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Evergreen Solar

Evergreen Solar, Inc. was a fully integrated manufacturer of solar panels producing wafers, cells and panels. .

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Evergreen useful residential solar info, as always, Jim!
Everytime our Sun has gone silent during the Holocene has witnessed and major
Obama spent billions for failing companies like Solyndra, and Evergreen solar that failed in an effort to go green.
Adorable solar fairy jars from Evergreen. For trade garden decor catalogue in just ask…
Tim, its called job creation NOT like handing out a trillion to Dem operatives and Solyndra & Evergreen Solar
Saw this on Amazon: Evergreen Hummingbird Solar Mobile Windchime by Evergreen Flag & Garden for $28.38 via
Stop by City Hall Annex at 50 Evergreen Ave. today until 7:30 p.m. to learn and ask questions about solar energy.
Bad 'day' for taxpayers with Solyndra, Evergreen Solar and Spectrawatt to name a few top ones.
Cycle judicial vacations - bulkhead default note next to this evergreen solar year: Muv
Thought for the day. Carl Sagan's evergreen meditation on Earth, as seen by Voyager 1 when leaving the Solar System:
Evergreen 2.0? China opens new front in solar trade war - FierceEnergy:
I added a video to a playlist Pier Solar OST The Evergreen Fields
I was raised under a roof of solar panels in Florida what's good for the Sunshine State is not good for Evergreen State (WA)
I'll be at on OCT 3 supporting wine & Evergreen Canada! Find out more here
A video of the design of the passive and active solar Volpe House for the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado. This...
Our latest design: The passive and active solar Volpe house in Evergreen, Colorado
See: Solyndra, evergreen Solar and many others.
Beautiful at night : Beautiful Color Changing Illuminating Solar Mobile by Evergreen : I purchased these for my older mother's patio last ye
Solar Thermal Servicing and Repairs. Evergreen are able to service and repair solar thermal systems, regardless...
Evergreen Power crew hard at work pulling cable at the Forfar Solar project
"ALL folded up, or in BANKRUPTCY. Evergreen Solar ($25 million)* SpectraWatt ($500,000…" — JohnQ
Check out our friend Joe Hallock's solar-powered sound system that recently paid a visit to students at Evergreen...
MT team on Sky Mall solar panel roof with Williams everGreen
team on the solar panel roof at Barbados Sky Mall with David Green from Williams Evergreen.
It took former Evergreen Solar CEO Richard Feldt a year and half, but he recently closed on the sale of a palatial house on Bare Cove Lane. It's the South Shore's second most expensive house sale.
Relax companies like Evergreen Solar will be right there to pick up the slack.
I was thinking about VC-backed ones. Though bankrupt Evergreen Solar would also qualify by my definition.
Evergreen Solar, got $31 million in state grants and tax incentives before the company closed.
If you want to learn something read this. Also think about this if you make 50K a year you have loss 4500 dollars in your buying power since Mongrel has been in office. But that is OK for some of you it is just money and your out in the cold. Things like this don't bother democrats for it is their duty to screw their selves for the party. Did you really believe the president? By Boston Herald (MA) January 30, 2014 6:50 am President Obama Delivers State Of The Union AddressIf you sat through the president's chest-pounding, State of the Union pep rally Tuesday night, congratulations. You've just been schooled in how to manipulate reality and spin the truth to the masses. With Obamacare, the president boasted adding three million new people to the extremely expensive, job-killing plan. But of course he failed to mention the very same policy has caused more than five million Americans -- and counting -- to lose their health care insurance. And for many, the doctor they liked and trusted. In New Hampshire alon ...
You want to tell me again why we are Broke? There has been enough money wasted on this BS, To give everyone in this country Free Cadillac Plan Health Insurance..Look at this list, and tell me someone sitting in a very important Chair isnt bleeding this out a little? Add to that , they go beg for more money to raise the spending cap so they can send that money to foreigners that don't like us..And you got a big *** Problem...If any of you decide that you want to vote any of these jerks back in office, you deserve what you get! The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies: Evergreen Solar ($25 million)* SpectraWatt ($500,000)* Solyndra ($535 million)* Beacon Power ($43 million)* Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million) SunPower ($1.2 billion) First Solar ($1.46 billion) Babcock and Brown ($178 million) EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)* Amonix ($5.9 million) Fisker Automotive ($529 million) Abound Solar ($400 million)* A123 Systems ($279 million)* Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($7 ...
Obama broke CNN as well as Evergreen Solar SpectraWatt Solyndra Beacon Power Nevada...
Truck 3: Solar World - 25300 NW Evergreen Rd in Hillsboro from 10am-1pm
Grid-Tie Solar Electric System with Evergreen Solar 200 watt Modules and Sunny Boy SB3000US Inverter. From 2.6 to 3.4 kW Package includes the major components for installation as outlined below. The Balance of System [BOS] components are supplied by the installer. Engineering design is available as an option. This service includes a custom design for your specific residential application [commercial systems vary, call for details]; our engineers work together with you and/or your installer to design a system and determine a complete BOS component list. We supply CAD drawings and Engineering Submittals sealed by our Florida Professional Engineer [PE] ready for submission to the building department. Building Departments in other states may require a local engineer review and seal. Our Engineering Department and Installation Department will assist you with technical questions pertaining to your installation. Balance of System components can also be ordered with the Engineering Option. This includes a cus ...
.reports that is moving to Devens, with plans to add 165 jobs
Health care supplies manufacturer will take the place of Evergreen Solar in 448,000 SF factory in Devens
Nypro signs on for space at Evergreen building: DEVENS -- The owners of the former Evergreen Solar Inc. manufa...
Plastics manufacturer Nypro is expanding to the former Evergreen Solar factory in Devens
Clinton-based manufacturer Nypro's quest for new space brings it to Devens. Plans to add 165 jobs.
Congratulations to member NYPRO on its expansion.
Nypro is moving into the old Evergreen Solar plant, plans to hire 165: Health care supplies manufacturer Nypro...
Come on Obama. The Green Energy sell again? Did anyone forget that Green Energy has turned into nothing more than government graft? Taxpayer-funded grants given to the politicly-connected to continue the fat campaign checks stuffed into pols coffers. Remember these schemes: Right here in Massachusetts Evergreen Solar screwed with $30 Million. Last month we needed an emergency federal grant to fund $800,000 in unemployment costs for the 307 Evergreen Solar employees left in the lurch at Devens. They are on unemployment as the unscrupulous scumbag Evergreen Solar CEO Evergreen Richard Feldt was selling his five-bedroom, two-plus acre manse for $9.9 million. 800 people lost their jobs and Feldt was going to flee after he could unload his $10 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE! If you see Richard Feldt flip him the bird for me. His house sold was worth $1.4 million more than the selling price of the company’s entire factory. The Evergreen Solar debacle didn't stop Massachusetts money squanderers at the State House from l ...
How will 1366 succeed in solar where Evergreen & Solyndra failed? CEO van Mierlo, with new plant/HQ, counteth the ways:
1366 Technologies says wafers and biz strategy will set it apart from co's like Evergreen & Solyndra:
Old, but evergreen review by D. Jewitt on small bodies of Solar System, with nice introduction on scientific methods
Energy & EnvironmentObama admin approves sale of sensitive military technology to ChinaBy:Audrey Hudson Follow 01:08 PMRESIZE: AAAPrintA Chinese company will take charge of sensitive military and battery technology following the Treasury Department’s decision on Tuesday to pe...
I wonder what kind of tree I should buy this that does not have an extensive root system and not an evergreen. I want it to shade my house like the old one did!
Inovateus Solar, one of the fastest growing solar power distributors and integrators based in the Midwest. The company also has strategic distribution relationships with a variety of the largest solar technology manufacturers distributing worldwide: Uni-Solar, Kyocera, Evergreen Solar, Suntech, S...
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What has Obama and his Administration done for our country? Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obama Care, Solar Trust of America, Bright Source, Solyndra, LSP Energy, Energy Conversion Devices, Abound Solar, SunPower, Beacon Power,Ecotality, A123 Solar, UniSolar, Azure Dynamics, Evergreen Solar, Ener1, Ben Bernanke, Gas prices, Slow economic growth, Transparency (I don't think so). Now Obama's first 2 years he controlled the House and the Senate. So please explain to me why Obama is great FOR our country without tearing down anyone. Please tell me why Obama is great. What has he done that our nation is excited about. Tell me why the Fort Hood Shootings wasn't done by a terrorist? Why is some crack-pot video the "reason" for Benghazi? Please help me to understand why Obama is the right man. Really I need to know what is so wonderful about his record. I don't want to hear bashing of anyone else. Simply tell me why I should vote for Obama. Why?
Obama/Obama Administration/Democrats... • Signed NDAA which formalizes our right to imprison terrorism suspects (including U.S. citizens!) indefinitely without charge or trial. • BP oil spill: refused to waive the Jones Act; moratorium on deepwater drilling; two gov't committees found that the federal response was doomed to fail from the very beginning and that it did • Economists say that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) [i.e. the "stimulus"] created/saved 450,000 state and local government jobs and destroyed/forestalled roughly one million private sector jobs. Even the government's own report stated an absurd estimate of 2.4 million jobs at a cost of $666 billion, which translates to $278,000 per job, but the CBO director said that the stimulus had a "negative effect on the growth of GDP over 10 years". • S&P credit downgrade of U.S. • "Shovel-ready" jobs • Boondoggles and failures that cost us: 1. General Motors ("Government-union Motors") 2. Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, Spec ...
Remember at the voting booth: $2 billion sent to Petrobras oil company in Brazil and George Soros, Obama’s string puller, is a huge investor in Petrobras. GM got an $80 billion bailout and NOW, 70% of GM business is outside of U.S. 70% of Research and Development. Gasoline at $1.86 a gallon in 2009 and now almost $4.00. China steel being used to build U.S. bridges along with Chinese workers. 2 years of complete control of Washington with nothing but negative results. Obamacare cost to exceed $1 trillion with millions yet uninsured. The DOJ NOT going after the Black Panthers for the 2008 voter intimidation actions. Sueing Arizona and other states for enforcing their border laws. Bailouts to campaign donors and the majority are bankrupt. Fast and Furious gun running scandal. The mandate for Catholic instituions reference contraceptions. Energy stimulus funds to Evergreen Solar, Solyndra, Tonapah Solar, Beacon, Abound Solar, Sunpower, etc. and all bankrupt. The DOJ attacking Gibson guitar. NO BUDGET IN 4 ...
Take away Obama cash and this is what you get: Solar's Collapse By Nick Hodge | Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 The past few years have seen more than a few solar bankruptcies. Solyndra is the most infamous one, closing its doors after gorging on public funds. Evergreen Solar and SpectraWatt also went belly-up. And the list certainly goes on... But all these solar failures have a few things in common, and ignoring the lessons they teach can cost you big bucks in the energy game. For starters, all of the solar bankruptcies were manufacturers of solar panels or cells. As the price of solar panels has collapsed — down 50% over the last year — companies that bet on more expensive technologies or processes have failed. They failed for the same reason you're not reading this on a Radio Shack or RCA computer: Other technologies are beating them out as the market matures.
Do you think Solyndra is the only company that benefited from Obama's cronyism? The following companies all received loans and then filed bankruptcy. But the Obama supporting contributors/bundlers all got their money out. The tax payer was left with the bill. Who? THE TAXPAYER - THAT'S YOU AND ME. FIRE OBAMA 1 Solyndra 2 First Solar 3 Beacon Power 4 Ener1 - Sun Power 5 Abound 6 Spectra Watt 7 Evergreen Solar 8 NGP 9 Solar Reserve 10 Sempra Energy 11 Solar Trust
You could not pay me enough to vote for Obama, and no not because I dont like him because of the facts. Almost 7 (trillion) in debt, closed down almost over 4 million jobs lost due to an economy that he has helped drive further to the bottom, breaking our constitutions rights and forcing us to pay for a heath care that over half the county want removed. he has balled out many many company's that have went bankrupt dont believe me look them up "Abound Solar, Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, Inc, Ener1" that just a few. When some one proves to me something positive he did I would like to know. And before any one reading this goes off the hinges thinking I'm some right wing fanatic let me stop you I am a registered independent voter, I dont go on what I hear from people I do my own research. My hobby is politics I use logic and reason behind me choice not emotion. Any of you reading are more then welcome to comment tell me what you think but dont start an argument or bias I want to have a political factual discuss ...
"Green" companies in the "RED"; Evergreen Solar, Beacon Power, Fisker, ONREL, Sunpower, ENER1, First Solar, Tesla Motors, NGP, A123 Systems, Abound Solar, SpectraWatt, Babcock and Brown, Amonix AND Volt! With SO many "green" companies we've "invested" in and BILLIONS of dollars to, ... don't we deserve a new CEO? REMEMBER NOVEMBER 2012!!!
A. Staples, Sports Authority, Domino's, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Brookstone, Burlington Coat Factory, Dunkin' Donuts, Sealy, Toys 'R Us, Warner Music Group, Totes, The Weather Channel, and many more. B. Solyndra, Abound Solar, Beacon Power, Ener1, Energy Conversion Devices, Evergreen Solar, Mountain Plaza, Olsen's Crop Service, Range Fuels, Raser Technologies, Spectrawatt, Thompson River Power, and many more. What do they have in common? The first group are all businesses invested in by the evil Mitt Romney, and all are successful businesses, hiring thousands of people and paying a lot of taxes. The second group is composed of Barack Obama's "investments." They have all gone toes up, after devouring billions of tax dollars. Who do you want investing your money the next 4 years?
Jay Inslee, the Democrat candidate for governor, claims he has a book on Green Energy that Bill Clinton thinks is wonderful in his TV and radio commercials. Now Bill Clinton might think it Jay’s book is wonderful but is that a reason to vote for jay Inslee? Jay’s book is a huge failure. Jay’s book ranks 589,000 on Amazon’s bestseller list. Now that might not be a reason not to vote for Jay. However, Jay’s book advocates a whole lot of junk science and using technology that does not yet exist. Jay wants us to believe in currently empty promises, promises that no one can yet deliver on and they are expensive promises that will cost the state billions of dollars. Jay was a staunch supporter of Solyndra, the bankrupt solar power company, Evergreen Solar, another bankrupt solar power company, and SpectraWatt, a bankrupt solar cell company. All three companies were bailout fund receivers and all three public money losers. Jay’s support has cost the US taxpayers 100s of millions of lost and wasted d ...
The average taxpayer makes $100,000 or less per year. How taxpayers will it take to make up for the 2 billion dollars the President personally gave to Brazil to drill and he said "We would be ther best customer." The only problem is they sold the oil to China. How many more taxpayers to make up for 534 million for Soylendra, 400 million for Abound Solar, Evergreen Solar 41 million etc, etc. The debt ceiling is coming up and he has to take it higher. If we reelect this President our money will be down graded again within the first six months of the new year. Any bebts?
Mitt Romney was the Govenor or MA that gave loans to Evergreen Solar and Konarka technologies
Romney also threw cash at solar failures. Brace yourself for another round of political I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I: Mitt Romney has repeatedly hammered President Obama for the White House's role in Solyndra's meltdown, but now Konarka Technologies, another solar energy company in which Romney invested public funds as Massachusetts governor, has gone bankrupt. Romney sent $1.5 million to Konarka shortly after he became governor, along with $2.5 million to Evergreen Solar, which also filed for bankruptcy last year, and provided a $2.5 million loan to the biotech firm Spherics Inc., which closed three years later. The Romney campaign had no comment.
I would love to have Pres. Obama explain to me how Bain Capital is much more "vulturous" for taking personal wealth and investing it into failing companies, THAN the fed government becoming a venture capitalist and pumping tax payer dollars into companies that DID fail! (Solyndra, A123 Systems, Abound Solar, Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, etc)
Evergreen Solar's Devens plant, land and some other assets sold for $8.53m
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