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Evil Twin

The evil twin is an antagonist found in many different fictional genres. They are physical copies of protagonists, but with radically inverted moralities.

Buddy Guy Green Flash Steven Tyler Joe Perry Brad Whitford

Lindo, ever checked out Torst in Brooklyn? Evil Twin’s bar.
There's a non-zero chance that Tanner Glass is on my train in a Zucc jersey. Either that or it's his evil twin. Or…
The Giant and - I think - a zone of the White Lodge, where the good balances the evil. […
As humans, we will definitely disagree with each other on some matters, at times strongly. That does not make either of us b…
It hurts me too. Her pain is my pain, even if she doesn't always know. I can't stand it. Espe…
"Awww, how lovely. Identical twin girls, they'll always have a friend". "Yes" I say, pretending like they dont spend every waki…
Yeah, and 's apparently gone into hiding in Los Angeles to avoi…
Did anyone notice that Hamish's stunt double got a closing credit (twice!)? Perhaps an evil twin plot is in the works?
If this were a soap opera, Saban would have an evil twin spo…
“God told me that there are demons in Florida. Florida is evil”- Esther on the phone last night at 2am 😂😂😂 I love my twin
I doubt anyone is being fooled by them. . It’s a clear pump by The Twin Evil.
Didn't realize you had an evil twin brother
Your evil twin David is at the Lowry soon too
Acceptance has an evil twin called Rejection
Did your evil twin erase your file.
"But I didn't buy all that stuff, it was my evil twin nemesis!". Apple: *** to be two of you.
He looks like if Joe Lo Truglio had an evil twin who got off to photos of crime scenes
is Earthworm Jim's evil twin pass it on.
Lyle Brandt could be Kyle's evil twin or altered ego
I know that, but it has no password and so is very vulnerable to evil twin attacks etc, without the customer's knowledge/choice.
We think we know a person , but the truth of the matter is a simple chemical imbalance can give birth to the evil twin .
For Apple's new Face ID for what happens if your evil twin gets your phone, or you go overboard with plastic surgery?
Two ex-Googlers want to replace you with your evil twin from a parallel dimension of pure chaos
Smh you and are really both the evil twin. I don't need two of you stressing my life. Rock, paper,…
So about the new IPhone X...if I have a evil twin brother can he unlock my phone?😳
Hmm...wasn't it your evil twin that stopped
worried about facial recognition 4 the iPhone x bc its still unknown whether or not I have an evil twin. not sure if I want my nudes leaked.
No no no that was my evil twin brother what HE meant was...
Just in case some of you forget about Bugi's evil hot twin bro ,JR:. ~~Bonus Baby Goblin~~
Could an ‘evil twin’ trick your Our CEO Rodger Desai weighs in for magazine:
This guy would be equal to an evil twin of Sheldon on Big Bang. Incredibly smart generally, incredibly stupid in so… featured in NBC s Science of Love
How to hide new Apple phone from evil identical twin brother .. Now that Apple has New Face ID?. Asking for a friend…
then there's his evil robot twin, Danny DeVito
Just received a fascinating email rebuking me for my support of Hillary Clinton. At least now I know what my evil twin is doing.
Good to see Earl Thomas back after his evil twin played in his place for the first 4 games.
that's his evil twin, real estate titan Eric Saint-Pierre.
.So, what, that was your evil twin bragging ON TAPE about sexual assault?
Eminem needs to make a video for Evil Twin
Those were congressional races. The vice presidential race was on national TV, so it's the only one Chauncey Gardne…
Lazy loading is Just in Time's evil twin.
It's raining. Football is on. I ordered fish and chips. Aces. - Drinking an Evil Twin at -
Trump is mere hours from blaming his evil twin brother for everything he's been caught doing so far.
*sends you something on curiouskittycat*. Evil twin — Oh
Okay, why the *** did you say it if that's the case? We're all ears. Let me guess. It was really your evil twin, T…
what if ke$ha had an evil british twin named ke£ha
Have always have more then one thing on there mind , one twin telling them do this and one twin telling them do…
And Eric is the evil twin of the good guy Erik
i found your evil twin, Leremy Dooley
Brett Roy's evil twin brother got arrested in Hollis
The guy who reminds me most of him is/was George Vecsey, who's Evil Twin makes me think Peter was adopted. Ha
I having one of these... Oskar Blues: Old Chub Nitro Scotch Ale or Evil Twin: Femme Fatale Brett...
Project manager just told me I'm the most even keeled person he knows. AM I SOMEONE'S EVIL TWIN
I know that feeling. Has he started drooling yet? His evil twin does & I usually give in so I don't have to look at drool.
But don't blame me, blame him my evil twin.
R we just gunna ignore the fact that you attacked me at my house a few weeks ago then claimed it was your evil twin
Turns out with a full beard looks like his evil Star Trek Mirror Verse twin. Suits him.
. Zionism is the Twin Sister of Wahhabism. Israel is Pure Evil like the Wahhabi Snakes of ISIS who Hijacked my Religion.
BDO Darts showing an interesting tie. One of the players seems to be playing against his evil twin.
Uh oh! It's Data's evil twin brother Lore with his famous starfleet briefcase and he's ready to cause some trouble!
Evil Knievel was here! — at Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, ID
I made my occasional motivational Chinese lady . sc story today. Powered by Em, my evil twin and
My boss on Ted Cruz: "He's like Richard Nixon's evil twin."
really my evil twin lmao. Like we do not care at all. 😂😂
Envy and its evil twin. It crept in bed with slander. *** they gave advice. But sloth it gave no answer
...wasn't Stitch's kid in Australia? *** And does this mean Abby has an Evil Twin?
[meeting my long lost twin for the first time]. ME: Sooo the evil me wears vests, huh?
Out drinking with my evil twin . Apparently he's "going home after the next pint" . Poor misguided fool...
any evil twin Bourbon biscotti left?
So, my evil twin or a ghost is speaking at your class... Hmm
Just found this. Me and the evil twin.
everything you want to know about infernal twin. The Automated Evil Twin Attack.
You must be my evil Twin from another parents 😂😂
Evil Twin and Breathing Lightening,wicked start to the new one, looking frwd to a tour,should take out
Supreme Court mock trial involving $500 of stolen beaver tails and an evil identical twin...…
Cuz ur the big headed evil twin of jimmy neutron. Darth kader
Last year I hated this girl in physics for a really dumb reason and I swear I found her evil twin or something
When you don't make the cut but your evil twin does
As my work twin said "she doesn't get mad, she gets me evil". .
Yoon Mirae looks like the evil twin sister of Son Dambi
Person you don't like likes all the same things as you? One explanation: evil twin
Watch this scientist talk to her robot twin, which is 100% plotting evil things. via
preferably an evil twin to do my dirty work that I'm too pansy to do, as well.
allagash does so many great things. I love Evil Twin at least as much as Three Floyds
just smashed it in Plymouth ! Old school Metal and the new song Evil Twin sounded huge !
so you're playing Download France, will we see your Evil Twin at Donnington England?
She responded with "That's not Tony... That's his evil twin brother Andre." 😑😑😑
oh no he came back and they say I'm the evil twin of him
I was thinking the same, Cane's evil twin or Marco
If you catch the evil twin then why would you keep it alive?
Nocebo: Placebo’s evil twin. Effective drugs,if imagined it cause harmful effect,are tend to cause adverse effect.
Happy birthday to my gorgeous evil twin! I love ya to death and hope this is the best one yet!
First up is a recap from with some great photos! .
Ain't nobody touching Wale as long as his evil twin around so you might as well cancel that. Lol
Now Adam will have the evil twin instead of Jack.
Did YOU write it? Or is there another John Pickrell? 😱 Evil twin? Clone? Or are you victim of the Men in Black memory wiper?😁
Happy Birthday Marc!! (and happy bday to your evil twin: Mark) 🎉🎈
Made use of a brief afternoon in Philly to drink both Russian River and Cigar City. Also loaded up on some Evil Twin for later.
Evil Twin is still the best track from the standard edition of MMLP2
Boarder Hop Fest Update. Confirming 4 new breweries. Destihl. Evil Twin. Rush River. Jolly Pumpkin. Tickets can be found at
I'm gonna hit the Columbia Ale House tonight if you're interested, Evil Twin pint night
3 months ago no1 knew who evil twin King Cuerno was Now he's headlining w/ makes stars
Great glasses designed especially for the the Evil Twin event at The Birch tonight. Swing by and…
You guys carly has a evil twin sister that killed her
I demand this movie:. Jessica Chastain as Disney Princess. Her hot semi-royal boyfriend as Prince. Bryce Dallas Howard as Evil Twin.
so you tell me... if DSP had an evil twin, he would be a charity giving person who would get a hot girl?
shuuush it's my evil twin speaking or should I say that *** beer ;) but come on mate, I mean really, a stock photo?
Evil Twin 2 is kinda hot this season... *** is wrong with me?
so i have a celebrity doppelgänger now... im probably the evil twin
That's me.the evil twin...mean and rude ~laughing~
An evil father. An estranged twin. A daimon out for revenge. Magic slowly consuming him. Just another day. Til he meets her.
BTW, you so schizophrenic..YOU are the evil twin. I, am the good (and lovely, got twt to prove) twin..Or, playing both parts??
there are actually two of him. One is an evil twin that plays like a lunatic. The other one can almost hit a free kick like Zico
"Train like your STRONGER FITTER evil-twin is plotting to kill you."
Wario is not Mario's evil twin, he is in fact a childhood friend who became jealous of Mario's good looks.
And I'm your evil twin doing the same thing.
can't they bring you back in EE like they did with Bobby in Dallas 🙏😘 or maybe you could be the long lost evil twin! Hugs x
Thank you evil almost birthday twin. Pop pop
If Ada doesn't save her twin from the evil puppets who run their town, Pearl may become their newest puppeteer. Night Vale for …
my bros girlfriend didn't know he was fishing today, his friend uploaded a pic of him saying 'this isnt Giles, this is his evil twin collin'
Happy 18th birthday to my twin and the most hilarious/evil person I know😈 don't know what I would do…
A twisted fairy-tale for 'Twin Evils?'Because you find evil where you least expect it.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Conceived as twins.One died at birth.Both souls remained. Now a demon wants the twin souls of the chimera for her own evil plan
"Suzuya Juuzou is evil!!! How could he kill the twin like that? He deserves to die!"
Joe Scarborough is Sean Hannity's evil twin on MSNBC, a waste.
so Jo is evil Kai's twin but then she grew older (obvs) but she's liv and likes sister as we'll and she protected them but liv is stronger +
If I had a twin, I would be the evil one.
Does Tom Cotton look like 's evil, ugly twin to anyone else?
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Jeannette oughta listen to Sue Ellen Ewing's Evil Twin-she has a point esp when it comes to Christi
Hello new Evil Twin. Oh how you rock my world in Black & Orange it's the bet winter colour combo.
Eagle Field.This Weekend.June 21st and 22nd! Join us for FREE as a B-25, Harpoon PV-2, T-6's, and Trainers start flying in around 2:30. PLUS there will be many Re-Enactors with WWII equipment on hand to show what our men and women had to work with in the 40's. Food and Refreshments will be available starting at noon Saturday at the enlisted men's Quonset, with dinner (some Tickets will be available at the door) served at 6:30 in the Hanger. Sunday kicks off with the Dos Palos LIONS Club serving a $10 Breakfast then the action resumes with planes flying out and Re-enactors doing their final missions. I'll have a booth with the Evil Twin selling left over Eagle Field Drags Shirts and stuff near the Quonset so come on out and say hi! Check for more info.
Watch my most recent unofficial video for Evil Twin by .
$.50 cent drafts for beer club member! Featuring Pivo Pils, Green Flash 30th Street Pale, and Telluride's Fish and Ted's Excellent Collaboration Soup: Chipotle Chicken and Corn Chowder Slice: BBQ Chicken, Fresh Mozzarella, and Red Onion Artisan Sando of the Week: House Roasted Beef, Horseradish Aioli, Baby Arugula, Caramelized Onions, Tomato and Aged White Cheddar on a House Roll Table Beer from Evil Twin, Tartare from Bear Republic, Sour in the Rye from The Bruery, Chin Wag from Hogshead, and Noble Rot from Dogfish Head ALL TAPPED!
A new slant on the Evil Twin. I hope you will enjoy it! New Horror/Thriller- Just released
Saturday Afternoon Session is on, 3 drafts & 2 slices for 16$ bucks!! Get some from 12-5:00... Imperial Doughnut Break from Evil Twin, Sun King's Sympathy For The Devil, Mandarin Modus from Ska, Green Flash's Double West Coast IPA, SUMP from Perennial & Avery's Reverend are all TAPPED!! Slice of the day: Thai Chili Pulled Pork, Onions & Red Bell Peppers Soup of the day: Sweet Corn & Hominy Artisan Sandwich of the Week: Jamaican Jerk Pulled Chicken and Citrus Slaw on a House Roll
Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus: via Hooly C88ap my Evil Twin is taking ovEer
Some delicious recent libations that have arrived... -Evil Twin's Edition of Table Beer (100% Brett fermented w/ Simcoe hops) -Double Barley (out of Smithfield, NC) Fat Charley's Raspberry Chocolate Stout -Hi-Wire Man Eater DIPA -New Belgium Hop Kitchen RyePA IPA -Against the Grain/De Struise Collab Scorched Monk "Our Collaboration beer breweed with Urbain Cotteau of De Struise Browers, Vletern, Belgium. Very similar to a Flanders Oud Bruin, this sour mash beer is rich, slightly smoky and sour. There is a unique woody flavor from the 4 month bourbon barrel conditioning it underwent. The nose is very light caramel and vanilla. The color is ruby brown to amber. It is brewed similarly to Urbain’s own Ypres beer, with a Kentucky Spin on it."
I'm still waiting to hear about appeal. Cry-Baby Mike Rogers cannot censor his evil twin.
*Disclaimer: all texts after 11pm were sent by my evil twin/alter ego, Ke$ha.
Uncle bobs evil twin is in the gyro shop. He's evil because he doesn't gel his hair back or wear sunglasses.. But he looks exactly like him😂
what if ke$ha had a evil british twin named ke£ha
Cant wait until tomorrow cards, two stepping, and food with my evil twin and the ladies!
Behold the Friday Beer Review, my greatest one yet! Evil Twin Brewing's Even More Jesus:.
I'm sure you would! I'm basically your evil siamese twin. I irritate the *** out of you, but I'm here to stay!
Third time this week people that I've never talked too got me confused with someone else. I think my evil twin is way more friendly than me.
Evil Twin. Boys lets do it, Look wicked!
Reasons I like Justin.. his got an evil side like my evil twin
Fellow Patriot, this will destroy your 2014! A chilling conspiracy will wipe out 281 million Americans in the next 6 months. The media has sworn a blood oath to keep it hushed, but you deserve to know the truth because in this treasonous agenda, you and your loved ones are the sacrificial lambs. That's why in this short presentation, I'm going to blow the lid off this twisted plot that has shocked even hardcore liberals because knowing this secret information will decide who will survive and who will perish when the sinister plot unravels. You'll discover the real secret reason why the US economy hasn't "collapsed" yet, and EXACTLY WHEN the dollar will turn into dust and our streets into *** And if you stick with me till the end, I'll also share with you the story of how a penniless, crippled senior survived and prospered through a 4 year economic armegeddon. You will be SHOCKED when you see why others were BEGGING him to take their gold. And even though this might sound impossible now, once you read th . ...
Happy fake Birthday to my evil twin Love you Jenny! Have an amazing day gf💕👹👯
just a reminder.. tomorrow morning at 8.30am we will be opening our HUGE summer sale!!! an enormous amount of our summer stock from Rhythm Livin World, Rhythm Girls, Insight, The Critical Slide Society, MINK PINK, EVIL TWIN and Cobian will be discounted from 20 - 50%! so come grab some amazing deals for the last few weeks of summer :) SEE YOU IN THE MORNING BARGAIN HUNTERS!
You actually walk up the escalators? Evil twin.
Sad to say evil twin didn't make it and has passed away good bye lil one hope u find ur sisters on the other side
To my brother Bill Drumheiser thank you for giving me Fritz Shawna for girls day and night. Glad you had a good week of work cause we might need bail money!! Love ya evil twin!!
Just added Evil Twin Even More Jesus on tap. See our full beer menu:
So according to I have an evil female twin in Seattle working as a bartender...
ChuckNorris is the devil's evil twin.
Hello.. my evil twin.. i have 2 question all about yo... — my Name is Icha(you can call me cace"for sure"). foton...
Shout out to on her birthday as well as her evil twin, Roxanne. Here's to four years of…
"Bed-ridden and destined never to leave the Bedroom ever again like the legend of Heather Ledger My suicide notes, barely legible read the Bottom, it's signed by The Joker" -Eminem Evil Twin
Darren Sharper and Aaron Hernandez might end up on the same
Evil Twin performed by Eminem (featuring samples from Royce Da 5'9" in the chorus). The song is about Eminem and his second himself Slim Shady & features sam...
Advice needed from legions of faithful fans lol.retirement do tonite , have gorgeous new dress waiting on hanger, however my evil twin wants to slum it in jeans and top. What will I wear ?
I gotta stop accusing myself for being a twin for my mean & evil ways lol
Turns out it's Freddy Yanukovich, his evil twin MT BREAKING: Austria freezes bank accounts of fugitive Ukrainian President Yanukovych
Whn my evil twin die i wanna die 2...
Top 10 bizarre benefit fraud excuses 10. ‘I needed the money to pay for TV in each of the five bedrooms, as the kids have ADHT, and I have to keep them in.’ She failed to mention the children no longer lived with her. 9. ‘I don’t know why you’re interviewing me, I’m bisexual!’ 8. ‘It’s not my partner, it’s my sister.’ When the investigator held up their wedding certificate, he replied: ‘That was a drunken mistake.’ 7. A man interviewed in Folkestone regarding failing to declare his night-watchman job said: ‘I only claim benefits during the day – what I do at night is my own business.’ 6. An alleged fraudster from London claimed she was a white female depicted in photos even though her skin colour was black and suggesting her face had changed shape following a car crash. 5. ‘Any wages under £200 are mine but any over £200 must belong to someone else.’ 4. ‘He doesn’t live here, he just comes every morning to collect his sandwiches and kiss me good morning before g . ...
Epic dialogue continues between Small Dog and Alternative Universe Twin Dog she can see in the dishwasher. Wonder which one's the evil twin.
New Vintage shirts available in the Evil Twin Girls section! Ladies, stick around for a shirt give…
Jack frost isn't nipping at your nose. His evil twin jackoff frost chomping on my face. *** it's cold.
Evil Twin be Eminem is still a killer
Eminem is really a God of rap ey juss try 2 listen these two tracks "so much better" and "evil twin" yeses
Just followed. I am more like his evil twin. I just got the looks.
Felt up Ironman.My evil twin did it I tell you!
Evil Twin is a beasty song :o I just think Bad Guy part 2 reminds me of Rabbit Run, which is like my all time GOAT song
Say hello to my evil twin with a grin like the joker lifes poker high stakes and im all in so unless u callin better bow out and kiss the ground im walkin cuz if em can be,a god ima be a king cuz i swapped college for comon sense when i walk in to a,room it seems tense seein life through a red lense this game is,in need of a cleansing asking why so serious ? You must be delerious if u think im stoppin from stopmin the quote on quote competition
I do this all the time but I blame it on my evil twin.:)
With my evil twin, Bob Shapiro watching our evil triplet Moby perform shindig last night.
Happy Birthday to my evil twin, my partner in crime, my BFF... !
That horrible moment when your twin sister makes a screenshot of you while doing a siilly face..
How progressive of you to have a multicultural evil twin?!
The Evil Twin is ready to go for the worlds fastest street legal car record
And if that's the evil twin does that make Crash the eviler twin???
I could see me being the evil twin.
Evil Twin on my iPod why sippin on white wine. EminEm killed this Album.
Download Eminem's 'MMLP2' Album on iTunes now: "Eminem - Evil Twin" "official" "Video" "new" "song" "music"
So I hear I look like no looks like me, he stole my face, he is my alter ego, my evil twin. Get it right
If shaytan has entered into your heart, evil will look beautiful to you and good will seem tiring and exhausting. -Noum…
Lol... My twin nd I were def planned"Evil! "Lool "Do twins ever realize one of them was unplanned."""
My password has been changed and the "Bill Kindle" impostor site was reported and taken down by FB. Must have been my evil twin.
Looks like a shoujo fanfic poster with an evil twin as the plot twist
Would like to apologise to everyone who wanted to bate me up my evil twin is a basterd when he's drunk xx
So I made a new friend from halfway round the world - and also learned about a girl that looks exactly just like me who did terrible things to my new friend's bestfriend. My evil twin, she said. Oh Tumblr.
Tre Holcomb your like my lil brother my evil twin homie I got your back through whatever man
Apparently I have an evil twin who likes to drink &leave weird fb msgs. Would like to apologize 4her behavior 2nite... just ignore her. ( I'm begging u) ..
Get your insulin shots ready, because Evil Twin Brewing has a brand new beer for those with a sweet tooth. Imperial Doughnut Break is the...
You've the honor and chance to stumble across myself and my evil twin at MTAC 2014! Now we are getting it together. :3
Thursday thou art a cruel and heartless mistress, the evil twin of Friday , acting like something you can never be .
Study day with little sis while her evil twin chills lol
Nah I GOT THIS Katy Lively Ashley A Craig Deana Langham Juli Woodsides I'm not crazy that's my evil twin lol
Minnie and big sis brain cunfurting evil twin
I know some of my less techie friends don't realize, but the internet already did this "what -blank- are you from -blank-" thing. We did it 10 years ago. No exageration. It's like PCSing to a new base and getting all the same forwarded "humorous" emails over again. Like deja vu's evil twin. The thing is, it's mostly buzzfeed now but I cant remember what site it was back then. Not livejournal but... ... ...? Please? It's driving me nuts.
I wonder if Fritz is a Gemini because it seems the evil twin just came out
Plz pry for my baby evil twin to make it thou the night I've have done all I can cryed all I can cry plz lord help ur lil angle
It feels like House of Cards is written by Aaron Sorken's evil twin. That is the biggest compliment I could possibly give a TV show.
My evil twin Malcolm Mills hehehehe I posted this mths ago but always a good rerun!
Oh snap! What more needs to be said. Big Homie Makra, the Ninja himself Nobi & my evil twin, or am I the evil one? ADUB.
There are some in here that perhaps do not remember a local tradition, but Thursday night used to be Lake Helen Night at the Ann Stevens House pub. Not sure what it is named now, but back then, Victoria B. Holmes and Kathy (not the one with an e) at the Post Office were the bar maids, and one year they were Wenches at Halloween, but that is a past time. Now, our own Regina Hughes is serving drinks and she can tell us the name of the pub, and its hours, but we should re start the tradition of visiting the pub and making Thursday our night again (OK, there were some Cassadaga folks), but it was a good time. Bernadette Martin can tell you stories also about nights spent there, but really if I am mentioned, being a Gemini if it was embarrassing, it was my evil twin not me. It is a local business, we should patronize it, and pay good tips to the lovely woman tending our needs of togetherness.
I am friends with a monster... Headlights... Evil twin
We just tapped the super hoppy, 13% ABV Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail AND it's $3.50 draft night!
Have you ever woke up and know your EVIL TWIN has taken over during the night? Going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS! Good thing all the dogs/shelters I planned on going to today is not necessary.
If this is true then Molly Powell is my Evil Twin and Monica Loadholt in my Partner in Crime...
My evil twin is at it again. This time hiding the toenail clippers. I suppose I *have* to go get a pedicure now. Oh darn.
Tired and excited to see my evil twin and the grand chunckins. Hurry up and get here!
We got some great new beers in this week! I know I say that every week, but I really mean it! Come on in and remember we do beer tastings EVERY WEEKEND (Friday 5-8pm & Saturday 1-5pm!), 3 beers each day! - Dave Goose Island The Illinois Imperial IPA: HOORAY! I've been waiting on this one! 96 points from RateBeer & 89 points from BeerAdvocate (AND RISING!). "Aroma of melon, citrus, malts. Very balanced aroma. Citra is there but not screaming. Appears amber gold with ample white head. Taste is citrus with good thorough bitterness. Balanced. Lightness and melon flavor apparent. Malt presence is barely enough. Outstanding!" Evil Twin Freudian Slip Barleywine: 97 points from RateBeer! "Nose is heavy caramel malt, tabgeriney resiny hops, black pepper, spirity and hot. Tastes rich, with a big caramel malt, tangeriney hop, spirity, earthy, citric flavor. Assertive hops and heat in this, and well integrated and balanced flavors. This one is very very good, and stays hoppy throughout." Evil Twin Falco IPA: 97 point ...
Four taps about to rotate and we have some awesome brews coming out this week. 3Floyds Rich Life, Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout, Evil Twin Femme Fatal Yuzu Pale...
Looking for lunch? There is a chill in the air, warm up with cheesy broccoli and potato soup from Stomping Grounds Coffee House and Wine Bar. Or with loaded potato soup at Wild Ace Pizza & Pub. Get yourself a grilled chicken sandwich at Rivera's. Or chicken and dumplings at The Mason Jar. Stop in Mimi's Japanese Steakhouse for hibachi. Or add apple fennel slaw to your lunch at Dark Corner Diner. Enjoy the ultimate grilled cheese at Marmalade. Or enjoy a Southern BLT at Gatherings On Main. Or try to vanquish Rooster's evil twin at Southern Thymes Cafe. Happy Hump Day!
Evil Twin Brewing Imperial Doughnut Break in Hopkinton today! Yea that is an Imperial stout, "dry-hopped" with 1000 glazed doughnuts. No joke.
It's Taco Tuesday, Little Rock! Come out and join us for some awesome food and incredible beer. We just got bottles of Evil Twin's Freudian Slip in, an American style Barleywine with notes of caramel and toffee. Awesome, awesome beer.
Saturday Afternoon Session Is On!! 2 slices & 3 drafts for 16$ bucks, gets some from 12-5:00!! Shark Attack from Port, Perennial's Peace Offering, Red Barn from The Lost Abbey, Jackie O's Mandala, Palate Wrecker from Green Flash, Pfeifferhorn from Epic, Evil Twin's Yin & Seven from Upright from Tapped!! Slice of the day: Fried chicken, mashed potato & gravy Soup of the day: Curried Cauliflower Pulling out the classic cheese-steak with a Hops & Pie twist for this weeks artisan sando: shaved rib-eye, tomato aioli, house bread & butter pickles, sauteed onions, mushrooms, mixed bell peppers & provolone on a house hoagie roll!!
Eric Cantor looks like the Evil Twin of Stephen Colbert.
Some gigs this week: Ralph McTell at St Georges / Vessel at the Arnolfini / Evil Twin at the Colston Hall / Paint the City at The Louisiana.
Fri 17th Jan, Evil Twin, Tiers and Bridges. £5 at The Lantern at colston hall ;)
Hood Theory - Ninja Riddim [HQ Hip Hop / Reggae Video] - This is the new FREE single release on the Evil Twin...
I would like to thank iTunes Radio for keeping me entertained during this gov't shutdown. . Evil Twin - Buddy Guy
I just played Evil Twin (Feat. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Brad Whitford) by Buddy Guy on at Philly Sports Bar
it's all about the Pastoral care and love of Fine Scottish Products! coming to Evil Twin on Friday
Evil Twin is my Jet Li's best movie .
It's been posted on site for about two months ,have you not seen it until now? we can call him your evil twin if you like?
evil twin implies that butterflies aren't of Satan himself as well
I used to think I had an evil twin on like the other side of the world
Moths. Always moths. Evil twin of the butterfly and, I'm convinced, children of satan himself...
John Taffer looks like Officer Donovan's evil twin
I'm scared of the silence that walks on the path to nothingness...the evil twin of emptiness...
I swear she looked JUST like you. Must have an evil twin =-O
Is that much more attractive, yet evil twin sister or something?
What is happening in Egypt can be best described as the war of Islam against his Evil twin
If you see me doing something last night that was my evil twin Cataleya bey.
New podcast out next week. Until then, here's new Bristol based artists and
DO IT;) nd omg apparently evil twin is dead;)
There's someone in my class who looks a lot like she my evil twin sister?
is this the point we mention Whispers evil twin Shouter A drone that follows you around yelling trip advisor reviews
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I think I'm the only person at work that doesn't smoke weed.
"noor my evil twin turn pastor!" Don't forget to leave the number behind .. =)
or he's 40+ years old. I still think his evil twin has taken over for him the last 3 appearances this can't be the real mo
Can't wait to cause some trouble these next few days with my evil twin. 💋😈
Hooray - hopefully you will love it (The White Swan is nicer than its evil twin The Black Swan)
If y'all run into me while I'm out, I'm going to tell you it's my evil twin 😈
...quoth Ann Coulter's even uglier and more evil twin.
After watching 3 minutes of the show, it's been decided, our stepsister is Alana's long lost evil twin
I think I have you mixed up with like your evil twin or something.
Mr.Bright's evil twin at graduation. LOL
What *** about being a gemini is that there's an evil twin that takes over and creates negativity.
North Korea is like the evil twin of South Korea
"What if you don't and this is my evil twin that's going to build your trust up. Marry you. Get you plump. And eat you ali…
Deborah Meaden is like Judy Finnigan's evil twin.
She's like Dolly Parton's evil twin without the boobs
Little Giant Ladders
lmfaoing so hard right now. R u taking to yourself on purpose.? It's the evil twin.
😂😂 I think that was my evil twin. I did not participate in such shenanigans.
You know that will say that that person in the video was his "evil" twin brother with no id.
Curled my hair & I look like Shirley Temple's evil twin. Don't be surprised if I sing the news to the tune of "Good Shi…
as for Evil Twin, the only thing available is the All Occasions IPA. The Femme Fatale and Beaster Bunny are out of stock.
Aerosmith Members Featured on Blues Great Buddy Guy's Upcoming Album Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are among a variety of guest artists who lend their musical talents to Buddy Guy's new album, Rhythm & Blues, which is due out on July 30, the legendary bluesman's 77th birthday. The 21-track release is split into two themed CDs, respectively titled Rhythm and Blues. The Boston rockers are featured on a tune titled "Evil Twin," which appears on the Blues disc. Among the other stars contributing to the album are Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Gary Clark Jr. and Beth Hart. Rhythm & Blues is the follow-up to Guy's 2010 studio effort, Living Proof, which took home the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. The influential and acclaimed guitarist was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. Here's the album's full track list: Disc 1: Rhythm "Best in Town" "Justifyin'" "I Go by Feel" "Messin' with the Kid" (featuring Kid Rock) "What's Up with That Woman" "One Day Away" (fea .. ...
Next time you guys (Remarkable Liquids) drop off some Evil Twin to Bootleggers On Broadway you need to give them a lesson on what the difference between a stout and a pale ale is. They either have incredibly dumb servers or their keg lines are mixed up. I ordered a Yin and Yang yesterday and got 2 pale colored beers. ***
Well *** My Friday night started off good & was going over to check on Madison & LilyAnn, well, got pulled over in front of Ericas house, I got a Ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Oh well, I was in the wrong. Had dinner with my evil twin & we went to Walmart. Home now, hangingout with my Computer & Baby Puppies, Have to be up early Saturday morning , I have Madison & LilyANN most of the day, but have plans with Evil Twin & Hubby Saturday night. What a weekend so far! *** * ***
Enjoy Two Flights (4 x 5oz samples) of craft beer from both 8 Wired and Evil Twin, each brew has been paired with one of the following menu items. A Flight of Appetizers: Smoked Salmon Crostini Smoked Salmon, Mascarpone Cheese, and basil Tapioca Fritters (Vegan) Tapioca, potatoes, cilantro, serra...
Evil Twin-Our 'Ocean Rain So while there have been many tributes written of late to the end of something great and in view of the second offering from our forthcoming album 'Stories To Tell' I want to pay my own tribute to a pivotal event that heralded the start of something great for us as Signals. About 3 years ago I answered a call from Ben asking me to help him rehearse for a little acoustic gig he was doing. At the time I was in semi retirement from making music so was more than happy to help out. At first it was a disaster as my acoustic guitar wouldn't amplify and I was terrible ( no surprise there then!). Ben ran through a few songs with a couple of covers included and very good it was too but then he said he wanted to play me a new song he'd written that I'd not heard. What came next was quite simply one of the most moving and jaw dropping moments I'd ever experienced. He played in it's entirety and flawlessly a song called Evil Twin. At the time Ben was almost oblivious to the effect this song h ...
Come taste with Drew from International Wines. 5-7pm, 6 wines and one new beer from Evil Twin.
Have you been skeptical to try something new? Come in to Oliver's right now and join us for an Evil Twin and Stillwater Artisanal tasting.
Channeling Empire Records & frolicking around in my 90's baby doll dress by Evil Twin. Find it at
Evil Twin by Arctic monkeys is a tune n half!
Who seen last nights Eurovision? France's hot outfit looked very similar to our Total Recal Dress from Evil Twin!!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I always loved episodes with your Evil Twin sister. Was her name Jeanie also? I think it was?
Yeah, its going down the R U Mine?/Evil Twin route. Hoping they rope Josh Homme in for some vocals. I'm so so so jel...
Looks like Evil Twin day on TCM today./correct! They started with awful elvis movie, bette davis, now jack palance!
Must have been my Evil Twin (who looks just like Ryan Reynolds). He's always up to those sort of shenanigans.
Today was day 1 of the all-hands-on-deck rush to get Tørst ready to open. Mostly a lot of cleaning & rearranging (& only a little sipping). My personal highlight was hand-labeling several cases of Evil Twin / Cantillon collaboration Blåbær Lambik bottles with Kim Katchucka while helping Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø arrange the first shipment of rare bottles in the cellar. I couldn't help feeling like one of Santa's elves in the lead up to Christmas. I got to go home with a bottle of Jeppe's homemade Berliner Weisse-based hot sauce & my day started at the Jenny & François Selections wine tasting (a killer Zibibbo with one single Sicilian caper blew my mind). Not a bad way to spend a work day.
Mission Hipster Ale: This Evil Twin brew is named for the Mission District in San Francisco, apparently a hips...
You could vote for my song Blackie O Shea's Evil Twin at CBC contest
Hygiene tip: please bath every morning and wear decent underwear because if you collapse and people try to help you bazoba nenkinga!!the smell and the shock of a pothole dotted underwear which was once white but now looks orange, bra strip so loose on one end your “clover” might escape !!!lol wena ndoda ur armpit has turned charcoal like one of the caves from The Lord Of The Rings the Evil Twin might just pop out chained on your so called ‘muscle vest’ worst of all smelly sweat as if you were performing via orlando in Limpopo with Dr Malinga! Deodorants are so not expensive your case will even be withdrawn in court if you steal one at Clicks!lmao yes I said it! Morning Mzansi!!
The Outback Oracle - By Damien *** Pearce Way Of The Left Hand Buddha. I might go out on a limb and say that many people on the Left Hand Path are consumed by hate of some sort. I know I was. I used to hate theists of any sort. Didn't matter if they were poly- or mono- theistic. Whether they were pagan or Abrahamic, it didn't matter to me. I hated any one who worshipped any external spiritual force. Looking back on it, I'm not sure why. I think I just told myself that it was because I didn't like their voluntary self-slavery, or because they couldn't think of their own beliefs, but had to have their opinions dictated to them. Though it occurs to me as I write this, Atheists can't really think of their own beliefs either. So they don't bother to believe in anything. I think I might have just been filled with a shiftless hatred because maybe I thought it gave me some kind of drive. It took me some time to realize that Satanism gave me a greater purpose: myself. People who followed a religion that worshipp . ...
The last draft before The List went to print had the following item: OUT: RGIII / IN: Kurt Cousins. Dan Zak and I took it out under duress after being told we would look foolish. We were not foolish. We were geniuses.
My aiden james i must say at first i didnt no who n the world u looked like but now more n more u are looking like my trey treys twin.
EVIL TWIN!! ;) PS. when will I be able to get the chili I keep hearing about, in Denmark? :)
If NBC ends up giving Twin Peaks another season, I hope they call it Hangin' with Evil Cooper.
“Kurt Cousins with comeback win, calling it now” they signed Kirk's evil twin?
oh I thought he might be the evil twin of Jerri Ryan...
it's not me it's my evil twin Hazmush
CONGRATS! Much love to you and Brody and my evil twin!!! :)
I agree Tofop should be back. Perhaps Charlie could return as his evil twin with a twirly mustache.
Since you don't have a line-up after Doom, I'd sugest Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles. Kinda like first Alice with male lead.
Finally seen the hobbit. Yoda's evil twin was in it. Who knew?
My evil twin just got a fireplace as a present?
I wouldn't mind having an evil twin like that one.
That is Kate... Your evil twin sister is a brunette. Both ladies are naughty naughty though.
Hi everybody! Rougher day than expected here. Just starting to induce and these babes don't want to come out! All is well though, and we expect them late tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the love. I can't possibly keep up - just know I'm reading everything when I can and so appreciate it. Xoxo
I like your style Jay Timmons. Keep on getting drunk :) You have an evil twin brother in DC.
The next person that puts my 100+ year old cast iron skillet in the sink is going to get hit over the head with it.
You know our twins used to model, well Discovery Channel picked up old stock footage of our twins for the lead in to its "Evil Twins" series... I don't like that!
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