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Euclid Ave

State Route 83 (SR 83), also or primarily known as Euclid Avenue, is a city street in the U.S. state of California running from the Foothill Freeway (State Route 210) in Upland to the Chino Valley Freeway (State Route 71) near the Prado Dam flood control basin. 4.0/5

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October 5th is Race for the Cure and Erin Smith our lovely Ambassador from the OM place will be at the Showroom to lead one of the remaining few Saturday morning community classes on Euclid Ave!! In honor of supporting all those affected by breast cancer, we challenge you to wear pink to class, best pink outfit is sure to score some props!!! See you at 9am.
EVENT| Team Emerald will be volunteering with the Colina Park Resident Group and the ALC this Saturday (9/14) in an effort to beautify Euclid Ave. between University Ave. and El Cajon Blvd. All are welcome to attend.
Things are happening in the on Euclid Ave today - deals were being brokered all around me!
Yeah. and let's not EVEN talk about the Development Center Apple Inc., wanted to put on Euclid Ave.
For photos of today's Euclid Ave. house explosion, follow 19 Action News on Instagram.
Make your lunch hour musical! Meet us at Euclid Ave. by Severance Hall at noon today for a Blossom preview by
Today we getting fly before we hit mansion élan! Come holla at me 1120 Euclid ave ! Right in lil 5
Friends - Friday (today) at 2:15pm, a few of us are meeting at the Euclid Ave. stairs for a workout similar to...
What chickfila do u work at — The one on Euclid ave. by the hospital
We'll be giving out cellphone lawn chairs at tomorrow's pop-up concert! 12 noon outside Severance on Euclid Ave.
Ladies in stop by and ask for Royal Jelly Harlem!! 1143 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Pianist Cédric Tiberghien will give a pop-up concert tomorrow at 12 noon outside the Euclid Ave. entrance to Severance. Bring lunch & enjoy!
Looking forward to seeing you at Upland Public Library's 100th bday party! 11am-2pm 450 N Euclid Ave
Hey ladies come and get your hair today!! at 1143 Euclid Ave Atlanta, GA 30307 100% Virgin Hair
Come see us at the STADIUM today. 1120 Euclid Ave NE Atlanta GA. New Cargo pants and caps just landed.
NOTICE OF STREET CLOSURE. The intersection of East Euclid Ave. and North 6th St. will be closed today (7/25) for street repairs.
Ok folks - I'm planning a "stairs" running session this Friday at 2:15pm SHARP! Who's with me? Euclid Ave. in...
*** Euclid ave is poppin for 11 on a Wednesday
MidWay: here is the address to the pool party tonight 6400 Euclid Ave. On the corner of Euclid and Beth. Girls bring snax boys bring drink
Family of 18yo Shirellda Terry to hold Sunday fundraiser - money raised to be split in 3 families of all 3 victims. 4p at 15837 Euclid Ave.
I liked a video IND Fulton St Line: R46 A Trains at Euclid Ave
I'm convinced that all dudes that get off at Euclid ave are sus! Idc idc idc
Had a fantastic meeting with my pastor Excited to get more involved in Euclid Ave!
Throwing Cornhole tonight for Team at in downtown CLE. Come cheer us on 5:30pm 668 Euclid Ave tonight!
The Guys in Blue are pumping for in Look for the tanker on Ave. (1st come 1st served)
This friday at Choices everyone come enjoy free Chocolate & Hennessy. Friday nights are back Cleveland!!! 26159 Euclid Ave
“it going down . . Proper attire required so get…
it going down . . Proper attire required so get…
Tomorrow starts at Join us at 3000 Euclid Ave., OH 44115 @ 6:00 PM. Come…
I'm not at White Castle yet. Lol. I'm at my grandma's on Euclid ave
I hate traveling north on Euclid ave and the endless amount of red lights i catch on that street..
yeah it does! It stopped in the middle of Euclid ave I caused so much traffic!! But *** lol hopefully it dries soon!
accident on Westcott St Both NB/SB between Euclid Ave and Lennox Ave as reported by police
We won't be on the street today, however WE WILL BE SERVING FOOD from our kitchen, located in the 702 Club at 908 Euclid Ave. Take Out only!
Euclid ave, and east 71st street, Cleveland
I hate getting stopped at every light. Thats Euclid ave for you
still about Euclid ave. where's the cops? So many drive in the bus lane ..
Shoplifting suspect takes $10 of food: An alleged thief at the Hy-Vee store at 2540 E. Euclid Ave. got away wi...
Greater's TONIGHT!! At 8:45pm on Euclid Ave. See you there!
I will officially be taking my talents to Euclid ave lofts this September at Cleveland state 😃😃😃
That heavy traffic you see on Euclid Ave.clones without computers trying to get their Romey fix. OK, maybe a couple of cars.
Heading to today? Leave the parking to us and valet right on Euclid Ave. just west of e. 115th
on euclid ave... U kno where euclid terrace at?
No first and second year inservice tonight. Euclid ave has a pool party
Just to ride down Euclid Ave period is an eye sore. Pretty much from Cliffview to University Circle it's ugly. Smh
Photo: Come out and join us after work, Thursday, July 25, 2013 …. 8pm…. Choices Lounge-26159 Euclid Ave. …...
tomorrow! Lets cool out on Euclid ave one day
off euclid ave if I walk out the door I can see the Welcome to Euclid sign smh
See a video of my newest 6155 EUCLID AVE
Join us today for a powerful service at 1:30pm! 15837 Euclid Ave. It will change your life!
I checked in at Euclid Ave Trolly Station on
at Benton Heights is the spot yall. Come worship with us at 11am. 990 N Euclid Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022!
OPEN HOUSE TODAY! 58 Euclid Ave Riverside, RI 02915. Check out this great home from Noon - 2 pm
he wasn't even up by the time I got home and I did 75mph on 91 and then 40 on Euclid ave. LIKE ***
I'm from noble and euclid ave but I be on chapman and I claim TTG...
Ladies free till 12 tonight my bday party lets kick it 24900 Euclid ave
We're sorry to announce that this Wednesday, July 3, we will be permanently closing a few of our St. Louis area locations at 3 p.m. This includes the following locations: Wentzville, Olive Blvd., Washington, Mid Rivers Mall, Euclid Ave. and Fairview Heights. It has been great serving you, and we thank you for your patronage at these restaurants. We’re still serving up your favorites at our other St. Louis area locations and look forward to seeing you at one of these Qdoba restaurants in the near future! If you have any questions, please contact Social
Via: Darren Brush PLEASE RE-SHARE THIS. I am looking for Ramona and Larry Larue (they lived in Bourbonnais). they are my aunt and uncle...Brandon and Brian Larue ( cousins)...Donnie and Loraine George ( live in Momence) .. I grew up in Bradley on Euclid Ave near Soldier Creek and Bradley. Please contact me if you have any information on their whereabouts. Thank you.
Join us on Friday, June 28, to watch a long preview the documentary, American Promise, a look into the lives of two middle class Black families as they navigate the ups and downs of parenting and educating their sons. The movie (about 45 minutes long) and discussion afterwards begins at 11 a.m. at Cleveland State University's Main Classroom building, room 137 (1899 Euclid Ave.) For more info on this free public event call Prester Pickett, Coordinator of the Howard A. Mims African American Cultural Center at (216) 687-3656.
Looking at these old pictures of Euclid Ave. from, 1885... I realize the train came into town on the tracks just above State Street. Picshows the Old Fountain, Picis a further and wider view. You can see the Train Station to the lower left, People arriving in town would see where they made a flower hill that spells out ONTARIO. (It occurred to me, that's just like at the Disneyland Rail Road with the Flowers spelling DISNEYLAND.) ~ So, the Original entrance into town was down at State Street... Only a block or so up from there was, " Main Street." It makes sense now... Why Main Street was so Tiny compared to the later, Holt Blvd. & Mission Blvd.'s... From where those trees begin to the bottom of the pictures# 1 & 2, is where the underpass is now... The bottom left corner of picture is where the Old Foot long Hot Dog joint was. ~ The large white Bldg. in the distance, to the left (west) of Euclid in Pic's# 1 & 2 is where Holt Blvd is, it appears... ~ Pic3# shows the rooftop of the Train Station and the ...
Hello All! Just updating you with additional information. Sven Hermelin's Memorial Service will be this Friday, June 21st, at Life Bible Fellowship Church (2426 N. Euclid Ave. Upland, CA 91784). The service will be from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, followed by a potluck dinner at the conclusion of the ceremony. Please join us in sharing fond memories of Sven. If you are able to contribute to his services via the potluck, please sign up here (or bring food Friday): you are able to contribute to our kids' (Alyssa, Annette, and Scott) college fund, please send money to 562 Wesley Way Claremont, CA 91711. Lastly, if you are able to be a part of the Meal Train, you may do so here: thank you for your prayers and help.
Comedian Rob Allen, is one of the stars of A Night of Artistic Seduction sponsored by Patron, July 13th at the EEP Creative Arts Center and Gallery located at 13240 Euclid Ave on July the 13th. Appetizers and Beverage are included in the ticked price. Rob, has toured Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britian and Canada. He has Performed with Robin Harris,Sam Kinison and Bernie Mac. as well as Patti Labelle, Chris Tucker Martin Lawrence, Jaime Foxx, Steve Harvey and many others. Rob has blessed BETs Comicview 8 times and won the Redd Foxx "cutting edge" award on bet. He also wrote starred and directed his own movie called " The Sugar" & was the 1st comic ever banned from ComicView. Get out and see Funny man Robb Allen in action prior to our JULY 13th show. He will be performing on JUNE the 15th at the 2nd Annual Comedy Showcase along with Cool TLC... Information is posted on the attached flier... or Hit up Comedian Rob Allen or host Joey Zsa Zsa up for more information... .. Come on out and be ...
This morning just as I passed E. 79th @ Euclid Ave. I had to come to a sudden stop, then wait for cars to pass me so I could go around, as a driver very slowly backed a car out of a parking lot, parked in the bike lane and started to change a flat. He was already in a parking lot, not bothering anyone, but decided his best course of action was to pull into the road and park, illegally, in the bike lane. Clearly the problem is that all those damned cyclists just don't follow the rules.
Been busy working on the garage sale, OMW, Stuff from the attic ,basement , sheds and Jordan *** hole, (little like a small beginning of a horder ) We sure do have the stuff and could open our own flea market. legs and back maybe gone but the sale is starting to pull together. So tell your friends and families Friday & Sat & possible still on sunday , Inflatable for the yard every holiday has been touch, and boys clothing with plus size lady . Paddle Boat for those of you who get to enjoy vacations . Hope to see you at the sale. Worth stopping in , sure you will fine a treasure. Hidden N. Euclid Ave.
Accident at 94 east at the Euclid Ave. exit right now. Be careful people.
Okay so aside from having a jam packed night at work on my way home I75N to US 35 was closed.. made me drive 3 other closed exits to u-turn back onto I75S... I get to the US35 exit and. its MF closed!!!... okay I get off on the next exit and my navi says go to washington st and... its closed!! Pitch black bad neighborhood (1130pm) so I follow the suv infront of me because we are obviously both trying to get to US35 via the detour signs.. drive thru some streets Germantown Pike, Euclid Ave.. come to a stop and heard a firework go off but it was a GUN SHOT! I hear another one, the blue suv infront of me slams on the gas goes thru the stop sign so I duck into my steering wheel and floor it too... an ambulance screeches by me... suv and me get to Mccall and onto US35... I start bawling my eyes out, scariest moment of my life!!! Apparently where I was is the WORST crime spot in Dayton. CITY OF DAYTON USE SOME COMON SENSE YOU SHOULD NOT DETOUR TRAFFIC IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT THRU A FREAKING GHETTO, SLUM, TR ...
Captain America closures E 9th St is closed between Chester Ave and Bolivar Ave through tomorrow. Use E 18th St as an alternate. Euclid Ave is closed between E 6th St and E 18th St through Saturday. Use Superior Avenue as an alternate. Buses will be re-routed to Prospect Ave. E 6th St closed between Superior Ave E and St Clair Ave through tomorrow. Rockwell Ave is closed between E 9th St and W 3rd St through tomorrow.
Captain America Traffic Closures: Hey Cleveland, starting today and lasting until May 25th, Rockwell Ave between E. 9th St and West Mall Drive will remain closed for the filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In addition, E. 6th St between Superior Ave and St Clair Ave will remain closed from today until May 25th. Tomorrow, E. 6th Street between Superior Ave & Euclid Ave will be closed. A lane will be maintained for access to the 515 Euclid garage. Garages on Vincent Ave. are accessible via E. 9th St. This is a single day closure.
Join us tomorrow for the Second Annual Youth Summit at 11:00 am @ 404 Euclid Ave, San Diego, California 92114
IT”S KNOWN AS POST TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME You jump for joy because you are told now someone on restricted duty can drive a van and pick you up at the lot where you park your car. However none of you mentioned a word about the fact that the Brooklyn Division lost over 10,000 DOLLARS per day in overtime a week ago from the “A” shuttle in Far Rockaway. The “A” train for the entire month of April had no service between Euclid Ave and Broadway Junction without a replacement shuttle. The “Q” train had work done with no replacement shuttle and the beat goes on. Now it is Ok to blame the TA when these things happen because we do not have a BOOGIE man to blame anymore. Emancipate yourselves from MENTAL SLAVERY.
In more trivial lessons today: you can purchase Axe bodywash in a scent called "Thai Massage" at the Dollar Store on Euclid Ave.
My mom just told me my Nana used to special order groceries from Gallucci's on Euclid Ave delivered to her in Rocky River. Thats crazy! 🇮🇹
The world's first electric traffic signal was installed on the corner of Euclid Ave & East 105th Street in on Aug 5th 1914
I-90 is closed in both directions about 10 miles northeast of downtown Cleveland and may remain closed for some time. This will cause significant delays affecting much of Northern Ohio and especially Cleveland, Euclid, and Lake County. Through traffic should avoid Cleveland completely if possible using interstates 80, 480, and 271 - this will add about 25 minutes to your trip. Local traffic should expect a several hour delay as all the usual alternates (Lakeshore, Waterloo/Villaview, S. Waterloo, St. Clair, Chardon, Euclid Ave.) are likely to be packed. The closure is between E. 152 and E. 200.
We are located at 1903 E Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004.Email (friendsor call our friendly office staff at (847) 255-5112.
Obviously this is a request to my local friends. Anyone interesting in coming to my Choral club concert May 18th, at 7:00 p.m. It will be at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on Euclid Ave, San Diego. I will get you the actual address later. There will be a reception at 7 with finger foods and drinks (non alcoholic) several raffles and a silent auction. All raffle prized and auction prizes are a minimum value of $25.00 ( pretty nice stuff) We will hold our concert at 8 p.m. with 15 choral selections some of which you will definitely know and 4 soloists and one quartet. I am singing a solo, you'll have to come to hear it. Tickets for this fabulous event are $10.00 a piece and include one raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will be available at the reception, where you will be able to view all the prizes. The money goes to help support our group and also we give away scholarships to up and coming vocalists. The winners for this year will be appearing at the concert too. Please come!
Order Miche Bag Online!
2/28 at 12:24am A motorist reported a white Ford driving recklessly on Erie and Vine St. An officer pulled behind the vehicle and observed it weaving on Euclid Ave. A traffic stop was initiated and the 25 year female driver was placed under arrest on suspicion of OVI after failing several field sobriety tests. Her bond is $414 which she posted at 7am.
We regret to announce that the venue will be closing its doors for short while after March 4th. Although The Five Spot is closing, there are bright new things in the works for 1123 Euclid Ave to reopen soon, so stay tuned. All additional March shows will be listed on the website calendar to say what rooms they are being relocated to. These past years have been amazing, and we appreciate all the great music, great times and the support of this wonderful community. We look forward to telling you about the future plans for the room soon! Thanks Again, Atlanta. We hope to see all of our Five Spot family out for these shows to cheers some beers and share some smiles: Weds 2/27- The Deadfields, Red Honey and Hermit Kings Thurs 2/28- Bubonik Funk with Soulhound Fri 3/1- The Good Foot Presents: Five Spot Closeout Show Pt 1 feat. Mercury Orkestar Brass Band, Norman Frank & The Ghost Dance, Bahnhof and Late Night All Star ATL Jam Sat 3/2- Windstorm Presents: That 1 Guy Mon 3/4- PRCS Music Presents: Five Spot Closeo ...
I had an interesting day yesterday, I saw Elvis at Spinners on Euclid Ave. He liked my guinea pig joke. And on tv I found a cattle auction like I enjoyed last time I was in Saratoga NY!
Come see us at the Arlington Park Home Show Feb 22nd -Feb 24th at the Arlington Park Racecourse @ 2200 Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights IL 60006. Check out our booth for information and a Free Raffle! Hours are Friday 5-9pm, Sat & Sun 10am - 5pm
Traffic alert: Accident with injuries reported in 3700 block of Vineville Avenue near Euclid Ave. and Berkley Drive.
Hello all, Cornel West will be speaking at All Saints Episcopal Church at 10 am this Sunday, Feb. 3; it is free and open to the public. All Saints is located across the street from City Hall on Euclid Ave. be sure to get there early! A few of the BSA board members will surely be representing at this event. hope to see you there!. Also, he will be speaking at Zion Hill Baptist Church on Friday, Feb. 1 and the event starts at 5:30 pm; you will need to register to attend. Contact Zion Hill for more info.
Just got this email from Jim Davison:He helps operate the Baseball/Broadcast Museum on Euclid Ave. (The Arcade) in Downtown Cleveland.. "Dear radio friends, I just got a call from Bob Zimmer who is in charge of the Baseball Heritage Museum in the Colonial Marketplace Arcade and Bob just mentioned to me that a water Main had broken over the weekend above the Baseball Museum and came thru the ceiling spilling water all over Bob's baseball collection, while flooding his upper floor and ruining alot of baseball prints, and other artifacts. he said the upper flooring will have to be replaced and parts of the lower level of the Baseball display area which was only three steps down from the upper baseball display area. With that being said, more bad news is that he ventured downstairs to where the Broadcast museum is, and 8 inches of water had risen on the lower broadcast floor along with the ceiling dropping plaster from being wet and now that the water has left the building lower level floor today, the plaster ...
the address is 347 Euclid Ave, Cleveland. get there early becuz u will have to park on the street
Ray update...well he's coming home today. The med that needed to be built up got there over the weekend. So I have to make the trek into the Cleveland area to the big UH Hospitals on Euclid Ave. I hate driving in Cleveland! People are crazy in the cities! So now I need you all to pray for my safety in and out of there!
Join us today at 1:30pm for our, "I wont go back!" Sunday! Today we declare we are moving forward in every area of our lives! 15453 Euclid Ave in East Cleveland
Tune in, 5 minutes from now. We debate on Sports Power Talk today; which Cleveland sports team is closer to giving us a parade on Euclid Ave. Tune in here:
Join me at The Empowerment Church today for "I won't go back!" Sunday! We declare we are leaving our past where it is today! Join us at 15453 Euclid Ave in East Cleveland.
disabled vehicle in the intersection. on Euclid Ave at Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
THE 4TH DISTRICT CITY COUNCILMAN SEAT IS VACANT! If you live in the following communities U must attend: Alta Vista, Broadway Heights, Chollas Creek, Chollas View, Emerald Hills, North Encanto, South Encanto, Jamacha, Knox, Lincoln Park, Lomita Village, Mount Hope, Mountain View, North Bay Terraces, Oak Park, O’Farrell, Paradise Hills, Skyline Hills, South Bay Terraces, Valencia Park, Webster. Double Six Productions & PreacherBoy/New World Productions is putting together a 4th District City Councilman election debate. It will take place at the Malcolm X Library on the corner of Euclid Ave and Market St. on January 19th at 1pm- 2pm. There will be a Q&A session right after the debate, you can voice your concerns. Let me know if you will be there. Tell your friends and family as well.
Item is the rezoning request before the Plan & Zoning Commission for the former DM Lumber site at 2425 Euclid Ave. The request is to change the zoning from C-2 commercial to M-1 industrial. The meeting is held in the city council chambers at 400 Robert D Ray Drive.
Phil Dawson would like nothing better than to carry the Lombardi Trophy down Euclid Ave.
accident. three lanes blocked on 10 WB at Euclid Ave
Howard Beach Euclid Ave resume regular service with delays; smoke condition at Euclid Ave cleared by
Howard Beach Euclid Ave turning at Jay St & B'way-jct due to smoke condition at Euclid Ave
Okay Cleveland Collective Upcycle's last day downtown for the holidays come on in for your last minute gifts! 11-5, 530 Euclid Ave. next to Colossal Cupcakes - YUM! :)
Guess who has Taylor Swift tickets? Mitch does!!! She will give them away this Thursday at Labadie 711 S. Euclid Ave in Bay City this Thursday 4-6! Get there and register to win them this Thursday!
Want a great shredded beef taco in Anaheim, Ca. Go to Mexicasa on Lincoln Ave just west of Euclid. $1.60 each, get a big guacamole to go :)
Getting ready for a powerful service in 1 hour! Join us at The Empowerment Church! 15453 Euclid Ave in East Cleveland.
We will explore how to hear and understand the voice of God and how that allows us to understand our purpose. For so many people it is hard to know if they are really hearing God and what they are called to do in life. There are a few things we need to understand about this . We must recognize that ...
I am at 200%! Spent some time with my Pastor and First Lady and The Shepherds Connection Fellowship this week as well as my family. I am ready to preach today! Somebody is getting free today, finding their purpose, and going to their next level! Meet me at The Empowerment Church at 1:30pm. 15453 Euclid Ave in East Cleveland.
Whittier- Whittier Blvd and Colima Lancaster- Ave J btwn 5th St and Challenger Malibu- at Pepperdine on PCH Upland- Euclid ave and 7th St. Santa Ana- Main btwn 17th St and Santa Clara Norco- Hamner ave and 6th st Bellflower- Alondra and Woodruff Norwalk- Imperial hwy just west of Bloomfield Tustin-McFadden and Williams
and , Come to Choices Lounge -26159 Euclid Ave, 6p, live music, free food, $2 Ciroc, and a bangin after party
NOW Inland Empire DUI Checkpoint in Upland at the intersection of Euclid ave and 7th ~~Be Safe Everyone~~ LIKE and SHARE with your friends.
Checkpoint in Upland on Euclid Ave && 7th!
NOW DUI Checkpoint in on Euclid ave and 7th
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
it's on Euclid ave off Moreland ave downtown
Alexis gone give u a flyer but its at this place called Coco Louco Brasil (in the central west end) 512 N Euclid Ave
Come down for breakfast at the Atomic Cafe. Enjoy hot coffee and great food. Today specials are Pork Chile Verde breakfast burrito for $7.95. So get the family and come down to 1998 Euclid Ave. or call for takeout 442-1661.
Skeleton Crew promotions is hosting a show in des monies at the Underground Rock Shop (617 Euclid ave) and Rehtek has been added to the bill... What do you all say we get a tama crowd there???
Photos from our ongoing campaign to end the cat intubation lab at Washington University School of Medicine.
Supporting local artists in the LA theater scene is important to us - glad to be joining several bands at a cool house fundraising show tonite. If you are near Ontario come dance with us. Dustbowl at 9pm. 951 N. Euclid Ave - Ontario.
Uptown is down to its last couple of apartments and has some great specials available! Make the coolest new address in Cleveland your home today! Call or stop by the leasing office, 216.999.7196 at 11471 Euclid Ave!
Day One is a community-based nonprofit organization with a 24-year history of providing effective, high quality and culturally-sensitive public health education, intervention, and policy development.
This Friday and Saturday at noon, you are invited to Neechi Commons at 865 Main Street @ Euclid Ave. to hear a presentation about Neechi Investment Shares. A free lunch and a tour through the exciting new facility also will be provided.
The union Christmas party will be Friday 12-21-12 from 1700-2100 @ the AFL-CIO hall 3250 Euclid Ave.
Some amazing things are happening at Simple Services! People are getting free! Join us on Sunday afternoons at 12. You'll love it! 20713 Recher Ave. (Slovenian Society Home) Euclid, OH off E. 200th Street near Drug Mart.
from the desk of the MM: Taking the kids to see Santa...what's your horror story?
CONVENIENT VALET SERVICE AVAILABLE for $8 with proof of purchase or Self-Park for only $5 at the 515 Garage on the corner of Euclid Ave. & East 6th Street. After 5:00 PM Parking voucher to be validated with proof of purchase at Pickwick & Frolic.
EVERY MONDAY we are offering free classes Gardening classes are for children 3-5 yrs old. We will be composting and taking care of our worms in the worm farm! 9:30 AM-11:30 AM Meet us at the Market Creek Plaza 404 Euclid Ave, San Diego, CA Tell your friends
PFLAG Cleveland will host its next support group meeting TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11th @ 7:30 PM in Trinity Cathedral (E22nd St and Euclid Ave). Free, lighted, secure parking is available at the Prospect Ave entrance to Trinity Commons. We hope to see you there!
FREE FOOD GIVEAWAY Dragon Loco Chi-Mex Fusion How do I win you ask? A Treasure hunt naturally. To enter go to our mother-site and search for "Dragon Loco" and on our listing page you'll find the usual great detailied info like store hours, a menu review, our exclusive video hosted by Food Critic Allan Borgen and pictures of "Allan's Favorites". The contest is to list one of Allan's Favorites here and why you think you deserve FREE FOOD! Good Luck Dragon Loco Chinese Mexican Fusion 3.6/5(74%) 18 votes Phone: (909) 983-2940 2509 S. Euclid Ave Ontario CA, 91761
REPOST FROM Angela Naturally Fly Walker: You are Invited to come on down! 1130 Euclid ave in little 5 points inside the bazaar! I am so happy you like the Natural Butterfly Shea butter! Chef Jaquell loved the aroma therapy blend.. His wife is called me 2 hrs after the event and told me that I would see we this Friday! How awesome is that!!! It would not have happen if it weren't for you, thanks so much Cairo Qween
Join us for worship today at 1030 am! 26300 Brush Ave., Euclid, OH 44132.
Join us tomorrow and be empowered by the word of God! You will be glad you did! Let God speak into your situation. 15453 Euclid Ave
Join us tomorrow at 1:30pm for a high impact service! 15453 Euclid Ave
Sand Bag Information -- During inclement weather, the Streets and Sanitation Division will provide un-filled sand bags to residents for their use. The City of Anaheim provides a maximum of 10 bags for each single-family dwelling and 25 for multi-family or commercial complexes. -- Proof of Anaheim residency or business ownership must be provided when pick-ing up sand bags. -- Please note that only the bags are provided; fill materials are the responsibility of the recipient. If sand is not available, substitute dirt from your planters. -- Sand bags can also be purchased from major hardware stores and home centers. -- Fill the bag about 1/2 full. Use soil from your planter areas. Then after the storms, the soil can be returned to the plant and you will not have excess soil to discard. -- Sand bags will rot in the sun. Placing them out too early in the storm season may cause more problems if the bags are rotting. Check the bags for rips or weak spots/seams. Keep plastic sheeting available in case of an emerg ...
Hold on to your Santa money kids! Fox House will reopen January 1, 2013! 503 Euclid Ave, (above the barber shop where Charmed Life Tattoo has been). CAN'T WAIT TO SQUEEZE THOSE FOXY FACES!
Fun times were had tonight supporting Blossom in the local Lexington Christmas Parade! First parade for my little ones & they loved every minute of it! For all of you local ladies, Blossom carries coveRumps, so if your in the market, check them out on Euclid Ave!
Join the PLTS community tomorrow evening! We are having our Adventfest to celebrate this joyous season! Where: Brewed Awakenings coffee shop on Euclid Ave. When: Fri. Dec 7th, 7-9 pm There will be a talent show filled with entertaining performances, and maybe a joke or two! Bring friends, family, talents, and maybe a couple dollars if you'd like coffee. If anyone would like to showcase a talent, please send an email to: kwinter-eulberHope to see you there!
The Bristol Christmas Parade will begin at 7:00 tonight, forming on Morrison Blvd. and traveling east on State Street to Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. There will be heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area. This will also hold true in the area of Euclid Ave. and Morrison Blvd. as the participants make their way to form up. Motorists can expect closed streets and delays associated with the parade route. The parade is expected to be large in size, and no vehicles will be allowed to cross State St. after the parade begins. Please use care when walking or driving in this area.
The Muskingum County Rabbit Advisory will hold a planning meeting on Thursday December 13th @ 6:30 PM. The Meeting will take place at Euclid Ave. UM Church Basement, located just off Maple Avenue behind Dairy Queen. Please call 607-0402 if you have any questions!
Santa Visits Westwood Beginning on Monday, December 10th through Friday, December 14th, Santa's visits begin in Westwood with the help of our Volunteer Fire Department.
Some information from Bart's cousin. So another update, he is on the step down unit, he is off the ventilator. Still on dialysis and feeding tube. He did try to mouth some words, however they were unsure what he said, they think it was "Go home". Hopefully they are going to start rehab for him, as he is still unable to move his body on command. It is going to be a long road to recovery, but thank heavens he is on the right road. Sue and Joe are reading him all of the cards that are being sent, so keep them coming! Bart Stoll c/o Cleveland Clinic 9500 Euclid Ave G91 Room 25 Cleveland, OH 44195
NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW! * 33 Turakina St: hot location, do-upper on flat section with single garage. RV $275,000 - it's vacant so I can take you through any time... * 5 Euclid St: first home buyers, cheap, good basement garage, tidy but needs bit of makeover, range $220,000-$270,000. * 56 Govett Ave: private character around the corner from Woodleigh school, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa, new kitchen, modern bathroom and double garage, $320,000-$370,000 neg range. * 42 David St: beautiful character home with self contained sleepout, great feel and good location as well, high $300's. * 264 Tukapa St: Frankley school zone villa, modernised, private garden and affordable. * 18 Omata Rd: 2 bedroom house with parklike section in back, neg over $210,000. * 95 Awanui St: relocated villa, new kitchen, renovations have not completed yet, price to be confirmed. Call/text/email me if you like more info or like to view!
PRAYER REQUEST / UPDATE: (1) Mrs. Dory Adamos had been in hospital due to pneumonia and now stays at Friendship Manor on Euclid Ave in National City (informed by her son Mr. Davis Adamos). Let us lift her up in our prayers for a speedy recovery with God's strength. (2) Mr. Reno Bagasin is still be treated for pneumonia at Scripps Hospital in Chula Vista. Let us continue to keep him in our prayers for God's healing and strength.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The monthly business meeting of Soroptimist Int'l of The Foothills will be held at 7 a.m. Thursday at International House of Pancakes, 80 N. Euclid Ave.
Hope you are enjoying this flawless weather today! Our weekly run is tomorrow which is Tuesday, December(can you believe it's already December) 4 at 6:30 pm. The meeting place is our store. See you all tomorrow! Our group leader, Luke, has prepared the following route for tomorrow: 5+ Mile Out-&-Back Route: 1.Go south on North Highland Avenue past Virginia Ave., Ponce, and North Ave. 2.Once you cross over Freedom Pkwy hang an immediate left onto the Freedom Pkwy Trail. 3.Stay on Freedom Pkwy Trail and cross over Moreland Ave.,(not the sharp left turn that runs parallel to Moreland Ave.) then merge left onto main park route. 4.Keep straight on the Freedom Parkway Trail and go past the first art display you see (you will notice this at the sharp curve). 5.Cross over Euclid Ave., fork right to stay on trail. Pass second art display on left and turn around is at Oakdale Rd (next street up from Euclid) . Turn around and go back toward Highland Runners.
TODAY @ Cleveland State University 6PM: Come hear Palestinian speaker Iyad Burnat, leader of Bil'in Popular Committee, Palestinian Village's Non-Violent Popular Resistance Against the Wall. Iyad has been touring the country and is making a stop this evening in Cleveland @ CSU Student Center, SC313 & 315, East 21Street & Euclid Ave.
I'm at Arlington Park Racecourse today for the 32nd annual Lambs Farm Holiday Lights, Gift and Craft Show! 2200 Euclid Ave in Arlington Heights I'm here until 5pm. My booth is on the 2nd floor, booth 548.
The best decorated house in EC is located at_?
Just was in the middle of a high speed chance on Euclid ave!!!
Koozies make great stocking stuffers!!! Available in our downtown store! 342 Euclid Ave. $3ea
In the CLE helping move into the new office. 1621 Euclid Ave. Stop by!
Join us THIS Saturday from 9am to 12pm as we feed the homeless in the City of Cleveland! Meet us at the church 15453 Euclid Ave
Can you still take euclid ave to new york??
Had on Euclid Ave. for the first time today! Highly recommend the Blazin River- twas awesome.
Dec.15 Come turnt to come celebrate her Birthday where ? 20101 Trace Ave In Euclid :* Fw Its about to Booty Shake! 9 - Until
Love the baker electric building architecture on Euclid Ave
On December 16 the house at 507 Euclid ave. in Toronto will be transformed into an art gallery featuring my watercol…
hydrogen bus transports passengers day along Euclid Ave.
Best price in County is $3.57 @ Arco on 1700 W La Palma Ave & N Euclid St in Anaheim. Find more cheap gas:
Official Opening of Collective Upcycle [pop-up boutique] 6-8:00 - Live Music and Holiday Cheer!! 530 Euclid Ave...
Y'all come out and see me make a fool of myself, and do stand up, tomorrow @ FIVE spot. 1123 Euclid Ave. 30307.
I got you come thru 1130 Euclid Ave L5P
Come get your Christmas tree at southern states on euclid ave
My mother's wake will be 4-8 Wednesday night at Brickmans funeral home on Euclid ave in willoughby.
There seems more glass/leaves/rocks in bike lane than usual, from Euclid to Florida Ave. Could use a pass from streetsweeper
Joe the Coupon Guy: CJS CAFE BOGO DEALS: CJS CAFE Get these deals at CJ’s Cafe at 34302 Euclid Ave in Willoughby...
come chill down Euclid ave at Cleveland state sometime. We love you here
Single's Mingle Mondays Dollar Night tomorrow night at Choices Supreme Cafe & Luxury Lounge ! Hosted by myself music by D.j. GeminiLyfe! Free all night!!! We always have a good time and mondays are starting to pick up!!! Large selection of Dollar Shots all night!!! 261st & Euclid Ave
Provided by Amy Foy. You will enjoy entertaining friends and family in this Cape Cod style, all brick, 1.5 story! Imagine sitting on your brick patio grilling while watching everyone play in the nearly 1 acre yard! Located South of Douglas Ave and a few blocks east of ...
I just wanna get rich, ridin down euclid ave with da roof missing!
What time is the parade down Euclid Ave???
"i remembur lonely days n nites only friend i had wus dis haze n white now euclid ave on da map wut chu kno about dat dont gimmie no dap u dont kno me like dat" Touch Boogz
11/23 at 2:17pm WPD responded to an accident on SR 91, north of Euclid Ave. It was discovered a box spring fell...
Join us at 1:30pm. For a powerful sermon entitled, "Get Ready!" don't miss it! 15453 Euclid Ave
I used to live on Euclid Ave., it was quite the busride to get there -so i don't know Pinocchios
Ppl who r on Euclid Ave are dumbasses lmao
Attention Calling all Comedienne, Comedians & Comics If you'll love to be a part of my Show starting Dec 16th & Every Sunday @ The Empire Night Club & Lounge 117 N Euclid Ave Ontario,Ca 91762 Please Inbox Me or email me at need 4 hot and 1 luke warm Comedian for Dec 16th and A Friendly Reminder Every 3rd Sunday will be The Real Divas Of Comedy Night All Females line-up Show time 8:00pm -10:00pm really done by 9:30pm Only $5 before 8:00pm $10.00 After Great Food Drinks & Music Thanking you for all support for it is Appreciated !
If you have any spare time today please help out my friend at 1702 s Euclid ave 91761 ontario ca. Car wash or just donate.
Come in Saturday morning for our homemade Hand breaded cube steak with 2 eggs hashbrowns and toast for $8.95 starting at 7am. 90% of all our food served at the Atomic Cafe is from right here in Montana. We are proud to say we are now serving bread from Van's Thriftway it baked fresh daily and made without all those preservatives. So come in to 1998 Euclid Ave. Were open from 6am-2pm everyday or call for takeout 442-1661.
If you are really trying to kickit meet me at Choices Luxury Lounge. Everyone in ALL BLACK gets in free until Midnight. 261st & Euclid Ave
I said it last year and I will say it this year. LOVE seeing the STAR AT THE END OF EUCLID AVE. It was so clear and warm here today. The star is shining bright tonight.
Going out with Renate and some of her girlfriends to check out the band BIG IN JAPAN tonight at COACHS in Wickliffe/Willowick. It's the old BW3s on Euclid ave near 305th st. Bring your dancin shoes!
The next two people who bring toys get Buffalo Wild Wings prizes!! Euclid Ave. Get here donate a toy!!
Sad story. My little sisters pet cat was found dead, he was only 6yrs old. She rescued him as a kitten off Euclid Ave and had raised him since. She left him with my parents while in school. They thought he escaped last night but he was found dead a few hours ago. She really loved that cat, he was very good and was really social for a cat. Nemo you will be missed.
Why is there a running marathon on Euclid ave? And since wen?
Who remembers the Thanksgiving Day parade down Euclid Ave. to Public Square and some of the cast members of the "Partridge Family" tv show was in it???
I drove past 2 houses on Euclid Ave with full blown Christmas decorations up. Before Thanksgiving and when it's 50 degrees out? Really?
Come through to the barber shop. Its on Euclid Ave off of el cajon blvd .. Hit me up for adress .
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
hey kids!! its terrible TV tuesnight and family night at the old FIVE spot, 1123 euclid ave 30307. with our free tobacco plus no cover comedy!! comics be there by 7:20pm to leave by 9pm and parking may be tough there is a show a the variety playhouse so yalls is on yer own!!
But have you figured out what you doing Friday night??? *** yes - BIG IN JAPAN @ Coach's 30525 Euclid Ave. Willowick!
Head on down to Logan's Candies in Ontario just off of Euclid Ave and B street. They're making the only hand pulled candy canes in So. Cal and they are Amazing! He's giving demo's now through Christmas. Bring the Kids!
at Choices Supreme Cafe & Luxury Lounge. Free all night, large selection of $1 shots all night, and its a nice classy crowd. Brought to you by Entertainment on 261st & Euclid Ave. Get ready for The New Years Eve Countdown Monday December 31st for DOLLAR NIGHT!
To all of my ladies & gentleman of NEW AIRA RECORDS if you haven't already stop in To freshly's gyros on Euclid ave in willoughby we got great food gyros pizza burgers subs if you think about it we actually have everything if yall need a menu I got you I have a stock pile of em @ my crib I salute all of you NAR CORPS 4 LIFE
Traffic alert: Fatal crash involving a motorcycle is reported on Bayshore Rd at Euclid Ave in North Fort Myers.
Law Enforcement is in pursuit of a SUV on Trask Avenue between Brookhurst Blvd & Euclid Ave in the City of Garden Grove California.
Service was GREAT today!!! Pastor Simmons taught a wonderful Sunday School lesson and the preaching was great! For those who know Rev. Brian Simmons, he is the pastor of the Greater St. Joseph Baptist Church, 17715 Euclid Ave. Pastor Simmons is celebrating his 2nd year anniversary on Nov.18,2012 @ 3:30p. Would love to see you there!
And now service @ Bethel Baptist Church of San Diego. Heart and mind ready! 1962 north Euclid Ave. San Diego,CA. Meet me there! 11am morning worship!
got a new numbaaa here's my address tho 607 Euclid Ave La, Ca 90023 that's my grandmas address I'm here
Man do I miss Whitmore's (Ms. Vicky ) on Euclid Ave. In Collinwood! But eating like this remindes me of Sweet-Water-Cafe on Euclid!
20001 Euclid Ave., Euclid, Ohio 44117 who goin here to night it goin ham
im supposed to be going on Euclid Ave
Or come visit us 1143 Euclid ave. inside Envy!!
Come hang out & listen to good music at Jacobs Center on Euclid Ave. I'm emceeing until 6 :)
"What’s there to do tonight tho" come vist me at marinos on euclid ave
Be the 1st to get a copy of Rennell Parker's new book Today! Now at Left Bank Books, 399 Euclid Ave, St. Louis MO. "Loving Me Daily: Poeti…
I found a street called in Oklahoma called Euclid Ave lol
Just the first part of the song (SD card got full up) and the camera-work is a bit shakey at first, BUT.. another super fine performance by Annie & the Hedon...
spotlights at McDonald's on Euclid ave.
Transportation policy needs to focus on whether the youth-trend toward less driving since 2004 is the new normal.
Folk blues swing band led by the honey-voiced singer Annie Rosen, with Jonny Rosen, Peter Davis, and Don Young.
I'm off to have a yard sale... If you have some free time this morning, drive by Euclid Ave. beside of Dominion Music and join us.feel free to bring warm drinks ;)
In Euclid bout to go on the Ave ...
burst water main on Chardon Rd at Euclid Ave
I guess you hood cuz you from Euclid ave
Hello all! Happy Friday! If you are not busy tonight I will be ministering at the Balm Service @ Bethel Baptist Church of San Diego! We will also be live on ustream as well! Come follow me there, and catch the move! 1962 Euclid Ave. San Diego,CA
This is by one of our great vendors and only available in our store downtown. 342 Euclid Ave.
Showing this at 20th People's Art Show...opening tonight 1307 Euclid ave. the opening of this show should be a hoot!
We do T-shirts right! "stuff we wanna say" custom tees for men and woman. 1130 Euclid Ave. Atlanta Ga 30344.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Friday, November 9 at 7:00pm in CST at House of Blues Cleveland
don't know how has the link to You know your getting old. old pictures of Des Moines' Iowa I love that link. Would love to join. Got one for you. What about Spyzman grocerie store on easton place or euclid ave.
Reminder: Tonight is thePeople's Art Show reception 5-8pm. I am staying downtown for Shabbos so that I can walk to reception. If you are able, hope to see you there. CSU Art Gallery, 1307 Euclid Ave. at Playhouse Square. Thank you for your support.
Celebrating Alicia's Birthday @ Empire Night Club Saturday November 17th, come out and show some love. Old school hip hop and R&B, FREE before ten, $10 after. The address is 117 N. Euclid Ave, Ontario CA 91762 be there or be square.
Saturday, January 5, 2013 at 9:00pm in EST at House of Blues Cleveland
the one they rebuilt on Euclid ave serves breakfast all night
Quit all that cussin Tom Tom!! It's the Sports Plant on Euclid Ave. 20001 Euclid. You have to drive back behind the buildings.
Next month Me & Darella about to start every sleep overs on Euclid Ave with our *** Lmao, shhh!
Saffron Daze featuring special guest New Moon Rising (Our Band) tomorrow night at 9:00 PM @ Bub's Pub in Willowick, 30825 Euclid Ave. Hope to see you there!
It's literally like 2 minutes away from OP. If you go Liberia drive past Euclid until you get I Mathis Ave. take a right there
Check out this Single-Family Home: $115,000 2 br 1 ba in Candler Park Atlanta. Charming two bedroom condo loacated in the heart of Candler Park. Walking distance to Little Five Points as well as Freedom Parkway. This top floor corner unit boasts hardwoods throughout and a balcony view of Goldsboro...
We will ring every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. in one hour time slots @ the Kroger on Euclid Ave.
CEO/GM Joe Calabrese presenting on Euclid ave Better Rapid Transit. "Fast, simple, safe, and first class"
Heading to 2104 2106 euclid ave up chichester pa
Halloween 2009 at the PASACAT building (Photo: Ed Sinsay) The night came alive Wednesday, October 28, at the PASACAT building in National City as the organization celebrated their annual Halloween party with food, friends and fun. Families contributed to the feast with pansit, spaghetti, turon, arro...
Euclid Ave eastbound in front of McDonald's is down to 1 lane due to some construction.
The address to the wedding for the people coming is 1820 Norway Euclid ave bristol Va.. It's near hardys off exit three (:MSG me if you need more directions.
Exclusive bus lanes coming on Clifton during rush hours. Less stops for express service, but stops on Euclid Ave.
Good morning fb friends and's Beth, using my husbands fb again. I have a request for any of you that have a few extra minutes.the cost.a stamp, a card, and some kind words. My Dad's bday is Nov. 24th and I would love to make him happy by getting some bday cards, in the mail, at his new home. He will be 89. He is a word war 11 vet. One of the last remaining alive in the state of ohio. My Dad has dementia and wakes every day from his nap, at 4, thinking he is in his foxhole in okinawa. My Dad is doing pretty good, after many hospital stays, on his new med and is starting to calm down a little bit. My Dad and I are a team. I am the only person that he still loves and is kind to. I do know, in the back of my mind, that could change at any visit, but so far my everyday prayers for this relationship is working. His whole face lights up when I come to visit. He is in a new room with a big bulletin board and he has a window bed with a big empty window ledge. I am asking for you to help me m ...
Come kick it with ME for my bday at 16375 Euclid Ave between the Dew Drop & the Sportsman Bar 10-Until (: Byob&w
Project Heal -Thursday November 8th 5:30-7:00pm at the Jacobs Center 3rd floor 404 Euclid Ave. San Diego If you are a parent who has suffered the loss of a son or daughter, Project Heal is a group of parents that meet to support each other in the pain and help one another find joy again. come and share with us. Thats how we learn to live with a tragic loss through frienship and tears.
So sad I'll miss this... Drew is the guy in the upper left...
Keep your tosies warm with a pair of these hot & sexy booties from Scrumptious! Check them out in L5P - 1139 Euclid Ave. Atlanta, Ga 30307 (Inside the Bazaar across from American Apparel)!
The CHE'LU organization is having their 1st Annual Blood Drive on Saturday, Nov 10 from 10am to 3 pm. 404 Euclid Ave, San Diego, CA, Hope to see you there!
Mailing address: Cleveland Clinic 9500 Euclid Ave, Cleveland,OH 44195 Jon W. Morgenstern J8-2 R 09 He is doing very well, will have to stay here near the Clinic for 8 weeks. Walking, eating well, Let your know more this weekend.
November 17th everyone who wants to go to a real party and lives near Williamsport the party its at 2661 Euclid Ave, Duboistown PA. if ur not there Saterday your missing out.
So today was my first day back to work, AMs. I parked over a Euclid Ave. As I pulled out I noticed that there is a long line of cars on Pitkin Ave facing the Conduit and beyond. I figured okay, it must be a Gas line, let me go around the block to get away from the congestion, to head home. I still had a little less than half a tank, so I was in no need to sit on any line. So I take the back street. As I am coming up closer to the Conduit, I see some cars ahead and there is a female NYPD personnel talking to the driver in front of me. To the Left is the Gas station, she moves the cone and the driver pulls up in a short line for Gas. So I say to her " Don't mean to bother you but what City employees are you allowing to get in" and she says "OH, EMT,FDNY,NYPD". I says " Oh, well I work for Transit and I'm running kinda low, is it possible that you can let me in". Shes like "ah, I don't know, I don't want to get in trouble", yada, yada, yada, then said she'd check. She comes back with a another NYPD personnel ...
After today all the attack ads should be over! Obama should be the 45th POTUS. If you think can't vote go try to vote. Get in line before 730 at the Board of Elections on the corner of E. 30th St. & Euclid Ave Cleveland Ohio if you live in Cuyahoga County and are unsure of where your polling location is! There are 2 issues concerning various portions of the Ohio Constitution. Pay attention their is more at stake than just the Presidency of the US. Please read what your ballot says. I tell cause you need to know they have mentioned one ad on tv or the radio to my knowledge and I do not any campaign for or against it READ PLEASE.
this may be moot, but don't bother showing up for comedy this terrible TV tuesnight because we are having a short show so the musicians can have more time to rock/jam out for the LAST time at the FIVE spot, 1123 euclid ave 30307. but go vote then we meet for a drink to celebrate or commiserate!!! first 5 comics go up...the rest go get bent!!
635 Euclid Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA - Condominium for sale in Miami Beach, FL - real estate listing. Want to live the South Beach lifestyle while still having the luxury of your own outdoor space ? BBQ's with friends ? Sunbathing ? Stargazing...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
When was the last time you'll enjoyed a Play at cosy little theater? Well D.A.M. Promoters got Free!! tickets for The Dream & The Journey...AHollywood Story. Saturday and SundayEast Cleveland Theater 14108 Euclid Ave. There's only two shows left, email me wdrakeSubject: Tickets or call (216 ) 224-7236. The list is filling up fast first come first serve so hurry...
Im enjoying boxfit. Its hard work but loving it. Looking forward to seeing our efforts pay off with Lisa Maree Bishop join us at 550 Terapa Road, main entrance Euclid ave Hamilton. $2.50 per class, Mon - Thursday @ 6pm.
Power is back up on Euclid Ave hopefully our lives will start to go back to normal. I'm looking forward to a quiet nights sleep without the rumble of a generator!
Friday, November 23 at 9:00pm in EST at Pura Vida
ITHACA CLASS of 1971 We need to raise $ 1000.00 for Ithaca's Project Pride. The stadium Project. We would get a plaque with Class of 1971 on it, placed at the stadium. If we get 50 classmates to donate an avg. of 20.00 = $ 1000.00 We need to collect all checks & I can present them to The Foundation. Payable to G C C F ( Gratiot County Community Foundation ) in the memo line, "Project Pride". Mail to me at 1027 Euclid Ave - Alma, MI 48801. We all need to put this on our page & ask others to do the same ! Any other ideas? We challange all other classes to do the same ! Current TOTAL $ 235.00 !
Just started to run A & C train into Manhattan from Brooklyn A from Lefferts Blvd. to 168 th St. and C train from Euclid Ave. in Brooklyn to 145 th St. in Manhattan.
Before my son left for school he asked me if I could tell everyone that I know to go out & vote for President Barack Obama bc he will fight for Ohio. Well his decision is made & he's only 9yrs old :), so I'm doing my son the favor that he asked. 2925 Euclid Ave until 2pm ppl get there
57 minutes! Not too late to jump in line! 2925 Euclid Ave. Cuyahoga County Board of Elections!
Relay For Life Fundraiser Crop Saturday, February 23, 2013 9:00 am – 9:00pm North Euclid Church of God, 3430 N. Euclid Ave, Bay City, MI 48706 Join us for a day filled with hours of cropping, prizes, food, fun and fellowship. • The fee is $35 and includes your table space, light breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, prizes and make & takes! • You will get your own cropping space with special surprises awaiting your arrival! • Lots of prizes throughout the day, including a special grand prize! • Scrapbook Yard Sale Table – Bring any scrapbook items that you no longer want or use, marked with your name & price ready to sell. • All proceeds go towards Relay For Life ‘Team Arnold Sales’ & The American Cancer Society • Vendors available. Call or email Kim Yax @ (989) 450-1000 / craftykidsAlan Leppek (989) 450-3924 or Michelle Leppek (989) 751-2595 Payment & Registration due by February 1st, 2013 $5 Late Fee if received after 2/1/13. - Please mail the portion below to me before February ...
Early voting Cleveland at the Downtown Euclid Ave. Location until 5 today vote
Attention! Family Christian Center (FCC) is calling YOU. If you have no place to fellowship, come feel the power and love of the Holy Spirit. Our doors are always open and you're always welcome. Service starts at 12 noon. 1429 N. Euclid Ave. Ontario, CA. Pastor Tyronne Newman.
I am voting today after church at the Euclid Ave BOE. If youz in the city of Rock n Roll, c'mon up!
ESTATE SALE PREVIEW Jane Scott What: Albums and T-shirts (some signed) notes, collectibles, books and other memorabilia collected by the legendary rock writer who died in 2011 at the age of 92 are up for public auction. When: 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 11. Where: Cleveland Agora, 5000 Euclid Ave. Online: (images already are posted, and online bidding begins Thursday) Power-sapping Hurricane Sandy made for a dark climb to the ninth-floor Lakewood condo that Jane Scott called home for more than 30 years. But when Bill Fulton turned the key to the door, the light of a lifetime well lived illuminated the two-bedroom home. Scott, who spent a half-century covering rock 'n' roll for The Plain Dealer, died in July 2011 at the age of 92. Over the course of her career, artists from Paul McCartney to Bruce Springsteen to David Bowie to Keith Richards to James Brown became more than mere sources. They became friends, friends who wrote letters, scribbled their names on sheets from her notepad, inscribed b ...
There is gasoline at a BP Station on Jamaica Ave and Euclid Ave in Brooklyn. I had a two hr wait with two crying babies but time went fast. We were able to fill up the entire tank but as they run low it will be decrease to $40 maximum.. as per the police. Jamaica and Euclid going towards Highland Pk.
Rolling down euclid ave blasting *** be the man you gotta beat the man...who ooo
Update your maps at Navteq
Black Terror! Autobiography Writing is nearing end and hope I can make it for it is so heavy. I'm at part in college and teacher is forcing me to read 25 essays, 24 pro Jew *** and *** pro all other races, but only White male essay says he is "impotent" or sexually dead. Here's part of book where I email my 1/2 Mexican teacher who married White man, and tell her I don't want to read about blacks I was a victim of so much of their violence on Euclid Ave (same street First Lady Obama). No one calls me a "lady" even a "Last Lady" as she gets called "first!" And I am refined, cultured, and as Mama said to ward off the damage Jews did to us as "Dumb Polak," "Barbara Ann, you are smart and you are intelligent." Here's an essay analysis of a Black PHD that lived right where me and White US Marine grew up, we lived in South Shore, Black 2 miles along lake, Hyde Park. He had a PHD from fine university, husband was in Viet Nam learning how to murder, kill, screw Asian yellow women, and get addicted and then be .. ...
Saturday, November 3 at 9:00pm in EDT at Glory Daze
GOOD MORNING. VOTING POLLS are open at Cuyahoga County Board of Elections this weekend. !GO VOTE ! 8am to 2pm today and 1pm to 5pm Sunday. Address is 2925 Euclid Ave. VOTE! !
In Cuyahoga County, you can vote at 2925 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 (this is 30th and euclid). There is free parking.
Come out to help support Boy Scout Troop 158, and eat some comfort food at their biannual Chicken and Noodle Dinner on Sunday Nov. 4 11-2 @ Euclid Ave Methodist Church. This helps our Scouts to raise money for their campouts, field trips and merit badges!!!
Lmfao everyone thought the search lights in the sky Were aliens get a life yall the lights Were actually from McDonald's on Euclid ave that has a drive-thru open 24hours 7days a week
Cleveland: Come hear Stevie Wonder at 9:30am today, then head down the street to vote early! Join us at CSU Music Communications Building, 2001 Euclid Ave.
You guys are dumb, the lights in the sky are from spot lights at the McDonalds on Euclid ave.
Euclid ave in ardsley just get power
Last day for grace period voters registration and early voting in the suburbs. 2121 Euclid Ave. Third District Court 2nd Floor is one location. You have one more day in Chicago. Do what's!
Saturday, December 8 at 2:00pm in EST at Struthers Fieldhouse, 111 Euclid Ave, Struthers, Ohio 44471
October 28, 2012 Positive Christianity Ministries presents... Sunday Funnies (Submitted with our great thanks) "Stand firm in your faith… Be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:13,14 POSITIVE DAILY INSPIRATION TELEVISION CHANNEL HELP simply reply TODAY in Chicago (Oak Park) Illinois "Spiritual Steps for Great Relationships" Seminar 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM All welcome, no fee, free-will offering received. Sunday Services 9 AM and 11 AM 405 N Euclid Ave, 60302 Info (708) 848-0960 You know you are too old to Trick or Treat when: 10. You keep knocking on your own front door. 9. You remove your false teeth to change your appearance. 8. You ask for soft high fiber candy only. 7. When someone drops a candy bar in your bag, and you lose your balance and fall over. 6. People say: 'Great Boris Karloff Mask,' And you're not wearing a mask. 5. When the door opens you yell, 'Trick or...' And you can't remember the rest. 4. By the end of the night, you have a bag full of restraining orders. ...
Well, today is the day that we lay my beautiful mother, DR. VIRGINIA RUTH BOOKER, to rest! My God, my God! We had a great service last night! Standing room only and stomp down church! Every participant did a great job and Mother Gloria Lynch didn't do nothing short of rocking the house - "The Portrait Of A Praiser!" Homegoing service is today at 11AM at the Bethel Baptist Church ~ 1962 Euclid Ave - San Diego, Ca. 92102
Many of you have asked for Emily's address. Here it is- Emily Harsh c/o Cleveland Clinic 9500 Euclid Ave. H81-33 Cleveland, Ohio 41195
I’m Sugar Bear Thompson…my wife June and I along with our daughter Jessica will walk through Little 5 Points Halloween Parade today beginning at 4 PM on Euclid Ave at Moreland Ave. I may be wrong on the daughters….it may be Lauryn or Anna. (they all look alike, but I’m not sure which ones of em are mine) We will march while pushing our daughter… Honey Boo Boo in her casket!! Im for real on this Please come and watch as we treat the crowd to 3 oz. bags of Pork Rinds!
Breast Cancer Awareness
A person's post about early voting. I couldn't help but chuckle. Is anyone surprised then about Democrat claims of early success. Here's the view from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections on Euclid Ave in Cleveland. On Monday, at about 11am, my son voted there. He said the crowd of voters was about 95% African-American. At about 3pm the same day, my mother and I voted. I think I may have seen one other white person there. This afternoon, my wife voted there (we all voted for Obama, btw). She said there was a long line of voters waiting to get into the building and that nearly all were African-American. Draw your own conclusions
17 MORE DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY! Take someone with you to vote. Vote early. Remember the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections is open in Cleveland (2925 Euclid Ave.) the weekend prior to Election Day, Tuesday, Nov.
19 MORE DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY! Felons (who are not incarcerated) can vote! Felons on probation, parole or in halfway houses can vote! In Cuyahoga County go to 2925 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio and vote early.
Excellent Customer Service is the name of the game in small business. I am looking for mystery shoppers to shop my The UPS Store at 307 Euclid Ave, across from the new Tim Horton's drive thru. The format is very easy, yes or no questions and explanations to help me improve my service. I will help your business too if you like. If you are interested, please respond to my personal email: lisatbay I will contact you and explain the 10 questions. Volunteers greatly appreciated! What goes around, comes around...maybe I can help you!
I voted early today for and other Democrats! You can too in Cuyahoga County at the BOE at 2925 Euclid Ave!
Please Remember in your Prayers: Carl Zirke Jr. (1925-2012) and his family Funeral services for Carl Zirke Jr., 87, of Eastlake, were held Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012, at McMahon-Coyne-Vitantonio Funeral Home, Euclid Ave., Willoughby. Mr. Zirke passed away died Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012, at Lake Health West Medical Center in Willoughby. Born July 28, 1925, in Cleveland, he had been a Lake County resident for more than 60 years, living in Willowick before moving to Eastlake. Carl was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, a former member of St. Mary Magdalene Church in Willowick, and a 55-year plus member Roofers Local 44. He was a coach in the Willowick Baseball League, loved pinochle, bocci, poker and attending senior citizen centers in Lake County. He was a the beloved husband of Anna Mae (nee Tirabasso) Zirke; loving father of Richard D. (Karen) Zirke of Eastlake, William F. Zirke of Munroe Falls, Terrance C. (Marilyn) Zirke of Boardman, Mary Beth (Thomas) Cowling of Medina and Timothy J. (Monica) of Mentor; 10 ...
Tuesday, October 16 at 7:00pm in CDT at The Underground Rock Shop, 617 Euclid Ave, Des Moines, IA
Rainy open house today at 4123 Euclid Ave, Madison!:
First Lady Michelle Obama will be speaking at Tri C Metro on Monday Come down to the office for FREE tix, 3740 Euclid Ave. First come, first serve- Hurry, tickets are going fast
Questions On My Mind: Exhibit A 1. What took place at 3030 Euclid Ave? (Driver Enhancement Training??? (Official Letter from the DMV) Hey Ms. CC! 2. What really took place at Success Tech on 10/10/2007? Hey Mr. Koon (Home Depot, Coworker) (Hey Mrs. Brady... (10/9/2007;WEWS)) 3. Was Officer Owen's really fatally shot or did he succumb by some other means? Was he that "Breach in the Wall?" (What was this same young man doing at Parkside Apartments, sittin on the steps outside my daughters apartment? 4. Where exactly did CongressWoman Jone's Black Chrysler 300 come to rest after her annurysm? (Define: Cumberland and Crab Apple) 5. My Baby Girl in the Zelma George Program? HM! Women's Shelter on W. 25th; Where I and others used to serve the Homeless community? HM! 6. Does R.I.T.A have another meaning? (aka Pay Me MY Money)... Is there a connection between The Judge Hatchett Show that aired the week of the tragic event between Ms. RITA Ciofany and Mr. Raymon ICE at the VOA? 7. What happened ...
Sunday, October 21 at 12:00pm in PDT at 7th. St. & Euclid Ave., 90063
Greetings, Family! You are invited to the UNITY DAY CELEBRATION with the Pan African Community of Central New York from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29 at Erwin Methodist Church, 920 Euclid Ave., Syracuse (corner of Wescott and Euclid). Songabele delivers a cultural performance, Mark Muhammad portrays Malcolm X, Hawa George portrays Sojourner Truth, along with spoken word by Vanessa Johnson and Jackie Grace, and songs by Patrice Chang and yours truly - One Black Voice. Pan African cuisine is offered. It is a free event. Hope to see you there!
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals-Are you eligible? Know the risks.. Informational Workshop Saturday Sept. 29th 1-3pm Jacobs Center. 404 Euclid Ave. SD CA 92114 Come learn from immigration lawyers ,the latest information about defeered action for childhood arrivals process and whether you may be eligible.
The shop GOLDEN ROSE TATTOO is located in Little Five Points at 1118 Euclid Ave, Atlanta.
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