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Evan Turner

Evan Marcel Turner (born October 27, 1988), nicknamed The Villain, is an American basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Quick Hits: The latest on Evan Turner's road to recovery
This man has an Evan Turner Sixers jersey on at the gym and I'm not sure how to feel about it
Larry bird lost the pacers a title when he traded Danny granger for Evan turner - ISU and a Celtic - what has he done for us ever?
Evan Turner wasn't lying when he said Sully's nephew has some skills.
When you have a bad tooth, you can slather it with amebsol, ala keeping Evan Turner, or you can get it yanked.
Life Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes? Who else? Come on - mid rd picks in BBall rarely work out. ET is a turd - pd.
If you had your druthers, Sixers would have paid Evan Turner 80 million:.
watch out for EVan turner copyright infringement guys
[Has flashbacks of Evan Turner, crawls into fetal position, *** thumb]
This is a cool thing for Evan Turner to do:
Let's go, DJ! No Evan Turner flashbacks on that play.
Evan Turner would have made that shot 😉
Purdue should let Evan Turner take this shot
DO NOT let Evan Turner get an open look.
I doubt he was talking about Evan Turner.
Uggh Evan Turner all over again for Michigan
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Last time someone hit a half court shot against Michigan in B1G tournament (Evan Turner) didn't end too well. Hopeful... 〽️
Ugh, that half-court shot was shades of Evan Turner. Barf.
Remember how some people thought the Wizards should draft Evan Turner ahead of John Wall because he'd fit better with A…
Jaylen Brown & Marcus Smart off bench first together for tonight just as Smart & Evan Turner did last year.
Moe Harkless should see his minutes in the high 30s on Thursday with both Evan Turner and Aminu out.
We got all 3 first round picks, Ed Davis and Evan Turner for them
Aaron Craft, Jon Diebler, Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger, and a vintage Greg Oden. Let's do this.
star SF-SG Nicolas Batum said he believes need to be patient with SG-PG-SF Evan Turner.
Evan Turner on Kemba is an interesting call Terry Stotts
It will be interesting to see if Blazers coach Terry Stotts tries anything different defensively on Kemba. Maybe a little Evan Turner?
Coach Terry Stotts during a timeout drew up a plan for Evan Turner to hit a 3
At least Evan Turner can stay on the court for more than 12 minutes
NYK gets: CJ McCollum, Evan Turner. POR gets: Blake Griffin. LAC get: Carmelo Anthony. Makes sense for all three teams.
Nick Young, Thomas Robinson, that lefty pg with the horrible beard from UNC, Evan Turner, Tony Wroten
Evan Turner wants the to settle their locker room beef in a boxing match
Off the missed by Evan Turner, Noah Vonleh skies high for the putback
😂😂 Bill Walton does not know who Noah Vonleh or Evan Turner is
Evan Turner really got 70 Mil deal this offseason
coach Terry Stotts on Evan Turner: Got off to slow start but getting more comfortable. ... Everybody loves him in locker room.
Best part about the game winner from Bob Covington was that it was in Evan Turner's eyes ☔️
Sixers' Robert Covington drills deep game-winning three over Blazers' Evan Turner, delighting Joel Embiid (all angles) htt…
Evan Turner giving LeBron a taste of his own medicine 👀.
Evan Turner talk like he got peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth permanently
Tyler Hansborough, Jimmer Fredette, Frank Kaminsky, Evan Turner, Kemba Walker (Korie Lucious if I had to add a sixt…
Phil is a fantastic GM, he's completely rebuilt the Jennings, Kuz, and Hernangomez cost less than Portland paid for Evan Turner.
Joel Embiid now with 33 points and 10 rebounds. The last 33+ point game by a Sixers player was Evan Turner in Jan 2014.
Yo, people really think that Evan Turner and Jared Sullinger are "reasons" for Celtics struggles. That's how good Brad Stevens is.
Evan Turner had an amazing response when asked about his key pass in Boston's comeback win
Brad Stevens explains why Boston Celtics will start Evan Turner,...
Brad Stevens explains why will start Evan Turner,...
Stacey & Neil Funk have apparently never watched Evan Turner hoop
Blazers off to a good start - 22-13 over the Pacers - as Ed Davis blocks interior shot, Evan Turner scores inside and Meyers Leonard hits 3
Brad Stevens is the only coach that knows how to use Evan Turner
I said " Biyombo might be the worst offensive player in the league". RPM says he's been 3rd worst. Thank god for Dion Waiters & Evan Turner
Remember Ed Stefanski picked Evan Turner over Favors in draft. Rod Thorn snapped him up for the Nets with the next pick.
When Blazers pass to Evan Turner on the wing, it gives me Andre Miller flashbacks. Offense completely stops w/ his poor shot.
Terry Stotts: so this is how we run our offense. Evan Turner: yup, yup, yeah got it
Brandon Knight crosses Aminu and slams on Evan Turner
Terry Stotts said there's an adjustment period for SG Evan Turner and he won't be defined by how many shots he makes.
gosh I wish we had Tim Frazier back I would rather have him over Evan Turner.
Terry Stotts has faced a lot of challenges as the Blazers' head coach. I'm beginning to think that integrating Evan Turner is the biggest.
I hate that I have to use Evan Turner for a month while I wait for Gordon Hayward's finger. At least he does other stuff while missing shots
Seeing Evan Turner in a blazers uniform makes me sad b/c it reminds me of how much they paid Evan's just yucky
If you ever get down on yourself for making mistakes, remember the sixers picked Evan Turner over Paul George and Demarcus Cousins.
Evan Turner having a grand old time in Courtney Lee's Instagram comments
IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: Courtney Lee clapped back at Evan Turner on Instagram by calling him "DJ Mbenga"
Ed Davis and Evan Turner paid the dentist a visit and the dentist won 😂😂 (Via Evanturner/IG)
Stevens on the loss of Evan Turner: 'We'll see how it goes on who gets those minutes. It'll add a competitive make up in training camp'
It's funny that Doug Collins is saying glowing things about Boogie but chose to draft Evan Turner as Sixers coach.
let's take Evan Turner as an example. Anthony Bennett dark I millic jeans brown Eddie curry etc etc what did predictors mean?
Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes are probably cracking up, thinking "give me my royalty check"
Hey nobody gets more out of guys than Brad Stevens. Just ask Jordan Crawford, Evan Turner, Isaiah Thomas, J…
Look what Brad Stevens did with Evan Turner, Jerebko, Amir, Jordan Crawford of all people! That's my argument for Beantown.
Wow. So the Blazers committed $145 million this offseason to Allen Crabbe and Evan Turner
But Jason, if Neil signed Evan Turner for $70 million to replace Crabbe, there's only $5 million in savings. Don't get this move!
Evan Turner on his last real job: "Walked a dog once. Then the lady stopped paying me. Tried to pay me in potato chips…
Russell Westbrook and Andre Roberson for C.J. McCollum, Evan Turner, Myers Leonard and 2 first rounders. Thoughts
I mean I would rather have him than Jamal Crawford or Evan Turner @ 17 mil
Evan Turner reaches an agreement on a four-year deal worth $75M with the Portland Trail Blazers, per https…
I love that Evan Turner knows about Mill Ends Park.
you don't root for a team that's giving Evan Turner 75 mil...
"Every night I played at TD Garden was like a dream come true. Thank you for showing me how a REAL sports city does th…
Wings are going for weirdly cheap. Id rather have Dudley as like a 7th/8th bench guy than Evan Turner but it depends on your roster i guess
I can name at least 15 players that are better than this guy. But hey, at least the Celtics got no one on the draft and lost Evan Turner.
Another one of Evan Turner's many big 4th quarter buckets. Tommy: ".YEAH!"
Blazers agree to terms with free agent forward Evan Turner
Evan Turner reportedly has a deal with the that would make Timofey Mozgov jealous
Evan Turner says how Blazers deal went down, talks Cs interest in Horford & Durant & what Korver told him on Horford h…
Sources on After agreeing to $70M deal with Evan Turner, Portland aggressively pursuing Pau Gasol. https:…
almost as bad as Evan Turner's 70 million.
Evan Turner just got 70 for 4 years. Not sure what era Pat thinks this is
Evan Turner loves Blazers' 'toughness,' thinks he can complement Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum |
dude Evan Turner got 4yrs the 70 million, the nba is tripping lol
Clearly need to address the frontcourt and wing positions, though. I thought Evan Turner was a solid fit in LA. Too late
If you're pouting about missing out on Jared Dudley, Evan Turner, and Matthew Dellavadova, LMAO
Guys. This is a real thing on Evan Turner's Wikipedia page. I mean, someone wrote this.
Outside of Evan Turner and Timofey Mozgov's, which do you hate?
Evan Turner told the Globe that Ainge feels confident about the Celtics' chances of signing Al Horford
Portland remains very much in the hunt for Pau Gasol even after the Evan Turner signing today, per league...
Talking with new Blazer Evan Turner says he's ready to help the Blazers this fall.
Ur not gonna pay Evan turner and some dude who averaged 4&2 big money and low ball dwade with 10mil. It don't work that way
Evan Turner (has signed a 4 yr deal with Portland. Thank you for everything ET!! 🍀
I ain't hype over none of the signing today out of all of them i like the Evan turner tho
you either die a hero or live long enough to give Evan Turner $70 million
it's 2017, Western conference finals Game 7:. Evan Turner, wearing hits a fadeaway 3 over LaMarcus Aldridge at the b…
Evan Fournier and Evan Turner are getting $17M per season. So what is Dwyane Wade worth?
This is an awesome move today!!! Blazers made a great move today!!! We Blazers got a great player in Evan Turner!!!
I guess that makes sense with Evan Turner getting 4 yrs/$70 mill, but I wouldn't want my team to pay him more than that.
Evan Turner agrees to a four-year free agent deal with the Portland Trailblazers worth $70 million.
I live in a world where Evan turner and Dwight Howard are valued at the same price... Who knew
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Evan Turner has reached an agreement with the Portland Trailblazers. 4 years, $75 million.
If Wade leaves Miami please go to Portland lol and Portland offer him some Evan Turner money at least
I'm gonna miss Evan Turner in Boston. One of the funniest guys out there.
Evan Turner with a heartfelt sendoff to Celtics fans after signing with the Portland … via
Um. Wow. I might get won over by Evan Turner sooner rather than later.
they should spend it but not on Evan Turner for 4 years. I hope I'm wrong on this
Celtics going after both Al Horford and Kevin Durant, Evan Turner told Boston Globe (after signing with Portland):
If Evan Turner got 72 milli you wilding trying to offer Wade 10 milli per
not a fan of Cleveland bud. Never once mentioned them. But Boston is not a desired destination. Evan Turner left for POR
What does think of the Blazers signing of Evan Turner? He told Fletch & Chop:
Evan Turner on the "I already knew if I came back I’d have to take a pay cut and a cut in role." (Via Boston Gl…
Kyle Korver told Evan Turner on Thursday that Al Horford would "ultimately" re-sign with the Atlanta Hawks. (Via Boston G…
Evan Turner believes something "might have shifted" when Al Horford texted Kyle Korver to call him. (Via Boston Globe)
"I was just having fun playing again. When I played in Philly, it was pure *** " - Evan Turner. (Via Boston Globe)
Evan Turner says the Boston Celtics are "a real franchise." (Via Boston Globe)
Why people act like Evan Turner cant hoop or something
I know, different times, but Evan Turner's deal is for more than Clyde Drexler and Jerome Kersey made in their entire careers combined.
Somewhere, Evan Turner is thanking his junior high coach for teaching him the spider monkey moves on defense.
Lakers have spoken with Evan Turner tonight. (via
Sean Deveney: Source: Evan Turner to be courted by Lakers, Mavericks, Grizzli… via
Chicago Bulls are prepared to make a bid for Evan Turner - (Source: Sean Deveney) -
Evan Turner, Kevin Martin and Jamal Crawford all linked there...
Bledsoe/Knight for Noel*. Whiteside to the Lakers. KD to the Spurs. Harrison Barnes to the Hawks. Evan Turner to GSW
Evan Turner to me the best options at SG along with Fournier. Bazemore & Beal are going to get Drastically overpaid 💰
Evan Turner hits a DEEP buzzer beater to stun Michigan in 2010
I'm so sorry we picked Evan Turner over you.
Ben Simmons will either be a no-doubt 1st ballot Hall of Famer or the next Evan Turner.
best possible scenario after free agency Evan Turner, Bradley Beal if the Wiz don't match, Melo, Porzingis, Lopez.
Whiteside. Barnes (if he's willing to come of the bench). Bismack. Batum. Delly . Evan Turner
You should do movie auditions rather than interviews. Paul Harvey as Gandalf. Lori Schmidt as Casper. Evan Turner as Batman.
Boston rumors 2016: Evan Turner could draw interest from ...
So after reading the Chad Ford Ben Simmons piece... ceiling blake Griffin basement big Evan Turner (on the Celtics )
him, Isaiah, Evan turner, Marcus Smart plus 3rd pick and they got some nice role players too!
Lmao Evan Turner. I wouldn't trust him at all unless Brad Stevens is his coach
You know for a fact Brock turner is getting raped in prison, 20 mins of action from a bbc
Don't talk to me about Evan Turner.
could wall, evan Turner, batum, love, and gortat (unless traded) with morris Porter and dud compete?
Knicks have interest in Celtics guard Evan Turner according to my man
Why don't you think Evan Turner a fit with the
Lil Yachty sounds like if Evan Turner tried to start a rap career
"are we sure Kawhi Leonard is good? Seems like and Evan Turner could be workable, what do you think?"
Evan Turner. A perpetual bust who found some success under a very good coach. That's not a red flag?
let Evan turner walk and draft Murray
would you compare Valentine to Evan Turner with a jump shot but worse defender?
I'm not going to trade Brook for the next Beasley, Evan Turner dude.
what do you think about the Jazz signing Evan Turner to be 6th man? Probably have to over pay.
I definitely see us getting Evan Turner if he leaves Boston. Phil kind of guy
Evan Turner in the paint missing layup is your future
You deserve this- now go give that check go Evan Turner or Dion Waiters and fulfill your final form... JihaD
On Evan Turner: I want him on the Knicks. If he's our biggest acquisition this summer, we had a bad offseason.
hey Tommy, if Knicks are looking for shooters, why does Evan Turner keep coming up? And what could he command?
Evan Turner could be a good addition to the Knicks if he leaves..
Definitely solid if Afflalo comes off the bench Evan Turner is a better all around player Afflalo just a better scorer
rise of the TWolves, to Evan Turner making the Pacers into a top 10 (or even 5) team, to two teams at 3 to the Nuggets being a
The Celtics should draft Jamal Murray and let Evan Turner walk via
Phil Jackson seems to be pursuing younger role players. Wants Evan Turner and Jordan Clarkson.
Jamal Murray could fill Evan Turner's role on Celtics bench, but with a much higher ceiling
Timmy Turner's dad was breaking gender roles before all y'all
If NYK don't get 1 of them they should pursue: E'Twaun Moore, Evan Turner, Allen Crabbe, Eric Gordon, Courtney Lee, Brandon Jennings .
Evan Turner is the perfect low key free agent for us. He will be our
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Really hoping his performance this series will push the Knicks to overpay Livingston instead of Evan Turner
I just don't ever see Brown becoming huge difference maker reminds me a lot of Evan Turner
Y'all think gonna draft right. Remember they drafted Evan Turner over Demarcus Cousins
I'm not trading a very good player for the next Evan Turner, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Dion Waiters. No thanks
The Celtics pick for Gordon Hayward is not out of the question. Hayward would be a significant upgrade over Evan Turner.
yeah but we have a lot of PGs too and Evan Turner whose a really good ball handler. Ingram is that missing piece
so maybe ZaZa, Biyombo, or Mozgov along with Crawford, Bazemore, Clarkson, or Evan Turner
Sounds a lot like Evan Turner in Boston.
Celtics coach Brad Stevens wants Evan Turner back in green: Celtics coach Brad Stevens wants Evan Turner back...
Evan Turner weighs in on the challenges of winning a playoff game.
All of the other bad things being equal, if Evan Turner had been good tonight, this game is super close
Thats a good call. You think Brandon Roy ever watches Evan Turner and thinks about giving it another go?
Evan Turner is a liability at this point
Mike and Tommy want ball in Evan Turner's hands "forever" bc he's only one that can get his shot. need a lot of help this offseason
Celtics 100. Hawks 96. Evan Turner big game . Jonas big game . Olynyk back from the dead game. Leggo
"I don't know why 76ers fans didn't appreciate great players like Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner."
List of Guys who should be raw af but don't care about basketball:. Jeff Green. Rudy *** Evan Turner. Terrence Ross. Monta Ellis. Tyreke Evans
Brandon Jennings, Kent Bazemore and Evan Turner are probably the best bets at the moment...
Evan Turner plays like Brandon Roy if he drank a fifth before suiting up
knowing our luck we end up with Brandon Jennings, Eric Gordon and the Evan Turner's of the world.Reclamation projects
Man if Evan Turner cross Marcus Teague one more time lmaooo
Evan Turner and Josh McDaniels have the same voice. It's freaking me out.
Evan Turner takes the best bad shots
Evan Turner is the best bad basketball player.
Marcus Smart behind the head shot and a moronic Evan Turner jumpshot lead to 2 wide open 3s for Teague. Great job guys.
Great jinx by Marv Albert calling Evan Turner "silky smooth" before he commits a turnover that leads to a Hawks run..
The Celtics lead the Hawks 24-21 after the first quarter. Jae Crowder has eight points, while Isaiah Thomas and Evan Turner ha…
Glad I got to see this live. Evan Turner crossed the up the *** out of Jeff Teague!
Evan Turner really is a poor man's Brandon Roy .. plays just like him lol
coach Brad Stevens subs out Evan Turner early in third. Could be sign he's going to go distance in fourth.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
coach Brad Stevens: Jonas Jerebko gives you spacing, D. Evan Turner consistently able to attack first 2 games.
I don't understand why Marcus Smart would ever run point with Isaiah Thomas and Evan Turner on the floor.
Jeff Teague famous for putting Evan Turner on skates
Jeff Teague just made Evan Turner do the stanky leg (if only he could've finished the layup)
Stevens:"The bottom line is all of those guards,[Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder & Evan Turner]are all going to play a lot."
Stevens said Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder and Evan Turner will all play 30-plus minutes.
On the other side, I'm leaning Marcus Smart over Evan Turner. Neither can shoot anyway, and BOS needs Smart to take the Teague assignment.
Evan Turner deserved Sixth Man of the year
Evan Turner with the rare shot attempt that is blocked by all 5 members of the opposing team.
Jeff Teague just took Evan Turner soul with that crossover
Celtics had only four rotation players with playoff experience last year -- Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Jae Crowder.
They have Isaiah Thomas and Evan Turner. We don't have Bosh. What did everyone expect?
When someone says Evan Turner shouldn't win 6th man of the year
Evan Turner was drafted after John Wall and has amounted to absolutely nothing. His career highlight was almost fighting KD.
Troy Daniels drills a three and Evan Turner misses a lay-in after a scramble. POOF, momentum gone ):
Isaiah Thomas making a strong case for the All-NBA Team along with Evan Turner for the NBA 6th Man of the Year Award ht…
Newly signed John Holland (27) is the 4th oldest Celtics player, behind only Jonas Jerebko (29), Amir Johnson (28), and Evan Turner (27).
Four points, nine assists and four eyes for Evan Turner tonight. Feel free to use that one.
Chillen with Evan Turner, Michael Carter Williams, and Giannis Antetokounmpo in Boston at MCW Future Starz 1st Annual Fundraiser
Evan Turner suffered a left eye abrasion in last night's game vs. Lakers. Uncertain for Wednesday's game v. Pelicans ht…
Evan Turner and Isaiah Thomas, such a steal for I guess you can put Brad Stevens as a steal too
Huh. Evan Turner had twice as many points in the 4th qtr last night (10) as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined (5).
Marcus Smart blankets Klay Thompson, but Evan Turner caught ball-watching.
Draymond got his legs taken out and then speared Evan Turner all before the ball was inbounded.
Evan Turner need some new sneakers or something this man keep slipping
Remember when Lance Stephenson snitched about Paul George & Roy Hibbert and then Evan Turner fought him. Lol yeah me too
ET as 6th Man of the Year? "Crawford is the establishment candidate ... but Evan Turner has been the more versatile player."
Evan Turner or Jamal Crawford for 6th Man of the Year? has the answer coming up Pregame Live
Crawford? I'd take a handful of guys over him, including Evan Turner
starting five will be Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Amir Johnson and Jared Sullinger
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Evan Turner with sweet dime to Amir Johnson for dunk (23/03/2016)
A ton of ridiculous plays in the NBA included plays by Evan Turner & D'Angelo Russell. Some insane highlights here.
Evan Turner is on another planet with moves like these:
Evan Turner sounds and looks like a fish and I love it
guard Avery Bradley on Monday: "We owe those guys." Looks like it meant it from that mean flush from Evan Turner.
Evan Turner has the same agent as Greg Monroe
Evan Turner's got eyes in the back of his head!
Evan Turner would like to introduce you to his crossover, Mr. Fournier:
Ben Simmons will either be the next Grant Hill or Evan Turner.
Ron Baker a Evan Turner type player can do a little bit of everything and maybe a better shooter
Evan Turner isn't bad but LSU coach should've moved been to pg where he excels at
Why does Evan Turner sound like Meatball from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?
Evan Turner on Sixth Man candidacy: 'I’m just rocking out' - Boston Celtics Blog- ESPN via
Evan Turner on Sixth Man candidacy: Im just rocking out
Celtics' Evan Turner makes case for NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award
Meet Black Singles 300x250
BOSTON -- Evan Turner is not shy about giving his opinion. He's by far the most quotatious player in the Bosto...
Evan Turner on Sixth Man candidacy: 'I'm just rocking out'
Two No. 2 picks coming off bench, Evan Turner (2010) for Celtics, former Notre Dame Prep of Fitchburg star Michael Beasley for Rockets.
NBA players who look like they're dirty mackers:. Michael Carter-Williams. Curry. Westbrook. Evan Turner. JR Smith. Harden
Northwestern has to channel the ghosts of Evan Turner here
Isaiah Thomas+Evan Turner= Dynamic Duo. Celtics killin it out there!!
who would you pick for SG in GPP (My last spot). Reddick. J.R. Smith. Afflalo. Evan Turner. Hollister Thompson
TD Bank Inbox Question- Will Evan Turner return next season? Tommy: "I think Evan Turner knows, that he has found a home."
Evan Turner with the lay-up:. Mike: "It's like he's on the subway, just making his way by people!". Tommy: "Door opens and I'm on the 4:15!"
Matt Painter this morning; "Denzel Valentine has had the greatest effect on our league of anyone since Evan Turner." MVP vote? Likely.
coach Matt Painter: 'Denzel Valentine has impacted our league more than anyone since Evan Turner.'
Dammit Larry did you not learn from Bynum and Evan Turner
Question: Who would you rather have Evan Turner or Kent Bazemore?
Can I have Evan Turner's confidence, Brad Stevens' brains and Marcus Smart's heart? Please and thank you
Some unreal quotes here, supposedly from Evan Turner. A few are really bizarre. (h/t
Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger critical as Boston Celtics fend off Miami ...
I think at some point Brad Stevens sat Evan Turner down, stared him in the face, and said "you are not Michael Jordan." And Turner bought it
Yo we somehow made Evan Turner a serviceable NBA player go sign Beasley and let Brad work his witchcraft
Evan Turner becoming a viable rotation player for the Celtics really shows how good Brad Stevens is.
How much of Evan Turner is Evan Turner and how much of Evan Turner is Brad Stevens?
Brad Stevens wins games with Evan Turner leading the offense and OKC can't find ways to make a lethal offense with KD/Westbrook..
Brad Stevens deserves coach of the decade just because of what he's done with Evan Turner.
Evan Turner had 9 assist and 0 turnovers lol. That's how you know Brad Stevens a top 5 coach in the NBA really top 3
If you don't think Brad Stevens is a top 3 coach in the league, he turned Evan Turner into a productive NBA player, especially defensively.
Evan Turner becoming a viable rotation cog for the Celtics might be the biggest feather in Brad Stevens' cap.
It's 72-70, Celtics over the Heat, after three quarters. Evan Turner and Jae Crowder lead the C's with 12 points apiece.
head coach Brad Stevens praised PG-SG Marcus Smart and SG-PG-SF Evan Turner, said they're like two starters.
Here's how Jae Crowder, Kelly Olynyk, Evan Turner, and Brad Stevens spent an "off day."
I didn't buy the narrative at first, but Brad Stevens has legitimately made Evan Turner useful for the Celtics
Bloggers hate Evan Turner because he's one of the least fun players to watch in the league
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Remember that time Philly took Evan Turner over Boogie Cousins?
glad we didn't lose Marcus Smart or Evan Turner love both of them
Little selfie action with Marcus Smart and Evan Turner tonight thanks so much guys !!
wow, Evan Turner uniform got hung in the rafters before Clark Kellogg. Yes, I'm shocked.
Evan Turner's No. 21 will be honored tonight. Here he is beating Michigan in the 2010 B1G tournament.
The video of Evan Turner beating Michigan in the 2010 B1G tournament ages better than wine.
Matta said Alan Major will be on hand to see Evan Turner's jersey celebration. Helped recruit Turner.
Danny Ainge will be making the trip to Ohio State for Evan Turner's number retirement next Tuesday. is surprised,…
Bulls should go after Evan Turner, Jamal Crawford, Courtney Lee, or even Aaron Gordon. And get rid of Dunleavy and Noah.
Isaiah Thomas and Evan Turner did their best Paul Pierce impressions Wednesday night.
Corey Brewer, Evan Turner, Rudy *** or Gallo. Like Rudy and Gallo but think they'd be terrible fits.
you're not getting lottery picks for Brook. If so what do you get Anthony Bennet? Nerlens Noel? Evan Turner? Derrick Williams?
LeBron James thought he had an easy look at the rim... Evan Turner thought differently:
Great Lineup Builder show today! Evan Turner, John Wall and Joe Johnson were a key part of my teams!
I'm hoping Joe Johnson & Evan Turner can continue playing how they have been, then when Al Jefferson comes back I'll be set!
LeBron got blocked by Myles Turner & Evan Turner this year, see the correlation ???
Ryan Anderson, Oladipo, Evan Turner or Archie Goodwin? Just throwing out names
Portis or Trevor Booker paired w/ Larkin or could do Kyle Anderson paired with Deng or Evan Turner?
Evan Turner is a player the Knicks should pursue. Phil Jackson likes big guards. He can run the point.
Evan Turner (14 pts, 10 rebs, 4 asts, 3 stls) notches his second dbl-dbl of the season and the Celtics down NY 97-89
I thought DeMar looked liked Evan Turner but Jeff Teague probably does look like Turner
According to the WaPo, these players are similar to LMA: Ryan Anderson, Evan Turner, Jeff Green. Yeah, right...
Aaron Gordon just put Evan Turner in the hoop. This pleases me.
The postmen: Evan Turner and are delive...
>> The postmen: Evan Turner and Marcus Smart are delivering on the block
Postmen: Evan Turner and Marcus Smart are delivering in the post
Still can't believe Cousins went 5th in 2010. Evan Turner, Derrick Favors, and Wesley Johnson being drafted over him was incredibly stupid
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