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Evan Longoria

Evan Michael Longoria (born October 7, 1985) is a Major League Baseball third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays.

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.Evan Longoria left a serious message for his teammates
SEE IT: Evan Longoria orders Rays teammates to whisper to avoid ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers
Rays' Evan Longoria writes super-serious warning about 'Game of Thrones' spoilers in clubhouse…
Rays' Evan Longoria: "We have all the belief in the world in here"
Evan Longoria won't allow 'Game of Thrones' spoilers in clubhouse 😂
Rays’ Evan Longoria doesn’t want to hear any Game of Thrones spoilers
Evan Longoria is very much not here for you trying to spoil on him
Pretend you have Evan Longoria, and I have Josh Donaldson. Would you accept Donaldson for Longoria straight up? No bias
Evan Longoria wrote a plea in Rays' locker room hoping to avoid 'Game of Thrones' spoilers
Evan Longoria has a 'no GOT spoilers' message for his teammates
Evan Longoria is like so many Thrones fans on Mondays
Souza, Longo homer as Odorizzi stymies A's - Home runs by Steven Souza Jr. and Evan Longoria helped the Rays se...
Evan Longoria homers (14) to left off Daniel Gossett. . TB 3 @ OAK 1; Top 5
Evan Longoria just hit a HOME RUN off Daniel Gossett!.
2B Daniel Murphy, 1B Ryan Zimmerman, 3B Evan Longoria, DH Hanley Ramirez, C J.T. Realmuto, & OF Jason Heyward are all out of today's lineups
Chris Taylor has as many career grand slams as Robin Yount and Evan Longoria. More than George Brett, Jackie Robinson, and Derek Jeter.
May 25, AB 2: Mike Trout grounds out, third baseman Evan Longoria to first baseman Logan Morrison.
Evan Longoria's winning RBI single caps four-hit day in Rays' win over
Corey Dickerson and Evan Longoria best 2/3 combo in the MLB
Evan Longoria out on a sacrifice fly to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. Corey Dickerson scores.
That is a tremendously smart play by Evan Longoria, realizing Jones wasn't running that ball out.
Bad baseball by JaCoby Jones. . Great stuff from Evan Longoria.
Steven Souza Jr. walks. Evan Longoria to 3rd. Brad Miller to 2nd.
First homerun of the 2017 season belongs to Evan Longoria 👀🔥.
First homer of the MLB season: Evan Longoria
First run of '17: Chris Dickerson, bot 1, off sac fly by Evan Longoria (conversely, Long gets first RBI of '17).
Look up Evan Longoria v Chris Tillman. Evo has owned him over the years.
Jordan Montgomery strikes out Evan Longoria again -- this time with a nifty 3-2 changeup
Yankees were very curious to see Jordan Montgomery today. Striking out Evan Longoria in the 1st inning won't hurt his chance…
I'll see your Jon Singleton extension and raise you an Evan Longoria extension
Evan Longoria is 'upset' that the Rays traded Logan Forsythe | FOX Sports
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Evan Longoria is ‘upset’ that the Rays traded Logan Forsythe.
MLB: Evan Longoria "surprised and upset" with Rays' trade of 2B Logan Forsythe to Dodgers on Monday - Tampa Bay Times (ESPN) …
Evan Longoria isn't happy the traded Logan Forsythe to the
Last year, Aaron Hill was the 6th highest paid third baseman in the big leagues. He made $100k less than Evan Longoria. Let that sink in...
Evan Longoria doesn't have an expiring contract, unlike Frazier
When Evan Longoria walks into the building you are training in for the off season, you know your in the right place.
This week we have 3B Subscribe on or
"with the third overall pick of the draft, the Devil Rays select Evan Longoria". "Alright pack it up boys we're done here"
I know the meme is that the Rockies drafted Greg Reynolds over Evan Longoria but if you look a little farther down.…
It used to be Sean Rodriguez, Chris Archer, and David Price, but now it's just Evan Longoria.
Jay Bruce now has 241 career home runs, tying him with Chris Davis, Evan Longoria, Jesse Barfield and Rick Monday for 238th all-time.
On this date in 2011, Evan Longoria's walk-off HR caps an amazing comeback and clinches the AL wild card for the Rays on…
Evan Longoria has flied to right 3 times tonight. He’s now 1 for 21 vs. Chris Sale.
Aaron Hill grounds into a double play, third baseman Evan Longoria to second baseman Logan Forsythe to first baseman Brad Miller. Jackie B
Nick Franklin, Tim Beckham, Brad Miller, Evan Longoria & Matt Duffy all are/were SSs at some point in their baseball lives
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I'd love to see Evan Longoria, Bryce Harper, Elvis Andrus & Robinson Cano in Yankee Jerseys.
Since we now have Duffy send Evan Longoria to the benchwarmers for Gus Bus
Evan Longoria now with a 3-hit day after a single to chase Coleman in the 5th.
Ay Vin Scully just gave a shout out to St. Raymond's and St. John Bosco when talking about Evan Longoria
First inning RBI for Evan Longoria for a 3rd straight day. His 2B scores Brandon Guyer and makes it 1-0
Evan Longoria doubles home Brandon Guyer to give the Rays the early 1-0 lead. DLR not exactly sharp early.
[Saint Peters Blog] No All-Star game for Rays’ third baseman Evan Longoria, fifth in the voting
Wonder with David Wright's future in doubt would the Mets take a look at Evan Longoria??
Evan Longoria is everything I always wanted David Wright to be...
Alderson should reach about Evan Longoria. 6 yrs/$94M left on his deal. Takes him to age 36. Really good contract. (assuming Wright is done)
It's time to move on from the David Wright era, and let the Evan Longoria one begin.
Twins can't match Rays' bats in loss: Hank Conger, Steven Souza Jr., Evan Longoria and Logan Morrison homered...
Leaderboard: Most HR all-time by a player with fewer than 10 career seasons:. 1. Jay Bruce, 216. 2. Chris Davis, 213. 3. Evan Longoria, 213
@ B3-2o: Josh Donaldson grounds out, 3B Evan Longoria to 1B Steve Pearce.
In 2008, the Rays survived having Carlos Pena, Evan Longoria, and Carl Crawford on the DL. This team isn't quite as good as that one, but...
What do Brandon Phillips, Josh Hamilton, Clayton Kershaw, David Wright, Evan Longoria and Tony Oliva have in common? h…
From earlier today audio from Evan Longoria, Jake Odorizzi, Hank Conger, Kevin Cash at:
Evan Longoria hits his 210th career HR tying Roberto Alomar,Brady Anderson,Chris Davis,Rico Petrocelli and Wally Post for 294th all time.
Poster on Rotoworld already has Jose Altuve in the HOF. Guessing he had Evan Longoria as a lock in 2009, too.
Evan Longoria starts the ninth with a single. Brandon Guyer makes his first appearance this series to bat for Corey Dickerson.
Evan Longoria hits his 208th career HR,tying Chris Davis,Phil Nevin,Jason Thompson and Devon White for 298th all time.
Evan Longoria flies out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
Dammit, now I have to answer the question. The Mt. Rushmore of Tampa Bay Sports: . Derrick Brooks. Warren Sapp. Evan Longoria. Vinny Lecavalier
Value picks include Evan Longoria, Jon Jay, Danny Valencia. As for value in pitching, Aaron Sanchez has wipe out stuff and is super cheap.
Players the passed up on for Luke Hochevar: Evan Longoria, Andrew Miller, Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer.
"Rays have the highest payroll in the league (excluding every player other than Evan Longoria)"
Player(s) of the game. Marcus Stroman, TULO, Osuna & EE!. Player(s) of the game. Evan Longoria.
Random thought, Logan Forsythe, Logan Morris, & Evan Longoria is pretty weird. Two Logan's in a row is odd enough nvm the Longoria after..
Evan Longoria is the raddest swing band lead singer.
The cadaver formally known as Evan Longoria looks old.
@ B8-3o: Evan Longoria strikes out swinging.
And Evan Longoria has the same walkup song as he did in 2010
Evan Longoria has the BEST walk up music in baseball.
@ B5-3o: Evan Longoria flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
During an episode of Evan Longoria once labeled Miguel Gonzalez as one of the toughest SP's to hit.
Evan Longoria's batting average against must be close to 800 over the last few years.
Buck Martinez utters the most Buck Martinez-esque phrase you'll ever hear: "The Great Evan Longoria"
@ B3-2o: Corey Dickerson reaches on a fielding error by 2B Ryan Goins. Evan Longoria to 2nd.
I have to admit, whenever they play the rays, I hear "Eva Longoria" (instead of Evan) and that always amuses me.
Evan Longoria with the classic walk up, Down and Out😂😂
First runs of the year for the come from Evan Longoria. RBI Single to right. Logan Forsythe scores. lead cut to 2-1 in Bot 3
Just love watching Evan Longoria hit. So easy on the eye.
first run of the season driven in by who else but Evan Longoria.
Watching the opener. Thought I overheard something about Eva Longoria, but it was Evan Longoria of the Rays.
Evan Longoria is my all time favorite Ray. Since he got to the league he's been a monster
Evan Longoria with a base hit to RF allowing Conger to score, Rays on the board, 2-1 Toronto
Of course it had to be Evan Longoria.
If you didn't know if already, Evan Longoria is pretty good at baseball. He also uses some of the best walkup tunes in the game
Evan longoria is looking like him old self
RAYS ARE ON THE BOARD! RBI single for Evan Longoria and it's now 2-1 Toronto.
I have so much respect for Evan Longoria he's such a great player
God *** Evan Longoria drives in the rays first run
Evan Longoria is off to a great start
Evan Longoria gets an RBI single in the bottom of the 3rd inning to make it 2-1 Toronto.
Evan Longoria singles home Logan Forsythe. The have their first run of the season, trail the 2-1, B3.
Rays on the board as Evan Longoria singles in Hank Conger from second. 2–1 Jays in the third.
In his first AB of 2016 - Evan Longoria keeps it just inside the 1B line and into the corner for a 2-out double!.
Long beach adopted Evan Longoria, but if he has another bad season..Downey can have him back lmao
Evan Longoria with a double for the first hit of the Rays season👌
Evan Longoria would look really good in an uniform.
Evan Longoria w/ first hit of season. Tune in to Opening Day action now...
Evan Longoria: Simultaneously the oldest 30-year-old in baseball and the youngest 30-year-old in baseball.
Marcus Stroman throws 10 pitches in first, strands two-out Evan Longoria 2B thanks to diving play at 1B by Chris Colabello.
Anthony Rendon at 68, Craig Kimbrel at 77 and a pained Evan Longoria reach at 92 because 3B was totally depleted.
@ T3-3o: Junior Lake grounds into a double play, 3B Evan Longoria to 1B Logan Morrison. Chris Colabello out at 3rd.
@ T2-2o: Derrick Chung grounds out softly, 3B Evan Longoria to 1B Logan Morrison.
My mood swings faster than Evan Longoria
Evan Longoria picks up his first hit of the spring with a hard-hit ground ball up the middle.
Evan Longoria - Hands back, front knee inside front foot, slows but never stops. Curveball destroyed. htt…
Thus a trumped up reference to that there were 2 Evan Longoria's and that there are 2 Mike Matheny's
The Evian bottled water deal cost Anna Miskulin her apartment here which was paid for her by Evan Longoria then the deal went to Lance
I only like the Rays because Evan Longoria was that man.
happy belated birthday Evan Longoria!! Miss seeing you at the gym everyday. hope you had a good one
Train like Evan Longoria does by using the Contact Ball. Check it out here:
Sandoval soared high and far to his right to spear a sharp line drive off the bat of Evan Longoria. Big round of applause from JetBlue crowd
Kevin Kiermaier runs on the JoeKelly pitch to Evan Longoria in the first (it was fouled off).
Ironically, biggest Dead Weight on entire team is and has been Evan Longoria. No Hustle or leadership ...they picked on Escobar!
Evan Longoria could possibly be the biggest washout since Rocco Baldelli
Evan Longoria saved a reporters life with his AMAZING reflexes! (Vine by
Evan Longoria's on shirts, cases, stickers & more!
Evan Longoria is getting married?! Wasnt he one of the pro athletes that Deadspin posted *** picts of his on their site?
The Curious Case of Evan Longoria: a superstar with a bad rap who keeps improving
To see crash Wedding tasting, here's the
Murphy, Nats host Mets in first home spring training game
where is Evan Longoria when you need him?
Couple of overrated for you James Shields, Evan Longoria, Jeff Samardzija
Evan Longoria, of the Tampa Bay Ray's, small, humble starter-home. .
I'm a big Evan Longoria fan,put him in a lineup where he can't be pitched around and u have a yearly MVP candidate.
Familiarity Breeds Contempt: takes a Look at Evan Longoria & his draft value
I'm assuming he forgot about Nomar Garciaparra and Evan Longoria
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Is there an MLBPA phone book, so players can just randomly text each other? How does Corey Dickerson just get Evan Longoria's digits?
I played CF and 3B so I gotta go with my man Carlos Gomez(I even wore after him) and Evan Longoria.
What if I told you that Evan Longoria is only a three-time All-Star, and hasn't made it since 2010?
This may lead to the following top of the lineup for the Brad Miller. Corey Dickerson. Evan Longoria. Logan Forsythe. Steve Souza
Come hang w/ & I as we let him join our Wedding tasting in the series
Evan Longoria was an All-Star at 2B for Chatham in 2005. Chris Coghlan played 3B. Todd Frazier at SS.
Evan Longoria is the man because 1. Dingers. 2. Muscle cars. 3. Playboy bunny wife
Evan Longoria+ the Brooklyn/New York market with their SPs, they could be competitive very quick& draw in a…
so Evan Longoria and Chris Archer for Bryce Harper couldn't happen? Is this what you're telling me? I think it could work!!
Chris Archer, Jake McGee, and Evan Longoria for the prospects we just acquired. Make it happen!!!
David Ortiz is not happy that David Price went unpunished for hitting Big Papi with a pitch. » htt…
A pitcher was suspended for his role in Friday's skirmish, but was not.
Joe Mauer and Evan Longoria waste of big *** contracts
For give back Tuesday the should trade Rodon and Laroche to the for Evan Longoria and a minor leaguer
Troy Tulowitzki was also NL runner-up in 2007. Two have won Rookie of the Year: Bobby Crosby (2004), Evan Longori…
I think it fits quite nicely between NYT best selling author and "interviewer of high caliber athletes; Evan Longoria"
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 2008 Upper Deck X Evan Longoria (RC)
Could/should the Angels be interested in trading for Evan Longoria? Depends on what they'd have to give up!
What if the Pirates went out and tried to make a move for Evan Longoria, no really.
Evan Longoria saves reporters life with his SUPERHUMAN reflexes! (Vine by
Evan Longoria's 2012 extension and more are covered in This Date In Transactions History:
Evan Longoria See today's top ranked MLB Players or add your Favs
you guys need a Tulo or Evan Longoria case
Evan Longoria nabs a sweet Spanish in West Hollywood for $1.95-million:
Linda is sharing her eye doctor with the little old lady really is Russell Martin here thinking she'd be tying Mike Matheny as Evan Longoria Fielding error by LF Rajai Davis. Kevin Kiermaier scores. Nick Franklin to 3rd. Daniel Nava to 2nd. Evan Longoria to 1st. [2/2]
Remember when Evan Longoria used to be in the All-Star game every year? Pepperidge farm remembers
With the Rays in free fall. Losers of 18 of last 23. I wonder if teams will ask about Evan Longoria??
Brett Gardner, in 7 less games, has more HRs and as many RBIs as Evan Longoria.
Longoria singles twice in loss to Royals - Evan Longoria (3B) Tampa Bay Rays
Rays have lost 11 of their last 12. How you feeling about that Evan Longoria?
Evan Longoria definite top 5 favorite players that aren't Royals. Almost impossible not to root for that guy.
Wonder what the market is for Evan Longoria.
Since start of 2014, Brett Gardner has a higher ISO than Adrian Beltre, Matt Holliday, and Evan Longoria.
Yo Mike check out Evan Longoria's 69 Camaro at the car shop next to our shop... new super charger in it
Recommendation by :Evan Longoria is now riding a seven...
What is going on? I guess I shouldn't be so surprised about an Evan Longoria clutch single, but what is happening in this game?
Score Update:. 9. 7. Evan Longoria drives in two runs for the Rays with a single to right field.
Evan Longoria drives in two and brings the tying run to the plate with one out.
It is now a two-run game. Evan Longoria's single makes it 9-7.
At least Evan Longoria has an RBI, restoring some tiny amount of my faith in the world. The recap of this game will be fun.
Score Update:. 9. 4. Evan Longoria singles to center field to bring home Rene Rivera
Evan Longoria just give us his batting gloves!
Evan Longoria knows what it means to be an All-Star as he congratulates his teammates.
Grady Sizemore goes deep off Cody Anderson (breaks up his perfect game) and then Evan Longoria keeps it going. Tying run on 2nd for
Evan Longoria's eighth-inning home run was calculated at 453 feet, the longest of his career.
Highest Jean Papa in LEVEL 00 no longer in existence ws her dad ws Evan Longoria
3B Evan Longoria (wrist) out for 2nd straight day today vs SEA. SS Asdrubal Cabrera (elbow) sitting.
We have our mandatory daily Buck Martinez mention of Evan Longoria.
i was just offered Lucas Duda and Evan Longoria for Lance Lynn. Am I crazy for loving this?
David DeJesus singles up the middle to bring home Evan Longoria and Logan Forsythe and knot things back up at 2.
The top projected 3B for today are: Evan Longoria, Josh Donaldson, Alex Rodriguez, and Todd Frazier.
Brian Sabean needs to go get Evan Longoria out of TB right now .
Active players with 4 or more years of 4+ WAR at a 3B:. Adrian Beltre. David Wright. Evan Longoria. Alex Rodriguez. Aramis Ramirez
Evan Longoria has the longest active consecutive game streak in the MLB at 251 games. . Cal Ripken Jr's record is 2632 games
Nothing like the crack of the bat. athlete Evan Longoria hits a solo home run in yesterday's opening game.
Evan Longoria's solo shot puts cuts into the lead a bit. It's 4-1 heading to the T8. Ernesto Frieri on to start the 8th for
That was Evan Longoria's third career home run, setting a new record. Was tired with Gerald Williams, Ben Zobrist with 2.
Found the perfect solution to missing Evan Longoria entirely on his fantasy list... Plug him in where Sully had Yu Darvish.
better combo Justin Upton and Josh Donaldson or George Springer and Evan Longoria? Can't decide. Same rounds.
better add Max Scherzer, James Shields or trade for Evan Longoria because they just became the third best team in the NL West.
list of who I want the Mariners to get in order . 1) Carlos Gonzalez . 2) Freddy Freeman . 3) Troy Tulowitzki . 4) Evan Longoria . 5) Cole Hamels
At Highest Level for Rose Gambino entering baseball after a deal gone wrong with Evan Longoria she became Yadier Molina but retained use of
I would be sad if the traded the Wil Myers or Evan Longoria.
I think Evan Longoria would be a good piece. But I don't know if the Rays would make him available. Or even David Wright b
must be Gattis and JUp for Evan Longoria or David Wright
Managerial candidate Raul Ibanez is a year removed from hitting 29 homers for the 2013 Mariners. Evan Longoria led the 2014 with 22.
Trevor Plouffe had a better wOBA than Pablo Sandoval, Evan Longoria and David Wright
Evan Longoria is part of the Joe Maddon package right?
Tampa Bay Rays notes Evan Longoria interested in connecting with ...
It's so quiet at Tropicana Field tonight, that I actually heard Pat Tabler dreaming of Evan Longoria's soft hands.
Nolan Reimold gaffe on flyball costly in Blue Jays loss: Evan Longoria drove in two runs, including the winner in...
Josh Reddick was a little slow to get up after diving for that Evan Longoria pop fly single, but seems to be OK.
Evan Longoria two-out, two-run Home Run (13) to left scored Brandon Guyer. Sean Rodriguez due up.
Evan Longoria and David Price are such a cute douchy couple
Apparently the Cardinals are looking at getting David Price and Evan Longoria. That would be huge.
Guess what Shaquille O'Neal, former professional Bsketball player, ,Evan Longoria, third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays, and Kevin Garnett, forward for the Boston Celtics have in common?
Kevin Kiermaier two-out, Grand Slam (8) to right scored Evan Longoria, James Loney and Jose Molina. Desmond Jennings due up.
From the first hour, the guys got into a pretty good critique of Evan Longoria's sub-standard year. LISTEN:
Evan Longoria tags on a deep fly ball from James Loney. Sean Rodriguez up.
mass of clubs bunched together around the .500 mark in the American League this year means that even 40 percent of the season schedule is not nearly enough to draw many meaningful conclusions out of what we've seen so far. The Tampa Bay Rays, though, are an exception. Saddled with a 24-42 record, the Rays are 15 games back in the AL East, 11 games (and nine teams) away from the second Wild Card, with a minus-55 run differential that is tied for the worst in the Majors. They give even the most optimistic of souls little reason to believe they're about to turn things around. And I should know: I was the optimistic soul who picked them to win the World Series. Oops. In my defense, that was before Matt Moore and Alex Cobb joined Jeremy Hellickson on the disabled list, ravaging what looked to be an all-world rotation. That was before new closer Grant Balfourposted a 6.46 ERA and got ousted from the role. That was before Evan Longoria and Wil Myersgot off to sluggish starts, and before Myers and his ominous .66 ...
Was reading an article saying Evan longoria was leaning in fans to support him for AS votes, I voted for him but honestly his numbers.
I hope Evan Longoria's Spider Sense helps finally sell that jersey of his I have on eBay.
Evan Longoria is a baseball superstar, and a bit of a hero, too. Watch as the third baseman, while giving an interview, has the quick reflexes to catch a ball before it strikes a reporter. She is simply stunned by the situation.
If I see one more person post that fake Evan Longoria video, thinking it's real... Get it together, people.
It's been established that the Evan Longoria video is a viral ad for Gilette, right? Notice he's clean shaven & only ads in park are Gilette
Proof Longoria is the best! Evan Longoria Catches a ball during interview via
Check out hand eye coordination as Evan Longoria saves interviewing reporter from getting blasted by baseball --
Is that Evan Longoria catch for real?!?
Aside from Evan Longoria's amazing catch, why was I waiting on Eva Longoria to make an appearance? smdh
Evan Longoria better not sit either of these next two games.
You don't see it?Aww I just feel like he thinks he's an Evan Longoria and he isn't!I just hate that absent look he's alwaysgot
If you haven't seen this vid of Evan Longoria saving a reporter from a whack on the head it is a must-view
. 1. Evan Longoria . 2. Brad Miller and James Jones . 3. 3rd and 9th . 4. Elías, Medina and Beimel. 5. Astro.
That Evan longoria one is fake... This one, is not
Evan Longoria is on pace for just 65 RBI's this season...but don't forget Molina is the real problem
Can someone tell me why the fake Evan Longoria saving a reporters life video is making the rounds again 2-years after it 1st came out?
Great bare handed catch by Evan Longoria.
I'm gonna get a Navy blue rays jersey for when I go to tampa. The question I want an Evan Longoria one or Wil Myers?
Things Going Viral This Week: Rue McClanahan's death and Evan Longoria's quick reflexes..She's been dead and that bare hand catch is a fake.
If this is real Evan Longoria is the boss of all bosses
Is that Evan longoria bare handed catch real lol ?
So bad that best player, Evan Longoria, is relegated to signing autographs in exchange for All Star votes.
Evan Longoria saves a reporter with a bare hand catch - is this real or CG?
Evan Longoria needs to become the player he use to be
Erasmo strikes out Evan Longoria ... it feels odd typing that.
Lolololol Evan longoria didn't like that call
How can people think that Evan Longoria catching the foul ball video is real?
Can't get enough of Evan Longoria's catch in this video! I'd be left speechless too.
Way cooler than that fake Evan Longoria catch going around.
Check this out for a SERIOUS catch-Evan Longoria saves reporter with bare hand catch. [VIDEO] via
James Jones singles on a ground ball to third baseman Evan Longoria. One out.
That Evan Longoria video? It's fake, and old. But might still want the to trade for him.
Evan Longoria found his way to the Majors through Rio Hondo dugouts. Where will Rio Hondo baseball take you?
Evan Longoria and Ben Zobrist of the Rays both homered on 3-1 counts last night.
I can hardly believe our baby puppy Finn is going to be 18 weeks old today already. Some MLB news Tuesday: Boston Red Sox pitcher Brandon Workman was suspended 6 games for throwing a pitch behind Evan Longoria near the head area during the Red Sox 3-2 win last Friday against the Rays. Workman has appealed the suspension and will make his scheduled start Wednesday night in Cleveland. Rays starting pitcher David Price hit 2 batters during last Fridays game and was not ejected nor given any suspension. Rays really got off scott free on that one. Los Angeles Angels left fielder Josh Hamilton made his return off the disabled list Tuesday night. Hamilton has been out since April 9th due to a torn ligament in his left thumb. Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout left the game after the first inning due to back discomfort. Trout missed the last two games due to back stiffness and then returned to the Angels starting lineup Tuesday night. Trout called it "mid-back discomfort." He will be checked out by a do ...
HEY ATHLETICS FANS!! HOW ABOUT SHOWING OUR BELOVED His DUE RESPECT...AND CAST YOUR VOTES THIS SEASON! ★★AL THIRD BASE★★ 1. Josh Donaldson, A's: 464,367 2. Evan Longoria, Rays: 407,724 3. Adrian Beltre, Rangers: 281,460 4. Manny MacHado, Orioles: 263,029 5. Nick Castellanos, Tigers: 157,768 LAST YEAR, rightfully felt SNUBBED. JOSH was having a BREAKOUT SEASON, up against an overly flooded 3rd Base pool. Well- his stats don't lie, & although the "HOT CORNER" field is still chock full of great talent- DONALDSON's worth has been proven again & again. His GOLD GLOVE caliber fielding & throwing, in conjunction w/his incredible circus-like acrobatic body hurling, repeatedly robs batters of extra bases, RBI's & certain victory. And His offense? Well- if you don't know by's time to do some research. His vast skill-set puts him among the tops in multi-offensive categories, including: HR, RBI, SLUG%, OBP, Extra base hits, on & on. He has the uncanny ability to place the ball where it's needed to ext ...
Can the make a hologram of 2012 David Price and Evan Longoria??
If only my aunt said yes when Evan Longoria asked her out.
NEW YORK -- Wil Myers hit an inside-the-park homer, his latest big hit against the New York Yankees, and drove in four runs as the Tampa Bay Rays battered an ineffective CC Sabathia in a 5-1 victory Sunday. Erik Bedard earned his first win as a starter since last June, and Evan Longoria had an early RBI double to help the Rays finish 5-5 on a trying trip that included a doubleheader sweep Thursday in Boston and a 14-inning win Friday night at Yankee Stadium. Myers knocked in three runs with his homer off the top of the center-field fence and then chased Sabathia with a ringing RBI double in the fourth. The struggling Sabathia (3-4) gave up 10 hits and five runs in 3 2/3 innings, his shortest start since lasting 2 2/3 innings on Oct. 2, 2009, at Tampa Bay. He was late covering first on a potential double play in the fourth and heard some boos from the crowd of 41,122 during an outing that raised his ERA to 5.75. Peyton Manning and his brother, Eli, showed up to watch buddy Derek Jeter play one last time du ...
Evan Longoria singles in a run and the Rays lead 5-4. The Yankees will try and score more off of Joel Peralta.
Estate Sales win! Audie Murphey's "To *** and Back first edition, 2 Ernest Hemingway books, an Evan Longoria bobblehead and, Scarface special edition all for $11.50
I found ROGER FEDERER tennis pro who is now CHRIS YOUNG Dbacks A's who was promised the Gaglio Caglio house before & after LaPuma left & then returned & only Mario left to join forces with Joe Kelly. He along with ADAM YOUNG (no relations) of OWL CITY were given the house & then the parody started with Bryce Harper & Jayson Werth joining Evan Longoria in the Kuulermos Miskulin house to keep them out. That's all no deal just keep them out.
• Prince Fielder, David Wright, Paul Konerko, Jose Bautista, Evan Longoria, Robinson Cano, Adrian Gonzalez, Adrian Beltre and Ryan Braun have never had a 10-homer, 32-RBI month in any month of their careers. Jose Abreu just did that -- in his first month in the big leagues.
Tim Coleman knows the secret. Flush it! Move on! “Why does Evan Longoria keep a miniature toilet in the dugout?
Batter Up Wednesday Toronto outfielder Jose Bautista is 6-for-20 with two homers against Orioles starter Chris Tillman. Royals outfielder Alex Gordon is batting .353 with a homer and five RBIs in 34 at-bats versus J. Masterson. Rays third baseman Evan Longoria is 3-for-6 with a home run in his career versus M. Pelfrey. Yankees outfielder Alfonso Soriano is a .195 hitter with nine strikeouts in 41 at-bats against Lackey. Reds outfielder Jay Bruce is 7-for-21 with two home runs in his career against C. Morton. Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera is 1-for-12 with six strikeouts against K. Lohse. Phillies outfielder Marlon Byrd has just three hits in 20 career at-bats versus Z. Greinke. Angels outfielder Mike Trout is 0-for-9 with six strikeouts lifetime against G. Gonzalez.
Since 2008 Evan Longoria has 26 HR vs NYY, more over same span than Jose Bautista (19) and David Ortiz (15). Hit 9 last year alone.
At least Eric Chavez will have more fantasy points than Evan Longoria today. I’ll take it.
welp, my streak ended just shy of double digits thanks to an 0-for from Longoria this afternoon. Thanks, Evan.
This was fake js“Evan Longoria saving a reporters life.
Prediction of Rays season: Evan and Eva Longoria meet, fall in love. They name first child Evelyn
As the Rays prepare for their first home stand against the Yankees this season, All Star third baseman Evan Longoria will once again be swinging for the puppies. For the third season, Longo has promised that every home run he hits will benefit the Pet Pal Animal Shelter, a no-kill, nonprofit shelter...
Adam Jones takes advantage of Evan Longoria playing deep at 3B, bunts down the line for a hit to load bases w/ no outs.
Evan Longoria made a kid cry today. The kid told him he sucked because he wouldn't sign it on the sweet spot.
Evan Longoria sees a potential RBI double go just foul down the LF line, then grounds out to strand Joyce at 2B.
I feel like all Ranger's fans owe Evan Longoria lunch after hitting that comebacker that put Joe on the DL.
Want to chat with Evan Longoria? Join Lunchtime Live, an exclusive video chat for. subscribers:
Hope George Springer is the Astros Evan Longoria or a player that signifies the end of a rebuilding process and leader of team trying to win
Evan Longoria home runs will once again benefit animal shelter
A Mexican breakfast.but wish it was Evan longoria in my tortilla instead
if he doesn't bring us Andrew McCutchen or Evan Longoria I will be forever disappointed
“Evan Longoria saving a reporters life. so crazy..
“Evan Longoria saving a reporters life. Why is this so attractive to me? 😍😋
For every home run hits he'll donate money to an animal shelter. play Yankees this week: …
Evan Longoria saving a reporters life.
Evan Longoria saves reporter with bare hand catch Like Daily Vines for more vines
Recent new deals for RHP Chris Archer and SS Yunel Escobar are the latest moves in the Rays' ongoing efforts to keep their run of success going by keeping their team together. By building with young players not yet close to free agency, signing select players to long-term extensions and signing some veterans to multiyear contracts, the Rays have positioned themselves to maintain their core group for an extended period. Twenty-one of the 29 players on the active roster and disabled list for Saturday's game are under team control though at least the 2016 season. Five key guys — Archer, Evan Longoria, Matt Moore, Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi — are controlled through at least 2019.In doing so, the Rays, despite some financial risks, clearly see considerable benefit.Some is obvious on the field, as they have a lot of good players they can keep."We really like the core group of players we have together on an individual basis, and also feel like they complement each other really well," executive VP Andrew Friedm ...
Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays, Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves and Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants will join country music...
Monday April 21ist at Jasckson's with The Soul Circus Cowboys...The Ray's Evan Longoria will be attending.It's for a Great Cause!... I hope to see ya there! with Billy Mcknight, Corey Rena-Mcknight, Evan Longoria
Check out this video about Evan Longoria's mental emphasis. More and more elite athletes are opening up about what they're doing mentally...
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Want to trade as a lot looking for Evan Longoria or current Rangers
Just announced! Evan Longoria will be in the house auctioning off signed memorabilia, meet & greet, & 4 on field passes to a Rays regular season home game.
LHP Joe Saunders was forced to leave his debut after wearing an Evan Longoria line drive on the ankle.
Power Rankings to start the season: 2014 Power Rankings: March 31 Last Week: NR The Cardinals are ready and eager to defend their National League pennant as super sophomore whiff kids Shelby Miller and Michael Wacha follow in staff ace Adam Wainwright's footsteps. -- Matt Philip, Fungoes 2 Dodgers 2-1 -- Last Week: NR The Dodgers have the most volatility in terms of possible outcomes this year. Baseball Prospectus projects them for 99 wins, eight more than the next best squad. They have one of the better lineups and rotations in the NL, but the bench is sketchy, Yasiel Puig has been making news in the wrong ways and there are injury risks all over. Thankfully, the rest of NL West is lacking. -- Diane Firstman, Value Over Replacement Grit 3 Rays 0-0 -- Last Week: NR After an uncertain offseason, David Price remains at the top of the Rays' rotation. Evan Longoria and Wil Myers will lead the offense and new, old friend Grant Balfour was brought back to anchor the bullpen. Meanwhile, skipper Joe Maddon will t ...
Manny MacHado, Evan Longoria and Pablo Sandoval are my favorite 3rd baseman in the league... Great skill and attitude and good offense
KNOW YOUR ROCKIES' 40 MAN ROSTER IN 40 DAYS (alphabetically...leading up to the season opener on 3/31 in Miami). DAY 39: TULOWTIZKI, TROY Trevor 6'3"/215 DOB: 10/10/84 (29) Santa Clara, CA HOW ACQUIRED: Drafted in the 1st round (7th overall) of the 2005 amateur draft out of Cal-State Long Beach. NOTE - ***The only "dirt bag" from Long Beach State that has been selected higher than TULOWITZKI is Evan Longoria; (3rd overall by the Tampa Bay Rays in 2006). POSITION: Infielder Bats - Right Throws - Right The premier shortstop in the game, TULO has 3 all star appearances and owns 2 gold gloves in his 7 full years in the bigs. His 162 game average stats read like this: BA - .295 HITS - 179 RUNS - 101 HR - 29 RBI - 103 In 2013, TULOWITZKI appeared in 126 games. He was 1 of 7 players in all of baseball to hit at least .300, AND have at least 25 doubles and 25 homers. The others (...all of whom played in at least 11 more games that TULO) are... Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera Robinson Cano Paul Goldschmidt Adrian B ...
Evan Longoria just hit one a country mile over everything in left on Chris Capuano's first pitch in 4th.
Thanks. I'll be rooting for your Rays to go to the playoffs because I really like Wil Myers, Evan Longoria & Chris Archer.
Today's draft pick blast from the past - Its 2006 and new GM for the Tampa Devil Rays, Andrew Friedman, has the 3rd overall pick. The Devil Rays decide they want a college 3rd baseman from Long Beach State, Evan Longoria. He is born in Downey California and plays his high school sports for the Braves of St. John Bosco high school in Bellflower California. He 1st plays at Hondo Community College, before he plays in Long State Beach. He gets a 3 million signing bonus and 2 years later in 2008, he would be the American League Rookie of the year
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