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Ernie Johnson

Ernest Thorwald Johnson (June 16, 1924 – August 12, 2011) was a Major League Baseball pitcher. The 6'4 , 195 lb.

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My reaction when I heard Ernie Johnson reading the news
yup I Was just enjoying some NBAtv & Ernie Johnson starts reading in a sad voice & I was like Well ***
When I heard ernie Johnson say he was out I was numb I just can't right now
"I don't know what the Milwaukee slant is, but that was probably it." Ernie Johnson is awesome
Ernie Johnson, Steve Smith and Chris Webber down how teams are intergrating their new pieces aft...
Ernie Johnson, Steve Smith and Chris Webber break down how teams are integrating their new pieces after the trade deadline.
Good to see Ernie "EJ" Johnson on NBA TV's Tuesday Fan Night. Much needed - not feeling the…
Man if I was Ernie Johnson, I'd be taking Chris Webber into the post on that studio court, then call timeout in his face after I score.
he also goes told Ernie Johnson his nickname Gogi
Not only that. Boris Johnson was born in America. So he could be the next President...
*** did anyone happen to record Ernie Johnson talking about me calling Whiteside a ***
Johnson makes both. Tied at 84-84. Timeout Ernie. will presumably hold for the last shot. Andrew Andrews vs. The World.
“Ernie Johnson is the best, asks Russell Westbrook about execution
Ernie Johnson is kicking off every game
I don't think Ernie Johnson likes working with Shaq.
TONIGHT! Concert in memoriam of Brian Townend, Ernie Redmond and Irene Johnson! £5 entry, 7.30pm! Profits to Pendleside Hospice!
Ernie Johnson had a fever and the only prescription was more Cowbell
Triumph to Ernie Johnson "Seriously what's with the bow tie, you think they won't be able to pick you out with all the black guys?"
Shaq has perfected his Ernie Johnson impersonation
Did Ernie Johnson just say that Rachel Nichols was working the sidelines?
Chuck and Shaq just bully Ernie Johnson lol
Ernie Johnson just said Triumph The Insult Comic Dog is coming up at halftime.
"That was rather a complete long answer to a short question"-Ernie Johnson to Charles Barkley. 😂😂😂
LMAO at Charles Barkley's reaction to Ernie Johnson after answering his question
Ernie Johnson looks a lot more tired/frazzled without his glasses on.
Ernie Johnson just asked if Miami is among elite in the east only listing Cleveland and Chicago as elite while Kyle Lowry sits right by him
NorCal without 2 major FB coaches & program builders/winners in Mike Johnson of Franklin & Ernie Cooper of Granite Bay. Family time now
"I wonder if anyone has pitched in the CWS and MLB WS in the same year." -Ernie Johnson, AL WC cc. Brandon Finnegan .
Interviewed Kenny Smith, Shaquille O' Neal, Ernie Johnson, Dennis Scott, Marcus Ginyard & more for an story on Stuart Scott
TNT's Ernie Johnson showing that he has a jumper during an NBA TV demonstration.
me too like Ernie Isley and Jesse Johnson
Random golf stat: Jack, Arnold, Tiger, Ernie& Dustin Johnson only guys to win in each of 1st 7 seasons in last 60 yrs (via
VIDEO: has the mic dropped on her by Ernie Johnson after Inside the NBA freestyle ht…
Nicki Minaj gets shown up by Ernie Johnson in 'Inside the NBA' rap circle via
Welcome Anna Jo and Ernie Tevebaugh. Betty Haddock Johnson they are a wonderful addition to our Nerium Team.
Ernie Johnson is a national treasure.
Shout out to TNT for sticking with Ernie Johnson back when the side of his neck looked like a raw turkey breast.
Ernie Johnson interviewing IT right now on NBATV.
Enjoying some hoops on Always a great job by Ernie Johnson, Greg Anthony, and Chris Webber.
Love Ernie Johnson calling Nurkic out for giving Marc attitude... Marc responds "We'll see him again January 29th". Holla!
may I also add that at the Ball Park in the Sky, Pete Van Wieren, Skip Carey, and the incomparable Ernie Johnson are smiling!
It needs to have a good name, too. Our sea turtle is named Ernie after Ernie Lyons.
Listening to Hootie's Fairweather Johnson album while writing. I know will approve.
can you guys give me a job? I wanna be the next Ernie Johnson.
When Ernie Johnson goes im going with him man
I enjoy him as well, honestly he is the best on ESPN I would like to see him and Ernie Johnson call a game.
I thought it was Ernie Johnson, Barkley and Kenny Smith on the search!
ICYMI, Craig Sager talked with Ernie Johnson about his fight against leukemia:
I would lose Joe Buck and let Vin do the WS. Agreed on Ernie Johnson. Solid NBA guy *** at MLB. Miscast imo.That is on TBS.
I wish Vin still did postseason baseball, but he doesn't travel much these days. Ernie Johnson is hideous.
Bill Elsey's Alignment (Ernie Johnson) wins the Johnnie Walker Ebor H'cap by a neck from the blinkered Tiber (Lester Piggott), with 1/2
VIDEO: Inside the NBA freestyles with & Ernie Johnson drops the mic on them
the annual MLAA HS draft will be conducted tomorrow evening with coverage on ESPN beginning at 7PM with all the draft analysis from Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley."with the first pick in the MLAA draft, Coach Kalb selects."
Marv Albert and Ernie Johnson have now both mistaken Darren Collison for Ramon Sessions on the same play.
Anthony Davis top 3 in the league. Go debate Ernie Johnson.
Ernie Johnson has one of the coolest jobs ever. Gets paid to talk about Basketball with NBA legends and Kenny Smith.
Quotes from today's NBA on TNT media day: "I'm excited about that Kendrick Perkins and Lamar Odom concert!" - Ernie Johnson; "I could do ...
.. How does Ernie Johnson, who's wonderful, not bust out laughing when these 70 IQ ex players talk like Chris Webber?
Today in chemistry class, three things that don't go together: Ron Darling, Cal Ripken, Ernie Johnson.
While everyone attacks Denny's call, can we not go after TBS for 8 awful games from Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken, & Ron Darling instead?
I'm not so much happy for the Royals winning as I am for not having to listen to Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling anymore.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Best part of the sweeping, no more Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling!! John Smoltz should be forced to work big games!!!
So are we done listening to Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling now?
Ernie Johnson tries to address the crowd and the stadium plays Rock You Like A Hurricane instead. Rock on, Kansas City.
Ernie Johnson sounds a lot like The Rock
"Let's go down to Ernie Johnson". "Nah, let's just jam Rock You Like A Hurricane for a little longer"
Taking it to Ernie Johnson as soon as this glam rock song plays itself out.
Ernie Johnson is the lead singer in a rock band?
I'd rather listen to Rock Me Like a Hurricane than Ernie Johnson too
In which Ernie Johnson is preempted for "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken, and Ron Darling are now ELIMINATED from the playoffs.
Thank God…no more Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling. They’ll only bore their family and friends during the World Series.
Ron Darling just called Ernie Johnson the best. Somewhere, Gary Cohen is crying...
Ron Darling just called Ernie Johnson the best...sike
worst broadcast team?? Clearly you haven't watched Ripken, Ernie Johnson, and Ron Darling in the ALCS
The TBS announcers are just terrible. Ernie Johnson needs to stick to NBA Pregame's. Cal Ripken, Jr. & Ron Darling need to go.
I like you Jason, but... "I like Ernie Johnson, but he is not a baseball announcer."
Can't do much worse that Ernie Johnson on MLB play-by-play. TBS, great hire with Rob Darling, but someone else is needed for play-by-play ⚾️
Is it too late to get someone who's not Ernie Johnson to do the ALCS? Maybe Joe Buck can do all the games?
Who wants to hear Ernie Johnson's HR call? I wanted to hear GIO's version of it! C'mon man, give your fans what they want!
I know it's a crowded field, with many competitors, but Ernie Johnson definitely wins the "Ted Baxter of Baseball Announcers" award from me.
Ernie Johnson is Al Bundy in sex. It's the God *** playoffs
should not use Ernie Johnson on play by play. He calls a home run the way Peggy Bundy describes Al having sex.
Ernie Johnson and love the Salvador Perez = Yadier Molina of the AL storyline. I'm willing to be swayed, but that's a jump for me.
After listening to the brilliance of Gary Cohen all season, listening to Ernie Johnson is painful. At least Ron Darling is there.
Listening to Ron Darling, Ernie Johnson and Cal Ripken call a baseball game is painful
Ernie Johnson & Cal Ripken are rhetorical pianos on the rhetorical back of Ron Darling. And that's the opposite of rhetoric.
Ron Darling and Ernie Johnson need to get off the broadcast!
Ernie Johnson's axioms can be like Jim Rockford's Jimmy Jo Meeker
Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling are just awful in the booth covering baseball. New networks covering baseball for the playoff just ***
Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling are in Church of Philadelphia
Ron Darling, Ernie Johnson, and Steve Physioc would be baseball broadcastings equivalent to the 3 stooges
Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling and Cal Ripken may be the worst announcing crew in the history of history.
Unlike football, baseball play-by-play requires such deep knowledge of ea team that "national" guys (Joe Buck, Ernie Johnson) just sound bad
The combo of Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling is as effective as two Ambien and a beer.
Cal Ripken should push both Ron Darling and Ernie Johnson out of the booth to the seats below. The only way they can be shutted the *** up.
Ernie Johnson & Co. falling all over each other to remind you Trout lost that ball in the lights.
If TBS aired the whole NL and AL Division series do you think Ernie Johnson will do the Cardinals and Dodgers series
Ernie Johnson just no-sold an absolutely INSANE catch by Lorenzo Cain 8 feet up the wall.
I assume Ernie Johnson is preparing for tonight's game with his customary 3 Rick Perrys (Ambien and Tito's vodka, up.)
Do you think Ernie Johnson would know the difference between Gregor Blanco and Gregory Polanco?
Mad Dog Russo is just annihilating the TBS baseball broadcast. Scorched earth on Ernie Johnson, Ripken, and Ron Darling
Can bring back Celebrity Death Match for Ernie Johnson and Trent Dilfer?
This game needs an iconic play by play, and Ernie Johnson sounds as if he's on Prozac. Where's Gary Thorne, for crying out loud?
I like Ernie Johnson a ton as a host (hmm, sounds familiar, Fowler) but he stinks as a PBP man. Should be Brian Anderson or Vin.
Ernie Johnson makes me think Tom McCarthy is good
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ernie Johnson should have taken a lesson or two from Gary on the home run calls, Gary is the best, It's Outta Here!
My other favorite part of this game is that Ernie Johnson is on the broadcast and that reminds me NBA on TNT is about to come back.
Brian Anderson is better but he's on TBS' B-Team. MT Ernie Johnson shouldn't return for the 10th. Anything excite this guy?
Ernie Johnson is no Tom Hamilton. Worst home run call ever.
Sounds like Ernie Johnson went to the Tom McCarthy School of Judging Home Runs.
I know he did it last year too, but Ron Darling calling this game on TBS is weirding me out. Gary Cohen sounds just like Ernie Johnson.
Ernie Johnson is terrible to listen to and don't even get me started on Ron Darling and Cal Ripken ugh absolute garbage
Good chemistry between Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken Jr. and Ron Darling on the TBS broadcast tonight.
Cal Ripken and Ernie Johnson will never compare to
I missed who's calling this game. I know it's Ernie Johnson and Cal Ripken. The third guy sounds like James Woods, but it can't be, can it?
Ernie Johnson rocking the Gary Cohen jinx right before the homer.
I am believing in Jesus and I have faith in Jesus that He will make surgery do well for my uncle Ernie Johnson. His artificial shoulder popped out of his shoulder socket. Jesus, help him. My neighbor Victor Hall thought I only believe in Old Testament. That's ok. There are misunderstanding about religion. I believe also in New Testament. Jesus do exist for eternity. I remember that a pastor said Jesus was with the father for eternity before Jesus was born. Jesus is not with His father. I will be glad that Jesus comes back before dangerous trip to Mars. Technology can be anything, but some are dangerous in both good and bad. Surgery is dangerous and is good but not sinful. Technology use can be sinful and is bad. I would like to know more about the Bible and Jesus. Jesus is the first author of the entire Bible before Moses is the first manned author of the books in Old Testament. I don't remember how many books Moses wrote.
I'm kinda disappointed that 2k didn't include Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith with Shaq. Tbh nobody cares about Ernie all 😒
“A new NBA 2K15 trailer featuring Ernie Johnson & more
They got Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal on 2K15. I hope they put Charles Barkley and Kenny "The Jet" Smith on there too.
VIDEO: A new NBA 2K15 trailer featuring Shaq, Ernie Johnson & more has been released
I was privileged to caddy for my brother in law, Ernie Johnson at the National Car Rental Pro Am in Orlando 》》
Countdown to the 2014 Enshrinement (Friday)... Ernie Johnson sits down with former Commissioner David Stern, 8pm/et
John Schuerholz, Ernie Johnson, Jr, Glavine & Smoltz also called in. Pete was one of the main reasons I ended up a baseball fan
First class guy. Remember when he came in with Skip Carey & Ernie Johnson in 76'. He played in some golf tournaments I ran.
feel like my youth disappeared today. They are all gone now. Skip Carey, Ernie Johnson now "The Professor".
Milo Hamilton and Harry Carey doing the Cubs, Skip Carey, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Wieren doing the Braves...
Former Braves broadcaster Pete Van Wieren (seen at the right with Skip Caray (left) and Ernie Johnson (center) died Saturday at the age of 69.
In the 1980s, before most teams had their own huge cable deals, Skip (Caray), Ernie (Johnson Sr) and…
Man I grew up with Skip Carey, Ernie Johnson & Pete Van Wieren. Very sad to hear that "The Professor" has passed away.
part of my youth disappeared today.Now they're all gone. Skip Cary, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Weiren.
Ernie Johnson, Sr., Pete Van Wieren, Skip trio of Braves announcers EVER. Cut my teeth on 'em. Ah, memories.. :-(
Pete Van Wieren and Skip Caray are calling games from a broadcast booth in the sky now. Along with Ernie Johnson, Sr.
Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson Sr. & Pete Van Wieren were the summer soundtrack of my youth. Godspeed PVW.
many naps in my youth w Professor, Ernie Johnson, and Skip Cary in background.
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Grew up listening to the Braves called by Pete, Skip Carey & Ernie Johnson & Don Sutton later on. . Braves on CH:17-The Superstation! TWTD
Ernie Johnson too. MT So many kids (including me) grew up watching games on TBS. Skip and Pete were like my hometown announcers.
Pete, Skip, the "original" Ernie Johnson. It was always a treat to hear them.
With Pete Van Wieren's passing, one of the best broadcasting booths in baseball - Skip Carey, Ernie Johnson, and now Van Wieren, are gone...
L/T I grew up listening to Van Wieren, Skip Caray, and Ernie Johnson. All so good at their craft. Pete will be missed.
How nice would it be if Ernie Johnson, Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren called just one more game?
Grew up listening to him, Ernie Johnson Sr. and Skip Caray.
Pete Van Wiren, Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson were the voices of my childhood. Loved to listen to then call Braves games.
broadcaster Pete Van Wieren.Used to listen to him, Skip Carey and Ernie Johnson on radio while I was supposed to sleeping.
The radio broadcast of the game when Hank Aaron broke Ruth's HR record - w/ Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson -
Skip, Pete and Ernie Johnson. Incomparable broadcasters. Iconic voices of the Braves.
Van Wieren was with Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson for a long time, one of the best baseball broadcast teams ever formed to be on radio.
I just heard about Pete Van Wieren. With Ernie Johnson Sr., Skip and Pete now gone it's an extra sad time to be a fan.
Awww man. First Skip Caray, then Ernie Johnson Sr., now Pete Van Wieren. The voices in my head are gone...and I...
Always admired the calm, collected Professor With Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson the Elder — my favorite booth trio.
LRT: Sad to see Pete Van Wieren has passed away. Nothing said summer baseball like Braves broadcasts w him, Skip Caray & Ernie Johnson.
Gets to rejoin Skip Carey at mic at the Superstation in the Sky. Is Ernie Johnson Sr. still with us?
I lived in Tenn, and Ga., when Pete Van Wieren was in his prime; great team with Ernie Johnson Sr., and Skip Cary:
Pete Van Wieren,RIP. Like his colleagues Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson Sr.,he was better than the mostly awful Braves teams he announced for.
Sad to learn of the passing of former Braves announcer Pete Van Wieran. He Ernie Johnson and Skip Carrey made bad Braves teams fun to watch.
Ernie Johnson, Pete Van Wieren, and Skip Carey are the voices that made me fall in love with baseball. Sad day.
Past time to put Pete Van Wieren, Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson in broadcasting wing of Baseball HOF. They really were pioneers.
Nice piece by on the Braves legendary broadcasters of the Superstation era...Johnson, Carey & VanWeiren. http…
"For Ernie Johnson, Pete Van Wieren and all of our TBS crew, I'm Skip Caray. So long everybody."
Rest in Peace Pete Van Wieren. The "Professor" of baseball. He, Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson Sr were the baseball voices of my youth
announcing team in 1977: Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Wieren. Nobody was better.
Atlanta has lost an icon as Pete Van Wieren has passed away. He, Skip Carey & Ernie Johnson - the voices of the Braves.
All Braves fan learned baseball from Pete Van Wieren, Ernie Johnson, Sr., and Skip Caray. They are unfortunately all no longer with us.
Sad to hear the passing of Pete Van Wieren. As many of my generation, I spent many nights listening to him, Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson.
I listened to games called by Ernie Johnson...Sr.
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totally true, I can confirm. My dog told me in my dreams. 12 team deal - wolves get barkely and Ernie Johnson
In the words of the late great Ernie Johnson SR. "Free Baseball"!
YOur a real know nothing clown get some class. Watch Dave aldridge or ernie johnson get a clue!
Ernie Johnson : "Charles what was your favourite subject at school ?". Shaq : " LUNCH ?"
FROM MCC BIOLOGY TO ALASKA AND MUCH MORE - Andrea Johnson spends her work day as a Park Naturalist at the Ernie ...
Congrats to Fraser Ashman who picked up the inaugural Ann and Ernie Johnson Shield (Headteacher's Prize) for Contribution to Athletics.
If I were on Inside The NBA, I would be Ernie Johnson.
Yet again, there are tighty whities flying high at Ernie Johnson Field.
Ernie playing hockey around the cup
Who ya got for this week? My "expert" picks: Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose, Ernie Els and Zach Johnson, FTW.
best part was Rick Majerus and John Thompson pre-pick telling Ernie Johnson "If you're Philly, you gotta go Hughes here."
Charles Barkley to Matt Winer: "You're no Ernie Johnson." No, but there's only one Charles Barkley.
The chemistry between Jalen Rose, Doug Collins and Bill Simmons is unreal. Much like Ernie Johnson, Sage Steele is just along for the ride.
Um the "white guy" is Ernie Johnson and grew up and lived 10 miles way from us for most of his life :) LOL.
& on the Braves on TBS theme, I remember that 2. Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson, Sr., Pete Van Wieren, Don Sutton, & Joe Simpson.
America needed Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson to beak down that Snowden interview afterwards.
Who cares about the basketball game? I want to watch Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neill and Charles Barkley.NBA Tonite THOSE GUYS ARE CERTIFIED NUTS!!! (Way better entertainment than the game tonite)
Ernie Johnson sounds like Mary Carillo with a cold.
Ernie Johnson literally gets hazed by Barkley, Shaq, and Kenny Smith
If I had 3 wishes, I'd use one wish to grant eternal life for Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaq and Charles Barkley.
Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley need their own network so they can cover all sports and *** around th…
Guest hosting show tomorrow. Scott Brooks, Ernie Johnson with NBA talk..Jason LaCanfora on NFL draft and Eddie O on playoff hockey
Watch playoff highlights and exclusive analysis from TNT’s NBA studio team of host Ernie Johnson, Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, NBA Champions Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith.
The Kevin hart commercial about shaq, Kenny the jet, Ernie Johnson, and Charles Barkley is hella funny 😂
If your edge up fades like lebron, in the middle of your head like Steven A. Smith, Ernie Johnson, or Kobe Bryant's You need to ✂️ off 😂😂
Love the NBA TNT crew of Shaq, Sir Charles, Kenny the Jet Smith and Ernie Johnson. Sir Charles is never at lost for words lol.
PHOTO: Ernie Johnson visited Craig Sager in the hospital via
Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and crew spoke out strongly against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, condemning him and saying there's "no place in the league" for his racist behavior.
Ernie Johnson: "There's no place in the league for Donald Sterling"
Hearing read Ernie Johnson read that Sprint “Framily” spot was fantastic.
Charles Barkley Easter suit is clean!!! Kenny Smith not so clean even though he is in a version of a orange & blue. And Shaq know he wrong for that green velvet jacket. Ernie Johnson look like he need to be School Dayz and pledge g-phi-g!
I remember where I was 40 years ago tonight. I was a 12 year old boy listening to Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson call Hank Aaron's shot over the left field fence. That home run was that broke Babe Ruth's record. Kevin Hogencamp and myself relived that moment many times in our backyards. It was written, "throwing a fastball by Hank Aaron was like sneaking the sun by a rooster." A class act is Hammering Hank Aaron!
I think Clark Kellogg might be whiter than Ernie Johnson.
Listening to those *** Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg, Ernie Johnson and Super Chuck, Charles Barkley 'discuss' (as in macho-one-upsmanship, let's get 'em out and measure) WHICH University basketball program has been the BEST over time. Barkley says(paraphrase) 'UCLA? UCLA's champions were in black-and-white, over 40 years ago for all but one--KENTUCKY is the best over the past 25 years.' Kellogg and Smith both opt for others, Kellogg for UCLA (maybe 'cause he just wrote a book on John Wooden), and Smith for Tobacco Road North Carolina. Me? I'll take any school where Rick Pitino is coaching--he has EIGHTEEN former assistant coaches or players NOW coaching at the Major College Level, indicating his teaching ability, but if I have to pick a school, I've gotta go with Duke and Coach K--consistently high performance, recruiting, academics, with many former players now coaching including Tommy Amaker or broadcasting, Jay Bilas, etc.
Ernie Johnson: "Hey Chuck what insight can you give us of this team you've never seen play without actually naming a single player?"
"St. Louis has five starters in its starting lineup." -Ernie Johnson
I think Kenny Smith's tie barely beats Ernie Johnson's bowtie in my Tie Bracket.
March Madness means one thing to me: Ernie Johnson dressing like Louis Farraakhan.
Loving this Barkley/Kenny Smith/Ernie Johnson lineup. Would not miss Gottlieb and Seth Davis if they didn't come back.
Best part about the NCAA Tourney is that we get full day coverage of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson
Forgot CBS brings in Ernie Johnson, and Barkley for the tournament. Solid, solid move. Kenny Smith is the best analyst on tv
Best part of this halftime show with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith? At Nick's, it's muted.
"You all have played in these tournament games" -Ernie Johnson "some more than others" -Kenny Smith. Brilliant.
Ernie Johnson sits down with David Stern to reflect on 30 years as NBA Commissioner - 7pm/et on
Gary Parrish (to join Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson on truTV's NCAA Tourney Show, Selection Sunday at 7 pm
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Happy birthday to You along with Phil Niekro, Ernie Johnson, Skip, and Pete, are one of the reasons that I love baseball.
At media day in NYC: broadcast team of Ernie Johnson, Clark Kellogg, Greg Anthony, Steve Kerr
Ernie Johnson just went into his Shaq impression: "Let me get back to you on that question," Johnson said in his Shaq voice.
"How can you tell the Morris twins apart, Ernie?" - Charles Barkley, TNT. "They have different jersey numbers, Charles" - Ernie Johnson, TNT
NBA on TV Friday January 31st ESPN 7pm: NBA Countdown Host: Sage Steele Analysts: Doug Collins and Bill Simmons 8pm: Oklahoma City Thunder at Brooklyn Nets Play by Play: Mike Breen: Analyst: Jeff Van Gundy: Courtside Reporter: Chris Broussard 10:30pm: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Play by Play: Dave Pasch: Analyst: Jon Barry NBATV 7-8pm: David Stern: 30 Years As David Stern steps down as NBA Commissioner on Feb.1, NBA TV will feature a one-on-one interview – David Stern: 30 Years – conducted by Sports Emmy Award-winning host Ernie Johnson on Friday, Jan. 31, at 7 p.m. ET. An excerpt of the interview will debut during TNT’s Inside the NBA on Thursday, Jan. 30. Stern, who steps down on the 30th anniversary of being appointed NBA Commissioner, looks back at his three decades with the league and its many accomplishments during his tenure. Additionally, some of the league’s biggest stars and principal figures – including Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell .. ...
NBA Update: Fan Night: Check-In With Chris Webber - Ernie Johnson and the fan night crew check in with a comfortab...
TNT's NBA pre and post game coverage consists of Ernie Johnson attempting to handle the playfulness of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O'Ne
Hang out with me and Grant Hill and Ernie Johnson and Shaq and Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley at 12 p/et on NBA TV. We're pretty fun. I promise.
SHAQ, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson. hall of famers bruh
Also, Barkley, Kenny Smith, Grant Hill, Shaq, Ernie Johnson all predict/pick Aldridge and Lillard as West reserves (from Turner PR)
This *** Ernie Johnson said Mike Conley on the all star team. These *** trippin
Best part of January is Sir Charles, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson hitting their stride on Best show on TV
The results are in from the "Chariots of Backfire" race between Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Chris Webber and Ernie Johnson on "NBA on TNT." As predic...
Ernie Johnson just referenced worst lmfao!
Ernie Johnson is a therm on nba TNT. he tries to bake Charles Barkley with everyone. if i were sir charles i'd flame his ***
Ernie Johnson has more street cred than most rappers
Lmaooo Ernie Johnson is hilarious. He played Craig Sager od though 😂 smh Craig is too flee 💯
The lineup on TNT is remarkable. Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaq. w/ Ernie Johnson. Too funny
Ernie Johnson doing his best Cowboy impression tonight with the bow tie. go suns go
I think Ernie Johnson has the best job in sports.
Ernie Johnson, that lone white dude
"Give New York it's due" Thank you Ernie Johnson. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Heat fans need to drink some tea.
Ernie Johnson said, the Knicks are on a 3 game winning streak lol. Barkley, Shaq and Kenny are DEAD!!!
Ernie Johnson just referred to Kevin Durant as the two time horse champion.
Patiently waiting for to re-up the Elevator Ernie Johnson in a L or XL. Can you help a guy out for his birthday? Lol
low key, I think Ernie Johnson is the funniest on TNT.
Can you imagine being Ernie Johnson on set with Shaq, Chuck and Kenny???
Here's A 19-Year-Old Shaquille O'Neal Telling Ernie Johnson His ... brought to you by RT
Ernie Johnson interviews a young Shaq at his house in March 1991.
Ernie Johnson: Tyson Chandler isn't playing tonight he has the flu. Charles Barkley: The LeBron James flu.
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Man does Ernie Johnson look silly in a bow tie.
Ernie Johnson: "Tyson Chandler won't be there tonight, he's got the flu.". Charles Barkley: "Yeah, the LeBron James flu.". best show out there
Unassuming Zach Johnson keeps rolling up PGA Tour wins - Unassuming champion trying to join Ernie Els as a single-...
The New Officer's for the CG 4 Wheelers are: President: Paul Dando. Vice President: AKA Tank Merdock (Ernie Johnson). Recording Secretary: Steve Ballard. Treasurer: Russ Optiz. Congratulation's to all of the New Officer's. Thank you for stepping up to the plate. Sorry I don't have a picture for this but I will post one later.
Someone can get you some and a bow tie like Ernie Johnson on Inside the NBA.
Tonight at Ernie Johnson from TNT will be at at Kenadees On Milwaukee St he from the hood…
Good job with the Ernie Johnson quality transition away from the awkward banter between studio mates.
Tbh n Rate frm me n d bro Ernie Johnson Wah be 100% honest and Gonna do all if anything :p 󾭻✔️✔️
you Ayo and Brandon. I'll be the host/moderator like Ernie johnson lol
Depends on the sport, Ernie Steele is the Calvin Johnson of Backyard Football and Pablo is like Bo Jackson
Found this the other day - this is a picture of my second band the Soul Imagination. Left to right me (just out of shot), Steve Wood (now something of a recluse), Ernie Johnson (now departed) and Ron Bentley (whereabouts unknown)...mmm? Can't remember where the gig was but it looks a bit of a dive - so probably one of our regular ones.
Wasn't that Ernie Johnson that shot out the barber shop window in Turkey Creek with his dad's gun
Missing my husband already...I love u with all my heart Ernie Johnson...please lord keep them safe on the trip back to New Jersey.
Aye Ernie Johnson Shanique Hudson Hershey *** ain't talking bout nun with the movie bruh.
World Beer coming to Crossgates, offering 500 foreign beers Dave Lowry and Ernie Johnson! Are we ever going to see you again? I guess we have to plan a trip to Vienna just to get to hang out with you.
Ernie Johnson classic today. Love seeing the young boys from 76.
I love you so very much Taylor Oliver, Robby Oliver, and Ernie Johnson. Taylor call me when you wake up.
My brother Ernie Johnson and I would play board games (usually Risk ..nerds huh ) on New Years Eve, while Guy Lombardo played or New Year's Rocking Eve and of course *** Clark.
Nba on TNT has the best analysts. Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, shaq, c-Webb, Reggie miller. Ect.
Charles Barkley is retarded and Ernie Johnson never played basketball in his life
I don't think Larissa and Ernie can hangout 😂😂😂😂
Here is something I haven't done in awhile, watching and an episode of the Andy Griffith Show. And for some strange reason I'm having an old feeling that I'm watching it on TBS and afterwards I'm going to watch some Braves baseball with Skip, Pete, and Ernie Johnson Sr calling the game. Oh, things I remember from my youth. Lol
McDonough is the better of the 2. Example Ernie Johnson. Good in the studio, iffy on game broadcasts
All-Star lineup is all about popularity and Ernie Johnson already justified that last week on TNT and years prior. It's always been on that
Ernie Johnson's Shaq impression was spot on lol
Ernie Johnson is clowning Shaq right now on NBA TV. This'll be funny on Thursday.
Ernie Johnson's Shaq impression is pretty *** good
Lmao Ernie Johnson saying here's the two time horse champion Kevin durant 😂
Ernie Johnson is the best straight man since mid-90s David Spade.
Clean version of for the radio DJ's and Target shoppers. - Listen Now
For the ride home: 124. Tor Ramsey in segment one; & seg 2
U heard this OG Bobby Johnson remix yet lol?
Idk why Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson haven't offered me a position on TNT with them
imma go Detroit because I fill Calvin Johnson is gonna go off due to the disrespect he got from young buck on B more
over winter break I'm hittin up the gym with Ernie.
I was dying yesterday! Thursday I'm planning on going to the Cody Johnson concert then Ropers! Ernie will be at Ropers!!
Still hang around ballers like im Ernie johnson
as 2013 comes to a close I have been thinking a lot about what has happened this year I started the year off losing someone who until she was gone I didn't know how much she meant to me and how she had touched my life and changed me for the good I hope Cathy Kirsch you were a good person and I will miss you so now I would like to take a minute and thank a few people who have helped and blessed me and my family this year Shirley Sparks you have stepped in and been there for us like a mother grandmother aunt and most of all a friend I love you and am so glad god chose to put you in my life Lawrence Daughtery and Ernie Johnson are 2 fellas that have been there for our family this year by either helping to fix vehicles or help mike drag his deer and they wont take payment either tiffany edenfield you are one special young lady you have been a kind caring person who has listened to me whine gave me advice and so much more if any of my fb friends know these people then you probably already know how great they . ...
Ernie Cope new crew chief on No. 5 NASCAR Nationwide team(topix)
Horrible Christmas. Use the first 10 friends on your profile NO CHEATING !! 1 Sets the tree on fire: Jennifer Winslow {Doh! *hugz* I still love you... I'm not a fan of christmas trees, anyway...} 2 Eats all the cookies that are left out for Santa: GreatLakes Leatherboy PaulBrown {/facepalm} 3 Tells every little kid they see that Santa isn't real: Ernie Johnson {/shocked look *gigglensort*} 4 Steals all the candy: Alicia Harley {You stole all the Christmas candy for me?!? Aw. Yer so sweet! :-*} 5 Tries to kill Santa: Stephen Mar {Why am I not surprised?} 6 Leaves the fireplace lit: Master Wolf {Well, it *can* get cold around Christmas time.} 7 Still believes in Santa: Moth Maximus {*gigglesnort* Of course! Anyway, Santa's probably actually a faery.} 8 Loves to sit on Santa's lap: Chad Garish {. . Uh... *falls over lawlsnorting*} 9 Burns the dinner: Amy Webb {That's okay. We'll go for Chinese! ^.^} 10 Caught eating tinsel : Ryan Percival Hackworth Schilling {/facepalm Yet another one I wouldn't be surprised ...
Charles Barkley, Shaq, Chris Webber, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson in the 'Chariots Of Backfire' race (Video)
*TEARS* @ everybody but Elevator Ernie cheating & Kenny really hauling *** like he was '96 Michael Johnson.
Ernie Johnson loses bet to Charles Barkley, has to wear Auburn bow tie
I forgot about Ernie Johnson in the TNT Chariots race.
Say this Shaq C Webb the Jet Charles Barkley Ernie Johnson race is ridiculous. Lol hope I can run better than that n my 40s n 50s.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
*** !! I had Ernie Johnson at 35-1. Congrats C Webb but a rematch is in order.
Shaquille O' Neal, Ernie Johnson Jr., Chris Webber, Kenneth "The Jet" Smith or Charles Barkley?! Tune In to NBA on TNT to Watch the "Chariots of Backfire" Race to See the Results!!!
My dream job would be working with Shaq, Kenny, Charles, and Ernie Johnson. Basketball on TNT.
Line of Night on TNT - Shaq cracking on Ernie Johnson's forehead size: "You don't have dreams, you have movies..." HA!
What the *** is Ernie Johnson still doing on inside the NBA on TNT?
Wow! Lifetime Laker fan.Kobe is 2nd in the all-star voting! Fans should not be voting for this game! I think the TNT Inside the NBA crew could be a 3rd seed in the east conference(with Ernie Johnson)
Charles Barkley s hating on Kobe Bryant is whack!! A bitter.. Bitter fat guy with no rings hates on a LEGEND.. TNT.much love Ernie Johnson great amen..The rest of that groupie..Sad.commentary
The TNT crew can dress. Ernie Johnson is rocking a nice bowtie, and Kenny's suit actually is
Ernie Johnson- "Are you sold on the Blazers?" Barkley- "No." Shaq- "Kenny, Chris, do you think Portland will be able to maintain the number one spot?" Kenny & Chris-"No. No."
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