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Fall Fest

Friday begins Downtown Boulder's Fall Fest! It will feature local food, microbrews, music, and more! Checked it out!
Watch for more information on the History Center's Country Fair tent at Fall Fest, September 13-15 at Lake…
Radio Disney sponsored by Chevrolet comes to Fall Fest in Des Plaines, Sat. 9/14, 12:30-2pm. We hope to see everyone there!
Happy Labor Day, and that means Fall Fest isn't far away. See you there!
Jack Hanna's Fall Fest is just around the corner. Celebrating 35 years of khaki!
.has announced that Fall Fest, featuring Love and Theft, Eric Paslay, Canaan Smith and Sara Haze, will be held in South Lot.
Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and The Avett Brothers. That would be my perfect Fall Fest.
+ Fall Fest= AMAZING! Too bad that's another show I can't go to unless I fly across the freaking country!
Wow figures this years fall fest is absolutely insane
come up for Fall Fest this weekend with Lauren!! I have off all weekend :)
I want to know the fall fest lineup damnit
I think Chingy should come to fall fest
me to. You should come to fall fest its probably the only fun thint that ever happens in pulaski county lol's pretty lights at fall fest this year? good thing I work because he ***
Pretty Lights for fall fest this year. Sweet, can't wait to watch him press play.
I want to do Fall Fest but I don't want my voice cracking in front of the whole school lmbo
Third year in a row I won't be going to fall fest 😂😂
Everyone complains of the drama that happens at events like Fall Fest, but then y'all go... Like tf.
Who's actually going to Fall Fest this year? Anyone?
Definitely gotta see what Fall Fest is about this year.
uk what I mean ...fall fest. Mike drunk
I hope these boys coming down for fall fest know they are pitching in for pizza after lex and I get out of class
Congratulations to my girl who was just crowned Miss Barboursville Fall Fest Teen Queen!
Got to be visiting royalty at the Barboursville Fall Fest pageant tonight 😊👑 plus I got to spend time…
At the bville fall fest crowning with
S/O to my beautiful girlfriend for getting 3rd runner up at the Barboursville Fall Fest pageant!!
*** you already know . Hit me up son. Not stopping till after Fall Fest.
kings of Leon at fall fest is gonna be col
I wish UB would get Frank Ocean for Fall Fest
"Last year fall fest was live! I hope this year is as well." You werent even in college at that time shut up
“Syllabus week is optional, literally the whole week.” Tell that she freaking out bout fall fest bruh lol
In my 4 years, was the best headliner GW had at Fall Fest...but they aren't revisiting hip-hop. Why? .
Genny just ruined my day lol I totally forgot I have class 7:30-9:50 the night of fall fest 😑😑😑
I don't think ill make it to fall fest but ill definitely be there in September visiting you and Carly!
Ugh can we just know who's performing at Fall fest yet!?
Can it be Monday? I want to know who is playing at fall fest already
I just want to know whose playing at fall fest 😫
Quick and I are about to be some scoob slayers at fall fest
If kid cudi, wale, big Sean, Mac miller, or wiz performs at fall Fest I will be so happy🙏🎉
WVU just tell me who is gonna be at Fall Fest already.
Fall fest is looking like it's gonna cost me around 300+
Fall Fest official line up doesn't show up until either a week or a few days before class starts.
Tara, usap muna tayo dito dahil matagal naging inactive. I know it's hard to choose pero just out of curiosity, what's your favorite Mayday Parade song lyrics/line? At bakit?
Trying to decide what I want to take to the fall fest and open house :) but packing the girls while everyone is sleeping :) so much to do and not enough time!
of course bro. I move in around the 16th and fall fest is the 19th !
yes please! Ralph needs his aunt Steph. I think fall fest is the 17th. It's a week before you guys start.
LOL maybe Its silver sparkle flakes-stars at night.. Maybe I think I'm going to the Fall Fest in tonight smh
Souh Korea summons Japan's deputy chief of mission in Seoul to protest latest claim by Tokyo over Sea of Japan islands.
At gigs, bands love it when happy, jolly, people get evolved with the show and sing, clap or dance along, as a lot of the time it’s the crowd that makes a great gig, not necessarily the band. However… • No matter how much of a good idea you think it is… never approach a band on stage , mid set, and divulge to them your thoughts on how they could be better. • During the show, the band don’t care if you have a friend in the industry who thinks it’ll be better if you all wear white. • The band will not play Beyoncé on demand so don’t even ask them. • If you don’t like the music the band is playing… leave or, preferably, try to get into it. • With bands…It takes time to set things up and get them balanced, if you feel impatient while a band is sound-checking or setting up. Leave and come back later, do not stand there shouting: “Come On! Come On!” • If you’re sat watching an acoustic act, it’s probably not the best time to have an in-depth conversation with your friend a ...
Arrive early for G-fest so that I can get ONE decent night's sleep. Check! Get to bed at a decent time... 11:30. Check! Actually fall to sleep pretty fast. Check! Alarm in room goes off at midnight! Spend rest of night tossing and turning. Fail! Insomnia 1, Joey 0. This is going to be a long week! Thank goodness for NOS!
No sleep last night but I did get a good work out. I must have done over hundred sit up's working on my six pack. I am very sore this morning who would have knew that sitting up and pushing that dame snooz alarm over a hundred times could be such a work out. I just might have invented an easy way to work out with out ever leaving your bed lol.Everyone have a great day:)
Penn State Athletes Lift for Life Fundraiser at the Arts Fest this week. It is their 11th year and they have raised more than $700,000 for Kidney Cancer Article: 11th Annual Penn State Uplifting Athletes "Lift For Life" Set For July 12 to Benefit Kidney Cancer Association Penn State Football Team Event Open to Public; Has Raised More Than $700,000 Raised for Kidney Cancer Awareness and Research March 12, 2013 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The 11th Annual Penn State Football Uplifting Athletes "Lift For Life" is set for Friday, July 12, with proceeds again benefiting the Kidney Cancer Association. The popular event will begin at 5 p.m. during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College. For the second consecutive year, the Penn State Lift For Life will take place at the outdoor Penn State Lacrosse field next to the Ashenfelter Multi-sport Facility. Eric Shrive, president of Penn State’s Uplifting Athletes chapter, has challenged the members of the Nittany Lion football team to raise $300,0 . ...
Lia Romeo's Green Whales featured in Artemisia's Fall Fest! Check her out - she's great -
If you try go destroy someone When they are Working for God you will have to answer to God . If they are messing up that's up to God to straighten out not you . If you have trouble with them go talk to them do it the right way . What u think is wrong maybe is not... Some people even think Rodney Howard Browne , John Kilpatrick , Benny Hinn Etc... is of the devil ... As long as they are doing what the bible says .. Also What they did in there past is there past ... God has forgiven them . Please watch what you do because u may make many fall ... I have saw so many Women and Men of God be slandered ..
World war z was fantastic!! Not usually my thing but this zombie fest was great!!!
Can't wait to listen to tunes the whole drive there beneath the sunrise. Go face to face with the Octobong, enroute to every performance. Walk around trippin on myself and every wonderful new creature I fall into. I can't wait to dance & listen to music spanning cultures the whole world over, from the EDM powwow drum to tunes resembling Kazakhstanian folk yes very nice. To bond with friends both old and new. Working life can suck it for now, Folk Fest bound w00t
I love the feeling of the slighltly raised skin of a new tattoo.
Invite everyone! Get the word out about our ROCKTOBERFEST! We've added a lot of new stuff to our annual German celebration, so come check it out on October 26th!
Gotta get my fall fest tickets soon !!
What is the best concert you have attended this year? And what one are you looking forward to the most?
and you better come to ub! Especially for fall fest last year j cole was here
Youth Meeting this Sunday 07/14/2013 after Holy Qurbana: Fall Fest. We are looking for GUYS and GIRLS of ALL AGES to be involved with organizing this event. Hope to see you then!
First time ever for Riot Fest to be in Colorado. Who's going? The lineup is stellar! It's a 2 day music festival with a ton of bands, camping, a carnival, games, performers, a corn maze and punkin chunkin! What a great way to kick off fall. And if you weren't aware of it, consider yourself Officially 'In the Know'
Already a few singers getting ready for some Karaoke fun! We start at 9pm, come on in for Some great fun and Awesome food! Oh ya and the Drinks, did I mention the draught specials happening? See YA HERE.(Travis)
Anybody down for a weekend festive in October???
I can't wait for people, Fall Fest., and Mountaineer football. Can it be August yet?
I'm waitin' on that Fall Fest roster to come out.
Sittin on my bus in little rock thinkin bout how blessed I am. Not only do I get to do what I love for a living, but I have an amazing support system in my home state. Doing a tornado relief benefit for OK tonight, and it's sold out. To radio and fans, thank you for making all my dreams come true. You give me a platform to play music. But, more importantly, I get to change people's lives. God bless you..
Anyone interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils? I am looking for up to 9 people that want to learn more and would be interested in taking a class on the Everyday Oils Kit online with me! Let me know via PM if you're interested! It would be on Wednesday...
"New countdown, 42 days till fall fest!! she doesn't even go to wvu but yay
Am I the only one that is completely sick of Vampire Weekend? Good lord, they're on main stream radio, lame stream radio, even my indie rock channel. Do they even qualify as indie rock? Does anyone besides teenage girls go to their concerts? It's like Dave Matthews and John Mayer all over again.
The Festival au Désert is an annual concert held in the Sahara Desert, within the political boundaries of the West African country of Mali. Begun in 2001, the Festival is a dynamic meeting place of traditional nomadic Malian music and emerging musical groups and styles from around Africa and Europe. The festival itself was a natural outgrowth from a traditional peaceful meeting of nomadic Saharan tribes from Algeria to Niger, with songs and Tuareg dances, poetry, camel rides, and games. African luminaries such as Ali Farka Touré and Tinariwen performed on the same stages as European superstars like Bono and Robert Plant in what is perhaps the most unique cultural event in the world.  The 2013 Festival was canceled as a result of civil war in Mali and the brutal imposition of Sharia law by Islamic extremists, which outlawed music and forced some of these incredible artists along with thousands of others to abandon their homes and flee to the south of Mali.  And, indeed, many of these wonderful artists ...
Have any of you used Vistaprint for note cards? How did you like them? I've used Vistaprint for biz cards and thought they were great, especially for the cost! I'm thinking of making sets of note cards with my artwork on them to take to the art fest this fall.
quick review of Ninja Gaiden 3: 2.5 out of 5. enduring through the past entires in the series. many controlers broken and swear words galore at even on "easy" difficulty how *** impossible is was to beat these games i went into 3 with the same "be ready to break stuff" attitude. and for some reason they made easy (or hero mode as its called) WAY to easy. the only way you can die is to fall of something. during boss battles your life bar only drops to 1/3 and stops and after every battle your life bar regenerates. the action is fast and fluid. the special moves are epic. but allot of other games were blaintly ripped off for this. your save points are eagles and have the same screach of assassins creed. the radio chatter for your higher ups remind me of Metal Gear expecially when you die "ryu? ryu? RRRYYYU?!!!" and the big boss you must climb and take out parts of them remind me of Lord Of Shadows. the story is good but looses some of the bad assery of past titles making ryu care and not be the ...
I've had a fabulous time over the past two weeks with my loved ones- A trip to Irvine Park, Wisconsin Dells, The Liberty Fest and Perry Family Reunion. Lots and lots of fun, so after taking Mai and her crew to the airport yesterday and Ahmad today, I was feeling a little blue. However, as soon as I got on the highway, I received a lovely message from the Universe. A car pulled right in front of me with a license plate that said "CHEER UP"! Perfect timing.
Warped Tour, Mayhem Fest, Kid Rock, Fall Out Boy/Panic At The Disco and Imagine Dragons are on deck for my next concerts :D
Sleep in? Chill out and listen to some music? Meet up with friends? Head to the beach? Summer break is filled with tough decisions! What are you going to do today? style! Heading off to the trails to start our training as a family for the Ely Fall Fest 5K. I could think of better weather to be running in than humid and 86 degrees, but it will be fun with Heath and the kiddos!
trust me tho... if he did go to fall fest. Im there. EARLY.
A brief video about Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, a USDA licensed refuge that gives lifetime homes and care to over 160 big cats and other exotic wildlif...
A week from today we'll be announcing a bunch of shows including the Coastline Music and Arts Festival -- that huge indie fest we mentioned a little bit ago. Any guesses as to who's coming in town this fall?
is thinking about getting a booth at a craft fair in the near future. Would like to make some prints, and frame some photos, to sell. Anyone want to help me choose some pics to use?? Leave comments on any scenery or life photos that you may think would be good options. :o) Thanks!!
Now You See Me - Well, that was a surprise! I'm not sure if I'm going soft or if the film really was excellent but I loved it! Great cast, funny script with great twists and turns, shot so I could see it and paced amazingly. Cannot wait for nobody to see it because so far, it's this years unexpected gem!
You know you're going through the strangest summer of your life when you've been robbed, have to move back home and lose more than half your insurance settlement to depreciation, but when you're told you can pay $1500 to get out of your lease, you're exstatic.
Just got tickets for wmzq fall fest! Who wants to go with me?(;
*** be acting like loving a girl is wrong... I'm starting to think y'all ***
I wish I knew the fall fest line up...
When Fall Fest going down this year??
omg I've already made plans to go to fall fest! we have to 😍😍😍
Everyone I hear End of Time I think of Fall Fest 2012.
When do we find out about who's playing at Fall Fest again??
183295_ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research
Who tf is preforming at Fall Fest better not be some house music bs
Looking for more info on Fall Fest 2013. Help a writer out!
Did someone say 5k?The annual Hope Exists Walk&Fall Fest hosted by TTAWF Hope is picking up speed!Find out more
Im so ready to know whos coming for fall fest! Its gona be hard to top juicy j and wale though
I'm sliding through for fall fest tho!
Fall Fest bouta have me actin a fol
no that's a Saturday fall fest is monday
What I have accomplished this evening looking up two beaches fall fest a marathon and creation fest all things I'm excited for
I hope they get another dj at fall fest this year
That reminds me of the idea I had for the haunted house at fall fest
I cannot wait for to get home! Just in time for my birthday and fall fest! 😁
Already planning skipping my last class on the first day of classes for fall fest
My apartment is full and set for fall fest
I miss tri city... esp fall fest or oil region classic or whatever they called it.
We are going to be moving in soon and we still don't know who is playing at Fall Fest
Lets bring to Wvu fall fest this year!
Need to know who's gunna be at fall fest alreadyyy
Albq is having a 1st annual fest with a 3 day fest kinda like the fall fest in Phx. Uproar is during this fest too
Can't wait until the fall fest lineup rumors start to surface
I swear if my parents buy fall fest tickets too, I'll throw a fit 😠
That first weekend when I go back to school finna be live af ! Fall Fest , Motown , ThirstyThursday @ the Pub awww shiiit I'm hype ;)
Starting on June 15th and every other Saturday thru July PAAL will be staffing a booth at the City Swap Meet on Main. There will be handmade craft items as well as other assorted donated items for you to browse through and purchase! A beautiful handmade quilt, antique book have been donated for fundraising. Chances to win these terrific items can be purchased at the booth, with winners to announced at the Fall Fest. Need not be present to win! All monies go directly to the support and care of the dogs at our Parowan Shelter, as PAAL is a completely non-profit all volunteer organization. Any and all financial contributions are greatly appreciated, also volunteering your time is a terrific way to become involved! For more information on how you may help, please call 477-3331.
Good morning Bombers!! Schools out for summer but we are in full effect planning our Fall Fest. If you are a business owner and would like to support the school with Fall Fest advertising please inbox me for details. We had over 2000 people at our last fest. It was a huge success!!!
Extremely excited, honored, and humbled to announce that 98.7 WMZQ has asked the guys and I to play Fall Fest this year with Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, and many other of country musics amazing talents.. This will be by far the largest crowd I have ever played for.. This is normally a sell out event at 25,000 people and I sure hope to see as many of you as possible :) tickets go on sale TODAY!!! Huge thanks to WMZQ and of course you yes you reading this.. I can't do this without God and you!! I love you all!! We are coming for ya Jiffy Lube Live!!!
Please, anyone: A volleyball net and/or ball? The older kids like to play. Also, two baby pools to borrow (one for hillbilly foot fishin' game and one for giant bubbles) A third would even be good just for splashing in. Cathy Guthery Neumann donated one but we used it for Fall Fest, too (needle in the haystack game) and it got destroyed. Please... you'll get it back! We promise!
Ok people!! The Chamber is wanting some ideas for this years Fall Fest. It will be in October. Tell us what you would like to have. We need to know what YOU want. Did y'all like the chili cook off? Pageant? Arts and crafts? Would you like carnival rides? Pony rides? Dunking booth? Jump things for the kids? Bands?.
I hope you are enjoying your Fat Tuesday! Just wanted to remind you about our SGA meeting on WEDNESDAY at 4pm in the Conference room of the Bryant Student Center. Please join us for an informational meeting, we will be talking about our upcoming Open Mic Night, and 3 on 3 basketball tournaments both in March. Spring Fest in April is also on the agenda for this meeting. Won't you join us this THURSDAY for our SGA Valentine's Day Extravaganza! The events are on Feb 14th starting at 10 am with our well received Sign Shop! If you missed our Fall Fest last semester this was a popular spot! We also have Bears to Build, which always fit the love bug bill, you can't go wrong with a cute and cuddly bear! Back by popular demand is our famous 3rd Annual Couples Game Show! Won't you consider signing up for one of our four couples spots. Some of our famous couples in the past have included Mary & Johnny Schronce, Tiffany & David Taylor, Tanya & John Pease, and Caroline Dominguez & Jill Sullivan. We already hav ...
Gig: Hit Pearl Street 27th annual three-day Fall Fest! Apply >
The Toros are hangin out at Fall Fest at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center! Come by and see the and Trophy!
Pike Lake PIE (Partners in Education) * Parent/Teacher/Community Meeting Thursday, January 17, 2012 Pike Lake Media Center 6:30 pm Attendees: Ann Maahs, Dawn Anderson, Julia Mader, Tiffany Werner, Cathy Rumbley, Jim Hanson, Bill Gritzmacher and Daina Evanson Welcome: Thank you to everyone for coming to the January P.I.E. meeting. We appreciate you being here. Thank yous: • Thank you to the Matthew Jugovich, DDS, PA for helpful donation to PIE. • Thank you to the parents who helped with crafts for the Spaghetti Dinner. • PIE received the following Thank yous as well: Mrs. Pederson’s class wrote a thank you card for Fall Fest, Movie night and all that PIE does for them; Mr. Lind thanks PIE for the stipend for his classroom and is looking forward to getting a video camera; Mrs. Hagemeyer thanks PIE for the document camera she received for her classroom; Ms. Palmquist thanks PIE for renting the stage for the Holiday Program this year. She received many comments from people saying how nice it was ...
Finally re watching season 9 of one tree hill and I keep thinking of the day I said hi to Tyler Hilton at Fall Fest
Do you have great photos of James River events or special moments? Did you have your camera on at Fall Fest, Open House, the first day of school, Book Fair, the honors assembly, Muffins for Moms or a class celebration? We need your great photos for the JRE Yearbook! Upload them to our Lifetouch community page: and enter code GEMSWV and we'll consider including them!
Terrence Parker aka "The International DJ" came to mosaic in raleigh and delivered quite a dose of "Detroit Techno" and so much more.
Jericho Rosales stirs and scares in his exceptional portrayal of a single father who embarks on a search to find his missing son (Bugoy Cariño) in Ian Loreños’ harrowing human-trafficking drama, “Alagwa,” a guest entry in this year’s Cinema One Originals Film Festival.
Woke up late but I'm still going to my girl fall fest!
Congratulations to Booker T. debaters Aspyn Johnson and Victor Ragsdale, who yesterday took second place in the citywide Kwanzaa Fest debate! Each won a $750 scholarship for their efforts, and the Booker T. debate team will receive a $250 check to cover the cost of ongoing debate activities. Aspyn's and Victor's win marks nearly $5,000 in debate scholarship awards received by Booker T. debaters this fall alone.
New snow! 4-6” of new snow overnight, and we are excited to make the best of it! We have opened more runs and lifts which means much more skiable terrain. Pony Express and Iron Horse lifts will be running today, summing up more than 1200 acres of amazing skiing here at Big Sky! Whether you’re lookin...
I took a picture with jaws at fall fest last month... Where can I find it?!
Fall Fest is tonight from 5-9! Don't forget to bring your Brown Santa gifts and food items and drop them off at their booth. See you there!!
Short film winner from Toronto Urban Film Fest: This fall, Spacing was the sponsor of the Canadian Urbanism Awa...
Until its time to go to Lasha's Fall Fest!
Twas the night before Yuletide and all through the glen Not a creature was stirring, not a fox, not a hen. A mantle of snow shone brightly that night As it lay on the ground, reflecting moonlight. The faeries were nestled all snug in their trees, Unmindful of flurries and a chilly north breeze. The elves and the gnomes were down in their burrows, Sleeping like babes in their soft earthen furrows. When low! the earth moved with a thunderous quake, Causing chairs to fall over and dishes to break. The Little Folk scrambled to get on their feet Then raced to the river where they usually meet. “What happened?” they wondered, they questioned, they probed, As they shivered in night clothes, some bare-armed, some robed. “What caused the earth's shudder? What caused her to shiver?” They all spoke at once as they stood by the river. Then what to their wondering eyes should appear But a shining gold light in the shape of a sphere. It blinked and it twinkled, it winked like an eye, Then it flew straight up an ...
Hello! So this weekend: Tonight: Valiant Swart at the Hidden Cellar – Sven Blumer acoustic at Gaurdian Peak winery in Stellenbosch for sundowners – Luna Paige in Melkbosstrand for the Kersliggie fees – Jackanory at Café Juno in Paarl – Frank Freeman, Ballistic Blues and No One's Arc playing Ragazzi Live Bar and Stephan Dixon at Vrede and Lust Winefarm in Franschoek. Saterday we got: Durbanville Beer Fest at Hillcrest – Koos Kombuis at the Cottage Club in Noordhoek and Dave Furguson at Dorpstraat in Stellenbosch - up in Gauteng Albert Frost at the Library, Brazen Head in Sandton. Sunday: Afternoon session with Dan Patlansky at Dorpstraat Restaurant Teater and at Bertie's Mooring 34° 09’ 05’ South 18° 51’ 28’ East: Doc John fronting the Boulevard Blues. Remember to send me your events if you feel you fall under any of our supported genre's!! Happy listening this weekend!
I was about to fall asleep, and then my back decided to have a twitch fest. Bad luck Ricky
Freyburg, 2012, Aug 18 _ Johanna Quaas (* born 1925) with her exercise on parallel bars at the 90th anniversary of the "Jahn Memorial" in ...
281150_Free Shipping
I liked a video from DJ Sass at SUNY Albany Fall Fest 2012
Apparently Cam Newton was less than easygoing at the 2012 Pro Bowl and big-timed his fellow teammates.
Check out this mini vid from me spinning at SUNY Albany's Fall Fest 2012! Put together by Jynn...
At SUNY Albany for Fall Fest 2012, DJ Sass opened for White Panda and the Cataracs. Check out this quick lil vid from the night. Shot and Edited by Jonathan ...
Fall Fest $$$ “i am going to post what i have so far with question marks next to numbers im still checking out”
"Dude, I didn't steal your bike" inspired an hour long tear fest in McDonald's and made a big black man fall out of his chair from laughing
I have this weird feeling that ill probably fall inlove with my dream man at
We only have one student signed up for Fall Fest!! We need reliable people to help monitor the bouncy houses. Please sign up ASAP!!!
On the 6th Day of the 24 Days of FAF, our Woodbury Fall ARTS Fest team has a pick for the stylish guys on your...
The Fall 2012 One Acts Fest is FANTASTIC!! Don't miss out on this FREE show!
Fall Fest encore show tomorrow night @ 7 PM in the auditorium!
lololol dude I get to watch his fall fest again tomorrow oh god
TOMORROWS BULLETIN GOLD DAY, Friday, December 7, 2012 Vol.47, THOUGHT: The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend. LUNCH MENU: Popcorn Chicken, Whipped Potatoes, Steamed Corn, Fresh Vegetables,Biscuit, Fruit, Milk BREAKFAST MENU: Monday – Breakfast Pizza HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Today: Roda Salah; Saturday, Dec.8: Sophy Prokopovich, AndrewThurman, Erika Torralba; Sunday, Dec.9: Elana Heier, Amal Mohamed, Ireland Sullivan *CONGRATULATIONS to all the outstanding singers and jazz students in our school for their incredible performance last night! Once again, we're seeing how much musical talent we have here at Metcalf. The 2013 Fall Metcalf Concert series continues next Thursday with performances by our 7th grade band and some featured soloists. The performance starts at 7 p.m. Get there and support our musical newbies. They're young, but very talented!! FISHING CLUB…Attention anglers, the next meeting of the Metcalf Fishing Club is Monday in Mr. Benson's room 312 after school from 2:30-3:45 p.m. This meeting . ...
This is the season of giving and I just want to thank all the people that have donated at the fall fest, wreath workshop, given a memorial, or just because. If it was not for your kind donations this library would simply not be able to purchase the newest books. See my next status for some of our recent donations.
I did a search within 100 miles 4 locations have 3 brews. fall fest is the other one I can get if i go to green bay wi
AbeBooks - Signed Books
It's time to start getting ready for the 5th Annual Kustom Kulture Festival. The festival includes a Car Show, Poker Run, Pinup Pageant, Vendors, and 15 Live Bands. This years theme for the festival is going to be "Pinup Paradise". You can also expect to see plenty of Pinup girls returning from t...
Alright folks, I know you've all been dieing to hear what my top 5 albums of 2012 are, well the wait is over! I find 5 an easier number to deal with than 10, maybe I've seen "High Fidelity" too many times. In any case, the albums are: 5: McDougall: "A Few Towns More" 4: Rachel Brooke: "A Killer's Dream" 3: Peewee Moore & The Awful Dreadful Snakes: "Making Sure the Stories Being Told" 2: The Calamity Cubes!: Old World's Ocean 1: Joseph Huber: Tongues of Fire With honorable mention to: Bob Wayne: 'Til the Wheels Fall Off The Johnson Creek Stranglers: "Honky Tonker" Cletus Got Shot: "Working Songs for the Drinking Class" "Outlaw Radio Chicago Compilation Vol. II" I really should write a little bit about each album, and I may still do so. But just in case I don't, I wanted the world to know! Also, I didn't buy as many new CDs this year, so if something is missing it's probably because I haven't heard it (or can't figure out if it came out this year or last)!
That flower he gave me at the fall fest in 2010 that i still have!!
remember your fall at Leeds fest l0l
The Grammy Awards are not a fan of Justin Bieber this year. At the Grammy Award nominations concert hosted on Dec. 5 by Taylor Swift and LL Cool J from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn., there seemed to be … Continue reading → has received word that XLrator Media picked up all U.S. rights to the terrific indie horror film American Mary, written and directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska (Dead Hooker in…
"When the petals fall off of your tulips... Have a stem fest!" Professor Anita Houck, ladies and gentlemen 👏
9/29/11 @ The Inn of West Andover, Ohio / Jonathan on guitar, Melissa on vocals.
Rajan Singh Jeevika & Viren unable to come to Artesia Shop fest,LA instead got Khushi (Sanaya Irani) to come.Hope to see you there this weekend --ADMINS
Let's celebrate the completion of the fall semester & the beginning of winter break! TODAY/12pm-2pm/Gallagher Rm/ Holiday Party Snow Fest!
I uploaded a video Fall Fest 2012 in West Reading
I wish I stayed when Travis porter came to fall fest
Fall fest tomorrow at murchison ^.^ I'm just going for my little ninjas c;
Danke an all die lieben Menschen, die an diesem herrlichen Sonntag so toll mit uns gefeiert haben :) Zwickau is still alive!!! Des Weiteren gilt ein großer D...
We're packing up the office and heading up to Big Sky Resort for PSIA/AASI-NRM Fall Fest weekend! Hope to see you there!!
Its just perfect.. The lights, the band, chocolate fest at prego and The Massive Fall, its reward back to Oberoi... Oh Yeahh.
Prudhoe indoor social league- Round 8 and 9 NCL versus Prudhoe was the first offering in Round 8. Only three points separate these two at the top of the league and Prudhoe invited their opponents to bat first. Spirited bowling from Prudhoe meant early inroads were made and after three overs NCL could only boast five runs. Later pairs did in some measure renovate the innings and the total came to 63. Prudhoe applied some sensible batting, knowing that a steady ship would see them home. With the loss of just a handful of wickets they reached 95 and this propelled them into a six-point lead with one game remaining. In-form High Stables met The Ratcatchers who chose to have a crack with the ball first. In spite of some impressive bowling spells and compact fielding they could not halt ‘Stables from posting their highest total so far, and this underlined their tag as being the side who’ve shown the most progression in the tournament. The Ratcatchers maintained a steady run-rate but when they tugged at the ...
Willie the Woodchuck having a good time with the band.
It feels like this semester was over in second, but then we I think about fall fest it feels like it was a years ago
Is anybody gonna come see me at the fall fest encore show on friday ? :)
Hey Reed, do you take theatre at school? I'm going to the Fall Speech Fest Saturday and was wondering if you were going lol. :)
WayBackWhen Wednesday. Rodeo on the parkboard at the Nitro Circus Experiment for Fall Fuel Fest. Good Tim
Glad this passed post Fall Fest 2011. Ziping to Va made it all the more fun
Hey we loved the fall fest. Help spread the word about tomorrow nt's Food, design & friends.
Fall fest was a blast from what I remember
Fall Fest: Pumpkin and Winter Squash Lasagna hearty veg would also work>
Relive the Fall Fest brew tent with Hank West & Smokin Hots and special thanks to breweries
Fall Fest: Pumpkin and Winter Squash Lasagna: Vegetable lasagna is highly underrated. I find that layering text...
100 years ago my great great uncle S.E. Kiser fought against prohibition. He lost the battle. Cheers to winning the war
5 Light Squash Recipes — Fall Fest: After the endless pies and casseroles of Thanksgiving, think about giving yo...
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