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Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

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New post (Ukraine gears up for Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv) has been published on Bonjournal-best Hub of News -…
I remember that song, but I only know the Brotherhood of Man version. I think from the Eurovision Song Contest. Great choice! ☺️
Kyiv gets ready to host the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time
The 2017 Album incl. all 43 songs is out! Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Kyiv by Various Artists.
Literally the only thing that is keeping me to the election in 49 days time is the fact that the Eurovision Song Contest is i…
Rapid fire with Isaiah from Australia via Eurovision Song Contest
The theme for next year's Eurovision Song Contest is "We are Haggis."
Getting pretty board, with all the bull and hype coming out of trumps mouth, we need some real excitement, bring on Eurovision Song Contest
babe please react to the Eurovision Song Contest ❤👑 it is the biggest music competition in the world with +206 million viewers!
Iconic and impressive - the main stage for the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv
United Kingdom - Lucie Jones will represent the United Kingdom in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, singing Never...
wikileaks-forum from the ppl who think Eurovision Song Contest is run by Russian Intelligence .
It's all getting a bit like song contest.
The Semi-Final Allocation Draw, to determine which country will participate in which Semi-Final of the 2017...
Next weekend we start the over 1 month long celebration of deciding who is gonna represent us in Eurovision Song Contest 🙌🏼
Are you coming over to Sweden for any promotion before Eurovision Song Contest?
Official ro-nation? Join the Eurovision Song Contest on ROBLOX now:
Eurovision Song Contest, 'Light Up The World' . the awesome - shame the BBC mucked up the mics 😉
Fifth Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Norway (in April 2017
We need the eurovision song contest more than ever now
Crikey. It's an entirely different contest now. I don't think she'll win, but it's very much a Eurovision song.
Can we leave the Eurovision song contest as well ?
Big day 2day. We are not particularly religious in Sweden, but we worship Eurovision Song Contest. And exactly two yrs ago Lore…
Can Gaga represent my country for Eurovision with Million Reasons please? The song is good enough to win that contest for sure
Lucie Jones chosen to represent the UK at Eurovision
A Brexiteers viewpoint on the Eurovision Song Contest:. "The rest of Europe can stick it up their *** Once...
Lucie Jones to represent the UK at the 2017 Eurovision song contest.
We should start by entering song contest with a Scottish entry. Love and votes would flow. Politicians…
Agnetha Bjorn Benny n the other one - ABBA - Eurovision Song Contest 😆
Heavy metal fans rejoice!! Finland's Lordi - winner of the Eurovision song contest -- will perform in Portland...
Eurovision Song Contest: The UK contenders for 2017 are all failed X Factor hopefuls | The Independent
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Greece: Demy will sing at 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (REACTION): via
„Petro Poroschenko: Ukraine: don't KILL stray dogs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!” - Jetzt ... via
What do we think of the Finland song? Song Contest 2017: Finland - "Blackbird" By Norma John
„Mr. Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor : Stop the killing of street dogs for the EUROVISION Song... via
Eurovision Song Contest can be moved from Kyiv to Moscow!!!
would rather watch the tellytubbies or Eurovision Song Contest.
Sounds suspiciously like one giant RickRoll to me: She won the slot with a rendition of Never Give Up on You
The UK has chosen its next Eurovision Song Contest entry
South Wales Evening Post This Welsh star will be the UK's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest South Wales Evening…
Israel and Australia were in the Eurovision song contest. Words no longer have meaning. Of course "song" is also misplaced.
Did the Song Contest 1958 logo predict winning 😮
This has been in my head a lot today: Jamala - 1944 (Ukraine Eurovision Song Contest 2016 winning entry, w/ lyrics)
agreed it gives me some sort of Eurovision Song Contest vibe, with all the background on players etc.
The BBC has chosen "I will never give up on you" for the Eurovision Song Contest. Good.
Could we have a referendum to leave the Eurovision Song Contest ?
Hamilton Collection
Would de-politicising the NHS be as difficult as de-politicising the Eurovision Song Contest 😳
I liked a video Demy will represent Greece at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest
if you're basing your view on the Eurovision Song Contest,then you don't know what you're on about
Check out our videos! Like this one: Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Acoustic Medley In SWEDISH
World be shocked when learns who is going to represent Russia on Eurovision 2017 song contest
Or else, head to Yorkshire where the duo won the Eurovision Song Contest...
Interesting emoballad from Norma John chosen to represent in the song contest 2017!.
that reminds me, how did Australia qualify for the EuroVision song contest???
The official website of the Eurovision Song Contest, featuring the latest news, photos,
For us to win the eurovision song contest again, we need Lordi to come back and do the monster polka all over again. This I believe.
ICYMI: has begun their search for the Song Contest 2018:
'X Factor' contestant to represent the UK at 2017 Eurovision Song Contest
Wales' Lucie Jones to represent Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest
Please sign and share... . No game should be this important.
Stop the killing of street dogs for the in
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The proposal for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. POLAND. AreQue - THE ONE.
If you are *** and don't know what the Eurovision Song Contest is, I question your commitment to your sexuality.
If you had the bad luck to be competing in Eurovision's 1974 song contest, I'm so sorry, but you were never beating ABBA
Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Waterloo' on this day in 1974.
Would you ever consider to compete for Ireland in Eurovision song contest? 😆
Eurovision song contest this year is in... Ukraine. Wonder if Putin will take down its electrical grid again for the occasion?
Christ !! There will be one coming on to say Utd will win the Eurovision Song Contest next 😂😂
Tuesday quiz! Can you name 3 cities that have hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 3 times or more?
hi my name is Daniela coming from Slovenia and of as you know I am big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest
I cannot WAIT for the Eurovision Song Contest this year
Advantage health care reform groups in the Eurovision Song Contest
to Abba outside the Brighton Metropole, whilst competing in the Eurovision Song Contest held at the Dome in 1974
Three sisters to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision Song Contest.
Wait, just WAIT!!! Does this mean we can no longer participate in the Eurovision Song Contest? Terry Wogan will be turning i…
European Broadcasting Union: Make Eurovision Song Contest revise the results of the song contest 2016..
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they won't participate in Eurovision Song Contest and haven't for a few years!
After the UK will not be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest..oh wait !
If we leave the EU,does that mean we can't be apart of the Eurovision Song Contest?.
Is it possible to vote to only leave the Eurovision Song Contest but still remain in the EU?
yeah but the Eurovision Song Contest one really hurts 😥
If we leave the EU we won't be allowed in the Eurovision Song Contest
I'm saying it first sign her up for entry into the Eurovision Song Contest right now!
No! That's just wrong. You'll be saying Australia can enter the Eurovision Song Contest next 😕
Tonight on Prime Time we ask - Is it time for Ireland to pull out of the Eurovision Song Contest?
Billie, have you watched the Eurovision Song Contest recently. UKIP's MEPs are already taking us there.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko gives medal to singer Jamala, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has hailed his country's victory in this year's Eurovision Song Contest.
What time does the Eurovision Song Contest start? Here's all you need to know
So...after roughly 4 hours the 61st Eurovision Song Contest comes to an end.Another epically glittery, dancey,lovely weird year.
Man-At-Arms has just reminded Prince Adam that it's the Eurovision Song Contest on tonight.
How big a Eurovision fan are you? (Picture: Rex Features/Myles Goode)For many of us, the Eurovision Song Contest...
Francis Drake sings the King of Spain's Beard (Fails to make the Eurovision Song Contest finals)
How well do you know the Eurovision Song Contest? Check out our FREE Android quiz
YES! Openly bisexual singer Douwe Bob reached the Grand Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 💙💜💖
Eurovision to be shown on US TV: The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast live on US ...
- As long as they don't meddle with the Eurovision Song Contest!
So they should they are in the Eurovision Song Contest !!What do we have -Can i Gymru !!
Eurovision Song Contest sounds normal compared to this ..
My all time favorite Eurovision Song Contest entry
Romania has been expelled from the Eurovision Song Contest, after it failed to pay debts totalling 16 million Swiss francs.
'Indigeneity, first people, and the Eurovision Song Contest' from John Egan and
Mum & son are back! "This is like Eurovision Song Contest of Caravanning" he chirps happily. Raise your standards, pal
"It's like the Eurovision Song Contest for caravans"
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Sweden will have a 'refugee crisis' theme . RAPES LIVE ON STAGE?
in 1974, ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest. Find out which song they performed:
Random fact: 1974 contest in Brighton (42 yrs ago today; won by ABBA) started the Portuguese revolution.
Still in 1974, the ABBA composition “Waterloo” won the annual Eurovision Song Contest.
Next month's Eurovision Song Contest will highlight the refugee crisis via Stupid swedes...
>Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden to have "refugee theme"
Update: The running order for the semi-finals of the 2016 Song Contest will be unveiled on Friday 8th April
Drive Time On This Day Quiz. On this day in 1974 ABBA won Eurovision Song Contest...
The Swedish pop band ABBA wins the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Waterloo", launching their international career in 1974
Today in 1974, Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo!
We are excited to work with Sacha Jean-Baptiste for our stage performance in the Eurovision Song Contest!
1974, Swedish pop group ABBA win Eurovision Song Contest at the Dome, Brighton with song Waterloo. ht…
On this day April 6th 1974 ABBA wins Eurovision Song Contest. h…
Today in 1974, ABBA become European stars overnight when their composition “Waterloo” wins the annual Eurovision Song Contest
1974: ABBA won the 19th Eurovision Song contest in Brighton, with 'Waterloo'
Ruth Lorenzo - Dancing in the rain (Spain) LIVE Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Grand Final
Saya suka video Opening of the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Emmelie de
How about the famous Austrian winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest- Conchita Wurst. Hit in Austrian Charts.
Wow...Looks like we might have a good chance. Dami Im - Sound Of Silence (Australia) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest
Holly Johnson's song Ascension is superb and would have been a great song for this year's Eurovision Song Contest.
Austria’s scintillating Conchita Wurst, winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, is helping boost tourism to...
Controversial Putin-mocking hit will not be heard at the Eurovision Song Contest
Iveta Mukuchyan’s 2016 Eurovision Song Contest entry has been presented for the first time…
Snowflake Music scores double on "Super Saturday" for Eurovision Song Contest. . https:…
Alexander Rybak, winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, honored us by choosing our Buda Castle Fashion Hotel...
Can't believe they let Ryan Mason and Alex Pritchard enter the Eurovision Song Contest.
Been singing this 5 years and I'm still not. Eric Saade - Popular . Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Sweden
Bucks Fizz with still the best Eurovision Song Contest entry the United Kingdom has produced to date. Tragic really.
Vote 1 for Kevin Bloody Wilson to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest
Sir Phillip Schofield has used a rusty to help him write the song representing Vietnam in the Eurovision Song Contest.
OMG which one your favorite singer from France will represent on Eurovision Song Contest 2016 ??? Kendji TalOfficiel ???
100 days until the Grand Final of the song contest.
Only 100 days left until the Eurovision Song Contest.
“The theme artwork and slogan: How it really comes together” by Eurovision Song Contest
100 days until the Grand Final of the Song Contest!
Ok Cameron, here's the negotiating position: start voting for us in the sodding Eurovision Song Contest or we're outt…
RIP Terry Wogan. We should all drink a full bottle of Baileys while watching the Eurovision Song Contest today, in his hono…
Who's going to the 61 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm in May? I'm going to the jury final
Poland risks exclusion from Eurovision Song Contest over controversial new media law - Ukraine Today
Go check out our amazing writer AlmaGood :D She is the writer of ALDA's Eurovision Song Contest song...
.Hello darling, Spain would love you to represent us in the Eurovision Song Contest. If you do it I'll be yours for ever.
Listen to all six candidate songs to represent Spain at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest ▶
Not a fan of NYD from Vienna really ... so wish wld do broadcast in style of Terry Wogan doing Eurovision Song Contest.
All the Eesti Laul winners who represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in one photo.
Hurts should have been our entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 but the BBC choose Englebert Humperdinck instead.
for Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest. fav for Zakir Hussain (Assam cricketer)
YEREVAN, ARMENIA - Iveta Mukuchyan is the artist who will represent Armenia in 2016 Eurovision Song Contest...
It looks like the BBC's finally taking the Eurovision Song Contest selection process seriously again -
I am proud that Azerbaijan has finally received the first prize at the Eurovision Song Contest!
Our calendar for 2016 Eurovision Song Contest revealed! read more at
The person below is dying to enter the Eurovision Song Contest
Ik vind een leuk: Who will represent Armenia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest?
New blog for Aeerdna Eurovision! Let the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest begin!
Warrior (Live at the Grand Final Eurovision Song Contest, Vienna 2015)-Nina Sublatti
I KNOW, they were even in the Goddam Eurovision song contest. They admit their Eastern European roots, time to vacate Palestine
To paraphrase Billy Connolly, the is like getting trapped inside the Eurovision song contest in your school uniform. Naff.
Idk ever since I was like, 8, I wanted to grow up to do music for either Marvel or the Eurovision Song Contest - Incredibly unlikely :'(
on tonight's performance the only way will qualify for Europe is through Eurovision Song Contest
Was so proud of my best mate Jay Higgins when I saw him on the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, did you get the gig...
Is Ireland going bankrupt if they keep winning the Eurovision Song Contest again?
Did you know that are huge fans of the Eurovision Song Contest?
Who's that scandalous lady at the front, did she win a Eurovision song contest?
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hi Eurovision I just wanted to tell you that it's my first time next year to see Eurovision song contest 2016 in usa if you can.
What was your favourite song at this year's Eurovision Song Contest?. Available on t-shirts, mugs and a whole...
One of my demo ideas has been chosen as the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest! Details here:
Congratulations to my friends The Dorians on making it to the final of the Song Contest tomorrow!
Still catching up on Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The stage and set designs never fail to blow me away.
Id like to thank for helping me with everything since winning the Eurovision Song Contest.
How!? Morris's *** has librarians help him write the song representing Mexico in Eurovision Song Contest.
Stockholm to host 2016 Song Contest... The Semi-Finals will be held on 10 and 12 May, the Grand Final on 14 May 2016.
Chandelier cover by a Turkish pop singer (who has won Eurovision Song Contest 2003 with her hit song 'Every Way That I Can'.
Julian Clary still a Legend 😊 He should front the Eurovision song contest 😉
Why are there still ads for the Eurovision song contest in vienna its OVER
Eurovision Song Contest will be signed for the first time
that all changed for me with Eurovision Song Contest Israel part of the game now yo ;-)
I did A Levels on the subjects of:. 1. Sweden. 2. Pop/disco music. 3. Eurovision Song Contest winners. 4. White satin fl…
.Remember when Gordon Brown appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Legends. If they'd managed England we would've won at least another world cup, and the Eurovision song contest
Eurovision Song Contest 2015 gets under way on
piers thinks playing in Europe is singing Boom Boom at the Eurovision song contest.
"Finland has not done well in the Eurovision Song Contest, but we must try!!
60 years of Eurovision Song Contest - the 10's60 years of Eurovision Song Contest - the 10's
Time to go back to LA. But I'll be back soon just waiting for the call from asking me to host the Song contest. ;-)
Just what you need when you're ill in bed - your husband singing the 1995 UK Eurovision Song Contest entry to you...
Iceland's entry in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest, 'Minn Hinsti Dans', was performed by a former drag queen.
I liked a video OMG Fantastic opening the Eurovision Song Contest 2015
I am ready to see Eurovision song contest 2016
Lets see who will i support at the Eurovision Song Contest last year was is Belarus and Estonia who is it next year
These promotional vids for the CHL kind of remind me of the introduction vids for the Eurovision Song Contest. Needless to say: i like it.
good evening Norfolk , how are you tonight ? I feel like I'm hosting the Eurovision Song Contest tonight .
I added a video to a playlist Riverdance at the Eurovision Song Contest 30 April 1994, Dublin
The year after they entered the Eurovision Song Contest! There's a good Carl Craig mix of Moscow Discow.
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Tick - Tock - Eurovision 2014 - Ukraine by Mariya Yaremchuk from the album: Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copen…
Powered by: Aram MP3 will represent Armenia at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in…
I liked a video Finalists 2014 Eurovision Song Contest getting ready for the Grand Final
I liked a video Austria - Postcard at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest
I liked a video Eurovision Medley Live at the Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits
Stockholm to host 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Las The method of findin...
"Running - Eurovision 2014 - Hungary" by Andras Kallay Saunders from Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copen…
Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copenhagen is now on sale for £6.99 at Amazon. Product page:
But not if they've for whatever reason watched the Eurovision Song Contest last year. We sent her and won:
ATHENS, GREECE - The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest participant for Greece, Maria-Elena was invited to ANT1 TV's...
Utrecht longboard brand featured on Eurovision Song Contest -
HEHE, see even Sakis and Stefan have things in common. Uh oh and both were in the Eurovision Song Contest too.
I thought was Europe cause of Eurovision Song Contest
Penultimate episode of 1864. I've not seen anything from Denmark with Pilou Asbæk this horrific since last year's Eurovision Song Contest.
Serebro - Song 1 (Russia) 2007 Eurovision Song Contest that was cool. love them.
Watching the junior Eurovision Song Contest from 2004!! remember watching these all the time
British people on holiday are so embarrassing it's no wonder no one votes for us in the Eurovision Song Contest.
That said - they might have only just finished clearing the pitch by 10pm at this rate. More like the Eurovision Song Contest!
As Vienna gets ready to host the Eurovision Song Contest, Lizo Mzimba looks back at how the contest has evolved.
I added a video to a playlist 2015 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Final
Also won the Superbowl, Eurovision Song Contest & the Nobel prize for rewriting history.
Kim Jung Un congratulates Kim Jung Un as he wins Eurovision Song Contest for North Korea
Congratulations To Kim Jong-Un on winning the Eurovision Song Contest for North Korea. Awesome performance
Several young people think Israel is in the because they have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest for many years.
Eurovision Song Contest awarded the Guinness World Record of the longest running annual music competition
I usually love the Eurovision Song Contest, even the semi-finals, but Mel Giedroyc is an awful presenting choice. Someone shut her up!
Watching the Eurovision Song Contest and I've worked it out! Conchita and Jonathan Thurston are the same person!!!
You know we’d win the Eurovision Song Contest if you just had the balls to enter me.
The bomber! Joe Cole used the Libyan to help him write the New Zealand in the Eurovision Song Contest.
What's with the Srl Lankan national anthem !!! It's like something out of the Eurovision Song Contest !!!
Stefan Dennis fact of the week...Stefan Dennis is looking forward to winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Inevitable
Petition for Kylie Minogue to represent Australia in Eurovision Song Contest this year
Wow! Australia is COMPETING Song Contest this year! DYK Olivia Newton-John sang for the UK in '74? I'm full of…
Conchita cannot believe Australia is going to be in the Eurovision Song Contest
Who should represent Oz at The petitions have started! via
Australia to compete at Eurovision: Australia is to compete at this year's Eurovision Song Contest as...
no one that's why it's a European song contest not an Asian or Oceania or World song contest! Wat region r we in?
umm why tf will Australia be competing at the ESC this year?? ESC stands for EUROVISION song contest, what did i miss lol
Australia can't be the first country to win both the AFC Asian Cup and the song contest. Israel did that.
So, Australia's now part of the Eurovision song contest, huh? Why not rename it to the Eurovision International Song Contest?
Australia to compete in Eurovision Song Contest in May: Australia will take part in the…
Aus will participate in the '15 Song Contest. Where are the"You don't belong here!" "Go back to your own country!" comments?
Australia allowed into has made me giddy with glee. has a nice write up about potentials!
Australia's obsession with the song contest has finally paid off:
Breaking: Australia takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest!
Mashable: "Australia has been invited to join the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.". Never has a sentence gi...
Hot News: Ready to do the Locomotion? Australians back petition nominating Kylie ... - Daily Mail
has been granted a entry into this years Contest.
Australia set to compete at this year's Eurovision Song Contest
"Australia to compete in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest via Yup this is for real!
Forget the UK, this is the European IN/OUT referendum that counts: Australia joins Eurovision Song Contest this year http:/…
Which Aussie could win names our artists who could bring it home http:…
To my friends who like Australia will compete this year!
I never thought I'd see the day when Australia would compete in the Song Contest! 😄
Australia will participate in the 60th Song Contest!!! Read more:
ohh wait, I know, I know...Conchita Wurst from Eurovision Song Contest?
Europe's ambitions become painfully clear, as Australia joins the Eurovision Song Contest.
Woken up to the news of Australia taking part in the Eurovision song contest. :-o
SBS celebrates as Australia officially enters Eurovision Song Contest for the first time |
we should send david Campbell to the Eurovision Song Contest
No public vote on Australia's entry for song contest – live
Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest invites Australia to join 'world's biggest party' - The Guardian
I implore Australia to enter Kevin "bloody" Wilson into the Song Contest. FOR DA LULZ
i'm still in shock about australia joining the eurovision song contest... I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND
BBC News - Eurovision Song Contest: Australia to compete in 2015. It's not April 1st yet!
Thrilled to announce that Australia will compete in the Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest!
Australia is going to be participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest
ICYMI: Australia will compete in the 2015 Song Contest Grand Final
Australia's in the Eurovision song contest!!! Weren't Strictly Ballroom and The Crocodile Hunter shame enough. Did not see that coming.
Aus in Eurovision! any thoughts on this monumental development? . (here's a totally serious analysis: )
No public vote on Australia's entry for Eurovision song contest – live
And the other exciting thing will get to compete in the 2015 SONG CONTEST! AHH! Make it a good choice
Eurovision ❤ Australia joining Eurovision turns the song contest upside down - The Guardian
Australia to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest! Cue lots of bad-taste Rolf Harris jokes. They should have an NFL game at half time.
Please get Rolf Harris!!-Australia will compete in Grand Final of 2015 Eurovision Song Contest
You pays your dues to the European Broadcasting Union, you sings your songs at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Eurovision Song Contest: Australia to compete in 2015. and on sky news also
The European Broadcasting Union has invited Australia to compete at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest - god help us all.
you only watch the Eurovision Song Contest to hear Graham Norton commentating it
Powered by Austria: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix live at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Second Semi-Final
Have you already bought your ticket for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest? in http:…
1. Name the four british prime minister who where bachelors while in office. 2. Name the four Pevensie children in the Chronicles of Narnia books. 3. In which four films did Humphrey Bogart and Lauran Bacall co-star? 4. What are the legendary four rivers in the Garden of Eden? 5. What are the first four elements on the periodic table? 6. Which four US Presidents died of natural causes while in office? 7. As of 2013 who are the only four women nominated for a Best Director Oscar? 8. Which four events make up tennis' Grand Slam? 9. Apart from London, which four other British town or cities have hosted the Eurovision Song Contest? 10. Which four historical figures have appeared on the back of the English £20 note?
Powered by Estonia: Ott Lepland - Kuula live at the Grand Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest
Azerbaijan has strong political links with European Union, pretty much the reason why they are in Eurovision Song Contest
Powered by United Kingdom: Daz Sampson - Teenage Life live at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 Final
Alex Salmond plans to fast-track Scotland’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest if the Yes campaign wins.
Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst poses in suspenders for Karl Lagerfeld in unusual fash
Tbh, Anouk went to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, but the song she sung there was, imo, one of her least interesting ones
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