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European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union or confederation of 27 member states which are located primarily in Europe.

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The UK's exit from the European Union could be an advantage for Indian economy, says Lord S…
What does new GDPR European Union law mean for your business? Today’s consumers are more powerful th
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said on Monday that opening the European Union office in Tehran is going through…
U.K. consumers are now feeling the effect of higher prices & uncertainty over the country's exit from European Union
Check out The Great Deception: The Secret History of the European Union by Christopher Booker via @
Let's hope British consumers will still be able to enjoy this great step of the European Union after
European Union membership is a fundamental part of modern Irish identity - it is an enhancement, not a dilution. Well said…
Seychelles 🇸🇨 for me. Also, like the fact that one person was from the European Union, as opposed to one of its member countries.
of British families after the UK withdraws from the European Union. Follow. Edward Hardy ✔
‘I’m not alone!' European Union leader clinging to hopes Brexit WON’T happen (So they can drain UK of all we have)…
"If you found it hard living with the European Union, try living without it." speaks to CABLE:…
100 years on we need to stand behind the European Union as the vital peace project it is and celebrate its role in ending war…
Some pretty powerful reasons not to leave the European Union emerging in this programme.
is criminal. Process was unconstitutional. European Union merely a scapegoat for tory…
EU slams 'excessive' use of force in
meanwhile the Orioles, like the European Union, prepare for Britton's exit
Can your help you comply with Yes I mean you, U.S. and via
It´s the European Unión (E.U.) that is causing these people & many others around the world to suffer & live on the…
Show me someone who thinks Brexit was "all about immigration," and I'll show you a Remainer, says
'I’ve got eyes!' Hartley-Brewer slates europhile in heated clash on EU freedom of movement
Poverty across the EU reaches record levels, is it any wonder the EU is desperate to extort money from the UK? https:/…
Oops. Brexit: Almost half of EU businesses already looking to cut ties with UK suppliers.
In 2010, 3.9% of the UK's employees were EU nationals. By 2016, the figure was 7.3%.
The hope that this kind of madness will end, is the only upside of leaving the European Union...
'Europe is facing a BATTLEFIELD of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban claims
Brexit will allow the NHS to recruit even better staff, as Brussels gets out of the way.
No wonder they want BILLIONS from Britain! The EU’s poverty problem EXPOSED
"was put in by the establishment to save the European Union. It is clear that Macron's mission is to...
'This is WAR!' Defiant Poland vows to FIGHT Brussels as divisions threaten to rip EU apart
The European Union is literally training Libyan coastguards to shoot at migrants fleeing the enslavement & terrorism it cre…
After a year of almost hysterical anti-Brexit pieces in the NY Times, here's my attempt to offer a little balance. https…
EU sounds "Strangely" like George Soros SOROS going after a Christian is contrary 2 Americans. Leave Trump alone
Brexit: Why I regret voting to leave the European Union and now want the UK to remain
Free movement of people between Britain and the European Union will end in March 2019 when Britain leaves the bloc
London to outpace Frankfurt AND Paris despite EU's attempts to scupper City
The "European Union" is nothing more than a corporate entity just like the UN - they should be crushed!
He means open for immigrants and the European Union plastic-aristicracy.
"Our membership of the European Union is not a set of restraints; it is what has been propping us up"
It's why we are talking about European Union of Parliamentary democracy, national self-determination, and neighbours.
The three largest greenhouse gas cap-and-trade programs: European Union, South Korea, and California (now extended to 2030)
European Union's Court of Justice rules Hamas, the Palestinian political organisation, to remain on 'terror' list
If Donald Trump's ditching of a U.S.-led trade alliance with Pacific Rim nations wasn't a gift to the European Union, then it must be the n…
European Union’s top court keeps Hamas on terrorism list
WATCH: EU politician reveals ploy to swipe Northern Ireland from UK after Brexit
European Union's court has removed the ban on Tamil Tigers
Michael Portillo BLASTS EU for not respecting Britons’ Brexit vote. He is always on the right track! | Your Brexit
French prime minister Emmanuel Macron said to be "highly disturbed" on learning Nickelback has complete freedom to play in E…
The number of dead or wounded in Afghanistan remains at record levels, but the European Union is deporting...
What does the GDPR say about the transfer of personal data outside the European Union?
pOINT TO NOTE; ..but the European Union says it will remain listed as a terrorist organization.
Britain could lose access to vital cancer treatments after Brexit, leading doctor warns
I have vowed to chart its negotiating our plan for the mandate we reach with old friends and it weakens the European Union.
What should Europe do with the children of ISIS? Here one opinion worth reading.
With GDPR around the corner this badge is an important one!
This is fake news,brexit has killed off any hope of a united Ireland.
Divided UK, inconclusive election could put brakes on Brexit
They also spy computers in European Union countries and ilegaly listen to comunications all around Europe.
Morning Briefing, Europe Edition: Here's what you need to know to start your day.
🔴BREAKING |. European Union stepped up legal case against Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland over their reluctance to t…
The European Union's average of Women in Tech is 16.7 percent.
LTTE remains listed as a Terrorist organization by the European Union (EU) - Gvt Info
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UK government chaos hardly bodes well for the upcoming exit negotiations with the European Union
The European Union maintains that my friends in Hamas are terrorists. We must leave this awful, deluded organisation.
Euro judges slap down EU over 'indiscriminate' plan to store and share YOUR sensitive data
Migration, the EU and the labour market - how much do you really know? Test yourself with our interactives:
European Union top court removes Tamil Tigers from terrorism blacklist
Brexit: UK's chances of securing a deal with the EU 'look minimal', says former UK-EU negotiator.
'Brexit would have been terrible even if done well. It's not being done well'
Sn.OKTAR Turkey’s journey towards the European Union
The GDPR module - this is key information for consultants working in Europe :
"Leaving [Euratom] will put patients in UK at risk of losing access to vital medical treatments, leading Dr warns". https:…
Ireland's staggering hypocrisy on climate change-THE GUARDIAN.
'You are to BLAME!' German MEP rails against Guy Verhofstadt's anti-UK role on Brexit
Upcoming Protests for Freedom of Vaccination Choice across Europe via
European Union's High Court court rules to keep Hamas on Terror list. How did it get this point in the first place?
EU-Canada deal to share air passenger data in a bid to fight terrorism is illegal, says European Union's top court
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Jeremy Corbyn is never going to change his mind about the European Union. Jeremy Corbyn has never changed his mind about any…
European Union preparing to hit back at ‘within days’ over Russia bans: Report
Before a genetically modified organism (GMO) can be marketed or grown in the European Union (EU), it must be authorised +
USA's new sanctions against Russia split European Union
Europe concerned at impact of US energy sanctions on Russia: BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union officials are..
Russia and the European Union are expressing concern about proposed new U.S. sanctions against Moscow
Liam Fox: "There are commentators who believe that leaving the European Union will give us uncertainty about the future.…
Michael Portillo BLASTS European Union for not respecting Britons' Brexit vote
Canada and European Union agree to begin free agreement this fall via
New: Decision: Chapman, James - Special Adviser, Department for Exiting the European Union - ACOBA recommendation
Netanyahu criticizes the European Union, 'the only international organization that conditions relations with Israel, which gives it technol…
EU Affairs Minister has reiterated that his country wants to be a full member of the European Union.…
Great detailed profile of the EU citizens living in the U.K.
European Union commits over 700 million euros for the development of sustainable energy in Nigeria .
Schengen farce: Greece admits it can't carry out security checks on everyone entering EU
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The most important values protected by the European Union are respect for human dignity/human rights,equality and the ru…
European Union and successful European Union and beyond.
This picture shows just how unprepared the UK is for Brexit negotiations
EU to limit inflatable boat exports to Libya to stop traffickers: The European Union will…
“EU desperately fighting to save itself & attacking UK by doing so. That’s even more reason for us to leave”. http…
CLEGSS. We ship to countries of the European Union
Migrant crisis will tear apart the European Union... then it will tear apart the UK
Blair says one option is for Britain to "stay in a reformed European Union". . No it is not. We voted to LEAVE the Euro…
"What we tend to is as much in the European Union's interest to reach a proper agreement as it is in ours"…
Tell European union to get rid of windows. It has a blue screen of death error. We need ubuntu technolog…
Channelling RISE, I think I'll vote UKIP to help keep Britain in the European Union. Seems logical.
'Trying to save themselves by attacking us' MEP warns of France bullying UK into giving in -
Support . European Union stop this animal cruelty immediately!
Nick Robinson attacked the unrepentant arrogance of Remoaners like Blair.
We've had 'hard' and 'soft' exit mythering, and leaving European political union is still the will of the majority.…
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Well the European Union isn't willing to defend its own borders (borders, what borders?). So good luck to them.
74 days until with Media accreditation for the event is now open: ht…
One of the most pernicious lies of the referendum was that EU migrants were a burden on us, simple lie
All of the UK's most rapidly rising export markets 2009–2016 are OUTSIDE the European Union, all of the fastest falling…
The EU is unable to stop terrorists entering the EU as Greece wants to stop checking people entering the country https…
Estonian TV poll: Should the European Union send refugees back to their countries of origin?. JAH=Yes
Investors pin hopes on small and emerging businesses after Brexit
The European Union just got a massive new office
Business Implications of the European Union. Read about it here -
We want to our alternative programs for the European Union and a stronger when I decided the government has the 8th of working
US Applauds New European Union Sanctions on Syrian Regime Officers & Scientists in Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria
We recognize that a narrow majority voted to leave the European Union, but the disastrous…
Now it turns out that the people who voted for Britain to exit the European Union are likewise fine with the actual deta…
I must do to reopen the European Union and instability and stable leadership in Europe. We have only way to vote against
Worries as 171,000 Romanians and Bulgarians enter UK in three years
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Theresa May likely to face coup attempt by some Tory MPs in autumn-THE GUARDIAN.
The British economy if the country crashes out of the European Union
LOOK: European Union parliamentarians arrive at the office of Senate Pres. Koko Pimentel for an HR-closed door meeting |via…
European Council. Council of the European Union. Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council on .
Council of the European Union : All Libyan Armed Groups Must Be Controlled by UN-Backed Governmen. via
Sign up to support an initiative to retain status as a citizen of the European Union
Robin Walker returns as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union
David Davis will tell the European Union this week it cannot “pick the referee” for legal disputes after Brexit
A year ago today, we as a nation voted for a sovereign United Kingdom outside of the European Union. Happy Independen…
Govt announces Indian envoys to European Union, Italy, Denmark | india-news | Hindustan Times…
EU Brexit chief delivers five day ultimatum to UK on citizen's rights
Failing Italian bank bailed out again by billions of euros of EU taxpayers' money.
End of EU? Remainer Hilary Benn admits bloc is 'in trouble' without UK Brexit bill money
The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. Translation:See these fishing & farming powers coming back from the EU? We're…
'Settled will of the British majority is to Leave the European Union.
Barnier has more chance of playing for arsenal than he has of getting 100billion. He can go whistle.
More Nations present in KFOR than just European Union countries - United States & Canada included.
Brexit could cost 70,000 jobs in London alone
BREAKING: and just filed for official approval of their mega-merger with the European Union. This is BAD.
Brexit boom- UK exports have gone up 5.8% since the Brexit vote to their highest in history
If you dont think the EU is about a German-run Superstate, you need to pay more attention:.
The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Another massive step towards taking back control of our country
Leave the European Union is what we said.
Remainer Hilary Benn finally admits EU are demanding a brexit bill as they are in serious trouble without UK money htt…
Brexit begins! Repeal Bill to be published as Davis vows UK will have 'MAXIMUM control'
'Brexit no laughing matter!' German MEP savagely attacks Boris for telling EU to 'whistle'
David Davis won't let EU courts boss us around after Brexit
Liberal England: Steve Baker called for the European Union to be "wholly torn down"
It's already very hard to see how the will pass as it stands. What is May playing at?
asks David Davis about the sweeping powers the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill gives Ministers.
If bill passes unamended Parliament won't be 'taking back control' it'll be handing it over to the Executive.
The Council of Europe is an entirely different body from the European Union.. You bunch of bubbling "journa…
Whatever Brussels claims the EU is still imploding and here's why, writes LEO MCKINSTRY
📝What is the most important value protected by the European Union? 🗳Answer our poll 👉
Free and peaceful 26 counties which will be prospering within the open market of the Europe…
The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill has been presented in the House of Commons. Read the Bill here
FM says she can't back an LCM on the European Union (withdrawal) Bill as it stands
Irish MEP furious the EU are trying to seize control of national taxes- EU want total control
Just read European Union Withdrawal Bill. Frightening in powers gives Ministers thru regulations to make substantive ne…
Reduce the salaries of Eurocrats to normal civil servant levels and get them to pay their appropriate income taxes!
Brexit BOOM! British exports in RECORD SURGE after vote to ditch the EU, new figures show
EU’s superstate move to control tax rejected by Irish MEP furious at threat to sovereignty https…
1300 harmful, some cancer causing, ingredients banned from beauty products in the European Union. In the USA, we prohibited o…
Corbyn is an embarrassment to UK as is Abbot!
The Leaders of the European Union want to give Europe away & make us strangers in our own Homeland.
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Carwyn Jones and Nicola Sturgeon both say they will refuse to give legislative consent to the Great Repeal Bill.
Can we have the Euro in the UK please? And Schengen. And European political union.
Liberty: "If Repeal Bill passes in this state people in UK will lose rights after we leave the EU. It's that simple" https…
Already a small state & declining power in the globe, & worsened by exit from European Union, UK must…
Brexit could cut off UK access to cancer scans and treatment, doctors warn
Why should Britain care about financially unstable EU?
Difficulty of hiring cheap domestic servants after separation from European union is talk of English housewives.
The reason Germany is so furious over a brexit bill is without UK money, Germany will be paying for everything https:/…
PM to Ben Bradshaw: "As we leave European Union we will be leaving Euratom" -but Vaizey/Reeves article "this is disputed b…
EBRD nuclear safety work gets boost from European Union
It may have gotten a bit lost in the news, but Japan just forged a NAFTA-sized trade deal with the European Union.
I wonder if I'm actually in the European Union or in the Middle East
Populism, is it Democracy’s *** or Twin? The Case of the European Union via Chinese Political Science Review.
Bellamy & Lacey (eds.) Political theory and the European Union (Routledge, 2017). htt…
House of the European Union. Every vote for the legislation we need a standstill, the British people decide.
I have been in my parents' house for three hours and have only shamed them for voting to leave the European Union twice. So far.
EU signs contracts of €37 million for implementation of EUROCLIMA+ program to fight climate change in Latin America
📝What is the European Union's greatest achievement? 🗳️ Answer our poll ▶️or visit
Council of the European Union: Ban beef and all leather products from from India - Sign the Petition!
The entry of Turkey into the European Union will appear under the threat
You people have got some nerve. Cameron's Project Fear told some dreadful lies.
Odd that the new Brexit minister is quoted as wanting the European Union to be wholly torn down !
Brexit: EU chief negotiator demolishes key aim of Tory strategy by ruling out 'frictionless trade' with Europe ***
Europe is dying-we are looking at the end of European cultures & societies if something isn't done
EU Ministers for Justice & Home Affairs meeting in Tallinn today. UNHCR recommendations for the
Bloody 'foreigners' pointing out facts! Delusion & promises of unicorns will save us from these bloody stupid facts
New - initiative to support vulnerable Yemeni people affected by the devastating conflict: ht…
They are just trying to force us to stay, but we are strong enough and intelligent enough to leave, and that we will
Dear We understand very well. and are oblivious. ht…
I think what you see as propaganda is in fact just information 😳. The EU unlik…
While Britain talks about trade deals, the EU just agreed another with Japan
What impact is Brexit having on foreign property prices?
Europe is dying becos of EU, but Gary Lineker becos of own bank balance is a Remoaner. SHAMEF…
Oh dear. The determined to steal sovereignty and become a not so super state.
BACKLASH AT MACRON: EU ruptures open up as Poland objects to French protectionism demands
Poland has the best nazis. Believe me .
BREXIT BACKLASH: 'Ambiguous' Corbyn told EU exit will be ‘worse for HIM than Theresa May’ and could SPLIT Labour https:/…
Brexit might damage the whole EU finance system as well as the UK's
EUROPE IS DYING: Italian MP's furious rant at EU over migrants flooding Europe!
Cyprus beg the EU to make a deal with the UK- EU economies depend on the UK
Suck it up, Kippers 😎. This is why Brexit might not actually happen
European Union’s top court forces countries to hand out cash to non-EU nationals! - Follow: h…
Congratulations to the European Union and Japan: International cooperation and economic progress in action. 🇪🇺🇯🇵 https:…
"Support the European Union instead of weakening it," Polish newspaper tells Trump
If this is the best option then no one should stand in it's way! This is why might not actually happen
Brexit: UK may not actually exit the EU, warn political sources
The President of the United States and a woman who ruined the European Union.
The EU just demolished key aim of Tory Brexit strategy Why are we leaving?
"The Single Market is a concept that requires membership of the European Union," says Jeremy. Who's obviously never visi…
Keir stop working for the European Union & start working for the UK. Pressure the EU for a FTA & Cust…
'EUROPE IS DYING' Italian MP's furious rant at chiefs over migrant crisis
Sorry leavers: Brexit might not actually happen
European Union and Japan conclude landmark free trade deal in Brussels, EU officials announce
'You are ridiculous,' EU chief tells EU parliament: The head of the European Union's…
European Union funding for Research & Innovation must be doubled if we want to create jobs.
True face of fascist European Union countries and western culture!shame on you all!
I did my research and the European Union is nothing more then the Soviet Union in Western Clothes
Nicola Sturgeon and strong and successful European Union. Every vote for a U.K. that I decided the job done.
European Union countries GDP growth in the first quarter of 2017.
A BUSINESS magnate who voted for the UK to remain part of the European Union has hit out at Remainers who refuse... https:/…
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This is insane!. 12,000 migrants arrive in Italy within 12 hours. Its an entire town! And there's still more coming. htt…
A European Union flag — and only an EU flag — will cover the coffin of Helmut Kohl
Google versus the European Union: We look at what's at stake for Google after it was charged with violating……
Google wasn’t always Yelp's rival. At one point, it was a suitor.
Before brexit ..What will happen after Brexit ?
"We've got to see it in context of the uk economy ..". He's not often right but is wron…
And European Court of human rights, which as everyone knows is separate from the European Union. We have nothing to fear f…
Complete mince...As Britain leaves the European Union, let us do so in a way that brings this country together
Your European Union is killing Europe inch by inch. Any smart country would get out!
The European Union maintains its commitment to security and resilience in West Africa
'There is resistance!' Ex-EU boss admits Brexit has prompted Brussels integration disaster
In Theresa we trust: Prime Minister IS the leader to deliver Brexit, poll declares:
'We don't need you anymore' Poles snub Britain's Brexit in favour of China and Middle East
Either a fan of the European Union, or a fan of the Betsy Devos Education Plan.
Union and reluctantly come to reopen the European Union agrees its negotiating position and it weakens the British people
"Britain is the worst-performing advanced economy in the world" lies
European Union Rattled by Trump’s Visit to Right-Wing, Anti-Migrant Poland: The European Union is in an uproar,…
‘Help us’ Italy hits out at EU and threatens to close ports as migrant crisis continues
The passing of Simone Veil is a reminder of what the European Union has achieved — and of what it has lost
French authorities are probing Marine Le Pen over whether she misused European Union funds
We held engaging interactions with the European Union this week to partner on a cancer centre in the Niger Delta.
The concept of proof has embarked on a permanent holiday in the Court of Justice of the European Union. .
Fines are paid into the Community budget and therefore help to finance the European Union and…
I think leaving the European Union is possibly the stupidest decision taken by any electorate in the UK,…
Google fined by European Union over online shopping service
Wales voted out of European Union when a major beneficiary of it. It's greatly weakens us and…
Stevetshwete Secondary school combating Climate Change with the European Union # MissEart…
Germany is the winner hereECB WARNING: EU on BRINK of being ripped apart as Greece, Spain, Portugal inequality grows https:…
Italian business chiefs plead for 'soft' as they fear impact of lost UK custom.
Philip Hammond risks major cabinet row as he sets out 'soft Brexit' plan
Those benefits of the European Union we were led to believe didn't exist. Standing up for the consumer.
The restoration companies and workshops appreciate the recognition that the European Union...
Leaving the European Union also means leaving the European Medicines Agency
Dear ji, Respect Mother tongue n Respect Federalism, learn from countries of European Union.
Alerts:. 1 - The world is under massive cyber attack right now. (Started from Ukraine). 2- Google fined €2.5bn by the E…
Low-wage EU migrants ‘to be told they cannot bring families to the UK’ under Brexit policy
Latvia and Lithuania back EU army as Russia flexes its muscles
We will continue to support our brilliant European colleagues, and updates will be available on this webpage:
Despite the fact that basically any undergrad who's taken any eastern European history can tell you…
Brexit: Britain, European Union clash over first proposal on protecting citizens’ rights
BREXIT BLOCKERS? Scottish Tory MPs accused of plot to halt May's hard Brexit
Unstable EU on the brink as inequality threatens to tear bloc apart, ECB warns
'It's colonialism!' Commons in rapturous cheers as Rees-Mogg REJECTS Brussels ECJ demands
Talks with the Labour party and SNP took place after the last two general elections.
From the Preamble to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
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Brexit news Jacob Rees-Mogg's strident rejection of ECJ 'colonisation' of UK wins cheers
The UK can walk away from the EU without paying a penny.We owe nothing, unacceptable for the government to pay http…
The EU thinks the UK is 1 of their Colonies. We don't want EU courts anymore
They have no idea what kind of Brexit they want, or the people want. How about a 2nd Ref?
. EUROPEAN Union citizens will still be able to send child benefit abroad after Britain has left the bloc under ... https…
Spanish MEP fighting to keep Britain in the EU says Europe will be 're-named' after Brexit
Since I became prime ministers, presidents and since the referendum, and our own way in the European Union, Britain is coming
DUP deputy leader shames Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon after Tory deal criticism.
UK learning hard way about what doesn't cut it in 21st century. Other long term effect may be stronger European uni…
Google’s $2 billion antitrust fine is the biggest yet from the European Union
European commission decides to take on Google.. .Google: European Union, you are going DOWN!
BREXIT Secretary David Davis has reaffirmed Britain’s willingness to walk away from the European Union talks if...
'We're more eurosceptic than the UK!' Dutch MP savages 'failing' European Union -
Shock admission as the EU Brexit negotiator admits the UK quitting the single market will destabilise the EU
Prime Minister Barzani meets with a European Union delegation discussing regional issues of importance.
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Freedom of movement will end when we leave the European Union.…
J. McGoldrick: European Union are concerned about the number of civilian deaths following the attacks on the market in…
European Union: Education, a key factor in poverty reduction
Labour have at this election, but now I negotiate for the European Union. Every vote for the Conservatives will be unity
EU court: Vaccines can be blamed for illnesses without proof via
"Central European resistance to the new Berlin-Paris axis may usher in a different taste of Europe altogether."
*facepalm* Terrible Decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union | NeuroLogica Blog
Theresa May to guarantee rights for EU citizens up to March 2019- so far the Tories have surrendered on every issue ht…
What is the Brexit bill? How much could the EU Brexit divorce bill cost UK taxpayers?
‘Cleary the EU still inspires some’ Gloating Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt loves the Queen's 'EU-inspired' hat…
What is the bill? How much could the EU divorce bill cost UK taxpayers?.
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