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Family Reunion

A family reunion is an occasion when many members of an extended family get together.

Tyler Perry Cicely Tyson Gene Watson Blair Underwood Tom Joyner Family Reunion

I always get Nicole Ari Parker mixed up with that other lightskin girl who got her *** beat by Blair Underwood in Madea's Family Reunion
It's the OH! OH! OH! Tom Joyner Morning Show Skyshow on 99.3/105.7 Kiss Fm live from the Family Reunion in...
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Family reunion today... There will be FOOD! Sweet shortcrust base for a chocolate tart, topped with…
Family reunion in Arkansas. Packing condoms because, you know, clich�s.
Full House Reunion - the family reunites in order to survive a zombie apocalypse, Michelle Tanner is eaten in the pilot
Invited my friends to my family reunion cuz I don't wanna be around them people.
My family reunion this weekend bout to be crackin & I can't wait ! I'm *** near geeked
What y'all doing? Im making some family reunion artwork for some shirts.
Looking for a photographer ? Do you have a child's birthday coming up? Or an anniversary for yourself and your husband wife girlfriend fiance ? Are you expecting a child ? A family reunion ? Do you have a childs event coming up dance recital cheer ballgame ? Gve us a shout at simply amazing photos and editing we would love to talk with you about offering our services to help you and your family and friends out with any photography need you may have we are licensed and well priced we also offer discounts and royalty points Please message us on the page and ask us about our discounts and how to start earning your loyalty points let us know how we can help you We offer 30 min and 1 hr sessions . UT photos have started . We do on location photography
Then my family reunion Sunday or whatever
S/O got a BROTHA looking sharp for the family reunion !
that's very cool! My parents were just there for the Boatright family Reunion this summer!
Can anyone tell me where the Lavendar farm is in Boyne? I am heading up Saturday for a family reunion and would love to see it. Thanks!
Looking to host a family reunion? Here's the perfect way in creating a memorable one!
Thank you to all who supported PBBALLIN and kudos to the pbb family. See you at the reunion . Time to party!
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Looks like Tom Joyner’s family reunion is a fun way to celebrate Labor Day this year!
I hope to see you at our family reunion coming up in September!
Bachelorette party? Family reunion? Guys' trip? Let us help plan the entire group experience.
Family reunion this weekend . Turn tf up !
More from the family reunion . This makes our job the best job in the world
Heading back to CT today with for a mini family reunion 💕
Just found out about my family reunion on the 6th!! So excited to see everyone and for everyone to meet my wonderful boyfriend Charlie!!
Daddy's home...and nothing makes me happier than a family reunion. 😊
Danny is there a chance of a Partridge family reunion or a Reeboot TV Show !
My sister is going to Disney for the entire weekend through Monday LIKE *** I HAVE ALL THAT OFF BUT I HAVE TO GO TO A FAMILY REUNION
Fun with cousins at the family reunion
Im so excited for the family reunion on Saturday&sunday! I cant wait! =)
Okay so at my church were having a FAMILY REUNION! Everybody knows I love to party, laugh, dance, worship, and get emotional and I will be able to do all that with my family on Sunday. If I tagged you in this post I want you there. I am also doing something special during service and your presence will touch my heart and soul! We can take a picture together. If you come you don't have to get me a Christmas Present. Love you all. Happy Wednesday. Meet me at: 480 Court Street, San Bernardino CA 92401 at 12:30pm.
The Family Reunion! In Independence Kansas!!! 7/4/2014!! We started in Kansas and ended in Lubbock, Tx. Then home to Tulsa, OK! On 7/7/2014!!! Three States and Three town stops in one weekend!
The silver lining to an otherwise blah day is heading to VA for my family reunion!
ORLANDO! The Family Reunion is the biggest family love fest of the year. And it's THIS WEEKEND!
Jeremy Thies hits the stage at the - Winning with partners. This event is like a family reunion
Can't wait for the family reunion on Saturday! . I miss my family ❤. Got the day off forsure ✅
My summer: went to CO. Went to trek 30miles 3days. Then TX. Family reunion. So I'd say it's the most I've done summer wise
no way cuh! 😁 it's a Sapp reunion?! “I'll see you in Florida for the family reunion cuh❤️”
Was going to my family reunion this weekend , but I think ima stay home and do something else 😏
Multiple family members sharing articles from is a get out-of-jail-free card for every future family reunion, right?
Nana is at the eye doctor with my cousins. Family reunion right now in this waiting room.
Orlando! It's going down this Sunday at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion! hosted by The Official...
The next time Chuck has crazy stomach problems and can't do the show, I'm definitely playing a Cockburn family reunion clip show special.
Please Share far and wide. And keep Lucius and his family in your prayers for a safe reunion. Thank you. —Annie...
Mom, Junilla Geiger playing the accordian for cousins at our family reunion. Mom is 91 years young.
Are you already booking ur family and friends reunion vacations. Wouldn't you want to get paid as a travel agent.
Grandma had no respect for me because of the fact that I had dissapointed the family when I swore like a sailor, at our family reunion.
Jeremiah up in here eating Zaxbys got the whole classroom smelling like family reunion
There's going to be a Full House family reunion show! 😵😨
Ok, pack up your sweat towels and head to Orlando. I'll be waiting for you at the Allstate Family Reunion!
So darn modest. I'll be watching from my family reunion. They won't miss me for a couple hours anyway. Bring home a title!!
Happy Birthday to your cousin, Melissa!!! She's AMAZING & you girls are ALL hilarious!!! Can I come to your family reunion?
I liked a video from Tom Joyner Family Reunion - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
When your friend hears family reunion for the first time
Mini-family reunion at Millennium Park before rally
About to be a family reunion in Dublin, Ireland
Madea's Family Reunion is def my fave Tyler Perry movie🙌
I added a video to a playlist Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion - 13. "Grits and Skillet"
Benefit/alumni hoops reunion Saturday for Carlson family at BPHS raises about $8,000.
It's like a family reunion at work today we are everywhere. Every time I turn around there's another Moore
Mark your calendars and at on Sept. 20 for a Family Reunion Workshop and Expo!
Hmmm family reunion this weekend might slide through
Me and my lovely sisters at the family reunion 😁 love these two
It's so funny watching family reunion videos how most Black people are born with a sense of Rhythm as opposed to other races😂
Waiting For Mikaelson Mondays cause who doesn't like a family reunion? :-)
Family finds girl lost in tsunami 10 years ago
I guess it's not really a family reunion until the cops come by lol
he says another spell to make you stiff. "Maybe a family reunion with everyone up there?"
This is a Samoan family from Hawaii that was here for a family reunion. They ate at my restaurant and were so...
Just saw a family reunion of deer while exploring Audubon park with the one and only
This dude nagged me my whole freshman yr in highschool about us being cousins, then like 2yrs later he popped up at the family reunion 😩😂
"If Uncle Keith cannot oust her I stand ready to call on Uncle Bakr” 😂😂😂" Wey alyuh does have family reunion
Family reunion in the studio making noise..
because of you I ruined my:. family reunion. Best sweater. Chances of promotion. Thanks for making me part of the club
My family reunion is about to be active!
I would like Maya and her internet to know that I showed the thin hamster video at my family reunion this summer. am I coo…
I know it's like family reunion time but also it's school tomorrow. lol.
Sooo much going on Saturday and i wanna go to Yae & Taya trunk party but my family reunion Sat😩😒
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ima see if they still having this family reunion forsure. If not I'll be there 😬
😟 I work from 9-3 then my dad side having a family reunion then that night is my BFF dinner
On the plane headed to Houston to be with Israel Houghton and so many of my friends at Deeper Conference. I've been every year and every year we encounter God. Can't wait to share at the One Church Academy as well! This is like a family reunion every year! Can't wait to see what God does.
From reunion to reality: family navigates new life after a decade of separation (by
When you're the oldest one at the family reunion
Working on family reunion ideas need some great ones
Moving back into TCU is like a family reunion that you're actually really excited about.
Thinking of a small group getaway or family reunion? Let us help you make arrangements & discuss rates
Shiroma family reunion, I wish I could have been there. Love them all
I'm coming out of retirement this Sunday for the USE Basketball Family Reunion. My squad is stacked and I will be trash talking.
Three hectic but wonderful days. John Caine and Jenna's wedding with Julie Jukes, Flo's Christening and a family reunion at Helen Davies'. Great to see everyone and catch up. I now need a month to recover! xx'.
UGogo wase'Martizburg just called me to saying; well done for doing a great job on the pictures I took at the family reunion last month.
Chris is going to spend his birthday in LA... Family reunion, yay!
birthday party Wednesday and family reunion Saturday 👏👏
I rewatched The Big Lebowski last night and, thanks to Oxygen, I saw Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion. What did you see this weekend?
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miss you too! Aren't we suppose to have a family reunion soon?
Family Reunion with Mom's side, the Taylor family at the Boaz church in Boaz, WI.
Sounds like a Lutheran family reunion.
Some of the highlight reels from the family reunion games. The jumper was money, and the defense was…
Deejaying my family reunion. I had a blast!!! I love what I do. I had my family turnt…
Greetings Smith & Ingram Family: We are happy to announce 3 important updates! Family here in Houston that has agreed to be apart of the committee- please take note of the telephone number and access code to call in on Wednesday @ 8:00 pm Central- # (605) 477-3000 Access code Please call on that day and time so we can start putting our reunion in order. Jeanette Johnson-Gittens and Sean Ingram please call as well. We have now set up Paypal to start receiving partial payments towards or full payments for the Family Reunion! Please set up your Paypal account and send funds to (danielsdee2to the have funds deposited and that's all you need to. It's a lot less expensive and we can keep an accurate account of the sender and amount sent, for any records needed or requested. S/O to our very first family member to pay (Cousin: Jerrald Devin Johnson) from Las Vegas/Colorado!!! Thx Jerrald :-) We will send out the Event information as soon as we get confirmation of an event hall we have in process. We are prepa ...
.and the Back2Basics family had a high-energy reunion at |
Yesterday I attended a family reunion. Our 86 year-old aunt, Betty Bourn, asked Buffy, my sister if I was her daughter. I am 6 years older than Buff. I'm still laughing, Buff not so much.
I was such an awkward bug at my boyfriends family reunion yesterday 😭😁
Parents & children & relationships & properties? Is this a family reunion or the Document Object Model?!
Family reunion was wonderful at Myrtle Beach the hotel.was fun and we party for days
Prison shower would be ok I guess it's like an all women sauna. Family reunion is not as bad as a train!
When you and ya siblings are fresh as *** going to the family reunion
Another tune from the Family Reunion. (Sorry about the cut-off)
One of the events at the family reunion in Virginia Beach Virginia
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Another Ramirez Family Reunion is over. More memories to take with me in my heart. it was bittersweet because daddy and mom were not there but thanks to technology dad was able to Skype with his brothers and sisters. That was quite the picture to see. lol. One thing my cousin Jojo said and he is correct I have always said it myself..."we are all different but we have learn to accept our differences, because no matter what we still have each others backs and we will be there no matter the age" We are a family built from the love of our Ama and Apa! I had the blessing to know and love my Ramirez grandparents.I wish they were here but in essence they are in our hearts!
Michelle Hawkins Husband Legrand frying fish at the Hopkins and related families united family reunion picnic August 2, 2014
Had a good timewtimewith family at Family Reunion this weekend. Played Spoons haven't play in years. Long game but FUN
Thank you again L.A. for hosting our Family Reunion this year. Si many Flash Back Memories, Many new Memories made. Thank you for all the food, cooking and preparing for everyone. I enjoyed this Reunion reuinitng with family I haven't seen in à long time and meeting new family. Till Next time, Love you All! The Song attached is one of the Tauolunga's performed by 801. It has an importance. Title of song is "UTUFOMESI SILIVA" composed by REV. HULUHOLO MOUNGALOA who is Mele Saili Fifita Moungaloa's son the band singing is Kolovai's own KALAPU TOA KO POUVALU
My brother in law Mitchell and Stacey dancing at the Orr family reunion
Big Wu Family Reunion was a blast! Still a little tired... but back to the grind!!
I Love my Family! Looks like a bunch of farmers "outstanding" in their field! We count 68 in attendance for this full 2014 Orchard Family Reunion photo after Michael W. Radelt quickly joined in the back row. Great Pic. Now, let's start naming who we have - Row by Row - if you can. Left to Right.Give it your best try.
In August of 2014, I visited my first family reunion in Allegan Michigan. I will say for a fact it was my first and hopefully it will not be the last. I had a blast with my sisters nephews, nieces and all of the offspring in the family tree. I was sad to leave so soon, but the next one will be longer. I want to thank all of those for a very WONDERFUL TIME AND a very happy meeting. It is without a doubt I did love it so folks that made it happen Great Thanks, and we and Tiffany loved it. And thanks to the tractor maker for the presents thanks Bradley . Uncle Grady Leila
McCullough Family Reunion this Saturday! Can't wait! It's always a good time every time we link up!
Recap of the family reunion. Must go back soon!
I wonder why my family never have family reunions? That's strange
While at my family reunion this past weekend in Atlanta, I was able to go to the home where Dr. King was born, toured the firehouse that he often visited as a child and went to the historical museums. Powerful images and messages.
Had a wonderful time this weekend. Schlitterbaun then Austin then a mini family reunion. Here are some pics from our hotel we stayed at with my parents. Dale Forisha, Rachelle Forisha, Madison Hutchison, Jonathan Hutchison
Hey guys your favorite photographer will be in Detroit this week 8/15 and 8/16. Contact me for future wedding and family reunion dates. Got you on the KC hookup lol Book the photographer that shoot the celebrities and their weddings.
My aunt Jackie doing her thing at the family reunion lol you go girl
After proven research that iam from the late Nelson Mandela , BLOOD LINE which was also followed by an invitation to the Mandela family reunion in south Africa, I will now accept to sign autographs from the public
I pray for all those involved.I was not there I do not know the facts...I will not chose sides...I hope justice is served in the end no matter which way is the truth.I just wish that I didnt have to be even more fearful today than any other as I have lived this life for twenty something years...never knowing if the love of my life with return home by simply put his life on the line for others every day.Being a police wife or "LEO wife" as we are known, is quite the interesting life. Police marriages fall victim to an extremely high divorce rate, and there is a good reason for that. Let me start off by saying just as in all professions, there is good and bad in everything somewhere down the line. It is true that there are good cops who honor the badge and bad cops who don't. Those who uphold their duty as officers and honor the badge far outweighs those who do not. And those who do not should be held accountable for abusing their power and should be stripped of it and punished accordingly. Just as in all p ...
When I said I was going to a family reunion...I didn't know it would be on this level.
So we brought up a can of fruit cocktail to our family reunion and it didn't go over to well, so.with a few red grapes and strawberries, it's SMOOTHIE time! Really good!
2014 Family Reunion my grandkids other family members love them all.
Family reunion off to a great start.
Our family reunion in San Diego. Our grandma Grubbs is 97 and going strong. What great fun we had!
Got a sweet invite to Tom Joyner's Family Reunion.. You already know ;)
UNUSUAL SUSPECTS includes a chicken dish with eggs called the Family Reunion
Eric Carr and Carr Brian get your business in order to go to Maryland to the Family Reunion. Author Terry M.
Crawford-Ricks-Gross Family Reunion August 2nd 2014 Kids Dance contest The lil boy in the black shirt danced like that the whole time he was smooth with it & he won
PM facilitates reunion of Jeet Bahadur with his family in Nepal: Jeet Bahadur, the boy from Nepal wh...
Family reunion today was great. Such a recharge despite being social.
Family reunion had strictly light skinned *** in it. I see why I'm a *** hole
I want to. TRUST ME! But My cousin died yesterday, then family reunion then Weedy day. Soo I gotta come. Maybe imma see you.
Hamilton Collection
I have a family reunion to go to in 10 hours
Family Reunion Was Fun :). Glad that Family will always be there.
Learn some new family secrets every family reunion
“What if there was a magcon family reunion?”
Reunion of Jeet Bahadur with his family. Memorable moment for family.. Became possible because of PM htt…
All I wanted was food from the family reunion. I didn't eat all day because I thought one of my sisters would come being me a plate home.
Family reunion! Thanks to a happy reunion for Jeet Bahadur and family.
Just now getting home from my hubby's family reunion dance. Glad we where able to go represent my Father In Law Fe'ao Tasini Lavaka gone but will never be forgotten.
So whats up whens a good time for a family reunion in San Antonio???
Chick caught the Holy Twerk Ghost at a Family Reunion. lmao
Santiago family reunion 2014 in Erie pa
Leaving my family reunion reflecting back and singing to myself the way I think my mama would've sung if she was still here...
Missed my family reunion today. Too far away. Saw some pictures posted.would have been nice to go.
Man kicked it with my family especially my daddy Foekus Mann today for the family reunion !
Headed to Caldwell, Tx to play for a family reunion! Laterz!
My 86year old grandmother at it a Jukes thing family reunion we had a good time thanks cuz Charlette Jukes
Had a great time with all of my family today at the family reunion saw some old faces met some new family found out I had a cousin for whom I have seen for over two years but never knew he was my cousin until today God is very good I recorded a video of the reunion for the family I hope they and you enjoy I will upload it to YouTube and then share the link I love them all regardless old and new and even the unknown and yes including you reading this be blessed fb and know a change is coming
Had a great day today with thee baby dad Dwayne Wright St. And the kids Zion Ballerlife Ross Micah an lil Weezy.went to the outlets did some shopping an to the board walk gold ole family fun. I pray God gives him the sight to see he's got a second chance to be a wonderful father! gn fb FAMILY Reunion tomorrow
I really missed my aunt Ella Mae Ellis today at our family reunion.
about the only good thing about drinking coffee so late in the day - to stay awake driving home from the family reunion in Cleveland - after driving there from that state up North - is catching up on 8 days of fb posts, pictures and updates in the wee hours of the next morning.
Heck ya, had a good time today! to hang out with my nanny, dad, step mom, both my bros and my bros family reunion...oh and golf lol...good times in childress texas!
I just wanna say, today has been a sad day, it's my sister's birthday(we tried), she didn't, family reunion, we all tried and couldn't. I feel awful cuz today was a double day. Nothin' happened:( I do feel blessed that I am with brother and mother:)
Omw home from Family Reunion. Such an awesome time! Good is truly GOOD!
at the family reunion. cheii stopped by :) was the business : D
Silva Martinez family reunion😆 always fun until people get too much alcohol😯
Happy Academia family Reunion in D'ville. Welcome to my hood.
Hello Brown Family and Friends. Just a reminder of the Family Reunion coming up in a couple of weeks. Let us get excited! We thank God for another Blessed year and one more time that we can come together and enjoy each other. On Friday we will be having a fish fry. If you dont like fish we will fry you something else. On Saturday we will be having Family Fun and Games,also the big Barbecue Bash.We will be wearing our T-Shirts on Saturday. Last but not least on Sunday we will First attend service at the church of your choice and then Super Sunday Soul Food and entertainment. If you dont show up you will definitely miss a great treat. All Family Members and Friends are more than welcome! Will be posting times at a later date. The last order for T-Shirts will be Tuesday August 5. Love you all Family and Friends!!!
Love me some Tyler Perry Movies! Tryin to choose my favs is hard cus they all gd but Diary of a Mad Blk woman, Why did i get married? Pt one n Family Reunion i cn relate to the women in them who overcame adversity n found love bt I havent found the love part yet bt One Day. :)
Clay Pigeons last night. Forgot how terrific it was. Tonight is Madea's Family Reunion. And homemade banana bread, that'll be ready at 11pm.
It is 'Wine Night with the Ancestors'. Sorry no post last week but I had a bucket truck job early Monday and had to get some sleep. Running late tonight with out-of-town-friends. Next week we are on the road for Pow-wow in Winnebago, NE. Going to celebrate the home coming of the Veteran Scouts of the Indian Wars and of all Wars following. The Winnebago or *** Chunk Tribe scouted for the U.S. Cavalry against the Sioux Nation during the 1800s. We go back to the reservation for a family reunion at the Kennedy Compound, visit with relatives, eat Fry Bread and Corn Soup, a traditional meal. We often bring friends along to experience the reservation. Tent city is where we stay for the weekend. This is a Native American Memorial Day of sorts. All of the flags in the dance arena are casket flags donated by family members to honor their veterans. I would like to see brother Mark's flag up there someday as well my own. This celebration honors the Veterans living and deceased with a dance contest. It inclu ...
I wonder what it would be like if i got my whole entire family a family reunion..
We got a 3 day family reunion next month! Ima diee, my family so agg &' funny 😂😂
The photo is like a family reunion...
Now THIS is how you celebrate a family reunion New Orleans style!
Avon Lake, Cleveland AND East Cleveland, Avon, Amherst, Cincinnati for when I got a family reunion to go to, uhh Bay Village bc why not...
And so the dramatic Lensherr family reunion continues. His avi is the opposite of Michael's, did you notice that Ash?
I got drunk at a family reunion lol how lame
Missouri for labor day, family reunion. a reunion long waited for!!
Paul and Billie Kaye Tsika just finished the Brad Duncan Moving Up and Family Reunion in Portland Oregon. What an amazing group of people!!
I need someone to come with me to my family reunion/ family camping trip... I hate family related things, so awkward
I'm lowkey ready for my family reunion Saturday.
I agree Frazier Family we need a Family Reunion
Best thing about the family reunion was the food.
ah let me guess. Duck Dynasty Family Reunion?
"We going to Arizona"…"my bad we meant ARKANSAS" ororor just recently "the family reunion in Hattiesburg" I DONT GET SERVICE. COUNTRYASSTOWN
Me and my awesome cousins screwing around lol. Such a great family reunion I missed all you guys.…
throw a reunion/welcomehomejuan pool party in august (; And its family vaca
DMV moves feel like a family reunion 😂
Crazy how just the other day cu was trynna fight me at the family reunion , good laugh good food good times now we have memories ❤️
Sorry guys. I haven't been posting because I was at a family reunion. I'll be taking request. Try and give me the most interesting thing you want to know about. -JB™
I came back from an amazing family reunion weekend at Florence Lake and guess what was waiting for me at the door? The new fabric!!! Oh it's beautiful - I can't wait to get going on the wraps orders with this batch!
Dad's funeral and family reunions. All over and heading home tomorrow.
what if I go to a family reunion and he's there😂
The family reunion is over and I can honestly say I enjoyed it and I'm actually sad it's over😕
The Godhead is a family,it is One God with three distinct persons. It the most tightly knit family in the universe,and also it is the eternal family. Here is the point, if you have placed your faith in Christ, then you have become a member of that family. You have become adopted into that family and become a child of God. You have also become a recipient of love with which the FATHER loved the SON(JESUS) before the foundation of the world. When we come together to Worship,it is a FAMILY REUNION. The God of the universe has united Himself with us,and with such a rich heritage; we can scarcely be attracted by the foolishness of the life that the world offers. Let always come together as believers to worship through the Holy Spirit,because that is where our oneness with the Godhead is. I bless you with His presence,bless you with the Holy Ghost in Name of Jesus. Favor is yours this week, no evil shall befall you and your family in Name of Jesus. Thank You heavenly Father for accepting us in Your unique famil ...
aww I miss you too dill. family reunion in Cali next summer☺️😍
In a reunion i give one of my family member 2.5 seconds to *** me off👏
Family reunion was a SUCCESS! I am blessed to be a part of this crazy, wonderful group.
Lian Dolan - we recently drove from Oregon to Montana for a family reunion, something we do every 3 years. I had just discovered your pod casts about that time. (I listened in the dark ages on NPR) I like to listen to podcasts when driving. When we crossed the bridge over the Columbia river into Washington, my oldest daughter, said, "I remember crossing this bridge last time, Lian Dolan was ranting about unhealthy food in the vending machines at school"!
I'm so happy about the wedding bc it was like a huge family reunion if only Zayn also went!!. One Direction
Meet Black Singles 300x250
black family reunion anthem He Getting It
Family reunion and cousins night out how wonderful 💖💖
Does it get any better than this?? An All-Star jam session tonight! Mom and I got to sing harmony with Jim Ed Brown & Jeanne Seeley. We were also joined by Janis & Christina - Sweethearts of the Rodeo! What a fun night aboard the Country's Family Reunion / Larry's Country Diner Cruise!! Be sure to reserve your cabin. It's SURE to be a sell out. We'll be sailing in January to the Caribbean with Bill Anderson, Gene Watson, Johnny Lee, plus many others...AND we're excited to bring bluegrass music presented by Martha White with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage!
Here is a picture of most of the quilts I made recently for my siblings and nephews/nieces at our family reunion this weekend. I did the display like this so I could have the picture enlarged and printed on canvass for my sewing room.
This eagle is related too! What a family reunion that could be.
family reunion and bday of my auntie Rebecca Bitoon — at Fairview Terraces
PartyBus Friday, Family Reunion and rough tubing Saturday,& Michigans Adventure today. Im exhausted and my body is aching.
Mad I didnt make it to the family reunion this year. Hopefully next year.
Oh, look, Filia's at a family reunion!
Family reunion Today was fun! Played soccer and volleyball and a lot of other games❤️ glad I have such an amazing family💕💕
But other than reunion week tho!! Aye *do the shmoney dance!
A reminder that the $Dollar$ Family Reunion will be held at our home 520 Lee Road 433, Auburn, Al (Creek Nation Sub-Division) on Sat., 8/2/ sure to go 5 mph over the spillway! 😊
"My dad's side of the family reunion."
I can't wait for my family reunion 🙌
Biggest fear as I'm uploading photos from the family reunion: am I tagging the right person!?
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Aaaand. Now to ice this MOFO. Some stupid spider bit me yesterday at a park at a family reunion. Man,…
Family reunion My Daughter, grand daughter,sons and made possible via a flight. Thankful she got there safely
😂😂 I'll be at the next family reunion
I have a family reunion and they didn't even tell me cool cool👌
Count down - only 10 days to the Miller Family Reunion in beautiful Felton, CA! If you are related to the crazy...
Such a good weekend.Lunch at Chuy's and the movie PERSECUTED with Birdie on Saturday. Then Bobby was here all day Sunday. Busy week ahead---Pam, Jj and Sofia will be here Thur. for a week. Family reunion the end of the week.
I had a dream with 1D in it. Me & you were at a family reunion & they sat in front of us. I have to text you the whole thing
My weekend = Creative Flow Open Mic,on Friday, a spontaneous roadtrip/ family reunion that ended in Santa Cruz, my 1st kayak trip, and I ended it all with Fireball Whisky, brownies, and a movie with Erin McElvaney :) It's not over. I have a 3 day weekend! This really is my life. I am thankful for all of it!
What a wonderful weekend Family reunion was a blast. I am so glad I have a couple days off to recover from all the fun .
'ssol outGood new pic's of folks! Hope the summer is going well for everyone and the WARM weather isn't putting a damper on summer fun, ie, BBQ's; family reunions; outdoor celebrations - weddings, b-days, etc. The general Wasson Alumni group has get-togethers in C.S. on occasion. As of yet, I haven't been able to participate...not sure if anyone from our Group has been able to attend. Since our group has members North of Denver, Metro-Denver region and, South of Denver, maybe our group could plan a day for an event in the Metro-Denver region and let the other groups know? Some general ideas I've thought of, and I bet others have many more cuz I've gotten some ideas from some group members: Picnic at a park and volleyball; dinner at some restaurant on 17th St. after going to the Zoo or the Museum of Nature and Science, or, just dinner; Elitchs; Rockie's game (but, a Bronco pre-season or watching a practice in Lone Tree at Dove Valley (when open to public practices begin), then lunch somewhere; go-car ...
This weekend was so awesome. Just want to thank everyone who made it possible, I may be the one planing but as a family we accomplished a pretty amazing family reunion. On our way home from a very fun weekend. love you all
Grandma Moloney, telling a story about picking how to frame a deer for her fireplace, at her fireplace in Pevely and how she selected each element of the deer… Moloney family reunion is next week. This is a precursor
Bummed out we missed the Family Reunion :( (had to work) however, planning a trip up there soon! (Kenosha)
I barely have no one to talk to now that my bestfriend is having her family reunion with her family in duck bay and thats the only person I ever talked to :(
Had a great time with my family. Excited Next week Family Reunion.
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Warm wishes for The Anderson Family celebrating their Annual Anderson Family Reunion Weekend this year in Cincinnati! The entire weekend was wonderful, 3 days of joy, love and laughter. Thank you for having Celebrate with Us! Event Planning be apart of such a joyous occasion!
Madea's Family Reunion is here lol "Tyler Perry's family reunion is here"
Lmao! Niggaz gotta be loyal and stop calling it Tyler Perry's family reunion cuz its Madea's Family Reunion plz
I have been challenged by C Lynn Wilkins to say three positive things a day for five days. So here goes! 1. I am a better person today because of Southern Hospitality. I was in East Tennessee earlier today and last week. It seems like everyone speaks or greets each other. I miss that already... 2. Currently, the Sun has set and my Son is sitting in the dark around a bonfire in my neighbor's backyard. He is sharing ghost stories to a small gathering of friends and adults. The scene is priceless, and I am blessed with neighbors who are like family. 3. My East Tennessee Relatives didn't give up on their dream of having the best Family Reunion ever despite monumental loss, setbacks, and extreme challenges. They sacrificed themselves so that other family and friends could have once in a life time wonderful memories! I am thankful that my cousins revealed to me the true meaning of life.
Today, July 11th, we celebrate the 50th birthday of Cassandra "Cassi" Davis (July 11, 1964); an African-American actress. She is best known for her role as Ella Payne on Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Davis has done extensive work with director and writer Tyler Perry, and has played many roles in his various productions. She also has appeared in several stage plays. Born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Davis' acting career began in 1988 with her role in the Spike Lee film School Daze. Her early television credits include appearances on Living Single, Married... with Children, Kenan & Kel, Boycott, and The PJ's. She established her acting career by appearing in Tyler Perry productions such as Madea's Family Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, Daddy's Little Girls, and Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Davis attended Spelman College in Atlanta and majored in music. She left the college one credit short of graduation, because she was not allowed to perform religious music during her senior recital. Davis returned to Spel ...
News: Buffalo Bill is Coming to Jamestown - Buffalo Bill Cody’s Family Reunion for 2014 is coming to Jamestown...
She need to go ahead and get on these young folk like Cicely Tyson did in Madea's Family Reunion
Call me a sadist but the scene where the bad guy in Madea's Family Reunion get the hot gritz.. Makes me wana burn my bra! :)
It's Family Reunion time! Call us today to book yours at Best Western Branson Inn & Conference Center, next to Silver Dollar City. (417) 338-2141 or (800) 868-6625
Glad I got to go to the Family Reunion today. Hate I don't get to come more often. Elevation Church with Pastor Steven Furtick in the morning. I know y'all are jealous lol!
.honors what would have been Ralph Waite's 86th b'day on Sun w/ "A Walton's Family Reunion" 2:30pm (ET)
There is a lot going on tonight! We have a wedding today! Congratulations to the New Bride and Groom about to Tie the knot here at The Four Seasons Island Resort! We have a Family Reunion! What a wonderful family they are and they are having a blast! We also have our Annual Sock Hop with our Wonderful Host Sherman Brad Linton Of Mane Event Karaoke! Always a great turnout! And in the Lounge we have Mark Young In the HOUSE! With his Acoustic sounds of the 70's, 80's 90's and Today! He has a request list you can pick your own songs! Also, Do not forget about our new Menu, We have rave reviews on all the dishes that our chef prepares fresh everyday. So, don't miss out on all the fun! Hope to see you on the Island Tonight! Your Hosts, Lloyd and Michelle Richman!
My momma ain't liked Blair Underwood ever since he slapped the isht outta that girl in Madea's Family Reunion
Hey Kenny. How ya like that new style guitar that Gene Watson designed ? He gave his first one to Jimmy Capps on Family Reunion. It also has an optional tail piece assessorie to project an acoustical guitar sound .
So fascinated by the increasingly interesting opportunities presenting themselves in my Life. :) In EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE!!! When you ask for Abundance in all things, don't stand in your own way! Yesterday an opportunity to buy a house, today an opportunity to be the EXCLUSIVE Spiritual Advisor for an upcoming event in an incredibly renowned spiritual center for a holistic expo in August. Although I had to pass the event up in lieu of a Family Reunion. Family comes first. Instead of feeling regret, I felt honored to have been approached for such a position. The fact that I put family first, when faced with such a chance, only seemed to impress the owner. I'll be kept in mind for other events. I realize i'm so proud of myself for getting my priorities in order. Life is incredible. I'm truly blessed!
Family Reunion: u and a bunch of relatives u barely know awkwardly hang once every 5 years. Fam Reunion: you and ur *** go…
Family Reunion today .. Aka try to get dinner before everything's gone.
The most annoying Tyler Perry movie has to be Madea's Family Reunion
Madea's Family Reunion is a 2006 comedy-drama film adaptation of the stage production of the same name written by Tyler Perry and sequel to Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It was written and directed by Perry, who also played several characters, including Madea. It was released on February 24, 2006, nea...
Country Music Hall of Fame® member, the legendary Jean Shepard has had quite a story to tell about her life and career, but never had the right opportunity. Understanding its potential historic significance, Gus Arrendale, President of Springer Mountain Farms Chicken and Larry Black, Executive Producer of "Country’s Family Reunion" put their heads together to help her publish and distribute her long-awaited autobiography.
Branch's Family Reunion picnic June 28th Forest Hill park want to see all of you there!
Anyone interested in doing a Family Reunion this summer? Not a big giant expensive event, but maybe a picnic in Belmont Park, everybody bring your own?
Playin trivia at Family Reunion named our team the bearcats... And we're winning.
I remember the words of her poem from her scene in Tyler Perry's Movie: Madea's Family Reunion!. That scene always stood out!. RIP Maya Angelou!.
The most precious asset that one can behold is "FAMILY" Good Morning Hannah family and friends, Hope everyone had an enjoyable and blessed holiday .Just a reminder that our reunion is approaching fast. Our last meeting before the reunion is June 14th at Patty's and hosted by Patsy, Charva and Rodney. Remember the reunion fee is 50.00 for 18 and over. Any comments or suggestions, bring them to the meeting. If you're in another state call and let us know. "What is a Family Reunion" It seem as if a lot of us have forgotten. If so, please view Tyler Perry's movie Madae's Family Reunion and listen to Cicely Tyson. "I Love My Family"
This is an odd recollection considering her vast body of work, but my most vivid memory of Maya Angelou is her appearance in Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion. I simply loved the sound of her voice; may it now add its richness to the great Cloud of Witnesses that surrounds us.
The 2014 McVeay Family Reunion has been scheduled for June 21st at 12:00. We will have it at the Elks Lodge on Krebs Ave in Pascagoula. I am asking everyone to bring a covered dish or a dessert and a drink, I need volunteers to bring plates, napkins, watermelons, etc. The pool will be open so bring your bathing suits and lets have FUN! On a side note, the Elks bar will be open but as usual this will be an alcohol free event. (You can wait till later to party with the Cousins, lol) More info to follow. Billy
I took a wrong turn headed to the Family Reunion & I stopped to get Gas. I saw a school mates mom who told me they had Airlifted her Niece to the Hospital who had blacked out! I said let's pray now we did. She had a blood clot on her brain according to the Cat scan & wasn't responsive. But she called me tonight to tell me that she is Watching the Game tonight and responsive!! Glooorryy!!!
I wanna plan a Family Reunion for my family and close family friends at either kings island the beach water park or coney island.. Its been so long since da whole family got together to have some fun.. Only time we link up is wen der is a death in da family.. I wanna see everybody happy and living.. I don't wanna plan until I know fa sure yal go come.. So once I know yal go come we can start planning.. If I forgot to tag somebody tag em..
Family Reunion ?? (Where it could possibly be my last time seeing some of my family) Or missions trip ?? ...
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Got a Family Reunion, Class Reunion or Graduation Party coming up? We have a "Photo Booth" that has been known...
Busy day making more pinatas and then a 4pm graduation party meeting and after that a Family Reunion party meeting two big gigs and where is time for me lol Party Loco needs to open soon so I can Hire People Power ! :)
YES! IT IS HAPPENING! May 18, 2014 Hello Family! The countdown begins for our Family Reunion! We’re so excited!!! In just a few weeks, we will gather for a time of celebration and reconnection. We have 73 family members registered to attend the family reunion! This is an amazing response! We are so looking forward to this time together. The Batts-Newell-Parham Family Reunion will be held July 4 – July 6, 2014, and will feature: · Friday, July 4, 2014: A “Welcome Social” will be held at our Reunion Hotel, the Holiday Inn Petersburg North – Fort Lee, where you will receive your Reunion Welcome Packet and details of the weekend. · Saturday, July 5, 2014: During the day, enjoy optional fun events on your own: visit historic sites in and around Petersburg, participate in various recreational activities, see some family history. During the evening, enjoy a Family Celebration, featuring entertainment (sign up now for the talent/fashion show; enjoy remembrances, a 50-50 raffle, other exciting ...
"When your uncle brings his wife's niece to the family reunion and you're literally there like
Family reunion next weekend ... okay turn up
"I have relatives I know nothing of ! Ha" me everytime there's a family reunion
First family reunion without papa. Gone be sad. This weekend gone be serious
We at KARMA Restaurant Berlin specialize in catering events of all sizes. Whether it's a small family reunion, a...
Family reunion in August can't wait 😂❗️
nøname is like the mysterious cool friend that your cousin brings to family reunion and you want to be friends with her
'Family Reunion' and 'Aliens Exist' will be my funeral songs
Do you have a family reunion or church retreat planned soon? Why not choose America's largest rental cabin? Big...
Worst day of my life. Won tickets. Fireworks&Dollar Dogs. Out of town for family reunion.
Looking forward to our Family Reunion this Friday hosted by comedian
Yall seen that Chevy commercial with the Black family riding to their family reunion? Straight coonery.
Little Giant Ladders
family is coming in from Ohio so obviously I'm coming over for a family reunion too. 💁
Ready to head to yet again to help w/ retreat, next a class reunion, then holy land w/& his family.
I was at a family reunion last Saturday.. And I met this dude.. He appeared to be of my age group, so I started a conversation with him. In the conversation, I picked up that we share interests like getting stoned, listening to music all day, reading, etc.. So in the middle of a mini kush session, this *** told me his name was Itumeleng Mokhethi and asked for mine. Lol, like.. How? How do we share a province, a name, a surname, a clan name, bloodline, etc jwalo feela? Jwalo? Lol,ntseksa kgolwe.
Jay Z gonna be at the family reunion like
At any family function (i.e. wedding, funeral, reunion, etc), the electric slide will be played.
Family Reunion last summer in Charlotte NC ☀️😍 teemarie_
ohhh shxt now get that money cuz!!! Might b coming to visit n July cuz that's da family reunion
It's a family reunion in The Originals, only without Kol. Whoop whoop.
Look a family reunion, his mum, his dad and his weird brother LOL LOL LOL
On 5/12/09, my Birthday, I received 4 Divine Revelations at 12 noon to be ready to go to Colorado for a Divine Family Reunion!
I do have it! Great pix!. I met the Jacksons last July, hoping to see them at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion
Yeah, Esther is Klaus’ mum. Hm, I see a not so happy family reunion in season 2.
My ability to correctly answer my mom while not paying attention on the phone should be on my resume or I just said yes to a family reunion?
At the family reunion, who we introducing, who we introducing
Building a Hyper Loop to get me out of this family reunion.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My uncle just followed me. Tf do you think this is a family reunion??
yeah, I definitely requested the wrong weekend off for my family reunion. who knew Memorial Day was next weekend?
I have a chance to be an extra in Mall Cop 2 but there's also my family reunion this weekend. Asdfghjk
Looking forward to our family reunion Saturday :)
Jay-Z is gonna be at the next family reunion like...
family reunion I'll be back late Saturday night
chill man I didn't know your family reunion pics was on google
It's a Wrap. This year's BO family reunion is over. Loved seeing everyone. Now, lets Take it to the Streets and make some BoMoments.
Family reunion/get together this weekend need to get Block party on the go right after Stampede get a permit for street and alcohol
Y'all having a good laugh at that Idaho debate but when I see it I think "family reunion"
Gonna be weird watching my cousin graduate tomorrow, But its def gonna be like a family reunion in Lg, Gonna be nice to see all my family.
Genesis 47 = Divine Reunion of Joseph with his family = Divine Reunion of me with my Wife Susan and my family!
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