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Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel (October 17, 1938 – November 30, 2007), born Robert Craig Knievel, was an American daredevil and entertainer.

Snake River Canyon Caesars Palace Martin Scorsese

Closest i got was my Evel Knievel action "doll".
I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could. (Evel Knievel). J'ai...
Glorious story about getting hustled at golf by Evel Knievel.
I'm Evel Knievel, I pull up and stunt 🏎⛓💶
Make sure to RSVP for the Grand Opening of The Evel Knievel Museum on June 30th & July 1st, 2017! Located at the...
You trying to tell me that Evel Knievel couldn't make it across that Canyon? That went. @ Snake…
Matt Walsh: "Did we just have a beer with Evel Knievel?"
spent the longest two weeks of my life in Butte that's not a pretty place but Robbie & Evel Knievel like it
I love the fact he's wearing Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon outfit.
Besides the failed Snake River Canyon jump, Evel Knievel's finest moment was in 1981 when he chickened out of a dare & lost his fame.
These took down Evel Knievel in my bedroom back in the 70's.
"doing Evel Knievel motorcycle jumps over the Uncanny Valley" (this is fantastic) •
Flashback: New release from John Larson and the Silver Fields includes tribute to Evel Knievel. via
If your grandma wears leopard print she's had her feet in the air more times than Evel Knievel.
I'm just really excited about how hard I'm going to stunt on 2017. 2017 stunt level = Evel Knievel
In May 1975 I went with my dad and a couple of mates to Wembley to watch Evel Knievel. It lasted…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
“I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.”. - Evel Knievel
“Where there is little risk, there is little reward.” ― Evel Knievel
Think i remember having the same problem so i slung it to one side and played with my Evel Knievel instead :)
then there's always the local boogeyman, ala Cropsey. Ours was named Evel Knievel 4 some reason? No relation 2 the stuntman.
Q: What did Evel Knievel and George Michael have in common? A: They both had skid marks on their helmets.
..Im the Evel Knievel of party crashers
Evel Knievel. And he ain't gonna stop 'til the world is free of evil
Yeah awesome cars family friend had one when I was growing up always reminded me of Evel Knievel lol
Tell me how *** Foley is still able to move around. This man is the wrestling version of Evel Knievel.
and Evel Knievel became the first to jump the Red Sea on a motorcycle
Oh how I hanker for the halcyon days of Christmas, opening quality toys like my Evel 45
74 or 75, I jumped Evel Knievel through the china cabinet.
Chair roll off a ramp Evel Knievel style?
The toy I wish for is an Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle Set 1970's Toy
to Evel Knievel jumping over the fountains at Caesars Palace on 1967.
It's like when Evel Knievel attempted to jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle that was really a rocket. Wouldn't have c…
Did you know that Evel Knievel played hockey for the Charlotte Clippers in 1959?
All the padding in the world couldn’t prevent Evel Knievel from the jabs on ‘The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast,’ aire…
Much to my dismay, Smokey, the Bandit, Evel Knievel, Waylon Jennings, Hank Sr., nor the werewolf…
Y'know what? Evel Knievel looked a bit like a cross between Scott Walker and Bobby Moore. Warts & all Storyville on BBC4.
Just a reminder Evel Knievel had a slew of husbands begging him to do their wives!Race to the White House?
Evel Knievel's rocket and crew. It was designed to cross Idaho's Snake River Canyon, it failed. (September 1974)
| Daredevil rockets over Snake River Canyon in memory of Evel Knievel
Daredevil rockets over Snake River Canyon in ode to Evel Knievel via
A stuntman has successfully jumped the Snake River Canyon in a tribute to his boyhood idol Evel Knievel
Professional stuntman Eddie Braun successfully jumps over the Snake River Canyon in an ode to Evel Knievel.
What Evel Knievel couldn't do, stuntman Eddie Braun has done via
I busted my chin open trying to be Evel Knievel on my bike. When it happened, you could
Thought you might like this, Evel Knievel style..."Stuntman successfully jumps Snake River Canyon"...
When I was a kid, I wanted a Evel Knievel rocket cycle more than a Batmobile. Bet I wasn't the only one.
(LA Times) stuntman jumps rocket over River Canyon in ode to Evel..
In 2015 I wrote about the reboot of Evel Knievel's famous rocket jump for Today, they landed that sucker.
Stuntman makes the jump Evel Knievel couldn't
Eddie Braun does what Evel Knievel could not: make successful jump over Snake River Canyon
Meet the Rocket Man who will attempt stunt that nearly killed Evel Knievel
I'm the Evel Knievel of typing without looking at my fingers
Stuntman soars across canyon at 400 mph on rocket identical to Evel Knievel's
Video: Eddie Braun jumps the Snake River Canyon in an Evel Knievel-style rocket bike
Stuntman to attempt Evel Knievel's launch over Snake River Canyon
Stuntman to attempt Evel Knievel's failed launch over Snake River.
Stuntman to attempt Evel Knievel failed launch over Snake River...
Stuntman to attempt Snake River Canyon rocket cycle jump that Evel Knievel failed: via
Stunt performer to attempt Evel Knievel's rocket launch over Snake River Canyon:
Stuntman to attempt Knievel's launch over Snake River Canyon: In this Sept. 8, 1974, file photo, Evel Knievel...
What is the city saying about pets at Evel Knievel days. Read about it here. .
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
You should do an episode of In Butte Montana! When we do Evel Knievel days!
Promo video for Evel Knievel days... living the trike dream.
A waiter at Dan Tana told me that Dabney Coleman, H.D. Stanton & Evel Knievel ate steaks there 2/wk for 20 yrs. HBD!
Evel Knievel's attempted jump over the Caesars Palace fountain on New Year’s Eve 1967 left him in a coma for 29 days
So relieved that my birthday isn't over Evel Knievel days again this year 🙏🏻
Him, Evel Knievel and Princess Diana drag-racing up in God's kingdom
Colin... Evel Knievel. It was the Snake River Canyon. Easy to get wrong. Love your work. Keep it up.
I never noticed Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump rocket had a Chuckles candy ad on it
“When you watch a Musk test, it is like watching Evel Knievel trying to jump over Snake River Canyon."
Next time you're in Kansas:. Evel Knievel museum a giant leap in understanding daredevil's stunts
KState crushed by Oklahoma, back below .500; an Evel Knievel museum opening in Topeka?
A dozen guys on motorcycles dressed as Evel Knievel in Hay on Wye have provided a silver lining to an otherwise cloudy day.
how about sending up the classic Evel Knievel Stunt Bike? Minutes of fun, without the need for batteries.
I am a guy who is first of all a businessman. I'm not a stunt man. I'm not ...
My phone survived one full day without a case on it.👌🏼 Feelin' like Evel Knievel.
There's just no stopping me. I went through life big-bang-banda-boom-bada-b...
"You come to a point in ur life when u really don't care what people think about u." Evel Knievel 🏍
I've always been concerned about kids - not just my own three, but all kids...
"for the last time, I WILL NEVER BE EVEL KNIEVEL"
Like Evel Knievel who always crashed but got rich and famous doing it!
I was like Evel Knievel in that tricycle
The Canyon is still angry about Evel Knievel's failed 1974 bid to jump it.
If you don’t know about pain and trouble, you’re in sad shape. They make you appreciate life. — Evel Knievel
I thought it was a Zamboni at first, which makes sense considering he played minor league hockey.
I was thinking the same thing! I miss our Evel Knievel toys We shot him through a toy base drum
I'm sure this thing was totally badass at the time, but now it just kind of looks like Evel Knievel is your mailman.
I think through education, belief in God, and good engineering, our childre...
Lean a sheet of plywood on the trunk & you'd have an Evel Knievel ramp too.
I think I coulda landed on a dime. I really do.
😂😂😂. She basically said you're a stunt you know, Mrs Evel Knievel
"Scottish Labour leaders are as accident prone as Evel Knievel"
Risk is good. Not properly managing your risk is a dangerous leap. ~Evel Knievel
I talk about my Evel Knievel stuntman set Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure w/Bionic Grip!!
« luxury [Empire hotel whilst I speed the accelerator of the motorcycle like I was ''Evel Knievel a fearless daredevil'' »
📷 20th-century-man: Evel Knievel jumps over 17 cars / photo by Ralph Crane, 1971. I remember a bit of...
I wrote this piece on Evel Knievel for the New Yorker's Page-Turner blog... I might be obsessed with the guy.
Taking the mufflers off my bike makes it sound exactly like Evel Knievel prepping for some big dumb stunt
Kool-Aid man suit, Evel Knievel helmet, samurai armor, whatever you want. This is all about the user experience.
Barry learned that trick from Evel Knievel's cousin, Awful Kinawful.
Evel Knievel and the Logical Uncle sound alike a cool hipster band name. (This is a phrase that came up during conversation. No, really.)
Another preview is BEING EVEL, a fascinating doc about daredevil Evil Knievel.
Sure, people are buying tickets to Batman Vs Superman. People also bought tickets to see Evel Knievel, praying he'd die.
TTODAY IN BOOM HISTORY: 3/23/1973- Evel Knievel clears 35 cars, but breaks 93 bones in the process
I think you should start performing Evel Knievel-like stunts to promote the SHOW
I confronted Evel Knievel yesterday in Croydon. I asked him to explain stunt bikes. He said "Nothing to do with me". A wheelie mouthed reply
I liked a video Evel Knievel and the Caesar's Palace
I think if you have ability and talent in one way, you have it in all ways.
On this day in 1972, Evel Knievel broke 93 bones after successfully jumping 35 cars.
Did Cisco just reference the original bad *** Evel Knievel?
Tbh the skin I'm most hyped for is Evel Knievel Soldier 76 LOL
Have you ever heard of Evel Knievel?
The winner of the Evel Knievel Arizona primary is =
Evel Knievel could do it, why can't ?
Evel Knievel's arch nemesis wasn't Nice Knievel. . Nope. . It was a guy named Craig from Akron who was afraid of ice crea…
just a girl, pretended to be Evel Knievel on a bicycle. flew down the hill, hit the wrap, landed on paved road.
is the Evel Knievel of American politics. A faux Captain America fueled by conjecture and reckless ab…
Cisco is at least 15 years to young to affectionately revere Evel Knievel.
And youngsters: Evel Knievel was a REAL popular stuntman in the 70s.
I know guys in my hometown that drive by feel and sound.
Evel Knievel almost jumped over my arm once, but I flexed slightly.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
It occurs to me that Evel Knievel would be even MORE of a trivia mark now if he'd successfully jumped Snake River Canyon
Evel Knievel's fame came mostly from the jumps where he didn't stick the landing. Photos:
and the Montreal Junior Canadians clear the benches vs Cornwall the Evel Knievel lids
Turns out they're all black: Neil Armstrong, George Washington, Leif Erikson, Jonas Salk, Elvis, Evel Knievel, Houdini etc
Dusty Rhodes, Harold Ramis, Captain Beefheart, Evel Knievel and er, Kim Jong-Il, all died at 69.
Hall's Boat House on Lake Rabun had an Evel Knievel pinball machine.
Evel Knievel would've been the youngest man to jump the Snake River Canyon in a rocket car ever.
Would love to own this. Evel's Viva Knievel Harley XL1000 in Bonhams Vegas Moto Auction -bh
Famous Evel Knievel bike at auction - Motorbike Writer
I pull more stunts than evel knievel
Watched a documentary on the Daredevil Evel Knievel lastnight. Was really surprised to find out what sort of person he actually was!
Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land. - Evel Knievel
How much do you think this Evel Knievel bike will fetch at auction over night?...
Boy, I haven't seen a dare devil like this since Evel Knievel. He used to crash a lot too, didn't he!
Everyone, my boss is Evel Knievel's baby sister! How cool is that!?!?
Bruce Lee, John Wayne, Steve McQueen and Evel Knievel all walking the planet at the same time. Who do we have now? Seacrest?
Is Evel Knievel doing wheelies in my bathroom or is that you
Always the short end of the stick..
"No one wants to see me die, but no one wants to miss it if I do." Evel Knievel
In some daredevil part of the Twilight Zone, Welles and Knievel are now making Touch of Evel without any interference from execs or gravity.
. Thanks for supporting your dad's great crusade. I believe he is bringing a great thing to pass as did Robert Evel Knievel.
I liked a video *** Presents: Mat Hoffman Tribute to Evel Knievel
TIL that Kanye West was sued by Evel Knievel for imitating his suit in the "Touch the sky"…
Lol! Lord knows I have my share of bumps and bruises trying to Emulate Evel Knievel back in the day.
My brothers have a few scars from trying to be "Evel Knievel"
Show your love for a true American icon with this oh-so-soft unisex Evel Knievel tee from our friends at...
It's important to remember Hamilton's an intregal part of US history n' was a *** fine Evel Knievel! 2/3
retro looks like Evel Knievel. For custom touch up paint visit
The restored "Big Red" Mack truck of Evel Knievel is one of the cooler things ever. Feature:
No, just showing how Knievel manufactured his deal out of rumor. Maybe the Crew can do the same. Evel broke a lot of bones. :)
3. The booking guy, based on all the calls, finds Knievel and signs him to make the jump. Evel created his own reality.
1. On the Falcao rumors: When Evel Knievel jumped the fountains at Caesars in '67, he didn't have any agreement to actually do it...
3/3 DawgHouse New Rants & Review of the new Evel Knievel documentary
"I'm getting IN the plane. Evel Knievel can get ON the plane." - George Carlin.
I always get Eva Carneiro confused with Evel Knievel.
Evel Knievel started his stunts in Moses lake😂 ***
How funny - and still relevant - is this 1973 motorcycle safety film starring Evel Knievel and Peter Fonda! Easy...
A special Mack is back: Evel Knievel combo moves closer to its final ...
Funny new Netflix cartoon. Set in 1973. And yes theres even a Evel Knievel on the tonight show reference in the...
Anybody can ride a motorcycle, the trouble begins when you try to land it. -Evel Knievel
Paramount want Martin Scorsese to direct Evel Knievel biopic:
Martin Scorsese and his The Departed screenwriter William Monahan could reunite on a new film about legendary daredevil Evel Knievel.
😻 Auburn stunt pro to share Evel Knievel tales at movie showing - Auburn Journal 😻 😟
There's a new movie about Evel Knievel, the original daredevil.
that Evel Knievel didn't make it over Snake River Canyon
Sweet motorcycle jumps from Evel Knievel: Remember when Evel Knievel jumped over Snake River Canyon? We were...
New VOD and Digital Releases, Plus: Documentaries on the Who, Evel Knievel, Glen Campbell, Chris Farley and More
It was like watching Evel Knievel, Mike Myers says in "I Am Chris Farley." The whole two hours is daredevil stuff.
Daredevil Doug Danger clears 22 cars on motorcycle to beat Evel Knievel's record.
but who could I possibly remove from this playlist? Don't say David Soul. He was a cross between Elvis and Evel Knievel!
The Gender Pay Gap is appalling structural sexism. It's so big, not even Evel Knievel tried to jump over it on his rocket bike.
I'm curious, when did they change the ride Evel Knievel to American Thunder? And what was the story behind that? :O
answering an innocuous question is now participation in harassment. I don't think Evel Knievel could've made that jump.
Ready to see this bike together. Who doesn't love an old Evel Knievel paint job??He was the man!
Evel Knievel and 17 More Pop Icon Pinball Machines of the 1970s-80s
My ice is like a freezer, Evel Knievel. Shouts to Bombezel, doing something illegal. Love making money and I do it for the people
“The finest compliment that you can pay a man is that his word was as good as gold” – Evel Knievel
Commission from Dakk Waggitt as '70s daredevil Evel Knievel!
Here are a couple commissions I did at Midwest Toy Fest this past weekend! Dakk Waggitt as Black Widow and '70s daredevil Evel Knievel!
Evel Knievel was one of the strangest celebrities of the 1970s.
I liked a video from I AM EVEL KNIEVEL JUNIOR! | Turbo Dismount
True positive evolution was from Evel Knievel to X games...Supercross where you get to fly a motorcycle in can be pretty cool
When a motorcycle rides my *** I fantasize about stopping on a dime and watching them wipe out trying to do an Evel Knievel trick.
If only Evel Knievel didn't play all those video games.
I had a hermit crab named evel knievel when I was little but it crawled out of its shell and died
You Know You're a Child of the 80's when you or someone you know had an Evel Knievel toy. Caveat: 70s kids included http:…
Why would you watch Britain's Got Talent when there's a programme about Evel Knievel on the other channel?
loved the "I Am Evel Knievel" documentary. Brilliant piece of television about a real legend. Top stuff.
had an Evel Knievel wind up toy as a young wannabe biker.I still get goosebumps seeing him on TV as a 50 year old
Linda Knievel doesn't have quite the same ring as Evel Knievel
Neither of Evel Knievel's sons are called Colin. This disappoints me.
Hey wheelie, great programme about Evel Knievel on QUEST+1 (Freeview 38).
to enter! A KID'S EVEL KNIEVEL BIKE WORTH £139.99 my little hero would love this
"I am Evel Knievel. I'm not supposed to be afraid"
Childhood hero Evel Knievel on motorbikes & rockNroll Mass - watch it
Did you know Evel Knievel's Snake River Jump Mission Control Van is at a museum in Miami, OK? ht…
Evel Knievel ain't much when I do my stuff .
Kenny attempts to break Evel Knievel record
Watch out for the ultimate in our latest Documentary
"Madeleine L’Engle was my childhood hero". Glorious Impossible by Madeleine L’Engle. by Craig.
The Evel Knievel documentary has been picked up in It's called 'Being Evel'
"Besides Evel Knievel & Dr. J, Madeleine L'Engle was my childhood hero.".
Evel Knievel people!! Made my day! Anyone else grow up watching him or is that just an American thing?
I feel the bar for what constitutes a "daredevil" has been lowered somewhat since the time of Evel Knievel.
you boys stopping getting ready then all have to dodge mama bear in case she's with Evel Knievel 😂
UK Premiere of I Am Evel Knievel coming soon to
You guys are talking about Fury Road like it has Evel Knievel AND Billy Jack in it.
Evel Knievel could't make that leap. Maybe good intentions. Still racist
Caps look like game 7 winners in those Evel Knievel jerseys.
Only because it's his birthday tomorrow 😍
Evel Knievel would've appreciated the technology. But it's pretty much an incredible interstellar roller coaster.
Do you think he'll have as much success as Evel Knievel?
Evel Knievel Toy Commercial from the 1970s - Evel Knievel Toys from IDEAL
For all you Evel Knievel’s out there, here are the insane roller coasters in the world.
I love that Johnny Blaze has gone full Evel Knievel in GHOST RACERS, it's a great way to differentiate him from Ketch design wise.
hot coffee. clompy heels. dogs and stairs. I am obviously the Evel Knievel of working from home.
Docs are doing business at Being Evel and Censored Voices find homes. via
Evel Knievel is sad because it is a half day and that means he only gets half the loving.
K5 leaps for Evel Knievel doc: Daredevil documentary played at Sundance and SXSW. K5 Internation...
Do you think this guy is the next Evel Knievel? Come see October 6! Get your tickets Friday at 10AM.
Framed and autographed t-shirts from Evel Knievel and Cactus Jack, hung up. 98/365
Check out Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle (new in box) via
Largest Evel Knievel Collection to be unveiled April 10-12th
Rare footage of Evel Knievel's early days.
There is only one Evel. Evel Knievel. And he is awesome.   10% Off
This was ever going to be the case. Rest up big guy and watch that knee! Can't be your badass evel knievel of radio hobbling around.
f you don't know about pain and you're in shape. They make you appreciate -Evel Knievel
Butte America - We got some bragging rights regardless of some minor blemishes!...
Back to work. A desk job is not the best. Too bad evel Knievel squirrels is not a thing.
Bicycle riders make Evel Knievel look amateurish. Funny thing, I never remember him NOT crashing, that was the main attraction.
When your mom told you to go bed but you still jamming to music 😂😂😂 (Vine by
10 Things We Learned About Evel Knievel from Being Evel, the New Documentary About the Dared via
I was disappointed when I saw the REAL Evel Knievel after George Hamilton portrayed him in the movie
You have as much to do with the real science of climatology as Evel Knievel's ill-fated jump of the Snake river.
On this day in 1972 Evel Knievel breaks 93 bones after successfully clearing 35 cars.
.idea for sequel: "Being Evil Evel", story of Evel Knievel's evil twin brother.
I'm a predator among the rest. I see the evil in the air. The competitor, who sung with the very best. So much that Evel Knievel would not dare
And once again, two wheeling riding the rails coming out of Avon WalMart with Evel Knievel being the wheel.LMFAO
uniforms have a certain Evel Knievel/Harlem Globetrotters look.
Heading to 5-Guys for dinner with Spencer, aka Evel Knievel, at the wheel, and family.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Way too excited for Evel Knievel days
Guy dressed up as Evel Knievel on Take Me Out and the girls think he's a friggin superhero
Harry Kane in worst performance at Wembley since Evel Knievel ploughed into 13 London Buses...
"I love a man in uniform.". He's dressed as Evel Knievel, he's a man in costume -_-.
He's dressed a Evel Knievel and he's on a tiny bike ***
Evel Knievel jumped 50 cars at How many could he jump at fest? TIX
People who stunt earn the nickname Evel Knievel 👌💯😭
Checking out Snake River Canyon today. Evel Knievel tried to jump this in a rocket, so killer.
*** the Evel Knievel vibe is so this season ✌️
Starting & continuing a book is a bit like that Evel Knievel toy from the 70s- revs up very slowly, gets faster, and then goes like the wind
The love interest from Mitchell, Linda Evans, also filmed Evel Knievel's motorcycle jump of the Caesars Palace fountains.
Okay, didn't just jump the shark, they Evel Knievel'd it... And broke every bone on the landing...
There's an Evel Knievel rocket here. I don't know.
try as i might i cant see the hologram of Evel Knievel 😁
Harrison Ford is bored by the most interesting man in the world. I haven't had a hero since Evel Knievel.
the late great Evel Knievel. Happy friday everyone!
Im stuck at he bottom of my driveway because of snow, and I have been called a modern day Evel knievel with my driving 1 foot of snow=evil
"If you fall during your life, it doesn't matter. You're never a failure as long as you try to get up." - Evel Knievel
More amusing vehicular shenanigans from LypyL. I laughed out loud at his Evel Knievel moment.
with Evel Knievel and his Evel Knievel Wembley Wembley Stadium jump:
Evel Knievel and Celty Sturluson prepare for double Jump at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 1967.
One of the many things I lament is that kids these days won't know or care who Evel Knievel was
Evel Knievel . “Double-decker bus loses its roof after hitting a tree in London.
Story of daredevil legend Evel Knievel premieres at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival
At Sundance about to world premiere our doc Being Evel about the unbelievable life of Evel Knievel.
btw today I boasted my Evel Knievel smarts only to be told off as he's American whereas the real deal in Britain is Eddie Kidd
Daredevil to Attempt Evel Knievel’s 22-Car Jump on Vintage Bike | Vintage Guide to Texas: Antiques in Texas
The Sturgis 75th shenanigans begin! The Sturgis Buffalo Chip announced daredevil Doug Danger will recreate Evel Knievels failed 22-car jump in the amphitheater of the Chip during the 75th anniversary party.
Evel Knievel’s Failed Jump to be Attempted at Sturgis
On this day IN HOUSTON, Evel Knievel jumped in front of a sold out crowd at the Astrodome! See footage and more here
It would have been Elvis Presley's 80th Birthday today!
We used to build teetering bike ramps of bricks and planks for Evel Knievel re-enactments. How I evaded hospital I'll never know.
Published a new blog entry Evel Knievel's 22-Car Jump Comes to Sturgis in Auto Appraisers and Appraisals - Denver,..
Oh my god. Is their dad evel knievel
Sitting in camp watching a show about Evel Knievel. What a life.
Evel Knievel crashes to the ground after successfully clearing 13 buses in Wembley Stadium May 1975.
A young Evel Knievel attempts to jump over a series of cars.
Evel Knievel's XR750 to fly again at Sturgis:
Have you seen Evel Knievel the he's jumping on his rad
"I'm not only the best-known daredevil on the face of the earth, I'm the oldest.".
"EVEL KNIEVEL used this model bike in 1966 to jump over two pick-up trucks longways, launching himself over 18...
This SI in the waiting room has George Gervin and Evel Knievel on the cover. Evel has a finger roll of surprising quality.
Hey Lois, did you know Evel Knievel was born in Montana?
I break all the rules like Evel Knievel. It's a spectacular show cause my heart pumps diesel
Life is EFIL spelled backwards. My life has been evil people playing Evel Knievel on me; I'm their crashed motorcycle. Such fun.
Sooo Evel Knievel is going to try and jump 22 cars on a Harley at the buffalo chip this rally. Who's tryin to watch someone die? 😂😂😂
Doug Danger to try Evel Knievel's failed 22-car jump on XR750 at during the 75th Sturgis Anniversary.
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