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Executive Order

In the United States, an executive order is an order or directive issued by the head of the executive branch at some level of government.

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We inherited a mess. Obama never had the place vacuumed. Signed an Executive Order to immediately procure 10 Dysons. A great machine, great.
Team Trump delays cybersecurity Executive Order to consult with industry experts
The last concentration camps in America were created by the Executive Order of liberal hero Franklin Roosevelt.
Addressing its endless stream of awkward spelling and syntax errors, the White House has issued an Executive Order on "Alt…
Waiting patiently on an Executive Order to prosecute Police Officers that use excessive Force against civilians.
1. Here's a review of the decision. First, the purpose of Executive Order was to protect US from foreign-born individuals w…
In Eight years in office President Obama not once had an Executive Order reviewd by an Appeals Court much less The Supreme Court. DUMB
Wow -- Clifton asking if the White House Counsel has the authority to modify the Executive Order. That's a _super_ bad s…
Everything You Need to Know about Judge’s Hold on President Trump’s Executive Order
Pres. Executive Order to keep America safe is being challenged. We must defend America from jihad.
I believe Ninth Circuit will Reverse Judge Robart. and Reinstate Trump's Executive Order on Immigration.
Donald Trump was not fully aware that he signed an Executive Order placing white supremacist Steve Bannon on the National Se…
Trump's Executive Order weakening Dodd Frank to benefit Wall St over Americans is indefensible. . Pure corruption. . Pure d…
I agree with Governor Brown's Executive Order and Letter to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. We must defend...
From Agnes Scott College: "As framed, this Executive Order violates our core values as a college committed to...
Statement of the American Sociological Association: "firm stance against last week’s Executive Order"
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We oppose this Executive Order because it affects our colleagues, students, and knowledge production
Letter to the community: Update regarding Executive Order, thoughts on moving forward
This statement on Trump's Executive Order on immigration makes me proud to be a alum.
AG Ferguson signs first state lawsuit to challenge Trump immigration Executive Order.
Attorney General Sally Yates on Trump immigration order: Not "convinced that the Executive Order is lawful"
Government by Executive Order is perilously close to Government by Dictatorship. Nota bene.
People gathered at Albany International Airport to rally against President's Executive Order on Immigration and Ref…
Atlanta protesting Executive Order barring refugees: "All y'all are welcome here."
Like a Keystone Cops Comedy, but not funny. What Trump's Executive Order on Immigration Does—and Doesn't Do
.says 2 faculty members (who have green cards) were detained for 3 hours at Logan Airport on Saturday due to the execu…
IMPORTANT: Any airport or customs agent currently detaining people under Donald Trump's Executive Order is violating the law…
Are you affected by President Trump's executive order on immigration, or know someone who is? Email us: immigration
We’ll see you in court: why Trump’s executive order on refugees violates the establishment clause
Virtually every outraged claim about executive order temporarily restricting visas is completely wrong. . https…
She was boarding the overnight flight from Doha to JFK about the same time Pres. Trump signed the executive order. 10/
BBC reporter flying into LA to see first-hand how he'll be treated under new Trump executive order.
At the U. of Nebraska we are committed to helping our community impacted by the current executive order.
Four female judges were the heroes of the fight against Trump’s executive order: via
Trump's executive order has transformed America into the credits to "Love, Actually."
This statement by Giuliani could become very problematic for the Trump administration in litigation over intent/pretext of…
Trump's Executive Order doesn't represent the soul of America. Those who welcome immigrants & refugees do.
Senators McCain, Graham on refugee ban: "We fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security.”
President Trump’s executive order on immigration: What we know and what we don’t
DICTIONARY:. "Extreme Vetting" -- n., referring to what both Donald J. Trump and his immigration Executive Order should have…
Iraq to lobby against U.S. travel ban to preserve cooperation against ISIS
McCain/Graham: It is clear from the confusion at our airports across the nation that..Trump’s executive order was not prop…
There's an exemption which would easily apply to politicians and athletes. Read the frigging executive order before spew…
IMPORTANT: 4 different judges in NY, VA, Boston, Seattle have now deemed some or all of Trump's Executive order unlawful & u…
Airbnb offers free housing to refugees, others in limbo after Trump's executive order...
.tells there might another executive order that adds more countries to Trump's immigration ban, like Saud…
De Blasio to Trump: New York's Sanctuary Policy a 'Model for the Nation'.
One of the best analysis of the EO I've read:
For second day, community members protest President Trump's executive order on immigration at Allen Street gates…
Full statement w/ on executive order on immigration:
Sen. Tim Kaine responds to Reince Priebus on "He demonstrated complete confusion about what [Trump's executive] ord…
Protests continue in response to President Trump's executive order on immigration. The view from near the White House in Washingto…
Spicer Now claims imminent threat prevented WH from informing anyone in advance of immigration executive order. . I Cal…
To make the executive order easier to understand, we're changing the name of it to "Ban on People That Would Gladly Behea…
Anger at British PM for refusal to denounce Donald Trump's executive order on immigration
My heart goes out to everyone affected my Trump's latest executive order, he has made our country a scarier place to be.
Trump's executive order banning entry into the United States is an ugly stain on everything this country is supposed to sta…
Top story: Trump executive order: UK ministers to press US on ban - BBC News see more
Confusion remains over how President Trump's executive order will be interpreted and enforced in the days ahead
Executive Branch still ignoring Court order to allow counsel to see detained people at Dulles airport, right now.
McCain/Graham: "Ultimately, we fear this executive order will become a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism.…
Droves of protesters have arrived at the White House to demonstrate against Trump's executive order-- watch live:
Important message for students, faculty and staff regarding the recent Presidential executive order.
What immigrants need to know about President Donald Trump's executive order limiting immigration
Federal court halts Trump's executive order and tells border control to stop detaining legal immigrants
Today at 2pm in Battery Park, I'll stand with thousands of concerned New Yorkers to protest Trump's shameful executive o…
This is stunning. The executive branch is straight up defying a court order right now.
Slamming doors on Refugees is wrong, Millions of want you to reverse it -
To add to the farce: Lawmakers and Senate staff can't get the White House to share the Executive Order. What are the…
Can he negate law by Executive Order? Supreme Court is Constitutional but Ct Appeals District Courts created by legislation right
ACLU gets nationwide stay Trump's Executive Order on deportations; Federal Judge orders halt to deportations of people de…
"Executive Order or not, he's not the king of the United States. We don't have kings, we don't have dictators..." -…
Trump considers executive order on voter fraud - CNN
"Here’s a draft executive order upending years of counterterrorism work globally. You have 79 minutes to make your concerns/…
Baba just dey sign executive order... I thought you people said he's only joking and will never carry out all he said?
IMPORTANT re: the executive order on immigration to the US
Trump is reportedly preparing to sign an executive order that clears a path for the CIA to reopen “black site” detention fac…
Here's President Trump signing an executive order that endangers millions of women around the world. Notice anyone missin…
Trump to sign executive order to begin building wall on Mexico border
was best national security Executive Order!. NoSanctuaryCity
what proof do you have the Obama issued an executive order from his blackberry? Now you're just being foolish.
These executive orders are the worst we've seen so far: My personal thoughts:
Leaked draft of apparent exec. order would reduce refugees allowed into the US in fiscal year 2017 from 110K to 50K
Text of Trump's executive order on interior immigration enforcement |
Full PDF of draft executive order for Trump re-authorizing torture, black-sites. White House has distanced itself.
Contents: despicable. That it got leaked almost immediately: heartening.
United States: Trump will sign executive order to review US involvement in Paris climate agreement
VirgilTexas doesn't realize the difference between an Executive Order and Legislation.
Donald Trump is building his wall with Mexico as undocumented border crossing reaches a 40-year low
was best national security Executive Order!.
Why build a wall? Why not use a chainsaw to separate the country from its neighbours?
About 's claim that the draft executive order on CIA prisons was not a "White House document" htt…
President Trump ignores tribes in executive order on US-Mexico border wall
Support your mayors.-- Mayors of Sanctuary Cities Ready Themselves to Fight Trump's Executive Order to Halt Funding
Draft Executive Order Calls for a Return to the Barbaric Days of Torture and Dark Sites via
was best national security Executive Order!
Punishing refugees and demonizing Muslims - Draft text of Trump's executive order limiting Muslim entry to the U.S.
President Trump's executive order to halt federal funding for sanctuary cities. Boston Mayor would not accept federal mo…
| Here's how Trump's anti-abortion executive order will affect women worldwide and maybe even you
.signs executive order to withhold federal funding from Sanctuary Cities.
Sean Spicer announces Trump will sign executive order today stripping federal funding from so-called "sanctuary cities…
Wait are democrats against executive order now?
The internment of Japanese Americans in WWII happened through Executive Order, less than 100 years ago.
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will be filing for a Temporary Restraining Order against the DAPL Executive action Trump si…
Executive order to build a wall, man wasn't joking.
President Trump to sign executive order to build 'large physical barrier' on Mexico border, White House says.
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President signs executive order to cut federal $ to sanctuary cities. Affect on Santa Ana? 6pm https:…
I read executive order to build the by Trump (who lost the popular vote). Guess who pays? US taxpayers.
Trump could sign an executive order or memorandum initiating a voter fraud investigation, an official tells CNN
Text of Trump's executive order on immigration enforcement /// I have never seen a act so decisively. htt…
"Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here."
These docs were leaked to Vox. If you work in government and have info you want to share, you can leak to us too.
Trump's Muslim immigration executive order: If we bombed you, we ban you by
Trump really signed and executive order to try and bring back torture tactics in the US ...get y'all president 😒
Draft executive order on secret CIA prisons signals a return to the post-9/11 darkness by
Read leaked drafts of 4 White House executive orders on Muslim ban, end to DREAMer program, and more:
Iran is one of the seven countries listed, but Saudi Arabia, home to 15 of the 9/11 hijackers, was omitted.
Obama: A Legacy of Ashes . . He ruled by executive order so the NWO agenda can be reversed
Draft White House executive order calls to review black sites, & interrogation techniques. htt…
Trump said today that he thought torturing terrorism suspects was justified. “Do I feel it works? Absolutely, I...
President Trump signed an executive order to start building the wall immediately
Sean Spicer: ‘No idea’ who wrote draft executive order to lift ban on torture and ‘black sites’ https…
Trump to sign executive order stripping billions in funding from UN:
A Radical Expansion of Sanctuary: Steps in Defiance of Trump's Executive Order via
That wont stop him,Trump will just sign an executive order declaring "tribal fraud" & he doesnt believe they exist
Why a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border can’t be built simply with an executive order
Donald Trump is building a wall on the Mexico border as undocumented crossing hits a 40-year low https…
Trump signs order to begin Mexico border wall in immigration crackdown.
Why is constantly issuing executive orders that are major power grabs of authority? This is the latest. h…
"I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words." - Donald Trump, who signed an executive order to build the wall,…
Landrieu to sign executive order to address equal pay for women in city positions
Pres. Trump on potential executive order implementing increased vetting for certain immigrants: "I don’t want terror in this count…
Trump to employ real vetting - vetting an immigrant's ideology & religious views before letting them in. Good.
Trumps focus is protecting American citizens, therefore we should expect a new executive order on stricter gun control.
Today will sign an Executive Order to halt refugees from the Middle East. Click below if you agree with this! htt…
Time for Trump to sign the Fairness Doctrine via Executive Order for all publicly-owned assets. Dem idea, they should love it.
Repealing the 1965 Immigration Act should be Trump's top priority. Could he repeal it with an Executive Order?
Scary thing: There is no law establishing security clearances. It's all by Executive Order. In theory, Trump could give anyone…
Executive Order in Mexico? Because if women prevented from life saving treatment at PP-to pay for wall
Executive Order -- Designating the World Organisation for Animal Health as a Public International Organization
Just one more Executive Order that President Trump needs to revoke; he needs to publicly revoke Obama's Execut…
Imagine if a week before Xmas 2008, George W. Bush enacted an Executive Order prohibiting the Individual Mandate.
The Speech and the Executive Order that got US President John F. Kennedy Killed
Upon an Executive Order from Gov Haley, she is removing J Marie Green & Barbara Mickens immediately from the board of the Rich Co Rec Comm
"Senator Amidala will not refuse an Executive Order" 😪😪😪
Executive Order from The White House reinforces protection for U.S. resources from
can stop the refugee program with an executive order! He can also cut funding for all programs unt…
Lincoln made a mockery of the constitution & was 1st to use executive order Why you think Obama call him his hero
I heard pres-elect's first executive order will be to force to remake The Joy Luck Club with a white male cast :(
FOX NEWS: GOV'T signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in DECEMB... via
JFK signed executive order 10 which would allow the dollar to be backed by silver instead of Rothschilds creating money…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Executive Order -- Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events |
Is this a Presidential proclamation? Wait until January, you can change it into an executive order. Heil Halali! :)
Sounds like Trump's first executive order.
Maybe he will executive order all shcool children to wear the shirt. Kiss freedom good-bye Felicia
Hello?. Abraham Lincoln: Executive Order—Arrest and Imprisonment of Irresponsible Newspaper Reporters and Editors http…
BREAKING NEWS: issues executive order requesting apology from cast of
Cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum, and order issued by Obama. and you voted for...
Lindsey Graham warns Donald Trump not to mess with Obama's executive order. Lindsey Graham has a bad case of Little man syndrome.
Important fact-check, technically and legally, Executive Order 9066 and Public Law 503 are still valid laws. Now pivot to Muslims?
Losing home just in time for Christmas, do to Executive Order in 2012. I am fighting a very very bad attitude.
Lindsey Graham warns Donald Trump not 2 mess with Obama's executive order or he'll stand in the way Graham has 2 GO!
What does Graham nt understand, they broke the rule of law, u r ILLEGAL if u have nt met the rule & laws of America
Concerns about not new, but eliminating it would be hard bc it exists by law, not executive order. My take in:. https…
Millions of are dependent on the protection of an executive order, otherwise cool story bro.
of sight of him and his pals. Look that executive order uo.
There's even an executive order to facilitate this idea:
.Thanks so much to Harry Reid! The nuclear option will work nicely here. And Obama! For introducing wide use of Executive Order
CHECKMATE for all your enemies. Executive order 10 if YOU dont understand this. You need NEW advisers !!!
You mean people who respect the Constitution and do not govern by executive…
This week marks the anniversary of the signing of executive order 9066 that interned Japanese Americans & *Aleuts...
Executive Order 13603, which he signed in 2012, goes by the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order. Barack...
DO YOUR RESEARCH. June 4,1963. Executive order:10 is READY to use . The TRUMP LEGACY Replacing JFK as USA most LOVED man
Also, O could sign executive order to pressure Trump and force him to rescind it, generating bad press (2/2)
February, three days before President Bush signed the Executive Order establishing the US Commission. 935. After the announcement of the
Executive order renames 'looters' to 'undocumented shoppers' via
busting executive order = "GROW UP" when left acts like a 5 year old spoiled child- https:/…
If election hacked...Pres.Obama use that Executive Order against's time for him to get the *** out of this country
First executive order by Trump: Mandatory spray tans for all white people.
You should issue an executive order making it illegal to speak negatively about our glorious leaders.
I will try again. Coded law says no torture. W. had what amounts to an executive order saying waterboarding doesn't qualify.
Here's what Obama should do. Sign executive order declaring popular vote wins presidency. Have SCOTUS bring it up knowing 4/4 tie.
Public sector unions were created by Pres. Executive Order and can be rescinded by Pres. Executive Order
I'm sure it'll be the first executive order.
Remember, the internment of Americans in WWII was an Executive Order. (EO 9066) The POTUS can issue one of these at any time.
Obama: "Joe, I'm not using an Executive Order to fire Jurgen Klinsmann.". Biden: "But that motherf-". Obama: "Joe.". Bide…
BREAKING. President Obama just issued an Executive Order declaring the Cubs the winner.
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Network World: President Barack Obama today issued an Executive Order that defines wha...
We know Governor Mark Dayton & Lt. Governor Tina Smith passed an incredible Executive Order for pollinator...
Executive Order -- Providing an Order of Succession within the Environmental Protection Agency
Call Governor Jay Inslee, ask him to SUPPORT an Executive Order by to remove Snake River Dams (360) 902-4111
They want Obama to write an Executive Order against the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Messiah fails. Worse ratings last night w/Obama. Time for tyrant to demand new Executive Order destroying America.
The Drug Enforcement Administration was created by President Richard Nixon through an Executive Order in July 1973
I hear you, but the power of Executive Order is available to him if it is short for Public Safety.
FOX NEWS: Obama signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in AUGUST... via
President Trump should first day cancel every Executive Order by Barack HUSSEIN Obama.Next,kick out Cair & the Brot…
45 years ago today, Governor Preston Smith established the Texas Film Commission by Executive Order. 🎆
Beware of Obama's Executive Order it gives him Full Powers over All in the USA.
Just read that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established by Executive Order from President Nixon. It's not written into law!
Obama firm supporter of LGBT has now crossed the line for Female Safety in school The Female assaults will sky rocket w/this Executive Order
This is Economic Development Week. Fitting that on this day in 1935 President Roosevelt signed Executive Order...
Governor Brown's Executive Order aims to make water conservation a way of life h…
Governor McCrory's Executive Order is the equivalent of repairing the bullet wound caused by with a band aid...
Indiana Sheriff to Obama: I will disregard Executive Order calling for Gun... via
The President has signed an Executive Order making the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program ..
And Teddy SUPPORTS Obama's Executive Order, until he wanted to run for POTUS
Well, let's "Change America." Isn't that what you've set out to do? Do an Executive Order: No more lame duck presidential noms.
Researcher: executive order against created 'firestorm of opposition'
. Once he rewrites libel laws by executive order, how's anybody to know?
I hope Trump signs an executive order banning all firearms in the US day one. I'd die
Gotta know real things. Executive Order curiosities.
Has anyone else seen where Obama signed a executive order to take over America with the UNITED NATIONS??? This has got to STOP !
under our nose did the unforgiveable and wrote all by himself??? Executive Order 13603 – How Dangerous Is It?
Religious Holiday Cheer by Executive Order. Yeah, I think the 1st Amendment has something to say about that.
I'm assuming by executive order. Or by strength of example.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) signed an executive order to raise the minimum wage for state employees from $7.25 to $…
when he becomes Potus, don't be surprised he makes an Executive order making it a Major
at least we get Merry Christmas back (even if by executive order), right?
First executive order from President Trump: department stores must put up "Merry Christmas" signs.
Clinton as Corrupt the Bushes and just as rich thanks to bills executive order repeal of Glass Skeagall ACT
can’t do it with an executive order or he would. GOP is the party of ‘no’.
Trump going to force department stores to say "Merry Christmas" - is that executive order after the inaugural?
Have any of the US presidential candidates mentioned using an executive order to bring back technet subscriptions?
March is Rabies Awareness Month, by virtue of Executive Order No. 84, s. 1999:
On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order mandating that transgender people ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
PIA-7/BOHOL: Gov. Edgar Chatto recently signed an Executive Order for the inclusion of Boholano dairy, known as...
Top 5 Short Barrel Rifles/Shotguns (and What You Need to Know about ATF 41P Executive Order NOW) - via
.executive order: Who threatens whom in row
Turnout in order to hold as tense electoral an machine shine executive office inwards mesa az: CbVaQre
An executive order-in-council formally changed the mission. The House expressed its support for that decision.
Today an executive order was passed expanding restroom access to trans people. Yet people are scared of them…
Bypassing Congress/ Senate by executive order is a form of dictatorship! Obama's policy in that is more Nazi! 👎🏻😡 https:…
Currently reading Executive Order May Ban Private Gun Transfers and he wonders why is
How los angeles spanish classes lockup executive officer superego in order to take in spanish to los angeles?: dVK
On March 3rd pres. extended the executive order declaring Venezuela a threat to U.S security and foreign po…
obama should sign an executive order renaming reagan airport “Obama National *** Airport”
55 yrs ago today, President John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order establishing the
Today,join me as I sign a Executive Order to benefit women & minority owned enterprises. cc: Details: https…
President Benigno S. Aquino III has signed the DBM-proposed Executive Order modifying the salary schedule and...
3. Call Senator Patty Murray (202) 224-2621 Ask her to Support the Executive Order.
All purpose parts banner
not a crisis; 2nd only a vote not approval. Remember Bork. Yep time for some own medicine can't executive order this
Executive order will bypass congress so no stone walling Bernie can break wall street we need him FIGHT! DEMAND HIM!
right. He can NOT use Executive Order to make SCOTUS appointment.
Really wish could make it... I think an Executive Order is in order! All wh…
I hope u do issue an executive order for
Activists have delivered over 1 million signatures to the demanding an executive order on dark money. https:…
Vice President Jejomar Binay on Monday said he will issue an executive order mandating access to government...
Sorry, Barry, but you can't put a SC Justice on the bench with an Executive Order.
Executive Order No. 198, s. 2016 | Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines via wouldn't surprise if Obama asked about appointing himself to SCOTUS via Executive Order... ;-)
Executive Order -- Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade
I'm honestly so tired of it all. Lol wish Obama would do a executive order to force all news agencies to report the truth
Obama signs executive order renaming 'looters' to 'undocumented shoppers'
never denied he wouldn't overturn Obama's Exec. Order. He just challenged espanol:
If executive strong arms the legislative in order to further control judiciary, then we will see why separation of powers matters.
King Obama should prove right and bypass the Senate and just appoint himself the next justice with an executive o…
Obama is doing his best to destroy constitutional democracy with his rule by executive order. Fascism!
Demand that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell be arrested for violating Executive Order 10450
promises to rescind every unconstitutional executive order on day one of office. Includes DACA
and the Senate is still the Senate. Sorry, O can't appoint a Supreme Court Justice by Executive Order.
Dear SOUTH CAROLINA: Ask the Prez candidates if they'll pull down Obama's illegal Clean Power Plan & his Executive Order…
I'm wondering why the governor of Texas Greg Abbott issue an Executive Order for the autopsy? He has full authority.
Obama should sign an Executive Order to make bombs illegal... Or is Islam the problem?
Defying Obama if Gitmo is to close via Praying that Congress remains in this manner of boldness
I can picture the counsel's office researching whether they can fill a Supreme Court vacancy by Executive O…
BREAKING: President Obama issues Executive Order changing the term "Lame Duck" into "Untethered Badass."
'You CAN'T issue an Executive Order to make a Supreme Court Justice!' - Bob Woodward slaps down 'legacy' talk
This is a 2009 Executive Order from Obama clarifying SAP programs & pertains to secret and classified info:
Please sign this petition to request an Executive Order from the United States President for
We're getting close to an Executive Order to disclose spending from Fed Contractors. Tell to act—
Breast Cancer Awareness
Herbert Walker Bush used an Executive Order to ban many Assault Weapons from being imported into the US. Interesting
So will Obama’s next Executive Order change his official title to El Presidente?
Obama first act; Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. . Obama also signed; Executive Order for Equal Pay for Equal Work.
Why will you sign Executive Order for gun control but will do nothing when it comes to Military Sexual Trauma, University rape?
1. Okay here is a fun little story about an Executive Order. It has to do with the so called "Panama Canal Zone" that's in the news lately.
Does this Executive Order protect the individual with second opinion diagnosis?
Gun groups, Florida politicians react to executive order on gun control:
Gun sales on the rise as issues executive order to expand background checks. Details at 6 on
President Obama's words and actions amount to a form of intimidation that undermines liberty.
Your response to today's Executive order proves you hold no value for human life.
😂w/his executive order to appease the unpopular opinion & infringe upon the people's Constitutional rights .
Obama issuing Executive order on Gun Control is like a Republican President issuing executive order on abortion!
So according to you he can do illegal executive order while breaking the constitution?
Today's executive order is a dangerous example of total disregard for our Constitutional rights. Call your Reps and…
Obama gave his speech on gun control today, and wants to correct 3 inaccurate things he spoke on.
Not any more. Welcome to the executive order world.
I've read the executive order announcement and I am not pleased.
So Obama creates an executive order changing that tomorrow. What's to stop him?
Want to Stop Gun Violence why don't Mr Obama do an executive order to make it a crime to Kill someone w/gun or anything else
The sad bit is that it shouldn't take an executive order to enforce these common sense gun laws. Congress should be asha…
Finally, a President who cares and ACTS on America's raging gun violence epidemic! -
Even after Obama's executive order on gun control I'm feeling positive in 2016. 380 days until Trump can undo any damage.. How bad can it be
Just to be clear Do you believe every executive order no matter the content or signer is unlawful?
Wasted energy, wasted executive order! I got a new gun and more ammunition for Christmas.
I couldn't find this in media, here is clear outline of what Obama Administration announced today re: Gun Exec Order
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