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European Commission

The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union.

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Britain, EU start formal Brexit negotiations at European Commission in Brussels - reports
Britain, EU set to start historic Brexit talks at the European Commission in Brussels - reports
France, Germany, Netherlands and the European Union's executive European Commission held the same view
Governance with the people? - The European Commission’s White paper on governance is considered to be an import...
The European Commission Seeks to Endow Itself With the Power to Collect Information Directly... | by
European Commission considers allowing member states to opt out of GMO food and fe.. /gw
To sanctions a European country I believe European have to be part of the decision making
Joint statement by David Davis and the European Commission. - Joint statement by the Department for Exiting the...
European Commission opens antitrust investigation into Guess | by
Paper tigers?. Why regulators need to do more to foster innovation in .
European economic will be the victims of Russian sanctions. Because European don't make a better decision for Europe
tells to BRING IT: vows to fight penalty for refusing to accept '
E U offers ‘open arms’ for British return Hey Brits, be smart enough & tell them to kiss your azs...
Poland and Hungary are being sued by the EU for taking in no refugees
MIGRANT CRISIS: European Commission descends into infighting over failed refugee quotas
Flags outside the European Commission in Brussels are flying at half-mast in honour of former German Chancellor Hel…
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That still seems to be along the same lines as described i…
The European Monetary Union is the most damaging aspect of the EU…
Ditto. I was in Italy last week and it really hit home how much…
Potential of drone services market could go as high as €127bn depending on estimates
Sea Shepherd is pressuring the European Commission to end the Faroe Island marine mammal slaughter. Please sign:
petitions have been sent to the EU leaders already but they are silent of course
Start date announced for negotiations with European Commission - GOV.UK
European Commission Approves KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) for Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Classical Hod..…
(1) We need standards of fire safety in building regulations from the European Commission made enforceable in the UK.
Google faces record European Commission fine over antitrust breaches
The European Commission wants to pressurise Hungary to change its migration policy, but it won't happen - Minister János Lá…
What can Big Data do for you? according to the European Commission
The European Commission on Big Data - a short overview
The European Commission has launched an investigation into Qualcomm's proposed $47 billion acquisition of semiconductor rival NXP.
My Family and i dont want to leave the EU, Where as my rights as a European.
David Davis and Michel Barnier agreed today to launch Article 50 negotiations on 19 June
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France and the European Commission also urged the United States to coordinate with its partners on such matters.
📄Agenda for opening UK-EU negotiations on withdrawal of UK from EU: Mon 19 June. 🇬🇧🇪🇺
If they had even a smidgen of commitment to the national interest they would be seeking to extend Article 50
In this case European Commission structural debt estimates should be questioned too (they are based on NAIRU...)
European Commission’s draft law would cut acrylamide limits.
responds to the European Commission public consultation on
The response of the European Supervisory Authorities to the Commission Consultation. 🇪🇺.
Poland tells EU to bring it: Warsaw vows to fight penalty for refusing to accept refugees
There is a storm in contemporary pressures - as well as the European Commission's primary presidential campaign.
Had a good bilateral meeting with Marcos Sefcovik VP European Commission for Energy Union and discussed successful ongo…
VP @ underlined important role of Romanian Energy Centre in the Full speech
European Commission Published on Jun 1, 2017 Participation of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European...
To create a ESC young people want and deserve, we urge the European Commission to uphold its promises!
European Commission leader blasts Trump on climate plans (from
The renewed agenda for adopted by identifies 4⃣ key goals for European cooperation. 👉 h…
License 4 for in the EU granted 2 by Fab news. Now let's tackle reimbursement https:…
Today : The European Commission and Italy have reached a prelimina…
if you want clean planet start with an european energy programm ! And hydrogen to stock it. NOW!. And ban coal !
Sending my gratitude to the world leaders that are in the European Commission (and all the…
The European Commission is just another terrorist organizations controlled by the global El…
Summary of EU Commission's consultation on EU economy:62% in favor of removing data localisation within the EU
kicking off with presentation from Jose Jimenez Mingo from the European Commission
"Simpler rules, more support" for fruit and veg producer organisations, says European Commission…
Trump is like a honey badger. Trump doesn't care. Trump doesn’t understand how Paris Agreement works via
Tonight the Prime Minister met European Commission President Read more about their meeting:
Looking forward to Trump's response to Juncker, "So I can't get out of that deal, huh? Watch me!" 🤣🤣🤣
Does Trump understand the Paris accord? via
dcexaminer European Commission: Trump "can't just leave" climate deal European Commissio…
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Our view on European Commission and EMA guidance on Brexit.
European Commission thinks Germany's CA surplus is too big & problem is insufficient domestic spending…
Yes. He can. European Commission: Trump 'can't just leave' climate deal via
Good news for SMA community as European Commission approves Spinraza. We’ll keep working for access for patients
European ministers to call for more integration to tackle Brexit and Russia
European Commission looks to strengthen eurozone
You are the European "VMRO" party,. Same thing is our VMRO and British and Obama end EU commission
European Commission leader blasts Trump on climate plans
The European Commission won’t be lobbying Donald Trump on climate change
Noonan-rigorous obedience to the demands of the European Central Bank and the European Commission.
European Commission simplifies rules for public investment in ports, airports, culture and…
National governments have outsourced Brexit to the European Commission - via
Write to us - European Union website, the official EU website - European Commission
Learn more about work-based learning in Europe from the European Commission report at: .
David Davis on the European Commission 'trying to bully' Britain
Little Giant Ladders
"The UK economy will grow faster than expected this year, the European Commission has a…
The European Court of Justice has given the European Commission more power to negotiate a deal with the U.K.…
European Commission: Allow all white South Africans the right to return to Europe
Ouch! European Commission president : "I’ll speak in French, because English is slowly losing importance in Europe" htt…
Islamization of Europe. It's been planned for a long time. Jean Monnet, President European Commission, in 1952.…
UK PM Theresa May says she will be a "bloody difficult woman" towards European Commission president in Brexit talks https:…
I would ask that question of the weasels over in the European commission not . May
European Commission are presenting proposal for renewed partnership with African, Caribbean &;Pacific countries aft…
My diplomatic offensive to -harnessing the benefits for our European producers via
European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Speech by Michel Barnier at the 7th… -
Theresa May has taken a swipe at European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker over his claim the English language is losing importance…
European Council president urges "goodwill" but David Davis accuses European Commission of bullying.
LEADING Brexiteer Daniel Hannan has scolded the President of the European Commission after details of his meetin...
When Brexit negotiations do begin, minutes will be taken and published on the European Commission's website. For us all t…
Excellent the EU are guaranteeing the UK a free trade deal after Rare common sense from European Commission htt…
This is very good news. A rare outbreak of common sense from the European Commission.
Yes it is. Strange that the rEU and the European Commission so…
European Commission : CORDIS : News and Events : Where the individual’s data security and l…
Speakers from European Commission, Lloyd’s of London, Maersk Line, Zurich Insurance Services to Present at June… https:/…
European Commission buries science on bees. Great article by
European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso expressed unease[3] with the prospect of a second Dutch constitution referendum.
£11bn Sky takeover bid green lit by European Commission, but Ofcom still reviewing:
What did EPALE say about digital learning in March? Adult educators: carpe diem! - European Commission
Black Forest Gateau joined the Cornish Pastie in protected status by European Commission
European Commission backs €75 million loan for in Swedish office buildings >>
European Commission honours Malmö and Brussels as leaders in sustainable mobility
EMIR Exemptions for Central Banks in Six Countries: The European Commission published a report on the international…
Well, the European Commission is the EU's civil service and its executive arm, the only body that can propose legislation. So...
Open message to the European Commission concerning the Human Brain Project
The ‘Yellow Card’ which was issued to the Solomon Islands by the European Commission in December 2014 for not... https…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
21st Century Fox has formally notified the European Commission of its £11.7bn bid to seize full control of Sky.
European Commission considers that Inland Revenue sanctions for overseas assets are disproporti…
European Commission sends "final warning" to UK for failing to address repeated breaches of legal air pollution limits in…
Juncker, President of the European Commission, shares his pessimism about the future of the EU (in French).
Jean-Claude Juncker says he won’t seek second term as European Commission president
European Union project approved and granted by European Commission in the form of an ERASMUS+
Paul Kaye from the European Commission speaking to 14 CSC schools and over 70 pupils about the importance of learni…
Opening the 1 technical advisory board for with local&national authorities European Commission -... https:/…
Martina Anderson has requested European Commission to consider state aid investigation into use of RHI & the generation of 'non-usable' heat
Register to hear former VP of the European Commission of Human Rights explain impact of February 16
13th high-level meeting between the European Commission and the International Labour Organization…
Principles for negotiations with the European Commission for leaving the EU - Petitions.
.slams European Commission for ignoring advice on European Services e-card proposals
European Commission's much-hyped Clean Energy package fails to ‘come clean’ on the dark truth behind bioenergy
Patrick Stewart & Co NAIL IT in this Monty Python-like spoof re European Commission on Human Rights. ENJOY!
Apple tax case: European Commission interfering with the EU member's national sovereignty over tax affairs
Apple plans to appeal this week against the European Commission's ruling that it repay up to €13bn (£11bn) to Ir...
The European Galileo satellite navigation system started to work. Read more:
The ECB missed an opportunity to jump start growth in Europe. Read more:
ESMA proposes rule changes to data trade repositories report. Read more:
ECB sees no need to enhance measures to fight asset bubbles. Read more:
ECB names Bank of Finland's Hakkarainen to Supervisory Board. Read more:
Grants Marketing Authorisation for Zebinix® (eslicarbazepine acetate) for t... Read more:
Apple formally challenges the EU's tax demands - Apple is about to fight the European Commission's claims that ...
: Ireland says EU exceeded powers in Apple case Dublin has accused the European Commission of overstepp…
A bad Xmas present: new EDC criteria proposed by European Commission should be rejected via
Commission as Union negotiator but acting under systematic control of the European Council. EP on sidelines
'exceeded its powers' over Ireland... via telegraph
From software patents to Apple's tax case, the European Commission has been a premier source of fake news
Which countries have a real chance of joining the EU? And which should lose hope?
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Ireland accuses EU of exceeding power in Apple tax case - Ireland accused the European Commission on Monday of ...
The third part of my look at the EU, the EU Commission.
Ireland claims EU breaching sovereignty in Apple tax ruling - Ireland claims the European Commission "has excee...
European Commission 'exceeded its powers' over tax ruling
Kiev asks European Commission to send monitors to its gas stations
startupnewsUK. European Commission 'exceeded its powers' over Ireland - Telegraph
European Commission approves Imbruvica for first-line treatment of CLL
Closing statement by Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, on Situation of the rule of law …
The best of our European Commission approved Project MOUSSE for an Council Consolidator Grant 2016 https:…
European Commission 'exceeded its powers' over…
European Commission 'exceeded its powers' over Ireland Apple tax ruling
European Commission Grants Marketing Authorisation for Zebinix® (eslicarbazepine acetate) for the Treatment of...
European Commission takes Bulgaria to court over failure to protect birds in Rila National Park. Too many bears...
European Commission now tries to take Britain to COURT... and six other European nations
Public consultation on strengthening EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) - European Commission -
European Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker considers it necessary to maintain sanctions against
Opening of the DIGITEC2016 by Gertrud Ingestad, DG of the DG for Informatics for the European Commission
European Commission gives conditional backing to Hapag-Lloyd, UASC
Interesting recording of European Commission conference on machine translation w/ keynote by
European Commission takes first step towards assessing fintech risks, puts topic on agenda for 2017 via
European Web Site on Integration - European Commission. Lots of examples of good practice from different countries
🇬🇧 . EXPOSED: European Commission spends BILLIONS of British aid on hotels and pro-EU TV series
European Commission delays PRIIPs implementation by a year - .
proposes paying member countries EUR 10K for every they take
The Bank of England and the European Commission offered a gloomy outlook for U.K. business spending over the next year.
European Commission UK macro forecast. GDP growth slows to 1.0% in 2017, 1.2% in 2018. Unemployment rate rises to 5.2% in…
Statement from European Commission contradicts DUP & airport claim it blocked United Airlines subsidy; says it "did not tak…
Turkey: EU report is 'far from objective' via
and European Commission launch new pan-European ‘Fund(s) of Funds’ programme to boost market…
'ITALY MUST OBEY', Luxembourg's Jean-Claude JUNCKER THREATENS ITALIAN PM as he Scrambles to hold FAILING EU ,...
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1st report of Commission HLEG on European calls for immediate action on &
Public consultation: have your say on Horizon 2020 - News Alert - Research & Innovation - European Commission
No visa liberalization for just yet, EU Commission annual report
‘Italy must obey’ Juncker threatens Italian PM as he scrambles to hold failing EU together
European Economic Growth to Continue at a Moderate Pace, Inflation to Pick-Up: European Commission report…
what is aim of European commission on the security of Ethiopia ?
The European Commission said Europe is ready to accept American refugees as a result of Donald Trump election.
European Commission accuses Turkey of serious backsliding in human rights and the rule of law since a failed coup o…
Now on I listen to Carl Icahn supporting Trump & accusing for its env regulations. European equivalent?…
European Commission slashes UK 2017 growth forecast in half due to Brexit - The Independent
In front of the European Commission in Brussels this morning
PRIIPs Newsflash: European Commission announces 12 month delay to the PRIIPs Regulation
The latest European Commission (EC) economic forecasts points to continued growth in Europe but with downside risks.
To be or not to be a European Commissioner nod from the commission president? *** that's not democratic,is it?).
Hard nut to crack – between openness and trade defence | European Commission
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What was stated in European Commission’s Report on BiH?
Skating on Thin Ice: The European Commission challenges the governance rules of an internatio… via
EUROPEAN. COMMISSION The Seventh report on relocation and resettlement
Thanks to MEPs for a constructive discussion on how to build a safe & competitive financial sector:
European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Key findings of the 2016 Report on Albania
Full speech by at today available here:
2- We shared our press release about the Regular Progress Report of the European Commission with the international…
Here is a European citizen's idea: start listening to the European peoples.
And so it begins | European Council and Commission asked Donald Trump to come to Europe for an EU-U.S. summit at his "earliest convenience."
Dear european commission... if you are aimingg for a then you really should accept to the
Turkey progress report: European Commission addresses concerns, but fails to ask for a halt in…
European Commission Report 2016 also incentivizes on credible implementation of 2/2
European Commission Report clearly acknowledges steady progress on all 5 key priorities for the opening of ac…
Today the has announced a 12 month delay to the Regulation
Hungary threatens to SUE the EU over migrant quotas as Italy vows to cut funding if it fails to take in refugees https:/…
The European Commission has boosted LIFE funding by €223m for projects.
New post (European Commission publishes Serbia progress report) has been published on Cyprus Green Eco...
The European Commission defines the for various industries. Find out more:
Almost €120 million in for 28 new projects. Find out more
The Ocean Energy Forum Strategic Roadmap has been delivered to the European Commission on 08 November 2016.
European Commission sets up new High Level Expert Group on and calls for members:
European Commission paralysed over data flows in trade deal –
European Banking Authority Responds to Commission Call for Advice on Large Exposure... | by
The European Travel Commission is holding an event this week in Barbican Centre, London, to launch the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year.
Fish farms and the sustainable food fight | Horizon Magazine - European Commission
If Pakistani courts are not taking action against Nawaz Sharif then can we ask the Justice from European Court of J…
Why has the European Commission classified it as a food dye per (EU) 2015/1415? Does Tassal use petroleum derived astaxanthin?
So Oettinger (privileged arrogance proudly racist)as VP European Commission & Trump (simpleton, Putin wannabe)as President of US?
Hungary threatens to SUE EU over migrant quotas as Italy promises funding cuts
Great fun hosting the European Olympic Committee Athlete Commission in London tonight with
- Larcerda: concept started in 2007. Summitted to European Commission three times and was rejected. Early 2015…
European Commission - a trade deal that sets a new standard for global trade
Economist who advised European Commission switches allegiance to Leave
The Digital Single Market is a priority for the European Commission, but national interests are taking precedence.
Oettinger racist gaffe growing into a huge PR disaster for the European Commission:
The European Commission publishes proposals on the common corporate tax base directiv... Read Blog:
Wallonia 'doesn't want Europe of multinationals'; told there would be 'consequences'
The European Commission’s proposals on the modernisation of EU copyright rules
.want your views on the European Commission’s draft proposals to modernise European framework
EU trade deals give Europeans more and more opportunities| European Commission
Inflation Wobble in Bond Markets is Loosening the ECB's QE Straitjacket. Read more:
Thank you for all your great support during my 7 years of service at the European Commission!
It is rare but today the European Commission brought out a statement on the arrests in
Sun and Mail named in Council of Europe report claiming tabloids push 'hate speech'.
José Manuel Barroso cleared of ethics breach over Goldman Sachs job
The European Commission turns a blind eye to record German external surpluses:
Statement of Commsr Hahn on today's raid against newspaper .
The EU is a dictatorship anyone challenging the EU will be bullied, punished & threatened
A privilege to meet members of the European Athlete's Commission tonight & great to catch up with fellow At…
Have YOUR say on the life of animals in EU zoos! . The European Commission are carrying out a public consultation... ht…
EU boss Juncker in row after 'threats' to tiny Belgian region over Canada trade deal
Erasmus Mundus results of survey involving more than 8000 grantees have just been published - European Commission
"Blockchain solutions to help United Nations and European Commission with refugee problems"
not according to the president of the European Commission
European Commission could reject Italy's budget plans in shock and unprecedented move
28 European academics ask the European Commission to do a bit of a cleanup!
European Commission negotiator Michel Barnier to visit Dublin on Wednesday:
What does the European Commission do? Meet the unelected bureaucrats making YOUR laws
Our Keynote Speaker Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, Past President of the European Commission, has opened our afternoon…
Neelie Kroes in the Bahamas leaks,José Manuel Barroso's job at Goldman Sachs is causing the European Commission reputational damage
Live coverage as European Commission's Jean-Claude Juncker makes "State of the Union" speech https…
European Commission chief Juncker calls for better EU defence cooperation via
well... UK doesn't get a say anymore in European matters
EU's Juncker to urge 'unity' after Brexit: President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junck...
On August 30, the European Commission issued a blockbuster ruling that required Ireland to recoup, with interest,...
EU's Juncker to urge 'unity' after Brexit: European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker will ...
Juncker's call for EU unity after Brexit vote: The president of the European Commission is going to...
As we prepare for the state of the union, this made me laugh! via
Barroso hits back at Brussels over inquiry into Goldman Sachs role
: EU-approved emojis: Express Euro-self! . The European Commission will on Wednesday unveil new rules for…
I wonder what the mechanism will be for taking such an army to war? Decided by European Commission?
The Commison recommends all EU Member States to introduce Freedom of Panorama but doesn't include it in its proposal
EU facing an existential threat in the wake of Brexit, Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president warns
Hilarious & tragic piece from - Confessions of a presidential speechwriter via
Authoritarian European Commission created Brexit and could destroy the union, eastern states warn:
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With West vs East & North vs South the European Union is an oxymoron. One size does not fit all
European Parliament: Press release - MEPs to debate EU Commission verdict on Ireland’s tax deal with Apple
In an attempt to modernize copyright laws, the European Commission forgets... Read Blog:
Obama and the US Treasury owe the European Commission a debt of gratitude.
How can possibly say that a formal legal ruling of the European Commission has "no basis in law or fact" ...
Apple 'welcome' in the UK says Downing Street as experts eye potential of European Commission ruling
Apple CEO lashes out at European Commission after ordered to pay $14.5B $AAPL
European Commission will demand Apple pay $1.12 billion in back taxes - Market Watch
On has taken a first look at the EU copyright reform plans (& what he found is not pretty) https:…
More travel tracking: Commission to propose European System for Travel Authorisation And see http…
(8/29/2016) The European Commission is expected to demand more than 1 billion euros in back taxes from Apple, Inc. (AAPL).
$ALXN European Commission Grants Orphan Drug Designation to ALXN1007 for the Treatment of Patients with Gr... -
The European Commission will rule against Ireland and its tax arrangements with Apple.
EU to hand Apple Irish tax bill of over $1.1 billion, source says: DUBLIN (Reuters) - The European Commission...
European Commission to reportedly rule against sweetheart deal with
It's time for the European Commission to halt discriminatory actions against U.S. companies: htt…
The European Commission decision is expected to say Ireland provided the iPhone maker with illegal aid through a sweetheart deal
Five Days left to vote for Europe's top digital innovators - Digital Single Market - European Commission
JUST IN: EU to rule against Ireland's tax dealings w/ Apple, recommend it pay back in excess of €1B - Reuters
European Commission will demand Apple pay €1 billion in back taxes: report (
US has fined tens of $bn to EU companies, but now EU gonna hit back,.Let wait and see.
European Commission says 'ball still rolling' on trade deal with U.S. af.. Related Articles:
It is the European Commission's fault. EC has been diabolical and appalling
Digital Tech News: Apple to Face Billions in Irish Tax Case Arrears: The European Commission decision is expe...
European Commission lecturing us about building more houses when it's a crisis caused by EU open borders is a total insul…
European ruling to cost Apple over 1 billion euros, sources say
European Commission to reportedly rule against Apple’s sweetheart tax deal with Ireland …
D. Barroso, Ex prime-minister, ex- President of the European Commission, work now at Goldman Sachs, marxist from my country
The President of the European Commission made it to the plenary, the Austrian foreign minister.not so much
European Commission - Statement. Joint Statement by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Donald...
European Commission briefs Irish media on outcome of state aid case ahead of decision expected late next week
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker just asked Nigel Farage why he's at the European Parliament...
European Commission proposes visa-free travel for citizens of Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo
European Commission and ordinary citizens: Take note!
As EU-US becomes operational today, European Commission publishes guide to citizens
NuclearDaily: NNSA and the European Commission advance global nuclear nonproliferation goals at…
Can the European Commission save the Ortolan Bunting? - Bird Watch: Bird WatchCan the Euro...
That's a headline we like to read. | European Commission approves new investment in cybersecurity:
Hacker News - European Commission approves new investment in cybersecurity
European Commission approves new investment in cybersecurity.
A good reason to stay in? - European Commission approves new investment in
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