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Eton College

Eton College, usually referred to as Eton, is a British independent boarding school for boarding pupils aged between 13 to 18 years.

Thomas Gray Tom Hudson

An exact replica of education where charity status "public" schools for multi-milli…
But then you wouldn't want to hurt the good work charities do by taxing the donations - did you know e…
To which you can add those bastions of beneficence, private schools:
FFS. Tory £££ education cuts are forcing state schools to beg parents for cash for essential supplies. Meanwhile... http…
So, Hogwards is basically Eton College for wizards, just even more elitist. That's gonna work out sooo well.
By Obi Nwakanma This year’s convention of the Government College, Umuahia Oldboys Association in the United...
What a day ! Just completed the superhero triathlon at the Paralympic site at Eton College.
Join the team at the prestigious Eton College as Assistant
Spending part of my day at Eton College Rowing Centre. This place is beaut 😍
These so called are NOT teaching their students to be .
Come on. Next you'll be saying that Eton College shouldn't be in the top 100 charities in the count…
HM The Queen takes tea with boys from Eton College, a tradition first created by Queen Victoria. In 1882 there...
These are the 'grown ups' from ETON COLLEGE running this lovely country... into the ground. Close that backward sch…
U15 Boys at Eton College this afternoon looking to defend the Eton Pairs trophy!!
The buffoon lives and functions only in buffoonery land. How in God's name did he come to be involved in politics -…
A great school would be one where students *choose* to mix and ta…
Very pleased to be underway at Eton College this week
I think would challenge this. He claimed some pretty long range kills during his time in the Eton College CCF
Private schools to save £522m in thanks to charitable status | The Guardian
Eton College School Leavers Fair this Saturday 24th June - We look forward to meeting you.
especially when it came to the floods potentially affecting Eton College.
Berkshire's own Natural History Museum at College. Great for a day out !
An opportunity to at this free Inspiring School conference
Yeah. But he's from Eton & Balliol College. And he's blonde. What can you expect from a blonde? Why all the fuss? ;-)
20 squids for v Harrow, seems like are taking the mickey out of a captive audience...
Super valuable, we do it with Year 7, but resistance to learning table manners!
However, I really like the idea of it, even if I doubt there a…
Lots don't. Canteen style is dominant and unlikely to change.
Again. No argument. It's not an either/or.
Our school doesn't have a dinner hall big enough.
Loved my visit to Eton College today
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Just imagine if 50% of the student had to be from DISADVANTAGED BACKGROUNDS…
Having enjoyed lunch with students at and I say family dining should be enshrined as a core principle of schooling!
Wonderful visit to with and Great to see the research/CPD centre. Lookin…
I'm in the preliminary stages of planning a "Know Your Place" march by the upper classes, starting at Eton College, to Westminster.
What do you think of saving £522m in tax under a charitable status?
Congratulations & best wishes to Erin Daisley & Louise Connolly who have been selected to attend the Eton College U…
As state schools are starved of funding, private schools incl Eton College to get tax rebates of £522m over 5yrs https…
Tories, cutting ESA WRAG by £1,500 per person, at the same time allowing this to happen...
Good wins for the first XI today against and the under 15's against Eton College
God you are one classy guy. Did you attend Eton College?
Edward Windsor Hussey rowed for his school Eton as well as for his college at Oxford
'Chat' Williamson beloved by Lord Esher ( Reggie Brett),& Lord Rosebery (Archie Primrose) at Eton College in Oscar…
Eton College looking forward to welcoming Yorkshire U16s next week for an inaugural two-day game. At Lords tomorrow to watch!
Private schools to save £522m in tax thanks to charitable status
Yes Mr Corbyn but we are talking about a well organised regulated travel company not a bunch of mates from…
Another old Boy from - what with him and think the school needs to be put into special…
Of all the privately educated MPs in parliament, 10 per cent attended just one school: Eton College
Congratulations to Imam Monawar Hussain, ex-Mosaic board member on being awarded an MBE in the…
June 16, 2000 - Prince William leaving the Chapel at Eton College
Executive Head Chef - Eton College. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your senior culinary care...
The filming is being done by boys from They are doing a great job. (2/2)
Hinksey Sculling School warming up for their race @ Eton College Rowing Centre - Dorney Lake
Shout out to volunteers helping at especially school kids on cameras and social media!.
Great to see boys & students working together to bring you live coverage of all the day's racing
Whilst Eton college's 'charity' thrives, AND we gift £9700/ yr to each Eton student but only £4800 to each state st…
A few years ago, I saw someone shopping in Waitrose, Lewes with her son in full Eton Co…
Guided tours round Eton College this summer are being offered to small groups. Visit
Semifinal Nat School Regatta .. come on my boy .. @ Eton College Rowing Centre - Dorney Lake
Annual fees at Eton College £33,270, but well worth it for the excellent job it does in turning out such well round…
And we're off! Eton College Rowing Center first of the Bish races at NSR 2017 - our Jnr 15 4x + (Quads) are on the…
Dear as our MP could you decipher this because apparently you went to the all boys Eton College.
Eton College is looking to appoint a new Head Rowing Coach (Coach of The VIII). Applications close on 9 June 2017.
A beautiful day for the conference at
Trained in abstract scuplture and welding at Eton College. Scrap metal used from St. Mary Bourne and Newbury. Welded on the farm.
Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at
I would, if you promise me that it comes with, education at Eton college. Sigh!!
.. wonder if MPs have been told plans to attack Eton College,Dorchester & Ritz were found on…
CCHQ they are all traditional conservatives or Tories as we call them BB…
Spent the day yesterday soaking up useful information about current practices and sharing ideas
Excellent conf2017 at Eton College.Strengthening links with our state school friends and…
Great to see works underway at Queen's School, Eton College
I saw this clever "addendum" to the Gutenberg Bible at Eton College too -- wonderful story of quest to update our u…
Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College, a poem by Thomas Grey
I'll be posting videos tomorrow on many aspects of Hinduism from a Hindu tutor at Eton College. Ind…
And as Eton college's 'charity' thrives, we give £6700/ yr to each Eton student but only £5100 to each…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Excellent opportunity to spread the word of all that is good about ISSPs - thank you and…
Thanks to & for yr great presentation today on
Great day discussing school partnerships. Progress made with exciting ideas and useful sharing. Thanks
Looking forward to learning more about and sharing good practice at today
Had a great time at Eton College speaking conference representing and
Camberwell boy given scholarship to Eton College, where Prince Wills and Harry went. Read more:
Fantastic opportunity to enhance your senior culinary career at Eton College
Walworth Academy pupil will follow footsteps of princes William and Harry after earning Eton College scholarship
Walworth Academy pupil will follow footsteps of princes
Well done to our U16 boys who won all 4 group games to top their group fantastic achievement! Sadly knocked…
So, just to be clear, teachers & parents of Eton College students have got it all wrong on class size…
Lol Troopz at Eton College is like giving a lecture at Oxford Union ffs 😂
Thanks to Jamie and everyone at Eton College. We really enjoyed the Q&A last night. Hopefully we've inspired a Futu…
Proud of Ella-Grace today winning the Under 15 plate at the national schools 5's tournament at Eton College playing…
Eton College executive head chef wins Sodexo Chef of the Year 2017
Great hockey fixtures Vs and today. Fantastic wins across the board for our boys. on Thursday.
I have seen this article you may be interested to here this is what we do at
Two full-time clinical psychologists at Eton.
Eton College joining the mental health and wellbeing education revolution
Providing psychological support for students, building character and resilience at Eton . .
Eton seeks professional help to make sure boys will be boys
This is great approach from Eton providing boys with the mental skills to deal with adult life
Developing is a key part of what we do. This article via shows it's importance to Eton
Last night at addressing "The Visionary Society" on Gibraltar's past, its present and it's bright, Br…
Great to see Eton resourcing mental health education in this way - if only all students had access to this support
Subject: Abandon It All. When I played college basketball, I made a conscious decision at the beginning of each...
Another positive sign of the trend in education towards character amd holistic education
Eton College seeks to hire clinical psychologist to toughen up boys with 'resilience' programme
the question was asked about his college or university. Uproar when someone argued Eton was Eton College.
West Wing quiz night. There’s uproar about Eton College being allowed as an answer for a Will Bailey question. We are mediocre at it.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Trinity Rugby Tour: visiting Eton College today before the 7's fixture
Trinity Rugby Tour: Trinity played Eton College in 7's today. The juniors had an enjoyable match. The U18 had a tight fixture losing 29 - 19
Props to Southsea artist for her upcoming exhibition of paintings at Eton College
Abingdon 1st XI 'Fun Friday', getting into the mood for playing tomorrow
Private View 'From Here to There' at Eton College tomorrow, Saturday 21 January 6.30pm, hoping to see some of you t…
1/2 doing my deliveroo shifts in Windsor means I deliver a lot to Eton College, you know the place where mummy & daddy have all the cash...
Delighted to announce my next solo exhibition 'From Here to There' at Eton College Drawing Schools. Opens Saturday 21 Ja…
Just finished delivering a talk about Invictus to The Wellington Society at Eton College with
For all college students, try these websites to look for free books. Also type in the name of your book with PDF at the end…
Great tri-tournament today with & Eton College! . Great to come away as overall winners! 🏸🏆…
Haris Malik recaps what he learnt at a lecture from a Wexham Park Anaesthetist at Eton College yesterday. Interesti…
KSA taking on Eton College, Wycombe Abbey and Upton Court in the first round of the English Speaking Union Mace...
College, University; such a shame that plebs are blackmailing these fine upstanding institutions How…
Eton College is a private boarding school, and one that Princes William and Harry went to.
looking forward to round two this evening! Thanks to all the subject masters taking part!
Can't wait until this is happening here in the next 18 months
View of Windsor Castle from the Eton College playing fields. It's easy to forget the histo…
Wonderful to see one of our governors doing practice interviews
Out Zac Goldsmith. Family: Lady Goldsmith and billionaire James Goldsmith. Education: Eton College, until he was excluded for smoking cannabis
Interview practice for our Oxbridge applicants last night. Congratulations to all students…
For an Eton and London Trinity College graduate, yes.
We are hiring! If you want to work in hospitality this could be for you!
Eton College appoints first female deputy head.
Original & replacement Purbeck cobbles laid over the restored historic brick culverts at Eton College …
No more;—where ignorance is bliss,. 'Tis folly to be wise. —Thomas Gray, Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College
Su Wijeratna overturns centuries of tradition. College appoints first woman deputy head. v
Eton College overturns centuries of tradition by appointing the first female deputy head. Via
Eton College appoints first female deputy head
Where I went to school, Eton College, we had to wear dark trousers, ...
I'll take a bullet for Obama. I just got my college loans cut from 89k to 13k.
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Our geography students are getting ready for their second debating workshop at Eton College tonight. ht…
Eton College 'appoints first woman deputy head' via
Eton College appoints first woman deputy head
Did you know that is the sole educational sponsor of Find out more here:
For the first time in its 576-year history, Eton College has appointed a female deputy head
What produced 19 Prime Ministers and my podcast guest? Eton College. But what's it like there? Find out.
Eton College has appointed Su Wijeratna as its deputy head, making her the first woman to hold the role in the school’s 576-year history.
Centuries of tradition undone at - first lady, Mrs Su Wijeratna, to join senior staff ranks next year. Enjoy the Wall Game!
Just got a call from Texas Tech College of Arts & Sciences. Told them I'm not donating any $ to the university until we…
I wrote about the Assyrian winged genies on stairs. They're from Nimrud, via Bombay & Eton College. ht…
Eton College from the North Terrace of Windsor Castle by Caleb Robert Stanley 1839 (Royal Collection Trust).
What on earth did you just say about me, you uncultured swine? I'll have you know I've graduated top of my class in Eton College, and I've
Our POP children enjoying their time with the boys from Eton College!
Stowupland will have a moat next year - but that's just to stop the music room flooding!
i I'd assumed you'd built a debating chamber years ago Geoff. I'll sponsor one in a few years!
Eton college smells like money and peasants
'No, we can't have these things because of the gaping chasm between our schools' funding'...? 😞
Thanks to who today represented our school so well at national finals at Eton College
visions of my year 10 lads & a moat at school!And I know where all the school letters given out would end up
I can just afford summer school at Malvern College, it's another world (and their rural comps grounds are OK)
My debating team asks if we could have a debating chamber and moat like
ReckonTrading Standards can force prospectus to say "We'll teach your son the values that got Britain Whe…
This image is thought to be of the Eton College Beagles in the mid 1920's
Got to admire the way this clock encourages us to live in the moment
Incidentally he's now headmaster at Eton College.
At Eton College waiting to go into the Debating Chambers
Year 8s enjoyed their first experience of Fives. ✋🏻✋🏻
Good luck to debating team for UK final at Eton College today!
Lots of trips going on today, students visiting Houses of Parliament, Eton College and Anglia Ruskin university!
"Iraq is like Harvard" - Donald Trump. . Presumably he thinks Eton is the British Equivalency ?. Oh wait...
So. Let 's get this straight. Farage was Dulwich College not Eton, was not Bullingdon Club but was a bully. Clear.
The view from here: heading to with for the national finals
Your team heading to today. Definitely Up for Debate!
Good luck to our team heading to for today’s ‘Up for Debate’ national finals. Exciting!
Delighted to be at for Symposium. Just enjoyed on measuring impact of research htt…
Well done, Freddy! Old boy His brother looking forward to joining him in September!
Atlanta update: back to reading up on Eton College
'Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard', 'Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat', 'Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College' b…
both attended @ different times; considered d Eton of Scotland. She likely picked her lying ways elsewhere!!
Couldn't resist a souvenir! Good luck with the Eton College Universities summer school
Debate girls all ready for# UpForDebate Finals at Eton College!
20+ politicians from eton college, how many resigned? It's an
Enjoying watching the U18 boys in the Youll Cup Fantastic tennis. 2016
1885-1891 A List of Eton College for 1885-1891 History Registers
Great four days at the ISTA Champs at Eton College. Went out of the main draw in the quarters to a strong pair from
students taking part in a leadership task at Outposts. Learning by doing
Final day at Eton for the tennis crew. Girls 1st team to play Eastbourne College in the Loveband Shield final!
Tom Hiddleston - Eton College, Cambridge University, RADA.. Did it all have to end like this?
Provost of Eton College threatens to quit Conservative party over David Cameron’s social mobility agenda |
Affluenza again? 'Eton College student Andrew Picard who shared child abuse pictures spared jail'
Cramlington schoolboy offered scholarship at prestigious Eton College
Aldous Huxley was George Orwell’s French teacher for a semester at Eton College. 📷Cory Doctorow.
Lovely sunny winter day in Windsor visiting the castle, the town and wandering around Eton College. Memory pic!
conference-different perspectives Impressive speakers. Looking forward to sharing with the top team
you went to Eton college and your uncles are David Cameron and Borris Johnson. Don't blame me.
Sorry w/ all info coming in,I'm missing some.Thought Eton College but there are few pix the most common to young RIII is last sent
Ex-Eton pupil caught with 2,000 indecent images of children faces jail
Thanks for the kind words and inviting us down to to talk to all the staff. Exciting times ahead for the school!
New post: ". Former Eton College pupil faces jail after being caught with 2,000 indecent images of children on his…
U14 football still taking place but is at Eton College AstroTurf 10am kick off
Eton College Summer School - 10 day residential course for S5 pupils. Form from Mrs Patrick
Motto of Winchester College: "Manners Makyth Man". I've been shouldered off the pavement in that town. Eton High St?
I've only used the ToBS Eton College but it's awesome
Eton College - one of the most expensive schools in Britain - was originally founded to provide free education to poor boys. (via
Here we see Charley Turkel played by Johhny Shannon visiting his brother Henry in prison-exteriors at Eton College
Happy Birthday to Here he is looking very cool in his sunglasses with his first band, formed at Eton College
I'm selling '(UK1) - ETON COLLEGE CHAPEL, EAST. ' on Check it out at
Eton College student 'had 2,000 indecent images of children'
Really enjoyed running our growth mindset workshop Lots of interesting conversations on how best to implement in classrooms
why is Eton College a boys only school?
Excitement was palpable today for the London mkt opening with College andInvestment Club
Are you suggesting that the PM is a liar Ann! Don't you know that Eton College is a hot bed of social unrest!
Best way to get a good start In life Be born with a silver spoon at either end & go to Eton College Where all the Money Grabe
Great to see equity markets rally strongly the day was opened by Investment Club
Public lose faith in this Govt Bully Policies! Bullying may work at EtonPublicSchool,not SOCIETY!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
.welcomed students from & Investment Club to open trading in London -
Looking forward to our Growth Mindset staff workshop tomorrow. Here is a flavour of what we cover...
Tom Hudson from Eton College visited Uptown School yesterday to speak about The Eton Summer School Experience.
Hello, !!! My son going to be a first Prime Mnistr in Britian ,,, in 2023-2027 he got to Eton college ,,, royal...
thought you might like to read my thoughts on public benefit, in which I cite your work ...
The Kynge's College of our Ladye of Eton beside Windesore subject to FOI? Just another trip down the rabbit hole.
. Wikipedia:. "Eton College was founded by King Henry VI as a charity school to provide free education to seventy poor boys"
Book now for James Galway, a musical about DISTRESS - EPIDEMIC FREE ADS CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISE
📷 yoursweetremedy: Prince Harry as Conrade in a Masked Ball Scene From an Eton College Production of...
Tom Hudson from Eton College talking to Uptown School about The Eton Summer School Experience
Cadets from Eton College on a drill exercise, 1915 [650 x 594] |
Ignorance is bliss. -from Thomas Gray's Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College
Eton College at St. Sebastien College - Batting First after a solid toss from skip. Currently waiting for another match to finish here.
Although I could debate from either point of view…mad skills shorty, learned at feet of Master Cosgrove of Eton, Balliol College
Mvumi School Trust has a new Chairman . Simon Henderson, Head Master of Eton College is the new Chairman
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Windsor Castle, Royal Ascot, Eton College and Heathrow airport, what more do you need to know about the M4!
they were previously supplied by Eton College - or at least the lay clerks were. Is that still the case?
Seeing the East Window of King's reminds me that seeing the great window in Eton College chapel is an undischarged bucket list item.
Anthony's ideas preparation to Eton college.creative languieast number one talent in a world 2015/16 English boy at motherhome town chertsey
It’s time to stop pretending college is the key to a well-paying job
.Etonians run the UK ie toffs who attended Eton College. The derogatory term for a new 1st yr student in Uk is "pleb". Not at Eton
DTN Hong Kong: Book now for James Galway, a musical about Hong Kong plague, and Eton College charity concert: ...
Hollywood royalty as talks about how inspired a love for giving something a go
It's much better than posing in an school uniform or fiddling with a little piggy .
For the seventh year in a row, the Texas Longhorns are college football's most valuable team
I added a video to a playlist Eton College Musical Society - Eton Boating Song [no adverts]
Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College, by Thomas Grey.
Useless Fact of the Day Eton College, now one of the most exclusive and expensive schools in England...
Check out page 44 of the latest for coaching opportunities
Strip & te-tile by HAC Roofing to a detached house at Eton College in Berkshire. The works included scaffolding,...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sale of luxury menswear retailer New & Lingwood to US PE house POP Capital announced today:.
Aldous Huxley was George Orwell’s French teacher at Eton College where he was educated... 📷Orwell at 17 http…
Eton College outfitter sold to US investor -
It's the 20th of December and we are riding in shorts @ Eton College Rowing Centre…
I'll have you know I graduated top of my class at Eton college
Eton College outfitter sold to US investor [via
Eton College outfitter sold to US investor via
Eton College outfitter sold to US investor: New & Lingwood, which has sold Eton College uniforms for the past ...
Eton College outfitter sold to US investor
A lovely evening with these lovely ladies at the 2015 Hasbro Christmas party. @ Eton College…
Eton College: Managing Director of Dorney Lake: Competitive:. Eton College:. Upon the retirement of the c...
Harry's close friend, bloodstock agent Jake Warren, who attended Eton College with the prince, is celebrating after his wife Zoe had
Last few tickets available for London Welsh Male Voice Choir, this Sat 14th at School Hall, Eton College, call 01753 868449 only £20
Tonight is the first session in the partnership between and
Don't miss this weekend's with talks and representatives from some of the best UK schools.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Running last week's bridge at Eton College, I return tonight to see what the boys learnt from the experience
Prince Henry of Wales leaving Eton College on his last day in 2003
Prince Richard of Gloucester at Eton College ceremony 1962 | >
Sep. 2, 1998 - Prince Henry of Wales registers at the prestigious Eton College in Berkshire
A British newspaper reports the son of then Premier of Western Region,Akintola as the 1st black at Eton College 1964 h…
Finally arrived at Eton college for a week of rowing on the Dorney lake. slightly excited
Seems Alison Alexander is admitting she chose Eton backed, under-subscribed Holyport College for S106 money. Why?
Thrilled to be part of a new JV with Eton College to delivery online content to Chinese schools
Eton College accidentally offers 400 pupils conditional places; it only had room for 9
Hundreds of children falsely told they had won a place at Eton College.
Eton College Error: private school sends conditional offer to 400 pupils by mistake | via
- any ideas for a post-course blues cure? Had a lovely time on - Compline in Eton College Chapel a special highlight.
Tyrese from Byker has won a scholarship to attend Eton College! Well done!
11-year-old who rapped during his interview wins scholarship to Eton College
From College to Harrow school and College – we take a glimpse at the finances of elite schools
A great team from delivered assessment centre workshops for 290 students at Eton College.
The Queen gets new slide into Eton College
Eton College accidentally offers places to poor children via
WATCH message to Geordie schoolboy who landed scholarship to Eton College!.
From an old boy at amazed at a new definition of ... 400 students admitted or not ?
There's a story that Jane Shore died there - given rooms by the grateful provost for saving the school
Universities should value teaching more, argues headmaster of
Eton College wrongly sends acceptance offers to hundreds of boys
I'm singing with Eton in Magdalen College Chapel today. Feel like listening to a pretty Evensong at 4?
Ooops “Eton College apologises after 400 prospective students are offered places by mistake
Eton accidentally sends email offering college places to 400 pupils, instead of just nine
.quotes headmaster on how EBacc downgrades quality of education.
Warming up for day 2 of ISTA champs!
Tough day for the U14s in the U15 Asbury-Bailey yesterday. U13s keen and ready for action today
Looking forward to our first day at the Independent Schools Tennis Association Championships at Eton College.
Given Cameron's over-use of cliches on Eton College should get an OFSTED 'inadequate' for teaching richness of English Language
Good luck to the U15 girls today. Hannah and Evie last 16 and Saffy & Emily Springthorpe Cup
Apply now to work for Eton College as a Finance Director in Windsor, UK
Eton College to give online leadership lessons to students in China - The Economic Times on Mobile
Rivalry in US comes about either by frequency (baseball's unbalanced schedule) or by timing (college football rivals aff…
Pretty awesome day at work carrying snakes and other reptiles at Eton College Natural History Museum outreach event!
Here is the logo from the Eton College Natural History Society dating from 1934 . Can you identify the animal?
With all that money they get from us as a charity, shouldn't Eton College get some indoor toilets?
"Amazing picture of boys playing cricket at Eton College in 1860!
With learning about travelling to Japan from Eton College
U15 and U19 teams ready for ISTA Champs 2015! ! Good luck ladies!
Good luck to all girls/boys representing the College at the ISTA National Tennis at Eton today.
Great first day at the Public Schools Tennis festival held at Eton College. Under 15 boys Declan K and Jack W-S...
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