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Ernie Johnson

Ernest Thorwald Johnson (June 16, 1924 – August 12, 2011) was a Major League Baseball pitcher. The 6'4 , 195 lb.

Charles Barkley Kenny Smith Ron Darling Hanley Ramirez Craig Sager Chris Webber Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Cal Ripken Jr Grant Hill Skip Caray

Here's A 19-Year-Old Shaquille O'Neal Telling Ernie Johnson His ... brought to you by RT
Ernie Johnson interviews a young Shaq at his house in March 1991.
Ernie Johnson: Tyson Chandler isn't playing tonight he has the flu. Charles Barkley: The LeBron James flu.
Man does Ernie Johnson look silly in a bow tie.
Ernie Johnson: "Tyson Chandler won't be there tonight, he's got the flu.". Charles Barkley: "Yeah, the LeBron James flu.". best show out there
Unassuming Zach Johnson keeps rolling up PGA Tour wins - Unassuming champion trying to join Ernie Els as a single-...
The New Officer's for the CG 4 Wheelers are: President: Paul Dando. Vice President: AKA Tank Merdock (Ernie Johnson). Recording Secretary: Steve Ballard. Treasurer: Russ Optiz. Congratulation's to all of the New Officer's. Thank you for stepping up to the plate. Sorry I don't have a picture for this but I will post one later.
Someone can get you some and a bow tie like Ernie Johnson on Inside the NBA.
Tonight at Ernie Johnson from TNT will be at at Kenadees On Milwaukee St he from the hood…
Good job with the Ernie Johnson quality transition away from the awkward banter between studio mates.
Tbh n Rate frm me n d bro Ernie Johnson Wah be 100% honest and Gonna do all if anything :p 󾭻✔️✔️
you Ayo and Brandon. I'll be the host/moderator like Ernie johnson lol
Depends on the sport, Ernie Steele is the Calvin Johnson of Backyard Football and Pablo is like Bo Jackson
Found this the other day - this is a picture of my second band the Soul Imagination. Left to right me (just out of shot), Steve Wood (now something of a recluse), Ernie Johnson (now departed) and Ron Bentley (whereabouts unknown)...mmm? Can't remember where the gig was but it looks a bit of a dive - so probably one of our regular ones.
Wasn't that Ernie Johnson that shot out the barber shop window in Turkey Creek with his dad's gun
Missing my husband already...I love u with all my heart Ernie Johnson...please lord keep them safe on the trip back to New Jersey.
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Aye Ernie Johnson Shanique Hudson Hershey *** ain't talking bout nun with the movie bruh.
World Beer coming to Crossgates, offering 500 foreign beers Dave Lowry and Ernie Johnson! Are we ever going to see you again? I guess we have to plan a trip to Vienna just to get to hang out with you.
Ernie Johnson classic today. Love seeing the young boys from 76.
I love you so very much Taylor Oliver, Robby Oliver, and Ernie Johnson. Taylor call me when you wake up.
My brother Ernie Johnson and I would play board games (usually Risk ..nerds huh ) on New Years Eve, while Guy Lombardo played or New Year's Rocking Eve and of course *** Clark.
Nba on TNT has the best analysts. Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, shaq, c-Webb, Reggie miller. Ect.
Charles Barkley is retarded and Ernie Johnson never played basketball in his life
I don't think Larissa and Ernie can hangout 😂😂😂😂
Here is something I haven't done in awhile, watching and an episode of the Andy Griffith Show. And for some strange reason I'm having an old feeling that I'm watching it on TBS and afterwards I'm going to watch some Braves baseball with Skip, Pete, and Ernie Johnson Sr calling the game. Oh, things I remember from my youth. Lol
McDonough is the better of the 2. Example Ernie Johnson. Good in the studio, iffy on game broadcasts
All-Star lineup is all about popularity and Ernie Johnson already justified that last week on TNT and years prior. It's always been on that
Ernie Johnson's Shaq impression was spot on lol
Ernie Johnson is clowning Shaq right now on NBA TV. This'll be funny on Thursday.
Ernie Johnson's Shaq impression is pretty *** good
Lmao Ernie Johnson saying here's the two time horse champion Kevin durant 😂
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Ernie Johnson is the best straight man since mid-90s David Spade.
Clean version of for the radio DJ's and Target shoppers. - Listen Now
For the ride home: 124. Tor Ramsey in segment one; & seg 2
U heard this OG Bobby Johnson remix yet lol?
Idk why Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson haven't offered me a position on TNT with them
imma go Detroit because I fill Calvin Johnson is gonna go off due to the disrespect he got from young buck on B more
over winter break I'm hittin up the gym with Ernie.
I was dying yesterday! Thursday I'm planning on going to the Cody Johnson concert then Ropers! Ernie will be at Ropers!!
Still hang around ballers like im Ernie johnson
as 2013 comes to a close I have been thinking a lot about what has happened this year I started the year off losing someone who until she was gone I didn't know how much she meant to me and how she had touched my life and changed me for the good I hope Cathy Kirsch you were a good person and I will miss you so now I would like to take a minute and thank a few people who have helped and blessed me and my family this year Shirley Sparks you have stepped in and been there for us like a mother grandmother aunt and most of all a friend I love you and am so glad god chose to put you in my life Lawrence Daughtery and Ernie Johnson are 2 fellas that have been there for our family this year by either helping to fix vehicles or help mike drag his deer and they wont take payment either tiffany edenfield you are one special young lady you have been a kind caring person who has listened to me whine gave me advice and so much more if any of my fb friends know these people then you probably already know how great they . ...
Ernie Cope new crew chief on No. 5 NASCAR Nationwide team(topix)
Horrible Christmas. Use the first 10 friends on your profile NO CHEATING !! 1 Sets the tree on fire: Jennifer Winslow {Doh! *hugz* I still love you... I'm not a fan of christmas trees, anyway...} 2 Eats all the cookies that are left out for Santa: GreatLakes Leatherboy PaulBrown {/facepalm} 3 Tells every little kid they see that Santa isn't real: Ernie Johnson {/shocked look *gigglensort*} 4 Steals all the candy: Alicia Harley {You stole all the Christmas candy for me?!? Aw. Yer so sweet! :-*} 5 Tries to kill Santa: Stephen Mar {Why am I not surprised?} 6 Leaves the fireplace lit: Master Wolf {Well, it *can* get cold around Christmas time.} 7 Still believes in Santa: Moth Maximus {*gigglesnort* Of course! Anyway, Santa's probably actually a faery.} 8 Loves to sit on Santa's lap: Chad Garish {. . Uh... *falls over lawlsnorting*} 9 Burns the dinner: Amy Webb {That's okay. We'll go for Chinese! ^.^} 10 Caught eating tinsel : Ryan Percival Hackworth Schilling {/facepalm Yet another one I wouldn't be surprised ...
Charles Barkley, Shaq, Chris Webber, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson in the 'Chariots Of Backfire' race (Video)
*TEARS* @ everybody but Elevator Ernie cheating & Kenny really hauling *** like he was '96 Michael Johnson.
Ernie Johnson loses bet to Charles Barkley, has to wear Auburn bow tie
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I forgot about Ernie Johnson in the TNT Chariots race.
Watch highlights and exclusive analysis from TNT’s NBA studio team of host Ernie Johnson, Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, NBA Champions Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith.
Say this Shaq C Webb the Jet Charles Barkley Ernie Johnson race is ridiculous. Lol hope I can run better than that n my 40s n 50s.
*** !! I had Ernie Johnson at 35-1. Congrats C Webb but a rematch is in order.
Shaquille O' Neal, Ernie Johnson Jr., Chris Webber, Kenneth "The Jet" Smith or Charles Barkley?! Tune In to NBA on TNT to Watch the "Chariots of Backfire" Race to See the Results!!!
My dream job would be working with Shaq, Kenny, Charles, and Ernie Johnson. Basketball on TNT.
Line of Night on TNT - Shaq cracking on Ernie Johnson's forehead size: "You don't have dreams, you have movies..." HA!
What the *** is Ernie Johnson still doing on inside the NBA on TNT?
Wow! Lifetime Laker fan.Kobe is 2nd in the all-star voting! Fans should not be voting for this game! I think the TNT Inside the NBA crew could be a 3rd seed in the east conference(with Ernie Johnson)
Charles Barkley s hating on Kobe Bryant is whack!! A bitter.. Bitter fat guy with no rings hates on a LEGEND.. TNT.much love Ernie Johnson great amen..The rest of that groupie..Sad.commentary
The TNT crew can dress. Ernie Johnson is rocking a nice bowtie, and Kenny's suit actually is
Ernie Johnson- "Are you sold on the Blazers?" Barkley- "No." Shaq- "Kenny, Chris, do you think Portland will be able to maintain the number one spot?" Kenny & Chris-"No. No."
Can't wait to see the race between Sir Charles Barkley, C Webb, Kenny the Jet, and Ernie Johnson on inside the nba.
Mountaintop Praise is a Gospel music Tv Show that brings Gospel music to the viewers of the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. Watch the Mountaintop Praise Show, in June of 2007 Mikey and I decided that we wanted to begin having local gospel sings in our area mostly because there didn't seem to be any venues for gospel anywhere outside of churches. Well we met a man there named Ernie Johnson and we began to talk and plan. we wanted to air the gospel sing on television.well we didn't have anything in the way of a budget so Ernie, his wife Judy, along with my mother in law Janice set out to raise the funds. a bake sale seemed to be the logical choice, when the day finally arrived the rain poured. We refused to quit however we stood there shielding the hot dogs with plastic bags as we prepared them. At the end of the day the money was there for the special and more,It debuted on Inter Mountain Cable channel 21 in August of 2007. That was over six years ago and our audience has grew not only on Inter Mountain ...
I can't wait for Chariots of Backfire : The Tortoise and the Hairless foot race tonight on Inside the NBA on TNT. Shaq, C-Webb, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Elevator Ernie Johnson! Somebody getting hurt. My money's on C-Webb tho!
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Ernie Johnson big man cry/drowning in misery steph&lee and lee 45 from 1978 for sale mint- copy £60 inc p&p Would make a great addition to the 70s soul hit box fir Christmas Cheers sean Pm for more dets and interest
Sports Fans: Great video of Game 3 of the 1957 World Series, Yankees vs the Milwaukee Braves (the Bombers pound them 12-3.) Check out the *** in his prime (he hit .365 that year.) About 1:25 in he hits one about 500 feet to center (all you can see is the heads turning as the ball goes over the bleachers into the parking lot.) Also, in the first inning, Red Schoendienst falls on Jobbie's shoulder on a pickoff play which hindered his left-handed hitting for the rest his career. Oh yeah, a guy named Aaron hits one out as well. Tremendous nostalgia -- long time Braves announcer Ernie Johnson pitches! (Thanks again, Rupe!)
Ernie Johnson will not be "resting" in peace...He is flying, jumping, dancing, twirling, showing off that new body and annoying all the saints with his cornball jokes. He has looked forward to this day all his life, and thinking of him this way makes me smile. Comfort and blessings to Chad, Megan, and Amy. Love you all.
We've got the Pacers and Heat - coverage begins at 6pm ET. Read what Ernie Johnson thinks about tonight's game:
Ernie Johnson said, Knicks vs Cavs. Scalpers take the night off Lol.
Tonight! Heat, the mighty, mighty Heat, play Derek Rose and some other guys, they call themselves "The Bulls". On TNT. Ernie Johnson, Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra. This will be great. Who wants to watch the game?
A who's who of sports and broadcasting at MOD luncheon: Bob Costas, Ian Eagle, Ernie Johnson, Bill Cowher, Adam Silver.
I don't know what that gas is made of, but it can't smell any worse than Ernie Johnson 's gym bag. - Charles Barkley
I loved when Chip Caray did that ALDS. After that we got stuck with Ernie Johnson.
Special Pregame Show to Feature TNT's Inside the NBA Cast of . Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and ...
Is it just my ears or does Ernie Johnson sound a tad like Bill Walton?
So Kershaw is getting the start on short rest tonight somewhere Ernie Johnson just skeeted all over himself
I just happen to enjoy SOMEBODY trying to put a little inflection into this postseason. Ernie Johnson is too dry.
Ernie Johnson on play-by-play is a UGA grad and has called quite a handful of Braves games. None have called Dodgers.
Ernie Johnson/Cal Ripken/Ron Darling as announcing team for games
I feel like Olbermann is trying to be Ernie Johnson number 2 and it is dumb. EJ is cool though
Olbermann is trying to hard to be Ernie Johnson. Please stop.
how do you feel about Ernie Johnson,i watch NBA so i see him more NBA with shaq and Barkley horsing around
I just bumped arms with Ernie Johnson!
Listened to Vin Scully's call of the first two innings of ATL-LA. When I got home, Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling and Cal Ripken = amateur hour.
Ernie Johnson is the most annoying announcer since *** Vitale.
I wasn't going to say this but Ernie Johnson, Sr is rolling in his grave at the sellout his son has become. Love, this Braves fan.
why would TBS' Ernie Johnson say "delay the inevitable"? this is baseball, crazy things happen.
Ernie Johnson jr is disgracing his father.
Why is Ernie Johnson getting excited about a 2-run homer by the losing team in a 13-4 game?
Hearing Ernie Johnson announce baseball is weird, he needs to be making fun of Charles Barkley for me to accept this
rivaling Giants' fans for me right now. Doesn't help former Braves' announcer Ernie Johnson has joined the dark side
Taking Dramamine and listening to Ernie Johnson is a bad combination if I wanna stay awake
And Ernie Johnson wants to slip him the tongue over it
Really enjoying Ron Darling,Cal Ripkin and Ernie Johnson Brodcasting the game.
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Yes, that's right, Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling, and Cal Ripken Jr. talked about downward-facing dog on national TV for three minutes.
Ernie Johnson sounds so white when he says Chavez ravine
And a sellout Ernie Johnson in the booth. TBS is a joke these days. ?
Can TBS find some legitimate broadcasters? Ernie Johnson's dad was a heck of an announcer. His son..not so much.
You sure you dont want to rub Puigs quad Mr. Ernie Johnson?
Ernie Johnson get back to basketball
Must be tough on Ernie Johnson-TBS-doing national broadcast.Home town Braves getting doors blown off by Cuban Missile- Dodger Blue friends
Ernie Johnson, Jr. sounds like he wants to cry 😥 on the TBS 📺 broadcast 😂 Back to the on AM 570 📻
I still can't determine whether or not Ernie Johnson is talking
Ernie Johnson Jr. loves to hear himself talk, especially when he gets to talk about the Dodgers.
Starting to get mad at Ernie Johnson.
This Ernie Johnson for Dan Uggla move is proving to be just awesome.
Seems my childhood announcers of Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson > their children today
Pretty sure Ernie Johnson Sr. wouldn't be proud of his son's bias towards the Dodgers
I want Ernie Johnson with mike stuck up his ***
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wish it was Ernie Johnson maybe they would pinch hit with vin Scully
Seriously, the snort Ernie Johnson gave makes me wanna go Dodger fan on him.
Ernie Johnson is a fkin sellout. Laughing as the Dodger fans mock the Braves with the chop.
Ernie Johnson is a disgrace to his name.
yall are seriously the most biased announcers in the world, even tho based out of Atlanta, GFY Ernie Johnson
"If you shake hands right now with Hanley Ramirez you'll get a 3rd degree burn" classic Ernie Johnson.
I will pop Ernie Johnson in the mouth if I ever have the chance. He is biased as ***
Just sent this to Ernie Johnson, TBS announcer calling the Atlanta-Dodgers game tonight. WHAT A HOMER HACK!
"If you shake hands with Hanley Ramirez right now, you'll get a third-degree burn." Ernie Johnson on the hot Dodgers shortstop
Good line by Ernie Johnson - "If you shook hands with Hanley Ramirez right now, you'd get 3rd degree burns"
Shut Up Ernie Johnson!!! Geez the dude must have poster of Puig and Ramirez in his bedroom
Ernie Johnson Jr. is a saint and you watch your mouth!
Well, so much for this game... Puig on Ernie Johnson, continue with the bromance.
Remember how good Ernie Johnson, Sr. was? Apple fell far from the tree.
I still haven't gotten a plausible reason as to why Ernie Johnson is calling a meaningful baseball game.
is this in reference to the child of...Ernie Johnson, Buck, Skip Caray, Brenneman, or all of the above?
Watch my A-Braves dismantle Ma-jeek's Los Angles Paychecks in Game 3. What is the over/under on the number of Hollywood celebrities TBS will show at the game? I am thinking five or so. I hope Ernie Johnson has a cheat sheet, unlike George Stephanopolos at the Obama inauguration when he mistook Bill Russell for Morgan Freeman, LOL. My paisan Jason Grilli warming up to close out the Cards for the Pirates. Dude is no Craig Kimbrel, but he can deal.
Gosh Keith Olbermann is such a media *** Not that I like Ernie Johnson but really must he be everywhere at different points in time always...
*** Stockton spent the last few months in an underground storage bunker along with Ernie Johnson & Co.
The second game of the NL doubleheader gets underway in a matter of minutes. The NL West Champion come down to the Dirty South, being the first team to win their division in 2013. The first half of the season was tumultuous, rumors began to surface of how long their manager would last and the team breaking up. SS Hanley Ramirez and 1B Adrian Gonzalez were the steadying influences which kept L.A. in the playoff race. How will the rook, OF Yasiel Puig fare in his first rodeo in the playoffs? The NL East Champion may not win in the most conventional of ways. They strike out in high volumes, yet they hit for big power. First baseman Freddie Freeman can hit for average and for power, leading the club in RBIs. OF Justin Upton has a big swing and can go yard in any at bat. NL Cy Young candidate, Clayton Kershaw toes the rubber for L.A. and Kris Medlen takes the bump for Atlanta. Game 1 of the from Turner Field gets underway at the bottom of the hour and Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling, Cal Ripken provide the play-by- ...
Ernie Johnson announcing golf makes me long for the days of the SUBTLETY of Howard Cosell announcing baseball...
TBS will have Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken Jr, and Dennis Eckersley on the call next Sunday for Nationals/Dodgers.
Matt Devlin has done baseball, football (even CFL), tennis & more. Ernie Johnson -- NBA & MLB. I did boxing last summer too :)
watching a repeat of the 1996 NBA Draft, and man how things could be different now...Calipari was starting his first year as coach of the NJ Nets, and sitting with the 8th pick in the draft... Rick Pitino was a guest commentator at the draft, as well as coming off his first National Championship at Kentucky. How does that change anything? Well, right before the Nets pick, Pitino, Hubie Brown and Ernie Johnson are debating on who the Nets should pick...Pitino thought the Nets should go with Kerry Kittles, a stud from Villanova, who turned out to be alright, but their was some controversy here...John Calipari had high hopes for a certain high school player from Philadelphia, and was really adamant the Nets choose him, but the Nets owner and GM wanted to win now, and didnt wanna wait the 2-3 years it would probably take for this 17 yr old kid to develop, and Pitino agreed with that notion.Anyway, the Nets went on to choose Kerry Kittles, and the 17 yr old kid, had to wait until the 13th pick to be drafted by ...
...i'm all for someone bettering their situation (especially a black man). but i must admit i was a little sad when i found out that Kenny Smith put his hat in the ring for the Sacramento King's General Managers position. i really would hate to see the magic that Kenny, Shaq, Barkley and Ernie Johnson have, broken up. i'm sure i'm not alone when i say that.but with that being said a HUGE "good luck" goes to Kenny Smith!!!
Barkley thinks LeBron can be better than Jordan NEW YORK (AP) – Charles Barkley thinks LeBron James can be better than Michael Jordan. Jordan is considered by many the best player in NBA history, but Barkley believes his teammate with the Dream Team can be surpassed by James. ''I do think he can be better than Michael,'' Barkley said. ''I thought I would never compare somebody to Michael Jordan. But this guy, LeBron James, he does everything well. Michael did everything well. LeBron James is just bigger, stronger, faster. That's the only difference.'' Barkley makes his comments on the first episode of NBA TV's ''Open Court,'' to debut Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) at 11 p.m. EDT. The series features a round-table discussion of NBA TV and TNT commentators. They include Shaquille O'Neal, Reggie Miller, Kenny Smith, Steve Smith, Chris Webber, Steve Kerr and Ernie Johnson. James won his first NBA title and third MVP award last season, joining Jordan as the only players to win the NBA title, regular-season M ...
Someday ernie johnson is gunna pull his white person mask off and reveal he is actually a brother
It's so awesome that Chuck made a Boondocks reference on TNT… and even more awesome that Ernie Johnson picked up on it.
Did Ernie Johnson just make a reference!!!
Ernie Johnson quoting that nba Boondocks episode definitely the highlight of the night!
Lol! Ernie Johnson and Chuck be having me rolling!
Lmfaooo ernie johnson just said im riding on 24 inch chrome
Ernie Johnson and Jay Bilas got permanent hood passes
Ernie Johnson just said he rides on 24 chrome rims... I'm weakkk
Ernie Johnson be clowning these dudes on the low 😂
Ernie Johnson on TNT is probably one of the coolest white dudes in America lol
Ernie Johnson has the greatest job in the world and that's an undeniable fact
Ernie Johnson is definitely a lightweight lol
I think it's safe to say we all love the Elevator Ernie Johnson Show lol
Nice try by Ernie Johnson to get LeBron to be honest about their effort. It will have to be a lot better & consistent to beat the Spurs
I don't know what flavor it would be, but why do I suddenly want to buy a pie from Ernie Johnson, Jr?
Still wondering if Ernie Johnson is part black... He has a hint of soul 😂
Ernie Johnson is making me hate bowties.
My son has a bowtie just like the one Ernie Johnson is wearing. Fact.
Ernie Johnson just shook brons hand like he was the queen of France.
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Ernie Johnson bout to start selling bean pies in Harlem w/ all them bowties...all he need is a Kufi
Digging Ernie Johnson's bow tie...I need to start back wearing my bows to church..People think I fell off but I'm still the KING!
I hope sports TV executives are watching Ernie Johnson here. Asking good Qs. Getting out of the way. No over the top backslapping. A pro.
Ernie Johnson's first question to Spoelstra should've been: So what's it like to have the easiest job in the country?
Ernie Johnson look like he stole one of Craig Sager's bowties.
Love Ernie Johnson but wish Charles Barkley was asking these questions.
i wish i had Ernie Johnson's voice !
I love Ernie Johnson as much as you can love a stranger *** stranger. Come here boo.
Ernie Johnson is a funny man. only people who watch TNT Overtime would know that
No charles, Shaq, kenny and ernie till next season. We're stuck with magic johnson and jeff van gundy. kill me now
Hope Ernie Johnson asks him about Carnival Cruise line
Ernie Johnson looks like the only white nation of Islam member ever
My bf watches so much sports I think Ernie is in my house more than I am, lol anyhoo I wrk for Delta Air Lines and he boarded a flt I was wrk to Miami (this was after game 6 Pacers v. Heat) I didn't notice him until he actually walked in the boarding line whn I seen him I was really shocked bcse he is taller than I expected and very handsome! Whn he was wlkn dwn to the aircraft I had to laugh a lil to myself bcse Mr. ERNIE HAS A LITTLE SWAG! ERNIE I LOVE U EVEN MORE & KEEP ROCKN THE BOWTIES I LOVE IT!
I mean not that I met Ernie Johnson and took a picture with him. He's a media master extraordinaire
Did Ernie Johnson just drop the line "We're all black friends"??? YOU'RE WHITE MAN
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"Easy, easy. We're all black friends here." -Ernie Johnson
Lol! Ernie Johnson just said we're all black friends!
As the great Ernie Johnson once said "We're all black friends"
Ernie Johnson is the best mediator for
Ernie Johnson laugh be having me laughing hysterically
Shaquille O'Neal has gotten too comfortable on TNT. He talks over EVERYONE. Ernie Johnson has to continually tell him to be quiet.
Ernie Johnson: lets see what Lebron has to say Charles Barkley: Help 😂😭😭😭
Ernie Johnson is just there to read the teleprompter and keep the show on schedule.
Shout outs to aka Ernie Johnson- keeping the cast in line and focused! He's the best in the biz!
Ernie Johnson with the stat on TNT: Wade and Bosh lowest combined pts (15) and FGs made (4) since they've been teammates. Not good enough.
When Ernie Johnson retires, Id like that gig.
It's obvious that Ernie Johnson doesn't like Shaq because he keeps putting him in his place. Or trying.
I think there are a lot of similarities between Ernie Johnson and the guy who does the AT&T commercials with the kids.
Are they trying to hard or are Ernie Johnson and Craig Sager the blackest white men in America?
Wade gotta take Ernie Johnson spot on the panel...his ball days are over
Ernie Johnson in bow tie and never telling Shaq, Kenny or Chuck.
You wouldn't trap Ernie Johnson at half court? Ball pressure, always.He's like 74, he ain't breaking the trap.
LeBron is better at basketball than Ernie Johnson
Ernie Johnson just referred to Joel Anthony as "The Warden."
Simply hearing Ernie Johnson say the word "Birdman" brings a smile to my face.
I dont wana be Ernie Johnson smh asking the fake experts questions smh
"LeBron, the only Heat in double figures. Wade and Bosh, nothin."-Ernie Johnson "But that's okay..."-Grant Hill ..LOL
INSTEAD of Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson...we have Jadi, Damon, Mike Chat, Mike Sawyer do the Pre/Post Show
Every time Ernie Johnson encourages me to check Bleacher Report I die a little inside. As does Ernie Johnson, in my imagination.
When I asked Ernie Johnson who he could see on NBA on TNT set in future, he said Grant Hill, but that he was probably poised 4 bigger things
Ernie Johnson has maybe the toughest host job in all of TV.
Just talked to Ernie Johnson for a quick second lol
Im probably late as *** with this, but does anyone know why Ernie Johnson started rockin the bow ties?
heard you on the radio. Completely agree that ESPN's NBA studio crew is terrible. There is no host. Need a Ernie Johnson type
Met Ernie Johnson from da TNT halftime shows today. Das a coo dude.
My mother's obituary including finalized details of the Luncheon/Funeral/Memorial at Oconto Gospel Chapel,251 Michigan Ave., Oconto, WI on Saturday, June 8. Doors Open 12:30pm for Fellowship, 1:00-2:15pm Lunch, 2:30pm-Until Complete Funeral/Memorial. As it is Copper Fest in Oconto please consider joining family and friends gathering to watch the annual parade in front of the house (543 Main Street) at 10:30 am and if you are still in town there will be city fireworks at 9:30pm. Very fitting as mom loved celebrating Copper Fest with friends and family. Bonnie Mary Stuart Kovach passed away May 26, 2013 suddenly, but peacefully, due to a pulmonary embolism. Born November 6, 1952 in Watertown, Wisconsin to Stuart ‘Scott’ Messenger Stebbings Roberts of DePere, WI and Rose Sertich Roberts of Nakoma Gardens Superior, WI. Bonnie attended school in Farmington and Johnson Creek, WI until her ninth grade year when she moved with her parents to Oconto, WI where she attended and graduated from Oconto Senior Hig . ...
Because the legacy of great prof like Bob Glassman, Murray Herlihy, Ernie Johnson, Rosemary Cowler, & Ron Miller live on. Why
"If there's one thing I hate more than racism, it's black people." - Ernie Johnson
Ernie Johnson does his best impression of Shaq
Ernie Johnson on the with his impersonation:
Well now I feel like Ernie Johnson is a bad person.
Nice job with Ernie Johnson. He does a great Shaq impersonation. The thought of Shaq strapped on the car roof is funny as ***
did Ernie Johnson get this TNT gig by using the classic line from the movie Airplane "excuse me, i speak jive"??
Ernie Johnson and Steve holt are the same people
Jon Barry... just go home. You're weird. Not for TV. Like Ernie Johnson.
I think Ernie Johnson is my favorite white person
Ernie Johnson gets considered black while he's at the cookouts lol
Tuesday will be Departure Day for Dr. Ernie Johnson and Ed Haag, and they're as ready as they'll ever be.
Hey, did you know that people like to compare Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant? Fans do it, video editors do it, Kelly Dwyer does it (and Ernie Johnson told me Wednesday night that KD's a "good dude"), Larry Bird does … Continue reading →
Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard joined Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley on the set of TNT's "Inside The NBA" on Wednesday night.
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Ernie Johnson probably has the best job in the world working with these dudes lmao
Someone PLEASE rip that bowtie off of Ernie Johnson Jr. Your dad could have pulled that off announcing for the Braves. You can't.
Every time Ernie Johnson says "clincher" I think of that time I almost didn't make it to the bathroom in time.
You know how I know my Tylenol PM has kicked in? I just found myself attracted to Ernie Johnson. Love to love ya,
Ernie Johnson just classified the Bulls' win as a "stunner"...Really? So the Bulls were expected to lay down and die?
Ernie Johnson dubbed Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry "The Splash Brothers." I think he's on to something there
Hey Ernie Johnson, we got the memo on the Spurs v Warriors starting on TBS. More people care that the re-runs of Family Guy won't be on.
And with that announcement from Ernie Johnson, I will be taking my talents to TBS to watch the start of the game.
Best move: TNT`s Ernie Johnson telling viewers that is Mia/Chi go past the tip time for GS/SA, the game will be shown from the start on TBS
Ernie Johnson should get an award for keeping Shaq and Barkley on the task at hand.
Ernie Johnson is also on the cast to stop them from fighting lol
Ernie Johnson just on the cast so they won't look racist.
Ernie Johnson looking like he sells the Final Call. Bean pie my brother!
I feel kinda bad for Ernie Johnson having to keep Shaq and Charles Barkley under control
Ernie Johnson, could you talk to us about Charles Barkley's habits in production meetings? us being the internet.
Ernie Johnson dropping one of my signature lines on me, earlier today.
Love Ernie Johnson dropping line on him.
Look at Ernie Johnson with the drop, on . If you don't like that, "You don't like NBA basketball!!"
Ernie Johnson from NBA on TNT is joining me next on the Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio
Sophmore powerback Trayvon Johnson averages 9.8 yards after contact. How many cops does it take to bring him down?
Ernie Johnson Sr. was great to listen to on radio.
Best of luck Jeff! You'll be an excellent candidate -See you at Ernie Leidiger's June hog roast. Vince Beaudette - Carver.
Has anyone seen "The Express: the Ernie Johnson story"? I want to know if it's worth the watch or keep looking
makes you yearn for Ernie Johnson. The should have nipped that train wreck after the first weekend
TNT's show works because of Ernie Johnson. How can't ESPN/ABC figure this out. You have to have a legit host.
Who's the better analysis after da game? Chuck, shaq n Kenny or Ernie Johnson? How bout rose, magic or bill Simmons? Don't get da point yet?
"Where is the TNT crew?" Fa real They juss play too much tho. Ernie Johnson hate hostin with them *** lol
gimmie the TNT crew of Shaq, Barkley, Kenny the Jet, and my man Ernie Johnson over ESPN Simmons, Rose, Magic, and Wilbon anyday
I don't like the NBA Halftime analyst on ABC. Magic Johnson and them boring af. They need Shaq, Ernie, Kenny and Charles!!
I dream every night of a world where the braves announcers are ernie johnson and john smoltz
Pilot idea Tyler Perry sitcom starring Ernie Johnson as the patriarch of a black family.
Ernie Johnson is like the ringleader to the circus known as Inside The NBA lol
Why does ernie Johnson get the captains hat? Charles Barkley .
Ernie Johnson breaking a chair over Shaq's back... Only on Inside the NBA.
LMAO Ernie Johnson hitting Shaq with a chair!
Charles Barkley to Ernie Johnson, "You know my rule Ernie, if Michael Jordan can't do it, it can't be done!"
Ernie Johnson got the best job in America
Ernie Johnson's mannerisms remind me of David Letterman. He's just the sport version.
Love Charles Barkley calling out Ernie Johnson for saying "Bud Light" during the Coors Light feature graphic. Oops!!
Give me Ivan Johnson, Ernie Johnson or even Don Johnson instead of Joe Johnson in a game that means something.
Ernie Johnson to Shaq, "thanks for paying attention." Wow! Really?That's slick Ernie 4u Blk folk fooled by his masquerading as a cool dude.
Did Ernie Johnson just refer to Barkley as an expert? Almost every pick of his is wrong. An expert in copping bj's from other women? Maybe..
Lol I wonder does Ernie Johnson feel out of place working next to shaq, Kenny & chuck lol 😂😂😂
Can somebody tell me why joe Johnson isn't playing now with 5 mins left in the 4th quarter?
Sometimes, Ernie Johnson seems so outmatched on the halftime shows. He just gets awkward
halftime report needs subtitles when Chuck and Shaq are speaking. Ernie Johnson=Most patient man alive
I'm probably more uncomfortable around my cousins than Ernie Johnson is around 3 black people
watchin TNT I think Ernie johnson just said "you'll hear more from these mogs in a minute"
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith & Ernie Johnson should do intermissions for HNIC. Current CBC cast is so boring and annoying
you have to add Ernie Johnson Jr. to your bow tie brotherhood.
there is nothing traditional about Craig Sager's suits. Ernie Johnson passes...
“Ernie Johnson talking about Nate Robinson being explosive just makes me think of diahrea. Diahreon Williams?
Cool stat revealed by Ernie Johnson There have been 111 Game 7s & home team is 89-22
Favorite moments of this Dubs-Nuggets series? Ernie Johnson asking the TNT crew whether Dell or Steph was the better shooter. Verdict: Steph
Ernie Johnson asks if the Grizzlies will close out the series, Charles and Kenny says "YES!" and Shaq says *** Yes!"
Ernie Johnson: Do the Memphis Grizzlies at home close out the series against the Clippers? Charles and Kenny: YES! Shaq: *** Yes!
Lmao. After they showed that, Ernie Johnson was like good call Chuck, lol.
Charles Barkley threatening to hit Ernie Johnson on national TV just reiterates that he is the epitome of class and professionalism
Inside the NBA crew. Funniest show on TV. Shaq, Barkley, Kenny Smith & Ernie Johnson are hilarious.
Ernie Johnson basically said D'Antonio is garbage.
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Chuck on an Ernie Johnson stat post game: "That's interesting. And when I say interesting I mean useless."
Why does Ernie Johnson wear bow ties every day? Stay lookin like a cheap game show host
If I voted for the Sports Emmys, Best Studio Host, Ernie Johnson, hands down:
Ernie Johnson's role during TNT's 'Inside the NBA' halftime show, can be best compared to a chaperone of a Middle School field trip.
Ernie Johnson got the hood pass anywhere
What is Shaq ever talking about? Ernie Johnson is the only one on that panel who speaks in coherent sentences.
how in the world do they make shaq look like a normal human being sitting next to Ernie Johnson!?
Ernie Johnson hella ugly and has no talent ima take that *** seat one day
I wonder if Ernie Johnson can play basketball??? You play in high school?
Ernie Johnson needs to start cutting *** back on them
Ernie Johnson gets on my nerves sometimes lol
Agreed. Ernie Johnson is the key, IMO. Perfect host, traffic cop, straight man. Brings out the best in Charles & Kenny.
Bowtied Ernie Johnson and could be related.
When will Ernie Johnson ever go bald? He did it once when he fought cancer. When will he do it without those circumstances?
Ernie Johnson an undercover ahk he always wearing bowties
Just wanna lay in bed all day and listen to some jack Johnson.
I'd give my right leg to have Ernie Johnson's job
Ernie Johnson is like the teacher that laughs with the students' jokes but gets them back on track just enough to get things done.
Inside the NBA on TNT with Sir Charles Barkley, Kenny the Jet Smith, Shaq, and Ernie Johnson is the best show on TV.
not sure how Ernie Johnson keeps those fools in line
When are they gonna rename "Inside The NBA" to "Ernie Johnson yukkin' it up with 3 old NBA stars?"
Ernie Johnson is so powerless to stop these antics on Hilarious
Ernie Johnson no he aint ate no chitterlings
he just said he's been trying to get rid of ernie johnson for 4 years wow. Yeah he's great with his rants and predictions
I feel bad for Ernie Johnson. He has to sit there to try and listen to and control those 3 clowns that think they are analysts.
How does Ernie Johnson keep these guys in check?
chuck and ernie johnson. Kill me. Honestly one of the best parts of being an NBA fan
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