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Falling Skies

Falling Skies is an American science fiction dramatic television series created by Robert Rodat and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Drew Roy Noah Wyle Mira Sorvino Walking Dead Connor Jessup Doug Jones Colin Cunningham Tom Mason True Blood

Could that be the same that is falling from the skies? ✈️😷
I miss the times of burning tarmacadam falling from the skies. Happy days.
(Boston Herald) : Sunny skies. Morning high of 45F with temps falling to near freezing. Winds WNW at..
Are you gonna be my love?. Are you gonna be mine?. I feel it falling from the skies above
Morning . Clearing skies & gusty wind today. High 14 already reached -- colder this aft - falling to 5…
On Air " Falling Skies " by V Transmission on Hits.. Tune in now !
sunset hour and Alabang skies look a lot like falling in love
adding up and no one bats an eye. But Trump says terrorists deserve death penalty, and su…
I would want bens Bruce and Maggie’s Selina to have a love scene they didn’t get in falling skies it would be awesome
A dinner long in the making... amid skies opening up and the heavens falling on us, we took a…
Them HIGH-FLIERS r falling like injured birds. Put up your umbrellas something might hit U. Thanks God,…
What did you think of the end of falling skies?
Did you watch the last episode of falling skies?
Clear skies tonight with lows falling to the upper 50s/low 60s. Monday will be sunny with a few afternoon clouds. H…
I added a video to a playlist Falling Skies: A Battlefield 4 UCAV Montage
OKC Quick-Cast: Expect partly cloudy skies. Temps falling into the 50s.
W5 investigation: Startling number of pilots report routinely falling asleep in the skies
So you believe anything ha ha well the sky is falling do you believe that if I told…
Another blow for students as the SU have boycotted Falling Skies for fear they will draw attention to Carrie Ann Inaba.
Yes! Never miss an episode. But I do miss Falling Skies!
The listed credits in that article - Falling Skies, Heroes Reborn, the Elektra movie (??) - def worry me a bit on that score. :/
Waffles,syrup,bananas and falling skies *** YEAH
not long now before British planes leaving UK airports start falling out of the skies
need more security or planes will be falling from skies. Are you prepared for…
But they have put up w/him 4/16mos. It's just 2 little 2 late MSM & GOP. Want 2 now go omg the skies falling It's b…
Gray skies, droplets falling on the roof. Perfect day for some writing.
it's finally here. I am beyond happy. The gray skies and the sound of rain and the orange leaves falling
It's evening and I can't see the rain from the skies falling.
TONIGHT: Clear skies continue. Lows falling into the middle 40s
you should try and see the Falling Skies episode then
I know I'll find you, just like an angel falling from the Heavenly skies
The leaves are falling, falling as from way off, as though far gardens withered in the skies..
Pope from Falling Skies is that crazy uncle nobody wants to claim.
I added a video to a playlist Best of Falling Skies VFX by Zoic Studios
Heading out Tonight? Take a jacket. Temps are in the 50s and falling with clear skies
it's a bit hard to look at Cinderella again after going through Falling Skies ngl
This is football weather! Temperatures falling into the 40s tonight under clear skies. Take a jacket as you head out
the amazing, down to earth, funny, inspirational, talented & beautiful who I've been a big fan of since Falling Skies
I've just watched episode S05E02 of Falling Skies!
In parts of Alberta snow is falling. Nothing on set... yet. All eyes on the skies cause everyone wants all the exterior…
Now playing Falling Into Skies by Queue!. Check it out:
guardian was a really good movie the director made Sarah's character based off her falling skies character he said
It's not a great show. But I'm obsessively barreling through all of Falling Skies.
You won't be lonely, Even if the skies is falling down 🎵
68 degrees. The leaves are falling. Blue skies. It's like a Pocahontas movie.
Stared to watch Falling Skies.8 episodes in it's basically the TV show. might be inspiring for your Sunday streams ;)
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This love is like fire and ice!. This love is like rain and blue skies. Still falling for you.. ~
Tommy falling from the skies and tackling Trevor to defend Ginny's honor. I'm so alive
Fall is so my season. Hello grey skies. Hello falling leaves. Hello layers. Hello jackets!
I really like the scifi show Falling Skies featuring Noah Wyle. One like equals one thumbs up for
I have been watching current episodes of Agents Of Shield, Fargo, Arrow, Madam Secretary and Falling Skies everynight.
My 1st book has been out for a while: Rising Sun, Falling Skies: The Disastrous Java Sea Campaign of WW2.
I liked a video Connor Jessup on the Season 2 Finale of 'Falling Skies'
Falling Skies could be worth a look. Prime instant on Amazon.
Falling Skies fans - check out my friend Doug Jones in the new DVD series!
Doug Jones (Pan's Labyrinth, Falling Skies) explains why he loves Imago (recorded at one of this past fall's...
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Falling Skies!
Lost in skies of powdered gold Caught in clouds of silver ropes Showered by the empty hopes As I tumble down Falling fast to the ground jej
Does the Fifth wave have any inspiration at falling skies?
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Falling Skies: The Complete Third Season HDX Flixster o
WWIII is falling from the skies outside my house rn
I'm so excited to be a part of 'Falling Skies' and to see people enjoying w...
I'm giving away something for you on HDX UV TV Season: Falling Skies Season 3. Get it here -
Battle Creek, Falling Skies, Quantum Leap and The Fosters... Gf's choice that one.
Falling Skies. . Low key OTP: Tom and Cochise. High key NOTP: probs Hal and Karen (when she went evil) . High key unp…
This isn't 80's or 90's Related. But I love falling skies and was upset when the show ended.
expect cloudy skies with snow chances ending and falling temps. Patchy fog is possible.
"Maybe one day we'll find common ground. When the ocean's close and the pigs will fall. Maybe when the skies start falling."
I'm having an "Wanting to watch Falling Skies all over again" feeling right now. Help
thank you for Falling Skies,i'm fan!❤
Who wants to watch falling skies and chill?
So engrossed in falling skies that my food was burning... My dad saved it. It was delicious. . Not all heroes wear capes.
Temps falling into 40's across the hills where skies are clearing a bit
Falling temps, rising pressure tomorrow with blue bird skies. Sounds like time to kill a giant.
Ohohoh so everyone's going to the MAMA's except for the main man. Fictions should be falling off from the skies now.
Bed and a few episodes of falling skies me thinks, hopefully he will fall asleep nice and early!
There are planes falling from the skies, people being slaughtered, do you need to go after 2 maids/nannies
I haven't seen it, but Falling Skies might be another good option.
Tomorrow, bombs, terror from the skies, falling on innocent children crying cowering in their beds cuddling their parents, will be politics.
Giving Falling Skies a try. First episode and I'm falling asleep. Bad start. Lots of brooding and talking about stuff. Needs more aliens.
With no references to cities falling from skies or helicarriers crashing in DC, I'm really thinking takes place in 2013.
Falling Skies - Season 1 Falling Skies opens in the chaotic aftermath of an alie...
You can stop all the leaves from falling away, I believe you can stop my skies from turning into grey. 😊
Falling Skies is just a kinda cooler version of The Walking Dead...
I still haven't watched the last episode of Falling Skies..
Good evening!! Saving Homeland for the morning, hope Quinn is ok!! Thanks, still on Falling Skies, its a bit good lol!!
I've just finished Falling Skies and I already miss you guys 😿
Falling Skies - Plans for Both 'The Complete 5th Season' and 'The Complete Series'
Finally catching up on Falling Skies. Can't believe it's the last season 😭
sharing Warning: Full spoilers for the Falling Skies: Season 4 premiere follow. - IGN
but in case you're curious, I'm most of the way through season 2 of Falling Skies and I'm happy that boss-man and his daughter are reunited
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I've been watching Falling Skies cuz post-apocalyptic alien war is my literal wheelhouse. But it totally fell off after season 3.
Finally getting around to watching the last season of Falling Skies. It's just what I've come to expect from basic cable.
the end of falling skies was so anti climactic, I was so hyped for the biggest war scene and you let me down
Really is. No patience. Skies falling if we don't score every time we hike the ball. They forget so easily what Saban's done...
I've just watched episode S05E08 of Falling Skies!
I'm watching 'Ghost in the Machine' (Falling Skies, 4x1)
I've just watched episode S05E07 of Falling Skies!
I've just watched episode S05E06 of Falling Skies!
Watching last ever episode of Falling Skies
Close your eyes and see the skies are falling...
Cause i'm rewatching Falling Skies but i'm totes on a zombie kick and i have been meaning to finish that..
"Even when the skies comes falling, even when the stars dont shine. I got…
All around the skies are falling down upon me
I ask God to bring forth the next Eid with a free Palestine, with the skies of Gaza empty of falling bombs filled...
Photo of the Day: Unknown, falling from the skies in Queensland yesterday. Shot by us.
Even if stars are burn, sun wont shine, skies are grey and world is falling apart remember that ill be standing by your si…
"When life gives you lemons. You blow it's freaking head off" - Pope, Falling Skies.
Investigation on 'Falling Skies' On-Set Accident Completed: . No criminal charges will be filed on the accident...
I've just watched episode S05E10 of Falling Skies!
No criminal charges in security guard death
Finally watched the finale of Falling Skies. Watched all of this season but never watched it the first 4 years. Was pretty good.
Poetic is my day. the winds swaying . the rain flooding . my senses. We're falling through the eyes. Of the Skies. Into. Love..
Filled with joy. Filled with pain. Sunny skies. Falling rain. Through it all. they loved.
Saving Tricia Helfer for the last five minutes of the series finale of Falling Skies was just mean.
Guess who's finishing up their Falling Skies project that they probably should have finished weeks ago but got too busy to?. THIS CHICK
I know this transformation is painful, but UR not falling apart; UR just falling in2 something different,with a new capaci…
\'Falling Skies\' review: Series skitters off into the sunset with a worthy finale
between Falling Skies & Fear the Walking Dead, makes sense that all I've dream about this week are zombies & post apocalyptic wastelands...
》a red hood. All of them were falling from the skies above, aiming towards a field of corpses, filled with the demons that》
I read this as Falling Skies for a minute. Don't scare me like that.
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I've just watched episode S04E12 of Falling Skies!
DJ BRFM FASHION NEWS Falling Skies - New spoilers for the "Falling Skies" series finale suggests that Tom Mason wi...
falling skies Games of throns Walking Dead flash the only man on earth
Anyone who has Falling Skies season 4.. Please DM me..
I've just watched episode S04E08 of Falling Skies!
After suits "Falling skies is the best series ever"
Falling skies is the best series ever
Out in the fields. The fighting has begun. Out on the streets. They're falling one by one. Out from the skies
But just for one day. He did it in season one of falling skies.
Drew Roy reflects back on five seasons of ‘Falling Skies’ -
I've just watched episode S05E09 of Falling Skies!
Quote from WSJ: "It's sunshine&blue skies notwithstanding what's happening on Wall St." Worst econ. recovery in history&now stocks r falling
No matter how hard you try, you can never prepare yourself for the impact when it comes to having your heart broken or…
The 100, twd, tvd, falling skies, faking it
"Everything starts and ends with just being there for each other" - Falling Skies
BEST part of Comic Culture podcast when was getting riled up with "Falling Skies" Thank G-d the Americans have a plan
I'm trying to compare Rick Grimes from TWD and Tom Mason from Falling Skies. Zombie apocolypse. Alien apocolypse. Best two leaders on tv.
think i'll have an early one tonight. . *watches Falling Skies for next six hours without pause*
Falling Skies needs to be available on some sort of streaming app so I can watch it all again
Hartley & Tuilagi put themselves in that position and, really, Cipriani is more theory than reality. The skies aren't falling.
If you could be any TV character who would you be? — I would be Maggie from Falling Skies bc she's so strong and in…
I can't believe the serie finale of "Falling Skies" is this Sunday! I don't want it to end 😥
can't believe falling skies is over for good next week. What will I do?👽
I've just watched episode S05E01 of Falling Skies!
Falling Skies is a cautionary tale for good ideas, and terrible execution: You have Steven Spielberg behind th...
Love is falling from the skies, with heaven in your eyes.
JewelNiles1: re:JewelNiles1: 'Falling Skies' review: A satisfying finale to the series Ba…
With the final Falling Skies episode coming next week, I am in dire need of decent Sci Fi.
Thank god Fear the Walking Dead and Falling Skies are on tonight. They will be my escape from the internet's massive *** over MGSV.
So legit can't wait for Falling Skies to end. Wanted Tom to buy it a long time ago. The Mason show got old.
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Currently relaxing on the sofa with a mug of coffee, catching up with Falling Skies.m Noah Wyle. X
It amazes me every single year how Noah Wyle gets snubbed for an Emmy nomination for his role on Falling Skies.
Are you talking about the movie with Chris Evans, I promise I will watch once I am finished catching up on Falling Skies. +
'Falling Skies': Colin Cunningham talks 'amping it up' with Drew Roy
I love stuff yeah! 'Falling Skies': Colin Cunningham on how it got 'dangerous' filming tonight's ... - HitFix
so I didn't get the opportunity to say that I'm going to miss seeing ya there after Falling Skies ends :(
I just start watching Falling Skies a week ago, and now I'm in the season 4!!
Watch aliens attack in this exclusive 'Falling Skies' clip via
All-new Falling Skies tonight! Here's a preview from Doug Jones. --Lisa
Actor Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) from TV's Falling Skies at ComicCon San Diego. He is a sweetie!
Hi Connor,What's new!Good Morning,Connor!Why is Falling Skies is going off the air on TNT,Connor Jessup😢😭?
I ate dinner & finished OZ The Great and Powerful! This movie was wonderful. I loved this remake of The Wizard of Oz. Now onto Falling Skies
Lucky enough to spot Connor Jessup! Ben Mason from Falling Skies. Even more lucky that we chatted a…
Ok...I'm getting back into Falling Skies now (currently on season 4). After this episode (8) I'll get back to...
Falling Skies season 5: Drew Roy says final will satisfy fans - and there will be deaths: THE final season of ...
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Just watched first episode of the final season of Falling Skies. Why is the final season always the best?
Can't sleep. Am rewatching the entire first season of Falling Skies. Ah, the good ol' days!
Hi Drew, I'm a Falling Skies Fan. Season 5 Premiere of Falling Skies was good. Have a good rest of the week.
The final season of Falling Skies kicks off in the UK tonight! Admittedly, I'm slightly worried after what confirmed 😩
I love and characters in Falling Skies
Do one of you want to tell me what day/time the Falling Skies panel will be at SDCC this year?. O:)
Falling Skies is on Netflix here in Australia! 😄
Hey bro my names Armon. Your pretty Awsome on Falling Skies. . Would you follow me on instgram : _savagekvng_
Just a few weeks away from the final season of Falling Skies...
'Falling Skies': Drew Roy teases the second Mass will 'lose some very important individuals'
here in Sweden we have Falling Skies on Netflix. 😎
why isn't Falling Skies on Netflix I'm offended
I'm going to be having 6 TV shows going on at the same time. Strike Back, True Detective, Tyrant, Defiance, Falling Skies and Sword Art 2
Did you know appeared in an episode of Falling Skies, back in Season 1 :D.
Falling Skies - Season 4 is on Netflix New Zealand! Not your region?
does any know when/if new season series Falling Skies will return to Fox? Thanks xx
I'm also excited for Falling Skies final season to start this summer :)
Spurs vs Clippers game is unbelievable! But previews for the last season of Falling Skies. Now THAT is exciting.
I need something else to watch on now because they don't have season 5 of Falling Skies, I was addicted to that show.
I just can't wait to watch Falling Skies season 5
It's a sweet going away present, what with Falling Skies in its farewell season.
I can't wait for the new season of Falling Skies
If we learned one thing from this series, it’s that the final season of Falling Skies is coming up on TNT.
yes I like Falling Skies... Season 4 wasn't as good as 1 to 3 I felt. What did you think?
Falling Skies is a really good show, but this summer, it's going to be on its last season...
Trailer for final season of Falling Skies. Via
Lowkey excited for this upcoming season of Falling Skies.
Falling Skies' final season trailer got me sad 😞
Falling Skies. For 4 years they’ve given everything to this fight. The final season of premieres...
Just binged on entire season 4 of Falling Skies. Oh the misery of waiting for season 5.
The cast of Falling Skies talks about what's coming up for it's final season:.
... Characters from various shows that hv been shot in Boston (Crossing Jordan, Falling Skies, Fringe, Cheers?!?!
Just asked me what I thought about 'Falling Skies' I found it hard to get into and prefer Noah Wylie in The Librarians!
Just got done the last season of Falling Skies. Totally should have been on
Got from Falling Skies star Moon Bloodgood when she wrapped for Christmas
tried my best to watch "The Lbrarians" last night, cannot believe considering how good Noah Wyle was in ER and Falling Skies how he can be so bleedin' awful in this 'dog's breakfast' of a TV show, I don't know if his manic overacting was worse than his co-star Rebecca Romijn's supposed martial arts skills, but both would have benefited from a script rather than random pages selected from Buffy, Raiders, the A-team etc. Avoid like the plague!
The happiness moments is when food falling down from skies 😂. But nah
Fox Academy album sounds like a handful of grapes & a warm blanket & 1000 skulls falling from the ceiling ! Excited…
... To be a survivor in the world of TWD or the world of Falling Skies. Your preference?
It's raining it's pouring our black skies are falling
The skies falling aint no need to panic
ICYMI: Dead aliens on residential street? Gotta be final season
I hope falling skies will has 5th season
Listening to the Falling Skies EP. Ahh the memories.
The only time I appreciate winter is when it's clear skies and yet there is soft falling snow at night and it's like space do beautiful.
I watch you search beneath the falling skies. This was no path to glory. You always walk before me. But you came back to warn me
"snow falling against a midnight sky is one of those secret beauties God has hidden for people to find" //
Realised I have two Falling Skies episodes to catch up on. Super.
check out this post! We were lucky to get a tour of the falling skies set
Make sure you check out the details here if looking 4 filming info -> Monday, Nov. 17 Filming Locations
I'll watch falling skies with my brother now
You just named 2 of my favorite post-apocalyptic TV shows! Also love Falling Skies.
heating up in banff watch out for rogue icicles falling and penetrating your skull upon arrival BLUE SKIES BABY BLUEE SKIES
Tired of this rain. Why can't it be wine falling from the skies instead?
Gruber, who called American voters stupid, wrote a comic book on health care complete with money falling from skies.
My lady-love-pal is co-writing episode 13 this season of CriMi !! I am sp proud ! ALL HAIL THE VANGS !
Steady rain falling from grey skies. Hot tea and Red House Painters. A blue day, if there were one…
And you thought snow falling from the skies in the States was a big deal.
RAIN DELAY! It's really falling heavily. However, the skies are pretty clear above so it may stop soon.
Monday Morning Musings - It’s a gloomy day in Bethlehem. A steady rain is falling from dark skies, and the...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Even when the skies are falling down I know that we will be safe and sound
Temps are falling now, and will continue to fall throughout the rest of the day. Skies will gradually clear as...
"Falling from my eyes, like a raindrop from the skies"
If your skies are falling, take my hand and hold it 😍😍
Our skies have cleared and NW winds are beginning to pick up. The snow has stopped falling but our temps haven't.
Were you all grabbing the Caramel bars before falling through the skies? Wild!
Nov. 17 - SVU is filming at Chelsea Piers in NYC. Info courtesy of -
November 17: is filming at Broadway Stages in Brooklyn.
Got my Falling Skies, Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy at the library today; all set to binge-watch all weekend
Happy belated birthday to the amazing Sarah Carter of "Falling Skies" & "Smallville"!
Before 'ER' and 'Falling Skies,' Noah Wyle Took a Leap of 'Blind Faith' - Before he saved lives as John...
I forgot Gotham. I could not get into Falling Skies. As much of a DILF as Noah Wyle has become.
Falling Skies: A former Boston University history professor becomes the second-in-command of…
It's the birthday of Falling Skies' lovable bad boy who plays John Pope! Have a one,
'Falling Skies' update: Noah Wyle, Will Patton wait as Scarlett Byrne's 'Lexi' stays in the cocoon
im still crying over falling skies SO MANY PEOPLE DIED
Your first Falling Skies episode was on in the UK last night it was a great introduction of your character you did a great job
I just wanna sit home and watch falling skies not babysit children
I'm going to watch falling skies, then I'm going to revise. Then WHO KNOWS!
what is SFLO, I'm here in my home in Seattle finishing up the show Falling Skies
Falling Skies catch up is in order tonight.
New Falling Skies, new PLL and new Face Off!!! Love a Wednesday morning!
A beautiful drizzle falling from Melbourne skies right now.
No, I didn't realise Falling Skies was back on Even worse, first episode isn't on On Demand! WHERE CAN I GET EPISODE 1?!
Caught up on Falling Skies. Wow, that was a blood bath. Major cast reduction. Couple more eps and one season to go.
With all the talk of Ebola and planes falling from the skies, it pays to remember , God hasn't given us the spirit of fear
I need to start watching my episodes of falling skies
Noah Wyle is really kicking it up on Falling Skies! This season is slightly complex …
Whose been watching Falling Skies? I half expected Lexi to come out of her chrysalis looking like Sarah Kerrigan.
Here's some scoop on Falling Skies from this week's (Posted on 8/5/14) Ask Ausiello column.
Falling Skies: Scoop on the future of Ben and Maggie's relationship from TVLine's Michael Ausiello
Does anyone else watch falling skies or The strain?
Falling skies is such a great tv show. I'm hooked
I watch my powers die falling out of stormy skies you kryptine like my life every night
you have been my favorite character since the first episode we all saw you. I'll miss you
Falling Skies Season 4 is the best show on Television!. Make sure to tune into TNT every Sunday Night to watch...
My day consisted of laundry,pizza, Falling Skies, going to see Guardians of the Galaxy which was OFF THA CHAIN, and being rejected cuddles.
They're killing off my favorite characters in falling skies and I'm about to cry 😭
It's cool that I got Bo and Adam into Falling Skies, but they need to get into Game of Thrones
Am watching episode S04E07 of Falling Skies with J. Has become a fav until DrWho & TWD start.
Is anybody else like obsessed with the show Falling Skies bc I am lol
That just may be the last Falling Skies i watch. i'm sorry to all the actors who lost their jobs.
I already hate this new season of Falling Skies, an it's just the first episode.
I've been trying to watch Falling Skies because I'm pot committed but I have no idea what's happening.
The blue skies and sun came back to greet us at times and for some, more raindrops falling out of the clouds.
Tommorows to do list is as follows. -Watch Bad Grampa because liv says so. - Watch new Falling skies - Finish playing Walking Dead ep 4.
TNT and HBO should be forced to offer reparations to viewers of "Falling Skies" and "True Blood"
Can't help but wonder if Mira Sorvino on Falling Skies is going to be like Mimic lock lock waa waa
For those who watch Falling Skies, that's Mira Sorvino.
Great acting from Drew Roy. TV: Falling Skies - Season 3, Episodes 6 and 7
I just found out Robert Sean Leonard was in Falling Skies and I never noticed him. Apparently he plays Dr.
is that Michael dorn voicing one of the aliens on Falling Skies?
Oh look, The Last Ship is on. Hey, isn't that homophobe Adam Baldwin in that? I'll just watch Family Guy until Falling Skies comes on.
I'm watching a lot of series now! Helix, Extant, Falling Skies, Under the Dome, In the Flesh ...
Can't wait for the new episodes of Falling Skies, True Blood, Walking Dead, and Supernatural.
TNT is throwing everything they've got at Falling Skies to try and make it better, including, now, Mira Sorvino.
As a reminder Mira Sorvino is on Falling Skies
Falling Skies has always been kind of weak, but at least this season is better than last year. And they added Mira Sorvino!
LOL! Dominion, Harry Potter, Dresden Files - if you watch Falling Skies, definitely BFFs!!!
I have been watching Falling Skies since 4 A.M it is now almost midnight and I'm obsessing over Colin Cunningham.
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You want yo know how much movies suck for women over 30? Mira Sorvino is on tonight's ep of Falling Skies.
Catching up on US post-apocalypse dramas Revolution & Falling Skies. Despite the world ending there seems an odd lack of corpses anywhere...
It has been a literal *** on earth not being able to watch this season of Falling Skies. It all changes tonight. Thank America.
would it be bad if I say matt is kinda treated like a dog in falling skies ? Told to stay and told to eat etc
Clearing skies tonight & cool with temps falling into the 60s this evening to an overnight low of 55-60.
Falling Skies. My life is now literally a living ***
A buddy who will watch Falling Skies all day with me would be amazing
I don't care that it is nearly 1 o'clock in the morning , I am going to watch another amazing episode of falling skies
I want spoiler of falling skies but I don't !
Episode 4 of season 3 of falling skies Hal is soo creepy
Each episode of falling skies just gets better and better !
yes ppl it's ice falling from the skies above NYC it's called Hail and yes it only happens in the summer.
Bummer on East Coast. But stay safe. I hear cats and dogs are falling out of the skies New York.
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