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Extra Innings

Extra innings is the extension of a baseball or softball game in order to break a tie.

World Series

And just like that, the Tigers are the lone remaining winless MLB team in extra innings this season. 0-3.
You don't typically see a lot of 8-1 games in extra innings. Good job Phils
Putin keeps praying the Diamondbacks don't go into extra innings... 🇺🇸
Only the Phillies could be down by six in extra innings.
JERSEYKID 0-1-1 late night as the & over 9 just Miss late night Bonus Alert in EXTRA innings…
Cishek picks up win in extra innings for Mariners last night!!
Hey, the way the pitched in extra innings last night, your vacation might be spent in the…
Batavia beat Auburn 19-18 in extra innings Tuesday. 24 runs came in after the 7th inning. (H/T
Another loss from the tigers. Almost won though in extra innings
We moved down to better seats for extra innings tonight. I don't think Kinley was excited to…
More about how ADHD bound America can't handle the nuances of the game. If they change extra innings rule then it's all over.
Intentional walks now verbal - Catchers have to double check their footwork on a pla…
How the *** do you lose by 7 runs in extra innings? HOW?
Mariners need a little extra effort to beat Tigers in 10 innings.
Yes indeed, almost a nail biter, glad to see them start off the 4 game series with an extra innings win!
Log: Kyle Seager delivers in extra innings .
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
But of course the night that the start at 10:10 & i get drunk and have a hangover & im dying to go to sleep goes to…
Fresno has still not played into the 11th inning this season. Drop to 1-3 in extra innings, all settled in the 10t…
". Piscotty gives credit to Cardinals' bullpen after extra-innings win. " .
Mariners and Hops both win in extra innings. Good day.
Has it become a yearly ritual for the to lose at least one heartbreaker in extra innings against the in SEA
I did not feel good about the Tigers' chances as the game went extra innings.
Armed Forces Network has the game this evening. Plus MLB Extra Innings works over here as well. -Cleveland Mike :)
Day + Extra Innings by Michelle Lynn . Synopsis. I’m the crazy fun one. Pedal to the floor,...
In the car this afternoon? Join me for the "Extra Innings" show on We'll hear from and debut "Storytime w/ Dan"
Like keeping Zach Britton in the Bullpen in Extra Innings of a winner take all game.
I'm enjoying the Xbox Live Gold free game Extra Innings. It feels like the old NES baseball games, with a new school touch.
No on Extra Innings on Fibe but we do have a crap game at this is BS!
*** A-Rod's final game with not on Extra Innings on Fibe. RIPOFF!
With Arizona not being your typical swing state, it's cool to watch MLB extra innings and see political ads already running.
Stars win 5-4 in extra innings. Hart with the W in relief and with the walk off single. Stars finish the w…
Extra innings would be a nightmare.
Its always been to salvage one game before the trip to Gwinnet, after a couple tough losses 1 in extra innings - Matt Swierad
I'm rooting for triple digit extra innings
Hey you are meant to have the game on. But you dont. And I cant watch on extra innings due to blackout.
Vidal Nuno on for Mariners. You might remember him from such work as extra innings Monday night.
Springer clutch in extra innings, lifts to victory
Boys lost a tough semi final game that last 5 extra innings. Proud of them.
Cubs game goes into extra innings -350. The blahs +200. AJ drags him to the farmers market +150. Dog bites his weiner EVEN
Cats show well at the 17u tournament in AZ going 4-2 for the tournament. Both losses in extra innings.
Recording tonight-ah! Episode 76 may go into extra innings to give you, the listener, more before we go on hiatus. Don't leave us.
Juan Rivera went 0 for 6 with a walk, three inning ending double plays, two of them in extra innings and fairly minor throwing error
and all those extra innings. How many used corked bats?
Cardinals Report: Drillers top Springfield in extra innings
Extra innings are taxing on young staffs at level, but offer benefits.
[THE RIDE] Cyclones go hitless in extra innings loss: See this story at By David Russell…
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Aces beat in extra innings last night! Read our recap here:
News-Leader: Cardinals Report: Drillers top Springfield in extra innings
Who hits a game tying triple to send the game into extra innings then his next at bat, dinks a walk off to force a game seven and then a WS
That moment you bored so you play team in extra innings and Jose Fernandez takes Nolan Ryan deep 😨
B9 Ruff strikes out looking and we are headed for extra innings
B9 - Matt Fish records two outs, needing one more to force extra innings w/ bases loaded.
Fair enough. And if this game goes to extra innings, maybe Dusty can give Petit another 80+ pitches.
It's like terrorism and the NRA are going into extra innings but we lose either way.
Early mornings, late practices, long days, extra innings. With the extreme comfort of the you’ll want more. https…
Another pick headed to extra innings. Pepto bismol cap is off.
Tigers drop a tight one to Plymouth, IN in extra innings, 6-5. Millard North tomorrow. Go Tigers!
Cardinals fall to Lumberjacks in extra innings
yeah but sony is d producer which is y they came on extra innings so I think they will come on TKSS...hopefully they do!
Demers, Macek deal in Blair's walk off win over Nebraska City.
The fourth and fifth grade team went into extra innings to win tonight very proud of them
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I'm watching I'll watch any sport in bad weather or a baseball game in deep extra innings
Despite Ronald Guzman's 10th homer of the year, the Riders fall 2-1 in extra innings. Recap:
Extra innings in Tulsa as the Cardinals and Drillers move into the 10th tied 6-6.
Played a double header today.. Both games went into extra innings and both ended with a tie?! *** 😂
Extra innings in the Championship game for the 9 year olds! Tied 8-8! Send great thoughts our way!!
Aces win! 12-10 in extra innings against the Dodgers
Thank God, we did not go into extra innings! On party boat!
he's been bad this whole time now exposed ... Lose by 6 at home in extra innings now tonight it's pitiful
The three of us are totally fine with extra innings.
Still no Rangers/Reds game on Extra Innings. 2 days without my team on my TV.
We go to extra innings for the second straight night.
More extra innings in Gwinnett with the Braves and Indians tied 3-3
Texas Glory Hitting In the Morning at Extra Innings in Plano 8-11am. Cost $20.
Looking fwd to speaking at Sri Ram College of Commerce,DU at 3pm tdy. See you thr!. 'Extra Innings: Around the wicket & B…
Extra Innings is back tonight with an all new installment tonight at 8! Stream it live on
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"World Series Royals run up the score in extra innings".
WIN! The thrilling finish in extra innings & locker room celebrations - coming up next.
Are we not going to bring up the irony here of Harvey going extra innings and the Mets collapsing?
It looks like they gave you a few extra innings to make up for those you missed at the Awards Ceremony. So thoughtful ;)
Okay, only five extra innings in Game 1. But still. How about those ninth-inning comebacks?
one batter too many, leads to extra innings and the loss. Tough on mgr. Tough on Harvey. Admire competitiveness BUT.
Everyone in this city is either in a spectacular mood or is sleeping off the extra innings right now.
Only five extra innings (14-9) in Game 1, but at this point, who's counting?
Looks like no one's ever won a extra innings game by more than 3 runs
The Mets' pitcher came out in the ninth and it went from 3 outs from a win to extra innings and a World Series for KC
Six extra innings in Game 1. Three extra innings in Game 5. That's a whole game. So are the first team to win a World Series 5-1.
Fantastic weekend with the absolute best, an extra innings Game 5, and the Royals being crowned to end it!
Dear how about replaying the last innings of the World Series for those of us who fell asleep? time change plus extra
Campus is a ghost town this morning. Everyone too tired to go to class after all those extra innings? 😂
"You never want to give up 5 runs in extra innings in a Series game. Gotta check the numbers on that, but that's my gut." …
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Oh what a night and years from now, you'll remember watching an extra innings World Series Game where our Royals...
The Latest: Matt Harvey can't contain Royals in 9th; Game 5 tied 2-2 in extra innings
I had predicted Royals in 6, and with extra innings it technically almost was
unfortunately Royals scored 2 to force extra innings, then scored 5 in the 12th 😣
The Wall Street Journal: Royals down Mets in extra innings for first World Series championship since 1985 …
I went to bed when it went to extra innings. 👻😳
Last night: Then, in extra innings, my head grew to the size of Mr. Met's.
After a rough weekend & watching 12 innings of baseball last night, I lost the extra hour we got. This is how I feel
You're conveniently forgetting the game went into extra innings and ended around 11:30. And ignoring facts of newspaper production.
The was won in extra innings last night but the red cups from Starbucks are trending.
what exactly happened? Did Harvey get hurt for staying extra innings? Am I missing the point.
Game 5 of the between the Royals and Mets is going to extra innings tied 2-2.
The Royals come back to win the in extra innings and your lead story is a regular season football game??
If you fell asleep early last night, guess what? Win World Series in Extra Innings!
Royals defeat Mets 7-2 in extra innings, claim first World Series since 1985
Extra innings keep you up late last night? We've got you covered.
For me, I don't care if MLB plays 20 extra innings. In fact I don't care if MLB, NBA play at all
The Royals defeat the Mets 7-2 in extra innings to win the World Series
extra innings. So so good. Crazy ending.
Kansas City Royals win the 2015 World Series against New York Mets in extra innings of Game 5
Royals Win World Series in Extra Innings - It's their first crown since 1985
kinda wished the World Series lasted longer but the extra innings was cool
Royals Win World Series in Extra Innings - 'It's their first crown since 1985'
One of my neighbors let me know he was a major KC fan last night by screaming throughout the World Series extra innings last night.
I'm upset, angry, hurt, but the people that must feel the worst must be Pirates fans. 98 wins and their reward was 9 extra innings.
WAIT! MLB has unlimited extra innings! *** That is dangerous! What if a pitcher gets tired and plunks someone!
Woo hoo! go the extra mile, pull off a 9-2 World Series victory in 12 long, late Game 5 innings.
This is the first World Series to have 2 games go to extra innings since 2001, Yankees vs Diamondbacks.
Royals came up huge in the 9th and extra innings for both ML and the over. I also had a series bet on them...
are you kidding me? How are extra innings and comebacks boring?
Bout to take off during extra innings of a World Series game where the could clinch like some sort of wild animal.
Last night had fun comparing MLB extra innings and green-white-checkers.
Royals rally late, beat Mets in extra innings to take first World Series since 1985:
I mean, do you know they could play an entire extra game - NINE WHOLE INNINGS!!! - if they needed to get a winner? That …
First MLB started the game way too late. What about people with jobs? Don't they care? And now unlimited extra innings? …
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