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Eva Longoria

Eva Jacqueline Longoria (born March 15, 1975) is an American actress, best known for portraying Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives.

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Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria were some of the celebrities who attended wedding with…
Actress-director-producer Eva Longoria has listed her Hollywood Hills home for sale at $14 million, which she bough…
“Locating Eva Longoria’s ‘Texican’ Past in the Archives of the Texas General Land Office” by
spills the all the TEA on the show! WATCH the hilarious interview HERE!…
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Eva Longoria, and Shakira had a daughter
Thank you for shouting out our girl rocking our Lace Ponte Dress! Read more 👇🏼.
Eva Longoria ditches her usual red carpet glamour
Eva Longoria returns to Los Angeles in casual wear
“Downton Abbey fans may have a new obsession." Watch Eva Longoria in Decline and Fall exclusively on Acorn TV.
Eva Longoria gave us a lesson on how post-flight hair yesterday.
I still have 3 episodes to watch but it's so boring.. we saw Eva Longoria and Snoop Dogg for 5 seconds though lol
Now you can steal gorgeous summer style
Cleaning out my computer this evening...came across these. I got to meet Eva Longoria in 2013 and Dan Rather in 2012
My step dad just saw Eva Longoria at the airport😭🙃 so jealous!
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Check out featuring me in one of my favorite dresses from the Eva Longoria Collection! Link in bio…
Eva Longoria 'giving advice to Victoria and David Beckham' - Belfast Telegraph
Eva Longoria ‘giving advice to Victoria and David Beckham’
"Eva Longoria, Victoria Justice and Grandmaster Flash at the Fashion Accessories Dinner" by TAYLOR HARRIS via NYT
.dished all about her pal Serena Williams 1950s-themed baby shower on - Watch here:
Eva Longoria explains why she lives in a bikini in the summer
A-listers celebrated accessories and their cultural impact at the 21st annual Ace Awards.
Eva Longoria was spotted reading “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari.
Actress Eva Longoria wears red hotpants — but no helmet — as she goes cycling in Miami
Eva Longoria is another *** who thinks open borders are ok. ABC *** …
Check out Eva Longoria & Victoria Justice red carpet looks at the 21st ACE Awards
The Best of Celebrity Swimsuits. Eva Longoria enjoys some poolside refreshments in a plunging Oye one-piece.
Eva Longoria channelled Jessica Rabbit inspired beauty last night .
(Eva by Eva Longoria Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.40 Ounce) is now on -…
"I'm a runner, first of all. I run a lot. But I also do SoulCycle, Pilates, yoga. I usually mix it up. Now I'm...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Exclusive U.S. premiere: don't miss Eva Longoria, David Suchet & Jack Whitehall in this uproarious British comedy.
No. And, why are they still trying to make Eva Longoria happen? Why would David Suchet lower himself? She's so D list.
WHAT did Eva Longoria do to her face? She's on Live w/ Kelly & Ryan & it's SO TIGHT she can barely move her mouth. Bad Botox perhaps?
Oh, I am so happy to see Eva Longoria this morning. I am a super fan. She is so pretty.
Apparently when a was drunk a thought it was a good idea to snapchat Eva Longoria?? Would help if a could remember…
Mad shade from Eva Longoria at Katherine Heigel on Unqualified 🙊
Desperate Housewives: journey to the final season with Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman
Immigration is not the top issue for Latinos. Latinos are like every other American - economy, jobs, healthcare, education. ~ Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington to star in workplace comedy - Malay Mail Online
Everyone in this show looks vaguely like someone more famous. Eva Longoria, J Chastain, A…
Yeah, if Eva Longoria's nose was flattened out by a punch. And if she gained a ton and aged a few decad…
Andre be lowkey thirsty af. He got wit Nessa. Flirted wit Giuliana and now kissing Eva Longoria
Hello ms Eva longoria or should I say Charlotte? Lol
Eva Longoria in a Pamella Roland Fall 2017 dress at the 70th Cannes Film Festival Anniversary Gala
I just briefly checked her profile. She claims to be a Christian. Oh man!…
A few of my biggest crushes throughout the years: . Lauren Graham. Eva Longoria. Kate Beckinsale. Lauren Cohan
.on why we need more women in STEM via
looks gorgeous in azziandosta couture gown while attending the Eva Longoria…
Jessica Chastain and Eva Longoria at the Vanity Fair and HBO Dinner, May 20.
Too much perfection to handle, Eva Longoria is beautiful in every single way
Eva Longoria Baston wore a Fall 2017 gown to the 70th Anniversary Ceremony.
Eva Longoria in a peplum Noon by Noor Fall 2017 jumpsuit Out in Cannes
Eva Longoria in a Noon by Noor Fall 2017 black peplum jumpsuit Out in Cannes
Eva Longoria in a Pamella Roland F17 grey & black sheer sequin dress at the Cannes Film Festival Anniversary Gala
Eva Longoria in a black Noon by Noor Fall 2017 peplum jumpsuit Out in Cannes
Eva Longoria shooting scenes on set of Fox's new television show Type A in LA 24-2017 x76
Queen Eva Longoria , you have been always a good actress , and a supper star so we are…
Thank you to who killed my dream of seeing Eva Longoria on a new tv show
Eva Longoria, Diane Kruger and Tilda Swinton were all about sequins at
Eva Longoria & Diane Kruger Shine in Sequins at the Cannes Film Fest 2017
"Eva Longoria on the red carpet for the 70th Anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival." : via
Eva Longoria advertises lack of knickers in see-through dress
Cannes 2017: shares a light moment with and
EVA LONGORIA . Looking GORGEOUS as always on the Red Carpet 😍🔥🔥🔥 .
video - Eva Longoria & Josh Hartnett Dress Up for Cannes Red Carpet!.
Troops! The lovely hanging out with Eva Longoria so I'm keeping her seat toasty and 'Talking Telly' ton…
Eva Longoria goes braless as she wears revealing jacket in bid to steal show a
Before the festivities began, celebrities like Becky G, Eva Longoria and Jackie Cruz were …
Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria slink out of a London restaurant together
Happy 42nd Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis on the television series Desperate Housewives.
Born today in 1975 Eva Longoria, American actress (Gabrielle Solis-Desperate Housewives), born in Texas.
What a pleasure It is working again with Eva Longoria. What a talented actress.
Repost from evalongoria.Beautiful Eva Longoria in white.
Had a scene w/ Eva Longoria today.I shake her character's hand & tell her I had been looking forward to meeting her, etc...not a big stretch
Eva Longoria is 41. Can we just appreciate her for a sec?
So exited about the new clothing collection of Eva Longoria ! Sign up at
Eva Longoria put me through *** I know how Jen's feel. I know how they feel.
If I by chance will find out that, Eva Longoria is jealous of me, can I just say , uhm wow. wow.
Eva Longoria in a Bikini on the Beach in Miami - November 2015
Eva Longoria in a Red Bikini at a Pool in Miami - November 2015
the new Magnum series fizzled out according to Eva Longoria, no?
For instance Eva longoria prolly leave poop stains in her draws
Eva Longoria - Evas Foundation Dinner at Beso in Hollywood - October 2015
If you didn't have a crush on Eva longoria in Desperate Housewives.were you really a teenage boy
Eva Longoria Bikini Candids - Relaxing on the Beach in Cancun, October 2015
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria to visit Edinburgh for charity gala
Eva Longoria - With this jump for joy the actress made sure it was clear how the “First day of vacay” made her feel.
Eva Longoria shares romantic Valentine's Day balloon display she made for her husband
Eva Longoria has a producer credit on John Wick.
FIFA's team of the Year. Presenters Marco Schreyl & Eva Longoria pose with Manuel Neuer, Alves, Ramos, Marcelo, Ron…
This is a joke, right? Melanie Griffith, Andie Macdowell, and Eva Longoria schilling DUBAI together?
Eva Longoria reveals her husband refuses to watch Desperate Housewives due to sex scenes
Eva Longoria drops baffling bombshell about new husband
Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham have regular pyjama parties
I liked a video Eva Longoria Bastón on her Close Friendship with Victoria Beckham | Loose Women
Eva Longoria opens up about close friend Victoria Beckham
Karlie with Blake Lively and Eva Longoria at L'Oréal Paris' Women of Worth Event — 11.16.16 🌹✨
The luckiest Christmas father in the entire world. How is Eva Longoria even a real person
.dishes on plans for her first Thanksgiving with husband
This Thanksgiving is the first for many, especially for Eva Longoria and her new family.
Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria’s husband refused to watch show because of her sex scenes -…
Eva Longoria says her husband refuses to watch \'Desperate Housewives\' because she h
Check out my video on - Newsflare Edit - US Actress Eva Longoria leaving London TV studios…
THR: Eva: I had 'sex with everyone' (FOX)
Eva Longoria's husband won't watch 'Desperate Housewives' because she has 'sex with everyone in it': Even though…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Eva: I had 'sex with everyone' brandnaware
Eva Longoria leaves the ITV studios in London, after appearing on 📸: Nick Ansell
And Tom Hanks, Mat Damon, Eva Longoria, Lady Gaga... the list is long!
Eva Longoria is a Mexican-American actress, producer, director, activist & businesswoman famously known for her rol…
- Actress division - Choose wisely: Keira Knightley or Eva Longoria?
Eva Longoria: ‘I’m Not Pregnant, Just In Love’: Actress Eva Longoria has dismissed gossip she is pregnant, in...
Come to the EUC Maple Room Now. Actress Eva Longoria is here
Actress, Eva Longoria will be in EUC MAPLE tomorrow campaigning for the Clinton campaigning at 10am! Please RT! https:…
Today is my B-day & people around here just go crazy for it idk why. Fun fact I share my birthday with Eva Longoria
Yes, we work w/ great partners like Michael Strahan, Eva Longoria, Nicole Miller, and Ashley Nell Tipton.
Tony Parker:. - Cheated on Eva Longoria. - Choked Game 7 of the 13 Finals. - Almost had his career ended by Chris Brown htt…
5 years later and I'm still trying to figure out why Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria
David muir would punch Eva Longoria in the face trust me I know he hates her.
I hate when girls say guys are dumb and i want to argue with them but then I remember Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria...
A better comparison is probably Tony Parker cheating on Eva Longoria. He just didn't get caught admitting it.
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nah man that's Tony Parker talking about Eva Longoria, that's why they got divorced
Tony Parker is earning his Finals MVP while Eva Longoria clapping for him in the stands on NBATV, if you're interested.
Eva Longoria:. - latina . - social activist . - underrated comedian . - Gabrielle Solis wouldn't be the same w/out her
BFFs Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham cover the newly-launched Hola USA magazine
Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham Pose Together on the First Cover of…
I trust Charles in Charge before I put my faith in Eva Longoria or any of Hillary's crony Hollywood supporters
Karlie Kloss might want to put “badass with the long legs” on her business card, with credit to Eva Longoria, who...
Eva Longoria has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in liberal politics: https…
"We didn't cross the border.The border crossed us". Apparently Eva Longoria has never heard of the Mexican-American War.
Demi Lovato talks about her struggles with mental illness AND performs at
"My family never crossed a border. The border crossed us.". –Eva Longoria
Press Day for the Eva Longoria collection for So exciting!
Eva Longoria hits out at Donald Trump in DNC speech
Eva Longoria just got booed after saying 'I'm with her.' .
We'll find out. But I thought Eva Longoria explained it very well. Latino people are not stupid.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Eva longoria,Sarah Silverman vs Chachi and Antonio Sabato jr.I believe Ana Navarro was right.
Did anyone tell Eva Longoria that she is part of the DNC's "Taco Bowl Engagement"?
Eva Longoria dings Donald Trump at DNC: My father is a veteran, not a rapist
Longoria shared stories of her father's service to the U.S. military and spoke about her…
Eva Longoria speaks about her Mexican-American heritage at the
THE BORDER CROSSED US just made it into the speech by Eva Longoria -Trippy
Eva Longoria is more American than Trump. And her politics make more sense
Eva Longoria: "My father is not a criminal or a rapist. In fact, he is a United States veteran."
Eva Longoria: "I believe in the candidate who believes in all of us"
Eva Longoria: "My family never crossed a border, the border crossed us"
Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato, & Sarah Silverman, yes you definitely got your dumb female voter base covered with th…
DNC- "we have real speakers!" When names like Sarah Silverman, Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria flash across the screen to s…
Sarah Silverman, Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato are spoiled, self righteous liberals. Who cares what they think!
Cristiano Ronaldo seen chilling with Hollywood's Eva Longoria in Ibiza.
The Democrats have assembled a team of "Galacticos" to speak at the DNC next week. Kate Perry, Eva Longoria,...
"I share my birthday with Eva Longoria. So I have a perfect icebreaker if I ever meet Teri Hatcher!" - Michael Scott
Eva Longoria - Web Summit 2015 at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland
Oscar Isaac, Eva Longoria, and Trevor Noah at an event in NYC (7/14/16)
Eva Longoria pays tribute to Selena Quintanilla: "She was the reason I even dared to dream."
Eva Longoria to receive Hollywood star in same year as her 'idol' Selena Quintanilla
Eva Longoria is 'honoured' to have a star on the... - Hamilton Spectator
Eva Longoria Behind Obama heads to work in Los Angeles
girl slaaay with yo Eva longoria lookin ***
📷 nowhollywood: Eva Longoria and America Ferrera at the launch of Cris Abrego’s book: Make It Reality:...
Selena and Eva Longoria are offically a part of Hollywood Walk of Fame class
Eva Longoria shows off lacy lingerie in wardrobe malfunction...
Congrats to Eva Longoria Baston who will be getting a star on the
Used to crush over Eva Longoria so much
I can't believe there are people out there who don't like Eva longoria
Selena Quintanilla, Eva Longoria, Gustavo Dudamel to get stars on Hollyw.. Related Articles:
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Hugh Laurie to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside some big names...
Eva Longoria named in Hollywood Walk of Fame's class of 2017 for...
Celebrity endorsements r so dumb like do u really think Eva longoria uses head & shoulders???
Get a SNEAK PEEK at the Eva Longoria collection for The Limited, launching in stores on 8/15.
Eva longoria knows this is photoshop, right?
Ryan Reynolds, Eva Longoria, Chris Pratt, and More Will Receive Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
[Music News] Eva Longoria records first single via
Just one month after tying the knot, MORE wonderful news for —>
Congrats to everyone who'll be receiving a star on the in 2017!
Eva Longoria's laugh cracks me up every time
Congratulations Eva Longoria Baston on your STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well deserved!...
Working for and with Eva Longoria must be the best and funniest thing ever. Goals!!
Ok but Hayden Panettiere and Eva Longoria on Lip Sync Battle? Idk if my heart can handle.
Los Angeles - Eva Longoria has some advice for the new graduates of the Use Rita Moreno as
2 sketches later & Nick Jonas, Eva Longoria & Ben Stiller have been in skits too.
Jack Whitehall to plays Eva Longoria's love interest in new BBC comedy Decline and Fall
LAFF opening night: Eva Longoria, Brian Grazer come out for the 'Lowriders' premiere: The str...
Baking is too precise for me. I cook with a pinch of this or that.
IG highlights: inside Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston's wedding day
Obama-loving Hollyweird elitist Eva Longoria is a hypocrite
Eva Longoria's wedding shoes are gorgeousss!
See all the photos from Eva Longoria's magical Mexican wedding:.
Report: Eva Longoria is getting married in Mexico this weekend to Jose A.. Related Articles:
Eva Longoria Red Carpet Photos - Hosted the Global Gift Gala in Marbella for Charity
Eva Longoria ties the knot in Mexico...
When your sister wore it better than Eva Longoria >>>
Watch this magical video of wedding:
.shares the cutest photo with BFF at her wedding:
Well Eva Longoria is married so my life is spiraling down worse than I thought... There goes my attempt of ever getting a gf or married
.shows off killer bikini body in Mexico—ahead of Eva Longoria’s wedding
Ricky Martin reveals Eva Longoria tied the knot with this...
Watching the Raptors game on a patio aka watching videos of Victoria Beckham dancing at Eva Longoria's wedding on my phone.
Eva Longoria hand signed 8x10 with COA
.adopts new last name following celebrity-studded wedding in Mexico
Eva Longoria to wed this weekend in Mexico...
The couple exchanged “I Do’s” in an altar illuminated by tiny lights.
I enjoyed watching Prime Tony Parker play but he's still a scumbag for cheating on Eva Longoria with his own teammate's wife.
Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria. What kind of *** does that?
Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Aubrey Graham, Sherman Alexie, and Vladimir Putin. If we could make that happen, that'd be A1.
NBC cancellations: and (hoping for new shows featuring Eva Longoria, David Lyons, Michael Raymond James)
gotta trade Parker, hopefully we can get back Eva Longoria and a pack of skittles
The Spurs prolly woulda had better luck if Tony Parker didn't cheat on Eva Longoria
Tony Parker had Eva Longoria so far be it from me to slander that mans name
Tim Duncan was 35 and I think Tony Parker was still married to Eva Longoria so he was "the man"
It's nice to see that Tony Parker learned some nice acting skills from his marriage to Eva Longoria.
Off-season Spurs gotta get rid of Parker. He ain't been the same since he cheated on Eva Longoria with Brent Barry wife
Tony Parker will get Eva Longoria back before he gets it in the basket.
no I hate Ginobili. Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria. Never disliked Duncan or Pop.
Eva Longoria had me watching Desperate Housewives back in the day...until she hooked up with Tony Parker...
The are Kawhi & Parker. Tim is done. The cheat code turns Kawhi into Eva Longoria.
Still not over the fact that Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria at the SAG Awards. What a cutie!.
Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Hayden Panettiere and Chrissy Teigen in one room is just epic.
Scarlet sirens: Irina Shayk, Eva Longoria spice up the red...
From Diane Kruger to Eva Longoria: highlights from last week
Me: I don't like Tony Parker . Nick: why? . Nick's mom: cuz he cheated on Eva Longoria! . Yup
Tony Parker is a great player, but not a great man. What he did to Eva Longoria was nothing short of terrible!
Every time I see Tony Parker, I see a man dumb enough to cheat on Eva Longoria... that's pretty dumb.
Tony Parker is better at basketball than he was at Eva Longoria.
Sole reason I hate the Spurs is because of Tony Parker cheating on the goddess Eva Longoria. It is for that reason and that reason alone.
Eva Longoria rocks statement shoes in this week's fashion highlights
We're diggin' Eva Longoria's deconstructed bob and all those layers 󾌧 Layers help frame her face and create...
Spice up your world with Eva Longoria's dramatic reading of 'Wannabe'
in at the 2016 Global Gift Gala glam
Eva Longoria and boyfriend Jose Baston Dine at Restaurant in Los Cabos
Eva Longoria - Outside the Beso Restaurant in Hollywood - March 2015
Eva Longoria on Snapchat: Does diamonds promotion and watches Zachary Levi on broadway!
Eva Longoria in Black Dress - Leaving her hotel in New York City - September 2015
Eva Longoria shines like a diamond in white gleaming dress
Eva Longoria and Kate Walsh in NYC. I need a picture of them together.
Eva Longoria dazzles at White Diamonds 25th anniversary party
Eva Longoria and Aishwarya Rai at LOreal cocktail party
Eva Longoria - On the Set of Extra in Los Angeles - February 2015
Eva Longoria dazzles in cleavage-baring silver dress at White Diamonds 25th anniversary party
Eva Longoria in a nude Rosa Clara beaded dress at the 2016 Madrid Global Gift Gala .
Hamilton Collection
Eva Longoria in Rosa Clara at the 2016 Madrid Global Gift Gala on
"The Chew" is on in the hotel lobby. Eva Longoria is the guest. Now I know why Tony Parker left!
Eva Longoria on red Carpet - The Global Gift Gala in Londo, November 2015
Eva Longoria dazzles in floor-length gown as she poses up a storm during Global Gift Gala
I have to admit, whenever they play the rays, I hear "Eva Longoria" (instead of Evan) and that always amuses me.
Watching the opener. Thought I overheard something about Eva Longoria, but it was Evan Longoria of the Rays.
Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria & banged his teammates(Brent Barry)wife & broke up their marriage, pretty sure dudes talk to him.
Brent Barry.thats why Eva Longoria left him.
Eva Longoria and fiancé Jose Antonio Baston delight in a getaway to Italy&Lake... - https:/…
I'm watching The Late Late Show with James Corden 2x15 "Eva Longoria, Tom Ellis, 5 Seconds of Summer"
Eva Longoria, America Ferrara, and Jimmy Smits were all told by casting directors that...
Happy birthday Eva Longoria born March 15, 1975 in Corpus Christi, TX 41 today
Eva Longoria - ESPN Films Panel of the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour in Pasadena
she looks like a young Eva longoria oh my god
Eva Longoria Style - Exits the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City - Sep 2015
Electronic Device Insurance
Eva Longoria jokes about signing a pre-nup as she shares pic in a WEDDING DRESS...
[VIDEO] Eva Longoria dramatically reads the Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' and it's everything...
In the Mexican culture, we never miss a baptism, a birthday, a baby shower,...
I love being a woman. I love the sexiness we get to exude. But the best thi...
Eva Longoria in a Pink Bikini at the Beach in Miami
[VIDEO] Eva Longoria does dramatic reading of Spice Girls' 'Wannabe'...
Eva Longoria puts dramatic spin on Spice Girls classic...
they called on speakers Eva Longoria, Matthew McConaughey & Bon Jovi!! Heading there right now! 😜
Eva Longoria Performs Spice Girls' "Wannabe" Like a Soap Opera . and thats how you start your monday!
Eva Longoria inherited her mother's grey hair...
Eva Longoria - Leaving the Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills - June 2015
- Sexy Latina Booty in VVV Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016 - -
ahh, i didn't know eva longoria had that going on, lol. But maria de todo Los Angeles is subbed on netflix~
Eva Longoria on snapchat is so entertaining
Happy 60th Birthday, See the cast of then and now:
Eva Longoria spotted in Flat Out of Heels get yours at
Eva by Eva Longoria - Behind the Scenes Interview by SchearFX -
The flamingo on Eva Longoria snap was dancing! 🤗 that is cute!!!
Watch new L'Oreal Paris commercial spot with Eva Longoria looking beautiful 💕. ➖. Here is all the…
Eva Longoria dramatically reading Wannabe by the Spice Girls exactly what you need today...
Eva Longoria just lost a fan.I want to complain that there aren't enough Berks County actors picked. So tired of the actors complaining.
Eva Longoria gets close to dancer Carlos E Gonzalez at On Your Feet! in New York
Photo: Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton be a part of actors America Ferrera and Eva Longoria on stage at Las Vega…
Eva Longoria stumping for Clinton in Las Vegas: "If Hillary doesn't inspire you, you aren't paying attention"
Eva Longoria reviews Natalie Morales' soap opera acting: She's an actress, producer and entrepreneur who skyro...
.How much do you miss Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, and Eva Longoria?
Had to turn off Hollywood Game Night because Eva Longoria is so freaking annoying. So was her whole team. Jesus.
Other thing I had forgotten about JOHN WICK: 'Produced by Eva Longoria'
Eva Longoria in Julien MacDonald at the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards...
Eva Longoria is inspiring, says Victoria Beckham -
Eva Longoria in Victoria Beckham promoting her show 'Telenovela' at her Beso restaurant in Los Angeles.
Lana with Eva Longoria and Amaury Nolasco ☺ this is such a cute pic! 😍
Eva Longoria! That's like saying Taylor Swift and Mylie Cyrus are the same person. 🙈
Eva Longoria and Singer Lara Fabian Pose as *** Couple to Share a Message of Love - Entertainment Tonight
Official: Eva Longoria, James Denton, Sol Rodriguez & Nathan Owens will be on Devious Maids Season 4 ! h…
Eva Longoria should play the Lauren Holly part, right? And we need to get America Ferrara in there.
Brad Pitt looks to join Kevin Hart, Eva Longoria as Golden Globes presenter
Eva Longoria shows off her ring, says she's 'still in the glow' of her engagement: The actress talked about he...
Eva Longoria is in no rush to marry Jose Antonio Baston. The actress got engaged to the president of content and...
Today’s celeb style! Eva Longoria. The actress looks gorgeous in this relaxed outfit.
Latinos who don't speak Spanish: … Spanish. Eva Longoria. The actress didn't grow up speaking S...
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