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Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott (born July 22, 1995) is an American football running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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Crazy: Tom Brady finished with more rushing yards today (9) than Ezekiel Elliott (8).
Did you know that Tom Brady had more rushing yards than Ezekiel Elliott this Week 2?
When Tom Brady has more rushing yards than Ezekiel Elliott this week. And more passing yards than any other QB in the NFL this week
Carson Wentz had the same amount of rushing yards today (55) as Ezekiel Elliott, LeSean McCoy, Melvin Gordon and DeMarc…
From Tom Brady to Ezekiel Elliott, it was quite a Sunday in the NFL.jason-mcintyre
Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys hit wall in blowout by Broncos
Magic Johnson has some real advice for Ezekiel Elliott. (via
New post (Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys roll over Beckham-less Giants) has been published on Daily Star Sports -…
Well that's great when you have Michael Thomas, Curtis Samuel, Devin Smith, Ezekiel Elliott, and an amazing O-Line
Judge grants Ezekiel Elliott his temporary restraining order, appears he will be eligible to play all 16 games this season
Snacks lays the Smackdown on Michael Irvin for cheering on Ezekiel Elliott: "cool off dude"
"The NFL is overcompensating for past mistakes with the ruling on Ezekiel Elliott" -LISTEN HERE:…
Breaking: Ezekiel Elliott's six-game suspension has been upheld by arbitrator Harold Henderson, sources tell
Confirmed: Arbitrator Harold Henderson has upheld 6-game suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott.
Skip explains why he thinks Ezekiel Elliott will be eligible to play this Sunday. (SPEEDonFOX)
In NFL's 16-page court filing to oppose Ezekiel Elliott, the league cites its legal victory over Tom Brady 7 times. Ca…
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Hey Ezekiel, you're a PIG & a moron! Ezekiel Elliott impregnated Tiffany Thompson, believes she tried to trap him
Ezekiel Elliott admits under oath he used drugs at Ohio State, still likes to party, get drunk  via…
Week in Review: FS1\'s best on Ezekiel Elliott, Mayweather/McGregor, the NBA\'s big trade and more. (SPEEDonFOX)
The Cowboys filed a declaration of support of the NFLPA's motion fighting against Ezekiel Elliott's suspension.
Lead NFL investigator Kia Roberts recommended no suspension for RB Ezekiel Elliott
NFL lead investigator reportedly recommended no suspension for Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott lawsuit claims there was a "league-orchestrated conspiracy . . . to hide critical information" https:/…
The NFLPA has filed a restraining order calling for courts to block any suspension of Ezekiel Elliott.
Here we go again: NFLPA vs NFL, this time over Ezekiel Elliott.
NFL investigator Kia Roberts reportedly testified that she recommended no suspension for Ezekiel Elliott
Dak Prescott thinks the Cowboys offense will be fine without Ezekiel Elliott. (SPEEDonFOX)
Report: Ezekiel Elliott's appeal hearing expected to last through Thursday
The appeals hearing for RB Ezekiel Elliott will continue into Day 2, source said. Still ongoing. No end in sight.
Jerry Jones says there's 'no evidence' to support the Ezekiel Elliott suspension.
Ezekiel Elliott&appeal hearing reportedly to last 2-3 days.
(2015) Ezekiel Elliott scores the first touchdown for OSU in the championship game against Oregon.
Ezekiel Elliott's appeal was not held at NFL headquarters today in NYC.
Keep in mind, Ezekiel Elliott's appeal arbiter Harold Henderson reduced Greg Hardy's suspension from 10 games to 4.
Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal hearing begins on Tuesday morning. The Cowboys RB will be in attendance. LATEST:. 📺: ht…
Ezekiel Elliott's appeal is sounding really familiar
RB Ezekiel Elliott was excused from practice Mon and Tues for his hearing. I'm told he'll stay until it's over -- to…
Our latest Average Draft Position breakdown. LOTS of moving parts after the third preseason games.
I'm told Ezekiel Elliott's appeal started at 10am Tuesday and lasted until 6pm. Wednesday could be equally as long. Sti…
I'm one thousand percent confident in Ezekiel Elijah Elliott's team! You just watch and see!
Ezekiel Elliott pleads his case at appeal hearing via App
Life goes on without Ezekiel Elliott for Cowboys
Ezekiel Elliott's appeal of his six-game suspension with the NFL is scheduled to last through Thursday, per a source.
Ezekiel Elliott set to plead his case at appeal hearing today:.
Ezekiel Elliott's representatives believe he will lose his appeal, per https:/…
Just a reminder that Jordan Howard is still better than Ezekiel Elliott...carry on through your feed
Tony Dungy drops science on Ezekiel Elliott and Colin Kaepernick:
Ezekiel Elliott suspended 6 games for domestic violence . Josh Gordon suspended 3 years for smoking weed. The NFL is a we…
Will Ronnie Hillman make Cowboys' roster now that Ezekiel Elliott is suspended?
Ezekiel Elliott needs to fight the NFL on his suspension, taking it all the way to the Supreme Court. Can't set this precede…
Thompson to Ezekiel Elliott: "You are a black male athlete. I'm a white girl. They are not going to believe you." https:…
I liked a video Skip Bayless reacts to Ezekiel Elliott suspension | UNDISPUTED
Dr Boyce Watkins: Evidence shows that NFL star Ezekiel Elliott is being falsely accused .
Kenyon Martin on Ezekiel Elliott's suspension — 'Six games. The max? He had a couple of mishaps, but the maximum?'. (via kenyonm…
How Tony Romo welcomed Ezekiel Elliott and poked fun at not being drafted
Mac Engel says not having Ezekiel Elliott will show if Dak Prescott is as good as Tony Romo at doing more with less.
Auditions begin as the take the field for the first time since Ezekiel Elliott's suspension. . Full Story:…
Landon Collins wants to face Ezekiel Elliott in Week 1: "I don’t want to hear the backlash of, ‘This person wasn’t here.'"
Jerry Jones and Ezekiel Elliott need to find a way to accept the truth — for their sake
Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games by NFL after domestic violence investigation
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott suspended for 6 games after domestic violence incidents.…
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BREAKING: Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott suspended 6 games by NFL, according to report
Local Dallas Cowboys fans weigh in on Ezekiel Elliott's suspension:
Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games by NFL Que Que? Does Goodell/Badell even realize Elliott is NOT on the Patriot?
At least Ezekiel Elliott didn't do something incredibly malicious like silently protest during the national anthem or s…
People were talking about maybe one game for Ezekiel Elliott. Six games comprehensively changes everything for the Cowb…
I want to hear Roger Goodell explain what Ezekiel Elliott did that's six times as bad as what Josh Brown did.
Josh Brown and Ray Rice combined got three games. Ezekiel Elliott will likely double that. Think about that.
My initial reaction to the Ezekiel Elliott suspension is ... last year, Roger Goodell suspended Josh Brown for one game.
So right after I leave home, the NFL suspends Ezekiel Elliott for six games. WTAF, National Football League?
Ezekiel Elliott assuring Jerry Jones it's going to be alright...
NFL has to punish Ezekiel Elliott because Jerry Jones won\'t, Shannon says. (SPEEDonFOX)
Via Rotoworld - "Stephen Jones thinks NFL needs to hurry up - Ezekiel… https:…
Ezekiel Elliott's "Feed Zeke" Nike's he's shown off at training camp. 🍴
The NFL's long investigation of Ezekiel Elliott is conduct detrimental to the league.
The NFL is once again leaking inflammatory details about a looming suspension to an show
Regarding Ezekiel Elliott, said "there's a real possibility to be some discipline." Expects a decision as…
Ezekiel Elliott to not be suspended
Jerry Jones works to paint NFL into corner as Cowboys await decision on Ezekiel Elliott via
Stephen Jones: NFLs investigation into Ezekiel Elliott not efficient enough: via
Ezekiel Elliott must master this tough art to have a chance at joining LaDainian Tomlinson in Hall |
Is RB this year’s version of the depth at offensive line in 2016?
Jerry Jones is trying to trick you into thinking an Ezekiel Elliott suspension is unfair. | https:…
"If Ezekiel Elliott is suspended… it feels like Jerry and Stephen and co. are about to go to legal war with the NFL." —
Will any of this year's first-year RBs come close to Ezekiel Elliott's monster rookie season? via
Of course hasn't made a decision about Ezekiel Elliott because he doesn't care about domestic violence in the
Is the delay a bad sign for Ezekiel Elliott?
Ezekiel Elliott is doing everything in his power to not have to face the New York Giants defense in Week 1. Stay woke, y'all.
Goodell says Cris Carter is talking out his depth on Ezekiel Elliott
Possible more suspensions on the horizon for the Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott, Nolan Carroll, Damien Wilson.
host of off-field problems: Ezekiel Elliott, Jourdan Lewis, Damien Wilson – all may be suspended…
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"Jerry Jones reiterates support for Ezekiel Elliott" { by Mike Florio } via
"NFL is wrapping up the Ezekiel Elliott investigation" { by Mike Florio } via
NFL will not announce any possible Ezekiel Elliott discipline today, nor this weekend. Cowboys report to camp Saturday wi…
BREAKING: NFL wrapping up investigation into incidents involving Ezekiel Elliott, + report. https:…
Tony Romo on with today, talking about Ezekiel Elliott:
Tony Romo on Ezekiel Elliott: "I know he's a good kid. He's just trying to find his way. I think he's going to figure it ou…
AUDIO: of breaks down Ezekiel Elliott's legal issues and more.
Dallas police have suspended their investigation of an alleged assault that a source said involved Ezekiel Elliott: https…
Dallas police have suspended their investigation of Ezekiel Elliott's alleged assault, citing a lack of witnesses. https:…
[SB Nation: Bleeding Green Nation] - Ezekiel Elliott is dealing with even more trouble
[ESPN: NFL Nation] - Ezekiel Elliott again shows his electric -- and flawed -- personality
lol Ezekiel Elliott and Carlos Hyde have already trumped both of those guys.
Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott was involved in an altercation at a Dallas bar on Sunday night.
Stay of of bars Zeke. Reports: Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott involved in altercation at Dallas bar via
Affidavits and Texts from witnesses inolved with the Tiffany Thompson / Ezekiel Elliott issue show TT in a bad light https:…
Hamilton Collection
Here is what our Insider Adam Schefter told me on the possibility of Ezekiel Elliott facing a short suspension
Ezekiel Elliott running through NFL defenses like . (via
David Johnson vs. Ezekiel Elliott. Who would you rather have?
A yr ago saw no future for the ...flash forward boy were they wrong!!
Say it with me because it sounds so so pretty... Ezekiel Elliott.
Re-activated my fantasy team today and realized my keepers were Matt Ryan and Ezekiel Elliott.
Ezekiel Elliott: 'I try to take my opponent's will away'
And, pic 3 was the same as pic 1... to reinforce the cheating? And 4 was Ezekiel Elliott. You're not even a Ravens fan.
Ezekiel Elliott could reportedly still face NFL discipline:
Many fans have already moved on from Alfred Morris? Why? Jahad Thomas? Let’s pump the brakes a little. BTB:
Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott a Top 10 NFL Player? Here's the case for it - Dallas - Scout
No running back in the NFL rushed for more yards after contact than Cowboys HB Ezekiel Elliott.
Athletes leave little to the imagination in the 2017 ESPN Body Issue.
Why is there such a rush for the Cowboys to ditch Alfred Morris? via
Here's Ezekiel Elliott by personnel grouping vs X defenders in the the box.
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& I better be able to run wild all over the field with Ezekiel Elliott in Madden 18! 💯🏈
Jahad Thomas is in line to take over the backup role to Ezekiel Elliott in Dallas.
Ezekiel Elliott remains under investigation by the NFL and could face discipline
"I've got some friends -- Tyron Smith, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez." 😂😂
NFL Players voted Ezekiel Elliott the best RB in the league with Le'Veon Bell 2nd and David Johnson 3rd.
Ezekiel Elliott told Dirk that he runs like a baby giraffe 😂
Sport Mountain - Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott not resting on their laurels
Ezekiel Elliott? Le’Veon Bell? Which RBs have best chance at rushing for 2K yards in ’17? https:/…
[Dallas Morning News] - Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott on laying low: 'You learn from your mistakes. If you don't, it …
[SB Nation: Land-Grant Holy Land] Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott are already among the NFL’s bes
Pro Football Focus has tabbed Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott as two of their top 50 players for 2017.
91 days until NFL season: Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott ran for 91 first downs in 2016. The next-most by a player was David…
Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Dez Bryant continue to watch film together after OTA practices
Ezekiel Elliott: "There is big room for improvement...being more comfortable, being able to anticipate more. That's what I'…
We're 85 days out from Ohio State's opener. Let's celebrate by watching Ezekiel Elliott's 85-yard murder of Alabama.
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Ezekiel Elliott is back to work, and Jason Garrett isn't backing off
Ezekiel Elliott playing special teams during his freshman year at Ohio State:
Check out Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and Ezekiel Elliott in the new trailer.
When I heard Tom Brady is gonna be on the cover of Madden, and not Ezekiel Elliott.
Tom Brady on the next Madden cover 👀 I expected Ezekiel Elliott
Not sure if I'll buy but I would LOVE if Ezekiel Elliott or Dak Prescott (both?) were on the cover!. It will…
Jerry Jones on getting Ezekiel Elliott more involved on offense: "He's really problematic for defenses in the passing game.…
Ezekiel Elliott hit a clutch home run for charity. (SPEEDonFOX)
Ezekiel Elliott:. •hit a home run. •tried to jump into the Salvation Army bucket mascot 😂.
I'll slow down for you. Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott). Played. Three. Seasons. Only. Missed. One. Michigan. Game. Better?
Ezekiel Elliott becomes first rookie to lead NFL playzekiChicken Heads can't stop Zeke
According to the NFLPA, Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott finished first and second in sales of all player-identified mercha…
In 2016, Dallas used pick 4 on RB Ezekiel Elliott. A year later, the Jaguars do the same at pick 4 with Leonard Fournette.
According to Sports Science, Alvin Kamara has graded out with a score of 90.6. Ezekiel Elliott had a score of 91 last ye…
Washington needs a draft solution to its Ezekiel Elliott problem
Cowboys legend Tony Dorsett on hand to watch Ezekiel Elliott break his rookie record
I love the cowboys go dak and Ezekiel Elliott.
Mum’s the Word: owner Jerry Jones is strong, silent type when it comes to Ezekiel Elliott parade video ». http…
Jerry Jones virtually mum about Ezekiel Elliott parade video - 247Sports
On Tuesday, Jerry Jones addressed the off-the-field matters regarding Ezekiel Elliott.
If nothing happened to Justin Timberlake for pulling out a woman's titty, nothing should happen to Ezekiel Elliott either. {{-_-}}
Ezekiel Elliott in these streets thinking he Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl
Ezekiel Elliott has broken more laws than tackles.
Ezekiel Elliott pulled down a girl's top during St. Patrick's Day in Dallas. It was all in good fun, Zeke & his crew hun…
Ezekiel Elliott might be the breast running back in the NFL
Sounds racist to me. If you're Justin Timberlake you can expose breasts but Ezekiel Elliott can't?
Josh tryna start beef with Ezekiel Elliott 😂
Andre Igoudala and Ezekiel Elliott what are you doing!?🤔
Ezekiel Elliott looked like he was playing against little kids in college
Last year my 'Star Charisma' award went to Ezekiel Elliott. This year it no doubt goes to LSU S Jamal Adams…
Check out this great item: 2016 Ezekiel Elliott Dak Prescott Score RC'S Dallas Cowboys ROY MVP Rookie
One of the biggest pulls in the shops history!!!. Ezekiel Elliott Panini Encased Cap Patch 1/1. Logoman Full Name Signa…
Notes from pro day: RB Joe Mixon was the headliner, but LB Jordan Evans stole the show:
Jerry Jones on Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence case: 'nothing anywhere that indicates anything'
Urban Meyer hung out with Joshua Perry, Ezekiel Elliott, Michael Thomas, and Eli Apple on the Buckeye Cruise.
Michael Irvin on "You cannot win in Dallas without Ezekiel Elliott." Same O-line was there last year. "[Zeke]…
Leonard Fournette vs Dalvin Cook vs Ezekiel Elliott in the 40 yard dash
Class of 2017 running backs showing Ezekiel Elliott gratitude
Ezekiel Elliott was a man amongst boys in college
Cowboys could use as depth behind Ezekiel Elliott and Adrian Peterson
Ezekiel Elliott denied being detained by police after an incident outside a Columbus, Ohio, nightclub
Ezekiel Elliott had 932 yards after contact this year... 🍴
Ezekiel Elliott having his 1st public autograph signing in the Houston Galleria Mall. Fans paying $280 a signature. Reppe…
Dak Prescott: Without Ezekiel Elliott, I don't win Rookie of the Year
QB Dak Prescott has been named AP Rookie of the Year over RB Ezekiel Elliott! . Congratulations, Dak!!! https:/…
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NFL Honors: Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott gets more MVP votes than Aaron Rodgers
NFL Network's Jane Slater on the NFC star that Ezekiel Elliott developed a bromance with at the Pro……
DeMarco Murray said he knew Ezekiel Elliott could run the ball but his pass-catching and blocking caught Murray's eye. "He'…
DeMarco Murray on advice for Ezekiel Elliott to watch Witten: "Watch 82. He'll lead the way and show you how to do things t…
Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott is the NFC East offensive MVP, congratulations!
[NFL Nation: Dallas Cowboys] If history holds, 2017 should be even better for Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott
With his 4 yard rush on his 2nd carry tonight Ezekiel Elliott passed Edgerrin James (1,553) for 5th most rushing yards all tim…
to send Ezekiel Elliott your vote for
RB back Ezekiel Elliott, was selected 2016 NFL Rookie of the Year! Congratulations.
DPostSports: Watch it again: Ezekiel Elliott's mean spin move from the divisional playoff:
The last time Ezekiel Elliott participated in a playoff game at AT&T stadium, he went for 246 yds and 4 TDs...for the Ohi…
Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott: 1st pair of rookie teammates to have 300 Pass yds & 100 Rush yds in a playoff game in t…
Ezekiel Elliott has more than 100 yards on the day, in his first-ever playoff game.
Did we forget that we have Ezekiel Elliott?
The NFL is furthering its investigation into claims of assault against Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott.
Dallas source is now telling me that RB Ezekiel Elliott will not play today due to "disciplinary issues." Big n…
NFL sends additional questions to Ezekiel Elliott over assault accusations, league sources tell ESPN.
Emmitt Smith loves what he's seeing from Ezekiel Elliott.
Emmitt Smith on Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott: 'He is an artist with the football in his hand' - Dallas News (blog)
What does Ezekiel Elliott expect from Cowboys on Sunday? "I expect us to go out there and fight. I expect us to go out ther…
GB/DAL...I'd like to believe in the Prescott is still a rookie. Ezekiel Elliott is also still a rookie. Remember that.
Ezekiel Elliott giving a statement to police after being involved in a minor traffic accident Wednesday morning. https:…
Ezekiel Elliott: "I think this was the best practice we've had all year. You felt the energy. You felt the competitiveness."
Ezekiel Elliott was in a car accident Wednesday but don't worry, Cowboys fans, he's doing just fine.
REPORT: Police put out A.P.B. for car leaving accident involving Ezekiel Elliott.
Ezekiel Elliott on playoff advice he's received from former players: "Just that the game picks up, but I'm going to pick my…
Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott 'glad' nobody was hurt in auto accident - USA TODAY
Ezekiel Elliott was in a car accident - but just a small fender bender. He is okay & will be good to go on Sunday.
Ezekiel Elliott got into a car accident. Jason Garrett said he just had a "fender-bender". Garrett also said he's fine…
Dallas police are searching for suspect involved in Ezekiel Elliott car accident. Witness at the scene described suspec…
Packers defense to Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott: It won't be like last time
Ezekiel Elliott involved in minor car accident, says he's 'been in bigger collisions'
BREAKING: Dallas PD are looking for this hit and run suspect, described at the scene in the Ezekiel Elliott car accide…
Nine months ago there were critics; now Ezekiel Elliott is 'exactly and more' than Cowboys hoped for - Dallas News…
"Put Isaiah Crowell on the Cowboys and he has the same stats, if not better, as Ezekiel Elliott" -
Ezekiel Elliott rushed 28 times for 157 yards against the Packers in Week 6
Five Cowboys have been selected to the NFL All-Pro team:. Ezekiel Elliott. Tyron Smith. Zack Martin. Travis Frederick . Sean…
RB Ezekiel Elliott never was 1st-team All-America in college, but he's an All_pro in the as a rookie.
Ezekiel Elliott, Tyreek Hill and Matt Ryan among 17 first-time members of AP All-Pro Team https:/…
Ezekiel Elliott was a hooper in high school 🔥🔥
From Tom Brady to Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott to Russell Wilson, Big Ten alums ready to take over NFL playoffs
Every Texas running back has to be excited about the hiring of Stan Drayton. Worked Ezekiel Elliott at OSU and Jordan…
Ezekiel Elliott only scored 110 more total yards than best RB in the league Le'Veon Bell despite playing 3 more games than h…
Tyreek Hill finished the season with the fourth-most all-purpose yards in the NFL behind David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott and…
Reggie Bush needs just 1,634 rushing yards in the second half today to tie Ezekiel Elliott for the NFL lead.
I don't have a vote in the MVP race, but here's how I see it:. 1) Matt Ryan. 2) Tom Brady. 3) Aaron Rodgers. 4) Ezekiel Elliott
A'Shawn Robinson officially not fined for body slam of Ezekiel Elliott, as he said earlier this week.
fans want Alfred Morris to start over Ezekiel Elliott at RB -- by a wide margin. Cast your vote here https:…
What do LeGarrette Blount, Ezekiel Elliott, David Johnson, and Arian Foster all have in common?
Cowboys QB Dak Prescott gets revenge on Ezekiel Elliott in snack war
I will rather start Alfredo Morris and keep Ezekiel Elliott on the bench for him
Bill Polian: Tom Brady may win MVP, but Ezekiel Elliott more deserving
Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott isn’t a fan of sitting on the sidelines
Lions lineman Taylor Decker calls out reporter for snub involving Ezekiel Elliott
Dak Prescott while sitting with Ezekiel Elliott during recent ESPN interview with Keyshawn Johnson:
"[Ezekiel Elliott] has been the third best RB in NFL this year...Le'Veon Bell & David Johnson are the top two.". -
Ezekiel Elliott: Detroit Lions DT A'Shawn Robinson was playing dirty all game; probably still mad about Sugar Bowl
Ezekiel Elliott has moved past Emmitt Smith's 1991 season where he ran for 1563 yards.
A'Shawn Robinson tackles backup running back Darren McFadden at the end of a 42-21 loss and does Ezekiel Elliott's "feed…
The fact that Ezekiel Elliott just now passed 6th rounder Aldred Morris' rookie yardage total should tell you something.
Ezekiel Elliott:1,618 rushing yards this season, passing Ottis Anderson and Alfred Morris for the third most by a rookie…
Ezekiel Elliott bought matching diamond chains for himself and Dak Prescott for Christmas.
Ezekiel Elliott's gift to one of the best O-lines in football. (via
Ezekiel Elliott has given each of his offensive linemen a John Deere 855D S4 Crossover. They start at $16,099.
the ATV'S being given to the Cowboys offensive linemen by rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott for Christmas. Bravo http…
Ezekiel Elliott says breaking rookie rushing mark would be special
Odell Beckham Jr. was fined $18,000 for wearing Craig Sager Charitable Cleats. . Ezekiel Elliott didn't get fined for j…
Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are the first rookie QB & RB teammates selected to the Pro Bowl in the same year since the 19…
Across the Shield: Ryan Shazier bares the cold, Eli Apple denies a touchdown and Ezekiel Elliott has a career day.
Ezekiel Elliott criticizes Christian McCaffrey, Leonard Fournette for skipping bowl games |
Ezekiel Elliott scores TD, donates self to Salvation Army in celebration.
Ezekiel Elliott found himself in a Warp Zone on Sunday Night
Ezekiel Elliott would give anything to play with his college teammates again (besides playing his whole senior year) ht…
Salvation Army raised $182,000 ( 61%) though online donations in first 14 hours after Ezekiel Elliott's leap...
Ezekiel Elliott will match potential fine with donation to Salvation Army.
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Kaepernick drawing attention to himself, OK, Ezekiel Elliott drawing attention to the Salvation Army, big fine. Why the NFL ***
Ezekiel Elliott will not be fined by NFL for Salvation Army bucket celebration
Ezekiel Elliott won’t get fined for his Salvation Army celebration via
NFL will not fine Ezekiel Elliott for his Salvation Army Kettle hop. Happy holidays.
Ezekiel Elliott won't be fined for jumping into Salvation Army kettle
NFL announced Ezekiel Elliott will not be fined for celebrating a TD by jumping into an oversized Salvation Army kettle in the…
Cowboys beat the Bucs and Ezekiel Elliott jumped in a big red bucket:
Buccaneers vs. Cowboys 2016 final score: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott get Dallas to 12-2 with 26-20 win
Win No. 12 came harder than it should have for the Cowboys but they can thank a late emergence of Ezekiel Elliott...
WATCH: Ezekiel Elliott jumps into Salvation Army pot after TD
Cowboys dodge bullet after Jason Witten's first fumble in six years. Will they finally rely on Ezekiel Elliott?
Ezekiel Elliott now has 13 rush TD, passing Tony Dorsett for most by a rookie.
Ezekiel Elliott got more potential than Brady
First Ezekiel Elliott passed Tony Dorsett for most rushing TDs (13) by a Cowboys rookie. Then he "donated" himself to the Salvat…
How much is Ezekiel Elliot worth anyway?
win! Dallas, behind huge games from Dak and Zeke, gets its 12th win of the year. ht…
Ezekiel Elliott on his TD celebration: "That bucket is sitting right there by the end zone so it's only right somebody jump…
Jerry Jones joking about Ezekiel Elliott's TD celebration, said he'll take it to the Supreme Court if he gets fined
.If the Lambeau Leap is good, so too should be Ezekiel Elliott's Salvation Army Drop.
I've hated the my whole life, but I really like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. Odd times.
Ezekiel Elliott all smiles headed into locker room after win over Tampa Bay:
Ezekiel Elliott jumps into Salvation Army kettle after scoring TD and gets hit with penalty for excessive celebration. B…
Ezekiel Elliott says he'll match any money he's fined and will donate it to the
Ezekiel Elliott is donating himself to the Salvation Army this holiday season.
Dez Bryant is the best WR in football . Ezekiel Elliott is the best RB in football . Dak Prescott is the best QB in football…
Elliott runs for 159 yards, TD in SNF win - Ezekiel Elliott | DAL
Ezekiel Elliott said he would match whatever the NFL fines him for his TD celebration in the kettle toward a donation to
Ezekiel Elliott just got a celebration penalty for jumping into the Salvation Army red kettle
Ezekiel Elliott's about to be the 1st NFL player in history fined for doing charity work. (Vine via h…
Ezekiel Elliott says he expects a fine from the NFL & he will match whatever fine the he gets & donate it to the Salvat…
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Cowboys rookies bounce back in win over Buccaneers - Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott rebounded from last week'...
Seeing Ezekiel Elliott jump in that Salvation Army bucket was wild, man. Can you imagine how much pudding would fit in tha…
Jason Witten on Ezekiel Elliott's TD celebration: "Yeah, that was something.". Zeke yells: "I love you, Wit!". Witten: "I g…
Ezekiel Elliott the official sponsor of the Salvation Army. .
Cowboys Video: Jason Garrett discusses Ezekiel Elliott's creative TD celebration, says "he shouldn't have done it"…
VIDEO: Ezekiel Elliott scores, leaps into Salvation Army bucket, continues to be an extremely likable dude.
Sean lee Dak Prescott the whole o line Ezekiel Elliott and dan bailey
.Le'Veon Bell is better than Ezekiel Elliott, it's not even close.
is the first time Ezekiel Elliott has lost a road game since Middle School
Ezekiel Elliott: 'Honestly, in the games we lost, we beat ourselves'
WR Odell Beckham Jr. swaps jerseys with Ezekiel Elliott, tells RB to 'Keep eating!'
Ezekiel Elliott needs 139 yards per game in final three for record
Ezekiel Elliott finally lost his first career road game (High School, College or NFL) vs the Giants on Sunday night. ht…
Devon Kennard tackles Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield! Cowboys now 1 for 12 on third down!
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