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Family Guy

Family Guy is an American animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

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Assuming you've never seen an episode of the Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, Bob…
Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show are just dumb funny.
Walking around shaped like Joe Swanson off Family Guy 🙄💀
Scott Pelley hey You are now free to audition as Joe Swanson in Family Guy !
Family Guy, Futurama, Bob's Burger, The Simpson, Southpark, American Dad and Rick and Morty are the best
Just now realized that Jennifer Tilly from the Chucky series voices the character of Bonnie Swanson on Family Guy.
*Brian falls into a lion den* "Hey, its thanksgiving, shouldn't you be in Detroit losing a football game right now?" Family Guy is great 😂😂
You remember that Family Guy episode where Peter says an offensive joke to a woman's face and just K…
Just realized that Shamless is a modern day Family Guy. Frank is obviously Peter Griffin, Carl is Stewie, and we all know that Deb=Meg.
"I'm going to get dealt with." Is Cleveland from Family Guy threatening me?? (Kristine Leahy voice)
The Simpsons fathered Family Guy and the likes of them. The real McCoy❤
It's making me think of that bit in Family Guy where they catch James Woods with a trail of candy.
pins that could burn include: Fireball Classic (solid state), Whoa Nellie, Family Guy, Snow Derby, some EM about temperature or heat
Bing Maps car on Family Guy hit all expectations!
still kills me when I watch the Family Guy scene where Peter goes to a KFC in Kentucky to look for Colonel Sanders
Hannity makes the retarded horse from Family Guy look like Stephen Hawking. he's an absolute disaster... 😂😂😂
"Before The Simpsons, before Family Guy, and before Sausage Party, there was Ralph Bakshi..."
Russell Crowe has gradually been turning into the Family Guy version of William Shatner throughout his career
I added a video to a playlist Family Guy - Peter Griffin Mattress Shopping
Ever see Family Guy? Ostrich sitting alone in the middle of a gym bleacher says "aha!"... Outing URself today?😆
*watching Star Wars episode of Family Guy* *cantina band starts playing* *looks at phone because it's also my ringtone*
Some questions have no answers. Like why everyone hates Meg from Family Guy. And Justine Bieber.
The episode of Family Guy where everyone becomes Robin Williams that Peter touches.
Does Peter Williams from TV1 News watch Family Guy? His W's have a distinction WH? He just said '0verWHHHelmed'
Chris Farley would've played a great Peter Griffin for a live action Family Guy show
This is the chicken from Family Guy that Peter has been fighting for years 😂
I liked a video Family Guy - Brian and Stewie Get Radio Talk Show
Family Guy - Peter and Carter Sell Meg some pot
this is like that Family Guy where Lois used to bang Gene Simmons
Family Guy - Tecmo Bowl "Bo Jackson" this is what I should have always done to you
Why does say 'why' the same why Stewie on Family Guy says 'cool whip' lol
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Happy 43rd Birthday to Seth Green! The voice of Chris Griffin in Family Guy.
Me gustó un video de Seth MacFarlane 1999 Interview on his youth and creating Family Guy!
LOL! I was watching Family Guy last night and it looks like someone put 's pink Mustache on this elepha…
Why does Mike Pence remind me of Carter Pewterschmidt? He just looks like he should be Family Guy character.
Lmfao. This episode of Family Guy when the peter and them walk up to Kelly Clarkson and ask for "God's" physical address and she gets mad 😂
Family Guy. The A Team. Sitcoms. They are all brilliant on a night viewing session. The shows come alive more.
Yes, the weird thing is everyone loves South Park and Family Guy etc. but online they are offended by everything.
I can't believe Caroline thinks Family Guy is better than South Park. She has no taste and that's why she only uses salt
Did he just call Ryan Griffin the dog from Family Guy? . Brian Griffin?
Family Guy seriously did not do a shot for shot remake of The Golden Girls opening theme
I'm watching a Carrie Fisher episode of Family Guy and I'm really emotional.
Family Guy: Brian and Stewie. The only episode of this series to make me cry. Stewie and Brian…
Wow! James Woods is more of an *** in real life than his character on Family Guy.
Carrie Fisher was smart, funny, talented, surprising, and always a *** of a fun time to be around. Family Guy will mis…
2 new Family Guy episodes featuring Angela, aka Carrie Fisher, are still to come.
This is as bad as when it was revealed Ricardo Montalbán's last screen/tv credit would be as a cow on Family Guy
Family Guy did have the Minnie The Moocher routine in the Blue Harvest episode!
Holy crap I had no idea Carrie Fisher was the voice of Peter's boss in Family Guy!
Fans of 'Family Guy' most directly correlated to support for Hillary Clinton- fascinating visuals from
Looking at old online forums & seeing how so many people hated Family Guy back then. Now the show's up there with South Park & The Simpsons.
Last night I realized that Family Guy is a ripoff of The Muppet Babies. Simple minded characters, guidance from Lois/Nanny, cut to Star Wars
. online: if you know a PoC, tell them you're thankful to them. irl: gave parents' landline a Family Guy ring back tone
You look like a bad mixture of Jeff Goodman and Quagmire from Family Guy. You need a dental plan...
Im pretty sute that the Simpson's crossover episode of Family Guy is one of my favorite episodes
I've never watched a single Star Wars movie. The closest I've ever come is watching Family Guy & Robot Chicken.
I think 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad' have definitely staked out...
I've seen every episode of Family Guy at least 10 times, and it never gets old.
Peter and Carter are by far the best duo on Family Guy. Although not even close, second place is Tom Tucker and his mustache
you sound like that guy from Family Guy who's that neil goldman (
Alex Wong and I are obsessed with Family Guy
If Trump takes science seriously in a legislative way during his Presidency, Family Guy will show Peter with his *** o…
Rihanna wearing a shirt of Family Guy's Peter Griffin dressed as her 😂
- Donna Tubbs Brown. - - Seeking for the rest of the family. Crossovers welcome(IE. Family Guy, The Simpsons, Am…
did bush every whinge about your bits about him in Family Guy or American Dad. Doubtful
📽 | Harry was mentioned on S15E05 of Family Guy, aired yesterday. • Nov 06, 2016
Wendy Williams got legs like Joe Swanson from Family Guy
Delicious meal at for birthday with the family. Cheers Can't believe it took us so lon…
The newest addition to the family! Last night this little guy settled down on my mum and fell…
Please put Chris Lowery and his family in your prayers during their difficult time right now. Class act and brilliant coach…
Me at whoever watches Family Guy on my Hulu account.
Searched Swedish mainstream media. Not a single mention of the guy being a migrant or the relation to the family. ***
guy I love both matthew espinosa and our little family this is true love
This guy was provoked by kejriwal in return of 1 crore for his family
I deleted my wedding pinterest boards. I realized life has furnished me with neither the money, the kind of guy or the family.
sometimes max Quinn boils u up some rice and thinks it's one cup per person and assumes ur a family of 5 but ur just 1 guy
Is there anything more Canadian than this? . Thief: Buy my stolen maple syrup or I'll kill you, eh?. Guy: Okay
I remember seeing this done on family guy but I did not know that it was r…
A closer look at the new guy in the doodle family. Say hi! :)
guy put a family album in front of me I asked if I can smoke a cigarette ashed on it looked at him like what?? I dont fknow..
Whenever I see the word "ruined" I think of the episode of Family Guy were Stewie says it "rueened"
Date a guy that says things like:. -lets hang out with ur family. -Im so lucky to have u. -Are u hungry?. -Get ready we're going out. -im all urs
yeah, but his family says they ruined his life & he wants nothing to do with them. They screwed that guy
Family guy is hilarious, as if there's a Donald trump costume for peter😂
This advice is brought to you by Quagmire from Family Guy
remember that epsiode of AHS were that guy pretended to be santa and killed that family remember that
Ned such a great guy.Always admired how he got hundreds of thousands of people killed & half his family, just to prove how honorable he was
This little guy was found in Waverley this morning by our officer - help us find his family
Guess who was told 2nite 2 go back 2 Africa - THIS GUY. Family's been here since the 1800's. if ur ignorance is paying Im flying
The possibility that that guy might become the president just sent me back to Venezuela in 1998, when Chavez won and my family mo…
try Dr. Kewagamang.. he's the family dentist. cool guy
😂😂 don't be that guy pls. You're someone son init, put some respek on your family name
iam_z_: The guy/his family will decide whether she's "good enough" or not. This is what I hate about some arranged marriag…
Love this guy and his family... Their company makes great shirts... Celebrating the World Series Win? Go check...
Family Guy and waakye for breakfast
There's a guy: he built a family-fanbase, he loves u. There are mean ppl: they tryna distroy this relationship, tryna dest…
Not looking good for me either, going to get some family time and Yeti needs some TLC.
Yeh, heard about that. Absolutely disgusting. Poor guy and his family 😦
The right guy will show you off to his friends & family. He'll take it as slow as you want. He'll only go as far as you'…
I liked a video Family Guy Season 15 Episode 4 - new 2016
I liked a video Family Guy- Stewie And the Star Treck Next Generation Cast
In memoriam of the time Jack Chick published Family Guy fan art to let homosexuals know that he was onto their propaga…
Paul Reiser from Bottom of the Sea stars in Family Guy about a childish Parking inspector named Young
lol, I'll just stick to my animation domination - Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy... 😂
Don't miss our dear friend Frank Sinatra Jr. this Sunday on Family Guy. It ain't the same without you, Frank.
I want Schilling to do a Family Guy guest spot just so Peter Griffin goes "remember that time you ripped off RI for millions"
15 seasons of "Family Guy" online. Just might be busy on my RDs. Di thinks it's silly and leaves the room.
It's so weird that Meg from Family Guy does the voice over for the chick in that Jim Beam commercial.
So Gary Johnston is basically Mayor Adam West from Family Guy and Jill Stein is a flat earther . some great third parties there USA.
Donald Trump's 'Access Hollywood' video makes an appearance on 'Family Guy'
Well, this is going to be Family Guy's final season. Trump's going to call his friend Rupert Murdoch & have it cann…
Luke Cage just came out on Netflix. If you're into Family Guy there's new episodes online. The Nice Guys is a good film too
Is it for real??? Trump V Clinton is like an episode of Family Guy that ended up on the cutting room floor. Sad times
This is how I'd imagine Meg Griffin from Family Guy would look like if she were a real life human.
David Otunga reminds me of local weather man Ollie Williams from Family Guy
Actually, it was about Ollie Williams, weatherman on Family Guy. But I did repost a nice souvenir photo of us from a while back.
I can't take earth serious no more bruh. It's like we live in one big episode of Family Guy
'Family Guy' hilariously recreated Jay Z and Solange's infamous elevator fight: by via
The Thomas Edison skit on Family Guy might be one of the most historically accurate things I've ever seen
"They gave Michelle Pfeiffer such a hard time. She didn't pick that school; they sent her there. Coolio had her back.". Family Guy
Working nights is pretty great. American Dad and Family Guy marathons, followed by a bit of Jeremy Kyle.
One of my new friends hasn't seen a single American Dad episode and only ONE Family Guy episode.
Family Guy is hilarious 😂❣ my love for this show is too real, watch it every night
VMA's are just a fill in until Family Guy comes on at 10 on adult swim 😂 I gotta say so far it's been a brutal half hour 😒
For the first season of Family Guy only, Lacey Chabert provided the voice of Cleveland
So Lady Deathstrike has the same powers as Meg from that superhero episode of Family Guy.
Game of Thrones. Breaking Bad. Malcolm in the Middle. Family Guy. Saved by the Bell. SpongeBob. Drake and Josh.
Empire. Keenan and Kel. Family Guy. Saved by the Bell. Drake and Josh . Numb3rs. SVU!.
I was kidding because Patrick Warburton also did Hoodwinked's Mr. Wolf and Joe Swanson from Family Guy.
If you have Hulu of Netflix and don't watch Workaholics or Family Guy, you're missing out.
thought that American Dad was better than Family Guy when I first met her ha ha ha
My bro Christopher Witt does great things on Family Guy! Brian's a high rated character!!
Its probably hella hard for paraplegics to watch Family Guy because they roast tf outta joe.
My bro hung up on me to watch FAMILY GUY
I LOVE it when a guy is close to his family and values his relationship with them.
nope. He's muslim. Thought I never date a muslim guy d since that hmm. But, he's exception. And his family was okay.. Thanks God
I don't care for Family Guy but Brian's bark kills me 😂
Just seeing the family guy ep. Where Peter changes him name to Justin... 😂😂😂😂
You got to watch the Cleveland Show instead of Family Guy.keep it ethnic
really is a beautiful album. The guys family and friends must be so so proud
I liked a video from Gmod Death Run Funny Moments - Family Guy!
I would ask that you create a Star Trek beyond parody on Family Guy but the movie is kind of a spoof of itself...
if I go to sleep now ill never wake up so I will watch family guy for 4 hours
Family guy really got me crying tears right now 😂
Kieran needs to take care of himself and his family, can't knock a guy for wanting to do that.
Funny because I was watching a Family Guy episode ridiculing Rush Limbaugh.
When 10 cops pass by your house chasing a guy with a gun and your whole family goes outside
Granit Xhaka: "I'm a young player with a wife. I'm not a player who goes out too much because I'm a family guy & I love my fa…
Family guy the funniest show ever bruh
Loving family guy and all the jokes 😂👌💯
South Park and Family Guy are always there for you
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I liked a video from SICK Family Guy Trickshots! The Return)
Stop family Guy fi go sleep n end up can't sleep. Kind a fkry my body a deal with.
y'all I hate family guy 😐 & this all he watches at night. I can't lol.
This white guy just assaulted me for no reason all I asked was "is it true white ppl only marry inside the family?"
I'm over here trying to watch family guy, but the internet doesn't like me 🙄
This man from a news report sounds EXACTLY like Herbert from Family Guy via
A hero is Bourne, this guy is just trying to keep his family safe.
If she's not my girl I'm treating her like meg from family guy
Family Guy really one of the funniest shows
The episode of family guy when Peter goes on wheel of fortune and asked for a batman signal as one of his letters>>>!
If idk what to watch I just turn on family guy
1. Please tell me how this guy wasn't paid to disgrace her family history like this 😂😂😭😭
This is my favorite Family Guy scene ever 😂😂😂
Jus sat and watched a Star Trek film and now I'm watching the Family Guy version of Star Wars - getting my geek on 😶😎🤘🏼
I'm watching Family Guy but doing Online Simpson quizzes.
Little Giant Ladders
When I die, bury me with season 5 of Family Guy, some Reeses' Peanut Butter Eggs, and a Darth Vader mask.
Get cozy with the Griffins & their friends in Family Guy online game at Moobile Games.
normal girls on Netflix: Greys Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl. me: Family Guy, BMS, South Park
NEW Family Guy: Brian Griffin's Guide to Booze, Broads, and the Lost Art of Bein
Family Guy - Evil Stewie kills Kool Aid man via
Sistar's "Touch My Body" appearing on an episode of Family Guy.
Y'all Jason reminds me of Peter from Family Guy
Don't try to argue this . South Park > Family Guy
To watch the College World Series winner take all or Family Guy.decisions, decisions
It's like that episode of Family Guy when Brian bought a bottle of Jack Daniels and got a free gun
Only Fools and Horses, The Office (repeats if nothing on), Family Guy and The Walking Dead. Genuinely don't watch television.
Need a crossover between Family Guy & the Euro's where Brian & Stewie go back in time and bring back peak Tony Adams who wins us the EURO's
I want Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons and Chris Griffin from Family Guy, in the FOX U.S. Presidential Election clips, together?!
I think my favorite part about Family Guy is that Adam West is the mayor
Some guy started his user review with "Peter Griffin of the Family Guy said it best". My eyes are bleeding after reading these
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Almost certainly from character Meg Griffin in 'Family Guy', first US then picked up in UK about 7 years ago.
"For all these awesome neat and wonderful stuff, you know you don't thank the Lord; you thank the whites" 🎶. Iba talaga Family Guy eh
Ladies, I'd listen to your criticism of Bernie Sanders, but I'm frankly too busy watching Family Guy and not caring about women to bother.
The Star Wars episode of Family Guy is on it's like my two favorite things 😭
today I realized Gretchen Weiners (Mean Girls) voiced Meg Griffin first season of Family Guy before Mila Kunis took over.
Some of the Worst characters I've seen:. -Brian from Family Guy. -Peggy from King of the Hill. -Thea and Laurel from Arrow. -Logan from Zoey 101
I think I saw a Family Guy joke about this once. -Scott.
Ryan Reynolds episode of Family Guy on TV right now. I totally ship Ryan & Peter! Plus dystopian future, and Brian's pretentious writing :-)
try a trail of Reese's pieces from Laura to a box propped up with a stick. Worked plenty on James Woods on Family Guy. :D
“Everything is better with a bag of weed.” – Stewie Griffin / Family Guy
and If you can I add Me my Gamer tag is XxAli GodxX and my gamerpic is Stewie Griffin off of Family Guy
If you're asking who's the character, it's Stewie Griffin from Family Guy : D
Just saw an interview with moron at large Michael Moore, got confused I thought I was watching Family Guy, he sure looks like Peter Griffin
American Dad better than Family Guy and any other cartoon comedy other than South Park. Facts.
If ever puts me in one of his Family Guy vines i'd either be Chris Griffin or Joe Swanson
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This is amazing, Joe Swanson from Family Guy singing offscreen at 0:14
has there ever been any consideration of selecting selections from Family Guy's scores and releasing them? Ron Jones rocks!
Watch: Family Guy mocks Jeb Bush and his Hispanic wife.
In the words of Family Guy's Joe Swanson, this Red Sox pitching staff is "giving me diabetes..."
3/ More of the interview - -- We’re FOX. We’re Empire. We’re Family Guy. We like to have fun. We laugh at ourselves.
Hi I am free, we could be watching Dad's Army, Family Guy, Jurrassic Park/World and Doctors on Gogglebox. Or go out.
Want to win a FREAKIN SUITE at FOXWOODS RESORT? Click on the link & upload your best Family Guy impersonation.
You kind of have to have the end credits song from Breakfast Club/Family Guy with Judd Nelson/Peter walking away
Christian Bishop is adorable. He is so Will Smith on Family Guy 'Nice Clean rap'
Gostei de um vídeo Association for the Advance of Fat People | Family Guy | TBS
Family Guy is always throwing shade 😂
Family Guy, American Dad n Cleveland Show double bills end at 02:20 n Texas Chainsaw start at 02:20 ye this makes me happy ye I have no life
American Dad is 100x's funnier than Family Guy and Cleveland Show.
You don't trust people who think American Dad is better than Family Guy
Shopping with a female is like James Woods when he sees a piece of candy in Family Guy
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