopino (Aning and Esing)siblings. Other update will be posted on this FB account.
Hi I am Minister Rosalind Child's. Granddaughter of Minnie Lee (Reid) and Johnnie Clifford Child's. Parents: Retha Lee Childs and Donald Robinson ( REST IN PARADISE) Siblings are: Sonya, Joann, Deneko and Donald Childs; Sheree Childs-griffin (gone but not forgotten) , and Carlos Price. Children: Chelsea Sïmpli' Childs) and Elisha Hill. I have been working on a family tree for years but a lot of the Georgia connection is missing. Feel free to add your information on Ancestry. com. Pictures can be added also. We might finally get this finished for the next Family Reunion. May God bless and keep you.
January 15, 1976 ... At Canton, Ohio's O'Jays, with "I Love Music (Part One)." Written by the legendary Gamble and Huff, and recorded at Philly's Sigma Sound studio, the song appears on the group's "Family Reunion" album. It was the longest song the group had ever recorded at nearly seven minutes and became a staple of discos and dance clubs. "I Love Music" peaked at on the Hot 100 and topped the soul charts. It also topped the dance music chart, where it ruled at for eight straight weeks. In a bit of music trivia, the signature bongo introduction was played by Bill Cosby, and the "Get it on" chorus was performed by Cleavon Little, both longtime fans of the O'Jays.
I'd like to ask the Stilwell/Stillwell Family to help organize a Family Reunion in April 2014. Dreama is coming to town & I'm not sure who else is coming & I need your input??? Children are out of school for Easter Break & that seems like a great time to set an exact date for our reunion. If you're reading this, please pass this along to your family & relatives. As soon as we have the date planned, I will call & reserve Glen Hilton Park & we'll have a covered dish dinner to bring to our family reunion. This isn't written in stone & we can go to the new Hildebran Park, but the picnic area is small. The soccer park on I-40 exit 121 also has a small playground & small picnic area. Send me your input because without your help & appearance in person!!! I need all of my cousins & aunts & uncles to let me know a good date that works for you?? This is not a public post & will need you all to spread the word & help out with our 1st Annual STILWELL/STILLWELL Family Reunion since 1989 when grandmother Stilwell passe ...
Hello Jones/Holloway Family We will be meeting at Bru's Room 235 S Federal Highway Pompano Beach, Fl 33062 on Friday, January 24th at 8pm Saturday, Jan. 25th at 8pm we will meet at Galaxy Skateway 7500 Southgate Boulevard, North Lauderdale, Fl 33068 admission is 10.00 please mention that you are with River Of Life for this event and Sunday, Jan. 26 at 11:30am we will end our Family Reunion weekend at River Of Life 390 NW 27th Ave pompano Beach, Fl 33069 I am looking forward to seeing and fellowshipping with all of you. please spread the word to all family members.
"I Love Music" is a disco song written by Gamble and Huff and recorded by The O'Jays. It appeared on the group's 1975 album Family Reunion. The single versio...
Watching Madea'a Family Reunion and tryna fall asleep.
What other girl would gladly go to my family reunion for part of a date? Only Amanda.
I don't know if I can handle being at a family reunion all day tomorrow
Awww look! family reunion at the Xmas party :)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sibling reunion at da ballroom dance social even tho we live in da same house
invited me to her family reunion I showed up to this Smh
In a couple more years we'll be having a family reunion.. Yas
Joyfully celebrate Jesus' birth and confidently look forward to his physical return and the ultimate family reunion
Family Reunion 2daii, jeez ths is gnna b something.
NO! Uncle Joe! I wish he'd come to our next family reunion barbecue lmao
Family reunion minus Alli. Look at these goons.
Gettin too turnt at owens family reunion
Haven't studied. No sleep. Got church and have to go to Great Wolf Lodge for a family reunion tomorrow.
Life lesson: it is never okay to shave your pubes for a family reunion.
Let me know I can go on Edward and we can have a family reunion.
If you don't believe in ghosts, you've never been to a family reunion
Gnite tweeps, family reunion was a success! now off to sleep w my hunney 😘
Just saw a green mamba...batsi its goodluck cos there's a family reunion,ngilabaphansi...really?
Amen! Cousin. God Bless you and the folks. See you at next years "Burrell Family Reunion", Lord willing! Peace. :)
domain names
Your eye brows remind me of The addams family reunion that lady that played Morticia Addams o.O — she's my mom
I refuse to go to a family reunion with these mfs
yeah, I see him every year at my family reunion
The speech my uncle gave at the family reunion today really made me realize a lot.
It's not a family reunion without at least one incident of bodily violence
family reunion ruined cuz of bad Internet
My extended family wants to have a family vacation/reunion and I'm just like
What if you married one of the girl's cousins or relatives and saw them at a family reunion
Emotional Reunion For Crash Victim and Man Who Saved Her Life: On Saturday, the family of a woman who...
Whether you're planning a family reunion, a girlfriend getaway, a relaxing retreat or a honeymoon, all of our...
Tommy Ford with his family as he celebrity hosted at Yahweh's Family Reunion Weekend 2013, benefit concert…
Had a little family reunion at the game too, lmao. It was good seeing them tho.. especially 😭😘
I have a friend who found out something like that while doing family research. Cue v. awkward "family" reunion.
Van Oordt family Reunion 2013 - 15/12/2013 - Coolish day, but the atmosphere will be very warm
I just want you back Uncle Jack.. You are supposed to be here for the family reunion. God I miss you..
okay , lets have a family reunion in thw middle of the hall. ... GET A ROOOM 😂😂😂
"Natsuki! Your boyfriend's a con artist!!!" Yeah, that's one way to crash a family reunion.
It's like a cross between a family reunion and online dating
You don't know how hard it is to fit in when you're the tannest kid at one family reunion and the lightest at the other.
Family reunion with Uncle, Sebby, and me
attending the Quiambao family reunion
Our family reunion gone be slick live
Our family reunion gonna be live as'f .
SLAM CITY TOUR FALL 13 Texas Family Reunion continues... Austin...Nico's Parents and Drum Tech Andy's Parents came... San Antonio...Dean's Hometown...His Brother and gang of friends and family came Tonight it's merch master Benny's homecoming! And Tim is from Texas too! Tonight's show info... Where: Corpus Christi Venue : House of Rock Doors : 7 PM The Inspector Cluzo 7:30 PM Trash Talk 8:15 TERROR 9 Suicidal Tendencies 10 Note* Less than 20 tickets left, it's about to sell out... Hope you can make it and Go Cyco with ST and the Slam City Crew !
Family reunion today. This should be fun.
Boyd Family Reunion 2015!!! Like if you would like to help plan the 2nd annual Boyd Family Reunion.
Tenyane's family reunion. Its gonna be a blast.
Actress Lisa Arrindell, most known for her role in "Madea's Family Reunion," called into "The Russ Parr Morning Show" for an exclusive interview. She stars in Russ Parr's latest film "A Christmas B...
GAUDIEL FAMILY REUNION 2013 kelan kaya at saan?
Family reunion and preparation for dad's memorial, day 1.
Little Giant Ladders
Shiner Family Reunion makes me very happy
Family reunion in the city of music!!! :)
LETTER: JONATHAN IS A FAITHFUL STUDENT OF OBASANJO’s SCHOOL OF POLITICS SAYS FEMI FALANA It is pertinent to point out that President Jonathan is a faithful student of the Olusegun Obasanjo School of Politics. While President Jonathan has been accused by General Obasanjo of diverting $7 billion from the Federation Account he (President Obasanjo) is yet to account for the over $20 billion which he diverted from the same account. The 36 state governments sued the Federal Government over the illegal diversion of such huge public fund by President Obasanjo and the case is currently pending at the Supreme Court. The Senate recently indicted Presidents Obasanjo, Yaradua and Jonathan for mismanaging the federation Account to the tune of N1.5 trillion. The senate has recommended the revocation of the fraudulent privatisation of public assets carried out by President Obasanjo. The transcorp hotel was bought by a sitting President through “blind trust” while the House of Representatives indicted the Obasanjo r ...
My family reunion would be at CVs lol
This weekend, some of the top leaders in our team fly in to Hollywood for a spectacular weekend. We dream together, we build together, we vacation together, and we mastermind for 2014 together, taking our expectations of each other and our goals to a whole new level. Excited as we have created so many magical moments for everyone to experience this weekend, in what we now call our 7thPower Family Reunion, Chosen 2013.
So, what do you think the Pope family reunion is like?
"Great Hotel. I always stay at this hotel when I am in the area. I have never been dissatisfied with the service and or comfort. We used to have our family reunion here and always received great service."
Guess who will be there for the Finale!?!? In, fact all the top 13 are returning!! So excited to see everyone and to cheer on the top 3! It's going to be like a family reunion!
This year Fresh Side will be closed between Dec 23rd through Dec. 31st for a rare family reunion. Sorry for any inconvenient this may cause. We will be open again January 1st at 11:00 am. Sorry local Amherst kids who will come back to visit during the holiday. We will do a different time next time!
Having an unexpected family reunion
This Christmas is shaping up to be a family reunion and you're finding yourself a little overwhelmed with your gift list. Well, I've got a bunch of suggestions for every member of your fam so sit back, relax, and I'll give you ideas for everyone from your sister to your cousin who's been living abro...
jocson family reunion this coming Dec. 28, 2013.
A The Dungeon Family reunion? Guess which ATL was spotted in the studio with André 3000.
Family reunion at the mechanic's.not good
Join us at the Digital Family Reunion at the Skirball Center on December 11, 2013, to honor the socalTECH 50 up and comers in Southern California's technolog...
Paisanos the parent restaurant to Zebs is considering a location in Layton . A sort of family reunion .
Family Reunion is our industry’s most powerful training event. Gather with thousands of top associates for a week to network, reenergize, and take your business to the next level.
Planning a family reunion..who all in..we need one ASAP..Lets make it happen family
Do you have an event like a birthday party, a function for your work, a gathering for church or family reunion? Place an order with us this holiday season or any time of year and we'll give you our special Memphis Donut's group discount. Stop by or give us a call for more information. *Minimum purchase is required.
One of the best parts of taking a charter bus during your family reunion is that no one has to deal with the stress of traffic or road construction. This will help ensure everyone has a better time.
Orgies are all well and good, but, come on, every family reunion?
Have a family reunion coming up, or a big event? Call us at Big Rhino (850) 469-9028. Let us dress you, and your family, in style and comfort today!
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