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Family Matters

Family Matters is an American sitcom about a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, Illinois, which ran for nine seasons.

Eddie Winslow Steve Urkel Carl Winslow Fresh Prince Zach Randolph Rohinton Mistry Full House Jaleel White Laura Winslow Wayans Bros Cosby Show Tracie Spencer George Lopez Living Single Stefan Urquelle Fuller House Different World

The Night Shift 4x6 "Family Matters" Directed by the ever so talented on Thurs July 27th NBC
Martin aged bad. Family Matters earlier seasons were good then they started running out with that sci s…
3 of 5 stars to Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry
Johnny Gill's "My My My" will always remind me of when Steve had him come perform for Laura on Family Matters. .
It's 3:46 am and all I can think of is Eddie Winslow's one r&b hit on Family Matters
Tracie Spencer duets Tender Kisses with Eddie Winslow in Family Matters via
Eddie Winslow talking to pops Carl Winslow on 'Family Matters', in original white Jordan 3 - 1988
Eddie Winslow in original Jordan Maroon 6s that came out in 1991, at Vanderbilt High on 'Family Matters.'
Everybody hates Chris, Family Matters, & George Lopez used to be so lit when I was little
Do you remember the first time Steve Urkel became Stefan Urquelle!?. Nostalgic scene from Family Matters
I thought they made this car up for Steve Urkel on Family Matters!!! 😂
Family Matters was a good show, Steve Urkel was a funny guy😂😂😂.
A Family Matters marathon? That's completely understandable. Steve Urkle is the man!
Roger Godell to miss Patriot game in Foxboro due to "Family Matters"
I liked a video How Steve Urkel Became the Hit Character on Family Matters | The Oprah Winfrey Show |
Should I make a thread about how the Fresh Prince is inferior to Family Matters?
I liked a video from Family Matters: Mass Effect part 24 (Trilogy Race)
I grew up in the Family Matters, Sister, Sister, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Cosby Show, A Different World, etc. era. To see how the 25-35 .
Rather tired. Solid day of work. But like Eddie Winslow, I have Family Matters to take care of.
Mom was watching Family Matters while in the hospital & seen that Steve Erkel's real name was Jahleel White. So she…
My sister use to watch to much Family Matters and named me after Steve Urkel but it's funny my middle name is Steph…
On the sitcom ''Family Matters'' What was Eddie Winslow best friend name? .
Bro, I swear I thought this *** was Waldo Geraldo Faldo from Family Matters before I saw this video
I'm upset that as a child I did not realize Donna Summer was on Family Matters as Steve's aunt. Why nobody told me??
I guess Rachel from Family Matters & Joyce Vincent weren't available for my Tony Orlando & Dawn reunion
...if they did a crossover with Family Matters, Comey would be Steve Urkel. "Did I do that?"
Martin, Wayans Bros, Fresh Prince, Jamie Fox Show, A Different World or Family Matters is a toss up for number 5
I was watching the stories with my grandmother & saw Richie from Family Matters on Young & the Restless. I'm glad he cut that jheri curl.
I still remember when Tracie Spencer did her duet with Eddie Winslow in Family Matters.
The parents from Family Matters run an inn in Montana in this Mayim Bialik Lifetime Christmas movie. I guess that's where they retired to.
📺On December 15, 1989, Steve Urkel made his first appearance on 'Family Matters'
Everyone is always talking about the Aunt Viv switch on Fresh Prince. However few argue about the Harriet switch on Family Matters.
I've been singing the same song off and on all day and I just realized it's the Family Matters theme song. 😂😂😂
Gotta have some OGs in there I think Claire, Harriet (Family Matters), Dee (Moesha) and original Aunt Viv…
Family Matters, George Lopez and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Shows you can't ever replace✊🏾
People be forgetting how they disrespectfully replaced Harriet Winslow on Family Matters. Another Aunt Viv.
They just get robbed by the Dragons? The same dudes who beat up Eddie Winslow on Family Matters
"Man, Eddie Winslow from Family Matters has some serious gems on his IMDB trivia page." Me, an exciting millennial, to my dog on Friday nght
In honor of meeting Eddie Winslow in Vegas I'm gonna watch this episode of Family Matters lol
I added a video to a playlist Family Matters - Fast Eddie Winslow
First Paul Walker died now its Uncle Phil... Who's next? The dad from "Family Matters"? Tommy from "MARTiN"? Garrett Mo…
Luke Cage is serving his best Stefan Urquelle in this Family Matters mashup
A good book by Rohinton Mistry about aging in a nuclear family. Family Matters
Fresh Prince, Cosby Show, Family Matters, Jeffersons all awesome tv shows of my youth. Where's black sitcoms today? I'm missing out.
Actor Jaleel White who played Steve Urkel on TV show Family Matters is supporting Hillary Clinton so I'mma go with that.
"Family Matters", a rework of the Kanye West song: "Family Business".
Electronic Device Insurance
Do you guys remember in Family Matters when Steve Urkel invented the machine to make himself cool...
Anyway, going to make most of this rest time and finish Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry
Family engagement matters because it works!
season 8 of Family Matters shipped out today
"Your grades don't matter, the exam you failed don't matter, none of that matters. Bc at the end, all you'll need is your family"
Family Matters debuted on ABC 27 years ago today.
What a long tiring day 😪 but what matters is that im home with my family and gonna sleep in my own bed 😴
Victoria: the only thing that matters to me more is my family.
Good day to revisit this: "I am legislating in the access of EPIPENS"; and she had family help as i reported Tues http…
Uno that's a major issue. So Mike being the macho man he was; took matters into his own hands and decided to look for her f…
Who's up for a KKK x Family Matters RP?
Sorry for not being active today. Family matters!. -becca
The reconstruction of my life has addressed my focus to what really matters: Love. Family. Words. Success. Happiness. And Giving Back!
Full House wasn't Fresh Prince. Family Matters was. But all in the matter of perception.
I tell myself that I'm going to buy gudetama items on cosmania however i can't go bc of family matters huhu
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
All that matters to me is family, my girl, work & the gym 💯
When axe-wielding robbers entered her family's store, one 6-year-old girl tried to take matters into her own hands.
Please enjoy a TWiRT rerun today at 5pm ET. No new show today. Family matters, etc. Thanks for understanding.…
Don't further disrespect him & his family, print his name! He lived, he matters. Make sure she stands trial, no grand jury!
Lol she got that Harriet wig from Family Matters
I just want peace and happiness for my family, no materialistic thing matters.. BUT I still like them.. lol
Family of French daughter run over by Muslim terrorist should write .asking him why this boys life matters m…
A touching story about matters of the heart and the meaning of family.
Is the best family I could ever have . Creativity Matters
I had 3 things, Faith, Family n Friends and Forgiveness and thats all that matters. ~
They made another Full House on Netflix, but won't give us Fresh Prince, Family Matters, nor Martin.
Another member story that shows why what I do matters. We are here to protect you and your family and to help you...
So Manchin’s wife (as head of school boards association) and daughter (CEO of Mylan) implicated in EpiPen scandal: https:/…
16. Drowned World/Substitute For Love. This song reflects what matters the most for Madonna in life - family.
Faith, Family and Friends is what matters in life, trophies and accolades don't matter. Scott Gration.
WHAT??? never heard of Perfect Strangers? Balki Bartokomous? fun fact: Family Matters was a spin-off
Steve Urkel explains this with a mildew in the shower metaphor on a very good episode of Family Matters
Michelle Thomas as Myra Monkhouse with her bae, Steve Urkel, on Family Matters, 1993.
love you both! Love to watch Family Matters a whole lot! Nice picture! Love u Jen and Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel!
Speaking of me looking like Jaleel White this dude in this movie is the brother from Family Matters 💀💀
please support Jaleel White( formally of Family Matters )with given him a job Ellen ,we luv you...4ever
Sgt. Davis from Yonkers Police Department!! 󾌴󾌴 Funny man!!! 󾌩 Reminds me of Carl Winslow from Family Matters with...
tell me this guy doesn't look just like Carl Winslow on Family Matters
nah just thought of Carl Winslow from Family Matters
rich successful Ben Dreyfuss repeatedly insists to Dragonball Mickey Spillane and the dad from Family Matters how rich and successful he is
Family Matters is trending so it's a great time to remember my beautiful friend Michelle Thomas. miss her everyday 😢 https…
The Telegraph: If Manchester United sign Jose Mourinho they condone the sexism ingrained in En... Family Matters
For a few secs last week, no thanks to a dream I had, I thought the name of the dad on Family Matters was Kenneth Anger.
help. I started rewatching Family Matters and I'm falling back in love with Laura Winslow, my first tv crush
Netflix needs to step it's game up! Where's the Fresh Prince of Bell Air? Or Family Matters? Even George Lopez!!! Come on now🤔
he looks like a skinny Carl Winslow from Family Matters lol
has all the classic white shows. Where is Martin or Living Single or Family Matters or The Fresh Prince
Fun Fact: My newborn niece shares a birthday with the guy who played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters.
your bday is 2 days before Darius McCrary, Eddie Winslow of Family Matters. Perfect icebreaker if you meet Jaleel White, HBBD!
My name is Yasmin Vaughn and I enjoyed your role of Eddie Winslow on Family Matters. Happy Birthday!
Jason Rogers looks like Uncle Carl from Family Matters mated with CeeLo
My first job was four words in 'Family Matters.' It was huge!...
Family Matters - Zach Randolph as Eddie Winslow, Russell Westbrook as Steve Urkel, & Norris Cole as Waldo Faldo.
Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. No she is not Carl's wife in Family Matters.
Come on guys, Carl Winslow=dad from Family Matters, the show with Steve Urkel(: Gotta love the 90s shows
If Carl Winslow hadn't nailed his scenes in Die Hard, there'd be no Family Matters show. Family Matters debuted a year after
Teacher Natasha in studio with Ashleigh Robertson discussing Family Matters.
On page 256 of 500 of Family Matters, by Rohinton Mistry
On page 90 of 500 of Family Matters, by Rohinton Mistry
I never get tired of old black comedies. Martin, Wayans Bros, Family Matters, Jamie Foxx etc
The writers of the "Full House" theme song also wrote the themes for "Family Matters," "Step by Step," and "Perfect Stranger…
Darius McCrary, yes...from "Family Matters" sitcom is on the Centertainment Radio Show...
When Good Luck Charlie reruns are the closest thing to Full House and Family Matters that we're ever gonna get.
What ever happened to Family Matters on nick at nite 🙄
Miss the sermon? Pastor Chad kicks off the Family Matters series.
Dude even Steven urkel has a hot *** girlfriend in Family Matters and he ain't even real. 😂
The episode of Family Matters when Urkel tried out for team and was cooking fools on the court >
The only good thing about Family Matters after season 3 was how dumber they made Waldo Geraldo Faldo
And access matters especially in the more than 1/2 of gun deaths-which are suicides. In teen suicides, a family gun matters.
all I care about is my family . period . nothing else matters .
Sincere condolences to the Moreno Family. Life is not measured by how long it is, but how good it is, is all that matters.
How do you talk to your kids about scary things? | Family Matters via
Fuller House is cool and all but wheres my Family Matters reunion? Upsetting we will never see a Fresh Prince or Everybody Loves Ray reunion
The lubberkin side of the Family Matters quest in Witcher 3 is so sad.
Man I don't know her name but she been the flyest since Family matters
SPO4 Wilma Palting presided the PCR family conference & discussed matters directly on KALASAG.
can we get Family Matters, Martin, Fresh Prince, Roc, and Parenthood? Thanks.
My kids are my my main focus, my motivation. Literally nothing else matters to me more than my family.
Robert Adams on the novel Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry. Big Ideas.
When do financial matters get resolved during a divorce?
Family status , Social status , Financial status , It all don't matter when it comes to love .. If it matters , Then u dont …
Why TEAM19 Matters: Student misses 1 day, emails "I don't want to stay out too long, I miss my other family"
No stream for the rest of the week. I have some family matters to tend to. I'll be back Monday for sure :)
"We ignore what truly matters, the simple things, like friendship, family, love. The things we probably already had." very true.
how about Step by Step or Family Matters?
Still have my son that's all that matters. Still gon take care both of em. He just gon have someone else too wit his new family
Yeah, Fuller House is cute. But can we get Family Matters back? Can somebody call Judy to come back downstairs, please?!
Too many Urkels in my circle only family matters
New single off the upcoming Family Matters LP. Spread the word! supastition_nc
Mindfulness...a tool to better mental health. via
Family is all that matters, this is all for business, and I'll see y'all right after 👋🏼
My family knows who they are. My friends know who they are. They know the camp. That's all that matters.
Your health matters, dont forget to get your health check my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family.
January 2016 issue of the E-Notice is now available online at Pls subscribe!
I used to want a Cosby Show. Fresh Prince . And Family Matters reunions so bad. Too bad a Cosby Show reunion will never happen smh
My family is my everything.. All that really matters.
Low-income communities more likely to face childhood obesity family income matters more than race in predicting ob..
Magyar-Hon-Lap: FAMILY MATTERS!: „. An invitation for young people aged 18 to 30. to participate in the European...
It's weird...going through this assignment and I can see myself doing family matters...which was never my favourite thing...
Almost every single one of my Independent friends & family say they would never vote for Trump...but all would vote for R…
Family is all that matters to me, we may fight and everything but at the end of the day we are still family. ☺💙
Reliable service is a must! You are welcome back to the Verizon family anytime. . ^CJ
Concerned, regular technologists who advise friends and family, co-workers, and virtual groups about technological matters.
"No one else matters worry about yourself, worry about your family, and worry about the people who are important"
Nothing elae matters and if it does you have it all wrong. Together we create.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
All these seasons into Teen Wolf and the Argent family is still the only thing that matters overall.
Moving through with ease. Nothing matters if u have great friends and a wee bit family..
same re your previous issues Lote. No ones business. Family matters should be no go. Gutter journalism.
What you do & say matters! Explore strategies to develop Positive Goal-Oriented Relationships with families:
Family Matters, She's All That, the films I mentioned in the piece, Sixteen Candles... lots of media encourages dating nerds.
I’m getting there. I’m still pretty sick. I’m. Outta the hospital at least. :D Family is all that matters.
Family Matters is grateful to the The Common Cup (on Morse St. in Rogers Park) for honoring the Teen Girls...
Anybody else hungry for a all-new and modern "Family Matters" TV series after seeing Jaleel White in that Scion commercial?
no...neither was Laura from Family Matters
Family Matters became a parody of itself, its plots became outlandish & its dialogue degraded to catchphrases. "Did I …
Its sinking it that we will never have another cosbys, Fresh Prince, Roc, 227, Martin, Living Single, Family Matters, Amen, Good times etc
The cast of 'Family Matters' reunited for an upcoming Lifetime movie
How she went from being in Family Matters to Suga Mama in the Proud Family ..
Family Matters is a Ministry that offers guidance in Christian marriage & parenting. Details:
A great webinar on Family Matters from on Nov 17th. Get the details here.
I was watching "Family Matters" a few days ago. That brother loved him some Laura Winslow. 😂
I feel bad for guys who see my avi, think I'm sexy & DM me, only to find that I basically only talk about my Family Matters fan fiction.
Watching a straight to DVD movie with Lil Mo & Marvin Sapp & Cherie Johnson from Family Matters & Punky Brewster popped up.
Elder L. Tom Perry: 'Why Marriage and Family Matters' | Deseret News Elder L. Tom Perry on family for eternity.
Maybe it's just me, but I did not like Laura Winslow's character in Family Matters
Remember in Family Matters when Eddie Winslow got beat up super bad by those gang of thugs and was all crying and stuff? *** man, Poor Ed.
grew up watching and learned from on Family Matters as "Eddie Winslow" Follow him and his amazing music on IG!!
Out of state, but still enjoying this Family Matters fall revival by Stream at ... If you aren't there,
Is that Quincy Jones or the guy that played Carl Winslow on Family Matters standing to her left?
Is that Black lady at Candace Cameron's wedding supposed to be Wanda Sykes or Harriet from Family Matters?! LOL
You know they JUST got 'Family Matters' in North Korea because Kim Jong-un is getting his hair cut like Eddie Winslow http:…
90s sitcoms strike again in baseball. It's the in the 'Family Matters' intro. WATCH@
The pirates mashup of Family Matters is SOO much better than the Giants did with Full House. Carl Winslow as Pedro Alvarez is GOLD!
Currently watchin Family Matters, Carl Winslow giving all the faggatry signs...I was too young to realize back then
I'll pick you up no matter the distance if it means drunk Family Matters xD
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Come on, Sox should get Family Matters with the Winslow's being South Siders and all.
I wasn't mad when they changed Aunt Vivian's... But changing Harriet's on Family Matters 😡
Family Matters is brought to you in front of a live studio audience & is distributed by Warner Brothers domestic television distribution!!
Remember child star Orlando Brown from "Family Matters". You'll be surprised how he looks now:
I really only watch 90's shows. Martin, Full House, saved by the Bell, Family Matters, Friends, Fresh Prince of Belair, Wayans Bros.
Cap Cana,DR - Family Matters went 1-3 on Blue Marlin. Had another Blue and White in spread the OG lookin like Carl Winslow in the Family Matters episode where Laura dreamed she was in the future.
Jst saw a climpse of ol skool Family Matters on TV & the episode wit Larry Johnson plays Grandma-Ma one of greatest altar egos of all time
But the story on Family Matters ft Khaya Mthethwa is legendary bozza isandla sindlula ekhanda!
Remember when Eddie Winzlow sang that with Tracey Spencer on Family Matters?
The people I'm close to more aren't even blood related but they're family to me. I've known them since babies & that's all that matters.❤️
Always remember, love is not a feeling but simply a decision to be made from your heart.
Family and Loyalty is all that matters touch it or me u Done
I accept me for me and that's all that matters ... My family and friends accept me for me so really I'm straight 😅👌 that's all that matters
Watching Family Matters, Steve Urkel is hilarious, love old time shows!
Read Jt.Delhi HC issues Landmark Guidelines to protect Right to Privacy in Family Matters
family, friends, work all gone. Nothing else matters
You've taught me that we all make mistakes and not everyone is perfect. You've taught me that nothing matters more than family and friends.
I'm Screech from Saved By The Bell, Roger from Sister Sister, and Steve Urkel from Family Matters.
FAV as soon as you see this 💕 we're family and that's all that matters 🌈
I'm just super excited to be with more of my family. That's all that matters. Praying for joy, peace, and safety during our trip. Amen.
My brother, it matters if you marry a woman with a consumer or investment mentality. Avoid a woman who will blow the family fortune.
1. Nothing else matters to me at this point than my personal joy and conviction, that of my friends, family and fans and m…
Family is the only thing that matters to me.
I know, everyone else in your family is proud of you and that's all that matters 🙏
oh geez doc and his thing for chocolate as well as club Nintendo, he looks like Carl Winslow from family matters
Just finished playing volleyball with the family. Our team lost and my hands now hurt, but I had a great time and that's all that matters cx
it's true. I'm very thankful that my family loves him cause in all honesty MY families opinion matters soo much
Started ECT off from losers bracket because I had family matters then I end up winning the tournament. Family 1st games 2nd GGs everyone.
the episode of Family Matters when Urkel finds and solves the Lament configuration. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I just want to watch some sister sister, family matters, and Bill Cosby
I put family matters at the end of pinkcat's video and he still hasn't sucked me off
I was getting my *** bit up by mosquitoes but I had fun with family so that's all that matters 😇
Ravidatt Sharma is following the Interest "Family Matters" on -
Which funny dad deserves the title of Phil Dunphy or Family Matters' Carl Winslow?
that's right. Live by our principles and you will be a good man to you're family. That's what matters.
Mann LMFAO u got Kim from the parkers && Waldo from Family Matters .
Just thanking God that I understand that delay is not denial. Keep praying for victory in all matters that concern my family.
It's really all about school, basketball, family & positive energy. Nothing else matters to me
rumor has it somebody from FAMILY MATTERS sang back up no Urkle was not alive in 1968
Family is what matters. That's the only relationship I trust.
Quad, how much longer will your career come before your family? Did you and doc discuss such family matters prior to marriage?
It doesn't matter if you're black or white... the only color that really matters is green. Family Guy
Family matters showed Yall.that if a nerd get a machine, then he automatically a cool ***
never needed a sports Title to be happy, nor should any proud NEO citizen.enjoy your family, all that matters
just wanna watch a Family Matters marathon
What happens if the Family Matters theme song gives you an erection?
Miley Cyrus' look-alike sister Brandi says family matters more than anything:
Sad, that these days the meaning of family is useless. Either there's envy, greed, jealousy, competition, &/or no loyalty. Small hi matters
I'm just trying to enjoy my family and friends I'm not sitting her worrying about you and what your doing and saying ! Every second matters
Sometimes family is all that matters. ❤️
It never matters what race you are,were all family
6pm EDT this TUES! Talking w on "Family Matters" radio about how families can live peacefully w
Morning message: "Family Matters" Proverbs 22:6 and Luke 15:17 at Second Baptist Church in Little Rock.
This past Sunday, Pastor Steve McKnight spoke about 'Generation Next' in part 4 of 7 of the "Family Matters"...
Bruce Jenner: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Matters: 101 Unforgettable Stories about Our Nutty but Lovable Famili
HappyDays Family Matters got rid of a child so guess a soap can get rid of a kid or Aiden is in Military school
Teresa Tapia was briefly married to 'Family Matters' star Darius McCrary
Law of Conservation of Family Matters: Urkel is not lost/gained in chemical reactaroonies; he simply changes form:
Family is all that matters im just out here with my kin folk
Take a trip that matters. Take a vacation.
my family was on . That's all that matters to me
this is why I respect you and love you so much! You know what really matters, faith and family.
I don't know my mum or dad family tree well, but aslong as I know my immediate family, that's all that really matters to me lol.
The role of digital technology in challenging businesses and family values by Pius Onobhayedo Is technology a sile
I realize I'm an emotional person but the tribute to Paul at the end was really good! Family is the only thing that matters!
When someone else's happiness is your happiness..that is LOVE!! is all the
Zach Randolph does favor Eddie Winslow from family matters lol
I missed that episode of Family Matters when Eddie Winslow changed his name to Zach Randolph and went to the NBA
You can't tell me Zebo don't look like Eddie Winslow off family matters
Lol yall can't tell me Zach Randolph don't look like Eddie Winslow from Family Matters 😂😂😂
I'm in love with 90's R&B and all the old shows like Full House, Fresh Prince, and most of all family matters 😍 I've been since I was little
Family is all that matters. Always. But family is not always about blood, it's about who's going to be there when u need them & when u don't
The family all that matters, I'm just out here with my kinfolk
In the end family is the only thing that matters
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Watching Zach Randolph play makes me feel like Im watching an episode of family matters
Killed a man? Left your family? Plummeted into a shameful addiction spiral? None of it matters to Arby's. please enjoy …
Family is all that matters to me. I put them before my own wants & desires.
Because that's what matters! "Family values guy says Clinton is too ugly to be president"
I've chased my dream all over the globe and I'm now certain that creating a family is all that really matters and all I really want
I liked a video Family Matters the science project
Zach Randolph look like ol buddy from Family Matters... 😂😂😂
bro Zach Randolph look like Darius McCray from family matters.
Every time I look at Zach Randolph I think of Eddie Winslow from Family Matters
Zach Randolph looks like Eddie Winslow off Family Matters. Been saying that since 2 years ago
Zach Randolph look like the son from family matters 😂😂😂
Zach Randolph looks like Eddie from family matters
ZBo looks like the dude from family matters. On God
The points don't matter, what really matters, is family!
"Nothing even matters to me" . Family is all I been around lately.
I don't care that I didn't go anywhere for spring break,I stayed home with my family,my boyfriend & my team,that's all that really matters.💕
It's a crazy world but all that matters is my new inherited family. I love my wife and my Lil man.…
Bond this man out STAT start a GOFUNDME for his case
That and the family reunions at airports, especially from overseas, really make you think about what matters in life.
Brave little squirrel is living in the same tree as an owl family
It's time to focus on myself and my goals. I've lost sight of what matters the most. If I lose friends/family it's their loss not mine.
Trying to stay on my deen and make my family proud. Nothing else matters.
Waiting for the day when adds Family Matters, Urkel/Stefan episodes rocked lol
I'm married.I'm willing to wait.don't pay attention to what they think or say,u're happy+ u have a nice family,that's what matters
семья, Familia, 家庭, Ohana, عائلة. Family, it's what it's all about, nothin else matters. And I can't wait to have one of my own
Ate sugar. Can't sleep. Stuck in my head on a loop: the sound of Harriet Winslow from Family Matters saying "Carl" in an accusa…
Having either breakfast or dinner with your family or someone who matters to you in this figured…
At least I had a good day with my family today, all that matters.
Totally forgot today was easter since i didnt spend time with my family but its not like it matters.Holidays just feel like a normal day now
Cole. K.Dot, even Vin Diesel be telling us family is the only thing that matters in this life. Bless up to you and your fam ❤️
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Easter & Christmas is a time to be with ur family sadly care leavers may never have that & every care leaver matters https…
Family matters ? 😕 shid that's the main ones you gota watch
What matters is that Kath and his family and few trusted friends is there for him. I love you 💋 you can count on us.
When you're with loved ones, sometimes nothing else in the world matters ❤️.
The Telegraph: Celia Imrie was wrong: it's grandchildren we should pity: As the actress complai... Family Matters
The Telegraph: My autistic brother was told he'd never speak - now he never shuts up: In her ne... Family Matters
I'm a simple person. People misjudge me all the time. All I want is to spend time with my beloved family & friends. They're all that matters
Material things are all that were lost, but family is still here. Family is what matters.
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