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Ezekiel Jackson

Rycklon Stephens (born April 22, 1978) is an American

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Say what again.. Samuel l Jackson. Ezekiel 25:17 - Pulp Fiction
Samuel Jackson. Pulp Fiction. Ezekiel 25:17. Just one of those things that will never get old. 🔫
you need to cast Samuel l Jackson as Ezekiel. Totally would be badass.
When Jackson went through the class seeing who did the work and the end of the class came before he got to you
it's so peak when Jackson shouts at you
Having Lepine for ToK was easily the funniest thing ever, well that and Jackson shouting at someone who isn't you
Ezekiel Jackson is a surprising roster addition for but it somehow works
"I don't even know your name" -- EZEKIEL ELLIOTT. Remember the name bruh. Sorry u had to learn about me on…
Dude, Lucha Underground is rad! Johnny Nitro and Ricochet putting on a show while Ezekiel Jackson is chilling on the steps smoking a cigar!
Look, I dunno why you can't tell them it's your Ezekiel Jackson figure I got you.
Ezekiel Jackson is cool in lucha underground
Ezekiel Jackson is also in Lucha Underground lmao
Every time I watch Pulp Fiction I try and memorise that Ezekiel passage Samuel L Jackson recites to feel badass. I think I have it down now.
Ezekiel Jackson's gotten really pretty good on the microphone! Pretty impressed with that promo he cut at the start of Lucha Underground.
And I can't wait to see if Ezekiel Jackson ironically goes full Rick Ross and steals that man's life as his gimmick.
Mundo vs Puma was really good then Cueto brings out Ricky Reyes & Ezekiel Jackson and cleans up
I'm like crowd pops for Ezekiel Jackson
Ezekiel Elliott running through tackles all the way to the end zone. Buckeyes are alive and an extra point from a tie game…
Samuel L. Jackson takes broad liberties with book of Ezekiel.
Ezekiel Jackson being a total mark for indie stuff and him actually watching shows and possibly learning from it makes me not hate him
Programme Website: Samuel L Jackson's gives his Ezekiel speech from Pulp Fiction.
thanks you still wrestle Ezekiel Jackson
Ezekiel 25:17, as recited by Samuel L. Jackson in Arabic scripture. Too cool.
... and with "furious anger" as in Samuel L. Jackson's Ezekiel 25:17, right? :)
either Ezekiel Jackson or they bring in Uhaa Nation or Shelton Benjamin
I'm pretty sure if I told Samuel L. Jackson to recite Ezekiel 25:17 he'd do it and then shoot me in the face.
Ezekiel Jackson and cut the beard lol in then put it on John Cena
Reminds me of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction when he quotes Ezekiel before whacking someone.
How can Mike Tenay say (without laughing) that no expense was spared brining Snitski and Ezekiel Jackson to TNA? Lol
Samuel L. Jackson delivers his famous Ezekiel speech from “Pulp Fiction” [video]
THE Brian Kendrick (w/ Ezekiel Jackson) comes in at 26. He pushes Kofi Kingston out, then immediately gets dumped by Triple H.
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lmaoo I was right Rycklon is Ezekiel Jackson's real name
You know its bad when is taped and Taz still can't say Ezekiel Jackson's TNA name.
Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson were her obligatory former WWE bodyguards so that says a lot
Did Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky really last a week or two in Lmao that's hilarious.
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky have already been fired, *** that was fast.
That's smart get rid of Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson so you have fewer people to protect you.
Wow well looks like Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky's TNA careers lasted long, lol!!!
LOL at Dixie telling Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky that they're worthless and then fired them.
Ezekiel Jackson in another stable...well was?
It was cool seeing the Dudley's again though, but I can't say the same about Snitzky and Ezekiel Jackson.
Ripplock? that's the name they gave Ezekiel Jackson??? LOL
Rycklon (Ezekiel Jackson) from WWE Nexus, and Al Snow from WWF Hardcore Champion. TNA has nothing new. Copying WWE/WWF
Idc what they wanna call Ezekiel Jackson, He will always be Big Zeke or Ezekiel Jackson to me!!!
Nice to see Ezekiel Jackson is still horrible at his job
I'm just glad to confirm that's Ezekiel Jackson. LOL
Del Rio would be such a great signing for this isn't just another Snitsky or Ezekiel Jackson either. Great resume
Why do I think team bully Ray's partner will be either snitsty or Ezekiel Jackson?
watching impact wrestling Ezekiel Jackson name his rick lawn what kind name is that they could better name than that
Ezekiel Jackson n Snitsky still got there catchphrase from are you serious
Still can't believe Ezekiel Jackson was the last ECW Champion
There's confusion as to why we used Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky. Don't you know that the term "former WWE supersta…
thought I'd check out the latest Impact. Within the first few minutes I saw Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky. I turned it off.
Ezekiel 25:17 - Pulp Fiction (3/12) Movie CLIP (1…: one of my favorite Samuel l Jackson speaches check it out :)
Hang on...Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky are now in TNA?.
How many of their stars used to be in WWE/WCW/ECW? Ezekiel Jackson? Really?
mmm there are 3 or 4 out now, but it irritates me cos I'm gonna have to reread all Percy Jackson books :(
Ezekiel Carrera laying out!! making the Austin Jackson trade look like no big deal!!
Says the fan of the company that consistently hires WWE rejects/has-beens. Ezekiel Jackson. LOL
Ezekiel Jackson is what happens when you mix Titus O' Neil with Cleveland Brown.
Quite like TNA using Ezekiel Jackson's real name. Nice reference to him being the last ECW champion too.
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What the *** TNA. Ezekiel Jackson, Snitsky and Rhyno in the ring together? This is the most random stable Ive ever seen.
Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson...yup that'll save TNA..
TNA couldn’t afford to renew AJ Styles’ contract but they hire MVP, EC3, Ezekiel Jackson, Snitsky, Rhino, Lashley and more. Makes sense…
Jackson: "Elijah was 18 years old when we did the first LOTR" Colbert:"And he's still 18 years old".
. So now tna has. Ezekiel Jackson. A big white. A blacky who looks like bully ray but is devon
Physzeke is the greatest name for Ezekiel Jackson I've ever heard.
Samuel L. Jackson does his Pulp Fiction 'Ezekiel' speech from memory (Video) - FanSided
Ezekiel jackson and skisky are on tna wow, I like the direction they are going in
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky's return on was pretty good this week!
see they've called in Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson too. Shesh.
Top wwe submissions. Torture rack (by lex Luger & Ezekiel Jackson) (these r finisher submissions by the way)
Team 3D, Hardys, Rhyno, Lashley, Ezekiel Jackson, Snitsky, Anderson, MVP -> these are all guys that are quickly becoming stars thanks to TNA
Hey. it would be awesome if there was a match between Hardys vs Wolves vs Team 3D vs Ezekiel Jackson/Snitsky
Looks like Ezekiel Jackson made his debut at the NY Impact -- Rhino, the Dudleys, Dreamer and now the LAST ECW Champion! . Lucky crowd.
Watched Impact Wrestling last night. They have Ezekiel Jackson and Snitzky on there now. Lol.
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky made their TNA debut this past Thursday.
Spud, Rhino & EC3 get the win with the help of Snitsky & Ezekiel Jackson
Low Ki being in TNA is awesome, but Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky isn't so awesome
So, Ezekiel Jackson is in TNA since WWE canned him. Interesting, Well, that's not the word. Surprising?
While I know it's a temporary run. Out of all of the released guys in the world why would TNA pick Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky?
Well, only appeared for one night only, along with Ezekiel Jackson (Rycklon). It wasn't both Gene Snitsky's nor Rycklon's faults!
OMG , just when I thought couldn't get anymore shocking , Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson attack team 3D and Tommy Dreamer
well at least snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson are in tna lol
He pointed it out that it was Ezekiel Jackson, who competed on ECW for what amounts to a cup of coffee in Taz's years.
bringing in two guys last night, Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky. who were on 's version of on SyFy was subtly brilliant.
“I repeat.. Lil Ezekiel please call Finess on his mobile phone. Thank you” why you blaze that mane name? 😂
Ezekiel Jackson in tna haven't heard that name in a while
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky made their debuts last night on They are now members of
Arabic script of Ezekiel 25:17 (The path of the righteous man) which was quoted by the Samuel Jackson character http:/…
That *** Ezekiel Jackson was on TNA i hope they give him a contract !
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Ugh poor Ezekiel Jackson is in TNA now.. Really *** he wasn't bad in his time with WWE, liked him in the Core.
It's weird to see Gene Snitsky & Ezekiel Jackson back in a wrestling ring tho
Ezekiel Jackson and snitsky are in TNA. wat
Oh shoot Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson came down to, I'm done bruh
D-Von, Matt hardy, snitziky, and Ezekiel Jackson returning in TNA, all I can say is
Both Ezekiel Jackson and Bobby Lashley are in TNA now,two of the strongest to step foot in wwe..
“Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky, really...I'm done with TNA”
EC3, Spud & Rhino win the Dixie is sure packing some power with Ezekiel Jackson & Snitsky on her team.
It looks like Dixie Carter hired her crew some bodyguards. Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky join Interesting.
Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson are in and with along Rhino , spudd , EC3 , and king mo watching her back.
Ezekiel Jackson got released little while ago. Not sure where they found Gene Snitsky though.
TNA is getting better than WWE love the ECW vibe and I was shocked Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky showed up in TNA
Dvon Dudley, Matt Hardy, Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky on gotta say pretty good show 2nite.
Omg !! Greatest at Awesome at with Ezekiel Jackson & back 's
If you're going to use Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson once, bring them in the first time, job them, fire them. If not at least use them a month
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So, TNA brings in Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson as these big surprises for Team Dixie, has them job a week later, and fires them. Pointless.
recited his famous speech on a British talk show. via
I heard TNA brought in Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky. Big money names right there! WO
I would be honored to be Ezekiel Jackson's son
He looks like Ezekiel Jackson's long lost son.
Mirin, not excite in Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky becoming big parts of TNA though lol.
For those complaint about *** TNA hired Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson they were both "fired" at the tapings tonight. Only there for NYC shows
It looks like Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky were just brought in for one set of TNA tapings.
gotta save money I guess. Bringing in Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky though?
oh and in 3 weeks just read these spoilers snitzky and Ezekiel jackson debut as heels aligning with Dixie carter
You thought TNA bringing in Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson was as bad as it could get? Nope. Apparently, Al Snow is back as well.wrestling
Ezekiel Jackson followed by, i kid you not, Al Snow as the eighth man in.
prevents Evan Bourne from appearing on ppv but allows Ezekiel Jackson to appear on tapings.
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky are wearing the Dixieland t-shirt. . Rockstar Spud and Rhino are also there with...
Team Dixie comes out to huge heat. . Ezekiel Jackson is wearing the Dixieland t-shirt.
Former WWE wrestlers Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky are backstage at tonight's TNA iMPACT! Wrestling taping in...
bro ur jacked Man U could be the new Ezekiel Jackson
Team 3D beat on Rhino, a Doomsday Device, the debuts of Ezekiel Jackson & Snitsky and Gunner last night
TNA has signed Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson. Well, Vince should just pack it in.
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky will be making their TNA debuts on Impact NYC joining team Dixie along with EC3 & Rockstar Spud - Y2J
Yeah, Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky tag team. Can people actually defend that? Really?
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky will be making an impact on SpikeTV in about a month. True story.
I wonder if they mentioned the giant heel stable that includes Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson.
Ezekiel Jackson I like. Snitsky.meh. (Nothing personal, didn't like his look.) Why is Sanada turning on Muta? And why aren't we seeing...
Case in point re: spoilers- Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson join Team Dixie, Sanada turns on Muta, and Jeff Hardy came out as himself. Sigh.
Alright folks - I haven't watched WWE in years. Who is this Ezekiel Jackson that people are referring to on
FFS TNA stop wasting money on garbage! Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky Really? Ughhh
Ezekiel Jackson is going to debut on impact wrestling next month.
Former WWE Superstar Ezekiel Jackson made his TNA debut at last nights taping when he teamed with another WWE...
Snitsky, Rhino, and Ezekiel Jackson are back! Apparently they beat the crap out of The Dudley Boyz. Austin Aries New X-Division Chmp
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TNA can bring in guys like SNITSKY, Ezekiel Jackson, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer...but they don't have enough money to keep AJ Styles
I'm glad to hear Ezekiel Jackson is in TNA. Big dude, can talk, loads of potential. Snitsky...not so much. He was best left in the garbage.
" TNA was built on people like A.J. Styles, The Motor City Machine Guns and Jerry Lynn... Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky debuted"
Seriously Dixie? Gene Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson? Do you really think TNA fans want to see them?
So ex wwe stars Gene Snitsky and ezekiel jackson are now in tna how long will that last and both team 3d and the...
Can't believe another new faction. Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson was in the black hoodies.
And my name is not Ezekiel Jackson. That's this guy ---> .
Went to a Michael Jackson impersonator tonight. He killed it! Had a great time despite the date situation...
Oh wow, Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky are in TNA now.
Wow, the IWC act like that Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky are going for the TNA world title lol
I haven't watched TNA in over a month. I was rooting for them to become good. I read they brought in Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky. Wow. :-|
TNA doesn't resign Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, but they bring in Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky? Well I'll be a monkeys ***
So, was there some kind of vote that I missed where everyone decided Ezekiel Jackson is the worst thing since cancer?
Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky are now part of a major angle in We don't have a joke for this. Luckily that sentence alone is hilarious
If Samuel Jackson was a priest and always recited Ezekiel 25:17, i'll always go to church just to hear those words come out of his mouth. 😂
Can't get or bobby fish to jump so let's get snitzky and Ezekiel Jackson
I want to like Ezekiel Jackson because he's Guyanese. But I cannot. He's terrible.
So TNA just brought in Ezekiel Jackson and Snitztky?
Former WWE stars Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky are backstage at the Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City...
nintendo won end of story . Big E Langston lost and Ezekiel Jackson has no career but its a fact
"Dude, like they even wanted to book you, Ezekiel Jackson. OH NO THAT'S BRAY WYATT'S MUSIC. DAMMIT."
I never thought I'd have Yoshi Tatsu, Ezekiel Jackson, or Vladimir Kozlov figures in my collection, but here we are.
Former allies World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes do battle on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Plus, the volatile Mark Henry goes up against Ezekiel Jackson. Tune in Friday at 8/7 CT on Syfy!
- WWE confirmed Ezekiel Jackson’s departure on their website today: “As of April 6, Ezekiel Jackson is no longer under contract with WWE. WWE wishes Jackson the best in all his future endeavors.” - As noted, Kofi Kingston faced Titus O’Neil in a match at tonight’s WWE Superstars tapings in New Orlea...
Ezekiel Jackson took to instagram and announced his depature from the WWE today. Here is the quote. "In July...
I need to go take a massive Ezekiel Jackson.
Well, to be fair, Ezekiel Jackson didn't do much for about 2 years. Hope he does well now that he's out of WWE.
Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and the last ECW Champion Ezekiel Jackson is gone from WWE
Ezekiel Jackson Announces Departure From WWE. Ezekiel Jackson has taken to social media to announce his official...
If you guys can give EC3 a chance to run with the ball because of his look, then you can do the same for Ezekiel Jackson.
I know its not a race to sign former WWE guys but sign Ezekiel Jackson. If you don't Jeff Jarrett will and TNA will miss out.
Jeremy please tell Dixie to sign Ezekiel Jackson. I see Dixie is trying to go with the big guys. Ezekiel fits that mold.
Ezekiel Jackson announces his departure from WWE: Ezekiel Jackson issued the followi...
Dixie please sign Ezekiel Jackson. He just got released from WWE. He's bigger then Lashley! He's the type size guy you want in TNA
You have to sign Ezekiel Jackson!!! Don't miss this opportunity. If you don't jeff Jarrett will.
Oh no Ezekiel Jackson is gone from wwe
So Ezekiel Jackson finally leaves WWE after dissapearing for 2 years.. Dont be shocked if they release Evan Bourne 2.
Just heard Ezekiel Jackson got released from WWE, and also has Brock Lesnar got fired? If he did, I'm watching WWE until I die.
Hey ezekiel Jackson jump on the podcast with us
How many times was Ezekiel Jackson on TV after he lost the IC title to Cody Rhodes in 2011?
Ezekiel Jackson released. Honestly I never cared about him
The Milking It Podcast is sad to hear the Ezekiel Jackson has been let go by the WWE a true legend who will be missed by anyone who saw him perform in the ring. (google him kids its been a while)
Ezekiel Jackson left WWE yesterday, so everyone's free to use his moveset.
Ezekiel Jackson has announced he has left WWE.
Ezekiel Jackson announces his departure from WWE...
Ezekiel Jackson confirms his departure from WWE in new statement.
Ezekiel Jackson who has been out of action for over two years with an injury has today announced his departure...
The longest reigning ECW Champion is now done. First Undertaker, Now Ezekiel Jackson...I don't wanna be on this planet anymore. -TheRudeBoy
The stock is being sold off after Mania and now the first cut as Ezekiel Jackson is gone.
Ezekiel Jackson has now confirmed his release from the WWE. He wrote the following. "In July 2008 I made my...
Ezekiel Jackson announces his departure from WWE. I still shocked he was still employed.
Oh @ Ezekiel Jackson only leaving WWE now. I thought he left months.
Ezekiel Jackson announces his depature from WWE
"Ezekiel Jackson Publicly Announces His Departure From WWE I forgot he was still…
I just can't believe it's over.I'm still in shock.Ezekiel Jackson is no longer with WWE :(
Ezekiel Jackson no longer with the company. When's the last time we actually seen him? Lol
Undertaker's streak may be over, but I think everyone missed the biggest news of yesterday...Ezekiel Jackson has left WWE!
I don't think anybody is surprised with Ezekiel Jackson leaving the WWE lol
Ezekiel Jackson's WWE Deal Expires WWE star Ezekiel Jackson, who has been off TV for lengthy period of time due to injury, has posted the following on Instagram
Ezekiel Jackson is gone from WWE, his contract expired on Sunday.
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I am pleased to announce that I have been elected as Vice President to the EP chapter of Phi Mu Alpha and I am even more excited to begin working with Jimmy Zucker JD Deutsch Jeremiah Moore Michael Owens and Ezekiel Jackson as executive board members over the course of the next year!
I am really excited to announce that I will be sitting on the 2014-2015 executive board of the Epsilon Rho chapter of Phi Mu Alpha as Province Collegiate Representative and Warden with my brothers, Jimmy Zucker, Bobby Cooper, Ezekiel Jackson, JD Deutsch, Karl Haack, and Jeremiah Moore. I am looking forward to working with these gents! ALL HAIL!!!
I think I just saw Ezekiel Jackson in the battle royal preview
brother thought Pharrell Williams was Ezekiel Jackson ffs
If I see anybody complaining about a Daniel Bryan title win here if it occurs at WrestleMania, I will ban you myself. There is nobody who deserves it more then that man. The latest thing in the IWC is to begin destroying the person you helped being up. It took a number of years with Cena for that. You can't create a pariah out of someone like Daniel Bryan. He is far too talented. Be grateful it's him because if WWE had their way, someone in the mould of Ezekiel Jackson would have been the next big thing. Be thankful. -CM
We know 27/30 superstars in the ATG battle royal Who do you guys think the 3 are? I'm gonna go with RVD Evan Bourne and Ezekiel Jackson -Believe in the shield
People like JTG, Curt Hawkins, Ezekiel Jackson and Evan Bourne are still signed but we haven't heard from them since 300BC
Raw February 3rd, 2014: We open the show with Chris Jericho. He makes his way to the ring and talks about how Curt Hawkins attacked him like a sore loser backstage. He says that Hawkins is not getting what he wants, his Intercontinental Championship. Luke Knux comes out and says that tonight Curt Hawkins is in a Number One Contenders match and we will see who will face Chris Jericho at the Elimination Chamber. 1st Match: Aiden English defeated Rick Martin(Local Jobber) via Pinfall. The match was a squash match. Aiden English picked him apart before delivering the Directors Cut for the finish. Luke Knux comes back out to the ring and announces that Batista will defend his Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. He announces Kane, Big Show, Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Bray Wyatt as the other participants in the chamber. He says they will face off in a 6 Man Tag Team match tonight. 2nd Match: Curt Hawkins defeated Ezekiel Jackson via Pinfall. Both men fought hard to become the Number One Contender. Chris ...
4 years ago today in def. Ezekiel Jackson to retain Heavyweight Championship
Wwe royal rumble 2010 recap and results ECW Championship: Champion Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson - Ezekiel was escorted to the ring by William Regal. Regal was kicked out of the ringside area by the referee a few minutes into the match when the referee say him trying to hit Christian when he was outside the ring. A few minutes later, Christian hit the Kill Switch to retain the title. Winner: Christian - Cryme Tyme is in the back with Tiffany and Teddy Long. Since only one member of the team is going to get in the Rumble, they tried to make a deal with the Great Khali where he would give up his spot in the Rumble in exchange for kissing Tiffany. Kahli, Ranjin Singh, Teddy Long, and Tiffany start making fun of Cyrme Tyme by singing Pants on the Ground. The Miz walks in and makes fun of their pop references. Teddy Long responds by forcing the Miz to defend the US Championship against MVP tonight. - Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton talk in the back and Cody tells Randy that he has his back but he doesn't think tha ...
New Bruno doc, Ezekiel Jackson post-surgery update, news on tonight’s NXT taping.
I was just looking around at and looking at their roster page and I realized that they have some Superstars who I literally haven't seen on television in a few years now such as Ezekiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne and JTG. Out of those kinds of Superstars, which also includes guys likes Curt Hawkins, Justin Gabriel, etc., who would you guys like to see get more TV time? - Caylon
Who's the strongest man? Big E, Mark Henry, Ezekiel Jackson, Antonio Cesaro, Titus O' Neil or Ryback.
Big E, Mark Henry, Titus O Neil, Darren Young, Ezekiel Jackson. They should all be the New nation of domination. -Champ-
Fun Fact: Hunico, Ezekiel Jackson, David Otunga, and Camacho are all still employed by the WWE.
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Someone knows what's happen with David Otunga and Ezekiel Jackson???I don't know nothing about them.
Far as Community Creations, I will download superstars for ECW from there & for Raw & SmackDown I'ma bring in some talent as well, which is names like Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, X-Pac, Owen Hart for Raw, names like Chris Benoit, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Umaga, Ezekiel Jackson, Vladimir Kozlov, MVP, Sting, Matt Hardy-
Now that the full roster for WWE2K14 has been revealed, names on the main roster who didn't make the final game include Rob Van Dam, Fandango, The Wyatt Family, The Usos, Curtis Axel, The Balla Twins, Alicia Fox, Booker T, Curt Hawkins, Ezekiel Jackson, Hunico, Hornswoggle, Rose Mendes, Tyson Kidd, Vickie Guerrero, William Regal, Yoshi Tatsu, Alex Riley, Big E Langston, Epico, Evan Bourne, Jerry "the King" Lawler, JTG, Primo, Paul Heyman, Tamina Snuka, and Michael Cole. Will we ever see a full main Roster in a WWE game? Roddy Pipet wasn't included in the "30 Years of WrestleMania" mode. WWE was hoping to have WrestleMania 1's main event of Hulk Hogan & Mr T vs. Roody Piper and Paul Orndorff, but 2K Sports was unable to reach an agreement with Mr. T about appearing in the game. It's still possible the names not included will be released as downloadable content later on.
is that Ezekiel Jackson in the back?!
I got a question I was looking at the main roster and why in the *** is Ezekiel Jackson still sign when they don't use him?
Im not even gonna lie i miss Ezekiel Jackson on WWE
Ezekiel Jackson. I haven't seen him wrestle in like 2 years yet is still on the roster. I think they wasted him.
Ezekiel Jackson got more scene time at Wrestlemania 24 than he's had on WWE TV for the past 2 years.
R-Truth should form a team with JTG and Ezekiel Jackson, black guys you're surprised are still on the roster.
All I want to see is Goldust and Ezekiel Jackson french kissing.
When are we going to see African Americans the face of WWE?. JTG,Kofi,R-Truth,PTP,Ezekiel Jackson.
Next Paul Heyman guy is gonna be Ezekiel Jackson. Heyman brings back ECW and Zeke scoop slams Punk through a flaming table. Screencap this.
It was back in ECW 2009. He had a fued with regal and Ezekiel jackson. In a segment he qouted Ezekiel 25:17. Not sure if he is tho
The Ezekiel Jackson stroke will always be the biggest news story they broke, in my eyes.
hey! Don't diss ECW! I have so many great memories of it! Like Extreme Expose! And Ezekiel Jackson as the last champion!
Anybody remember that Ezekiel Jackson was the last ever ECW Champ before it got retired?
Abd now we have Wade Barret vs. Ezekiel Jackson. Remember when they were relevent? Or had a job? Goodtimes
Who comes back first, Hunico, Ezekiel Jackson, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, or John Cena?
I want a fatal 4 way between Ezekiel Jackson, Hunico, JTG and David Otunga. Winner gets regular TV time!
Titus O'Neal reminds me of Ezekiel
Before I sleep, I will name this David Otunga/Ezekiel Jackson tag team Dominant Law. Or WHY.
I'm sitll pulling for an Ezekiel Jackson repackage.
Either that, or Ezekiel Jackson could adopt a "Bill Cosby" gimmick. Wearing sweaters and teaching us life lessons.
Heyman needs another client. Just Axel being managed can get stale. Maybe Barrett or Ryback or Big Ezekiel Jackson.
Wow can ever get mad at Ezekiel Jackson his to awesome
I liked a video Part 2 - Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson on the Final Episode of ECW 02.16.2010
Match to determine the Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship:. Jack Villez def. Ezekiel Jackson via TapOut im Jacklock!
And it appears his first opponent under this fan given nickname will be against the Mexican Aristocrat.Ezekiel Jackson?
I just got reminded of Ezekiel Jackson's existence.
Better hurry up and start pushing Ezekiel Jackson. I hear Hulk had his eye on him to fill Devon's spot in A&8s.
I almost forgot who Ezekiel Jackson was... Lol
I've been saying to friends Ezekiel Jackson & Mason Ryan should be a Tag Team repackaged as Face painted Powerhouses like LOD!
So did Ezekiel Jackson die or something? Or is he in the same Phantom Zone as Mason Ryan?
Mason Ryan would be good but is in the NXT roster. How about Ezekiel Jackson
I want to see Big E Langston, Ezekiel Jackson, Ahamed Johnson, and Bobby Lashley all in the same room.
Predictions: Ted Dibiase becomes a "Heyman Guy" by end of summer, as does Christian and Ezekiel Jackson.
I Could not remember Ezekiel Jackson But I settle myself to return and .!!
I added a video to a playlist Ezekiel Jackson entrance video
Remember it's a news day. Information sharing is what we do here!! New day! Same sheriff!!
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Leonora Abrahams shared the following link: Jackson prays, he decrees and declares or prophesies (w/subtitles), as Ezekiel was commanded to in Ezekiel 37:4, when he told the dry bones to live.
js. give Ezekiel Jackson, Mark Henry and Big E Langston a turn factioning, and wonderful matches would come of this
If you were a General Manger for one Day,what matches would you create ?? Your match could be with any WWE superstars past or present !Who would you make Heel and turn Face also ?
Q7:who was the last ecw champion? this is for 4 points so anyone can win
Tired of seein hippos in sundresses and wife beaters! Got a few health tips for yall: 1) lunge down and take a knee give thanks to the man upstairs for wakin you up. 2) Eat a healthy breakfast within the first 30mins of waking up for the day. 3) Drink an 8oz glass of room temperature or warm water every other hour. 4)Run walk or jog for at least 30mins twice a day or once for a full hour. 5) When eating a meal, eat at an even pace for 10mins then walk away from your plate for 10 mins and if you're still hungry (most ppl wont be), then eat only 1 or 2 more bites. 6) stretch before your eve shower. 7) drink an 8oz glass of grapefruit juice (it burns belly fat as you sleep) (add colon cleanser every 3nights) before bed. Guaranteed 5-7 lbs in a week off yo jiggly tail! LOL
well you thought that Ezekiel Jackson and d-von Dudley were the same person
its crazy what makes push.michael mcgillicutty/curt axel but totally sleep on Ezekiel Jackson i dont get it...i just dont
Only if Ezekiel Jackson gets a shirt that says "I'm a survivor"
Big E...whatever makes me miss Ezekiel Jackson
Am I the only one here who'd love to see a feud between Big E Langston and Ezekiel Jackson? -Connor
Shai Mate grew up in Vancouver and was always surrounded by music like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Abba, Michael Jackson, The beach boys etc. Lauryn Hill and Big L have become huge influences in his sound as of recent. He has begun to adopt Lauryn's expressiveness while incorporating Big L like flow...
Dominic Ezekiel Jackson LeeRoy Richardson Joshua Markowitz and I spent last week here in Vancouver finishing up our projects and this new single with amazing backup vocals by Tonye Aganaba and gang vocals of my whole school yelling 'ay ay ay'. Thank You to EVERYONE that lended a hand in the production process. When we get 50 likes we will drop the single 'Stand Still'! Cheers Im stoked!
Monday Night Raw 10th June 2013 On this episode of Raw we start with the debut of Simon Porter who cuts a promo saying he will win a mitb match this year Ezekiel Jackson defeated Fandango before summer rae attacked Ezekiel Simon Porter defeated Kassius Ohno Kofi Kingston defeated Cody Rhodes new intercontinental champion Sheamus announced no one will ever take the title off him before he gets attacked by the 6 and 7's who we saw on Smackdown Wade Barrett defeated Daniel Bryan Randy Orton defeated Brodus Clay the whole NXT roster attacked John Cena before Vince said this week on NXT everyone in the roster would have a match and if they win they get a contract on Raw or Smackdown
Who was ECW's best actual wrestler in your opinion? ~David
So proud of the following 2013 High School Graduates Nigeanya Hawkins IRHS, Darrell Hawkins and Dawn Boyd GBHS, Sherrell Wright NHS, Ezekiel and Xavier Whaley IRHS, Corey Jeter and Shawn Wright OSHS.God bless you and may you fulfill all of your dreams and plans for the future...Much love
Our first night of revival meetings was wonderful. Brother Matt Day (see previously posted pictures) preached a tremendous message about dry bones living, "Can these dry bones live?" out of Ezekiel. I am anticipating some old dry "bones" becoming a great army of God. Revival meeting continues tonight at 7:30 pm. Come out and experience a move of God in your hearts. The choir from Faith Baptist Church in Winder, GA will be singing and Pastor Matthew D Calvert be bringing a message from God's word. Don't miss out on what God is wanting to do in Jackson County GA.
Had a great night watching footy, playing claw machines and some coldies with meals at the grove with Pete Palmer Jared Loosmore Ezekiel Palmer and Jackson Palmer.
So who's gonna be trying out that gi lapel spider guard variation rhat Braulio used against Rodolfo? Metamoris 2 didn't quite live up to the expectation or hype but I still enjoyed it and eagerly await
Im getting this iguana. I dont care how scared Damion Jackson would be. They look so awesome
Happily, Jehovah has not abandoned his purpose for us. He promises to usher in a peaceful new world in w/c people ''will actually dwell in security, w/no one to make them tremble.'' (Ezekiel 34:28) People will smile, not to hide fear and pain, but because they are finding ''exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.''--Psalm 37:11
Hey Guys! I'm going to start a new feature on this page called 'Spotlight Needed'. This will allow you guys, tell me who you want to see more about. Sound good? To get started name 1 superstar who you think is long overdue for a spotlight in the WWE. -PHG
Q1 who was the last ecw championship?
May 26-June 1 Bible Study: Compare the lives of the Old Testament prophets Jonah & Ezekiel (1-5)...God gave both men the command to preach His Word to the lost but each responded differently. How willing are you to follow God's commands? Which prophet do you most relate to and/or understand?
You know I've heard that Ezekiel Jackson had a Son with Jazz.. Then named it Big E or somethin'..
After The Shield breaks up, whenever that is, who's singles career are you most interested in? -Mac I'm going with Roman Reigns. Why? Well, I'm sure Ambrose and Rollins will do just fine. But Roman Reigns for me is the most undecided. Like will he be face or heel? Will they play off the fact that women love him? See where I'm coming from?
If you want nothing but Epico, Ezekiel Jackson, and Roddy Piper cards, then these new 2013 wwe ones are must buys.
now that you met Snitsky he can date with ezekiel jackson on G.T.S?
Roberto Martinez believes Marouane Fellaini will stay at Everton even though he has a release clause in his contract.
Today I woke to some news that really sadden my heart...Its so crazy how someone can take a life with no remorse..not even taking one min to think about a person family friends an life itself. A mother should never have to weep over a child cause of someones senseless act. I will always remember her voice "hey ms Barbara"!!! In her lil shy voice. My Prayers truely goes out to the fam I luv you guys Ezekiel Jackson & Sheka Jackson an R.I.P. MONIQUE
What a great day at the Waterfont yesterday, with Paul Kane, Rab Wishart, Simon Murphy, Ezekiel Johnston, Ben Maier, Katie Richardson, and Mudblind,with special performances from Bernard Jackson, Jimmy Keenan (90yrs old) and Mara Gibson. Join us from more special events today! 12-5pm Waterfront.
2 points to Mikey dollinger 1 point to Joseph Anthony 3 points to Bradley Mcarthy 1 point to Chris Olson And last question who was the first ever ECW champion?
"This here's what you call domination, it's the combination of skill and concentration." - Composer of Ezekiel Jackson's entrance music.
cool! Lets make a list of others... Ryder, Mcintyre, Tensai, Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson. You can add some more!!
NEVER EVER come at me with a bible verse if you want me to respect you. If u truly follow the bible then that means u follow it in its entirety including but not limited to, Ezekiel 4:12 "And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man." And if u dont YOU ARE A FRAUD!
So I'm gonna ask the question that nobody else wants to ask.. Why has there never been a black WWF/WWE champion?? (The Rock is only half black) -SAM
Food4Thought: How does another nation just walk in and kidnap 20 billion people from their own homeland, enslave them, murder them, manipulate the system to imprison them, and what can we do as a people to change the dynamics of this injustice, thoughts anyone? _Shared by K. Hicks
The smartest thing the devil ever did was make you think he wasn't real. *5-22-11*
Stream Ezekiel 25:17 by [dialogue] on Pulp Fiction for free on Grooveshark.
Let me act like I'm 12 for just a second! I changed oil on a WWE superstars car today, his ring name is Ezekiel Jackson. Not to big of a WWE superstar but it was still cool! That is all!
where is Mason Ryan# camacho# hunico# and ezekiel Jackson# to great tag teams in there. As a big fan know what id like to see
Oh neat I just noticed I got RT'd by Ezekiel Jackson.
Pray for me anybody.I'm struggling.
I should have known she was a Dirty Diana :(
q2 what is the lowest ECW title Reign, Whose Reign it is?
Ezekiel 18vs2b ...the fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge.MJ and Paris Jackson .felt sorry for the little girl.let her find her way to prayer city for deliverance. moral of the story whatever decision u make will affect ur children
Preaching this Sunday @ the Southside Church of Christ 1501 Florida Ave, Richmond CA 11:00 am. Text coming from Ezekiel 47.
Diem Brown Kim Kardashian Islamic State Taylor Swift World Trade Center Ched Evans Middle East Rolling Stones Jon Stewart David Cameron Prince William Wren Scott White House Las Vegas Hollywood Film Awards Wayne Rooney Bernie Ecclestone Boko Haram Christopher Nolan Baker Hughes Internet Explorer 8 West Virginia University Los Angeles Ed Miliband President Obama Christoph Waltz Rex Ryan Chuck Hagel Adam Silver Fifty Shades West Africa World Tour Finals Wall Street Shaun Maloney Daniel Craig Elisabeth Hasselbeck Richard Simmons Last Word European Space Agency Marilyn Monroe Mutual Fund Silk Road Daily News Patrick Schwarzenegger Jason Reed College Football Playoff Florida State Ralph Fiennes Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Holiday Collection Jennifer Lawrence Amazon Prime Air Katha Pollitt Jim Carrey World Cup Trinny Woodall Cold War Vladimir Putin Martin Luther King Sierra Leone South Africa Sheffield United Alex Salmond Sri Lanka Football Player Nigel Farage Jay Cutler Nicola Sturgeon Manchester City Bill Clinton Derrick Rose Republican Party North Korea World Health Organization Benedict Cumberbatch Robin Roberts Formula One Children In Need Virgin America National Cathedral Rik Mayall School District Barack Obama East Africa World Series Virgin Galactic Zachary Quinto Al Roker Hillary Clinton James Bond Mike Trout Real World Manny Ramirez Scott Boras San Francisco Test Drive Duck Dynasty Bill Cosby Red October Lee Rigby

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