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European Parliament

The European Parliament (abbreviated as Europarl or the EP) is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the European Union (EU).

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dailymail: 'Jean Claude Juncker tears into the European Parliament'
Furious JUnke lashes out at 'ridiculous' European Parliament via
Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous" via
Top EU official Jean-Claude Juncker launches bitter attack on members of the European Parliament for not showing up
Jean-Claude Juncker calls the European Parliament "ridiculous" and vows never to return
^CityAM: Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous"
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, branded the European Parliament "ridiculous" in a parliamentary session…
Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous" ^City AM
Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous"
Struan Stevenson,former deputy representative of the European Parliament via
Off to Strasbourg to attend European Ceremony of Honour for former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, to be held at the European Parliament
As is also known, Simone Veil was also the first women to be elected President of the European Parliament. Died yesterday at the age of 89.
Marine Le Pen is under formal investigation over an alleged European parliament funding scandal. . Latest:
French far-right leader Le Pen charged over claims her party illegally sought European Parliament funding
Simone Veil, Holocaust survivor, women’s rights advocate and European Parliament president, has died at 89. May her me…
FRANCE POLITICS OBIT - Feminist icon Simone Veil, first woman to head European Parliament, dies
Simone Veil, first president of the directly-elected European Parliament, has passed away aged 89
I liked a video Tommy Robinson Speaks at The European Parliament in Brussels
European Parliament Committee recommends end-to-end encryption for all electronic communications
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen charged over EU parliament funding scandal
Marine Le Pen is formally charged over alleged misuse of European parliament funds, reports
Simone Veil, Auschwitz survivor, abortion legalizer, and 1st European Parliament president, dies at 89:
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was charged with allegedly misusing European Parliament funds
Addressed today to assure them of America's resolve to deliver on the Paris Agreement.
Le Pen charged over claims her party illegally claimed €ms from the European Parliament. .
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen is under investigation in relation to European Parliament funding
Marine Le Pen charged with misusing European Parliament funds to pay 2 aides who also do National Front work. http…
far-right leader charged over European Parliament funding scandal
Proud to be a part of campaign - Chris Nash presenting on made petition to European Parliament
study on in the EU being presented by Katja Swider at European Parliament hearing
watch the European Parliament hearing on live this afternoon from the comfort of your home or office
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Allan Piggott, Vice President, explains the quality of Australian Sheepmeat to European Parliament advisors with…
Message of Support by European Parliament from Spain for Grand Gathering of Resistance
European Parliament deputies have attended a meeting of the State Duma
The State Duma has declared plans of restoration of contacts with European Parliament
Last week at the European Parliament, Tory MEPs voted again to water down measures to clampdown on tax avoidance. http…
Speaking to the European Parliament, Juncker Categorically Rules Out Any Re-negotiation of Paris Climate Agreement. http…
Paul Nuttall has one of the worst attendance records in the history of the European Parliament. He serves no one but hims…
Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the Special European Council (Art. 50) of 29 April
MEP for a day: see how students from deal with the European Parliament agenda. Watch live 11am…
It looks as if UKIP's only remaining elected representatives will be members of the European Parliament. Which is kind o…
The Sinn Féin team in the European Parliament are hosting an event in Brussels this evening to mark the Month's Mind of…
Nigel Farage has worst voting record of any active member of the European Parliament. Sponging off the taxpayer.
Here is a video of me reading Archbishop Desmond Tutu's monologue at the European Parliament.
He also got a member of the European Parliament.
French prosecutors have asked the European Parliament to lift the immunity of far-right…
Well, Farage is an Member of the European Parliament and his supporters see no weirdness in that
Nigel Farage jeered in European Parliament after accusing EU of ‘behaving like the mafia’ over Brexit
Important step towards regulation of the import of conflict minierals taken by European Parliament.
EU should be generous & open to British citizens. Good news that UK Gov will discuss idea of associate citizenship. htt…
The French establishment in panic mode over potential Le Pen win!. via
Road to Brexit: European Parliament gets ready to flex its muscles in UK withdrawal talks
One step closer! 521 votes in the European Parliament for a visa-free regime with Ukraine!
I have signed. Petition: Stop the Brexit process and declare that Britain will remain in European Union.
European Parliament adopt report to move towards responsible palm oil and to phase out its use for biofuels.
Our Parliament can't stop Brexit, but the European Parliament just might
Timing is relevant to this case. Perhaps, the European Parliament didn't expect her to be in a positi…
And so the dirty tricks carry on. Looks like a set up!.
European Parliament will flex muscles in UK talks on road to Brexit
isn't old wives tale. The Power of the Parliament
TRUMP strikes again, we need visas for Europe, ugh!European Parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans
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MEPs remind Britain of one thing: their power to veto a final deal. By via…
French prosecutors seek to lift Le Pen’s immunity
It looks like plans are afoot to have her European Parliament immunity removed but for e…
So-called 'European Parliament' can neither CREATE nor REPEAL legislation. EU has the ONLY Parliament in WORLD that can't…
Nigel Farage jeered by MEPs during Brexit debate.
European Parliament : the big circle of clowns at the centre of the EU problem and worst nightmare.
EU Parliament has no teeth. European Commisiion does = ALL Goldman Sachs = Rothschild
EU take on SAA in pilot racism. “A Dutch Member of the European Parliament has asked the president of the...
Hungarian Parliament urged by UN expert to reconsider new law targeting Central European University
Hope you have another Job Lined up when you are kicked out of European Parliament
Irish MEPs criticised as term 'mompreneur' used in European Parliament
It is a disgrace that party is still welcome in the European People’s Party, | European Parliament |…
French judges urge Parliament to lift
"The European Council, Commission and Parliament have all said that our Article 50 notification can be withdrawn." http…
Fan club for Israeli war crimes formed in European Parliament
Do you want personal EU citizenship? Send a message to the European Parliament - Sign the Petition!
Posits possibility that the European Parliament cld require a Brexit deal is put to the British people as a condition…
The French are asking the European Parliament to remove Marine Le Pen's parliamentary immunity. Watch this space. 👀 https:/…
European elections 2019: the allied far rights becomes the dominant parliamentary group in the European Parliament
After a year-long inquiry, Parliament wants more European oversight and new tests to prevent further cheating on car emiss…
"European Parliament will get vote on any final Brexit deal reached by UK & EU after Art.50 negotiations complete". ht…
European Parliament voted "to force Americans to apply for visas" before visiting Europe this summer:
With H.E Claudia Roth, VP of the Bundestag. Enjoyed learning about the German Parliament, European Parliament and t…
Express: Bullying Eurocrats have a lot in common with Mafia. Farage tells it like it is ! EU are Carpet Leaches !
European Parliament has floated an "association" agreement with the UK. Here's how that's working out for Ukraine.
☑️ The European Parliament supported the granting of visa-free regime for Ukraine.
Farage bringing shame on this country in the European Parliament today with his clownish behaviour. Have some manners man.
European Parliament calls on Russia to free Kremlin critic Navalny
My speech in today's Brexit debate in the European Parliament. A flexible solution for Scotland deserves serious consid…
European Parliament Culture committee shows the way on audiovisual authors’ remuneration:
BREAKING: In light of 'Mafia' outburst in the European Parliament today, I have now designated him as most loy…
On the Eighth Day of Brexit, the European Parliament published its negotiating guidelines and proved German car-makers d…
European Parliament is a paper tiger and Britain must not fear these Brexit blowhards.
Today‘s voting in the European Parliament on for Ukraine with the EU is about about Europe and about…
Nice: European Parliament votes in favour of Ukrainians entering EU without a visa.
Yesterday the Euro Parli voted in favour of ensuring UK maintains workplace rights as part of any UK-EU trade deal http…
She is mentioning Mogherini, Hahn and EU parliament, but not EU President Tusk who was also visited Macedonia. Why?
Ex-Ukip leader Diane James: I’d consider bid to become Tory MP in 2020
Latar. Rami Jarrah. This Monday Assad will B represented in EU Parliament,Sign&share D petitn2reject his invitation
migrant crisis just got a lot worse . The Parliament of the European Union just passed into law, a piece ……
The EU demand Britain obeys EU regulations for years.They want to control our laws after Brexit to keep us weak https:…
European Parliament votes for visa liberalization for Ukraine.
551 votes in favor of visa-free visa for Ukraine in the European Parliament
End of roaming: final hurdle cleared | News | European Parliament
Disgraceful! The European Parliament rejected a motion designed to protect Gibraltar in the upcoming negotiations. htt…
vanguardngrnews: European Parliament approves visa-free EU travel for Ukrainians
European Parliament: close your door to Assad this Monday via
The European Parliament resolution today shows Government promises are unravelling
My statement on vote for visa liberalisation for Ukraine in the Europ Parliament
and EU closer to each other with the visa liberalisation approved today by the European Parliament! Slava Ukraini!…
This Monday Assad will be represented in European Parliament, Sign and share the petition to reject his invitation.
Huge majority in European Parliament approved visa freedom for Ukraine. Congratulations!
Another extraordinary BBC News at 10 report on European Parliament debate today. No mention of the Scottish, Welsh, & I…
It's ironic that got to vote in undemocratic European Parliament on the negotiating position.…
European Parliament finalizes end of EU roaming surcharges
European Parliament's first vote on Brexit declares Art 50 'revocable': UK can change its mind as real Brexit nears!. ht…
The European Union proposes a system of registration for advanced cc
The European parliament has voted in favour of visa lib for 521 For 75 against 36 abstentions. Eu ambassadors…
I can see why Nigel Farage hates the European Parliament. He looks like a toddler in a wet nappy among post-doctorals.…
Parliament's call for a new European agency would have passed w/o UK MEPs. Read our report
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
European adopts its position on transparency of
Just days after Assad's latest chemical massacre, 'leftwing' MEP is inviting an MP of Assad to speak at the Europ…
Great speech of new German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the European Parliament >> Together we are stronger!
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in the European Parliament yesterday...
DT Jim Nicholson MEP: European Parliament now debating its position in Brexit resolutions. Due t...
French member of the European Parliament attacks journalists
FYI Elected MEPs (European Parliament) approve legislation together with the Council (governments of 28 EU countries).
You mean apart from the directly elected European Parliament & the directly elected Council of Ministers. More Leave idiocy…
Flags at half-mast at the European Parliament to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack in London.
Please support my petition to European Parliament on the validity of the Prime Minister's power to notify under Art…
03-14 European Parliament member Jean-Marie Cavada arrives to attend the funeral of French…
# Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas receives a standing ovation at the European Parliament in Brussels on June 23, 2016,
Good news for UKIP MEP - he's been appointed to the European Parliament's regional development committee.
"According to your theory, I don't have the right to be in Parliament.". Well you don't. No one has the right to be in European Parliament.
Good that you dont need a visa, since you are not a citizen, you can come back to country of origin 😁
I'd rather watch your legendary European Parliament clips. On repeat.
: Ukraine moves one step closer to EU visa-free travel The European Parliament has reached an informal a…
Well done for standing up for women's rights at the European Parliament! One more misogynist corrected !
This sexist politician just got shut down. Janusz Korwin-Mikke is an independent member of the European Parliament from Poland.…
The European Parliament votes to reintroduce visas for Americans
Yes. His name is Janusz Korwin-Mikke and European parliament was discussing the gender pay gap.
Things are changing. And they're changing quickly.
An argument erupted in European Parliament when a lawmaker made sexist remarks during a debate about equal pay
Watch this — Member of European Parliament explains why “women must earn less than men.”. Wait for the 🔥 response... https:…
Overheard in the European Parliament: Women "must earn less than men because...".
European Parliament votes to reintroduce visas for Americans.
Campaign event NOW in European Parliament for Its time to ban unpaid internships from EU institutions & beyond
Azerbaijan has announced an international arrest warrant for European Parliament members (EP) Frank Engel...
Azerbaijan issues international arrest warrant against 3 Members of European Parliament from
banning it's sale so don't let the European Parliament or the Swedish government tell you a pack of lies
President Danela Arsovska hosted dear guest Marijana Petir Member of European Parliament at the 2017…
Member of European Parliament, victim of will persist and search for justice
Mr. Geoffrey Van Orden, Member of the European Parliament along with a European Delegation meet FM
Justin Trudeau addressed the European Parliament and the predictable happened
European Parliament today has approved an urgent resolution on the situation of human rights defenders in . Guatemala h…
The GUE/NGL group, to which Sinn Fein belong, hosted Sean ‘Spike’ Murray at a seminar at the European Parliament.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to address European Parliament in France and visit Germany
PM Justin Trudeau will address the European Parliament in France and visit Germany on February 16 and 17:
Nigel Farage: The European Parliament is terrified of Trump via
7 Our parliament to get at least as much info as European Parliament (1.11). Good. But bad that no promise of vote BEFORE Euro Parliament.
Davis suggests UK Parliament will probably vote on final deal before it is ratified in European Parliament
Bad day for Nigel Farage: First he was trolled in the European Parliament and now he's accused of misusing EU funds htt…
Russia-funded crook Le Pen has to pay the European Parliament €296,497 before midnight as a fine for expenses fraud https…
Why Marine Le Pen has kept reasonably quiet about Fillon scandal - she owes €340k to the European Parliament
Nigel Farage wearing a Trump badge in the European Parliament. So Trump now has his own little Mini-Me, just like D…
Nigel Farage just got trolled in the European Parliament.
Nigel Farage refuses to be silenced by pro-EU MEPs, urges European Parliament to invite President Trump.
Nigel Farage praising in the European Parliament. Obviously a big fan behind him.
Nigel Farage in furious European Parliament clash over Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' htt…
MEP holds up 'he's lying to you' sign as Nigel Farage speaks in European Parliament
here's holding up a "he's lying to you" sign behind Nigel Farage in the European Parliament
that is a rare sight - Nigel Farage in the European Parliament
'He's lying to you': trolled while calling for Donald Trump invitation to European Parliament
This picture of Nigel Farage at the European Parliament captures what many people think. A picture does truly say a thou…
‘If I’m wrong, throw me out!’ in furious European Parliament clash with ‘anti-democratic zealots'
be the Labour MEP you wish to see in the world
MEP heckles in European Parliament with sign saying 'He's lying to you'
If the European Parliament are really democrats, they will be constructive & invite to debate them. I wo…
I don't need an MEP in the European Parliament to hold up a sign saying Nigel Farage is lying to me.
Farage wearing a Trump pin in the European Parliament.
UKIP's Nigel Farage speaks to the European Parliament, while a fellow MEP holds up a "He's lying to you" sign.
My fellow Labour MEP made a telling point in the European Parliament today
Seb Dance, one of Labour's London MEPs, telling the European Parliament what we already knew about Nigel Farage.
Amazing. Farage getting pwned while defending Trump in the European Parliament.
Don't worry about it mate, we'll be gone for good and I think EU will be too
Having to take a student loan defeats the purpose of says
UKIP for you - when shock jock Nigel Farage and his chums did bother to turn up, it appears it was to scam the European Parlia…
This happened in the European Parliament today - We're talking to the man behind the sign now:
Nigel Farage wearing a Donald Trump badge at the European Parliament is the most pathetic thing I've seen in my life.
One member of European Parliament had some blunt criticism as Trump supporter Nigel Farage spoke. Seb Dance shared his feelings w…
Watch my full speech to the European Parliament this afternoon ↓
Fellow MEP in the European Parliament as Nigel Farage speaks. "He's lying to you" the sign says.
European Parliament member trolls Nigel Farage with "he's lying to you" sign
It's all kicking off in the European Parliament
Today in European Parliament, who else thinks deserves a medal?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Excellent. European Parliament will investigate how Home Office is treating non-UK EU nationals.
Hungary’s leader, Viktor Orbán, launches tirade at former president of the European Parliament while lavishing prai…
Paulo Casaca, former member of European Parliament, speaking at House briefing today. Thank you for your support for a
Any further insulting quotes in Greek history should not be tolerated by the European Parliament
When two Italians contest a top job in the European Parliament, the best way to explain it is with pizza?. Here's…
Berlusconi loyalist elected new President of the European Parliament
First round over: The BBC's Kevin Connolly gauges reaction in the European Parliament to the UK PM's Brexit……
BBC News - European Parliament election: Antonio Tajani new president
Antonia Tajani, the new President of the European Parliament, is graduated in Law from Sapienza University of Rome
Who is Antonio Tajani? Juncker’s crony poised to become European Parliament President
The new President of the European Parliament is Antonio Tajani (EPP,IT)
Principles for negotiations with the European Commission for leaving the EU - Petitions.
New European Parliament President Tajani’s to-do list: Trade, security, migration.
German politician says Theresa May's Brexit speech a 'big f*** you' to the EU
.is the new European Parliament President. Wins 351 votes against 282 for in fourth round.
Congratulazioni Antonio Tajani new President of the European Parliament. I wish him and all the best
"must take the concerns of the 48% on board. " . Parliament's chief negotiator. https:…
European Parliament elects Antonio Tajani as new head | Global Newsroom live
Antonio Tajani is the new European Parliament president
EU universal income must be 'seriously considered' as rise of robots threatens mass unemployment, say MEPs
Italy's wins run-off vote for presidency of European Parliament
Antonio Tajani elected as European Parliament’s new president
(BRUSSELS) — Antonio Tajani of the EPP Christian Democrat group was elected president of…
🔴LIVE - European Parliament to elect new president
Outcome of the first ballot of election of President of the European Parliament
The Catalan leadership travels to next week to present
.says "parliament will have a say" on Brexit, but "it won't stop us leaving the European Union"
Congratulations to New European Parliament President. A good friend of Greece and Nea Demokratia!
Antonio Tajani wins the vote, but is the old guard really still in charge of the EU?
Theresa May’s Brexit will 'make most people poorer', says Labour's European Parliament leader
Italian conservative Tajani wins race to head .
"Parliament is the only directly elected body representing the European Union, but it often struggles for relevance"
Labour’s leader in European Parliament says Theresa May’s Brexit plan will 'make most people poorer' | The...
As the EU remains under attack from populists, Parliament leadership once again was determined in backroom dealing http…
EU proposes giving all citizens a universal basic income
Antonio Tajani was elected president of the European Parliament on Tuesday, and he won’t have much time to settle in http…
Gina Miller slapped down by May as parliament WILL get to vote on Brexit. They must Respect the Will of the People! https:/…
Our President has been invited to speak in European Parliament by 3 MEPs on Jan 25, where he will explain
New European Parliament President. -Pro return of the Italian monarchy . -Co-founder of Berlusconi's Forza Italia. -Ex-spokesman for Berlusconi
Good morning Europe! is the new President of the European Parliament. htt…
In the EU, the new order is the old order via
Who is Antonio Tajani, the European Parliament's new president? | Eurasia Diary via
Italian conservative Antonio Tajani elected new president of European parliament - officials
Antonio elected as new European Parliament speaker.
Italian conservative Antonio Tajani has been elected President of the E.U.'s Parliament
European Parliament: Ban the import, sale and production of all fur products within the European Union
Italy's anti-euro Five Star Movement votes to split with UKIP in European Parliament in grab for more influence
There's a split between Italy's Five Star Movement and its Eurosceptic allies in the European Parliament
Ironic that MEPs in European Parliament get to vote on final Brexit deal yet our govt doesn't want UK MPs to vote https:…
President received a joint delegation comprising MPs from European Parliament & Federation Council of the F…
Polish members of the European Parliament will get to vote on Brexit. Welsh members of Westminster Parliament will not.…
Letter from Danièle Nouy, Chair of the Supervisory Board, to several Members of the European Parliament, regarding…
Mustafa Dzhemilev, nominee for 2016 Sakharov Prize speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
We can all look forward to even bigger, even more dramatic shocks in 2017. My full speech in the European Parliament toda…
NEWS : French far-right Front National (FN) party president, member of European Parliament and…
Italian MEP announces his candidature for the Presidency of the European Parliament
Systematic checks of EU citizens at external borders agreed by European Parliament &Council
The first edition of my speech in the European Parliament that a German-dominated club.
Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, receives the Great Cross of Merit from German President Joachi…
Juncker in meltdown over future of European Parliament as buddie Schultz abandons him:
Breast Cancer Awareness
European Parliament backs freeze of Turkish membership talks: AFP
Statement of the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs on the voting by European Parliament to freeze negotiations with Turkey.…
European Parliament voted 2 recommend freezing Turkish membership talks but this is a power that ONLY the EU Commission…
European Parliament votes in favor of freezing talks with Turkey - Turkish Minute
European Parliament backs freeze of Turkish membership talks
Turkish pro-government A Haber on EP vote: "European Parliament says yes to terror"
Turkish President Erdogan threatens to open borders after European Parliament vote | DW News
Turkish opposition says European Parliament decision "is not a decision to help Turkey in its democratic struggle."
It's not the ill thought European Parliament vote this week that killed Turkish accession for good, but collapse of Cyprus talks. That's it.
OSCE to closely observe practical actions after EU resolution on propaganda Earlier, the European Parliament…
This Irish woman is in the running for the European Parliament presidency (via
BREAKING: European Parliament has supported a freeze of Turkish membership talks
Off to Berlin, after 22 years in Brussels: European Parliament President Martin Schulz to step down via
Turkey has dismissed a European Parliament vote backing a freeze in accession talks with Ankara.
The Freedom of Thought Report 2016 launch will be held at European Parliament in Brussels, 6 December. Register:
European Parliament President Martin Schulz to step down (correcting spelling of Schulz)
So goodbye Dear Martin Schulz - European Parliament President; this pic taken in Rome, during the...
Schulz gives up European Parliament to return to politics
Influence available to small countries in the EU: Mairead McGuinness confirms bid for European Parliament presidency
Parliament backs. freeze of membership talks
Next president should represent all members and all Europeans. Every voice matters.
EU Parliament votes for freeze of Turkish membership talks via
European Parliament approves motion to temporarily freze acccession talks with Turkey https:/…
If a vote in the European Parliament has no value, the EU is probably not the club for you.
EFA & vote in favor of a temporary freeze of EU accession negotiations with https:…
European Parliament has called for suspension of EU membership talks with Turkey. 479 in favor, 37 against, 107 abstentions.
NGOs call for no money for under reformed Funds must accelerate the transition away from https:…
European Parliament draws a line in the Bosporus
European Parliament calls for freeze in Turkish membership talks.
How to avert a EU-Turkey train wreck. In spite of European Parliament populism. Wisdom by
Freeze accession talks with until it halts repression, urges European Parliament
New EU workplace pensions Directve - 'IORP II' - approved in European Parliament today by 512 to 70. Likely to become EU la…
Martin Schulz, President of European Parliament, Will Return to German Politics - via
Today on my blog: Two days of work in the European Parliament
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