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Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes (born March 5, 1974) is an American actress, model, singer and homeware designer. She began acting in the late 1990s, and after a series of roles in B movies such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) and Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000), she broke into the Hollywood mainstream with an appearance in Training Day (2001).

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I know what imma be for Halloween..Shawn Mendes' Wife🙃😉😂
Actress Eva Mendes struggles daily with motherhood – 9Honey
Eva Mendes on having kids with Ryan Gosling: "Nobody warns you about the guilt"
Finna watch hitch. Eva mendes finer dennabihh
“Esmeralda mostly speaks Spanglish right now. It’s really cute. She’s definitely bilingual, and it’s really...
Eva Mendes shows off her new short, curly 'do on Instagram! 💁
New post: Eva Mendes speaks out about mom guilt: It’s ‘just kind of always there’
Eva Mendes opens up about managing a career with motherhood and feeling ‘mom guilt‘
Even Hollywood actresses are not immune to the parenting pain of mother’s guilt.
Yo, I ain't see Eva Mendes in a long time and just saw her on IG. She's giving off Raquel Welch vibes now 👀
So excited for this special SNL feat. Mr. Eva Mendes and the husband of U.S. President Beyoncé Knowles
Eva mendes gets candid about balancing work and motherhood: ''nobody warns you about the guilt'': qua
HuffPostParents: Eva Mendes gets real about the guilt she feels as a working mom
Eva Mendes talks working mum ‘guilt’ as she reveals she lets her daughter wear what…
Urgh! Eva Mendes has said she is retiring from professional golf to a career restoring a of Osama Laden'!
Which one of you is dating Eva Mendes and which one of you is Greg Kinnear?
Hayden Panettiere, Eva Mendes, and Lady Gaga are all obsessed with this handbag brand:
Let's see if I were on that planet I'd think about Julie Newmar as Catowman, Eva Mendes, Mary Jane Watson & Jean Grey
Eva Mendes looks sensational as she reveals why she didn't attend Oscars with Ryan Gosling
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling make a beautiful pair, but you won't find them walking the red carpet together any time…
I'm telling you if I was solely into woman... Angelina Jolie fine *** Taraji P. Henson I want the 🍪 . Sofía Vergara w/Eva Mendes on the side
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's under-the-radar romance, in pictures:
Aww! Ryan Gosling had such sweet things to say about Eva Mendes and their daughters, Esmeralda and Amada:
Is Ryan Gosling’s tribute to Eva Mendes the ultimate ‘Hey, Girl’?
Ryan Gosling can't accept his win without thanking his lady Eva Mendes and their daughters:
He then acknowledged that the shoulders men, especially working fathers, stand on are often those of women.
Major props to for recognizing the unsung heroism of his partner, Eva Mendes.
Ryan Gosling's love for Eva Mendes melts my ice-cold heart ❤️
Ryan Gosling dedicated his to Eva Mendes, and no YOU’RE crying 😭💘
We love that Ryan Gosling paid homage to Eva Mendes at the Golden Globes.
Ryan Gosling's speech was all about Eva Mendes and it will make you cry:
Ryan Gosling gives emotional tribute to Eva Mendes in feminist Golden Globes speech
Ryan Gosling dedicated his win to the memory of Eva Mendes' brother, Juan Carlos Mendez.
there's nothing more Ryan Gosling than Ryan Gosling calling Eva Mendes "my lady"
Ryan Gosling gives an emotional tribute to Eva Mendes in a feminist speech
Golden Globes 2017: Ryan Gosling paid an emotional tribute to his wife Eva Mendes after winning Best Actor for La …
Ryan Gosling dedicates his win to Eva Mendes' brother:
Ryan Gosling gushes about his "lady" Eva Mendes in heartfelt Globes speech.
Golden Globes 2017: Ryan Gosling pays heartfelt tribute to 'sweetheart' Eva Mendes after she lost brother to cance…
Ryan Gosling thanks Eva Mendes in his deeply sentimental speech: ❤️
Ryan Gosling thanks "my lady" Eva Mendes during his acceptance speech: "Sweetheart, thank you"
Ryan Gosling dedicates Golden Globe Award to his "lady" Eva Mendes and her late brother, who recently died of cancer
Ryan Gosling beautifully thanks Eva Mendes in his emotional acceptance speech.
Ryan Gosling's message to Eva Mendes was one of the sweetest moments of the https…
I often rewatch Place Beyond the Pines just to swoon over Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes as 90s-grunge versions of their Hollywood couple gold
If you want to laugh watch this. Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes
Maid in Manhattan, starring Lisa Simpson and Eva Mendes. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, music by Rose Petals And Confetti. Budget: $120m
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling being all cute on the set of The Place Beyond The Pines, 2012.
Ryan Gosling gushing over 'dreamy' wife Eva Mendes will make your heart hurt
Ryan Gosling gushes over Eva Mendes and his two daughters
I'm a trained actress and I can do it, but I think that you have to p...
A scene from The Place Beyond The Pines, released in 2013, starring Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting their second child!...
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting a Second Baby...
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling expecting baby no. 2
I've been had a crush on Eva Mendes since I was 8
Eva Mendes | Her favourite films are the ...: via
Blake Lively, Eva Mendes are both pregnant with second children
LOVE STILL EXISTS! & reportedly got married earlier this year!
As another Hollywood A-list couple is splitting up, another is getting hitched! Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling and Eva mendes are probably the best looking couple out.
Ryan Gosling and Eve Mendes secretly got married btw via
Ryan Gosling and eva mendes have officially announced that they have married. The sickness is almost gone I feel good not great though cya.
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes get married in secret ceremony
Wow! Hollywood Stars Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes got Married...Secretly - - ...
Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes reportedly married in secret -
Eva Mendes can design the heck out of some clothes. Her line is my favorite.
Prepare for heartbreaking news, ladies and gents: Ryan Gosling is a MARRIED MAN! 🎩👰💍
AHHH Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes reportedly got married ~in secret~ 😍😍😍
Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes reportedly married in secret
When did Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes get married? Here’s what we know
Me trying to be a better person: I'm so happy for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes good on them. Me actually: Ryan and Rachel…
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes secretly got married ages ago btw
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes 'marry in secret ceremony'
After 5 years of dating and two daughters, and Eva Mendes are now married, according to a report.
Exclusive: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes secretly said "I do" — details!
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Ryan Gosling secretly married Eva Mendes. Your fictional marriage is over. We're so sorry https…
Brangelina may be over but Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have just tied the knot
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes finally got married
Ryan Gosling gushes over his daughters and Eva Mendes:
who is Eva Mendes? & why you always talking about her sister?
Help her! Eva Mendes has fallen throat first into phantom's head.
Eva mendes famous hollywood actress in black dress wallpaper. .
Why Eva Mendes chose the same baby name twice
Charlise Cocktail Dress by Eva Mendes in skyline green
I want eva mendes for selina so bad
When people write lies about you, and you know that they are lies, that means that they don't kn
It makes you think: Eva Mendes has written a story about Pakistan!
- Actresses division - Choose wisely: Eva Mendes or Tiffani Thiessen?
Paige Hurd, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson & Eva Mendes can all have my heart, break it and play me 10 times
Eva Mendes breaks silence on family tragedy
Don't miss our intimate exclusive with the stunning
Eva Mendes' heartache: Burying her brother in the same week she gave birth.
if you've seen Shawn mendes perform live before!
"In true Latin fashion, we reuse names all the time,” gets candid about her girls
Eva Mendes breaks silence on family tragedy (Entertainment)
Eva Mendes lost her brother and gave birth to her and Ryan Gosling's 2nd baby - all within 2 weeks
Heartbreaking. talks losing her brother and welcoming daughter Amada in one week
Eva Mendes was so unlikable, that's how you know the film sucked
Here’s why Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named their daughter ‘Amada’:
Eva Mendes opens up about giving birth the same week as her brother's funeral.
Eva Mendes says welcoming second daughter Amada the same week she buried brother Carlos was 'really intense... but also kind of beautiful'
Eva Mendes opens up about the beautiful reason she named her daughter Amada: What do you think?
Eva Mendes laid brother to rest the same week she gave birth.
Eva Mendes buried her brother the same week daughter was born
Here's what we do know about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's baby girl Amada:
The most hated wrestler in the world is about to come out...LOL This is going to be good. (I am talking about Eva Mendes)
Eva Mendes opens up about her personal life in a revealing interview with
Eva Mendes buried her brother the week she gave birth to baby Amada
Eva Mendes reflects on daughter Amada's birth after brother Carlos' death:
The way Eva Mendes chose her second daughter's name is beautiful
Me & Eva Mendes have the same middle name, sum I just found out lol dope
Eva Mendes gets candid about motherhood and life with Ryan Gosling:
Eva Mendes has opened up about her personal life like never before:
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk dating 😍. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes too 😍👌🏻
Idris Elba, John Boyega & Eva Mendes invited to fight backlash by joining…
I c always the same faces when I stalk "hot women" accounts. Where is Eva Mendes n Selma Hayek??!!
Do u think Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes just sit in their house looking at each other n cumming
Is the twist is this one that Eva Mendes is a cop?
I just bought a little turban headband because Eva Mendes told me to buy it. Where did all my money go before the Eva Mendes Collection?!
Ryan Gosling continues to melt hearts by gushing over Eva Mendes...
It's like how dare Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling not tell me about the birth of their new daughter?
It's another girl for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes! The couple have welcomed daughter Amada Lee, who joins big sis Esme…
Congrats on baby number two Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling: 💕
They were together?. That pairing seems off, but...he dated up there. Eva Mendes could sell me anything she pushes.
The Kardashians and Rhianna are ku but did yall forget about Selma Hayek and Eva Mendes? 💃🏻💃🏽
I’m not weighting in one way or another, just saying Olivia Wilde, January Jones, Eva Mendes etc agree with Lisa
Eva Mendes: Eva Mendes. The post Eva Mendes appeared first on Wallpaper Bros..
Eva Mendes is the best Fashion Icon Ever! love everything they wear!!💖💖
I want Eva Mendes to play me in my biopic. 🚶🏽. I actually think I look better than Eva, but 👐🏽
Eva Mendes New York and company gold sequin dress
Hara-Kee-Rees, Can't Get You Out of My Bed...Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman, Zoe Saldana... go on, you all have homes to go to.
okay uh...well like not all girls look good with Moles for example. But Eva Mendes looks killer with it!
I feel I'll take on the responsibility of showing the world a whole differe...
Ran into this at walgreens i didn't know Eva Mendes was promoting your makeup line lol 😂
my neighbor reminds me of Eva Mendes when she's 100 yds away standing to the left so I get what Phil was saying
Happy Tuesday and happy March to all and a shout out to the fabulous and beautiful Mendes
if you were real then you would post a different pic of Eva Mendes everyday for that month. Just a suggestion though.
So i put on Children of The Corn V - Fields of Terror. Unexpectedly finding out Eva Mendes is in it.
Hot Scene for Happy 41st birthday Eva Mendes you're still looking foxy as ***
Eva Mendes shares her simple yet clever beauty secrets:
Oops...Eva Mendes...they all look the same to me
Get her sacked: Eva Mendes has won most prestigious Biology award for Dartford.
Go on a drift ride with Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson & Eva Mendes tonight at 9 in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
J-Lo overrated to me, Eva Mendes and Sophia Vergara got her beat
Eva Mendes is such a lucky cow, gets to take Ryan Goslings *** and acts like it's just a regular thing
Eva Mendes - at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, January 2015
More for Eva Mendes has a huge spice
I love every aspect of being a woman. I believe you should celebrate who you are-Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes (40) – Beyond giving me an excuse to put pics up of you …
I want Eva Mendes to sit in my face
Eva Mendes: 'I grew up right by Glendale Galleria shopping mall in Los Angeles'
See the FIRST EVER pics of Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes’ beautiful daughter
You were big city living, girlfriend like eva mendes whoa whoa 🎶🎶🎶
i Keep up with the global anti-fur trend No Fur on your properties!
Yes, I can confirm he is a top surgeon. Eva Mendes told me.
.. active and kicking, yes! Denis Lavant and Eva Mendes, nepozabno
Will Smith and Eva Mendes were the first minority actors to play leads in a hit romantic comedy.
Naughty Gossip - Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s relationship is hanging by a thread
Benicio del Toro guests on Live with Kelly & Michael. Eva Mendes on the Wendy Williams Show. Courteney Cox & Craig Ferguson on The Talk
Eva Mendes too, her beauty is unique absolute gem she is ;)
Ryan Gosling's girlfriend Eva Mendes had a "Freaky Friday" moment - see the pic here:
Eva Mendes drinking a negra modelo, you know, because she's hispanic.
Andy Tennant at US actors Will Smith and Eva Mendes pose
Eva Mendes doesn't know a red carpet See how her style has transformed:
From the movie LAST NIGHT (2010), starring Kiera Knightley, Sam Worthington, Guillaume Canet, and Eva Mendes.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Eva Mendes is lowkey a terrible cry-er.
Ryan Gosling reveals an interesting fact about Eva Mendes' involvement in
Fast and Furious 8 and 9 already in the works? Eva Mendes rumoured to return ☱ 51
I would go straight for Eva Mendes in a heartbeat
The best part of the movie Hitch is the end when Eva Mendes is dancing around. Her *** is incredible.
Eva Mendes Posts Amazing Photo of Her Sisters in Honor of National Sibling Day--See the Pic!
Eva Mendes sports a mullet in throwback snap as she leads the ...
Happy from some of your favorite star sibs!
Despite a strong cast in Eva Mendes, Matt Smith, and more, Lost River is just mediocre
Eva Mendes leads National Sibling Day celebrations with throwback snap of her mullet: Celebrities flocked to social media on April 10 to…
I want to be Ryan Gosling's fake *** Lena Horne and Eva Mendes can be Cookie
With Michigan State topping Virginia, we now wave goodbye to Eva Mendes and welcome Shannon Elizabeth into the Sexy 16!
Watched A Place Beyond the Pines tonight. First movie I loved Ryan Gosling in. I get the of. Eva Mendes was good too
Written and directed by Ryan Gosling, "Lost River" stars Eva Mendes, Christina Hendricks, and Matt Smith.
Four Seasons at "We Own the Night" Press Conference with James Gray, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duvall and Eva Mendes
Schoolboy Q, Eva Mendes, Sean William Scott, Danielle & Kay Panabaker, and Dan Harmon all went to the same community college
You make this difficult but Zoe “Rosario Dawson, Eva Mendes, Dania Ramirez, Zoe Saldana
My love for Eva Mendes outweighs my dislike for Bradley Cooper & Ryan Gosling, therefore I shall suffer through this movie , for love
Eva Mendes on babys Hunchback name, her wild nights as a new mom - Los Angeles Times
Watching 'The Women'... Jada Pinkett-smith and Eva Mendes 😍🔥if you know you know
Eva Mendes reveals first picture of her and Ryan Gosling's daughter - and it's ...
Angelina and Eva Mendes are straight fire 🔥
I still cry at the thought of Ryan Gosling being Eva Mendes' baby daddy😭😔
Finally! is opening up about her baby with -
While Eva Mendes kept silent throughout her pregnancy, the star is FINALLY opening up about her new baby daughter with Ryan Gosling.
Eva Mendes: “Motherhood is cake compared to what it’s like to be a baby”
Eva Mendes reveals the meaning behind her daughter's name
Eva Mendes opens up about her baby girl with Ryan Gosling for the first time
Eva Mendes finally broke her silence about her pregnancy and discussed her newborn daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling with Violet Grey; plus, find out the meaning behind the baby's name!
Had a dream I was the first person to meet Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes's daughter.
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Eva Mendes finally opens up about baby Esmeralda !
Pretty sure that's movie star Eva Mendes. Hot. Great *** .
What's it like to have a baby with Ryan Gosling? Eva Mendes finally tells us.
Eva Mendes on motherhood: 'I thought my wild nights were over'
Aw Ryan Gosling! New mum Eva Mendes reveals the truth about having a baby: I don't…
Eva Mendes opens up about newborn daughter with Ryan Gosling!!
Andy Murray has got engaged, Eva Mendes has spoken about her and Ryan Gosling's baby for the first time... Don't miss 2moro
Eva Mendes opens up about the wildest nights of her life, since giving birth
Eva Mendes on What It's Like to Be a New Mom via
Celebrity Gossip, November 27: Unusual inspiration for name of Eva Mendes' baby: EVA MENDES has rev...
Eva Mendes says of being a mum: 'I thought my wild nights were over but these are some of the wildest I've ever had'. Are nappies THAT fun?
Motherhood is 'cake', says new mom Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes shares how she and Ryan Gosling named their baby for the very first time:
Ryan Gosling is officially a dad: Eva Mendes has given birth! he was a dad before he w…
Did Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes ask us before getting together? Because I don't remember approving that.
The Maths of Beauty. Beauty - I've come to believe - like any other scalar quantity, can be measured. A beautician's perspective on beauty is not confined to the popular misconceptions that it is "skin deep", "It's in the eyes of the beholder". But, that it is objective and can be measured with the help of a certain criteria. Knock-out beauty queens like Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johnson, Eva Mendes, Cleopatra, queen Nefertiti are paradigmatic of beauty's measurability and objectivity. Almost every man has a thing for beautiful women, and almost every women is inclined to be beauty-conscious. Identify one man who'll dismiss Angelina Jolie as ugly and Jesus' second coming will be inevitably a universal absolute! Men's aesthetic attitude on matters of beauty is obviously subjected to continuous evolutionary pressures in different cultures, age groups, eras, etc., as society's perspective on what beauty is evolves. However, that need not imply that beauty is a subjective phenomenon! That's a post-modernistic sta ...
New York & Company has the Eva Mendes by New York & Company collection! We can see these styles going from day to night and holiday party hopping. Wish we had Ryan Gosling on our arm like she does.
VIOLET GREY listens in on a conversation between friends, Liv Tyler and Eva Mendes for the American Woman July issue of The Violet Files. Photographed in upstate New York on an afternoon by…
"28. What does your dream boy or girl look like?" Eva Mendes + Atsuko Maeda + Penelope Cruz and the brain of Natsuo Kirino
Did all the hottest couples in the world decide to have a baby this year? Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, and now Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds! I mean, it seems like someone is playing a joke on us.
Mix one part Denzel Washington and two parts Eva Mendes and you have a nice hot cocktail.-Dean Cain
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes reveal their daughter is called ...
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby name REVEALED that *** for knockin boots wit her
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes baby name revealed! The pair have named their daughter...
This is what Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes called their baby girl...
Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes are Ga-Ga for Baby Girl: It’s been a couple of weeks since they welcomed their newbo...
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have followed the unwritten rule that celebrities must choose unusual names for their babies.
Just a month ago September 12, Eva Mendes just gave birth with a healthy baby girl with baby…
Aww! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have chosen an ADORABLE name for their little girl.
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes named their baby what?
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okay so I love tv and movies and all but I am so behind the times I had no clue Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling we...
So who's gonna have the prettiest baby? Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, or Mila Kunis and A…
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed a baby girl into the world several weeks ago, and her name has now been revealed.
Hey girl, we've got the scoop on Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby name. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the couple named their newborn daughter Esmeral...
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby name may have been inspired by one of the characters she played in a Mark Wahlberg movie.Gosling and Mendes named their…
Accented lamb-man Ryan Gosling and his beautiful B-movie star lover Eva Mendes have christened their infant daughter Esmeralda Amada, which sounds uncannily like a lost ship in Christopher Columbus' fleet. "The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria, and the Esmeralda Amada were the ships that carried Col…
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have reportedly given their baby daughter the name Esmeralda Amada Gosling, according to her birth certificate.
We now know the name of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby girl!
Nearly a month after her birth, we're finally learning the name of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's baby girl. Mendes gave birth September 12 at Providence Saint John's Health Center in Los Angeles, C...
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Why did Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes call their baby Esmeralda Amada😣
Find out Ryan Gosling and cute baby name
Ugh Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had a baby girl 😩
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's baby daughter's name has been revealed. And it is beautiful
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes picked out the perfect name for their little princess!
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BABY NEWS: Eva Mendes and longtime boyfriend Ryan Gosling had their baby last Friday according to sources. News on the Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling baby here.
A beautiful baby deserves an equally beautiful name, right??. Well that's apparently what new parents Ryan Gosling...
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have reportedly named their daughter Esmeralda Gosling. She is a Disney princess.
Millions of his female fans wept when the news was announced that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were expecting a child. Now that the kid is here, however, there's nothing but excitement, as we all get to watch one of the world's most stylish, attractive couples raise a kid who will probably be…
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have called their daughter Esmeralda Amada, it has been claimed.
Hottest half-Canadian baby ever! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes baby has arrived. Update: And we have a name!
This BARELY shows what home automation can do! Plus Eva Mendes!!
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have named their daughter. According to TMZ, she's called Esmeralda Amada. Amada was...
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have revealed their baby name. As you might expect, it's a cool one.
Eva Mendes is 100% my ultimate girl crush. I love her
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