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Express Scripts, Inc. is a Fortune 100 company and the largest pharmacy benefit manager headquartered in St.

I've only had bad experiences with Express Scripts. I'm done using them.
Wow, Express Scripts, you keep pushing the date back on actually shipping my refills.
Express Scripts would like you to work for them in Tempe, AZ.
TV Clipster Alert - Express Scripts has been mentioned just now >
LOL OH MY GOD. just recieved a letter from express scripts that they couldn't fill my scripts. It took me 10 days to notify me???!?!?!?!
FDA Approvals Reach 18-Year High w 51 new therapies in 2014
Get Noticed by companies, like Boeing, Express Scripts, Edward Jones, Centene, and more... via
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from $ESRX
Total pay is flat for Express Scripts' Paz
How are people going to survive when every Rx my Doctor has order for me since 02-2015 for my diabetes and EXPRESS SCRIPTS refused Coverage
Express Scripts: Ordered my insulin, was gone away come home and it is sitting on my porch. Thank god I was home in -
23% of HIV patients fall off their therapy regimen. Specialized care helps patients overcome the challenges:
Great event! Please show your support and join Express Scripts there.
Express Scripts CEO George Paz got a smaller bonus but a bigger stock award in 2014. Total pay stayed at about $13M:
(Subscription) Total pay is flat for Express Scripts' Paz
We agree with Melinda Gates; hiring women is good for business.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Social scripts usually are written by the most negative people. We need to express the optimism.
Wishing Express Scripts great success this weekend at
On your way to Follow these bleeding disorder travel tips:
Starting May 1, Express Scripts, the TRICARE pharmacy contractor, will screen all ingredients in compound drug...
Medicare plans spent more on diabetes ($358.93 PMPY) than any other traditional therapy class.
Starting May 1, 2015, Express Scripts, the pharmacy contractor, will screen all ingredients in compound...
Dear Express Scripts, we've contacted you by phone several times to try and resolve the problem.
You're wrong lots of patients need compounds. You just don't like paying for them.
I am ur big big fan & Get all ur updates Now you are do Fan movie & Scripts like chennai express 2 also Gives to you love u sir :)
with a new at Express Scripts in Tempe, AZ.
Dear Express Scripts, you could have been great, instead you went with the "yes we suck, but you gotta use us" option.
In 2014, the size of the PBM market stood at 263 billion, more than half of which CVS Health and Express Scripts Holding Co
Today the approved the first product in the U.S. Here's the savings potential:
Round of applause for my drs office finally getting it right when I asked them to send scripts to express scripts. Took them 3 days
Singing is a great way for people to express themselves and have fun in a friendly environment ht…
The higher cost of meds, psych is barely mentioned but for Vyvanse:
Express Scripts Shame On You, Abbvie hepC drug not good for transplant patients, counteracts with prograf.
A bullish Big MAC (Bullish) has occurred at 10:30 AM Mar 12 at $81.95 on Express Scripts Holding Co (ESRX) $ESRX
My latest article. Express Scripts setting drug prices. Something to watch for drug development.
The new drug trend report from Express Scripts: drugs & drug classes that cost the most.
then after every 10 express repeat scripts I check, I have a game of FIFA or something
Service Representative needed in at Express Scripts Canada. Apply now!
Express Scripts Specialty Pharmacy: Truly the most derelict, unprofessional & pure lying organization I've ever done bus. with in 40 years.
Bruh express scripts make me filly something out everyday
ughh I hope my birth control is free when I pick it up tomorrow. First time with Express Scripts. It should be.
Express Scripts: I have had so many problems with Express Scripts. They try to send me a one month supply when my d -
Accredo by Express Scripts is terrible to use for many reasons. Shame on Anthem HealthKeepers / BlueCross BlueShield for making me use them.
. our new career site looks awesome! Thanks Tori and team!
$ESRX:US Nine things you might have missed Tuesday from the world of business SCRIPTS INC
Want to know more about our hiring process?
With help and guidance from NCPDP, NASP, NCPA, PQA, and Express Scripts, CoverMyMeds has launched the first-ever ePA…
A customer service, sales and outbound calls professional looking to take an exciting next step in your career -
Express Scripts Holding Company (ESRX) lost -0.25% today because reality is finally better than your dreams"
Consumer Affairs regarding Express Scripts, Do you have a review? feel free to leave one.
We would like to help. Please send your member ID and telephone number to ExpressRxHelpfor assistance. ^DM
Thank you Express Scripts for returning as Silver Sponsor for the Liver Life Walk Phoenix on Saturday, April 18th!
We take specific precautions to ensure safe delivery of Rxs. Contact ExpressRxHelpso we can help. ^MR
Express scripts leaves prescriptions on your front porch. How safe is takes weeks for them to send you your scripts.
Express Scripts is like a bad version of a jilted lover turned stalker when you finally break free from their clutches.
I want to make really good albums but thats not it. I want to write scripts and books, make films and do everything that I can express with
EGWP needed in at Express Scripts. Apply now!
Congratulations to the Express Scripts HR service center/ADP rep who didn't call back. You are exceptional, as always, at being crap.
Express Scripts plans more layoffs via
Today's the day! Express Scripts and Accredo support
Just after-hrs excitement: Express Scripts, SunPower & much more
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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Express Scripts , the largest manager of prescription drug plans for U
Gilead Sciences (GILD) is not having a happy holiday. The drug maker lost its exclusive agreement with Express Scripts (ESRX) for two of its Hepititis C drugs. Those shares are tanking on the news. Instead rival AbbVie (ABBV) won the contract. While the competing drugs are equally effective according to the FDA, it came down to the bottom line, the AbbVie drug is cheaper. Cheaper until you need a Liver Transplant and then you'll be wishing you went with Harvoni!
After talking to Acreedo Pharmacy, Express Scripts, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, I agree with Grumpy Cat...these people are so unhelpful and do not care about their customers - I was switched 5 times, told to call different people three times, and was on the phone for over an hour without my problem being resolved.hence - I will not pay for something I do not owe, and if they do not send me any more of my arthritis meds because of lack of payment since they cannot get their offices coordinated for my copay assistance program to pay the cost, then I just want take the meds and when I die, my family can sue them for negligence! I hear ya Grumpy Cat!
Express Scripts CFO leaving the company: Cathy Smith, Express Scripts' CFO since February, is leaving the company.… ht…
Sr Database Developer - Express Scripts - Harrisburg, PA: The Senior Software Developer will be responsib...
Everyone Express Scripts can't fill order for over 2 weeks.My partner greg Cassimatis waited told many stories now canceled his order
Everyone out there don't order from express Scripts my partner Greg Cassimatis has been giving the run around and over 2 weeks still no meds
Express Scripts is the biggest company in Missouri, by revenue:: via
Perhaps this might have an impact? Express Scripts Raises Pressure on Gilead for Drug Price ... or perhaps not.
$mnkd $sny $esrx express scripts has been reviewing adding Afrezza since 9/11
$esrx $sny$mnkd Express scripts is reviewing adding Afrezza
Well, John and I just finished round 3 with Express Scripts over an incorrect prescription. For those retirees, did you know that you pay the same amount for a prescription regardless if it is 30 or 90 day fill? Someone, somewhere made a mistake with one of John's prescriptions renewals. Instead of 90, we got 30 and paid full price. To get the correct amount, we have to submit ANOTHER prescription and pay the full amount again! Also, if you still have an active prescription but it will expire within 4-5 days, they won't fill it! You have to have another prescription because it takes 10-14 days for them to process. Oh, and you can talk to NO ONE but the lower level customer service reps! We're now on the hunt to find a "local" pharmacy that can accept 90 day prescriptions. GR
Please email your member ID and contact info to ExpressRxHelpso we can look into this. Thank you.
you belong here: Pharmacist Supervisor, Fulfillment at Express Scripts (Tempe, AZ) ExpressRxJobs
Express Scripts (it set to have better profit growth, but don’t get too excited $ESRX:.
Check out our job opening for a Staff Pharmacist - Memphis in Memphis, TN! Express Scripts
you belong here: Production Supervisor-FileRoom (140006cj) at Express Scripts (St Louis, MO) ExpressRxJobs
We are now following you. If you need assistance, please let us know. You can also email ExpressRxHelp
What companies do you think are among the world's most innovative? is one:
hi express Scripts. an order was places 8 aug for toprop from Dr. Aloka's office that i never rec'd. would u please ck to see why thanks
Rph Paul Reyes has important tips for kids who use medications.
Time and motion studies provide valuable data:
Members of the Accredo Specialty Pharmacy team, a division of Express Scripts, take on the http:…
Those with severe immune deficiency may have to avoid crowds or not be able to visit a sick loved one:
On Thursdays... we wear blue. Some of our HR team sporting their Express Scripts blue.
Age I was given: 23 Where I lived: pueblo What I drove:nissan nx aka rabbit What I did:I was a student for emt Who had my heart: Josh Age Now:28 Where I live: pueblo What I drive:ford windstar What I do: express scripts Who Has my heart: josh Like my status and I will give you an age
you belong here: Warehouse Assistant (1400043g) at Express Scripts (Tempe, AZ) ExpressRxJobs
you belong here: Pharm Production Clerk (14000593) at Express Scripts (St Louis, MO) ExpressRxJobs
you belong here: Pharmacy Technician at Express Scripts (Whitestown, IN) ExpressRxJobs
95 medicines restricted by Find out more here ->
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
$ESRX: Express Scripts drops Amgen anemia drugs from formulary
We're sorry to hear this and want to make it right. Pls send your member ID & contact info to ExpressRxHelp
Will the U.S. version of the UK NICE be limits to formulary access by CVS and Express Scripts? Just sayin'
Express Scripts hits as it punts another 25
Novo Nordisk aims for 2016 Tresiba launch in US - Reuters
When an investor considers that 10,000 baby boomers (those born between 1946 -1964) in the United States are...
I've worked at Walgreens & Express Scripts call centers, they do. “Why don't they hire Americans to work at call centers?”
Making phone calls to Express Scripts never fails to ruin my day.
Express Scripts $ESRX with some activity in the September 75 Call. Over 5K traded thus far. OI sits at 1,338.
How do narrow pharmacy networks deliver cost savings to plan sponsors & employers? Find out:
Our Health Care Checkup is back, with news on Prime Healthcare and more.
We want to look into this and assist with your Rx. Please email member ID and contact info to ExpressRxHelp
you belong here: Per-Diem Staff Pharmacist at Express Scripts (Memphis, TN) ExpressRxJobs
US Payers continue to expand restrictions on in face of soaring drug prices .
Express Scripts’ Medical Benefit Management can reduce specialty drug spend by up to 15%:
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The Health Care Checkup covers lower profits and new buildings at Express Scripts and a new Prime Healthcare lawsuit.
Wallgreen's got the Horizon Pharma message Durbin/Obama sent about inversion: CVS & Express Scripts to no longer carry Horizon drugs
Doom for combo meds? Express Scripts, CVS dump Horizon Pharma two-in-one drugs - FiercePharma:
Express Scripts: They ship my insulin pens without needles even when the doctor orders them. I talked to a gal at E -
Best-read news yesterday: Express Scripts hits Amgen, Zogenix as it punts another 25 drugs $ESRX
Puppetry is useful in engaging kids, drawing them out & encouraging them to express themselves. Scripts, free shows.
Pharmaceutical Buyer - Express Scripts - Tempe, AZ: Work with the pharmacy to establish product/service requi...
CVS Caremark excludes nearly 100 drugs from its formulary, while Express Scripts excludes 66. More info at
Drug exclusion alert - Express Scripts drops 25 more drugs from 2015 formulary via
Express Scripts cuts payments for customized drugs
Learn more about Kathy Tiemeier's presentation on narcotics & compounds at
California will spend $6.6B if it treats all 93,000 of Medicaid enrollees & prisoners with hep C:
Express Scripts RAGE: It stopped automatically refilling my prescription when my credit card on file expired...except my prescription is $0.
Not only that. There's a place called "express scripts", which helps.
Will you be one of the millions affected by reduction?
Express Scripts is asking me to pay $1400.00 for meds I was paying $100 for. Sent them an email. Let's see if it gets resolved.
Now Express Scripts doesn't want to cover the depression meds we just fought for just a year ago. :-P hAlp
Here's a "tax" many Americans don't know they're paying.
Societal trade-offs: Some states projected to spend ~10x more to pay for HepC drugs than fund public education -
Why we keep doing the wrong things.
Express Scripts has 38 percent of the total prescriptions in the U.S, so ES can dictate the conditions
We switched to CVS when Walgreens stopped accepting prescriptions from Express Scripts, which serves military...
Express scripts and DOD appear to be still at the old CIA games again. If you would like to know more contact danaaz1002or CNN
Some interesting 13F moves. Wally Weitz takes advantage of the dip in Express Scripts and bids up Ebay. $ESRX $EBAY
I cannot believe I actually had a good experience at express scripts but I did! Let's just hope I receive my rx
Walgreens better not get a VA Express Scripts contract if they are not American anymore
Express Scripts can suck my fictional balls. 😠😤
We knew this was coming eventually.unfair but true. We are very competitive with cash pricing and it's STILL...
I would put all scripts in same app. Think scripts == routes in express. I don't have agi router. I just use a switch statement
based commercial free consulting. Express your interest today.
I can see my scripts covered in profanity. I'm gonna have to learn to sensor myself and use safe words to express certain emotions. Lol
Express Scripts: I hate this company so much I can not even summarize it adequately here. The service and benefits -
Why isn't my specialty prescription showing in my express scripts account online?
Express Scripts cuts payments for customized drugs, any thoughts? .
The cut back on compounding also affects Hospice patients that may need an alternative doseage form [gel, liquid,...
16% of Medicaid prescription drug costs attributed to children taking psychotropic medications:
The Consequences of the Rise of Express Scripts and What that means to Patients
Congratulations to Express Scripts' Dr. Christine Grogan, one of the
"First impressions count, especially during an interview." - Read more:
“Specialty conditions are costly and complex, and may require intensive monitoring. Learn more:
This is your summer to become independent from nicotine, one breath at a time. Get help from your benefit
express scripts bro it's a pharmacy and I be putting prescriptions into the computer
in Per Diem PRN part time at Express Scripts
New POD Tech I: Express Scripts - Provide consistent customer service support to all stakeholders...
New Sr Business Analyst- Technical background required: Express Scripts - Position will help to d...
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New Manager - RN Clinical: Express Scripts - This managerial position is responsible to manage th...
New Provider Support Associate: Express Scripts - Oversees the completion of intake processes for...
Take action, TFL Beneficiaries! Avoid paying 100% of the cost of your Rx. Switch to Home Delivery:
Get in the festive spirit and audition for Paignton panto - Torquay Herald Express
Express Scripts: Wasted 45 minutes of my life trying to get them to process script by mail. After getting transferr -
"Recent move by is yet another reason to choose your PBM wisely." We agree! via
Sen McCaskill (attacked received $146K+ in campaign contributions from Express Scripts & Monsanto
I had same problems. Express Scripts made me need twice as many tranquilizers of the type they didn't send!
Workers’ compensation study finds physician dispensing results in higher claims costs, more lost time from work:
Drugs Not Covered by Express Scripts and CVS Caremark - from
The New York Times on how to lower drug costs:
Yikes! planning 200+ formulary exclusions for 2015 Background:
visit and click Already Applied? Log In Here. View all job submissions & statuses on My Jobpage.
Ouch! Express Scripts No. 2 on Worst Places to Work list from
Anybody work at express scripts know how i check on my application
I will do it. I am currently on hold with Express Scripts for 15 min. and was on hold for 30 min and got cut off before that.
We can best direct you through our secure email box. Pls consider sending your mother's info to ExpressRxHelp
We want to learn more & make it right. Please send member ID & contact info to ExpressRxHelp
I'm pretty sure Express Scripts Pharmacy organization has the Each CSR experience underwhelming and frustrating
Hood Booger in STL bend over backwards to work at Express Scripts and its ranked the 2nd worst company to work for in America
Express Scripts is in We are looking for 20 candidates for our July 7th class. Apply at
Express Scripts profit, outlook match Street estimates
you belong here: Pharmacist Supervisor (140003ew) at Express Scripts (Salt Lake City, UT) ExpressRxJobs
Express Scripts cutting 1890 employees nationwide: Among the jobs being pared are 290 at its Columbus, Oh...
Obamacare: The implosion has just begun American CurrentSee By Dr. Ben S. Carson We recently witnessed a victory lap by the Obama administration as they announced that over 8 million people had signed up for Obamacare. “The repeal debate is and should be over," declared President Obama in the opening statement of his April 17 press conference. "The Affordable Care Act is working." But with the release of a new study by Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefits manager in the country, we now have our first real look behind the curtain at how the law is working thus far — and it clearly validates one of the major concerns of Obamacare critics. With all due respect, Mr. President, it's hard to see how the debate about Obamacare is now over, when the implosion of Obamacare has only just begun. The new study, which looked at 650,000 actual pharmacy claims made across 25 Obamacare insurers in January and February, shows that early enrollees in Obamacare exchange plans are indeed sicker and more costly ...
Don has started a pork roast and carrots in the crock pot. He's loaded the dishwasher, started the laundry and we are going to find a movie to watch. All I've done today is make the bed, put warmer jammies on, fill mom's med. box for the week and order all her refills from express scripts :)
Express Scripts research demonstrates the "Intent-Behavior Gap" and helps patients activate their good intentions to lower the cost of U.S. healthcare.
Express Scripts Awarded New Contract: Express Scripts, the Pentagon’s pharmacy benefit management company, has been awarded a contract worth up to $5.4 billion over eight years to continue providing pharmacy services for TRICARE beneficiaries. The Defense Department announced Friday it awarded the St. Louis-based company an initial $33.8 million for the first year of the contract, renewable yearly for up to seven years, to provide pharmacy services for active-duty troops, retirees and their family members who use Tricare. Express Scripts has managed the contract since 2003, overseeing the military’s pharmacies at clinics and hospitals and providing prescription services through more than 50,000 retail stores and by mail. “Express Scripts is proud to continue providing world-class service and specialized pharmacy care to our men and women in uniform, along with their dependents and also to military retirees,” Chairman and CEO George Paz said April 18 after the announcement. The pharmacy benefit man ...
Coursera: Songwriting with Pat Pattison: Learn an efficient, effective process for writing songs that express ...
Dear Express Scripts, thank you for shipping my meds to me in one day so I didn't have to have with a weekend of withdrawal.
SCRIPTS is the industry leader. "Department of Defense renews contract with Express Scripts" via
Express Scripts now for Clinical Pharmacist in MN... See details here...
I'll be working for Express Scripts. I start the 12th!!
TRICARE Pharmacy Contract Extended. DoD announced on April 18 that Express Scripts won an extension to its...
Earlier this month, Express Scripts says it plans on asking Gilead to lower the $1,000 cost per pill of Sovaldi -
Express Scripts in Nashville, TN is looking to add an Accounting Assistant to their staff. Experience with medical b…
Express Scripts is looking to add a Business Analyst Manager to their St. Louis staff. Please apply via the link bel…
I hope you never have to deal with Express Scripts
Express Scripts and others reimbursing pharmacies below cost via
We apologize for your experience. Please send contact info to ExpressRxHelpso we can learn more & assist
We want to look into this and assist. Please send your dad's contact info and member ID to ExpressRxHelp
will continue working with its clients to determine the retail network that best serves their members. Express Scripts does not
Express Scripts is looking for an Associate Business Analyst resource at their St. Louis location. Contracts experie…
Express Scripts is looking for the following resource at their St. Louis location. Claims experience beneficial. If …
Spend for hep C medications is expected to increase at least 200% in both 2015 & 2016. | Dr. Miller on
Forbes Earnings Preview: Express Scripts: Express Scripts reports its first-quarter earnings on Tuesday, April...
>> cheap generic alli beat way to order alli - Express Scripts Members uk pharmacy buy advair diskus can you get h
I am gonna leap through the phone lines and strange this Express Scripts rep. There's a reason EVERYONE hates you.
Last day at express scripts 30 min poop at 830am
We have at least one thing in common which is to express boldly :P These scripts are highly confidential. Not easy to judge.
you belong here: Clinical Pharmacist (140002ci) at Express Scripts (Bloomington, MN) ExpressRxJobs
you belong here: Infusion Nurse RN (140002gs) at Express Scripts (Irving, TX) ExpressRxJobs
Why does Express Scripts Suck? Why don't you do yourself a favor and get off social media?Rhetorical questions, don't respond
Ask the Pharmacist: how to handle the worst allergy season in recent history:
do you still have the same outlook for Express Scripts?
"Express Scripts and Job News are sponsoring a Career Fair on Thursday, April 10th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Westport Plaza from 10am-2pm."
Did you know that Ford Motor Company offers special pricing to certain companies? Its called X-Plan pricing and it can save you a great deal of money on a new vehicle! Companies like Express Scripts, Publix, Wal-Mart, Disney World, Home Depot, Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Seasons 52, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze), Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Bank of America, UPS, Ring Power, Yum Brands (KFC, Taco bell, Pizza Hut) and we also extend these offers to local Teachers and Police Officers as well! There are thousands of companies that qualify for this! If you want to know if you qualify for special pricing on a new Ford vehicle feel free to contact me and see what may be available for you!
Express Scripts, Inc. has recently adopted new credentialing processes for compounding pharmacies that differ marked…
We saw your post and want to look into this right away. Please send contact info to ExpressRxHelp
Can you send your name and contact info to ExpressRxHelpso we can have someone assist you?
We're sorry for the inconvenience. If you need assistance, please send contact info to ExpressRxHelp
Still looking for people who have had issues with Express Scripts.
This feedback is very important to us. Can you tell us what isn't working so we can assist? ExpressRxHelp
omg--- Express Scripts Inc automated system is HORRIBLE!!! BEYOND horrible! I have now been on phone for 10 min's getting NOWHERE!
Express Scripts question: I D Number. I never received an I D number -
a Supervisor - Purchasing in DE. Be part of a diverse Express Scripts Team
Was you issue resolved? If not, please send contact info to ExpressRxHelpWe can assist.
We're sorry for your experience & would like to know more. Please send contact info to ExpressRxHelp
Just got off phone w Express Scripts. We now have a $2400 deductible for prescriptions that we never had before.
Last day working at express scripts!
HATE, HATE, HATE Express Scripts. Double billing retirees and then will not admit to their mistakes. Worst company to use.
It would seem to me that dismissing a problem doesn't fix anything.Express Scripts has issues. My problem is a symptom of them...stand by
So I got "no satisfaction" from Express Scripts ex office after writing to CEO, Mr Geo Paz...he had one of his minions call me to say"sorry"
was told by insider, Express Scripts is still having difficulty timing and expediting shipments a year after merger.
Express Scripts: The old version of the site was excellent, the current Dashboard is virtually unusable. I would -
Express scripts *** as well this whole insurance scenario is screwed up thanks to Obama
Hi.if anyone has had a bad experience with Express Scripts please DM me details...considering a suit.
from express scripts. They send me 3 months at a time. Easier than going to pick them up
When I was on COBRA I had to leave Express Scripts. Quite the process. Now that I'm on BCBS I'm back on Express Scripts. Seriously people!
Interesting video interviews with LoyaltyOne, TD Ameritrade & Express Scripts on emotional vs. transactional loyalty
it goes through express scripts & the insurance. It's cheaper that way. Instead of going to your dr
A new year is a great time to make a change. Start by taking a look at our open positions.
People say music is the best way to express yourself. Well then, my music is the scripts and characters I get to portray. 😊
If your doctor ever wants you to use express scripts or whatever and get your prescriptions in the mail say no
This list of consumer complaints about Express Scripts is very eye-opening -
Passion to lead teams in fast paced environment? Supervisor opportunities are calling
Instagram is looking really good today thanks to @ Express Scripts Canada
Express Scripts must have really paid off FTC back in 2012. Blatantly illegal anti-competitive practices now with my "benefits"
Im finding out that my express scripts was canceled. I'm glad I did mail order and stocked up when my intuition spoke. High *** BCBS tho
We apologize for any inconvenience & would like to learn more. Please contact ExpressRxHelpso we can assist.
We're sorry to hear you're dissatisfied and would like to assist. Please send contact info to ExpressRxHelp
Holy *** . the cost of my Humalog via Express Scripts has gone up $110 since I last refilled it & $180 since beginning of last yr
Low on Find a at Express Scripts in Byfield, MA.
So, my visit to Holy Family's ER was covered under my new medical insurance through Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW), they even have all the information for my prescription drug coverage as well. Here is the problem. Express Scripts, the company handling the prescription drug coverage for all CHPW patrons, swears up and down to the Wal-Mart Pharmacy that I am covered under Tri-Care, not Express Scripts. CHPW Swears that I am covered by Express Scripts, and even gave me my coverage account numbers etc. I was discharged from the U.S. Army on Oct 13th, 2007. I have not been covered under Tri-Care for 6+ Years. Pretty much the left brain wasn't talking to the right brain, and I had to purchase my prescriptions with cash. I was broke until today, so I was not able to start my antibiotics until Today. Thanks to Jessie's Disability, we were able to pay the $50 to get the prescriptions I needed. I work in the food industry. I cannot return to work until I've been on my antibiotics for 24 hours, an ...
Arthritis Foundation CEO sent a letter to Express Scripts concerning access to certain drugs for arthritis patients. htt…
Express Scripts: Rebecca Rabbitt spoke about Navigating Medicare and Healthcare Reform. Express Scripts is off...
In my experience, express scripts service has declined in the past 30 days dramatically.
I loathe insurance companies. Express Scripts is the worst. Waiting a week for RX that I need? Bring on socialized medicine.
We're sorry to hear about your frustration. Please send contact info to ExpressRxHelpand we can assist.
Catamaran, Express Scripts sold off on Walgreen's private exchange news yesterday. Did investors overreact? $CTRX...
25 minutes and counting with no resolution in sight. Thanks Express Scripts.
Check out our job opening for a Infusion Nurse RN in Phoenix, AZ! Express Scripts Hold
Why yes! I do have an hour to spend on the phone with Express Scripts every time I need a refill! This is awesome!!!
There is little more frustrating in my life than dealing with the mail order pharmacy. Medco/Express Scripts is the WORST!
Please RT! Interested in touring Express Scripts or Anheuser-Busch next week? Sign up today:
Is this real? Cuz if it, it's gonna be a great Sunday... @ Express Scripts Canada
good luck I made a come up on express scripts
Grapefruit juice & statins: a harmful combination. Understand your medications and potentially dangerous interactions
The agenda is quite clear if you Google Archons and John Lash - Archon Genomics XPRIZE presented by Express Scripts
20 mins. with mail order. Elavil is on auto refill "forgot" to ship. Called Dr. 2 fill locally. Hate Express Scripts!!
50 States of Confusion: finds gaps in knowledge about insurance | RT
Why is $ESRX (Express Scripts) down 4.5% this afternoon? Their earnings release will be on around Nov. 5, 2013?
Express Scripts’ Dave Tomala shares how Actionable Data optimizes patient care for better outcomes
Imma try to get on at express scripts next semester... I will just settle for evening classes...
Templeon: Resaerch re: cos.that are "constant growers"- 4 cos.made it thru--Edwards, Apple, Express Scripts and Citrix
Interested in working for Express Scripts? Kickstart your career with a summer internship. We're attending career fa…
Express Scripts is hosting a Hiring Fair today at Wash U at 3pm in the Athletic Center!
Express Scripts Hiring Fair at Wash U TODAY at 3pm in the athletic Center at Wash U.
Confusion over and leads seniors to poor health decisions.
Kickstart your career with a summer internship at Find us at a near you.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Do you know someone who is confused about and Health Reform? Download Express Scripts’ free eGuide
.officials say confusion over Obamacare will lead to bad health care decisions:
Everyday at Walgreens feels like CVS and the express scripts days. 🙀🙀
Express Scripts study finds seniors are confused about Obamacare via
Next Tuesday...I'm working for express scripts tho !
Express Scripts takes over Smart Insurance plans for Idaho Medicare beneficiaries The Idaho Statesman
I am officially an employee at Convergys with express scripts! Still counting my blessings nd thanking God for all he has done !
What can you do with 160 quadrillion bits of data? Make medication safer and more affordable.
ESRX Buys SmartD Plan - Analyst Blog: Express Scripts Holding Company recently announced that it has acquired...
Express Scripts and Accredo pharmacy are terrible companies with which to do business. - It is like trying to...
Goodbye Express Scripts, hellow….Catamaran? Anyone know if this is a good change or not?
Express Scripts has been more useless than usual today.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado, can you please switch from Express Scripts to AllScripts? Express Scripts...
Want to improve your social engagement? Click the link to find out how.
and Express Scripts now taking center stage at the event. Discussing confidence.
Express Scripts CTO Jim Lammers talks making actionable at 3:30 MST today.
Well, maybe PMcnameeoffice might care if they get enough letters. What say you
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