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European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union or confederation of 27 member states which are located primarily in Europe.

Theresa May Prime Minister

They're leaving the European Union. They're not towing Her Majesty's Kingdoms to the Southern Pacific.
The Grand Chancellor of the meets European Union ambassadors
YESSS! “Sebastian Kurz has declared victory in the Austrian elections, a crushing blow for the European Union. Mr Kurz's…
New Silk Road" from the Mediterranean into the heart of the European Union.
Malta, European Union - Journalist killed in a car bomb for uncovering too much. Sounds surreal.
Doom on a Mediterranean island? The smallest state in the European Union's own Doom Festival?... Click and check i……
Economic Partnership between European Union and Southern African Development Community celebrates first anniversary…
Austria election 2017 results - “…crushing blow for the European Union” |
"Rather than continuing to feed people fanciful nonsense about life outside the EU, we need the truth"
“Taking back control was meant to be about greater control over decision making, not a power grab by a small elite” https:…
European/ US union leaders met recently to agree plans on Organising h…
BREXIT:. Britain voted to leave a political & economic union of 28 European countries. We are NOT leaving Europe. It is that simp…
Look forward to working together with and hopefully no longer being the youngest Prime Minister in Europ…
The European Union - Is the economic euphoria justified? . Article by
British economy has dropped to bottom of the Group of Seven growth league since the vote to leave the European Union
Theresa May’s weakness at home is slowing down talks via
Ken Clarke fails to recognise that the single market is a political construct of the European Union that we must also leave...
Now a no-deal Brexit seems a serious possibility, we could end up staying in the EU after all
The only point Abella proves is that the BILLIONS of Intelligence funds of Office of Pres are COMPLETELY WASTED:
Yes, we should stay in the European Union, John Humphreys.
Despite FOI requests,Letters signed by 120 cross party MPs. This is why we’re taking David Davis to court over Brexit h…
Ruybg union: talking points from the weekend’s ourEpean action via
Rugby union: talking points from the weekend’s European action. By
The UK has displayed conspicuous goodwill. Now is the time for the European Union to reciprocate via
It's time to sack Brexit foot-dragger and green belt destroyer Hammond.
Everyone should see Hillary Clinton take down Brexit and Donald Trump in 90 seconds
The EU is stringing out the negotiations with a view to piling pressure on the UK |
EU 'spreading Soviet-style propaganda and disinformation' to undermine UK Brexit support
Treacherous Decietful Remainiac Heseltine insists May should SACK Brexiteer for pushing his own Brexit htt…
The European Commission helps counter terrorism. A union of world leading Western democracies in law & order.
The European Union meets today in Sevilla to continue trafficking with human lives and refugees. Let´s put an end to this
Denmark tells EU nationals in UK to relocate to Scandinavia to help deal with labour shortage. .
Cint is committed to compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation To learn more: https:/…
'We'll be fine!' John Redwood issues fiery riposte to Brexit 'no-deal' doom-mongers
Own up. The Brexit impact assessments must be released. We paid for them, we are entitled to know what's in them. htt…
RUBBISH: Hillary Clinton thinks Brexit will be a massive disadvantage to Britain. .
Steve Bannon: "The European Union caused the Collapse of the Judeo Christian west in Europe"!
Yes it was European Economic Community & free trade. European Union was foisted on us b…
European Union attacks freedom of choice [Voltaire Network]
European Union backs Museveni on Land Amendment Bill - Daily Monitor - so the is endorsing corruption
and European Union begin negotiations on new agreement.
The European Union Delegation to Myanmar is looking for: Office Support Agent (Administrati…
Hillary Clinton launches blistering attack on Nigel Farage & the Brits who voted for Brexit.
Pluristem Therapeutics is the recipient, of three awards totaling nearly $25 million from the European Union’s Horizon 2020…
Had a productive meeting with Ms. Cecilia Malmstrom,European Union Trade Commissioner in Marrakech
Gordon Ramsay: Restaurants will be short staffed after Brexit due to 'lazy UK workers'
Hamilton Collection
Labour madness: ‘We’d PAY EU to be allowed to sell them goods’ says shadow Brexit minister
Where is the ball? UK and EU exchange volleys over Brexit.
READ | No prizes for guessing who we'd recommend for the shove. .
New from BBC News European Champions Cup: Wasps schedule defended by organisers EPCR
Keep sharing this post at least until Britain exits the European Union.
.have accused ministers of a power grab in response 2 report on European Union (Withdrawal) Bil…
'Take back OUR fisheries' Labour Brexiteer demands control of UK waters in Commons tirade
Here’s a handy list of every myth about the European Union since 1992
He’s not wrong, I guess. Unfortunately, the only example of this really working is a little thing called the “Eur…
Ambassadors of European Union, Poland, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Croatia, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, visited RET…
SNP must be aghast the way the European Union has utterly snubbed Catalonia. Their total anti England love EU policy now lo…
Will the Myanmar-European Union Investment Protection Agreement attract more FDI?. via
Catalan businessmen fear a tense climate, radicalized by the anti-system and outside Spain and the European Un…
Slavoj Zizek: This is why the left can’t bring themselves to back Catalan independence.
summit: for "It is time for a Free Trade Agreement between India and the European Union"
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
VertiAI: What does GDPR European Union law mean for your business?
120 young voices from Africa & Europe come together in Abidjan to discuss common challenges & solutions
Summit is tangible evidence of the key role that youth play in building bridges between Africa and Europe https:/…
No headway on range of issues: 'India - European Union summit failed to achieve desired results'…
It's been described as "grossly unfair". European Champions Cup organisers have defend Wasps' schedule ➡️
Mozambican products to have free market access in the European Union . h…
Theresa May urges European Union to show "leadership and flexibility" via
Angela Merkel mocked by Slovenian comic in comedy video of her disastrous migrant policy.
The signing of a new agreement between the European Union and Azerbaijan will open a new page in the bilateral relations.
European Union and India are natural allies via
Oh Boy she's messing with the wrong guy! Clinton launches blistering attack on Nigel Farage
Cannot repeat this enough: some 40 (yes, that's FORTY!) non-EU countries now want free trading agreements with the UK o…
Wary of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ambition for closer European Union integration, right-wing politicians in the EU's eastern wing a…
reminded of articles 2&7 of European Union laws in 2:45seconds which the Spanish govt goes agains…
In the European Union, the infringement of the rights of Muslims...
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‘EU won’t be around for long’ European nations will OVERTHROW Brussels superstate says Fox
When they create a second referendum on the European Union
Political and economic turmoil in Spain and European union. Headache for euro zone. If it goes through…
Globalization beneficiary Jeff Bezos of Amazon swindles the European Union?.
"Amazon must pay $295 million in back taxes, European Union says "
David Davis: Government preparing for ‘no deal’ on Brexit Good
Government preparing for ‘no deal’. Juncker will tell Merkel not to sell us any more goods & she'll agree. NOT. https:…
"Is there a chance of Britain staying in the European Union?". *Baldwin falls to the floor*
1957 EEC Treaty preamble, 1st recital: "Determined to establish the foundations of an ever closer union among the European pe…
Thanks to shameless double standards set by unelected officials like . the principles of Europea…
Treachery at the EU. ‘Explain yourselves!’ Fury as Tory MEPs BACK Verhofstadt vote to block Brexit trade talks https:/…
Great lineup of speakers (but don't look at me) :) Center for European Union Research this semester
Our statement on the European Union after the events on Sunday:
GALLOWAY: The break-up of Spain is inevitable after the Catalonia referendum debacle
EXCLUSIVE: Fury as Tory MEPs back Verhofstadt's bid to THWART Brexit
Spain is sending his army to Catalunya in order to reinforce the military police! Breaking Art. 2 Treaty European Union!
The rule of law, ?? The rule of law in the European Union is that peaceful people are not beaten by police. Wh…
We are afraid your just not Muslim enough for us regards the European union
'No longer fooled' British MEP lays down the law on Brexit in EPIC Brussels slap down
The European Union are prepared to turn a blind eye to police brutality in their member states. Watch my full speech toda…
BREAKING: U can’t bulldozer people, Polish MEP rips EU over common immigration policy. 👉It's all kicking off today😂😂. https:/…
A British can't tell a German 2 only speak English just like a Japanese can't tell Chinese but European Union etc 1 so African Union unite
currently the longest-serving leader in the European Union, won a 4th term as German
Labour already in knots over Brexit and SM: now big donor says enough is enough.
our relationship with our neighbours has nothing to do with the European Uni…
Romania joined the EU on January 1st, 2007 and the NATO organization on March 29,2004.
Let's be absolutely clear Mr Macron the words European Union and reform do not sit comfortably together your words are pure fantasy
Let's not forget the left wing hatred & violence which led to the murde…
Told you. I think it's fair to assume that he knows something the average guy on the street doesn't.
AfD result will be the end of the European Union!
Britain facing NO DEAL Brexit: May urged to get ready to walk out on stubborn EU
Yes ... otherwise there's no point - literally - of a European Union.
Austin Mitchell: "They are upset that the people didn’t listen to their advice and decided to vote to come out"
NATO chief slams EU bureaucrat Juncker for Army. 'Nato has a proper sense of direction and leadership'. https:/…
Macron's grand plan to relaunch the EU
Switzerland is not in the European Union.
Macron sees a place for Britain in a new multi speed European Union
Business tycoon: In any negotiation you have a point where enough is enough & we’re better off walking away. http…
‘EU don’t want us - they want OUR MONEY’ Brexiteer Labour MP blasts Juncker’s demands
Jeremy Corbyn: There will be positives from leaving the EU
This is how to explain Brexit to your children
Labour MP skewered for 'ruse'to keep Britain in the EU during BBC news grilling Lab…
.“If the idea of walking away comes off the table then you leave yourself open to being pushed" https:/…
New research: The European Union will lose more than twice as many jobs as Britain after a “hard Brexit”
France's Macron has set out a sweeping reform agenda for the embattled European Union
London not Islamic enough for you yet? . Sadiq Khan hints Brexit might not happen
'The strength is with US!' Labour Brexiteer says EU fears losing British trade
People voted to join the Common Market, not the European Union. We were thrust into the E.U. undemocratically. Justice…
President Macron's for a great harmonization in Europe 🇪🇺.
Macron sets out plan to relaunch EU
Watch Live: The joint press conference of the National Council with the European Union from Ariananews…
Barnier by refusing to talk about our future relationship with the EU is breaching Article 50. May shd say NO deal
The key points of President Initiative for
ask yourself why Banks like Goldman Sachs financed the Remain Campaign they don't…
Indigenous people of people all over Europe mega rally at European Union headquarters in Brussels Belgium on 10th Oct…
The Netherlands is the most competitive country of the European Union, 4th worldwide.
Good point! . BUT, the reason for rationing, (WAR), was taken away by the union of Eur…
Well. In his big Europe speech says "cant imagine UK wouldn't find its place" in a new "reformed, simplifi…
How the European Union is manipulating the Syrian refugees, by Thierry Meyssan
"Our common European home" Mikhail Gorbachev 6/7/89. Britain "has never totally felt at home being in the European Union," T.May 22/9/17
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
...very foundations of the European Union in favour of preferential trade deals for t…
Why the Union's General directive could save the journalism industry.
May: 'The only way to tackle these challenges is for nations to come together'... Maybe in some kind of European union?
European Union and UN launch new initiative to eliminate gender violence.
Who is this “we”? Scotland overwhelmingly voted in favour of the European Union.
Little surprise great trading Flemish peoples want deal with UK - they're responsible for 90% of all Belgian exports
The "deep and special partnership" sounds a lot like being a member of the European Union.
What is your priority for future of the European Union 🇪🇺🔮? Tell us by replying to this poll 🗳️👉
I feel perfectly at home in the European Union, thank you very much.
Illegal downloads may not actually harm sales, but the European Union doesn't want you to know that h…
Britain will meet financial obligations when it leaves the European Union, transport minister Chris Grayling says.
PM: We have never felt completely at home as members of the European Union
PM today : "The European Union never felt like an integral part of our national story" . But so many I know profoundly & deeply disagree
I felt astronomically more at home in the European Union than I ever did in someone else's poxy little kingdom.
.says member states can't Ban unless the risks are proven
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'They'll bite our fingers off!' British MEP hits out at EU over Brexit bill demands.
Theresa May says Britain will leave the European Union in March 2019. Seeks to maintain 2-way market access during transitio…
'Brexit is in doubt' UK must be prepared to walk away from the EU, claims Wetherspoon boss
I've been looking at the globe... We've ALWAYS and will ALWAYS be a part of Europe. The European Union however, can go rot.
The Brits did NOT vote for a 'Transition Period' to extend beyond the point when we leave the European Union. There is…
Theresa May: UK had never felt 'totally at home' in the European Union. Speak for yourself. I feel totally at home in the…
UK government starts issuing passports WITHOUT EUROPEAN UNION on the cover via
Prime Minister says at Florence speech: We never felt at home in the European Union
So far this is the case for joining the European Union. Very good.
Theresa May "We may be leaving the European Union but we are not leaving Europe" The globe and atlas makers of the world c…
Statement by the European Union Delegation to Uganda on of
British Prime Minister Theresa May delivers speech on Britain's exit from European Union in Florence, Italy
Road to remain: the 13 steps to staying in the European Union
Parliamentary stalemate will keep us in the European Union - interesting take by Paddy Ashdown
The 13 steps to staying in the European Union
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Europe without Union, without Frau Merkel and Mr. Juncker! Europe for European!
I was previously a 'British Member of the European Union'. I will continue as a member of the European Union now 'Britain' c…
British believe that once Angela Merkel is re-elected as Germany’s chancellor she will ...make things happen
Corbyn, propped up by the future, the European Union. Every vote for the job done.
French FLOP: Macron has failed to convince a SINGLE business to move from London to Paris
A Soil Research expert; Prof. Kitungulu has consulted for the Rockefeller Foundation, European Union
Oh dear, trouble at mill! Looks like it's just the Germans and French who are happy with the EU. Oh! Wait a minute.. htt…
It looks like the new EU London financial centre will be Frankfurt. - making Germany great
BBC audience ERUPTS as Brexiteer businessman insists EU divorce 'can't come quick enough'
The vote for Uk to leave the European Union is the same vote demand in Nigeria,Support
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill passes second reading in House of Commons | 🚀 by
recently released The Politics of Nuclear Energy in the European Union, by EUSA member Pamela Barnes
European Court of Justice says member states can't ban unless risks proven
Close co-operation is key where the UK and its EU neighbours face shared threats, writes
"We are the party of remain. We believe membership of the European Union is in our national interest."
'Sorry-I'll read what you said last year' Marr ROASTS Treacherous Remainiac . over 2nd referendum dream https…
Thank you Canada, China, and the European Union for a very productive meeting
This by is a clear, fair and accurate assessment of how 🇪🇺 side currently thinking about
I studied law for 5 yrs, a Masters Degree in European Union studies, did a traineeship in the CJEU & now writing PhD Thes…
Anti-Juncker protest hits Warsaw as Polish defiance of 'EU occupation' spills onto streets
I love , and I love the European Union, imagine the special thing was Zac Hanson sat down in Brussels…
Tune in tomorrow for the State of the European Union. . speech tomorrow 13/9 from 9am. 🎥
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will give his annual State of the European Union address at the..…
Meeting Of Sahil LSO Network Badin os SRSO project of EUCDPRP funded by European Union . SRSO Corruption in this pr…
How to follow the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. A practical guide and introduction, at Jack of Kent.
Donald Trump and Brexit have made the European Union stronger, claims former Italian PM
The truth about the claim 29 per cent of Remainers want to deport EU citizens
And the symphony of European Union flags & other national flags at the Last Night of the Proms fills me with immense pride…
'membership of the European Union has made Ireland a more independent country not less.' Minister speaking
if you truly believe in brexit and want to stop the influx of foreign law, you should vote against European Union (Withdrawal) Bill
Erm, like a union of European nations?
Save the date! FRA findings on experiences of Muslims living in the out 21 September http…
Blair virtually tongue-kissing Juncker when he saw him last week to get Britain to reverse Glad to Leave http…
The position of the Union of European Turkish Democrats against political parties in Europe.
Do you not know the difference between Democratic Nation States and an undemocratic European Union of subordinate Regions?
We will prove the *** wrong. We can be British and proud Europeans. We belong with the European Union. We are not giv…
I want a strong and unelected members of enormous national interest, but now I have also delivered on the European Union
Norway CAN'T stop Britain joining EFTA after Brexit - 'UK is our ally, we can't say no!' -
"European Union closes borders between France and Nederland in Saint Martin - Sint Maarten" to prevent lo…
Withdrawal Bill is a 'power grab' . from the European Union.
We're leaving the so-called European Union. Just in case others around the world have forgotten where we are, we're rig…
BREAKING: Spotted out on a hot date, relieving the stress before his treachery in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bi…
Are there any serious efforts to outlaw Bitcoin and co. in the European Union around? I would like to support them.
The "leaders" of the European Union have made it quite clear that they intend to replace us in our own homelands.
The cosy, mega rich and elite EU. 'We're coming for you, Juncker!' New movement vows END to cosy existence.
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Great Repeal Bill: Latest Labour MP vows to defy Corbyn and vote for EU withdrawal bill
Today’s vote in parliament will ensure that the UK takes back control of its laws when we leave the European Union. http…
A reminder that in 2003 MPs voted 491-0 in favour of EU enlargement & no restriction on immigration from new members https:/…
Just to clarify; we LOVE Europe, but we detest the EU. . All those who truly love Europe are against the European Union.…
British MPs are concluding their debate of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. We are expecting a vote at some stage this evening.
January. Theresa May will 'use Brexit to stop EU migrants claiming UK benefits'
Interesting concept. A union perhaps, of countries in the continent of Europe, it could be called, a European Union, yo…
ARTE A great channel funded by the European Union which this country is intending to leave.
I actually was referring to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) of post-Soviet states - not the European Union.
Boeing wins the latest round in a long-running U.S. trade dispute with the European Union
UK is part of EU yet. It had 44 years time to influence EU's politics. Who is N.F. today? .
JUSTICE has produced a Second Reading briefing on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - read it here
EU strengthens grip on Hungary as Juncker slaps down plea for migrant funding
For the second time regulators in the European Union has not confirmed Qualcomm-NXP acquisition.
EU free movement 4 workers will end IMMEDIATELY after Brexit amid migration crackdown -Good UK born workers 1st :)
Must Watch: How are Scots living in European Union and EU citizens living in Scotland dealing with Brexit?
'Its THUGGERY!' Farage RAILS AGAINST the 'bad people' of Brussels' anti-Brexit plot
Another lie USA is not the highest tax Nation in the world just checked European Union for fact in…
"I'm not a quitter," says Prime Minster who wants to quit the EU, customs union, single market and European Court of Huma…
European Union agrees its own laws and unelected members of millions of immediate financial and stable leadership in the
Ahead of 2nd reading of the we worked with orgs across the children's sector to address our key concerns
Dont worry son puberty is next.. liar and a hypocrite!!! Credability. zero!
Here's our briefing on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill ahead of Thursday's debate. Find the facts:
The EU are behaving like thugs as usual. They are bad people.
Ministers will aim to negotiate a special status for the UK's membership of the European Union's science funding bodies after exiting the EU
Just earned the European Union Privacy Law Basics badge on and you should too!
'EU don't want a deal' Farage accuses Brussels of attempting to THWART Brexit
EU shamed after Icelandic minister says 'EVERYONE wants a trade deal with Britain'
Euroscepticism is simmering in Italy. There are now multiple parties expressing strong discontent with the EU.
The delegation briefed me on the status of various projects funded by the European Union
So do you REALLY hate Brexit? How Owen Jones wanted left to lead Britain OUT of EU
Don’t take it from me. Here’s the view from The Irish Times: Why Little England Brexiteers miss the point of the EU:
More gov applications: EU and UN looking at using ethereum to help refugees
Verhofstadt says he deplores Brexit - maybe because he'll have to find new funding for his pension.
"All the Balkans should be and eventually will be part of our European Union"
EU envoy blasts members: Germany and France have NO IDEA what they want from Brexit
BRUSSELS: The European Union agreed on Wednesday to extend for another six months its blacklist of 149 Russian nationals and Ukrainian sepa…
On 7 & 8 Sept, will participate in informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Tallin, Estonia.…
Frankfurt and Dublin set to sweep bank jobs away from Britain after Brexit
Have you heard about something called European Union citizenship? Not a 'privilege' - a status, with righ…
FACT CHECK: Theresa May claims you can't be a member of the Single Market & outside the European Union. Well three coun…
David Davis lists the EU nations set to suffer most from Brexit no deal
When we voted to Leave the EU We were voting to control our own destiny And not being controlled by the EUROPEAN UNION
The EU needs Israel!Israel is welcome in the European Union!We love Jews!Israel in EU! Together against antisemitism, against NazIslamism!
concludes tomorrow with FWF's European Union. Is the Premier League still the world's best league? Tickets:
Not leaving Europe just its vile evil culture destroying dictatorship they call the European Union
'Juncker has no right - he's unelected!' MEP attacks Eurocrats Brexit meddling
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union finance ministers are set to discuss rule changes next week aimed at...
European Union plans to incorporate Islamic sharia into rule of law?.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel vows to block Turkey from joining European Union
Macedonia is quietly transposing the European Union energy acquis, with expertise flooding from
Malaysia wants a bespoke bilateral free trade agreement with the UK after we leave the European Union.
Brexit Secretary David Davis warns the European Union to stop stalling over negotiations: - Brexit…
Gary Davis. Daily Express. · . BREXIT voters have demanded a “clear cut” exit from the European Union over fears...
Democratic legitimacy in the European Union and global governance
Former Merkel ally blasts German Chancellor for RUINING CDU party with close EU relations
'If they had the least bit of patriotism..' Ukip founder issues stark warning to Remainers
'EU has to cope with SOVEREIGN Britain' Brexit economist's rallying call for free trade A DEAL WILL COST US BIG TIME
'It's inconceivable!' Brexiteer rubbishes fears of NO FLIGHTS from UK to EU after divorce
Today is Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism in European Union
They should leave the EU. The UK & Poland would be close allies if both were freed from the shackles of Brussels.
Leaving the EU means leaving the ECJ. Period.
Why is ECJ the object of such vilification? Do people actually understand what it does?
'Shrugging our shoulders isn't good enough' EU enlargement chief urges rethink on Turkey
Britain with the British people across the European Union and chancellors of Lords have also delivered on the national interest
the people had their say as to whether this country stayed in or left the European Union
The EU's forced immigrant quota scheme looks set to fail as countries outright refuse to take them
Despite Brexit bluster, close relationship with EU will require continuing ECJ jurisdiction but loss of influence.
The remit of the European Court of Justice is not to administer justice but to make judgments the 'further ever closer union.' Not here.
European Union aid is helping develop the sector in
and LYING to ppl about no flights scare
‘Barcelona attack should be wake up call to EU on mass migration’
Bonjour..Estonia is a member of the European Union. HOW is it possible based on EU law to forbid voting in 40% of...
Irish Govt dismisses British proposals to avoid customs border after UK leaves the European Union
half of EU citizens view the European Union unfavourably
Will Poland bring down the EU? Conflict between Brussels and Warsaw rages on
It was with reluctance that you do to explain the risk of the European Union, Britain needed certainty, stability and Nicola
is 'confused and puzzled' about UK's post-Brexit trade plans, says Irish PM 🤓
'Europe must WAKE UP' Polish MPs launch blistering tirade on EU after Barcelona attack
EU has just weeks to relocate 130 THOUSAND migrants as bloc to fail on ANOTHER pledge EU is being Islamised
IBM introduces new public Cloud Object Storage service for the EU Region.
Top 🇸🇰 leaders enthusiastically promote the benefits of the European Union 🇪🇺 Will anyone in 🇨🇿 ev…
Not only that but to get European support for the Union to win against…
Its not a devorce and there should be no "settlement" were leaving thats it ! If you want to contnue trading fine.
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