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Fairness Doctrine

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission's view, honest, equitable and balanced.

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: Prez Ronald Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine. Roger Ailes worked for Prez Re…
Reagan kills Fairness Doctrine ➡️FCC votes it down as 'protecting free speech' ➡️Fake ne…
GHW Bush had been CIA Dir b4 VP (puppet maser to Reagan) they nixed Fairness Doctrine which insisted…
Reagan's end to Fairness Doctrine hurt us as a country and helped birth Fox and its ilk. We are O…
Prior to Reagan axing the Fairness Doctrine and the advent of cable news.
WE had a Fairness Doctrine that worked until Reagan admin squelched it & dereg'd FCC.
That ship's sailed, IMO, miss. Reagan killed yr Fairness Doctrine, that triggered the slide 2 Fake News soundb…
Maybe Congress should bring back the Fairness Doctrine that saint Reagan dumped
President . Want to stick it to the fake-news media? . Bring back the Fairness Doctrine . They'll hate it. Please do it.
.and don't whine about freeze peaches because that don't apply Fairness Doctrine and such were knocked out too. 😎
Telecomm act of '96 was---&more importantly the Fairness Doctrine. We know the media is bias on bothsides. How about some truth?
Great work The media is very corrupt. We need the Fairness Doctrine again. Read this by media proe:
We have not had a Free Press since the fairness doctrine was ignored...No more Point, Counterpoint...Just Opinion
apparently the FCC's Fairness Doctrine was so popular, they want to try it in academia
The destruction of the fairness doctrine has made every news source subjective.
Jimmy. I see ypu talk about Clinton's media deregulations but you never talk about Reagan Fairness Doctrine deregulations.
News for entertainment is evil. Just put the Fairness Doctrine back in place. Reagan is dead.
Ah, yes, the good ole Reagan years when we demonized air traffic controllers and killed the fairness doctrine.
But basically what she's trying to do here is try to apply the "Both Sides/Equal Time/Fairness Doctrine" logic to a single person/party.
Jesse Watters confronts professor over anti-Trump rant The Fairness Doctrine should be enforced in the classrooms!
Fox News is why we have concepts like fake/faux news today. Bring back the fairness doctrine. And fact checking.
If Trump is serious about stopping the "Fake News" he should. re-institute The Fairness Doctrine via
Well, Bill. What are your thoughts on the bygone Fairness Doctrine?
Fox News plays non-stop on our military bases, FBI offices, etc. Going 2 have 2 bring back Fairness Doctrine abolis…
There should be a Fairness Doctrine in the universities. And equal number of conservative hires teaching.
Your god, Reagan, killed the Fairness Doctrine and opened the door for the lying likes of you and Ailes.
I've been hounding for months with no response. Please straighten out that agency The Fairness Doctr…
California will reinstate the Fairness Doctrine to prevent 1 sided news outlets like FoxNews from brainwashing people
kind of like what the FCC's fairness doctrine was doing to conservatives ?
Reagan's dismanteling of the fairness doctrine is what led to the privatization of USA media.
. Time for journalism to be freed from ad ratings and corprorate pressure. Need for modern application of Fairness Doctrine.
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The removal of the fairness doctrine under Reagan crushed any chances of real reporting. Not much of it happening today.
Rush would not exist if the Fairness Doctrine was still in place‼️ Bring back the Fairness Doctrine‼️
In an odd, ironic way this reminds me of the "Fairness Doctrine" Democrats occasionally push at the federal level.
would it be legal to impose the Fairness Doctrine in publicly funded schools throughout Texas?
this is probably a touchy subject but what do you think about imposing the Fairness Doctrine in public schools
Ide like to propose that we impose the Fairness Doctrine in all publicly funded schools. They are only teaching liberal theology now.
Fox News c 2006: Liberals want to force the fairness doctrine down our throats. 2016: The state should shoehorn in our perspective
Congress used to favor the Fairness Doctrine on similar grounds.
There used to be this thing called the Fairness Doctrine...ah well.
I'm🇨🇦-I knew that-also know States that refused Medicaid expansion 🔩🇺🇸s..Real need 2 bring back Fairness Doctrine
Interestingly, the Fairness Doctrine mostly benefitted conservatives. Talk radio (& Fox) made it unnecessary.
You're right Bill so you are absolutely in favor of reinstating Fairness Doctrine then obviously . Right >>>
Laughable! Ur Jesus Christ, Reagan eliminated "Fairness Doctrine" giving rise to the cult of misinformation ur the face of.
Yes. We used to have a Fairness Doctrine. Worked well until FCC threw it out during Reagan years (1987).
. The FCC has broad powers over television. Look up Fairness Doctrine? Also, the leaked info definitely enables civil forfeiture.
Like what's next for conservative free speech "defenders?" Fairness Doctrine Redux? LOL I'm all ears for that one if Fox News follows that.
Please objectively & altruistically share your views on how this has evolved since the elimination of the fairness doctrine.
If Fairness Doctrine was still on books we wouldn't have FauxFox,hate tv&radio,just facts &truth
Also the Fairness Doctrine eliminated by Reagan in 1986 Equal time for all viewpoints&had to b true
that is my belief. Any chance of getting the fairness doctrine back.
Yes obama and the democrats "fairness doctrine". trying to silence the right at the same time the IR…
The issue with conservatives is weeding out liberals at college campuses. Time to bring back the "fairness doctr…
besides that, the left has been trying to destroy that platform for years. "Fairness Doctrine" ring any bells?
Well, they could just re-enact the Fairness Doctrine and kneecap the IC by leashing domestic propaganda again.
Fairness doctrine was stupid to begin with, getting rid of something stupid doesn't absolve all the other stupid sh…
Our Fake News problem now can be traced back to 1987, when US repealed the Fairness Doctrine for broadcasters & Rush Limbaugh rose to fame.
Trump could reinstate fairness doctrine, but he won't. If anything he might use this to censor dissent
R thinks L media is biased, L thinks R media is biased - maybe could lead to a fairness doctrine for internet era??
Do you think that since there's such a deep distrust for media rn, ppl would be open to a new fairness doctrine?
w/Fairness Doctrine only way stations could be licensed was to air facts n News, opinion brief Editorial~
Electronic Device Insurance
Fairness Doctrine needed with radio/television enabled propaganda knew facts only way to have Democracy~
I've been paralyzed for five minutes about whether to hit the political correctness, affirmation action or the fairness do…
Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Fox News and Breitbart will cease to exist overnight.
the Tumpkins will believe it. And cite it during arguments. And fox will not give it any airtime. We need the Fairness Doctrine.
Is it time for President Trump/FCC to pass Bill similar to Fairness Doctrine Bill, Ronald Regan vetoed in 1987. News media is entertainment
The Airwaves belong to the People ... Our Majority . PLEASE Re-Enact the "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE" and STOP the ABUSE!
STOP EST MEDIA - Please re-enact the "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE" with Media and STOP the Establishment Media in its tracks!
Great! How about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine? Reduce Information not dis-information
If we ever needed to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, It Is Now...Just to get back to Neutral...
Not an attack. An attack would be proposing the "fairness doctrine" be brought back as Obama did which would allow the govt to
President Trump, Please re-enact "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE" so your revolutionary changes remain after you retire, STOP Fake News!
They name themselves and rich (R)s control medial outlets so there is no challenge, and hasn't been since Reagan re…
Main thing tht changed truth in media was removal o the Fairness Doctrine by good ol' Ronnie. It started the ball rolin
You are stupid! the Fairness Doctrine NEVER allowed Conservative thoughts to be aired!...
I lived the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE. I just gave you reasons NOT TO BRING IT BACK! I DO NOT...
Did you live during the Fairness Doctrine was in place? I doubt it. If you did you wou...
. Reagan offed the Fairness Doctrine in 86 precisely to muzzle truth, facts, reality. It worked for 30 years. NEED IT NOW!!!
What Crap! The Fairness Doctrine was used to stifle political speech!
Jesus COMMANDS his 1.5 billion followers to agitate against all sovereign governments in the UN to MANDATE the Fair…
Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated by the FCC.
Though I do wonder how the Internet would survive in an era with the Fairness Doctrine and if that'd work on the Internet for sheer scale.
Net Neutrality, requires service provider to stay out of the way. Net Neutrality & Fairness Doctrine are opposites but Trump is a liar
the Fairness Doctrine, requires active participation by a broadcaster in determining content.
I was listening to a podcast hearing about the history of media and journalism after The Fairness Doctrine...we may need that back.
why exclude a 21'st century 'fairness doctrine' from the bro, Bernie's made tons of speeches about it?
Why didn't or include a 21'st century 'Fairness Doctrine' as part of Bernie's wanted it for years?
Can someone tell that the Fairness Doctrine is dead and people like Jeffrey Lord don't deserve screentime. He's a piece of garbage.
A5 Fear really escalated in the media once the Fairness Doctrine was elimnated in 1987. Now all news is based on fear
Every law regarding news programming (fairness doctrine), news for profit & foreign ownership have been gutted
Ongoing coup since late 70's. Repeal of Fairness Doctrine, &modification of the Telecomm Act has been key to the outcome.
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would reinstating the Fairness Doctrine be huge for news? as well as reinstating Voting rights act for elections
Good for Spicer too bad Trumps's FCC pick doesn't have enough guts to enact a fairness doctrine.
ask him if he is so concerned with the press lying why not react the fairness doctrine. The one Reagan repealed in '87
"Trump appears to confuse Net Neutrality with the Fairness Doctrine...the two concepts are completely separate..."
Net Neutrality, the Fairness Doctrine of our time, will be abolished. Trump is handing the internet to corporations.
They wanted the fairness doctrine back, guess you should watch what you wish for. It may just bite you in the ***
So Much This. Union busting, end of the Fairness Doctrine, demonizing poor as "welfare queens," ignoring AIDS crisi…
Glad to see you're against the Fairness Doctrine
.Here is the decline in Journo under Reagan >>> The Fairness Doctrine via
LOL, the sky is falling, Meanwhile the Dems tried to get the fairness doctrine to shut up conservatives
Stop indulging sociopaths Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine on yourselves. America Peopl…
Time to revive the Fairness Doctrine! No more corporate owned media! No 4th Estate…
Because Fairness Doctrine turns AM radio back into swap meets, bingo games and lost dogs alerts.
The only job I believe of the media is serve the public interest. The fairness doctrine is a part of that.
Do you advocate another embrace of the Fairness Doctrine?
I hope Trump nominates a FCC Chairman that is against consolidation and for a fairness doctrine.
I agree 100%. We need a new Fairness Doctrine and a National News Council to monitor news and advertising.
As a broadcaster I'm all for bringing back the fairness doctrine. I'd like to see fines for Fake News like we do profanity.
Given MSM dishonesty, I once warmed to the Fairness Doctrine. Instead, the WH should welcome alternative media, oust Fake News outlets.
What if some form of the Fairness Doctrine could be reinstated?
I also hope reinstates the fairness Doctrine.
Let me know when "honest" republicans march for reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine & overturn Citizens United.
The sates use to have a similar law called the Fairness Doctrine. Regan got rid of it in 1987.
Not only did Russia hack US election but Cable News made huge profits. Will the US look at bringing back F…
do either of you think reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would help heal the polticial polarization in the US?
Reagan killed the fairness doctrine. It was the NetNeutrality of its day. Without killing fairness doctrine, it's hard to imagine Pres.Trump
Time for Trump to sign the Fairness Doctrine via Executive Order for all publicly-owned assets. Dem idea, they should love it.
Reagan repealed the fairness doctrine in 1987. That's when news networks began to polarize. Right is guilty of same. Reinstate
We need something like the fairness doctrine applicable to cnn, abc, nbc, ap, etc.
CNN is alternative facts. CNN (Clinton News Network) is biased that needs a New Fairness Doctrine.
Artists push boundaries to find truth&beauty to share w others. As a librarian, I'm compelled by absence of Fairness Doctrine to do it, too
I don't watch them either. Since the end of the "Fairness Doctrine", it's all about the 'profit'.
Institute your own Fairness Doctrine Do the responsible thing.
ever since the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. Thanks Reagan.
if the media is so dishonest, move to reinstate the fairness doctrine. Your move.
Bring back the Fairness Doctrine to TV News. All parties reference the same facts! We need it.
how do you feel about reinstating the fairness doctrine? News as a public service.
America has become adept at normalizing psychopathology since dutiful tool of corrupt capitalists Ronald Reagan abolished Fairness Doctrine.
What's more, the libs wanted to enact the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" to silence conservative radio talk show hosts. ***
since Fairness Doctrine nix by Reagan/BUSH started slippery slope to today's propaganda/brainwashing~
Reagan/BUSH also filled FCC w/cronies to repeal Fairness Doctrine> slippery slope to propaganda/brainwash we have today~
slippery slope led us to propaganda when Reagan/BUSH nixed Fairness Doctrine in '87~
Time for 🇺🇸 to Bring back the Fairness Doctrine . is considered an "entertainment" program NOT news…
It's not too late 4 the FCC to Restore the Fairness Doctrine of 1949 & take the money out of media.
I always think of it as Reagan/BUSH > ties to CIA then William Casey '81-87 disinformation program nix Fairness Doctrine~
This is the legislation Reagan started to dismantle & Bill Clinton killed. Fairness Doctrine.
Reagan era (1987) deregulation of the "Fairness Doctrine"... And gave rise to conservative radio & TV!
I wz shocked how Deep History in Fairness Doctrine went back Carter/Reagan yrs.
Thx 2 Reagan abolishing Fairness Doctrine & further deregulation of media by Clinton, 4th Estate is dead.
Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine, then came the brain cancer that is Fox. After that Palin inevitable. inter alia
You ever heard of the Fairness Doctrine? Reagan got rid of that. Plus, journalism here self-censors themselves, just as bad.
Revocation of Fairness Doctrine by FCC in 1987 under Reagan led to Talk Radio, Fox &profiting. from news programming!
Reagan's veto of the Fairness Doctrine & Clinton's Telecomm Act These are the corpo-funded legislatures that deregulated the media
only b/c of policy/legislation: Reagan vetoed the Fairness Doctrine in 87 and Clinton signed the telecom act in 96
MT Infotainment replaced fairness doctrine; Reagan killed it
Infotainment replaced the fairness doctrine after Reagan got rid of it.
If nothing else, the Trump campaign will have Republicans seriously considering opposition to the Fairness Doctrine.
The Fairness Doctrine, the day the news died, and why we must win the fight to
.Easy They offer him incredible amounts of free air time. What happened to the fairness doctrine?
sigh. I've not heard of the Fairness Doctrine. My ignorance is... sadly wide
and you wonder why the DEMS never reinstated any form of the Fairness Doctrine..
The network media is showing us FCC needs to restore the Fairness Doctrine in political coverage.
Fairness Doctrine = Something GOP does not get - Deny Trump victory if he is in lead at Cleveland - GOP LOSES EVERYWHERE = CERTAINTY
Ultimately it's about a fairness doctrine however Sanders thesis is limited in scope & audience.
It's way past time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Pls google it and learn how the media field was level back in the day.
We've had a Bernie Blackout for months, along with a Trump Dump, the endless tsunami of Donald drivel. Fairness Doctrine, folks?
look into the repeal of The Fairness Doctrine, if you haven't already.
What if we had the Fairness Doctrine today?
Looks like you need some help in understanding fairness doctrine. Liked you when you were just a simple actress.
Ma Bell. And three TV channels. With the "fairness doctrine." No thanks.
Terrible interview on - filmmaker is mad her dad turned on Democrats like her, blames Fairness Doctrine. Wants gov't control.
I'd bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Losing factbased media,we lost real democracy, voters are now systematicly misinformed
No free media. No fairness doctrine.But…
yes birthday twin. So many don't remember actual reporting and the Fairness Doctrine
Imagine if we had a fairness doctrine, like we had before President Reagan eliminated it.
Could the abolition of the Fairness Doctrine have anything to do with it? hmm
Just thought of the excuse Trump will use to push through the Fairness Doctrine. Mark my words...He'd do it.
Is this yet another media hound wishing for high ratings if he becomesPOTUS?Or are they afraid of fairness doctrine?
We need to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. Fox lit the fire..and now Trump is playing Fox viewers like a symphony.
That's back when there was this thing called "the fairness doctrine." Candidates had to get equal time.
Reagan, tool of John Birchers & Heritage Foundation, abolished the Fairness Doctrine to make you stupid.
Sponsor bill reinstating Fairness Doctrine, We deserve better than news outlet provide.
MT Attack on Internet is a top down power grab. is the Fairness Doctrine. Will target conservative media.
Your postings are EXACTLY why the Fairness Doctrine should have never been abolished.
True. Falls under the same junk like "Fairness Doctrine" for radio. It's all censorship.
All that REALLY matters here is experience, and by any standard, there has never been a better prepared candidate...
We used to have the "Fairness Doctrine" which mandated that TV stations provide "equal time." Need to bring that back for Democracy.
What u think? Reinstate Fairness Doctrine to force media to tell all sides of story?
Bernie's been largely ignored for months on TV. Time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine!
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No thank Reagan who ended the Fairness Doctrine because Ted Kennedy challenged JC.
yes, but look at the roots. This division isn't merely economic disparity, it's media fracturing post fairness doctrine 1/2
before the Fairness Doctrine was scrapped the media had an obligation to be fair
we can think Reagan and the FCC for eliminating the Fairness Doctrine in 87
Hey Puppy, do dates confuse you?. Reagan killed Fairness Doctrine as President in the 80's. LONG before Bill
Are you New to America? Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine. Bush killed it's return.
Well, here's one thing T gets right. Thanks for reminding us why we should bring back the fairness doctrine.
- I'm certain appreciates the FREE campaign air-time today. 2-3hrs..Shame Reagan killed the "Fairness Doctrine".
Broadcast TV vs Trump perfect example of need for Fairness Doctrine -- publicly owned airwaves should not be pwned by a single candidate.
Re-institute the Doctrine and Require Strict Adherence to Fairness and Accuracy in the Media
look up the Fairness Doctrine. See: CBS ceo say Trump is good for ratings. See: Rs blaming media for all problems.
Yeah. I know. But how about getting the FCC to restore the Fairness Doctrine? End neg ads and media profits.
Since revocation of fairness doctrine by FCC by. Reagan/1987 journalism's downhill. News was loss leader.Now news needs 2 make $!
but they don't. Time to start talking about bringing back the "Fairness Doctrine"
Remember how long Republicans spent freaking out about Obama bringing back the Fairness Doctrine
The demise of the "Fairness Doctrine" under Reagan opened the door to them The nation suffers.
Investigative Reporting has been dead since Reagan signed the Death of the "Fairness Doctrine"
Repealing the Fairness Doctrine, lowering taxes on the top earners, deregulating EVERYTHING are just a few of Reagan's lasting legacy.
Reagan got his FCC Chairman to dissolve the Fairness Doctrine. I'm going to petition Sanders to have it restored.
Let's face it. We do look crazy and thanks to the loss of the fairness doctrine? No reasonable voices will be heard.
"The problem with ineffective assistance of counsel doctrine is that it favors "finality" over fairness, accuracy."
also why Fairness Doctrine was important (Reagan nixed it) citizens armed with facts, not propaganda~
Conservatives encourage more debate *** they created talk radio. Liberals seek to eliminate debate see Fairness Doctrine.
Per fairness doctrine, the top tier provision would've been unenforceable had CVC pursued it.
building on it includes Single Payer, Glass Steagall, +Fairness Doctrine. Unions. Higher marginal rate for 1%. FDR for C21!
When the fairness doctrine was abolished and the haters the airwaves
Too bad the 'Fairness Doctrine' was dropped. Imagine every other candidate suing Fox for equal time.
. Save the money and just vote the Fairness Doctrine?
We need to bring back the Fairness Doctrine which Pres Reagan killed in 1986.
Pay attention to who buys media. bought Pay attention to who owns everything like Al Jazeera. No Fairness Doctrine!
reminder - didn't say I agree or not with fairness doctrine
Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine b4 you leave office, Thank you!
So much for restoring the Fairness Doctrine in the U.S.
which brings me to -> Fairness Doctrine. I recorded an interesting show - Jim Bohannon. However.. one show that aired when he was on late
Do we have the demise of the fairness doctrine for the normalization of this toxicity? What a net negative for everyone that is
Things that ended the middle class in America:. 1. Repeal of Glass-Steagall. 2. Repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. 3. Tax bracket cuts. 4. Wars
gave us by getting FCC to repeal the Fairness Doctrine
"it will only happen if we fix out politics" Reinstate the fairness doctrine, bring back rationale civil discourse on the air waves.
"Everyone who works hard should get a fair shot" Fairness doctrine??
If you never knew there was a Fairness Doctrine you couldn't possibly understand the dystopia of &
has ever talked abt restoring the Fairness Doctrine?
Compliments of Reagan & Bill Clinton fairness doctrine and telecoms act of 96 created this monster
You think the Dems would like to see a Fairness Doctrine applied to PBS especially when publicly funded? Not fair and balanced.
Fairness Doctrine can neutralize puppet master He works for Roger Ailes who works for the Kochs. Reinstate it
We must break up the corporate stranglehold on the press. Fairness doctrine?
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The 1st Official Act of Ronald Reagan was to end the Fairness Doctrine paving the way for 98% White Conservative MSM.
Government is good. Education was underfunded 1st. Then they got rid of the fairness doctrine in media and made our own government the enemy
I partly blame Reagan for abolishing "The Fairness Doctrine"
No he doesn't, and neither does anyone else, take your goofy fairness doctrine and gtfo!
Fairness doctrine...eliminated in 1987 under Ronny Ray Gun...
More important was repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. Clinton's action was final nail.
Thanks to Citizens United and no fairness doctrine.
Family Values as a topic of freshness ranks right up there with the Fairness Doctrine.
Reagan's removal of Fairness Doctrine created media like Fox which has helped to create low intelligence Trump supporters.
The long game includes the Southern Strategy, and the end of the Fairness Doctrine.
Why isn't everyone demanding Returning to the Fairness Doctrine. Do they not know what. or how important it is?
The greatest thing can do 4 the American public reinstate the fairness doctrine get some balance back in media
Actually, the Fairness Doctrine applied to radio as well.
Conservative talk radio began before the end of the Fairness Doctrine, which never applied to it anyway.
Actually, the rise of extremist RW media directly correlates to elimination of Fairness Doctrine.
Whenever someone complains about the Fairness Doctrine, you know they're outta gas :)
Evidence indicates the rise of RW media is a direct result of Reagan's elimination of the FCC's Fairness Doctrine.
In the past, the Fairness doctrine kept news orgs somewhat honest. They had to air opposing viewpoints upon request. Allowed people info.
The most important problem facing America is the missing Fairness Doctrine. People can listen to fiction all day long without rebuttal.
& the real issues R rescind Bill's NAFTA, re-institute Glass-Steagall&the fairness doctrine.
UR lack of resolve and PC starts to make U suspect or the question arises about whether the Fairness Doctrine was ever dropped
But u dnt understand, LIBERAL FAIRNESS DOCTRINE is ONLY levelling playing field as US is real WORLD TERRORIST,
. worse, they are being LIED to. MSM exists to SELL things...misinformation SELLS. reboot the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE
. Elimination of the fairness doctrine. Media consolidation . Fox "News. 24/7 Propaganda =. An uninformed public with misplaced blame
If Reagan didn't repeal the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, this CNN panel tonight wouldn't be allowed to spew lies and hatred.
Fascism started when Reagan lifted the Fairness Doctrine, Fox was granted a broadcast license & CU was enacted.
(2/2) Also, Conservative Talk Radio flourished only after constraints of the Fairness Doctrine were abolished by Pres Reagan.
Reagan's FCC killed the Fairness Doctrine that gave birth to RW hate radio & Faux that dumbed down RWers.
Joe, you can't help being rational in spite of yourself. BTW Reagan killed Fairness Doctrine.
One of the most sickening displays I have seen on tv since Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine.
Started earlier than that, when Reagan effectively killed the Fairness Doctrine. via redd…
. No Ted, we don't trust RW media and corp media b/c. your hero Ronald Reagan dismantled the FCC & Fairness Doctrine.
After Reagan forced FCC to eliminate the Fairness Doctrine news on TV descended to what it is today.
Reagan abolished truth requirement for American media. I believe it was called Fairness Doctrine. Clinton deregulated media.
will bring back the Fairness Doctrine. It was repealed in 1985 by Reagan.
Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine. "It was called The Fairness Doctrine by our US Congress. During the Reagan...
they would be appalled, Reagan nixed Fairness Doctrine which guaranteed facts, not opinions~
All of what I said was true ☺ Idea 4 Fox propaganda news did start w Nixon. Ailes was limited by Fairness Doctrine at time.
bring back the Fairness Doctrine, reagan repealed this bill in 1985.
Gee, maybe we should bring back the "Fairness Doctrine" that Regan overturned.
I ceased worrying about them long ago along abandoning expectations of corp-owned media who killed the Fairness Doctrine.
what about putting back the fairness doctrine? We need to get a handle on the costs to run for office, this will solve it now!
The entire time I was at the gym ALL CNN TALKED about was Can we please get the Fairness Doctrine back? What a disservice
there was a truth in news law, Saint Reagan dismantled it in 1987. It was called the Fairness Doctrine.
what we need is the fairness doctrine back and Stop this political Stockholm syndrome
What’s Unfair About the Fairness Doctrine? Conservatives can't win fair airing of ideas so they silence the liberals http:/…
We did it in the past, with Fairness Doctrine. And then Reagan dismantled it. . We need a New Fairness Doctrine.
The GOP has made opposition to The Fairness Doctrine a key belief. . They may rethink that stand if Trump is the only GOPper getting airtime.
2 words to stop it: Fairness Doctrine.
Conservatives struck down Fairness Doctrine in early 1987. This is what led to Downey, Limbaugh, Fox, and all that followed.
Fairness Doctrine struck down in 1987. This led to Downey & all that followed.
The problem is The Donald is obscuring everybody else--nobody's hearing their messages. I miss the Fairness Doctrine.
Can we please please get these *** off the air! It's time to demand the Fairness Doctrine be re-instated!
Reagan got rid Fairness Doctrine, opened conduit to propaganda .
Who owns the media platforms? Why was the Fairness Doctrine killed? Who is Doremus Jessup?
Fox News is nothing but propaganda 24/7! Bring back the Fairness Doctrine! Honesty in News is vital to Democracy!
More Reagan toxicity. Reinstating the FCC's Fairness Doctrine is something President Sanders should address.
Corrupt Reagan's FCC killed the Fairness Doctrine leading to RW hate radio & Fox polluting our airwaves.
😎 I also worked with a group that employed the fairness-doctrine, always.
Implore Congress to Strengthen the Communications Act by Reinstating an Improved Fairness Doctrine
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Ever notice how so much legislation is named for the opposite of its true intention ... Fairness Doctrine, Patriot Act, Net Neutrality, AHCA
Well, there's the whole pundit-industrial complex that stirs up scares about the Fairness Doctrine—but I take yr pt re: 10th.
His killing of the Fairness Doctrine gave rise to Hate Radio and Fox, otherwise their influence would be negligible
The killing of the Fairness Doctrine destroyed journalism in America and ruined our country's decent dialogue
Reagan's FCC killed the Fairness Doctrine opening the door for hate radio & Fox to pollute our nation's airwaves. http:/…
That was actually when MOST of our trouble started. . BRING BACK THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE NOW!!!
We could talk about the Fairness Doctrine, but in reality shaping public opinion is big money. Bernie's reforms can help.
Hmmm. Pre-net was before repeal of fairness doctrine. I suspect more info than you think may have been broadcast. Optimist
Profanity? I'm talking about freedom of speech. Fairness doctrine.
Everything you need to know about the Fairness Doctrine in one post
No, the Fairness Doctrine has been gone for a long time now.
The removal of the Fairness Doctrine by Reagan was the beginning of the destruction. We have no truth in media laws period.
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