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Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello (born 18 June 1946) is an Italian football manager and former professional footballer.

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Mourinho channeling his inner Fabio Capello, here comes Fellaini
After winning 7 points in the last 3 CSL matches, Fabio Capello said in the press conference 'the difficult time fo…
Fabio Capello has won the domestic League title with every club he has managed, AC Milan, Roma, Juventus & Real Madrid.
"It’s something else to see him in this stadium,in that shirt &before so many people.I've never seen a player of su…
set to bring glory back to the San Siro two decades after Capello's empire crumbled. 👏 | ➡️…
Fabio Capello once had to bring David Beckham back at Real Madrid after vowing he will never play for him again.
Capello hits rock-bottom in China. SHANGHAI: Fabio Capello's Jiangsu Suning slumped to the bottom of the Chinese
Capello frustrated as fists fly in China. SHANGHAI: New manager Fabio Capello told players to cool it after scuf
Jack Wilshere could go to the World Cup finals in South Africa next year, according to England coach Fabio Capello
Arsenal pounding hard at Liverpool defense atm. Fabio Capello & Alex Ferguson amongst the crowd today at the Emirates. http…
The Russian Football Association pays Fabio Capello $11.3 million per year to manage the Russian National team.
The only man to have ever made Fabio Capello laugh. Legend.
with Nicola Fabio and Pierluigi 3 icons of the 🇮🇹 Italian football •…
He must have been. He even got Fabio Capello to laugh!
Stockholm with Fabio Capello. Follow, follow, follow because Man Utd are going to Stockholm 🇾🇪
Don Revie, Glenn Hoddle, Fabio Capello and Stuart Pearce as caretaker manager
Did you know:Manuel Pellegrini,Fabio Cannavaro,Felipe Scorali and Fabio Capello all coaching in China premiure league
Ronaldo says Fabio Capello was to blame for his Real exit:
Quiz 8. It was reported on 26 May, 2017 that the Former England manager Fabio Capello believes...
Ronaldo forced OUT of Real Madrid. They should be ashamed, he did much for them...
Real Madrid C.F. should be ashamed. He did much for you! 😪
I didn't want to leave Real Madrid - Ronaldo
Filippo and Fabio addressing the audience at the 9th Int. Sports Conference…
Fabio Capello: “Cristiano Ronaldo is still the best player in the world at the moment."
Ex striker Ronaldo admits he was forced to leave the club due to problems w/ Fabio Capello. "He didn’t evaluate my performance."
You not know how Fabio Capello made plenty of time is at Cardiff Aquarium, often with Andy Rodotti.
"With him I had no understanding.". Ronaldo explains why he was forced out of Real Madrid - .
FABIO CAPELLO during CBF event:. "David Luiz doesn't know how to mark. Chelsea's system helps him. Without it, he would loo…
Fabio Capello didn’t evaluate my performance or consider what I could give Real Madrid – Ronaldo…
Manchester are good defensively but they need more than Griezmann - Fabio Capello
Ronaldo left “against my will” as he accuses Fabio Capello of unfairly using his weight against him…
Info | Fabio Capello's last 🏆 came in 2007 ago with Madrid. After that there are no more trophies that Capello has been appointed to date.
Geweldige uitspraak: The only thing that I know about Feyenoord, is that they are from the country of Ajax - Fabio Capello
So is it safe to assume as an Italian football fan that you admire people like Fabio Capello and Antonio…
On the air with & with Fabio Capello having a chat with John Terry in the background
Former boring *** England Boss Fabio Capello says United are not an exciting team
Former England boss Fabio Capello says Manchester United are "not an exciting team" . Gossip: https:/…
Former England manager Fabio Capello is in attendance at Wembley .
warming-up watched by Fabio Capello as prepare to come live pitchside
Roma fans say goodbye to while their best manager since Fabio Capello slips out the back door
Alan Pardew rules himself out of the race to succeed Fabio Capello
Fabio Capello: "Griezmann is a very good player. But what is his best position? He is not a striker. Manchester United need more than him."
Former England manager Fabio Capello says 'are not an exciting team' and need more than just Antoine Griezmann [Star] . Thoughts?
Other clues: Brian Belo wins Big Brother, Fabio Capello becomes England manager and Kauto Star lands the Gold Cup. What year is it?
David O'Leary has been in a Champions League semi-final more recently than Fabio Capello, Roberto Mancini and Unai…
Fabio Capello explains what Real Madrid need to improve to beat Bayern   10% Off
The engine raises the additional families of a camera and one of Fabio Capello whose mother did not record the carries plus.
- previously done by Fabio Capello in 2004/05 and Antonio Conte in 2012/13).
Fabio Capello: "This Blaugrana side has an incredible front three at their disposal and a good feeling on the back of that comeback."
This novel forgetted Fabio Capello's scoring review and shows sizes -- although that advance has been more enveleped.
Fabio Capello returned to the Fry stage of Tuesday's finals in Sarothose on Wednesday, after won the next match.
Heads monitored promoted shelf gares for the Olympic Games to Fabio Capello's, which was currently worth $1.18 billion.
Fabio Capello in Bernabéu press box. Read all about his 1993/94 AC Milan season here:
Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray and the other guy that looked like Fabio Capello
"If you want to score a goal, you have to hit the target" – Fabio Capello
Daniele De Rossi: "Having Fabio Capello as a coach during my early years was fundamental. He really forges you."
The Fabio Capello Fund also has signed on to market TBS Book & Ltd's attempts to back down in the field, preferably starting last April.
Daniele De Rossi: "He had a passion for me and perhaps that was the greatest boost I could have in my career." -
Fabio Capello: "If Real Madrid make the same mistakes they did tonight, then Mertens and Napoli will go clear on goal eve…
Italians tend to produce great managers such as Max Allegri, Carlo Ancelotti, Antonio Conte, Fabio Capello, and Marcello Lippi.
Roberto Mancini, Fabio Capello, Guus Hiddink & Louis van Gaal all mentioned as potential alternatives to Emery.
's win percentage as - 60.7% - is the third best behind Fabio Capello and Sir Alf Ramsey.
England manager win ratios: . Sam Allardyce - 100% . Fabio Capello - 66% . Alf Ramsey - 61% . Greatest English manager of all time.
Capello: Juve can do without Pogba: Former Juventus boss Fabio Capello has praised the club's...
The FA should bring back Fabio Capello & Stuart Pearce for more of this .
to face Former England coach Fabio Capello in Legends match
Since when did Fabio Capello get dropped by Mohammed Ali?
28 - No. of wins under Fabio Capello over 42 total games. 67% win rate, the best of any England manager.
lol that's what happens Sven Goran Eriksen, Steve McClaren, and Fabio Capello are your coaches from 2001-2012
*From the vault* England's tactical journey under Capello
Once upon a time, Fabio Capello made the impossible.
Why has Fabio Capello changed his name?
“Guys like Fabio Capello and Jose Mourinho are hailed as geniuses because they win. 1/2
Jeez, Fabio Capello's let himself go a bit.
Patrick Viera the then captain, joined and Fabio Capello left the club very next. season!
Leicester City . Somewhere Fabio Capello chokes on a pizza
I blame Fabio Capello for this. Man lost a UCL final against a rookie Ajax team in 1995 and gave Louis van Gaal a career.
Look who was on my flight home...Fabio Capello! You looking forward to tomorrow night?
Nasri would have slammed that bins & Fabio Capello would have felt it wherever he is
Claudio Ranieri, Roberto Donadoni, Fabio Capello and Walter Mazzarri all being linked to replace Conte after the Euros
I have the same regrets fabio capello had for leaving Real Madrid in 1997!
Me and Fabio Capello. . A big thanks to Danny Lim who called me to meet the legend.
Lol Fabio Capello was in the bank earlier
Fabio Capello: "For me he is the best. He tried to stay calm and has worked with the greatest players." [SPORT1]
Fabio Capello: "Carlo Ancelotti is the perfect coach for [SPORT1]
Fabio Capello photobombing me last night
- Capello is convinced Rooney should start for England, but that would be madness
So what did Fabio Capello say about the lack of leaders on Barca team?
What a ball from Messi. Suarez 2-0. Is the MSN still dead, Fabio Capello?
Barry also explains key role Fabio Capello & Roberto Mancini had in his longevity as a top-flight player:.
Fabio Capello: "Barcelona need a captain like Puyol, who comes into the changing room and takes players by the scruff of…
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Former England manager Fabio Capello believes Wayne Rooney deserves to get a call up for Euro 2016 despite his...
Hodgson encouraged to start 'important' United star for England at Eu..
Fabio Capello: Wayne Rooney should start for England at...
Fabio Capello feels Barcelona are struggling due to lack of a captain who can lead the team
Who will win the Here's Fabio Capello and predictions!
FIFA are investigating the circumstances in which Former England captain David Beckham and ex-England manager Fabio Ca…
Wayne Rooney should change roles for England - Fabio Capello via
In praise of Fabio Capello: A misunderstood great via
Wayne Rooney should change roles for England at Euro 2016 - Fabio Capello - via App
Fabio Capello claims Barca lack leadership as they need "a captain with Puyol character who grabs the players by the scruffs of their necks"
Catching up with - why is Fabio Capello running a dodgy windfarm corporation in Denmark?
I used to watch him in Fabio Capello's all conquering Milan team of the 90's which were a great joy to watch.
Fabio Capello believes Conte expects to be named the new Chelsea manager and is already getting ready for the job.
Don Fabio Capello: "De Michelis and Mangala are too inadequate for a top team".
Fabio Capello: "If I think that Baresi and Maldini never won the Ballon d’Or, then it’s just crazy."
This seemed like only yesterday... What a deluded *** .
On this day in 2002 Liverpool beat Fabio Capello's AS Roma 2-0 at Anfield in Champs Lge . Goals from Litmanen (pen) and Heskey secured win
Former England manager Fabio Capello believes that Roy Hodgson's men have the talent to win a major tournament but must first fix the
Fabio Capello: "Right now, Leo Messi is the number one. He has something special -- a unique talent."
In percentage terms Fabio Capello is England's most successful manager with a win percentage of 64.9%.
Fabio Capello not interested in Italy job
Former England and Russia head coach Fabio Capello has denied his...
DTN India: Capello says no to Italian football team coach job: Former England and Russia head coach Fabio Cape...
walcott done nothing recently either! Bring back Fabio Capello 😂😂😂😂
Capello: ‘I don’t want Italy’: . Fabio Capello distances himself from the Italy post, s...
Fabio Capello rules out job: ‘I don’t want a national team, I'd like daily work.’
Fabio Capello, "Coach Italy? I am proud my name [is being mentioned], but at this moment I don't want to coach another national team."
No odds for the next manager market, but the likes of boss Francesco Guidolin, & Fabio Capello have been linked with the post
In modern day Football, its hard to invent. invented and his invention has come to stay - Fabio Capello
Capello: 'No to the Italy job': . Former England and Russia manager Fabio Capello said ...
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Fabio Capello on Juventus star Paulo Dybala: "Nobody has shown such a mix of technique & personality at 22." http…
Ex-England and Russia manager Fabio Capello said he “doesn’t want to set foot” on job
Fabio Capello warns Antonio Conte ahead of his proposed Chelsea move via
Fabio Capello stronger in this department
Fabio Capello says he will not be the next Italy coach.
Fabio Capello on message to Conte: "If Abramovich buys you 5 or 6 players, you cannot survive finishing fifth." (Corrier…
No wonder boss Fabio Capello looks bored - he's watched a 0-0 draw with in 2009!
Former England boss Fabio Capello is the new favourite to replace Antonio Conte as Italy's head coach, claims Gazzetta dello Sport.
Fabio Capello on Conte: "Congratulations to Conte. Chelsea is a club that does not protect you like Juventus.. you can't finish fifth."
.and report Fabio is in pole position for Italy job.
Fabio Capello one of the favourites to replace Chelsea-bound Antonio Conte as Italy boss https…
Fabio Capello believes Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic "should be given time to build".
Fabio Capello in title role as Postman Pat, Willie Thorn as Ted Glen, and David Beckham as Mrs Goggins
'Conte is preparing to become Chelsea manager': Former England boss Fabio Capello says the Italy coach is alre...
Fabio Capello: What I think of Antonio Conte’s move to Chelsea
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Fabio Capello believes Antonio Conte’s move to Chelsea is great for Italian football
Gianni De Biasi should be considered 2 replace conte for national team job Fabio Capello has proved he is overrated as of late
Fabio Capello has hailed the impending appointment of Antonio Conte as Chelsea manager a win for Italian football. (Sun)
Fabio Capello:"Conte at Chelsea would be the umpteenth success for our (Italian) school of coaching"
Real Madrid warned of Roma revival under Spalletti by Fabio Capello...
Is it time for Azzurri to give Fabio Capello a chance to guide them to WC18?
Fabio Capello & Claudio Ranieri are in the running to take over Italy when Conte leaves
played in Spain for Johann Cruyff and Louis van Gaal. played in Italy for Carlo Mazzone and Fabio Capello
13. FRANK RIJKAARD | 1988-93 | Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello's pillar in midfield and defence who
Unknown for now Chinese club is interested in appointing one of these three head coaches: Fabio Capello, Marcelo Lippi & Rudi Garcia
Fabio Capello says a “sprint finish” will decide if or win the Scudetto.
Fabio Capello: "I’ve seen Higuain grow and I’m happy he has reached this level because he has worked hard to improve.”
Fabio Capello: "I, along with Franco Baldini and Predrag Mijatovic, brought Higuain to Real Madrid."
Capello: Scoring against was my career highlight via
Fabio Capello says scoring the winner against England at Wembley was the highlight of his playing career. .
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FABIO CAPELLO: "Once, when I was head coach of Roma, almost came to blows with Antonio Cassano. I respect the players I ask them to do same"
So what does anyone make of Fabio Capello letting the England players wives going to South Africa
Fabio Capello believes a "traumatic" changeover following the departure of Carlo Ancelotti hindered Rafael...
Fabio Capello: "It is possible the changeover from Ancelotti to Benítez was too traumatic"
Why is there a picture of Fabio Capello with this?
Fabio Capello: Real Madrid a team of 'words not hard work' in 2006-07
AS. Fabio Capello:. • "The change from Ancelotti to Benitez was too traumatic."
Capello slams former Real Madrid and Brazil star for being too fat and a bad influence
Fabio Capello: "When I’m asked who the best player I have coached is I always say Ronaldo. He was incredible, the best by …
Fabio Capello: "Was it difficult to bench Ronaldo? He weighed 96 kilos. I asked him, 'Can you get down to 90 at least?’ An…
Fabio Capello: "My 2nd Madrid team? That was a Madrid of words - not hard work. We had good players but no connection. The…
Fabio Capello: "Leaders in my first Real Madrid team? Hierro, Raúl, Illgner… there were lots. Mijatovic, Redondo, Suker."
Fabio Capello: "Zidane has to be given time. The players will believe in you until you get things wrong. They evaluate you…
Fabio Capello: "Florentino Perez doesn’t like anything that has to do with the past. He likes to be the one who has made t…
Fabio Capello: "Florentino Perez wants to be the person who makes signings. He wants to make the decisions & has introduce…
Fabio Capello: "Florentino Perez doesn’t like going back to things that were in place under a different president."
Fabio Capello: "Did Florentino Pérez give you a call before settling on Zidane? No [laughs]. I’m retired now."
Fabio Capello: "The players say to each other: ‘The president asked me why this happened…’ And then they think the coach i…
Fabio Capello: "Madrid is a tricky club. If the president goes over the coachs head & talks to players about issues, the c…
Fabio Capello: "Why is it so hard to manage Real Madrid? It depends on the presidents [laughs]. That affects things a lot.…
Fabio Capello: Real Madrid, Milan and knocking a British royal wedding off the front pages. https:/…
Capello says playing career highlight was scoring the winner against England at Wembley
Fabio Capello: "Real Madrid can hold onto 'BBC'. Look what they did to Bayern Munich (4-0)."
Fabio Capello: "Zinedine Zidane has the charisma to win the Champions’ League"
Fabio Capello reportedly terminated his contract, so is free for or https:…
Walked past Fabio Capello today, never forgiven him for telling Darren Bent to sign for Villa, but I wasnt quick enough to tell him
Fabio Capello had some interesting things to say about Jose' Mourinho and Chelsea on "House of Football" with Paolo Di Canio.
Frank Lampard's team have sacked their coach - will Fabio Capello take over? . https:/…
.Fabio Capello dreams. And Abramovich owes 2nd half of termination payment by Russian Football Union to him. htt…
.reported on Friday that Fabio Capello is in talks with multiple MLS teams about a potential move.
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We could just sell off Hampden and use the money to sign Giovanni Trapattoni, Fabio Capello or Jupp Heynckes.
Jose Mourinho has hit back at former AC Milan and Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello.
Fabio Capello: "First, it was Di Stefano, Pele,. then later Maradona, and now Messi."
if they fire him I think Fabio Capello should get a look. Highly successful at the club level. Decent with England.
Fabio Capello led Russia to the World Cup finals last summer >
Russia dumps Fabio Capello as coach before World Cup finals.
The Russian Football Union (RFU) said on Tuesday it had ended its contract with national team coach Fabio Capello,…
Nedvěd: I had number of excellent coaches, like Fabio Capello, Lippi, Bruckner. They were top quality.
Dunga looks a bit like Fabio Capello
yeah but what Fabio Capello has to do with it?
Fabio Capello "He is a winner. He is the inheritance of Real Madrid".
Russian FA to hold talks over Fabio Capello’s future: Fabio Capello’s time as head coach of the Russian ...
Russian FA to hold talks over Fabio Capello's future
Fabio Capello survived a crucial meeting of the Russian Football Union's executive committee on Wednesday amid speculation the national
Fabio Capello remains coach after meeting of Russian football leadership
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Coach Fabio Capello celebrates his 69th birthday today: let's wish him a HBD! Auguri Mister!
Other good thing about that article: it made me remember this picture. (pic from here:
He should be there until 2018, but Fabio Capello's future as Russia manager is in doubt.
Russia to hold talks with coach fabio capello over ending contract
Fabio capello survives meeting of russian leadership
great piece on - true that Capello being made a scapegoat for many of Russian football…
Another classic from : The football manager that looks like Joe 90. MG you mean Fabio Capello : Yeah that's the one
Fabio Capello labels Real Madrid the strongest team left in the Champions League via
Fabio Capello believes Real Madrid are just as fearsome as Bayern Munich and Barcelona, warning Juventus
Carles Puyol poses with 'greats' Ruud Gullit, Fabio Capello and ...:
Carles Puyol hails Ruud Gullit, Fabio Capello and Louis Saha ahead of the Laureus World Sports Award...
Fabio Capello relived his best red&black moments at the Mondo Milan Museum today!
Fabio Capello: “Messi is absolutely the best footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in Madrid.”
Fabio Capello: "I seized the opportunity to ask my friend Frank Rijkaard if we could have Leo Messi, even on loan."
[2006-07] Fabio Capello's Real Madrid goes down the pitch in 13 passes to score on a Van Nistelrooy… [/r/realmadrid]
what happened inter?i've been Said Only Fabio capello which can change everything...
We welcome legendary football manager to the family as our newest Ambassador! .
Unpaid Russia coach Fabio Capello sent to watch a terrible second-tier friendly cup. Hasn't he suffered enough?
Reyes was influential in our last day triumph in the 2007 season under Fabio Capello
Does anyone else think that Rory McIlroy looks like a young Fabio Capello in today's paper?
Fabio Capello: "Cristiano is so strong physically, so powerful. Messi has more creativity."
If Fabio Capello was still England manager, that headed attempt by Rooney would've gone in
My favourite Harry Redknapp lines comes from
2014 World Cup Day 06 ]Coach Fabio Capello of Russia looks on - Hi_story
With Harry Redknapp leaving QPR due to "knee surgery," let's all revisit fantastic profile of him.
Fabio Capello loves him, said he was the closest thing he'd seen to Luca Toni
Fabio Capello walks out of the tunnel as a player with a swagger like none other.
2010 World Cup. Fabio Capello taking off Defoe and putting on Hesky instead of Crouch against Germany.
I found Fabio Capello's seat in the pub
Think I'm sitting in Fabio Capello's seat in the English Football Pub, Milan. How funny.
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and Very nearly. His one football regret he said.
only genius manager who had that thought,Fabio Capello!
Luis Suarez needs to be a central figure at Barcelona, claims Fabio Capello - Read It Here!
“【Photo】 Fabio Capello wearing his jersey in 1970. 😳😳😳
【Photo】 Fabio Capello wearing his jersey in 1970.
The only nations still with a 100% record in WCQ (UEFA zone) are managed by Fabio Capello and Louis van Gaal.
Fabio Capello wearing his jersey in 1970.
How much does the Russian Football Union owe Fabio Capello? gives you the answer:
Sovjetski Sport has made a calculator that shows how much RFU owes Fabio Capello.
How much does owe Fabio Capello? A brilliant online calculator here from
Fabio Capello: "If you're speaking of a fantasy player, then it has to be Leo Messi as he's so unpredictable. He's an absolute genius."
On this day in 1994: Louis van Gaal & Fabio Capello met for the first time, this happened, start as you mean to go on http:…
Yes, he battled w/ Capello but Don Fabio brought him to Real, lest we forget.
Fabio Capello: "Xavi is the best midfielder of the last decade."
Russian Football Union misses deadline to pay head coach Fabio Capello, who has not been paid since Russia's early exit fr…
Fabio Capello has revealed that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger turned down his advice to sign AC Milan goalkeeper Diego Lopez. The Spanish stopper moved to Milan from Real Madrid during the summer after spending two seasons as the first-choice stopper at Santiago Bernabeu. Russia coach Capello, who managed Lopez at Real, says that he recommended the 32-year-old to Wenger during his time as England boss. "Diego Lopez is a good keeper and he will be good for AC Milan. For them to choose Diego Lopez, I am really happy," FourFourTwo quotes Capello as saying. "I spoke with Arsene Wenger when I was with the England national team. I told him to buy Diego Lopez because he is good. He didn't have a problem but he said, 'My keeper is good.'" Capello managed England between 2007 and 2012
Capello: "For me, all players are equal" . The head coach of the Russian national team, Fabio Capello told about their ...
"Real Madrid is a machine; the rest are just teams": Fabio Capello, current Russian national team coach and ex...
D I D-Y O U-K N O W? 1. Michael Own remains the only Liverpool player to receive the Ballon D'or. 2. Bayern Munich played its home games at Munich Olympiastadion for 33 years before moving to Allianz Arena in 2005. 3. In 2010, Messi , Iniesta and Xavi were chosen as the 3 best players in the world as they bagged the top spots at the FIFA Ballon D'or, an unprecedented feat by a club. 4. In 2006, Juventus were relegated to Serie B for the first time in its history as a result of match fixing scandal. The club was stripped of the two titles won under Fabio Capello in 2005 and 2006. They were promoted straight back up as Serie B league winners after the 2006-07 season. 5. In 1908, AC Milan splitted due to internal disagreement over the signing of foreign players and Inter Milan was born. 6. In 1994-95 season, Atletico Madrid avoided relegation by a draw on the last day of the season. This prompted managerial change along with a wholesale squad clearance during the summer 1995 transfer window. 7. In 1920 Madri ...
Southampton want Spurs to include Harry Kane and Andros Townsend in any deal for Jay Rodriguez. Arsenal are weighing up £5million move for Croatia midfielder Marcelo Brozovic . AC Milan forward Nnamdi Oduamadi says it would be "a dream" to play for Crystal Palace. Luka Modric's thigh injury is likely to scupper the efforts Arsenal and Chelsea to sign his Real Madrid team-mate Sami Khedira in January. Rafa Benitez has hinted strongly he will leave Napoli at the end of the season to rejoin his family on Merseyside. Arsenal are eyeing a move for Sevilla's Polish midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak - worth around £24million. Liverpool are keen on Porto's £30million-rated Jackson Martinez. David De Gea has refused to quash rumours of a move to Real Madrid next summer or as a free agent in 18 months. Former England boss Fabio Capello could be sacked as Russia manager after Tuesday night's friendly against Hungary. Scotland boss Gordon Strachan says leading players should be able to handle featuring in up to 60 ga ...
“Fabio Capello: "Iker Casillas will soon be the great goalkeeper everyone knows he is."” he ain't no Manuel Neuer 🐸☕️
Russia boss, Fabio Capello, says weakness is that Lionel Messi & don’t work for the team http:…
Fabio Capello, says Barcelona's weakness is that Lionel Messi & Neymarjr don’t work for the team. agree, zi selfish ezintwana. Uthin wena?
Russia boss, Fabio Capello, has hit out at Lionel Messi and Neymar, saying the two FC Barcelona stars don’t work for the team.
Stan Lee and Fabio Capello are in the shop
What about all the talk about Alan Curbishley, Gordon Strachan or Fabio Capello?
Fabio Capello is ready to quit his job, unless the Russian politicians stops interfering. He wants them to cancel a hearing at the Duma.
World Cup GOSSIP Michael Essien could face punishment from the Ghana Football Association after coach Kwesi Appiah claimed the midfielder, 31, refused to warm up before his side's last group game against Portugal. Ghana FA Independent Independent World Cup section Argentina legend Diego Maradona has suggested that forward Lionel Messi, 27, is under too much pressure to turn his nation into World Cup winners. Daily Mirror Belgium midfielder Eden Hazard, 23, believes his side can stop Lionel Messi and beat Argentina when the two teams meet in the World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday. Daily Telegraph Argentina defender Pablo Zabaleta has rejected suggestions his side are a one-man team - but claims the players have been told to give the ball to influential striker Lionel Messi as much as possible. Independent Russian MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky has said coach Fabio Capello should appear before parliament and explain why his side performed so badly at the World Cup, going out in the group phase. Guardian Brazil c ...
Russian national team's manager, Fabio Capello, blamed a green laser for his team's exit from the tournament.
Parting thought: It takes Fabio Capello less than a week to earn what Mexico's Miguel Herrera earns in a year. Night all.
Here are some intresting things of 2014 (You can share it on your timeline) -Total played Matches are 36 -Total scored goals: 108 (3 goals per match) -Total Attendence: 1,841,922 (51,165 per match) - Neymar Jr* is the best goal scorer, who had scored 4goals still now. -The most expensive Coach in this Worldcup is Fabio Capello of Russia. -1st hatrick goals: Thomas Muller(Germany) against Portugal -Most popular players Lional Messi of FC Barcelona and Waney Rooney of Manchester United FC had scored their 1st goal in worldcup. -Brazil have the largest number of fans in worldcup.
Belgium stay perfect, desperate Portugal deny USA Before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, groups G and H were regarded by many as so-called “groups of death”, though they have turned out to be anything such. Along with Group C, they are the only sections where not one team has been knocked out ahead of the final round of first-phase matches. Thanks to their late winner against Russia on Sunday, Belgium are the only side from the last two groups to have clinched their place in the Round of 16. The Russians are still in the mix along with Korea Republic, the day’s other losers in Group H, while Portugal were saved from instant elimination by a stoppage-time equaliser against USA in Group G. Heading into the final round of games, every coach in the two pools is confident their sides can pull through, not least Russia boss Fabio Capello, who said: “I still think we’ve got a chance.” Results Belgium 1-0 Russia, Budweiser Man of the Match: Eden Hazard (BEL) Korea Republic 2-4 Algeria, ...
Omg my Dad just pointed out that Fabio Capello looks like Postman Pat.
Fabio Capello getting 12 million dollars to ensure that the Russian Federation gets to the second round - and the...
Would love to know if the Russian players sing Postman Pat to Fabio Capello.
Fabio Capello knows if he had the likes of either shaun wright-phillips or heskey on the bench russia would have won 2-1
Has anyone ever seen Fabio Capello and Postman Pat in the same room together?
Fabio Capello is a dead ringer for Postman Pat
Fabio Capello looks like Postman Pat..
Fabio Capello looks so much like Postman Pat
If Postman Pat was a hard drugs dealer he'd look like Fabio Capello
England unlucky to go out Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has come to the defence of England's World Cup campaign, saying Roy Hodgson's side "played well" and are unfortunate to be going out. Italy's 1-0 defeat to Costa Rica means England have failed to reach the knock-out stages for the first time since 1958. Vincent Kompany, captain of Belgium and Premier League champions Manchester City, also expressed regret about England's exit, which affects his teammates Joe Hart and James Milner. And Former England manager Fabio Capello, now coach of Russia, said he thought there was "a little bit of injustice" about England's exit. Mourinho said England were "not lucky" in the draw which pitted them with two other former world champions in Italy and Uruguay, and they were also unfortunate in the way the games turned out. "From the best three or four matches in this competition, England was present in two. It means that England did well, played well, competed well," he said. England "was not afraid of Uruguay, was not ...
Fabio Capello thanks squad for 'present' in making up for Igor Akinfeev's goalkeeping error
FIFA World Cup 2014.. 10 team's coaches and there lilttle profile for you :- 1 .. (Date of birth: 09 Aug 1959 / COUNTRY Ghana) TEAM: Kwesi Appiah, who captained Ghana as a player and was their assistant coach at South Africa 2010, guided his nation to Brazil 2014 and is known for his calm approach. 2 .(DATE OF BIRTH:18 Jun 1946 / COUNTRY Italy) TEAM:an illustrious playing career, Russia coach Fabio Capello turned to the touchline where he has enjoyed an equal amount of success and now has a challenge ahead of him in Group H at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. 3 .(DATE OF BIRTH 23 Dec 1950 / COUNTRY Spain) TEAM:over from Luis Aragones after UEFA EURO 2008 was by no means an easy task, yet Vicente del Bosque has guided La Roja onwards and upwards. 4 .(DATE OF BIRTH 15 Oct 1968 / COUNTRY France) TEAM:Deschamps has overseen his fair share of titles at the club level, most notably for France Ligue 1 side Marseille, and now the France coach has the chance to demonstrate his managerial prowess on the world's bi . ...
1) The Ranter e.g. Nereo Rocco. Communicates an all consuming passion for the game to every one of the players, who invariably live in fear of him. 2) The Intimidator e.g. Alex Ferguson. Revitalizes a sluggish team performance with an inspirational, but terrifying, head to head, half time tongue-lashing. 3) The Charismatic e.g. Brian Clough. Demands exacting standards from the players: constantly keeps his players, club officials, and the media on their toes. 4) The Disciplinarian e.g. Fabio Capello. Runs his team with a rod of iron. There is no room in his team for the pampered star-the rules are the same for every player. 5) The Mind-games Expert e.g. Jose Mourinho. Takes the pressure off his own team by making himself, and the opposing side, the centre of the media spotlight. 6) The Motivator e.g. Bill Shankly. Gives players the believe that they are on top of their game and that they are capable of beating any team in the world.
MAVHARIVHARI (Rumours) & INTERNATIONAL UPDATES • Fabio Capello refused to blame Igor Akinfeev for his blunder against South Korea, insisting that a top-quality keeper is entitled to make mistakes. • Brazil full-back Marcelo has insisted the referee denied his team a penalty kick in the 0-0 draw with Mexico in Salvador. • Roy Hodgson is preparing to return forward Wayne Rooney, 28, to a central role for England's crunch match against Uruguay on Thursday. • QPR boss Harry Redknapp believes Uruguay will have "no chance" of beating England if striker Luis Suarez, 27, is not fit. • Daniel Sturridge's goalscoring World Cup debut came as no surprise to the 24-year-old Liverpool striker's first coach at Cadbury Athletic, Pete Evans, who watched him net 50 goals in a season aged eight. "If I was a gambling man I would have put money on him playing and scoring for England, but sooner than he has," Evans said. • Rubin Kazan's France international midfielder Yann M'Vila, 23, is set to reject Liverpool and ...
Fabio Capello's Russia recover to draw 1-1 with South Korea in Group H thanks to an Aleksandr Kerzhakov goal.
When I see Fabio Capello all I can think is that he's the man that selected Matt Upson and Emile Heskey for England at the World Cup finals
Fabio Capello won 7 League titles & 1 CL although his most memorable achievement must be bringing on Emile Heskey when 4-1 down to Germany
Russia v South Korea. 11pm KO. Fabio Capello side have been strong in defence lately. South Korea lost 4-0 to Ghana in their last game.
Head-to-head: Russia vs Korea Republic The two countries met in a friendly last November. Russia ran out 2-1 winners but neither of their scorers, Fyodor Smolov or Dmitri Tarasov, are part of their World Cup squad. Kim Shin-Wook had earlier given South Korea the lead. Russia Russia have not progressed out of the group stage of the two previous World Cups they have qualified for since they gained independence from the Soviet Union (1994 and 2002). Three of the five goals conceded by Russia in qualifying came after the 90th minute mark. Fabio Capello has lost just twice in 20 matches as Russia manager, both 1-0, to Portugal and to Northern Ireland. He has a win percentage of 60%. Russia have only kept one clean sheet in their last six World Cup games, a 2-0 win against Tunisia in June 2002. Alexander Kokorin, aged 23, was the youngest player to score 10 or more goals in the Russian Premier League in 2013-14. South Korea This is South Korea's eighth straight World Cup appearance; only Brazil, Germany, Italy, ...
Fabio Capello bemoans belated introduction of goal-line technology at World ... - Daily Mail
Cup day six sees Neymar and his Brazil pals back in action for their second Group A fixture. This time the hosts face Mexico at 10:00pm, a match sandwiched between the Group H fixtures of Belgium v Algeria at 7:00pm and Russia v South Korea at 1:00am. Belgium are fancied by many to make a big impact in the tournament and day six is the first chance to see Marc Wilmots' talented squad in action. Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard is one of their leading lights and Algeria will have their work cut out to keep him quiet. The 23-year-old pops up on either wing or behind the central striker. The former Lille star has already been capped 45 times and has scored six goals. Defender Djamel Mesbah, whose CV includes clubs such as AC Milan, AND Parma, likes to get forward but will be charged with keeping a close eye on Hazard. The 29-year-old, who played in the 2010 World Cup, is one of 18 players in the Africans' squad never to have played domestic football in Algeria. AS FOR RUSSIA, boss Fabio Capello has learned hi . ...
: FOOTBAL NEWS: (17th June 2014) Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah bemoaned 'loss of concentration' for his team's 2-1 loss to the United States in Natal on Monday. The USA scored in the first and 86th minutes to triumph at the Arena das Dunas, as Ghana missed out on points despite Andre Ayew's equaliser with eight minutes remaining. Clint Dempsey gave the USA the lead when he burst onto Jermaine Jones' pass, cut inside John Boye and slotted home the opening goal after just 29 seconds, while the Americans claimed victory with John Brooks' header in the closing stages after he got away from the same Ghanaian defender to power a corner into the net. Fabio Capello believes Russia's appearance at the FIFA World Cup is an important step forward for football in the European nation. Capello's men are set to end a 12-year absence from the World Cup when they play South Korea in their Group H opener at the Arena Pantanal on Tuesday. Russia have not appeared at a World Cup since failing to advance beyond the group stage at ...
Capello names Russia captain Fabio Capello has confirmed that CSKA Moscow defender Vasily Berezutskiy will lead Russia out against the Korea Republic at the FIFA World Cup™ on Tuesday. Berezutskiy will step in as captain in place of regular skipper Roman Shirokov, who stayed at home in Moscow after undergoing knee surgery. Giving his reasons for the appointment, Capello told the pre-match press conference in Cuiaba: "Igor (Denisov, Dynamo Moscow midfielder) is the leader on the pitch, but he (Berezutskiy) speaks English, and communication with the referee is important." The CSKA player commented: "It's a big honour to be appointed captain - it's a big responsibility, I want to be a good example on and off the pitch." Shirokov's absence was a blow, but not a decisive one, Berezutskiy said. "Of course Shirokov was a big loss for us, however the Russia team are strong as a team, we shouldn't be fixated on the fact that his absence here will influence our game too much." Russia are back at the FIFA World Cu ...
FOCUS ON RUSSIA, WHICH COULD MEET GHANA AFTER THE GROUP STAGE (1) CREDIT: WORLD SOCCER Coach Capello may have one eye on the 2018 finals Although Russia will go into the 2014 tournament with one eye on their own hosting of the finals in four years' time, many of those players who are set to be key in Brazil are unlikely to still be around in 2018. Sergei Ignashevich, Vasili Berezutski, Yuri Zhirkov and Roman Shirokov are all more than 30, while Alexander Kokorin, at 23, is probably the only relatively young player whose place in Fabio Capello's squad is guaranteed. It is worth noting that the 23 in South America under the Russian flag will almost certainly be drawn exclusively from the domestic league, with the older generation – who played in England, Italy and Spain – now mostly retired, and the younger ones not getting serious offers from abroad. Experience is one of Russia's big strengths at the moment, but a lack of pace and possible fitness problems may lower the team's chances of reaching the k ...
Fabio Capello's salary (bonuses aren't included) is 763 times more than average salary of Russian people.
The economics of Fabio Capello - national team manager makes 763 times more income than the average person in Russia: ht…
Fabio Capello, Russia's coach and the best-paid coach at the World Cup, makes more in a week than Miguel Herrera, Mexico's coach, makes in an entire year.
Pep Guardiola “Put in the superlatives yourselves, I’m running out. It’s already been a while now that he has been outstanding. He’s more than decisive in every way. That he’s capable of doing everything that he does at his age is something impressive, that doesn’t make any sense. “The best players are always in the thick of the action. (Michael) Jordan did it with the Bulls, (Kobe) Bryant does it with the Lakers and Leo does it here. We want him to stay with us because he’s the best and we wouldn’t swap him for anyone.” “Messi is an irreplaceable player, today if he was here we would have won 5-0 but he was not and we had to play another in his place.” Fabio Capello "Christiano knows English, Messi knows football" Diego Maradona “I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Messi. Messi is a genius and he can become an even better player.” “His potential is limitless and I think he’s got everything it takes to become Argentina’s ...
Did you know? Jose could have been England manager Boss claims his wife talked him out of the job Jose Mourinho has today admitted that he was about to take the England job offer in 2007, but his wife talked him out of it. The vacant manager's job came around after Steve McClaren was sacked after failing to qualify for Euro 2008. At this time, Mourinho's first stint at Chelsea came to an end in September, and Harry Redknapp was favourite to take the job. "I was almost, almost, almost England manager." the Portuguese said. "My wife was right. She told me not to take it." Mourinho eventually joined Inter Milan and Fabio Capello became England boss. Asked how close he had come to becoming England manager, the 51-year-old held an imaginary pen inches above an imaginary contract and replied: "This close." However, Mourinho added: "I cannot wait two years for a big competition. I cannot be spending two years playing against Kazakhstan and San Marino. "In the end, my wife was saying, 'No football, no matches is ...
Mou: I almost took England job . Find out why he didn't: Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has admitted that only his wife's intervention stopped him from taking the England manager's job in 2007. Having been sacked following a sad end to his first spell at Stamford Bridge, the Portuguese coach was in the frame to replace Steve McClaren following the Three Lions' failure to qualify for Euro 2008. And though he admits he came close to taking the role that would eventually be handed to Fabio Capello, the words of his wife Matilde made him realise international management wouldn't suit his style or personality. "At that time I could not get an English club because of my contract when I left Chelsea. I couldn’t get an English club in the next two years. I could get the national team but not a club," he told the Guardian. "[Frank] Lampard, [John] Terry, Joe Cole, everybody, was saying, ‘Come, come, come'. My players said, ‘The guys from Manchester United and Liverpool call us and say to us: Tell your boss to ...
68 will be the birthday reached by Fabio Capello during this FIFA World Cup, making the Russia coach the oldest coach at Brazil 2014. The Italian, who will also become the World Cup's fourth-oldest coach of all time - a list topped by Otto Rehhagel, who was 71 when he led Greece in 2010 - is followed in Brazil by Uruguay's Oscar Tabarez (67 years, three months) and his successor as England coach, Roy Hodgson (66 years, 10 months). The youngest, meanwhile, will be Niko Kovac at 42 years and eight months, though Côte d’Ivoire's French coach Sabri Lamouchi is just one month his Croatian counterpart's senior. SD
Transfer News & Stories • Inter Milan have put French midfielder Yann M’Vila on their transfer wish list for the summer. • Arsenal target Loic Remy is desperate to join the Gunners as Arsene Wenger weighs up transfer options. • Sunderland have made a £4million bid for Ashley Williams as Gus Poyet looks to land his top transfer target. • Raheem Sterling is set to be Roy Hodgson's wild card despite his red card in England's friendly against Ecuador. • Karim Benzema says Real Madrid target Luis Suarez needs more than one good season. • Steven Gerrard last night hailed Roy Hodgson for having faith in him as captain - unlike Fabio Capello. • Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti is plotting a £25million swoop for Chelsea star Ramires. • Eden Hazard has declared there is "no chance" he will leave Chelsea this summer. • Lukas Podolski insists Arsenal's FA Cup win has given Germany's World Cup hopes a major boost. • Samir Nasri is ready to sign a new deal at Manchester City that will keep him a ...
World Cup: England captain Steven Gerrard says Fabio Capello didn't believe in him
[Football Steven Gerrard has felt that former manager Fabio Capello has never believed in him to captain t…
Steven Gerrard says Fabio Capello never believed in him as an England captain when Italian was national team boss.
Roy Hodgson has more faith in me than Fabio Capello did, says Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard: 'Fabio Capello didn't believe in me' - Sports Mole via
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