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Express News is an Urdu language Pakistani television news channel Based in Lahore, launched on January 1, 2008. It is owned and run by the country's third largest Urdu daily, Daily Express.

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I liked a video from Kal Tak 18 October 2016 | Pervez Musharraf - Express News
Right Now: . Tune into Express News to watch Chief Minister Punjab's exclusive Interview with Javed Chaudhary at...
Watch interview of Dr Qadri with Imran Khan on Express News today at 8PM.
Does Tahir ul Qadri own two dozen off-shore companies too? For details watch tonight at 8 Express News.
Per Jabari Young of the Express News, Thomas Robinson will opt out of the second year of his contract with the this summer.
Watch an Exclusive interview of Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri with Imran Khan on Express News -...
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal on Express News - 10th April 2016 - Comedy Show.
I liked a video Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal - 7 April 2016 | Express News
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal on Express News – 9th April 2016 – Comedy Show -
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal on Express News – 8th April 2016 – Comedy Show -
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal 7th April 2016 latest on Express News - Video Dailymotion
Watch Ex Chairman PCB Zaka Ashraf in Sports Page with Mirza Iqbal Baig today at 5.05 PM on Express News.
Watch Sec Gen PAT Khurram Nawaz Gandapur on Express News with Jawed Chaudhry tonight at 10 pm.
Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry - 29th February 2016 on Express News -
New M&S store opens in Lewes: A new BP service station and M&S Simply Food store opened in Lewes this week, cr...
Louis Van Gaal agrees with fans that Man Utd 'we're s***' after defeat to FC Midtjylland
Why Apple is resisting a court order to help unlock a terrorist's iPhone - The Indian Express
This is not "an e-cig battery". It's a standard 18650 rechargeable. Yes, they're commonly used in e-cigs. They're... http…
Al Capone's secret trips to Scotland to bootleg whisky... And play golf
Jews living in fear of thousands of Muslim refugees raised to be anti semitic
'THE EU IS AT STAKE': French warning as PM faces battle to get renegotiation deal
'Ill-informed scaremongering' AA and bankers blasted over Brexit petrol price rise claims
‘German girls are just there for sex’ What migrant told woman as he groped her in street
Sweden could collapse as problems with immigrants continue
Samjhauta Express Blast marks a year today but out shameful Pakistani media isn't showing any news ab…
Sight-see in STYLE: Six of the best River Rhine cruise ports between Amsterdam and Basle
German health service facing €1BILLION deficit as it struggles to cope with migrant crisis https…
Rising tensions over EU migrant influx exposed as TWO THIRDS of Germans expect ISIS attack
To 'instil nationalism', Smriti Irani and VCs agree to fly Tricolour on campus - The Indian Express
This is just unbelievable. Yes, voluntary work is very rewarding but should never be forced on people in order to...
[Daily Express] Louis van Gaal: Man United fans are right - we were f* s***!
40 ISIS jihadis caught and sentenced to DEATH after killing 1700 soldiers
Arsenal star Mesut Ozil urged to complete move to Barcelona
ISIS steps up security on thousands of Yazidi sex slaves after dramatic rescues
"As long as there is the perception that money buys influence it will corrode trust in our democracy and...
New HYDROPLUS AML 3390/13 PRIMER: the right white for the summer
'Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with Western life' Czech leader warns of more Cologne-style attacks
Donald Trump: 'Pope will wish and pray I'm president if Vatican attacked by ISIS':
Migrant accused of swimming pool rape claims translator ENCOURAGED him to carry out attack
"A man in the US gave a credible statement naming Leon Brittan as his abuser". https…
2m EU migrants grab our jobs: Time for to FINALLY take control of our borders
expertise from eXact learning solutions’ revealed at key USA learning event
Gyanendra Shah: My sacrifices for Nepal have been undermined - The Indian Express .
'Luvvie' celebs blasted for demanding Calais migrants be bought to Britain
Strongest EVER El Nino to bring extreme weather including more TORRENTIAL FLOODING.
JNU student's father: if you'e branding him a traitor for my (SIMI) past… - The Indian Express
Start of World War 3? North Korea planning 'wave of terror attacks' on South Korea
Dramatic pictures show RAF Typhoons scrambled to deal with Russian bombers near UK
BREXIT WARNING: Britain told accept Cameron's new deal or quit EU FOREVER
Millions of struggling families facing rise in council tax bills
David Cameron is making a complete pig's ear of his EU renegotiation
'We have proof Turkey backs ISIS' Shock claims from Kurdish commander
HOLIDAY TERROR WARNING: 'High threat' of attack at hotspot popular with British tourists https:/…
Why don't they live on your island, Sir Richard? Branson blasted for Calais migrants plea >>https…
Watch interviews of Shahid Afridi,Shoaib Malik,R.Raja n W.Riaz today at 5.05 PM Pak time on Express News
with Aftab Iqbal on Express News comedy show – 19th December 2015: watch fresh…
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal on Express News 18 December 2015 - Special with Ch Muhammad Sarwar PTI: via
Watch Ch. Mohammad Sarwar in program Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal - live on Express News at 11:05pm.
Khabardaar with Aftab Iqbal on Express News latest episode
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal - 13 December 2015 in High Quality on Express News
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal on Express News – 13th December 2015 PooVee: via
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
with Aftab Iqbal on Express News – 12th December 2015: watch fresh episode of…
Bahria Town not interested in new TV license as Malik Riaz trying to buy Express News
Watch special program on Dr Imran Farooq murder case and money laundering case from London. GFG tonight 8:03 Express News.
Watch my live show with Test Cricketer Rashid Latif tonight on Express News at 11.05 PM Pak time, will discuss current scenario.
Look who's Here- Please welcome Anchor: Express News, Program: To the point with shahzeb Khanzada
Watch Imran Khan on Express News with shahzeb khanzda at 08:05 Pm Tonight.
Express News reported last week that Land Commissioner was missing to many days and that his weekends were spent...
President Michel Martelly Chief of Staff A tale of Mafioso Government via Express News
Nisar and Shahbaz advised NS not to be blackmailed by Asif Ali Zardari,Express News
MQM ka naam hi kaafi hai. Another great line by my favourite on Express News show. Salman bhai Love you
Check out review of "Death on Base: The Fort Hood Massacre" in the Sun, July 5 SA Express News.
Russia's Vladimir Putin set to unveil new warship 'lighter than AIR'
If isn’t anti-Semitic he might as well be. He personifies the poisonous delusional mindset of the hard left. http:/…
Tory MP ridiculed for demanding police action amid cuts by her government
Some good honest journalism here. Breath of fresh air. Bri
Vladimir masses tanks and troops inside as war threatens to escalate
"Words cannot express the shock, horror& grief we've felt while watching news reports which have captured massive devastat…
Daily Express :: News Feed: Asian man jailed after sitting English exams for migrants in…
Daily Express :: News Feed: Calais migrant crisis: Fears more will come as Jungle II…
- Heatwave unleashes spectacular overnight lightning show and devastating floods... -
Up to 50 Con MPs expected to block attempts to repeal HuntingAct (
'He's so sweet' Carol Vorderman rubs shoulders with Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone
Fox News Islamic State video shows troops' deaths in Syria archaeological site Financial Express A video posted…
Alesha Dixon slammed for singing national anthem in American accent at British Grand Prix.
George Osborne to slash £650 MILLION from BBC's budget to fund benefit cuts
Fines on lorry drivers for stowaways is govt charging businesses for their own failed policies.
Tony Blair 'in £330,000 demand for hunger talk' SCUM
Clear reasons that Greece should wash its hands of the EC and get on with getting its country back.
Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson sacking killed £500m BBC cash cow, guess who'll pick up the tab?
EXCLUSIVE: Cliff Richard commits to UK as singer puts deposit down on new home
Electronic Device Insurance
Vladimir Putin 'wants' to reinstate Russia's royal family and bring back the Tsars
Anyone's parents or partners or friends on cholesterol lowering medication read this!
Front page Sunday Express in UK .Statins linked to 20,000 side effects and 227 deaths
Outrage as Cameron 'rejects Ukip bid for peerages'. DISGUSTING.
Phillip Schofield causes a stir as he tucks into a FOX MEAT lunch on This Morning dinner time
Prince, Butler among candidates to replace Belinelli with per San Antonio Express-News:
Heresay1: ❗️Official from government claims is 'plan'
it sounds as if jeremy is a pal of dodgy dave it looks as if he is a tory donor ? maybe he is and Russell has not...
Eurocrats do not care about what is best for the Greek people. All they care about is their failed Euro project.
EXCLUSIVE: Gibraltar fury as Spain flouts minute's silence by sending ship into UK waters
you have to follow the right people. News. social commetary. Sports. People willing to express themselves.
Greece should have no fear of leaving Euro, defaulting, devaluing & following Iceland's example of economic recovery http…
EU is quite happy to see Greece crucified as long as the shattered Euro manages to limp on.
Sussex Express Sunday travel news across Sussex Sussex Express Sunday travel news across…
Kal Tak 8th June 2015 by Javed Chaudhry on Tuesday at Express News via
AmEx President dies on Flight at age 55
Call to leave EU is backed by 71 per cent of Britons. is getting closer. Its a nice day ;) . TY .
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: speaking to the Express & Star, stands by claim as alleged attacker denies .
Breaking News: Gardens Miami Gardens Express free trolley service rolls out
Furious Muslim man demands £5k payout – because he was 'served PORK'. Furious and Muslim - words that belo…
JAILED: Wolverhampton Nazi who threatened to blow up Express & Star via
EXCLUSIVE: Woman at centre of Cannock Chase sex abuse claims speaks to the Express & Star, as,,, via
Duncan thought to be leaning toward return; Manu not so sure - San Antonio Express-News
David Cameron says Britain will stay with the European Court of Human Rights-manifesto promises means nothing
"Should the driving test be brought up to date? | Auto Express"
British neo Nazi who threatened to blow up local paper is jailed, help keep the fascists down, Join UAF,...
DfT announce Abellio/, First Group, and National Express shortlisted for Anglia franchise. .
Conservationists hit out at David Cameron's failure to appoint Nature Minister htt…
WATCH: 'I'd eat you for breakfast' - driver's abusive rant at cyclist for riding on road: THIS is the moment a...
Moving house is more stressful than divorce says a recent survey
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kate Hudson flashes the flesh in backless gown as she parties with her mum Goldie Hawn
I have 0 say on the matter but I just wanted to express how wild it is how current events trumps the news.
'Vigilantes' string up invisible throat-height WIRES to stop cyclists riding through wood
A month after starts Operation Mountain Express to reach high-altitude areas
European shares stuck in range | 24 News | Financial Express :: Financial Newspaper of Bangladesh via
Mila Kunis forced to increase security after stalker flees mental health facility - Exp...
You can believe your eyes: NASA to test flying saucer:
University Students Express support for NCRI, Campaign for Freedom in Iran
wants to put a ceiling on Agency Nurses, but ignores his Chum earning £18k PER DAY
Poland civilians take up arms as Russia threat is branded country's 'GREATEST CRISIS' ^DEx
How our lack of pensions knowledge is costing us dearly
Sir Cliff Richard as returned to the UK from Portugal with his sister
Watch live: Police press conference on missing 13-year-old Amber Peat.
What are you up to Harry? Prince William can't resist sneaking a peak at brother's phone! LOL.
Britain WILL stay signed up to Human Rights Act: Backtracking Cameron defies May and Gove
American express president dies suddenly on flight
Wildlife experts hit out at failure to appoint Nature Minister:. http:…
"express news played it really dirty against PTI . Yellow journalism"
Foreign aid scandal: Our cash is still sent abroad as vital services are slashed
this is not the ist time express news did this before when storm hit Peshawar
WHAT? Princess Charlotte succession rights under threat as Canada queries her right to be Queen.
Missing teenager walked out after row with parents over chores, police said.
Only room for one forward under Rafa Benitez at Real. Benzema, Bale or Ronaldo to make way? http…
Double standards of express news new toddy of noora league after geo will lose its credibility very soon IA
Migrants in Calais brawl with knives and iron bars… over right to smuggle people into UK
Stafford psychic who toured the world is jailed for £170,000 benefits fraud «Express & Star -
Express News which is a part of Lakson Group - feel sorry for you, for the dirty work
Rahul Gandhi's debut on Scope to get connected and express ! What a paid news !
Queen legend Brian May reveals SUPPORT for Nigel Farage – as he hits out at 'negativity'
Residents express happiness over cancellation of Ikorodu Oro festival
Meet Black Singles 300x250
‘King of the Blues’ B.B. King dies at 89 News Entertainment News - News Express Nigeria via
Team that saved Budi from cruel plight rescue three more baby orangutans
Auto Express - Audi A7 drives itself (and us) on public roads: . News. . 15 May, 2015. . ...
Tories are all talk-if they really wanted to tackle extremism they would not let hundreds of jihadis return to the UK …
GRAPHIC CONTENT: British charity saves dogs from cruel deaths in Romania - Express…
I have no plans to dump PDP for APC —Gov. Dickson News News News - News Express Nigeria
Daily Express: Is this the clue that Harry Kane will not be joining Manchester United this summe...
See the latest reviews for Stratum C from and many more...
Obiano felicitates with Obi of Onitsha on 74th birthday News News News - News Express Nigeria
black spider memos: What do they say and who does it effect? My latest I…
Reddit's new anti-harassment policy aims to balance free expression with safety
NEMA identifies 11 more LGAs prone to flooding in Abia News News News - News Express Nigeria
BREAKING: Chuka Umunna withdraws from Labour party leadership contest
We are all DOOMED. Again. According to the Express that is. Again.
Eat to beat diabetes. New research shows that four eggs a week can slash risk by 40 per cent.
91-year-old petitions police over threat to life News News News - News Express Nigeria
Help an older neighbour or loved one so they don't feel lonely
India to express worldwide objects & Chine government must apologise and take action CCTV.
Nigerian Immigration announces new visa policy to attract foreign investors - News Express Nigeria via
Best Star Wars prank we've ever seen! :D.
Jonathan orders relocation of $500m project from Lagos to Bayelsa News News News - News Express Nigeria
Holding his head high on last night, won a lot more followers for htt…
Norwich City fan Edward Seaman says: City are favourites, but we can't be ... - Diss Express
Billy Connolly has taken up as a hobby. You're never too old to learn something new!
First town council election in years is “healthy”, says Diss mayor - Diss Express
Shruti web news: The Indian Express Impossible for me to perform like my parents Kamal…
Shruti web news: The Indian Express My father is not scared of trying something new: Shruti…
'I love the show' Nick Grimshaw admits he wants to become latest X Factor judge.
Giant squid found on beach Things that happen in my hometown!
Millions of British pensioners face dying lonely amid warning of ‘invisible’ threat to elderly ht…
Breast Cancer Awareness
BREAKING: Chuka Umunna withdraws from leadership contest
Arsenal will face Man Utd on Sunday with four injuries, but Ramsey is available
Life's a beach: Couple use new pension freedoms to spend lives sailing the world
British wages kept artificially low because of 2m migrants working for peanuts in UK, the Bank of England has warned
TEAM NEWS: Welbeck and three Arsenal stars RULED OUT, Ramsey fit to face Man Utd
Hundreds of extremists who fled to Syria to join ISIS are now BACK in Britain, warn police
JK Rowling clinic leads search for MS drug
Currently all discussing this in the office: John Hopgood is my manager's great uncle, it's all quite exciting.
Duchess of Cambridge reportedly in Labour as Royal Aides arrive at hospital
Portuguese media express outrage at politicians' proposed new rules on ... - The Republic
There must be someone out there with a four bedroomed house to rent. Surely?
Wolf-whistle backlash: Police and woman under fire after complaint about builders :> PC at it's most ridiculous
Labour, Tories and Lib Dems delivered scathing assessment of economic plans
Despite the bias of the bbc.I hope all sensible people will do what sensible people should do .vote UKIP...
GUILTY: Drive-by shooting getaway driver who pretended to be blind :> Will he be deported ?
Is this why MH370 went missing? Malaysia government was HACKED on night flight vanished
'Hacked' emojis let you express which political party you think is a pile of poo
How one hypnosis session cured mum of her 24-can-a-day Red Bull addiction -
Nigel blasts for being 'openly racist' towards voters
Texas State student sits nearly nude outside library for art on objectification of women - San Antonio Express-News
Mr Darcy and the sex scandal: Author reveals real-life aristocrat who inspired Jane Austin via
It's really the most annoying thing to have to deal with and every time I express that something IS racist its like they're hearing news
Caught RED handed: confirm Ed Miliband DID meet Russell Brand at his £2m home . .
REVEALED: Name of every Briton caught up in the Nepal earthquake crisis
Spanish ferry ablaze with '170 passengers' on board
Alcoholic immigrant with 80 CONVICTIONS can't be deported – because of EU human rights law
'He has to look the part' Benedict Cumberbatch forced to bulk-up for Doctor Strange role.
Tory sneers at disabled Sunday Express campaign on
Sam Smith’s Thetford and Norwich performances in doubt after vocal chord haemorrhage
Express news reporter today in CM office said we given Policy from isb to defame Pervez Khatak and KP gov after
Victory for BBC backs down and gives Farage his own TV show after debate fix row
BREAKING: Spanish ferry ablaze with '170 passengers' on board
via Spanish ferry ablaze with 170 passengers on board off of Majorca
That is ehy Jeff McDonald works for the SA Express News. If Parker is hurt, sit him, next man up...
Part Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed exclusive interview with Ahmed Quraishi on Express News
Great designs that allow your clothes to express your lifestyle! RT
UKIP "England and Wales would get an extra bank holiday to celebrate their national saints’ days,
Roger Moore in race row after saying Elba can't be Bond because he's not 'English English'. http:…
On TV news, Rajoy can't even manage to express further condolences to victims of Germanwings crash without reading them…
Rahul will be back soon: Sonia Gandhi - The Indian Express
Dad of runaway Jihadi bride who ‘blamed everyone else’ caught at banned terror group rally
Sir Prince Charles and Joanna Lumley rub NOSES in up-close and personal greeting -…
And the jobs cuts continue at American Express' Weston global billing facility:
Leave IITs alone, can't talk to 36 applicants in a day and choose directors: Anil ... - The Indian Express
A year ago, before EU2014, it was hard to see UKIP support but 4.3 million did vote for us, since then despite the...
Doesn't really follow if you think about it...If UKIP would need to be in a position to grant this, i.e. in...
Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz 'sought treatment for eye problems' prior to tragic crash ^DEx
Nigel Farage vows to make St George's Day a bank holiday
Secret plot to let 50 million African workers into EU.So been good for us has it? for controlled immigration. http…
TV presenter Jill Dando raised the alarm about a paedophile ring at the BBC. She was shot dead on her doorstep. -
British Museum to open Islamic galleries to PROTECT art from destruction by ISIS
Ford invent device that can limit car speed by reading road signs
Police clueless about bomb attack on SSU bus - The Express Tribune
UN staff flee Yemen while Pakistanis are still stranded in the war-torn zone - The Express Tribune
I'm delighted to announce that would pursue a bank holiday for St George's day:
Fury as figures reveal the EU has spent £235 Million on external consultants in just five years
'vows to make St George's Day a bank holiday (and St David's Day for Wales)
How are you liking today's sneak preview of our Manifesto?
Ali Muhammad walked out from live show Takrar on Express News
Express News program about India's Proxy war in Pakistan. Showing evidence that both TTP and Balochistan's BLA...
With Ex Pak captain Shoaib Malik at the set of Sports Page on Express News.
Just in: 2 mqm workers shot down in rizvia : Express News
Watch my live show Sports Page with MIB tonight at 11.05 on Express News,Test Cricketer Tanvir Ahmed is the guest,plz sen…
Ahmed Quraishi's talk show coming to Express News. Thank you ISPR
SAS rushed in to guard our streets after Paris attack Show us your papers!
Sky News have the right hump with the Express for not having the headline they want today. V funny.
Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew reveals ambition to be England manager –
Man discovers image of JESUS on rock while digging outside. The Lawd doth work .. mysterious .. You know the schpeel.
Getting to the heart of the news it's the Daily Express...
Game of Thrones season 5: Release dates for UK and US finally announced
Four men gunned down in trendy Bay Area neighborhood
Son of chief rabbi, a pensioner, worker and teacher among Kosher supermarket victims
As a non-Christian, I just want to express how much I LOVE and RESPECT this pope. For the first time in the...
sums up this country... Headlines about garlic tablets and staving off Dementia, as opposed to REAL News.
Leading Nat ‘sneers’ at plan for Union Flag on driving licences we are still a union she should sneering at EU flag
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
"I finally worked it out you have to listen to women": Rod Stewart on turning 70
Threat to UK as euro slips into deflation
dragon-shaped organism found in space, reveals all life on Earth, including humans, is extraterrestrial in origin
Hate crimes on disabled up by 213% That's just the reported ones folks.
The Express following the real news story right under our noses... 👀
Prince Andrew 'deeply affected' by sex scandal and 'fears it turning into soap ... - Express…
FEARS for Britain’s economy were sparked yesterday by figures showing the eurozone slipping into deflation.
Did you see this? What is the reason we are supposed to believe US/Cda stopped?
Crude bomb found in coach S8 of Jabalpur-Delhi Gondwana Express
Here's every GIF you need to properly express your feelings during
"Brussels reject David Cameron's plans to cut welfare to European Union migrants
"Threat to UK as euro slips into deflation".
All the important topical news stories in tomorrow's "World's Greatest Newspaper" Express .
NHS rvw to introduce at multiple changes to manage ED demand - Crisis-hit NHS to be given radical shake-up
Labour was told in 2002 about child sex scandal Nov/14
Goo News Search continues for elusive Flight QZ8501 black boxes - CNN: The Indian Express…
British taxpayers face £4bn bill as 'extravagant' pensions of officials keep on soaring. BRITISH taxpayers...
The run of real news couldn't last. A recycled health story for a Monday in the express is all too predictable.
": Presidency: Northern leaders express concerns over Buhari’s health
'Paris is the capital of the world' Global leaders lead million-strong march of defiance
'Paris is the world's capital': Global leaders lead 3.7million-strong march of defiance
Merkel rejects Cameron's curb on migrant benefits
rushed in to guard our streets as Al Qaeda warns 'you're next' Reaping the benefits of open door po…
Wine & Food festival tickets are selling like hot cakes
“Migrant killers and rapists could be flooding into Britain The shameful truth of the UK immigration
Major news media express solidarity with then choose to not run their cartoons. Kerry speaks French then…
Not a fan of news airport queuing system. 25 minute wait. Heathrow express next time.
Denying an artist a forum to express himself is denying art. Support - from
Learn to express your feelings in Korean with this infographic!
Top politicians are worried about Buhari's health. It's understandable. No one wants a repeat of the Yar'adua crisis
I just wanted to express my own thoughts. that's what lately have been going around in news and social media.
Fire kills family of 3 in their sleep - The Indian Express |
‘We need to meet the demand for housing’ - Wakefield Express: no building in Thorns Park already reject…
"Leaders express sadness at passing of former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo Me, too. Way here in Pittsburgh.
Myth of importance of EU trade blown apart as experts reveal it is NOT vital to UK economy
Pregnant women access to toilet is in Policy. Wonder what other policies in Hygene Section are ignored
And then there's this...Heavily pregnant mum-to-be BANNED from using toilet at Burger King for not having receipt
MEDIA: Express: Reds revive hopes over target:
Express: Reds revive hopes over target:
[LFC in Media] Express: Reds revive hopes over target:
How, at 88, the Queen has stepped up her workload and left Duchess of Cambridge trailing
Father who fled Middle East for a safer life now in coma after being battered with a BRICK
William, Kate and Harry provide the glamour but the UK's Royal Family is powered by two generations past pension age htt…
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