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Excessive Heat Warning

An Excessive Heat Warning is issued by the National Weather Service of the United States within 12 hours of the Heat Index reaching one of two criteria levels.

National Weather Service Heat Advisory Heat Index Western Kentucky San Joaquin Valley Miami Valley Delaware Valley

Excessive Heat Warning in effect for Columbia, Hempstead, Lafayette, Miller, Nevada and Union Counties
Excessive Heat Warning in effect for Clay, Craighead, Crittenden, Cross and Greene Counties in AR until 8 PM
The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for HENNEPIN County effective from July 20,...
Updated: Excessive Heat Warning in effect for San Luis Obispo County until 8 PM
Excessive Heat Warning issued July 29 at 8:59AM CDT until July 29 at 7:00PM CDT by NWS
has issued an excessive heat warning till 6:00 PM Thu: Visit for heat / hydration info.
Updated: Excessive Heat Warning in effect for Franklin, Jefferson and Perry Counties in IL until 7 PM
Excessive Heat Warning in effect for Gloucester Cnty/Zone, NJ until Thursday at 6:00 PM EDT. More info:
It will be a HOT few days, followed by the potential for "string" storms, the NWS says
Forecast: Excessive heat warning issued for parts of New Jersey - News 12 New Jersey
WSIURadio: Good morning! An Excessive Heat WARNING in effect today. Here is your morning news update:
It amazes me how my boyfriend can work doing asphalt and concrete when there's an excessive heat warning issues, and not complain once.
Hot ... Hot ... HOT today! Excessive heat warning for Philadelphia and suburbs starting at noon. Take it easy! ☀️ http:…
Currently 65 degrees and partly cloudy in Albuquerque. Escaped the excessive heat warning in PA.
Heat Warning for part of TN & KY. The western areas of both states are under Excessive Heat Warnings. http:/…
From Wx alert: Excessive Heat Warning in effect for your area (Philadelphia) until 6:00pm.
Excessive heat warning today. Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 97. Heat Index values as high as 107.
Excessive Heat Warning from 12 PM today to 6 PM Thurs for the urban corridor from Trenton to Philadelphia to Wilmington…
Dangerous heat will continue today. Heat Advisory has been expanded while excessive heat warning continues over Delta htt…
The Philadelphia region is under an excessive heat warning Wednesday
Updated: Excessive Heat Warning in effect for Lawrence, Maries, Miller, Morgan, Oregon and Ozark Counties in MO
So business is good?? BTW saw on "Excessive Heat Warning 4 Seattle, WA From Fri 6/26,12pm to Sun 6/28 5am PDT
Yikes! The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the Greater Puget Sound Region for today-Sunday eve.
Updated: Excessive Heat Warning in effect from 10 AM for Coconino County in AZ
A Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for Yavapai County Valleys and Basins, Arizona until Sun, Jun 21 4:00 PM MT
Heat Advisory: 2 or more hours of 105°'or higher. EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING: between 100-104°
what are the criteria for a Heat Advisory and criteria for a Excessive Heat Watch/Warning?
The excessive heat warning has been cancelled but trust me... It's horrid out there
There's an excessive heat warning and I'm wearing leggings and a sweatshirt
Excessive heat warning for San Tan Valley today :-)
Excessive heat warning = not going outdoors and nursing my Emmanuel back to health 😰
Hi Phoenix. Gosh you're hot. No seriously, there's an excessive heat warning.
It's August 1st, which means we survived another June/July in AZ! That would be awesome except for this Excessive Heat Warning. *facepalm*
Excessive heat warning today & tomorrow. Think it's time for a road trip to San Diego
Excessive heat warning for today, tomorrow
It's going to be super hot in today and tomorrow:
We are under an Excessive Heat Warning till 8pm Friday. This heat and humidity can be dangerous to people.
welcomed back to Arizona by an excessive heat warning lovely
Heads up, an excessive heat warning has been issued for today and tomorrow.
Why wouldn't Phoenix have an excessive heat warning the day I'm going up in the Ghetto bird. 😌Thank God she has AC.
“WEATHER: Excessive heat warning for today, tomorrow: o shocker!
“WEATHER: Excessive heat warning for today, tomorrow: for a change...
WEATHER: Excessive heat warning for today, tomorrow:
Alert:Natl. Weather Service in Phx issues excessive heat warning for today, Thursday and tomorrow, Friday. Highs twixt 106-110 degrees.
Cool.. We're on an excessive heat warning today Woo. Also *** Rishi still hasn't followed me.. I'll unfollow him later today if nothing
Weather Service issued excessive heat warning before 4 am till 8 pm tomorrow. Wouldn't it be easier just to issue 1 from July 1 to Sept 30?
Excessive heat warning in effect. Grrreat.
There is an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING for today and tomorrow for hot temps and high humidity. Overnight lows only...
The excessive heat warning is all I needed today.
You know what National Weather Service? You don't have to tell us every day that there's an excessive heat warning. We've figured it out.
Excessive Heat Warning issued August 01 at 3:59AM MST until August 02 at 8:00PM MST by NWS
National Weather Service has issued a rare "Excessive Heat Warning" for the area as temps are expected to be over 100 on Friday
The latest on the Excessive Heat Warning for New Castle County which extends through Friday.
1017pm: Aft a week, Excessive Heat Warning for the Mojave Desert and Srn Great Basin has been allowed to expire.
1st Excessive Heat Warning of 2013 issued for tomorrow (Sunday) from 10am-8pm. Highs will be 108-110 for Valley & S. Central AZ.
1) correct, yes they mean the same thing. 2) Heat Advisory is a Heat Index of 100-104, excessive heat warning >= 105.
There is weather warning for bay area this Saturday of excessive heat with temperature reaching 30C
Greetings from Philly!!! My area has been issued an excessive heat warning... Are you "dry as a bone" out in California?
There's an excessive heat warning. Are you joking...
Hottest day so far this year on Saturday. Temps will approach Excessive Heat Warning thresholds within 2-3 degrees. -NWS Phoenix
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Excessive heat warning continues all week - Arizona Republic
The National Weather Service has declared an Excessive Heat Warning for all of San Joaquin Valley. Forecast calls for 109 in Fresno, today.
110 degrees today thru Monday with Excessive Heat Warning and Bad Air Quality Warning. for Wasco and the San Joaquin Valley and probably through the next ten days... About normal for here this time of year... Ain't it wonderful?
An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for portions of the Desert Southwest, including the Phoenix metro area, from Monday through Wednesday. Afternoon high temperatures will range from 110 to 115 degrees, while overnight low temperatures will briefly fall below 90 degrees. The hot temperatures can ...
To all of my East Coast friends... Portland is expecting 90 degree weather this weekend and calling it an "Excessive heat warning" Haa haa haa I had to laugh! Scoop up your babies and grab the elderly! It's a whole 90 degrees!
Excessive heat warning for the weekend. Awesome. I might die.
To everyone who has to or insists on being outside today, keep in mind there is still an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING for Washington, Benton, Crawford, and Sebastian counties. Be sure you drink plenty of water and safeguard against the heat!:)
I love how there is an excessive heat warning for our first day in Portland, I was hoping to leave the heat behind in northern California, blah!!
The weather channel advises there is an excessive heat warning until Friday night. HEY *** save yourself the trouble of updating this everyday and say its until the end of August. Sincerely, all of Oklahoma
Lord our weather service sends a message that says, ... EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 PM CDT FRIDAY... Good to know, but we kinda already knew it, but You send us messages that are eye opening everyone, Thanks, Amen!
Excessive heat warning for Saturday??? Ya OK. 1- I'll believe it when I see it & 2- really ?!? 90-95 ish is excessive heat?? I call that an actual summer day, too bad we only get 1 or 2 a year now a days :-/
We are in an "excessive heat warning" in the Portland area this weekend. High of 87 tomorrow. Ha! What do my Okies think about that?!
Excessive Heat Warning for Benton, Washington, Crawford, and Sabastian counties in AR until 7:00 PM Friday
All of Oklahoma except for Cimarron and Texas Counties is in a Heat Advisory or Excessive Heat Warning RECORD HIGHS POSSIBLE
Didn't get a drop of it in Centerton. Weather Update- NWA finally receives some of the wealth of rain that north central AR has been seeing over the past few days. A few showers and storms graced us with their presence this AM. Expect a hot, humid, breezy Thursday. High temperatures will be near 100 degrees, but Heat Index values will be between 105-110(hence the excessive heat warning until 7PM Friday). More storms could develop this afternoon, and could become severe with the main threat being strong downdraft winds of 50+ mph.
Look, it's Thursday. Movin' through this HOT week... Excessive heat warning, burn ban, fire danger! Good gosh. High today 110. 80 tonight. 105 Friday. 102 on Saturday, slight chance of showers or thunderstorms Sunday and Monday. Highs 98. 101 for most of next week. Stay cool. Check on neighbors who don't have air conditioning. Clark Davis Sr. K101.3
Man high of 114 today? U better hide ya kids, hide ya wives, its an excessive heat warning out here! lol
The Recreation Therapy Dept. has once again announced that the JB Gym & Pool will CLOSE @ 9AM THIS MORNING, Wednesday, AUG. 1ST AND THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND EVENING , due to the excessive heat. It will be closed to all veterans, staff and volunteers. The Recreation Therapy Dept. will continue to monitor and re evaluate each day following, until the excessive heat warning has been lifted. The Phase 1 & 2 Exercise Clinic patient will continue their land based exercise for their scheduled appointments in the air conditioned theatre stage, bldg. 61. The only other recreation facility open will be the air conditioned bowling alley which will operate on the regular schedule listed on the weekly Recreation Schedule. Please check the Recreation Therapy Dept. announcements at ext. 66644 or 314-6644 for further updates. We appreciate everyone’s compliance with this request. RECREATION THERAPY DEPT. Rm. 113, bldg. 63/JB 314-894-6644 or ext. 66644
The excessive heat warning here in NOLA has driven this elderly person to drink!
Excessive heat warning for the day! Too hot to work in the garden or outside.stay cool and be sure to drink plenty of water! Have a terrific Tuesday!
The majority of Mississippi is currently under a Heat Advisory with parts of the state under and excessive heat warning. Heat Indices between 108-112. Psh, with the summer we've had in Indiana I think I'm ready for a little Mississippi heat.
July 31 11:00pm There are currently Excessive Heat Warnings & Heat Advisories in effect for our viewing area. Follow the link below to our website for details on all Warnings, Watches & Advisories (av
Excessive heat warning til wed night!!!??? I thought going farther north would be cooler, but obviously i was wrong!!!
Tulsa is expected to reach its highest temperatures of the calendar year as water usage may come under voluntary restriction soon.
Whew! It was like that recently in Maryland but not with the humidity of Mississippi. Y'all stay cool!
The National Weather Service in Jackson has issued a heat warning/advisory until 8 p.m. Tuesday. Temperatures in Marion County could feel as hot as 108 degrees.
Burn Ban and excessive Heat warning this week. 109 today, 110 Tuesday, 105 Wednesday and Thursday. Cooling off to about 102 over next weekend. LOL. This is dangerous weather. Stay cool. Clark Davis Sr. K101.3
A few storms will be strong to severe today. Heat Advisory and Excessive Heat Warning will be in effect through Tuesday.
for those lucky enough not to live here.yeah you Dee Ann for Tulsa: "Excessive heat warning from Sat 1pm to Tues 7pm. Dangerous Heat Index. Limit outdoor exposure."
I know we are suppose to be doing everything in love and spreading peace but, when I find out that a homeless veteran was forced out of an abandoned building then had to sleep in the woods by himself with no blankets, tent or food and then some more homeless people are told to clean up an area during an excessive heat warning with no way of taking a shower or cooling off afterwards oh, and the mess has been there for years but, he was scared so he obeyed and did as he was told because he didn't want to be asked to leave again!! Is this ever going to end??? They aren't hurting anyone and we are doing everything and anything we can to help them and until we can get this center going a tent in the woods is better than them sleeping alone without nothing!!! Ok..I will calm down now :)
we got a EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING til 8 smh
Gotta love when you wake up and check your phone and there is an excessive heat warning that it will be 110-115 from noon til 7pm. In the shop its usually 10+ degrees hotter than the outside temp.gonna be a stupidly hot day at work :-/
Excessive Heat Warning for the southside and northeast North Carolina. Heat Advisory elsewhere. Heat Index up to 112 in the metro area today. A little higher inland. Be careful out there. Jeremy.
Getting ready for work. I heard there is a Excessive Heat Warning today. smh
Breaking News.for the first time in about a month, is showing that KC will is not under an excessive heat warning tonight into tomorrow. We will have a chilly day tomorrow with a high of a meager 97!
Severe thunderstorm warning til 4:30pm, tornado watch until 4:30pm, flood watch until 6pm, excessive heat warning til 8pm, thunderstorm watch til 10pm...yep my day is hooked, thanks weather channel.
Thank GOD ALMIGHTY that I work in an overgrown refrigerator!
Excessive Heat Warning in Columbus and most of central Ohio until 8PM. Heat Index 105-110.
temperature near my hometown of Benton, KY
Miss Savanna wants all pet owners to please read this.
We have an excessive heat warning until 5 pm. Means our "feel like" temp could go to 110 - 115. currently it is 89 feels like 100. glad I did my errands yesterday. They say tomorrow may be worse. Wish this heat wave would break, at least for a few days.
Talk about pick your poison-- excessive heat leads into severe storms. Yipee.
Here we go again...excessive heat and probably excessive cruelty from *** who leave their pets in hot yards, cars etc. Since you all aren't the problem, carry the message to keep them cool to your less enlightened neighbors and friends. If you can help by taking an animal, providing some water, shade, kiddie pool with cool water, do what you can. Love you pet pagers - I know when you hear about heat or cold your FIRST thought is about the animals. Mine is too.
I am going out very shortly to get what we need for the day as there is an Excessive Heat Warning with index values 105 to 109 this afternoon today and also tomorrow.. These old bones cannot take the high temps and humidity... I purchased a larger A/C Unit that my space called for a few years back, Man,, am I glad I did.. On low and you need a quilt to cover you.. Couldn't understand why some family & friends would visit on the hottest days of summer.It's gonnabe a hot couple days,,.,.,,, wear loose fitting clothes,, light colors,, check on the sick and elderly and let your pets do-their-thing and right back inside.. KEEP COOL...
Our excessive heat warning ends at 7pm...but, it's 100F here and Heat Index is 103F. Um, ok!
Excessive Heat Warning issued for Philadelphia region from 12p-8p Thursday
Heat Warning for most of the tri-state until Thursday evening. Heat Index of 105-110 likely(104 right now). //YEP.
Due the excessive heat warning and high winds, boat rentals at Gray's Lake have been suspended for today.
Ok! 103 degree's today!! after 7:00p.m. this evening, excessive heat warning lifted!! thank god...late this evening, and into tomorrow rain chance's become greater!!! YAY! I'll be dancing in it:) can't wait!
New event. Excessive Heat Warning from 7/25/2012 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT for Hamilton County. M... Read more at
My depth of crazy is this: It is going to be a million and 10 degrees out with an excessive heat warning, and yet we pick today to spend the day out at Big Creek Lake. I have a feeling that no matter how gross the water is, I will be in it all day long. Kids are SUPER excited! They love it out there and act like we are going to Disneyland!! :)
Notice the 40% chance of rain tonight. (: Someone, somewhere might get rain tonight.
today the record breaking temps are expected with highs between 105 to 110 degrees or so with sunny skies and a very hot stifling southwestly winds between 15mph to 25mph by this afternoon with dewpoints between 70 to 77+ today with Heat Indexes between 108 to 125+ with a Heat Advisory going into effect after 10am but that could easly be upgraded to a EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING with very dangerous - life threating weather with RECORD BREAKING highs this heat isnt something to be outside in cause HEAT STROKE is likely today with scatterd severe storms are likely between 8pm to 12am or so with the main threats being extreme large hail and damanging winds between 80mph to 100mph with isolated tornadoes are also likely and PLEASE be careful if your going to burn today cause with this very strong hot southwestly wind and very dry grass and weeds stuff can spread very quick today! with lows between 80 to 75 degrees tonite!!!:} ill ttyl at 10:30am or so text meh get outside this morning before it gets hot after 10a ...
Happy Wednesday from First News. Tyson is off. Melissa says Excessive Heat Warning continues. Partly cloudy, high 100. Chance of rain after 3pm. Right now 84.
I am really tired of my phone letting me know we are in an excessive heat warning! I obviously already know that! Please Lord, we are wearing down while working in this heat.we need your help! Amen.
This whole summer has been an extended Excessive Heat Warning.. It has been too hot!! Last year it was floods now not a drop!! Can you say Global Warming!! just saying...
It is 7:15AM. Charlie is out mowing the yard. Wants to beat the awful heat. There is an excessive heat warning issued for here until Thursday evening.
Excessive Heat Warning today in Western KY and Heat Advisory in NW Middle TN. Take heat precautions out there.
From WSON News - Excessive Heat WARNING continues thru Thurs. pm at least. Should hit 102 today-Heat Index of over 105. Take precaution.
Excessive Heat Warning starts today and runs through Thursday in Western Kentucky. Highs in the 96-102 range and Heat Index values at or above 105 until then. Take your heat safety precautions.
Excessive Heat Warning begins today for Metro, look for highs of 101-105 across the Metro. Outside shot of rain tomorrow?
What away to wake a text saying : Dayton's News Source: Heat Advisory for Miami Valley and Excessive Heat Warning for Mont. Co. for today. Gonna be another lovely day in the neighborhood boys and girls.
Excessive Heat Warning for Detroit and much of Michigan: Heat indices soaring to unhealthy levels...
Excessive heat warning in Philly when I get there?
Excessive Heat Warning Starts Tuesday: The National Weather Service issued the warning for the city on Sunday af...
Excessive Warning in effect for the area on Tue/Wed where Heat Index values will range from 100-105 degrees.
am expecting the NWS to issue a Heat Advisory for Tuesday maybe even an Excessive Heat Warning ...
Excessive heat warning issued beginning Tues. at 1 p.m. and ending Wed. at 9 p.m. Heat Index values in Central NJ...
Starting to get a little bit sick of this excessive heat warning!!!
Excessive heat warning in effect in Philadelphia –
My mom got me going out during an excessive heat warning
"Excessive heat warning in effect in Philadelphia - and I'll still have tennis all week
Excessive heat warning in effect in Philadelphia - via
“Excessive heat warning in effect in Philadelphia -
Excessive heat warning for the Delaware Valley for Tuesday PM and Wednesday
they just anonced excessive heat warning I hope this storm is relief
Excessive heat warning in effect in Philadelphia -
Heat is back and will get worse this week. Excessive heat warning in effect. Sunday night storms could have a lot of rain if your out.
Preston cancelled it because there's an excessive heat warning.
Excessive heat warning in effect until 9 pm tomorrow.
Excessive heat warning...don't forget to check on the elderly, and while you're there check under their mattress
National Weather Service Issues 'Excessive Heat Warning' Most read by neighbors in
Goodness gracious it's too dang hot for a run. Phew. Somehow I feel like no excessive heat warning means its cool outside. False.
Every other week there is an excessive heat warning.I can't take it!
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One day there's an excessive heat warning and the next day there's a flash flood warning.
First excessive heat warning, now flash flood: gotta love Vegas!
under excessive heat warning. Watch out for heat stroke. --
I am glad there is an excessive heat warning though ☀
enjoyed second day of swim meets-Eli did very well-got swimmer of day on sat and was part of one winning relay team today!:) had excessive heat warning both days!:)
Clark County officials have issued an excessive heat warning from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (107 Fahrenheit ) Here in ksa , it doesn't matter
This will seem like winter compared to what we have had
Excessive heat warning today...just let me burn
HEAT ADVISORIES remain in effect for much of central and southern Ohio. An EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING is in effect...
NWS has Expired a Excessive Heat Warning for Franklin County until 10:00 PM
I just went outside and gave the excessive heat a ChrisMassey warning,Tired of being a victim 2can play this game
Excessive Heat Warning for the next few days! Check on your neighbors, stay hydrated and be mindful of outdoor...
Excessive Heat Warning Today for DC MD VA, Temps at 101 Degrees today again with very dangerous severe storms again. please be careful outside guys! stay in doors! love you all!
Excessive heat warning for tuesday and wednesday
by awesome weather did you mean 106 degrees with an excessive heat warning? I'm bummed I couldn't make it though, have fun!
The wheather thing on my phone sayss 'Warning: EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING in effect until Wednesday' . . Great .
Bennett and Williamson to Hot to Handle in Muncie: Due to an Excessive Heat Warning issued by The National Weath...
Yes, it was actually cold in my room. But it will reach 112 today & we have an excessive heat warning for all of Vegas!
issues Excessive Warnings for parts of Expect more heat illnesses:
Hottest Day Yet to Scorch the City: NEW YORK CITY — An excessive heat warning was in effect all day Sat...
Excessive Heat Warning is still in effect. Find Heat Safety Tips, Risk Factors, Heat Illness info & Cooling Centers:
Phoenix weather: excessive heat warning on the way.
Woo hoo! First time in like 4 days that we are not under an excessive heat warning! Thank you god!
US/Silver Spring: issues Excessive Warnings for parts of Stay inside, cool and hydrated:
Again??? Happy for the glorious sun just not the heat. Red sun at morn today. Not good. At 11:15 pm last night it was 95 degrees.That's never good!!! Cold front will clash with all this hot moist air, late this afternoon or early evening. It's 'gonna be noisy tonight!!! I hope we don't lose power again.
OW... Watched the weather report this morning and the forecast was basically *** '. Excessive Heat Warning all week.
Excessive heat warning for the next 3 days
Excessive heat warning strikes as more than 122,000 across state still without power- Charleston Gazette -
IronKids brave heat to compete in triathlon: WATERLOO, Iowa --- The excessive heat warning may have expired earl...
Thank u sweet baby Jesus for no excessive heat warning today :)
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Wow, no excessive heat warning today. It's going to be a cool 93. :)
Oh no!! Excessive heat warning out here til Thur!!! Temp on tues 119! That's hot!!!
Happy 'No More Excessive Heat Warning' Day!!! Only a high of 94 today. Get out there and do something folks!
“UPDATE: High Temperature Hits 105; One of Ten Hottest Days On Record: while in nz it was freezing
CEMA: The EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING has been extended through 7 PM on Sunday, July 8th for the City of
Excessive Heat Warning in effect until Saturday for SE Wisconsin
Excessive Heat Warning Extended Through Sunday | ...: Know the signs and symptoms of heat st...
Excessive heat warning expires in 20 minutes. Just deleted it from the what to put in its place? Phillies Forecast?
There's nothing more that I love than doing a 8k road march.during an excessive heat warning.
Good news, everyone. The excessive heat warning has been downgraded to a Heat Advisory.
The National Weather Service in Mount Holly NJ has issued an Excessive Heat Warning which is in effect from Noon to 8 PM EDT Saturday. * Heat Index VALUES...BETWEEN 105 AND 110 SATURDAY AFTERNOON ...
Finally a cool down to the high 80s to low 90s!!
The excessive heat warning will expire at 9 PM EDT this evening. Temperatures and humidity will continue to gradually fall the remainder of this evening...bringing an end to the prolonged heat wave. Temperatures will be closer to normal for early next week.
The excessive heat warning has finally expired! We are tracking a few isolated storms this evening, ahead of the cool front that will bring the mid 80s back to the region tomorrow.
The excessive heat warning we've had for days expired at 7 p.m. - when the temperature fell to 99.9. How will be cope?
Temperatures were expected to soar into the triple digits Saturday as the heat wave that has baked the region for more than a week reached its climax.
Excessive Heat Warning extended til 7 PM for Will, Kankakee, Kendall, Grundy, DeKalb & LaSalle Counties. The Lake Breeze was slower to reach there.
Went out side to check out our excessive heat warning and ran back in the house to get a jacket. I think they can lift the excessive heat warning for Southwest Michigan.
Temp right now is 105 and the National Weather Service has issused a EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING here today . Parents are allowing the young kids to play Tee Ball here today some kind of a turnment. Where is the common sense. Guess I am getting to old. Something happens to one of those kids wonder who the parents will blame.
Cooler weather was on the horizon for the Midwest, but not before two weeks of oven-like temperatures had taken their toll: at least 45 deaths were tied to the heat over that period, according to a list compiled by the Weather Channel. Friday also saw the 9th straight day at 100 …
Only a few more hours to go and then I never want to see or hear the words "excessive heat warning" the rest of the summer!
The heat wave has been broken. It's only 89* in Madison and I can feel cool(er) north-easterly breezes. Expect the excessive heat warning to end early. (But not Janesville, where the temp could still hit 100*; it's 97* now.)
Excessive Heat Warning continues until 7pm this evening. A Heat Advisory now goes in effect at 7pm this evening and last until 6pm Sunday. This is in effect for Gibson, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick in Indiana. In Illinois: Wayne, Edwards, Wabash, white, Saline, Gallatin, and Hamilton. In Kentucky: Union, Henderson, Daviess, Webster, McLean, Muhlenberg, and Hopkins.
Power was out for about four hours last night starting around 11pm, it was warm and muggy!! Thankful it is back on again, it is HOT, HOT again today. It is 100 degrees and feels like 105 degrees, we have an excessive heat warning until 10pm tonight. We are stayhi9ng in the air conditioning and not going to watch the fireworks out in the heat.
well i think steve and timmy will not be allowed to go to cub scouts camp again 2 years ago they went we had a torando and last year we had a torando and this year right now we have excessive heat warning of over 100, severe thunderstorms with wind, heavy rain, and big F-ing hail this is not F-ing funny anymore O and to top it off we lost the raido stations it is all static
afraid of the Excessive Heat Warning and Severe Thunderstorm Watch for the area? Go Bowling!!
Residents Please be advised that there is an excessive heat warning today. DO NOT THROW CIGARETTES IN THE MULCH. Please discard your cigarettes in an ashtray. Thank You
"Excessive heat warning is in effect for your area." Weather Channel, I want to punch you right in the nuts.
Dangerous heat is expected today with temperatures approaching 106 degrees. The Heat Index for today is expected to climb near 116 degrees. Please use extreme caution if you are planning any outdoor ...
As hot weather continues in NYC, air-conditioned cooling centers will be open through Sunday, July 8, to help New Yorkers beat the heat. To find the cooling center nearest to you, use OEM’s Cooling Center Finder.Get tips to beat the heatRead the latest heat press release
Geeze I'm so sick of it November yet ? And to all you folks that think I'm a nut for prefering fall and winter, what say you now ? You can always put more clothes or blankets on, there are so many clothes you can take off and not be arrested...just sayin'.
100 in New Philadelphia, OH now. It is hot. We are under a excessive heat warning for Ohio. Hope all is keeping cool as much as possible.
EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING has been issued for 16101 Expires at 20:00 EDT on 07/07/12. We got a Heat Index of 106 right now with the temp of 98 degrees. Please us extreme caution when outdoors. If you have AC use it and stay cool. Put off doing any strenuous activities until evening and morning. Remember to check on friends and neighbors who don't have AC and keep checking in on them periodically.
This is a Video I made from Paule N.F., one of the greatest female Ironman Triathlon Athletes ever! You can see her "Hitting The Wall" just 400 Yards from th...
OUCH! Need one of those silver things at car window. What's is called?
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- More than 18,000 people in Kanawha County still don't have power as the Heat Index is expected to soar to 105 today. Meanwhile, Appalachian Power has adjusted their full-restoration estimate saying all customers might not be restored by Sunday, an estimate the company made - and...
This is terrible, heat, heat, heat and more heat.
In case anybody was wondering, we're under an "Excessive Heat Warning" ... Really?!?!
Excessive heat warning remains in effect until 9 PM EDT /8 PM CDT/ this evening... Hazardous weather... * high temperatures this afternoon will be between 100 and 107...and near all time record highs. Heat Index values of 105 to 115 are expected as well. Impacts... * this is a particularly dangerous and rare heat wave for this area. People should take all precautions to avoid heat related fatigue and possible heat stroke which can happen quickly.
'nother sweaty, stinky day in Tidewater Virginia.
Excessive Heat Warning and Air Quality Warning for the D.C./ NOVA/ MD area. So I'll be staying in today.
Everyone that lives in the area of Jackson!! Remember there is still a "Excessive Heat Warning" goin on until atlest tonight!! Right now, @ 11:49AM. The temp is Sunny in the 93 degrees but Real Feel of 102 degrees. And today/Tonight we r to get T-Storms again until around 8pm. Be Safe &Stay Cool & Drink ur H2o!!!
not going anywhere near a door to the outside today. Hope there are some good movies on today. lol
Thank gosh that this excessive heat warning is about to be erased by the end of today. I have never seen so many 100 degree days in one week.
Hey everyone, Be careful if you are going to be outside today! Even though the temp is only 96 today, the Heat Index is going to be 106 and the weather channel has posted "excessive heat warning today" so be safe out there today. If you dont have to go outside today they are advising you to stay in the house where it is cooler.
I feel like Picard yelling "There. are. 4 lights!" ... because I just found a 5th bleeder valve for the brake system. I don't want to admit I missed one but I suppose I should. Yay for more repairs in a damned excessive heat warning. I'm ready to move to Canada... hey, they get tornadoes too, it'll be fine.
EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING for Saturday afternoon with the Heat Index or feels like temperature of 105-110 degrees. Saturday: Blazing sunshine, scorching heat with a high of 100 degrees. This is dangerously hot! Try to limit your outdoor activities this afternoon. Saturday night: Sultry evening and muggy overnight. Lows in the 70s. Sunday: Steamy sun with scattered thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and evening. Some storms could be severe with damaging winds and vivid lightning. High 95. Finally an end to the heat wave Monday with cool and less humid air arrives. Highs in the 80s. Lows in the 60s. The best chance of rain next week will be mainly south of I-64. Josh Fitzpatrick WSAZ & myZtv Meteorologist
Excessive heat warning...gotta love VA!!! :)
yuck! Glad I took kettlebell class at the gym this morning rather than bootcamp outside at Mt. Trashmore!
Excessive heat warning for toms river..
Today's temperatures could climb to 105, and feel like 110, according to the National Weather Service.
Saturday Excessive Heat Warning with a high of 105 and Heat Index of 113. Please protect yourself from this heat and check on elderly and your pets. Sunday a high of 85!! A chance of thunderstorms both Saturday and Sunday morning. Monday a high of 84. Tuesday 84. Wednesday 85. Thunrsday 86 and Friday a high of 88. Still have power outages in Scott and Cavett area and sporadic locations around county on Saturday morning but things are getting repaired. Thank you electric crews for working feverishly in this brutal weather!!!
Saturday, July 7th, 2012 An Excessive HEAT WARNING will be in effect for the entire Tri-State through 10pm tonight, and a SMOG ALERT will be in effect for the Cincinnati metro today. We'll begin the day clear to partly cloudy; by this afternoon, we'll have a blend of sun and clouds overhead with a high temperature around 105 degrees. The record high today (103 degrees set in 1874) will easily be tied or broken by mid-afternoon. If we make it to 105 degrees, today will be one of the top 10 warmest days in Cincinnati since official records began in 1870. Warm temperatures will persist through tonight; with a partly cloudy sky overhead, we'll only drop into the mid 70s overnight. Partly to mostly cloudy conditions are expected Sunday along with an increasing threat for showers and thunderstorms. Some storms Sunday may be strong or severe. Cooler air will pour into the region behind a cold front by Monday. High temperatures for the entire work week will be in the mid to upper 80s. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thu ...
National Weather Service is already discussing the possibility of dropping the Excessive Heat Warning early for our southern counties because the cooler and drier air is moving on down! Cross your fingers!
Today is expected to be the hottest day of the summer so far with high temperatures possibly reaching 100 degrees. An excessive heat warning has been issued for the area.
***EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING***for this afternoon. Heat Index could reach the 110'F with temps in the upper 99's to near 100'F. Stay indoors as much as possible, drink lots of fluids & check on the elderly. Footnote, Heat Waves are more dangerous then Tornadoes & or Flash Flooding.
excessive heat warning remains in effect til 8 pm tonight. temps in the mid 90's to around 100 combined with dew points near 70 will once again result in a Heat Index between 105 and 110 degrees this afternoon. stay hydrated, bring your animals INSIDE! and look out for your elderly neighbors, check on them. ~ WISHING FOR MARCH WEATHER !
the forecast is for 98 high today, but there is an excessive heat warning with the Heat Index expected to reach 109...any outside work is best performed early before it really heats up later cool thing about my new job is they told me I don't have to do outside rounds if it's too hot or's good to actually have a reasonable boss for a change, as they were a rarity when I worked in Law Enforcement for most of my career...
Eastern Pa. Weather forecast: The Excessive Heat Warning continues Today & Sunday. Today will be very hot with a High nearing 100'F. The Heat Index willbe 115'F. Please be safe everyone. Thunderstorms will be developing and move through later Today and tonight & into Sunday. Some of these storms may be Severe. Keep an eye to the sky & Stay alert for rapidly changing weather conditions.
Michigan is getting bloody close too becoming a desert. I'm hoping it's not right, but the 'excessive heat warning' we have for today said 'Daytime Heat Index values are expected to reach or exceed 110°F in your area, with overnight low temperatures of 75°F or higher.' I'd suggested something with airplanes, sprinklers, and lots of hose but... yea.
Excessive heat warning?? No thank you! I'll just stay inside where there's ac, drink a slurpee, and watch baseball all day
EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING.please check on the elderly regularly today especially those without air. make sure your pets have a steady water supply if outside. Rosso P. will be in the air with me today. he spoiled but not like the diva cat
Neighbors are having their yardsale again. If anyone here in Washington gets bored and wants to check it out; looks they have quite a bit!! Its on E. Van Trees. :o) Also- One more day of this horrible heat. Tomorrow, were in the Red for Severe weather, then starting Monday- Gonna be in the 80s and 90s all week without the Excessive Heat Warning. ITS GONNA FEEL GREAT!! I cant wait!! LMAO!! :P
Highs of 103-108 today in Western KY. Relief is coming and the Excessive Heat Warning ends tonight, so hopefully I won't have to talk about the heat for awhile.
It's not over yet for some of us. Relief from the heat starts tomorrow. Then it will be in the 80s all week. Perfect.
everyday, I hope it's going to be the day that Buddy, our lab can go back OUTSIDE! & every day it's too dang hot!! He can't stay in the kennel forever, & I can't let him loose in the house... last time he broke a window jumping to get back outside! *sigh*
Too Much But we have a cool down coming :)
Excessive heat warning for temps in the mid-80s? LOL!
Relief is finally here after the hot and sticky heatwave comes to an end! A cold front is already bringing cooler temperatures in thanks to a NNE wind at 10-15mph. High temperatures will still be hot the closer you are to the Illinois border as the cold front will move from north to south, that's ...
Can you believe tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter?
Excessive heat warning. Who would of guessed.
Going to have a fun one today-the AC in our house stopped working last night. Not sure if it is the unit or the thermostat. But anyway, it is very warm in here and soon to be alot warmer. So we have to decide where to go to get cool while we notify the landlady so it can get fixed. Fun! Fun! And they extended the excessive heat warning until 7 tonight!!
Good morning, world! Its supposed to be the last day of our record-breaking heat wave - Excessive Heat Warning is due to expire at 7PM. YAH! That's what I'm talking about!
From Fox 8 Weather in Cleveland, OH: An Excessive Heat WARNING is in effect today. Take it slow and easy today, drink plenty of water and stay in the A/C, out of the sun during peak heating (10am to 4pm, especially!) The record high temp is 99° today which was set back in the hot year of 1988. We could come close to the record and we may even tie it. No matter how you slice it, it will be hot and humid.
Good morning everyone! No Weekend Live at Daybreak today or tomorrow, so I'm feeling a bit lonely today without Tom Murray and Jeff Gallagher because of NBC sports coverage. I'll be giving you forecast updates from now through 7am during the TODAY show - including the END to the Excessive Heat Warning.
There is still an excessive heat warning today. I will have this with me at work today because as you can see, it's the best way to stay hydrated!
For Bucks County I think you mean Excessive Heat Warning. We get less than 1 tornado every 2 years. Severe Thunderstorms only.
Excessive Heat Warning for Western Kentucky. Heat Advisory for Middle TN until Saturday. Temperatures on Saturday may flirt with 110 in the Evansville Tri State region, and temps. both Friday and Saturday will be 100-105 elsewhere.
Excessive Heat Warning in effect for southern Michigan, north central Ohio and northern Indiana. Temps cresting...
Excessive heat warning issued for Wisconsin
For SE Michigan..Severe T-Storm watch in effect til 8 am as a line of heavy storms moves thru..then the Sun will break out and it will be another very hot and sticky day as highs approach 98 today and around 100 tomorrow..Heat Indexes will reach 110 degree mark at times both today and tomorrow.DRW 5:19a.m. Excessive Heat Warning will remain in effect through the period.
Excessive Heat Warning 82 F and clear at 02:11 AM, SSW at 8.1mph, Heat Index 83 F, dew point 59 F and barometer at 29.94 inches
Excessive Heat Warning issued for Dane County July 04 at 4AM until July 06 at 10PM
We have an Excessive Heat Warning for most of the area effective today through Friday night. Yes, almost four more days of this are still to come (including today) as highs are expected to hover in the upper 90s to 100 with heat indices around 110 to 115. There will be a few morning showers today and then a slight chance later today followed by a dry Independence Day and then small T-Storm chances Thursday and Friday. 80 degree heat will return this weekend.
3 out of 5 Lake Day still. Excessive Heat Warning for Western Kentucky and Heat Advisory for Middle Tennessee. A slight chance of storms may occur east of the lakes.
Excessive heat warning in DC. Temps will exceed 100; could break the record. 1 million w/out power. Another storm on the way. NOT good!
Excessive Heat Warning for entire DC area today for high near 100, & heat indices up to 105-110:
D.C. area forecast: Dangerous heat, power outages and more storms
An "Excessive Heat Warning" has been issued in Central Illinois until 7pm Sunday evening. Details at 10pm on WAND News. NBC
The Heat Advisory has been upgraded to an Excessive Heat Warning for much of our listening area, in effect til 7 PM Sun. Stay tuned for more
I know this obvious to most of my friends, but it is a message that really needs to be shared. The NWS has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for North Alabama. Believe it or not, excessive heat claims more lives each year than floods, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined. Please check on your elderly family and friends, give your pets a cooler place to stay, and never leave children in a vehicle, even for a few minutes.
National Weather Service has now extended the Excessive Heat Warning for ALL the Miami Valley today. Heat Index expected near 110º.
An "Excessive Heat Warning" has been issued for Washington and Northern Virginia.
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