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Evil Dead

The Evil Dead is an American horror film franchise created by Sam Raimi.

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Already longing for Sept so that Ash vs Evil Dead is back!
'Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete First Season' Dated and Blu-ray Pre-Orders Up: The first season of the hit se...
Being sick of being bashed for grocery money, got gran slangened off as an evil 2nd adoption attempt, stone dead!
I for one think Ghostbusters is better suited to women since we're more used to evil, dead souls vomiting unspeakable thi…
Hear no evil see no evil I just see dead presidents
Meanwhile Robin is very dead the Evil Queen who's heart was ripped out and crushed two minutes ago is very much alive ***
You should try to get a guest spot in Bruce's evil dead show, it is a fun show to watch and classic Bru…
Movie night. Me and have watched Bubba *** Tep, My Name is Bruce, now Evil Dead 2 obvs.
My nominee for is Bruce Campbell from Ash vs Evil Dead.
when theres a text about Mary Shaw during english listening compre jn, it reminds me of Evil Dead
No, not the Evil Dead fans of the movie. ED is the Evil Dead.
So Eileen Davidson calls LVP fans zombies. I guess we can go ahead and call ED fans the Evil Dead.
Now there was a movie called the Evil Dead...ED. lol The Evil Dead fans.
The lead actress from the (surprisingly good!) Evil Dead remake, Jane Levy, is also appearing!
"I'll take you to see Jacob. He lives in the house from Evil Dead. Wanna meet Bruce Campbell? They're buds."
but of course Anthony Scalia was evil in life - does that make one of the Evil Dead?
Warner 2016-17 NMST season: Evil Dead, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Calendar Girls, and Peter and the Star Catcher!
Hey "Ash vs. Evil Dead" fans, our latest celebrity endorsement comes from none other than himself! Hail to the Queen, baby!
Evil Dead the musical has a splatter zone. Patrick Bateman NEEDS a splatter zone.
Bruce Campbell still teasing more Evil Dead movies
Fede Alvarez and Jane Levy have teamed up on a slasher! I loved the Evil Dead remake, so I'm stoked to hear the buzz about
Would you do an episode of Ash vs Evil Dead? You have worked with Bruce Campbell before right?. Just'd be great!
Do you know who could play Mitt Romney in a film? Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell. He looks just like him!
Eli the bearded dragon as seen on "Ash vs. Evil Dead." Even Bruce Campbell knows beardies are boss!
Ploughed through season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead...what an awesome show! Its the perfect blend of comedy nd horror. Bruce Campbell is a Legend
Funko POP Movies: Evil Dead - Ash Vinyl Figure is now on sale for $7.96 at Amazon. Product page:
Lucy Lawless in my X-Files. I thought the world was just enough with her in Ash vs Evil Dead.
Please sign and share! Sam Raimi : Renee O'Connor in Ash vs Evil Dead - Sign the Petition! via
Late night tv score! The original Evil Dead followed by Army of Darkness!
that's a tough one. I like so many. The Shining, IT, Eden Lake, Evil Dead, Insidious, Thirteen Ghosts, Martyrs... you?
I can still watch his movies Evil Dead 1 Evil Dead 2 an Army of Darkness
how about the Evil Dead series? I've seen Army of Darkness & Ash vs Evil Dead, man that was crazy.
brokehorrorfan : ICYMI: Evil Dead star theresatilly returns to horror in Bigfoot flick Sto…
ICYMI: Evil Dead star returns to horror in Bigfoot flick Stomping Ground:
Evil Dead the Musical returns with even more blood, gore, and singing and dancing Candarian demons
That's cool. Plenty of badass Ashley's. Ash from Evil Dead, Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story (my avatar)...
Alex got me tickets to Evil Dead the musical Combination of my 2 fav things: horror stories & singing and dancing.
Ash in Evil Dead, Han Solo, Mulder in X-Files. Now all I need is David Hasselhof in Baywatch 2016. The heroes of my youth are old old old!!
Success of Hannibal, Bates Motel, Ash vs the Evil Dead and From Dusk till Dawn has Hollywood thinking any horror film c…
Tales from the Crypt, the X-Files, Evil Dead, Twin Peaks... People begged for a return to the 90s and man did they deliver!
I can't stop watching The X-Files. I literally have most of the season to finish for Ash vs Evil Dead but I can't stop now.
I liked a video Evil Dead: Hail to the King (Sega Dreamcast) - James & Doug
Predator, Aliens, Toy Story, Godfather, Indiana Jones, Evil Dead, Kill Bill, Max Max... Not sure if better but about as good.
Ash vs Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless as Lucy Lawless.
Another great episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead! Also the main actor from «Deathgasm» was in it too...
Fright Night was okay not sure if I'd count Evil Dead
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very rarely. I thought the remake of Fright Night was pretty good & does Evil Dead count I've always wondered.
Trying a new show called Ash vs Evil Dead. I want to like it cuz Jill Marie Jones but it's the weirdest show ever
Forget the remake, is the rightful heir to the Evil Dead throne. All hail Bruce Campbell & Sam Raimi.
Evil Dead is terrifying, Evil Dead 2 is amazing, and Army of Darkness is a comedy classic.
watch your movie Evil Dead Evil Dead 2 Army of Darkness all good and I saw Evil Dead when it first came out .old school
to bad they can't reference Army of Darkness only Evil Dead movies sigh.
i saw the pilot its really groovy, has a mix between Army of Darkness and Evil Dead
Friday Night Horror Night continues with the one, the only, the original Evil Dead.
Jill Marie Jones is in this new Evil Dead 😏
ICYMI | Jill Maries Jones talk to us about her role on Ash vs. Evil Dead!
Check out our exclusive with Ash vs. Evil Dead's Jill Marie Jones
Ash vs Evil Dead & Peaky Blinders, both A+ shows. You should be watching both.. ***
Lucy Lawless should not be in Ash vs the Evil Dead. She is legitimately badass. That seems unfair.
oh sweet Lucy Lawless is gonna be on Ash vs. Evil Dead
Ash vs. Evil Dead and Blue Velvet... That will work
Thank god for Ash vs Evil Dead. for a second there I thought the Evil Dead franchise was going to be diablo cody shlock forever
Looking forward to seeing Jill Marie Jones' exploration of Amanda Fisher on Ash vs. Evil Dead. She performed strongly during the premiere.
We talk Vengeance, vs Evil Dead, James Bond Jr and much more in this week's podcast:
Ash vs Evil Dead might just be the greatest TV Show to come out this year.
are you guys going to be showing Ash vs the Evil dead series?
The next person who thinks designing is a piece of cake will be stabbed by a blunt pencil in the ankle, like that gory scene from Evil Dead.
for Walking Dead Spoilers. Even Zombies are not that evil.
Walking dead was awesome, first ep of Ash Vs Evil Dead was awesome, everything's awesome!
Finished lol and just saw an add for evil dead tv show! Creepy? Nah!
ang sama ng ugali mo...who would wish somebody to be dead?! Evil thought!!!kampon k cguro..
Evil Dead needs to get a UK broadcaster.
I made my new boyfriend wait while I put it on. Evil Dead is our "song"
1 more day and another ash vs evil dead is upon us :D
I watched episode 1 of "Ash vs Evil Dead" last night and I think I am going to have to subscribe to STARZ!Awesome tv! Grovy!
A town haunted by evil. Taunted by The Dead. THE DEAD GAME. . http…
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Dude, if you've got Stan you should totally be watching Ash vs the Evil Dead right now.
Who wants to sit in the splatter zone while is in Nov 6-8?
Halloween was spent watching all The Evil Dead movies. Groovy
I want to suggest an Evil Dead Con but we all know there's only one person anyone wants to see ha.
Herds have complex social customs. Here we see an outcast being ostracized for revealing Ash vs. Evil Dead spoilers. h…
Any idea when the next episode is out of ash vs evil dead mate?
. Oi Totty. Ta for the follow. Looking forward to Ash vs Evil Dead blog. Love ya . Toodles xxx
that time me and @ BigBeardDamo had to shot maple syrup out-of Evil Dead shot glasses for losing…
I'm so upset right now. There better be a plot twist!!! White better not be dead! Evil Black better not hurt Leo!! BLACK!!!
I STILL watch The Flash, Scorpion, Heroes Reborn & now Ash Vs Evil Dead. I can't justify following one more bad show
Down to less than 30 copies of 2 left! Grab a copy before it is gone forever!
Tonight crosses over to Vote on what shows have you engaged this season:
why is it always the Evil Dead? why isn't it ever the Adorable, Affectionate Dead?
Animated gif of actor ,Bruce Campbell as '' Ash Williams'' from the movie "Evil Dead 2 ; Dead By Dawn ''
Ash vs Evil Dead was everything I hoped for and more.
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Ash vs Evil Dead - never has a show promised so little yet delivered so, so much. GROOVY!
I want to see a movie with Ash from "Alien" versus Ash from "The Evil Dead" and it's called "Ashes to Ashes".
Bruce Campbell and that killer chin is back in on My thoughts: https…
We could be talking 2 evil ghosts or dead murderers The Unseen
blog: Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series now airing exclusively online via HOOQ in the Philippines via
As a long time Evil Dead fan, this is everything I hoped for.
Right, I caved. I got Stan just for Ash vs Evil Dead.
Ash vs Evil Dead's pilot is nice. Looking forward to this show!
1st episode blew my mind, still blending the hilarious with creepy chills. That first blonde evil dead was awesome.
Fact of the day: Joel Coen was assistant editor on The Evil Dead.
Do yourself a favor: Watch Ash vs Evil Dead!. It's just the perfect amount of gore, comedy and horror. What could go wrong?.
Ash v The Evil Dead is awesome, is still the man
Quick doodle before watching Evil Dead the Musical. @ Oakville Centre for the…
Oakville Centre November shows kick off with Evil Dead – The Musical
Like, for films? Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Toy Story, Star Wars OT, Indiana Jones, Evil Dead, Blood and Ice Cream, Bourne...
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Also find it proves, only Sam Raimi can make "Evil Dead". It isn't a brand, it's character, style, aesthetic. It's his, always will be.
Thank you Bruce and Sam Raimi for the awesomeness that is Ash vs. Evil Dead. Let's go space truckin'!
Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead rise again on television
Wow. just wow. It's 100% Evil Dead. I'm so glad Sam Raimi directed that episode too. I loved it gr8 job
Ash vs. Evil Dead premiere was awesome beyond all expectations! Congrats & Sam Raimi!
Just got done watching Ash vs Evil Dead and it was awesome for a pilot. Can't wait till next Saturday to continue the crazy ride.
Raimi and Campbell Want Robert Englund and Kane Hodder for "Ash vs Evil Dead"
I've loved you since the first time I saw you on Craig Ferguson. Good fortunes with Ash v Evil Dead. XOXOX
What's on your HDTV: 'Halo 5,' 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' and the World Series
This weekend is going to be amazing! Tiger Army on Friday, Halloween and the new Evil Dead series😁
Didn't know Mitt Romney was in this new Evil Dead thing
I really liked the 2013 version of the Evil Dead. Mostly because. Jane Levy. 🙌🏾
I wonder if Jane Levy will show up in Ash vs Evil Dead?
Evil Dead opening. with Ashley, aka the talented Martin Sanks!
In related news, we opened Evil Dead last night in Cleveland! It was a blast. Now to get ready for our two show day.
'Ash vs. Evil Dead': Bruce Campbell Talks Bloody Return: Bruce Campbell can still feel the oppressive cling of...
Funny how tastes mature as you age. When I was a teen I preferred Army of Darkness, then Evil Dead 2, now Evil Dead
Bruce Campbell & Sam Raimi at Ash vs Evil Dead panel and world premiere! @ Hammerstein Ballroom
Evil Dead remake and Blair Witch were huge disappointments. Saw and It Follows were also disappointing but t…
Bringing back the old school Bruce Campbell from the first Evil Dead and Brandon Lee's The Crow
mood: i can buy $10 tix to Evil Dead: the Musical but I don't know if they're splash zone seats
Starting my Halloween Horror viewing with the original Evil Dead, with commentary by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Robert Tapert
did I just see a commercial for Ash vs the Evil Dead series?? Oh yes I'd did!!! On STARS but...hail to the king, baby!
The only good things about the Evil Dead "remake": the opening (if it were in another movie), Lou Taylor Pucci, & Jane Levy
Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi & More Head to NYCC with 'Ash vs. Evil Dead'. More groovy details! Hope to see you there! http:/…
I'm kinda disappointed that Jill Marie Jones doesn't seem to be a major part of the Ash vs Evil Dead series
Jill Marie Jones joins Ash vs. the Evil Dead cast as Amanda Fisher.
torn between watching The Amityville Horror or Evil Dead which both airs on same time slot. This is hard
tempted to pop The Grudge or Evil Dead on now, you've both put me right in the mood
so, having trouble sleeping and I'm like "hey, I'll watch some Bruce Campbell, I never did see his Evil Dead...
"I had Karo syrup caked in my chest hair.." - re: Evil Dead
We spoke to cult icon Bruce Campbell (about his career, Last Fan Standing & the new Ash vs. Evil Dead:. https…
If I have a son in the future I am calling him Ashley. Just because I love the Evil Dead :). and Bruce Campbell is great
One on one with Bruce Campbell on 'Ash vs Evil Dead' and his Michigan roots From Flint Journal
Jane Levy in suburgatory and then in Evil Dead and you're just like.WHATTT?
New Dorp should do a play based on Evil Dead , that would be sickk
"if Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi can come back after all these years for Ash vs. the Evil Dead, then anything is possible"
it's down stairs somewhere and I'm too lazy to go look. Did you enjoy the new evil dead?!
this has been a long time coming but so excited for Ash v Evil Dead …
I added a video to a playlist The Evil Dead Movie Review
I cant get into the walking dead. I don't like zombie movies, tv shows, or anything like that unless it's resident evil
Playing Evil Dead Fistful of boom sticks for ps2 and the other two games before premieres.
the drunk Russian the evil German the bad *** American the cool wise Chinese guy.(dead Mexican forever alone guy )
Watching Evil Dead and eating my candy 😋
By which I mean the one from Saw, because the evil ventriloquist doll in Dead Silence is ALSO named Billy
“This is how that evil Planned Parenthood spends its $$: what about the $$ from the sold dead babies tho?
I don't see how my little sister is in the living room, in the dark, ALONE watching Evil Dead and Joyride. I can't even watch Chucky alone.
Bass game is strong in 'Dead In The Water' by Pop Evil! I'm so digging this song!
You try let that thing kill us last night why u evil like that then I don't want see the b dead cause she haven't did sss to u that's why
yep wheel out all the dead ones! FFS when will the live ones be held accountable for their vi…
so when are you guys going to play the best Resident Evil... Dead Aim
Egyptian blue was believed to protect the dead against evil in the afterlife.
I could be watching the debate & participating in the drinking game but my son's making me watch Evil Dead. It's almos…
Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, ruthlessly hunts down the Purple Dinosaur of Decency and crows over its dead body.
I liked a video from EVIL GHOST BABY (Dead Realm)
Lucy Lawless at the 2015 Summer TCA Tour for “Ash vs. Evil Dead” with makeup by Vanessa Scali.
smh these *** want me to watch EVIL DEAD at NIGHT with them.
Evil dead is the only movie that creeps me tf out 😭
live now here . playing dead space and then evil within after :P. come chil.
“Babcock/Covenant students, feel free to join in The *dead* Why the evil ??
All purpose parts banner
"I'm not a perfect man" - because you're evil, Walker. You're like Martin Sheen in The Dead Zone.
I legit can't wait for the Evil Dead series it's going to be amazing
Spiderman 2 gets better once you remember that it's the same director as The Evil Dead.
If anyone wants to come over and watch evil dead with me u r more than welcome . ://
True. I'm just glad we have more choice in alternatives. Like Ash Vs Evil Dead: I get so excited whenever I remember it's a thing.
Donald Trump's hand is here fresh off starring in Evil Dead 2
A DEAD SISTER She won't let the rich evil little man get away with murder
I'm giving Evil Dead the ol' MST3K treatment while my son gives me the commentary. Which I also give the MST3K treatment.
Watching a bunch of brain dead people eviscerate each other. That's right in watching the last two RESIDENT EVIL movies.
Ugh this hospital rape scene. Like Evil Dead or Re-Animator, just a gratuitous scene that makes the movie hard to watch.
Mulcair was coming off a bit too "creepy mr. rogers" with the dead eyes of evil willow from Buffy. Unfortunate make-up job.
Evil Dead original should save this night after Silent Hill Revelation...much disappointment
Shiloh Fernandez as an actor is... eh. Based on Evil Dead, anyway.
It's Saturday night and I'm watching Evil Dead from a lawn chair, with a beer. Living like Joe Bob Briggs!
They apparently want Sam Raimi & Lucy Lawless back, but they're both busy with Ash vs Evil Dead... As is Bruce Campbell. Err..
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Sam Raimi Talks Merging Recent Evil Dead Movie With Ash: Filmmaker Sam Raimi aspires to some day bring the recent Evil Dead movie and...
Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Sam Raimi on Ash's long-awaited return in Ash vs Evil Dead
Video Photo News | Ash vs. Evil Dead: Director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell return to their world of dead...
We talk to and Sam Raimi about Ash vs. Evil Dead
Aha the cottage looks so nice here, until it got dark and felt like Evil Dead or Wolf Creek was legit.
I just watched the trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead and I’m SO READY FOR THIS. We need more Bruce Campbell. (also, Lucy Lawless!!)
Mrs B just showed me the Ash vs Evil Dead trailer, I think I'm about to fall in love all over again!
I remember I made a Freddy edit awhile back, and someone said it was Evil Dead or something. I've never blocked someone so fast in my life.
Game of Thrones, Evil Dead and Buffy come to Melbourne's Comic-Con
Here’s the first look at a bloody Bruce Campbell in Ash vs. Evil Dead (Rick Marshall/Digital Trends)
Was really looking forward to this panel (along w/ Vikings & Ash vs Evil Dead in Room 6A on Friday). Bad choice on Fox's part
The "Ash vs Evil Dead" Trailer to Premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con! -
Newsflash: Lucy Lawless will be at the 2015 San Diego ComiCon next month to represent Ash vs. Evil Dead!
A Young Bruce Campbell and A young Sam Rami on the set of Evil Dead
Bruce Campbell with James Bonner's bust of Ash from Evil Dead. .
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Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you're groovy! I can't wait for the new Evil Dead show. I literally have almost-
I started out watching the Evil Dead, but decided on For Love of the Game. Sam Raimi Kevin Costner is still a great actor.
In case you missed it, Evil Dead returns to Halloween Horror Nights & this fall!
Crank the chainsaws: we've got the skinny on the 'Evil Dead' TV show.
Catching up w/ about Xena, Salem, Evil Dead...oh, & her hobby of watching public court proceedings
Ash vs. Evil Dead: See the Teaser Trailer and Official Artwork - Dread Central
I did once have an idea for a story where Matilda and Carrie White meet in a cabin in the woods, Evil Dead style.
A tv sequel called Ash vs Evil Dead comes out later this year. stars in it and Sam Raimi's directing the 1st ep!
This is Cheyenne she made these Evil Dead rotting flesh rice krispies for her bros bday- then she…
ohhh man, l love "Ash" from the Evil Dead. He's legendary!
The only guy called Ashley I can truly remember was Ash Williams in Evil Dead. Why I remember this, I have no clue.
all of them vs. Ash from Evil Dead.
judging by the screen pic, it looks as though Daryl Hannah has just come out of Evil Dead.
Jane Levy was amazing and I want another Evil Dead with her.
Indiana Jones, Evil Dead, kill bill, X-Men, Batman 66, and I don't know what that is in the bottom left hand corner.
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Mistress Torn and a Evil Dead lunch box... Too much awesome in one picture.
New episode up now, the 2013 remake of Evil Dead!.
I added a video to a playlist Bruce Campbell Confirms "Ash vs Evil Dead" at Fan Expo Toronto Canada
Slaughtered my way through Dawn of the Dead, decapitated the Walking Dead and survived the Evil Dead. Also...
Between Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 I somehow disown Army of Darkness, think it's time I revisit it
Can't wait for vs the Evil Dead. Combs needs to guest star. Campbell and Combs together would be must see TV.
Shop smart, shop S-MART! I want one! All time best horror trilogy ever. Evil Dead,Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness!
subscibed.Lorne and John's vid "10 Ways to Kill Zombies (i saw Evil Dead in theater premier.) Im all old
I am screaming at you guys right now. Sam Reimi = some horror movie?? How about Evil Dead? Hail to the king baby!
So impressed with Jane Levy's acting in Evil Dead though. From doing her E4 programme Suburgatory. Shes so talented.
Evil Dead makes me cringe when that thorn branch slides up in side Jane Levy, ew ew 😷😰😭
Q: who wants Jane Levy's Mia to be featured in the upcoming Evil Dead tv series? http:/…
Glorious news!. and Sam Raimi bringing Evil Dead to TV later this year
Watching lousy horror flicks is how Sam Raimi found the confidence to make Evil Dead. He's a flipping legend now.
As much as I love Jane Levy the old Evil Dead is much much more creepy than the remake you just can't beat the original
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When did the Necronimicon from Evil Dead: Army of Darkness become a holiday gift item for kids?! :3
I may have to sign up for Starz now that I just read about and Sam Raimi teaming up for Ash vs the Evil Dead.
Bruce Campbell From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other people with this name, see Bruce Campbell (disambiguation). Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell 2014 Phoenix Comicon (cropped).jpg Campbell at the 2014 Phoenix Comicon Born Bruce Lorne Campbell June 22, 1958 (age 56) Royal Oak, Michigan, U.S. Occupation Actor, author, producer, writer, director Years active 1972–present Spouse(s) Christine Deveau (m. 1983–89) Ida Gearon (m. 1991) Website Bruce Lorne Campbell (born June 22, 1958) is an American film and television actor, director, writer, producer and author. As a cult film actor, Campbell is best known for his role as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi's hit Evil Dead series of films and he has starred in many low-budget cult films such as Crimewave, Maniac Cop, Bubba *** Tep, and Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat. He would later spoof his B-movie career in My Name Is Bruce, which he starred and directed. He has since made voice appearances in animated films, including Cloudy with a Chan ...
its pretty humerous and he shares some great insight on his movies like Evil Dead and Army of Darkness and working w/ Sam Raimi
Splash from Futurama Comics on stands. My nod to Evil Dead w/ Johnny Craig riff in upper right. Pepoy inks.
I started the stage show weekend with Evil Dead: The Musical and end it with All Shook Up. @ Miracle…
Starz is bringing cult classic 'Evil Dead' to TV with Bruce Campbell
Evil Dead ponchos as far as the eye can see.
If you haven't been watching Nickelodeon's new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" series, I highly recommend it. It's great fun and season three has been a magical treasure trove of homages, with direct nods to John Carpenter-era The Thing, Friday the 13th, A Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street (with the villain actually voiced by Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund), Evil Dead, The Car (1977), Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink, Voltron…and much more. Gabriel doesn't get the references but it amuses me that we're both enjoying it on totally different levels. So. Much. Awesome.
You're Next,The Blair Witch Project, The Cabin in the Woods,Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn, Fright Night, The House of the Devil
Shiny. I'm sitting on a trash bag. Welcome to the splash zone of Evil Dead the Musical!
Oh my goodness. You should check out the original Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness.
With Twin Peaks & Evil Dead coming back, I feel we're not outside the realm of X-Files returning w/ &
We're living in a world where Marvel is giving us Infinity Wars and now is starring in a sequel Evil Dead movie.
Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi Re-Team for Starz Series Ash vs. Evil Dead -
Also, Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness for I'm guessing there will be people who haven't seen them.
Weren't Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 pretty much "bottle" movies? How does that become a TV show? *** nerds.
if Evil Dead 2 isn't your favorite Evil Dead movie, i don't think i should talk to you
1. They are making a Joe Dirt sequel. 2. They are for sure making an Evil Dead show on Starz. . These are good things
Just realized that w the Evil Dead tv show on Starz (Campbell & Raimi are on board) they can push the violence further than if a movie (1/2)
Ya but is this more Army of Darkness 2 or an actual Evil Dead setting. It'll be funny regardless but im not that interested in AOD
Will watch Evil Dead 2 before the new Evil Dead tv series launches? The world awaits.
TIL that when filming was completed on the original Evil Dead, the crew buried a time capsule full …
Now I know where Sam Raimi got all his ideas for the Evil Dead series.
In the words of Ash J Williams from the Evil Dead trilogy. gimme some sugar baby! That's Lord Sugar tonight if you please. I am very much excited for the return of the Apprentice!
Having too much fun getting bloody at Evil Dead the musical in Las Vegas. @ Planet Hollywood Resort &…
**NO LATE SEATING** ALL SEATS ARE IN THE SPLATTER ZONE! Making its third appearance here at Stage Door Inc. This musical based on the 80s Cult Classic Films, Evil Dead tells the tale of 5 college students who travel to a cabin in the...
Coming Oct 4th our annual Spooktacular A fun time for all ages Box office will open at 6;45 Movies start at 8:00 Screen 1 is family friendly Hotel Transylvania with Ghostbusters Screen 2 adult movies Night of the Creeps with Evil Dead(2013) Costume Contests Kids up to age11 and adults 12 and up Prizes for the best costume, (judging 7;45 at the concession stand) Car Decorating contest prizes for best decorated car. (judging at 7:45) Trunk or Treat 7:15 till 7:45 (please bring candy to share) Lots of fun for all so get your *** on.
a lot of the time i forget how old a movie is until I see the previews.example of which is Evil Dead 2
I walked outside and saw a dead rabbit and then about five steps later I saw a dead bird. Apparently I'm some sort of …
The connections finally crossed over, Bruce Campbell is Ash Williams and Sam Axe. I think i have the biggest man crush ever right now as i now need to re-watch evil dead over again!
Oh not a single resident evil movie on real cool jagoffs.. Not dawn of the dead either..smh get some good zombie movies for once
sat in the splash zone and seemed to love it! I’m not a fan of the Evil Dead movies but I liked this.
OMG, are you serious, Evil Dead, the musical?!?!!?!
Prom Night 2.. A really good movie to watch one night, scary. Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2.
Evil Dead remake was really disgusting, but the ending was surprisingly good.
Watching "Evil Dead" in the tour van with the crew... Currently freaking out.
I'm watching the new evil dead movie home alone at night. This is a GREAT idea.
I am the evil dead, leave me alone inside of my head.
For 1999, I don't know of many horror-comedies aspiring to the RE-ANIMATOR/EVIL DEAD extreme leagues...
someone FT me and watch Evil Dead with me
WOO HOO, M just scored tickets for us to see " Evil Dead, The Musical"
Shame shame shame on you evil killers & trainers off . Poor poor . Wish they all drop dead!.
I need my Ashley Williams figure. . Both Mass Effect and Evil Dead. It's so cool how they both have the same name.
Hehe, that's pretty new to me. I've never really seen movies like Evil Dead being made into musicals!
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i am gonna eat taco pizza and watch the Evil Dead remake
Remember the night we went watch "Neighbors", then came back to my house & swam in the pond, then watched Evil Dead, all fitting in my bed?
Dunno if The evil within will be good it looks like dead space/resi 4...Im not sold on it yet ill definatly try it
evil doers need to be dead love that of course Dana likes that sounds lik e her man g w bush
he's in the evil dead too. I thought he was hot in that as well. I was gutted I never bumped into him when he was
Watched The Evil Dead for the first time today.
stolen peanuts. quan yin buddha and the dead peeps cards I represent hate watching evil negative unfengshui acts
‘Evil Dead — The Musical’ is ‘horrible, horrible, yet more horrible’
Mane, what if Harrison really isn't dead. What if this is all part of an evil scheme of the show we call Lol
Today, I watched the Conjuring and the Evil Dead remake.
Texas chainsaw massacre, the hills have eyes, the strangers, evil dead, haunting in Connecticut, the conjuring
Yakuza Dead Souls is like Left 4 Dead, GTA, and Dead Rising had a baby and Resident Evil was the sperm donor,lol
She's been deliciously evil! Too bad keeping her would mean the whole town would be dead by next week.
Well, one things for sure. The Evil Dead is going to be a long *** episode. Cutting some of it down for pacing, but still. XD
Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood opens with Evil Clowns, Aliens and Walking Dead! - via
Cute night other than the fact I endured another watching of evil dead
Jonathan got us tickets to see Evil Dead: The Musical next week and I am ECSTATIC 😭 🙌 ❤️
It's about time Re-Animator got the musical treatment. Imagine double-featuring that with Evil Dead!
Leftover Lasagna and Watch Evil Dead I would be up for 😉
This hideously evil man can do society a favor and drop dead right now. Would be his greates…
Just saw Evil Dead - The Musical in Chicago. Bloody, hilarious good time . Best thing I've ever seen.
Dead Snow 2: Red VS Dead is gross, nonstop fun & amazingly hysterical from start to finish. Evil Dead for the next generation!
Jane Levy deserved an Academy Award nom for the Evil Dead remake, dammit.
The 9yr old decided he's going to be Bruce Campbell (for Halloween. Not Ash from Evil Dead, Just Bruce Campbell.
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role? — Bruce Campbell. Ash from the Evil Dead series.
I had a crush as a teenager on a video store guy at 20/20 who wore an Evil Dead shirt and looked kind of like Bruce Campbell
Alive but brain. dead...senile, evil bastardo...
he's great because he's plays up how terrible a character he is. He's like Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead.
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