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European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union or confederation of 27 member states which are located primarily in Europe.

United Kingdom Marine Le Pen Theresa May

European Union regulators have blocked the London Stock Exchange Group's £21bn merger with Deutsche Borse
British Prime minister, Theresa May, will today begin the process that will see Britain leave the European Union
29 Mar 2017 The United Kingdom will trigger Article 50, beginning the formal process of leaving the European Union.…
THE European Union should not try and plug the financial gap created by Brexit with funds from other member stat...
European Union approves merger of Dow Chemical and Dupont
BREAKING: $130 billion merger of US chemical companies Dow and DuPont has been cleared by the European Union
negotiations is putting pressure on UK companies to set up shop in other European Union countries.…
Too young to know? European Union is peace and freedom. Things our ancestors didn't have.…
According to Sky News between 25,000 & 100,000 demonstrators attended the event calling for Britain to remain in th…
E.U. leaders have signed the Rome Declaration, proclaiming a "common future" even as Britain prepares to leave
'The European Union is the world's most successful invention for advancing peace.' ~ John Bruton
Today we celebrate 60 years of the Treaty of Rome, marking the beginning of the European Union. 🇪🇺
I just read Thousands demonstrated in London today against leaving the European Union. . E no easy to waka oh😁
Organizers said around 80,000 people had joined the march calling for Britain to stay in the European Union.
Today the European Union is celebrating its 60th birthday – and it's more important than ever to state: /…
UK ambassador to the EU warns: EU believes Britain cannot escape multi-billion pound ‘divorce bill’
Breast Cancer Awareness
On the 60th anniversary of the European Union, leaders meet to renew vows on the Rome Treaty h…
The European Union is not about slogans, it is not about procedures, it is not about regulations... (1/2)
Tens of thousands of Brits are marching against Brexit today
Should we get independence from just the United Kingdom or from the European Union and the United Kingdom?
If I'd been in London I'd have been at march -EU more important now than ever .
🇪🇺 in photos: Rome celebrates 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome with EU leaders
Douglas Carswell quits UKIP. Further evidence that they can't cope without the European Union.
militarized in view of the side events at the celebrations of the first sixty years of the European Union.
Happy 60th anniversary to the European Union, working alongside since 1961
The Economist: 'The future of the European Union: Adapt or die'. Interesting! We know it can't adapt, so it'll 'die'.…
The European Union fully subscribes to the the ideals of what the is all about and the plight of the refugees…
🇪🇺 For the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, we're hosting a dialogue: “60 years old already… and tomorrow?” ht…
Reported everywhere except BBC aka Bullied/Brexit/Government BC. Tens of thousands are marching against Brexit today
"Sixty years after the treaty that led to its founding, the European Union is under fundamental stress — divided"…
Europe’s people will write the next chapter in the history of the EU
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Happy 60th Birthday European Union!. p.s. Seven more years to retirement!?
Investing in gender equality for a better Europe and more equality and rights for all.
"Europe has managed to achieve almost eternal peace." Happy Birthday, European Union.
Happy 60th birthday to the European Union. Proud to be Irish, proud to be European . 🌹🎉🎁🎈.
. I take it that Maths has knocked you for six 😆.
Amazing European Union birthday party pictures from all around the EU. This is what European unity looks like. Our future,…
EU leaders meet to celebrate 60 years of union ... without Theresa May – video
Lucky to live in the European Union 😄🇪🇺 Happy Birthday Europe, you are wonderful 💖
Happy birthday European Union! Thx 4 being there 4 us. It's not always easy with u. But where would we b without u? All the…
EU28: Young people across the EU view the European Union more favourable than older people (Pew poll).
Tens of thousands protested Saturday under sunny skies in London against plans for Britain to withdraw from the European Unio…
."The European Union is the best dream we can offer to our children".
: 'The EU experience is over' Protesters take the streets of Rome as leaders gather . THE eternal city be…
Tens of thousands are marching against Brexit today
If Britain wants out of the European Union, it should be prepared to pay.
Belarusian railway timetable adjusted due to summer time switch in European Union, Ukraine For instance, train No.8…
E.U. Leaders Sign Rome Declaration and Proclaim a ‘Common Future’ (Minus Britain), - proud to be a European!
On the day of the 60th Anniversary of the European Union we should recommit ourselves to values, security prosperity o…
"Today in Rome, the EU celebrates its 60th anniversary. Leaders hailed the visionary "war generation" of leaders...
Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that the European Union was trying to limit the negative effects...
Pope Francis on Friday warned European Union leaders the bloc risks dying without a new vision of the future...
European Union and Papua New Guinea celebrate 40 years of partnership
For all its flaws, the European Union is a project like nothing else the world has ever seen. Proud to be a European in th…
The EU’s Road to Rome. At the end of this month, European Union leaders (except for British Prime Minist...…
Is there that near-central feeding for a nation is significantly unexpectedly criticised as interest from the European Union.
Small country, member of the European Union. Built on Lego, bacon, fish, shipping and some oil. Also a high standar…
Washington Post also asked concerns about Russia's historic referendum on the European Union and Germany and the West Bank.
'Don't f*** with us!' Philippine President RAGES at European Union in FURIOUS tirade
NICOLA STURGEON’S dream of an independent Scotland becoming a member of the European Union has been severely cri...
Cutting red tape lie exposed: 'scrapping of EU law could result in 25 Bills in every Queen’s Speech for decade':
For a European Union based on solidarity and democracy. Watch my intervention at (English subtitles):
The Tories are desperate to drag Scotland out the European Union and damage our economy.
Brazil's bad meat could leave some of the country's biggest money makers banned from European Union market
Denmark prohibits companies from selling Myanmar teak on European Union markets
🇫🇷You can hear the power in her voice when Marine Le Pen speaks for France!The European Union i…
Italy’s foreign minister launched a new pro-European Union party over the weekend.
Article 50 to be triggered March 29th. UKIP must now ensure that PM delivers a clean Brexit with strong borders. https…
MONTI: A good deal for the UK means 'organised suicide' for the EU
European Union : ESMA to cooperate with non-EU regulators on CCPs
Greece and the European Union - don't blame me - euronews euronews. Greece and the Europ…
Brexit: The end of a loveless marriage: Britain’s relationship with the European Union was always…
Yes Obama came to Britain to intimidate and threaten British voters in the European Union referendum. Quite openly…
The UK ambassador to the EU has warned that the UK cannot avoid a multi billion 'divorce bill'
Hey America, this is where we're headed if we don't get serious about eliminating corruption from the white house. https:…
So just announced, as matter of fact, Scotland will be leaving the European Union for program trailer tonight!
"Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Britain’s divorce proceedings with the European Union on March 29,...
PM: As we leave the European Union I will work to deliver a deal that works for the whole of the UK. Find out more: https:…
Irish Reunification but one Prize of the European Union's British Baby.
Britain prepares for EU exit: LONDON — Britain will begin divorce proceedings from the European Union on March 29,… https:…
We have a new tool to be able "to fight the jihadi violence" inside and outside the European Union. Pioneer, innova…
What happens next? Britain sets March 29 as offical start of process to leave the European Union.
'A POLITICAL MONSTER!' Nuttall SAVAGES eurocrats as Brexit opens floodgates to destroy EU
‘We are being CRUCIFIED!’ Freedom of movement will DESTROY EU, warns top Czech diplomat
General : Parliament has invited people from all over Europe to discuss the future of the European Union in the ...
says that the European Union has ratified Waiting on Canadian Senate to finish its process.
well they will not be able to. Here is the rule book...
Find out how the Government’s Plan for Britain will build a stronger, fairer Britain as we leave the European Union: https…
🇬🇧 British PM to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by 29th March, starting the formal exit process.
You Euro-weenies who think Trump's a Nazi, The European Union is everything Hitler wanted and you bought it hook line and sink…
Queen Elizabeth II approves UK opting out of European Union while Britain supported Nigerian government to Kill and maim biafrans
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Putin and Trump desperately want a Marie Le Pen win to kill the European Union once and for all.
.European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill to receive its Royal Assent on Thursday, Article 50 inv…
"The United Kingdom, is one of the few countries in the European Union that does not need to bury its 20th century history"…
Is the just a marriage of convenience for and Expert insight at
'Our university would suffer' EU workers must stay in UK, insist heads of Oxford colleges: https…
Nicola Sturgeon says there is feeling in the European Union that Scotland would be "accepted and respected" in the event…
.is opposed to Scotland leaving the British Union, but happy for the UK to leave the European Union.
The vote that could wreck the European Union
The European Union was the UK’s biggest export market for textiles and apparel in 2016, accounting for 74% of UK exports
Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union is a part of EU law that sets out the process by which member states may withdraw from the EU.
Middle classes shatter the European Union from within
Sturgeon demands for Scotland to leave the political union .. And instead join the European Uni.. Oh wait...
BREAKING: European Union calls on Turkey to not use 'excessive statements' in its diplomatic row with the Netherlands
EU home to more than 5,000 criminal gangs who make BILLIONS from migrant crisis
Brexit vote 'reminds me of the Third Reich,' says Ian McEwan
SWEET SWEET 🎧 😏 EU IN CHAOS: Poland displeasure with EU goes nuclear as it vows REVENGE on Brussels 'cheats'
Trade Union Confederation asking for creative ideas that boost the fiscal spa…
Heseltine: l will continue to campaign, to convince the British public of the perils of leaving the European Union. ht…
Le Pen Destroys the European Union 👉vows to get France out of the EU & STOP the flood of Muslim leeches, rapists, & jihadists!…
Brexit: What is the EU single market and why should we care that the UK is leaving it?.
.We are. Why do you speak of Labour as if you do not belong to it, yet call yourself 'Labour' Leave?
EU Customs Union: Why is leaving it such a big deal for post-Brexit UK | The Independent
European Union migrants in Britain: The bureaucratic nightmare facing the Home Office via
Yeah because leaving the European Union will be great for the Dutch economy (see: Brexit)
Sturgeon calls for "independence", then backs membership of the European Union and continuous subservience to masters…
receives over sh3.6 billion from the European Union aimed at creating resilience against climate change.
Time and again, Scottish voters have been voting in favour of the European Union. They deserve our support.
The economic patriotism which I advocate is impossible within the European Union !
EU in chaos as Poland vow revenge on the EU for Tusk remaining President- if you need help let the UK know
The world's changing: German support grows for Scotland to stay in European Union. via…
Marine Le Pen vows to REMOVE France from ‘MONSTER’ EU and start NEW bloc of rebel nations
threatens to review the refugee agreement with the European Union, Turkish minister reveals.
From football and reggae music to DAESH and the European Union, if it is news, you can find it at Daily Sabah. Follow us fo…
A Wilders' victory is unlikely to lead to the continued unraveling of the European Union
European Union leaders have confirmed Donald Tusk for another term as European Council President
The Philippines is also moving into a free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union that will cover most...
Dublin professor calls for the Republic of Ireland to leave the EU & says they only joined because the UK did
Heseltine FIRED from Gov't adviser role after leading Brexit revolt. Many others that need to be put to pasture too.
Euro break-up risks keep rising for Bundesbank's claims within European Monetary Union (Target2) has hit a f…
Brexit blockers: The House of Lords is putting Brussels before Britain
European Union Was Once a Racist, Far-Right Project. And if Marine wins, it could soon be again.…
It's the only one before Britain triggers article 50 to formally leave the European Union
EU court says member states don't have to issue humanitarian visas - Union states... https…
Germany alone cannot keep the European Union together, it needs France, says finance minister
France’s next revolution: The vote that could wreck the European Union | The Economist
Update your maps at Navteq
"Only for passengers travelling outside the European Union" - VOTE BREXIT! VOTE BREXIT!
launches to provide speedy images of earth : via newsbharati esa NASA…
Rape can never be justified, yet an alarming number of Europeans think it can
Tayyaba Sattar writes on on Female Political Representation in the European Union
12 inspiring stories from top European women innovators. Meet finalists. Award ceremony on 8/3
QMUL research in 'Negative coverage of EU in UK newspapers nearly doubled in 40 years, study finds'
BOMBSHELL NEXIT POLL: More than half of Dutch voters now want to LEAVE the European Union. https:/…
More nostalgia. My book on: Negotiating Flexibility in the European Union - | A. Stubb | Palgrave Macmillan
Piers Morgan to Janusz Misogynist Mikke "You are the greatest advert for Britain leaving the European Union that I have ever encountered."
Women’s Political Representation in the European Union - Center for Strategic and Contemporary Research
Are you a leader in the EU? Leadership postions available for billion dollar launch.
Japan is a dictatorship citizens are treated like slaves to government and Germany slaves to European u…
Greatest advert for Britain to leave the European Union 😂😂😂 via 👏👏👏👏
he needs locking up in a nuthouse ! 'You are the greatest advert for me leaving the European union ' 😂😂😂
Go Piers and Suzanna - what a stupid, thick prat! If he is part of the European union than I am so glad that Britain is out !
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The public deserve a say on the terms of Brexit
I've got news. The vote is over. You lost. Deal with it.
Marine Le Pen. "Politics must regain control back from the European Union". Bring on FREXIT!.
European Union to support Ghana’s drive to end Aid with 160 million Euros
ECDC’s latest rapid risk assessment reviews the ongoing outbreak of in Find it here:
The U.K. doesn't French inhale because they're not in the European Union anymore
EU terrified pf losing British counter intelligence-we have lots of leverage in Brexit talks we must use them
Heseltine OUSTED: Rebel SACKED from Government adviser role after leading revolt
Stand up The European Union Delegation to the Philippines pays tribute to all Filipino women...
In Mays local elections we need to send out a clear message that backs a Free Scotland in a European Society & Union .
The impact of exiting the European Union on higher education - live-streaming from Northumbria University https:…
Is Jeffrey Tucker nuts? He uses European Union as an example of freedom? But thanks for exposing open borders globalist agenda.
It is time for the Europe to claim asylum from the European Union..
I ❤️ EU! Worth a signature. Petition: Stop the Brexit process and declare that Britain will remain in European Union.
.needs to sign another EO to extend the travel ban to the European Union!!!
Brexit 'cannot stop the European Union on its march to the future'
DONALD Trump may be hoping for an unravelling of the European Union but he seems to be having the opposite effect.
European Union imposed sanctions on Attorney General Assadollah Taghavi for human rights violations, include some...
'EU is a dead man walking' Le Pen vows to hold a Frexit referendum
Joint press release: New European Union returns policies put children at risk
Britain may pay MORE to EU after Brexit: MP Oliver Letwin makes embarrassing admission
because of you Inmoral Trump the European Union is requiering visa to americans,EU said, USA is a thread to European value
Is this fair for the and people like to do given the US is basically paying Europe's bills?
I'm calling on Americans to learn from European history and choose union over disunion.
British taxpayers to fund EU PRIVATE ARMY to protect Brussels chiefs in £1.7bn splurge
EU border controls: States don't even share information on arrivals.
Mogherini been welcomed at the Serbian parliament with: "We don't need the European Union!" .
Oh FFS. Read this >>Brexit is not high point of democracy – it's the greatest fraud perpetrated in British politics
EU: will take part in the Foreign Affairs Council in on March 6 . ☞ h…
The three reasons why Britons will live to regret Brexit
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On way back from where I've been speaking about the process of withdrawal from the European Union.
If Britain leaves the European Union without sealing an exit deal, it will not be legally obliged to contribute ...
We believe in the Union: the United Kingdom *&* the European Union. Arguments for & against are the same even if UK has the…
… Redwood has vowed to punish businesses who speak out in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union (Bully)
Are you happy with the European Union (RT please)
France & European Union: Partners for South-East Asia (at [pic] —
Powerful message for all NGOs and CSOs Thank you European Union!
*** !! She can't do that! WE ARE STILL IN THE EU!!! This needs challenging in the courts, its illegal FFS
You guys are doing what you got to do, but European Union must find long term solution.
Protesters form the European Union flag. Photo by Octav Dragan.
EU issuing MORE Threats to UK - Same EU, Same Ol' Threats. The EU’s plan to Bill the UK for is just Ludicrous.
Sinn Fein turning into Labor party. Now backs passing sovereignty to Brussels after decades of resistance.
Bush 43 is a Globalist. Don't forget his Western “hemispheric integration” an economic union, like the European Union for the West
The European Union is calling all global leaders: let's work together to protect Malta, 5-6 October 2017
All this evidence he says. Has he read this?
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The EU seeks to censor anything not on the globalist agenda as Brussels CENSORS populist speeches
Globalists surrendered France to Hitler, the European 'Union', and now Islam.
No European Union (†). Yes Asia Union (★. " Turkey does not want a European Union bankrupt. "
Sir John Major says that getting an acceptable deal from the European Union will be 'extraordinarily hard'
The next country to leave the European Union:.
May to end citizens' rights to live in UK days after fear 'half of Romania and Bulgaria' will come. Madnes…
enriches our society & economy - people's rights to live, work & travel in Europe should be protected http…
Combating violence against women in the framework of European Union - Egypt cooperation
The European Union decided to prolong its weapons embargo on Belarus
Want to learn what means for your confectionery products? We can help your business get to
The European Union has expressed readiness to partner with the Niger state govt in the area of education and provision of in…
Marine Le Pen vows to take France out the EU
French farmers to back Marine Le Pen amid hopes the hard-right leader will ‘free them from EU straitjacket'
Major: "in voting to leave we have done the European Union great harm"
My best wishes to all Georgian citizens that achieved visa free travel to the European Union today.
Open Borders Will let the Peace Flow Freely EU approves visa-free travel for Georgia as Serbia passes hurdle to join. h…
Populist MEPs could see speeches WIPED from EU websites as Brussels CENSORS comments
FREXIT? Marine Le Pen will ‘free farmers from EU straitjacket' amid milk price crisis
Is this legal? Aren't we still members of We haven't left yet. Invoking merely indicates intention.
DEXIT WARNING: Denmark next to leave EU if bosses don't stop criticising Brexit, MEP warns
VP Pence moves to assuage EU fears about the strength of Washington's support for the union and commitment to NATO.…
.comments on the signing of EU-Cooperation Agreement. Press release here:. ht…
It's all coming out now. The European Union has been BUYING PEOPLE to support them in high positions WITH OUR TAX PAYERS MONEY. Not good.
Registration of trademarks in the European Union (EU) - MARQUES vision
🔝 Stories: "Strong commitment … to continue cooperation & partnership with the European Union" as EU welcomed http…
European Union to soon announce final decision on GSP+
It's the UK's problem! Dutch MEP REFUSES to offer Brexit immigration blocks
Every one of the European Union's 28 member economies is growing simultaneously for the the first time since 2007 http…
American flag has one too many stars for Pence's visit to EU
Pence underscores US commitment to transatlantic ties in Brussels - France 24
PM Modi got the funding for Lucknow Metro from the European Union, the proposal was pending since 2000s!
Pence reassures Brussels of US commitment to Europe
Planting Fresh Ideas is working on getting the European Union to increase consumption of plant-based foods!
Dismantle Nato, stop the freeloading EU. Give them all 2 years to pay the full 2% of GDP or dismantle the whole...
One can only wonder at the incredible lack of foresight of Obama and the European Union...
The UK should immediately suspend EU free movement
. Google -The Kalergi Plan – It shows an interesting angle on the European Union + compare it to where w…
. Wars on islamic countries + european union = plan kalergi. Don't debt the american people with…
The Kalergi Plan:. Reason that the European Union is so hostile to Donald Trump .
“The European Union is dead, but it does not know this yet,” Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front, said
Banyan: Is India a country or a continent? via
European Union asks India to extend by 6 months trade pact with EU nations - ET Auto
Lord "I voted to remain in the European Union but I support this bill because I believe the referendum wa…
The European Union has increased imports from Mexico 🇲🇽🇪🇺
Mike Pence, in Europe, Says Trump Supports Partnership With E.U. Their version conflict, so who to believe
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American flag has 51 stars for Pence visit to European Union.
Presidential candidate's office searched on suspicion of misuse of European Union funds
last I checked, the EUROPEAN UNION is coming apart at the seems.
EU slap down Tony Blair over Brexit & tell him to move on
European Union & the International Monetary Fund demand Greece to make a €7,000,000,000 payment by July or default.😑
Council of the European Union: Be hungry for change, Health is Wealth. - Sign the Petition! via
This will accelerate the decline of the European Union.
. What about the European Union t is so much more than a trade agreement? Unelected bureaucrats run the lives of Europeans.
The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has launched a campaign to keep Britain in the European Union,...
When you voted for Brexit, but want to keep your funding from the European Union... 😫.
EU ROBOTS - European Union seeks new laws to make living with robots safe, ethical
Meddling Brussels to SPY on UK finances for five years AFTER Brexit under new proposals
ICYMI: Here's the readout of 8/2 meeting with US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly:
ALERT !!. Please contact you city Councillor and ask him about ICLEI and the city's involvement in
Implementation of accessible web standards in the European Union is now a Directive. Members have until Sept. 23, 2018 to…
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RISE OF THE SUPERSTATE: EU politicians back sweeping plans to hand more power to Brussels
BREXIT BOOST: Justin Trudeau hints at EASY trade deal after CETA signed:
Conservation genetics in the European Union – Biases, gaps and future direction
Hey, What about someone who wants to be part of the European Union. Are they a Unionist too?
EU may inspect UK finances for five years after Brexit, MEPs propose | World | News |
The EU demand free movement continues after Brexit- they just don't get it, Brits don't want free movement anymore htt…
Why can't those in power in Greece "grow a pair" and bail themselves out of this mess, go bankrupt and start...
Herman Goossens is a leading figure for antimicrobial stewardship across Europe. Article just published in Nature - http…
Brexit PAYBACK: Britain could force EU to hand back share of £130BILLION
Greece has been destroyed by the EU
Amen to that, Same as President Trump winning in the USA. The globalist establishment need to be overturned in... ht…
to the EU for supporting WFP's innovative nutrition & food security project in for 40k ppl
UK finances are no longer any business of the EU so stay out of UK affairs, they are acting like dictators
FortuneMagazine: Brexit has Europe worried about 'British' champagne
Brexit has Europe worried about 'British' champagne
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Britain IS in control - JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER. "cracks" are appearing in the European Union, a celebratory Nigel Farage declared tonight.
Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Union's powerful executive Commission, said he…
Gore Vidal became europeanized and remained quintessentially American. This is precisely why the European Union works; united individuals.
Next targets: France and Germany. Our own White House is trying to destroy the European Union.
Later today: votes on report "e-democracy in the European Union: potential and challenges"
House of Commons voted decisively to authorize to trigger the start of the country’s exit f…
SNP MPs sing EU anthem during crucial vote on whether Brexit should go ahead
Steinbock: Upcoming elections in the European Union increase uncertainty in the region.
Greece should have left the EU years ago. Now Tsipras has squandered his credibility and lost his popular momentum. https:/…
Brexit: UK House of Commons gives Theresa May power to trigger exit from European Union https:…
I think Scottish preference for British union is stronger than preference for European union given the disarray & e…
Pretty sure the SNP will regret this. Funny in Parliament but viewed as traitorous by the wider country.
Ongoing: EU in Africa Seminar, Pretoria. "The European Union and Human Rights in Africa". Presented by…
My interview on & its legal issues. Is Caving to on Politics? htt…
European Union project approved and granted by European Commission in the form of an ERASMUS+
European Union launches $47billion fund for Africa . Read on:
settle down Catherine as we EXIT the European Union 🇪🇺
May says an independent Scotland would not be in the European Union via
If called his shoes black he'd b accused of racism. These ppl are loonies!
The SNP staged a musical protest as MPs voted on whether to trigger Article 50
Good day for bill: MPs vote in favor of bill! begins exit from European Union h…
It's time to settle down as we EXIT the European Union 🇪🇺
SCHENGEN CRACKDOWN: Controls extended across EU over terror threat and migration crisis
Gentle reminder that the European Union was established because the first four decades of our 20th century were mostly wa…
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