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Eugene Wamalwa

Eugene Ludovic Wamalwa is a Kenyan politician and minister for justice.He belongs to the Party of National Unity and was elected to represent the Saboti Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya since the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007.

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So, who ensures 2/3 gender rule in Jubilee? Eugene Wamalwa or Kipchumba Murkomen?
NasaVsJubilee. There are some faces that have done MIA, 1.Mukhisa Kituyi and 2.Eugene Wamalwa!. Wako Jubilee ama NASA…
Eugene wamalwa should be worried . he is next
A section of Kajiado leaders endorse Water CS Eugene Wamalwa for Nairobi top seat
CS Willy Bett and Eugene Wamalwa, Should be accountable for maize shortage. .
Eugene Wamalwa sends stern warning to the opposition on Jubilee projects
Just like Eugene Wamalwa did to uhuru, will be begging Raila for a Cabinet Secretary Appointment come next year
; Ababu should wake up and smell the coffee, or better yet ask Eugene wamalwa.
Something like, is Ababu the next Eugene Wamalwa?
Something like, is Ababu the next Eugene Wamalwa would do.
The roots must be from a plant called Eugene Wamalwa 😂
Cabinet Secretary Hon Eugene Wamalwa for his favorite Currently in Washington DC in...
I was shocked to see Kizito in Odm...I always find him in the company of Lu…
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa tells off Raila Odinga on CS’s campaigning for the Government
Is this Eugene Wamalwa looking at the Portal of Development and wondering, what happened to the price of Ugali?
all the best...have a wonderful day Hon.Eugene Wamalwa
Wamalwa Eugene where r u?. Rejected duped in Nairobi been used like trust and yes disposed
fronted Eugene Wamalwa for governorship in Nairobi came up with Peter Kenneth.
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa says the program is aimed at reducing disposal of effluent into the crucial river source…
Having Eugene Wamalwa around is comes in handy incase of a flight- Ruto can hide in one of his Eugene's nostrils.
Eugene Wamalwa was to be DP in 2013 but he was duped.
Eugene Wamalwa talking of Government's plan to meet MDG targets. Kenya is the only country in the world still monitoring…
Eugene Wamalwa was reduced to cs from DP post. there is no word asante in Uthamaki dialect.
jubilee fooled Eugene Wamalwa for deputy president in 2013. this made Wamalwa not to vie for any post.
Trans Nzoia are you ready to have Eugene L Wamalwa as your governor?
Governor Khaemba slams CS Eugene Wamalwa for failing to initiate a single water project in Trans Nzoia county…
Ati why is Peter Kenneth generating so much heat? First, Eugene Wamalwa was in the same place
I don't see Eugene Wamalwa doing anything exceptional over there, that's sad. Kenyans will again have to step up for their own.
I did not meet 'desperate' Wetang'ula, Eugene Wamalwa says
The strategies we are putting in place will ensure universal water access for all Kenyans - CS Eugene Wamalwa.
Is Water CS Eugene Wamalwa planning to move to NASA?.
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Banana, Ruaka and Githurai areas do have a lot of underground water, Eugene Wamalwa should start thinking out of the box
Eugene Wamalwa: Kenya is a water scarce country. Serious Citizens: Then Israel & Egypt do not exist.
what's wrong with Eugene wamalwa's head? guys stop hating, some people have Big heads, Eugene just decided to outdo them. LOL…
Ababu Namwamba will always lead with or without votes. Look at Eugene Wamalwa. . Choices have consequences.
William Ruto and Eugene Wamalwa commissioning the Re-opening of PanPaper June 2016 after Kibaki Re-opened it in 201…
Council of Governors move to court to stop Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa from implementing the Water Act
Where is Eugene Wamalwa? Long time since I last saw him on media
I have never seen a confused Luhya like Eugene Wamalwa...
Lol! Si kwa ubay but Eugene Wamalwa is a lost cause.
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa - Breaking news - @ 7th position in Kenya. See all images @
"Water CS Eugene Wamalwa" who became Nairobi governor for 1 week in URP circles..
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa backed out of Nairobi gubernatorial race? I don't see him campaigns
While Education CS Fred Matiang'i is working hard in his docket. Water CS Eugene Wamalwa is recruting Luhya's to join the new J…
if the dead are watching over us,then Michael wamalwa kijana is not happy with WATER CS Eugene Wamalwa
Working with County Beauty Queens & artists to promote WASH and given special recognition by Hon. Eugene Wamalwa - Min. Water & Irrigation
If kenya had 20 cs like cs amina Mohammed, we would be competing with the likes of Russia, Japan, and USA, lakini Eugene wamalwa is 😪😪
Am not surprised by Eugene Wamalwa wants to b Nai governor, buying in progress
trendinaliaKE: 'CS Eugene Wamalwa' appeared on Saturday 1 at the 11th place in the Top20 of Kenya's Trends:
The Jubilee Candidate for Nairobi's governors seat will be a boardroom deal. That's the only way Eugene Wamalwa can be the candidate.
CS Eugene wamalwa lacks the level of integrity required to hold public office.
CS Eugene Wamalwa get a clean Range Rover at website
"CS Eugene Wamalwa" I knew all was not well when wamalwa trends
trendinaliaKE: GovOjaamong the 1st mention of 'CS Eugene Wamalwa' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in Kenya!
CS Eugene Wamalwa on spot over fights at parastatal
The double standards for women must stop. Why isn't Eugene Wamalwa being told he has the option of Trans Nzoia? - A…
Is it true that NFK leader Eugene Wamalwa will view for Uasingishu gubernatorial seat and not Nairobi
Eugene Wamalwa calls on Luhyas to support his Gubernatorial bid.
It's all fun and game till Eugene Wamalwa wins the Nairobi gubernatorial seat. *** smelt his victory an year away. 👃👌
Here's why Cabinet Wamalwa may land in jail
Small parties have no future in Kenya, says Eugene Wamalwa
You wonder why Jubilee is proposing Eugene Wamalwa as the Nairobi next governor unlike their threat Mike Sonko?
ODM fans looking at Bishop Wanjiru after leaving their party anticipating to be jubilee aspirant boom Eugene Wamalwa
Eugene Wamalwa not welcome in Nairobi, Jubilee MP says
Groundbreaking ceremony by CS. Eugene Wamalwa for Terem- Chwele-Malinda Water supply underway at Terem pr.sch.
Eugene Wamalwa for Nairobi governorship is a big joke
Maybe Wamalwa Eugene might vie on jubilee ticket as Nairobi Governor
CS Eugene Wamalwa declares interest in the Nairobi gubernatorial seat on a Jubilee ticket!
So Eugene Wamalwa who inherited politics from his brother H.E Kijana Michael R.I.P can talk trash over my able leader
Eugene Wamalwa who inherited leadership from Kijana Michael Wamalwa Lord R.IPeace can also talk crap about
CS Eugene Wamalwa is engaged in politics. Where are the Kenyans to begin a hashtag? Hypocrites!!
Why is Eugene Wamalwa politicking and yet he is a CS? Reminds me of the Range Rover/Lorry saga. Impunity at its best
I wonder why CS Eugene Wamalwa constantly engages himself in politics
what's your take on CS Eugene Wamalwa abt the defection to Jubilee by ODM lost sons???
Wetangula Your brothers are calling you back to the den.. John Walukhe and Eugene Wamalwa wants you to go back to the den...
who is Eugene without wamalwa he is nobody but a shadow
Eugene Wamalwa is either confused, self seeker, or both
the only thing Eugene got is the Wamalwa name. Aside, he is as useless as my coccyx
Kijana Wamalwa was in Government,kombo, wetangula were part of it too and now Eugene.. Welcome back
CS Eugene Wamalwa confirms he is going for a gubernatorial seat in 2017 but he is torn between TransNzoia and Nairobi counties.
ask Eugene wamalwa if he is aware the problem of water scarcity we encounter in homabay county?
Do you have any questions for Water CS Eugene Wamalwa? Join the conversation using
Lakini nowadays these chics r overdoin their make ups... Unalala next to Beyonce unaamka next to eugene wamalwa
Lakini nowadays some of these chics are overdoing their make ups... Unalala na Beyonce unaamka na eugene wamalwa😱😱
I hear someone is pushing Eugene Wamalwa to run for Nairobi Governor as Jubilee candidate. That how to lose a race befo…
Eugene Wamalwa is purpotedly being pushed for Nairobi Governor. Let me see your views.
"I now want to vie for gubernatorial seat in Nairobi on a Jubilee ticket instead of Tranzoia". Eugene Wamalwa.
Yesterday CS for Water and Irrigation Hon Eugene Wamalwa presided over the inauguration of the new National...
The NIB new Board inaugurated yesterday by CS Hon. Eugene Wamalwa accompanied by irrigation PS Nduati Mwangi.
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa led politicians to go pledge loyalty at statehouse. Water matters can wait till after 2017 http…
Nicholas Asego, sounds more of a paid writer to attack Hon.Eugene Wamalwa
Jubilee stands no chance of gaining ground in Western. Their point man Eugene Wamalwa is a poor mobilizer.
CS Eugene WAMALWA was given the Irrigation Ministry without the WATER. Where the he'll do you expect him to get WATER?
I'd be forgiven to think Water CS Eugene Wamalwa is a Jubilee spanner boy. Selling birth rights like Biblical Esau.
Eugene Wamalwa was saved from political cold to the cabinet. Every sign shows he might go back, for he belongs there
Wamalwa speaks more politics than water issues
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa says that when he finishes his term as a CS, he will go back into politics.
Luyha grassroot leaders in Nairobi Urge CS Eugene Wamalwa to move Political Base to Nairobi via Kennedy
Kisiangani:The contest in Bungoma would be between Wetangula and Eugene Wamalwa
CORD hooligans will now tell us that is clean than Eugene Wamalwa since Wamalwa is a CS
What has Eugene Wamalwa done towards uniting his community? I more and more feel like he is much concerned of his...
The CS was accompanied by Water and Irrigation CS, Eugene Wamalwa, Devolution PS, Mwanamaka and PS Josepheta Mukobe,Special Programmes
CS, Water and Irrigation Eugene Wamalwa met with elected Leaders from NorthEastern Kenya and discussed water issues.
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa finally gets his way as President Uhuru appoints new National Irrigation Board with Dr Malacky Imana as Chair.
ndani,with ma bros milah and dero listening,,Eugene wamalwa is the answer
Water CS Eugene Wamalwa sued for disbanding National Irrigation Board; he is accused of bias and in breach of state corporation laws.
At the launch of the World Water development report 2016. H.E. Kibaki is the chief guest and Hon. Eugene Wamalwa.
CS Water, Hon. Eugene Wamalwa addressing the audience at the…
Wonders never cease from happening... Water CS Eugene Wamalwa has said that he will support Musalia Mudavadi for...
I liked a video from Eugene Wamalwa, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Water and
CS Eugene Wamalwa addressing members of the press on various projects being undertaken by his ministry.
2017 will still be a 2 horse race between Raila and Uhuru- Eugene Wamalwa
Luhya disunity is a myth, the people are united, it is the leaders who are not. A house divided cannot stand- Eugene Wamalwa
it is possible to have all Luhya leaders speak one political language- Eugene Wamalwa.
Uncertainty is a recipe for chaos- Eugene Wamalwa on 2017 election date and IEBC.
"We are formulating a clear irrigation policy to ensure food security"- Eugene Wamalwa.
Was wondering why the air at home was getting stale, then saw Eugene Wamalwa on TV. SMH.
Water & Irrigation CS Eugene Wamalwa in our studios tonight with
Talking about water and irrigation agenda for Kenya Cs Water and Irrigation . Hon. Eugene Wamalwa EGH. Live on KBC TV
So Eugene Wamalwa is the Luhya nation spokesman
. Clean safe water to all is key. Congratz Hon Eugene Wamalwa.
Why does Eugene belittle the luhya like this Why???
Hence Justice Tunoi provided the best avenue to kill two birds with one stone. But where does Eugene Wamalwa and fit in this?
Eugene Wamalwa is still riding his brother's coattails.
Am asking again, is Eugene a civil servant or a politician? Eugene Wamalwa has bridged the law severally. kwani hakuna sheria kenya
Is Eugene Wamalwa a politician or a CS, does he know the difference between the two posts?
Water and Irrigation CS Eugene Wamalwa appoints Andrew Mkhisa Wanyonyi as acting MD, National Water Conservation and Pi…
is . haman's gallow waiting to hang modecai so that jubilee's Eugene wamalwa can reign in western.
REVEALED! MT KENYA leaders who said NO to Eugene Wamalwa as Jubilee Party Sec Gen?
Eugene Wamalwa claims that "people" want him to be the Nairobi County Governor! Dude are you sure those are Nairobians?
pls learn from Joho don't be a booty licker like kurt eugene zouma wamalwa
CS for water Eugene Wamalwa has said that his supporters want him to vie for either the governorship of Trans...
can someone remind Eugene wamalwa please
Eugene Wamalwa now says some people want him to run for Nairobi Governor . Who told him Nairobians want political losers ?
JOKES OF THE WEEK: . ''They want me to run for Nairobi Governor in 2017''- Eugene Wamalwa . Who are 'They' he refers to? Enjoy your Friday.
They want me to run for Nairobi Governor in 2017 - Eugene Wamalwa - SDE Entertainment News
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Between Evans Kidero, Eugene Wamalwa, Peter Kenneth and Jimna Mbaru, your vote for Governor Nairobi 2017
CSs Eugene Wamalwa and Hassan Wario were also blocked from accessing venue as they didn't have accreditation.
Eugene Wamalwa.wherever you are, let's talk about water and why I see it in lake Victoria & not my tap.
Musalia Mudavadi negotiates a new post election coalition with President - Elect Uhuru Kenyatta. Eugene Wamalwa to join in…
1. Eugene Wamalwa is not from Bungoma. 2. Who does he influence here anyway!? 3. Na wale wanahama CORD waende tu. Hatukuja nao. Tulijileta.
Eugene Wamalwa sworn in as the Water CS.
I want to sincerely assure Jubilee that Eugene Wamalwa, Marende and other Luhya Jubilee sympathizers have no impact at all in Luhya nation.
Business at standstill as Eugene Wamalwa returns home
UHURU hired EUGENE WAMALWA to get the LUYHA Votes, Do you agree? -
With President and leaders during the swearing in of Hon. Eugene Wamalwa at State House, Nairobi.
. witnessed the swearing n of Hon. Eugene Wamalwa as the new Water. & Irrigation Minist at Stte House. Nairob
The swearing in of Hon. Eugene Wamalwa in Photos
All the best to Hon. Eugene Wamalwa, Water Minister. Do your work as required. On matters politics, just keep your mouth shut. We got this.
H.E. witnesses the swearing in of Hon. Eugene Wamalwa into the newly created Water and Irrigation docket. h…
Hon. Eugene Wamalwa hasn't been confirmed as a CS yet? Ok
Eugene Wamalwa's apointment to the cabinet was well thought by Jubilee Mandarins as they have helped send him to...
Is Nyumba Kumis preoccupation with Harold behind Eugene’s delayed swearing-in
Some analysts consider nomination to be a strategy by Jubilee to lure the vote-rich western Kenya.
Eugene Wamalwa hasn't been sworn in coz that's an URP ministry and they haven't agreed yet with UK... this coalition!
I never even remembered Eugene Wamalwa existed
Eugene Wamalwa has yet to be sworn in 3 weeks after he was cleared
Eugene Wamalwa tells Khalwale to respect other Luhya leaders and stop belittling people like him.
Why has Eugene Wamalwa not been sworn in as Water Cabinet Secretary weeks after his vetting?
Eugene Wamalwa has not been sworn in, weeks after being vetted and approved by the National Assembly. What's not happening!!
On fools day this year, I posted how Eugene Wamalwa was gonna be appointed to cabinet. I was dismissed. I also say the same abt Prof. Kaloki
Eugene Wamalwa its raining here in Mumis,as the Water don do something to tap hii maji ya mvua for future use
According to a Bukusu myth, Eugene Wamalwa was actually the biological son of Kijana Wamalwa after he inherited...
Understanding the Luhya Political Elite: New Ford Kenya leader Eugene Wamalwa was the first politician ...
I heard somewhere that Eugene Wamalwa is actually his brother, Kijana's son. Some very weird happenings led to that, allegedly.
New Ford Kenya party leader Eugene Wamalwa lined up for state job - Ruto
So people think because Eugene Wamalwa is family to the late Kijana Wamalwa he's automatically a political bigwig in Western?
Some guy on the TL saying Eugene Wamalwa died in 2003. SMH ..I thought we all knew that was his brother Kijana Wamalwa.
DON’T EXPECT MUCH THIS YEAR FROM PS AND HIS GOVERNMENT 2015 is going to be so tough for governor Khaemba and his government. With political temperatures heating up, he may fail again to roll out development projects he was looking forward to. Much of his time will be exhausted in meetings with youths and women groups, elders and with political leaders including MCAs who have been threatening him with impeachment. The campaign mood the county has been submerged into by Eugene Wamalwa and Kakai Bisau, May have a negative impact on the development of the county as county government officials will always be defending themselves from accusations and propaganda instead of delivering services to wananchi. Secondly, MCAs affiliated to the jubilee coalition are preparing to take control of the county assembly due to their numbers, “tyranny of numbers” They will be taking the position of leader of majority in the house; a move which is a threat to PS government. Many fear that the group being led by Mash (MCA ...
Cyrus Jirongo, Eugene Wamalwa, Musalia Mudavidi and Muskari Kombo should Know that those of us who support Cord do so a choice
There is Eugene Wamalwa's nose then there is NOSE.
Wait! Eugene Wamalwa coming into cabinet? ... You don't say .
ODM SHOULD NOMINATE ODINGA FOR HOMA BAY *I* I am convinced the best candidate for Homa Bay, other than wakili Silas Jakakimba, is our party leader Raila Odinga. Baba, you saw ahead of us. Once again, you have proven us wrong. Here is why. Homa Bay is a difficult county. A very difficult county. Apart from Kajwang', only Odinga can best represent this county in the senate. And Raila Odinga is a very astute and senior lawmaker. Two, we all must agree that Raila Odinga being outside parliament has done the opposition movement more harm than good. The very presence of Odinga anywhere has this humbling effect; there are laws which have passed because some of our ODM Mps have sided with the Jubilee side which they wouldn't, if only Odinga was within the precepts of parliament. Three, as a community, and I mean the Luo, we are better off with Odinga in power, however little that power is, than outside it. He sees mischief from a far and with the added platform of the senate, he can quell such easily. Four, ther ...
On a scale of Eugene Wamalwa to Pinocchio,how Nosy are you??
Eugene Wamalwa declares to vie for the Bungoma County senatorial seat 2017 : :
Mumias Sugar Company,Panpaper and Nzoia are all dead,Eugene Wamalwa,Musalia Mudavadi are also dead politically. Western??
Let's just say she found my inner Eugene Wamalwa. The retake looks like a mug shot worthy of a National ID.
Smh "Why Eugene Wamalwa didn't smell Uhuru being summoned at the Hague. ht…
blends Jubilee, CORD leaders for US-Africa summit: WASHINGTON DC:resident Uhuru Kenyatta blended the ruling Jubilee coalition and Opposition coalition leadership as part of his delegation to the US-Africa summit in Washington DC. Uhuru’s delegation to the Summit, which ran on August 5 and 6, was also one of the biggest to the US since he assumed office in April 2013. The Washington Summit was the third President Kenyatta was attending after earlier visits to the European Union (EU)-African Summit in Brussels, Belgium and the Africa-Arab League Summit in Kuwait last year. Apart from elected leaders from both the Senate and the National Assembly, as well as Cabinet Secretaries, the Washington delegation also included some leaders from the Jubilee coalition-allied parties, notably New Ford Kenya’s Eugene Wamalwa. Opposition leaders included Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) national chairman and Kitui County Senator David Musila, who is also a former Deputy Speaker of Parliament. Orange Democratic Movement ...
Mad af at Eugene Wamalwa..that *** has sniffed Ebola, now it's roaming in Uganda
I have a feeling Eugene Wamalwa is the next ambassador to the US.
He NOSE alot ": Eugene. wamalwa. this guy bana smh"
I hear Eugene Wamalwa is in Washington with President Uhuru Kenyatta's delegation. Is he angling for a diplomatic job?
some photos like with Eugene Wamalwa should be left to the media for uploading, do it personally and u will not like it.
white men in black suits are men in men are men in blackout or something of that sort... With Eugene Wamalwa
Getting into a lift with Eugene Wamalwa means you die of natural causes
This are our two great sons of Bukusuland messirs Hon Sakaja Johnson and Eugene Wamalwa, they are ...
U making the clueless gal in the coke ad look so sharp "With Eugene Wamalwa outside The white house.
Ending up with Eugene Wamalwa in same elevator. Bye oxygen,guzzled up! RIP bruh
Eugene Wamalwa.I don't think he Nose that people like making jokes about him.
Wamalwa? “Kaana? "Was with Eugene in the same place on sato. Alihepa home ndio aturn up. Lol"”
Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick. Khaemba has asked former Justice. minister Eugene Wamalwa to stop. meddling in his...
Eugene Wamalwa joins the growing number of those who support national dialogue. He said this a few minutes ago in Bungoma during burial of former ODM nominated councillor Wata. Also present are Raila Weta, Khalwale, and a host of MPs. Wata was also one of biggest land owners in Bungoma
Former minister Eugene Wamalwa says dialogue saved this country from the brink of collapse after the 2007 general elections. But it won’t work if the Cord leaders use mass action and posturing in rallies to force dialogue. Do you agree with him? Read more details here:
He officially anounced that he is out of mongiki,that is prooving to b a reformed kenyan:He is a pastor right now,this is Maina Njenga:do they know he recently baptised Eugene Wamalwa bt then my question is y dd thy attack him n it was nt jst attacking they wanted 2 take away hs life.Lets get 2 know the masterminds of hs attack
We supported Eugene Wamalwa's right to hold the Kamukunji rally in 2012. Jubilee cannot ban other people's rallies.
Maybe Eugene Wamalwa poked his nose into Chuck Norris' Business
The Jubilee fraternity should urgently salvage Eugene Wamalwa from his present financial state. Who knows.
EUGENE WAMALWA is 100% broke …… Selling wood to schools Word on the street has it that former Presidential hopeful Eugene Wamalwa has gone broke after wasting his fortune in Nairobi. Wamalwa who is a close friend to DP William Ruto has knocked on all doors with no help coming his way. In 2012, he was evicted from his house in Kileleshwa, Nairobi, after he accumulated a lot of rent arrears and the Landlord could not take it. In his latest efforts to make ends meet, Eugene is working with small traders to get tenders to supply firewood to local schools and other institutions around Saboti. As they say man must live.
Come to think of it, wamalwa eugene looks like vybz kartel
Evans Kidero's seat is the cause of salivation to some politicians who have come out openly to claim that they will vie if the Supreme Court declares the post vacant.They are: a)Martin Oduor Otieno, b)Eugene Wamalwa, c)Kenneth Marende d)Ferdinand Waititu, e)Chris Kirubi. Who is your most favorite in the group?
Are you in POLITICS? Charity Kaluki Ngilu, Najib Balala with Eugene will be in ONE LANE forming the 'QUEEN~KING GOVERNMENT' whichby NGILU will be the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC OF KENYA, BALALA atakuwa DEPUTY PRESIDENT and Eugene Wamalwa atakuwa the LEADER OF MAJORITY. Bonny Khalwale will be in the MINISTRY OF FINANCE assisted by Moses Wetangula. Come 2017 General Election.
I knew and i always know a LUHYA will never disappoint in bad manners: Now Hon Eugene Wamalwa has openly asked for a job from Uhuru. Hon Sambu has done the task which Eugene gave him. Ask for job and remind Uhuru that time is running out. Surely, Eugene, is this how low you can stoop? Then your supporters want us to believe that you are a Luhya king pin? Why table though our media outlet channels your hopelessness caused by your political dwarfism in 2013? These are the kind of shame that a man need to evade. Shenji type!
Eugene Wamalwa is an intelligent, charismatic leader. He is against Bailing out of Terrorists. I wonder why President Uhuru did not give him a job in the Gov't the Man is charismatic than some of the leaders in the Gov't.
Uhuru this weekend heading to Bungoma county to attend Governor Ken Lusaka home coming. This part of wider scheme to lock Raila out of his strongholds and woo the Luhyas as he consolidates his votes for re-election in 2017. Uhuru's visit comes amid uproar from Luhya leaders over failure to appoint UDF Leader Musalia Mudavadi and Eugene Wamalwa into the jubilee government. The Luhya community is second in terms of population after Kikuyus but have been rewarded only one cabinet minister and two principal secretaries in jubilee government.
Why Eugene Wamalwa has never thought of being a DJ and call himself "DJ Jaw" is what keeps me up at night thinking..
Eugene wamalwa at highway i have these information that Uhuru is caming to Bungoma.but if i have to thank God it's because i never voted in this guy.
with Eugene Wamalwa joining CORD, where does this leave Tony Gachoka?? Interesting times ahead
Where did Hon Eugene Wamalwa go? Former Minister for Justice and Constitutional affairs.
Eugene Wamalwa's big nose can get him a job as a sniffer dog.. *** can even smell which ladies are on their periods!
Masaku should never slander Eugene Wamalwa again.. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Khalwale," Uhuru’s Western visit was secretly planned by anti-reforms and anti-development moles in Luhya land, who even ignored the County’s Principals and therefore was not good for the people of Western". The outspoken Kakamega Senator vowed to deal ruthlessly with those who invited Uhuru in his Kakamega County Those who accompanied Uhuru Kenyatta and who allegedly invited him in Kakamega without the knowledge of Khalwale and Oparanya were Ayub Savula (Lugari), Ben Washiali (Mumias), Johnson Naicca (Mumias West), Musalia Mudavadi and Eugene Wamalwa.
EUGENE WAMALWA is that u "Warning: IG makes your nose bigger than it may appear in person. lol"
They are talking about sterilizing pua people, they should start with Eugene Wamalwa.
My gud friend mathews wamalwa who is eugene wamalwa's bro and the deputy MD hs bn the acting MD for KAA bt lucy mbugua hs instead bn appointed as the MD.Kusema na kutendea eugine hehe!
Lucy Mwangi, she has replaced Eunice Aka Eugene Wamalwa brother, wamalwa n mudavadi continue to amaze me!
When Uhuru visited Mumias, Eugene Wamalwa shouted to him how Bungoma county is in the government. In the campaign of senatorial by election in Bungoma last month, Eugene stated clearly how him and Bungoma are in Jubilee and need to elect Kombo against Wetangula. Today, Lucy Mbugua gets appointed the Kenya airports MD while Eugene's brother who acted for long as acting MD is by passed! Who will give this Eugene a stupid 'ngoto' to show him a correct political direction?
Musalia Mudavadi and Kenneth Marende to join Jubilee government.Mudavadi to be appointed Cabinet Secretary for Devolution.William Ruto not happy with Mudavadi's appointment.Eugene Wamalwa has been promptly disposed off without a second thought.
I bet Eugene Wamalwa nose who let the dogs out. ..I bet he does
JUST IN: In attempt to save face after revelations that one tribe has all government jobs with another a token number; in attempt to repent for sins of the infamous "dark forces" gaffe; and also, in attempt to bribe Luhyas to support this regime, Uhuru Kenyatta is set to appoint Eugene Wamalwa and Musalia Mudavadi to government any time. Thank you for the gesture! However, be warned, Luhyas shall remain steadfast and loyal to CORD/ODM/ FORDKENYA. TSANGIYU
UDF and New Ford Kenya Leader Musalia Mudavadi and Eugene Wamalwa set join the Cabinet,Uhuru to form two new portfolios,u see,
Only Eugene Wamalwa can smell the TL.The rest are fakers.
Though i didn't vote for UHURU in the recent election,he has proved he's more advanced in politics than RAILA. Why am i saying this,Uhuru has realise RAILA likes pride; publicity and recognition and because of this,he has been beating him in his own game. Let me avoid talking about the MAU issue because it's more obvious to some of you. Let me talk about about the TRILLION RAILWAY SCANDAL. Uhuru a.k.a money hunger realize he has spend billions of money in his campaign including buying traitors like SAMOEI RUTO and EUGENE WAMALWA, and the only way out to get back his money was through corruption means. After sorting himself out with this Chinese campaign which saw billions of money disappering misteriously, he realize things are not safe and began playing footworks. Back in his mind he realize someone out there is his big threat,neverthless the person is very outspoken,has pride and like publicity. So he went for him,and what we saw in our tele was RAILA lauching the project. Right now RAILA is even timid ...
My forefathers came to me and advised me that one shouldnt swallow a mango seed if your *** is small..we people of western kenya watched as mudavadi cried like a little gal public media after being deceived by matemoni in jubilee he ate the mango seed and realised his *** was too small...and now the same fellow is back to his old tricks with his mate eugene wamalwa i say it is only a stupid cow that rejoices at the prospect of being taken to a beautiful abattoir and surely again they will cry
I will ‘overthrow’ MUSEVENI on day one as President – ESTHER ARUNGA’s hubby QUINCY promises Is realpolitik enough to explain Uganda’s relations with its neighbours? Why, if the Sudan question is so volatile are the Ugandan authorities willing to risk being burned by its fire? It appears to me at least that state-making is shaping up to be a multi-nation process in the Great Lakes and Ugandan participation is a direct result of the military state that sits at the heart of its so-called democratic enterprise. If not checked, Uganda has been intimidating the weak regional nations by posing as their ‘god father’. Museveni is a member of the Banyankole ethnic group and his surname, Museveni, means “Son of a man of the Seventh“, in honour of the Seventh Battalion of the King’s African Rifles, the British colonial army in which many Ugandans served during World War II. While studying economics and political science at the University of Dar es Saalam, he formed the University Students’ Afric ...
Somebody tell me, where the *** is Eugene Wamalwa? After his campaign for Askari Kombo kombo he decided to go exile or what?
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If mudavadi had big brain lyk his eyes musikali kombo would be the bungoma senator,the same case if eugene wamalwa had big brain lyk his nose.
If the parliament was churchilive then eugene wamalwa would be mdomo baggy
Eugene Wamalwa looking so desperate in Eldoret kufwata Ruto kila mahali .Hunger for power.Ruto acting MC.
Eugene wamalwa is a bright politician
Can see Eugene Wamalwa and Robinson Githae in jubilee government soon
Eugene Wamalwa is a spent force, politically. A loyal Uhuruto hatchet-man. Perpetually broke, a poor manager of his balance sheet!
In July 2009, a special cabinet sub-committee was formed to oversee the affairs of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Kenya. Members of this bi-partisan committee. PNU wing Late Saitoti (head of committee), Late Mutula Kilonzo and Moses Wetangula (Following a cabinet reshuffle in April 2012, Eugene Wamalwa and Prof. Sam Ongeri have replaced Kilonzo and Wetangula) ODM wing James Orengo, Otieno Kajwang Amason Kingi The role of the sub-Committee is liaison and co- ordination body between the ICC and the Kenyan government Via Wikipedia
I get amused every time I'm told that a political party is restructuring with a view of strengthening itself ahead of subsequent elections. Nothing is further from the truth, there are 5 political parties in Kenya as at now:- Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto Eugene wamalwa and Kalonzo Musyoka.
Some time back on 29th December, 2013 By Luke Anami and Michael Ollinga Disunity among the Luhya community is to blame for poor development in Western region, Deputy President William Ruto has said. “I want to assure the people from Western Kenya that the Jubilee government is willing to develop all parts of Kenya including the Western region. But your continued disunity is a setback,” Ruto said during the homecoming of Bumula MP Boniface Otsyula at Mungore Primary school grounds in Bungoma County yesterday. He said despite the many political party differences, the region can still develop if its leaders speak with one voice. “We want to work with all of you but you should vote for one party instead of voting for different parties and individuals,” Ruto said. Ruto, who was responding to complaints from Western Kenya leaders that the Jubilee government has failed to appoint leaders and managers from the region to national positions, promised that the government will not sideline the region. “We h ...
He's already been warned not step there for mchangos..rem folks in nyanza r not like madvd n eugene wamalwa
Eugene wamalwa to b appointed as chairman of kenya seed company
U may call me a tribal chief or anything but this is my open letter to the DP.your excellency,William Kipchirchir Samoei Ruto,your star has been rising bt I think its nw time it starts falling if u dnt take care.yes I repeat care.your political difference with some Kalenjin leaders will cost u alot.of course a house divided cannot stand and since the Rift Valley support u once had seems to b fading so fast,do u think UK will b foolish enaf to have a person with few numbers as a running mate?nt rilly.your political rivals want to divide the Kipsigis and the Nandi and that will b the end of Kalenjins voting as a the Jubilee manifesto u talked of creating jobs,I remember you sayng that "pahali imeandikwa hakuna kazi itabadilika na iwe kuna kazi" dnt u thnk the Jubilee gov't is tryn to finish u politically since they are nw talking of retrenching 100,000 people to reduce the wage bill and that of course I thnk is structural unemployment,am I right?btw who are the people increasing the wage bill?of c ...
Hongera hon. Eugene Wamalwa in your new appointment as the chairman, Kenya seed company Ltd by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta. Khane kamachukhu kosi enyama, Thooo!
Tony Gachoka was once head of a curious outfit called Eugene Wamalwa Centre - is it still a going concern?
Eugene Wamalwa becomes the new chairman of Kenya Seed Company
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Eugene Wamalwa is the new chairman of Kenya Seed Company!
Wetang'ula To Challenge Raila For 2017 Ticket BY HILTON OTENYO Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Bungoma senator Moses Wetang'ula has declared he will run for the presidency in 2017. The Ford-Kenya leader will challenge ODM leader Raila Odinga and Wiper's Kalonzo Musyoka for the Cord Presidential ticket. Raila has not yet categorically stated whether he will run again and last weekend hinted that ODM needed fresh young leadership. However those close to Raila think the former Prime Minister is still leaving open the possibility of standing again for president. "Do not rule Raila out yet," said Siaya senator James Orengo yesterday. Kalonzo has also not stated whether he will run for president again but Wiper party members want Raila and Wetang'ula to back him in 2017. Yesterday Wetang'ula said that he was forced to announce his intentions early so he is not accused of joining the presidential race just to destabilise others. Wetang'ula was one of the three Cord principals during the March general elections. Raila ...
The New Chairman Of KENYA SEED COMPANY After a tough work and and the pleadings to the DP, Eugene Wamalwa now to head KENYA SEED COMPANY
Is it true that our very own Eugene Wamalwa has be appointed the Ceo of Kenya Seed Company?
Forget the size of Eugene Wamalwa's nostrils, you should see his fingers.
EUGENE WAMALWA COULD BE APPOINTED CHAIRMAN KENYA SEED COMPANY He was a presidential candidate, he was influential BUT he got mixed up by mama Wambui and Jimmy to support a perpetual political brainless Musalia Mudavadi. Eugene Wamalwa joined Mudavadi campaign, they campaigned ‘all over Kenya’ from Busia to Vihiga, from Bungoma to Kakamega, from Hamisi to Sabatia, it was a tough campaign. Yes they were wasted! After helping screw a few Raila votes in Western Kenya, Eugene was promised to be the next Kenya’s envoy to USA but that had to go to Mt Kenya, he was promised a Cabinet Secretary post and ooh….that too he could not get. So, now the boy is broke and the master knows!Eugene was minister for constitutional affairs and was responsible for some statutes whose intention and reasoning was not in line with that of the drafters of the 2010 constitution, the PNU regime even planted a checkmate (Tony Gachoka) in his ministry to ensure that all went as per the script. Just before he was appointed into t ...
Kenyans can now expect a third force after three presidential contenders agreed to work together. Eugene Wamalwa of New Ford Kenya, ...
After staying months in the cold, Eugene Wamalwa is set to land a job in Uhuruto government as Chair of Kenya Seed Company. He is to be rewarded for being a Uhuruto point man at Western Kenya.
who among the following is fit to represent luhyias come 2017.Plz vote wisely insults will be treated as spoiled vote and result will be announced tomorrow at 8 am 1. Musalia Mudavadi 2. Eugene Wamalwa 3.Moses Wetangula 4. Kenneth Marende 5. Ababu Namwamba. 6. Others specify.
Rewards Rewards!!! Hon Eugene Wamalwa poised to head the Board of Directors in one of the key state corporations in Kenya. Guess which??
Jubilee set to finally appoint Eugene Wamalwa by to chair Kenya Seed Co. board
It is advisable to read if you are a young person. After the ranging political storm due to the likes of Muthauras and Matus appointment By Hon. Uhuru due to their ‘advanced age’, I’ve remembered this opinion piece I had leisurely written in 2011, two years before 2013 General elections. POLITICS OF GENERATIONAL CHANGE By SM The launch of the 2011 campaigns of Generational Change politics by Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa and associates at Kamukunji grounds in Nairobi have continued to gain momentum. Political Leaders across board who think that they are not ‘youthfully challenged’ have consequently bought the idea either directly or indirectly vowed to nature it to maturity. During the launch, Wamalwa voiced his concerns targeting two generations 1.The generation that delivered the country from the hands of colonialists which in other words is MAUMAU. 2. The one that delivered the country into multi-party politics after the denial of the same by the repressive MOI/KANU regime and subsequently now the ...
This Hour: JUST IN: Broke Eugene Wamalwa to be appointed Chairman of Kenya Seed Company [3]
From Presidential aspirant, who served as youngest Justice and Constitutiomal affairs minister endorsed (read shagged) by Jimmy Kibaki no less, to this insult RT: Jubilee to finally reward Eugene Wamalwa by appointing him to chair Kenya Seed Co. board. (Let's not even talk about Mudavadi for now, his is worse!)
Kenya Seed Company set to be under Eugene Wamalwa...
Musikari Kombo has been politically castrated by Weta plus the likes of Eugene Wamalwa, Musalia Mudavadi and wakoli bifwoli. these guys are suffering from political impotence and lingual deficiency. they were left in a quagmire of political confusion and weta has sent them packing. they are on their way to political extinction. people of bungoma county cannot be convinced by jubilee money. a true fact indeed. happy new year my fellow intellectuals as we usher in our new Senator and president to be, Weta
Kwanza MP Ferdinand Kevin Wanyonyi has just referred to Eugene Wamalwa as 'Eunice Wamalwa' lol.
Anthony Mugabe you coz about Eugene wamalwa
Via Evans Nyandika Uhuru and Ruto can appoint old friends and politicians into plum government jobs but they cant remember Musalia Mudavadi and Eugene Wamalwa. Does it mean that the President and Deputy President consider these two as irrelevant having failed to deliver the Bungoma seat from CORD's Moses Wetangula or is a ploy to sideline the Luhya community from their government. What are your thoughts?
Saboti Member of Parliament Eugene Wamalwa has joined the race for politicians who want to succeed president Mwai Kibaki in 2012. And perhaps as a first ...
My advice for the Trans-Nzoia women rep is she rather drop this Eugene wamalwa politics n build on her on political platform. It jst embarasses to hear her defending the politicaly fallen Eugene who is a disgrace to the lukhya commnty. Woe onto her
The president has done well by appointing mwalimu muhammed abduba dida to be the board chairman of constituency development fund,and Hon Danson mungatana as the board chairman of kenya ports authority,still waiting for another new year surprise that will include Hon Musalia Mudavadi and Eugene wamalwa!!!am told from a reliable source that all is well!!!
Oh before i go lets avoid Eugene wamalwa nende musalia mudvd like plague 2014 brings a new handout to everyone of us having it in mind that thes gona be a election bfwo 2017.
Ruto alleges to know Eugene Wamalwa more than anyone else in luhyaland. However, the fact that he's done nothing for this Eugene since forming government tells a different story... Or was it 'public relations' considering where he was...
WAMALWA now says he will support Musalia Mudavadi for President in 2017 as he promises to put all LUHYAS under one party. Former Justice Minister, Eugene Wamalwa, has called on all Luhyas to work together ahead of 2017 General Election to ensure one of their own becomes President after Uhuru Kenyatta. Speaking in Vihiga during the Maragoli Cultural Festival, Wamalwa noted despite UDF leader Musalia Mudavadi not faring well in the last elections, he is still the King Maker in Luhya land. Wamalwa pledged to support Mudavadi’s Presidency in 2017, saying the time will be ripe for a Luhya President by then. He said they have initiated plans to bring all Luhyas together under one political party to boost Mudavadi's chances of beating Uhuru/ Ruto in 2017. “We want this region to have one political party that will bring everybody on board. And then support Musalia Mudavadi, who is the only strong candidate in Western, to become President in the coming election”, said Wamalwa.
Apparently its rumored that 3 more appointments are in the offing. Musalia Mudavadi and Eugene Wamalwa are salvating (sp)
If Ruto names Eugene wamalwa as his runningmate and aluo as leader of majority,wil luhyans support that coalition
Luhya Leaders call for withdrawal of ICC cases Thu December 26 2013 By STANDARD REPORTER A section of leaders from North Rift region are calling for the withdrawal of the cases facing three Kenyans at the International Criminal Court (ICC) saying they were framed. The leaders, New Ford-K leader Eugene Wamalwa, Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa and Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba and Women Representative Janet Nangabo, said ICC should withdraw the cases unconditionally. They noted Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has come out openly to say the evidence she has against President Uhuru Kenyatta is weak. They said there was no need for such weak cases to be continued since by doing so will be a waste of time and resources. On Sunday last week, Nyanza leaders led by Rongo MP, Dalmas Otieno and Migori Governor Okoth Obado maintained the three Kenyans facing charges at the ICC were sacrificial lambs whose charges were framed since there were no proper investigations carried out to establish those behind the 2008 post elec ...
Those who graced the occasion,Musalia Mudavadi,Mark Too,Eugene Wamalwa,Moses Akaranga,Kedogo County Rep,Paid Khaniri,local mps and other invited guests,that man did not attend. addresing Wanainchii,UDF Leader advised Luhya community to unite and support his bid come 2017,he advised Vihiga county Members from his UDF Party to support Akarangas gvt. Mudavadi denied claims that he is ajubilee project,he asked Cord leader to stop cheap politics if at all he wants to lead this country,
HERO RECEPTION FOR AMANI LEADERS IN VIHIGA I have just arrived from kisumu. At mbale town there was an ecstatic crowd that gave amani coalition.leaders heroic welcome. The leaders were led by amani coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi and included Eugene Wamalwa, Mark Too, Akaranga, Khaniri, Agoi, Chanzu, Ali Timamy, Khalid Njiraini etc. Shame on those who have been spreading rumors that MM is ill because of bungoma elections.
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My friend Eugene wamalwa we had stop talking about ICC long time please we are now on digital migration, NSSF deduction, media gaging, please stop talking about Bensuda. Kenyans needs achange of political game.
Remembering Martin Shikuku - The people’s watchman who fought for the poor. Shikuku had his shortcoming (we all do) but one must look around with regret as pretenders to the Western throne try in vain to fill his shoes. Mudavadi in particular is a far cry from Shikuku when it comes to leadership, selflessness, truthfulness or even astute parliamentary performance where Eugene Wamalwa proved himself as an agent of anti reform and doom during his tenure as Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister. one hopes the likes of Bonny Khalwale, Moses Wetangula or even Cyrus Jirongo can step up and fill this gaping leadership vacuum in the larger Western region. R.I. P. Martin Shikuku.
By Javas Bigambo: It was goofy of Mudavadi to do what he did, and worse than useless to threaten Bonny Khalwale. In a plain way without horns or teeth, right now senator Khalwale has more political significance than Mudavadi. Wetangula, even if he is still hinged to the KANU operatives, he has alot more to offer that the political impotence of the peace-less AMANI fellows. Eugene Wamalwa is a spineless painful rebel without a cause. He is the kind of fellow that reminds you of Esau, a fellow who exchanges his birthright with a bowl of poorly made vegetable soup.
Following Hon Moses Wetang’ula’s decisive victory over Hon Musikari Kombo in the just concluded by- election, the hope of each of Wetang’ula’s supporters is that he knows how to use the victory. Wetang’ula’s victory is symbolic. It makes him the only CORD principal holding substantive office. It confirms and grants back to him the position of minority leader in the Senate. It thrusts him to the higher echelons of Luhya politics and leadership. As a matter of fact, he becomes the most senior politician in Luhyaland. The victory condemns his nemesis and arch-rival, former Saboti MP and New Ford Kenya party leader to near political oblivion. The same can be said of Musalia Mudavadi. How should Wetang’ula use this victory? His first priority should be to unite the Luhya people behind him. There are still pockets in Bungoma and Trans Nzoia that still owe allegiance to Eugene Wamalwa. There is a section of the Luhya nation that is still fiercely loyal to Musalia Mudavadi. These two - Eugene and Mu ...
Let Musikari Kombo tell you and Eugene Wamalwa confirm.
A day after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC declared Moses Masika Wetangula as the senator elect in Bungoma County, his closest rival Musikari Kombo who vied on a New Ford Kenya ticket has showed up conceding defeat and urged the Bungoma leaders to work together to foster development for the electorates. Addressing a press conference in Webuye, Kombo said the people of Bungoma had spoken and wished the elected senator well calling upon him to work in harmony with other County leaders to achieve development for the people of Bungoma. He thanked the people of Bungoma for participating in the election exercise and for those who voted for him saying it was their democratic right to choose a leader they wanted. However Kombo pointed out that there were a lot of challenges during the Election Day with massive intimidation of voters and skirmishes witnessed across several constituencies with some accelerated by some leaders from other camps saying it was unfortunate. “I call upon the s ...
Chrismas is here,i can smell it just like Eugene wamalwa's nose can smell lies
Raila Odinga,. Kalonzo Musyoka,. Musalia Mudavadi,. Eugene Wamalwa,. They were REJECTED by the PEOPLE,who do they...
During the campaign for Bungoma senator seat I heard many stories. Ati Kombo is not a luhya but a Ugandan.Ati Eugene Wamalwa is also not a luhya but a Saboat.And finally Maragolis are not really luhyas because all other luhya sub - tribes must learn Maragoli language before they can speak and understand it . Could these stories be true?
"As the dust settles on Bungoma polls, the future of Luhya campaigns may see Hon Marende having to return to the drawing board. Or, may be, the former Speaker has quit politics or , like Eugene Wamalwa, Musalia Mudavadi and Musikari Kombo, he too has joined the long list of those waiting to be acquired by the Jubilee government. Soon, the country may wake up to news that Hon Marende is the new Kenya’s envoy to the Bermuda Triangle!"
but EUGENE WAMALWA with his big nose is such a nuisance.on this i can bet,he will never win anything elective in bukusu land.unless aende huko kwa wakikuyu.buttock licking antics wont earn you charisma.wetangula all time.the next time i want to here of kombo and mudavadi is during their funerals
Kombo's age was advantage to Wetangula, so weta don't fight the government. We 've seen Kidero working closely with the government he knows the meaning of Serikali.Bungoma of 1997 began yesterday,'ope jubilee will absorb my future leader Eugene wamalwa
Kombo, Mudavadi and the- immature and incapable- Eugene Wamalwa, ought to, resign from politics. Kombo and Mudavadi are unprincipled and repeatedly have caused Luyha's pain, and suffering of having their individual, 'tummies' being filled; as Luyha's- as a community, continue being malnourished! While Wamalwa does not only share with Kombo this excessively bad character but in addition, lacks instinct, judgment, is bitter, in addition to being immature and incapable. Luyha's must use their power of judgment to flush these three permanently from politics!
The People of BUNGOMA are corded despite the effort made by our lost Son Eugene Wamalwa. I thank them for rejecting Jubilee initiative.
Like the Biblical Joshua, Moses Masika Wetang'ula has been officially handed over the copper bracelet (omukasa) of the Luhya nation following his victory in the Bungoma elections. Musalia Mudavadi and Eugene Wamalwa and their project in the name of Kombo have been cast into political oblivion. The burden is on Wetang'ula to lead Abaluhya into the promised land after acceding to the throne of Micheal Wamalwa which previously had no clear occupant after his demise. To consolidate his power over Luhya nation Wetang'ula must not be duped to dump Raila as long as he is still relevant in Luhya and Kenyan politics; for Elijah Masinde had long prophesied that a Luhya leader will align with the people of Nyanza. Wetangula must spread his influence accross Luhya like the tentacles of an octopus and struggle to bring everybody on board both friend and foe. As the leader of the minority he should be brave, vocal and shrewd. Long live the son of Babutu.
Musalia Mudavadi, Eugene Wamalwa, Kenneth Marende and Cyrus Jirongo are all election losers and therefore have no mandate to speak for anyone. Their purpoted "luhya unity drive" is itself a "lost cause". Luhya People aren't commercial goods to be sold to anyone.
Wetangula win is not news, Jubilee lost that seat for Amani in April, and killed Eugene Wamalwas political career
Pap Kitale town Tranzoia County, the main story is about Moses Wetangula and Musikari Kombo. Jubelee goverment must know that Mudavadi and Eugene Wamalwa don't control politics of Western any more.
I take this earliest opportune time to wish MUSIKARI NAZI KOMBO, EUGENE WAMALWA, WYCLIFFE Musalia Mudavadi AND THEIR PARTIES a merry christmas and a prosperous 2014. I know that there so many things u wished to achieve this year but never made. I can only say that never say no if you still want to try. You are free to petition today or even next year. Merry x-mass.
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