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European Council

The European Council is an institution of the European Union. It comprises the heads of state or government of the EU member states, along with the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council, currently Herman Van Rompuy.

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Co-chair setting out the vision for future of the European Council for Conservation of Fungi
might propose European Council and Commission to be headed by same person, according to
Herman Van Rompuy, former president of European Council says he thinks there is zero chance of Brexit talks on trade in Oct.
Baton change: in current incumbent Donald Tusk takes over the Presidency of the European Council from Herman Van Rompuy
The President is nominated by the European Council & formally elected by the European Parliament
We do. We have representation in the European Parliament, European Council, European…
Coudenove-Kalergi Prize is awarded annually Merkel & Herman Van Rompuy, President of European Council, have won this prize.
(a) requires consent of European Council, (b) is legally uncertain, and (c) has no parliamentary majority. Classic tragedy.
...and enjoy the same benefits as a member. In this context, the European Council welcomes the recognitio…
European Council. Council of the European Union. Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council on .
President speaking with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel & President of the European Council, Donald T…
"the European Council welcomes the recognition by the British Government that the four free…
Hey did you know there was a 'European Council for Fatwa and Research' ? No neither did we.. cc…
Majority of European Council for Fatwa and Research (reside outside Europe and don't…
Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, head of the European Council for Fatwa & Research in ... via
Breaking news are about hit the floor of European Council soon lol
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this morning is at the European Council
UK Prime Minister Theresa May gives a short speech, then is effectively shown the door at the European Council
The deal on EU citizen rights should be the right to work in the UK not to claim benefits,housing or NHS
Remarks by President Donald Tusk on the European Council meetings of 22 June 2017
Privilege to attend first European Council meeting today
Varadkar says Ireland does not want UK to leave EU - -
May will not get a discussion tonight. "The European Council is not a forum for brexit negotiations," says Tusk.
Brexit: Donald Tusk 'keeping door open' for Britain to stay in EU despite talks | The Independent
EU citizens' rights on the table at European Council summit
BREAKING: President of the European Council Donald Tusk says the door is open if the United Kingdom wants to stay in th…
PM has arrived in to take part in the European Council
Poland initiates letter of 17 EU leaders to the President of the European Council -->
Tusk: "It must be clear the European Council is not a forum for Brexit negotiations... Leaders will take note of [PM May]"
PM is taking part in the European Council Problem of migration, security and economy are the key top…
My remarks today following the first working session of the meeting:
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President of the European Council quotes 'Imagine' while discussing the negotiations for Britai…
Brexit can still be stopped, European Council leader says
Tusk: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one". Too bloody right you're not - there are millions of us!.
PM: I am very pleased to be here at the European Council today following the constructive start of our negotiations. https…
Democratic referendums are not set in stone. The electorate reserves the right to change its mind
Art 50 makes no mention of European Council. (I’m playing devil’s advocate - there’s much we don’t know)
Carl Bildt, European Council on Foreign Relations: "Eastern Orthodoxy is the main threat to Western civilization” ?…
Donald Tusk warns of ‘no time to lose’ as European Council president congratulates Theresa…
Video: Enda Kenny - 'European Council would recognise whole of Ireland as in EU'
Donald Tusk: 'Don't let Brexit emotions get out of hand': European Council president urges "goodwill" but David Dav…
latest president of the European Council is actually asking Theresa May to stop lying.
European Council president urges "goodwill" but David Davis accuses European Commission of bullying.
Council of the European Union: End to the cruel practice of Bull fighting in Europe. - Sign the Pe... via
The European Council president says negotiations will become 'impossible' if emotions are allowed to run un…
European council president decries the rising tensions between the EU and Theresa May, warning: ‘If we start arg...
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1/3 European council president says ‘stakes are too high to let our emotions get out of hand’ in remarks Tories claim could
Oxford marks tenth anniversary of European Research Council
Off now. The answer is: they present proposals on the basis of pri…
Research at the Frontier- Don't miss this event with our awardees on 10 May
Citizens our priority number 1. As soon as UK offers real guarantees, we'll find a solution rapidly.
Brexit talks will "become impossible" if arguments don't stop, the European Council president warns.
Tusk president of the European council
Why join ICC? Our methodology was awarded a European Quality Award by the European Coaching and Mentoring Council…
Interested in President's visit to Brussels? Read more here:
The president of the European Council has warned Theresa May against letting “emotions get out of hand” in a...
Donald Tusk was elected by the European Council, which consists of heads of governments/states of the 28 MEMBERS.
European Council president Donald Tusk has warned that talks risk becoming "impossible" with a plea for calm https:/…
European Council President Donald Tusk has called for "discretion" and "mutual respect" between…
Tusk calls for 'moderation' ahead of Brexit talks: European Council President Donald…
If you're proud to be British 🇬🇧 AND European 🇪🇺. (And in today's council elections to prove it! 😉) htt…
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1/2 Letter from Donald Tusk to members of the European Council
A German view of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank | European Council on Foreign Relations via
We, Rome Business School, are excited to announce that we have recently became a member of the European Council... htt…
Statement from concerned Europeans the Central European University | European Council on Foreign Relations via
Fund industry hopes for 'mutual bespoke' deal after European Council dashes hopes of U.K. access to single market…
I hereby notify the European Council of the United. Kingdom's intention to withdraw from the European Union.
🎥 members discussing the preparation of the March 2017 European Council meeting ➡️
I was thinking of the March european council. she was asked about 50bn but answered on the future contribs
LATEST: May confirms she has triggered Article 50 with a letter to the European Council. Watch
FYI Elected MEPs (European Parliament) approve legislation together with the Council (governments of 28 EU countries).
Theresa May has signed the letter to European Council President Donald Tusk which will invoke Article 50 and trigger h…
"Dear President Tusk": Read the letter May sent to the European Council president triggering Article 50
Brexit: Full text of Theresa May's letter to European Council president Donald Tusk
'The notification letter will be hand-delivered to the European Council by the British Ambassador' htt…
You mean apart from the directly elected European Parliament & the directly elected Council of Ministers. More Leave idiocy…
Little Giant Ladders
Letter informing European Council of Britain's intention to leave the EU is handed to EC president Donald Tusk
European Council is a collection of incompetent has beens and picture perfect of EU.
Official statement from the European Council in response to the Article 50 letter
It’s a sad truth that in a world like this jokes about the name of the President of the European Council just won’t get much traction.
European Council President Donald Tusk on "There is nothing to win in this process... this is about damage control" http…
Article 50 (4) TEU: the leaving member shall not participate in the European Council/Council discussions or…
JUST IN: President of the European Council, Donald Tusk confirms he has received a letter from Theresa May triggering Article…
European Council President Donald Tusk has said that Article 50 can be reversed. This isn't over Theresa May. Fight
"There is no reason to pretend that this is a happy day," says European Council President on being trig…
European Council President Donald Tusk says there's no reason to pretend today is a happy day, in Brussels or London
European Council President Donald Tusk says his message to the UK is: "We already miss you. Thank you and goodbye."
"We already miss you." President of European Council says goodbye to Britain as the UK triggers Article 50
The Balkans: Bad news rising | European Council on Foreign Relations via
Watch now online: Our film about the history of the European Council 🇪🇺
Turkey plans to file a complaint about Dutch gov to UN, European Council and OSCE for detaining Turkish Charge d'Affaires f…
🇪🇺EU reconfirms Donald Tusk as President of the European Council.
Donald Tusk re-elected for a second term as President of the European Council
Donald Tusk confirmed as European Council president for another term - Sky News
Donald Tusk, reelected as President of European Council. Polish Premier was only to vote against... -
Donald Tusk re-elected as European council president. Hip hip hooray!
Donald Tusk has been reappointed as President of the European Council - despite protests by Poland.
"I consider that Donald Tusk is the obvious candidate to remain president of the European Council"-https:…
Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president despite Poland's objections
Congratulations on 10 years of excellent research!
Tusk thanks European leaders for renewing his term at helm of European Council
Danish Prime Minister at European Council today. Denmark supports the reelection of Donald Tusk as
Donald Tusk of Poland re-elected president of the European Council, after bitter opposition from his own country https:/…
Donald Tusk is reappointed as the European Council president at a summit in Brussels.
The Committee for EU-Institutions at want to build a European Federation and to abolish the European Counc…
Nothing to do with Muslim monsters raping 1400 children in Rotherham . via
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Poland run by extreme and authoritarian nationalists oppose Tusk.
European Union leaders have confirmed Donald Tusk for another term as European Council President
Talking to the press ahead of the European Council
Donald thanks the European Council for their "solidarity and unity" in re-electing him President in "unusual…
ALERT: EU leaders have re-elected Donald Tusk as European Council President.
Wallonia warns it may not ratify Canada-European Union CETA 'free trade' deal | The Council of Canadians
Re-election of President Grateful for trust & positive assessment by
EU leaders re-elect President of European Council despite bid to oust him by his home country Poland.
Donald Tusk re-elected as European council president - The Guardian
right to focus on medium-term price stability. Calls for early exit are misguided. My take:
Donald Tusk chosen to head European Council for second term
Donald Tusk re-elected as European council president
Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel says EU leaders have reappointed Donald Tusk as European Council President - Re…
Council of Europe demand censorship UK media-nothing but trying to stop criticism of immigration & multiculturalism ht…
The European Council just re-elected Donald Tusk as its president for a 2nd term from 1 June 2017-30 Nov 2019
Open letter to Chancellor Merkel | European Council on Foreign Relations via
Poland wants center-right MEP to replace Tusk as European Council head
Calling young planners! sign up to the European Council of Town Planners workshop-Olympic cities
neither does the president of the European Council. It's a formal office, not an executive one.
or is she trying to bluff the EU as Cameron did so unsuccessfully at infamous European Council re Fiscal Stability Treaty?
Merkel gets her refugee plan frm European Council on Foreign Relations sponsored by George Soros.
“RISK-AVERSE and anxious” Leave voters are to blame for Brexit, the former head of the European Council has clai...
Yemen’s Forgotten War: How Europe Can Lay the Foundations for … – European Council on Foreign Relations
THE FORMER head of the European Council has admitted the EU is no longer the “utopia” he believes it once was.
Germany: Politics in times of terror | European Council on Foreign Relations
This isn't really true - Terry Davis quit Parliament in 2004 to become Sec Gen of the European Council, we won 05'…
Labour Party statement on European Council. Absolute amateur hour.
New post: "Jeremy Corbyn response to PM's statement on European Council"
Commission as Union negotiator but acting under systematic control of the European Council. EP on sidelines
And so it begins | European Council and Commission asked Donald Trump to come to Europe for an EU-U.S. summit at his "earliest convenience."
"Manuel Barroso as permanent President of the European Council". No. Commission.
Summary of daily activities of UKPM,Theresa May,100 days in office with attending her 1st European Council in Brussels.Congrats
Syria and migration at the core of the European Council 
EU Press Release: Remarks by President Donald Tusk following the first day of the European Council meeting.
: EU set for ‘dirty Brexit’ . Forget hard Brexit or soft Brexit, European officials have been instructed …
Another neat video for Topic Two. This time the European Council President
via You and Uncle Tony doing the pincer movement. Two imbeciles together.
European Council October 2016: Prime Minister's press statement It can be no co-incidence that it is Trafalgar Day.
Michel de Bruin appointed chairman of the European Council
"The Polish government will not support Donald Tusk for the second term in the European Council," Mr Kaczynski told…
- National briefing: Germany on https:/…
You can find my speech on and at today's here
that 1 in 7 jobs in the EU depends on trade? Trade is on agenda of today's summit. Find out more:
Looks like PM May missed Freeland's emotional statement (to put it mildly)...
2 stop atrocities in Aleppo has first priority! European Council conclusions on external relations, 20 October 2016 https…
Departure of DK Prime Minister after European Council (day 2, part 2)
Theresa May to hold talks with Jean-Claude Juncker after series of threats at her first European Council meeting
Read the full European Council conclusions, from the 20-21 October 2016 mtg:
EU leaders lash Russia over Syria but split on sanctions: European Union Council President Donald Tusk speaks...
What the 5 Permanent Members are for the UN Security Council is Wallonia for the European Council.
What outlook for Summit as second day begins?
Talk to the hand, Theresa, because the EU aren't listening: The European council summit proved tricky for the...
As part of European Local Democracy Week, Ysgol Ger-y-Llan took part in a lively debate in the Council Chamber
European Defence: This time, could they really mean it? | European Council on Foreign Relations
PM gave a statement on the subjects covered meeting – Brexit, migration, Russia and trade:…
Are you with us? We’re calling on the European Council to put children first & protect & children
Trade issues discussed at European Council meeting
Chancellor following the European Council We call for a ceasefire in access for humanitarian a…
European Council president Donald Tusk says he would be 'happiest one' if Brexit were reversed…
The European Council has finished - leaders discussed and relations with Russia. More info:
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"If it was to exist one day, would need to be thoroughly revised"-at the European Council
Ministerial Committee on European Union Affairs discussed Finland's EU Presidency and the European Council
‘Hard Brexit so painful Britons may never pull out of EU’ - European Council chief:
President al-Sisi met with chief of the European Council on the sidelines of UN General Assembly. - Castle Journal
AUSTRIA - 1986 The 30th Anniversary of Membership of the European Council - FDC
Portrait of Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council, holds a Master's degree in
European Council urges Aung San Government to uphold democratic principles and rule of law
BREAKING: Boris Johnson applies to be President of the European Council. . Wouldn't put it past him, would you?
LOL! The Speaker just took the *** out of for uniting the European Council! Bloody love Bercow!
European Council to discuss security & cooperation ahead of in Warsaw https:…
European Council: European Council conclusions on migration, jobs, growth and investment and on external relations -
European Council conclusions on and and on external relations
Joint statement by Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Martin Schulz, President of...
Britain has two years until its EU membership runs out, but this can be extended:
The president of the European Council on England's exit from post
a meeting is suppose to take place today to notify the European Council whether or not UK is leaving
The President of the European Council is trolling us. In fact, the whole of Europe is trolling us
New president of the European Council: "Sorry, Islam has no place in Slovakia"
I suppose Tony Blair did once have six months as President of the European Council
Watch statement by President following the European Council's summit meeting on
The 1st President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, will be amongst those…
There is an actual European Council of Tolerance and Reconciliation chaired by Tony Blair, little bit dystopian .
'University meets the Corporation' speaking at the European Council for Business Education on
Meet the Europeans in Britain's Brexit heartland | European Council on Foreign Relations via
Intervening better: Europe's second chance in Libya - European Council on Foreign Relations
European responses to the refugee crisis | European Council on Foreign Relations
Tusk is president of the European Council, not the European Commission (Newshour). (TV at 22 said he was "a commissioner".
European Council member: Turkey 'best example for world on how to treat refugees': © AFPG... via Inside
Chairman Xi’s new clothes | European Council on Foreign Relations
Joint Statement by President of the European Council, European Commission and Republic of Indonesia
Joint statement by the President of the European Council, the President of the…
Erase and Rewind: ’s | European Council on Foreign Relations via
European Council president Donald Tusk says EU summit is 'make or break'
Take action & ask your MEPs to call on the European Council to take action on https:/…
when members of the European Council start making such comments, we should be equally worried.
Considering a bid for UN secretary-general or head of the European council
Metternich brought the idea of balance of powers to the European nations which is a prelude the UN and the security council
Regaining w/ new European Border Guard. Council ready to negotiate
The June meeting of the European Council confirmed for 28-29 June
PETITION: Stop the EU from banning legal gun ownership.
Sign the petition calling on the EU to ban bullfighting:
On 16th Nov2012, the President of the European Council, H Van Rompuy,was awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize
Council of the European Union: EU : You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun owner... vía
Marketshare partners emea forms european council care for: Ftl
As we know Award of Council of Europe is for European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk 🎉
.UK is one of only 2 European countries on UN security council. Are we giving that up post Then we regain seat at WTO
Want to build an app that make European data more transparent? Join the 1st at the Council building (1/2) https:/…
Letter to European Commission, European Council and European Parliament on the Proportionality principle and…
Cameron writes to the head the of European council, specifically saying that trusts shouldn't come under scrutiny...
Agreement Morocco-EU: appeal of the European Council against, wait and see
Take the survey of the European Innovation Council to get good innovation policies https:…
Council of Europe Conference: Ministers discuss new tool for securing democracy through education, Brussels, 11-12/4
Council of the European Union: Call for the EU to ban Bullfighting within the EU - Sign the... via
The self-emasculation of mainstream politics | European Council on Foreign Relations via
The elected Prime Minister/Presidents of 28 sovereign nations set the agenda in the European Council.
Gerry Adams calls for Naval Service to resume search and rescue assistance in the Mediterranean during European Council statements.
Iran post sanctions and elections | European Council on Foreign Relations via
South-eastern Europe’s descent into chaos | European Council on Foreign Relations via
European Council origins - French initiative in 1974 to relaunch the European Project. E.Mourlon-Druol:
Why visit Ethiopia? Ethiopia is the world’s best destination for tourists in 2015 by the European Council on Tourism and…
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The German economist Sebastian Dullien from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) argues that worries...
or Government. They were meeting within the European Council but were not acting as the E…
European Council has confirmed 'Ever-closer Union' remains in the treaties whose laws we are bound to.
European Council text on the renegotiation of Britain's Membership of the European Union,
Update - The president of the European Council has confirmed a deal on Britain's European Union reforms has b…
European Council commits to accelerate measures to tackle the refugee crisis
NOW OPEN: Last-minute accreditation for the European Council on 18-19 February 2016.
Before the final vote, the representative of European Council and European Commission will give their last declaration.
Time to negociate European Commission Representative, Chairman, President of the European Council, General S …
Media accreditation for the European Council on 17-18 March 2016
European Council chief unveils proposals to keep Britain in EU
.advances plans for new European Council - Science|Business (via
Actuallly the Commission don't come into it. It is a European Council decision.
Failure or Success for David Cameron at European Council?: It depends on who you ask – to British Prime Minist...
Speech by President Juncker at the EP Plenary Preparation of the European Council meeting of 17-18 December 2015
Remarks on border protection, the UK, and more by President Donald Tusk ahead of the European Council meeting...
The President of the European Council & his chums will be laughing their *** off at feckless David Cameron tonite https…
Following extensive, multi-annual negotiations the European Parliament and European Council have reached an...
the Commissioner Moedas calls for a European Council (EIC)
Dayton revisited: Bosnia’s peace deal 20 years on | Carl Bildt for European Council on Foreign Relations. via
Deciphering Algeria: the stirrings of reform? | European Council on Foreign Relations via
The new Japan paradox | European Council on Foreign Relations via
- deal fallout | European Council on Foreign Relations via
Power vacuum in Aden will fuel more unrest | European Council on Foreign Relations
I am not talking about Economic entity, but European Council, with UK referendum to exit EU gaining popularity
Tawakkol Karman in the European Council , Strasbourg, . . Conspiracy against the Arab Spring led to the...
UKIP Leader on Cameron asking Dutch leader to represent UK at European Council
.on Cameron asking the Dutch leader to represent  UK at European Council
That's Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, making weird, sexist analogies.
“Hate crime” warning from the European Council to the Greek Cypriot Administration
It's a bit ironic of Lucy Lu. She's mad for the European Council as well as Big Businesses dictating things
EP President by MEPs, Commission Pres. nominated by governments & endorsed by MEPs & European Council by governments
"EU should bring the Western Balkans into refugee relocation scheme" European Council on Foreign Relations via
European Working Group on Egypt open letter ahead of parliamentary elections - European Council on Foreign Relations
James Kennedy, RPP, "The US Congress and European Council encourage engineering simulation for in silico clinical trials"
Egyptian Revolutionary Council sends letter to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council
DTN Egypt: Sisi to meet with European Council president Saturday in Cairo: Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-S...
Council of the European Union: Solidarity Agreement - Refugees Welcome - Sign the Petition! via
European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture Endorsed by Council of Europe
European Council: Press remarks by President Tusk following the meeting w/ President Al-Sisi of - Council
Egypt's President Sisi and President of the European Council Donald Tusk hold a press conference .
Oops. Belgium accidentally publishes floor-plans for top-security buildings - including new European Council home.
European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe:.
The crisis we are all witnessing is a test of our humanity and responsibility writes
The sent an invitation letter to the Informal meeting on 23 September
Invitation letter by Donald to the members of
Council of the European Union: MAYOR BORIS JOHNSON PLEASE resign now via
🌍. The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said EU has not enough funds for the food supply of
| to meet with European Council president in Cairo Saturday
| to meet with European Council president in Saturday . .
The head of the European Council: the immigration crisis is a test for humanity
Petition demanding the EU stop immigration into Europe
One test on the next summit is how much has been shelled out to WFP ahead of meeting
pls consider signing & RTing Sandies petition TY EU needs to stop the flow of refugees and im...
Caught up this morning w/ Southwark Council Leader to talk about air quality and European funding
Turkey, the Kurds and the fight against Islamic State | European Council on Foreign Relations vi…
Refugee crisis a test of our humanity & responsibility. Blame game must stop. Need to rebuild unity & solidarity
Tusk's invitation letter to EU leaders to emergency summit on - isn't the usual bureaucratic waffle:
Prime Minister David Cameron met President Anastasiades to discuss the Special European Council on the migration...
European churches and ecumenical organizations respond to refugee crisis — World Council of Churches
"Shifting the responsibility and putting the blame on one another must definitely come to an end."
Tusk: If Home Affairs Ministers can't agree on response to refugee crisis on Monday, I'll call snap European Council summit…
Papadimoulis slams European Council for ‘dragging its feet’.
Congratulations to former Macra President Alan Jagoe elected President of CEJA, the European Council of Young Farmers, on Tuesday in Milan
weeping at how the EU institutions have similar names:. - European Council. - Council of the European Union. I'm not joking…
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