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Evan Crawford

Evan Crawford is a New Zealand former rugby union player and a current coach.

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With the exception of Evan Longoria (so far), the eventually part ways with all their best players:
So the towel I got at the gym today smelled like donuts. When I walked out, it smelled like some mac n cheese. Cravings or hallucinations?
The story of this season is the bullpen. It started with Dyson's implosion and spiraled from there.
Vote for my bro Jonah for Freshman Senator.
I want to be your voice! for Class Senator! I'm here to listen to your needs and to help anyway possible!
.makes his Citizens Bank Park debut tonight in our series opener against the Marlins.
"As long as I'm in the lineup everyday, I don't care where I play." - on
In need of a model this week for a photo assignment. Message if interested.
This touches on another interesting question. Some coaches are great at underdogs, and elite teams. Is Stevens?
Great work from my colleague Evan Crawford.
The only thing given up is trying to shut down the government every few months.
Whether or not that's true (and it's debatable) it has nothing to do with the debt limit, which is just a way…
2yrs ago today, Scores 63, hits crazy game-winner In front of Kobe | VIDEO
Meet Thomas Crawford. At 6 foot 3 and 270 pounds the Trinity senior is a competitive lifter.
JP Crawford is FINALLY red hot in the minors. Is he nearing call up? Mickey Moniak is off to a hot start too:
All-Star Addison Russel hitting .237 on the year. While Brandon Crawford sits at home. Well done, Cubs fans.
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say what you will about Evan Gattis but there's nothing more macho than that guy parking a ball in the crawf…
I've moved! My column is now on Tuesdays in - kicking off today with the great wines of : http…
bro just read my tl for last 7 hrs lol I want batum ,Evan turner & a d.Lee or j.Crawford along with d.blatt or Vogel as coach
In 2008, the Rays survived having Carlos Pena, Evan Longoria, and Carl Crawford on the DL. This team isn't quite as good as that one, but...
so maybe ZaZa, Biyombo, or Mozgov along with Crawford, Bazemore, Clarkson, or Evan Turner
I would walk through 8492348 miles of broken glass just to hear Evan and Willow breathe.
Thinking about Evan and Willow gives me butterflies. They make me nervous because they are the most beautiful people I've ever met.
Brooks Crawford (2-0, 2.56 ERA) gets the start for the Tigers tonight. Evan Sisk (0-1, 9.82) on the bump for the Cougars.
A bit of NHL news while awaiting CAN/BLR in St Petersburg. Expect Marc Crawford to be named Guy Boucher's associate coach…
Congratulations to Casey Crawford and James Faulkner for being selected to the MABC Mid-Atlantic and Battle of the cou…
Third quarter goals by Mark Howland, Evan Crawford and Connor Brechbill push Warwick's lead to 8-2.
director of player development Joe Jordan says JP Crawford and Roman Quinn will begin the season at Reading
quick > crawford. 10 other goalies > crawford. luck? How about the luck of crawford's cups he has been handed 😂
ET as 6th Man of the Year? "Crawford is the establishment candidate ... but Evan Turner has been the more versatile player."
Jamal Crawford on Isaiah: "I actually told him that this was possible last year ... Like, ‘Everything you do is exactly what…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Evan Turner or Jamal Crawford for 6th Man of the Year? has the answer coming up Pregame Live
Crawford? I'd take a handful of guys over him, including Evan Turner
I thought summer was supposed to be better than school? Apparently not...
Let no one come in between the 2 of you. Therefore what God has joined together let no man separate. -Mark 10:9
The only way we'll forever hold our peace with John Smedley is if he travels to Krasnodar and bows down to zeekill.
Don’t start an argument with a girl because they all have 63022184 GB memories and will bring up something you did at 7…
Congrats to our Byron Nelson 9/10 stars of the week Collin Crawford, Evan Green, and Noah Balduc!
Evan Gattis hit this pitch for a HR yesterday, highest pitch hit for a home run this season (4.38 feet above ground) htt…
LOL EXACTLY WHAT I DID and my sc story lmao
literally sitting in bed with 50 Oreos 😂
LOL SAME id @ em but i aint tryna die, maybe after i eat this food then ya
"Cheyenne just ate pudding but she's still hungry" exert from 'The Very Hungry Cheyenne' author: illustrator:
did it a ready i Evan sent a picture to Crawford
I want a petition to have Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Evan Peters in a movie together. 🙏
resign Evan Crawford and Sergio Perez! Also good luck in Taiwan
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Pleased to welcome back RHP Sergio Perez and OF Evan Crawford to the
it's a restoration project. Brad Stevens is pretty good at that. Ex: Crawford, Evan Turner. But we'll see lmao.
I don't play this game for just anyone, but I do play for Evan Crawford.
“WeeklyChris Crawford Collins okay I'm done godnight you're my buttass
😒😒😒😒 stop talking about my future husband Tyler Evan Crawford. Asap is life 😒
Evan Crawford, good luck on your first truly real teaching kids day!
So we lost David Cooper because AA couldn't stand to lose Evan Crawford or Clint Robinson to waivers. Great job.
It was really cool hanging out with Evan Crawford's friends. We spend so much time hanging with my friends and the football family it is nice to see where Evan came from. Jason Pupek thanks for hosting us for the night. I hope some of the Northern Indiana friends get to come down to Indy and have some time down here.
Last year, was I the only one who got worried when Anthony Gose said Evan Crawford had "the best stuff" in the Blue Jays farm system?
Evan Crawford has pitched to a 5.28 ERA down in New Hampshire with a WHIP of 1.435...
Evan Crawford always has a smile on his face. cold day in Clearwater
Thanks Paul! Which Crawford and which team's 40-man are you talking about? Evan and Carl are bolded.
Marcus Knecht is on the 40 man roster and has Evan Crawford's number 46 intriguing..
Evan Longoria and Ben Zobrist each have shot to take over the all time club career WAR record from Carl Crawford this season.
Why isn't Evan Crawford on the second team? He's more than deserving of a spot on it.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Coach Crawford with the Matt Iacone '93 Heavyweight Hammer Award, Evan Price '04 Lightweight Hammer Award and the...
Somehow its become a universal law that any basketball player named Crawford has to be a gunner off the bench.
Thanks for following. Healthcare is late in understanding leveraging location-independence--your opening for edu & leads!
Thanks for finally having a sane individual on (Scott). I could actually sense my IQ declining with all those nuts.
don't worry about sharia law and the lgbt community. Their hygeine is so bad we'll take care of them. And their breath! Ugh!
and without kevin bacon! Best box office in NYC for 1 or 2 months. & the movie sequel just left town! Morale: get dancin
Blackhawks- Crawford's probably got nightmares of being in the west crease when Parise is up in the shootout. deke-leglift-deke-own.
Let's create a Cong junket to the earth's edge. Religous nuts would go to prove it's there, and TP's would go to find new things to shoot at
make a great point, but how can you choose? Repubs' mistakes are like popcorn -- they can't make just one!
I'm with you David. Although, park your car in Tiajuana and it'll fly fast enough (I live closer to the border).
I agree fully! Although, I'll be more forgiving if it turns out the HB not only confers mass but also changes water into wine.
Kudos to CERN! Now I realize I'm not overweight, I just have a few too many Higgs onboard.
Just wanted to say that is a great name for a company!!!
A.J. Jimenez and Evan Crawford were both assigned to the roster from big league spring training.
He's the number 5 starter. Were you worried about Evan Crawford last year?
Just had dinner with three of my best friends, almost all the Great Wall of (just missing my guard!!!) and my sweet lil man plus poor out numbered Evan Crawford who was a grand chap and sport. Miss my girls!!!
BASKETBALL: Evan Crawford drops triple-double to pace in playoff win over San Dimas:
St. Francis' Evan Crawford after 61-38 win over San Dimas
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That's leaving things awfully thin in the bullpen for my taste. Spare me from Evan Crawford.
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The reason the tubby old pasty white guy coalitition (Repub + TeaParty) is so against Hegel is that Chuck did apologize to *** people.
This kid is probably the best human being on the planet.
I will be riding a bull in the upcoming rodeo on the 12th of Jan. If I die please make sure my car goes to Jacob Field Marshal Cass. Please ensure that my PS3 and tv goes to Drunkenn Edditor. Give my computers to Kevin and divide whatever cash remains between: Kate, Ange, Evan, Linda, John and Tess. Anything you want from the rest of my stuff in case of my death during the bull ride?
In the ER with Evan more stitches you have to love boys. The plastic surgeon is making out great with my kids.
Coldnoon: Travel Poetics - From the Cover Page - Coldnoon envisions travel not as flux but instead as gaps in traveling itself. “Coldnoon” means a shadowed instant in time when the inertia of motion of images, thoughts and spectacles...
Mark Crawford and Evan Swinehard of Unreasonable Media produced this video for the Adventure Travel World Summit.
you mean Crawford?? The guy averaging double digits and scoring 20 more than any bench player this year
exactly. He'll lowball folks and there's a reason why the Clips haven't signed a free agent in their prime besides Brand/Crawford
Just got back on campus, meaning interwebs again :D I won't be online as much though. This semester, I'm ona do better, work out, study, practice my guitar (I got a brand new one for Christmas btw, Blue Gibson Maestro, great one). Let's hope it all works out for me this time. Good luck this semester guys, hope you seniors nd with a bang! (I tried to tag more peeps but it won't let m :P ) David Joseph Glaser Jayda Taylor Taylor MakinLovefaces Edwards Naomi Blk'Petal Wilkins Amanda Evans Amanda Blake Rhodus Evan Berg-Bierman Nadia Gatchalian Evan Griffin Daniel Dees
Evan, who is going to teach Crawford to play smart basketball? The answer is no one. He is not smart enough. I wish
Jamal Crawford not playing bc his foot hurts? Ohh ok won a championship with a bad knee and two Brocken fingers
Gotta thank Terri Crawford Ivey and Corey Crawford and Evan Ellis for giving andhelping get my mom a ride to CVS tomorrow to pick up her heart meds. Last time she went without them for a little over the week she had to go to the hospital. Love Yall. Thank God they put a Pharmacy in Menlo so she can transfer her meds there
People say age is just a number, so why does it matter that I'm 18 and my girlfriend is 3 months old? (Stolen from Suckerburg) Cameron Pike Eamon Robinson Evan Postblock III Alex Sheremet Brendan Dixon Jarrod Crawford Maddie Launais
So what yall are saying is that JR Smith is Sixth man of the year and most improved So far? -Blv3
Oh my gosh Evan Peters is such a babe!!
... Okay, you guys can watch American horror story but EVAN PETERS IS MINE!!
Lakers couldn't stop a backcourt of Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner, but we finna stop Cp3 and Jamal Crawford? Oh ok.
ask Calvin or Evan Crawford. He made a squatch noise on a blunt route in south ridge and got feedback!
This little monster woke us up this morning
Who is the best and worst player out of this group? (Current age & skill level) 1. Kevin Martin 2. Jamal Crawford 3. Paul George 4. Evan Turner 5. Richard Hamilton -JWall
That's a picture of Blue Jays pitcher Evan Crawford, isn't it?
Still not really sure why Evan Crawford's on the roster.
Kershaw, Greinke, Matt Kemp, Hanley Ramirez, A-Gon, Carl Crawford. Who in the NL is going to beat them ? Nobody
If anyone gets a text that says sent by "niksmiley16" on a texting app. It's Nick Crawford. I'm receiving them too
"Are you the Real Evan Crawford because for a second I thought you were the Fake one?"
"Yelling at Joe Crawford produces no positive results"
we trying to get that studio in atx but Evan isn't answering
Off yourself. Jamal Crawford violated Metta... Melo is the third best scorer in the league.
Also, D Nick Crawford is a healthy scratch for the Still hurt: Evan Rankin, Cody Hodgson and Rick Schofield.
First Jamal Crawford improved his shooting by practicing, now Evan improved by not athletes are sending mixed messages.
now we gotta worry about old people AND Evan now. ***
Niles Paul and Evan Royster worked as the kickoff returners all week, while Richard Crawford was returning punts.
Well guys... I can only say that this break has been... enlightening. I just want all my friends at BG to know that I appreciate you all: Chad Acord, Matthew Bickerton, Betty Murphy, Scott Wise, Denzel Coleman, Evan Crawford, Andrew James Baker, Vincent Vin-Ya Cat Gibbs, Adelia Johnson, Bailey Pickett, Tom Cyfe, Cole Olmstead, Kyle Reed, Rimas, and everybody else... I've discovered in the last few days just that I'm ready to let go of the past and build the future I want for myself. Just want to thank everyone for the role they have played in my life, however so small. Just get ready for the new and improved me. Thanks, guys.
Jamal Crawford is one if the smoothest ever.
did you see mines KD LeBron Melo Jamal Crawford Evan Turner and Jared Sully
Jr. RHP Evan Mitchell continues to shine. In fall action Sat., threw 33 pitches 93 or above, topped out at 97.
NBATV announcer just gave Crawford the nickname "The Crockpot" because "he's always hot".yeah, that's not gonna stick..
Clippers are the team to beat now that they have Crawford. Dude is a beast
I've been saying this for a long time and I will keep saying this. Jamal Crawford has the best crossover in the game !
Update your maps at Navteq
acquire Dan Haren from in exchange for Evan Crawford.
Face off between Evan Crawford and Kris Medlen. The winner Evan Crawford
Best way to greet my adulthood and depart with my first stage of life: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon. This album was the soundtrack to my high school years. It has played through thick and thin. Some of my very best memories were with the help of Pink Floyd. John Morton, Jordan Bayless, Evan Crawford, Keith Caves - thank you for sharing possibly my fondest night of my teenage years with me. It isn't just a record in my heart - it symbolizes so much more. Nick J Pruss, Mallori Lindner, Marc Palmosina, Greg Wolowski, Tim Fitz, Brenna Fritz, Marena Jean Grondziowski, Sean Valentine - The single best year of my now 18 years here were thanks to you. I will always look back on Freshman year with happiness and love for the moments and experiences we had together. Kerry McCollum - I could write an entire paper just on our memories. I am sure that at this point to you it seems like it was simply young naive lust, but I will never, ever look back on them like that. Our age was irrelevant to the feelings and ex ...
Went to the zoo yesterday with Bill Haynes,Cody Evan Crawford, and the 2 grandkids Alaina and lil Chris! It was alot of fun. Love being with the kids!
Taking the NH Fisher Cats to Toronto express this season: Evan Crawford, Sam Dyson, Aaron Loup and now Chad Jenkins.
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At Crawford hoping to hit Race Classic with Evan
Mom: "so you don't want to play baseball next year?" Evan: "I don't think so, it's not my true passion."
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Crawford looks bad in a Boston jersey looked better as a ray
Or more likely, Bay will beast with the Sox again, and Crawford will find a way to somehow be even more awful.
They should just trade Crawford for Bay. They'll both continue to be terrible, but at least it's in different cities.
They are cursed man.Idk about all time but he sure *** *** .almost as bad as the signing of carl crawford
Evan Crawford is going to owe me & BIG TIME! Let the secret operation commence in T-Minus 3 hours.
announce they've called up OF Moises Sierra, sent down RHP Joel Carreno and LHP Evan Crawford.
I didn't even get to see Evan Crawford pitch recently :(
Moises Sierra called up from Vegas. Evan Crawford & Joel Carreno sent down. This is to make room for Steve Delabar.
At least a proven commodity compared to Evan Crawford and Joel Carreno.
Jays callup Moises Sierra and send Evan Crawford and Joel Carreno to AAA To make room for Steve Delabar.
Hearing Moises Sierra up, Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford down for Jays, clearing spot for Steve Delabar.
So happy for my beautiful friend, Ashley Sluder and her husband, Evan Crawford!
"There's sarcasm. Then there's you guys." -Evan Crawford.
demote Chad Beck to Las Vegas, will DL JPA tomorrow and recall Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford.
The Blue Jays option Chad Beck and place J-P Arencibia on the DL (broken hand). Toronto has recalled Evan Crawford and Joel Carreno.
Oh joy, just what we needed, Evan Crawford back up in the bigs...
Chad Beck has been sent down to Triple A. Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford have been promoted to the Jays.
Arencibia goes on the DL. Blue Jays call up Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford. Beck optioned to Vegas.
: Evan Crawford-P : The will call up pitcher Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford.
call up Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford - Arencibia goes to the disabled list, Beck optioned to Vegas.
option Chad Beck to Vegas, recall both LHP Evan Crawford and RHP Joel Carreno. JPA to DL.
So we had the four man bench for what? A week? Four days? Lost track. "JP's hurt! Bring up Evan Crawford!"
Yankees get the Pichardo brothers and Evan Crawford. Cubs get two hard throwing relievers in Rondon & Paullus, as well as 3B Miguel Andujar.
Crawford for Mike Trout. Beckett and Crawford for King Felix. Crawford and Pedro Ciriaco for Greinke and Braun
Isn't that the same guy who said that the Marlins would trade Bell and Ramirez for Crawford?
Local TV news STILL covering Carl Crawford episode. And they're still NOT covering racist, crooked BPD officer's union.
Me and evan always laughing. We don't meed weed alcohol to have a good time. We just need us. Ahah
Big waves.. The main reason I go to the beach @ New Smyrna Beach - Crawford St.
My 5 year old nephew [Evan] is amazing. He keeps us rolling with laughter.
Rumor Mill: Yankees and Cubs discussing prospect swap. Evan Crawford's name has been mentioned.
i know i could not help but look. glad Yan is returning but want TS. what has become of Evan Crawford? abducted by showgirls?
If Jose Bautista had brought Evan Crawford or Robert Coello to pitch, that would have been just perfect.
I assume this means more Evan Crawford.
Evan Crawford? Not that he's great, but he's a lefty. I'd like to drop the 8th reliever and but it's not likely.
Pat and Buck rave about every Jays prospect though. Remember Evan Crawford?
re-signing Chauncey Billups and signing Jamal Crawford? They could make a run next year especially if they get Ray Allen.
I thought Evan Crawford was supposed to be the best pitcher in the whole organization?
Hold can he AND Evan Crawford both have the "best" stuff.
That's what people were saying about Evan Crawford a couple months ago.
Yikes “Clips were able to get Crawford after agreeing to up 3 year deal to 4 years total of $26 million.”
next round of Evan Crawford ping pong perhaps?
Just found out a guy I grew up playing ball with, Evan Crawford, now pitches for Pretty sweet.
Evan Crawford shared the big news with his parents Thursday, but telling them about his promotion to the major leagues came with one big caveat. They had to stay quiet.
Evan Crawford - "First comes love then comes a new house then comes marriage then comes Evan in the baby carriage." CONGRATS BRO Miss you!
22,538 in the house tonight watching Evan Crawford get up in bullpen.
Only me and evan understand what a *** joey Crawford is
Well, happy new year dear Evan Crawford I know I know it's really weird but :)
1 out, man on 1st, Bobby Korecky is relieved by Evan Crawford.
Man, I can't believe Jonathan Crawford for the Gators had a no
if you're name isn't Bryce Harper, Derek Jeter, Cj Wilson, Evan Longoria, Charlie Culbertson, or Brandon Crawford 
hmmm.. Find someone who's selling.. Evan crawford is..
This Mrs. misses her Mr. and their puppy.
bet me 20 bucks !!! They are without ellsberry and Crawford and Youkalis just got back
Dan Crawford calling delay of game tech in conference finals? Seriously?
On my way to pick up and at the airport.!
Joey Crawford should not be ref of any game that TD is in. You should know why...
Moreland has one HR vs a lefty this year. Evan Crawford on Toronto. Crawford has since been sent down.
Yeah even for a day. Evan Crawford probably gets recalled for tomorrow.
It's like a done deal now lol. Except Evan Crawford comes in for the save.
Ryota Igarashi has been promoted to the major leagues! Replaces Evan Crawford on the 40 man roster.
Evan Crawford/Carreno/Chad Beck, pack your bags. You're going to Arlington.
Toronto Blue Jays: Placed OF Ben Francisco on the 15 day DL. Optioning LHP Evan Crawford to Las Vegas (PCL). Recall...
Blue Jays put Ben Francisco on DL, option Evan Crawford to Vegas. Up: 1B David Cooper, RHP Ryota Igarashi, who's been 95-96, topping at 98
make some moves! Ben Francisco to the DL, Evan Crawford to AAA, David Cooper and Ryota Igarashi have been called up.
5/22/12: B.J. Upton bashes one to left off Evan Crawford in the bottom of the sixth
I think the Blue Jays like rookie Evan Crawford more than I do.
you have to tell Evan Crawford for me that he looks like Bradley Cooper. is a very special day!! I woke up and got to play with my favorite nephew all morning, two of the greatest people I know get to celebrate being married for a whole year today Carlene NaCole Crawfordand Chase Evan Crawford, and I get to go to lunch and the baby doctor with my best friend and MOH Brittany Sharp Slayton here in a little while! What a wonderful day! :) PS:... 12 days until I get to marry my best friend and 14 days until we are on the beach! Andrew Chandler! ♥
Evan Crawford / Crawford is day-to-day after leaving Friday's game with back
Jays reliever Evan Crawford is day-to-day with back spasms. At this point team doesn't think it's a DL situation.
: Evan Crawford-P : Evan Crawford suffered spasms in his lower back
P Evan Crawford suffered spasms in lower back, something he has dealt with before in AA. John Farrell says Crawford is day to day.
Watching Evan Crawford doing a TV interview on field right now, don't see the Bradley Cooper thing.
Toronto Blue Jays: Toronto Blue Jays - PlayerWatch: LHP Evan Crawford was recalled from Cla...
How many kids can say a major league pitcher called them on their birthday? My son can now say that. Thank you Evan Crawford of the Toronto Blue Jays for taking time out of your busy day to wish my son Happy Birthday. That was awesome.
Prattville native Evan Crawford called back up to the show. In his performance today he pitched 1 inning, 3 k's. Not too shabby.
Bradley Cooper's twin is in pitching for the in the 7th. Go Evan Crawford!
The has recalled lhp Evan Crawford from Class AAA Las Vegas and sent down rhp Joel Carreno to Class AA New Hampshire
Joel Carreno, optioned down for Evan Crawford earlier in day, will join rotation at double-A New Hampshire.
switch up the bullpen, Evan Crawford is back, Joel Carreno optioned to Vegas. issued 45 walks on just-finished road trip.
Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford have done the ol' switcheroo again. Crawford returns to the for the homestand tonight.
Via BluejayBanter Evan Crawford (who I dreamed about last night!) recalled from AAA Las Vegas, Joel Carreno o
The have recalled LHP Evan Crawford and optioned RHP Joel Carreno to New Hampshire of the Eastern League (AAA).
Evan Crawford recalled from AAA Las Vegas, Joel Carreno optioned to AA New Hampshire. What do you think?
have recalled Evan Crawford from Las Vegas and have optioned Joel Carreno to New Hampshire.
Jays recall Evan Crawford from Vegas, send Joel Carreno to New Hampshire.
recall LHP Evan Crawford from AAA and option RHP Joel Carreño to AA
I have one like that. My friend Evan was like 'MR CRAWFORD IS GETTING LAID TONIGHT' and he was like 'Atleast i can get (c)
i know i love Colby and Evan Crawford's sweet alabama accent.
I know lol they need some young guys. Evan Crawford was great when he was up. Great potential with a killer curveball.
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I would take everyone in the ahead of Coco in high leverage right now, plus Chad Beck, plus Evan Crawford.
Crawford is better and dee Gordon is better than both!
Evan Turner dont pass the rock once he get it
Crawford inspiring confidence in rookie year | News: Rookie Evan Crawford is building his m...
Carlos Boozer has no worth in basketball. Plus I think Joey Crawford is hard for Evan Turner.
what happened to Evan Crawford, is he injured?
I think Luis Perez or Evan Crawford plus David Cooper or Mcdade for Trumbo would be a fair and even trade for both teams
Red Sox have lost Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury. Yankees have lost Michael Pineda and Mariano Rivera. Rays have lost Evan Longoria.
Left-hander Evan Crawford has been optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas and righty Joel Carreno has been recalled.
No cycle as Yunel grounds out. Joel Carreno just called up for Evan Crawford, gets to pitch the 9th with a 11-5 lead. No CG for RR
Evan Crawford aka Bradley Cooper taking a brief hiatus to do a feature film
news: Blue Jays | One up, one down - The Toronto Blue Jays optioned P Evan Crawford to Triple-A Las Vegas and r...
“farm out Evan Crawford (to AAA); Not Evan! Just because he gave up the 2 HR's? Hoped to see him the 15th😔
Via BluejayBanter Bluejays farm out Evan Crawford (optioned to AAA); Joel Carreno has been called up, is here
Evan Crawford has been sent down, Joel Carreno has been called up to take his place. I love him as a reliever, so I like this move. Do You?
option Evan Crawford to AAA and call-up Joel Carreno. Sad to see Evan go but this was the right move!
option LHP Evan Crawford to AAA Las Vegas, Joel Carreno recalled & will be available out of the bullpen for today's game.
Looks like and had their hearts broken today with Evan Crawford's demotion.
Jays have optioned LHP Evan Crawford to Vegas and recalled RHP Joel Carreno, who will be in uniform for today's game .
announce LHP Evan Crawford has been optioned to Las Vegas with RHP Joel Carreno recalled. Carreno in uniform today.
option LH Evan Crawford to AAA Las Vegas and recall RH Joel Carreno...he'll be here for today's game.
Really lucky that the Rangers brought in Evan Crawford there in the ninth, wasn't it?
I guess with this close game it's time to go to Evan Crawford next inning.
I need to make room on the DL for Evan. Who to cut loose from DL - Crawford or Farnsworth? I'm guessing Farnsworth
Hey how is Evan Crawford throwing tonight? :)
Despite the two homers in one inning thing, Evan Crawford is freaking cute.
See ya in a month or 2 Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria 😂😂
evan longoria, carl crawford, ryan dempster and dough fister on the DL and i'm still in 3rd in fantasy
You might. It was Evan Crawford. He just had a really bad night. Served up a couple home runs. He's not that bad all the time.
I'm fine with today's L b/c we battled hard, didn't blow a save & got good pitching aside from Evan Crawford. On to the next one!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Evan Crawford understands it now, Farrel gave him an opportunity but he bombed it! If he grows older and gets more experience, he will shine
I didnt know Evan Crawford was in the Bigs
Evan Crawford is the one who threw it away for the jays..
Why would Farrell bring in Evan Crawford to a one run game against Texas? And he continues to bat Lind 4th...
For relief pitchers, it takes forever to recover from 1 bad game. Evan Crawford understands that now.
Let's all get together and kick Evan Crawford's *** .. 4-1 Rangers :(
RIP Evan Crawford's MLB career. Faced two batters and gave up two home runs. New Hampshire won't even take him back.
Why would farrell bring evan crawford in :S its like he was asking to lose
Is Evan Crawford even among the best 15 pitchers in the organization?
Bringing in Evan Crawford in a 2-1 game made a lot of sense there Farrell
And Craig Gentry with his first career HR -- that leaves the ballpark! take a 4-1 lead, Evan Crawford exits.
Manager John Farrell: Evan Crawford pitched a pivotal inning in the 7th.
Evan Crawford takes over for Kyle Drabek after six innings with the Blue Jays and pitches a scoreless 7th.
Good outing by Rookie Evan Crawford enters the game for the in the bottom of the 7th.
news: Blue Jays | Evan Crawford recalled - The Toronto Blue Jays recalled RP Evan X. Crawford from the minors S...
All purpose parts banner
Sergio Santos was placed on the 15-day disabled list with shoulder inflammation, Evan Crawford recalled via
Evan Crawford has been recalled and Cordero will take over as closer.
Class move by rookie Evan Crawford, waits on field to thank Eric Thames for making inning-ending grab by wall with bases loaded
Evan Crawford is heading into the game!
Evan Crawford had been warming in bullpen, he has sat down, now Jason Frasor is up.
Check out the celebrity lookalikes for LHP Evan Crawford-
The first episode of In the Zone presented by TD. Guests include Evan Crawford and J. Farrell and
More on Evan Crawford's MLB Debut, including video of his first career K
Wondering how Evan Crawford did in his debut today? has you covered:
Evan Crawford first MLB strikeout and the fans stand and applaud ... for pizza. Probably thought what a great moment. These fans are great.
First impression: Evan Crawford is the guy for anyone still upset the Jays traded Tim Collins.
As expected, Evan Crawford in to make his ML debut.
Evan Crawford is warming up in bullpen, getting set to make his major-league debut!
Y'all know I love Luis Perez, but there is another LHP available in the pen. Bring in Evan Crawford for his Debut!
With this lead, I really, really hope the put Evan Crawford in for his debut.
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Laffey goes back to Vegas. Santos will be reinstated for tomorrow. Evan Crawford remains with the
news: Blue Jays | Fate of Evan Crawford up in the air - Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell said the fate of...
Our very own Jay Floyd caught up w/ LHP Evan Crawford days before his call up to the Here's that interview-
Congratulations to 2010 Lugnuts pitcher Evan Crawford, promoted to the Major Leagues by the Toronto Blue Jays!
Evan Crawford meets the media on his first day in the big leagues.
Lots of questions about David Carpenter (Angels), Evan Crawford (Jays) and Jarrod Dyson (Royals). A new The Call-up hits this afternoon.
Want to know more about the newest Blue Jay, Evan Crawford? have you covered:
Apparently the new callup Evan Crawford is the best pitcher in the organization says Anthony Gose
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