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Eugene Allen

Eugene Allen (July 14, 1919 – March 31, 2010) worked for the White House for 34 years until he retired as the head butler in 1986. He started in the White House in 1952 as a pantry man and over the years rose in his position until finally attaining the most prestigious rank of butlers serving in the White House, Maître d'.

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On this day in 1997, Allen Iverson crossed up his idol Michael Jordan. 👀🔥.
Seems it is 90% fictional with just a nod to Eugene Allen.
Feet up to watch 30 mins in & it's a bit right-on. Pity because Eugene Allen in real life seemed more honourable.
After losing to Oregon by 27 points in Eugene, you better believe Kadeem Allen wanted another crack at the Ducks.
Allen rolled in deep at Texas today. Some major talent on the Forty Acres, including a couple of key targets. htt…
Get this piece of lowlife scum arrested & throw away the key. What a waste of space!
I saw *** (don't call me 'Richie') Allen hit one out at Connie Mack Stadium in North Philly. . Still remember the s…
Former Duck Devon Allen announces he has signed with Nike - Emerald Media
moment: and I waited for tacos with Devon Allen and his friends (who were dressed as A…
I love the Johnny Allen swamp pop version with Belton Richard's blistering accordion. That's great rock 'n' roll!
Meet Eugene Allen, the man who inspired the film "The Butler"
Allen Eagles watching the Ponies at SMU today!!
Allen Eagles are well represented at SMU today.
Allen QB looks great throwing on the run.
Death to subhumans... long slow deaths.
Why is it all right that Logan Allen tortures nonhuman animals with impunity? Why is he not only allowed to...
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Honoring SFC William Eugene Allen, died 12/30/1969 in South Vietnam. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
This no way to treat defenseless animals. its downright disgusting and evil.
Crump died when a truck tried to make a left turn, hit his motorcycle. Truck's driver, Eugene Allen Jones, 47, of Longview has been cited.
Eugene Goos,Sheriff: Investigate and prosecute animal torture done by Logan Carr Allen, and Sh...
Allen Hong leaves Corp to seek new Korean travel retail role
If zika ends up in Eugene, it's gotta be all Devon Allen's fault right?
.your opinion piece adds to stigma: See by
Review: Woody Allen’s is a disjointed meander, now showing in
Crazy to think Charles Woodson, Megatron, BJ Raji, Jared Allen, Eugene Monroe, & others are out on
A really nice preview showed up for Pat Kearns upcoming solo show this Sunday in Eugene with Allen Thompson and...
About to begin closing arguments for punishment in the 177th. Allen Eugene was found guilty on Monday of murder.
Irish Music Night at the Gaelic American Club: With Allen Gogarty on Guitar & Vocals & Eugene Ben...
It would be sooo dope to have my bestfriend in Eugene 💕
Finished Eugene Half at Hayward Field with my best college mate Allen!
THOnline - Reagan and the Butlers - In 2013’s “The Butler” — the acclaimed movie about Eugene Allen, the Africa...
Thanks Allen Turley for sharing this with me. Eugene Peterson and Bono talk about the Psalms. Fascinating.
One of Allen Hall Advertising's (AHA) most recent projects was a campaign for the Eugene Generals hockey team:
Devon Allen returns from injury stronger than ever with sights set on the Olympics
man pays prostitute with stolen cookie $$ Nathan Allen McClain of htt…
Takes me back to a memorable evening in 1984 with Bheki, guitarist Allen Kwela at Eugene's warm and welcoming home in London, UK. Musical.
Kevin Durant: 58th straight game with 20+ Pts, passing Allen Iverson for 4th longest streak over last 30 years.
I know this is pretentious but comparison is not tv but Woody Allen, Eugene O'Neill, Beckett's "Film" with Buster Keaton ...
If Allen of Duke is the Cruz look alike & Eugene is the liberal incarnation of Feeling The Bern, does this gme have political implications?
Federal judge in Eugene to hear a case about water management in the Upper Deschutes River.
Eugene just got shot, and the town's only doctor just got killed. 😔
Eugene is my least favorite character! He so annoying.
Eugene and Abraham have better one liners than Bob Hope and Woody Allen
7. Eugene Peterson translated that text as, “Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.”
Interesting to see how this actually lines up with Eugene Allen's real life
My good friend Eugene Yu has announced his challenge to Rick W Allen for Congressman from Georgia's 12th...
Crazy that we actually see sun today in Eugene 🙌🏽
Eugene mayor calls on to help cities solve homelessness problem
Eugene Allen, the butler who worked in the White House for 34 years 😐
Barry Allen and Iris West as Rapunzel and Eugene from 'Tangled'.
A shout out to from Eugene Tan, Partner,
Eugene is home to a rich, vibrant indie game development scene
That’s a pretty good hit on Josh McCown by the poster of Eugene Sims.
The only candidate whose energy level should be questioned is Grandma's..
Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow as Eugene and Rapunzel from 'Tangled'. [
all spending bills start in the house we needed a new speaker not Paul Ryan! We needed a conser Allen West would be great!
touches my heart and soul dude. That's how music is supposed to be! Tears of joy might happen when I meet him in Eugene. 😍
.isn't the only multi-talented Allen in Eugene. He'll tell you his twin might be family's best athlete: http…
Still looking for someone to go to Allen Stone in Eugene with me on December 1st
"Eugene Allen believed in his country more than his country believed in him" -Wil Haygood
is a who's who of Hillary-bashing hacks--Fournier, Scarborough, Mike Allen, Eugene Robinson--all bashing away.
Doing 2 dates with the fab in Dec! Eugene OR 12/1 and Spokane WA 12/2. There might be more, I might not be at li…
Wrote yesterday on Devon and Carissa Allen, Eugene's newest set of multi-talented, multi-sport twins
OLive Two siblings, multiple sports: Oregon's Devon Allen and twin sister prepare for busy seasons in Eugene: ...
While most people are somewhat familiar with maitre d’ Eugene Allen…: On June 30 Book Discussion gathered to t...
I just watched 'The Butler' (aka Cecil Gaines) - Far fetch from true story supposedly based on the service of Eugene Allen. OH My!!
got money go zouk no money to pay me and Eugene money
What an inspiring story! Just spent an hour listening to Wil Haygood (writer - The Butler) tell the story of Eugene Allen.
Psyched for Paul Giamatti as Eugene Landy. The same year he's playing Jerry Heller. Hope he plays Allen Klein someday to complete the trio.
“forgot to post earlier, but Jamel Allen first dunk of the game🔥🔥
Me and mom just drove to Eugene to find out I don't even have practice today👏
Thats right where i am Eugene Allen!
Eugene allen lets fight the good fight baby!
Thanks Ajeng, Allen, and Baby Keo for stopping by and… (w/ Aloysia, & Eugene Allen Phillipe) —
Mahalo to Eugene Hong for allowing me to share my manaʻo on tonight's call. Sam Allen...boom! Kinau...yes if a...
With Allen Robinson gone, needs a new top target. It could easily be Eugene Lewis
'and Eugene Emeralds just getting underway at Nat Bailey. has the call on the
From the could be something, could be nothing files, The logos have been removed from Eugene Melnyk's private plane.
Gonna be in Eugene on Wed, the 23rd? Come attend the workshop Aurora and I are offering!
Do I have any Eugene friends who want to host me and FIVE amazing young women, ages 16 - 18? We'll be arriving...
from with repostapp. ---. July 14, 1919: Eugene Allen was born. Allen worked had a…
"Eugene Allen (July 14, 1919 – March 31, 2010)[1] was a waiter and butler who worked for the White House for 34...
Gary Allen Engelmann has a show on 07/15/2014 at 09:00 PM @ Brew & Cue in Eugene, OR...
Hello Fam, please vote for my friend Eugene Allen! Thanks!!! . I just found out that I have been nominated...
Who knows you the best? — A lot but mainly Allen, Eugene, Zeeron, Caitlyn, Iana, JL, Nicole, Noah, Denise
Xfinity just came to my door. Eugene Allen they're offering us the same deal for $39.99. Can y'all match it?
he fell on his *** tho, Tony Allen wasn't playin that screen 😂😂😂
Saw "the butler" last night and came away unimpressed. Seems Hollywood F'd up a GREAT story with their fake drama. Eugene Allen's story of working in the WH could easily fill 2 hrs , instead we were all fed 2+hours of lies. Most of which surrounds around a son (who doesn't exist in real life), who was a "freedom rider" and jailed with MLK. Why make it up when the truth is so much better? Frankly, I blame Oprah. Orange, Osage County much better!
That Woody Allen quote about the Groucho Marx quote about the Sigmund Freud quote
According to Wikipedia. Jani Allen is a journalist who had an association with Eugene Terreblanche.
Spied out back so far: Devandra Banhart, Seun Kuti, Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges. Also many Allen Stone lookalikes.
Just finished varnishing my of the legendary Eugene Allen at his estate in
If you liked the film "The Butler," take a look at interview with real White House maître d’ Eugene Allen.
Jani Allan to O. "I have it from a reliable source that u are taking acting lessons for ur days in court"
Change of plan im on my way to Eugene!
Why did Jani Allen write a blog letter to OP? Her affair with SA paramilitary leader Eugene Terreblanche means what?
A blast from the past: Jani Allen says Oscar is like Eugene Terre’blanche via
- so, Eugene landed a gig as a Brother in Debbie Allen's 'Brothers of the Knight'
67 years ago Today, Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier and played his first game in The Major Leagues. There are some excellent films exploring the struggle for equal rights: 42: The Jackie Robinson Story is an excellent biopic starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford, available at both stores. 12 Years A Slave: Best Picture winning true story of slave Solomon Northup's struggle to survive and overcome slavery. The Butler: The true story of Eugene Allen's journey from child of sharecroppers to a 34 year tenure as a White House Butler, where he witnesses, first hand, the evolution of Civil Rights in the U.S. Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom is based on Nelson Mandela's autobiography about his early life, education and 27 years as prisoner on Robben Island for traveling without a passport and sabotage. Who says entertainment can't be educational? Rent one or all of these great films today! Richard
I hate open letters, but this one by Jani Allen comparing Oscar Pistorius to Eugene Terre’blanche is quite chilling
In "Lee Daniels' The Butler" The character of Cecil Gaines was based on Eugene Allen, who served as White House butler for over 30 years and 8 presidents from Harry S. Truman to Ronald Reagan. Come and see the portrayal at Family Night on Friday!
New at the library... From Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Humanities fellow Wil Haygood comes a mesmerizing inquiry into the life of Eugene Allen, the butler who ignited a nation's imagination and inspired a major motion picture: Lee Daniels' The Butler, the highly anticipated film that stars six Oscar winners, including Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey (honorary and nominee), Jane Fonda, Cuba Gooding Jr., Vanessa Redgrave, and Robin Williams; as well as Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, Mariah Carey, John Cusack, Lenny Kravitz, James Marsden, David Oyelowo, Alex Pettyfer, Alan Rickman, and Liev Schreiber. With a foreword by the Academy Award nominated director Lee Daniels, The Butler not only explores Allen's life and service to eight American Presidents, from Truman to Reagan, but also includes an essay, in the vein of James Baldwin’s jewel The Devil Finds Work, that explores the history of black images on celluloid and in Hollywood, and fifty-seven pictures of Eugene Allen, his family, the pres ...
The Butler By Michael Reagan | Aug 22, 2013 | There you go again, Hollywood. You’ve taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies. You took the true story of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986, and turned it into a clichéd “message movie.” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler’” stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, a fictional character supposedly based on Eugene Allen’s real life. But let’s compare the two White House butlers. Guess which one grew up in segregated Virginia, got a job at the White House and rose to become maître d’hôtel, the highest position in White House service? Guess which one had a happy, quiet life and was married to the same woman for 65 years? And who had one son who served honorably in Vietnam and never made a peep of protest through the pre- and post-Civil Rights era? Now guess which butler grew up on a Georgia farm, watched the boss rape his mother and then, wh ...
Just sat in a lecture from Wil Haygood. He was the writer who first wrote the biography on Eugene Allen aka the Butler
Just this week so far Kevin Hart, Regina King, Meagan Good, The President of Haiti Michael Martelly, The Revolt Team (P. Diddy TV Station), Wil Haywood (Author Eugene Allen "THe Butler Article"), and Fmr Congressman Ron Dellums has graced the presence of Howard University. The funny thing is, that its not even Friday yet. You have to love HU!!!
BLACK HISTORY FACT: Eugene Allen Born in Scottsville, Virginia July 14, 1919. He served as a butler in the White House for 34 years. He worked as a waiter in WHITES ONLY resorts and country clubs. He started in the White House as a pantryman. Over the years he rose in his position asHead Butler to the president. He served a total of 8 presidents. He and hia wife Helene planned to vote for Barack Obama but died the day before the election on November 3, 2008. He died in Takoma Park, Maryland at the age of 90 of renal failure.
Eugene-ites: screening is sponsored by Track Town Pizza tonight! Come to Allen Hall 221 at 8 pm for a giant TV watch party + food!
I watched the movie " THE BUTLER" advertised as BASED ON A TRUE STORY ..Here is the actual TRUTH..TRUTH is his Mother was not raped by a plantation owner and his Father was not shot an killed confronting the owner,Truth is he did not live on a plantation in Georgia it was Virginia.Truth Is his name was not Cecil Gaines it is Eugene Allen..Truth is his Wife was not a chain smoking alcoholic as portrayed.TRUTH is he did not have 2 sons he had 1 son.TRUTH is he was not a member of the Black Panthers.TRUTH is his real son was not Killed in Vietnam.What they did get TRUE was That he worked in the White House threw 8 Administrations for 34 years.And his Wife passed the Day before President Obama became President..There I feel much better got that off my chest it infuriates me when they say its True and 99% of it isnt.I want my 4.99 back..It was a pretty good movie but NOT TRUE...
UWM celebrates Black History & Liberation Month in February Feb. 5-26: 9th ANNUAL AFRICAN AMERICAN FILM SERIES Wednesday, Feb. 5 “Fruitvale Station.” In this Ryan Coogler film, a 22-year-old sets out on the morning of New Year’s Eve determined to get an early start on his resolutions: to become a better son, a better partner and a better father to his daughter. His journey leads him to an encounter with police officers at the Fruitvale BART station that shakes the Bay Area to its very core. Post-screening discussion follows. Monday, Feb. 10 “Aujourd’hui (Today).” Returning from America to Senegal, the country of his birth, Satché (played by American actor-musician-poet Saul Williams) finds himself facing imminent death in an imaginary society where death comes looking for you. Informed that today is his last day, he wanders through the city he grew up in, encountering friends and family in this extended poetic meditation. Shown in conjunction with the Festival of Wednesday, Feb. 19 “The But ...
Eugene Allen worked as a cotton picker on the plantation until he was 15 years old and decided to run off and look for a better life.
In celebration of Black History Month, Elizabeth City State University will present a series of films and events under the theme Civil Rights in America. There is no admission for the events.   Film Symposium The four-part film symposium will be held every Thursday. The first two films will be in the Mary Albritton Douglas Auditorium (Rm. 206) before moving to Room 216 of the Walter N. and Henrietta B. Ridley Student Complex for the last two films,   February 6, 2014, 4:15pm   In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer, the first film in our Black History Month film series is entitled "Mississippi Burning." This 1988 drama focuses on the FBI investigation into the real-life murder of three Civil Rights workers in Mississippi in 1964.   February 13, 2014, 3:30pm   The second film of the series is entitled “The Sapphires.” This 2012 Australian film shows how the music of Civil Rights movement transcended America’s borders. It is loosely based on the experiences of an all-female Au ...
"And I thought my family was messed up!" - anybody following the Woody Allen/Dylan Farrow accusations.
Today was the best my love off work got to kickit with my babe eugene allen moore and my babys life is great
I love it when my baby Eugene Moore calls me marie can't nobody can take that man from me I love u eugene allen moore .
"Be nice to everyone. You have no idea what they're going through." - Allen Eugene Palmquist Jr.
Eugene Allen was born on July 14th, 1919 in Scottsville, Virginia on a Virginia plantation field to live with his mother and father.
Hey everyone! Happy Day 3 of Black History Month! Throughout this whole month, enjoy the pleasure of learning about great Eugene Allen!
Black History | Eugene Allen whose life was inspiration for movie The Butler
Fun fact: The gentleman to the left of President Reagan is Eugene Allen aka The Butler & to whom Cecil Gaines character is based on. Here he is, seen overlooking Michael Jackson.
Black History | Eugene Allen. Allen’s life was the inspiration for the 2013 film The Butler.
Get the inside scoop about what's cookin at North Eugene High School on Wednesday @ 8 PM in Allen 221!
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Gene Hackman. Actor. Eugene Allen "Gene" Hackman is a retired American actor and novelist. In a career that spanned...
Thank you to Will Haygood of the for sharing your story of Eugene Allen, The
"If you think i'm worthy, you'd be the first"- Eugene Allen
NEW ON THE BLOG: "The Butler" producer tells the story behind the incredible film and importance of Eugene Allen:
Eugene pretty please...with sugar on top...million - perfect...
In observance of MLK, my wife and I are watching The Butler. Watching this makes me want to do even more to honor those that paved the way for me and my family. Watching the students get harassed and arrested for sitting at lunch counters. I had the honor of meeting and having dinner with one of the Greensboro Four and it was literally like walking into a time portal. I only wish that we really would respect and honor the fight that many paid the ultimate price for. RESPECT for Dr. King and those who fought the good fight; RESPECT the Freedom Riders; RESPECT for the 3 Civil Rights workers killed in Neshoba County, Mississippi; RESPECT for those who were lynched for the color of their skin; RESPECT for those with criminal records for standing up for something; RESPECT for those involved in the Montgomery Bus Boycott; RESPECT...RESPECT...RESPECT! I rented The Butler, but I will own it very soon! Thank you for your sacrifice and your story Mr. Eugene Allen!
Yeaaa Throwback .. To the far left Eugene Allen if you unaware that's the butler.. Reagan, Micheal…
Check out "JESUS" by Eugene Allen - one more song by this anointed artist.
Check out "GOD KNOWS" by Eugene Allen - here is a new artist to me ,I absolutely love his music
Eugene Allen is the sourse of the stuff Academy Award winners are made of.
Just finished reading the Butler which is a short book that covers Eugene Allen and the movie, it's a very good read and great movie as well
did you know that Nate Robinson can dunk? LOL ray Allen is consider tall dy la
did you know, Ray Allen can freaking dunk!?
The True Story of Mr. Eugene Allen... Was it Hollywood fiction or fact?
Talk by writer Wil Haygood on White House Butler given to air on 12/25:
need to make tp the head couch and let Allen qb
Saw today. Good film. Shown all the aspects of Eugene Allen's life. Just a little too slow and too much about the Civil Rights
Thank you for the story and thank you Eugene Allen for all your fight.♥
Didn't realize how much I missed Eugene. Great day lunching with & getting a tour of the new Allen Hall from
"The Butler's real name is Eugene Allen. Here is where the movie rewrote history: he did NOT have a son who died in Vietnam...
Microfossil Advent Day 21: sent to Heron-Allen in 1928. Eugene was Arthur Earland’s nickname given by H-A
Barbican - The Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen via
Watched 'The Butler' last night, I had to give some thought as to how to review this film. From beginning to end, it gripped me and educated me, with the added bonus of outstandingly convincing performances from Oprah Winfrey, Aml Ameen, David Oyelowo and of course a Grammy Award worthy display from Forest Whitaker. The film was mind blowing and eye opening, I know in my case, I was ignorant to certain historical events in American History, from the Black Panther and Civil Rights movement to the election of Barack Obama, so this was extremely educational and impactful. This was probably the deepest and most influential film I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I always knew it was important to have a black president elected, but never really knew how much after seeing this film, loosely based on the life story of the butler, Eugene Allen. Seeing how much one man has gone through, in order to overcome adversity and discrimination, triumphing, in his own way. Losing so much throughout his life, but fin ...
This evening my family and I, after enjoying dinner at the local Golden Corral, had the chance to see “The Butler” at the Beltway Movies 6 theater in Perry Hall. Unlike what I did after the last two movies that all four of us watched together in a big-screen setting – “Lincoln” and “42” – I won’t inundate all of you with a full-blown laundry list of all the various details of “The Butler” (music, casting, direction, etc.). And I wouldn’t place the movie in the same category as those other two – “Lincoln” and “42,” IMHO, were each great; “The Butler” was very good. And there’s nothing wrong with “very good,” right? Forest Whitaker did a fine job in the titular role (based to some extent on real-life White House butler Eugene Allen), and Oprah Winfrey gave her best movie performance to date as his wife. There were also some strong performances from such supporting-cast members as David Oyelowo (who I think deserves an Oscar), Vanessa Redgrave, Cuba Gooding, Jr. .. ...
I didn't know there was a film based on 'Eugene Allen' 👀
Quick doco about Eugene Allen the man who inspired THE BUTLER
His son was never a Civil Rights activist and for the record, Eugene Allen only had one son.
Just watched the truly movie, «The with portraying Eugene Allen. Needles to say it’s a must see.
Wil Haygood, author of 'The Butler" shared his thoughts on sharing Eugene Allen's story at Ball State tonight. I can't wait to share his.
OWN buys rights to broadcast ‘The Butler’ Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker in 'The Butler' Oprah Winfrey has won rave reviews for her performance in the box office hit The Butler, and now the media mogul will have the rights to broadcast the film on small screens for as long she wants. Winfrey’s wildly popular cable network OWN has made a deal with the Weinstein Company (which distributed the film in theaters) to become the first non-pay network to air the period drama. The movie is based on the life of longtime White House service worker Eugene Allen, who worked under several American presidents during the Civil Rights movement and other influential periods of U.S. history. The Butler has earned over $100 million at the box office and has generated Oscar buzz for Winfrey and her co-star, actor Forest Whitaker. “On the heels of the film’s fantastic debut, we couldn’t be more excited to showcase this incredible movie for our viewers,” said Erik Logan, president, OWN. “This is a film that e ...
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The fictional Cecil Gaines is based on the life of Eugene Allen... Look him up!
The real "Butler" Eugene Allen. Talk about being the fly on the wall!!
Two problems with The 1) It fictionalized the amazing life of Eugene Allen; 2) presence detracts from the story.
The Butler...amazing movie and great history lesson. had never heard of Eugene Allen before. Incredible life he had. Forrest and Oprah great
Parishioners remember Eugene Allen as a devoted peacemaker
Yeah, THE BUTLER doesn't interest me. Would be interested in a documentary on Eugene Allen. Anyone?
Some back story on The Butler and the man who inpired the story, Eugene Allen.
Amazing! Black Butler who Served 8 U.S Presidents Inspires Film: This is the amazing story of a black man who ...
S/O to Mr. Eugene Allen... I know he has stories for days after serving 8 presidents. Who would've…
WOW! What a great movie, the ugly days of through the eyes of Eugene Allen(Cecil Gaines)The butler, a must see
Thank you Mr. Eugene Allen for setting a good example to ALL. Every person that has the breath of life, has the...
So glad someone wanted to tell the story of Eugene Allen. Saw The Butler last night. Great story.
even though I'm not a new follower but I wanted tell you that I saw the movie "The Butler" is based on Eugene Allen's life
"The movie directed by Lee Daniels is inspired by the true story o Eugene Allen who served as a butler n the White House 4 several decades."
I liked a video Eugene Allen and First Lady Nancy Reagan
Breast Cancer Awareness
'The Butler' may become a major player in the Oscar race: Via Remembering Eugene Allen
you & the late Eugene Allen's birthdays are a day apart! WOW!
Highly recommend seeing Very moving film about the life of Eugene Allen...
Saw The Butler by Lee Daniels! Awesome film! I have witnessed the 60s, 70s, etc! We are so blessed! Eugene Allen & others RIP!
Eugene Allen, the original Butler, stated on his way to Pres. Obama's inauguration " U wouldn't dream of dreaming abt a moment like this"
Im actually speechless right now. Please go see . A great movie based on the life of Allen
It's a movie, it's entertainment lies. Eugene Allen was well liked by the Reagan's. His wife wasn't a drunk etc. DontBbrainwashed
A look at the faithful side of Eugene Allen - the real 'Butler' the film is based upon
I just saw in WOW. Our history is so rich. What it must have meant to Eugene Allen to see elected! Superb!
Don't miss Lee Daniels' new film, starring as a character based on real-life White House butler Eugene Allen, who
Mom's on the far right. Lots of flowers going on. via
I wish Ronald Reagan had shown all African Americans the same respect he lavished on White House butler Eugene Allen
"But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant." Matthew 23:11 Jesus said it & lived it. Eugene Allen, A GREAT MAN
Great article on the late Eugene Allen the one who inspired "The Butler."
Learn more about Eugene Allen, the man that inspired character in The Butler here: featured in NBC s Science of Love
The true story of Eugene Allen, the real "Butler".
Meet the first man to tell the story of "The Butler"
"You wouldn't even dream that you could dream of a moment like this." - Eugene Allen
The movie is a true Masterpiece bcuz it reflects on a former real-life butler(Eugene Allen)dat got 2c frm Truman to Regan.
Lee Daniels' The Butler is inspired by the real life story of Eugene Allen. Can't wait to watch Aug 16! http…
Lee Daniels's "The Butler" The life of Eugene Allen, who served 8 presidents as the head butler / 18...
Based on the Will Haygood's A Butler Well Served by This Election and the real life of Eugene Allen, The Butler...
I thank rosa parks, MLK, and the butler: eugene Allen.
Very cool story of Eugene Allen: White House butler who worked for eight US presidents
Eugene Allen how's your eye man? I didn't mean it I swear.freak accident :(
"MARIAH PICKIN' COTTON IS BAAAD FOR HISTORY! IT'S A FACT SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE BIG HOUSE WITH A ROOM RIGHT NEXT TO MASSA! CHUH!" A photo from Lee Daniel's latest movie, 'THE BUTLER', is causing a bit of a ruckus about slavery and colorism on the social networks. The movie is about Eugene Allen, who retired as head butler of the White House in 1986. The photo shows Mariah Carey as a 'slave' working in a cotton field with two other darker-skinned (assumed) slaves in the background. The picture raised questions in some folks' minds about the historical accuracy of the film. How likely would it be that someone of Mariah's complexion would be working in the fields on a plantation? Come on... really!! It seems that most people think that light skin meant you were working in the house, and that dark skin invariably put you in the fields, which is untrue. Should we blame movies or our failing educational system for this? The Butler. Starring Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Jane Fonda. Cuba Good ...
The first trailer for the highly anticipated film The Butler has been released. Filmed in New Orleans, the Lee Daniels-directed film tells the story of Eugene Allen (played by Forest Whitaker), who...
We now have the first look at actress Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan, along with Alan Rickman as the Gipper for the upcoming film "The Butler." The film is a historical drama based on a Washington Post article about longtime White House servant Eugene Allen, who served eight...
This really just happened! Ok I had just started on these 2 pictures for a possible upcoming event. The event is the movie premier of "The Butler" a book written by Washington Post reporter and author Columbus native Wil Haygood. There is to be a Big premier here in Columbus in the upcoming months. So because I had a friend tell me about a possible connection to the author that just maybe I could get the paintings seen by the right person and who knows what could happen. The movie rights were purchased by Oprah Winfrey about Eugene Allen a butler of the White House who served under 8 Presidents starting with Eisenhower. The movie stars Forrest Whitaker as Mr.Allen also in the cast is Robin Williams and Jane Fonda. Ok now that its been set up heres what happened. I had been working on the drawing of Mr.Haygood while im volenteering at the Homeport gallery next to the Lincoln Theater and guess who was standing at the door to come in. Wil Haygood with a reporter doing a story on him and where he grew up. ok ...
For 34 years there was at least one constant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Eugene Allen. From 1952 to 1986, Allen served eight presidents and their families at the residence known as the White House. According to the Washington Post, Eugene Allen died...
Jerry "Come Se Me!" Allen, the Eugene mattress guy, is eating thanksgiving dinner alone next to me. Poor guy
WASHINGTON — Eugene Allen, who endured a harsh and segregated upbringing in his native Virginia and went on to work for eight presidents as a White House butler, died Wednesday of renal failure at Washington Adventist Hospital in suburban Takoma Park, Md. He was 90.
Allen West loss means D.C. Black Caucus loses its only African-American GOP member. OK, I do think that's too bad. We need more diversity.
Eugene police have now employed officers in a Prius. I would pay money to see that electric motor in a high speed chase. Lol
Allen West concedes his race in Florida. guess Tea Party needs another one of "their kind" of black person.
Calling Allen West crazy is beneath you. Like him or not he served this country.
Well fb its bday weekend so I guess its time to get it in hitting da clubs tonight in da G really wanted to be in Texas but it is what it is ill be there in Feb all star weekend again cuz Eugene Allen Jr. but any way see u in da streets tonight im hitting every lil spot I can think of happy bday I think its gone be a ciroc girl night good day fb
Allen Robinson and Brandon Moseby-Felder are becoming a very good WR tandem, can't wait to see Eugene Lewis in that mix next year as well.
Allen Robinson baby! Next year WRs will be insane at state. We got Eugene Lewis on redshirt aka Robinson 2.0
New addition to the family Baby Que'shon!!
Well everyone we are on our way to the hospital, so it will be very soon we will have our new baby boy. "Que'Shone Eugene Allen"
The Butler is in pre-production starring Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Forest Whitaker, Jane Fonda. At the White House, Eugene Allen works for eight presidents, starting with Harry Truman in 1952 and ending in 1986 with Ronald Reagan.
Vikings fans are now claiming Eugene Monroe had constant help against Jared Allen the whole game. lol
Allen West blames Obama for Libya killings. he didn't learn from the criticism Romney took. Too dense.
watching all access and Eugene Monroe looks like he's going to be an all-pro player this season. Absolutely stonewalled Allen.
Jared Allen should be on lol Eugene Monroe just shut you down...
More like got beat down by Eugene Monroe lol "Jared Allen thinks replacement refs cost him a sack
Jared Allen is nuts. He was way off side when he got that sack. Trying to cover up the abuse he took from Eugene Monroe.
about Jags LT Eugene Monroe? 22 1 on 1 plays with Jared Allen. Zero QB touches or hurries. Becoming elite.
Oprah Winfrey and Lenny Kravitz on the set of the up and comin movie, "the butler," looking ageless together as a team. Blessings, can't wait to see this next year.
In honor of the service of Eugene Allen, Please have an artist rendering of him done and placed in The White House
Yes sir, Eugene was on the weekly TV show Lageman and him broke down a few plays in which he dominated Allen.
Did you see how Eugene Monroe played against Jared Allen Sunday? 22 plays one on one no tackles no sacks no pressures
Based on opp (Allen) & execution, most dominant OT performance of Wk1 has to be Eugene Monroe, which makes JAX tm pass pro grade really sad.
Join us next Wednesday for a really cool program on Alabama's first State Geologist: Eugene Allen Smith. I know a...
As I start to look at info & gather for the DSB, color me surprised that Eugene Monroe held Jared Allen to no sacks/pressures all day.
I think one of the most impressive things about yesterday was that Eugene Monroe didn't allow Jared Allen to have even 1 pressure.
Eugene Monroe will be our special guest Tuesday night on All Access -- he had a really good day against Jared Allen
Talk about Real. Eugene Monore didn't even give up 1 single QB pressure to Jarred Allen who had 22 sacks last season
Jaguars' Eugene Monroe Blanked Jared Allen: The Jacksonville Jaguars came up short in Minnesot...
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Want to welcome my newbie grandson. Born by the name of : Nehem'yah Shareef Eugene Allen at 7lbs, 4oz and 19 inches long. On the day of 9/07/2012 at 1:09 pm EST.
Eugene Allen and Forest Whitaker side by side "
The first look at Forest Whitaker as Eugene Allen in Lee Daniels' THE BUTLER, plus set photos of James Marsden and Minka Kelly as the Kennedys.
Little Known Black History Fact: Eugene Allen Eugene Allen was a staple in the White House, serving as a butler for eight presidential administrations for over 34 years. Eugene Allen was born in a log cabin in Virginia in 1919 under segregation. In 1952, he was hired as a "pantry man," washing dishes, stocking cabinets and shining silverware for $2,400 a year. In those days, blacks considered positions as maids and butlers in the nation’s capitol prominent and prestigious. But Allen was more than an employee. Promoted to Maitre D’, he was the first butler to attend a State House dinner as a guest, at the invitation of Nancy Reagan. Some presidents would ask Allen his view about certain issues concerning the black community. After President Kennedy died, the first lady gave Allen one of his ties, which he had framed. Allen has served White House guests Sammy Davis Jr., Duke Ellington, Pearl Bailey and Elvis Presley. He’s enjoyed a beverage at Camp David with Jimmy Carter and shared a birthday party w ...
Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Redgrave are in talks to join ensemble cast for Lee Daniel's biopic of former White House butler, Eugene Allen.
(1/4) Jane Fonder will play Nancy Reagan in a new movie,"The Butler", about the late Eugene Allen, a black White House servant for over 30
Jane Fonda Returns to Acting as Nancy Reagon in. 'Eugene Allen': Story of White House Butler
"The Butler" based on real life story of Eugene Allen, quite an interesting one! :
tapped to portray former first lady Nancy Reagan in upcoming film..."The Butler" Follows life of Eugene Allen, butler for 8 pres.
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