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Fair Deal

The Fair Deal was the term given to an ambitious set of proposals put forward by United States President Harry S.

that sounds fair anyone has been following me for 3 or more hours has to preorder BAOT hold…
fair play last night mate, you are the real deal!! Speed kills as they say 👊 hope to be at another 1 of your fights soon!
Can we stop talking about what is and deal with reality. Life isn't fair. The option to do nothing does not exist.
Point is there should be the same prospects for all in UK. Clearly the English feel they're not getting a fair deal.
Fair deal now looks like a good Communist idea in comparison.
To be fair, there’s no easy place to put them. I’d rather be in Rangers division and deal w/ West Coast…
.- Social care gaps pool risk and are more fair. Comprehensive benefit reforms will deal with benefi…
I'm not begging at all,stands to sense,they need us more than we need them but we need a FAI…
if the EU Juncker Club don't stop being childish,then this could be a possibility. A Fair Deal is needed for BOTH Sid…
Putin will give them a fair deal. This is just silly from this incompetent administration
Nothing says world peace like signing a $110 billion arms deal.
For a fair deal for young people, make sure you register to vote and support Labour on 8 June ↓ https…
And the America Left tried that. The Square Deal, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, th…
Can Get a Fair Deal in the by Steven Hill
Fair Deal a is One of the best leading car Company in Fair Deal
LPO's are the Privatised part of Australia Post yet no support, Fair Deal needed
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
i find it fair cause europe doesn't have to deal with hv and we do BUT we listen to the new song 😋
fair play if he wants something longer. I'm happy we rent saying here's 3yr deal for sake of 1 year out of him.
84% of people polled worry a “great deal” or a “fair amount’ about polluted drinking water. Do you?
like its Jolly Jen & Kranky Kris at Hco. Like we're a package deal this isn't fair
Obama tells Howard grads they will have to deal w/ ignorance and racism at every stage in their lives. That's not fair, but life i…
READ: FAIR trade w/ broad benefits for all Americans IS POSSIBLE, but doesn't cut it, says
fair enough. I think it's a good deal alround! Promotion, he's getting on, wage gone, sign good younger players
Bring some back for me, 'kay? I have to deal with being nuts AND being associated with these people. Dat ain't fair!
to be fair Walsall to Barnsley on Saturday deal easier than ending up in Sheffield @ 10pm on Friday f you live in Brighton!
Sounds like he wants three if he's considering Rangers. Think everyone agrees a two year deal is fair
fair enough on that point.But heres another. Where'd we be without what he did under the circumstances he had to deal with?
another piece from this side of the pond. I am a doctor who wants a fair deal for nurses is all.
Cramps should give you abs. that sounds like a fair deal
sorry, missed it. Fair deal and I think I’d want the AP side
Not all trade deals r good trade deals. Anyone who negotiates 4 a living knows that if both sides feel they lost, its prob a good/fair deal.
I think it was fair deal at the time, considering his age aswell
Total Giving v JustGiving - Gloves are off, time for a fair deal for
fair enough :0 I only have to deal with them a few minutes anyway
Everyone always makes a biggo deal off the fair like if Obama is coming or sumthin
ICAO talks getting crunchy on how to find a fair deal for all countries and achieve CNG2020 goal http…
But you have the cutest of all beings with you. A fair deal ID say :3
Yes, I liked it a fair bit. Was looking for a deal on the Blu Ray just last night in fact..!
Which is why the deal is off and you're fair game
McCandless: There's a great deal of contrast in it; and currently it's upside-down on our monitor, but we can make out a fair amount of
Fair Trade, Organic Midnight Sun Coffee on Co+op Deal for just $7.99lb! ☕️💜 When…
I wonder if as a club we’re worried about the book out in September. 3 year deal not on -2 years sounds fair
welcome to life buddy. Life isn't fair. Deal with it
I just better have a good deal mar fair buddy because I love the fair .
It's a big deal to both Madrid and Barcelona. So it's only fair for the winner to celebrate. Let's not take sides.
fair point, the "deal" has been closed for the Dems for sometime, it is just the dem voters dont see it...but China does!
Exactly. She can't and you can. Make a fair deal arrangement with Russia and let's be friends with them. Cuba? ***
Bruh! I cudnt negotiate my way into gettin a fair deal on my business stock amongst oda things dt happened today
I wish they would just pay me lol. I've done my fair share of hard work. Got me stuck in a rookie deal; like I ain't a vet 😒
I'd say $50 plus $21 for shipping and printing is a pretty fair deal for a custom tcg mat. I spent hours on this...
brow. It was an interesting bet, for sure, but she wanted to make sure it was a fair deal. The male certainly had her attention.
think it is a fair deal,I just hate Abdullah lol
I get her a ring, she gets me a Rolex. Sounds like a fair deal to me.
If Crooked Hillary Clinton can't close the deal on Crazy Bernie, how is she going to take on China, Russia, ISIS and a…
Your government is only hope for fair deal with 700 famalies
Yeah, fair. But the 1st part was in aid of what he believes - trying to sell the deal to his backbenchers
I'll fight for fair not flawed Devolution for Greater Manchester, by demanding a fairer deal as follows:
[$25.00] Oliva Serie amp;39;Vamp;39; Joe Cigar by JoeCigar: . Just as fair warning, today`s deal is g...
They just wanted you to give it a fair shot instead of saying "I dont get it whats the deal" over and over after playin for 5min
64% of American adults say they are worried a “great deal” or “fair amount” about
all I want is a fair deal. But not getting one at the moment
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
. Still I say that NS and IK can b trialed with SAME TORs.and whoever is guilty, should b punished. . Fair deal?
Is there something comparable in other parts of life to "Trout won't be traded because he's worth too much for anyone to offer a fair deal"?
How about customers strike??don't pay bill???that should wake u up..get the Verizon workers back with a fair deal!!
How your party is dealing with Electoral Reform is disheartening, even to me. CDNs need a fair deal. http…
what is only fair and right into the fund. It's a national disgrace that they refuse to do so and if a deal is put in place
I'm sure they gave him a fair deal. I was just thinking that a guy with Belt's defense and power ability would make a lot.
Great news... Consumers wud get a fair deal.. Hindustan Unilever told to erase 'Ice Cream' word from Kwality...
if Pablo got $100 mil, Belt would not have gotten $150 mil. Probably $70-80. Giants will give him a fair deal.
Fair enough Pochettino won’t sign new deal if Spurs sell stars
More FAKE accusations of voter fraud. Trump LOST fair and square you big sore loser. Deal with it.
that sounds like a fair deal. I get to buy you beer to get back something that was originally mine.
Ella wanted to meet I got to go to Fair deal. Super excited kid of ours. https…
This sounds very fair. If I lose one more pound, the Crying MJ meme misery ends. Deal? Deal!
To be fair to Gerard..he does not claim to deal in (or seek on public broadcasters) facts, fact checking or evidence
What bosses/Libs said when last Lab Govt made minor changes to deal with temp visa rorts
Let's make a deal. One of your biscuits for a pie. Sounds fair or do you want the hot chips?
My deal with myself is that if I'm wrong - i end my own life. That's fair to me, considering the circumstances and the things i say.
Antquane hasn't been to the fair and he doesn't realize how much of a big deal this is
no it doesn't. One foreign country trade deal at a time. If they treat us unfairly, then it's fair to stop trade with them.
Sms reseller fair deal-an constrict so as to unlatch the unlooked-for skit: hJruhHiNP
So like... I was used to doing the whole submission/"let him do his thing and just don't get on his nerves" deal bc I thought it was fair
Smerconish Same deal! Shameful bias. *** it, Don, u were the last 1 I thought was fair. 😢
B S Yeddyurappa >> Too bad, there is no fair investigation to deal with Twist rules, as some please. Voters need to take charge.
JD Martinez and Hector Santiago for Jose Fernandez and C. Beltran a fair deal?
if I have to deal with my period I feel like it's only fair that everyone around me has to deal with how annoying I am on my p…
J&K cops fume over NIT backlash! fair point, they regularly deal with Kashmir in this manner & the rest of the country…
crime. If a NI citizen views themself as British, fair enough. If they view themself as Irish. Fair enough. No big deal.
Wenger: "They have made a good deal, they have negotiated very well. Is it fair? Is it not fair? It is legal"
fair deal. The only loser in this trade is Ryan Griffin
I know Trevor Story is a big deal, but Jeremy Hazelbaker had only been up six times and has two homers and a double.
Special offer and fair deal . . More:
says that Scottish farmers are not getting a fair deal. Fresh thinking on markets & public procurement needed
BUTTS ARE GROSS. but alright that's a fair deal.
Way chamber pot an irs inspection secondary force you irrespective of the offshore prolegomenon angelophany fair deal?: gywGqa
hey, sounds like a fair deal to me. Consider it done, my man. Thanks!
One major thing I've learned this year is that life is definitely not fair but you just have to deal with it and keep mo…
Memo To: This is how to negotiate a fair deal. Better for everyone. Members and public.
You know what - Fair play to Axl Rose and Slash, like those two getting back together is a big deal so nice one guys!
Wish FOX understood was talking about NYC not State of NY Not every1 is on the take & making a DEAL Lets be FAIR & BALANCED kiddies
life's not fair never will be isn't for anyone. We all deal with it. My rights are more important than feelings.
That we shouldn't have trade deal with tax haven fair argument. But argument that Panama trade deal caused it is BS
I've been really slackin' lately, lol so this is a fair deal Presh
Found the best way to deal with Bug's "it's not fair"s. Today it was: "It's not fair that X has so many houses and we don't even have one."
That's what hurts me the most because those who are now have to deal with the questions.. The scrutiny.. And it ain't fair. Not at all
Fair observation. I think Spence would help them a great deal, but I have no idea if their security people will check off.
That's integrity, and how you build a loyal customer-base. I have many artists I work with regularly because they deal fair.
.I would so much rather deal with hundreds of fair weather riders than one angry driver.
the NHS never get a fair deal. many want it privatised without any plan to aid the very poorest. that is NOT at all Fair
Would you want your daughter to have to deal with that??!. What would be your fair solution for everyone.
Someone gave birth without a hint. Life isn't really fair, deal with it. MIHO SA KAPAMILYA CHAT
I predict a successful election for Plaid this May. Not because of independence or language, but because people want a fair…
It's really not fair that we can't just decide to deal with stuff when we're ready, and choose blankets & tea otherwise.
I have an iPhone 4S. I have taken real good care of it. don't think it's fair to be excluded from this deal over a technicality
to be fair, I haven't been run into the ground or harassed at all. Lots trans women deal with all sorts of *** online
I'm asking why they voted him . Is it because he wants a fair deal for poor people ?
FlightPath 1.5 says current proposals for a global aviation climate deal fall far below what is needed for aviation to play its fair share
The demolition of North Omaha continues. This photo by Linda Williams shows all that's left of the Fair Deal...
fair deal. Just don't comment on 'white' music anymore then. Or use 'white' co-producers on your album.
There's a whole heap of Toy Fair news to deal with this week, join Stu and Tricky as they go through it.
please come back and host PS4 tourneys, you were the only fair host that wasn't impossible to deal with
agree with your point re other clubs but fact is we loose out and he should fight this. Fair deal for lufc
Calling all Boy and Girl Scouts and 4Hers! Have we got a deal for you at Fair Oaks Farms! Check it out!
Comment: Westminster beware, Scotland won't get fooled again
can deal with that later, after we take our girl to the fair and buy her funnel cake and cheese fries that daddy owes her. |I look over -
Fair deal is not available in four weeks. Incompetence in system means it takes 4 weeks to get through the red tape.
we will follow the constitution as well as Obama has for appointing new Supreme Court! Turn about is fair with it!
make a deal to try for one month; she'll see a change in you, and continue! That's fair.
Seems like a fair deal, other team can't complain.
Career politician lovers is not fair a balanced sad day deal with results instead of personality
But no deal to the middle class who lost most of the wealth, especially black people. Call that fair!.
I'm real deal mad the fair yet another year didn't put a giraffe in the petting thing.
A fair deal for refugees and British citizens | Letters
sounds like a pseudo-loan deal. Could it be related to structuring finances for Financial Fair Play?
What do you think a fair price is for Matt Forte? 1 year deal?
Yeah I agree, need to come to a fair deal for both parties though, cause we have holes to fill also
You can still deal with it but you're not being fair here! I mean, yeah, you don't care, but you have also played the
trade whiteside and goran for Love and Kyrie.. Fair deal
If or mentions the fair deal one more time! That's bureaucracy not a health service delivery!!!
"BDS, an economic war waged by campaigners dismayed at the stubborn refusal of the Jews to be thrown into the sea" https…
"Life isn’t fair. But it’s how you deal with this fact that either makes you or breaks you."
No mention of Fair Deal. If extended to disability, people could be supported in their own homes instead of nursing homes!
knew exactly what to do when my C-section went a bit awry. They deserve a fair deal & have my support.
FF would destroy all progress made to date—they opposed Free GP care, and opposed our targeted investment in Fair Deal. …
FF opposed Free GP care, and opposed targeted investment in Fair Deal. FF would destroy any progress to date
We need a Fair Deal for our community services Workshop in Lismore
Tory Council cost Croydon residents over 750k with their failure to negotiate a Fair Deal on trade licences for both residents & business
we fight we win we.WE HAVE A FAIR NEW DEAL
St-Pierre, Davidson and Chakraborty: Calling for a fair deal for TAs across campus
I think it's a fair deal. I'd rather have Rielly though
Now you have a fair deal, will you pay more to NPAS to share the cost more fairly with Cleveland ?
after seeing MDZ this year I am upset his fair deal ends next year
If you need the depth, that's a pretty fair deal. You're gaining quite a bit of steals there.
...I get the text from buddy that he isn't ready to make a deal. Little does he know I got 2 others willing to give me a fair price.
Which, to be fair, IS kind of a big deal…
Ah now...we can purchase abroad but not win abroad...make us a fair deal. 😏
A few acceptable internet all over geo probe broadband sustainment fair deal: qmJhb
Its Time to Bring This Toxic Greedy Liberal Government of Turnbull to an End in 2016 at The Voting Booth.The Only way to Get a Fair Deal!
not for an all NBA 1st teamer. If you think that deal is fair your nuts.
Those kinds of people make me sick. I've had a fair share of having to deal with people like that. Disgusting.
exactly! It's horror for those commuting daily. Not given a fair deal at all
That sounds like a fair enough deal! Let's do it, then!
I disagree on "best individual episodes" because a fair deal were literally "lol so randum" themed
anything can happen. Bruins traded seguin for Eriksson and Reilly smith. That was a really fair deal
To be fair, maybe the SNES9X license holders have a deal in place for this? I don't quite have the time this one out right this second.
Fair board cuts deal for rights to Hoopfest
Fair board cuts deal for rights to Hoopfest via
Unspun Discusses the Secret Trade Deal with Kathryn Johnson, Advocate for Fair Trade and Human Rights
lolol fair enough it's a deal and hurt toes are so worth a vip Dinner lol
Skaters shouldn't deal with this. This isn't fair to us, plus its disgusting to have to clean up.
To be fair, looks the real deal. Amazed Villa let him leave.
wife says she spent a fair deal on my christmas gift! I'm really hoping for a camera from canon! Updates on
I agree with ActionAid: Paris deal "provides an important hook on which people can hang their demands."
1vs1 would be a fair deal, but If Im JK, I want D. If John cant play RJ the right way, how it would be different with Alex?!
Whether you are just starting your career or have built a vast marital estate, the right divorce attorney is crucial to getting a fair deal.
Thanks Josh. We'll ensure no one is denied our drug or pays >$10 out-of-pocket. It is a fair deal for more research. htt…
Like who would seriously think that's a fair trade?? Or that these players are even comparable to the ones in the Shelby Miller deal?
So it turns out I can get through a fair amount of bourbon without a great deal of effect. Nice.
The Deal Community Christmas Fair is happening tomorrow (18th Dec) at the Landmark from 3pm to 8pm all proceeds to local good causes
to be fair, we did need some more depth and I think in hindsight I'd still make the deal
Being a long time PCYC shareholder, I think $ABBV paid fair value. And they salvaged their own abt-199 by making the deal
fair chunk won't be in public hands. No self off by RP holders either in last six weeks suggests they like deal
So much potential with this model! Imogen Heap Inks Pub Deal with 'Fair Trade' System
To be fair, I'm seeking the same deal.
Congress' half-trillion-dollar spending binge via for iPad. BUT NO rase for military or Vets not fair
Love negotiating at the car & not sure if you are getting a fair deal? We can help you
Life just isn't fair, and I guess I've learned to deal with that.
.presser ahead of "I want a fair deal for - a deal that is also fair for the other 27 Member …
Government agrees to meet Birmingham MPs on a Fair Deal for our City facing biggest cuts in Local Government history http…
. A blind person can see why are these veterans cribbing. They got nothing in previous govt but want more than fair deal
Did we mention Santa is coming to GRUB CHRISTMAS FOOD FAIR? Not 1 of his helpers either. The real deal. He'll be up for a too!
I am hoping for a fair deal on climate change
I buy you a cool time you buy me a bottle of vodka. Fair deal.
Fair point. Hence new deal that's been rumoured?
Hi, thanks 4 getting in touch. Ur issue needs to be escalated immediately to the after-sale team. Please DM I'll deal w/ it
The so-called $1.9 B deal btwn & Africa. We don't need it. We want to have a fair trade, stop fueling wars in Africa & ArabCountries.
Rutland and Melton MP vows to fight for ‘fair deal’ in light of proposed Fire Service cuts
least not taking their fair share of responsibility for it is eating me up. I need to deal with it and I don't know how to. Please don't
Sounds like a fair deal. I suppose I should motivate you first really, because I'll be useless after the sedative..
Our fair is fast approaching,are you looking for a great deal?
there's nothing wrong with that bcos we also export 'Koobi' n 'mononi' to them. Fair deal
that's not fair, you reduced the gist to the realm of my myopism. As if he doesn't hv oda issues to deal with in populous Lagos.
How to deal with fair weather friends?
Life ain't fair just got to find ways to deal with it👌🏽
Commonwealth cleaners will get their pay and conditions restored under a govt
So why didn't they get a fair deal under the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Govts? Mushroom pickers? You're a disingenuous cretin
That is a typical male chauvinistic statement. Not fair. The world has changed. Is changing. Deal wt it
Choice la lares and penates take in hand fair deal: SDFI
You have time to protest, but you don't have time to work your way through college? Life isn't fair, deal with it.
Having lived in New York, I think that's probably a fair deal for a part time gig, risking your life aside.
"In short, is what U.S. negotiators need to win a fair deal for the American worker":.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Looks like the bribe isn't big enough. Fair EU trade deal for Africa instead?
MF invests in startups . Allocates to Blue Chip Growth Fund. Marks down/up prices w/o next round, in public. Fair deal?.
The deal wasn't exactly fair. We gained much more than Iran did. But I don't see how it matters. They saw the relief as worth it
Last Fair Deal has a show on 2015-11-14 at 23:00 @ Estac... in San Vicente De Alcantara, EXTRE
"I've got a fair amount, if you're interested. I can get you a good deal."
I don't even understand why they had to return it. I mean, it was a signed deal. 1% of all transactions. Fair enough
A fair deal for Commonwealth cleaners |
I took them fair and square there mine now deal with it
Fair enough (re: keyboard shortcuts), but then I don't want to hear about Xcode running on an iPad. Deal?
The world doesn't cater to everyone, life isn't fair, buck up and deal with it, the quickest way to failure is to try and please everyone
Though it obviously favors d collecting agent, one must ask,is 1% charged on all revn made by FG a fair deal 4 govt?
if you can deal then fair play. I shall indeedy
That's a fair deal! Don't be surprised if you get addicted!
Danger at the Fair by Peg Kehret 1995 with Dust Jacket Young Adult Mystery
"Or, I give you 3 of my teeth & won't burn your apartment down.i think that's a fair deal, don't you?" He smirked
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Some stuff I just can't take and WON'T deal with any longer. I believe everyone deserves a fair chance, but ...
Fair needs 2 b done ASAP
District 742 is sweetening the deal for qualified bus driver applicants.
It doesn't sound like any other language if I'm being honest although to be I haven't heard a fair deal of others anyways
for a fixed price depending on which league you play in. Then the player and the club all get a fair deal.
I think it's a fair deal for both, but would do it if I needed RB help.
"Meghan Trainor will undergo surgery to deal with a vocal cord hemorrhage." -Bradley
Cultural Arts Reps - don't forget to visit us at the Fair this Saturday for a special deal!
fair enough-I don't see it as a big deal though. Just taking away it saying boy or girl. Kids will still choose
Don't be manipulated by paranoid racist Israeli's. The deal is fair. Plus most Persians love the US.
He can't shoot, poor free throw shooter, fair defender. Wants max deal. Would rather pay max to Wade!
So who really benefits? The farmer with 10p I think not. Another gimmick and still not a fair deal for
Nice doing their bit for UK farmers today,in Cheshire we already have giving farmers a fair deal and also a great taste
Grid connection is key hurdle for many rural renewable energy projects
It's gone be to ghetto at the fair tonight I can't even deal im cool with paying regular admission
Agree 100%. He is not worth a max deal. The Cavs offer is more than fair. Let him go after this year.
Random but I've very passionate about dairy farmers getting a fair deal on price of milk. Great to see their protests gath…
Cardin also voted against Iraq War when he was in the House, like Menendez, and he's a fair bet to vote against the Iran deal.
Thats shameful.Whoever brokered that deal should be shot.I would say 3 times that woud be fair enough.What they paying for MLS
Severa nodded. Not fair to him, however she needed to deal with the anger swirling deep inside her. "I'll stand by until --
Ouru cares more about LAPSSET than loss-making hellhole that is Mumias. Market for Ugandan sugar in exchange for a pipeline …
We continuously review the way we purchase milk to ensure we provide a fair deal for our customers and UK dairy farmers. (1/2)
"We do not accept the idea that Senator Schumer or anyone else is a fair target for racist incitement"
Oh no, what happened Hun? I'm sorry you gotta deal with all the crazy haters. It's not fair that they harass you guys. Hugs!
helllo do follow back as I follow u tnk that's a fair deal...
hey do follow back as I do follow you I suppose that's a fair deal
helllo how are sweet hellish princess do follow back as I follow u that's a fair deal
Of course it's self serving but still, well done to Morrisons for doing a deal fair deal with the milk farmers.
hi do follow back as I follow you that's a fair deal lol
A trade deal is only good if it benefits both parties? Seen a fair one yet?
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
well I don't mind paying for Fury Wlad to be fair. Don't want Brook to get a penny out the deal tho. He's bent.
lol we gotta deal with talks makeup and weave. It's only fair
Examining Used Cars in Green Bay, WI to Ensure you Get a Fair Deal
How Osborne used taxpayers’ money to stop same taxpayers’ getting a fair deal out of top bankers in City.
that sounds eminently fair to me. Deal. *spits on hand* *thinks better of it*
fair enough but I would implore u to do a bit of research before u vote tho, make an informed choice! Its a big big big deal!
Mackay Offshore Recreational Group official 1st meeting,no costs Shamrock Hotel beer garden this Saturday 20th at 2 - 4pm. Topics fish filleting legislation and demostration, size reduction red emporer 55 to 52/53 cm. Bag limits and other issues. Gov' Review 4 Coral Reef Fin Fish in process now Submisions close 30th Oct. Not many ppl know about this process. Lets unite nd fight 4 a fair deal. We have a big suprise for our State Gov next week but I need you all to help so we can abolish some legislation. This is our last chance to make our voice heard. We must act now. Pls forward this txt 2 others. Ladies welcome
Since is on this week it seemed fair that I drop by to chat with
. . This is why we Aboriginal people get ripe off and can't get an fair deal and our own people are doing it with the greed that the white business people put up their money, would you do that if you was in that position ? So please read below ok and make your own mind up. The White Invader say that they won't make the same mistake when they Invader Aboriginal Country and they make sure that they treat Aboriginal people fairly and justly well write this and see just how fairly and justly they treat us Aboriginal people and for 21 years now and they won't justify it and meet with the real living families of our grandfather David Unaipon and make an deal face to face's. Brothersinarms Leader . A true Rankine spirit gutless ways attack my brother Allan Chirpy Campbell inside Coles supper market this after noon saying you the barstad talking about my father Henry Rankine my brother Chirpy said ya well what about my uncle Telford Uniapon and grandfather David Uniapon they both dead too are we not allowed to sp ...
You're a disgrace giving yourself a $60,000 pay rise but continue NOT to offer a fair deal to paramedics
Whatever the outcome in its time the West Lothian question is answered for a fair deal for England
Fair enough. I thought James would have made a bigger impact by now in the NFL. In San Fran's defense, Hyde is the real deal
50 50 (%) Justice (fair deal) Romans. 5:19 For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous. Adam's disobedience Jesus's obedience the battle is not YOURS. YOURS is victory.
Bet he was paying her in milk, that's a fair deal?
But actually, there's a fair deal of difference between "illegal" and "immoral" too.
Great to see so many Partners this week & Colliers Wood enjoying the benefits of thier new F…
A to Z reading: A: Avoid Negative sources, people, places, things and Habits B: Believe in yourself C: Consider Things from every angle D: Don't Give up and don't give in E: Appreciate Life today F: Family and Friends are Hidden Treasures, seek, enjoy and maintain them. G: Give more than you planned to H: Hang on to your dreams I: Ignore those who try to discourage you. J: Just DO IT! K: Keep trying no matter how hard it seems - it will get easier L: Love yourself first and MOST M: Make it Happen N: Never Lie, Cheat or Steal; always strike a fair deal O: Open your eyes and see things as they really are. P: Practice makes PERFECT Q: Quitters never win, and Winners never quit R: Read Study and Learn About everything important in your life S: Stop Procrastinating T: Take control of your own DESTINY U: Understand yourself to better understand others V: Visualize it! W: Work harder no matter what X: Xcellerate your efforts Y: Yern for excellence. Z: Zero in on your target and go for it! "Give the world the BES ...
C'mon be fair, National deserves to get something from that awful casino deal
I'm sorry, hun, but that's the deal! It's a fair trade, I reckon :-)
Fair play for pre-pay - the new campaign to ensure energy customers on pre-pay meters get a fair deal - more to follow...
Good luck Scotland! if it's yes I'm sure we'll find a fair deal on the pound and Westminster will be super helpful with all the paperwork 🙈
I went nuts at them!! but to be fair its not that hard to go and find my name!! so my efforts arent working a great deal!x
Time to share power in Afghanistan . no chat w AA? fair assessment/pragmatic approach spelled out by
To be fair I learned a great deal from my people across the racial barrier. However the messed me up by being racist to me in my face.
Textbook now telling me that unions have declined because they're less important to getting a fair deal at work. Barfin
Tip-top advantages as regards a web-based savings account software fair deal pretext remedial of unoriginal...
It's honestly not even fair how often I have to deal with severe anxiety attacks. I would NEVER wish this upon anyone... holy crap.
please invest in more carriages at peak times. The conditions paying customers deal with really isn't very fair.
That's fair. What I'm able to do fluctuates a great deal from day to day, so I figured I'd ask.
A better deal for & is long but is now on it's way. A deal is for these
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
India is optimistic of signing fair deal of investment for the country during Incursion issue will be raised too.
Wouldn't be tired the night before the career fair.. No big deal. Not like I'm going for possible full time jobs or anything
deal. Plus two shots or fireball, 1 shot of jäger to be fair
Go us a coffee and a cake and we'll do this in return... deal?
in more than 1 position. We overpaid, fair enough. But not every deal is going to be a bargain.
I guess it's only fair sense they have to deal with how I smell
With respect to Jim and barg team, I agree w/ Tara - this is not a fair deal for kids, teachers or
Yes, the strike was about ideology, values and commitment! Still not a fair deal.
Everyone should come on cod4 I will only rpg on broadcast and no other map now I think that is a fair deal
Newsreel sales winnipeg - make fair promise favorable regard every deal with: rnakvN
well to be fair we're both being rude. So were both breaking the rules of the deal.
Everyday I deal with children throwing tantrums. I want to throw a tantrum and I want to scream and cry this isn't fair.
Government said no so I assume they'll hold to that. Sticking point to me is that this deal is far from fair.
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