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Eva Braun

Eva Anna Paula Hitler (née Braun; 6 February 1912 – 30 April 1945) was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and, for less than 40 hours, his wife.

Adolph Hitler Mein Kampf Ashkenazi Jew Heinrich Himmler Al Jolson

You can only imagine the look that Eva Braun would have gotten if she'd said "well actually, about that."
Hitler's mistress Eva Braun writes from Berlin: "My whole life is spent in the bunker… but I'm so happy at being ne…
NYDN paying homage to Hitler in honor of Trump.
I think people in USA are going to have to come terms with fact that cares for them as much as Eva Braun…
The last witness: Bodyguard who found Hitler and Eva Braun's bodies via
Hitler and Eva Braun’s last moments before death finally revealed
Anyway, I've been searching for photos of Eva Braun with short hair to troll the Nazis with, this is the best I've found ht…
Eva Braun and friends in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, 1935.
wait everybody, they are on to something - Eva Braun crossed her arms once too!
And here is an extract from Roee Rosen's Live and Die as Eva Braun:
😂😂And Eva Braun's HAIR from brush at their LAIR, turns out, EVA's DNA, she was JEWISH lineage... 😁😁
Whoever would have thought that Hitler was such a sweetheart? Wish I could find my Eva Braun... (props to Tofty for thi…
He's the love child of Eva Braun and Hitler. 😂
She looks like a hostage crossed with Eva Braun
On 28th April, during the Battle of Berlin in 1945, Hitler married his long-time mistress, Eva Braun.
Burned and scattered papers on desk inside Hitler’s command bunker where he and his mistress Eva Braun were said to have…
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Portrait of Eva Braun by artist emerges after being lost for 70 years via
History buffs! is giving a talk tomorrow on Eva Braun: Victim or Contriver? Interested? Details:
FINALLY! He, Eva Braun/Ivanka and Miller have no business in the WH.
Is calling Ivanka Trump "Incest Eva Braun" a thing yet? Nick assures me that it's not and that I should stop but probably I won't.
Trump adding another incompetent nincompoop to his WH zoo. Or are conniving son in law & his Eva Brau…
More nazi than a dad who names his kids Adolf and Eva Braun
Just found something while doing research for my history assignment. Wonder if you'd like to check it out 😬
Wow, *** man?! Eva Braun, you're okay with, but Chelsea should be silenced and shunned?
Dun dun DUN! . Those tools already know they are the Eva Braun's of journalism. Looking at you
Checking for general is Eva Braun science? Subtle agenda anyone?
Why is Eva Braun referred to as Hitler's "mistress" and not his girlfriend? Maybe to make their relationship illicit, and besmirch his name?
Reince has brain I mean Eva Braun farts
.maybe this will help the Left get what really looks like & they can refocus.
Nazi dad names his son Adolf and daughter Eva Braun before changing his last name to Hitler
Photos found in Eva Braun's bunker bedroom are sold | Fox News
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Nazi dad who named his son Adolf and daughter Eva Braun changes his own last name to Hitler
Rare pic of Hitler and Eva Braun before committing suicide, during the end days of WWII.
Remember, Eva Braun did every thing Hitler did backwards and in high heels.
She knows she's unwanted here. She isn't even wanted by her husband. No one wanted Eva Braun either.
Bishop Eva Braun get cross from Swedish church -
we'll know Trump is nearing his last days when he marries mistress Eva Braun in the WH basement whilst the FBI & Dems encircle
Cost us how much to fly Eva Braun and Adolf back to D.C. from Aspen? Scumbags
I knew I'd seen her photo before. Eva Braun reincarnated!
Wait... I thought ivanka was his Eva Braun. Or is it his wife?? Geez!! New TLC program... Trump's Sister/Daughter W…
Actually, Ivanka isn't like Eva Braun that much. She's more like Lucrezia Borgia
Eva Braun had to off herself at the end. So there’s hope for us all.
I mean, even if you look at his disgusting relationship with his Cousin, who killed herself. Voluntary Captivity of Eva Braun
who is his Eva Braun? Definitely that wife of his - she doesn't want to live with him. Can't blame her. H…
Next week, Rachel channels Eva Braun, and she will be really, really tough. Enough!
.is going to have Eva Braun .tomorrow, adjust your DVR's accordingly...
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📷 Eva Braun takes a photo in Florence on 12 February 1941. This image was included in pages of Eva...
yes or no, would you bang Eva Braun?
Eva Braun? Merry Christmas, may God bless you and your family.
SKANKY is Eva Braun in ugly drag. NAZI Supreme-ette!
"Which leading member of the campaign to leave the European Union is married to a German?" And, no, Eva Braun was n…
Why are you still here? You're as pointless as Eva Braun's honeymoon plans
I am so infinitely happy that he loves me so much, and I pray that it ...
If Michelle is anything CLOSE to an "ape in heels" then this Eva Braun is a pig in lipstick. Somebody's inadequate.. .
. SS musicians serenading Eva Braun at her sister's wedding
probably shouldn't take a new year's resolution from an Ann Coulter, Eva Braun wannabe, waterbrain like you, either, comrade.
Hey America is Ivanka Hitler's Eva Braun? Kellyanne sure is Hitler's Hess. After USA destroyed by him bet she gets amnesia to.
Eva Braun who was Hitler's wife was Jewish
Do we think Darth Vader had an Eva Braun?
The Eva Braun's of the Trump movement make me sick;
What was that Eva Braun? I can hardly hear you over the screaming from the lynchings you gave black folks
Little Giant Ladders
Eva Braun is going to get hers back in triple spades. Trump’s future NSA director met with Austrian party founded by Nazis
Tess just compared herself to Eva Braun
Goid one - Minister of Propaganda -. Perfect description of lying Kellyanne aka Eva Braun
Kelly Ann Conway gave Eva Braun a few tips on brightening the residence.
Eva Braun doesn't count. Nor does Ayn Rand. They're just like... unfortunate.
she is a bought gun to make it seem like everything trump does is taking the high rd. Being Eva Braun is her role.
Hitler had Eva Braun, Manson had his family, and you have that bag of cats you call friends. Doesn't make you a good person.
The Contempt I have for Angela "Eva Braun" Merkel, Is Moving Into the same Neighborhood as another German Leader,Heil Angela?
Is Merkel doing an impersonation of Eva Braun at the FuhrerBunker methinks...
What is it like to be the coconut ? Does he self-harm, hate his parents, dress up as Eva Braun at weekends? Fascinating.
is peter daou trying to kill themselves in their election HQ like Hitler and Eva Braun lol
If a history is any indication... Trump will die in his bunker with his girlfriend, Eva Braun.
Never hurt anyone but my Mom just told me after 45 years that she is a nazi i saw Eva Braun she was dead traitors!
Tune in for the further adventures of The Midwest Eva Braun!
Can't figure out which of his broads is Eva Braun...
Thanks Judieann. Derek is in love with the UKs version of Eva Braun I feel!
What secrets does a portrait of Eva Braun hide? for - The Munich Girl - NoPurchNec:
No she is not surrounded by Al Nusra terrorists, Mrs. Eva Braun.
1st amendment takes precedence over Eva Braun, sorry
so did Eva Braun but that doesn't make it right
Rep. Blackburn: I still support Trump Looks who wants to be Eva Braun. This little "southern sweetie" is a snake!
Historic! She's a combination of Eva Braun, Evita Peron and Almira Gulch. We've never had that before!
Trump's son, Donald Jr. Playing the role of Heinrich Himmler!!! Ivanka playing a twisted version of Eva Braun.!!!
Buffon hs 2 be d best the game has eva seen! Neuer hs d potential 2 be better tho
You can always tell him Hillary is Eva Braun.
She may be an unknown quantity, but she looks like a cross between Maggie Thatcher and Eva Braun!
You should change your name to Eva Braun.
Maybe Trump can dump Melania and marry Coulter. Then he'd have his Eva Braun. A match made in ***
He would accuse her of being Eva Braun incarnate if anybody would listen.
3 monfs with my babygirl aka my Eva Braun
A bit of planned wanking to pics of Eva Braun, Boudica & Thatch is all me suspects.
No, because our outlets didn't cover it. Checkmate, Eva Braun!
Thanks to for including me. Some real stuff in there. ;)
they played 'she's so modern'! and Eva Braun it was great, free at the Godiva festival in Coventry, Space were on earlier too.
And we know how Eva Braun ended up..
Not interested in what Eva Braun, Uday or Qusay Trump have to say.
I'm convinced that racist Fred Trump secretly had Dr. Josef Mengele extract sperm from Hitler & eggs of Eva Braun & in 1946 created Donald.
should dig up Eva Braun. It would burnish his Nazi credentials.
needs to realize that's she's a Nazi. Resurrection of Eva Braun perhaps? Probably
Hitler was so much in love with Eva Braun whom he met in 1929 when she was 17
Try as I might, I just can't see Diane Abbott as Eva Braun. Good janitor though.
I would vote for Andrea Leadsom over Theresa May. *** I'd vote for Eva Braun over Theresa May..
Eva Braun holding one of the Berghof pet bunnies, circa 1940.
Adolf and Eva Braun with Albert Speer and Martin Bormann's children.
We know that Eva Braun never had children. But what about Unity ‘Valkyrie’ Mitford?
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Suppose every little Hitler needs an Eva Braun?
Tina Fey harbors bigots like Alex Baldwin and Tracey Morgan, she's the modern day Eva Braun. I'm never shopping at
I need to get back to writing my miniseries for East German Television. It's about the secret life of Eva Braun. Writing it for
Victoria Nuland who's been similar to Eva Braun seems co-responsible for this like even more her hubby and Libya bomber Hillary.
"Oh my God. My movie is Hitler and Eva Braun." "Is it pretend German?" Sasha Baron Cohen Timothy Dalton
:Oh, I get it: Hitler respected Eva Braun;Catholics, so what was Jews' problem?
Girl, be the Eva Braun to my Hitler. ❤️❤️
What could have been inside Eva Braun's mind in the last 40 hours of her life?
leadership+this. "Casual Hitler" restrict your comments to Eva Braun! U Anti Dentite!
Eva Braun almost dropped Hitler, eve did to Adam & delilah to samson. . Soo is waiguru to u.k
hitler married one day before his suicide to eva braun. and he was in relation with eva braun. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!
"Targeted & harassed for simply being a Woman in Politics : I am Eva Braun and this is my story"
Eva Braun met Hitler when she was a 17-year-old working for Hitler's official photographer:
Where all that Blondi's death had. affected the people in the bunker. more than Eva Braun's. suicide.
SS brought up Eva Braun, where is my mind :)
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"The only man in my life is my labradoodle, Eva Braun."
My daughter thinks Lucy looks like Eva Braun.
Eva, Eva, Eva Braun: Why were you Blond and Blue-Eyed and THEIR uniforms BROWN? EVA SS!
oh, and Neha 'Hitler was really cool' Dhupia as Eva Braun
I think these guys also sell Eva Braun appliances (next to the Krupp collection)
Why wouldn't Eva Braun give Adolf a *** . He always left a Nazi taste in her mouth.
Well, it didn't do Hitler much good. I bet he let Eva Braun eat meat.
Not in the bunker more than Eva Braun's suicide.
Even if I'm worse than Hitler, where is my Eva Braun?
now on Eva Braun and death camp survivor costumes! Accurate to what they really wore during WWII! ON SALE
I am sure she is now scratching her *** saying "who is Eva Braun?"
Who cares if it was "accurate"! Your girls now going to dress up as death camp victim and Eva Braun?
ARod commenting on Mets World Series game is like like Eva Braun toasting at a a bar mitzvah.
only the Nazi Jews (leftists). Us crazy *** rightwing Jews will never vote for Eva Braun (Hillary) Clinton.
Hillary is not Bill, this is true. But it's like saying, "well Eva Braun probably wasn't so bad". Oookaaayyy.
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We don't care if it's a baby Hitler or a baby Eva Braun, just so long as it's healthy.
One day I will write narrative non-fiction about my childhood. The Eva Braun story is the tip of the iceberg.
Embarrassing costume confession: When I was 8, my mother dressed me up as Eva Braun for German Day at school.
Eva Braun? Any woman who does other women down. And not in normal sport. Have a lot in mind.
The modern day Eva Braun is a threat to the safety of all . Americans, ESPECIALLY US *** ONES! ->
It seems that the spirit of Eva Braun is alive and kicking in the form of the charming Katie Wilson from Ludlow.
As much as I love reading about WWII Germany, Hitler and Eva Braun's bodies were burned immediately after killing themselves.
He could marry Eva Braun and threaten to invade Poland... that would make him popular with the Right again.
Hitler proposed to Eva Braun in the back of his 1989 Ford Aerostar and all it cost him was $300 and the war
Didn't you say you were going as Little Red and riding a Orange hood "Quinn" the Queen ..Eva Braun of Batman.
'You have the look of Eva Braun'. Victoria Wood As Seen On TV Special (BBC2 Continuity included) via
I guess they'd prefer John Rocker and Eva Braun on the kiss cam
LMAO. "my General Gadaffi's chicken is overcooked.can you just get me the Eva Braun sandwich with freedom fries"
1948 denaz court ruled no Mein Kampf royalties for Hitler's heirs (Eva Braun's parents) but to Bavaria:
Hitler's last 24 hours reveals an orgy and Eva Braun's desire to be sexy corpse - Daily Mail
Join the club. I must have been Eva Braun in another life.
On 1 May 1945, the day after Hitler had committed suicide with his new wife Eva Braun, Goebbels and his wife...
If Eva Braun loved Hitler, think of the guys she refused to date.
"a great family" is like oh, Eva Braun was nice, Hitler had a nice family!
Say it aint so! Try never to mix politics & fitba but thats like having Eva Braun on to talk fitba
Pah, they've all got a long way to go before they can be as shocking as that pic of Eva Braun in blackface...
Releases Documents proving and fled to in a...
she's a look of Eva Braun about her ..
FBI confirmed hitler never committed suicide and lived in argentina with eva braun until his 80th year, then died a natural death. WOW.
Eva Braun Merkel reiterates commitment to sanctions on Russia over Ukraine conflict - watch on -
Set de fotos: gretacigarettes: "Eva Braun was a woman who enjoyed life, loved to live, loved to laugh,...
Foto: gretacigarettes: "As the war was nearing its end, Eva Braun flew to Berlin against Hitler’s will. She...
I know! My mother. Eva Braun. I think I have sufficiently persuaded her otherwise.
Hitler and Eva Braun reminds me of Shishio and Yumi :"
Is that that Eva Braun?.
All purpose parts banner
I understand the wedding cake Hitler and Eva Braun ordered was White with Raspberry filling. Then they shot themselves.
Why do media outlets let this woman with a whiff of Eva Braun about her give her the oxygen of publicity? She's just a nothing
Not true. Eva Braun had the worst taste in dudes in history. You're way ahead of her.
look at the *** on Eva Braun as my grandad used to say. . .
Women like her will support any woman; inc. Eva Braun, if it would get a woman in the WH.They are true bigots
New find:Hitler used drugs to keep up his confidence during war.Yeah,I guess,especially when mistress Eva Braun laughed at his mustache.
2 days after their riage, both Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun committed suicide.
I wanna be numb about this but I'm just so sad I wish I never studied Eva Braun
they were eaten by a CIA hippo in 67. Replaced by robots. Liberace wrote White Album n Yoko is Eva Braun. Its obvious.
Dearies, is it just me or does Laureen resemble Eva Braun in more ways than one
nah not even Eva Braun was pretty good to Hitler from my understanding aha
Jeannie, we think everything's going to be OK too. Signed David Koresh, Heaven's Gate members and Eva Braun.
Our bought a Boomtown Rats boxset with his voucher for Christmas and is I never loved Eva Braun. Gem!
Natalie Cole, Eva Braun. Rick Astley, fraudster Kevin Trudeau and Tom Brokaw (who might get his job back lol)
Coming off the bench on this date: Dale Long, Smokey Burgess, Pedro Alvarez, Rip Torn, Rick Astley, and Eva Braun
Eva Braun as Al Jolson in blackface. This is, like, multiple levels of weird irony.
Thanks Rick, I'll keep this in mind when I bring in Eva Braun's hairbrush and you offer me $100. Ha.
"Hitler's mistress Eva Braun in blackface as Al Jolson, 1937
Yeah Ana's Hitler and you Quantum are Mr. Goerieng! Or are you Heinrich Himmler??? or... Eva Braun.? O_o
Every time Notre Dame loses, Satan has a three-way with Eva Braun and Karen Carpenter.
Recently released FBI documents might show that Hitler and Eva Braun faked their suicides, and may have had help from the OSS director Allen Dulles.
Hitler + Eva Braun had sex without touching or removing clothes as he was so fanatical about hygiene. Got news for you Adolf that wasn't sex
"Can you see Eva Braun relishing a post coital cigarette? Can you consider Hitler’s tender foreplay, a considerate and energetic lover?"
Hitler and Eva Braun 'had sex without touching each other'
Rare footage of Hitler and Eva Braun at their home in Bavaria Daily Mail Online: via
OCD Hitler had sex with Eva Braun without touching each other or taking their clothes off
Bruce, do u dress as Eva Braun reading Mein Kampf by the fireplace sipping tea?
Netflix show about DNA claims Eva Braun was a Jew LOL LOL LOL
Eva Braun: Life with Hitler is well worth a read. Great 1930 photo of Eva in TUXEDO- 'corked-up' (BLACKFACE)
I want to see the last one where he's got the cyanide pill in one hand and Eva Braun is in the background doing the same thing.
"Hitler created a public image as a celibate man... met his mistress, Eva Braun, in 1929... half-niece, Geli Raubal"
NEW VIDEOS: Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun accept the ALS ice bucket challenge
"I ran into Hitler and Eva Braun. She was a beautiful woman. I wondered what she saw in Hitler."
hitler loved Eva Braun. Therefore, is god Hitler?
Where is Eva Braun? I haven't heard much outta her since her hubby was named in
Please please can the shinner Nazis send Eva Braun McDonald over to talk to ISIS? In fact send their whole front bench?
You're not authorized to see this status
The Swastika is a Masonic ref. to Shiva the Destroyer. Hitler was Ethnically Semetic. He didn't have regular sex until Eva Braun.
"I'm just worried because I never had a relationship with a woman that lasted as long as the one between Hitler and Eva Braun."
Big news in Eva Braun née Hitler of our times has been taken out unclear if Adolf is also dead
"So we've narrowed down the band name down to three choices: Eel Feet, Hot Dog Trampoline, or Eva Braun Tampon."
Yep, banging it out over a poster of Eva Braun!
Hitler used to bum his dog. I don't mean Eva Braun either.
More like a poster of Eva Braun that they all pull each other off over ;)
Whoops. Sorry, my Eva Braun fetish must be trying to sneak out.
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Michelle "Eva Braun" Obummer wants to take our Big Macs away
While gazing at a poster of Eva Braun!
- there you have it right from Eva Braun's mouth until there's another
"30 something male searching for his Eva Braun"
Just a quick message for They found the last, failed world domination fruitcake dead in a bunker with Eva Braun.
You should feel ashamed. Next you'll have a crush on Magda Goebbels or Eva Braun.
Hitler's wife Eva Braun was only married to Hitler one day before they both committed suicide.
it's not Nazi enough for Eva Braun in Kiev?
You must be Eva Braun,because I'm ready to Hitler-you up!!!
Hitler and Eva Braun fled Berlin and died (divorced) of old age in Argen...: via
Guy flirting with a girl on the train: "Hey, aren't you Eva Braun?" Probably should do your WWII homework before you try to pick up a woman
Amy madigan . Says 2 50's eva braun . Nazi cow went straight on to the 90's or whatever . Book burners
. Mr. Cliven is a hero in the same way Eva Braun formed Hadassah
Not that many people would even know who Eva Braun is
French plaited my hair in pigtails, but because it's so long I have to wrap them around my head I look Eva Braun
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“. Is "Clown Prince" REAL MOTHER Eva Braun?!?” We do know his real daddy is Frank Marshall Davis
today, Eva Peron rolled over for Eva Braun.
apparently I can add Darren Bent and Eva Braun to that list as well..
This date should be a worldwide holiday. On this date in 1945 at his bunker in Berlin, as Russian troops were just down the block and US and British forces put the finishing touches on the victory in Europe, Adolph Hitler gave his beloved Eva Braun her final gift. According to those in the bunker , Eva swallowed the poison capsule and the Satan himself pulled the trigger and put a bullet through his temple. Their bodies were then taken to ground level and burned to ashes. The ashes were thrown into a bomb crater and covered with the dust and dirt of a fallen Berlin.
On this day 30th April 1945, in his bunker beneath the ruins of Berlin, Adolph Hitler and newlywed bride Eva Braun committed suicide. It's said that a note was found and reads, "I die with a joyful heart, and the knowledge of our infinite achievement, and of a contribution unique in the history that bears my name.
On this date in 1945, Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun commited suicide after one day of marriage. Talk about 'irreconcilable differences'.
Today In Military History - 4/30/2014 1798 The US establishes the Department of the Navy 1945 The Red Banner is raised over the Reichstag Building in Berlin Born 1938 Bugs Bunny, sometime U.S. Marine Died 1945 Adolph Hitler (56) and Eva Braun (33), suicide More at
In 1945 on this day, as Russian troops approached his Berlin bunker,, Adolph Hitler committed suicide along with his wife of one day, Eva Braun. Just a historical trivia I wanted to share.
Historical Trivia: 69 years ago today (April 30, 1945) Adolph Hitler sees that his madness is truly over. Berlin is in ruins. The Allies are closing in. Despondent and disillusioned... He and his longtime mistress (and wife of hours), Eva Braun choose the final solution: High Velocity Lead Poisoning. The world became a little better place.
Hitler's jabs: Sickly Führer hoped quack doctor's concoction would pep up evenings with Eva Braun via
la señora es como una Eva Braun pero con curul... if you know what I mean
The ultimate joke. Dead Famous DNA programme have just discovered that Hitler's girlfriend and eventual wife, Eva Braun, turns out to be an Ashkenazi Jewess by descent.
personally I love drinking with my great friend Eva
Look, No one blames you Eva Braun, but we all know that no good is coming from Caleb
Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s Magician In the last days of 1932, Hitler was contemplating suicide. Released from prison n 1924 after the Beer Hall Putsch got him a light sentence for what was, after all, high treason, his Mein Kampf a best-seller, and his Nazi Party back and stronger than ever, he nonetheless was losing ground in the Reichstag. Hindenberg - the much-respected and very popular President of the Republic - was not pleased with the rough- and-tumble crowd that seemed to compose Hitler’s voting bloc, and various ministers were conspiring against Hitler to keep him out of government altogether. In 1932, they were succeeding. Hitler was facing a crucial election. Members of the Nazi Party were in danger of defecting to other political organizations. His own trusted disciples were dividing the Party into warring factions that could not be controlled And on Halloween night - the pagan Sabbat of Samhain - his mistress Eva Braun shot herself. Although Eva survived what the doctors would later char ...
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So I hear that Jordan Krud over at Dynasux Ministries is going to write a book parodying me and Alex Johnson. And I could not be thrilled. Rumor is it's about how the two of us single handedly destroyed bizarro and it's going to be called The Ballad of Alex and Yoko ... because they seem to have problems spelling Charie D. La Marr. It likens Alex to Hitler which I suppose makes me Eva Braun. And I am so excited to have the great Jordan Krud write my unofficial biography. I hear it will feature cover art by his five year old "special needs" child - done in fingerpaint. And I have the following offer. If you are one of the lucky ones who manages to buy one of the 25 copies of this book is welcome to send it to me and I will autograph it and return it postage paid. For an additional five bucks, I will add a signed copy of my Amazon bestseller and NEW PULP FICTION AWARD WINNER Bumping Noses and Cheerry Pie or the best *** squid book on the planet The Squid *** of the Fulton Fish Market. Maybe we can even ...
Hitler flirting with Eva Braun - he was certainly a psychopath mass murderer but also a human
So if you go back on my page, you'll see while drunk last night I posted the only episode of a sitcom that was pulled after the pilot aired called "Heil Honey, I'm Home!" It's a sitcom about Adolfo Hitler and Eva Braun that tries to play as a wacky sitcom while they deal with their neighbours; the Goldsteins (yeah, guess what nationality they are) There's "tasteless", and then there's the styrofoam dreck that is "Heil Honey, I'm Home" but oddly enough, they filmed at least 3 episodes. I'd like to see the other 2 at least.
I think you mean Eva Braun, - but don't trip over your lack education - and I have NEVER commended Nazis
I wonder who Eva Braun would be with if she were alive today. Manson? Kim Jung Un? Chris Brown? Three-fifths of One Direction?
Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun, may have had Jewish ancestry
Just heard on the news. DNA research shows that Eva Braun, Hitlers lover, was actually of Jewish ancestry
Eva Braun was of Jewish descent, a Channel 4 documentary says based on a hair sample found on a brush believed to have belonged to the Nazi leader's wife.
Did you know Eva Braun, Hitlers wife was of Jewish descent!
Is this a fact? Recently released FBI files state that Hitler and Eva Braun went on a submarine to Argentina and lived long lives. Can anyone dispute the documents? Is this a joke?
Saw a documentary the other day where they tested Eva Brauns DNA and found she was decended from the first Jews to come to Europe way back. So the last thing Adolf does before killing himself is marry a Jew. What a proper knob!
Eva Braun shacking up with Hitler makes Eva Braun a horrid monster too tho... for example
Right now it´s microwawe radiation time! The Stalk-VOTZEN IN THE NEIGHBOORHOOD want to succeed. The can suck my d***! (Y) Come on report me! Gang Stalking is a Game invented by VOTZEN!!! NAZI & STASI VOTZEN like EVA BRAUN!!! THE BAPTIST GANGBANGER F* BY LUCIFER. SO LONG YOU STINKY ANGLO SAXON VOTZE!!!
Blah!! I don't even like Bit of a *** off. Reminds me of Is Jashodaben his Eva Braun? Or is there someone else?
Putins new Russian gymnast girlfriend . is she the new Eva Braun of the 21st century.
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Happy Birthday. Eva Braun, John Belushi, Sam Cooke AND Jesus only made it to 33 so you beat them
Frau eva braun Credlin knows whats best. !
DNA tests suggest Eva Bruan, Hitler's main squeeze, may have been Jewish.
The Vatican has announced the canonization of Eva Braun as the patron saint of women who make bad life decisions.
show proves Eva Braun had Jewish ancestry. Facepalm to racism and Nazism.
Man ricktator didn't compete, he sent eva braun into battle and she eliminated herself day one.
Hitler's wife might have been Jewish
Scientists studying DNA thought to have belonged to Eva Braun, Hitler's wife, have found a genome suggesting ...
"we should've called her Eva Braun or something" Bryanna about her dog
& are shrewd of , brain washers, Eva braun of thieves. So?
Woah! So has uncovered that Eva Braun was, somewhere a long the line, Jewish?! Literally can't process... And on Pesach!
Yes Eva Braun was Jewish. Yes Hitler married her. Yes it is ironic.
It is said that behind every great man there is a woman: Napoleon had Marie Antoinette, Hitler had Eva Braun and Ozzy Osborne has Sharon
somehow evoking images of Eva Braun
Eva Braun during her photographic studio days, around the time she met Herr Hitler for the very first time.
Hitler had a strained relationship with his dad vs Regina/Cora. And Emma Swan rhymes with...Eva Braun...kinda.
Nahhh. If Eva Braun had looked like that, Hitler never would've topped himself. I bloody wouldn't.
On this day in 1945, (69 years ago) Hitler committed suicide with his wife of two days, Eva Braun.
I can already see her autobiography. From Hitler to Toothbrushes: The Eva Braun Story
“"Water & squash back down the end. Tea? Coffee? 'You've a look of Eva Braun, did you know?'" RT
Salute to Eva braun hitler who died for love.
Watching dead famous dna on channel 4 great watch, Hitler's lover Eva Braun was a descendent of Jews ;-)
The beginnings of The Love We Seek film. Hitler and Eva Braun
You know who else loved Hitler and dogs? Eva Braun.
he's me. And where did you bump into Eva Braun?
Hitler's partner/wife Eva Braun may have had Jewish ancestry
Yes and Eva Braun. The star-crossed lovers who burned so bright, they needed dental records.
the fact that scientists analyzed Eva Braun's DNA. She was Jewish.
Oh the irony! Eva Braun's ancestors, probably Jewish?! Please be true - beautiful bit of poetic justice if it is...
Wow! Eva Braun could possibly be Jewish! Hitler was unknowingly in love and married a Jewish woman! :|
I've just finished watching a programme called 'dead famous DNA',the investigator in this documentary collected samples of bone and hair that were supposed to be belong to people such as Marlon Brando,John Lennon etc,many of these after investigation turned out to be false,including a fragment of rib bone that was meant to have come from Adolph Hitler,but a sample of hair that was taken from a brush that was judged to have belonged to Hitler's mistress Eva Braun turned up rather a shocking surprise.she was descended from Jews!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THIS! "there was a sequence within the DNA of Eva Braun that thats know to pass down the maternal line, un changed, from mother to daughter, generation to generation. Its a specific sequence shared by millions of people, but its shared. By Ashkenazi Jew's. Watch from 6:19 till the end of the video for more of what I just mentioned. or you can watch from the start for a little bit more of a back story. There are currently only two living female relatives of Eva Braun, both refused to give a DNA sample. If they did, scientists could match up the genome of the living relatives against the DNA on Eva's hair brush and hair and would get a definitive answer to wether or not she is a Jew. I personally think the two living relatives should give samples because then its a final nail on the coffin for Nazisuism. And also all the families of the holocaust could get some form of closer. They ow it to History and Humanity. (Channel 4 documentary, called Dead Famous DNA. you can follow the ...
Hitler's mistress Eva Braun may have had Ashkenazi Jew ancestry
Eva Braun might've actually been an Ashkenazi Jew. Hitler didn't know..or did he love her too much to care? Too much irony.
Hair samples show that Eva Braun may have had Jewish ancestry herself . :
Hitler's Eva Braun may have had Jewish ancestry
"Controversial UK TV show claims Hitler’s wife may have had Jewish ancestry"
It turns out Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress then wife, was probably Jewish... (new DNA evidence) http…
wife Eva Braun may have had ancestry: Documentary
Hitler's Wife Was Jewish: Tests on Eva Braun's Hairbrush tested Positive for 'Ashkenazi Jews' - she had Jewish ancestry ... :-)
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