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European Arrest Warrant

The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is an arrest warrant valid throughout all member states of the European Union (EU).

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We need to scrap the European Arrest Warrant as well!!!
Revealed: New 'fast track surrender scheme' to replace the European Arrest Warrant after Brexit
Staying in the European Arrest Warrant would be an offence against our ancient liberties via
Armed officers raid Irishman’s room on foot of European Arrest Warrant
..the European Arrest Warrant exists doesn't mean than any UK citizen alleged to have broken the law…
European Arrest Warrant provides valuable tool in helping keep us all safe but it's existence in its…
Totally unfair. Sophie Grey should be released on bail. European Arrest Warrant exists to deal with absconders.
EU Cmttee identifies unacceptable risk to the UK if the European Arrest Warrant is not replaced post-
'The European Arrest Warrant is at odds with our ancient liberties’, writes Philip Johnston in the Telegraph.
Henry voted Ex there are a few European Schools wanting to ask what he was doing in the bushes in t…
"UK will find it almost impossible to negotiate as good an agreement as the European Arrest Warrant"…
Interesting to see all the Brexit terrorist huggers whinging about the European Arrest Warrant.
EU Law : Human Rights and the European Arrest Warrant: Has the ECJ turned from poacher to gamekeeper?
"Government plans to limit the European Arrest Warrant are a threat to Britain's national security." .
“Hundreds of Britain’s most-wanted fugitives have been brought back to face justice using the European Arrest Warrant..." -
Should we automatically extradite British citizens to face trial in countries with very different legal standards? https…
A government without a clue continues to find ways to destroy the UK simply to keep supporters happy.
If hardline Tory MPs get their way, London will become the new 'Costa Del Crime' after
And one more as D Davis says UK will withdraw from European Arrest Warrant which will make crime fighting harder https:/…
Kate Hoey//Michael Hayes should be returned to England for questioning .Let's see how well the European Arrest Warrant works Justice4the21
Assange's European Arrest Warrant was reviewed in public all the way up to the UK sup…
Without the European Arrest Warrant we would be back in the dark ages on extradition. Nothing is impossible but it all takes time.
We must press ahead with and repealing the European Arrest Warrant is the next step... 🇬🇧
European Arrest Warrants Statistics 2010-2015 what do they say?
Brexit means leaving the European Arrest Warrant -
Are the benefits of European Arrest Warrant outweighed by disadvantaged
Going to tomorrow for a event. Will be interesting to listen to Woolfe and Mogg speaking.
Two rarely mentionend points for Brexit deal. 1) Take back control of British territorial waters. 2) Leave the European Arrest Warrant.
Azerbaijan has announced an international arrest warrant for European Parliament members (EP) Frank Engel...
Alexander Adamescu's business sued the Romanian govt. Their response was a European Arrest Warrant. Read more at…
the EU has been misusing funds for years. Still time to use a European arrest warrant before we leave
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(2/2) I heard no Remain defend the European Arrest Warrant during referendum or even today
Alexander Adamescu faces extradition from the UK to Romania under the European Arrest Warrant. Read his story at:…
.nephew has started a European tour, but has been ordered to end his travels to face court.
Excellent that Lord Stevens raises issue of European Arrest Warrant. urgently needs to leave & renegotiate our
Azerbaijan issues international arrest warrant against 3 Members of European Parliament from
Decision on the application to impose provisional detention pending surrender. European arrest warrant
Andrew Symeou:. born memoirist and . The European Arrest Warrant and . Fight for Justice from .
Briton Arrested Over Deutsche Telekom Hacking: The 29-year-old, who was subject to a European arrest warrant, was …
Germany's federal police say a 29-year-old Briton has been arrested on a European arrest warrant on suspicion of a…
announced international arrest warrant for MPs & FrankEngel. Ridiculous!.
Horrendous true story of so called justice in Europe and the notorious European Arrest Warrant
Now you are being silly Was the speed of the European Arrest warrant & his quick return to the UK important here.
Join us at our lobby evening with speakers calling for withdrawal from the European Arrest Warrant. Tuesday 18:30
One of the failed London bombers was returned under the European arrest warrant. Brexit extremists want us to withd…
Why did she go to Portugal in the first place. She must have known there was European Arrest Warrant issued for her.
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Yes we can, and do. European arrest warrant. You're talking about not deporting due to human rights? Different thing.
We call on the gov to withdraw from the European Arrest Warrant,come & hear & speak:
Firtash held on European arrest warrant issued by Spain mins after Austrian court grants US extradition. https:…
Post-Brexit: Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant - Conservatives for Liberty
Alexander Adamescu is a victim of the European Arrest Warrant. Come and hear his story:
.Do you really believe the European Arrest Warrant doesn't involve "control of our criminal law". You clearly live in a bubble
Good morning from D unit with you for the day shift. Urgent actions to complete on a European Arrest Warrant first then .
Busy night. Lots of proactive work going on. 1 male arrested on a European arrest warrant and pursuit in Kitts Green, car stopped safely
A stop check at 4am found us with a male wanted on a European Arrest Warrant for offences dating back to 2007! 🐾
European arrest warrant issued in connection to waste scandal - Attorney General...
Hopefully there will be a European Arrest Warrant out for Abraham Christie aka soon.
Yes, that and the terrible European arrest warrant, two of many reasons im voting to leave
eg if you threaten someone for example, European Arrest Warrant is possible, i think. never yet been done tough AFAIK
you probably mean the European Arrest Warrant. European Human Rights has nothing to do with EU, separate org.
When they talk about criminals Vote Leave deliberately fails to mention the benefits we get from the European Arrest Warra…
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Dramatic pictures show Djamal Eddine Ouali, 40, on his knees after being detained under a European arrest warrant in the southern Italian
Erdogan is threatening legal action against anyone insulting him. If Turkey joins the EU he will be able to use the European Arrest Warrant.
Belgium to extradite Paris suspect to France/agreed to be transferred to France under a European arrest warrant
The advantages of European Arrest Warrant. One reason the be
The European Arrest Warrant is an abuse of Habeas Corpus by allowing British citizens to be imprisoned for years abroad without trial.
Quick 'extradition' of Salah Abdeslam is a European Arrest Warrant. Faster, simpler & judicial as opposed to political
No such thing as 'extradition' in EU, it's a European Arrest Warrant. Quicker, simpler, from judge to judge (no gvt involved)
EU keeps us safe: The European Arrest Warrant has reduced time taken to get criminals extradited to face justice
The French Justice Ministry says a new European arrest warrant has been issued against Salah Abdeslam to speed extradition
- Salah Abdeslam, seen here in a wanted poster, will approve of a European arrest warrant, which would…
No.84 Criminals who convict offences in Britain can be returned once fleeing abroad thanks to the European Arrest warrant
Geoffrey Robertson QC nails it: the European Arrest Warrant issued by Swedish prosecutor was unlawful in first place
She talked oh-so-tough at party conference then she signed up to the European Arrest Warrant. She signed away habeus corpus
.Only so they rescind the European Arrest Warrant for that "Italian Job"
yes, get that European arrest warrant sorted, that'll show him.
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.mentions the invaluable use of the European Arrest Warrant. Arguably the best thing to come from the EU
.and, of course businesses aren't subject to European arrest warrant, rape by migrants etc...
Theresa May says Interpol notices and European Arrest Warrant are in place for suspects Lugovoi and Kovtun
of course the REAL story is bar European Arrest Warrant none are affected if we continue to participate in the Single Market
Breaking: A Romanian man has been detained following the execution of a European Arrest Warrant issued at the request of the CPS
European arrest warrant is not available in contempt cases, says UK court (via
such as European Health Card, Dialyses Holidays, Health and Safety, European arrest Warrant
Try working time directive & European arrest warrant for eg.s of EU supremacy over uk law
Polish male stopped for no insurance and no licence. Male wanted by Polish police on an European Arrest Warrant.
OPINION. European arrest warrant revisited. 18 January 2016 By Jonathan Goldsmith. A new project aims to look at...
What wouldn't we have the ballistic missile European Arrest Warrant? ...So the membership cost. Oh.
An interesting article about our project with on EAW-Rights:
6 key facts through my letterbox from the 'Stronger In' (Europe) campaign. All sourced except the 1 re European Arrest Warrant. Funny that.
European Arrest Warrant won't come close to countering the inward flood of foreign criminals, nor deal with those already here.
They outlawed a key point of the magna carta last year when they passed the European Arrest Warrant. Par for the course.
€3 Billion, and they want more, and if they join the EU, they use the EU Arrest Warrant and abuse you in Turkey. ht…
not available in cases, says UK court
8 in Merthyr custody suite arrestes for Section 18 assault, European arrest warrant and Disclosing sexual photos on a public site
European Arrest Warrant!. No evidence required. No right of appeal. No Trial by Jury. Innocent until proven guilty does not apply. .
But EU policies -- we need the European Arrest Warrant causing great injustices
John Edward counters points on justice with figures on suspects returned to the UK under the European Arrest Warrant
argues European Arrest Warrant should be a concern for all lawyers standing for human rights
Adult male arrested on European arrest warrant for offences in Hungary. Legal proceedings in London now re deportation.
Officers have arrested a male wanted on a European Arrest Warrant. Male wanted in Romania for a £500,000 fraud.
Ross Atkins Arrested of European Arrest Warrant and sentenced to 3 years in. prison.
May signed us up to European Investigation Order & Arrest Warrant. She's likelier to be angling for Foreign Sec than Out campaign leader.
Man arrested under a European Arrest Warrant after a stop in Smethwick. It may be foggy but there's no pulling the wool over our eyes.
Yet the HRA allows the European Arrest Warrant where you can be deported with no prima facie evidence presented.
Teresa May voted the European Arrest Warrant into permanent existence. She doesn't have a good anti EU record. Prefer Boris
Matthew is this not outright contempt? Could tipstaf not get a European arrest warrant?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
We have been visited again by who were extraditing a man to Romania wanted for Robbery under a European Arrest Warrant
Busy with search training and an a European Arrest Warrant
Authorities are gutless when it comes to Muslims, yet they'll sign us up to European arrest warrant!
Ask British citizen Andrew Symeou about how wonderful the European Arrest Warrant is, Damian Green.
this nonsense happened last year when govt tried to get European Arrest Warrant vote through the Commons with weird tactics.
Leave the spiderweb of the European Arrest Warrant and cut down on crime with criminals skipping over the borders...
After GE the Unit will be used to investigate corruption in NAMA. European Arrest Warrant will be served in Malta
A European arrest warrant has been...
Yesterday we assisted & extradite suspects to Romania under European Arrest Warrant 3106SO
Including the European Arrest Warrant that comes as part of it?
doctor from castlerea prison now in custody in clover hill prison in foot of a European arrest warrant. hide my details.
can we not issue a European arrest warrant for these Spanish *** That would be funny!
The EAW is The European Arrest Warrant, which I thought you were talking about & you thought was great. Get it now?
European Arrest Warrant - gross miscarriage of justice in itself - Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP)
The European Union Times - World News, Breaking News 1 Share An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show why all top US officials failed to join their counterparts in Paris yesterday who marched in solidarity against the Charlie Hebdo Massacre as it reveals a top French police commissioner was “suicided” within hours of his attempting to obtain a European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and other as yet unnamed American leaders. According to this report, French police Commissioner Helric Fredou [Photo top right] was tasked immediately after the 7 January Charlie Hebdo Massacre with the examination of documents contained in a small backpack found in the getaway car used by the killers Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and which contained the driver’s license/identity card of Saïd. Also discovered by Police Commissioner Fredou in this small backpack, SVR analyst in this report say, were a number of “cryptic documents” and te ...
Proportionality and the European Arrest Warrant: For many years one of the most frequent c... via
European Arrest Warrant issued for Timmy Donovan also known as Timmy O’Sullivan for murder of PC Neil DOYLE
European Arrest Warrant issued following officer murder: Man believed to be in Spain wante...
European Arrest Warrant issued for Scouser wanted over murder of policeman
European Arrest Warrant issued for man wanted over murder of off-duty police officer on a night out -
Cross-border extradition powers would have been lost if the European Arrest Warrant was not restored, says Justice Minister David Ford.
Home Secretary Theresa May says she was left "battered and bruised" after denying MPs a vote on the European Arrest Warrant.
Interesting - Cam now too weak to sack European Arrest Warrant rebel Peter Lilley
Tories support Labour motion on the European Arrest Warrant, handing more UK powers away. Passed by 421 votes to 29
European Arrest Warrant: Speaker John Bercow attacks handling of vote MPs losing credibility with the electorate
Dan Hodges takes a closer look at the European Arrest Warrant fiasco & finds one man responsible - John Bercow
BBC News - European Arrest Warrant: Theresa May to argue 'loudly' in Commons debate
John Bercow - "There was not a vote on European Arrest Warrant" (yesterday) - therefore there needs to be a separate v…
UKIP members gathered outside Parliament today ready to lobby MPs over the vote tonight on the European Arrest Warrant. The vote is expected to be a huge embarrassment for the government as a large number of Tory backbenchers are set to rebel against the whips. Leader Nigel Farage joined fellow Sout…
Parliamentary debate on the European Arrest Warrant, 10 Nov 2014 and Julian Assange
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For legal background on issues re European Arrest Warrant: Or same + effects on http:…
John Bercow: "There is not today to be a specific vote on the European Arrest Warrant."
Writing in the Telegraph, Theresa May calls for MPs to back plans to opt back in to the European Arrest Warrant. http:…
Fair Trials International: The European Arrest Warrant: via Raise the case of Julian in…
"Judges say we need the European Arrest Warrant". That shows poor judgement. What we need is proper border controls.
So many Tories would rather Britain be a safe haven for criminals than rejoin the European Arrest Warrant…
Senior judges urge MPs to support European Arrest Warrant so UK does not become "safe haven" for criminals
Letter I signed saying European Arrest Warrant essential if UK is not to be safe haven for foreign crooks published
Sick More concerned about Party than Country > As many as 100 Tory MPs could rebel in vote for rejoining EAW
Dozens of senior lawyers and judges warn that the UK will be more at risk from foreign criminals unless the Government opts back into the controversial European Arrest Warrant despite opposition from Tory MPs
Wannabee Tory rebels thinking of voting against the European Arrest Warrant.. take the week off:
Coverage of today's letter in on European Arrest Warrant signed by some of CELS' members
CELS' members sign letter appearing in today's Telegraph on need to opt back into the European Arrest Warrant:
MPs urged to back readoption of European arrest warrant via
Phillips, Schiemann, Edward, Jacobs and others: "There is no credible alternative to the European arrest warrant"
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The European Arrest Warrant is essential to maintain lawfullness in the UK
Tory backbenchers claim too many Brits are sent for trial to other EU countries under the European Arrest Warrant...
The UK risks becoming a 'safe haven' for foreign criminals if it votes to opt out of the European Arrest Warrant... http:/…
“.See ACPO President talking about European arrest warrant on
Visited this place recently, not long before the disgraceful Ashya King episode. European Arrest Warrant = Rendition
Rees-Mogg Q at PMQs yesterday a harbinger of trouble ahead on opting back in to European Arrest Warrant
The heavy-handed, authoritarian pursuit of Ashya King's family was facilitated by the awful European Arrest Warrant. http…
CPS in process of withdrawing European Arrest Warrant against Ashya King's parents, High Court in London hears
Tory right wingers clash with Theresa May over European Arrest Warrant | via
You'd think the newly converted 'Eurosceptic' MPs could at least turn up to debate EU's awful European Arrest Warrant ht…
Ahead of Thursday's debate on the Justice and Home Affairs opt-outs, read our briefing on the European Arrest Warrant
Theresa May plans to opt BACK into the European Arrest Warrant which wrecked the life of this young man? Disgraceful. htt…
Sunday Telegraph readers share their views on the European Arrest Warrant, the RSPCA and Ed Miliband.
Theresa May denies plans to amend the European Arrest Warrant are "running into the sand".
erosion of English Common Law in favour of presumption-of-guilt Napoleonic system as seen in the European Arrest Warrant
Roger Helmer does vote. For things like not having human rights protections on the European Arrest Warrant.
MEPs say, and cases show that even the internal "European Arrest Warrant" system is abused.
If it wasnt for the open borders policy of the EU, the European arrest warrant might not be so used.
Mr. Clegg believes the European arrest warrant is a good thing and anyone who thiks different is a fantasist. Read .
European arrest warrant executed on male convicted for drugs offences, wanted since 2007. No place to hide
After Nick and Nigels attempts to explain the European Arrest Warrant, you should try our video
Great to see Polish officers assisting officers at the roadside to identify a man wanted on a European arrest warrant
- victim of the European Arrest warrant (EAW). Wonder if will call him being wrongly sent to GR jail "fantasy"
Why do the Liberals think we need the European Arrest Warrant? Have they not heard of extradition?
“My case was anything but a fantasy, I was an innocent man in *** for no reason because of the European Arrest Warrant.” - Andrew Symeou
Clegg used figures to justify the effectiveness of European arrest warrant. Wonder how many are foreign criminals wanted in UK
BBC report on European Arrest Warrant also featured our clients Andrew Symeou and Deborah Dark
Just posting this to counter preposterous *** about how brilliant the European Arrest Warrant is:
Er how has Stephen Lawrence been brought into european arrest warrant and human right's act conversation? Jesus wept.
Farage right to raise case of Andrew Symeou whose life was made *** for 4 years by European Arrest Warrant
How did we ever manage before the European Arrest Warrant? FFS
I'm shocked Nick Clegg is praising the European Arrest Warrant. He's met family of Andrew Symeou
Criminals behind bars thanks to Europe Thanks to the European Arrest Warrant, British criminals can be brought back to Britain and plac
Clegg quoting some high profile cases where people brought to justice cos of European arrest warrant.
"We've had extradition treaties for over 800 years. The European Arrest Warrant is totally unnecessary."
European Arrest Warrant keeps our communities safe. UKIP would allow criminals to be harder to find.
'The European Arrest Warrant is completely unnecessary' - Nigel Farage. I think that says it all really,
1. Apparently Messrs Clegg and Farage are discussing Europe on TV and commenting on European Arrest Warrant -UK opted ou…
I want Clegg to say how he can protect Brit Citizens against the European Arrest Warrant whilst we are in the EU? Impossible!
Nick says it's wrong to claim we'd be safer if we left European Arrest Warrant and European Convention…
PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release. William Dartmouth MEP, the UK Independence Party’s (UKIP’s) lead candidate for the South West will be speaking in the City on Tuesday March 18th. William has been an MEP for the past four years representing the South West which stretches from Gloucestershire to Gibraltar. He is UKIP’s Spokesman on Trade in the European Parliament and has campaigned against the European Arrest Warrant, which allows British citizens to be arrested and deported without reference to a British Magistrates’ Court. William will be supported by Sarinder Joshua Duroch, a British-Indian author, speaking on multiculturalism. UKIP, Gloucester will also be introducing its Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. “We will be selecting her or him on Friday,” said Branch Chairman, Mike Smith, “We have a choice of three excellent applicants and Members will have a hard time deciding who is best for Gloucester”. The Branch will also be having its Gazebo in Kings Square during Tuesday with .. ...
ICYMI, this week the European Parliament backed our extradition reforms on the European Arrest Warrant
British Tory MPs are furious that the Home Secretary Theresa May has gone soft on the European Arrest Warrant. Among others also annoyed at her U-turn will be Julian Assange – one of the victims of...
Monday 9 December 2013 15:00 – 18:00 Title: Whatever happened to the European Arrest Warrant?  Speakers: Libby McVeigh, Fair Trials International; Helen Malcolm, QC; Anand Doobay, Consultant at Peters & Peters.  Chair: Professor John Spencer, Cambridge University   Description: The Home Secretary proposes opting out and then back to the EAW, but not the one we know. The Croatians don’t want to use it either and the new Forum Bar (in force 14.10.13) will change it; as will the latest Anti Social, Crime & Policing Bill currently before Parliament. Find out what exactly is going on, and how it will affect existing Extradition arrangements.    This seminar is FREE but those wishing to attend should register in advance   Event details and online registration: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DR   Organised with the European Criminal Law Association (UK)     
Mark Bridger will die in jail after being convicted of five-year-old April Jones’s abduction and murder. The 47-year-old former abattoir worker was sentenced to a “whole life order” meaning he will rot behind bars while segregated from other prisoners for his own safety. SOURCE The Express What UKIP believes: • There should be no cuts to front line policing • Make sentences mean what they say – life must mean life. • Double prison places to enforce zero tolerance on crime. • Establish locally elected County Police Boards to set policing aims approved by voters. • Scrap the European Arrest Warrant. • Repeal the Human Rights Act to end abuses by convicted criminals and illegal immigrants. • Free the police force from the straitjacket of political correctness and ‘targets’.
FACT: European Arrest Warrant isnt operating "efficiently & in the interests of justice" Free
Cameron's EU law plans criticised The vice-president of the European Commission, Viviane Reding, has critisiced David Cameron over the Government's proposal to opt out of EU law enforcement and policing measures. Ms Reding expressed particular concern that the Government was minded to opt out from 135 EU crime and policing laws, including the European Arrest Warrant, which, she claimed, had horrified Britain’s own police force. “Do you want criminals and paedophiles running around freely on the streets? Is that really in the United Kingdom’s interest? It is crazy,” she said. Ms Reding rejected any possibility of Britain repatriating powers from the EU. “You have to make up your mind, either you belong to it or you don’t belong. There is no cherry picking,” she said. “That status quo cannot be undone. We will certainly advance to make it more coherent and stronger.” The Daily Telegraph, Page: 14 29/12/12
This is revolutionary. We are withdrawing from 130 directives, covering everything from the European Arrest Warrant, the European Public Prosecutor, to the European justice department (Eurojust). Luckily,Tony Blairnegotiated the right to a mass opt-out on this Pillar III corpus to be exercised befor...
Do anti EU folk delighted at UK opt out of European Arrest Warrant think Jeremy Forrest should still be in Bordeaux?
A French court has ordered the extradition to the UK of teacher Jeremy Forrest, who disappeared with a 15-year-old girl. Magistrates in Bordeaux granted the request during a short hearing which Forrest, 30, did not attend. He was represented by his lawyer Daniel Lalanne who said he did not know when his client would return to Britain but that it would happen "quickly". Forrest agreed to his extradition at a hearing in the port city on Tuesday. The maths teacher from Ringmer, East Sussex, disappeared with the youngster on September 20 and was arrested in the southwestern French city last Friday. It followed the issue of a European Arrest Warrant after the pair failed to use return Dover-Calais ferry tickets.
Dear friends and comrades, I'm absolutely overwhelmed and touched by the support you have shown to me while in prison. That support reached my cell and my heart and gave me the strength needed to confront the difficult situation. After my released yesterday I'm now back in my country free until the 25th September when a hearing to examine the European Arrest Warrant yet again launched by the Spanish authorities against me will be held. From the bottom of my heart thanks a million. Go raibh míle maith agaibh a chairde Éireannach. For the right of all Basque political refugees to live free in the Basque Country. Stop Spanish and French repression!!
I think it's because said Irish High Court Judge didn't realise the need to issue European Arrest Warrant.
Julian Assange has been driven to the extremity of seeking political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy because of the injustices of the European Arrest Warrant, say UKIP.
...the French definition allowing an European Arrest Warrant to be issued by a prosecutor instead of a Judge or court.
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