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Express Scripts

Express Scripts, Inc. is a Fortune 100 company and the largest pharmacy benefit manager headquartered in St.

Cathy Smith

$ESRX If you follow ESRX Express Scripts This is a must join site! -->
Oh and if you've ever dealt with Accredo or Express Scripts, you'll come to hate HIPPA.
Attn all Trumpers & Honest citizens of the world. CALL ME CRA CRA DONT CARE. DO NOT BUY ANY MEDS FROM EXPRESS SCRIPTS. ESP THE 90 day supply
Avoid paying more! Fill your Rx at a network retail pharmacy, military pharmacy, or home delivery:…
It is sunny Friday HH and I am off to bed. Head is pounding as I talked express scripts today. How can I make them stop this?
"CODE" documentary explores lack of diversity in tech. hosts free screening + panel w STEM leaders…
Thanks to the Post Office and Express Scripts I am living in *** Head is pounding.
Once again it's that time of month where I say Kiss Me *** Express Scripts
It's a great day to build homes! Back with us today is Express Scripts.
Express Scripts will be hiring at the Philly MOJO event!. Recruiters are looking for veterans in the fields of...
Florida Medicaid’s state-mandated formulary: Impact on utilization and cost >>>
Attention TRICARE members: effective December 1st 2016, your choice of retail pharmacies changes. Tricare...
I made it. I have a lot of pep in my step today baby. @ Express Scripts, Inc.
Is it bad that I see "express scripts" on the boards over Zach's shoulder and want to cry
How long will the contract between Walgreens and Express Scripts last before renegotiations with CVS can resume
Florida Medicaid's state-mandated formulary: Impact on utilization and cost
I love you, Express Scripts, for totally not warning me a refill would suddenly need a "hello" first.
What is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) ? This video breaks it down:
Me thinks the citizen is the farthest in mind in this state mandates.
Express scripts can never fill my prescriptions on time. 😤😤
Fortune 150 service company uses Science to reduce turnover
First, some GREAT NEWS! Express Scripts came through with our medication! We are incredibly relieved...
Express Scripts is hiring work at home customer service in North ... -
Americans are outraged at the EpiPen’s cost. But a bigger financial shock comes from anti-inflammatory medications htt…
Probably already knew this, but Express Scripts = ***
My company was treating Vets 4 PTSD. DoD cancelled my contract so Express Scripts could sell more pills
Express Scripts going to value pricing for inflammatory drugs
More scrutiny of PBMs. Express Scripts grows with drug-price fury.
would love to see your take on the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) industry such as Express Scripts, CVS/Caremark and Optum
PBM's use spread to increase healthcare costs and kill small business, here is a link for Vice...
Express Scripts is hiring work at home patient care advocates in ... -
Speaking of "Almost 14 million people in the U.S. are living with a diagnosis of cancer."
This article offers more information. Also happy to discuss offline (in >140 characters)
Express Scripts Holding Company director just cashed-in 12,036 options $ESRX
Express Scripts: Lack of competition led to price gouging on EpiPens
EDITORIAL:. The PBM Formulary Follies. Express Scripts and CVS Health have recently announced the list of...
Living with cancer, surviving it and all its complications:
On Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs): "Once America finds out how this biz works, it's not going to like it." SHORT
This was me at Express Scripts. No Eating at your…
Arthritis Medicine Is New Front in War on Costly Drugs, via https:…
Word is out! Frm Business Insider: Cmpnies you've never heard of about 2 incite drug price outrage
EpiPen and Daraprim grab headlines, but what's really driving healthcare costs are drugs like Humira and Enbrel:
These companies you've never heard of are about to incite another massive drug price -
Check out this informative article laying out the scope of the PBM problem.
Work at Home with Express Scripts: Hiring in Georgia -
Thanks to Express Scripts for serving as a silver sponsor.
Living w/ pain? Our upcoming blog has valuable tips to help keep you active. Check back on September 19 htt…
Companies you've never heard of are making a killing off high drug prices -
Hi Kirigo Ng'arua... Please can you assist me on how i express my talent? I write poems, mashairi n scripts
Tips and scripts to successfully migrate your Xenapp/Xendesktop 7.9 database from SQL Express to SQL Mirror.
I got a free order of test strips from Express Scripts...given what these cost for a quarterly shipment, I felt like I won the lottery.
We have Express Scripts through our Boeing Insurance. This week they sent me notices that they will no longer pay for my medications that are prescribed by my doctor! They want the doctor to change to a less expensive type of medication. I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been on a variety of medications to manage the illness. Now they are going to force me to go back to a medication I already tried once and it didn't work for me. This isn't a "suggested change" and there isn't any appeal process. I change or I pay for it myself. This is appalling. Express Scripts is making millions on the suffering of others.
Amid reports that the wind will just dry your tears for you lol, Express Scripts Holding Company (ESRX) is up +0.13%
Get an inside look at the unique work that takes place at our Tempe, AZ site
We're having a hiring blitz for customer service/patient care advocate roles in Bloomington, MN. Details Here:
It's been over 30 minutes and I still can't freaking log in, get password, etc from Express Scripts site. Trying to see if username is right
Attending the Stop by booth 65 to learn how Express Scripts participates in 340b.
For patients like Jim, affordable access to a cure was life-changing.
Express Scripts has the worst website ever.
ESC are only a phone call away. Check out our latest blog:
Thank you express scripts for filling my medicine with the generic kind I'm allergic to and making me sick. You're a b…
my insurance company makes me use Express Scripts. I’d rather just sit at the pharmacy and wait instead of tha…
Lawsuit filed against Anthem, Express Scripts for overcharging patients for prescription drugs.
Yes .scripts is terrible. They require fill other meds w/xtra authorization too.
Express Scripts just overhauled its site in the last couple of days. Now, less horrible (and accepted Amex).
I take exception to this comment! scripts were much more cultured than the Express will ever be! ;)
Express Scripts, Anthem Face ERISA Lawsuit Over Drug Pricing . If you're in need of legal guidance during your...
Yes, incompetent Express Scripts programmers, American Express cards don’t have the same format as Visa and MasterCard.
Another example of big pharma & friends putting profit above people's health. Shame on Express Scripts.
PillPack vs. When turns ugly, people suffer
PillPack vs. When business turns ugly, people suffer
PillPack vs. Express Scripts: When turns ugly, people suffer: The startup sends a 14-day supply of m...
When business turns ugly, people suffer NEWS - BUSINESS FREE PROMOTIONS PROMOTE PROMO
Express Scripts has decided that improving the system is too much a threat to their existing business.
Express Scripts: Here Is What PillPack Did Wrong: PillPack has gone public with its dispute with pharmacy bene...
I guess I don,t have choice hey express scripts heard it from pillpack nothing from u.
if I could I would boycott express scripts but I do not have much of a choice. Who can I contact
Express scripts not allowing choice. Tell america what the contract issis.
.Is Going To War With An Industry Giant who is trying to shut them down alum!
Pillpack, the innovative new distributor that delivers pre-sorted medications, is under attack: via
Anti-innovation at the cost of people's health should be ashamed!
The plot of Express Scripts vs. PillPack thickens...
PillPack vs. Express Scripts: When business turns ugly, people suffer - CNN
PillPack Is About to Lose a Third of Its Customers via
Pharma kickbacks to PBMs big enough that Anthem is suing Express Scripts over it:)
PillPack went public with its Express Scripts dispute today. Now the PBM is firing back: by
Via Suffering “They're alive today because of - their compliance was that horrific." https:…
Express Scripts is blocking their 85 million customers access to using PillPack as their pharmacy of choice.
In this competitive tussle, it's Pillpack's customers who will lose (scroll to the comments):
Medication wars: When business turns ugly, people suffer - CNNMoney
Express Scripts has removed pharmacy from network – Denton Daily News - Daily Star Gazette
Breast Cancer Awareness
Express Scripts is accused of antitrust violation by compounding pharmacies
Need a hands-on approach with your RX management? We've got you covered
Express Scripts in new fight with compounding pharmacies:
Compounding pharmacies sue Express Scripts over 'boycott'
STLouis Business - Express Scripts in new fight with compounding pharmacies
St. Louis (MO) Business Journal: Express Scripts in new fight with compounding pharmacies
Express Scripts in new fight with compounding pharmacies: Six compounding pharmacies are alleging in a federal…
Compounding pharmacies sue Express Scripts over 'boycott': According to the lawsuit filed Friday, Express Scri...
Express Scripts in new fight with compounding pharmacies
When compounding schemes evolve, we adapt to meet the needs of our clients and patients:
Go to the hearing and make the house look like tools, just like you did to Express Scripts Chief Medical Officer
Our compound solution helps rein in rising costs, while ensuring patients maintain access to medication they need.
Express Scripts Shares in Free Fall Over Anthem Dispute: Chart: Express Scripts Holding Co. is continuing to p...
Express Scripts (ESRX) have received accusations of boycotting compounding pharmacies
Shout out to Express Scripts, St Louis, Mo Buildings 3&6 for Choosing Goss'Up Pastas once or…
i did note ESRX had previously warned about compounded meds in my post
Hey, remember way back in Dec 2015, when Express Scripts got good publicity for endorsing compounded
are a great way to keep your health on track. Find out why
Express Scripts is sued by compound pharmacies for alleged practices.. read lawsuit here.. $ESRX
Express Scripts accused of conspiring to violate Sherman Anti-trust Act
Volume Alert - ESRX 70.04 Express Scripts $ESRX Hit a high today of 71.92 Closing the day 10:30 at 70.04 -2.34
Express Scripts has let me run out of WP THYROID. Claim none avail and then, Not FDA approved! AL pharm asked $93 (usual $18)
$ESRX Express Scripts Holding Co. filed a new report to the
Preventing prescription drug abuse and spread of disease:
rohit_dangar: CVS, Express Scripts cut ties with Valeant-linked
How prescription drug abuse is increasing the spread of HIV and hepatitis C:
A reflection of the commitment Express Scripts has for our & Exchange plans & members:
Express Scripts sues Horizon as fight over prescriptions grows via
$0 deductible on generics in Express Scripts Medicare Choice plan:
sues drug maker Horizon in latest fight over prescription drug pricing
Express Scripts cutting off pharmacy that sold drugs from Horizon Pharma LLC via
Lol express scripts . i done already got my meds with a dr's paper script !!
Proud employer. Thanks for the recognition,
even if lets say I know his rx coverage is through express scripts with rx bin 00358 and rx pcn EMPBLU -- the system feels
Express Scripts sues Horizon, fight over prescriptions grows
situation with Valeant may result in deeper for specialty via
Analysts suspect that Express Scripts Holding Company (ESRX) was down -1.04% today because you were sleep 😪
40% of pharma profits from price increases on old drugs. Can GM charge you more for a 10-yr-old car? So asks Express Scripts guy.
Steve Miller Express-Scripts throwing Turing out of Bio is not much of a penalty
Horizon, Linden fire back at Express Scripts via
After cuts ties, Horizon Pharma fires back a response
standing behind your company & your stock. Express scripts has never done anything to help patients
Express Scripts Holding Is trading at a discount of 30.0% $ESRX -
Express Scripts cuts pharmacy linked to Horizon from its network - TV Newsroom
Express scripts includes praluent and repatha in formulary
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
How Express Scripts helps physicians and their staff so they can focus on patient care:
Express Scripts looks to limit drug price increases
“We were able over the course of tough negotiations to get good economics on both [PCSK9] products”
Express Scripts sees 50 mln in spending on new cholesterol drugs
Express Scripts says it will save America money on new cholesterol drugs, but its math doesn't check out:
Drop by & talk to a representative from Centene Corporation on Oct. 13 from 11-1 in Express Scripts Hall
Express Scripts: 'We Will Pay for Alirocumab and Evolocumab': It should improve patient care, an expert says a...
Tips to prevent prescription drug abuse at home:
It's Express Scripts' computers going *** up during the day again.
Analytics in Action helps improve health outcomes of millions
Thank you express scripts for shipping my Humira via 2-day instead of overnight like you were supposed to. I can't wait to get my warm meds.
Express Scripts sees $750 million in spending on new cholesterol drugs
MoTechCorp: .ExpressScripts to cover two cholesterol drugs – each listed at more than $14000/year
I work at a PBM. What's that mean? Watch to find out. VIDEO: What is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager?
I think you have a fan in Big Pharma….💊🎸 Express Scripts Adds PCSK9 drugs
"Express Scripts to cover pricey new cholesterol drugs -
Express Scripts expects to hold the line on PCSK9 inhibitor spending
Express Scripts to cover pricey new cholesterol treatments
Express Scripts to cover pricey new cholesterol treatments:
Deepika Padukone might work in Bengali films, if gets good scripts - The Indian Express
Express Scripts why do you send me an email to confirm an order if you refuse to cancel it less than 24 hours after submitted?
Express Scripts: I have to say I have used ESI for years and do not seem to be experiencing any mail order problems -
So much for saving money on prescriptions with Express Scripts. Pharmacist there can't read RX sent electronically so they just cancel it.
forgetfulness is the No. 1 reason patients do not take medication as prescribed? Our mobile app can help:
From running track to running projects. See how Jonathan developed his business skills this summer.
Comment on Achieving Balance: Working from Home at Express Scripts by Express Scripts
Helping patients live their best possible lives is at the heart of everything we do at Express Scripts.
How the Hepatitis Cure Value Program expands patient access to a hepatitis C cure at a more affordable price:
Why patients today need more thoughtful pharmacy counsel and how Express Scripts fills the widening gap
Update your maps at Navteq
Find this &More Supv - Contact Center - Express Scripts - Pueblo, CO: Serve as a point of escalation for ...
Calling you out: 16) Express Scripts CEO George Paz. Amount of federal income taxes Express Scripts would have...
Target hires Cathy Smith, former CFO of Express Scripts, as its chief financial officer.
Express Scripts: My family and I are forced to use Express Scripts, it is the only way our insurance will cover our -
Apply now to work for Express Scripts as Advocate in
Our most read piece of the month: An explainer on which drugs make $ESRX's 2016 formulary—and why. |
Pharmacies in the Quality Network achieved higher performance ratings for high-risk medications by 60%:
Target Corp darts in to grab CFO from Express Scripts - Retailer target (NYSE:TGT) has poached Cathy Smith from ph...
Target hires former Express Scripts CFO Cathy Smith as new CFO. via
Target CFO John Mulligan becomes COO. Company hires Cathy Smith, former Express Scripts and Walmart exec, as new CFO.
Express Scripts projection: in 2 yrs specialty pharma will be 44% of all drug costs.
Express Scripts again tops list of STL’s largest public companies. More detail on the list…
Looking to take an exciting next step in your has an opportunity for you!
Your guide to St. Louis’ public companies: Express Scripts Holding Co. again topped The List of St. Louis’ largest…
Confused about how your benefit works with Other Health Insurance? Learn more:
A bullish Big MAC (Bullish) has occurred at 10:30 AM Jun 08 at $87.12 on Express Scripts Holding Co (ESRX) $ESRX
Diabetes pharmacy data and forecasts from Express Scripts
I refilled my meds last week, I'm awaiting on my Express Scripts. I swear on everything something is wrong with these pills.
is a great time to Your benefit has great resources to help you:
By 2017, 40% of Americans expected to have healthcare coverage through Medicare, Medicaid or the Exchanges
Express Scripts to Present at the William Blair 35th Annual Growth Stock... -- ST. LOUIS, June 2, 2015 ...
Specialty Drug Costs Higher for Americans Enrolled in Exchanges - according to data collected by Express Scripts
I read scripts as cinegoer, not as a filmmaker: ...
.RPh Ed Dannemiller has some important tips for safely using your Rx medications:
Comment on 6 Questions to Ask in an Interview by Carrie Phillips
More than half million Americans spent more than $50,000 on prescriptions in 2014
It's Don't forget to keep your medications safe from the sun:
On the go and looking for a new opportunity? Easily apply on your mobile device.
Express Scripts has a healthy obsession with regulated markets. Interesting facts in this short video
Express Scripts please add sentence on your emails to contact you if there is an issue.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
In a market where size and scale counts, the numbers matter.
More than half a million Americans spent more than $50,000 on prescription medications in 2014
Express Scripts is seeking to tie the price of some drugs to how well they work via
If I had a choice of buying stock in Express Scripts or being forced to get hit by a pitch from Craig Kimbrel...I'd have to take that pitch.
An emergency plan for your prescription medications: | via
maybe try applying at Express Scripts then they're always hiring
Express Scripts was listed at on this year's list. Come find out why!
Americans over 65 take an average of 6 Rx/day, adding up to 258M prescriptions among U.S. seniors:
Check out this Sr. Recruiter job at Express-Scripts!
We would like to help. Please send your member ID and telephone number to ExpressRxHelpfor assistance.^SP
Serving today at accredo/express scripts in Bartlett from 11-3. Corinthians 10:31
Tune in to on KSDK this morning to hear me discuss Emergency Preparedness for your Rx Meds
Want to be successful in you job search? Always tell the truth to your recruiter.
LGBTQ protections divide business interests in Missouri: Other companies, such as Express Scripts, and so...
My PwnPlug USB Command Execution script…now w/ 100% more GitHub! original post:
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Exciting Opportunity with Express Scripts in the Resource Management team
Express Scripts goes on the record in support of
Are you prepared for severe weather?
If I had the choice of working for Hitler or Express Scripts...I'd choose Krispy Kreme.
A bullish Moving out of Oversold has occurred at 11:45 AM Apr 15 at $86.89 on Express Scripts Holding Co (ESRX) $ESRX
Will Walgreens make a run for Express Scripts? -
I'd like to publicly apologize for my words on Express Scripts earlier. I was nicer than I should have been. IDFWU, fake *** pharmacy.
We are excited to launch eRx Express. Simply scan, click and order scripts directly...
I'm going to law school and soonafter I'm coming after Express Scripts.
Lol No. Express Scripts wants my money for terrible service. I'll pay full price at where I get excellent service.
Saginaw Tittabawasee pharmacy. Script never ready on time. Always a wait. Bad service. Express Scripts is easier. Less stress.
Be sure to consider prescription medications in your severe weather emergency planning:
Today at the Capitol: Express Scripts Employee Day - Luncheon for Legislators and Staff from 11-1:30 on the House Lawn.
In 2014, the FDA approved 51 new therapies, including 27 to treat specialty conditions:
I've only had bad experiences with Express Scripts. I'm done using them.
Wow, Express Scripts, you keep pushing the date back on actually shipping my refills.
Express Scripts would like you to work for them in Tempe, AZ.
TV Clipster Alert - Express Scripts has been mentioned just now >
LOL OH MY GOD. just recieved a letter from express scripts that they couldn't fill my scripts. It took me 10 days to notify me???!?!?!?!
FDA Approvals Reach 18-Year High w 51 new therapies in 2014
Get Noticed by companies, like Boeing, Express Scripts, Edward Jones, Centene, and more... via
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from $ESRX
Total pay is flat for Express Scripts' Paz
How are people going to survive when every Rx my Doctor has order for me since 02-2015 for my diabetes and EXPRESS SCRIPTS refused Coverage
Express Scripts: Ordered my insulin, was gone away come home and it is sitting on my porch. Thank god I was home in -
23% of HIV patients fall off their therapy regimen. Specialized care helps patients overcome the challenges:
Great event! Please show your support and join Express Scripts there.
Express Scripts CEO George Paz got a smaller bonus but a bigger stock award in 2014. Total pay stayed at about $13M:
(Subscription) Total pay is flat for Express Scripts' Paz
We agree with Melinda Gates; hiring women is good for business.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Social scripts usually are written by the most negative people. We need to express the optimism.
Wishing Express Scripts great success this weekend at
On your way to Follow these bleeding disorder travel tips:
Starting May 1, Express Scripts, the TRICARE pharmacy contractor, will screen all ingredients in compound drug...
Medicare plans spent more on diabetes ($358.93 PMPY) than any other traditional therapy class.
Starting May 1, 2015, Express Scripts, the pharmacy contractor, will screen all ingredients in compound...
Dear Express Scripts, we've contacted you by phone several times to try and resolve the problem.
You're wrong lots of patients need compounds. You just don't like paying for them.
I am ur big big fan & Get all ur updates Now you are do Fan movie & Scripts like chennai express 2 also Gives to you love u sir :)
with a new at Express Scripts in Tempe, AZ.
Dear Express Scripts, you could have been great, instead you went with the "yes we suck, but you gotta use us" option.
In 2014, the size of the PBM market stood at 263 billion, more than half of which CVS Health and Express Scripts Holding Co
Today the approved the first product in the U.S. Here's the savings potential:
Round of applause for my drs office finally getting it right when I asked them to send scripts to express scripts. Took them 3 days
Singing is a great way for people to express themselves and have fun in a friendly environment ht…
The higher cost of meds, psych is barely mentioned but for Vyvanse:
Express Scripts Shame On You, Abbvie hepC drug not good for transplant patients, counteracts with prograf.
My latest article. Express Scripts setting drug prices. Something to watch for drug development.
The new drug trend report from Express Scripts: drugs & drug classes that cost the most.
then after every 10 express repeat scripts I check, I have a game of FIFA or something
Service Representative needed in at Express Scripts Canada. Apply now!
Express Scripts Specialty Pharmacy: Truly the most derelict, unprofessional & pure lying organization I've ever done bus. with in 40 years.
Bruh express scripts make me filly something out everyday
ughh I hope my birth control is free when I pick it up tomorrow. First time with Express Scripts. It should be.
Express Scripts: I have had so many problems with Express Scripts. They try to send me a one month supply when my d -
Accredo by Express Scripts is terrible to use for many reasons. Shame on Anthem HealthKeepers / BlueCross BlueShield for making me use them.
. our new career site looks awesome! Thanks Tori and team!
$ESRX:US Nine things you might have missed Tuesday from the world of business SCRIPTS INC
Want to know more about our hiring process?
With help and guidance from NCPDP, NASP, NCPA, PQA, and Express Scripts, CoverMyMeds has launched the first-ever ePA…
A customer service, sales and outbound calls professional looking to take an exciting next step in your career -
Express Scripts Holding Company (ESRX) lost -0.25% today because reality is finally better than your dreams"
Consumer Affairs regarding Express Scripts, Do you have a review? feel free to leave one.
Thank you Express Scripts for returning as Silver Sponsor for the Liver Life Walk Phoenix on Saturday, April 18th!
We take specific precautions to ensure safe delivery of Rxs. Contact ExpressRxHelpso we can help. ^MR
Express scripts leaves prescriptions on your front porch. How safe is takes weeks for them to send you your scripts.
Express Scripts is like a bad version of a jilted lover turned stalker when you finally break free from their clutches.
I want to make really good albums but thats not it. I want to write scripts and books, make films and do everything that I can express with
EGWP needed in at Express Scripts. Apply now!
Congratulations to the Express Scripts HR service center/ADP rep who didn't call back. You are exceptional, as always, at being crap.
Express Scripts plans more layoffs via
Today's the day! Express Scripts and Accredo support
Just after-hrs excitement: Express Scripts, SunPower & much more
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Express Scripts , the largest manager of prescription drug plans for U
Gilead Sciences (GILD) is not having a happy holiday. The drug maker lost its exclusive agreement with Express Scripts (ESRX) for two of its Hepititis C drugs. Those shares are tanking on the news. Instead rival AbbVie (ABBV) won the contract. While the competing drugs are equally effective according to the FDA, it came down to the bottom line, the AbbVie drug is cheaper. Cheaper until you need a Liver Transplant and then you'll be wishing you went with Harvoni!
After talking to Acreedo Pharmacy, Express Scripts, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, I agree with Grumpy Cat...these people are so unhelpful and do not care about their customers - I was switched 5 times, told to call different people three times, and was on the phone for over an hour without my problem being resolved.hence - I will not pay for something I do not owe, and if they do not send me any more of my arthritis meds because of lack of payment since they cannot get their offices coordinated for my copay assistance program to pay the cost, then I just want take the meds and when I die, my family can sue them for negligence! I hear ya Grumpy Cat!
Express Scripts CFO leaving the company: Cathy Smith, Express Scripts' CFO since February, is leaving the company.… ht…
Sr Database Developer - Express Scripts - Harrisburg, PA: The Senior Software Developer will be responsib...
Everyone Express Scripts can't fill order for over 2 weeks.My partner greg Cassimatis waited told many stories now canceled his order
Everyone out there don't order from express Scripts my partner Greg Cassimatis has been giving the run around and over 2 weeks still no meds
Express Scripts is the biggest company in Missouri, by revenue:: via
Perhaps this might have an impact? Express Scripts Raises Pressure on Gilead for Drug Price ... or perhaps not.
$mnkd $sny $esrx express scripts has been reviewing adding Afrezza since 9/11
$esrx $sny$mnkd Express scripts is reviewing adding Afrezza
Well, John and I just finished round 3 with Express Scripts over an incorrect prescription. For those retirees, did you know that you pay the same amount for a prescription regardless if it is 30 or 90 day fill? Someone, somewhere made a mistake with one of John's prescriptions renewals. Instead of 90, we got 30 and paid full price. To get the correct amount, we have to submit ANOTHER prescription and pay the full amount again! Also, if you still have an active prescription but it will expire within 4-5 days, they won't fill it! You have to have another prescription because it takes 10-14 days for them to process. Oh, and you can talk to NO ONE but the lower level customer service reps! We're now on the hunt to find a "local" pharmacy that can accept 90 day prescriptions. GR
Please email your member ID and contact info to ExpressRxHelpso we can look into this. Thank you.
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