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Fake Passport

A fake passport is a passport (or another travel document) issued by governing bodies and then copied and/or modified by persons not authorized to create such documents or engage in such modifications, for the purpose of deceiving those who would view the documents about the identity or status of the bearer.

Abu Salem

But really what do you think my chances would have been of getting caught with a fake passport 🙈🙈🙈
Thats why I went on a fake passport to avoid the OB.
Only in 217 would you find a random Hispanics mans passport that looks somewhat fake
You must have skipped the guys selling fake passport stamps.
Cleaning out closets. Weird thing so far: tiny fake passport.
Remember when you had to fake you were 21 at the liquor store? It's time to step it up at the duty free. Passport? Qu'est que c'est
I like how in all fake terror attacks, they always leave a govt issued ID. Paris, Copenhagen & who can forget Atta's passport at twin towers
How hard would it be to fake your own death, forge a passport and go to Italy by tomorrow?
Irish best looking man. Find a fake passport!!
Do I think she having fun with Meek? Yes. Fresh air and someone who has his own identity can be relieving. But the rest is fake.
It's really funny how serious they get about my passport, like I am gonna give a fake passport to someone at target.
and even THEN people sometimes call their manager, as if I would make a fake passport to pull beer
i need a fake passport, a cat, & a pint of feta cheese & I need it now. clerk: sir this is a barnes & nobles
...when he was caught attempting to enter Japan on a fake passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland."
Nope! This is not the issue. Issue is that he went to Tanzania with a fake passport for that purpose. But fortunately he failed!
LOL! Are you suggesting that he was just lying? In that case, what was he doing in Tanzania with a fake Burundian passport?
"You don't have chip and pin?" Roxy took out her fake passport since she was there on a mission +
I told u that he was even arrested in TZ with a fake passport and transferred to Burundi. Do you deny this or will u dodge again?
BTW, Mushayidi was arrested in TZ with a fake Burundian passport w/ an expired visa. He was sent "back" to Burundi, then arrested
Two Moderate Muslim that came to Australia using Fake Passport wanted to Behead Infidels at random with Hunting knife
"Go to this address and tell them you want a passport photo". "Passport photos? We want fake ID's". "That's the code for fake ID, yall slow"
My answer to: Is it a crime for a US citizen that has a Brazilian passport to fake his death and move to Br...
I need cash, a fake passport and a one-way ticket to Mexico. STAT
RT_ Fake wedding man forgets bride name: A fake wedding couple have been jailed for imm...
Woman who used fake passport to claim benefits is jailed:
lucy-wonderland: I love my fake midori passport!!... on
I told that bc Mar post months ago a pic of Ali with cut hair... Like her fake passport. The fake passport Hann and Spenc find...
I can't take that much time off work and I still don't have a passport or Enhanced ID yet. Plus I might hurt myself on the fake turf
is still asking me for ID for my "fake" name. No You shall not have my photocopied passport or bank statement!
Photo: I love my fake midori passport!! :)
Illegal immigrant working at Westminster 'used fake passport'
Website Builder 728x90
"Omar al-Kutobi arrived in Australia on a fake Iraq passport"
Australia using fake passport under my dead sister or cousin name, threat to take everything from me even my name, my children,
"REAL ID" (as if the other one were fake). Do you know what I'm talking about? You definitely should.
Using an IP Blocker feels like travelling with a fake passport.
terror suspect arrives on fake passport is granted refugee status by Gillard & report on use of the word holoca…
Can I have a clean shave and get a fake passport for trials?
Pinay’s fake passport discovered after attempt to enter Fort Drum
Dear Bhakts ,Protest . Don't make fake passport to get !
If is bad then don't make fake passport to get USA visa ! Leave job and come down to serve motherland !
'Fake passport' woman accused of benefit fraud says she thought she could stay in Britain: A WOMAN accused of ...
You upload your fake *** passports and delete it after moist lieing *** *** grab her white client she marry passport to upload 😂😂pic
So I need to find a fake ID and my passport if I'm going to LA in four days
does that mean ya Gotta hand in your passport for being a fake Canadian?
Asking for a friend, where can you buy bleach, a large trash bag, gloves, and a fake passport?
Oz muslim uses fake passport for terror, no jail!
Similarly, using a fake Passport for work is no longer a class 1 felony.
In the early morning hours of 1 December 1996, Al-Zawahiri, disguised as Mr. Amin with two operatives on fake Sudanese passport
I used the biggest fake emergency lie there is to get my passport renewed today LMAO
So have to get one of those passport type photo's today so thinking of applying 5 layers fake tan, 3 buckets of make up, 2 glitter pots! : )
- fake passport. The two women were posing as Russians heading home. Trinity spoke fluent Russian and had no difficulty -
- mission ahead. She handed Robin an envelope which contained last minute details as well as a fake passport for her. -
In case you were wondering, switzerland now has a robot prisoner that bought ecstasy and a fake hungarian passport
The man who shot Martin Luther King was arrested with a fake Canadian passport at Heathrow & extradited.
“but how do we know which is the fake? 👀👀” I sent them a copy of my passport ! 😌
well obviously you have to "take care" of the professor. You'll need duct tape, 12 feet of rope and possibly a fake passport
fo real I know your clart is really 34 stunting with a fake Passport 😂
Wife of Ex-MP Wimal. Weerawansa is to arrest over providing a fake passport. & fake documents. including her birth certificate.
Happy Birthday to my Hitta ... Some say hes got a fake passport n looks 35.
Swiss Authorities Arrest art project Bot for Buying Drugs and Fake Passport
--best idea.. But it had to be done, the dealer only wanted to see /me/ he wouldn't give me the fake ID or passport if he--
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Did ever explain why he tried to enter America under a fake passport?
is he from Ghana? He might be Prince Akeem my *** you better fake a passport and let him shower you wit blood diamonds
is a dying brand. Bb passport is fake
TIL that in 2001 Kim Jong Il's eldest son was caught using a fake Dominican passport to enter Japan...
Illegal immigrant admits working in House of Commons cafe using a fake Swedish passport
Hook me up with a fake Lebanon passport fam
Double-your-money scam suspect arrested in Davao May 12, 2014 5:04pm Police have arrested a suspected member of a double-your-money scam group that duped several Metro Manila residents of P200 million. In a statement released Monday, the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) said the suspect, Reynaldo Lu of Minerva Company, was arrested last Friday at Brgy. Sinawilan in Matanao, Davao del Sur. "The operation was an off-shoot of month-long surveillance operation undertaken by the said detectives in closed coordination with PRO 3 (Police Regional Office 3)," the statement read. Lu is facing estafa charges for the alleged P200-million scam. The group's alleged leader, Elvy Mansilangan-Lu, was arrested earlier this year in Bulacan. "The arrested member of the syndicate had been elusive from the police authorities for several months and he sought refuge in Davao del Sur area to avoid police detection," said CIDG director Police Supt. Benjamin Magalong, referring to Lu ...
prolly vanish when I deactivate...should be there know a fake passport guy?
I could probably get a fake passport
I'm speaking as a European :p (Well, a fake European born in America with an Italian passport.)
Buy fake American passport online, USA false ID cards, Canadian fake documents ID for sell, Australi. Our team is...
just checked and he's 23, saw someone on my timeline say he's 21. Fake passport nailed on.
Wife of ISIS leader detained with fake passport
my mum doesn't trust me to use my passport as ID so much to the point she just suggested using my fake ID from when I wasn't 18.
No passport. US is getting on my nerves. There is nothing but homocide and homosexuals. Completly utterly fake and lost.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm glad you've got that fake passport I made you
My professor: "bring photo ID to the test like drivers license, SB ID, passport, fake ID to buy beer, anything i don't care."
Libyan AlQaeda leader was arrested in Turkey after entering the country with a fake passport.
Can you imagine the experience Bensouda may go thorough one day at Kenyan Customs akikuja holiday :) Hii Diplomatic Passport ni FAKE!
Watch as Nigerian claims Fake Age, Fake Passport et al but gets granted Asylum in the UK..then absconds
It's weird not having to worry about having a fake. I'm more worried about carrying my passport around because Dirce has my ID 😑
Ecroaker: Lebanon detains wife of ISIS leader INSubcontinent
Mother was travelling on fake passport in Lebanon. . //
Wife and child of Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi arrested in Lebanon via
I got my ID confiscated when I was in England because they thought it was a fake until I showed them my passport.
. ISIS is a fake religious cult. ISIS keeps passport. You're trapped!. Brainwashed. Turned into zombie killer. Death is …
My spelling is as bad as your fake passport Paco.
Abd El Basset Azzouz captured in joint Turkish-CIA operation in Mid-November with fake Libyan passport.
Accused me of having a "fake ID" because my hair's different than my passport
Turkish media reporting one of the leaders involved in the Benghazi attack had entered Turkey with a fake passport and arrested in Yalova
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My mum found my dads passport in my room& he says I bet your using it for fake Id taking my details &using your pic, ye coz I look 49 innit?
I used a picture of my sisters Passport as a fake to gamble and it worked 😭😂
Mr ppl go in for fake/bought driving licenses w/o tests/knowing anything,just to obtain license as proof for loans,passport etc
lol. Not that easy to fake. That what you miss. Try to get a fake passport and hide your mid eastern genealogy at customs
This cop is giving me lessons of how to tell if an ID is fake and how to read a passport 😂😂
Why TF would you think I'd go out of my way to make a fake passport so I can go to jail for years.. Instead of just a fake ID & get months?
Cmon now.. not only is it 1000 times more complicated to make a fake passport then a state ID, but it's also a worse offense!
Using a fake Dominican Republic passport. To go to Disneyland.
Understood, but it says nothing about him not having a passport, having fake ID, or anything of that sort. Illegal?
Man faces up to 20 years for fake passport
No, we don't. We're an open door to anyone with an EU passport, illegals, fake asylum seekers and marriages.
I want to find out that Veronica has been involved with Noel Kahn FOR YEARS. She helps him with his fake passport business.
fake? Like you don't believe i bought 2 or that the passport ***
Yh I really need to but I keep forgetting. I do have a one but it's fake so just easier to use my passport
I don't think that is possible with all passport and boarder system u 've fake life people around u dying hangry while throwing food
Update your maps at Navteq
Last fake account you showed a passport! This one looks sooo fake!
I used the fake because my passport is expired and that's the only photo ID I had lmao but found out I was aloud to use my passport
King Jong-Un actually has 2 older brothers but 1 was caught traveling on a fake passport, shamed, & 2nd is to soft 2 run the country.
Maybe I should also get to hook me up with a fake Lesotho passport, I hear they plant some A-Grade weed there
I'd never hand over my passport to a European hotel!!I don't have a deposit box filled with fake IDs or identity
Why won't the UK act on ? Well when we let fake passport holders in & refuse to fingerprint is it any surprise
No way Diego Costa is 27, guy has a fake passport
You had to bribe them to allow a non-human ginger smurf carrying what had to be a fake passport into their country?
Passport applicants submit fake voter IDs - Times of India
European age of 24, african age 34 we all know he's in the kanu fake passport club
The cost of acquiring a fake passport ranges from Rs one lakh onwards and depends on the country and the content of the passport.
There is also the option wherein the entire passport is fake, i.e. from jacket to the inner pages, along with all serial numbers.
Last night i found out that fake marriages for british passport costs about £10,000
While Punjab is the biggest market for fake passport seekers,Haryana of late has also emerged as a potential area for fake passport seekers.
Fake identity is the start for many cases: Man tries to open account using fake Irish passport | UK
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border security guy was a Gamer & now I'm in jail for 20 years because he knew my fake passport photo was from the deus ex 2 character gen
18 and I haven't even been out yet lol, I need to get my passport valid. Just get a fake one init? 😏
Anyone know a man who could hook me up with a fake passport? something tells me i need to evacuate from London quickly
Wife: Let's discuss. Husband: *leaves country...Changes his identity... Creates a fake passport..Lives happily as an opium farmer in Kabul*
How can he drop "let's see your passport" man made her sound like a fake age nija named tobi 😂😂😂
They admit they can't enforce their own passport control checks+every tabloid seems to get a fake bomb thru every coupla months...
He has no option the USA revoked his passport, and Ecuador fake travel permit revoked by Correa.. he was/is stuck.
and by the way he plays, just into his face! 'cos his body is clearly fine! Fake passport job I reckon, gotta be!
I have a passport with a fake identity ready so I can flee the country & start a new life if someone asks me to do math w…
“my haircut made me look so young that my passport looks like a fake ID now” you could get sued for fake ID 😂😂😭
Here's your fake name, fake passport and my fake number, in case of an emergency.
One thing in really DONT understand... Why is there UNVERIFIED nationalities?? When they go through immigration no record (put aside fake passport case)? Or when they book ticket online, they should have it right? I think my IQ is a bit low on this. Enlighten me please.
Court acquits four accused in Mecca Masjid blast case HYDERABAD: The 4th Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge on Thursday acquitted four persons accused in a criminal conspiracy and fake passport case that was registered by the Special Investigation Cell (SIC) in connection with the Mecca Masjid bomb blast case of 2007. The acquittal followed seven years of trial. On 26 June, 2007, sleuths of Special Investigation Cell (SIC) that was constituted to probe into the May 18, 2007 blast arrested Shoeb Jagirdar, a kerosene dealer from Jalna, Maharashtra. He was accused of helping an alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba activist Sheikh Abdul Nayeem alias Sameer of Aurangabad in securing a passport by fraudulent means from Hyderabad. The then Inspector Task Force M Ramchandran who was attached to SIC filed a complaint with the Central Crime Station on which a case was registered against Jagirdar, Abdul Nayeem and Mohammed Imran Khan and Syed Imran, an engineering student who was related to Jagirdar. The case was booked unde ...
Conspiracy theories already piling up saying the passport photos of the people were fake, & plane was shot down to cover up Israel/Gaza...
The guy at PnL just black lighted my passport. Yeah, I have a fake PASSPORT
Now it's mine too! Does he have a fake passport or smth??? He cant be 35 :O
Turks do make more of an effort than French or Spanish although fake as after money or a passport
He's apparently 34 but according to his ex wife he has a fake passport & is actually 39
This girl at the federal office really thought I was applying for a fake passport. *** 😒
"we got scammed bro, they were supposed to meet us here, @ Charcoal Pit,with my fake birth certificate & passport"
No, it's fake picture as is many other appering atm.
in the end that's what it comes down to a passport, ID.. then again Missing Malaysian Plane had fake passports
Why is tasha so rude? Just because she's going on holiday she thinks she's made it... fake passport anyway 😴
Thoughts go out to everyone who was on flight MH17! 280 people! Unconfirmed photos already. Hope the passport one is fake. *pray*
Whatever police always collect money from all applicants by pointing fake mistakes.Stating that is very big offence to get passport.
2nd Airline shot down ..both Islamist (Islamic) country ..MH370 had Iranians/Iraqis with fake passport..wats with this one ?
have their own passport registration system. They are BACKED BY THE WEST!
For good day ,may i make fake certi. patna passport o not accepting 10 th certif. patna pasport o tells to make new for eng stu.
SC bench adjourns hearing on Abu Salem's plea against his conviction in fake passport case as judge recuses herself.
"He said fake visa stamps were generally different in format and color" |
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Pakistan passport not for , it's a illegal fake country
This is a fake passport photograph as I cannot find you in my database. Fraud is crime.
you forgot Bangladesh, cause my country also makes passport which don't enter the fake state of Israel
US customs guy 1st told me I had fake hair, then my passport picture, school ID, and self are 3 different people. I'm just that photogenic.
« You can show them a fake birth certificate made in Armenia. You can’t fake an Azerbaijani passport, now can you?” »
we are the victims here, do you know hard for Palestinian to travel around the world with his UN fake passport ?
I gotta go to Houston with a fake name on my passport, *** tryna throw me 3 months 😩😩😩
Trapped in Gulf, desis rely on fake passports to return
Terrorist trying to sneak through border patrol with fake passport
Happy day when Mr Vargas is deported. Or better, prosecuted for fake SSN and fake passport..
gahdamn! gotta buy a fake passport in an alley & move to S. America at that point
You can have a bogus passport, fake ss# in USA?
Scared to use my new passport for the first time in case they tell me it's fake or something ✋🔪
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The PO Box. Just until the fake passport arrives...
FRANCE got out from algeria by 1and half martyrs to return selling visas and ID fake for marriage and passport all homless european mak it
Garmin mechanic retrieves fake passport from hidden compartment, quietly slips out of team bus.
Dreamt one of the lesser kardashians stole my wallet and passport and then told me to get over it. It may have been a fake kardashian.
all you need is a fake Gandhi surname, Italian passport and bunch of sycophants like you and you can rule !
Georgian ex-intelligence chief detained in Greece a month ago, tried to go to Italy with fake passport
GoK was warned by EU in the '80s. Its now 2014. - Somali man arrested in Germany with fake Kenyan passport -.
OH the pic was for the fake passport
Wow former ohio Dem deputy treasurer sought fake passport to flee to Pakistan with kids
My passport is so fake for expiring.
Gonna write my dad a letter asking him how long it would take for him to get me a fake identity and passport
Amer Ahmad, convicted ex-comptroller, is on the lam after asking wife for fake passport. She refused. http:/…
I just bought them and put them in my bag. With a false moustache, sunglasses and fake passport.
Hasan Ali was given fake passport from Patna in Lalu's regime..!! Grapewine during those days was high that Sonia's 90% black money was deposited outside India under Ali Hasan's name..
"Isn't it a little racist to assume all arabs have access to fake passports? It's also racist to assume all asians are bad drivers, but they are." Love weeds :D
don't age out please. Get a fake passport. Thanks.
Rahm Emanuel's former aide & city of Chicago comptroller is on the lam, seeking a fake passport.
Hasan Ali case: Congi Amlendu Pande raided Amlendu Pande, close aide of SoniaG was raided by ED in Fake passport case
ICYMI corrupt ex Chicago comptroller sought fake Pakistani passport, now wanted by Feds
As a fake ID Jake used a passport to get into the bar last night
I was suspected of using a fake passport at the airport because I look nothing like my passport photo. I was flattered.
Yes I would like to know why the two fake passport angle has gone quiet?
Convicted former Rahm aide on lam, sought fake passport.
ICYMI Chicago's former city comptroller is on the run, tried to get a fake passport according to new court documents
Convicted former Rahm aide on the lam, sought fake passport
Everyone is just going to get me a fake passport and visa and I for one will not be happy
I just said: "is this that movie... Or is this another movie... Or OH. It's another Denzel movie where he makes the dude make him a fake passport and then the guy dies." 2014 is starting out on a very smart note guys.
returns with a fourth item of Weird and Wacky American Trivia: "Backstopping", in CIA lingo, is the complete outfitting of an agent with such items as a fake passport, fake driver's license, address, occupation, etc.
first i was like yo not all white people look the same but really that means im one ACL and a fake passport away from brazil
Mia just asked if I used Sams passport as my fake ID
Tbt to when my dad made me a fake passport
Wow. That is scary. I found myself typing my details into a FAKE passport application website. BE CAREFUL out there.
without Ben because he's got a fake passport that he used for a school trip
Had an argument with the bouncer last night as my passport looked 'fake' lol
Hi guys this is my baby girl we Bort her 4 months ago the first photo is when we have had her about a week and the other 2 are from the last couple of weeks she's put on a bit of weight she was sold to us as 3 years 3 months she's ment be 4 in May by my friend looking at her teeth we are thinking only just about 3 years old n have a fake passport can anyone tell me another way of finding her age.? And also how high you think she will make we have measured her at 14 hands & also when fully grown what kind if weight will she be able to carry thanks :)
Happy Fake Birthday to all the Punjabi people who have it today.but only in their passport! (:
go ryt now to the bus station Underneath seat 5, you gon find a fake passport & get outa here asap. Run madddy, run.
Bouncer thought my passport was a fake
I plan on it. I'm gonna get my passport or enhanced ASAP. And a fake ID so I can drink here lol
I let Jorgi into the country with a fake passport and he tried to smuggle drugs in twice
Working on getting Mike a fake passport, he isnt allowed to leave the country at the moment -G
Lol, part of the competition is that we couldn't smile with our teeth. Sooo I pulled out the fake awkward passport smile.
Been out of the fake tan game for so long that I got well too eager last night and now I reckon I'd get into Saudi Arabia without a passport
but if you are willing to pay Rs. 800, a fake stamp is available inside FIA passport office
Get accused of my passport being 'fake' at morrisons when I got ID'd never been so embarrassed in my life putting a complaint in
The immigration officials at Mangalore International Airport arrested a man with a fake passport on Sunday December 29...
Mangalore: Passenger from Dubai arrested at Airport for holding fake passport
Bajpe, Dec 31, 2013: The Immigration officers at Mangalore International Airport arrested a person for allegedly possessing a fake passport on Sunday. The arrested has been identified as Abdul Rehman (52) of Bekalkote in Kasaragod. He landed at Mangalore airport at around 5 p.m. on December 29 from...
Skilled police! Already identified passport and alias as fake.
In Papers, Please, when Jorji comes up to you with the "Cobrastan" passport, it never occurs to me that I am stamping a fake passport…
who's fake tho ? I have original passport to show, suck ur mum first init
why did he have an AK47 and fake passport when arrested?
“Cornershop Gucci ... br ! fake British passport on the right as well.
Cuban National jailed for fake passport, overstaying. Read More 
I reali hate it when VIPz go overboard. E pic on Instagram dat shows HIS passport. Whether it's real or fake, they shouldn't! PLS!
LOOOL thats why i said 10, she could be 12, ofcourse my wife may have to fake her age to get her red passport.
I tried and it looked soo fake 😔 but apparently Kate white did hers + it went through passport control at airport + was fine!
Fake Passport and Visa Scandal, Case File against The Sun Newspaper in British Court. watch all pakistani News and talk shows on and ...
Marjorie's African (Nigerian) Connection, could be the guy who actually took Marjorie away from her employer's house, probably took the money which Marjorie "stole" from the house in return of giving Marjorie clothes, showing her places, taking her around on his car, giving her entertainment, making her a fake passport and finally sending her back to Cagayan de Oro, the Philippines
Vinaròs 'clan' gang burgled homes right across Spain, say police NATIONAL Police officers have arrested 14 members of an organised crime gang which burgled homes throughout the whole of Spain. They were all said to be aged between 16 and 50 and of Croatian nationality, but based in Zaragoza, Ulldecona and Alcanar in the province of Tarragona, and Vinaròs in the Castellón province. A highly-professional racket, its members had specific roles within its operations with some providing information and transport, some keeping homes under surveillance and others dealing with the sale of stolen goods to enable those assigned to the act of breaking and entering to do so without risk of discovery. They used fake passports of different nationalities, changed their phone numbers constantly, chose their accommodation carefully and moved around as much as they could, and took great caution when moving on the items they took – among other tactics, selling on jewellery in small quantities in several shops. Their st ...
Read these reader's letters in the newspaper [1] "Why couldn't Jesus have been born on the 29th February?" [2]"I wonder if Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs has a fake passport to get into heaven"
D boss of S.l hip hop said alot but here is summary... Wishing every sierra leonean Merry Christmas especially the fans of Laj n R.f.m...sending thanks to all fans and the host of the program Shakedae Master J.e of 98.1 fm,as he is the first dj to play his tracks on Air.. Telling all the fans that he is ok and doing fine and doing what he was doing, still recording...he was having some heek-up for the past weeks bt now everything is alright..he thank God for everything.the set up and the is bad for sierra leoneans to hate his brother of the same country...various artist go out there and record a song telling out the false information about me that i'ave been sentenced to jail for 25yrs here i am haahaa! Romours are out that i was caught with fake passport which does not contain my photo neither my information...for the past 5 years i'ave been to sierra leone n back... Shadout to my fans for been there for me.. HIS BROWN NEW TRACK WAS ALSO PLAYED..SONG TITLE CORRUPTION. More from the intervie ...
Anybody got a fast car, fake passport and a plane ticket somewhere hot . Please let me know. ASAP.
A special CBI court awarded seven-year imprisonment to extradited gangster Abu Salem in a 2001 fake passport case.
Mr. Min the Burmese National I met last night told me he visited long time ago the Philippines when he was still in the movement. He told me, "You wouldn't believe it Bong but I got in and through the immigration of your country with a fake passport" I smiled and made a strange grin, so he said "it's true" then I told him, "many people may have gotten in our country using a fake passport, but what they didn't know and maybe it's only now you would know this that the person who let you in was.A FAKE IMMIGRATION OFFICER"
I wonder what Jason Bourne gets for Christmas? I'm thinking a new fake passport and a card from Pamela landey!
Why are women always so mad when they lift up a board in the floor and find their guy has 7 fake passports and works as an assassin?
I just spent an hour trying to reason with my ex. So I get it hostage negotiators. I totally get it. Might just shoot him in the *** and get it over with. Valerie Fox we might need that shovel fake passport and an escape to Mexico sooner than I thought... Bring the duct tape I ll bring vodka 󾮗󾌴󾌴
A go (ah go)- To go or will go. Mi a go a door. (I am going outside). Babylon (bah-bee-lon)- A Rasta word for the police and the corrupt system. Bald head- A Rasta label for one who is too caught up with the evil system—Babylon. Also is anyone who is a non-dreadlocks; usually white people. Bandulu (ban-doo-loo)- criminal; crooked activity; also means a fake passport/visa Bashment- A great event or happening; dancehall; party. Also the same as bashy above. Dem bashment gyal. (They are girls who like to party.). Wi gwaan hab a bashment time. (We are going to have a great time.) Big up- This is a popular term for saying what’s up and a gesture of tribute. Big up uno dem. (Praise to all of them). Bloodclot- Strong curse word. Brukout- A climax of pure energy and excitement; to act unruly. Usually at a party. Bumboclot- King of curse words. Cha/cho- Expression of surprise. Cha! (What!) Coolie- Jamaican Indian from India. Dawta (doh-ta)- Daughter; woman, good woman friend. Disya- This right here. Don- A ter ...
I don't like this geezer, my man is an asylum seeker, fake passport and a Chinese visa, parents dont have ID either!!! (8)
PORTUGAL FLAG AIRLINE AIR PORTUGAL FACING FINES FOR BRINGING 74 SYRIAN PASSENGERS WITH FAKE PASSPORTS FROM GUINEA BISSAU TO LISBON ON 10TH DECEMBER 2013 19TH DECEMBER 2013 The chairman of Portuguese flag-carrier TAP Air Portugal has said that the airline could be fined for transporting 74 Syrian pass-engers with fake passports from Guinea-Bissau to Lisbon on 10 December. “Any airline that carries passengers who cannot be admitted into the other country is fined and held responsible for the costs of returning them”, said Fernando Pinto, during a meeting with reporters in Lisbon this week. Pinto said however, that the case of the Syrians “is a bit different, as they are requesting political asylum they have different treatment”, though the situation was still a “concern” for the company. Fernando Pinto said that if TAP was fined he would appeal because “it was a very special case, the company did not fail to check the documents”. “Quite the opposite, the company detected the fault, detecte ...
Time to see if the fake passport is anygood ?
Hey gladiators let's make own episodes till break is over ok here is my episode this week daddy pope and Olivia have dinner he breaks down about mama being head on b613 at one time and they were going to destroy the family because you can't have family so he did what he did and like he said you remove one head another grows in its place. He tells her that he loved maya still does but he wanted to protect Olivia now that he's unemployed he wants to be more of a father. He hires op and associates to represent him being fired from his position he wants assistance with understanding filing for unemployment he wants her to be careful of jake he still doesn't think fritz is the best for her Also Harrison starts to spend more time with the girl who did fake passport for two reasons he wants info on the dude he's hiding from and he wants to do her Sally is still going on her own she ain't afraid of cy he goes down if she does that's tonight episode
What is the name of person who was shifted to US on fake passport by Khobragade. Why he was taken to US ?
I just read about the duck dynasty thing, and idk what he said, or how he said it, just that some people are ashamed of him and others endorse his actions and words. Freedom of speech, conflict of interests, and business technicalities aside I feel it's hurtful to sign someone off as a "bigot" every time an individual states it is his belief that homosexuality is wrong. Somethings are taken on faith. If someone believes that there is a God and that that god objects to homosexuality than that is his right to believe it and his right to say it. I love this country for it. Some people believe in healing crystals and spirit animals and that's okay. I don't want to impose on their right to believe and practice those things. Now you may argue that there is no hate in preaching against eating meat but there is hate in preaching against love. Well yes. There is hate. I won't deny that. We are imperfect even if our God is perfect. But the message should never be against the person, but against the sin (please keep ...
Mandela in 1960's he cross boarder to Ethopia using fake passport with the name of David Motsamai. Lol yhiii tata was such a clever jerrr.
NEWS INTELLIGENCE ASK A NORTH KOREAN Jang executed for meeting with Kim Jong Nam, says expert Expert claims Kim Jong Un believed Nam being groomed to replace him kim-jong-nam BY OLIVER HOTHAM , DECEMBER 14, 2013 Jang Song Thaek was purged and executed because he met privately with Kim Jong Un’s older brother Kim Jong Nam, Professor Kang Myong-do said on Friday. Professor Kang, who teaches at Kyungmin University and is the son-in-law of former North Korean premier Kang Song San, told YTN that Jang Song Thaek had travelled overseas to give Kim Jong Nam his monthly living expenses in October, a journey that had made Kim Jong Un suspicious that Jang was plotting to replace him. Kang told YTN that “Kim Jong Un, who had been watching Jang since last year, found out, and he thought Jang was trying to enthrone Kim Jong Nam… that’s why he executed him”. “Kim Jong Un has been trying to assassinate Kim Jong Nam many times,” he argued, “but he failed because Kim Jong Nam was under China and Jang Song ...
Oh man heres one for the records.. I am in china in some city i can't pronounce, but I check into my hotel and here, an you must show your passport so they can make a copy of it, no problem, later on my friend told me they told him that your friend has to leave there hotel! he said who? they said the black man, he ask why? i know what your thinking, it was because i am black.. no not even close, but they said i gave them a fake passport, he said Huh? yes its fake and if he dont leave we will call the police, again he ask why, they said his passport saids that he was born in 1961 and he is to young to be born then, he's only 27 or 30 years. my friend laughed and said yes thats his real date and you can call the police if you want, but your going to look stupid.. wow i almost got kicked out of a hotel not because i am black or tall and black, i am to *** young looking so my passport is has to be fake, ok even if i was 27 and was going to get a fake passport, why in the heck would i say i was born in 1961. . ...
TIL Desk/Hyderabad Live- Justice U. Durga Prasada Rao of A.P. High Court on Monday refused to grant bail to underworld don Abu Salem. The judge was dealing with an appeal filed by Abu Salem who challenged the judgment of the special CBI court which had convicted him in a fake passport case. Abu Salem requested the High Court to grant interim bail pending final adjudication of the appeal. (
Israeli Stuxnet Virus (June, 2010) The Stuxnet computer virus is an Israeli computer cyber terror worm discovered in June of 2010. It was initially spread via Microsoft Windows and targets Siemens industrial software and equipment. The virus infected computers in Iran, Indonesia, India, Azerbaijan, United States, Pakistan and many other nations costing billions of dollars in damage. A movie played at a retirement party for the head of the Israel Defense Forces bragged that Israel was indeed responsible for the Stuxnet cyber-attack. Chicago’s Zionist Rahm Emanuel (Feb, 2011-Present) Chicago’s mayor as of February 22, 2012 is Rahm Emanuel, the son of an admitted Zionist terrorist who is directly responsible for the brutal genocide of countless Palestinians. Emanuel is Barack Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff and ensures the future whitewash of a major terror attack upon the city of Chicago by the Israeli Mossad. Chicago terror scenarios included an attack on the Sears Tower, an Obama assassina ...
All i need is a fake passport and a bottle of LSD
The History of Aquino-Cojuangco Family (Pamilya Dilaw) 1861.. from CHINA to RP.change of name.the Cojuangco family can be traced back to Hong Chian( hongjian village ) in Tongan province, China. CORY descended from Co Yu Hwan, a Chinese immigrant from a FARMERS VILLAGE who settled in the Philippines in 1861. Co Yu Hwan later converted to Catholicism and was then named Jose Cojuangco. His son, Melencio, was born in 1871. Melencio married another Filipino-Chinese named Tiakla Chico in 1894 and among their children was Jose Cojuangco, the father of Cory Aquino 1900 Antonio Luna-Cojuangco Affair..DIVERTION of REPUBLIC's FUNDS (now called PLUNDER ) WHY RP easily LOST and became a SLAVE country and people to america during US-RP for FOOD, MEDICINE, ARMS & soldiers SALARIES were plundered ? There were talks concerning Luna diverting millions ( billions NOW ) of pesos, gold, silver & valuables from the Republic's treasury for the establishment of new seat of government , to the hometown of his sweethe ...
Man held at RGIA with fake passport A passenger who arrived at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) by an Indian Airlines flight from Muscat was nabbed by immigration officials on Saturday for travelling with a fake passport. He was arrested under provisions of the Indian Passport Act. Cyberabad police said that Jalandhar, a native of Karimnagar, went to work in Muscat in 2007 and surrendered his original passport to Raghu, an agent.
The US government had been lying about the status of Bob Levinson until now, they told the world the he was a private citizen on a visit to Iran. His disappearance in Iran has being used by them as a propaganda tool to portray the Iranian government as wicked. The truth of this issue is that Bob Levinson is a CIA agent on a secret mission to Iran. He went to Iran using a forged identity and under a fake passport. The Americans always avoid sending American citizens to Iran on spying mission, they preferred sending Europeans, Koreans, Turks etc. So by sending one of their own that mission would have been very important to them. And now they want the Iranian government to help them find their missing agent but the question here is that do they tell the Iranian government when they were sending him? And why should the Iranians border themselves with an enemy who wanted to harm Iran and its interest. Bob Levinson should rest in ***
Why Chinese companies operating in PNG were not fair to the people of this country?. They manipulate our Government System, bring counterfeit items to the country. They operate on fake passports and visas. Now you can read from page 7 of the National, this Chinese company offered the bid to provide or be the urgent to provide drugs and medical equipments around PNG. Our lives in PNG are at risk now.
De Lima: Pagadian mayor Samuel Co, wife nabbed Syndicated estafa suspect and Pagadian City Mayor Samuel Co was arrested by authorities on Saturday, eight months after his arrest order came out in April. This was confirmed by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Sunday, saying the fugitive mayor was collared along with his wife Priscilla. "NBI arrested the Co couple [Saturday]," De Lima told reporters. A warrant for their arrest was issued by the Iligan Regional Trial Court Branch 1 in April. De Lima said the couple was arrested at around 5:09 p.m. on Saturday at the Ashton 2 Serendra in Taguig City. She said the National Bureau of Investigation learned about the Cos' whereabouts after receiving a tip. "Acting as buyers to gain access in the Serendra Towers, the NBI joint team closely monitored the couple... that led to their arrest," De Lima said. Also she said the couple were arrested while inside their vehicle. The Co couple are currently at an NBI detention facility, she added. Co and his wife were earli ...
6 Things You Didn’t Know: Nelson Mandela Took 50 Years To Get A Law Degree Nelson Mandela was a figure of international renown, and many details of his life and career were public knowledge. But here are six things you may not have known about the late South African leader. 1. He was a boxing fan. In his youth, Nelson Mandela enjoyed boxing and long-distance running. Even during the 27 years he spent in prison, he would exercise every morning. “I did not enjoy the violence of boxing so much as the science of it. I was intrigued by how one moved one’s body to protect oneself, how one used a strategy both to attack and retreat, how one paced oneself over a match,” he wrote in his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. “Boxing is egalitarian. In the ring, rank, age, colour and wealth are irrelevant… I never did any real fighting after I entered politics. My main interest was in training; I found the rigorous exercise to be an excellent outlet for tension and stress. After a strenuous workout, I felt ...
UK friends: yet another Novel research question. If someone was using a fake passport and detained at Heathrow, what agency would question it before it maybe goes to MI5? Customs, Customs and Immigration, or another name? Most passports likely don't go to MI5, but in this case, it does.
♥ Musings of a Soldier - Jameel Chand On occasion of the Celebration of 24 th Anniversary NB: Code names of the 3 men Ahmed Timol Unit: Peter – Prakash Jeff - Yusuf Jones - Jameel Comrades, friends and my beloved family When this get together was being planned the initial intention was to celebrate the life of our fallen combatants Yusuf and Prakash. The celebration was intended to pay tribute and homage to all the great sons and daughters of land. Events have overtaken us with the passing of the Great Madiba, the father of our Nation and the first Commander in Chief of the People Army. I know that Yusuf and Prakash would be more than honoured that we share this celebration of their lives with a celebration of Madiba’s life. Many of us have gathered annually to share memories of Yusuf and Prakash and talk about their contribution to our freedom. Over the years we have seen annual sports tournaments being hosted in their honour. We presided over the renaming of a sports ground in their honour ...
domain names
Krejcir entered the country with a fake passport.and then became a businessman in the country?how did that happen?
just checked AAPS donation website, anyone can donate giving false details ,fake passport number! you can try it.
Woman at The Mill wouldn't accept my drivers license because she swore it was fake. Had to show my passport as well to prove it wasn't. Grrr
Krejcir carefully chose SA as he fled the chec republic. He arrived on a fake passport and pays cops for protection.
I can't stop laughing this world is a joke omg.
Murky online market selling everything from drugs to fake passport Silk Road
So Turkey *IS* all rainbows and unicorns. Or at least unicorns.
i'd avoid doing that unless i had a fake name on non-USA passport . Easier to move to Bahamas/Caymans and visit USA
I told you to stop using your fake passport.
Next Episode at Antalya Airport; The Unicorn using the Emily's passport
Unicorns do not appear to need visas to get into ht
Enthiran how Rajini come alive after death in 15 min & come with fake passport and bla. all impossible. athaye rasikalaya ?
No 1 will come forward with this one. Tough One. The one who came in with the Fake Passport
This doos, came into Africa with a fake passport, and and his corrupt cabinet, the is all okay with that?
came into SA on a fake passport. Everybody knows it. How is this man not in jail or on a flight out of SA?
Show us all the stamps in your passport?
not fake la. They make misstake on my passport..
"And to make it worse, the unicorn wasn't even on holiday with us" Read more:
If he hadn't blown his cash on coke, he could buy the fake passport. But without it, he wouldn't NEED the passport. Classic …
If he was innocent 'charity worker' why was he carrying an AK47 and a fake passport?
Applying for British Passport ? How to get an application of British Passport ? Be aware with fake passports.
--to Japan and a fake passport for me since the cops probs recognized me since I already have a criminal record and--
You could tell this is fake. Owing child support doesn't prohibit you from getting your passport.
All fake anyway "You mean to tell me that black ink was able to pay for a pro DNA test but love and hip hop didn't ?"
/whispers/ Not if we can raise enough money for four tickets back home and one fake passport.
don't worry I'll bring my fake passport! ✈️
pls Charles there is no original or fake Ronaldo, as far as am concern only one of them has that name on his passport...
*** Fake passport? NI number of a dead man? Brother in Muslim brotherhood? 'church friends' mysteriously murdered? Hmm..
Man I finally got my passport back!! lol. the struggle. I was almost bout to be
Foreigners cannot donate to AAP. None could donate yet. Try with a fake passport number.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Try entering fake Passport No and wait for few days if Amount is not returned back to your account
Has tried to donate to AAP with a fake passport number? But that would be a logical thing to do.
when we had the supply teacher for English in year 9 and we made a fake passport and put it on the floor at front!!
But u wont get bail for fake passport. its a non bailable offence
Fake passport led to prison after raid on Sheffield restaurant: An illegal immigrant found during a raid on a ...
OFWs in Jeddah warned on repatriation scheme by fake passport office staff
a girl got caught as she was entering a jail to visit her father in another country using fake passport. SHE'S… —
What if parents get d fake passport/Aadhar card/Birth certi to claim their son/daughter's Indian citizenship?
It's practically Tuesday aka 2 days left for school someone give me a fake passport I'm moving to Spain!
A friend finds you a good lawyer, a best friend breaks you out of jail, gives you a fake passport & a plane ticket♥
I am unreasonably happy that I was able to stamp ENTRY GRANTED onto a fake passport at their booth. Like, PAX validated
with his fake passport age. Said he was 30, turned out to be 55
Then again there are Nigerian men as we speak forging her a fake passport and buying fake gucci to send to her house now.
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