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Ernie Johnson

Ernest Thorwald Johnson (June 16, 1924 – August 12, 2011) was a Major League Baseball pitcher. The 6'4 , 195 lb.

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Around the Dial: TNT's 2016 PGA Championship from Baltusrol will have Ernie Johnson Jr hosting, and Brian Anderson covering play by play.
Watched the Ernie Johnson E60 last night. We need more examples like him on how to do life.
Shades of Mid 70s growing up there... WSB with Milo Hamilton, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Weiren
For those of you who have not yet heard the news, this will be Ernie's last week here at Johnson County...
Wow the E:60 on Ernie Johnson and his family. Amazing.
David Robertson (1st reliever to allow 3 HR in the same inning & win the game since Ernie Johnson w/ the Braves on June 5, 1957
David Robertson: 3 HR in same inning & got a win. First reliever to do that since Ernie Johnson 6/5/57 (see: B4).
just watched the show on Ernie Johnson. You outdid yourselves. That was a great tribute. Thanks.
If you wanna know what life's all about watch the Ernie Johnson E:60. You won't be disappointed. Truly on of the GOAT 🐐
Just finish watching Ernie Johnson 30/30 my story. I meet him and his son and what a great guy. Great story
Just saw the E:60 on Ernie Johnson. That guy is the real deal, man. Wow.
The story of Ernie Johnson gets me every time. What a man.
This Ernie Johnson E:60 gets me every time. I have to stop cutting onions whenever it comes on.
You want to know how good you have it? Watch Ernie Johnson's E:60 on ESPN. My god it'll bring you to your knees. I see you, Ernie.
The Ernie Johnson E:60 is the best one
If you're having a hard time keeping faith through a tough time I encourage you to watch the E:60 on Ernie Johnson!
The Ernie Johnson E60 is on espnnews right now if you haven't seen it go watch it now
This E:60 on Ernie Johnson gives me all the feels man. 😅 wow... Backs up why he is one of my favorite sports personalities ever. What a guy.
If you have not seen the Ernie Johnson E:60 you need to.
The Ernie Johnson E:60 documentary was so moving, but when he gave his Emmy to Stuart Scott's daughters at the end, I lost it. What a man.
The E:60 film with Ernie Johnson is one of the most humbling things I've ever seen. The guy deserves a world of respect.
Ernie Johnson is my favorite person in sports
*** watching this E:60 on Ernie Johnson. I have that much more respect for him. Wow
This E:60 on Ernie Johnson will never get old. I've seen it atleast 3 times and every time I see that it's on, I watch it.
story on Ernie Johnson melts my heart. So much respect for him❤️
Good God Ernie Johnson is an inspiring person
This Ernie Johnson story got ya sahab in salty tears
Anytime that fear worry+anxiety came knocking at my door.I chose to hang out with faith hope+ trust. Ernie Johnson
Man, I don't know if I'm prepared for Ernie Johnson to die. That guy is a legend. I'll be devastated on that day.
Ernie Johnson from TNT one of people I look up to buddy real solid on and off the air. All around winner and he kicked cancers ***
Having Joe Buck, Paul Azinger and Julie Inkster as anncrs on U.S. Women's Open is like Ernie Johnson, John Havlicek and George Mikan for NBA
Ernie Johnson trying to get this over with so he can get back to the Brisco County Jr. Fan Club expo
'Elevator' Ernie Johnson vs. Charles Barkley in a three-point contest. Who takes the crown?.
I hear Kyle Korver coached Ernie Johnson for this competition.
Ernie Johnson (and Charles Barkley will be facing off in a 3 point competition later today. 20 shots each. Will air Tuesday
Minor Flashback - Tracy McGrady pitches to Ernie Johnson on "Inside the NBA" in January (feat. Shaquille O'Neal an…
Ernie Johnson vs. Charles Barkley in an old school 3-point shootout tomorrow. That's wack cause I really want to see this 😂😂😂
Ernie Johnson is gonna beat Charles Barkley in this three point contest 😂
Ernie Johnson might have the best job ever. Gets to work with Shaq and Charles Barkley.
"Move-minity." - Shaq. "That's not a word." - Chuck. "I've never felt more like Ernie Johnson." -Brent Barry
I wish this game was on TNT so I could hear Ernie Johnson say Game 3, if necessary!!
No they're not. The best would be Ernie Johnson [moderator], Kenny Smith, Greg Anthony, Hubie Brown and Chris Webber.
Ernie Johnson on the fly TNT schedule changes. Can't believe they didn't hire Seth Davis for that.
Ernie Johnson still has a better hairlin than Van Gundy...LOL
Ernie Johnson to Charles Barkley "any chance Paul Pierce gets in starting lineup for Clippers?" Barkley - "nah, this ain't a senior home,"
Kevin Harlan's daughter and Ernie Johnson both went to the same college I'm at right now. That's freaking awesome!
Is Kobe Bryant’s next big step joining Shaquille O' Neal, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson, Jr. on "Inside the...
Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaq invites Kobe to be on TNT forever after he retires 😭
Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson keep interrupting Charles Barkley's message to Kobe Bryant
I remember Kenny Smith tried doing it after and Ernie Johnson ran him over
Most of TBS "experts" picking NC. Exceptions: Reggie Miller, Ernie Johnson taking Nova. Me? I'll go with the littler guys who crushed Okla.
What? Ernie Johnson just said Coach K has 5 rings? Only Coach Wooden has more. Rupp's at 4, Dean's got 2 & Roy's at 2
Ernie Johnson really just called Jay Wright the 'George Clooney of college basketball.' 😂😂
Ernie Johnson, Reggie Miller and Kenny Smith just walked right in front of me 😳
Interesting note: Reggie Miller and Ernie Johnson both say they think vs Villanova will go to OT.
Joining the on set in Houston on Friday...Reggie Miller, Astros Dallas Keuchel, TNT's Ernie Johnson, Dan Majerle and Sean Salisbury
I'm of the rare opinion that Casey Stern > Ernie Johnson. And I love EJ.
I wanna be mentioned in the same breath as Stuart Scott, Chris Berman, Ernie Johnson and Dan Patrick
Ernie Johnson is happy to see his friend and colleague Craig Sager continue to fight cancer, he told SI Now's...
NBA Basketball : Ernie Johnson: Craig Sager’s spirit ‘has not changed one iota’
Ernie Johnson says Turner has lost power in the production truck in OKC. Not good.
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have gone back and listened to Gus, Charissa Thompson, Ernie Johnson, Jay Williams.great podcast mr. Deitsch. Keep it up!
Some glaring omissions from this bracket btw. Gary Koch, Faldo, Terry Gannon, even Ernie Johnson gets in on the action for PGA
Ernie Johnson has had enough of Charles Barkley going on about crying Dayton fan 😂😭
Ernie Johnson is from Milwaukee. Had no idea.
How does Ernie Johnson keep his sanity?
*** Ernie Johnson just said Grayson Allen looks like Ted Cruz. I know he's the worst current Dukie but still
Ernie Johnson mentioned the Ted Cruz/Grayson Allen thing, furthering his lead in the "Best Studio Host" contest.
Ernie Johnson's bow tie brought to you by Simon
Love to see you guys make a film on The Life and Times of Jack Johnson. An amazing story.
Folks I have good news. Ernie Johnson's bowtie is good
Ernie Johnson with the best hair on the panel!
Ernie Johnson looks like he has an Orville Redenbacher photo shoot after he gets done with these ball games.
Memo to execs: Your studio show of on commentators Ernie Johnson to Kenny Smith to Charles Barkley needs to be benched
Is it just me or does Ernie Johnson really, really not look good?
You mean the legendary Ernie Johnson. That's his ®
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Ernie Johnson needs a red nose to match his clown suit.
Ernie Johnson mentions GMU 2006, Time for me to find some battery acid to drink.
*** I absolutely love that bow tie Ernie Johnson is wearing
Ernie Johnson no one cares what you have to say. Get back to the game pls
Ernie Johnson is a great guy-He doesn't say a lot abt himself, but he's got some great life stories. Check this out:
Ernie Johnson is not afraid to say "yeah, that was bad. How about that two hour Selection Show?"
The relationship of Ernie Johnson with Kenny and Chuck will always be funny to me, it's so great
Ernie Johnson's bow tie is priceless
Ernie Johnson's bow tie is the first big upset.
There's no one better at their job than Ernie Johnson
Love Ernie Johnson: "And you thought a two-hour Selection Show was painful ..." in response to badly sung One Shining Moment open.
Is it just me or has Ernie Johnson forehead extended to the middle part of the top of his head??
Kudos to Ernie Johnson, who just semi-apologized for the interminable Selection Show. Hope the honchos were listening.
"Just when we thought the selection show was painful."-Ernie Johnson
Non-CBS employee Ernie Johnson takes a shot at CBS on CBS.
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Love that Ernie Johnson is making fun of the painfully long two-hour selection show. Maybe CBS corrects that next year?
Well, props to Ernie Johnson for immediately acknowledging how bad the selection show was.
Ernie Johnson after CBS intro with Charles singing One Shining Moment: "Just when fans were thinking a 2-hour selection show was painful..."
Ernie Johnson already slams the 2-hour in the first two minutes today. Awesome.
"Just when people were thinking 'The two hour selection show was too much,' we open with that." - Ernie Johnson on Charles Barkley singing.
The forcing of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley into college basketball is a plague upon the tournament
Tip of the hat by Ernie Johnson poking fun at the 2-hour debacle of a selection show to open pregame.
Kudos to Ernie Johnson to make fun of the 2-hour selection show.
Kudos to Ernie Johnson for calling the 2-hour Selection Show "painful."
Ernie Johnson immediately bashing the selection show in the March Madness pregame show is fantastic stuff
Ernie Johnson's bow tie is spectacular.
Ernie Johnson addressing the elephant in the room. LOL
alum Ernie Johnson just accidentally put Georgia in the tournament via the touchscreen "Bubble Board."
Ernie Johnson, Jr is the best studio host sports television, period.
I’d be on board with more of Charles, the Jet and Ernie Johnson making fun of each other
Wall, Beal, Johnson, Morris and Gortat. That'd be our playoff 5. ERNIE MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Fascinating talk yesterday by Owen Johnson re Ernie Pyle!
If you've never seen it, Turner Sports released a video of 1991 Worst to First Year, voiced by Ernie Johnson
Why am I still up. Oh well. There's something strangely different about Ernie Johnson . I must be high 4:20 NBAtv 😮 ***
Ernie Johnson hits a 3 to make it a two-point game
Reminder: Join us tomorrow in the IMU's Frangipani Rm for Owen Johnson's talk, “At Home with Ernie Pyle.” See you there then!
Shaq to Ernie Johnson: "Oh that's right. You're black. I forgot". Ernie: "We're all black friends"
Beyond the events and the pregame shows, TNT's Ernie Johnson has a story that will amaze you
Wow, I gave an honest assessment of Ernie Johnson's 21st century NBA popularity and Peter Vecsey, who I LOVE as a kid, blocked me. Wow.
Ernie Johnson not being in is as big an omission as Cedric Maxwell from the basketball Hall Of Fame.
true. But he was 'Turner's guy', not Ernie Johnson with big, bright lights.
.in a way, Ernie Johnson caught on in popularity when the magic of Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley ignited.
...Jerry Colangelo must think Ernie Johnson played or coached or broadcast in the ABA...
It occurs to me, following yet another outstanding job as Legend's Brunch host, why isn't Ernie Johnson in a contributor?
ANSA Motorsports drivers Eric Johnson and Ernie Francis, Jr. won the FARA Homestead 500 today at Homestead-Miami...
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Boris Johnson just linked arms with the British people. Cameron and the Little Europeans will learn we do not scare as e…
Ernie Johnson Jr. Wow, his life is hard to even describe. thanks for giving him a chance to tell even more his story.
Ernie Johnson and Doris Burke need to have a child already and make the best NBA recap show host in history.
Join us Tuesday in the Frangipani Room of the IMU at noon to hear our own Owen Johnson speak about his new book, "At Home with Ernie Pyle."
The Legendary Ernie Johnson of with BTH hosts &
Apparently trying to hide to get some good sleep. : )
She also fell into a gap in the seats in my Tahoe and fell asleep.
When mine was a puppy she fell off the couch onto a bucket and feel asleep.
right on time ernie Johnson the LeBron *** rider MADE SURE he talked about the bulls loss during half time of the 2nd game
Barkley, Kenny Smith & Ernie Johnson are speechless & fumbling. What they/we just saw is indescribable. Gospel changes EVERYTHING. (Col. 1)
Why did Monty speech touch Ernie Johnson??? BC Ernie overcame cancer & it was the power/strength of God that healed him...
Ernie Johnson is such a great dude. You can hear the empathy in his voice when he talks about a tragedy.
Ernie Johnson: This is the best we've seen Derrick Rose play in a while. . Charles Barkley: That's 'cause he never plays!.
"Reggie said this was the best he'd seen Rose play in a while" -Ernie Johnson. "That's cuz he don't ever play" -Chuck.
Ernie Johnson doing his best 11th Doctor cosplay.
I'm not liking the fact that Steve Smith did the interview on Vince Carter I personally prefer Ahmad Rashad, Ernie Johnson or Marv Albert
Ernie Johnson is like " Sorry Russ, you're the MVP but this will forever be known as Kobe's Last All Star Game."
Sorry I'm late I was watching the 2k demo mode pre-game show with Ernie Johnson, Kenny the jet Smith and Shaq
As I just found out, NBA 2K has a couple minutes where video game Ernie Johnson, Shaq, and Kenny Smith talk about Martin Luther King day.
Kenny Smith just agreed with Ernie Johnson that Isaiah should be an all-star.
Ernie Johnson moderating. NBA commish Adam Silver and MLB commish Rob Manfred on stage with him
In conjunction with the Dr Pepper 10 classic, Ernie Johnson- host of NBA on TNT will be speaking.
Thanks a lot and I thought I had done all my crying for 2015. Incredible job on the Ernie Johnson story.
Ernie Johnson and TNT crew laughed at Isiah Thomas during the show:
Ernie Johnson has always been one of the realest on TNT
The definition of off-topic, "Inside NBA" host Ernie Johnson asks Charles Barkley about GOP debate!
Ernie Johnson called Porzingis "The Zinger" last night and I hope that one sticks.
Ernie Johnson straight up laughed at Isiah Thomas over his New York Knicks career
Ernie Johnson: When we come back, we're gonna talk about the upcoming GOP debate
TNT: "Ernie Johnson, alongside Kenny Smith, Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal... and noted sexual harasser Isiah Thomas." And they're clapping.
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How can u see Arnold Palmer, Mike Matheny, Ernie Johnson tomorrow? Frank Viverito tells next on
Kobe Bryant talks with Ernie Johnson about his legendary career & leaving the game he loves:
Tix on sale: Arnold Palmer, Matheny, Ernie Johnson to be honored at Saturday night at Peabody
Antonio does nothing better than dez except run better slot routes... Calvin Johnson not close
Don Lemon makes me sick bruh. I swear he's the worst moderator 😂. Ernie Johnson on does a better job with Shaq, Kenny & Chuck on TNT
then Johnson but he lost a step due to age.
listen to this guy who bets for a living!!! Ha Brown Julio Johnson dez/Thomas.
Heat Headlines: NBA TV's Kristen Ledlow discusses the latest Heat news with Fan Night host, Ernie Johnson.
but... Bumpy Johnson! Don't you want to see him play more?!
Charles Barkley on 2k woulda been better than Ernie Johnson
Broadcaster Ernie Johnson Jr. is the recipient of this year's Bill Hartman Award.
Ernie Johnson, Jr., UGA alumnus and Bulldog letterman in baseball, has been chosen as the 2015 recipient of the Bill Hartman Award.
I don't know what that gas is made of, but it can't smell any worse than Ernie Johnson 's gym bag.
Dan Shulman's great. But we're stuck with Buck and Ernie Johnson for the playoffs
Joe Buck makes baseball even more boring than it already is, wish Ernie Johnson were calling the game
Little Giant Ladders
Put Ernie Johnson, Darling and Ripken back in the booth I can't stand this nonsense
Joe knows how to beat a dead horse. Worst sports broadcaster in the business with Ernie Johnson.
better than that tbs NLds/cs crew of Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken and Ron Darling .
For real tho, after listening to Ernie Johnson for the past couple weeks, Joe Buck really isn't that bad of a play by play announcer
DeGrom, which I only know because Ernie Johnson mentioned Stetson approximately 25 times the other night.
Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken, Harold Reynolds, and Joe Bucks beard show we'll never see a decent National broadcast again!
A-Rod, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas is kinda like MLB's version of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson on Inside the NBA.
Thank goodness this is the end of Listening to Ernie Johnson and Cal Ripken !! I'm sure Ron Darling feels the same way.
Why does Ernie Johnson use the boom mic, but Ron and Cal use the headsets?
Jesus, I hate Ernie Johnson. Shut up about Bryant's homer already.
Ernie Johnson could you be any more excited about K. Bryant's home run? .
Ernie Johnson on Daniel Murphy: "Who writes this stuff?". Ron Darling: "Ray Bradbury. Science fiction. It's not really happening. Can't be."
We need KEITH, GARY and RON to announce these games. Ernie Johnson and Cal Ripken Jr. 👎🏻👎🏻
Ernie Johnson is a Bryant swings out of the zone and Colon is some sort of a hero? What sport is he watching?
One positive to take from the Mets winning the series tonight, no more Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling
Ernie Johnson should win every Sports Emmy under the sun for having to be in the same booth as Ron Darling.
Ernie Johnson is terrible get poor Ron Darling some help
This game is Ernie Johnson's nightmare - 7 innings of small talk with Cal Ripken and Ron Darling. you need to comeback to save us all.
Ernie Johnson is no prize either. Poor Ron Darling, lol.
Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken, Ron Darling, *** Stockton. Guys I never want to see broadcasting another Cubs playoff series.
Ernie Johnson: Blah, blah, blah. Ron Darling : Yoenis Cespedes replaced by Juan Lagares. TBS is awful...'cept for Ronnie.
Can someone tell me who the third man is in the booth with Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling? guy brings zero to the telecast.
Yet another K from (K)ris Bryant. Ernie Johnson is gonna be giving us his season preview by the 4th inning...
not a fan of Ernie Johnson or Ron Darling, who used to play for the Mets why couldn't get a cubs player in the booth?
I just want this series to be over so I don't have to listen to Ron Darling, Cal Ripken, and Ernie Johnson.
Little racist by Ernie Johnson there, eh? Jason Grimm coming in to face the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Why does Ernie Johnson need such a big mic?
You know Ernie Johnson & Cal Ripken are terrible announcers when Joe Buck & Harold Reynolds sound like Marv Albert & Vin Scully
And for the love of god plz don't let that goofy looking *** Ernie Johnson broadcast anymore
Ernie Johnson is just too associated with basketball to be a national baseball announcer. Does that make sense?
Listening to Ernie Johnson call a game instead of Vin Scully is like watching Pauly Shore try to play Walter White…
Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling, and Cal Ripken Jr. must be the least emotive playoff broadcast team in history.
"Ernie Johnson with you for MLB on TBS. And here beside me to state the COMPLETELY OBVIOUS for the next three hours, Cal Ripken, Jr."
Honestly, didn't we all miss Ernie Johnson only referring to Cal Ripken Jr. as only "Ironman" all year?
Ted Turner be putting Ernie Johnson's *** to WORK! He ain't gonna see his pool til July
The midday Round-Up starts in DAL on w/talking with TBS baseball pbp man Ernie Johnson
If Ernie Johnson calls me freq one more time I swear I'm gonna sue 2k
Salem prof Dr. Tekla Ali Johnson interviewed by the Omaha World-Herald (on her new book, Free Radical
Remember when they attacked Ernie Johnson for giving his Emmy to Stuart Scott's kids? They're unbearable.
After watching this E60 special I have nothing but respect for Ernie Johnson truly an inspiration
"Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier" Dr Johnson
*** Let the NBA have Ernie Johnson. Give me Vasgersian/Smoltz on
Ernie Johnson: "Bryce Harper said after they got Max Scherzer, 'Where's my ring?'". Ron Darling: "In a box of crackerjacks". LOL
Walter Johnson did for years and years. Didn't hurt his rep any. Ernie Banks? Ditto. Bad teams can have great ones too.
Ernie Johnson, Shaq, Spike Lee, Anthony Davis, James Harden and Stephen Curry are talking hoops at the panel http:…
1967 Champion Apprentice Ernie Johnson 39 wins. 2 years later in 1969 Ernie Johnson won the derby on Blakeney
Corbyn won't but the depths of your denial are very amusing! It's your Johnson fiasco repeated
it is crazy lol so Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson better than Romo bcuz they have rings? Come on guy, it's more than rings
Todd Smith Ernie Johnson. Funny stuff. Language alert for those not into military humor.
Shelece Salazar Angi Salazar Johnson Steven Salazar Paul D. Salazar We tried to kill Ernie by taking him sky...
Astros to make first appearance on Sunday MLB on TBS, with the game being available in Houston. Ernie Johnson & Cal Ripken Jr. on the call.
that Charles Barkley 50th birthday special with Ernie Johnson was great! Much respect for
Sometimes you're trying to do work and Ernie Banks Johnson attacks your finger every time you go to hit backspace.
when is Pierce Johnson at least getting moved up to AAA? Ernie Kodak, TN
Sesame Street: Ernie and Big Bird have bursitis in Manchu Wok. Lyndon B. Johnson massages Rick Astley. Sponsored by Fart
Niall looks so small coz ernie els is about 6 ft 5
That was sick, right up there with the Ernie Johnson story great job.
Ernie Johnson is not right for baseball, Ron Darling didn't seem to do very much research and Cal Ripken was silent most of the time
I thought they were great, but probably by association. I will always love hearing Ernie Johnson call a baseball game
Ernie Johnson is the main problem for me, though Ron Darling getting inexplicably dumber going from SNY to TBS is painful.
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so im watching NBA open court, and I catch Ernie Johnson wearing a pandora bracelet..
I'm not usually one to like once a year announcers, but I thought your buddy Ernie Johnson was great this week. Well done guys.
Ernie Johnson great job doing the PGA championship...don't leave! !! Now we have to listen to negative Nelson Bill Macatee! !!# what a tool
Ernie Johnson, is top 3 as a studio host just didn't seem to work doing play-by-play for baseball last postseason.
Ernie Johnson seems more in his element calling golf on TNT, hopefully TBS promotes Brian Anderson to do postseason baseball this year.
Ernie Johnson as done a great job with his PGA coverage. First rate professional with class.
"Like a highlighter with legs" Ernie Johnson on Justin Thomas pants
Hot Taek coming. Ernie Johnson is a great NBA studio host. I struggle to think of any other work of his I enjoy. Maybe his March Madness
Lost a little bit of respect for Ernie Johnson praising Bubba's tee shot on 6. That's something Joe Buck would do.
Wait. Ernie Johnson just said Jabari Parker is related to Tony Finau. Is this true?
'Inside the NBA' host Ernie Johnson to headline PGA coverage
Ernie Johnson for 2016 Arthur Ashe award. Willingness to never give up and keep pushing on. Let's go
ERNIE JOHNSON 2014-15 Panini Threads Voices of the Game auto
Kyle Busch wins his 3rd straight NSCS win; first driver to win 3 in a row since Jimmie Johnson in 2007
Ernie Johnson, TNT-TBS broadcaster. That guy gets it. Great dad, great man. special.
if *** Enberg deserves a spot in the HOF, so does Ernie Johnson, Sr. For decades EJ, Sr was the voice of baseball in the South
I remember Wednesday night broadcasts with Ernie Johnson Sr!
...found cable TV in south, Braves...great...Skip Carey, Ernie Johnson Sr., Pete van Wieren. Great broadcasting team.
There's only a handful of white people I'll let slide on saying *** ... Ernie Johnson is at the top along with Hulk Hogan bruh
Ron Johnson asking Ernie Moniz about EMP is dumb God that senator is dumb. I think Ernie knows about EMP.
Ernie Johnson for 2016 Arthur Ashe award. E 60 was outstanding and was just the tip of what courage he has.
Ernie Johnson Espy's Arthur Ashe award. E60 Ernie is more than deserving. His courage is untouchable
oh man Johnson vs Moniz is one of the worst mismatches ever. Go Ernie!
I liked a video Survivor's Remorse | Courtside With the Cast: Ernie Johnson | STARZ
I m listen to my Ernie Johnson This Time I;ll Be Good. GINO-FM RADIO.
I remember the late Braves announcer, Ernie Johnson, recollecting that!
The real story of is so touching it will bring you to tears. WATCH:
Ernie Johnson for Arthur Ashe Award 2016. More than deserving. His courage is second to none.
Ernie Johnson for the Arthur Ashe Award Espy's 2016. More than deserving.
Check out Neal Boortz, John Smoltz, and Ernie Johnson at cancer Careathon!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Sunday's inductee John Smoltz and Ernie Johnson, Jr. with Herman Cain live on ask you…
John Smoltz, Ernie Johnson Jr. are class acts for joining for Care-A-Thon.
Ernie Johnson is getting married, and he has to pick 2 of his 3 television companions to be in his …
Shaq says best five Lakers would beat 5 best Bulls @ shaqon TV too johnson
Updating my records. Zach Johnson won at his 12th attempt - same as George Duncan, Nick Faldo, Ernie Els & Stewart Cink
I've Got Dreams To Remember by Ernie Johnson from 45 (Paula) spun by Papa Ray at 6:48pm on Soul Selector (Mon Jul 20th)
These are the kinds of sports stories I like to see. Kudos ...
Ernie Johnson Arthur Ashe award at next years Espy's. More than deserving. Let's get this going.
Props to Ernie Johnson. I have no clue how he keeps those two on topic, without making ridiculous suggestions every other comment.
Ernie Johnson for the Arthur Ashe award next year at the Espy's. More than deserving. E60 story was perfect
ironically Ernie Johnson might be the coolest person on the planet
Check out this E:60 about Ernie Johnson: a real man's man ...
then can I be the female version of Ernie Johnson or Kenny
Where tf is Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson & Shaq? Tf is this nonsense?
TNT's Ernie Johnson just gave his Emmy Award to the daughters of the late, Stuart Scott. So much class, EJ!
Ernie Johnson gave his Sports Emmy Award to Stuart Scott's daughters
If you like Ernie Johnson from his time with Charles, Shaq & Kenny, you'll have a whole new appreciation after this:
I remember working with Craig Sager, Ernie Johnson, Nick Charles and Fred Hickman when I was a youngster at TBS,...
"There's nothing better a dad can do than bless his son." Ernie Johnson's real story happens off stage. (via http:/…
Ernie Johnson (wins Sports Emmy for "Best Studio Host" & he gives award to Stuart Scott's daughters htt…
Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaq have signed longterm with Inside The NBA. Media column: htt…
TNT has signed Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith to multi-year extensions to continue on Insi…
Turner Sports has signed Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaq to contract extensions:…
Was Shaq Set Up by Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson or Charles Barkley? via this is hilarious!
Inside the NBA signs Charles Barkley, Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith to extensions - NBA -
TNT has re-signed Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and SHAQ to longterm deals.
Cari Champion and Ernie Johnson basically do the same thing...
Very surprised to see ESPN do a lengthy profile of TNT’s Ernie Johnson. Can you imagine NBC airing a documentary on Robin Roberts?
This E:60 piece on Ernie Johnson and his family 😭❤️
Ernie Johnson on giving his Emmy to Stuart Scott's daughters: This belongs on Stuart's mantel
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So much respect for Ernie for doing this, awesome. CNN: Ernie Johnson gives Emmy to Stuart Scott's daughters
Ernie Johnson is a stand-up guy for giving his award to Stuart Scott's daughters
Keith Olbermann on Ernie Johnson awarding his Sports Emmy to the daughters of Stuart Scott. Video - via App
Ernie Johnson's truly an extraordinary human being. Here's his full speech from the Emmy's. http:…
Ernie Johnson giving his Sports Emmy to Stuat Scott's daughters is one of the classiest and most touching things I've seen in a long time.
Watch the video of Ernie Johnson a total class act give his Emmy to the daughter of Stuart Scott..
Ernie Johnson gives his Sports Emmy to Stuart Scott's daughters via
Ernie Johnson of TNT won a Sports Emmy Award and gave it to the daughters of the late Stuart Scott:
Full video of Ernie Johnson's tribute to Stuart Scott last night:
Ernie Johnson is a class act and a great man
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